A very dark day

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A very dark day

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:07 am

[17:42] Alicia Frakture runs up to the building and looks around."I am so ready for a fight since that one bitch cut off my arm."
[17:43] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) heads to the building, stretching out, doing some self-checks to ensure her armor was all undented and finding it nice and smoothed out. Good, that meant no permanent damage after the previous fight. She looks around wondering just what they were up to this time and hoping she wasn't going to end up jumping to another dimension this time.
[17:44] Alicia Frakture sees HellGuard arrive and looks at her confused."Don't I know you, havent we fought before?"
[17:45] Rain thundered up the road, she was a mobile tank! She wasn't even wearing most of her armor, but the sword was on her back... She was listening in on a coms unit and just so happened to be getting food! Of course she never did like making an appearance in the city, she knew what she looked like. But she walked up to the group and with an overly sweet tone in her voice greeted them, "What's up everyone!"
[17:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR checks over MEat's systems. The drone rumbles but otherwise remains still.
[17:46] Katy then heads up into the PAE lobby in a haste
[17:46] Phantasma seems to appear out of nowhere deactivating her camoufl;age. her motocycle hiddensecurely
[17:46] John Sumner would wander up. give a nod and smile to N. "You rang?" he would chuckle.
[17:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR nods to KAty.
[17:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Hey, Katy, tell Sheena she needs to keep her new toy out of the garage until I lift the security measures...
[17:49] Lady Nightmare gives John a friendly wave "Long time no see... we should catch up some time" then steps over to Nyx and whispers something to her before speaking up to everyone "So... the being that was summoned by the cult needs an artifact to complete its plans. We know where the artifact is, but the facility has lost communications, so we have to assume the worst. Transport will be arriving any second now" her words almost prophetic as several figures in black and red armor with V insignias on their shoulders appear out of thin air and salute her
[17:50] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR eyes the figures, crossing her arms. "I see the Ghostapo has arrived..."
[17:51] Phantasma: I bet those are actually lizard aliens in disguise. Is one played by robert englund?
[17:51] Rain listened closely and was kind of glad no one decided to shoot her and scream oh god a monster! being ignored was the safest course of action!
[17:51] Takamachi Mikoto: ... Zeph. what's this apboit?
[17:51] Juno (angel8819) descended slowly from the PAE tower "What's going on?"
[17:51] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) raises her hand "wait, there's a demon infested station in a remote quarter? Can...can we wait a few hours to see if my 120 still functions. I kinda wanna pull the old suit out and..actually no, time is of the essence, apologies for my sword in close quarters...
[17:51] Pandora approaches the gathering sighing a bit as she looks about. then hearing zephs comment she mutters too herself quietly rolling her eyes.
[17:52] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks to Mikoto. "Your guess is as good as mine, Miss. All I know is that our mayor has called us all in." She pats Meat. "My armor is still under repair from that last skirmish, so I'm bringing Meat here as backup. He's Tier 1 so he should be good to go.
[17:52] Syblaze(Pilix) shows up on the scene, looking around at the others gathered already. "So.. what's the situa-" She stops as N explains the situation before she could finish asking, just listening for now. "So.. we have to break in somewhere and get this thing? Do we know what it is?"
[17:53] Pandora Chimes in "Just to be clear, The tank is not going, And i am pulling Protectorate rank here to make that absolutely clear. We will not be bringing a tank into an unknown situation with a reality bender."
[17:53] Katy raises her flask to Zeph and grumbles a nod, but soon shift her focus to the Mayor and listens "Alright ... usually this would be designated high-treason, but according to the severity of the situation ... " she would grant the Mayor access to her hologrpahic platform interface, explaining some details.
[17:54] Rain loved the vague posts... god thing she couldn't see holograms!
[17:54] Takamachi Mikoto: Fine. I can agree ti no tank. " she then levels a figner at hostus " But no him either " "
[17:54] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Pandora. "He's not a tank, he's a bloody drone. And this was preapproved by the mayor with the new PAE engagment protocols in place. Meat..." She gestures to the silent drone, "Is tier one equipment and therefore free-to-use."
[17:55] Pandora looks to Hostus "Given i can garentee he isnt a licensed warden, ya he isnt coming. " she looks to Zeph "I stated no tank. The tank is not coming. And your boss just agreed, Now unless you want to argue further Can it"
[17:55] Alicia Frakture looks to Z3ph."Not to step on anyones toes here honey but that tank might be better used to mow down any baddies that try to flee and hurt innocent people."
[17:55] Android - Annie (androidnulla): Exits from the PAE building all armored up, with a blue glow that flowed through out her armor. Stopping on the steps and looking around at all the people that gathered. Quietly listening as she tried to learn what was going on.
[17:56] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks for Hostus and catches only fleeting sight of him "he shows up again and I'm gonna smack him hard for last night" she growls, shaking her head
[17:57] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Mikoto. "Oh, sure, nothing wrong with eldrich beings of apocalyptic arcane power, but goddess forbid someone bring a heavy machine gun on wheels, he might HURT someone!"
[17:57] Lady Nightmare shrugs at Pandora "It's an unmanned drone, and the AO is outside the city... she can bring it if she wants to, though it probably won't do much" then shrugs again as Mikoto speaks, giving a small nod to Katy "Of course, I won't spread the information beyond the transport agents here" then she speaks into a comm and all the agents begin dialing in coordinates on devices. She addresses the group once again "If there are any questions, ask them now, otherwise the train departs in a few seconds"
[17:58] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR nods at the mayoral approval and pets the inexplicably less huge Meat
[17:58] Alicia Frakture raises a hand."Do I need to hold back?"
[17:58] John Sumner "do we have a plan or layout of where we are going?"
[17:58] Katy deactivates her holographic platform interface and steps back beside Zeph, awaiting the mission to start.
[17:58] Syblaze(Pilix) waves her hand a bit, as she already did ask some questions.
[17:58] Phantasma: will there be punch and pie? I was told there would be punch and pie
[17:59] Takamachi Mikoto looks at Zeph "Zeph. We can't completly umpty the tower. Have meat protect it.
[17:59] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Miss Mikoto you're forgetting my four twin sisters and about the dozen or so mini-meats running around.
[17:59] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Not to mention your own Goon pack, the army of smaller drones, the Huntsmen...
[17:59] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "yeah, what's our rules of engagement for this operation? Are we going in weapons hot or is this meant to be a search and rescue? Are we simply posing a massive presence to scare off any light resistance or are we expecting heavy gun fire and a rough landing?"
[17:59] Pandora looks to N and glares. "Fine i will just blow the piece of shit up then once we are in the AO to make it clear i do not want an unmanned war machine going with us that could be controlled like the last one tried to control Mikoto. Nightmare, it isnt a help its a threat. It stays or i do"
[18:00] Rain raises a clawed hand, "I like rough landings!"
[18:01] Phantasma brushes her ass " wish that fabric had been ready.. "
[18:01] Takamachi Mikoto: Zeph. ... meat is too big for an operation like this. The protectorate has asked you to leave it behind, and I have too. "
[18:01] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Pandora. "You know what? How about PAE just sits this one out. PAESec! Abort mission."
[18:01] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Stand by in the tower and await further orders.
[18:02] John Sumner looks to Pandora "Who do you think you are? Do you think going in with tensions between groups high is a smart idea?"
[18:02] Katy mutters something to her side "C'mon, Zeph ... lets just get over with this. The boss has spoken ... don't turn this into an internal affairs mess for me, alright ?"
[18:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grumbles and makes a gesture at Meat. The robot growls, turning its turret towards Pandora before suddenly lurching off.
[18:03] Lady Nightmare glances to Syblaze "It's a PAE facility, so they'll be able to get you past security. The item in question appears as a musical instrument, but is an artifact of immense power. As for the rules of engagement, be careful with any potential PAE staff on site, but if the enemy is there then you won't have the option of holding back. This being is of immense power" sighing at the childish conflict, gesturing to her agents to begin the transport as soon as it's decided who's going
[18:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: If I die, Miss mikoto. please, do not many any attempts to revive me.
[18:04] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) rubs her brow and points to Pandora "she's leading the Protectorate, why is this an issue? She says she doesn't want the thing in the LZ, I say don't have it in the LZ." she says, shaking her head and looking back up at N "alright, so if we see demons, go hard and heavy but try and protect PAE staff. So we need precision and should probably keep explosives to a minimum until we've secured the site"
[18:04] Phantasma folds up the sleeveless coat and stores it with her main kunai sheaths " John, Hostus has been issues so i can see some of her point. Its not baseless, But you are right, if these keep up we wont have a city to come back to eventually. be wary but the enemy of our enemy is our ally"
[18:05] Rain still had her claw raised, but it slowly went down and she shrugged and asked her question... "Should we just destroy the artifact? Or do we gotta protect it?"
[18:05] Pandora looks to john and gives him a death glare but remains silent for the time being. then turning to Mikoto giving her a nod of thanks.
[18:05] Katy snorts ".... boss will screw you back together again anyway, Zeph."
[18:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Then I'll purge my bloody matrix.
[18:06] Takamachi Mikoto sighs. " there won't be any personnel on site. The only people that even know the site exists are Katy, Zephyr and I. however there ARE things people should know, So pay attention "
[18:07] Alicia Frakture draws her axe, but is actually listening instead of acting like she wants to just run in and bust some heads.
[18:07] John Sumner looks to Mikoto and then back to N. "Do I need nemesis for this or am I fine as is?"
[18:08] Lady Nightmare looks to Rain "I doubt you'll be able to destroy it... the objective is to keep the artifact out of her hands by any means needed" then steps back to let Mikoto give out her warnings before transport
[18:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR crosses her arms and listens, still grumbling.
[18:09] Katy grumbles something back to Zeph, crossing her arms too
[18:09] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR listens, sighing.
[18:09] Phantasma: zeph. Rain. Alicia, John. Katy, everyone here is here for the same reason. Lets not infight
[18:10] Syblaze(Pilix) nods a bit as she listensto N, sighing a bit at the conflicts going on nearby between PAE and Protectorate. "Alright then... So we have to get the item, keep it from the crazy powerful being, somehow... Sounds easy." A bit of sarcasm there. She looks around at the others some. "Hope we have enough people to do this..."
[18:10] Rain nods her head and smiles, not able to break it sounded like a challenge! "Les go already!" She didn't mind that no one was giving her grief over her appearance, being half monstrous... She was starting to feel better about herself!
[18:10] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips "just tell me it's not a magical oboe or I'm gonna smash that sucker before anyone can play it" she grumbles
[18:11] Phantasma: what if its a magical deridgidoo ?
[18:13] Juno (angel8819): i...don't think it would be that
[18:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR mutters something to Katy about rank-pulling and someone shoving a rank right up someone elses arse.
[18:14] Alicia Frakture looks at Phantasma for a moment."I'm here to support the team.. The axe is just in case we show up and get jumped I have my weapon ready, so trust me I am not infighting."She then looks at Rain. "You like a good fight? Me too. Let's do some damage to the bad guys."
[18:15] Katy grumbles, grunts and snorts to her coworker, muttering something about a 'delicate political situation'.
[18:16] Takamachi Mikoto holds her hands about 2 feet apart and an arc jumps between them causing a tremendous thunderclap " HEY! " She shouts "Are you people going to listen to me or are you going to walk into a situation completely blind and dumb?
[18:16] Rain pumps her massive fist one in the air and a shrill cry sounded from her lips followed by, "Heck yea!" Her spines were already humming pretty loudly, her adrenaline was pumping, she was ready for anything! She always wanted to punch a bender in the face!
[18:16] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Miss MIkoto, you haven't even started briefing us yet...
[18:16] Nicole Portola: '3 probably walk into it blind. thats what we usually do
[18:16] John Sumner sighs "I'm trying to listen, can't say the same for the rest."
[18:16] Korume grumbles softly sort of regretting showing up for this as all it was it people just arguing and fighting about stupid things.
[18:17] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) opens her mouth to respond realistically to Mikoto and then figures that'll only further infuriate the situation and decides to keep her smart ass answer to herself
[18:19] Pandora walks over to Hell Guard and flashes her a series of numbers for a private com-link channel "For tactical cordination" she states not bothering to hand it out to the others, why hand out something that half wouldnt use and that the other half would just follow their own clique.
[18:20] John Sumner sighs some more shaking his head.
[18:22] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR just sighs again and waits for Mikoto to give the briefing.
[18:24] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks to Pandora and nods, putting it into her communicator, it being just about the only tech she actively managed on her person "Understood, chief" she states with a smile and gives the channel a test and then looks up to listen to the briefing
[18:28] Alicia Frakture looks to Mikoto."I'm trying this whole listening thing before I stack bodies like firewood. I can't promise much but whatever you got to say I will listen"
[18:30] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR elbows Katy. "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile..."
[18:32] Takamachi Mikoto: " alright. So What we are heading into is not a standard facility.In fact it's the only facility I own that has automated lethal security. I'm sure you know that I've been active a long long time, Longer than most of you have been here. That facility is a vault and it is filled with various items and artifacts that were the cause of various crisis that had happened in the city. Items that could not be destroyed. This is not, strictly speaking, a PAE facility. It was once a faclity maintained by the Guardians, ne ofg the oldest groups in the city. Then when they were gone, the Phalanx. The existence of this place SHOULD have been a secret.
[18:33] Syblaze(Pilix) just listens as she watches the others, looking toward Mikoto as she was ready for the briefing, and listening as she gives it, nodding a bit as she explains.
[18:33] Rain was getting more and more excited! A whole Vault of so called 'unbreakable' things!
[18:34] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR stops singing to look at Mikoto. "Miss Mikoto, please, for the love of the goddess, do not tell me that Celestial City's own bloody Warehouse 13 has gone dark and may be under the influence of something or someone that fully intends to see us dead."
[18:34] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sits and listens, occasionally communicating with Pandora
[18:34] Juno (angel8819): Is there any means now to destroy these artefacts?
[18:34] Pandora frowns a bit as she listens, not at the idea of the vault but the idea some one had broken in. then looks to zeph and cocks her brow not getting the reference. but agreeing with the sentament.
[18:35] Phantasma: this sounds like one of J... nope not falling for it..
[18:35] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Zeph, wondering if Warehouse 13 was anything like Hangar 18
[18:36] John Sumner sighs "So, I have been gone for a couple months, what exactly is this being that we are going to fight. So I know what power level I need to be at."
[18:37] Phantasma: probably above tux level imma stab soemthing
[18:38] Takamachi Mikoto sighs " no. The whole purpose of the place is to store and contain things that couldn't be destroyed.
[18:39] John Sumner chuckles "Never underestimate the tux princess. I need to know how far I need to ramp myself up."
[18:39] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Right....well, let's get this over with.
[18:39] Pandora sighs "Can we get going, the longer we stand here the longer the bad guy gets to stand drooling over the artifact fingering herself"
[18:40] Katy stows her flask away and does a raspy sigh "Yeah, lets do this ..."
[18:40] Takamachi Mikoto: " If the security systems are in tact i should be able to get us in with no problem. ... but if the facility has been taken over .. ... Well I'll just say this. It was designed to keep Strong out.
[18:40] Lady Nightmare waves to her agents as Mikoto seems to be done explaining, taking a few steps back as each of them adjusts another dial for wide-band transport, and then they each press a button, and unless resisted, you all find yourselves standing out in the wastes
[18:40] John Sumner sighs "And yet none have answered my question great. Well fuck it. Let's go."
[18:45] Scene as you arrive at the designated coordinates, the first thing you see is a gathering of creatures familiar to many... then the sight behind them draws the eyes, what was clearly a large and impressive ruin is now a blasted-apart pile of floating rubble, pieces spinning in mid-air. The creatures notice the arrivals and move into aggressive stances, preparing to charge
[18:46] Alicia Frakture arrives and sees the big ones. "I am gonna rip their heads off too." AS she steps forward and points an axe at one of the big ones."Which of you is first." Before she charges at one
[18:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR comes out of the teleport, frowning and shaking her head, then looking at the ruins ahead of them. "Bloody hell." She glances to Katy. "Next time Pandora tries to pull that shite on me again, remind me to promptly remind her of this fucking moment. Savvy?" She flips her rifle over to grenade launcher mode and loads a high explosive shell, aiming for center mass on one of the larger targets and pulling the trigger. With an almost comical "CLOMP" sound, the grenade soars in an arc over the smaller units. On impact, assuming nothing hard enough was in its way, it would burrow a few inches into the large creature before detonating.
[18:51] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees Alicia rushing off and sighs, figuring this was par for the course but still it always surprised her that people just blindly charged in with no tactical survey first thing. She draws her blade and looks to Pandora "I guess you get to be tactics and logistics on this one" she states with a wink "mic will remain on if needed"
[18:52] Rain has one last thing before she is teleported, "Point me in the right direction and watch the magic hap-" She was gone and suddenly in the middle of nowhere, she held her mouth then turned and bent over... Vomit covered the ground and she growled angrily, "I thought we were flying or something!" Teleportation was a bad idea for someone like her... As her spines hummed and she began to see her surroundings again, her sword was out and she was leaping towards the large mob of monsters with a giant grin, "HERE COMES THE-!" Her hope was she landed right in the middle of them, this was how she did things! She noted while she was in the air that people were firing and charging them also! THIS IS TEAMWORK!!!
[18:54] Pandora sighs as yet again alicia charges right in, deciding to make a mental note to add a demerit to her warden license. Looking to Zeph she says "And i will remind you next time yet again that they can and have taken control of far greater then your worthless pile scrap metal, now then Shut the royal fuck up ... Please. And do something useful, ya like that." she says as she sees the grenades launched. She begins the charge up for her attack. moving off to the side and back moving out of the range of the soon to be clusterfuck at the center of the demon mass.
[18:55] Phantasma looked to the others as the view came in " John, work with me here. I am going with Rain and Alicia. " pulling a single kunai but throwing three ceramic shuriken at a single large target, each flashing with a glyph. one light blue the others almost white. Whatever they hitm they would do their damage from the physical strike of the sharp weapons, then crumble to dust, The one that flashed light blue would create a humid field, the other two would electrocute as if a strong taser apiece " Rain Alicia, incoming on target!"
[18:57] John Sumner would sigh and shake his head and lift his foot up and then slam it down with the force of 60 tons. hoping to create a fissue to swallow up at least one of the creatures in his way or something like that. "Yea, yea, Don't expect me to go all out yet, the big baddie hasn't even shown itself. Also is there a bounty on this thing?"
[18:58] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Shrieks out as she arrives, pointing at the hideous creatures before them. " W..wait we are going to fight t...those!" Whimpers cutely as she looked around, than heads over to the group of PAE people. Poking both her index fingers together as she once again look around." Oooh I wish I had brought my other armor, I don't want to get close to those things, there creepy! M..maybe they are friendly?"
[18:59] Syblaze(Pilix) sees the creatures as soon as they arrive, watching them charge the group. She braces herself, igniting her energy blades, ready as they get closer, then dashes toward the nearest ones to start slashing and slicing away at them.
[19:07] Takamachi Mikoto makes hwe way over to the PAE crew. she reaches over to her wrist and activates her combaat suit. " Well. This exp;aoms a;pt
[19:07] Katy groans when spotting the all too familiar creatures ahead, readying her fullauto shotty and would focus her fire onto the nearest enemy, unleashing a full mag of PAE standard issue cryo micro-warheads. A fragmentation charge would detonate shortly in before impact on the target, dispersing it's payload of supercooled particles, which were quite capable to snap-freeze a subject to the ground. Katy was trying to freeze or at least slowdown any fastmoving hostiles, the sustained fire wouldn't be very accurate, yet the nature of the cryo ammo wouldn't demand precision.
[19:08] 激しい (ebonessence.sahara) studies the larger creatures, whose entire torsos appear to be nothing more than a large pair of fanged jaws, and she plans how to sever the joints that connect the mandibles with her dual blades, rendering them useless if she succeeds...
[19:08] Korume would sigh softly seeing they were already in battle on just arrived. She would shake her head unsheathing her sword debating if she should light it aflame or not. She decides not to bother waiting a bit to see how the battle plays out before making her first move. In truth she was a little rusty.
[19:15] Scene: The line of creatures rush forward, grenade chunking into one and blasting out a meaty glob of flesh and black reeking blood. Alicia's and Rain's charges meet the large foes, axe and sword meeting arms, only cutting slightly into the dense muscle. John's slam digs out a furrow in the sand and broken rock that makes up the ground here, the larger monsters able to avoid the gap, but one of the smaller ones tumbles in, while Phantasma's effects go off, staggering the whole group and breaking the momentum of their charge for a moment, though they quickly recover and resume their assault, the large ones swinging at Rain and Alicia with their massive, meaty limbs, 80 tons of force behind each punch, but their motions not particularly fast. The smaller minions trying to squeeze through and lash out at those coming up behind
[19:16] Alicia Frakture dodges the swing as she embeds her axe in the nearest large monster, before plunging her hand into its the wound pulling its insides out."I'm not doing this for shits and giggles. Those of you with speed go get this thing, while the monsters are distracted getting their asses kicked!" Showing some attempt at a plan. Her strength allowing her to start slamming a monster to the ground multiple times from her grip on its innards.
[19:20] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR sighs, glaring at Pandora. "Fuck off and mind your own bloody business, ya stupid-" She cuts herself off and turns, switching her rifle to automatic and firing an extended burst into the head of the closest creature. There was no elemental effect on these bullets, but the 7.72mm hollowpoints were made specifically for shredding flesh into giblets and stopping human-sized targets in their tracks.
[19:23] Pandora exhales slowly watching Four bright glowing orbs forming in the air as they continue to charge and build up energy. not aimed or locked on to any thing in paticular at this time. just continuing to build energy, the lights on pandoras suit growing dimmer as the four orbs grow brighter. She doesnt bother trying to direct john, given his earlier comments she figured she would just have to talk to him after this about his attitude. given no other protectorate officers were on the scene at this time she looks to HG and coms her < Deal with the small ones if you can at range, they are a larger threat right now due to their speed>, Turning to Zeph she smiles. "Just keep in mind dear Zephyr, as long as your a warden you fall under my command in these situations, dont like it, tough" she says with a smirk. "Wardens have a chain of command now" she states not having to really focus on much else other then her charge at this time.
[19:26] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods to Pandora, jumping up and spreading her wings as she took flight. She moves up, directing her energy beams in concentrated blasts of holy energy, aimed at the smaller mobs, intending to incinerate them if they were demonic, otherwise it would just be an energy beam to them, and destructive either way. She focused on the smaller ones, trying to keep them from moving too close, keeping to the air as she did
[19:27] Rain's sword was basically a slab of blunt metal, it wouldn't cut unless she used it in her massive left hand! Her sword bounced off her target and she reeled back a fist to throw a punch to match the meaty monsters! Her black arm bulged as they made contact, the shockwave produced from two equal forces clashing head on would be intense! She was splattered with gore and bits of shrapnel as the grenade exploded, though it didn't seem to phase her to much, except to make the grin grow wider! "I got this one!" She called sweetly and swung her massive slab of metal at it for about 60tons of blunt force! She was an unstoppable killing machine with over three hundred years of combat experience, she could handle a few bad things.... Her spines hummed loudly, a very distracting thing, and i might attract attention from the other monsters? Who knows, she was wanting to get into it pretty deep though!
[19:27] Phantasma ran forward " yeah, and you arent it. Alicia I got this one!" Her reaction speed keeping up to whip between its motions and her enchanted kunai slamming forward intending a strike to the creatures spinal cord to sever it " covering your back!"
[19:30] John Sumner groans "OH FOR CHRIST'S SAKE SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE AND QUIT ANTAGONIZING ALLIES IF YOU WANT TO LEAD THE PROTECORATE GET SOME FUCKING TACT BITCH!" He would then hold out his hands and beams identical to HellGuards would go flying towards the monsters ahead of him big or small he was just planning on taking some out
[19:30] Android - Annie (androidnulla) She continued to freeze up, not joining in on the attack. Just looking around at everyone and remaining in the back, still making a cute whimper sound from time to time. With the some what unorganized attack going on, she did not see much of a opening for a melee attack from as far back as she was any ways.
[19:33] Syblaze(Pilix) hearing someone calling for those with speed to move forward to get to the artifact, she fires up the jets on her boots, allowing her to speed-skate along as she tries to carve a path through the creatures toward the entrance of the facility.
[19:38] Raigeki looks back at her team " everyone on the same target. Do not fire into melee Pick a target . and fire untill it brings it down
[19:38] Katy would try to advance to the open left flank, to gain a better firing position and overview of the battle. Noticing her allies distracting most of hostile creatures in melee, Katy would decide to deploy her Phalanx trenchline barrier. If successful, she would try to take cover behind her barrier and prepare single, well-aimed shots of opportunity directed at already wounded or exposed targets, to support her allies advance.
[19:39] 激しい (ebonessence.sahara) makes a sudden foray against one of the mid-sized creatures, cutting through the ranks to reach it and raining a flurry of carefully aimed blows and kicks at nerve plexi to slow the beast down. She then slices at its arteries with her katanas that bite deeply but draw little blood. In so doing she receives a laceration to her left leg from the beast's right claw and limps back to the rear. Immediately she feels sickened and weak, her vision blurred, as by some fast-acting toxin.
[19:39] Korume would stake a deep breath letting her sword light aflame in spiritual fire its temperature quickly picking up to a few thousand degrees as she would use what was perhaps her signature move. To most she would likely seem to disappear as she used a flashstep only to reappear behind the enemy sinking her blade into one of the small ones seeking to burn it to ashes with her blade, "Ryujin Hakaen, leave but ashes."
[19:43] Scene: Alicia gets a grip onto the innards, the slickness and lack of cohesion inside the creature making it hard to slam around, but each attempt sends organs spilling out onto the ground, weakening the creature quickly. Zeph's barrage easily cuts down the tentacle creature with several headshots. Hell's blasts pummel into the maw creature, a few swipes of its claws all it manages as its body tears apart. Rain's swings meet the monster's, blasts of sand and rock being blown out with each one, the creature's bones starting to creak and crack from the repeated impacts. Phantasma's slice is able to cleanly strike the creature Alicia is tearing apart, much of its body ceasing to function, making it easy for the pair to finish off. John's blasts pummel into the second large creature, knocking it back and furthering the damage to its arm. Syblaze is easily able to sweep through the occupied and injured creatures, getting to a massive hole in the ground, the massive chunks of metal embedded into the walls making it clear
[19:43] Scene: that there used to be an elevator shaft here, but now it's just a gaping pit. Katy is able to get a few clean shots on the remaining brute, though the rounds don't seem to have much effect beyone ripping out chunks of meat from it. Ebon helps to finish off the maw creature, cutting its flailing short, while Korume arrives behind the tentacle creature that's trying to pull itself out of the trench, her flaming blade sinking in and engulfing it in flame, consuming it with a loud scream. The last foe standing her keeps trying to pummel Rain, apparently not intelligent enough to realize it isn't getting anywhere there, and its body rapidly weakening from the strain of the impacts
[19:46] Alicia Frakture isn't stopping the slamming, before swinging the body at the big one Rain is fighting, attempting to help the demi god out, before looking for her next opponent."Who the fuck is next?"
[19:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR at this point just begins pretending Pandora isn't here, since otherwise she'd have a sudden urge to commit unfriendly fire, and shouts orders to her PAE charges, moving up with Katy. "Watch your flanks! Keep the small ones at the distance and focus heavy firepower on those big one! Try to group up on it and overwhelm their defenses!" She aims for the abomination on the left with the dress, firing another burst aimed right at its forehead. "Remember! Only headshots count! Anything else and they'll just heal up! If you see an opening, take it and advance towards the ruins, but watch your flanks! Annie!" She looks to Annie and signals her. "Move up with me! Watch our backs! Any of these cunts get within arms reach, liberate their heads from their bodies!"
[19:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR actually doesn't aim for the abomination on the left because its already dead, instead she just takes cover behind the barrier.
[19:50] Pandora just remains silent as she starts walking forward her charging of the orbs continuing. Ceasing her own commentary at Zeph ending hers. While she wirelessly goes in and starts filing an internal affairs report against John. humming to herself smiling, she didnt have to say any thing in return to the man, she would show him exactly who she thought she was, his superior officer.
[19:51] Rain was actually laughing! She switched up punching the creatures fist and instead tried grabbing it! She'd sink her claws in and pull after lining up her sword with the creatures midsection, the amount of force used to impale the creature would be immense, allowing the sword to actually cut flesh instead of bruise it! If that worked then she'd take the sword in both hands and slam it into the ground to try and cut it in half! It would be understandable if it didn't work, she just wanted to be covered in gore! A flying monster appears? THIS IS TEAMWORK!!!
[19:51] Phantasma: Ryujin Hakaen..someone watches Bleach. My favorite character is Ikkaku, aka Saitama but only level 80! ~she smiles~ Rain, takes its head out, we have to get down that hole. Either going to be our goal or a really fucking ocd rabbit down there! ~swinging her kunai so the blood splattered off ~
[19:52] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) saw Pandora moving up and switched to the balls of explosive energy, firing them into the backline behind the big suckers. This time she was looking to cause maximum collateral explosive damage to the monsters who were sticking it out behind the big brutes at the front. They'd have to fight the small ones eventually and she didn't want them managing to move past their attack line and causing trouble
[19:57] John Sumner would start to move forward as he was about to pass Pandora he would say "I really don't care who you think you are, If someone like you who makes enemies out of allies takes charge. Then the Protectorate is doomed. And that's all there is too it. I will be having a personal chat with my good friend Lady N, about you." as he would continue walking forward he would lift his hand lobbing an explosive energy ball directly at the last one's head. if able he would continue to the hole.
[19:57] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Having heard the call for people with speed to push forward, knowing this probably meant her as well. But continued to not act, the thought of actually going up close and even deeper in the last thing she wanted to do. Snapping back to what was going on as she hears Zeph's orders. " Y.. yes Ma'am!!" Thankful for them as she stays close behind them, watching for any dangers that might try to come up behind them. And hoping there wouldn't be, but still did her best to stay focused and alert now.
[20:02] Syblaze(Pilix) reaches the hole and looks down into it, looking at the scattered remains of what was an elevator shaft. "Well..." She glances back seeing most of the creatures dealt with already. "Into the breach I guess..." And with that she would hop down to scout out what lay below, using her blades to thrust into the side of the shaft to slow her fall toward the bottom.
[20:06] Raigeki looks back to her team " Everyone remember, Each artifact down there was at the heart of a major crisis for the city." She then looks out at the rest of the group "Given that we are outside of city limits the Protectorate is unwilling to make sure that their "volunteers" do not take any of the artifacts. If anyone tries to touch any of the artifacts open fire. Lethal force is authorized.
[20:07] Katy grumbles while noticing the inadequate effects on the creatures. Gladly Zeph would remind her to score headshots to take those damn things out. Katy would toss her shotgun to the ground and instead draw her PAE sidearm, the highly accurate Kestrel pistol, which fired plasma-encased projectiles, comparable in it's armor piercing effect to a tandem shaped-charge. Katy would carefully aim and wait for the chance to score a clean headshot on that remaining abomination.
[20:07] 激しい (ebonessence.sahara) drops to her knees as the beast's toxin weakens her. Her mouth can barely form words as she tries to warn the others in the faintest of whispers, "Their fangs and claws are poisoned....beware....." but in her delirium manages to sense that the battle is all but won.
[20:08] Korume would see the final large creature was being more than dealt with and decide to conserve her power for when it was really needed. However her sword would still remain ablaze as she started to head towards the once elevator shaft now hole and without even a hint of hesitation she would jump down.
[20:09] Scene: The final creature falls under a hail of slashes and gunfire and stabs, practically torn apart by the assault, the area outside the pit going quiet now
[20:13] Alicia Frakture starts grabbing heavy stones, stuffing the monsters insides with the heaviest stones she can grab."If these things can heal from this their life is going to suck." AS she closes the body up around multiple tons of rock. She notices the woman drop to her knees."We have wounded, I'm not a healer so..." Before she looks at Rain."I like the way you fight." As she raises her hand for a high five.
[20:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR nods to Mikoto, order to kill anyone who touches the artifacts on the spot, regardless of their allegiance. "By your order, Miss!" She stands up and, inexplicably, pulls out a WWI-style trench whistle, blowing it and piercing the noise of the battle with a shrill keen. "Over the top and into the breach, lads! CHARGE!" And with that, she vaults the barrier and runs forward, unless physically stopped, she jumps into the hole with a "Tally Ho!"
[20:21] Pandora looks to John gives him the middle finger. And then says "Frankly i dont give a fuck who the fuck you think you are, but your not Locke, Your not Nightmare, and if you continue mouthing off. im just going to find a job suiting your skills once im chief, maybe Janitor. Now go do your damn job." she signs her charge complete on her orbs as they hum quietly four very bright white orbs floating around her.
[20:23] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and hears Pandora going off. She swings down and sheaths her blade, landing between the two "let's settle this after we've secured the site with all the dangerous magic" she states and shakes her head, using her comm for a moment as she looked over towards the rubble, expecting at any moment for sand worms to spring from the ground or some shit
[20:24] Rain was giddy! Covered in gore and ready for more, judging by the look on her face! She acknowledged the high five with her gore covered claw, "Good fight! Do we got a medic?" She heard the call for a charge and huffed, slightly annoyed that someone was injured and no one was waiting around... She'd stay and help if she could, but she was really wanting to fight more stuff! She sheathed her sword and thundered towards the injured person only to notice she was being taken care of now, she shrugs and jumped in the hole hoping she didn't land on anyone... It would be a very bad day for anyone she landed on! She used her massive claw to slow her fall, making a loud scraping noise and sending bits of elevator shaft to either side, "Make way! I'm fat!"
[20:25] Phantasma nods to ebon stepping over and making hand signs , before send healing chi int o th e woman.. energy intended to combat the poison- something she was skilled in, and carry the woman safely in her right arm as she poured the healing chi into her trying to revitalize her as she moved for the hole.. just..hopping down" come on, Staying up there is a deathwish in your state..this should take care of that poison"
[20:25] John Sumner sighs. "You are not fit for that position it has been evident since I met you, I've been in the Protectorate longer than you, I'm personal friends with Nightmare. ANd trust me I cna be your personal nightmare if you continue." he would look to Hell Guard. "I respect you, and will listen to you." he would point to Pandora. "And if she becomes Chief, you are going to lose members of the Protectorate and any allies it has left." with that he would move towards the hole and jump down without a care.
[20:26] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Whimpers cutely at the order to kill looking around at all the people who were fighting so hard. " D..do we really have to ... kill them that seems so mean and wrong. And.. and look at how hard everyone is fighting too! W..wait we are going in there now..but there are probably more of those creepy things down there!" Whimpers again and hangs her head down for a few seconds before running to catch up with the rest of the PAE members, using no special abilities to do so.
[20:30] Syblaze(Pilix) moves ahead a bit after she reaches the bottom of the shaft, starting to scout out the facility to see what waits for them ahead.
[20:30] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu) finishes up sending a message to someone via text She then walks up to the man with the mowhawk. " yo. Suit. Shut your mouth.. " then frowns as everyone seems to go for the pit She activates her comm <"ZEPH! GET DOWN THEIR FIRST AND PUT IN THE SECURITY KEY BEFORE THOSE MORONS GET THEMSELVES KILLED!" > She then sighs looking into the pit. " None of those assholes even listened to the briefing about the security system designed to keep Captian Strong out ..... This is why we shouldn't use civilian voleneteers "
[20:30] Katy would toss one of her PAE medigel kits over to the nearby wounded ally, barely finished to grab her shotgun and the Phalanx shield emitter from the ground, when she suddenly hears the glorious PAESEC Commander blowing the trench whistle ! Katy would of course storm forward, barking out "Ooooorrrrahhhh !" trying to sprint forward into the unknown.
[20:30] 激しい (ebonessence.sahara) feels strength slowly returning to her, the malaise subsiding, and she smiles at Phantasma for saving her. "I owe you one and I won't forget it."She returns to her feet and prepares to follow the others into the yawning shaft.
[20:30] Korume had already jumped down the hole so she wasn't in range to hear the bickering and whining of her allies.
[20:34] Anvil arrives on scene late. He walks over to Pandora and holds out his fist for a fistbump
[20:39] Scene: The shaft is empty apart from the broken chunks of elevator embedded in the walls, the corridors at the bottom cramped, not having been designed for large groups like this to be here. Explosions echo from below. Luckily for those that rushed ahead, the PAE staff arrive to find large chunks of the security system seem to simply not exist anymore, rendering the whole thing inoperable, though there are signs of some of them having activated before being destroyed. Those that ran ahead find themselves reaching a checkpoint a ways down with several dead monster bodies, the sounds of destruction growing louder with every step through the bunker
[20:40] Phantasma landed without harm. Superhero landing! and once ebon was good set her to her feet. where her typist will fall in when back!
[20:41] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR mentally chides phantasma for posting out of order! Finger wag of doom!
[20:42] Alicia Frakture tries to squeeze her way through the group."Look smart plan would be to have muscle at the front and the back keep the speed and distance fighter in the middle. She looks at those she hasn't seen use major strength." Anyone who steals down here Cut your damn hands off." She looked around."Sounds like a plan for movement?"
[20:43] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR falls into the pit, then inverts and lights off her heel jets to speed up past Korume and the others, landing and holding up a hand. "Nobody move unless you want to end up a smear on the floor...." She says, then concentrates, closing her eyes, as she links up to the facility's security system. She blinks, opening her eyes, and frowns at the panel. "Odd...the security system looks like it's been run through with a pitchfork or something. Still..." Despite the damage, she decides to err on the side of caution and transmits the key given to her by Mikoto. After a moment, she lets out a breath as the security systems disarm. "Okay...we should be able to continue with minimal chance of being killed." She says, then heads towards the staircase, her assault rifle ready. "Meat would have had to stay behind on this part. Poor fellow."
[20:43] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: "I suppose Pandora was only partially wrong."
[20:46] Pandora sighs watching as she walks over to Mikotos side. "This is why i was hoping to start making a proper chain of command for this kind of thing manditory, it isnt an attempt to throw around power. Just we do need to start getting these people to listen, or they are going to get themselves killed" she states with a sigh. "We can talk more about it later. " she says watching the people jump into the lethally armed and defended death pit. "Also, If you see Locke before i do next, have him review the logs of this incident and write-up the guy in the suit. I would but im too close as it is, it would be an abuse of power if i did an investigation into him" she smiles "But if they try and take any of PAE's property i will make sure they dont leave with it" she says before seeing Locke show up. chuckling "Speak of the hammer and the anvil shall appear" she states with a smirk. fistbumping Anvil in turn. the four orbs following her as they head for the hole waiting for mikotos all clear before going in. Looking to Ze
[20:46] Pandora as she gets down to the bottom "Too be clear, my complaint wasnt about the tank, it was about the possibility of it being controlled. Didnt want to have to attack allied equipment if i could help it" she says smiling. "I have seen mikoto nearly get controlled by these things to the point of having to knock herself out, last thing i wanted was to have that little guy of yours aiming at me right as the bad guy is doing their monologue" she chuckles and tries to patch things up with zeph.
[20:48] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) lands gracefully inside, thanks to her wings slowing her flight, letting Pandora continue operational command. Once on the ground, she looks around the cramped hallways and says "shit" and then immediately de-summons her magical blade, it dissipating into the air as it would be more a liability in these close quarters. She gave a smile and wave to constance as she prepared to be using her abilities in these tight quarters. When she sees Anvil, she gives him a wave "long time" she says calmly
[20:49] Katy didn't like what she was confronted with inside of the vault, always having been an advocate for a 'Scorched Earth' strategy "Fuckin' place is already infiltrated and knocked up with creeps ... lets just nuke the whole thing ...." grumbling and of course aware that this wasn't an option. Following her coworkers, she would ready her shotgun for any CQC encounters.
[20:49] Rain landed, any attempts at stealth would be ruined by the sound of her boots hitting the ground, THUD! She heard the suggestion and liked it, "I'll be up front..." Her voice did not match her body, she sounded to nice to be monstrous as she tried to push her way up front and pat the battle droid gently on the shoulder, "Shoot between my legs or something..." She was prety sure she was the strongest on in terms of melee ability, she could hold it down while Zeph shoots it in the head... TEAMWORK!
[20:51] John Sumner shakes his head getting frustrated with everyone at this point also making his way to the front lines. He was done with talking and now wants to just bash heads in.
[20:52] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Jumps down into the hole only after all the other PAE Members had, using the claws on her feet to dig into the side of the shaft to slow her decent as she came slide down along one of the halls. Her hands firmly pressed against the shaft wall to help keep her balance on the way down. The small hall already seeming awful full by the time she arrived down. Staying back after hearing Zeph's words, than whimpering again hearing Alicia's, staying in the back and hoping no one would notice her so she wouldn't have to go up front.
[20:55] Syblaze(Pilix) was already ahead of the group, though pauses as Zeph comes up behind and says not to move, until she gets the security system disabled. "Haven't seen anything just yet..." Once the system is down, she continues to scout ahead, peering around corners as she moves to see if there's anything waiting for them.
[20:55] Raigeki blinks a bit looking surprised that Alicia was backing her up murmuring to herserlf. " well at least one person understands.. " She then looks at Zephyr and murmurs quietly so others can't here " hun. Chill. She's the ranking protectorate officer and I'm counting on her to help make sure nothing goes missing. " She gives a nod of respect to Anvil
[20:56] Katy didn't like what she was confronted with inside of the vault, always having been an advocate for a 'Scorched Earth' strategy "Fuckin' place is already infiltrated and knocked up with creeps ... lets just nuke the whole thing ...." grumbling and of course aware that this wasn't an option. Following her coworkers, she would ready her shotgun for any CQC encounters.
[20:56] Anvil: moves up to and paused in front of the man in the suit " BOY! I overheard what you just said. We are in the middle of an operation. You will respect the god damed chain of command Or I will go GET that fucking chain and beat you with it until you respect it. " his helmet inches from the man's face as he verbally assaults him with all the crispness of a haggard Marine drill sergeant
[20:56] Korume would keep going not seeming too afraid of anything PAE security could throw at her or anything the creatures had demonstrated for that manner. She would end up moving all the way to the mid-level and ended up giving the comment, "Well I guess PAE security is good for something." She would look over the dead monsters as she kept going.
[20:57] Phantasma would have followed along
[21:01] Scene: The corridors are desolate, most of the security cannons completely gone or crumpled into tiny balls of mangled metal scattered on the floor, though what few can be made out make it clear that, had the systems not been mangled, those that barged ahead would have had a very bad evening. The room of corpses gives way to another corridor, which as you descend through it the explosions give way to horrendous screeches of metal, the first of which is accompanied by what remains of the security system announcing critical containment breaches. As a second room is entered, more of Fleurdemort's minions are waiting, and the back of the room is blocked by a glowing green barricade, beyond which you see her peeling open the containment lockers one by one with her bare hands... lockers that were designed to withstand even the strongest metas in the city with ease tearing apart like peel-away lids on cans
[21:02] Alicia Frakture snaps her fingers as Rain takes the lead."Damn, she's gonna get the first shots." She pauses as she looks at Android hearing the whimpering."Stay close to me if you're freaking out. In front of me while walking, behind me if combat starts." This is definitely a different Alicia than anyone knew.
[21:02] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR doesn't seem in the mood for patching up, but she does give Pandora a small nod at least to show she acknowledged what she was saying. "Nothing personal this time, Pandora, but you should probably endeavor to intercept anyone who attempts to take artifacts from here before I do, as I am in fact on orders to kill per Miss Mikoto." She didn't seem to relish that little fact, but she kept her face on the business side. For the moment, she simply walked down the stairs, leading with her rifle, setting it to automatic, and passing Rain. "How about you stay behind me so you don't round the corner and get stabbed in the face by a baddie?" She said, frowning at everyone's race to the bottom. She stopped by Anvil, looking at him with the look of a fellow superior officer. "You must be a late-comer so you didn't hear the news. If you so much as SNEEZE on any of the artifacts contained down here, I and the rest of the PAE Security Team will kill you on the spot, assuming your CO doesn't do us the favor first....S
[21:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR assuming your CO doesn't do us the favor first....Savvy?" She looked into the mans eye-slits. "If you have issue with this, take it up with Miss Mikoto." And with that she'd continue down, stopping at the room with the desk and the two monsters. "Well this is ominous."
[21:07] Pandora sighs at zephs commentary to Locke but doesnt make any comment on it, having decided to just stop for the time being, this all could be delt with by Locke. it was his job after all. she smiles patting locke on the back "Think once my full Exo Suit is developed im calling it hammer" she says with a smirk. turning and heading down the stairs but staying behind zeph. given this was a PAE facility with security she didnt have the access codes for. and she didnt want to take the time to hack it.
[21:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) tenses "I can sense a demon, like legit can sense one, powerful. And it's not just the blasted off defenses, what the hell is it looking for?" she asks, shaking her head. She bristled with holy energy, looking very ready for a full power fight, almost psyching herself up at the chance of battling a demon, a wide grin on her face "That said, if these defenses that are lying in a mush on the ground were meant to stand up to Strong...well, we may need to go full force on this one" she says and then starts heading downstairs following Pandora, giving Anvil a playful jab as she passes him
[21:10] Rain was getting kind of miffed at being underestimated by tiny people... She walked int the room with the two seemingly dead monsters and walks up to one to make sure it really was dead! Her claw shot out at its head and she picked it up and slammed it into the other monsters head.... That made her feel ten times better! She followed after the squishier then herself people and hoped she wouldn't have to make a mad dash to protect anyone...
[21:11] Phantasma: its rutting chain, and shes clearly not fit. Johns been a good call of character as long as ive known him. Hes never been wrong before. Zeph dont worry, Im not interested in those artifacts. They arent my stuff. Is the metal itself acceptable? I am assuming you are going to nuke the place after anyway and not salvaging anything would be a waste ~she shook her head at anvil. as she moved forward past the bodies Her right hand pulled another blade, this one enchanted differently~ Now lets get this over with
[21:12] John Sumner is completely unphased by the yelling. "You done? We got shit to do. And I have a meeting with the N to get too." he would pause. "The Protectorate never really had a chain of command except for the Chief. And she isn't Chief yet. And all she's done since before mission start is raise tension with our allies. Now we can deal with this now. Or we can deal with this later when we aren't about to be fighting a bunch of monsters." he would push his way past and back next to Rain.
[21:13] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Looks over to Alicia as she speaks to her, giving a nod as she walks up closer to the group. " Oh thank you very much pink haired on withe the large axe!" Now in front of Alicia as she mostly just kept an eye on everyone to make sure no one stole any thing.
[21:17] Syblaze(Pilix) kept on moving at the front of the group, looking over the dead creatures. "Guess the security got to them first." She moves forward further, peering around a corner into the room with more creatures and the forcefield blocking a doorway, with Fleur inside peeling open vaults like nothing. "I think we better hurry, she's not going to take long to find what she's after!" She moves in ready to slice and dice creatures.
[21:21] Raigeki /me walks down to toe bottom trying unsuccessfully to hide a snicker as she passes Anvil and John. She sighs at what she sees " Well. Shit. "
[21:21] Katy didn't really care about all these petty squabbles between her 'allies', she was much more worried about what kind of infestation was awaiting them deep down inside of this cursed place, the boss rarely ever mentioned in the past. For the moment, she would just focus onto the next few meters, slowly advancing behind the 'heavies', her fullauto shotty now loaded with advanced tungsten-carbide flechette shells, which combined high penetration with a large hit radius. Katy was still inside of her very human manifestation and a bit nervous, focused on caution and waiting for her allies to advance first, grumbling something "Better them, than me ..."
[21:22] Anvil looks over to Zeph and gives her a thumbs up " I know the deal. was briefed on the way over." he looks back at Pandora " and we're both the same rank but I have seniority in the protectorate right now so .. hectically .. I AM the CO but since she was first on scene and knows more about it she has operational command. " His helmet turns to .John. he stares at john for a full 10 seconds. then activates his comm system. " This is acting chief Cole. Let the record show that as of eleven-hundred thirty hours on todays date FORMER officer John Sumner is suspended without pay pending review of his multiple counts of insubordination. " At that point it was as if John ceased to exist and moved up to join the others.
[21:23] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR posts out of order to see the demon lady and frowns. "OK...I know when I'm beat....I'm going to leave this job to the heavy hitters and guard the rear flank." She nods to Mikoto and the others. "Good luck, give me a signal if you need me to come bank down here to teach some lessons.
[21:23] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR smiles and heads out.
[21:23] Korume could feel something immensily powerful down below as she descended the facility. In truth it scared her a little bit but it also meant that this was no time for holding back once they came face to face with that thing... she was psyching herself up for what was going to be her first ever time trying to pull as much power from the sword as she could and combine it with her own. She would see the abomanations guarding what looked to be the final floor. She would move past the enemies to the shield and start increasing her energy drastically anyone who could sense spiritual energy would sense her power increase by several times as her whole body would start to light aflame.
[21:26] John Sumner shrugs and starts heading back up not his problem anymore. he would call back "Phantasma, Don't die, I'm out of here. My need to be here no longer exists as I've been let go from the Protectorate. My meeting with N, Will be ever so fun at this point. Hell Guard, I hold nothing against you, You stay alive as well." he would then be gone, Loud thuds would echo out as if something was breaking through walls to climb up a shaft.
[21:29] Fleurdemort pays no mind to the new arrivals, trusting in her barrier and minions to buy her a bit more time, 3 of the vaults already torn open, and as you take up positions she moves through three more, pulling the artifacts out of each with a sneer of disappointment and tossing them into a black hole in the center of the room, singing softly to herself while she moves between them, those who haven't encountered her before would feel the immense waves of arcane energy passively rolling off of her this close, each one nauseating. The two brutes move to block as people move to the doorway, though they aren't fast enough to stop Korume's blitz across the room, the barrier serving that purpose instead. They level their meaty 'fists' at the first people passing through, trying to pummel them back through the doorway and keep you all bottled up
[21:32] Alicia Frakture looks at the downed demon."Hey, in the front If there are any still standing, save a couple for me!" She says before looking at Android. You'll be okay." AS she comes down seeing more monsters. She pats Android."Stay back." AS she rushes as best she can diving at one of the monsters only to have its large mouth open and swallow her whole
[21:36] Pandora sighs as she looks to the brutes then to the shield before holding her hand forward as all four of the orbs she had been charging aim for the shield kurome is about to attack. contemplating for a moment before turning to the large beast on the right and firing off all four orbs point blank at the beast. the four combined orbs would be the size of an artillery shell shooting with 100 tons of force and enough velocity to punch through a demi-god. even behind the demon would be a hole through the metal and through the surrounding earth for a good 40 meters.
[21:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) pushes forward, trying to get around the brutes so she can fire at the demonic shield, a fully charged beam of raw holy energy. She was intent on bringing it down as rapidly as possible so they could get to the the room with the demon that was literally sorting through all the dangerous shit of the city's past. She wasn't messing around at this point, it was time to get in that room and get work done
[21:40] Rain could and would sense the increase in power from one of the little ones... She started pushing her way to the front, not to try and get to the fight first... But simply to make sure no one was gonna die from the immense evil that was down there! "FUCKING MOVE!" She'd barrel past everyone with thundering footsteps draw her sword and punch the monster on the left as hard as she can with her massive fist! She was strong, and her morales made her want to protect the weak, even if they throw cans of tomato juice at her...
[21:42] Phantasma stepped forward as one of the brutes swung at her she speedily ducked under the blow and came back up after the arm passed, slicing with that right handed blade which could cut through vibranium at its head intending to lob it in half and destroy its brain with a single clean slice " youre clumsy. For those who dont know..that woman can alter reality. Where you swin. Where your jump takes you. I would say use caution but in her case- dont fuck up or she will capitalize on every mistake"
[21:43] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Talks to her self as they passed by all the dead bodies just before they all headed further down." Its okay they are only sleepy they are only sleepy they arnt really dead." Working her way further down than blushing behind her mask. As she's petted, by Alicia now working her way further back behind everyone with a few steps. Sure that she would be safe and out of danger. Unable to detect or feel any of the demonic presence, not having a soul or equipment to do so with. At best only a unknown force would show up on her sensors.
[21:45] Syblaze(Pilix) dashes quickly right toward the large beast on the left ahead of the others, slashing her energy blades at it to slice through its flesh and start trying to carve it to bits. She ducks aside a bit as Rain comes up behind her to punch it, still working on slashing away at its body to cut it to bits.
[21:45] Raigeki: Zephyr Make sure out exit route remains secure and make sure no one gets out of this place with any artifacts. " " She frowns " I'm going to recommend Cole and Rain go first because they can take more punishment than a painslut with regeneration... " .. when she notices what's going on she rushes forward " SHIT! Get in there! Any one of those could doom the city ! " she dashes forward her em field flaring and orbs of ball lightning appearing around her "Vault field deactivate Authorization Takamachi 1XC29XG9K5!" Charging at the green barrier at full speed as if she expected it to be gone by the time she got to it
[21:48] Katy by now felt a bit like the the fifth wheel of the car, grumbling around the corner and staring over to Raigeki, visually caught in doubts about how to engage such a foe. After a moment Katy would decide that this situation would require to 'escalate'. Her body would lose all contrast and colors and dissolve into a glowing cluster of field fluctuations, slowly gathering around Raigeki's hand ...
[21:53] Anvil was only about as fast as a normal human now and grumbled. he trompedc down the hallway with his boots making a thud thud thud on the ground and picks one of the demons in the main room taking his breeching saw and swinging from left to right above Syblaze not realizing that someone had jumped inside of it
[21:53] Korume would push her power up even more the heat now reaching a nearly unapproachable heat breaking ten thousand degrees celsius. The girl's clothes would burn away but no one would get much of a chance to peak at anything worth seeing as the outermost layer of her skin would burn away at the same time. Her spiritual power was off the scale as even the metal in the room started melting at the sheer amount of heat she was putting off... but was it a match for what she faced well that would remain to be seen. She would put all of this power against the barrier seeking to burn through it her sword slicing into it like a hot knife through butter though not totally breaking it.

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Re: A very dark day

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[22:01] Fleurdemort still pays no mind beyond a momentary glance and chuckle in the direction of the new gathering, another trio of lockers opened, and dozens more powerful artifacts being tossed into the hole like trash. Alicia gets swallowed, finding the creature's insides even more vile than its outer appearance, the same black sludge that functions as blood for them trying to eat at her now. Pandora's blasts rip gaping holes into her target, sending it staggering back against the wall with blood gushing from it. Rain once again starts pummeling one of the creatures, though as before the opening hits are slow to wear at it. Phantasma's slash comes close, but the arm gets in the way at the last second, the limb getting severed but deflecting the slice away from its head, though leaving it open to Syblaze's assault. Raigeki might notice as she charges that the barrier that's active is arcane energy rather than technological, but if not she'd slam into it hard, her electricity surging against it. Anvil's attack slices a bit
[22:01] Fleurdemort: into the creature, but its immense durability pulls the weapon up well short of reaching Alicia. Hell Guard's blast ripples into the barrier, creating a split second thinning that allows Korume to wedge her sword into it, the barrier flickering slightly as she starts working to cut it open.
[22:03] Alicia Frakture the mouth of the monster that Rain punched begins to open. Alicias face can be seen."I REALLY like how you fight." AS she starts opening the creatures mouth further, looking to try and rip it open from the mouth. Her eyes looking to Syblaze."Hey I'm in here! She knew she couldn't even lay a hand on Fleurdebitch, so her focus was where it needed to be as a hand releases part of the mouth to try and launch straight up into the things brain, and if successful, rip it out
[22:07] Pandora slumps against the wall unable to move or do any thing at this time dur to her previous attack
[22:13] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) keeps the beam going, moving over to Pandora "if I collapse, drag me out of here. Because this is gonna hurt" she growls, putting all of her power into a massive full beam at the barrier, looking to shatter it and push the beam beyond it, wanting to cause as much damage down range to the barrier and then the demon within as possible, collapsing once the beam was spent, trying to make it back to the rear
[22:14] Rain laughed at Ali's predicament and tried to help keep the monsters mouth open, "You are amazing my friend! RIP ITS BRAINS OUT!" Her monstrous fist punched at the brutes arms to keep them away from the little on slashing and hacking away at it as sweat appeared on her skin... She could take the hellfire a dragon could produce so this heat was manageable for the time being! But she would need to retreat if it kept going! Her swords edges started to heat up as she wedged it inside the monsters mouth to keep it open, careful not to hit the crazy one inside!
[22:16] Phantasma watches ..feeling the heat. The arm flying off she stayed calm" too crowded ..and I cant take that plant bitch on " she spun in a rotating kick using her full force towars the brutes head, 50 tones wouldnt be laughed at by most.. and used the recoild to launch ehrself up the hallway..the heat was too muuch but she hid it mostly. Heading for the area they enterred for the exit home, unless she got the notice they were exitting here, where she would return
[22:17] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Detects the high levels of heat coming from the barrier, her arms crossing in a x like shape infront of her. Attempting to shield her self from the heat, though the furthest away from it. She could detect the danger of it and knew she would over heat and shut down before she could get close enough to it. Now taking a few more steps back, to a more safer distance.
[22:19] Syblaze(Pilix) keep slicing away at the beast, doing her best to try and avoid areas where Alicia is. "Well, that's not MY fault! You're the one that jumped into its mouth after I attacked it!" She slices at its limbs, trying to disable it. She starts to sweat a bit as the heat in the room ramps up, feeling it warm up her armor.
[22:25] Raigeki was running up on the door trying to deactivate the force shield. Since she was running up behind the woman who was now probably killing everyone in the small room. she falls back with parts of her suit melted and severely burnt skin showing in many places. she staggers back to the desk and pulls off a glove, pressing her hand to the surface " Activate ... self destruct. " before collapsing against it This command would activate the nuclear device located under the vault with a timer of 5 seconds,
[22:26] NYX would almost instantly conform around Raigeki's mass, generating a periodic manifestation of adaptive wavelength matter, thereby inducing an ideal radiant barrier with a reflectivity constant of 1, more or less reflecting all thermal emissions from Raigeki's body, blocking thermal energy transfer and trying to protect her from the nearby intense heat source (Korume).
[22:34] Anvil blinks under his helmet as he sees Alicia's handwork, being forced back by the heat of the blaze. when he hears mikoto's voice and the command she gives he simply stands there and sighs " crapbaskets. "
[22:34] Korume could feel the barrier breaking before her as her sword murns it injecting a mass amount of energy into it from her blade. She would be able to flash step through it at this point aiming to move in behind FLuer and drive her blade through the evil bitch's heart every bit as hot if not hotter than the surface of the sun. For Korume she was here proteccting the few friends she had left and her sister... and well everyone she cared about now was here. It was this power that gave her the strength to do what she was doing. Korume would speak with contempt, "Turn to ash, bitch."
[22:41] Fleurdemort is still digging through vaults, but when the timer hits 4 seconds she tilts her head slightly, as if suddenly noticing something, then shortly after the 3 second mark the countdown stops and the system reports 'critical component missing... bomb... unable to initiate self destruct'. She then turns back to her search. Alicia mutilates her target from the inside where it's not very well defended, tearing the creature apart, while the combination of heat and slashes finish off the other brute as well. Korume's blink catches Fleur off guard, however as she notices something and giggles in glee, reaching down when the sword slides into her, her body bursting into flames for a moment... then suddenly the sword goes out along with the rest of the fire, and the creature looks to her attacker with a sadistic grin, a barrage of vines bursting out from her and wrapping around Korume, 6" long spikes erupting on the insides and outsides, and then the whole mass begins to spin like a giant food processor, shredding t
[22:41] Fleurdemort: the ninja girl's body into bloody pulp and dust, while Fleur opens her mouth and absorbs her spiritual energy
[22:42] Korume wouldn't have a chance to respond as the spiked vines would grind the poor girl to nothing her blade still through Fluer's body as it turned out she would be the one who turned to ash. There was nothing left of Korume to even bury the poor girl was just gone only the sword and sheath were left.
[22:46] Alicia Frakture /me pops out of the destroyed monster before half her body is burned to a crisp by the fire. She falls over and watches what unfolds."Get me to the back I can't do shit like this."She muttered looking like Two faces hotter sister.
[22:48] Pandora is still on the ground useless due to her cooldown period after her attack, the heat from Kuromes fire making that cooldown period much worse then it normally would be pandora grabs hold of a portion of her exosuit and twists it as massive venting begins at the cost of the remainder of the suits power. quick ejecting her from it before it flash teleports out. leaving behind her equipment and her in her street clothing.
[22:53] Rain was glad the heat was gone, but felt that her sword was still radiating heat along the edges! She wished she had tools to sharpen the damned thing but sadly did not... it was truly an awesome sword when it was sharp... And she felt a presence fade away... This made her really angry, "Get her out of here please..." The sweetness was gone from her voice as she thundered towards the large room, switching her massive blade to her left hand and throwing it with everything she had at the evil presence! One could say it broke the sound barrier, but it didn't have enough time to travel before it would hit her target! She then charged at the demon with a roar, knowing somewhere in the back of her mind she didn't have a chance! But she was in Rage mode and didn't really care!
[22:54] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Lowers her arms, the side that was facing the room now having charred marks on them, the same going for her legs. The extra power pack system on her back now starting to smoke. Damage probably having been caused by the heat as her suit now runs off fifty percent. Looking around at the people needing help she enters the room finally doing her best to help them out into the hall.
[23:00] Syblaze(Pilix) watches the beast fall dead, glancing around. When she notices the nuke countdown she prepares to grab people in a hasty plan to get everyone out before it blows, starting with Rain who's right next to her, but before she can grab her, the countdown stops suddenly.. and then Korume breaks past the barrier and attacks the being in the next room, only to get herself reduced to dust. "Sh...shit...." She watches Rain throw her sword and charge in. "Wait..!" She sighs, wondering how many were going to end up dead from this... but then, if they didn't stop her, they were all dead anyway, along with the rest of the city. She sighs, moving into the next room as well, her blades held up defensively as she looked to Fleur, hoping to be of some help in stopping her from finding what she was after.
[23:02] Raigeki groans and slowly gets up on one knee she starts looking around and it dawns on her that they wern't dead " she hangs her head "so we lost.. " couughing up some blood onto the flloor..
[23:02] NYX tries to shift and remanifest into a mathematical perfect tesseract array, isolating local probabilities within her frame of reference to protect the wounded Raigeki. Inside of the now isolated spacetime, moleculary reassembly would progress to mend Mikoto's injuries to a degree where she would regain consciousness and is restored to combat readiness.
[23:07] Perrin Ashbourne puts his sword on his back and moved into the room he crouches down and takes what looks like a sharpie on the ground ... and begins to draw on the ground...
[23:07] Anvil: does that.
[23:09] Korume tries to congeal herself to launch another offensive but instead just remains a pile of ash on the floor. (Last post)
[23:11] Fleurdemort turns back to the last locker she'd been inspecting, the sword still driven through her body, a small lyre floating up into her hands as she smiles, and then once it touches her it vanishes "Ah, lovely... you shouldn't fear the chaos... it will set you free... I'll leave you all with a parting gift..." then she pulls the sword out, her wound healing by the time she sheathes it and straps it to her back, Rain's charge being met by a wave of raw force intended to throw her and her sword back into the prior room
[23:17] Pandora finally has her systems backed to functional levels standing up and gazing into the room in time to get view of the artifact before it vanishes sighing. slumping against a wall as she tries to recalibrate her systems. groaning out. but getting as much video of the woman as she could. and attempting to fire a scanning beacon at her to at least get some idea of what the hell she was for nightmare.
[23:19] Rain saw everything as if time had slowed! Her sword coming back on an invisible wave of immense force, her monstrous hand gripping the handle as she neatly dodged the blade as it cut off one of her spines! She was gonna feel that later! And then countering with a quick slash, cutting the wave as it hit her and made it go to either side! This did stop her charge however and she had to make sure her swing didn't spin her around!
[23:21] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Walking over to MIkoto, looking down at her and wondering what she could do to help. Knowing she had no skills or programming to heal her, even if she could get passed the energy shield. Unsure what to do to aid her poor hurt boss and guardian who looked after her. She begin to speak with a worried tone as she look down." M.. Ms Mikoto.. are you okay? Is there any thing Unit Annie can do to assist you?"
[23:24] Syblaze(Pilix) watches the counter to Rain's attack.. She took a different tact, suddenly vanishing in a bright flash of light, and in a similar flash appearing behind Fleur, her energy blades slashing out together at her, hoping to land a surprise attack from behind...
[23:25] Raigeki rises to her feet, mostly healed by Nyx . She looks to Annie and smiles " just be careful." Then heads into the room and walks straight for one of the unopened vault lockers. and opens it revealing an archiac looking armor then reaches out and places her hand on it
[23:25] NYX would collapse it's manifestation, dispersing into a interphase state to stabilize entropy, the field of probability regathering around Raikgeki's hand, swirling around it in harmony and exchanging ideas
[23:35] Anvil is moving along the fllor drawing that circle for all he's worth. he whispers to him self " don't notice me.. don't notice me .. don't notice me.. "
[23:38] Fleurdemort picks up Syblaze's attack now that she's not distracted by her prize, bending space during the trip not once but twice, causing Sy to end up in one corner of the room and all her gear in the other. She pays no mind to the scan or the drawing, just letting out a little sigh when Mikoto activates one of the artifacts, but then shrugging "Enjoy the chaos... I have things to do" all the remaining sealed lockers suddenly reporting gravity disruptions as she opens tiny singularities inside each at once, scattering the remaining artifacts who-knows-where... then she tears open a rift in space-time and goes to pass through and depart, her work for now completed
[23:42] Pandora slumps against the wall sighing. "Locke. im kinda on my last legs. if you could do me a favor and haul this body back to Nightmare... would appreciate it" she says quietly before fully slumping to the floor. thumping against it motionless as all activity ceases, internal components finally ceasing their activity due to critical failures.
[23:46] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Blushes at Mikoto's words to her from behind her mask. She watches as she gets up and quickly enters the room. Following along but staying in the door way. Still unsure what she could do as the chaos unfolds in the room.
[23:47] Syblaze(Pilix) blinks as she ends up suddenly somewhere else after her teleportation. She looks around the room from a corner she didn't expect to be in.. and feels something is.. off... She looks down over herself, gasping and blushing brightly as she sees she's been left completely naked. She looks around the room quickly, seeing all her gear was slumped in a pile in another corner, rushing over toward it to start grabbing up essential parts of it, while Fleur does her thing to sent artifacts out into the world and disappear through a tear in reality. "Great.. so...... she won? What do we do about that?"
[23:48] ?????????: FOR ONE THOUSAND YEARS I LAY DORMANT WHO HAS DUSTURBED MY SLUMBER" The armor clad being looks down and tilts her head to the side. " huh. Female body. That's going to take some getting used to. " She looks arround at those in the room and crosses her arms " So which of you have i been summoned to destroy ? "
[23:49] Perrin Ashbourne looks up from his circle, then over at "mikoto" he sighs deeply " that .. can't be good.. "
[23:50] Anvil looks up from his circle, then over at "mikoto" he sighs deeply " that .. can't be good.. "
[23:52] NYX swirls into the center of the room, collapsing itself into a mathematical point of infinite mass for the duration of Planck time, thereby achieving the gravitational field of a supermassive black hole, spacetime a abyssal deformation, which possibly connects 'every other' gravitational anomly to the this infinite center, and thereby possibly diverting the evocated singularities targets back into this very room, even possibly the escaping Fleurdemort ?
[23:55] Fleurdemort blinks in surprise as Nyx unleashes such a massive storm of gravity control, not having expected a mortal to have that kind of power, being pulled back for a moment, but then she simply renders her body fully incorporeal to negate gravity's grasp on her and resumes her exit, the last sound heard before she vanishes a laugh in response to the voice "Maybe more chaos after all..."
[23:57] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Still in the door way to the room, she watches, seeing the passed out Pandora she enters the room staying close to the wall. Grabbing her and pulling her back into the other room.
[00:01] Syblaze(Pilix) yelps as most of the pieces of her armor and gear is suddenly pulled toward the middle of the room when a black hole forms there, grabbing something on the wall to brace herself against the gravitational force, until it stops. She mutters a bit, standing and having to move toward the pile in the center of the room now, though pausing as she sees... a possessed Mikoto...? Speaking of being summoned to destroy someone. "I.. would guess the one that just escaped...? I have no fight with you... and couldn't fight you at the moment even if I did...."
[00:05] ????????? places her hands on her hips "HA HA! So the foe heard that Perses was to be their demise and fled like a craven mongrel! I see!" She then looks over to Syblase " And you must be the maiden tribute. Good to see that the order of things is still kept.. " she looks down " Though . not sure about this body... "
[00:06] Anvil moves over to pick up Pandora's body " uh..
[00:06] Anvil: this looks like a not so great situation "
[00:06] : The duration of time of the gravitational anomly was only about 'Planck time', the shortest possible time interval and while it might have disrupted the escape of Fleurdemort, it would have been too short to interact with any mass inside of the room
[00:09] Perses looks behind him at the mass and then frowns " Wait. What? you summoned TWO gods? Was your foe truly that terrifying? " then her frown deepens " Or do you simply lack faith in the power of the god of destruction?
[00:09] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Enters the room looking around and heading over to MIkoto, the threat seeming to be over perhaps. " W..we did it Ms Mikoto! Your armor scared that winged creature away!?!? gods?"
[00:09] NYX swirls around 'Raigeki' for a few moments, until eventually beginning to reassemble into Katy
[00:11] Syblaze(Pilix) blinks a bit as the armored possessed Mikoto, now calling herself Perses looks at her and calls her a 'maiden tribute', blushing a bit, her hands slowly moving to cover herself. "The uh.... the what?" She looks a bit confused as she glances around at the others.
[00:14] Katy grumbles as soon as she has fully remanifested, standing in a pile of gear and armor, noticing the somewhat 'exposed' Syblaze nearby and would begin to gather the remaining usable armor parts, handing them over to the nude ally "Here, perhaps you can improvise somethin' ... are you injured ?"
[00:15] Perses shrugs " Maiden tribute. You know. you summon a god. God smites your foe. God takes the maiden tribute. That's how things work... Can't forget the maiden tribute otherwise the god smites you for your lack of proper respect. She then looks around " Where did the other god go? " Then she spots Katy " OH! Another maiden tribute! And this one a warrior woman t seems! It is my lucky day! Two women and the foe fled without haveing to do anything. !
[00:16] Anvil slowlly turns wanting to get Pandora's body out of the room before "Perses" sees her.. " this is gunna get real real complicated.
[00:17] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Shrieks out as she points at Katy, having thought she was dead all this time." AAaah! your alive! Unit Annie is very pleased at this welcome back! Also Unit Annie thinks that Mikoto is broken, she seems to not be functioning right." Turns to look over at Mikoto now" Warrior women? are you implying to us Ms Mikoto?"
[00:18] Katy groans as soon as she hears those words behind her, slowly turning around and raising a ginger brow "Alright boss, show is over and i'm not really amused by this 'maiden tribute' bullshit ... we just fucked up epically and there is no time for this nonsense ..." she would add a calming gesture towards Annie "Relax, Private Annie ... the boss is just mockin' us, because we failed to protect all those fancy artifacts."
[00:19] Syblaze(Pilix) frowns a bit at "Perses", shaking her head some. "I'm not a maiden trib-" Until she gets to the part of smiting everyone if they don't have a maiden tribute. "Uhhhh....... right... maiden tribute.... I guess that's me..." She accepts the armor parts handed to her by Katy, nodding to her. "Thanks... no I don't think I am... she just kinda.. separated me from all my stuff..."
[00:21] Perses tilts her head to the side " What a wonderous golem! .. Nice shape too. I could get used to this world!
[00:22] Katy rubs her neck, glancing over to Syblaze with a clueless expression, then over to Annie and back to 'Perses', trying to make some sense out of this mess "Uhh ... alright, pal ... who in hells name are you, eh ?"
[00:23] Anvil continues to sneak out of the facilty carrying Pandora trying to get her away from those crazy PAE folks.
[00:24] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Her arm lifts up as her hand reaches behind her head, pressing the red button on the back of her helmet to open it. Her long blow hair flowing out as her smiling face is revealed." We are successful! the enemy is gone and most of us have survived! Mission complete?"
[00:26] Syblaze(Pilix) looks between the others, and then to Perses again for a moment. "Perses, you said you were, right? Hey, why don't you speak with the uh.. golem there. She can tell you ALLLLL about this world!" Then, hoping Perses would distract herself with talking to Annie, she would attempt to tug at Katy's arm to pull her a few steps away and lean in to speak very softly. "Raigeki touched that armor.. and then this happened.... I think maybe the armor is the source of... all that... maybe need to get it off of her?"
[00:28] Katy grumbles, a skeptical frown coming over her features "That's a very positive description of our situation., Annie ..." she shifts her focus to Syblaze and mutters something "Alright, how bad is it ? What the fuck happened and ... we need to get the boss out of that thing ?" she adds a groan, pondering how that might be even possible !
[00:28] Perses saunters over to Katy and tries to grab a handful of Rear " I am the great god of destruction Perses. " Perses grins lecherously " Though iot seems that today Iall I'll be destroying is your chastity! HAHAHAH " Thenshe's distracted again looking to annie. " Remarkable.. I've never seen such a finely crafted glolem .. I wonder how much you resemble a woman .. hmmm
[00:30] Anvil sneaks with teh sjill of a kahjit
[00:31] Syblaze(Pilix) nods a little to Katy. "Yeah.. we might be a bit royally fucked on the flower girl side of things... As for this situation.. I don't know... Either we have to try and get that armor off... or else use this Perses to combat the flower girl... I assume that was Raigeki's intent when she touched the armor..."
[00:32] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Smiles and nods at Katy about the positive comment. Not understanding Mikoto's situation she responds as normaly to her." Unit Annie is not a golem, she is a gynoid Mikoto should know this. And she very closely resembles a human yes. Infact Unit Annie was modeled after humans which is why she appears to be one." And continues to go on about her product line.
[00:35] Katy just turned her attention to Syblaze when she felt those fingers exploring her backside "Bloody hell ! Almost as brazen as the damn Incubus hands ... " yet there was a small grin on her freckled features too. Yes, that Perses guy was somewhat compatible to Katy's mentality, crossing her arms "Thats bloody ridiculous, but as long as that old geezer does the job, i'm willin' to grant him a rough ride ..." a raspy chuckle sounds, leaving it open if Katy was serious ...
[00:39] Syblaze(Pilix) blushes a bit more at Katy's comments, her mouth hanging open for a second. "W..what? Wait, you'd actually let her.... him.... it........? uh... do things like that?" She purses her lips a bit, glancing at the possessed Mikoto as Perses now, sighing a bit. "I guess, it would be for a good cause if it means a fighting chance against flower girl."
[00:42] Katy nods to her side with a wide grin "Sure, a selfless ride for a good cause sounds truly heroic to me ... well, only if ol' Perses is able to deal with 'flower girl' ... right ?" she turns her attention back to the 'cursed boss'.
[00:42] Perses: murmurs again " remarkable. Gynoid you say... " Then turns to Katy. " HA HA! That's the spirit! " she licks her lips and makes a lewd grab at the nude woman " MMM A bold woman and a shy woman! What a perfect combination!
[00:44] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Smiles and nods at Perses comment, than continues to blab on about gynoids and her product line. If any one was even still paying attention to her they might start to get sleepy from boredom.
[00:45] Syblaze(Pilix) yelps a bit at the sudden grabbing, dropping most of the gear she was still holding and squirming a bit, her blush burning a bit hotter. "Ah! Uh.. hah... y-yeah..." She was a bit too distracted by lewd destruction gods to hear most of Annie's product line speeches.
[00:50] Perses leers at the two redheads but also occasionally nods to Annie and asks a question about what she's saying, definite a term. She tries to move between sy and katy and place a hand on each rear as he listens to the lecture.
[00:53] Katy scratches through her unkempt red strands and ponders "What kind of domain were you responsible for ? Destruction ? Or debauchery ?" her grin widening more, much wider than any human could ever grin, even guiding Perses hand to rub over her bum.
[00:56] Perses reluctantly moves a hand off of Syblaze's rear and points at one of the of the vault chambers. Then the chamber just .. ceases to exist. "MM. The debauchry is meerly a hobby. The only being who would even stand a chance against me would have to be one that can bend reality itself. "
[00:57] Syblaze(Pilix) flushes a bit more as Perses moves between her ant Katy, feeling the hand on her bare bottom, silently cursing the flower girl for leaving her naked like this... She didn't dare bend down now to pick up her things, no knowing what Perses might do with that kind of opening. She just sort of stands there with the hand on her bare bottom, listening to Annie's lectures now as well as she wondered what to do about the situation. She blinks as the hand leaves her bottom, seeing the vault vanish, and listening to Perses. "Oh... well... guess what kind of being we need destroyed...."
[00:58] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Her dull idle talking finally coming to an end, walking in front of everyone. Shockingly just now noticing the poor naked girl in the room, her attention having been on Mikoto's well being." And that Concludes the sample information on my product line. Hey wait.. was this naked girl always here?"
[01:02] Katy frowns in surprise when the chamber is just handwaved out of existence, grinning more "Reality is such a subjective thing, isn't it ?" handing her guns over to Annie and moving in front of the 'god of destruction', snapping her fingers to shift into a more 'adequate' manifestation "I suppose we could help each other, oh great Perverses ... uh- ...Perses ..."
[01:04] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Eeps from shock as the guns are suddenly handed over in her direction. Reaching out and taking them as she hugged them up against her chest.
[01:07] Perses gives a raucous laugh " Indeed she was my new Gol - Err. Gynoid friend " she then snakes her armo around Pilisk again and then glances over to Katy's new outfiit " Well now. Isn't that lovley. I have a similar trick. " he stnaps his fingers and the armor vanishes and reappears seceral feet away. " Now Ladies. I've never done this in a female body so- " Suddenly white hair turned black and her eyes turned golden once again "Damnit Katy what took you so long?! then she looked down and frowns. then sighs " damnit. "
[01:10] Katy grins with a hint of disappointment "Damn, boss ... shitty timing ... just was about to discuss some details with the old fart. Anyhow, welcome back ... uhh- ... and i'm sorry, but it seems we fucked up tonight ... that creepy flower girl escaped and your museum exhibits are gone too." she adds a raspy sigh.
[01:11] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Blushes darkly at the naked Mikoto and points at her." S..s..she's! Oh wait her hair changed colors again! Annie did not know Mikoto could do this!"
[01:11] Takamachi Mikoto soghs " so.. a complete failure.. we lost every single artifact? "
[01:12] Syblaze(Pilix) eeps lightly as the arm snakes around her again.. until Perses shows off that trick, the armor coming off, and suddenly Mikoto going back to normal.. though just as naked as herself. "Oh... uh..... welcome back? Though... that Perses could have been pretty useful against flower girl..." She nods a bit as Katy explains then. "Yeah.. they all seemed to... disappear."
[01:13] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Smiles now and shakes her head no as she points at the naked Mikoto, than down to her feet." Oh my no! Mission complete! The intruder is gone and we saved one artifact Ms Mikoto!"
[01:13] Katy turns around and nods slowly "Yeah, seems only the cursed armor of greater pervery remains. I somehow like the guy ... " she returns her attention to the boss and ponders "By the way, you guys should dress ... it's cold inside here ..."
[01:15] Syblaze(Pilix) looks over Mikoto's bare form a moment. "You look good though..." She mutters a bit, then sighs and gives up on covering herself. "We're all girls here... now, at least..." She then bends down to pick through the pile of her things to look for her suit.
[01:18] Katy tries to manifest her sisters cute umbrella out of her hand, to at least cover some 'parts' of the boss "My my, if Sigrid could see this show, boss ... well, back to business ... any orders ? Sealing the vault ? Scientific teams ? Draggin' the Mayor inside here ?"
[01:19] Android - Annie (androidnulla) She grips the guns she still held with one arm, going back to doing it with both of them. Looking up and around the room wondering if it was about to rain after seeing Katy with the umbrella.
[01:26] Takamachi Mikoto sighs " no. . no.. " " she floats a container over to the armor and scoops it up without touching it " So we're taking that with us. .. as for the vault We'll just leave it here. .. Well go to a pawn shop and by some crap that looks magical and stick them in here and use the place as bait for other idiots. .. .But first. I gotta find something to wear. ...
[01:27] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Holds up Katy's guns with a cheerful smile." They are not clothing but perhaps you could use these to cover your self with?"
[01:28] Katy gestures over to Annie "Private ! It's time for you to organize some decent attire for the boss. And hand my guns back ... thanks for keepin', Trouble ... uhh ... Annie .."
[01:28] Syblaze(Pilix) picks up the parts of her undersuit, listening to Mikoto as she lays out the plan for the future, nodding a bit. Then at her comment of needing to find something to wear, she pauses, looks at the main suit piece she held, then slowly holds it out. "I uh.. don't know if it'll fit perfectly, but... if you want...."
[01:29] Android - Annie (androidnulla) Nods after handing the guns back to Katy, and heads into the other room in search of clothing for Mikoto." Yes good thinking! Its not proper attire to go around naked hehe."
[01:30] Takamachi Mikoto shakes her head " nah. you wear it. " she starts to look distant and her shoulders slip.
[01:34] Katy grumbles and would try to pull the boss into her embrace "C'mon boss ... no reason to blame yourself ... we all failed tonight, yet i am sure that this isn't the last encounter with 'flower girl'. We should inform the Mayor and revise our options."

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