Suki's Chaotic Halloween Party

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Suki's Chaotic Halloween Party

Post by Hannah DuMont » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:24 am

This is Helen Holden, once again taking place as your number one news reporter. Seems the beloved hero Suki was trying to throw a halloween party and things got out of control. Luckily the heroes of the city responded and no one was hurt for once. No details on Suki herself but witnesses state she did manage to get away. No word yet on any charges she may or may not face. But one thing is for certain. Suki is once again ok.

A gigantic explosion of spiritual energy is felt rocking the very city. Carried among the wind is a single cry "SUKI DIDNT DO THAT!" Reports of various cartoons and comic figures seen at the graveyard that just seemed to pop up

Spyder-Chica!: would land outside the epicenter and look around. "What has happened, Citizen!"

Takamachi Mikoto: tilts her head to the side. " ... this is new "


Spyder-Chica!: laughed in a superheroine manner. "Do not worry, citizen, Spyder-Chica is here to save the day!"

Takamachi Mikoto: turns and locks her eyes on the sayajin prince. She then points at him " Mine. "

Suki: is standing holding a empty book stuck on a alter as she looks at the heros and smiles innocently "Suki didn't do it"

Takamachi Mikoto: looks at Kitty. " Already called dibbs on the pink one. "

Princess Saiyan Guy: "Cute dress. Don't you have dishes to do or something? The Prince of all saiyans has no time to play with little girls"

Spyder-Chica!: would look to the cat maid as she arrived and hold out her hand. "You should get to a safe distance, Citizen. This will get dangerous!"

Tonguing Hulk: "At your service! Mashed brains and scrambled faces our specialty! In your case we're even willing to toss in a shattered vertibrae-- But that's only if you can supply the necessary spine!"

Crocodile Man: "What is going on here? We've seemed to enter some type of wormhole to a alternate reality. How interesting"

Penguid bird person: "Oh, c'mon... I've wanted nothing to do with this psycho from the start. I do one favor for someone and suddenly I'm taking all the heat for someone else's dirty work. It's just not fair! Where is the bat? This bitch is to batty for me. I'd rather deal with the psychotic clown and his little whore."

Funny Clown Lady: Uh oh Mista J. I don't thinks I'm in kansas anymores. Well not that I was in kansas to begin with. Oh love the getup. Just love a girl with proper fashion sense. Us gals have to stick together afterall"

Kitty: just shrugs to Mikoto "I have no clue whats going on to start with. I'm just investigating." She then hears the pink guy talk before raising her right hand towards him having a light blue orb form in the palm of her hand and fire off towards the princess guy where if it hit its target or anything would set off a half ton explosion

Krattz Kreature: "I'm Rhino. I knock things down. That's what I do. That's who I am."

Takamachi Mikoto: OOOOOH Noooo. The great prince of all sayajins was mean to me. " She the p points up to the sky A lightning bolt came down and when the dust clears there was Raigeki " Kitty. I said he's mine. I mean it. "

Sigrid: wiggles her fingers and smiles like an angel "Happy Halloween everybody !"

Emily Kabal seemed to her her head under control with some effort. "In...all seriousness Mikoto, we should work together. Arc Lightning is always better than bolt, after all"

Princess Saiyan Guy: *Bats the blast away up into the air. Raising a brow at Mikoto's transformation "Cute the dolly can do parlor tricks."

Suki: looks to the heroes pleading "Please helps. Suki kinda maybe was trying to make friends and then used Suki's sword and then big boom. Suki is sorry. Suki just wanted friends to go trick or treat. Lexus left, and Suki scared" she sobs dropping to her knees on the altar

Raigeki: steps forward. and pops her neck. " Any ideas? Most of these folks are pretty heavy hittiers if i recal. .. Except 'geets. of course. "

Sigrid: giggles and totally doesn't get the seriousness of the situation, as for her all this was part of a Halloween spectacle to entertain the exemplary citizens of Celestial City "Oh, i löve LARP ! Please, i want to cast a spell too ... is it already my turn ?"

Emily Kabal looked at Mikoto, and then looked at herself. "Do I exist? Am I a figment of my own imagination? Can other people see me? No would be preferable right now, this costume is redeculous. But the point stands. Mikoto! Hello?"

Suki: speaks up crying 'Oh these are characters Suki made in her own books. Theres Tongu Hulk, and funny clown lady, the penguin guy, crocodile and krattz kreature. Oh and sayan princess person"

Kitty: looks to Mikoto before saying "force of habit." She looks around the the several beings in the graveyard before saying "well I got no excuse this time this is technically my job." She would then begin to focus as she charges up. The blue of her eyes begin to glow as she prepares for combat.

Takamachi Mikoto: " No argument from me. .. but be careful. Once budget store venom sees that spider on your chest he's going to punch you. Probabally.

Princess Saiyan Guy: *Glares at Suki "So you are the reason for this? YOU ARE THE REASON IM PINK!!!!"" energy begins sparking around as he charges his power

Raigeki: suddenly flashes forward and draws the sparking electricity off of pretty pretty 'geets, foccuses it into an orb of plasma and tries to slam it into him " Someone try to get suki off that alter. That might disrupt this shit "

Suki: wipes her tears "Well you looked better pink, specially when you transform to super siayan princess"

Tonguing Hulk: *Eyes the spider and launches forward "Different universe or nots. Killing the spider is all the same to US"

Sigrid: blinks slightly confused by the disorderly situation "Wait .. which kind of rule system do we use ? What kind of dice ? Where are the gamemasters ?" only to be interrupted by Raigeki's attack, wincing backwards and squeaking out loud "Critical hit ... for sure !"

Emily Kabal: would scurry out of the way of the attacking Not-Venom. Without cooperation and some semblence of a plan from Mikoto, lightning and lightning would screw with each other rather than help

Crocodile Man: *Attacks Sigrid launching forward with claws drawn back to slash "Your observations are incorrect, this is no game it seems"

Kitty: looks back to Sigrid "this is a actual situation with actual enemies that can cause harm. Now I'm going to go in there and maybe kick some tush?" She says before reaching behind her and drawing her weapon before quickly going from zero to sixty in a single step then back to zero arriving right in front of the clown lady and says "your in the way." She say as she activates the weapon and attempts to slash upwards trying to slice the clown lady in two right up the center.

Durian: pulls his .50 AE locking the hammer back ready to fight

Dicepool: wanders the city, looking for something fun to do, when she notices the flashing lights at the graveyard, diverting her course and looking over the situation, then she sees a familiar face and calls out "SUKI!!"

Funny Clown Lady: *Grabs her hammer and swings at the kitty. Her weapon meeting Kittys as the spirit energy sparks. Wait why does the comic character have spirit energy?

Krattz Kreature: *Charges at the dragon man "Looks like you are mine draco. Now you face the RHino" charging full steam as the very ground shakes again crackling with spirit energy

Sigrid: squeaks even louder in her super-highpitched girly girl voice when the 'Crocodile Man' charges her "Wait ! You cannot just attack like that ..." her eyes wold go wide when her staff prop would be sliced into pieces by those nasty claws, her eyes going wide "This is ... against the rules !" totally falling backwards and ending up on the ground

Emily Kabal: had to get out of the general area. With Mikoto crackling and not working with Emily, the EF was toast and Emily's lightning would have some very unpredictable effects. Still, she could fly up to the clocktower and start sniping. Lightning have a very broad fall off, after all

Durian: brought his gun upp fire 2 slugs at krattz as he wings beats to the right to dodge rhino man

Kitty: didn't need to worry why they had spirit energy but did make her a lot more confident being in a normal situation to her standards at least. As the hammer blocks Kitty's weapon a faint blue glow would begin to form around her skin as she says "sorry but no." Grabbing the other end of her weapon with her left hand she would separate the weapon in two activating the second blade and slashing side ways at the clown ladies gut in attempts to try and get a sneak attack in

Penguid bird person: *takes out one of his umbrellas preparing to shoot into the crowd as it...rains over him" shooting a glare at the summoner "What the hell is this? What is your problem you psycho!"

Suki: looks scraed as she sits hugging her knees on the alter rocking back and forth "Suki knew you had umbrellas so then must mean is always raining because of you" she whimpers out looking very unsuki at the moment. Energy can be seen siphoning from her into the alter weakening her

Dicepool: can't see the energy, but she does see the look on Suki's face, not caring about the rest of this since it's all a game to her anyways, but she wants to tend to her friend, so she starts trying to move around the edge of the battlefield carefully, pulling out her dice and bag just in case anything notices her

Princess Saiyan Guy: *takes the blast and gets sent back. Dusting himself of he galres 'Oh thats it. The prince of all saiyans will not stand for this" enveloped by energy as he transforms hair growing and glowing as energy skyrockets enveloping him

Krattz Kreature: *gets hit by the bullets as he misses his target. The bullets bouncing weakly off with zero impact as he just grins and charges again very much a one attack mind

Durian: smirked not at his bullet bouncing but seeing sometihng in his attack "whats wrong...getting out smarted by a lizard? as he posistions along the re-bar behind him

Funny Clown Lady: *Sneak attack works. Kittys strike hitting slicing the spirit in two "Well aint that something. Looks like I gotta splits" she laughs as fades from view

Raigeki: showed true frustration when Sigrid fell back " SIGRID! I told you this isn't a game! Do you think I'm a freaking lier? " She murmurs into her coms "Spin up the reactors and connect them to the grid. I'm going to need alot of juice.. " Abandoning her vision She charges herself as much as she can She turns to the side and extends one arm twards the saiyan and the other towards the croc " Durian! Switch to cryo rounds! " she shouts as there were two simutanius sonic booms, as she l launches a railgun shot at the croc, and another dead center of of the saiyan " Kitty! Get suki off the alter! "

Sigrid: is just trying to crawl around the wall to escape the madness, confused by the ongoing 'show' yet after all she did receive the order to start up the ARC reactor, and would try to hurry over the street and into the PAE tower.

Kitty: well that was that as she de-activates the weapon in her left hand and re-attaches it to the other handle in her right hand. She then turns her attention towards the Suki where she simply raises her left hand up and lets a burst of energy erupt from her left hand aiming towards the crazy girl on the alter attempting to have the burst just strong enough to force the woman off the alter but not completely harm to girl

Crocodile Man: *is also vaporized by the attack

Princess Saiyan Guy: *explodes in power flying upwards avoiding the blast barely. Revealing his powerful form of...long golden hair and a pink frilly dress "ILL KILL ALL OF YOU" he roars having enouch striking a familiar T pose

Suki: looks terrified crying and broken as kittys blast impacts but...a crystal prison is shown around Suki keeping her locked in place as she's drained

Tonguing Hulk: *Sent the spider flying and turns to DICEpool "No no. Now we get too play with you instead. Come and get us" he hisses

Krattz Kreature: *roars and charges at the dragon "Get back her and let me squash you like a lizard" he charges not noticing the rebar at all

Little Sigrid would by now have reached the ivory tower and would scamper through the corridors, heading for the reactor level, which will take another round to reach it, gasping into her com 'Oh please, hold on Miko ! I am almost there !"

Penguid bird person: *swings at the kitty with the bladed tip oif his umbrella once again bringing down a downpour of rain on himself

Durian: barely head miko as he hlsters his gun "what?" as he springs ino the air hoping big boy would smash into th emetal

Raigeki: shoots up behind Princess Saiyan " Kugelblitz! She shout out and all of the orbs surrounding her and fire off at Vag-eta, but she expected them to be little more than a distraction. She pulls in her electric aura bringing her hands together by her side and focusing the energy between them " Ka-me" starting to form a building ball of energy, hoping sigrid gets to the switch in time " HA ME! "

Dicepool: calls out "Suki! It's Angie! It'll be alright, just snap out of this!" then she notices the green creature turning its attention to her and sighs "Seriously? I've seen better creature mash-ups on fanfic sites" tossing her die and grinning when she sees where it comes to a stop and reaching into her bag, pulling out what looks like a pistol with a radar dish attached, but as she aims and pulls the trigger it sends a concentrated sonic blast at the Hulk creature

Princess Saiyan Guy: *is to slow for Mikotos speed. Tanking her small blasts like they are mere insects. Eyes widening when he sees the pose she's on " non nononononon "FINAL FLASH" he roars out changing targets from the city to Mikoto to meet her blast

Kitty: sighs "of course..." She looks around a bit before shrugging "guess lets see the durability of this alter?" She would then lower her left hand down towards the alter instead but is suddenly interupted in her attack as the fat bird man attacks her cutting slightly at her left upper arm. She would hiss a bit but thankfully the light blue coating over her skin she formed a few post back protected her.before turning her from being seriously cut to badly from the attack. Her hand then moves towards the fat bird man and says "well this is for you then." Another light blue orb forms in the palm of her hand aiming towards well the large fat wall in front of her and fires it at close range. If it hit a one tone explosion would erupt from the orb. If it missed it would fly off and hit the railing where then it would explode.

Krattz Kreature: *charges full speed head down and then CLANG. He stumbles around in drunken stupor before falling face down out for count. Suki clearly doesnt know the durabilities of the characters she copied

Durian: snarls with a grin s he redraws his gun and takes a shot at birdman

Sigrid would finally hurry out of the elevator, of course tripping on her 10 inch heels and ending up on the ground. But lil' Sigrid wouldn't give up as long as Miko was in such danger, crawling forward and finally reaching up with her hand, to initiate the ARC reactor start-up sequence. With a low humming noise, the dual toroid core fusion reaction would come to life, generating an excessive amount of power, ready to feed the local power grid for every of Raigeki's electomagnetical desires !

Penguid bird person: * Smirks when his cut slices kitty. The smirk disappearing as he's balsted to oblivion fading away cursing the woman who did this "Id rather deal with the god damn ba"

Raigeki: feels the surge of energy from the reactor coming online. She initiates a power transfer direct from the tower. Pouring all of it into her attack, she murmurs "gotcha, bitch " then as she sees the beam of energy fly at her she thrusts her hands in front of her " Masutāsupāku! " she shouts out, firing a beam of focused energy that, though it looked like that attack she was pretending to do was something entirely her own

Tonguing Hulk: *is truck screaming in pain at the sonic attack but then he too fades for some reason

Krattz Kreature: *fades away with groan

Kitty: two down, though Kitty would also be caught in her own explosion having her flung backwards and slamming back first into a tombstone where she groans in pain. Her cute maid outfit torn and ruined all over. But at least held up enough to stay on.

Suki: cries in pain as the crystal glows absorbing more of her energy...its killing her

Princess Saiyan Guy: *laughs meeting Mikotos blast with his own which seems to be growing stronger feeding on the energy the crystal prison provides as the balst slowly begins to push against Mikotos "YESSSSS! I AM KING BITCH!"

Dicepool: rushes forward as soon as her foe vanishes and starts banging on the side of the crystal with her fist while she inspects the altar for any sign of a way to undo it "Damn it, what I wouldn't give for a priest right now, or any class with a dispel"

Raigeki: suddenly cuts off her attack. Just before Vag-geets attacks hits her she transforms into electricity, and reappears on the ground letting the saiyans attack blow past where she was and directly into the crystal

Kitty: grumbles getting up and says to Dicepool "not a priest but closes your getting." She de-activates her weapon and places it at her hip as she begins to take a few steps backwards while raising her right hand "I suggest you move before your also caught in this blast." Her hand now aimed down at the alter as she was clearly stepping back to get a safe distance as a new light blue orb forms in the palm of her hand clearly getting ready to try and blow up the alter.

Princess Saiyan Guy: *laughs alters his path of attack blinded by his rage as he focuses the blast at Mikoto striking the crystal "I WILL NOT BE MADE A FOOL OF> I AM THE PRI" fades away like the others

Suki: sinks weakly to her knees as the crystal continues to drain her. Vegetas altered path of attack shattering the crystal and sending Suki flying back unmoving as the graveyard and everything fades as if never there

Kitty: raises an eye brow as everything fades before saying "oh its gone." Lowering her hand and canceling her attack as she looks over to Mikoto and says "you took your sweet time, have fun?"

Dicepool: dives out of the way as the blast comes in, getting grass stains all over her outfit and a few slices on her back from the shards scattering, but she picks herself up and rushes over to Suki to check on her

Suki: is not ok, suffering severe energy exhaustion. She turns her head mumbling weakly "Suki...just wanted...friends" as her mask falls away revealing the dried tears and ruined mascara. She falls unconscious needing immediate care or energy

Sigrid: returns from the ivory tower, carrying a firstaid container full of medi-gel applicators, only to notice that the weird graveyard had vanished into nothingness, trying to contact Raigeki and Durian over her coms "Has the danger passed ? I can dispense some medigel with me, should it be required."

Dicepool: pulls out a napkin with a fast food logo on it from her pocket and starts wiping away the tears and smeared make-up "I'm your friend, Suki... just try to relax" then she looks around at the others "Anyone got like a Monster or something? She's pretty wiped out"

Raigeki: shrugs " It looks to me like you have at least one friend there Suki.

Kitty: looks to Dicepool "sorry just a box of candy i was handing out before."

Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): sighs .. and opens up one of the pouches on her belt. And then holds out one of the most dangerous substances known to man. caffeinated chocolate pocky. She looks to Kitty " you have enough to spare to get her on her feet? "

Dicepool: sees the box of pocky come out and her hand twitches for a minute, having to fight the urge to devour it herself, but she does restrain herself and keeps cleaning Suki up, not having any way to help with the energy issue

Kitty: grumbles "that takes awhile.... I'll give her enough to survive though. Could also call an ambulance while we wait." She says walking over to Suki and goes to try and hover her hand about a inch over Suki's body before attempting the healing process. Her aura would also give off a calming presence in attempt to keep the people in the area calm...... Mostly the patient though

Durian: looks around keeping a eye out while they worked on suki

Raigeki: sighs a little and activates her comm " Alice. This is Mikoto. I need you out by the park to the north of the tower. Bring a jug of water. "

Suki: breathes as the energy is replenished enough. Groaning weakly as she blinks her eyes and looks up at everyone with a soft smile " ok?"

Raigeki: " mostly okay. You'll feel alot better once Alice gets here "

Alice (Water Princess): headed out of the tower and over to the group a smile on her face as she looked over the group a somewhat large 3 gallon just being hefted by the girls small frame she grunted and huffed as she came over and panted setting it down before yelping as she tripped and fell over as she lost her balance. " ok" she says as she works on righting herself.

Sigrid: blinks somewhat helpless and would place the medigel container on the ground "It seems that a more sophisticated medical specialist is required ... oh .." noticing little Alice arriving due to coincidence.

Kitty: tilts her head and raises an eye brow "guess spiritually energy is super affective healing her..... I got lucky I guess." She says standing back up and stretching a bit letting out a long yawn before looking over towards Alice and says "don't think I seen her around in awhile."

Dicepool: chuckles and ruffles Suki's hair a little "Yeah, you're okay goofy, just take it easy for a bit"

Raigeki: Durian. can you help her with that? " she then looks to Kitty. "That reminds me. Kitty. I have something so show you that may help with your problem "

Kitty: makes her way over to Mikoto and says "one I never thought in my whole life I would ever fight in a maids outfit. And two what you got to show me I love gifts!"

Suki: sits up and looks around. Seeing her book on the ground still she crawls over and grabs it holding it close. She turns to the group and bows "Suki thank you, and Suki is sorry" she disappears with flash step only having enough energy to get down the street before having to walk at slow pace to her apartment as she holds her book of drawings and Suki & Superstar comics she drew

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A Ghost in the Night

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