Celestial City Re-Week

This is where you go to get IC news from roleplayed events in Celestial City. Comments MAY be OOC or IC, so please indicate which one. If OOC, put your comments in parentheses (()). If IC, please indicate which character you are doing.
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Celestial City Re-Week

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Pyramid Gone?

In a shocking display of power, our beloved Upper City and the Council Pyramid were attacked!
A portal opened up, spilling wraiths out onto the area surrounding the Council Pyramid, followed immediately by a massive blast that caused mass destruction to the pyramid in a seemingly calculated attack. While heroes answered the incident with mechs, waves of fire, and astounding feats of strength - they were ultimately defeated by a band of demons in maid costumes and a superpowered wraith demon.
During the battle, this fiend took control of the very trees that reside in the park and attempted to destroy our valiant heroes! They were battled away with fire.
A brilliant light arrived in the form of Maiden America! Come to save the day only for that vile and villainous imposter to turn Benedict Arnold against our city protectors and reveal themselves to not only be a traitor but to be a BOY.
The absolute gall and nerve of those maid-dressed evil entities ended in a hearty defeat for our heroes, leaving the rest of the city to question what would happen next.
Apparently there was some kind of TREASURE buried under the pyramid! Maybe that's what that construction crew was doing before…

- Written by Posie Parkins
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Bonded With Soap
We cling to the dirt so you don't have to! Ask us about our Clean & Dirty specials!


Connections -
Cinderfella seeking Belle of the Ball.
Your eyes burned into my soul the moment we met, I haven't been the same ever since.
No, really. I think I have retina damage from your gaze.
I'm suing you for damages.


Vanguard would like to remind everyone to please stay away from the portal that appeared in the Council Pyramid's place. As we do not know its capabilities. The Vanguard officers posted there are for your protection. Please heed their advice.

Business -

Vanguard announced their new leadership this week. Sister Lynoia has stepped up to take command after personal issues arose for Former Commander Soleli Corrdonier. Vanguard will still be providing security services for the city.

PAE has announced a similar restructuring after the retirement of Mikoto Takamachi. Paragon Agricultural Enterprises shall be rebranding as Paragon Areospace Engineering where their focus will be on technology and space exploration and transport. Their current project - a city Spaceport - is underway. The city's powergrid will be unaffected by the restructure.

Genesis - the budding agricultural enterprise of former PAE backer Rose Isley - has taken over the agriculture business of the former PAE. No changes to the model are expected to be implemented, and a continuation of formerly established food distribution programs is announced.


An unknown man in a *tacky* shirt began a brawl in the Lower city, killing several citizens and disrupting businesses. Superpowered heroes attempted to stop the man's outburst, resulting in collateral damage to the surrounding areas and a LOT of cleanup for our sanitation department.
Information on the identities of the combatants is sparse, and visual proof has been difficult to come by so proof of the fight has been garbled. This reporter can say at least it was EPIC and you would have had to see it to believe it.
Weirdly when we tried to get a full disclosure on how many victims the man killed, we couldn't find any records of the deaths. Those who were rumoured to have been killed (including some poor sap who was apparently thrown into a BILLBOARD like a super gory art project) were, actually, still alive and contactable.
Super weirdness in the Lower City, but what else is new?!

Gertie Hines


Celestial City's first Mayoral race has been called! Our new Mayor, a Black Cat named Spooky, ran a clean and fierce campaign for equality and volunteer hero registration.


The Corner Bistro
New Mayor Spooky eats free all week.
A different daily fish special every day of September.


Dogs Drool? By Arthur Anymoredonuts
With the new announcement of Mayor Spooky taking office, many dog owners have been wondering just what will happen to their dogs. Will they be outlawed in favor of cats? Will leash laws finally become a thing? Will there tickets issued to dog owners that don't clean up after their furbabies?

All of these are natural concerns when a cat is in charge, but I would ask, are dogs really that bad? Dogs are loyal, kind, and friendly animals that can bring much joy to a person's life. While our mayor may be a cat, that doesn't mean the city isn't big enough for dog and cat lovers alike. I hope some day that we can have a talking dog as mayor as well, as Spooky has set the bath for all non-traditional candidates to come forward and lead us all. So I say to you all, do not let this victory for the cat community mean a defeat for the dog community. We can all come together in celebration. Perhaps at the park, as it is a lovely day for a walk.


"So elegant, it's like it's part of you."
Find our line exclusively at Silver Linings clothing store in the lower city


Paws, Claws, and D'awws

A Pair of hamsters names Frida and Figaro are our stars this week!
Caught on tape performing miraculous escape artistry these two fuzzy bellies on tiny toes took matters into their own paws when they decided their enclosure wasn't exciting enough. By using their chew toys to stop their exercise wheel, they created a ladder right out of their enclosure.
Creative Creatures would like to remind you that rodents of all types are particularly smart when it comes to solving logic puzzles such as this and wants to remind you to ensure your pets mental enrichment and well-being as well as their physical needs.
Escapes like Figaro and Frida's can be avoided by having adequate enclosure space, plenty of toys, and lots of places to hide. Remember, small rodents like hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats like to burrow! Set up dig trays and tanks for your furry friends and enjoy hours of entertainment watching them burrow through leaf litter, sand, and soil.
Visit your local CCL Boutique to speak with any of our pet specialists about proper pet care and enrichment!


Nula Cola has released a new flavour this week. "Juke" While the famous soda pop has prided itself on its individual tastes, Juke is a citrus-forward version of the soda with strong yuzu flavour that refreshes and keeps us cool in these warm months of the year.


The Breakfast Bar at the Symbiote Embassy
Omelets on special all month. First time visitors, the meal is on the house!


Have a story to submit for the Newspaper, news casts, or ads to display?
Send them in!
Contact (Asrya Amaterasu) on Second Life (Asrya) on Discord for more details!
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