Sanctum War of Independence- Part I

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Sanctum War of Independence- Part I

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[19:31] Eldritch Rose: steps out of the door and to the podium. "Good evening everyone. Most of you known me as the Eldritch Rose. The city would label me a criminal, terrorist, a myriad of other things. I've come here today to ask this city a number of questions today to help it perhaps better understand who we..." she gestures around her to Limly and Wraith. "Are. Int he book known as Leviathan, written by Thomas Hobbes, it is said that the people have no right to rebel against the sovereign, the king so to speak. It was a notion that would be rejected by John Locke in his works, an idea later embraced by the writers of the American constitution. It was in this evolution of thought that most modern people adhere to, the idea that is it okay to rebel against a government that is unjust. I and my fellow do not believe in the legitimacy of this Corporate Council. Where does it derive it's authority from? Profits? Force of arms? They are as much your jailers as any. What they offer you is a lie is it not? The proclaim you free but truly enslave you. You don't matter unless you have money here. Just look at the Ruins a scant few hundred meters from here. These are the people who this system left behind. I will not lie to you. I offer a hard order but I offer you genuine order. Not this lie of it. Not this chaos! The Council has failed to adequately address our ultimatum so from this moment forward the Sanctum is an independent city. Should the Council take issue we may negotiate or it can send it's armies forward. We are prepared to defend ourselves. However we have no wish of violence."

[19:33] Fallen Wraith (Talista Glas) keeps an eye around the immediate crowd. Hands were ready to move for the blade but she was not making a move at the moment, trying to stay more so a steady sentinel than an actual threat, but she did see some gathering around that could lead to some potential violence.

[19:34] Cyber Infection begins to set up his sniper's nest, getting into position across from the Sanctum over a hundred meters away. He looks through his scope, adjusting its focus on the blonde in pink and black. He stands on top of the parking garage across the city, just over yonder as he prepares.

[19:37] NS Z3PH-YR scans the crowd, frowning deeply at the words. "trading one despot for another, in other words.' she whispers, but remains passive. Something did not seem right, but she wasn't sure just what it was. There was an ill tension in the air, as if someone were simply waiting to make a move.

[19:38] in the shadow, the woman grins. She glanced to the open sides of the street, pressing the sharp point of her knife against her palm, but not enough yet to draw blood. Not yet.

[19:38] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) stood silently an odd sort that didnt seem too conserned with her face being seen but anyone looking her up on any database would not find her by apperance. she said nothing just allowed Rose to Monologue.

[19:40] loads her speaker bullet in the rifle. Taking aim and firing the little speaker as it makes a barely audible impact. She then switches her clip for her armor piercers. Loading the rifle with precision as she awaits her time. Mind already made up on what she needed to do for the good of the city
[19:40] An stood by, scanning the crowd for any signs of trouble. She lazily rested her right hand on her hip, mere inches from her pistol; if anyone tried anything untoward, she had no compunction about shooting first and asking questions later. Her expression was completely neutral; she'd been posted as security at similar events countless times before.

[19:56] Takamachi Mikoto whispers something, perhaps into a communication device. still holding the earpiece out to Samantha and whispers "take it." then moves up standing opposite Rose. She then very clearly flips on her comm, and speaks at a normal speaking done. "Take -no- offensive action while civilians are in the line of fire. None. Do not return fire. Defensive actions only. Do everything you can to prevent civilian casualties." She then " So. I doubt I need an introduction, but I am Mikoto Takamachi, One of the Senior executives on the ruling council. I am now going to deliver the Council's response. We build this city, and by we, I mean ALL of us. Every single person here had a hand in creating this place. For far too long these people have been trying to sow dissent and drum up malcontents. So how about a dose of truth. You want to know why there isn't a greater police pretense? " She points at rose "She and her cronies bought up all the land down here they could manage, and threated violence if the vanguard did not withdraw to the upper city. They promised to protect the people, and they did -nothing- but made it clear to us that if we began to patrol the streets they would react with violence. We have three primary laws No killing, no stealing, no unwilling mind manipulation. These laws are in place so that everyone in this city can be as free as possible. Now, These people want to create a zone where people do not have those protections. They have a whole planet where they could set up a base of operations. They even have the same offer i offered to the rabbits, Assistance to relocate. They would rather threaten violence. The decision of the council is that there will be -no- area inside of the walls of this city where citizens do not have those three protections and rights. That decision is final. If your association attempts to violate the rights of even -one- citizen We will respond appropriately. "

[19:59] Samantha Iseli accepts the earpiece and puts it in her left ear, she probably looks ridiculous with two commlinks, but she feels like she should have access to the additional comms, she can deal with appearances later. Regardless of her affiliations, she's here in the event that people are injured, though she hopes that things will remain peaceful, even if she can see signs of tension among many that are gathered. She remains off to the side and away from the crowd, speaking quietly into one of her commlinks, making arrangements for medical personnel to be on standby if the situation deteriorates, which she feels is becoming somewhat more likely as she listens.

[19:59] Astrid Engel had heard the commotion going on in the streets and happened to wander towards the cacophony rising in the streets, upon coming out of an alleyway she noticed the large crowd, she appeared but a normal human but those who knew her and her energy could feel the slight familiar darkened energy she possessed as she stopped to gaze at the spectacle. With her coat's collar pulled up she spoke quietly into her comm piece. "I'm in position, should I make my way to Doctor Iseli or remain where I am?" She felt rather uneasy, hoping she was keeping her spiritual pressure down enough that it felt muddled from those who could sense it.

[20:00] Katy puffs out a ring of smoke, staring over to all these gathered 'insurgents'. Katy was of course aware that at some point all these boiling tensions between the upper and the lower city would end in a deceisive crisis. Katy wasn't really happy about the escalation, yet she was curious what these 'revolutionaries' had to announce tonight.

[20:01] Eldritch Rose gestures to Mikoto. "Ah, the supposed harbingers of peace with baseless accusations and nonsense. While it is true we wanted to purchase the land and remove the Vanguard, it is because they are the enforcers of corporate tyranny dears. Was it not us who struck down the Marauders gang? The Union also? We have been your true protectors." she gestures. "Did not Limly feed the tired and the sick with her efforts? Has your life no been a bettered by each of us here before you?"

[20:09] Fallen Wraith (Talista Glas) blinks as she hears Limly's name spoken and looks at Rose, hoping they weren't just going to be dropping everyone's names here tonight. She licks her lips and then looks back at the crowd, trying to cover up the quick look by snapping around to others in the general area.
[20:09] Cyber Infection steadies his aim, having finished calibrating his sight. His brain started to process all the known factors; impact of wind, slight movements by the target, the civilians in the crowd, and time needed for the bullet to reach her. Once his mind finished it's processing, and was within a 99.23% probability of not hitting a civilian, he was ready. He gripped his gun firmly and simply squeezed the trigger, firing a single round aimed right for the center of the rose peddle on Rose's mask. He continued to watch through the scope, making sure his aim was true. Regardless if it was or not, the Vanguard just shot first.

[20:16] NS Z3PH-YR flinched when the shot was fired, just barely able to stop herself from drawing down. No hostile action yet. But then she looked to her right, and her mouth dropped open in shock. ""

[20:16] Several things happenned at once. Behind Zephyr appeared a woman, grinning widely behind her rabbit mask. The knife in her hand gleamed in the low light, until she plunged it into her own palm, crying out but soon beginning to laugh ominously as the blood poured out. Instead of puddling onto the ground, however, it began to coalesce into a sphere. "Yes, come forth my wonderful the world the strength of blood...!" She visibly began weakening, slumping back into the shadow and out of sight, but the blood, as if fed from an unknown source, continued to grow in size, and taking on a humanoid form. It grew taller and taller, until a creature, made purely of shimmering, liquid blood, came into form and let out a sickening hiss: a blood elemental.

From the side street, opposite the press van, an engine roared. A black car shot around the corner and accellerated, aimed straight as Eldritch Rpse. Over the speakers, a heavily-accented voice yelled out, "NO GODS! NO MASTERS! NO GODS! NO MASTERS!" over and

[20:16] over again. If not stopped, it would surely run down Eldritch and her entourage....

At the same time, a young man wielding a bat stepped into the street, and behind him a hulking man in a yellow HAZMAT suit carrying a heavy machine gun. The man hefted the bat, revealing the yawning barrel of a grenade launcher, and with an almost comical "FOOMP," he fired a grenade. The projectile arced over the crowd, exploding into a cloud of gas, which settled over the civillians. The gas was harlmess, but thick and impossible to see through. As it did, likely further panicking the already shocked civillians, the male spoke. "NO GODS! NO MASTERS! DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES OF THE COUNCIL! DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES OF THE ASSOCIATION! THEY WILL MAKE YOU ALL THEIR SLAVES! IF YOU VALUE TRUE FREEDOM, FIND THE BLACK RABBIT!"

Several civillians within the crowd, apparently Black Rabbit sympathaziers or plants themselves, echo back, "FIND THE BLACK RABBIT! A NU, CHEEKI BREEK I V DAMKE!!"

[20:24] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) wasnt as lethargic as she appeared, the squeal of times alerted her to the danger allowing her to take one leaping step in front of the car and pushing Wraith out of the way Killer Queen took that hit the car crumpled around her but she didnt budge an inch from the impact. Killer Queen stared ice daggers at the driver then looked back at the Crowd....." Are these the kind of people you want representing you, Murderers, assasins... Step out of time just a little and look what happens! I cant believe these people dont even respect the innocent lives here right now!"KQ growled out her anger clearly rising as well as some kind of dark energy around her becoming more tangable as she spoke.

[20:25] Slithershot speaks into her mic. The modulated voice echoing around the area training her sight at a very odd angle. Instead aiming at one of the roofbeams above the procession "The Association. Eldrich Rose. You are nothing but a threat to this city. You speak of freedom while enslaving others. You preach protection while you deal in restraints. You have been judged, Eldrich Rose. You have been found guilty. You will face your punishment. No more will this city bow to you and the scum like you. You will face this citys anger. You will face this citys judgement. You will face this cities Outcry" She fires just as another shot rings ou and the black rabbit morons show up. Her bullet would ricochet in attempt to strike Rose from above and behind in a impossible shot and angle. Cursing she hits her teleportaion belt and leaves not bothering to see if she killed her target. Her outfit shifts as symbiote changes her uniform "Stupid fucking know nothings." she curses, pissed off as she high tails it to the Upper City.

[20:25] Slithershot: Left behind on the rooftop would be very little to go by except maybe to those who knew her style.

[20:30] An: The black-clad enforcer locked her gaze onto Mikoto when she appeared, her fingers twitching ever so slightly. It would be prudent, she thought, to pull an appropriate weapon out of the aether and turn the Councilwoman's head into so much red mist... though that directly contravened her orders for the time being. She was unable to attack unless Association members or property were attacked first, or if she was otherwise ordered... and wouldn't you know it, someone did her the courtesy of taking a shot at the person she had been directed to protect. No, scratch that- someone had just sent a *kill squad* after her ward. Everything happened incredibly quickly, but An's training guided her. She picked out the gravest threat, and moved to neutralize it first while attempting to stay close to Eldritch Rose. "Engaging!" she called out, leveling the weapon at the blood elemental. Bullets and vehicles, she assumed the rest of the entourage could deal with- but she had no desire to see what this creature was capable

[20:30] An: of. The pistol spat luminescent green bullets at the creature, each round burning hot enough to punch glowing holes in steel body armor. She expected it would vaporize at least a sizable chunk of the creature. She was a pretty good shot, but it was always possible that a civilian or two would get in her way...

[20:31] Takamachi Mikoto moved like lightning. literately. One moment she was on one side of the crowd. The next moment she was on the other side, her arm outstretched back towards the alleyway. Electricity rippled over her fingers and the bullet hung in mid air, seized by some inexorable force. Her other hand went to her ear " I want who fired that shot. Secure them and take them to a secure location. " Then all hell broke loose. She moves like a whirl wind, Every projectile fired back to their origin at Mach speeds The look on her face was one of sheer rage. She was fighting to protect people she considered monsters and it made her sick. " GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF HERE! Cover the civilians!" She turned to the car and released one of her tungsten rods at mach 4 to drive it back followed by a powerful electromagnetic push in case the railgun didn't work.

[20:40] Samantha Iseli startles at the sound of the shot, she's heard enough gunfire to recognize it had some from a rifle. She looks around but doesn't see anyone armed with one, nor any civilians harmed. The next thing she knew, she was hearing laughter. and blood pouring out of someone's hand, her first instinct was to run towards the person bleeding, but she freezes when the woman vanishes and the blood forms into a large creature. Before she even had time to list all the issues she had with that creature forming, she heard the squeal of tires and saw a car coming around the corner. While she's distracted by the car, she doesn't turn until she hears the telltale sound of a grenade launcher and returns her attention to the crowd, only to be relieved that the grenade was only a smoke bomb, at least until she realizes that the binded and panicked civilians might run into the path of the car "Verdammte blöd arschloch pack" she curses in Swiss German at abount the same time as she hears the car crash violently. She isn't sure what condition Rose is in, but she's pretty sure that's two casualties now. She activates her comm to the Hospital and a number of medical transports that had been stationed nearby in the event exactly this happened "All medical transports in the area, get here immediately!" she calls out loudly, sirens quickly becoming audible "Wounded are top priority, but evacuate civilians as possible, low visibility due to a smoke grenade, exercise extreme caution!"

[20:44] Astrid Engel would slowly work her way through the crowd, her small stature making it a bit easier for her to navigate the throngs of people, as the shot rang out she would curse and decided to dive into the shadows of the people as they panicked, it never could be easy, could it? She yelled into her comm piece, "I'll attempt to get her out of here when I find her!" As the chaos ensued she would rise out of the shadows near Doctor Iseli, and would let her miasma rise around the two, letting it harden to at least make the stampeding crowd pour around them. "Doctor I know you want to help people but this is too much, I can at least have us fall back out of the chaos.." She speaks into her comm unit. "I don't think I can get her there, there is too much going on and its hard to focus to get us to that distance.."

[20:44] Katy immediately felt taken back into a warzone, as soon as the snipers shot echoed through the streets. Next moment all hell was breaking loose around her, it seemed that these retarded 'Rabbits' had some unfinished business with that so-called Association too. Katy wouldn't really care about the idiots slaughtering each other, neither about those civillians who were dumb enough to get instrumentalized here. Katy's only worry was focussed on Doctor Iseli now, as she was one of the few invaluable medical experts, trying to brazenly drag her along into the narrow escape alley behind Astrid "Move Doc .. no discussions !", while her other hand would reach out to her sidearm. Trying to get the Doc out of the center of this mess was her primary objective now, regardless if Samantha was protesting or busy on her coms. This wasn't the moment for heroics or self-sacrifice.

[20:46] Agent Denston begins barking out orders as soon as the chaos begins to break out, and by the time the smoke begins to spread dozens of Vanguard agents start warping into the center of the crowd, dialing up the range on their teleporters and warping back out, taking anyone that's not Association with them that doesn't actively resist the relocation. A second wave scan over the area to make sure that at the least all non-combatants are clear from the combat zone, warping in to physically remove any stragglers

[20:48] Eldritch Rose: gestures broadly as the various attacks coming her way are intercepted in one form or another. "I see.... behold the peace your Coroporte Council desires. This the unity they offer to you. Know it was not us who shot first this day but rest assured, we will strike last. To those who have courage, make your way inside! To arms It is time to defend out sovereign borders!" The golems move forward to help usher in and protect the people running for Sanctum's interior, the crowd of nearly one hundred creating a chaotic scene as many start to dart about at the shot, a large number moving into Sanctum proper as the gas blasts into the air, making it difficult to see. The golem on Roses left, moves to grab at the car, attempting to use it's 40 tons of strength to halt it, attempting to aid Limly in that endeavor. The other golem moved to engage the blood elemental, unaware it couldn't harm it. Rose seemed rather calm as people rushed by her and slew of people were making efforts to kill her. She does extend her hand out to Cyber Infection to catch them in her telekinetic grip and pull them to her. "What have we here? Vanguard assassins. So it is war then? How... expected." With infection pulled to her her would extend her palm and then crush it into a fist to crush Infection with 70 tons of force with casual dismissiveness like one might a swat a fly. Should they perish, she would toss the corpse aside like garbage. She then speaks to Mikoto. "Ah then you very much for your assistance. Though it is not required. We are capable of defending ourselves you see. I believe you are quite familiar with our newest recruit. A testament to the the caliber of individuals allied with us." She motions Siphon forward. "I gave her a bit of an upgrade, I hope you don't mind?"

[20:51] Fallen Wraith (Talista Glas) the sword is out, bristling with holy energy the second the combat starts, her aura opening up, pushing out unholy as she flings energy towards the truck, getting pushed to safety. She sees Mikoto step up and all hell breaking loose. She sends a beam of holy energy at the blood construct, wanting to get that cleared and begins working her way back to the Sanctum, standing ready to fight off all comers, hearing Rose's words and seeing Siphon, muttering under her breath "shit" as she switches to unholy dark energy, ready for that shit to go down

[20:52] Cyber Infection lowered his rifle as he saw the panic happening down below. He started to pack up, seeing no reason to fire another shot. As he packed up, he saw a message pop up, ordering not to fire into the crowd...but it was date stamped well before he fired, but just now got it. He paused, tilting his head, "Why was this message delayed?" He started to look around, "Somethings not right here." He was about to start a link up with Lilith, but before he could the establish his link, he was suddenly grabbed by an unknown force, making his defense systems take over to figure out what was happening to him. The 70 tons of pressure wouldn't crush him as expected, but would do enough damage to shut his systems down and fall limp to the ground. His body was damaged and offline, but not destroyed.

[20:54] NS Z3PH-YR cursed. "Fuck...FUCK!" She said, the panic almost getting to her as well. SHe closed her eyes, then opened them, pulling off her glasses as she went into high-gear mode. She ran into the smoke, and began pulling civillians out, leading them to the alleyway and urging them to continue. "Everyone follow the sound of my voice if you can hear me! Come this way!"
[20:54] Between slamming into Queen and Mikoto firing upon it, the Interceptor, despite all that Zeph put into it, didn't stand a bloody chance. Its front end crumpled from the impact, snapping the axle, though since the engine was in the rear, the tires kept spinning and pushing into Queen, still blaring, "NO GODS! NO MASTERS!" from its loudspeaker. Were anyone in the car, they would be knocked unconscious by the impact, but, as it was, the car was empty, yet it continued attempting to run Killer Queen over.....until Mikoto's attack shredded the block and silenced the engine. And then to add insult to injury, the gas tank ruptured, and it burst into flame.

The blood elemental screeched in pain from An's shots. Neat holes were punched in its body, but they closed up almost immediately...with the exception of a ring of coagulated blood which sloughed off onto the ground, dissolving away. It immediately set its sights on An, turning into an airborne stream of blood that flowed over the crowd and re-formed right in

[20:54] front of the girl. With a low hiss, it raised one of its arms, which formed into a razor-sharp blade, and took a swing at An.

The bat wielding man and his hazmatted friend advanced, firing into the air. Apparently they were trying to panic and corale civilians away from their location, causing them to try to flee towards the news van.

[20:58] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) looked back at Wraith, I will Cover Rose make sure the innocent people get out of harms way, We chose this fight for the good of others not to let them get in the middle of our disagreement, DO NOT get in the way of anyone helping people escape just cover them incase another remote control car comes through or some gun crazy fanatic starts targeting more than us! now If any of you want to take a Crack at Rose you go through me!" She smirked pulling a small Mp3 players from somewhere, where the hell would she have a pocket on that oufit.... she set it down the small but decent portable speaker pouring out... " She keeps her Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinet, let them eat cake she said just like marry Antoinette!" She looked around taking in chaos it almost look like she was ready to act anticipating more attacks on Rose and readying to thwart them... leaving the car to the STone Golem for now as it more than likly had it on lock.... and in the interest of keeping this from turning into a blood bath

[20:58] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro): KQ charged the two that seemed to delight in scaring the crowd charging into the man in the hazmat suit shooting off a gun it wasnt to hurt him so much as knock him off balance in the hopes she could get the gun away from him.

[21:00] Siphon appears at her Mistress beckon. Drawing a sword Mikoto would instantly recognize "Target locked. Many hostile detected" SHe begins radiating a familiar spirit energy "Mission Parameters, Protection of Mistress and all Association" Her eyes scanning Mikoto. "Target identified. Takamachi Mikoto. Threat level Omega. Likes - Anime, and weebish cartoons and things. Dislikes - Good style and fashion sense"

[21:05] An frowned as the rounds she had put downrange towards the blood elemental were rendered useless by Mikoto's electrical meddling. Worse yet, her weapon seemed to have no real effect on the sanguine creature. She shoved the pistol back into its holster and reached into a direction that wasn't quite three-dimensional, grasping for the idea of a shotgun. She closed her fingers around it and ripped it from the realm of mere concepts, translating it into something tangible. Unfortunately, in the intervening time, the creature had closed the gap between them and formed one of its limbs into a blade; her reflexes were good, but not good enough to dodge that. The only thing that stopped her from being heavily lacerated by it was the combination of the stone golem interfering with the attack with its fortuitous positioning, and her odd defensive properties manifesting to prevent too much force from being imparted into her body. Still, the creature managed to score a good hit, cutting her diagonally across the chest.

[21:05] An: She was pretty sure it had sliced through her sternum, but she could deal with that later. She leveled the weapon at the creature and squeezed the trigger, sending magical 000 buckshot flying at it. If it connected, it was going to impart a 20-ton wallop to the creature- hopefully enough to discorporate it.

[21:08] Takamachi Mikoto turns and her eyes fall on Siphon. It took her a moment but then recognition " ... Eldritch Rose. You have been found guilty of illegal slavery by means of mind control and violating a banishment order from the council. If you surrender peacefully you may keep your life. " She then looks back at Siphon. "Valkyrie chip activate. Access code Egó nto mi Two Three Seven Zero. Execute. "

[21:09] Samantha Iseli is very much lighter and weaker than Katy, so against much, what is probably, protesting as she struggles and argues in rapid Swiss German, she is actually very easily dragged along by both Katy and Astrid. It doesn't take very long for a number of medical transports to arrive, keeping a lane clear for departure, a number of medics hop out and start trying to evacuate any people near the edges of the chaos that the Vanguard might have missed, and helping any that Zephyr had guided out as well. With the civilians evacuated and after confirming no-one was in the now burning car, most made their way back to their transports to await further instructions. A couple of the medics cautiously made their way towards Cyber Infection to check on him, provided no-one stopped them. The two medics saw An get hit and relayed that on their comms to the other medics, but with the woman still engaged in combat, no-one really could get close enough.

[21:13] Astrid Engel wasn't even sure who was attacking who anymore she only knew to help Katy extract Doctor Iseli, luckily no one was targeting the trio and she would make her way to the alleyway with Katy and Doctor Iseli, once reaching there her miasma would spread out to cover the entrance of the alleyway at least providing cover from any stray attacks magic or mundane.

[21:17] Katy releases the Doctor from her grip once they reach the escape passage and at first glance the narrow alley seemed to still be clear and ideal for a retreat "Doc, for now you remain here. Should a coworker of our Vanguard 'friends' need medical assistance, you treat them HERE and should the enemy focus on us, you immediately fall back. I'm tryin' to grant you as much time as necessary." she would turn to Astrid too "Your task is to protect the Doc, should i no longer be able to." she then returns her attention to the ongoing chaos nearby, preparing herself for the defense of their escape pathway.
[21:17] Agent Denston confirms the success of the evacuation protocol, and then her new orders, teleporting herself down to the next intersection and working with other non-meta officers to establish roadblocks and keep any additional noncombatants from drawing near the scene. At the same time, a massive magical signature begins gathering up in the sky above the Association's area and building rapidly

[21:19] Eldritch Rose looks around a moment after Sanctum closes it's doors, the last tidbit of people fleeing inside. "All according to plan," she thought. Better truly. She would then casually turn to look at Mikoto as she seemed to spout off some technobabble. Rose cast a spell on herself, protection ward against electricity. "Illegal slavery. How quaint. Can you really 'enslave' a machine? It's just a thing. What a backwards society you've created." She gestures around. "Look at this disorder. When I place your mangled corpse on a gibbet, this world will know -true absolute- order. You had your opportunity for peace. You could have granted our independence, but you -chose- this because you believe in your own infallibility. When this is over, you will know folly." She lifts into the air. "Strength from Magic, Order from Strength."

[21:21] Fallen Wraith (Talista Glas) watches at Mikoto fires off some command and readies her blade for all kinds of chaos, messaging KQ through their connection of a potential additional threat. She looks at Rose rising up and shielding herself and blinks, thinking this was about to be very bad. She edged a bit closer to the Sanctum just in case she needed to make a very quick exit as everything seemed to collapse. She scanned around, looking for any additional civilians to extract though Vanguard had done a good job of that so far

[21:22] NS Z3PH-YR pushed the last straggler down the alleyway, then returned to the fight. Her first target was the lady in pink, Siphon. Only now did she draw down, firing into the girl's back with the 5.7mm hypervelocity rounds, each one capable of punching through body armor and knocking an elephant off its feet. "Hello, poppet. I am Z3PH-YR, and I will be the end of your existence today." She says, advancing and still firing.

[21:22] the creature screeched in pain from the physical attacks. while immune to the blows, it still hurt a bit, and it began losing its humanoid form, but not its strength. And began doing somethig odd. The blood coming from An's wound would suddenly begin flowing TOWARDS the creature which seemed to be sucking it greedily from An's body to restore what was destroyed by the fire...and to drain An of her own lifeblood. Not a good situation indeed.

Jean would see the woman charging towards her, and would toss his weapon aside, growling and meeting the attack head-on. Like a truck hitting a stone wall, he would attempt to stop her in her tracks and grapple with her, as the man with the bat reloaded, placing a high explosive round into the chamber and firing it at the golem holding the car.

In response to Eldritch's "Strength from Magic, Order From STrength" babbling, the loudspeakers on the burning car would start up again and begin chanting "NO GODS! NO MASTERS! NO GODS! NO MASTERS!" even louder. It

[21:22] would get to the point that it would start causing serious sonic damage to anyone and anything around it, almost as if it was taunting for someone to try and shut it up.

[21:24] [NeurolaB Inc.] Beta Trouble: appears out of nowhere and slaps at Zephs tits with its tentacles. "Where you not paying attention you bimbo?! THATS ONE OF OURS... technically. somewhere in there."

[21:24] NS Z3PH-YR meta slaps back. "We can figure that shite out later."

[21:27] An gritted her teeth as the creature before her began to vampirize her blood. Thinking quickly, she dropped her shotgun and ripped her pistol back out of its holster, rapid-firing several rounds in the blood elemental's general direction; whether they hit or not was irrelevant. The plasma sheathe each bullet was encapsulated in caused the tip of the barrel to heat up dramatically; she turned the gun on herself and dragged it across the chest wound, cauterizing it. The pain was mind-numbing, and her fingers trembled as she finished the maneuver. Stowing the weapon away and attempting to maneuver around the stone golem for cover, the enforcer reached into the aether in search of a weapon that would put an end to the sanguine abomination.

[21:33] Siphon eyes flash as Mikotos code is placed. Her energy fluctuates for a little bit. Then Mistress declares it as just a machine, a thing. Eyes locking once more "This unit exists to serve. Turning just in time for Zephy's attack. The shot striking her arm as her energy radiate crackling in the air around her "Target Identified. Z3PH-YR.Commander PAESec. Napoleon Complex. Threat level minimal. Likes - Big breasts and Firearms, Dislikes- Good hairstyles" Slashing her sword toward Zephyr as a destructive wave of spirit energy is sent towards her

[21:35] Takamachi Mikoto is suddenly sheathed in light. When it is gone she was in her armor. " Oh no. Oh no. I was ready to let you go. But then you decided to take all that that remains of one of my best friends... "

[21:36] NS Z3PH-YR braces herself, raising her shield in the front to deflect the wave, causing it to crackle and arc. She looks up at Siphon and grins. "Target: Pink Cunt. Very poor judge of character. Most definitely NOT a machine but should listen to Lady Mikoto instead of the so-called "

[21:38] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) impacted him jean with a mear 5 tons of force as a ring of magic runes formed around her feet her right hand, the arm that trailed along in the shoulder check seemed to be making odd guestures as energy of another sort built up and released in a pulse outward from limly washing over everyone but only seemed to stick and cling to her allies affecting them in some way but one that wasnt wholly visible

[21:42] Samantha Iseli becomes more compliment with Katy and Astrid as her medics relay the successful evacuation of civilians and a general shortage of injuries. It seemed she had overestimated how much the situation would deteriorate. By the time the miasmic shield is up, she's just leaning against the wall with an exasperated expression. She offers a nod to Katy's orders to remain here and treat the wounded who are brought to her. Though with her medics on standby in the surrounding area, they will have the better environment. She groans a bit as the car starts it's screeching again "Someone please shut that car up..." she groans quietly, rubbing her temples.

[21:43] Astrid Engel nods at Katy's orders and looks to her. "I can keep you safe too. As long as you stay in my miasma you both will come to no harm." The dark mist swirled around the two near her, almost obscuring them from view but their own vision did not seem to be hindered. She kept close to the two, focusing more on defense than using her mist for offense.

[21:44] Katy by now was seriously concered about whatever the boss was tryin' to accomplish there. This whole situation was a big fuckin' mess and even though all those irrelevant civillians were out of the equation now, the danger to her coworkers and the boss was still unchanged. Katy was just staring at her tiny, useless revolver, when she is annoyed enough by that blaring propaganda speakers to fire several cryo rounds towards the burning car "FOR FUCKS SAKE ! SILENCE !"

[21:46] Mythos finishes her summoning, the arcane energy reaching a peak and then dropping off, a few seconds of rising whistling the only additional warning before the head of an elder wyrm black dragon rips through the roof overhead, scattering debris all over the road as it lunges straight for Rose, attempting to bite her with 75 tons of force, and hose her with its acid breath if it's able to get a grip

[21:48] XSU Trouble Burns through Leaving a Sonic boom behind her as she swoops through and Evacuates mikoto too a safe distance from the dragon well shouting over comms "WHEN THE SCARY ELDRICH WOMAN SAYS GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY TARGET YOU DON'T SAY YES, YOU DON'T EVEN ASK HOW FAR, YOU RUN AND KEEP RUNNING!"

[21:53] Eldritch Rose: gestures at the stone golems and orders them to assist Limly. The Golem lumbers forwards towards the man with the bat and swing with it's now 50 tons of force. The other moves towards the being in the hazmat suit and does the same. "Best friends hm? I assume you mean the late Eira. The idea you were her best friend is amusing at best with how little you knew of her. The fact is you were more her jailor than anything. She only ever wanted to retire and be controlled yet people like you and your ilk endlessly put her into a prison of duty to your ungrateful state. A state I intend to correct. Your understanding of friendship is cartoonish at best. You float around in your ridiculous armor like some of Saturday morning cartoon. Grow up. The real world is far more complicated as are the people in it. Ah, but the truth is you won't care about reason anyway. Come pretender. Lets see the fury you have mustered, girl." The sonic from the speakers not seeming to bother her over much. She does however sense the magic

[21:53] Eldritch Rose manifesting above her and would both move and use her telekinesis to shove the dragon off target., missing her and spraying the wall of Sanctum, which is unharmed by the breath. "Ah someone with some actual power. Good of you you join us Mythos. Afraid I'll send your Councilor back in a scrap heap?" She surveyed the battle. "it is time..." She raises her staff and the structure of Sanctum starts to steadily arc red energy, steadily building up to something.

[21:56] Fallen Wraith (Talista Glas) growls, surging with unholy power and stabbing the ground with her blade. A thick miasma would run about and tentacles of raw dark power would surge from the ground, attempting to constrict around everyone not with the Association as she channeled the power to try and hold them in place to make them easier targets for her allies.

[21:56] NS Z3PH-YR braces herself, raising her energy shield in the front to deflect the wave, causing it to crackle and arc. She looks up at Siphon and grins, gritting her teeth. "Target: Pink Cunt. Very poor judge of character. Most definitely NOT a machine but should listen to Lady Mikoto instead of the so-called "Eldritch Rose" who uses and abuses her. Threat level, fucking annoying. Likes- Getting her arse kicked, Dislikes - common sense, apparently-" Suddenly, Trouble swoops in and kidnaps Mikoto. "New Plan. Come with me, we'll go and see, an place called Candied Island!" She says, her back unit suddenly glowing brightly. She then bends down, grabs SIphon around the waist, and, with a sudden, loud pop, the two are gone.

[21:56] with its blood supply cut short, the creature hissed in rage. But it seemed to have had its fill. The feeding has caused it to grow considerably larger now, and, seeing how weak An had gotten, it turns away and focuses on the golem. Apparently intelligence is not its strong suit. Or perhaps it had another plan. Either way, it would attempt to pick up the stone golem, and using brute strength, rip it limb from limb.

Jean was pushed back al little by the force, but held his ground, he growled, glowing red eyes locking with Limly's beneath the mask. "There is....tyrants like you in every generation..." His voice was low and gravelly, but clear. "And I have seen all of them fall." His HAZMAT suit seems to pulse as if his form were changing inside it, and he attempts to lower his head and give Limly a headbutt right in the gut, with a force measuring around 9 - 10 tons itself.

Meanwhile, the man with the bat doesn't seem to be checking to see what damage his grenade did to the golem. Instead, he seems to be

[21:56] loading another round, this one with a blue lightning bolt on the cartridge, and edging towards Siphon and Zeph. However, when the two dissappear, he curses. "CYKA BLYAT!" He says in russian, then speaks into a Comm on his wrist. "She got away. Operation is a fail. All Rabbits, pull out, NOW!" With that, Jean suddenly disengages from Limly, and the Blood Elemental collapses into a massive red puddle, followed by a female cackling from the shadows that quickl fades away. The baseball bat man and Jean book it out of there as well, rounding the corner--any pursuers that try to follow will find that, by the time they get to the corner, they're gone. The Rabbits have dissappeared as quickly as they came, the only evidence of their passage being the burning remains of the interceptor....

[21:59] Siphon is about to charge forward but is suddenly warped away. Grabbing her captor she begins to drain the energy from Zeph as they are warped away. Still only seeing herself as a object

[22:02] Whatever Mikoto was going to say was lost when a high speed orange projectile collided with her. Her em field winked out and she was yanked along with the orange streak

[22:09] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) llooked like she wanted to respond to the guy in the suit before he ran off instead she just screamed angrily that this all went to shit she grabbed teh car and hurled it against the stone wall to "Deal with it" before turning back to the group that was left. " Whats fucking wrong, You guys started this shit at least stay around and let me get you more aquanted with the fucking cement!"

[22:10] An found what she was looking for- the largest man-portable weapon in her arsenal. The Ronin Minigun. She tore it free of the unreality it was stored in, swiveled about, and trained it on the elemental... which, fortunately, seemed to have been dealt with. She adjusted her aim and focused on the dragon. "HEY! SHIT-BREATH!" she jeered, trying to get its attention off of Eldritch Rose. "FUCK OFF!" And with that, she dug her heels into the ground and squeezed the trigger. Without so much as a wind-up period, the multiple reciprocating barrels immediately began spewing thaumaturgic death at the rate of 3,900 rounds per minute. The sheer density of magic lead filling the air was so intense, it almost appeared as if she were firing a laser weapon at the dragon. The ammunition it fired was physically mundane, though it carried a curious arcane effect; as more and more rounds struck a target, tremendous heat should begin to build up within it. A dozen rounds were enough to literally boil blood and explosively
[22:10] An: herniate organs in a human-sized creature. She vaguely wondered how much it would take to pop the dragon's ugly mug as the cacophonous roar of the Ronin belching off round after round began to drown out the other noises of the battlefield.

[22:13] One last thing: As the last Rabbit dissappears from the battle field, the speakers on the car finally shut up, either having been released by whatever power controlled the car, or the fire having overcome the electrics. Now, the ruined vehicle simply sat there, reduced to burning scrap metal.

[22:13] NS Z3PH-YR and no longer recognizable.

[22:16] Galactica comes barreling in at full speed. Making beeline towards Wraith who seems to be trying to contain the heroes. Attempoting to strike Wraith with incredible force to send her flying back into her own sanctum "THAT IS ENOUGH!" Her cosmic energy enveloping her

[22:29] Samantha Iseli gasps and shouts loudly as a tentacle surges out of the ground and wraps around her, holding her rather effectively in place. She really hopes that that the news casters get a shot of not only her, but her medics being grabbed as well. Though behind the one-way wall, she doubts she'd be visible, but her medics were in plain sight. She's hearing panicked shouts over her AsM comm line, but with her arms trapped, she cannot switch the comm on.
[22:31] Katy narrows her eyes and is super busy on her PAE coms, visually pissed about the uncoordinated situation, eventually she stows her revolver away and turns to Doc Iseli and Astrid, motioning down the escape path "Orderly retreat ... stay close together ... return to the HQ." only to notice those potential 3900rpm ricochets enriching the battlefields air now "C'mon, lets go !" stepping closer into Astrid's shadowy aura.

[22:31] Astrid Engel would channel her miasma into tendrils of her own to counter Wraith's, only keeping Doctor Iseli, Katy, and herself free from being bound by the conflicting mist, her's seeming to constrict around the offending tendrils and freed Doctor Iseli, she remained focused and would open up her shadow wide enough for the three to fall into it giving a wave and a giggle. "This was fun, but PAE has prior engagements elsewhere. Oh and Doctor, Miss Katy please close your eyes until I tell you to open them" The trio would be gone in an instant, falling out of the shadows near the tunnel leading to the upper city. She seemed to be rather winded from pulling the two with her however.

[22:34] Mythos directs the dragon as its front claws rip two more gaping holes out of the overhead structure, right claw moving to try crushing Rose from behind while its jaw snaps at her again, and the left claw attempts to turn An into a puddle of goo on the pavement. The bullets themselves bounce off the scales harmlessly, though after several hundred rounds the scales at the impact site do begin visibly drying out from the building heat, each single scale of this beast carrying nearly a ton of mass so it's going to take a while. Mythos is about to begin another summoning when she notes the energy building around the Association building, distracting her for a few seconds while she analyzes the patterns and discerns the spells being cast "They're using a prepared ritual to short-range teleport their facility... looks like they're targeting the ruins"

[22:35] Fallen Wraith (Talista Glas) raises her blade at the last second, seeing Galactica coming in as the tentacles dissipate but it's too late. The shot hits her square in the face and she collapses against the sanctum, knocked out cold clean, the sword shimmering and then seeming to dissipate into thin air

[22:36] A massive gunship rumbles into the narrow passageway. It notably ignores the combatants, instead reaching out with a massive claw and grabbing the ruined car, dragging it out and into the air and flying away. Evidently it really wanted that car.

[22:41] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) growls, entering the scene with her AK drawn, a stormy expression on her face as she mumbles and curses in Russian. "Was not supposed to be any Rabbits here...was only supposed to be car crash....what meaning of this..." Her eye goes up to

[22:48] Eldritch Rose seemed amused as Mikoto was teleported away. "A lot of tough talk to run away...." then she looks to Galactica as she clobbers Wraith. "Ahh.... the fake goddess arrives."The walls of Sanctum surge with demonic conjuration magic, dangerous amount arcing out occasionally and ripping up the concrete. Something big was about to happen. "It is good of you to arrive: she says continuing to move to evade the dragon, being rather nimble for such a large creature having to breach walls in a tight space. "I've been waiting to repay you, Xalagia or Galactica or whatever you guy by this week.. This time I don't care who you kill, no hostages for you." She extends her hands beginning some kind of charge up supernatural ability. She unleashes a collosal amount of magic, the world seeming to no longer work correctly. Objects lifts into the air random. Time seems to sputter and speed up in places. The laws of reality seems to be bending, threatening to break. Those sensitive to magic could feel the raw eldritch power, aberrant unnatural magic. Rose shouts at Galactica. "Death awaits you, false god! No more games!" she start to slowly merge the magic into the palm of her hands. One of the golems grabs Warith and heads inside.

[22:56] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) growls, entering the scene with her AK drawn, a stormy expression on her face as she mumbles and curses in Russian. "Was not supposed to be any Rabbits here...was only supposed to be car crash....what meaning of this..." Her eye goes up to Eldritch and narrows, sighing. "Is Devushka supposed to assume this is all you were hoping for, Eldritch?" she shouts over the battle, then blinks and quickly walks away from the carnage.

[22:56] Devushka growls, entering the scene with her AK drawn, a stormy expression on her face as she mumbles and curses in Russian. "Was not supposed to be any Rabbits here...was only supposed to be car crash....what meaning of this..." Her eye goes up to Eldritch and narrows, sighing. "Is Devushka supposed to assume this is all you were hoping for, Eldritch?" she shouts over the battle, then blinks and quickly walks away from the carnage.

[23:02] Galactica smirks as her cosmic energy swirls around her. "You are lucky no more. Nightmare is not here to hold me back. You have broken the last straw of the back on the camel." Her cosmic energy radiating as she pays no mind to the magic

[23:04] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro): /turned just in time to see Wraith knocked out, Limly was already pissed off but that seemed to do something to turn that rage up to 11 any semblance of control seemed to fade, she charged at Galactica the impact was softer than one might expect like the core of her body splattered tentacles of all sizes attempting to curl around her torso, arms and legs attempting to immobilize her for Whatever Rose had planned energies pulsing off her form and washing over her allies granting resistance of the Cosmic energies she emitted.

[23:06] An: In her weakened state, the enforcer was unable to dodge the incoming claw. It slammed into her, forcing her into the concrete. She received no actual injury from the stomp due to the curious way that her body had been reinforced, but she wasn't even remotely strong enough to push the claw off of her body. The Ronin, unable to rotate its barrels, ceased firing... though it held one last surprise for the dragon. An pressed the secondary trigger, and the underslung chainsaw roared to life. Its arcanotech teeth began to spin about the central assembly; unless the dragon's flesh was capable of stopping weapons such as energy swords and high-frequency weaponry, this thing was going to cleave through it as easily as a mundane blade might pass through water. She shivered as the power that Eldritch Rose was emitting washed over her. It felt good to work for someone who held that sort of power, even if she only did so indirectly.

[23:06] Samantha Iseli takes a deep breath once she's freed of the tentacle gripping her, she nods to Astrid "Dangge" she says and switches her comm to AsM channels "We have been assaulted by the Association, all personnel are to evacuate as soon as possible." Presumably with Wraith knocked out, that is immediately, since it is unlikely the tentacles can maintain themselves. As instructed, she closes her eyes as she's pulled through the shadowy portal. As soon as they can manage it, the medics on site get into their vehicles and begin to leave the area with as much alacrity as they can manage safely.

[23:11] Mythos senses the magic build-up from Rose, guiding the dragon to adjust its position slightly and then vaulting and sliding her way down its back, springing off at the bottome to land in front of Rose, her shield up and glowing, radiating the full magic of a divine artifact. The dragon roars in pain as the saw sinks into its claw, finding some resistance still due to the creature's magical nature but not enough to stop it from cutting deep. Its other claw moves towards Limly, simply attempting to flick her away from Galactica and Rose

[23:18] Eldritch Rose sends out a telepathic message to the everyone. "Get inside now." She sends some instructions to the remaining golem as well. as the arc of energy coalesce into a solid ball which she strains to hold onto. She looks at the dragon this time, not moving at all. One claw breaks her shield spell, the other strikes her, but when the claw impacts her, one of her two contingency spells activates: Dimension Door. She uses this spell to teleport a few steps from Galactica, angling it at her and the dragon and unleashes the Ray of Erasure. The ten feet around ray blasts out, erasing from existence anything within it's path, tapering out slowly till it fades 100 ft away.

[23:25] Galactica is restrained by the tentacles. Her cosmic energy swirling around. Seeing the last minute attack her eyes glow as ablack hole opens up swallowing the beam. The cosmic energy fading from Galactica as she drops having to spend everything she had to save herself and the city from that blast. Panting heavily and reduced to to strength of a mere human as she glares up at Rose

[23:26] An: Through clenched teeth and strained muscles, Scourge continually pushed the thaum-blade forward, seeking to free herself from her confinement beneath the dragon's claw. A horrible sight she must've been, covered in blood and viscera. She took some measure of solace in her belief that once she was free of this restraint, she would make her foes look far worse... only to have her will overridden by Rose's command. She managed to get out from under the claw, drop the minigun (thus causing it to discorporate), and bolt for the Sanctum entrance at inhuman speed.

[23:30] Mythos notices Galactica's near-collapse and rushes to her side, activating her spear, which glows with the light of Apollo and radiates immense heat, and hurling it at Rose as a javelin, then she uses her teleporter to warp herself and Galactica to the Marquise, the spear vanishing within seconds afterwards whether it hits or misses. The dragon, lacking guidance now and wounded, begins flailing angrily at those that remain in the area, just wanting everyone else to suffer with it now

[23:37] Limly Sivitri (limly.yoshiro) pulled her self back together as Galactica ported out of her grasp KQ charged as she so often doesgrabbing Rose and pushes her into the Sanctum knowing it was the best move for now. to avoid the dragon thing with all others in full retreat

[23:38] Eldritch Rose panting and barely standing looks at Galactica, also out of power except for what minimal abilities her staff possessed. Rose brandishes the Staff Varthrith, raising it to strike and kill Galactica, but she oddly hesitates and mutters something under her breath like she doesn't want to do it, giving ample time for the spear to strike her in the shoulder moments before limly grabs her. The golem follows suit to cover them as the base teleports at last,,,,, (( End scene))
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