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Foreboding omens

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 2:23 am
by DeuxBlackthorn
[17:31] Lady Nightmare is busy preparing her briefing, not even glancing up at the initial impact as she figures it's just someone showing off with their arrival, but she does look over as the door opens and a smile crosses her face. She returns the hug tightly, chuckling softly "Well, this is a look I haven't seen in a good while... things finally get bad enough you had to pull out?" then she hears the door open again "Eh, we can discuss it later, actually... good to see you though"
[17:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "yes, pull out is a good way to put it" she states and then smiles "Yes, good to see you too, I'm here" she says and looks over at the person who came through, giving them a calm nod
[17:34] Copycat's hearing might've been a bit impaired due to the hat. But she heard those words. Pull out. Time for a crude comment; "Pulling out is for chumps. Like total cowards." the costumed girl said before giving a simple nod. "But uh.. This is the right place, right? The whole.. Vanguard.. Buildin' yea?"
[17:36] Lady Nightmare chuckles softly "Well, we'll definitely have to catch up later, I'll be very curious about the whole story. We should head out now so I can get the briefing going, looks like people are starting to show up" glancing over to Copycat, ignoring the comment "If you're here for the public expedition, then we're meeting outside, otherwise the receptionist will be back momentarily to help you" releasing Hell and starting to move towards the doors
[17:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) releases N and heads back outside, walking down the steps and prepping for the cramped quarters of one of those jump ships where everyone in existence temporarily despised her wings
[17:39] Sparks meows
[17:40] "Soleil Greycloak" walked silently up towards the substantial building, lines of scarlet streaking from his eyes as he approached the all-encompassing building. The wind would lift the clothes that adorned him, a stagnant look evident within his eyes as he kept his hands within his pockets. He’d see a flash of blonde in his fore vision, a look of something cold running within the man’s gaze as he turned towards the human sitting by the stairs. He’d peer down towards her, a faint sense of recognition present. He’d pause, temporarily overlooking the individuals pouring out of the building. “… Layne?” He’d suddenly ask her, evidently having the wrong person, but his expression was serious, and he seemed to be holding his breath.
[17:40] Copycat let out a soft 'oo' as the cat moved to sidestep a few times out of the building, tail idly swishing.
[17:42] Sparks: /em blinsk and perks ears looking up.. then just kinda sidesteps to the left as the tall spooky figure fixates on Sam
[17:45] Lady Nightmare glances around the gathering, giving a small nod to Soleil and Sparks "We're gonna give a few more minutes before I start the briefing, so I don't have to repeat things for the fashionably late"
[17:46] Wire Devil perches on the rooftop, listening to the conversations around her but not really processing them. It was just a nice day to perch.
[17:47] Samantha Iseli seems totally oblivious to Soleil's approach, apparently engrossed in whatever she's reading on her datapad. She's probably used to somewhat 'over the top' fashion at this point, so the fluttering fabrics don't really gather her attention. Even after hearing a voice call out a name, she seems to take a few moments before noticing that there's someone infront of her at all. She looks up and tilts her head as she observes the pale-skinned being for a moment, then she looks around to see if there's anyone else that could have been spoken too. There was Sparks, but she seemed not to have any idea either. "If you were speaking to me, I believe you have me confused for someone else" she replies evenly.
[17:47] Vivienne strolled along the giant tilted field toward the Vanguard building. She noted many different individuals standing out front. She looked up at the tall building, at the logo in particular for a moment, rubbing her chin silently "Hmm." she seemed to ponder something, momentarily lost in thought until she was brought back to the world upon hearing the name of her first, only, and since long gone wife. She furrowed her brows, narrowing down at everyone outside with small intensity. Who said that? Layne was a common enough name, but this seemed a bit too coincidental.. She affixed her gaze upon the tall, dark brooding figure nearby. Her eyes widened and she found herself levitating closer toward them. There was no way!
[17:49] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) steps over to Sparks and gives her a playful shoulder tap as she looks Soleil over curiously and then looks over at Vivienne. Then looks back down at Samantha "Hiya doc" she says with a friendly smile
[17:52] Sparks nods and Smiles at Lady N, then Doc Iseli, then perks ears and looks up at HG "Oh, hey! how's it goin~?" swaying tail lightly "Like my new suit look?"
[17:53] "Soleil Greycloak" gradually recomposes himself as he’s given an answer. A torrent of disappointment conglomerated with acceptance reflects upon his face as he nods down towards her. “I see. I apologize, you would be correct. You look very similar to someone I know. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” Soleil would say with a polite nod, suddenly conscious of his own height as the group before them grows broader. At the sound of Lady Nightmare, Soleil would immediately turn over in their direction. He’d stand at attention, doing everything within his cultural power not to just throw himself onto the pavement into a kneel, lest he look even odder than he already did. “Right. I apologize.” He’d tell her, moving forwards to stand at attention, standing far more rigid than a rock as he listened. He’d yet to notice Vivienne, her figure blending into the group alongside all of the rest to him.
[17:55] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles to Sparks "it looks good" she states, watching the odd man curiously and then turning her eyes back up to N
[17:55] Sparks purrs ~
[17:55] Copycat stretched out a little bit, the disguised figure quietly glancing around at the other people. She seemed to just remain mostly silent. Just.. /Staring/.
[17:58] Vivienne turned her head, following Soleil's movements for a long few moments silently. She seemed to be interested in them for some peculiar reason. This can't be the same man from all that time ago, could it? She wondered. She'd have to know sometime, though it wouldn't appear to be this exact moment, since they appeared to be occupied. "Mmm." was all she managed, things around here might get interesting soon. Her attention turned to Sparks nearby "Hey, you're the perverted cat from the comic book store, how have you been?" she asked her
[17:58] Lady Nightmare gives it another couple of minutes before humming softly "Well, seems like we've got a bit of a light turnout tonight, so I suppose we may as well get started. As many of you are aware, we've had ongoing issues with dinosaur packs gathering in unnatural concentrations from time to time, and if left unchecked their numbers become immense and then they attack the city. Our previous attempt at disrupting such a gathering before that point was effective in averting the attack, so now as another one has begun we plan to disrupt it again in the same way"
[18:01] Sparks tilts ear listening
[18:02] laughter is heard followed by screaming as a rubber rocket comes flying in impacting against the building wall with a squeak as she bounces off and along the floor. Lying there laughing "I made it!"
[18:03] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees rubber rocket and the words "Goddamn it's Metapool leave her mouth before she realizes it's... "Lucy? Not seen you in ages!" she states and then looks back at N with a nod
[18:03] Samantha Iseli nods a bit in return to Hell Guard, her response is delayed a moment as she makes sure to respond in English "Hello" she says before turning briefly back to Soleil "You have nothing to apologize for" she replies, clearly unbothered by the simple mistake, though she had to admit, it was the first time anyone had mistaken her for someone else, not that she socialized enough for such a thing to happen. Either way, she just shrugs and closes up her datapad, stretching a little before standing up and turning to face Nightmare as the briefing began. She hmms quietly seemed like this was likely to be a more militaristic operation, but regardless she hopes that she won't be needed for her medical expertise. Her thoughts are rather rudey interrupted by what she, at first, mistakes to be an attack on the building, at least until someone lands on the ground exclaiming that they had made it "Are you injured?" is about the only thing that comes to mind to say to the person on the ground
[18:04] Copycat idly rubbed at her chin some. She continued to listen untiiil the laughter caught her attention. She glanced up to see the little squeaky rubber girl bap into the wall. This only made the disguised catgirl chuckle out a little bit.
[18:06] "Soleil Greycloak" continues to listen in silence, one of his gloved hands reaching towards a flash that clung to his belt. He’d press his palm against it, the aquatic substance within the flask bubbling and churning into oil. Soleil would side-eye Samantha’s obvious, medical-personnel telltales for a moment before looking back. He was at least 98% that he was going to be due for repairs after this, having not fought a dinosaur in all of his infernal existence. Soleil would give a nod to Nightmare, indicating that he understood as he listened intently, despite the sounds of the bumbling crowd.
[18:06] Adilya nulyn quietly approached the crowd. Her weight shifting a tiny bit as she wasnt sure what was going on. But she was going to at least try and help as people looked serious..
[18:08] Vivienne turned her head toward toward the woman speaking from atop the stairs. Tilting her head, dinosaurs? She hadn't seen one in a 'long' time. But they were rather troublesome if left unchecked. She remained silent and listened closely.
[18:08] Lady Nightmare laughs a bit as Lucy lands "Good to see you're excitable as ever" then she continues "The latest gathering is currently about 250 miles from the city at the moment, at the edge of one of the larger swamp areas. Transport has been arranged, you'll be landed about a mile out to approach on foot. Intelligence reports that the dinosaurs may be acting under some sort of compulsion, so if you're able to identify and take out leaders it may make dispersing them significantly easier"
[18:09] Lucy D. Dolly giggles and bounces to her feet dusting herself off as she shakes her head looking to the doctor with a grin "Nope Im fine. Im a rubber girl" nodding and then looking to Hellguard smiling wide before suddenly wrapping limbs around her in a hug "Hellguard lady!! I heard there were fights I missed so really wanted to make it this time...though then I got lost in the city. Oh and accidentally crashed into a apartment building. But here I am!" Nodding to N and cracking her knuckles "So all we have to do is beat up the leader right? Got it, lets go!"
[18:11] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) giggles and hugs her back "Well, welcome to the fight" she says with a wink and then looks back at N, hearing that 250 mile distance and knowing already she was going to be trying to find space for her wings on the transport. "Have we been able to find a solid source for these compulsions yet, or is it still a bit questionable?"
[18:12] Sparks pulls out a padd, stapping at it accessing and starting Iridium's autopilot
[18:14] Copycat let out a soft hum in thought as they all talked with themselves. The eyes continued to look. There was the doctor lady. Unknown. Sparks.. No, not possible for some reason.. The rubber girl? No. A mutation. That left.. Either of the demon-looking fellows. Or the winged lady. Maybe. For now, though, Copy Cat remained quiet and listened.
[18:18] Spirit hovers low about everyone's shin hieght curious but yet looking for someone
[18:21] Adilya nulyn shifts her weight and gives a one handed wave at sparks then one towards Vivienne being the main two she even recognized for now. Her weight shifting slightly as she just listened to the description given. A tiny flicker of worry going over her.
[18:22] "Soleil Greycloak" could feel a light pain biting within his blood. Lucy’s positivity would throw the demon for an unintended, painful loop, his soul shuddering somewhat. He’d part his lips to speak, only for Hell G. to ask his question. Grateful that he didn’t have to do any monologuing, Soleil would remain quiet- as he preferred to be. He could really go for the shot of wine that he’d kept in his coat pocket right about then, given the positive plight that had stood within his vicinity that he was too polite to say anything about. Peering towards Hell G’s wings, Soleil felt he might as well make his own visible before attempting to fit them into anything anywhere. A substance akin to black butterfly scales would begin to materialize around him until they’d gradually formed themselves into the shape of two, large, angel-like wings. He’d nod again, indicating that he understood the task at hand. Though he was quietly wondering how well they were going to perform at playing tetris with angel wings on the transport.
[18:22] Lady Nightmare nods slightly to Hell "We have our suspicions, though not entirely confirmed. Look for anything that seems to be out of place, particularly powers that don't fit what you'd expect from dinosaurs... those will almost certainly be the leaders. Also, you're moving out early enough that it shouldn't be an issue... but if the sun goes down be on the alert for shrike swarms, those birds aren't to be screwed around with. Even most metas will be destroyed in seconds by them"
[18:25] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sighs "So the death swarms are still out there. Do we have any objectives beyond dispersing the group? Any landmarks in the area that we know about?" she asks and looks back at the man and his wings "You and I are not sitting next to each other for logistical reasons" she says with a laugh
[18:29] Lucy D. Dolly thought she felt something and looks around confused. Then becomes completely distracted when Soleil opens his wings. Her eyes going wide and grin growing "Oh my god thats so cool! Running up to him completely unawre of the pain her positivity and happiness is causing "So are you like a bird? I'm Lucy, I'm a rubber girl! Its nice to meet you bird person. So are you really strong? Like to fight things too? Im so excited!" bouncing up and down squeaking getting more and more excited
[18:30] Samantha Iseli hmms quietly as she listens to the continued briefing, she doesn't like that the operation was going to be taking place near a swamp, that was just asking for problems if anyone required serious medical treatment. She furrows her brow a little as she hears mention of the 'shrike' swarms, this was only the second mention of them she'd heard of, but those that seemed aware of them were deeply concerned by them. At the comment from Hellguard she looks over, noticing that Soleil also had wings "I am not sitting between you two." She states matter-of-factly.
[18:31] Vivienne tilted her head. Certainly interesting. She levitated off somewhere else, she would have to check out these dinosaurs for herself, maybe she'd seek out the chance herself sometime. At least there was a familiar face around....or was there? She would need to speak to that man, and soon.
[18:31] Copycat let out a soft whistle as she glanced up at the sky, "So we gotta try to do all this before nightfall. Fun." the cat responded with an annoyed, auto-tuned huff before glancing back towards Samantha. "Ey. Ya can sit near me if ya want." no one could see it, but the wink was implied.
[18:32] Adilya nulyn shifted her weight a tiny bit as she heard about killer swarms. of .. birds. A slight gulp was next as she glanced towards the floor. Her hands rubbing over each other a tiny bit nervously. Though her attention flickered to the two winged people. Trying not to not giggle though she blinked as one of the two faces she knew vanished...
[18:33] Lady Nightmare smiles as a Vanguard transport settles down into the square behind the gathering "Dispersal is the only set objective. Vanguard personnel on-scene will assign additional ones if needed. If there aren't any further questions, your ride has arrived"
[18:34] Spirit would look around more still hovering at shin height bumps into yuki's leg lightly then sam's bedical bag
[18:34] Adilya nulyn blinks as she looks down at spirit. Trying not to smle behind her mask as she steps to one side. Out of the.. drones way.
[18:35] Sparks listens and waits
[18:35] Nova Flare(Pilix) shows up a bit late for the briefing.. in fact apparently having missed it entirely! She'll just go along and follow the lead of the others...
[18:36] Samantha Iseli shrugs "I prefer to sit in a back corner, I have no particular preference as to who sits near me" she replies to Copycat, the implied wink going completely unnoticed. As she has no additional questions, she reaches down to pick up her medical bag, tilting her head briefly when a drone bumps into her bag, then proceeds to pick up the bag and continue on towards the shuttle so that she can get the seat she wants.
[18:36] "Soleil Greycloak" would chuckle at Hell’s comment. “That would probably be for the best.” He’d say, suddenly taken aback by Lucy growing excited at his mere… existence. Each of her words was like a dagger of happiness that pierced his soul, small tremors of pain pulsating upon his skin like a sunburn as she complimented him. “Sure, you’re welcome to call me a bird, if you like. Is that so? I’ll bet you’re much, much stronger than me.” He’d tell Lucy, leaning down somewhat to make better eye contact, speaking to her somehow as if she were one of his daughters… Even if it slowly killed him on the inside. Yep, the wine in his pocket was looking rather tempting right about then. At the mention of his ride being ready, Soleil wouldn’t hesitate to walk off towards his ride, keeping a mindful eye out just to ensure nobody was left behind as he readied to leave otherwise.
[18:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and nods, heading for the ride. She was for the moment keeping her holy aura suppressed just in case she was in close quarters with demon types. She pulled her large blade to stand up and held it tight, it seemingly pulsing with an unholy energy, which was likely strange
[18:40] Spirit looks up at sam as he flashed a dull laser line on her "docotor sam iseli...operator spoke of you often" as it hovers to her head height "i could use your help"
[18:42] Adilya nulyn turned her head to look at spirit before walking onto the transport quietly herself.. trying to not show that she was nervous.
[18:43] Copycat simply went to continue along, deciding to once again follow the winged lady, Hellguard. "So..." the cat started, dragging the word out in her auto-tuned voice. "Did it hurt?"
[18:43] Samantha Iseli pauses on her way to the shuttle, blinking a couple times when the drone asks for her help "What do you need help with?" she asks the little drone, stepping out of the way to allow the others to board the craft without her being in the way
[18:43] Lucy D. Dolly smiles to the tall bird man and nods, still bouncing excitedly. Noticing everyone heading for the shuttle she stretches her arms out snagging one of the doors as she rockets into the vehicle screaming as she whizzes by the group and laughing as she impacts with a squeak
[18:43] Ariyoshi had come running over, the girl's breathing sharp from the mad dash she made over. She had no idea what was going on, but there was a big emergency? Something like that, "Nng- Fuck.. I'm.. I'm here.. Who's attacking? Or- Tornado? I don't fucking know. I'm here to help though." After blurting her words out, she went quiet for the most part eyes trailing between everyone. Her eyes landed upon Soleil, and she offered a quiet wave, not interrupting any words being exchanged as she was trying to catch details about what exactly was going on.
[18:44] Spirit: i lost tracking with my operator
[18:44] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) runs up, waving her hands rapidly. "Aaah! Wait, I was napping! Is there still time to come in?"
[18:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks over as Ariyoshi rushes up as they were heading to the transport "Just in time for an expedition" she says with a wink, heading to her seat
[18:45] Copycat's not-so-clever attempt at a pick up line fell flat when Hell Guard totally ignored her. Well. She still thought it was sorta funny. She'd take a seat regardless.
[18:46] Samantha Iseli tilts her head a little "Your operator... is Durian, yes?" she asks the drone, having only seen it around the Draconian previously "I am not sure how I can help with finding him?"
[18:46] Lady Nightmare sees there aren't any further questions and turns to head inside, giving a nod and wave to Lexi as she passes by "Late arrivals, catch up on the situation en-route, transport's leaving in a moment" then she re-enters the building. The pilot groans and rolls her eyes as Lucy slams into the transport causing it to rock back and forth for a moment "Please refrain from destabilizing the aircraft, ma'am. Everyone settle in and buckle up, t-minus 90 to take off" starting to flick switches to initiate launch prep
[18:47] Nova Flare(Pilix) moves along with the rest to the transport to climb inside and find a seat to squeeze into. At least whoever sat next to her wouldn't be cold, as she ratiated a bit of heat.
[18:47] Sparks grins and waves at Nova as she moves into the transport, trying to get up to a seat near the frontt slaving Iridium to follow
[18:47] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) once positioned on the drop ship well away from the other wings, she looks over at Kami "Sorry, had my mind in the clouds, what was that about falling? I'm pretty sure I didn't fall at any point today" she says, the reference phrase going over her head
[18:48] Spirit looks around seeing people leaving "i was down for updates and charging, i can not track him, i dont know where he is
[18:49] Copycat moved to point her fingers at the angelic woman, "Did it hurt when ya fell from heaven?~" she blurted out /fast/ to try to get it out before someone cut her off. It couldn't be seen, but this cat was absolutely /smiling/ underneath their scarf.
[18:51] "Soleil Greycloak" would rejoin the group after taking some time to ensure everyone was finding their place as well as cover a couple of light errands. He'd found a seat away from the majority of people, lest he accidentally smack somebody in the face in all of his unholy, 6-foot tall glory.
[18:51] Adilya nulyn just took what ever seat was going. Pulling her rifle in front of her and just hugging it. Of course she hadn't got it loaded yet just encase.
[18:52] Lucy D. Dolly takes a seat next to the kitty with the hat. Giving a grin as she places her own hat on her head "I have a hat too! Yours is ok. So are you strong? are you a cat? or are you a girl?" still not shutting up as she bounces excitedly in the seat "I can't wait to get to punch some monsters. I havent fought in sooo long. Not since the cage. That was fun...but I broke the cage"
[18:52] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Copycat long and hard "Uh...That was pretty corny, but also kinda cute" she states and shakes her head with a giggle, sitting and waiting on the transport
[18:53] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) has a terrible sense of dread as she moves in and sits, a sinking feeling deep in her stomach.
[18:53] Ariyoshi just quietly clambered aboard the transport, little grunts and squirms given, along with the occasional, "Hey, watch it-" Though it was likely Akie doing the bumping into others when she had the audacity to blurt out such a response. Eventually she'd find a seat, plopping down with a slightly annoyed face.
[18:53] Samantha Iseli furrows her brow a little "What is the range of your tracking system?" she asks the drone. Obviously she doesn't want the group to leave without medical aid "How can I help?" she asks immediately after her previous question to the drone once she hears that it will be taking off shortly
[18:54] Copycat glanced over to the angel. "Ey. Corny and cute is my middle name." the cat explained with an unseen smug grin. "So, like, you got that sword. You super strong or something?" the cat asked
[18:54] Spirit looks down "operatopr use to be in the exicuution division, he should be ok, im just...worried, i can wait for your return
[18:55] Scene the pilot yells out "Last call!" as she notes some people not on board yet, the engines thrumming loudly and radiating heat as the launch sequence enters its final seconds
[18:58] Spirit would go to fly off as it runs head long into spark's head
[18:59] "Soleil Greycloak" would look down towards who had sat next to him. "... Akie?" He'd ask, questionably so at first before shaking his head. "... What... Are you doing here? I mean, I am aware of what you are doing here, but what are you doing *here*?" He'd ask her as he gestured towards their surroundings.
[18:59] Sparks arches a brow and smiles lightly at Lucy "That's a lot of questions.." she chuckles lightly and reaches up to pat her head, trying to keep an eye on the pilot and console tracking the course and trying to read data on the destination
[19:00] Sparks acks and flails
[19:01] Samantha Iseli nods a bit to Spirit, Durian is tough, and chances are he's either in the lower city or off hunting and the drone just ended it's charging period before Durian got back. She then winces as the drone bumps into Sparks, though from the reaction, it doesn't look like she's injured so she just hurries up into the shuttle
[19:04] Ariyoshi looked over at Soleil and offered a sheepish grin, "I- heard there was something going down, I wanted to help. I have nothing better to do lately, so uh- I'm here to help. Please don't be mad?" She asked at the end, chewing her lip while the transport began to take off, the girl somewhat eager to get to business, even though she literally had no idea what they were going to take care of.
[19:06] Copycat went to hold a hand out infront of them as Hell Guard explained, mostly to poke at that wing lightly with a hand once before poking it with her tail. "Well no need to fear. I studied a /lot/ of martial arts movies before coming here today."
[19:07] Copycat "So you're in safe hands."
[19:07] Scene the pilot shuts the door as soon as everyone gets on board, the shuttle launching into the air and then rocketing off a bit over mach 5, reaching the landing zone in under 5 minutes and touching down in a forest clearing "The target area is just under a mile that way, ground gets a bit too unstable to land properly closer. You should be pretty safe until you reach their nests"
[19:07] Sparks tries not to roll eyes too hard
[19:09] Sparks adjusts her cannon on her back, a soft hum coming from the weapon,t he cylinder in the center twisting and starting to rotate slowly picking up speed, she'd wait for others to disembark first taking position at the rear of the formation
[19:09] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks at Copycat "Oh I'm glad you'll keep me safe" she states with a giggle, the flight being far too short for her to sleep or even get comfortable. She stayed tense in case of an emergency landing. When the vehicle touched down, she stepped off the ship, pulling out the massive sword and resting it against her armor as she let her angelic aura open up, preparing for the battle that was inevitable at this point
[19:10] Yuki Aoyama stays quiet the five minuets it takes. Nervously toying with the barrel of her rifle before they got off. She would quietly load it and flick the safety off in the clearing. Least before looking at other peoples much bigger guns. A tiny twinge going though her before she softly sighed. "Why did i do this.."
[19:12] "Soleil Greycloak" gives Akie a stern glance. "... Young lady, does Akira know about this? I will absolutely not have you limping home. You should know better. And you've just gotten here, too..." Soleil would scold Akie, suddenly going full dad mode. As they piled off the shuttle- Soleil was still nagging her. He'd -been- nagging her, or trying to- as they went at mach 5 speed. Man, was that a hard thing to do. "And do you -know- what time it is? It's almost time for dinner. I'll bet you haven't eaten yet, or slept for a consecutive eight to nine hours." He just wouldn't quit. At the mention of them needing to walk, Soleil would reach down and attempt to pry Akie off of the ground. If not stopped by her, he'd try to carry her upon his shoulders without much effort. "Stay up there. You can use oil paint, yes? Well, coincidentally, I can use fire. I wont have it any other way. You know what I'm implying." He'd plainly say, his endgoal still very solidly in his memory, but he'd had a silly family to protect as well. Soleil wo
[19:12] "Soleil Greycloak" forwards near the front/middle of the group, taking a position he felt would allow him to keep his eyes on everyone.
[19:12] Copycat had decided to stay near the person with the armor. Because they had armor. And a big sword. And big wings. Big everything. So if she stayed near them, they would make a much better target. Of course as she heard the whole 'why' question Yuki dropped, that rose some doubt in the cat. She hesitated a little bit before sucking in a breath and rolling her neck. The cat decided to remain quiet for the time being after that, getting ready and cracking some knuckles.
[19:14] Lucy D. Dolly takesoff out of the shuttle as soon as it lands bouncing and cracking her knuckles as she looks around with a excited grin "Ok. So who's getting punched first?"
[19:17] Nova Flare(Pilix) stands a hops out of the craft, starting to move toward the head of the group. She figured she would likely be one of the front-liners with her powers, and hanging back was only more likely to get friendlies in her line of fire, and that wouldn't be good. She starts to look around some, tensing up as she prepares herself for whatever they're about to have to deal with.
[19:18] Sparks perks ears "Oh! I almost forgot.." she reaches into her coat, patting around a bit and pulling out a number of slender containers the size of pencil cases "Anyone who doesn't have a tactical communicator.... take one"
[19:19] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) walks over to take a comm, she's looking incredibly worried, though. She senses something in this land.
[19:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) grins to Copycat "if you need cover, get behind me. If I can't take the damage then few people will" she states, slapping her armor and then looking to Sparks "I...actually need one" she states, moving over and picking one up, getting it situated "thank you"
[19:19] Yuki Aoyama tilted her head a tiny bit confused as she spoke to sparks. " Tactical communicator? Would i need one?" She asked a left hand motioning towards her outfit.. Her weight shifting from foot to foot as she started to move a bit more towards the front. Just encase.
[19:21] Nova Flare(Pilix) heard something about a communicator from Sparks, looking toward her a bit shyly and reaching to get one herself.
[19:21] Sparks nods yo Yuki in ansewer, handing her one, but for Hell Guard she smiles and pulls out a slightly bulkier unit "Here, take this one instead..."
[19:21] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) grins at the bulkier unit "yeah, now that's more my style" she says with a grin, taking that one instead and getting it situated
[19:23] Yuki Aoyama nodded as she took one before quietly hooking it up. A slight nod of her head as she shifted her weight nervously once more
[19:24] Lucy D. Dolly doesnt hear the part about communicators. Instead shes doing stretches and getting excited for the soon to be fight ""Ok so whos ass are we kicking? Or sorry um forgot supposed to start watching language." Scracthing her head and thinking of what DM woul have her say instead "Um who's bum are we spanking"
[19:25] Scene the forest is calm and peaceful, a few of the trees seeming to shift slightly whenever nobody is looking at them, but nothing attacks and the path is relatively easy to follow, seeming to be a migratory path for the local wildlife. In short order you all reach the edge of the woods, the swamp visible up ahead, along with the building gathering of dinosaurs
[19:27] Sparks rests her hand on the humming weapon on her back, partly for reassurance - it's not ready yet still humming and charging up, she looks aead trying to stay back and coordinating comms, actinvating the tactical display in all the tactical comms, Iridium sliding overhead scanning the area populating the heads up displays with scans and targets
[19:31] Ariyoshi slumped back against the seat as the ship took off at high speeds. Five minutes certainly felt like an eternity when your body is pumped with adrenaline! Wait, nests? Did she hear that right? Nests?? She let that slip for now and focused back onto Soleil as he began to nag at her, "Well- okay yeah I didn't tell her, but I'll be fiiiine." She says, sighing out and nearly rolling her eyes as he continued to lecture her until the eventual landing. Was he still going? Good god he is. The doors had opened and she moved to step out,, "Soleil, relax- seriously I'll be fine! We'll deal with whatever pest problem and-" Up she went, the girl easily lifted up and hoisted to his shoulders, "Nng- S- Soleil! What the hell are-" Oil paint, fire. He was onto something, "Oh. OOOOH. Yeah, I can do that. See? We're bonding, we'll have a good story to tell over dinner." She had no idea what was in store for them. Her brush began to grow in size in her right hand, while that left arm stump of hers began to materialize the
[19:31] Ariyoshi: " enchanted prosthetic she was given. A wooden hand was placed down on his shoulder to keep herself balanced as best she could as she kept her giant paintbrush at the ready, orange oily paint starting to swirl about the bristles."
[19:31] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and tests the comms and then proceeds "if anyone needs cover, my armor can soak up a lot more than it looks. I'll try and stay at the front or as close to the front as the enemy allows. If you need support, give me a shout" she responds and licks her lips, prepping herself, making sure the channel into the sword was set up and was going to cooperate with her as she readies for the fight
[19:33] Yuki Aoyama quietly started moving up. Relying on her visor for the information. Though she jumped a tiny bit as she heard Hell over comm's. Her own reply coming back across quieter "Ill .. stay up front with you for.. similar reasons. Her weapon allready up and scanning the area around them.
[19:36] Durian moves slowly using brush as cover as he observes for now readying his .338 plapua but holds for now
[19:38] "Soleil Greycloak" 's glare can practically be felt as he holds Akir atop his shoulders. Without warning, he'd jump up into the air, his wings gently carrying him forwards as he waited, watching carefully. He wouldn't warn Akie, but would keep her firmly held atop his shoulders. "Bonding. Right. Well, you could've just took me up on a game of chess if you'd wanted that." He'd gently bicker as he gravitated alongisde the group.
[19:40] Copycat moved to take a few steps over to take the communicator then, wagging it in her hands a bit before moving to let it disappear into her hat - nice and up there. Because cat ears. Would make hearing people easier, at least. "Incase we get seperated or something?" the cat asked before looking back and jogging after hellguard. The disguised face turned to Yuki who was doing the same. "Ey. Almost as smart as me." the autotuned voice called out to her.
[19:43] Lucy D. Dolly smiles wide as she see's the group of dinos "I GOT THE BIGGEST ONE!" then stretches her arm out grabbing a tree and launching herself. Fist drawn back in the air as she launches and rockets it forward with her immense strength
[19:44] Nova Flare(Pilix) slips in the communicator as she moves along with the group, remaining near the front, tense and at the ready. Her hand clench into fists as she looks around a bit nervously, looking for any signs of any threats or enemy movement, preparing herself for a fight if necessary.. and it was pretty much always necessary... She peers ahead, through the trees, and toward what seemed like a gathering of dinosaurs.... Hot plasma forms around her fists, her eyes starting to glow as an aura shows around her, letting out a slow breath. "Time to do this then..."
[19:44] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) is suddenly struck with a feeling that she needs to... be here... in another way... she runs, turning bit by bit into fresh moss and soil, a small fairy released from her center, leaving behind her class A pack... she has been called to the spirit realm, it is up to her apprentice back home... she cannot resist the call, she can but embrace the metamorphosis. "Tell Belladonna it is her time to answer the call of heroes... I'm sorry..."
[19:46] Ariyoshi looked between everyone, focusing her attention on the Hell Guard who spoke of essentially tanking for them, "Oh man.. Shit this is awesome, thanks ta-AAAAANK" Her words turned into a shout as Soleil suddenly took off into the air. Her wooden hand clamped to his shoulder harder as she blurted out, "Well- We can play chess next time! It'll be all good!" She choked up and stared ahead and down. She saw them. "... Are those fucking DINOSAURS?"
[19:56] Scene the dinosaurs seem to just be milling about minding their own business... until, that is, a pink rubber blur smashes into one of the spinos, drawing out a roar of pain as the beast nearly tips over from the impact, an indent visible in its side and several shattered bones sticking out through the hide, though it manages to keep from collapsing completely and swings its tail to try batting Lucy away. The other dinos turn to look all around, the triceratops charging towards Lucy's back with horns down to gore her, while the others notice the group and form up a line, starting to charge towards you all. A few seconds after the roar what feels like the beginnings of an earthquake begin echoing through the area
[19:56] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: no. Those dinosaurs do not appear to be copulating at this time.
[20:00] Sparks blinks and sighs "Ah hell..." reaching down to scoop up the discarded A Set and stuffing it in her coat as she unslings the cannon, checking indicators as the whine builds to a crescendo and resets a panel on the large barrel glowing to life as she sights down at the beasties, Iridium moving into higher flight painting the targets, marking them on the HUDs and providing firing arcs and target data where available - she holds fire for the moment
[20:02] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves forward "there's a charge coming. If we can break them along a select route, we can cut in between" she states, flapping her winks as she jumped forward, getting additional speed as she swung a massive 40 ton hit with her sword at one of the smaller ones as it came close, positioning herself in a defensive state if the attack scored a kill in an attempt to absorb an incoming attack regardless of which direction, scanning for the dino that would be making its move
[20:03] Yuki Aoyama blinks for a moment. staring at the pink rubber.. person? Blur? Thing. Her only response being a very slight sigh. as she moved forwards. Bringing the rifle up and taking a few pot shots. Trying to aim for eyes. Anything squishy. Just to distract them slightly. Keeping herself between the main group and the dinos. Hopping they would find her 'tickles' Annoying enough to charge her.
[20:05] "Soleil Greycloak" half expected Akie’s screaming, what with his lack thereof warnings. At her exclamations, the demon was doing everything in his professional power not to roll his eyes. ‘… You’re riding atop my shoulders, but you think that dinosaurs are odd?’ He’d think to himself before shaking his head. “Akie, I need you to aim for their eyes and snouts.” He’d carefully instruct as he waiting for her to do her thing, watching as those below him shifted into battle stance, some delivering blows. “I would recommend that we all spread out. Traveling as one legion would make us susceptible to damage. Smaller groups are ideal, that way you can still assist your allis.” He’d suggest to those below him, watching them adamantly as his attention flickered in between them and the battle. In short, he’d had a lot to pay attention to right about then.
[20:10] Copycat had taken a few moments while the battling was starting to stuff the rest of the contents of the mission case A into the various pouches. No time to read up on what each thing does while the fighting starts - as everyone was running off. She looked at the one gathering a massive amount of heat and just shrugged. "Hope this swamp ain't got anything bubblin' that'd 'cause this whole place to go into flames..." the cat rumbled out to herself before moving to keep up with her own little group she had been a part of. She had no real.. Ranged attack so to speak. So it'd take her a bit longer than the rest. She was mostly going to act as a bit of a 'guard' to Yuki for the time being. In case any of the smaller ones got close. She'd just /thwack/ them with a quick chop.
[20:13] Lucy D. Dolly laughs and lands on her feet with a squeak after the punch. Dusting herself off and seeing the damage "Yeah!" Then gets a feeling and leaps backwards grabbing the trikes horns as she smiles "Why thank you Mr dino and stretches herself bqack using the horns to slingshot herself at the still dazed spino to strike its head with her punch
[20:14] Nova Flare(Pilix) frowned a bit as she watched one of their own throwing the first punch. "Do we really need to be that harsh right from the start..?" SHe sighs a bit, shaking her head.. thinking they were just animals and they were just trying to clear them out of the area, right? She braces herself as she sees them lining up and charging toward the group, stepping forward a bit and setting her sights on a couple of the charging dinos, unleashing super heated plasma blasts toward them.
[20:17] Ariyoshi watched as the rubber girl slammed into one of the spinosauri, broken bones sticking from flesh only appearing to cause an outcry of the prehistoric beasts. The ominous distant rumbling of what she assumed to be a stampede of more to come only put her more on edge. She could hear the chatter between the others and did her best to focus on Soleil's words, "YES. I DO FIND IT ODD!" She blurts out, taking aim with her giant brush, "Okay, faces. Will do." She murmurs, a sudden stream of that orange oily paint shooting out, extending like a long serpentine tendril aimed straight for one of the spinosauri's faces. Should she be successful, she'd let the oily glob of paint spread to try and cover as much of it's face as possible, preferably the eyes before severing the tendril.
[20:24] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 moves over next to Samantha. " none of these creatures will reach you, Doctor Iseli. I will ensure that you may carry out any medical tasks without distraction. " At this point she drew a heavy pistol and activated a riot shield and planted herself between teh doctor and some of the closer foes. Taking aim she attempts to kneecap the closest raptor with her plasma pistol
[20:29] Samantha Iseli had admittedly expected a long flight, but remained quiet and got off the shuttle as soon as her seating position made doing so convenient. to do so. She tunes out Soleil's fussing over Akie as she follows along with the group, accepting a communicator from Sparks, putting it in her left ear, not caring that she probably looks silly with a commlink in both ears. She follows along with the group until the dinosaurs come into view. She settles in somewhere reasonably easy to defend and out of the way of the fighting as best she can, offering a nod to Celes, acknowledging her "Thank you" she says simply, watching the group battle the creatures.
[20:40] Scene Hell's swing hits one of the Allosaurus hard enough to send it flying into the air, torso split open and splattering gore along the way. Yuki's shots have a hard time hitting the fast-moving little dinos, but one bullet connects with an eye of a coelophysis and goes right into the brain, the dino going down like a puppet with cut strings and skidding across the grass. Lucy's sudden motion throws the trike off, making it pull up as quickly as it can and try to shake her loose, robbing a bit of the potential momentum from her launch but she still connects with the spino's head solidly enough to draw a solid crunch of breaking bone, leaving the beast in a stupor, stumbling around slowly and bleeding from mouth and nose in addition to the earlier wound. Nova's blasts are largely dodged as the little dinos leap back and forth to evade them, but after a few one of the allosaurus fails to dodge, getting slammed with the flame and roaring out in pain, rearing back and staggering, making it an easier target for
[20:40] Scene: further shots. Ariyoshi's paint flows out, the still-aware spino leaping back and forth a few times to try evading the stream, but eventually it gets caught and its face quickly gets covered in the thick oil, blinding the beast. Celes's shot gets evaded by a quick leap, but the motion does force that dino to redirect away from her and her ward. The trike attempts another close-range gore on Lucy, while the remaining Coel lunges for Yuki and the two remaining Allosaurus both rush Hell Guard attempting to bite her. The blinded spino tries rubbing its face on the ground to clear away the oil, though it doesn't seem to make much progress right away
[20:41] Scene The rumbling of the ground grows louder and more intense, and the trees of the forest begin to sway as if a massive wind were rolling in your direction
[20:43] Sparks smirks watching the blinded spino "Nice.." settling her targeting reticle on it, charging spindle turning trying to build up the next shot as she sets burst mode - full power and squeezes the trigger, a sharp resonating electronic squeal building as the glowing panel fades, the emitter cone of the cannon lighting and erupting with a destructive bolt of energy that screams through the air with a bright flash to slam into it hot destructive energy would chew into it's flesh burying the shot before it erupts in a hard detonation
[20:45] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls as the two rush her. She slams her blade into the ground, moving her face behind it to try and protect it as they bite at her. She lunges back a bit, shouting "falling off" as she tries to slash at one of their mouths, attempting to sever a good portion of it, but knowing that left her open for the other one which she raised her arm as it chomped down on her. She tried to free herself from it with her strength
[20:46] Yuki Aoyama let out a small 'woo' As she managed to kill something. Though it was instantly saddened by the fact she had killed something. A light aww following her straight after. Though it was very short lived as the remaining Small dino lunged at her. She of course let out a light 'meeep' At the sight of it as she raised her rifle and fired. Staying put however so if she missed in her 'blind' fire it she was going to get bitten....
[20:47] "Soleil Greycloak" waits for Akie, watching as she’d released a torrent of paint from her brush onto the creature’s face. “Very good, Akie.” He’d compliment her. Acting quickly, the demon would remain within the air, his palm aimed towards the dinosaur that had gotten an eyeful of literal, tactical art. Solar fragments would evaporate from the sky and conjure within the demon’s palms, their color growing dim in appearance. Aiming carefully around anyone who could potentially be in harms way, a narrow blast of silver fire would flare up within the demon’s palm. It’d spiral forwards, attempting to ignite the face of the spinsaur that Akie had just doused in paint and cast its eye sockets asunder. Seeing that Hell was in trouble would make the demon draw closer towards their direction as he braced himself, prepared to provide backup. At the sensation of what he assumed was an oncoming stampede, an idea would brew within the demon’s head, but he’d stand his ground as the idea full placed itself within his mi
[20:47] "Soleil Greycloak" as to whether or not it would be a wise decision.
[20:50] Copycat noted that Yuki seemed to be covered. It was times like this that Copy here wished she had a weapon. Maybe her more.. Well-known side could bug Sparks for something flashy later on. Regardless, the short cat noted that Hell Guard was in danger! The short cat might not have much, but she had moxy. Moxy.. And rope! She moved to dash over, readying the rope from her belt before leaping into the air - tossing the rope as she did. The main plan was to have gotten the rope wrapped around the Allosaurus's mouth some to hopefully stop it from chewing on the pretty angel lady /while/ landing on the creature's back. Hey. If these things were animals what's to say she couldn't take it for a ride. Y'know. Except her total lack of experience.
[20:55] Lucy D. Dolly lands once more this time rolling as her balance was thrown during that last attack by the trike. Dusting herself off and seeing ther damage to the spino she frowns "i thought...these were like robots?" Placing her hat on her head and putting her head down "Im sorry mr dino. Then turns towards the charging triceratops and holds out her hand raising her head as she directs her will in attempt to bring the charging beast under her control
[20:56] Nova Flare(Pilix) blinked a bit as she saw the dinos actually dodging many of her blasts.. "Avoiding the obvious reference here... these things are pretty smart... Smarter than I think dinosaurs probably should be... Do we know anything more about them?" As her shots landed on one, she focused down on it while it was slowed, firing super charged blasts with both hands right toward it, trying to take it down as quickly as possible. If she could take it down for the count, it would be one less threat, and she could turn her attention to another one.
[21:01] Ariyoshi saw that she managed to douse the creature's face, and if Soleil managed to light said face ablaze, they'd be just dandy. As Hell had shouted out, seeming to nearly be overwhelmed by the raptors? Allosaurs? Whichever one's were attacking Hell. As Soleil flew over towards them, she began to clamp tighter at his shoulder to keep herself steady as best she could, although the quick movements certainly made it difficult. Akie would take the opportunity to raise her brush forward to take aim, once again letting the paint blast out, gooey oil paint tendril maneuvering its way for it's face. Akie would aim to try and coil the manipulated oil paint around it's head to try and cover it's face properly. Her goal to try and buy Hell a bit of time to get back should the dinosaur become occupied with her little nuisance.
[21:03] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 raises her voice to just under megaphone levels. " I am detecting a large number of life signs heading into this direction. Not quite one hundred beings are converging on this location. " At this point she deactivated her shield and drew her own blade. "I will be right back. " And then she moved forward and fired her boosters. She moved Fast. Like hard to see fast. She darts forward past nova then cuts hart to the right ducking under the tail of dilo and holding her sword out to try to hamstring it, then continues that direction, attempting to do the same for the other.. Finally she cuts right hard again and circles back to her original position where she could defend the doctor. " They appear to be clever girls, Miss Flare. "
[21:04] At the same time as CELES warning those with the comm HUDs would get warnings and mutliple red dots on the edge of the battlefield, closing fast
[21:07] Samantha Iseli does her best to keep track of the battle for any injuries on the, she supposes 'assault team' is the best description. She notices Hell Guard being bitten, but it looked like the armour was holding, at least for now. She was more worried about the dinosaur leaping for Yuki. Even so, she pulled out her datapad and started to analyze the tremors in the ground, trying to figure out what might be approaching the group, since it seemed to very obviously be getting closer. At Lucy's comment, she wants to say something, but at this point she isn't actually sure her own information is accurate, so she refrains from commenting beyond a curt "No, they are flesh and blood" she replies and adds on after Nova's question "Originally, I was given the impression they were genetically engineered. However I will need to review that theory." She makes a note to request one of the deceased animals be brought back for laboratory examination. She blinks when Celes states that a large number of somethings were
[21:07] Samantha Iseli: approaching the group, she closes her datapad and puts it away, that was more information than her scanners would be able to manage.
[21:13] Scene Soleil's flame ignites the glob of oil, scorching the spino's face and causing its eyeballs to boil and pop, drawing a loud screech from it and making it rear up just in time for Sparks' shot to lance into the softer underside, the momentum and impact combining to flip the beast completely over as smoke begins to waft up from it, not moving at all. Hell's slice catches the allosaurus in the mouth, and while she can't bring her full strength to bear in the position, the hinged jaw isn't particularly resistant to direct force, a few pops signifying as the joints rip apart and the creature's mouth now just dangles open uselessly. The other one chomps down happily on Hell's arm, serrated teeth working against the metal with enough force to saw through titanium. Yuki's shot glances off the Coel's hide, deflecting its head away from a clean bite on her face, but it still attempts to snap down on a shoulder or arm. Copycat's vault lands him on the dino's back as it attacks Hell, but the makeshift reins are no
[21:13] Scene: match for its teeth, leaving him without any method of control as he straddles a several ton enraged animal in melee combat. Lucy's assertion of dominance makes the trike halt its attack, though that seems to be the extent of what she can manage as the beast's gaze flickers back and forth between rage and calmness rapidly. Nova's barrage finishes off the maimed allosaurus before it can gather itself and bring other attacks to bear, the repeated super-heated impacts finally building up enough to ignite even the thick hide. Ariyoshi's paint manages to catch the remaining allosaurus by surprise while it's busy with Hell and Copycat, quickly engulfing its head and blinding it, though it doesn't release Hell's arm yet. Celes' quick strike catches both the remaining dinos by surprise, making the Coel collapse as its legs give out, while the Allosaurus manages to stay upright but is very unstable now, wobbling with every little motion. Just in time as the initial battle seems to be winding down, the rumbling builds
[21:14] Scene: to the point it's impossible to ignore, massive pounding noises sounding off every few seconds and the crash of downed trees coming on like a tidal wave, and then the giganotasaurus erupts from the edge of the woods with a roar of fury, flanked on both sides by more of the lesser dinos, all coming on at a full charge

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by DeuxBlackthorn
[21:18] Sparks swivels her aim and frowns, still staying back with Sam as her cannon hums trying to charge the next shot, taking a hand off reaching down drawing her blaster, the smaller weapon powering up immediately as she toggles it up to it's full output, while Iridium swoops overhead panting the new targets, and searching to try and identify more detail on the swarming mass of smaller targets as her green eyes look at the larger additions to the battle - the tactical HUDs projecting vectors and firing solutions
[21:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees people painting the dinos with paint that is ignited and for a moment she thinks 'why didn't I think of that" before she growls, feeling the bite crimp down her armor. She moves her hand to try and pull the dino in close and swings the sword around like a guillotine, looking to slice off its head if it didn't make a run for it. if she managed to do the slice, she'd turn and look at the incoming stampede and the big-ass-osaurus "well...that's a big 'un...concentrate fire!"
[21:21] Yuki Aoyama blinked as she felt the pain before her brain registered what had happened. Her arm being bitten into hard. The suit taking some of it. AS she winced. Her free hand moving the rifle to unload into it at point blank range. as she tensed her fist up before trying to throw the dino off her with her slightly increased strength thanks to the suit. Her body spinning around to try and face the newer threat.. even if the only one wasn't done. Just letting out a small meep as she saw the... creature.
[21:28] "Soleil Greycloak" wasn’t about to set the dino aflame when someone was in such close vicinity to it. As the stampede burst forth, Soleil would think quickly. His eyes would stop rotating about within his skull for a short moment, a white glower glazing over within his eyes. He’d pull himself back from attacking at the last moment as Hell seemed to have it handled, his wings whisking behind he and Akie as he turned to look at the stampede. All things considered; he was pretty happy to be flying right now. Though everyone looked fine for the time being, Soleil’s goal was to put everyone in a spot where they could get to a better position, or limp themselves out of a stampede if it came to it. A bright light would illuminate from the end of his staff, the sensation of something warm gently passing over the bodies of those who stood within his vicinity.
[21:31] Copycat should have known normal rope wouldn't cut it! Right. Future ventures will certainly take a lot more prep work than a trip to the thirft and hardware stores. Luckily for her, Hell was cutting off the head of the dino she had just mounted. Or planning to. So Copycat went to sliiiide right off of it, moving to meander on towards the transport. Small things? Sure. She can handle them to a degree. But big things? A bit beyond her paygrade for now. So she'd stick near the medic to guard them.
[21:35] Lucy D. Dolly looks up at the triceratops as it seems to be torn what to do. Frowning a little now at least figuring out theres something else going on here. Feeling the ground tremble she looks up at the giant dino and breaks into a grin. Grabbing the dazed trikes horns as she launches herself at the giant dino and throws her fist back this time unleashing her full strength at the beasts snout
[21:36] Nova Flare(Pilix) blinked as something whizzed past her, rocketing forward like a guided attack missile, slicing at the dinos nearby before circling around. She blinks and looks toward the robotic woman, hearing her comment and sighing lightly. "Yeah, that was the obvious reference." She turns, hearing the approaching stomps coming from another direction, seeing the save of dinos coming in and.. looking up.. and up... and up a lot more at the giant giga... "What the.... shit..." She knew focus was going to have to be put on that thing... which would be hard with the rest of the stampede charing in around it. Time for crowd control. She rushes forward, firing streams of plasma out, trying to form a semi-circle of it between the group and the charging dinos, hoping at least some of them would think twice before trying to run through a rising wall of plasma flames...
[21:39] Ariyoshi severed the tendril of paint to leave the allosaurus blinded, though it didn't seem to let go of Hell quite yet, "Damn- Let go of her you little shit!" Assuming Hell's guillotine swipe would be successful, Akie's face would quickly turn to one silently saying, "Oh." That rumbling was getting too loud, this was not good, "Guys- I think we all need to get moving, this sounds like it's gonna get-" The trees began to fall, the large cracks of splintering wood catching her attention, causing Akie to whip her head around to look behind at the sight of the massive creature, "Uh- UH- SOLEIL-" She quickly began tapping his shoulder with her wooden hand to try and get him to turn around, which it seemed he was already at it just as she began to prod at him. When he span around, she frantically reached out to grab hold of something so she didn't lose her balance, hand clamping onto his left horn quickly to try and stabilize herself as she pointed her brush ahead, "LOOK OUT GUYS!" She was now panicking, having never
[21:39] Ariyoshi: " faced anything this big before. The girl simply froze at the sight, her eye twitching subtly as everyone below prepared for the challenge ahead."
[21:43] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 seems to be talking to someone who is not present over comm "This is CELES. Requesting permission to use Tactical Class Weaponry." there was a brief exchange. " I require permission from Director level personnel to activate Tactical Class armaments. " There was another pause " Director authorization received. Engaging THWAP. " At this point a massive beam seemed to come down from the sky and hit the Gynoid. When the light cleared, In her place was a story and a half tall mobile weapons platform. She turned to the massive creature and began to bear down on it. " Target engaged." Then in a quieter voice " No. I don't want to say it. Noo. Noooooo! Nee-sama! ..." she sighs. " Oh fine." next She bellowed out " BIG C! SHOW TIME!" []
[21:44] Samantha Iseli finds herself very immediately distracted by the gigantasaurus bashing it's way into the area and the most prominent response of the materialization of the massive weapons platform to counter it. She can bring little to the way of coherent thought beyond uttering "Gopfertammisiech" in Swiss German, which translators probably won't interpret correctly. (("May God damnate my corpse", for those that care))
[21:50] Scene Hell's slice cuts deep into the allosaurus's neck, nearly severing it and causing the already struggling dino to finally go down. Yuki's shots easily finish off the coel as it's collapsing from the hamstringing. Lucy's launch takes her straight at the giga, her fist slamming into its snout and making the head jerk to the side, but not leaving any visible damage. Nova's firewall diverts the smaller dinos and spinos, slowing their charge as they move to circle around it, but the trikes just rush right through it, heading for the closest targets they can find. The giga turns its head back towards Lucy, and suddenly spits a torrent of napalm at her
[21:55] Sparks blinks up.. and up.. at the gigantosaur "Huh." she puts the smol sidearm down on her hip again, and would instead point Doc Iseli rearward towards the shuttle, cradling the cannon as it's whining reaches a peak then resets charging another shot while she dashes laterally across the new front line, letting Iridium and comms do the talking for her "I don;t suppose anyone has a plan here?"
[21:57] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) rips her hand free and growls. She moves to stand over Yuki "focus on the big one" she says into comms as she fires a beam of pure energy out of her sword, swinging the beam in an arc to try and obliterate every single dino within close range, looking to give Yuki a clear moment to pull back and cut a wedge in the charge that would hopefully deter them from pushing
[21:59] Yuki Aoyama looked at her bleeding arm and just sighed. wincing as she lowered it. Though that only took a second. And in that second she looked back. Two trikes right there. A slight look of worry on her face Her eyes going wide though as some one moved over her. Her instinct after the beam was to... stand up and fire her gun at the giant ones teeth. Looking to literally shatter them more than anything. Some what praying that Hells attack did its job. otherwise next move she might be punted... A she was right next to the other woman
[22:00] "Soleil Greycloak" would bring himself upwards, all fine and well until he’d felt a hand clamp over his left horn. Soleil would flinch, his lips parting as he tried to say something in protest. Before he could, the extended grasp upon his horn would make him uncomfortably grind his teeth together, his tail lashing about throughout the air like a whip. When he’d managed to shake his horn free, he’d peer briefly up towards Akie, a barren look within his eyes. “… Let us never speak of that.” He’d say before drifting up higher, looking the best up and down from a decently safe distance. “Akie, I’m going to need you to duck. And hold your breath. This won’t be pleasant.” He’d dryly warn. In one clean movement, Soleil would maneuver himself with those wings to try and weave between the dinosaurs. Intending on diminishing their numbers before tackling his primary target, a long set of spectral claws would suddenly envelop over his hand, large enough to throw his arm out of proportion like some brand of
[22:00] "Soleil Greycloak" nightmarish creature. Wild gliding in between two of the dinos, he’d try to pry his venom-coated claws beneath one of their underbellies and cut vertically down its center to gut them alive, and then another one with his other hand if he’d been successful. The napalm was a great deterrent, for sure. “If you can- go for its legs. Bind them together. Make it fall, and then dogpile it after cutting down some of its lesser numbers.”
[22:02] Copycat decided to keep moving along, moving behind Sparks since she was the one with the guns pointing around to take a stand near the doctor. "Uhh. I'm outta ideas. Plus I punched all I was good at punching mostly-- And even then I think I'm a liiiittle overwhelmed with this." how the hell did mom do this all the time. So the cat offered a hand to the medic. "Unless ya powered or.. Enhanced in some way, I may be a bit more.. Quicker, ya feel me?" the cat asked in her auto-tuned voice. "Need a lift to somewhere more safe?"
[22:09] Lucy D. Dolly smirks seeing her punch at least did something. Eyes widening as she throws her arm out and pulls herself into the trees at the napalm goes by. Her screaming in pain "THATS HOT!!" as she disappears into the force with a crash and squeaks
[22:10] Nova Flare(Pilix) was glad at least some of the dinos were deterred by the flaming wall.. but not those three horned living tanks still charging in.. Thankfully it seemed like some others were working on dealing with those.. and the call had gone out to focus fire on the Giga... She decided to heed that call for the moment, looking up at as it.... spat napalm? "That thing breathes fire?! Is it a dinosaur, or a dragon?!" Luckily.. she could deal with fire just fine. An explosion of plasma erupted under each of her feet, rocketing her up into the air, to get closer to the Giga. One hand would reach out, trying to absorb the heat of any napalm it spat out, hopefully diverting enough from Lucy to let her get away from it, while her other reached out trying to send a large plasma blast right down it's gullet if she could.. These dinos were tough on the outside, but she wanted to see how soft the insides might be.
[22:19] Ariyoshi had blinked, seemingly becoming oblivious to reality for a few moments as she had sat there atop Soleil's shoulders. It was as if she had dropped into a trance for several seconds, which certainly felt longer in her mind. As time had passed, the girl's hand jerked away from the horn and she blinked a few times while gripping his shoulder again. She instinctively looked down to see Soleil speaking up at her, "I.." Her attention was taken, catching Spark's question, and quickly answering "Y- Yeah I've got a plan. Fucking BAIL." She shouted out, head filled with questions and once more panic, only made worse as she was told to hold her breath and duck down. Her stomach sank as they swooped down, the sickening sound of flesh tearing, as well as.. Wetness spattering along her back and hair. Not only that, but she saw a stream of NAPALM being sprayed out from the mouth of the massive beast, "Wha- What the FUCK!?" She quickly brought her brush up, only to see that it was melting away in her hand, spilling into
[22:19] Ariyoshi: " a mess of water, paint and blood. Blood had doused her brush, the girl's painted creation ruined by the contact with liquid, ".. Shit..""
[22:22] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 takes the sword in both hands and then tries to plunge it, point first into the giga's neck. Relasing her left hand, she swung her left hand over and aimed the storm bolter mounted to her wrist at that large blue eye and unloaded. " PERISH IN THE NAME OF PAE YOU OVERGROWN HANDBAG !"
[22:26] Samantha Iseli seems to be having quite a bit of trouble regaining her composure next to a gigantic robotic weapon that was basically something straight out of her nightmares...Well, memories. She closes her eyes and tears her gaze away from the machine when she hears Copycat speak "Need to take care of the wounded, cannot do that if I am not here" She gestures vaguely towards where Yuki was standing. Though anyone paying attention would be able to tell that something is off about her now. She seems to be holding herself together for the moment, but her breathing and heartbeat elevated significantly above their normals for a combat situation, considering how used to those she was.
[22:31] Scene Hell's swipe cuts a slash across the trikes, but they lower their heads to take the attack across their skull frills, the bloody gashes beginning the process of knitting together. Yuki's shots chip away at the closest trike's teeth until it drops its head, the move allowing a slight shift to take out one eye. Soleil's slash maneuver catches the trikes closest to Samantha, slicing through their bellies causing them to stagger down as the poison begins coursing through them. Nova manages to absorb the heat herself before napalm splashes all over, but as she fires plasma at the giga a beam of blue energy lances out from its mouth, subduing the flames at an immense rate. Celes finds it difficult to pierce the dino's neck but manages to drive the sword a bit in, enough to manage the rest of her maneuver, the bullets taking quite a few shots to penetrate even the eye of the gargantuan beast, but they finally do and it bursts in a shower of goo. The trikes take a moment to recover, the two that are still
[22:31] Scene: upright starting to attempt goring attacks on Hell. The other dinos make their way around the edges of the fire wall and resume their charges, while the giga adds a roar to the cacophony of battle... a roar intense enough to exert physical force sufficient to move a car, and trigger instinctual fear responses. A message comes over the comms "This is transport pilot Jacobs! A secondary force has assaulted my landing zone! I need immediate backup to clear the area! Please, if anyone can divert, I'm in imminent danger!"
[22:35] Vivienne had come levitating in from behind the group. She observed quietly with an extended arm carrying a sphere of Anima energy within it. She glanced at everyone as best as she could admist the current chaos going on with the Giga and other dinos. She spotted 'that' man once more but paid him little more than an extra second before focusing her attention at the group as a whole. A few portals began to open up behind the raven haired woman as she targeted the closest trike to her (Yuki's) and shoot a beam of energy toward it!
[22:40] Sparks swivels her head to look towards the transport and frowns, the Iridium diverting over that area to scan the area and add it to the tactical map as she backpedals away from the advancing dinos giving a soft guttural curse of her own under her breath as she holds the cannon under her arm, flicking it's settings to a tight beam and firing from the hip - a warbling electronic scream erupting from the weapon echoing through the forest as a beam of destructive energy lances from the barrel into the distance in a brief arc - it would slice right through raptor and trees behind it slashing them in twain, she tries to drag it onto the gigant's leg as an afterthought
[22:42] Yuki Aoyama breathed out as she looked at the trike for a moment. A tiny whimper coming from her as she whispered "Well.. this is gona hurt" AS she moved to intercept the attack of the one vivienne didnt fire at. As there where two. Her body taking the brunt of the damage as she was knocked.. dead. At least according to readings for now.. Her poor spine wasn't up to the task of blocking teh entire brunt.
[22:45] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) links as she sees the body hit the ground "cover fire!" she shouts and rushes in a rage, using her wings to increase her speed as she grab Yuki's body, turning as she slashed at dinos, hard rushing for Samantha and sliding in front of her, laying Yuki by her "she..." shivers and growls "Please do what you can, it does't look good" she states and turns looking around as she voices in comms "Yuki down. Looks bad. Give 'em hell"
[22:48] "Soleil Greycloak" would listen to Akie’s scream, his sensitive ears twitching as he brought his other claw up mid-strike to re-straighten his hat atop his head. Since Akie was atop his shoulders, the demon was fairly limited with what he could do. At the request for back up, Soleil would bring himself up into the air again. “Right- Well /we’re/ going to be that backup for Mr. Jacobs, so hopefully this will teach you a lesson in researching your field trips before you decide to embark upon them. How could you not have expected dinosaurs firing explosions from their mouths, Akie?” Soleil would ask her, scolding her as if she were family, listening to his own question for a moment and then just falling silent. “Don’t answer that.” He’d snippily reply, allowing his gaze to linger upon the larger mass of a monster as he looked towards the rest, silently placing his priorities about. “I am going to go assist. To the rest of you, stay safe.” He’d speak to those who could hear him, looking between any lingeri
[22:48] "Soleil Greycloak" medical personnel and Yuki whom had been injured before springing forwards, his wings carrying him elsewhere at a speed that Akie would just have to deal with. He’d make it a note to check back later, but he’d wanted to avoid more bloodshed if he could.
[22:56] Ariyoshi winced at the ear-piercing roar of the massive dinosaur, leaving a lingering ring in her ears as her hearing gradually returned. The distant muffled voices of the others around a bit hard to understand. Akie shook her head and reached for her ponytail to feel for her backup brush, but that too, had melted away, "Shit, shit shit shit.." Her hearing had returned, and she could hear over the comms that the transport was now under attack as well, "I don't.. I don't know what to do, fuck, I need more brushes!" As if on cue, there was Soleil lecturing her amidst the chaos, "Oh come ON! I just wanted to help- You have to admit we were whooping ass with that team work!" She was adamant about her own defense, as they flew off she quickly turned back to the others, "I'll- try to meet back with you all! GOOD LUCK!" With that, she was carried off with Soleil towards the pilot in need.
[22:57] Lucy D. Dolly Theres a explosion of steam followed by Lucy's enraged yelling "YOU SON OF BASTARDING BITCH!!!" Suddenly Lucy appears appears in a jet of steam and punching the giant dino with all her now severely increased might. Breathing hard and skin now a darkened red "YOU BURNED MY HAT!!"
[23:05] Nova Flare(Pilix) frowned as she watched the giant dino shoot some sort of blue beam out of its mouth now, suppressing the heat of her plasma blasts. "Stealing all my tricks now, are you? And why the hell does this thing have weird mouth beam powers?!" She yelps as the roar sends her flying backward a good few meters, using another increased blast of plasma from her feet to try and steady herself. "Fine.... tried fighting fire with fire... but we'll try the opposite instead then." She flies forward then, another burst sending her rocketing toward the Giga.. aiming toward it's neck, where she would attempt to latch onto it, wrapping arms and legs around if she could. If she managed to clamp down on the beast, all the heat of her plasma would vanish... as she began to absorb the ambient heat right out of the thing's flesh, seeing to freeze it's neck, in the hope of making it snap off, or making it easier for someone else to get a hit there and snap it off...
[23:05] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 grabs a thick tow cable and loops it through the hilt of the sword and began running twards the giga's legs. She then flung the sword trying to embed it into the massive beasts legs. She then began to run arround the beast as fast as he can, letting out tow cable as she ran around and around trying to pull the cable tight, making sure to jump over the laser so it doesn't hit her " PREPARE FOR IMPACT" Then as an afterthought " The big dino said your hat looked stupid. I speak dino!"
[23:07] Samantha Iseli covers her ears as best she can at the roar from the Giga, to be honest, she's more afraid of Celes than the giant dinosaur and so she just yells back at the beast "Halt doch tschnorre!" (("Shut up")). Not that she can hear herself, or the comms over her ringing ears. She can't hear Hell Guard due to her her hearing damage from the Giga's roar, but she knows her job. She gets her scanner out to assess the damage and furrows her brows, shaking her head sadly, nothing she can do. Just before she closes her scanner, she gets an odd reading that makes her take a second look. Her assessment changing to 'there's nothing she can do -here-' instead.
[23:09] Vivienne the air behind Vivienne flashed with multiple dots of purple light as she summoned more portals behind her. She'd take aim at the other trike next to Yuki, she furrowed her brows together seeing Yuki in a heap of trouble, she was upset now and would take it out on the trike she targeted. A beam of volatile anima energy fired our from the portal behind her, whilst as the same time she let loose a particularly 'piercing' beam at the trike next to Yuki that would probably do a good job of piercing the trike should it not miss. She levitated a great deal closer to the ground, adjusting her cap as she continued to look out for those she knew in particular in a protective manner, whilst scanning for any other openings or savings she might need to perform. 'Strange day today, see the silhouette of a man she shared a great deal of experiences, and then dinosaurs.' she thought pensively. Where was this all headed? She wondered as she landed somewhere near Sparks with a hand already extended outward with anima form
[23:09] Vivienne and ready.
[23:23] Scene Sparks blast shreds the allosaurus, causing the coel to leap aside from the beam, and then slams into the giga's leg causing it to stagger. Lucy's sudden return catches the giga by surprise, the stronger hits bashing its head out of position with each impact, little cracking noises starting to echo out from its skull. Nova's freeze attempt seems to take hold rather quickly, the dino's movements becoming slower and stiffer, and then as its legs are wrapped up the next hit with all the combined effects sends the monstrosity tumbling over towards the ground. Vivienne's barrage slams into the trikes, battering them back slowly at first, but soon starting to sear through them faster than they can recover, until finally both give out and collapse to the ground still. The giga hits the ground with an earth-shaking impact, and then seems at first to disappear for those right next to it, but it actually just shrinks down to human size and insectoid features, hissing out angrily "Stupid pinkskins! Die!" as it
[23:23] Scene: unleashes an energy-draining wave that washes over the battlefield, though it seems to lack fine control as the remaining coels drop dead from it, and the other dinos stagger momentarily before resuming their attempts at biting anyone they can reach
[23:30] Sparks takes a slow breath, staggering a little bit at the mini-earthquake as the dino falls, glancing down at her weapon now drained again still struggling to power up - then her white suit ripples madly extruding chaotically and the trim stripes darkening rapidly to almost black, the flails a bit "What.. psionics...?" as it goes into shutdown, expended protecting her but leaving her still mostly fresh, she groans and slings the cannon, drawing her sidearm and firing a blast at the nearest Dino
[23:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls, communicating on the comms "Medic on me, all else fall back to my line if needed" she states and begins hacking at dinos that came close enough to allow her sword to do its work, blood slinging around as she held the line
[23:35] Lucy D. Dolly is struck by the beam as she falls to the floor with a squeaking impact. Her steam dolly technique already drains her stamina normally so the beam leaves her completely drained. Gripping her heart as if having a heart attack
[23:36] Nova Flare(Pilix) felt her freezing taking hold, ice forming over, and likely within the creature's flesh.. and then she felt a change in momentum, faaling the fall happening. She lets go of the beast, re-igniting her plasm to keep herself up in the air for the moment as she watches it fall and then... vanish? No.. shrink... into a strange insectoid creature? "What.. the..." She blinks as she stares at it, then being hit by the energy draining wave, gasping and feeling her energy being drained away, her plasma vanishing once more as she drops to the ground with a hard thud.. groaning in pain after. "What...." She mutters out, barely able to speak, or breathe after such a hard impact with the ground. This leaves her in a fairly vulnerable position for the moment, particularly with the remaining dinos looking for easy pickings..
[23:40] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 starts to charge the bug creature " TAKE IT ALIVE!" She calls out jettisoning the massive combat form for her speed form. attempting to snatch up a segment of the toe cable and wrap it around the insect and cinch it tight around it, not yet realizing the damage the energy draining wave is doing to the organics.
[23:41] Samantha Iseli barely hears the call for a medic over the slowly diminishing ringing in her ears, not sure if it was call for help or something else. But as she starts to move Yuki's body, the energy drain wave hits her and she slumps back against the tree, everything fading to black as she passes out cold, the last thought processed in her head was 'why is the bug talking?'.
[23:44] Vivienne eyed the trikes that she had fired upon with an upturned cold, calculated golden glare. Vivienne walked forward, fully composed and with steel in every step she took. She was deeply upset at the timing, thought at least she seemingly bought time for Yuki to be carried off. She could have sworn she had heard a familiar voice before her eyes widened as she was suddenly staggered from the impact of the giga hitting the ground, it had distracted and disoriented her momentarily, the following energy waved that would eventually swing toward Vivienne was met with her quickly floating upward and the fuck away! But it was extremely close! Vivienne was startled for a moment 'Such power, I did not expect this.' she thought quickly as she hovered over to the nearby group falling back; she had just gotten here, and things were looking terrible. She'd prepare herself the best she could, another wave of portals appeared behind her 'Pierce them, Full Scatter, High Impact.' she chanted briefly as the portals behind her be
[23:44] Vivienne to glow bright, this would take a moment.
[23:46] Scarlet tore towards the scene at half the speed of sound, slamming into the forest floor with all the force of a harbinging comet sent by the gods. There was little to no dust kicked up; subtle use of her aerokinetic power kept it contained. She'd already surveyed the battlefield by the time she rose from the crater, and determined a course of action. Her body lit aflame as she began approaching the nearest dinosaur; a rampaging spinozaur. She drew no weapon. She didn't intend to waste perfectly good resources that could be put towards a better cause... that cause being utilized as raw biomass to accelerate her healing abilities. Hair-thin tendrils erupted from her body, racing to each and every biological ally in the area. <<If you will kindly accept this, I can ensure your survival.>> she broadcasted to every such ally in the vicinity. Those who were unconscious or otherwise incapacitated were not given an opportunity to simply accept or reject the offer; the tendrils attempted to burrow into their flesh and
[23:46] Scarlet: meld with their bodies, so that they could be linked to the knight and share in her regenerative abilities.
[23:56] Scene Sparks shot catches a lunging allosaurus in the mouth, blasting out the back of its head, while Hell's slashes finish off the other two. Celes sudden burst of speed catches the creature off guard, though it twists and dodges to make the process difficult. The remaining spinos keep snapping at Hell, the one near Pilix slashing down with a few claw swings, not packing much force behind them, while the mimic glares at Celes "Disgusting machines" attempting to form a psionic force cage around the robotic assailant. Lucy feels a distant presence suddenly watching over her very closely, though nothing happens from it just yet
[00:01] Sparks's pistol hums in her hand, a detached part of her noting in surprised approval the success of it's first combat test as her eyes lock onto the rubbergirl, she shifts and sprints forward, a bit slower and more ragged with her suit offline, batting the tendril aside with a scowl not accepting it as she runs towards Lucy, firing a few wild shots towards the Dino over Nova Flare to distract it "Get Nova Flare!" she barks in a commanding tone, sliding in to Lucy reaching down to her, trying to check pulse, grimacing and moving her free hand over her chest, and starting firm chest compressions, eyeing the tendril attachign to the rubbergirl a little suspiciously
[00:04] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) begins spinning her sword around, noticing the familiar lone wolf idealisms as comms go dead. She moves to slash at nearby dinos and then summons the power of her holy might, sending a beam of energy to try and break the cage, shattering it and keeping it from being anything but another futile attack by an inferior lizard
[00:08] Lucy D. Dolly has a low pulse, her heart beginning to slow. Feeling a familiar presence of DM she gives a smile to try and ease her fears. Sparks compressions helping her rubber heart beat again as she opens her eyes "Hey...its catgirl"
[00:09] Sparks smiles "Hey... you can't pet my ears if you go out here"
[00:10] Nova Flare(Pilix) lay there dazed and hurting, completely drained of energy, barely able to move as her mind started to race, panic setting in as she saw the looming dino. Her eyes widened as she squirmed, desperately trying to find the energy to move away as those claws came in toward her. She yelped out harshly as they scraped over her, leaving shallow, though still nasty cuts in her flesh, tearing through her outfit and leaving most of it in shreds falling away from her. She wanted to lift her hands, to call on her plasma to blast at it... but there was just nothing there now... That is, until some strange things started burrowing into her, attaching to her and starting to allow her to heal out of nowhere, those nasty cuts starting to knit up and close as if she'd never been harmed.. She felt just a bit of energy returning now, her fists clenching as the temperature directly around her began to drop quickly, the ground frosting over as all the heat around her was being absorbed, starting to replenish at least a bit of
[00:10] Nova Flare(Pilix): her energy with the ambient heat...
[00:10] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 pulls out her pistol and flips a switch, Aims the gun at the bug's lower legs, firring a shotgun blast of plasma at short range, trying to maim it without killing it. While the gun recharges for the next shot, she pulls a cryo-nade and chucks it like a major league baseball player at the spino directly behind her
[00:12] Lucy D. Dolly smiles and reaches up to pet Sparks "I'm Lucy...and I think...Im going. to nap now" smiling as she passes out exhausted
[00:14] Vivienne the portals that she had formed in her previous post were charged a bright light purple, bright enough to light up the battlefield below them with a briefly intense, then suddenly pale and gentle purple glow as they hit their peak 'charge'. At the same time she would note the entrance of a particularly 'super' power individual (Scarlet). Who wouldn't? Being as spontaneous as they had. Vivienne cracked a brief smirk, remembering the tales of the comic books she frequently read, there was still a nerd inside of her. But there was a task at hand! 'No, Thank You.' Vivienne rejected the offer from Scarlett, she had just arrived herself and would not want to put herself before those already hurt, nor did she need it. Extending her finger forward, her eyes glowed with gentle intensity as she prepared her next attack against the intruding Spinos on Hell. Two portals would fire out from far behind Vivienne, a flash of piercing Anima, and then another, annnnd then another. The beams that missed would impact the gro
[00:14] Vivienne and glass the spot it hit upon impact; unintended side effect of using such an increased volume of energy. The dinos baring down of Pilix would receive similar punishment in the same form, her beams fired like artillery support from afar with punishing piercing power until they eventually subsided, Vivienne subsequently floated back to the ground, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath to recompose; she needed a moment to recover after that sudden expenditure of energy 'Take it easy now, no need to be hasty.' she reminded herself.
[00:15] Scarlet: Those who the tendrils melded with found that any sensation of pain they were feeling was almost instantly numbed, and exhaustion fled them as raw ATP (or whatever else their bodies used for energy; Scarlet was easily capable of creating and delivering custom chemical cocktails for each of her wards) flooded into their systems. Bleeding slowed, broken bones began to knit, and lost blood was replenished as the knight's healing ability seemed to reverse their injuries. It'd definitely take longer to repair major physical trauma, but she could definitely prevent existing wounds from getting any worse from the time being... except for Dr. Iseli, Hellguard, Lucy, and Sparks. The good doctor's body seemed to automatically reject her aid, causing the tendril to disintegrate. The tendril aimed at Hellguard seemed to get lost, wandering aimlessly until she amputated it... perhaps it had something to do with the angel's nature? Lucy appeared to not be biological in the conventional sense. Sparks and Vivienne simply
[00:15] Scarlet: rejected the offered tendril. Choosing not to dwell on these incidents, Scarlet focused on the task at hand. She leaped upwards at the spinozaur she was targeting, attempting to drive her fist into it; given that she weighed ten tons and possessed meta strength, she hoped that this would be a relatively straightforward procedure. If successful, her limb was going to begin the melding process upon the spinozaur as well, but with the opposite effect; its biomass was going to be siphoned away and altered for proper use by the others who had been successfully joined to her.
[00:24] Scene Hell's slash slices deep into the remaining spinos, but the blast doesn't have any visible effect on the forming force cage beyond causing a bit of shimmering and rippling. Nova's heat drain causes the spino above her to run completely out of energy, collapsing to the ground unconscious though seeming to still be alive for now. Celes' shot is too fast for the creature to drain the heat from, ripping gaping holes through its legs and sending it collapsing to the ground. Vivienne's second barrage adds to the slashes and finally finishes off the last spino, as well as tearing grievous wounds through the unconscious one. With the dinos already going down, Scarlet is easily able to merge with one and begin leeching from it. The insect creature flails around on the ground, erupting a wave of darkness now to blind the battlefield so it can attempt an escape
[00:30] Sparks glances up, looking around noting all this happening, holstering her pistol as she ensures Lucy's heart is beating on her own reflexively placing a beacon on her, standing glancing to the right, face setting in a mask as she spies Sam and just jogging forward, bending down to check on Nova Flare stopping dead at the darkness she sinks into a crouch, tapping commands to Iridium as it moves over the battlefield, focusing sensors onto the scene - the tactical HUDs ligghting up with augmented reality outlining people and things and the bug if it could find it, she's next moving forward groping blindly for Nova to check on her
[00:31] Durian stands up from th ebrush racking the bolt as he wonders off into the woods once again
[00:31] Sonar and radar manage to render the creature's outline - shaky and fluctuating in the HUD image but tracking it
[00:38] Nova Flare(Pilix) sighed softly, glad all the pain was gone suddenly, the gashes in her flesh from the claws still slowly knitting up over her exposed skin. She was still drawing in the ambient heat from around her, freezing the ground beneath her and the air around her quite cold now, her breaths showing in it as little vapor puffs as she regains her energy. She looked over toward where the bug person was, just before the wave of darkness filled the area. She lifts her left hand and fires as much of a blast of charged, bright plasma as she can manage, trying to light the area near where she last saw the thing. After a moment, a soft gasp is drawn from her as a hand is suddenly groping at one of her bare breasts, from Sparks reaching out to find her. "Ngh, h-hey watch where y-you're grabbing..."
[00:38] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 me charges the bug's last position activating her helmet light and sending out sensor pings and cross referencing them with data f from the iridium and tries to pounce on to the bug and pin it's arm behind it's back " If you do not resist you will not be further harmed. "
[00:40] Samantha Iseli just remains unconscious
[00:40] Sparks sighs "Just glad you're Okay..." though now that she knows this there would be some leditry under the cover of darkness...
[00:41] Vivienne kept her eyes closed, she took another deep breath inward as she reached up and adjusting her cap, exhaling at the same time and opening her eyes again. She felt better now, mentally and physically. Though peak effciency was just a few moments away. She spotted the effect of her orchestrated barrage of Anima had on the dinos 'Wonderful.' she told herself, smiling briefly, her goal of saving her intended targets appeared to have been achievedas she looked on to the fallen spino she had downed 'Exceptional, do collect a sample.' she told herself, this would be amazing to study later. She spotted a peculiar wave of what she could only describe as shadowy darkness, the immediate area around her personal being would flicker a brief purple as she erected a form 'barrier' around her, it would reflect and revert foreign entities from touching and fast moving objects, but it did nothing against the blindess once the darkness washed over her. She was not levitating again anytime soon; she extended her fingers,
[00:41] Vivienne summoning energy in case she needed it spontaneously. Though generally blind at the moment, 'Hope nothing catches me off guard.' she thought
[00:42] Scarlet: When her target fell, the knight was able to drink deeply of its biomass, causing it to dessicate into a skeletal wreck before the combatant's very eyes. The revitalization she was channeling into the wounded became noticeably faster as she drained the creature, causing even truly grievous injuries to undo themselves with great speed. She was aware of the insect's attempts to escape, but was unwilling to break from her current task to go after it.
[00:46] Scene Pilix's shot slams into the creature as it tries to shapeshift again, and then when Celes gets her grip on it it hisses out once more "Your empire will crumble to dust, just like those who came before. Ours will always be victorious, no matter how many you defeat" before suddenly going limp in her arms
[00:48] Nova Flare(Pilix) hears Sparks voice, still feeling the hand on her bare breast as she squirms a bit. "Yeah.. I will be. I think someone's healing me... And I'm.. trying to regain energy from the heat around me..." Those bare nipples of hers would be quite perky right now, given the cold temperature in a short bubble of area around her.. Sparks may or may not be affected by this cold, depending on the state of her suit at the moment. She felt the healing of her woulds increasing, quickly leaving her good as new. She sighs softly, stopping her absorption of heat for now, as it seemed like the situation was over.. the ambient temperature around her starting to slowly normalize from the outside air, and the ice on the ground around her starting to melt.
[00:49] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 tries to check for life signs on the bug creature.. heartbeat, breathing ect. She even tries to use her sensors to scan for brainwave activity, though her scaners were not medical scanners
[00:51] Sparks yelps as her body temperature, already lower in the forest after her suit powered down, drops dramatically sinking to her knees and panting softly as she starts to shiver for a moment until heat returns "I h-h-hate bein cold" she stammers through chattering teeth rubbing her hands together and moving to help Nova up to her feet, slipping an arm around her not trusting her to be so fully healed so quickly as she looks over the field, reaching up touching her comm as she'd move over to Lucy with Pilix if she could - summoning the ship back for extraction and making a call to have medical support standing by on return
[00:51] Scene despite relatively little visible trauma from the waist up, the creature lacks pulse and isn't breathing, and the brain activity is rapidly diminishing into the realms of brain death
[00:51] Scarlet did a quick check on everyone she was connected to, seeking to ensure that they were in good health before cutting off her connections. Satisfied that nobody was in danger of death or permanent injury, she pushed one last surge of energetic chemicals through the tendrils before willing them to disintegrate. The knight tore her arm free of the ruined spinozaur and approached the unconscious form of Dr. Iseli. "Doctor." she said quietly. "Can you hear me? Are you quite alright?"
[00:53] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 stands up, and heads out to the group. " I believe it self terminated. How can I assist with the wounded?
[00:53] Vivienne 'Positive Pressure' she commanded the field around her, it'd attempt to disperse the air around her in an attempt to free herself from the brief blinding darkness. Which must have worked considering she could see again, she looked over the field, full of down dinos and fallen allies alike "Mmm." she managed, thinking as she turned toward the closest being. Samantha and Scarlett it appeared, she regarded them both with a nod, though she'd be eyeing Samantha moreso than Scarlett, assuming the latter was relatively okay
[00:55] Samantha Iseli is still very much out cold, given her typical history of spending days awake at a time and forgetting to eat, the energy drain wave hit her pretty heavily.
[00:55] Sparks looks down, still holding Nova "Lucy is.. unconcious and injured, but no immediate danger. Someone will need to carry her, I have no strength until I get some recharge..." she looks over "Someone will need to transport Doctor Iseli's body" she adds in monotone.
[00:56] Scarlet saluted Vivienne in return. "I suppose I should be asking you as well- are you injured?" she inquired, putting a finger to Samantha's neck to check her pulse. This was the first time she'd done it the old-fashioned way in what felt like eons. "It's not as if I'm going to run out of healing ability, so don't feel guilty about it."
[00:56] Sparks: "Also Yuki is dead..but she'll revive"
[00:56] Sparks: "So someone needs to carry her too"
[00:57] Scarlet: "I can accommodate both of them, if need be."
[00:57] Vivienne looked over toward Scarlett, offering her a kind smile "I am not, thank you for considering my wellbeing, I believe I know the answer to this myself, but are 'You' okay?" she asked her, before looking over toward the unconscious Samantha, she cleared her throat and the steel returned to her voice as she took the situation seriously "I have no medical knowledge or abilities, but I can safely and painlessly carry most of these bodies to a safe area." she affirmed, offering her assistance, forming a plan.
[00:58] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: " This will likely be Doctor Iseli's first real sleap in years
[00:59] Samantha Iseli has a pulse, though it is slower than one would expect for someone who was merely unconscious, but medical records would show that her heartbeat was always on the lower side of normal.
[00:59] Scarlet: The knight blinked. That was the first time someone had asked her that in a very, very long time. "I'm doing better than normal, actually. The lifeforce of that dinosaur has me feeling a touch energized! Thank you kindly for asking!"
[00:59] Nova Flare(Pilix) sighs softly, accepting the help up, and seeming to be able to stand rather easily now, not really needing the support being offered.. Though having heard Sparks' chattering complaint, pouts a bit to her. "Sorry.. here..." She starts lightly radiating a soft warmth, now that her energy was replenished a bit at least.. not quite enough yet to fight again, but enough to keep Sparks warm while she clung to her like that.
[01:01] Sparks sighs and leans into her, a bit tired herself now and enjoying the warmth, nuzzling into Nova softly and smiling, her voice low "You okay hun?" patting her coat for her padd and extracting it to check on the status of the return flight
[01:01] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 shifts forms once again to a much stronger form, then very gently lifts the sleeping doctor. " I am very sorry if I caused you more trauma, Doctor Samantha Iseli. " Seeming odly protetive of the sweedish doctor.
[01:02] Scene Soleil and Akie seem to have gotten the situation under control, and the pilot reports that the transport will be ready to fly by the time you get back to it
[01:02] Vivienne gave a firm, almost noble like nod toward Scarlett. "Very good, you looked spectacular out there, highly commendable skills, and I would be remiss if I did not ask regardless." she replied
[01:06] Scarlet: "Please, be cautious with Dr. Iseli!" called out Scarlet as CELES took her away. "I can't aid her if she becomes more gravely injured!" After worrying for a few more seconds, she sighed and turned her attention back to Vivienne. "Ah, I can't take that much credit. I've been afforded tremendous power, and I tend to wield it like a sledgehammer. You, however, seem to utilize your abilities with far more grace." she insisted. Then, something dawned on her. "...ah, how rude of me! I have yet to give you my name. I am Scarlet Phoenix, Sec Op for PAE. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?"
[01:06] Nova Flare(Pilix) nods to Sparks a bit. "Yeah, I am now.." Then speaking a bit more loudly as she looked around. "Thanks, to whoever it was that provided the healing... I needed it. That wave, and then that damn dino slashing at me... But now I'm..." She looked down over herself, as if to inspect where she knew she'd been slashed.. and it seemed to only now dawn on her that most of her outfit was gone... her face slowly flushing red. "Good as.... new....." She lifts her left arm up, draping it over her naked breasts to cover herself, squirming a bit...
[01:07] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: " I will be exceedingly careful with her. " She frowns. " I should not have left her side.. "
[01:07] Sparks grins "Looking good~" she coos kissing her softly, then squeezing around her waist holding her close as she walks Nova over to the others as the shuttle arrives, directing a few medics to collect the forms of Lucy and Yuki and load them- boarding with Nova
[01:09] Scene the Vanguard crew land the shuttle and quickly collect the creature's corpse as well as our own wounded, preparing to return to the city as soon as everyone is ready
[01:10] Samantha Iseli is as light as her comparatively petite frame would indicate, though her medical bag is slightly heavier than one would expect. She doesn't appear injured at all actually, aside from the drain wave, she had not been hit. Celes' presence would have made no difference. And if she were awake, she would just wave it off, stating that she was well aware of the risks.
[01:10] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 would make sure Doctor Iseli gets home and into bed
[01:11] Vivienne smiled at Scarletts assessment "My mother always taught me as a young princess, that being able to present yourself with a calm and collected mind in the face of danger will help you greatly in achieving victory." she replied "I tend to live by words, and the meaning behind them, call me....whatever you want too actually." she laughed "Ah yes! My name is Vivienne Ravencross, no affiliations other than my company."