Battle in Rendezvous: I

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Battle in Rendezvous: I

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[ Welcome To Rendezvous! ]

The violet portal opens to a landscape of endless cerulean. The scents of candy floss and fried food never seems to leave, and the sound of chains tremoring forth from the realm itself seems to echo out from the abyss. Standing atop a pile of books, the figure of a Pierrot is seen with his doll-like accomplice towering within a cage above him. He seems to be taken off guard as the entourage of heroes appears. The Pierrot brings himself up and off the pile, an eerie sense of calm expanding from him. He steps forward. The blue realm seemed to shiver beneath his boots, a pulsation of something potent sprouting up and out of the ground in his wake. An array of books would open and float idly throughout the dreamscape. The presence of carnival workers bustled around ‘The Rendezvous’, their voices audible over the sound of barren emptiness. A terrifying, omnipotent force exuded off of the jester, only made stronger by the group’s presence in Rendezvous. A psychokinetic energy

[17:20] Ghostwriter would settle within the air like a feeling of oppressiveness, practically suffocating the air around it as tiny pulsations of overwhelming kinesis shuddered forwards from his frame. He’d part his lips beneath his mask, rows of fangs clicking steadily together as he spoke. “Divvvaaa!~ The calvary is finally here, dame an’ they brought all of their hatchetmen! Welcome to ‘The Rendezvous of Nocturne, my friends! I wonder… what brings you all here to my whimsical, two-dimensional curve of a book? I’ve not had this many new visitors in a long, long while! Shoulda’ had Diva bring out the popcorn stand, if only I knew…” He’d hum, a book snapping into his hands. He seemed to look over each new occupant, looking in between them and his book as he scribbled something down upon it.

[17:20] Diva Aria swung, perched atop the scene in her cage, the diva cooing the warm-up chords for vocals "Do re do~" She would sing, her beautiful voice echoing across the entire expanse. It seemed this place was designed for great vocal acoustics. "Ohohoho~ Welcome welcome! Maybe we can set up a stand for the guests next time. Or well....assuming there is a next time. If all the audience is in the show is there a show? A question for the philosophers I suppose. Regardless! Let's begin our first showing actors! BREAK A LEG!" She cooed back to Nocturne and reached to the bluebook at her feet, opening it as she began to let out a soft rhyme that broke into a carnival-style jingle that echoed across the area. " 𝅘𝅥𝅮 Throughout the ebony circus tops, Across the cerulean skies. There is a land where the destitute gather to repent. Their hearts hollow, and with violet eyes 𝅘𝅥𝅮 "

[17:20] DM: The sound seemed to invigorate the tulpa all around the area. A-D moving their arms slowly raising up, pointing to select people in the crowd. Spyder, Mythos, Breaker Gemini, and Void Master, And Z3PH-YR All with complete silence. Not to ruin Silvia's beautiful song.

[17:23] Sparks slips through the portal, blinking around at the blue then shaking her head, and drawing her weapon as it powers up, touching her comms "Starting tacnet." everyone with basically any kinda of comm would get linked into a network of information sharing, those with HUDs or visual elements receiving computed telemetry, markers, and other useful things coordinating the group

[17:24] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) walks in, sword out, aura bristling as she prepped for combat. She caught the nasty scent of cheapo food and the sounds of funhouse chains. She looked up a tthe figure and shivers as she looks around at the eery light, not seeing much in the way of shadows. Voices seemed to be around and then she heard the announcement from him, looking at the book and then up at Dvia's voice from above "Well, glad we brought an army in with us" she states with a wide grin, as the weird music permeated the area "Because this is going to get really weird really quick" she states, ready and looking around, wanting this to not becoming the royal cluster that she was bothered it might soon become "stay tight, watch each others backs, if you need cover get behind me or one of the other big ones, and check your firing solutions so we don't all slap each other with these weapons" she states, seeing the vast degree of various weaponry, sizes, and options around her. A lot of variables in allies and enemies.

[17:25] Kynarus would be one of the ones first through the Nexus portal, literally /flying/ through, wings spread out, landing with a loud THUD! The dragon took a few moments to observe the landscape, eyes taking a while to adjust to the blue realm. As the gates open to.. a carnival, the dragon would mighty puzzled. He wasn't expecting much.. but this was still surprised. As the spindely man came into view, Kynarus would thud his way to the front. "HARK!" He would bellow at, looking to Ghostwriter, "Are you the author of this bookworld?"

[17:26] Innoctiva follows the rest of the mob through the portal and keeps as close to Kitty as she can, her miasma would swirl around the cat girl forming a small barrier around her with the mist, she would take note of where other members of PAE were at at the current time, she had a limited range on how far her miasma would go. She would try her hardest to keep the members of PAE safe. As the group of circus freaks decended upon them she would try to stretch her miasma to any member of PAE that was at least 5 meters from her. She'd let the more boisterous of people talk, she had a job to focus on.

[17:26] Control enters and looks around. Her gun is at the ready and she scans the room quickly upon entering, marking targets and waits for the whole mess to really kick into high gear.

[17:26] Void Master Void follows behind the crowd Making sure to provide covering fire for all the people standing united to rid this nonsensical threat "I hope I won't slow them down" Void worries he'll be a hindrance to the mission but he had to do the best he can "Today I will make my sisters proud" He adds trying to invoke a confidence in himself. "today this ends! You twisted storyteller!" He shouts at Ghostwriter.

[17:26] Spyder-Bitch wiped her goggles a bit, looking around, and can't help herself from singing, "Yo listen up, here's the story, about a little guy that lives in a blue world. And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue. Like him, inside and outside. Blue his house with a blue little window, and a blue Corvette, and everything is blue for him. And himself and everybody around, 'cause he ain't got nobody to listen...We're blue da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa." She looked at the guy with all the books, "Nerd alert. Looks like someone took up juggling instead of getting laid in high school."

[17:26] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) entered the portal and stepped through without hesitation, or any emotion. Even under the steel 'grinning demon' mask, her face was stony. She knew what was at stake. She knew what she had to do, and, gods and goddesses willing, she would do everything in her power to see it through. She would give everything to see it through. She had to rescue that which was most precious to her, to her friends, to PAE, no matter the stakes. As she was gestured to, apparently selected, she looked at the Diva, her massive armanelts flexing like the pensive movements of a large insect.

[17:26] Mythos leads the upper city team in, moving into the room with a frown "Well, so much for a simple, quiet rescue mission. Been a while since I went to war with a plane itself... let's see how rusty I am." scanning the area for magical signatures as she begins attempting to gather her magic, her frown deepening as the realm resists her efforts, slipping towards the center of the group as a wooden mask materializes on her head and she mutters "If grace won't work, then brute force will have to do... Hecate, stand with me now" the mask seeming to be actively growing with vines and flowers, and her magical presence surges drastically as it takes form

[17:26] Breaker Gemini would trigger its sword as it started to heat itself up, its gun slowly spinning up as well. "Connected to TacNet. Thank you whomever did that." The machine entitty would gaze at the Tuplas pointing at them, pointing its sword at one of them. "Hostiles targeted. Marking for Deletion/Recycling/Destruction."

[17:26] Kitty Hikuto follows through the portal as well her weapon ready, her eyes glowing, and a faint blue glow coating over her skin as she glances around the scene around them as she mumbles in her weird two toned voice "I really don't like this......"

[17:27] Katy immediately begins to observe the confusing environment, searching for patterns or flaws in what appeared to be a reality emulation. Or perhaps even a reality simulation ? Regardless of odd carvival theme, she was focused to rescue the boss. Determined as if it would be her final task.

[17:28] Abigail Greycloak watches everyone enter and manages to spot the one she was looking for.. she waves from the back, arm fully outstretched "HI MOM! Check it! joined the circus! thanks for everything!" she'd call out, seemingly content at the back of the room

[17:28] Cheshie was truly dressed to the nines. She forewent her typical golden glasses for more of a matching look with her boss - a bright purple mask to cover her visage. Her ears twitched a little bit as she moved to hold her arms out. "End? How would the story end?" the posh voice called out. "It hasn't even begun, we're not even on chapter one.~" she mocked out. "You, my fine friend calling for the end-- you aren't even final chapter material.~"

[17:29] Isolde Greycloak wandered through, amid the crowd. Her mood, for now, sombre, as she let her eyes glance around, taking in the scene, setting eyes upon those whom stood around. She let out a sigh, the magical orb she had floating around her before landing in her grasp again. They'd likely not all listen to her words of warning. But- that was okay, something else had to be going on here. Her eyes caught Abi, and she smiled softly "Hello, dear~ How's the circus life treating you~?"

[17:40] Ghostwriter flips through his book, still idly humming to himself as everyone shuffled inside. He’d give them all cordial nods, those spectral claws glimmering through a few pages. “Author? For all intents and purposes- we’ll say, sure why not.” He’d reply, moving to walk over to the side. He’d plunge a hand into his book, promptly heaving his arms downwards until he’d pulled out a gramophone. He’d listen to them all speak, winding it up. Quaint, 1930s music would begin to play as he snapped his fingers in rhythm with it in melody with Diva’s voice. “Twisted storyteller. Comedic jests. I -like- this group, very lively! Not like those fellas over there- IM TALKIN’ TO YOU CLARENCE.” He’d say, jabbing a claw over in the direction of some poor NPC before he met the glances of the group again. “Chesh is right! We’re only here at the prologue, and you want it to -END- already? And here I was hopin we could have a niiice chat!... About your dark-haired friend- what was her name? Makala? Mikoro? Mik.. Ohhh MIKURA!” He’d say over the sound of 1930s music. “… So, thassit then, you’re just goin ta kill me? Well! Go right on ahead then, I suppose. I’ve got an eternity.” He’d say, a blue book popping into his hands, its pages glowering as it floated around him. He wouldn’t throw any hits yet, just watching them all very carefully as he hovered up off of the ground.

[17:42] Diva Aria offered the group a royal wave as she swung in the cage cooing her song. Seemingly not threatened by the army that had invaded the realm.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Their weak and pitiful, dreadful souls, given purpose again. The souls of the unworthy and the damned, performing feats that never truly end.𝅘𝅥𝅮

[17:42] DM: Tulpa A,B,C,D,E (NPC Stands) remained trained with their fingers on Spyder, Mythos, Breaker Gemini, Void Master, and Z3PH-YR accordingly. Seemingly non-hostile currently. Weapons lowered. For now. But Tulpa A would visibly wince as Ghostwriter called out to him. Clearly that was Clarence.

[17:42] Sparks glances around at the others "I would say this is a trap..." she says "...but basically the whole place is... someone light 'em up- rest of us start looking for our people?" she resets her weapon to full power as she scans the room trying to map it

[17:46] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) voices her concern over comms "I got a feeling we're standing in the middle of a grid of traps, ready to start blasting at us" she states, eyeballing around. They weren't fighting yet, so she used her magical sense to reach out, trying to detect any traps that were lying around or any surprises that were hidden. She'd want to be able to detect and get rid of them before this got too heated and people were being thrown around into exploding pies or whatever the hell this circus sideshow masked their traps as. "Be ready for anything, but we're here to get our friends out, not to kill him and then spawn camp him for three hours. He comes back" she states, vanguard intel having been quite clear that if they just started killing him, they'd be killing him again and again and again until either side grew tired of it, and she rathered she not get stuck here.

[17:47] Kynarus was still taking this all in. Partially aware of all those gathered behind him, but his entire focus was Ghostwriter, occasionally glancing up at Diva as she sung. "For all intents and purposes eh..?" He'd continue to look him over, holding a hand to his chin, thinking. As he pulled out that peculiar musical instrument from his book, his brows would perk up slight. Perhaps an idea. "Author then.. Or is it Asher? Or even Nocturne as the book suggests? A surname? Perhaps to hide your true name so none may hold power over you or perhaps.. You've gone so long without it, you have /no/ name after all this time... Hmm." He'd look about the the NPCs pointing, eyes scanning the area. "What is it ye desire with us then author? To tell a GRAND tale? ... Perhaps you'd be willing to humor this old drake?"

[17:49] Innoctiva was not about to let her focus slip one slight mess up and Kitty and the rest would have horrid acid burns. Noting who was closest to her from the PAE she would allow her miasma to creep over to Sparks and Katy, letting the mist swirl around them and shielding them from any oncoming attack. She deemed the three members nearest to her to be her top priority to focus upon unless they moved out of the range of her mist's defensive reach.

[17:50] Control turns her gun towards tulpa C and opens fire, the weapon takes a few moments to charge up before unleshing a continous barrage of tiny plasma bolts, she soon turns the gun towards chasire and tupla D. Tho unfortunately the gun overheats after just a few seconds of firing and the molten remains of some internal components leaks out of the barrel. Control drops the weapon after that. ". . . That was disappointing. Ah well"

[17:50] Void Master Void for some reason was feeling slightly dizzy a sign of transitioning from place to place he wasn't ready yet "ugh not now head!" He was in a flash struck with a headache like no other "shit why now?" He seemed annoyed by the constant headaches but the frequency was different it wasn't the beast this time it was something about this pace it drove him mad. It would be easy for him to be knocked out of the dimension in his current state

[17:51] Spyder-Bitch crossed her arms, and did a fake yawn, listening to Ghostwriter talk, "We've heard of villains monologuing before, which We get. But that music is just unacceptable." She looked over to Katy, "Tell your people to watch their step." She'd stomp a foot three times, and suddenly three symbiotes would crawl off her and start slithering around. They moved like living puddles, moving out to go and search for Mikoto and the others that were missing; the connection to her hive mind letting her know if any where found. Their liquid like bodies letting them slide into the smallest of cracks in doors and walls. She looked at the Tulpa that aimed seemed ready to fire upon her, and would simply blow it a kiss.

[17:51] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): gave an odd, and not-often-heard noise: A low growl. Her helmet pivoted to Ghost Writer, her own weapons lowered but each time she moved, they moved with them, as if naturally attached to her and responding to her emotions. There air of barely contained hostility in the little bot, more than what should be scientifically possible at this stage. But, for all that it was, it couldn't break the stoney expression on her face. Like previously that day, her helmet was over her face, the mouth-part open. When she spoke, it was a deadly, flat monotone. "Where is she?" she asked. One got the impression that she could bring all her weapons to bear on Ghost Writer, or the tulpa pointing at her, if she wanted to, but...this wasn't about killing everyone in her sight, for once. This was about finding Mikoto first. And then making sure this man never threatened her or anyone else again. Zephyr tilted her head to the side, and a small, humorless smile formed on her face. "Remember what I said earlier? 'When themusic plays, we dance.' The music is playing, Mr. Ghost Writer. Let us dance."

[17:52] Mythos gathers her amplified power to bore open a path for her summoning, red sigils beginning to flow over her body as the energy builds. She raises her shield between herself and the figure pointing at her, but addresses her words to the apparent ringleader "Well, if you'd like a friendly chat, I'm sure that can be arranged... as soon as you free every single person that you've kidnapped and enslaved. Otherwise, well, we can just destroy this entire plane for you" sending a message out over comms 'Once my spell is done it should draw a lot of attention, so those with search skills can start looking for the captives'

[17:54] Breaker Gemini would spin up its own gun, firing at one of the tuplas. unleashing 20 plasma shots at it. "Enough talk. You organics/meatbags/fleshlings talk too much. Defend yourself!" Another twenty rounds would fire out of its arm mounted cannon as the barrel grew red hot, shutting off automatically to charge. Breaker would brace for the inevitable retaliation, raising its sword up to defend itself. "Start breaking stuff, show no mercy!" Its voice started to deepen somewhat.

[17:55] Kitty Hikuto snarls a bit as she hears the man speaking of Mikoto but looks to sparks speaking with her two toned voice of Kitty and Entity "I would say your very right this is a trap. But lets just remember what we are here for and get out. Even I'm uneased by this place." She then looks back to Ghostwriter and ask still with her voice "so we are assuming your not just going to hand our friends over and anyone else you may have taking to this realm?" All the while she was trying to pick up on any groups or gatherings that might be in hiding trying to see if she can pick up on the hostages life forces. She also tap her comms and say "Zeph please remain calm we aren't safe" All the while making sure to stay close to Innoctiva for back up if needed She then sigh as she sees Breaker attack and just facepalms with her left hand and mumbles "we don't know what danger the others are in dammit....."

[17:55] Katy was a bit disappointed, because she actually was hoping for some magnificent speech or profound revelation about the Ghostwriters motivation to target Mikoto for his illustrious show. But all in all, it seemed to be just another sadistic game. Katy had been there, done that. She would prepare her Aegis personal defense projector, but wouldn't aim her sidearm at any potential target yet. For now she maintains a purely defensive stance, vigilant and observant.

[17:58] Abigail Greycloak grins "Honestly? better than i figured. It's not bad, food's kinda stale, but... it's better than the prison cell you left me in to rot, I appreciate you letting me kill myself though" she'd call out to isolde, before sighing "well, Guess we can't have a pleasant chat..." she'd mumble before she picked someone at random.. looking at control "you'll do." and forming up a dozen daggers made of ice, and launching them unceremoniously at their helmet.. not really with any precision, but there was enough, it'd probably hit someone

[17:59] Isolde Greycloak narrowed her eyes as she thought about Ghostwriter going over whatever it was in his book, her eyes then following the blue tome as it floated around him. Gaze then shifting up toward the caged songbird as she tilted her head, ears wiggling a little as she thought, before looking back at Ghostwriter. "Not sure about everyone else here, but I'd be more than happy to talk with you- about whatever you wished to discuss- Particularly though, along with the dragon gent, I do have one primary, burning question in my mind- 'why'? There must be a reason- That's something I thought on earlier today-" Her eyes taking in the details of this particular form. "...What's with the spooky hands, anyway?" She asked, leaning a little upon her stave, and seemingly just chilling out for now. Watching everyone, and smiling over at the copy of her daughter until she heard the gunfire, and her ears drooped beside her head. She hated loud noises- particularly in a place of such acoustic reverb as this- it hurt. "...It wasn't me that got you in there, though- that was your own doing." Sure, tulpabi taunting her a bit did sting, but- she knew it wasn't wholly her daughter.

[18:00] Cheshie chuckled out some, "If you knew the why, tall, purple an' old, maybe you wouldn't be h-" she was cut off as shots rang out. The tulpacat couldn't see it coming at first - luckily she went after Tulpa C so as the gun was turned on her, Cheshie was able to hop into the air, performing a ditsy little flip. "AH!~ There goes the first attack.~" the cat cheered out happily. "The time for talk- OVER!" Cheshire rose her cane up, squeezing the knob. A spike suddenly emerged from the end of the cane, "The time for action is NOW!" a second squeeze to the cane would have the spike flying lose in the general direction of the woman, Control, who fired upon her.

[18:03] Ghostwriter The longer that Diva sang, the brighter the psychokinetic energy around Ghostwriter would begin to glow. Small papercuts he’d suffered earlier would patch themselves up upon his fingertips, his demeanor lax as he looked down upon them. “Oh-oh! I like this one! They like to talk. I’d fancy a coffee sometime, we can chat about the big apple right after we’re done throwin’ eachother into Chicago overcoats, eh?” He’d look to his mooks, who were pointing at the empty spaces that contained individuals whom he couldn’t see. He’d hear Zeph- but he couldn’t see them. The voice that emanated out from an area where his mook pointed would alert him, a grin spreading from ear to ear beneath his mask. “Ah, right dame! I wore my best suit- just for you. An, whoever said that, trust me I have -tried-. Do you think a man enjoys basking in a carnival of carnage? I’m getting’ rather tired of sodium. But- keep talkin’. The longer you stay, the more ‘script’ I’m ‘earning’ from ya’. Keep giving me more of your personality.” He’d say, just floating laxly about. “I mean it. Keep doing it.” He’d say, sanity leaking into his expression. Seeing one of his mooks get shot at, he’d hold one hand upwards. The man would do so much as flick one hand. [INNOCTAVIA] would suddenly find herself rising up from the ground, a psychokinetic force latching onto them. He’d swing one hand across the air, the poor woman promptly slung into the side of one of the walls of the building with a harsh thud as if she were made of compost paper. (Consent given.) “The answers to the ‘whys’ will come in due time, my friends! Right now, I’m just tryin’ to see who the BEST heroes are, and who the hypocrites are.” He’d reply. A blue haze would envelope the corner of the room, a bulb-like, glass pod suddenly coming into view. Within it, Mikoto was clearly visible, her electricity having had been used to power whatever sick world he’d pulled them into. “AH! THERE’S MIKURA! How are ya’ doi dame? Been like… Twenty minutes. Where’s your pet demon been? Haven’t seen m’ in a while…”

[18:05] Takamachi Mikoto looks around. Her mouth mouth moves but no sound can be heard through the glass. She settles for flipping ghostwriter the bird.

[18:07] Diva Aria continued to coo from atop her cage. Looking down at the ants.......I mean.....VALLIANT HEROES!

𝅘𝅥𝅮 And so the ringleader, the semblance of night, all clamored in blue. Met with the broken and thralled souls. Giving them the joy they needed, through these rendezvous. 𝅘𝅥𝅮

[18:07] DM: HG would not detect any conventional booby traps in the area and no magic would be felt anywhere. As for potential hidden enemies, it would difficult to detect as the area was awash with thoughtform energy. The entire area exudes life-force. The symbiotes would begin searching the area, but there was a large amount of ground to cover and soon the situation would explode into chaos as plasma shots fired at Tulpa D. The man didn't even have time to scream. The hot projectile melting him and his weapon into a gross hot puddle on the ground. This would trigger all other Tuilpa to react. C aiming with her Rifle for Isolde's head and foreign wildly. A tried to loop around the back and toss razor-sharp card blades at Sparks. E and B weren't close enough to strike this turn. But would rally to the right of the group as a large Shilloette falls from the ceiling behind the crowd with the grace of a majestic animal. Bestial purple eyes enraged as it attempts to claw haphazardly as any it could reach as the clown atop of it tossed Knifes toward Kynarus from behind. "I AM THE TIGER TAMER!!!!"

[18:08] Sparks perks ears "Inno!" she calls then ehr attention divided as the corner opens, tail twitching, she keys comms "Okay, we definitely don;t want to linger, stop staring them down and go, she aims her pistol at the bulb - adjusting high to shoot above mikoto and squeezes, a scarlet beam of destructive energy lancing out aiming to shatter the bulb as she'd start to movce the other way - towards Inny "Direct combatannts - pick a target and engage, use tacnet to avoid doubling up - Zeph, Kitty, and Katy go for Mikoto - everyone else either grab someone or look for other doors!"
[18:08] Sparks: "*

[18:10] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around "I see no traps and no additionals waiting in the shadows. She states and sees the light increasing as the song crescendos. She looks over at Mikoto and then blinks, making a realization "Kill the music!" she shouts, holding her blade outstretched towards the singer, firing a beam of energy at her. She couldn't be sure that the music was linked to the growing power, but she figured if it wasn't, then she'd have to find what else he was using to power himself up.

[18:11] Kynarus would then hold his hand outwards, a small explosion of violet fire and electricity. When the smoke cleared, a large, mystical blade appeared. It too wreathed in the same elemental energies. "Then I beseech thee, Author!" Kynarus would boom, hoping to keep most of Ghostwriter's attention on himself. "I am Kynarus, of the Ebonfire! I stand before ye but a shell of my truest self. But as ye can control this realm.. I beseech ye! Lend me an ounce of your control.. And I shall give the GRANDEST tale I can!"

[18:11] Innoctiva nearly jumped at the sound of gunfire from Control and then the other, at least it wasn't someone in PAE shooting first. She would collect herself and keep her focus, but upon feeling the sudden PK energy gripping her she would quickly absorb the miasma surrounding the trio (Kitty, Katy, Sparks) back into herself. She would slam into the wall, her physical form quivering for a moment and becoming a cloud like state, a shrill shriek came from her while she made impact. She would slide down to the floor and slowly rose up letting her wings and tail absorb back into her being, not having any bones so to speak was a Godsend to the little being, though that still HURT LIKE HELL.

[18:11] Control jumps to the side when the ice daggers come flying towards her, the thruster on her back activates with a thump as to let her move faster, a couple daggers still hit her but bounce off an energy shield as she puts up one hand towards chesire, a forcefield forming in front of her that the spike impacts. She then cuts the air with an open hand, her suit responding by creating a very thin forcefield near chesire and moves quickly towards her left side to try and cut through her midsection and continue through the top of mikotos cage.

[18:13] Spyder-Bitch would hold her head slightly, and wobble slightly as the gun shot's noises were slightly amplified by the acoustics, giving her a bit of a case of vertigo. Her symbiote children would actually halt in place, squealing a bit at the noise. She'd hold take a step back, grinding her teeth, "Someone please tell us they got noise canceling abilities?" She couldn't switch symbiotes or control them with the louder than normal noises going on.

[18:14] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) smiled under the helmet, though it wasn't one of affection or amusement; more the smile a predator would give before killing prey. But that smile was only there for a moment, and a moment not even long enough to form a response to Ghost Writer's words. Because at that moment, Mikoto appeared. She turned, her back-mounted weapons moving quickly like the wings of an agitated dobsonfly. "Lady Mikoto!" She said, and took a step forward, before holding herself back. Her helmet flipped up for a moment, as if to confirm it was Mikoto and not some sort of electronic countermeasures trick, but it was already flipping back down when she turned back to Ghost Writer. This time, her weapons snapped forward, going into [ARMED] mode as she regarded Ghost Writer with a silent fury, and then she brought her guns to bear on Diva, the vulcans spinning up with a rising whir as the twin gauss cannons glowed, building charge, the power pack on her back glowing brighter.

[18:14] Mythos completes her summoning spell, the sigils flowing into the air above her and ripping open a portal, a loud screech echoing out, followed by a gout of flame, and then her phoenix dives through the gateway in a swooping ark, touching down for just a second off to the side of the group for Mythos to hop onto its back, then taking off again, heading directly towards Asher now with elemental fire boiling out from every millimeter of its body

[18:16] Breaker Gemini would fire up its jump jets, launching into the air, aimed at the cage as its gun revved up again. It would start to fire onto the cage, and attempt to impale its sword into the underside of it. "Target tagged for termination!" Its blade would glow a violent orange as it aimed to impale the underside of the cage. "Keep firing, do not let up!"

[18:17] Kitty Hikuto mumbles in annoyance as more of Entity's voice could be heard "dammit this is why I work alone......" She then meows seeing Mikoto and goes wide eyed as she was ready to go pounce to save her dear friend . She then hears Sparks order and watches Innoctiva as she hisses some before remembering she had a job to and orders to follow. Acting out of place could prove tragic so she would follow sparks orders and quickly use her dash going from 0-60 mph to close the gap between her and Mikoto to arrive at the container and yells in her two toned voice "WATCH OUT!" As she swings her weapn verticaly upwards just incase to avoid harming Mikoto as she was attempting to slice through the decive with her weapon to help free Mikoto" Also making sure to avoid the symbiote on the cage with her strike but she was in a bit of a rush. Her only hope was others could hold their post and get their jobs done as she tries to do her orders.

[18:17] Katy wasn't here to compete in a contest for heroics. Her only motivation was to rescue the boss and evac out of this madness. Just the moment the inevitable chaos begins, she spots the imprisoned Mikoto the same moment Sparks indicates her presence. Hopefully the chaos would allow her to move as unnoticed as possible to her destination. If she is successful and reaches the captured Mikoto, she would try to bash her hardlight shield into the confinement, if Kitty wasn't already successful with her much faster intervention.

[18:21] Abigail Greycloak growls a little at the ineffectiveness of her own magic, she sighed "hey mom, don't you think this is a bit uneven? are you really that desperate?" she moved behind one of the pillars, getting annoyed at all the loud noises.. she just focused her magic towards the gathered group heading towards mikoto, she channelled it onto the ground, not at any of them in particular, but below them, freezing the ground with a layer of glare ice around KATY/KITTY/CONTROL..

[18:23] Cheshie went to whistle out a bit. She could hear the gears grinding and things achargiung. The cat meeted the forcefield with another flip-- she was an acrocat after all. "As much as I want to guard our little lightbulb-- I gotta thank my dear friend, Abigail for the take over~" the cat started, holding her left hand out in the vague direction of Zephyr. She'd use her PK to try to grip at those cannons and simply /YANK/ them down with all of her might. Can't have anyone aiming at the songbird.

"Hey old sparky, doing good in there? Can I get you anything? Perhaps some gum~?"
[18:24] Kishan Infinity (lonekeeper) is online.

[18:24] Isolde Greycloak grunted as she dodged out of the way of her head at least being filled with bullets. Her right arm though, didn't fare so well, and had a few of those bullets lodged within it. Letting out a hiss, she didn't want to fight- she never really did want to fight herself, but it seemed as though avoiding combat as she had hoped wasn't going to happen. Dark blood seeping down her arm, shadowy magic escaping in small whisps, too. She sighed then, knowing that even if the singer was killed, she'd likely just as well come back up there, out of their reach. So- she'd do her best to get the woman within her reach instead. Calling forth void/dark magic, and forming it into a ball, before hurling it up at the -chain- which held Diva's cage aloft. Should the magic hit- it would likely age the material that the chain was made of, partially disintegrating it. "I don't even want to fight- I told them all the futility of it before we even came here...But no. None listen."

[18:28] Ghostwriter . Asher would look to Kynarus, raising a brow at their theatrics, surprised that someone was more dramatic than him. “You’re really stealin’ the show here, buddy. Ya’ sure you don’t want to stay here? You’ve got the purple.” He’d comment. Suddenly, a visage of [MYTHOS’S] spiritual fire would blast forth and sear into the man’s clothes. He’d release a guttural scream, the very world suddenly suffering a miniature earthquake as the ground beneath them seemed to crack like porcelain. He’d convulse within the air, a strange mix of rare emotion igniting within his eyes as he LIT AFLAME. The man wouldn’t stop burning, his flesh turning to ash as he staggered within the air. That song would wind around his body, his skin reconjuring very slowly and patching itself up, a soft sigh exhaling past his lips. Every single item that was not attached to a person or in their hand would begin to levitate within the room. Every book would pop up, the ceiling tiles even pulling from their places. He’d look around, trying to see where the fire had come from, but his mooks were currently preoccupied. His gaze would settle upon Kynarus again. The book moving around him would glower, a set of swords coated in psychokinetic energy suddenly conjuring out from the pages. They’d launch themselves over towards Kynarus at a frightening speed, attempting to pierce them in several places through their body as he hovered upwards to block Diva. He wasn’t one for proper ‘sword’ fights, that was the best he could do.
[Relevant actions: everything is shaking, Ghostwriter is literally on fire, Ghostwriter launched a bunch of psychically-charged super swords at Kynarus.]

[18:28] Chains would suddenly spiral upwards from the blue food, promptly moving to wrap around the door’s entrance. They were locked in. At least for right now. The bars to Diva’s cage would absorb the beam of energy. One of the bars would crumple and fly off, landing below with a light thud. The chain looked slightly worse for wear. Mikoto’s cage would begin to flicker as the individuals pelted hits into it. As they smacked it, Rendezvous itself seemed to shudder, the blue background flickering in between blue and black. It was clearly receptive to hits, but it would not break yet.

[18:31] Takamachi Mikoto scoots back from the strikes on the cage, but looked worried that the glass was going to shatter in when ir broke

[18:36] Diva Aria would look visibly strained at Hellguard, Breaker, and Isolde strike at the cage. The Diva would look down at her Nocturne continuing her song.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 The night would meet an orange furred friend. A booming bark and her tail would wag. She had no idea at this point, that her fate would lead her to a body bag. 𝅘𝅥𝅮

[18:36] DM: The weapons of ALL Tulpa, including the claws of the tiger would seem to glow a dull purple, exuding a dark flame. And the result would be immediate as the Tlpa tiger would attempt to land on Helguard from behind. The claws dealing additional shadow damage on top of the regular mauling if it could get through the armor. The 'Tiger Tamer' turns to try and toss knives at Spyder next to her with a similar shadow element. Tulpa A would leap forward, picking Sparks as a target. Trying to grab Sparks. "GOT HER BOSSO!" He yelled as B and E join him, staring down Inny and the suit-clad cat girl. C took aim on Kitty and fired at the person looking to Free Mikoto. " Don't you get it? She ain't leaving. All you dames are staying here!" But then something worrying would happen. A clown looking just like Tulpa D would jump from the rooftop, laughing wildly as he swung his bat. " I'M BACK! That was fun!"

[18:41] Sparks changes direction about instantly showing off her feline reflexes and flexibility to arch out of the grasp, pointing her weapon at TULPA-A and fires nearly point blank - a full power blast from her energy weapon that would burn most of the way through a normal humanoid's chest pretty quickly - if it hits - sidling right to keep it between her and the other two clowns "Need covering fire!" she requests

[18:45] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees Iso's attack doing much better against the cage than her own "keep up on that cage, the chain above it" she points out, about to help Kynarus and then growls as she feels the tiger on her, scraping at her armor. The armor hits didn't hurt, the armor was built to take a huge amount of damage even though the claws were cutting gashes due to the magical nature. But when one of her wings took a hit, that shit hurt. She sends a hard elbow with a couple tons of force into the tiger, trying to get it off long enough to allow her to swing her sword around. If she managed to get it off, she'd try to swing the sword in a nasty cut to cleave its head off. [attempted attack on tiger]

[18:45] Kynarus "Do not fault them dear Yokai." The dragon would regard to Isolde, "Mortals do so enjoy their war games." As the knives that were thrown his way would clatter harmlessly against his armored scales, just a few would only scratch them. "I do try my best." Kynarus would respond with a sly smirk, never one to back down from a challenge. As the swords would come racing down towards him, Kynarus would swing and slash his blade, deflecting several with ease. Of course he couldn't keep track of them all, perhaps a few were deflected by Hell guard, but even then a few manage to clip scaled flesh, flecks of purple glowing blood splattering to the ground. A defiant roar, smoke coming from his maw. Then he looked down to his blade. He was rusty on magic but perhaps..

[With permission granted] Kynarus would hold his blade outwards, attempting, seeking.. something. That's when he saw it, the Rendezvous itself vibrating. /Just/ what he needed. He focused his own elemental might on the vibrating, tapping into the energy of the plane. "Don't fail me now Drakedge.. Ye've never failed me before." As if on cue, the blade would then shake and then shatter into a million pieces, the blade forming into a thick, pitch black fog that enveloped Kynarus. The cloud would billow overhead, growing, and /growing/ to immense sizes. The sound of rumbling thunder echoing from within, amethyst lightning strike this way and that. And then.. it began.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Hark, Hark, ye simple Jester ye. Hark, Hark, for what I shall bring to thee.. 𝅘𝅥𝅮

It was Kynarus' voice, now /singing/ from the dark cloud, but echoing and deeper than what it was before. As the cloud disappated, there he was. Along on wings that stretched the entire length of the room. A deep, bellowing roar that could shake the fabric of space. Kynarus the Black, in all his majesty, belching a torrent of elemental fury right at Ghostwriter. [Big firebreath at Ghostwriter]

[18:47] Innoctiva rose from the ground slowly with a groan and let her form solidify again, as Tulpa A would go to attack Sparks, she would let out a cry and a pair of massive claws would sprout from her back like deranged trees, acid dripping from the talons as she rushed towards Tupla B with the massive arms outstretched, lashing them with the acrid talons, letting her acid do the dirty work upon the clown like being. (Acid claw attack on Tulpa B)

[18:48] Control moves to quickly throw a punch in the air, a large forcefield of a fist appears near the freshly repsawned tulpa D and flies towards his face, trying to knock him out before he can really react further. She immediately proceeds with throwing another punch with her other hand to send another fist towards chesire in a similar manner. (Trying to knock out tulpla D and chesire)

[18:48] Spyder-Bitch shook her head as the noices settled down slightly, blinking as she started to hover up into the air. That was new~ish. She was about to slip on one of her magical symbiotes to help with the flying/floating, but was hit in the shoulder by one of the knives, actually piercing her and making her spin around slightly in the air, preventing the symbiote switch. The symbiote near Kitty and Mikoto would slide up onto the top of the glass of the tank, and would quickly start to slither over it, trying to find a crack it could slide into so that it could be inside the tank with Mikoto./3 The symbiote had instructions to protect, not bond; if it found a way in, it would simply go to line the inside of the tank, so that if it would shatter, the pieces would cling to it and not harm Mikoto. The other two symbiotes would dart for the 'Tiger Tamer' and the tiger. The one going to bond with the tiger was simply trying to assist in holding it still so HG could cleave it, while the one going to bond with the Tiger would try and turn it on it's fellow Tulpas [Attempted symbiote bonding and control of Tiger Tamer and tiger]

[18:49] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) would suddenly feel staggered by the unexpected force. Not enough to knock her off her feet, but enough that her shots went wild, the gauss cannon shots and vulcan rounds missing wide and flying off into the cerulean yonder. She growled, turning her head to the side. But instead of turning around, something much quicker happened. The vulcans suddenly --flipped-- around on their pivots, and now centered DIRECTLY AT Cheshie, who would now be staring down two very angry 20mm gatling barrels that were tracking her perfectly, thanks to Zeph's advanced sensors. And there was no hesitation. No one-liners or insults thrown at the cat--she should know how badly she messed up if she messed up. Already spun up, the twin vulcans immediately spat twin jets of flame behind Zephyr as they fired a blizzard of 20mm high explosive shells at point-blank range as soon as they had Cheshie centered. The recoil would drive Zephyr a few inches forward but she was already bracing against it. Meanwhile, her gauss canons reloaded,and were zeroing in on the pair of tulpas in front of her across the way...

[18:50] Mythos grins at the effect of the fire, directing her phoenix into another swoop, aiming one gout of fire for Asher to keep him occupied while spraying the rest at the environment away from the rescuers, curious to see just what effect a raging inferno will have on the book-beings. In the meantime, she uses her elevated position to search for any auras outside of the current battleground, looking for the captives other than Mikoto, since they haven't been located yet

[18:52] Breaker Gemini woudl continue to climb the cage, taking a few swings at the creatur einside of it as it climbed up. Stopping at the top, it looked at the cage-the thing took a dark matter blast. Growling, it hhunched over, form bubbuling slifghtly as it seemed to implode in on itself, into a small black sphere....suddenly, massive arms and legs would emerge form the ball, as well as grey goo forming a torso and head on it. THe massive etntity would yell, as its siege drill, twin cannons and missile pods formed. "Paladin Form online. Lets bring this bitch down." Pulling its drill arm back, it spun the drill up, slamming it into the chain as it attempted to pierce it. It held onto the cage with its gun arm, attempting to stay stable....

[18:53] Kitty Hikuto due to her speed she would easily slide on the ice forcing her to put up a barrier right in front of herself to slam into full speed to help her stop after her strike. Grabbing the top of her barrier with her left arm to prevent herself from falling to the ground as she quickly hops up into the air just by half a foot to get off the ice. Her barrier fading away as she winces in pain and mumbles in that two toned voice "oww......" She look down to see the ice and the floor cracking and taking note to the world around them seeming to shudder as well as. She take the shot that would hit her in the back as she hisses and leans against the glass as a burn hole could be seen in the back of her top. The faint blue glow coating her skin still since she entered this world which helped absorb most of the damage from the rifle shot leaving a really decent bruise on her back. Looking to Katy and says over comms "KATY COVER ME! I'll focus on cutting through this stuff but I need protection. Focus only on protection over attacking I can't have you running away from me. Then Mikoto can tell us where the others are."Not caring for TULPA C as she then goes to stab at the glass from the side upper corner far from Mikoto as she placed her left hand at the bottom of her weapon and would continuisly apply pressure as she simply let the abuse of her weapon try to stab its way through the glass. Most likely a slow process but it might work who knows! All the while a few drips of blood would run down her back from where she was shot but nothing life threatening.

[18:55] Katy just landed another shield bash into Mikoto's prison, when suddenly there's a chill to be felt and the ground beneath her boots turns extremly slippery. Katy wouldn't be able to catch her balance, ending up on her ass, losing precious time, now busy with trying to get back on her feet. Which wasn't really possible on the slippery surface, so she tries to roll into the nearby corner (hopefully free from ice) and get back up there, and prepare her sidearm to support Kitty starting with the next round of combat.. // Interrupted + Repositioning //

[18:56] Abigail Greycloak laughs "Mom! it really was nice of you to come visit but.. bring better guests next time? these ones are loud.." she'd move her hands in front of her, channeling her own innate magic.. she kept moving around the pillars to get a better vantage.. upon seeing the massive dragon she stopped, blinked and muttered 'f-fuck.' she'd sigh and try and think of something cool to say, honestly taking up most of her concentration rather than the attack.. another dozen daggers made of ice forming in the air before flying towards isolde.. she would say out loud "Something cool!" before she realized what she said and blushed bright red. "i mean.. d-die mom!"

[18:58] Cheshie saw the cannons start to pivot. The cat blinked once before the fancily dressed cheshire cat would rest both hands on her cane. She merely smiled at her before the cat simply got btfo'd by those huge canons - something she'd have to take care of when she was back.

[19:01] Isolde Greycloak glanced around herself, moving a little away from the Tiger Tamer, and standing behind Kynarus, trying to make sure that she was in a position of relative safety. She knew it would probably backfire, but, surely it wasn't as bad as being within easy striking distance of tiger claws? "Abi, dear, where's your sister?" she asked as though having conversations while fighting -or doing other things- was just the norm. Gathering more of her dark/void magical energy, drawing from her own internal reserves, instead of the air around them, before letting loose another void blast at the chains holding the cage in the air. All the while the ground beneath her shook. She had senses, sure- but not enough eyes to look in each direction at once, she couldn't see that Sparks had moved from behind her, and, apparently, Kynarus had also moved from in front of her. She let out a quiet slew of expletives in an ancient Japanese dialect, before the loud bellowing roar of the dragon caused her to pause again, her ears angling down beside her head as she cringed. Why did everyone like to make such ridiculously loud noises in a room that reverberated sound so well? "Nggh-" She couldn't see past the dragon to what was happening at the cage, so she did her best to direct her magic where it had hit true before. "Aren't they just-?" She asked, not realizing that Abi was attacking her as she heard the copy of her daughter speak again "I raised you to say better catchphrases than that I'm su-URHK!" Several of the spears of ice impaled her at the same time. Sure, the ice wasn't the problem, the damage was. She keeled over in place.

[19:07] Ghostwriter sees a DRAGON come within his premise. “Dragon? Oh- I need your heart. For my author! Give it’ to me!” He’d say, suddenly excited in spite of the horrendous burning that’d continued to melt away at his skin. He’d expected it as soon as he’d seen him- a dragon spewing fire after a suitable song. Kind of a given. The tulpa was suddenly whisking himself throughout the air, pirouetting around to avoid the flames as they danced around him in a poetic, over-dramatic storybook way. Another blast of fire would fire out from [MYTHOs’s] phoenix, promptly raining on his parade in a fiery fashion. He’d burst into flames and scream again, his fangs gnashing beneath his jaws as he lost his composure. With his psychokinesis powered up thanks to Diva, a POTENT force would lock upon Kynarus. The ENTIRE DRAGON would lift itself into the air as Ghostwriter moved as if he were conjuring something before thrusting forwards. Kynarus would fly at EVERYONE in front of him as the tulpa threw a whole fucking drag
at them- his own people included. If they’d not managed to get out of the way, they would likely find themselves barreling over a dragon. (Consent given.) Ghostwriter would suddenly fall to the ground, his body bubbling down into ash as he fell forwards, unmoving.

[19:07] [DANTALION DM POST] The symbiote would be able to protect Mikoto from the shattering of glass as Kitty and Zeph’s efforts finally managed to pierce through the glass. It’d shatter, the woman hopefully shielded inside. Mythos would be able to feel an aura of multiple instances of -something- radiating out of Diva’s cage. As electricity stopped being funneled into Rendezvous, the landscape around them would begin to grow… Dark. Very, very dark. “Ah- gosh darnit Clarence- where’s the BACKUP power?” A stray mook could be heard yelling at ‘Clarence’ as Rendezvous suffered a temporary power outage whilst Mikoto was finally free. also, the cage was almost broken- but not yet. It was look extremely worst for wear.


[19:11] The glass to Mikoto's cage shatters, peppering he with shards. She had just enough time to cover her face with her arms when she slammed through the cage into the wall. she had just enough time to mutter "ow.. " before the exhaustion of having been powering the carnival hit her and she slumped

[19:15] Diva Aria would be forced to leap from her perch and hunker down to avoid for the reaching Goliath that was assaulting her cage with gusto. The Tulpa woman trying to sing over the loud noises as her life seemed to depend on it. Even as the cage began to teeter dangerously

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Clemintine bounded across the yard. Jumping through hoop and over bar. Nocturne gave quick and stable commands, and together they became the stars! 𝅘𝅥𝅮

[19:15] DM: The tiger would continue to haphazardly claw out like a beast, getting pay dirt with that wing before a low, sad growl would rumble from the beast as it is struck in the face and them promptly decapitated. Tiger blood spilling everywhere. " How dare you kill my baby! Raised him from a cub I did!" The Tiger Tamer cries in his squeaky voice, doing a double.....triple......quadruple flip as he lands to the ground. The little person about half the height of the symbiote woman. And would let out distress grumbling noises as the alien attempted to assume control. As he struggled, they would attempt to throw another knife at Spyder for good measure before throwing off the alien as it failed to bond. The tiger remained very dead. A would scream out, taking the energy shot and crumpling to the floor. While B had a similar reaction to Inny's acidic claws. Both lay dead as E reaches forward, attempting to wrap that razor wire ribbon around Spark's neck as she looks to Inny and smiles, noticing the purple eyes. "NOW! Kill the angel!" Trying to sow discord in hopes someone assumed Inny was a double agent. C would aim directly at Kitty's head, smirking as she pulled back the hammer. " You wanna be a tennis racket our some bootlaces?" She asked, before losing her balance as the shot wildly. Who knows who it might hit (up to you guys) and cried as the lights went out. "NOCTURNE! Did you pay the damn meter?!" As D doesn't even manage to hit the ground before taking a strike and hitting the dust. Out but not dead. But as a dragon came hurdling towards the crew E and the LEGENDARY Tiger Tamer would be unable to dodge. Crushed under the weight of the Dragonoid.

[19:19] Sparks blinks in the darkness, reaching down with her free hand keying her comm by feel keeping her weapon ready - cycling sensor datausing imaging, night vision, thermal, sonar and radar from multiple sources, her own suit pulsing out a scan to add data (at the cost of her own power).Those on tacnet with HUD's or augmented reality would gain a false-color projection from sensor data to let them see things using this after things go dark - then she makes an acking sound as razor wire hits the front of her neck the suit stiffening up into an armored collar under it but on top of the sensor data and card hits earlier it severly drains her power.. [Give alternate visual via tacnet, be attacked]

[19:22] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks at the tamer, pulling the head off the ground "I don't give a fuck, you go bitch to the writer for not crafting a better story end" she states, turning and yeeting the decapitated tiger head at the writer, seeing that he had yeeted a dragon at her "oh fuck me" she growls, grabbing Spyder and lunging into Control, trying to clear the lot of them out of range of the dragon coming down on top.

19:29] Kynarus the Black let annoyed roar as Ghostwriter simply danced around his fire burst. Before the dragon could counter well.. He couldn't move. Some-fucking-how, he couldn't move. His wings were locked. His legs were locked. Tail, body, head, everything. And then well.. he was sent unceremoniously hurtling towards the group. Whether they got out the way or not, not much he could do. With a loud CRASH! the dragon would come down on them, likely crater the essence of Rendezvous itself under his sheer weight (imagine a whale being thrown down.) It took some minutes before Kynarus would recover, blinking as the lights literally went out. Despite this, he could still smell and hear, head locking onto the approximate location of the cage dangling above. "You.. I don't know how, but /you're/ powering him up." It was with her song Kynarus noticed Ghostwriter suddenly became strong. And well.. with another furious roar and rumble of thunder, Kynarus flapped his massive wings once, surging wind through the area, flying up to the cage "MOVE METAL MAN!" It'd roar with a warning. [Permission Granted] With Breaker Gemini attached or not, Kynarus would wrench the cage off its chain. He was honestly surprised how easy it was, the efforts of his 'allies' had clearly had an effect on whittling it down. And then, Kynarus let out an ear-piercing screech. He could throw himself too. And that's what he did, cage in claws, crashing it down into the ground where Ghostwriter hand fallen, bringing his ENTIRE body weight onto. [Body slamming da cage]

[19:32] Innoctiva watched in horror as the massive ass dragon came plummeting towards the group, as the lights go out her purple eyes would glow, being used to such conditions since she moved in and out of the shadows she could still see just as well in the darkness as she could in the light, upon hearing Tulpa E call out that she was a double agent, she would let out an enraged cry. "ONE MORE MOTHERFUCKER SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT MY EYES-" She cuts herself off as she leaps onto the back of Tulpa E, sinking her gauntlets claws into her shoulders, and then slamming the massive pair of hands onto either side of her head, squashing the poor Tulpa's skull like an over ripened watermelon, chunks of greymatter and skull fragments splattering over her and Sparks, the Tulpa's body slumping lifelessly to the ground with her still perched on it like some sort of demented multi limbed cat, her purple optics peered to Sparks and she gave her a very sweet smile, well it would have been if she wasn't covered in fucking brain tissue, blood,and skull fragments. (Popped Tulpa E's head like a zit.)

[19:32] Control watches as chesire gets reduced to a fine red mist and then as the dragon is launched she tries to leap to the side, only to slip on the ice and get buried under the dragon. At least her shield keeps her from being crushed to death, even if she becomes pinned and unable to do anything until the dragon is removed. When he does take off she gets up and after seeing her remaining shield power is at less than 10% she decides to heroically run away and bolts for the door. Trying to get back to the portal and wait there while her shield recharges.

[19:33] Spyder-Bitch would cringe a bit more as she knelt down on one knee, hating all the damn elevated noise.It wasn't at the levels of hurting her, but it was enough to make concentration difficult and switching to a magical symbiote impossible. She fired a web glob to cover her wound to prevent bleeding out, as she'd watched the little Tiger Tamer acrobat. When the knife was thrown she would bend backwards, using her spider agility to dodge it. She'd flip completely onto her stomach, and point her fingers at the Tiger Tamer's feet, aiming to web the little bastard down so the dragon could take them out. She'd blow a kiss at the Tiger Tamer as she was lifted and carried away by Hellguard, "We'll fuck you, just not here, okay sweetie?" The symbiote that was on the inside of Mikoto's cage would actually shrink at the loud noises, not able to protect Mikoto as it wanted to. The symbiote would move towards Mikoto though, going to cover her body, but not bond with her; it would attempt to remove all her shards and fill the cuts with webbing.

[19:34] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667)'s vulcans would pivot to the next target, the tulpa with the range rifle dangerously close to the action. Still firing backwards, they would fire on her, intending to turn her into so much meatloaf on the ground next to whatever remained of Cheshie for now. Meanwhile, her gauss cannons would continue to built up charge, and then they'd fire, one cannon aiming for Tulpa E, and the other for Tulpa C. Unfortunately, at that moment an entire fucking dragon was thrown at the crowd. Zephyr fired anyways, but she wasn't too sure if she was still on target. The projectiles were travelling at hypersonic speed, and as they screamed across the battlefield they let out a thunderous shockwave that would rattle the bones of anyone nearby, dancing skeletons included, creating a ball of plasma trailing behind them from the air being disrupted so heavily by the shots. As one can imagine, any thing flesh-and-blood being hit by these projectiles will not be looking too well. After she fires, she turns to see Mikoto out ofthe cage. She immediately yells to Katy. "GET HER OUT OF HERE, PRONTO!", even as she began moving to cover them from Asher or whatever other nasties might appear in this mess..

[19:36] Mythos swings the phoenix to the side quickly as the dragon starts to be hurled through the air, narrowly avoiding it but the quick movement causes the bird to tilt, sending her tumbling to the ground roughly with a loud thud and clatter. She starts pushing herself up as she redirects her phoenix to attack the cage and calls out over comms "There are more life forces in the cage than the singer! I think the other captives are sealed to it! Breaking it should free them, even if by killing them again" the flames serving to light at least the area around the cage in the darkness, phoenix following it down as the dragon crashes it towards the floor, darting its claws in whenever and wherever it can

[19:39] Breaker Gemini would yell angrilly as the machine attempted to launch itself of fthe cage towards Tupla D. If scuccessful, it would attempt to grab the Tupla with its drill arm. "Son of many of these creatures are there?!" The machine seems pissed as its rocket pods bring themselves online. "Heavy Ordience online, clear the cage and I'll unload on it!" The machien squeezes the Tupla D in its hand attempting to restrain it... [Attempted Grab of Tupla D, arming of rocket ordinence]

[19:40] Kitty Hikuto instantly as the glass shattered Kitty would place up a barrier between Mikoto and the rest of the chaos going on. Kitty then would say into her comms "Mikoto is free we nee......" stepping a bit to the side as she sees the dragon going to the group and mumbles "dragon...." Taking the shot to the head she falls to the ground as she was completely caught off guard as. Her barrier flickering but still stayed up.Saying into her comms "KATY Protect Mikoto now! Zeph Shoot this asshole already! I need a second" She say as she was curled up on the floor holding her head as blood ran down the side of face. Her weapon deactivated but still held it.

[19:43] Abigail Greycloak blinks as she kills her mom, grinning a bit, forgetting that she made an idiot of herself.. she sees the dragon falling and immediately moves out of the way, glad to have been furthest away from the group.. "nope!" she grins at being the only one on her side still up.. then she realizes she's like the only one on her side still up and frowns "oh." she looks over at them talking and discussing everything.. she looks at the huge-ass cannons zephyr's got and thinks something that would be hilarious, she channels her ice, attempting to just.. cover the muzzles of it, with a layer of ice.. figuring it'll blow itself up if she can do it fast enough

[19:46] Cheshie had reappeared in the dark room - the purple cat now without her cane as she fell from the ceiling. "Time for a little inni-endo.~" the cheshire cat called out from above. She planned on simply TACKLING Innoctiva from above, trying to force her down as a hand came around - holding a pie with the express intent of slamming her face into it. "I do love creampie-ing other girls!~ A real pasttime if I do say so myself, doll.~" she cackled out some. The pie was, in fact, entirely harmless. However she was using it as a guise to both blind her enemy and maybe make them realize that the tulpa was copying her powers.~
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