Battle in Rendezvous: II

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Battle in Rendezvous: II

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[19:48] Ghostwriter The cage was promptly hurled into the ground, completely blasting to pieces as Kynarus desolated it. Diva- who was inside of it would die, uttering to Ghostwriter that she’d loved him as she despaired to her death. The door was currently locked still, coated in dense set of chains that spiraled it shut. There would be no escaping ‘The Rendezvous’. A book would pop up and expand, forming a doorway. Ghostwriter would immediately kick it down, re-appearing as if it were any other day. Braced within his arms- was Isolde. He didn’t seem phased by the darkness of Rendezvous. He’d keep carrying her like a princess, lifting a claw to wave towards everyone. “OHO- HEY-A KIDS! I’m here for the FINAL ACT! What’s-“ He’d pause, watching as someone threw a decapitated tiger tamer head at his dead corpse. “… Even in death, a man jus’ can’t escape his previous sins, can he? Down you go, dame!~” He’d say as he gently set Isolde down. He’d look further to see absolute chaos. About what he
was expecting. A [BLUE BOOK] that had been sitting beneath Diva’s cage would suddenly fall beside Ghostwriter. He’d reach through her dead body, promptly retrieving the book and waving it at them. “Save me the theatrics, ya dumb broad, we all know he wrote you to say that.” Ghostwriter would fire down towards Silvia before he looked towards everyone else. “HEY! … Lookin for this?” He’d ask, promptly opening it. Faces of several individuals who had been kidnapped were visible. He’d hold it to his body, using it like a shield- threatening to let it light up into flames if someone were to throw more at him. “Or- do you care about these FACELESS people, or I suppose you’re runnin’ now that your corporate sweetheart is all safe and sound? My my, you’re really showing your colors, aren’t you?~ Iiiii have a WAGER! Your corporate sweetheart- or the rest of these people who reside within your city? All- of whom I’ve stolen. Don’t worry, I should think I’ve gotten everything I need out of them. Whichever one ya’ pick, I’ll unlock the doors… And letcha out! Otherwise, we’ll die here within ‘The Rendezvous’… Forever! So? Believe me- that dame isn’t the only one in this world who needs all of you -very much-…” He’d say as he rose his other hand, snapping. The portal that had opened would promptly twitch, distorting, threatening to close as he waited for them to make their decision.

[19:52] Diva Aria would be helpless to stop the efforts the heroes and when that cage crashed down Silvia would scream as it cashed down. Her song ceased and a painful bar spiking up through her chest as the dust clears. "Nocturne I lo-" She would say, voice trailing off as the light left her eye. Dropping the blue tome in her hands and would be picked up by Ghostwriter.

The Shadow energy would fade from the weapons of /ALL/ Tulpa

[19:52] DM: Overtop of the back end of the arena. Several silhouettes move to fray. A, B ,E, and the Motherducking Tiger Tamer (With Tiger included) superhero leap back into the fight. The squeaky voice midget yelling out over the chaos. " We are the Circus League! RAAAAAAAAH!" They did not target anyone just yet but were quickly moving back into the combat zone. Seems the Tulpa did not seem to fear death even as they died in a multitude of horrific ways. And they WOULD.JUST.KEEP.COMING. E would have had her head popped like a cherry tomato. All ready being crushed by the dragon she offered little resistance. E had already been dealt with regarding the Zep's shots. But Inny was also dangerously close to them. Zephyr..'missing' didn't really matter, as half the shots caught C still, ripping off her entire right side. The woman falling to the floor and immediately entering shock. Tulpa D was still dreaming carnival sugar-coated sheep as was easily captured by Breaker, held in their claw.

[19:57] Sparks drops to a knee nodding at Inny in the darkness in thanks as the razor ribbon flutters free, taking a moment to try and recover some of her drained power - weapon coming up as the shape drops from the ceiling towards Inny, blasting it with unerring precision - even if she couldn't tell it was Cheshie in the darkness hitting the highlighted shape would be easy as pie~ holding out her other hand to Inny "Come on let's regroup..." interrupted by the brazen offer her head swivels - voice amplifying as it comes over comm "HELL NO, MIKOTO WOULD NEVER FORGIVE US. WE TAKE EVERYONE."

[20:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) grins to Spyder "I know, love" she winks and lets her go, turning to face up at the cage, ready to move and then it crashes down. She looks at Mikoto and then at Asher "Stupid question, easy answer. The people over her. If she learned we sacrificed even two people to let her live she'd fucking kill every one of us. So your question has an easy answer, one that will be given by the legacy of the person you threaten. But I'm not up for sacrifices. So bring it, let's see what you've got" she states, holding up her blade and channeling light, a beacon for her allies to help let them see in the darkness around them as she smirks at Asher, unamused

[20:04] Kynarus the Black had cruel, self-satisfied look on his face as Diva simply went squish. Sure she'd probably just pop right back up all fine and dandy but.. he got a bit of retribution for being rag-dolled. As said rag-doller would finally rear his ugly head, still being in SMASH mode Kynarus opened his maw to belch out a torrent of lightning.. Until Ghostwriter pulled out a book, Kynarus closing his maw. He might have a thirst for blood and destruction, but even /he/ had a line. "Hmm.." The dragon would rumble, thinking. "Counter-offer, Jester." Kynarus would boom, moving up to tower over Ghostwriter, looming down on him. "Take me. Let the peasants go. What would be a better twist for your story? A black dragon offering his heart for the innocent? That is what you said you wanted, after all? A dragon's heart?"

[20:06] Innoctiva was about to move away from the corpse of the Tulpa but was jumped by Cheshire, both rolling back out of Zephyr's shot, with the pie in her face all her limbs would flail about, no blows would land on the circus cat however, allowing her to copy her powers before she simply fell into her shadow and popped out of Sparks' and latched onto the red headed cat. "Ugh, I never want to go to a carnival again.." She mutters to Sparks and then raises her large claws in the air enjoying her new Sparks mount. She wouldn't yell like Sparks or HG but she would nod. "Everyone..not a soul left behind..even the big dragon..we all leave.."

[20:15] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667)'s cannons would be unaffected by the ice. In fact, the ice would melt as soon as it formed, sizzling off the ultra-hot barrels. The only real thing it did was get Zephyr's attention. She looked at the barrels, then at Cassie, who happened to be in front of her. The gatlings, still spinning, swung forward and centered on Abigail. She seemed intent on raining unholy hell upon her, and then Ghostwriter reappeared. She listened, and as she did, her stony posture seemed to crack. "!" She said, her weapons suddenly dropping out of armed mode as she jetted to him, skidding to a stop in front of him. "NO! I won't let you take her! I...." She realized she'd run up to the man, her guard dropped. Her weapons offline. "I told you I would do anything in my power. Everything I can do." She looked up at him again. Her helmet opened. She couldn't let Ghostwriter take Mikoto, or anyone. She knew this type. Even if Mikoto was the sacrifice, he would keep coming back for more. And more. Until everyone was his. Until everything was his. But....who even is he? She looked up at the man, her emerald green eyes -staring- into his, unmoving. "I told you once. You have something precious to me. And I will do everything I can do, everything I *must* do, to get her and everyone back safely. We must leave with everyone." She glances at Diva's body, then at Ghostwriter again. "Who' wrote her like that? Did he write you too?"

[20:16] Mythos pushes back up to her feet, the mask fading from her face as her spear begins to glow with the light of the sun, radiating holy fire as she leaps towards Asher, aiming to impale him with a single Spartan-trained thrust, waiting until after the thrust to speak "Your terms are not accepted, filth" then beginning another summoning spell, black sigils flowing around her this time

[20:18] Breaker Gemini would just stand there dumbstruck a bit. "Are you organics SUIICDAL? We've got him outgunned and outnumbered! Stop trying to make yourself have the most retarded death and BLAST THE FUCKER!" It aims its twin vertigo cannons, missile pods gettin ga lock onto Ghostwriter. "Get clear! Target flagged for termination!" It doesn't fire yet because of friendlies in the target area.

20:19] Kitty Hikuto hisses as she slowly sits up and stands up to her feet she move over to Mikoto and check up on her condition. Still having her two toned voice she speak "don't worry we are here." After seeing Mikoto was at least well enough to survive she would look over to Katy and say "protect Mikoto all cost understand?" She then walk over towards the Ghost writer herself as she replies how about I trade myself for everyones life? Two for one deal and the rest go free." Staring up towards the man though being careful not to get hit by any stray attacks. She does looks to Kynarus and says "copier!" The blood still running down the side of her face from the shot from before. Mean while in her head was going by wondering and thinking what the hell was she doing! But does tap on her comms and says "everyone please stand down. Trust me it is fine I've delt with the DARKNESS before they sorround me... us daily." All in her two toned voice

[20:20] Katy was visibly overloaded with carrying Mikoto, hopefully the boss didn't gain too much weight during her time inside of this 'sweet' prison. Katy was still trying to advance slowly towards the vague position of her earlier entrance into this illusion. Meanwhile she could hear Ghostwriters monologue, reacting with a loud groan of agony, knowing that the boss would never ever tolerate a simple, pragmatic decision. Mikoto would expect everyone to be saved with near fanatical zeal. And so it shall be ! Even if it would be so more convinient to be a selfish asshole, Katy would of course stop and await the outcome of the ongoing fight, her focus to protect Mikoto. // Holding position + Guard //

[20:22] Abigail Greycloak grumbles a little, seeing zephyr's notice and blinking.. taking a step back behind the flimsy pillar, that definitely wouldn't protect her from zephyr, only to stop as she hears her whining.. she rolls her eyes and pops her head out from behind the pillar waving at isolde "Hi mom, welcome back. see? I'm getting stronger... wanna go again? i can prove it, i'd win this time too." she mumbled.. before turning back to the giant dragon and just staring at how awesome it was

[20:27] Cheshie was able to dodge around the blasts as she fell - but before her hands could find any kind of neck, the demon had simply disappeared. She contemplated a few things, Mikoto and the weird rude lady were completely unprotected on the other side of the place. But then there was Sparks. Chesh's eyes fell on Inni, watching and observing her as a familiar miasma picked up around Kris, forming at her back. At first forming similar large arms on her back before splitting each arm in two. The cat's cane went FLYING across the room to the hand it belonged in as she simply went to start running forward - in the darkness she'd be hard to see but the taptaptap of her boots running hitting the ground could be heard as she pulled the sword free from it's cane - planning on trying to simply run the sword through Inni and Sparks in one go if neither was quick enough.~ They wanted to stay and fight, after all, may as well give them a fight.~

[20:28] Isolde Greycloak Lets her stave and magic orb fall through into the pocket realm she opened under them, so she didn't have to move from Asher's side. She knew someone was probably going to put -everything- on the line. As Mythos approached she put herself between Mythos and Nox as she thrusted with her spear, doing her best to take the attack for the team. She knew the life of her daughter and others was on the line. And let out a sickening screech as the spear impaled her. Burning her with the holy energy it was charged with. Oof.

[20:30] Ghostwriter listens to their words of heroics, his spectral hands slowly moving into an applause. His was grinning behind his mask, slowly walking in a circle as he regarded them all with a contemplative stare. He’d reach one hand upwards and snap his fingers, light returning to the realm. He’d listen to Kynarus, his smile only broadening. Ghostwriter would move to stand beside Kynarus. The chains holding the door shut would promptly vanish, melding down into the dark. “I’ll take this one’s offer.” He’d say, looking in between Kynarus and the others. The jester would shake his head at Spyder’s questions, though he did seem to contemplate the matter. “Well, dame, you’ll have to catch me up on what a ‘symbiote’ is… But believe it or not! ‘Chaos’ was never the reason for my publishing! I want the dragon. And, since he’s offerin, let him perform his heroics.” He’d begin to hold the book out- the book labeled ‘CHAPTER 345 : Celestial City’ someone to take from him. It appeared to becompletely full- aside from one page that had been torn out of it. “There is still a person here from another realm- who is lookin’ to be saved. I wonder! Will you heroes come save him, too?” He’d muse. “I’m not as moral as you lot- because! I would save the one. I wonder- are ya tellin’ the truth or… Perhaps you’re just claiming faux sympathies, to feel a sense of being ‘good’. Only mourning those who are alive- when they’re gone, reaching for threads of sympathy, pretending your bonds are stronger than they ever were. Hypocrisy. Well! I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. I shall like to think that you’re all REAL heroes! Because when I look in your eyes-“ He’d pause, looking at Zephr as they appeared before him. “Tell you what. I’ll give you this- and Mikoto. If-“ He’d pause as spear had suddenly almost run him through. When he ran through Isolde instead, he’d promptly lunge a hand onto the book. The man would pull out a handful of pages, tearing them apart within his grip. The sound of shambling screams would echo out from Rendezvous, insinuating that someone, somewhere, was potentially dying for good. “… Most of this and Mikoto- if you let me keep the dragon for a little while. Otherwise, more will die.” He’d tell them, staring endlessly forwards. A set of spectral chains would spiral out from the ground, attempting to wrap around Kynarus and bind them in place.

[20:33] Diva Aria would make a sickening mixture of squishing meat and cracking mechanical parts as the giant dragon flattened her in a sad slat songbird that looked like roadkill on the side of a highway.

[20:34] DM: The self mention Circus leauge came charging like a bat out of hell. A, B, and E having new weapons. A Luger, Monkey Wrench, and Tommygun respectively. The firearms firming in the general direction of the heroes, attempting to fire wildly at them as they knew any tulpa would be fine. The tiger lunged at Breaker Gemini, attempting to claw at all that armor with the tamer doing the same with his knives. " Bring in WUMBO!" The little man commanded. Who was Wumbo? Well, the heroes would be finding out soon if they lingered much longer.

[20:34] Sparks was turning to leave "Let's..." - seeing the figure and sword coming in false color she'd twist, taking a grazing blow ripping some through her coat and glancing off armor plates that formed from her suit - grimacing as she tries to clap her hand on that blade and grab it to hold him still now as she thrusts her weapon forward, either smashing him in the face or blastign him in the face with the full power whine of the energy weapon - or both "Let's get Mikoto out of here at least, and who we can." she says into the comms, sounding exhausted - trying to make for the unchained exit.. "Most good time..."

[20:39] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around and laughs as the thugs pull out a pistol caliber smg at best and the title of a Foo Fighters song at worst. "Small arms fire inbound" she states, jumping up and grabbing Spyder's ankle, trying to pull her down and shouting "everyone stop sacrificing themselves for just two minutes, it's not a good look!" she calls out, having fully expected they could work a way out of this before everyone started volunteering as tribute

[20:40] Kynarus the Black would let out but a disappointed groan, watching as others would attempt to continue attacking Ghostwriter. "I am an Old Wyrm." Kynarus would rumble to any that tried to stop him. "I've lived for three and half centuries. I've seen much I regret. Done much I regret. I'm old. I'm tired. And I am far from home. I'm not sure a single act of goodness would tip the cosmic scales in my favor but.. Perhaps it would give me peace in the end. Perhaps learn this mortals. Violence doth more than beget more violence.." Seeing Isolde throw herself before Mythos' spear, Kynarus would comment. ".. Perhaps at least one another understands."
As Ghostwriter would take his offer, Kynarus would stand back up tall, moving until he was partially standing over him. Kynarus would stretch his wings, sparks of electricity and violet fire dancing this way and that across his ENTIRE body. He'd rear up on is hindlegs, letting out a loud a roar that could crack open mountains. "LEAVE!" Kynarus bellowed. "Our deal is struck, and I am honor-bound to uphold it. Let.. If this Old Wyrm is to die, let it be on his terms at least. Let me walk in my true skin one last time. Leave before he decides to keep us all here."

[20:43] Innoctiva still being on Sparks' back she would catch a glancing blow from the sword Cheshire wielded, she let out a hiss, a black ichor dribbled out of her side with a consistency of melted tar. If Sparks' shot didn't do it she would form a blob of her miasma and lobbed it at Cheshire, hoping she didn't figure out about her ability to also negate acid with the mist she now possessed.

[20:44] Spyder-Bitch would look at the pages that were destroyed, aiming her wand at them and circled it about. She would be casting a spell of restoration, attempting to restore the pages to what they once were, "We'll be taking all oF them. Thank you." She looked to Ghostwriter, "A symbiote is everything you wish you were...and your worst nightmare." She got pulled down by the ankle, looking to Hellguard, "We didn't say which 'We' that We were sacrificing. The devil is in the details." Truth, not honesty. She didn't try to heal Iso, as she knew how her holy magics affected those Greycloaks.

[20:45] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667)'s eyes went to the dragon. Then to Asher again. Then to Asher's book. Then to the dragon. Asher's book. Dragon. Book. Dragon. Book. Words. Words. Words. Words. Punchline. ("You did it! You broke comedy down to the bare essentials!") Damn it, she hated these moral conundrums. On one hand, yes, Mikoto was whom she wanted. Mikoto wouldn't forgive her if even one person, be it herself or someone else, were sacrificed, even if it was someone Zephyr barely knew. She gritted her teeth, her guns pensively flexing. Her eyes went to Kyanarus. Whatever the very least, Mikoto must escape, she thought. Whatever happened after...well, that was the fun part of a story, wasn't it? She would just have to see for herself. Zephyr looked back at Katy. "GO! Get Mikoto out of here before someone changes their mind about the bloody door!" She shouts, then steps back. She doesn't seem intent to leave yet, but rather, to see what Ghost Writer will do next.

[20:47] Mythos frowns as Isolde throws herself into the path of the spear "Why?" about to push the spear through to finish her attack, but then the dragon formalizes his offer and she halts, letting out a heavy sigh as she knows how binding that is, and that there's no point to continue the fight now. She pulls the spear back and tries to catch Isolde, her summoning completing, summoning her little demon onto her shoulder, but with her original plan to use it to pull the souls from the book rendered irrelevant now, she has it instead try to infuse Isolde with infernal energy to stabilize her "Well, it seems the deal is struck... honor it and call off your dogs"

[20:49] Breaker Gemini would glare at the cat attacking it, as it shoved its drill arm towards it, attempting to impale the beastie on its drill. "Fuck it, falling back." It moves to put itself between the Tuplas with ranged weaponry and the others, attempting to shield them while it slowly moves away. "Serouislly! A tiger? This kitty can't do anything to my armor! Probably."

[20:49] Kitty Hikuto as Ghostwriter was talking she would hear the echoing screams as she hisses some as the two conflicting sides inside her struggle on their morals. Simply uses her dash ability to move from 0-60 to move over back to Mikoto and yelps taking a few random shots as few more welts and bruises form over her body. But does kneel down besides Mikoto looks around wondering what the next move from everyone might be. She tap on her comms and says "guys.... I'm not one to mess with a dragons deal" She says in her two tone voice "we might face worse issues if we make a dragon break their deal." Her position between Mikoto and as many enemies as possible. She even let a flick of her wrist happen aimed towards the door focing a burst of energy out of her hand to force the door open with the force of a small car crashing into it as she stayed on point

[20:50] Katy couldn't help but for once felt a spark of sympathy for the Ghostwriter. Was this some sort of social experiment to grant the 'heroes' a stare into the mirror ? To confront them with the ugly reflection of their communal narcissism ? Anyhow, the guy was a nutjob and a murderer too. It was time for an emergency evac, now that the noble wyrm did sacrifice itself "Your life, your decision ... anyhow, thanks ol' dragon. Now lets get out of here in before everythin' was in vain." next moment her Aegis shield is hit by several projectiles, gladly the hardlight shield was able to deflect them, but now there is only 1 charge of the shield remaining. // Holding position & shield up / Final shield charge //

[20:53] Abigail Greycloak sighs softly "goddamnit, I said i'd kill her, you don't get to just kill her and walk away like that.." she used her magic, no ice this time, instead forming a number of tendrils of pure inky blackness from beneath mythos, attempting to grab her legs... "I swear, you shouldn't touch other people's property!" she ignored cover and just started marching towards her, seemingly extremely angry someone besides her had hurt isolde, even if accidentally

[20:59] Cheshie was CONKED in the mask, shifting it ever so slightly down on her face as Sparks had slammed it. To make matters worse - the acid slammed into it. Not much got onto her face - but what didn't sound pretty as she screamed out. She might be immortal but that didn't mean she didn't feel pain. She brought her newly formed upper arms up to /SLAP/ the mask and the acid off of her face. The purple cat moved to try to /twist/ the sword in Sparks's grasp before yanking it back towards her. Unless she had super strength; that blade was gonna tear through her hand some. And while she was doing that, her free hand reached up to grip at the frame of the energy weapon. She didn't smash it herself but she was going to use PK to sort of just /SCRUNCH/ the weapon up and hopefully make it useless.

[21:00] Isolde Greycloak Made an unpleasant noise as the spear was removed. "...Damn- people just keep putting extra holes in me lately-" She murmured, before looking up at the dragon "I understand- To me that doesn't seem like much time, but- if you're done-..." She looked down at the hole in her stomach and hissed softly for a moment. "Heal me outside- I'll be fine-" She uttered "Just get who we can out-" She let out a pained sigh. "If you hold off your people, I'll be the last through, and take the book out. You know I won't attack you if I have no reason to." she says up at Nox as she turned to look at him.

[21:02] Ghostwriter The pages that Asher had torn would restore themselves, the screams re-playing in verse throughout ‘The Rendezvous’ as if the action were taking itself back as Spyder restored them. He’d lift the book full of hostages up and throw it towards Mythos. If they’d opened it up to the first page, they’d notice it was covered in blue hearts. It even said ‘FROM GHOSTWRITER 😊’, as if the tulpa had planned the entire thing. The book he’d been writing in at the start of their endeavor would pop open and flutter by him as he looked it over, smiling contently to himself before he closed it and placed that BOOK into a different book. Bookception. “Thank you all- for letting me use your faces. Well, most of them, anyways…” He’d mention again, his intonation eerie. Those chains would continue to try and wrap around the dragon, a large gathering of ichor conjuring beneath them and attempting to pull the dragon through to deposit them into a different chapter. His favorite chapter: The ‘Paranormal Experimentation For Bitter Psychics’ chapter! “Sorry dame, but. I can’t.” He’d answer Mythos, insinuating that perhaps, he didn’t have as much control over ‘The Rendezvous’ as one had initially thought. The portal was slowly closing. “Hey- you-“ He’d suddenly call over towards Zeph. “To answer your previous question- the answer is. Yes. He did.” He’d tell Zeph- as if the question had been lingering within his mental backburner as he stood back, waiting to see if they’d leave. “Of you all go!~” He’d urge, as if trying to usher them out the door like a good guest house, curtsying over towards Isolde in the process.

[21:04] DM: Those would tremor sense and good hearing would begin to hear the heavy footfalls as something BIG approaching. And with a colossal boom and the quaking of the earth. A gigantic form landed into the fray. WUMBO the dancing circus elephant. Complete upon arrival with 4 circus canons adorned to it's back with makeshift scrap metal fastened to it to give it the look of a war elephant. Diva Aria laughed, riding upon it's back with a scattergun in hand. Humming "Entrance of the Gladiators". The fuses on those circus canons were lit and targeted straight at Ghostwriter at which would create the largest amount of potential collateral damage. The tiger would have its guts spilled all over the arena floor as the small fire of Silvia and the tulpa would mostly bounce off the large battle mech. But the stray fire was always a possibility. Tiger Tamer would leap to join Silvia atop WUMBO, laughing madly. " DIE! DIE! DIE!!!!"

21:12] Sparks grunts as her armor finally fails - it would be all but impossible to tell in the confusion and bad lighting but her suit was no longer flowing and looked flat, like plain rubber even the green lines going dark as the steel slices through her hand, giving a gasp of pain - the weapon sparks crushed in her hand she simply drops it to cradle her other hand instead and run for the exit with Inny on her back - as the crumbled weapon ominously whines to overload... then poofs with a underwhelming crackle of energy~

[21:14] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head at Spyder "I don't give a shit what you thought, you don't know the rules of this universe, you don't know that what you are saying here has the same power as what you say in your own world." She states, that being about the extent of her understanding of dimensional rules or lack there of. She looks around and makes ready, calling in comms "Mythos, you're in charge, we rushing it or falling back, give an order" was at the extent of her magical understanding, she didn't know if the deal was final final or just fucking smack a bitch and it's undone

[21:15] Kynarus the Black would not fight as the chains would bind him, slowly pulling him into another portal. The dragon did not look sad. In fact, he had looked happy. As if finding something he'd been searching for ages. "Thank you. Now go. Live your lives, free of regrets. Seize the future with your hands before it slips through your fingers. Go, and live." The contented Wyrm would slowly be pulled in further into the book, a small smile on his lips.

[21:17] Innoctiva was at Sparks' mercy, being upon her back and going with her where she went. She would rest her chin on Spark's hat and closed her eyes, a massive clawed hand holding onto her own side to attempt to stop the cut from leaking more of her ichor onto the azure floor of the realm. "What about..the others?" She mutters to Sparks.

[21:18] Angelic Queen sighs, shaking her head, "You know more about this than We do. We will trust your always sage wisdom." She wouldn't stop waiving her wand though, as she was intent on restoring the torn pages, trying to save as many lives as possible, not really knowing how that kind of magic would work here.

[21:19] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) looks at Kynarus the Black, her expression apologetic for a moment before hardening and giving him a small nod. "I....thank you, sir. I wish I had more time to properly meet you, but....thank you." She says. For a moment, there's a determined look in her eyes, as if also wordlessly telling him 'I don't think this story is done with us, yet.' before she looks back at Mikoto and Katy. The pack on her back suddenly hums and flares to life, enveloping Mikoto, Katy, Kitty, and herself in a tough plasma defense shield, tanking the rounds and wild blows from the demented circus. She speaks again, amplifying her voice and fully exploiting her beautiful naturally British accent, even going so far as to blow a trench whistle before speaking. "ALRIGHT LADS! LAST TRAIN HOME IS LEAVING! GET ON WHILE YOU CAN!" And with that she'd retreat backwards, using her vulcans and railguns to cover the retreat towards the portal.

[21:19] Mythos stumbles as the tendrils grab for her feet, using a quick swing of her spear to clear them away enough to get loose, then carrying Isolde and the book with her as the glow shifts to her shield, the disk held up as best she can to shield them from the incoming artillery "Everyone fall out... we've got what we came in for" looking back to Asher as she heads for the door "Bit of friendly advice... stay in here... you're not gonna get a nice welcome coming back to the city" her demon continuing to funnel energy to stabilize Isolde so she doesn't die inside the plane

[21:21] Breaker Gemini would fall back to the door frame, with teh Tupla it had grabbed still in its claw as it revved up its miniguns firing as it fell back, in an efforftr to deter any presuerrs. The machien also let loose two missiles off its rack, aimed near the elephant attempting to disorient or drive the beast back. "Aknoledged. Retreating."

[21:22] Kitty Hikuto says in her two toned voice"Katy go dammit! I....WE.... AHHH hurry the fuck up!" her eyes flickering between blue and grey and the whites going to black then white repeatedly. She then hiss a bit as she holds her head before finally saying in comms "I need to retrea.... AHH hel..... anyone leaving nows the time the healer needs to get to safety." Kitty was terrified but her mission was to defend as long as she could. She look back to the shrinking portal and snarls a bit noting in the next few seconds she will need to retreat or risk being trapped as well. Seeing Zephs sheild her eyes would have the whites completely blacked out and her blue irises turn grey as she quickly goes to pick Mikoto up and says to Katy in mainly entity's voice "lets go dammit before the brat gets me killed." Attempting to pick Mikoto up as she can to help how ever possible in moving her through the exit

[21:22:23] Katy was slowly moving backwards, her hardlight shield finally collapses with a slow farting sound, hit by some minor effects of the collateral damage unleashed from inside the carnival chamber "It's now or never. Retreat !" she calls out and would try to gather all her remaining stamina to hold Mikoto tight around her (unusually opulent) backside and sprint through the portal back into reality,additionally protected by Zephyr's plasma defense shield.

[21:28] Abigail Greycloak sighs softly and watches them all running away.. she growls softly "nnh.. you guys are really unfun.. but I guess i can't do anything 'bout that.." she growls slightly and just... hops into a pile of books and lays down

[21:29] Cheshie heard Ghostwiter and pulled her sword back, letting her prey get away. "WHAT!?" the purple cat roared out. "You are letting them GO!? NO!" she shouted out at the man. "I haven't had my FUN yet. I wanted to KILL someone!" she protested, loudly. The usually calm, collected, and posh catgirl was now just straight up throwing a temper tantrum like she was told she couldn't have a doll - but she was so busy arguing witht he boss that she wasn't going after the people actively retreating.

[21:30] Isolde Greycloak wasn't in the arms of Mythos, she was infront of Nox bowing her head a little, as he curtsied at her. Allowing her form to shift, changing into black mist, and growing larger. Taking the shape of a -gigantic- black fox that totally had seven tails. She then bowed her head at the dragon, too, in thanks, and snaffled up a few of the corpses in her maw and just fucking ate them as she walked out. Crunching bones and flesh as though it were nothing. "I'm sure I'll see you another time, Nocturne and other daughter-" she said as she made her own retreat.

[21:31] Cassandra Sinclair was a small shade on the other side of the doors as they exited. The girl, dressed smartly, didn't approach the retreating group, only... observing their retreat. For her dress she was probably a tulpa like all the rest, though unnaturally and out of place, a small repurposed drone hovered over her shoulder like a loyal, if strangely shaped balloon. As Katy neared the end of the walkway with Mikoto, and the others joined in the escape, she smiled quietly. Those blue eyes, lighter than the cerulean of the world around them and as bright as a summer sky; just watched them taking Mikoto and the book of victims. A voice, probably lost among the noise of the retreat, the gunfire, the reverberation sound of Wumbo and maniacal laughter of the diva; rose up. It was just... a quiet feminine voice. "Sayonora... please tell her I'm sorry I got her in trouble again."

[21:36] Ghostwriter looks over in Mythos’s direction. “Oh, dame. Since when is a fool ever concerned with pleasant regards? ~ Tell you what. Sit down with me for a nice chat over a coffee and a snipe- doesn’t even have to be a friendly chat. Because you shall most definitely see me again- and again- and again- no doubt! And- a pleasant parting to you, too, Isolde.” He’d chimem waving at both Mythos and Isolde. The book pages would restore themselves /even more/. The portal would finish swallowing up his new dragon. He’d look to Chesh, walking slowly over towards them. Without a word, a knife would conjure within his hand. He’d curtly try and grab them by the hair, placing the knife at their throat. Gunfire was suddenly reigning out from the front door, shots piercing him in his chest cafety with a potent force. He’d sputter a bit’, before looking down at Chesh. “… Look, dame. No hard feelin’s. Just doin’ this because otherwise, we’re goin’ to get blasted by those cannons… And these typewriters” He’d say before he’d started cutting away. Serrated knife edges would bite up against their skin, droplets of red beads gushing out from their fangs and flaying along the knife like scarlet paint. No doubt, an unpleasant guzzling sound was likely heard, the blue-floors suddenly paved in an unpleasant crimson as Ghostwriter killed one of his own kind without a second thought while sustaining gunfire upon his own body. The portal was still open- allowing those to escape if they’d wanted- as soon as they’d wanted. Ghostwriter would not try to stop them.

[21:36] Ghostwriter looks over in Mythos’s direction. “Oh, dame. Since when is a fool ever concerned with pleasant regards? ~ Tell you what. Sit down with me for a nice chat over a coffee and a snipe- doesn’t even have to be a friendly chat. Because you shall most definitely see me again- and again- and again- no doubt! And- a pleasant parting to you, too, Isolde.” He’d chimem waving at both Mythos and Isolde. The book pages would restore themselves /even more/. The portal would finish swallowing up his new dragon. He’d look to Chesh, walking slowly over towards them. Without a word, a knife would conjure within his hand. He’d curtly try and grab them by the hair, placing the knife at their throat. Gunfire was suddenly reigning out from the front door, shots piercing him in his chest cafety with a potent force. He’d sputter a bit’, before looking down at Chesh. “… Look, dame. No hard feelin’s. Just doin’ this because otherwise, we’re goin’ to get blasted by those cannons… And these typewriters” He’d say before he’d started cutting away. Serrated knife edges would bite up against their skin, droplets of red beads gushing out from their fangs and flaying along the knife like scarlet paint. No doubt, an unpleasant guzzling sound was likely heard, the blue-floors suddenly paved in an unpleasant crimson as Ghostwriter killed one of his own kind without a second thought while sustaining gunfire upon his own body. The portal was still open- allowing those to escape if they’d wanted- as soon as they’d wanted. Ghostwriter would not try to stop them.

[21:37] DM: With a thunderous boom, those four cannons went off in the center of the arena, dealing massive damage to any directly into its fire., Circus cannon were ironically no joke and very powerful ordinance. The would readjust, aiming for the energy shield as the Tiger Tamer loaded new cannons. While Silvia and other Tulpa fire after the retreating heroes, mostly bouncing of the protecting barrier. A and B falling to the return fire. D would be successfully Captured. Still out cold. "I HOPE you enjoyed your stay at Renedevouz Circus! Please stop by the gift shop on the way home!" Silvia mocked in a sing-song way.

[21:38] Sparks grunts stumbling a bit as the explosions and concussions rock her without her defenses "Little help...!" she calls, cradling her hand and trying to keep her balance carrying Orima out, stumbling

[21:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around at all the chaos, taking a few artillery shots, pieces of armor breaking off as she looks to Spyder "get everyone you can" she states and sheathes her blade, moving forward and trying to grab Sparks and Inny, one in each arm, and then moving to carry them out the doors, rushing towards the portal, looking to get out "out the exit, before it becomes a wall!"

[21:41] Isolde Greycloak gently goes to grab sparks and inni and flick them both up onto her back to make their escape

[21:42] Innoctiva was light as a feather and would not be too much of a burden for much of anyone. "Useless.." She muttered and just nuzzles into Iso's fur.

[21:43] Cheshie was left griping and moaning until the knife was at her throat-- the poor cat didn't have a chance to react as her throat was slit, causing the purple cat to gurgle and choke before falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, the maker of the portal would step out from behind it, holding her arms up. "Can y'all seriously get a move on it-" came a tired voice. "Like hella. I ain't wanna fuckin' be right here when the damned doll comes here with that damned elephant. Bitch tried throwin' me in a cage with that thing an' it squished me." the cat complained. "Get the word out-" she looked towards Cassie. "Another one. Tomorrow. This ain't everyone."

[21:44] Angelic Queen was very grateful to not be in her regular symbiote mode, as those loud canons would have knocked her out most likely. She'd nod to Hellguard, and fly right at Mythos to scoop her up and fly toward the portal. Tendrils reaching off her body to grab anyone that was willing to be grabbed by her.

[21:44] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) didn't focus too much on Ghost Writer; while a few shots went in his direction, she was more concerned about the other tulpas and circus freaks trying to hamper their escape. Her 20mm vulcans would turn any who got too daring or too close into hamburger...and the gauss cannons would leave even less than that. But she knew they would keep coming, so she remained on guard. She took a few more steps back, now just beyond the door way. Her fire stopped for only a moment, when her eyes went to Nox, busily chopping away at Cheshie despite everything. Her helmet flipped up again, making eye contact with him even as her cannons kept the carnies back. "See you in the next chapter, Ghost Writer." And with that, she closed her helmet again and resumed covering fire.

[21:45] Mythos takes one of the artillery shots, her shield flying up to block it, the shot deflecting back in the general direction it originated from, but the impact sends her flying towards the portal, and into Spyder's grip to be dragged the last bit through the portal

[21:46] Breaker Gemini would fire off the last 8 of its missiles, aiming at the elephant while emptying its twin guns around the hostile targets. "Dry! Falling back!" It would move towards the portal, its guns on cooldown adn its misisle racks empty. The machine would stumble somewhat as its drill was reabsorbed into its body.

[21:46] Kitty Hikuto hisses looking back to sparks and Innoctiva and seeing the fox lady helping then she looks back to Katy and says in more dominant Entity's voice, Kittys almost tuned out but just barely audible. "Hurry I'm not getting trapped here." She say before following Katy and Mikoto towards and most likely through the barrier

[21:47] Katy turns around, because of 'Comrade Sparks' and Innoctiva seemingly in trouble for a moment, but gladly there was some divine intervention from Chief Hellguard and Katy would finally escape with an exhausted, but not malnourished Mikoto. Zephyr would certainly be able to clear the way out on her own. With a barrage if necessary.

[21:47] Ghostwriter glances back towards Zeph as someone calls out to him. He'd lift a hand, waving simply- as if it were a courtesy. "So long.~" He'd call after them, his sleeves drenched in blood as he staggered up, promptly reaching down into a hovering book and pulling out a circus-style gun. He'd place it to his own head and pull the trigger, his skull faltering like a piece of decaying fruit until he felt down onto the ground. He'd move to jump into a another chapter after this!~ Probably the one where a certain dragon was...

[21:48] Kris sort of sighed out - the remainders were taking too long. "Remember. Another one. Same time as this-" the cat stated before chains of script would shoot out around Zeph, the big robo, and Spyder to drag them /out/ of the book world.

[21:49] Cassandra Sinclair: Doormouse giggled from Chesh's left side. "Already on it, Cheshie. It'll be -fun-."

[21:49] DM: WUMBO would let out a roaring trumpet as the cannonball stages the beast, causing the cannons to veer slightly, firing out towards the far right wall with a thunderous boom. The gunfire of Breaker causing large chunks of the endangered tulpa to fall to its knees. But as the Tiger was now leaping back into the fray. You couldn't keep a good Wumbo down for long!

[21:50] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) wouldn't need the script. She'd held the line long enough. With a crackle, the shield collapsed, and she lit off her jets, the scripts narrowly missing her as she hurdled through the portal with the others.

[21:51] Breaker Gemini would fukc off through the portal because COMBAT OVER
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