Battle in Rendezvous: III

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Battle in Rendezvous: III

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[17:59] Cherry: walks through the portal seeing the large door she moves forward to open it and step in.

[18:02] Angel (Talista Glas) pulls out her rifle and walks through the portal, starting with the rifle, AP rounds, hopefully she'd not be needing to lead with the grenade launcher, but she'd just have to cross that bridge if and when she came to it, looking around at the color
and gulping "this is blue...very blue..."

[18:02] Vivienne would have stepped through the portal. As she did she'd materialize some form of formal protection on her frame. When she stepped through the to the other side Vivienne would look around.

[18:02] Kris felt tired. So tired. She waited a few moments as the last people entered the portal before moving to follow behind everyone, idly pulling her pen out of her jacket as those heels clicked in the blue abyss. "Well. This group looks a little bit less PAE-y than the last at least. Maybe they'll even thank me for the free trip." the cat rumbled out to herself as she licked her finger to start flipping through a few pages.

[18:03] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) would too suddenly appear through the portal, looking around as he pulled his cane free and tapped it upon the ground - this wasn't his first rodeo traveling to alternate dimensions.

[18:04] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) entered inside as he looked around. Yep. Blue and black as he remembered. Way less food and cool attractions though. Kite walked in with everyone else to the center of the ink colored construct as everyone else id the same.

[18:04] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn comes in behind Viv through the portal. Aislinn takign a few steps up, she was near the back and the littel cat swishing her tail as she hikes forward. Her mechanical vox would sputter. "I'm coming for you Kris" not knowing the kitty was probably right behind her.

[18:05] Mousy gave a cheery little giggle as she slipped out of... somewhere to stand ahead of the assembled group.

[18:05] Ashley Reed steps from the portal. Blue room, yep. Cool. About as expected. She checks her watch. Music is queued, cool. Her eyes scan the room, assessing the tulpa present, and looks around the room for the hostiles...and then she hears Kris. And she freezes, "Kris...?" And then Mousy's appearance brings her back to reality and she moves more to the left of the group...

[18:06] XSU Trouble looks around as they enter "i am going to eat my words about not getting into a fight arn't i?" she groans unslinging her rifle..

[18:07] Cherry: looks at XSU."If you do, you will not be alone."

[18:09] Vivienne gave Angel and Linn a gentle nudge "...Here we go, about to begin." she'd say, seeing /Kris/ behind them "....You are /extremely/ late for work young lady, have you been here this /entire/ time?" she asked

[18:09] Knight Errant moves in through the portal... Systems rapidly scanning the area and flagging the large mixed raid of individuals here to start a rescue... Unsettlingly blue was all that came to mind examining the area. She'd continue to snag local comms from those around her and tie them into her network to get everyone on the same page, speaking into it. "<Remember. Weapons safe until engaged. I don't care if you don't consider yourself under my command authority, keep it cool and coordinated and we'll get through this.>"

[18:09] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) began taking in all the details he could of this subrealm. A large expanse of blue, seeming unending to him. The large gates behind him - the ruins of some structure in front of him. The many figures behind him - some he recognized, some off in this large structure around them. He maintained his grip upon the knob of his cane, listening to some of the chatter behind him. Directed at Vivienne, he gave a two-finger salute from the brow. "Here's to getting out of this." he said. To Kite, he planted a firm hand on his shoulder. "Hey..almost missed it. I'm gonna look out for you, alright? Don't need no one else getting yeeted into this shit for nothin'. I'm gonna try and talk to this guy..provided we don't get some gung-ho person on our side."

[18:10] Temp. Commander Hayward would make her way into the portal, talking into the shared comm channel. "Remember, we're going to attempt a parley. If we play this right we might not have to actually fight anything. I would like to reduce casualties as much as possible. If anyone costs us a civilian, I will find you, and shoot you."

[18:11] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) nodded to Zid as he pumped his fist. "Hey I should be the one saying that. Don't worry we'll all get out of this in one piece. We just gotta be prepared for anything and do our best."

[18:11] Angel (Talista Glas) looks at Viv and nods, trying to stay concentrated. She jumps a bit as she hears Knight over her comms and then calms herself back down again, anxious about all this at the moment but nodding at the nudge "yes, here we go"

[18:12] Kris flinCHED a little bit as Vivienne spoke towards her. "WELL!" Kris started. "Kinda been trapped here. Just a uh.. L-little bit so uh.." the cat rumbled out before bringing her book forward to lightly bop Linn on the helmet.

[18:13] Alexis steps through the portal, staring at Vivienne from behind her mask, but leaving it for now. She briefly observes Kris as she walks in, giving her a wave before taking a place beside Ashley. "I apologize, but I felt I should come," she says. "If it does end up being... y'know... I thought maybe some familiar faces might help." The nekothing shrugs. "Or at least, people who have a general idea of what to expect," she murmurs, rubbing the back of her head. Alexis flattens her ears at Knight's words, sighing and holding her tongue.

[18:13] Vivienne turned her attention back toward Zideous. "Of course, I am sure we will, and /when/ we do...." she turned toward everyone present "Monarch will be offering /free/ drinks to everyone in the room inside the Nexus club for the remainder of the evening." she said warmly, hoping to lighten everyone's spirits a bit. Then looked directly back toward Kris "....We're getting you out of here, then you and I are going to renegotiate the terms of your contract, you sly cat."

[ Welcome To Rendezvous! ]

The violet portal opens to a landscape of endless cerulean. The scents of candy floss and fried food never seems to leave, and the sound of chains tremoring forth from the realm itself seems to echo out from the abyss. Standing atop a pile of books, the figure of a Pierrot is seen with his doll-like accomplice towering within a cage above him. He seems to be expecting it as the entourage of heroes appears. The Pierrot brings himself up and off the pile, an eerie sense of calm expanding from him. The scene would replay like a broken record. Nothing ever changes within ‘The Rendezvous’. Not ever. He steps forward. The blue realm seemed to shiver beneath his boots, a pulsation of something potent sprouting up and out of the ground in his wake. An array of books would open and float idly throughout the dreamscape. The presence of carnival workers bustled around ‘The Rendezvous’, their voices audible over the sound of barren emptiness. A terrifying, omnipotent force exuded of the jester, only made stronger by the group’s presence in Rendezvous. A psychokinetic energy would settle within the air like a feeling of oppressiveness, practically suffocating the air around it as tiny pulsations of overwhelming kinesis shuddered forwards from his frame. He’d part his lips beneath his mask, rows of fangs clicking steadily together as he spoke. “Dame! We have more visitors from the big apple! I have -really- got to do something about that /cat/… Well, come on in! I’ll start with the introductions- you can call me ‘Ghostwriter’! Care to stay a while? I mean, because clearly, you all like comin’ in here so much…” He’d hum, a book snapping into his hands. He seemed to look over each new occupant, looking in between them and his book as he scribbled something down upon it.

Diva Aria swung, perched atop the scene in her cage, the diva cooing the warm-up chords for vocals "Do re do~" She would sing, her beautiful voice echoing across the entire expanse. It seemed this place was designed for great vocal acoustics. "Ohohoho~ Welcome welcome! Maybe we can set up a stand for the guests next time. Or well....assuming there is a next time. If all the audience is in the show is there a show? A question for the philosophers I suppose. Regardless! Let's begin our second showing actors! BREAK A LEG!" She cooed back to Nocturne and reached to the bluebook at her feet, opening it as she began to let out a soft rhyme that broke into a carnival-style jingle that echoed across the area. "

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Throughout the ebony circus tops, Across the cerulean skies. There is a land where the destitute gather to repent. Their hearts hollow, and with violet eyes 𝅘𝅥𝅮 "

[18:18] DM: The sound seemed to invigorate the tulpa all around the area, but they would remain idle for now. The Audience in the back moving their arms slowly raising up, pointing to select people in the crowd. At Denver, Knight Errant, Nimue, Leckie, Alexis, and Angel. All with complete silence. Not to ruin Silvia's beautiful song.

[18:20] Cherry: steps forward."Beings I have come for those the Mouse said could go, I will escort them to safety." there needs to be no major conflict."

[18:20] Temp. Commander Hayward "Kris?" Hayward would behind her. "KRIS!" Poor Commander was about to burst into tears.. until the entire mood of the room changed. It was thick, oppressive. What parts of her that were still organic, were SCREAMING for her to just turn around and run. And well.. these damn Tulpa were /pointing/ at here this was way too fucking freaky. "Calm down soldier.. remember your training.." Hayward would step forward from the group, her arms raised over her heads. "If you want introductions, my name is Denver Hayward, Acting Commander of the 7th. We do not wish to fight. We wish to talk. If you would please hear us out."

[18:20] Kris let out a soft 'oof' as Linn hugged her. Ow. That hurt. A little bit. "Ey there good doc." the cat rumbled out. Her ears sort of laid back a bit as she heard just about everyone talk about dragging her home. "H-hey. That's sweet of y'all-" she looked towards Vivienne. "I uh.. I think. I wasn't tryin' to skip out on anythin'. Was jus' tryin' to help.. My friends who got stuck here." the cat rumbled out. "That's why I opened the portals. And I still got one more I need to get out of here. Or try to."

[18:21] Alexis observes the Ghost Writer for a moment, humming. "Well, can't say this was unexpected," she murmurs, sighing softly. The nekothing stays silent for now, seeing how the others communicate.....

[18:22] Knight Errant continued to watch the area, her AI starting to track and mark potential threats, the entire area rapidly lighting up for her... Dealing with the unknown was never a good move. She moves right up alongside Denver and partially infront of her to offer cover, the bulky Knight more than a formidable shield. She wasn't called on to negotiate sos he simply organised her team and remained at the ready, the faint hum of her generators spooling up and a purple ripple running along the capacitors of that monstrous railgun.

[18:22] Vivienne as their combat skin finished materializing over her bodies frame. She'd step over toward Kris /menacingly/ ....only to give them a gentle pat on the head "...I am giving you a hard time, I am glad you have been safe, and still alive, I commend your effort, but never do anything like that again."

[18:22] Ashley Reed looks at Ghostwriter for a minute, considering. Then she looks up. That must be the bird cage. She flicks over to the comms and delivers a message: 'Don't let the bird sing when this turns hot.' And then she realizes what Mousy told her. THE MASKS. She pings off another 'The audience is pointing at the ones with masks, y'all may want to remove them.' She looks over at Kris, and then at Mousy, pretty sure she knows who. She starts looking for the real Cassie in the room.

[18:22] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) nodded to him, easing his hand off his shoulder. "I believe in you, man. I don't know you too well, but provided we all get out of this..I'll take some of that money I got the other day and buy ya dinner. Well, assuming I can still lift the credit chit out with my still attached hand.." he said, looking around. The hunter already began applying gallows humor to get the mood lightened. He turned to Vivienne as she responded, shaking his head with that stern look. " drinks.." his eyes scan this room, looking upwards to the singing. "....I see...To puragtory to repent.." he heard the screams behind him, and people rushing forward. The oppressive atmosphere was rough to bare, and he'd end up leaning upon his cane. "Asher...-Ghostwriter..your showtime has finally come, it seems. " he maintains his current position, watching others grab ahold of someone. "I'd like to think we can observe this peacefully..however doesn't seem that's gonna be the case."

[18:23] Aiko would let out an euch sound as she entered the smell of bad food and candy permeating the area seeming to almost infect her with the smell. She would look around trying to take in everything she could before the trouble started up. She found this room really scary and quite freaky, but she would try to push all of that to the background and remember her training.... oh wait... she hadn't had a lot of training yet well that's a bummer. She couldn't help but look nervous even if she was trying to hide it.

[18:23] XSU Trouble lazily lets her rifle hang by its sling as she stares at the clown content to let others do the negotiation as she simply looks around giving the carnies a good eyeballing

[18:24] Nimue takes up a position on Knight Errant's right flank. Silent as always. She keeps her head on a swivel. The fingers on her left hand flick and move a bit. Those in Nakajima with their tacnet huds active get a message <Nimue: They seem to be pointing us out. >

[18:24] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) watched as Ghostwriter made his introduction in this weird world of 'Rendezvous'. The copius amounts of books fluttering by and the sound of tulpa making noise in the background caused him to be more on guard than the last time he was here. He simply wasn't sure what was going to happen. Being welcomed put him at a little bit more ease, but not by too much. Kite nodded in agreement with Cherry. "Ri-right! We just came to get the people who are in here out of here. Kite looked back to Zid and smiled. "Yeah if we make out I could go for a burger and fries right about now..."

[18:25] Angel (Talista Glas) looks back at Kris and eyeballs her eyes "We're gonna get you out" she states and then looks back at the area in front of her, taking her finger not just off the trigger but out of the range of the trigger, not wanting to be that one person that jumps the gun literally and goes full auto like in every war movie. She looks at Viv and then the others, and then at the floating people and then the Tulpas pointing at them. She speaks into her comms "I have a bad feeling about this one...grenade launcher loaded for if we need grenades" her little hip launcher was hardly the most menacing grenade launcher on the planet but it was still a grenade launcher.

[18:25] Keylime beamed her usual smile when the updates came in. She looked over in the direction of Nimue and Aiko, "Please use caution and direct your precious squishy bodies behind J/120-MB, or Keylime for short~" She reminds, once more looking on ahead as a cartridge was loaded into her rifle, the Android scanning about quietly and monitoring every small movement that would be made.

[18:25] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn was clingign to Kris' waist still the little armored cat squirming. "yeah, we'll help them too Kitten." she'd chirp weakly and Linn would /SQUEEZE/ Kris around the middle. "stay behind us princess, we're saving you and everyone else if we can." Aislinn steps forward away from Kris, her fingertips dragging off the cat not quite ready to let go. She'd move behind Denny and KE "I am Dr Aislinn Leckie, here under the acting commander." She'd chirp out. Her helmet crackling softly voice tinny and artificial behind her mask. She stands sharply forward and eyes the man of books and his wooden canary.

[18:26] Mousy giggled again, stretching her arms above her head. Her elbows popped a little as the girl put on a contortionists' level of flexibility on show. Stretching her arms, then rolling her shoulders before lifting a leg and stretching her foot high, high over her head with a titter. She hummed quietly along with their beloved songbird's tune, smiling brilliantly. "I believe I warned you..." She said, to... well it seemed like no one in particular. But the person she was addressing would /know/ what she meant. "Not to steal the show..."

[18:27] Freyrson Found himself in this nocturne realm, noticing others within it. Mostly some unfamiliar faces, some he can see being fellow PAE members. He holds his hand out. He can feel the dark energies of this place. For a moment he thought "Was this him? Is this the one I've been training for?..." His question would be answered as he took note of the jester like individual and all the books floating around. It wasn't him, but he had a strong feeling he's responsible for this place and what happened to Lady Mikoto. He unsheathes his sword, knowing he has to be ready for anything. "What is this madness I see before me?" he would ask out loud.

[18:32] Durian had just caught the speech as he ported in but hung in th eback for now listening

[18:38] Ghostwriter looks amongst the group, his expression hidden behind his mask. He’d bring one hand upwards, an ensemble of cards pulling themselves from a fluttering of pages and promptly moving to circle around his wrist. A claw upon his other hand would wag throughout the air in tune with Diva Aria’s song. The pierrot’s pointed shoes would fall upon the pavement as he repeat the actions he had from the prior night, promptly reaching into his book, pulling out the same gramophone. It’d begin to play the same tune. Repetency was a stagnant theme, it seemed. “Always so hostile. Jumpin’ through here, armed and ready. You haven’t even given me the chance to offer you a drink! Showin’ up to a man’s off-brand novel, just to take his cat. The nerve of some people.” He’d flippantly comment. He’d suddenly point one claw forwards. A circular Zener card would suddenly hover upwards and out of the air. It’d spiral forth at an adamant speed, attempting to make contact with Zid and sear into his chest. If i
made contact, he’d feel a light burning- but nothing afterwards. “So, which one of you is going to instigate first?... We can take as long as you like, what’s the hurry, really?” He’d chime, up to something or the other as he went back to writing within his book.

[18:39] Diva Aria continued to swing, looking down at the crowd that gathered, waving at them casually as she continued to sing.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Their weak and pitiful, dreadful souls, given purpose again. The souls of the unworthy and the damned, performing feats that never truly end.𝅘𝅥𝅮

[18:40] DM: The Circus freaks around the room just grinned, watching the heroes. Weapons in hand. Seemed they were ready for a fight, but remained peaceful, for now. The audience still silently pointing at the aforementioned individuals. The look on their faces blank and emotionless. They may be recognized as a collection of nonplayer civilians that lived in Celestial City, but these all had brilliant violet eyes.

[18:42] Cherry: steps forward again. Her eyes suddenly blinking quickly."You are designated an enemy, I do not need to ask." the moment the card is released she reaches out with a copy of ghostwriters power to stop the card."I decline your offer of a drink as I do not eat or drink. Again I will ask for those I was told could go.

[18:46] Temp. Commander Hayward would GLADLY stand behind the big ol' gravity manipulating battlesuit. No need to tell her twice. Looking back towards Reed, and then to the Tulpa, and to those they were point to. "Their faces are covered.." Every little bit of her military training would tell her STOP what she was about to do.. Hayward with one hand still raised, pulled her hood down, and clipped her visor to her belt. Her face wasn't all to unpleasant. A head of white hair, pale red eyes, soft features marred by a series of burns and scarring over much of her face. "As I stated, I am Denver Hayward, acting Commander of the 7th. We do not wish to fight. All we want is the safe return of the people you took. Something tells me you might want that too." Seeing the card flying, Hayward would cry out. "PLEASE! We don't have to fight. We can figure this out."

[18:48] Kris sort of smiled a bit as Vivienne's tone changed a bit and became a bit more sweet. "I'll try not to get kidnapped again, boss." the mocha cat commented. She went to curiously write into her book, glancing towards Cherry for a few moments. It was a petty attempt at the use of this power. But only time will tell if it worked - spoiler, it wouldn't. She took a few steps up, not really mentioning much on the 'his cat' deal Ghostwriter talked about. "Well we'll uh.. See how all this goes." Kris quietly mentioned to her group of friends.

[18:49] Alexis perks her ears up, quietly sending a text to Ashley. She calmly removes her mask for now, tucking it into her coat. "It's for his benefit... please just take your masks off," she says. "Hard for him to talk to you when he can't even see your face, right?" She looks over her shoulder at the Ghost Writer, raising a hand in a way that was like saying "Hey... I know we're technically at odds right now, but it's still nice to see that someone else made it", but without actually saying that out loud. She then looks at Freyrson. "A world of fantasy and a negotiation," she says simply, before turning back to Nox. "A drink might be nice, if you're offering... also, perhaps a reminder, again, of why you're doin' this? It's been so long, I can't recall for the life of me why it is you do this...." She looks at Cherry, her ears lowering. *Great, paladin robots,* she thinks to herself. *Even in this universe, things inevitably careen towards violence of the physical sort... I mean, I'd say it's the place for it, but I've never been inside here before, so talking first seems like the smarter option....*

[18:51] Knight Errant notes her comms chatter inside the Nakajima TacNet, responding back through the system, clearly on high alert no matter how she was taunted about her audacity to arrive ready to take on a small army. The talk of removing masks was fluttering about behind her... Yet there was no way she was about to reveal herself, and worse yet, her most vulnerable body part from beneath the shell of armour... Sanity won out and she kept her helmet sealed, glowing slits locked on ghostwriter in the center. Antennae would twitch and a faint hiss would be heard from the harkens mounted on her hips, leaning her shielded side towards the bulk of the 'enemy'.

18:52] Vivienne looked up from underneath her visor toward Ghostwriter "The audacity of this man, he goes on and takes 'my' cat then tries to claim it as their own, that's /theft/." Vivienne said in an firm, dry manner as she positioned herself toward the front og the group. "What's your play here Ghostwriter?" she asked them, she /did/ say she was going to attempt to talk things out first, if possible. And she stuck with it...for now. She turned back toward Denver silently, who appeared to be taking the same angle...'So far, so good.' she commented mentally, her visible lips curled into a small smile underneath the visor she was wearing toward Kris. She'd just nod at them before looking back toward Ghostwriter, steeling herself physically and mentally for anything that might happen.

[18:53] Ashley Reed looks in the crowd for the real Cassie was she there. She notices Hayward heed her warning. Oh thank GOD. She steps closer to Ghostwriter and Mousy, "We just want our friends back and home safe. You want to be're definitely going to be remembered, sir...the question remains as to how you're remembered. That choice is STILL in your hands. The moment this becomes violent is the moment you are remembered not as a villain who turned from his ways to seek a better path, and will be vilified."

[18:54] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) had left himself open to get nailed with the card - having wanted to talk first about their situation. He attempted to lift the cane upward, barely getting the cane waist level before the cane struck him in the chest. He'd use the cane instead to lean upon once the heavy presence of this figure's energy was felt a without the cane, looking to Cherry who had attempted to stop it, regarding the attempt with a thankful nod. The burning is felt..and then nothing. A quick glance down to his chest, and he focuses upon the figure, holding a hand outward. "I ain't fighting you until you give me a reason to, Asher. We just want the people you taken to come back with us." he stated in a firm manner, eyes fixed on his mask. He looked around, wondering if the creator was out there somewhere. he nodded along with Commander Hayward, trying to assist in the negotiation. "Asher...Is Neil Bennett here? Is he the one who created you? Does he want you hurting people for acknowledgment?"

[18:55] Aiko would keep her gun pointed down oh sure she would be ready to engage at a moments notice especially as they chose for some reason to call out both Knight and Nimue. She wasn't the type to just abandon her comrades no matter what was going on. Nakajima had given her a chance so she was determined not to let them down.

[18:56] XSU Trouble trusts cherry's powers to protect Zid eyes tracking it for confirmation before calling over PAE comms <this is Senior officer Trouble of PAE SEC. that means i am in charge. I don't know how many of you are in here, but stay defensive.... lets let the boys and girls in naka do the talking for now no need to add too many voices to the argument. and remember, hostages first. also your doing great cherry.>

[18:57] Nimue examined her surroundings she kept an especially close eye on the tulpa with the cannon. She keeps looking up at the woman in the cage though, frowning.

[18:58] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn watches others take their masks off, she couldn't she wasn't wearing hers just for protection it was to filter out her powers from hurting anyone else while she was here. There was no way she was taking her helmet off without it being absolutely necessary. Linn stays forward, one hand drifting down to rest atop her pistol. She glances over her shoulder and wave at Kris... even though Kris probably couldnt see her due to masks.

18:59] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) stepped back seeing Ghostwriter pull a card out and tossing it to Zid. Kite couldn't really say or do much as the card flew towards him as the playful singing carried on overhead. Kite watched Cherry extend her arm out to try and stop the card in mid-air as he dared not to speak. It felt like every word or action from this point on could tip the scales into action. He wasn't sure if he wanted that responsibility or to have to answer to his boss about it as an intern of all things. Kite's eyes widned as he saw Zid get struck with the card and reel back in pain. Kite turned to him with concern, but he recovered fast enough from being struck that his concerns were assuaged. Kite took a relaxed breathe and returned his focus to the crowd pointing to them. Kite looked to Zid and then slowly turned his head to Commander Hayward and then back to Ghostwriter to see if the peace talks would do anything. The commotion, questions, and negotiations from others soon followed. Kite figured since he was just a student he'd let the full fledged heroes handle the tougher stuff like working things out with the villain. He stood by and kept his guards up as he slowly tensed his muscles in case things took a turn for the worse.

19:02] Angel (Talista Glas) smiles to Kris and goes to give her an akward side hug and then tries to move up to stand near her employer, whispering to Vivienne "Is this normal? Feels like there's a surprisingly low amount of shooting going on" she was trying to keep her voice down lest she cause someone to get ideas, totally forgetting she could just use her mic to communicate with Viv. She kept her gun set up and ready, but on safe and finger off the trigger, just waiting for someone else to shoot first, wondering why everyone was pointing at her

[19:04] Mousy hummed quietly. Finished with the stretch, she lowered her leg and rocked back and forth. She giggled quietly. "Catnappers..." She giggled again. Those lovely purple eyes swept from one to the next, gauging who'd be the first to leap into action. "They want our precious pussycat and all our dolls to go home with them. How greedy..." She mused.

[19:06] Freyrson continued holding his sword, ever cautious and knowing that instigating or taking unnecessary action could end in disaster, despite his mistrust of this... clown. He took unnecessary action once without thinking during his early ventures in the city and it resulted in the criminals getting away with that they desired. He won't make that mistake again. He nearly reacts when he sees the card flying out towards one of the heroes inside, but he saw saw another try to stop it when the one identifying themselves as Denver Hayward trying to negotiate with the jester, followed by others. Though it appears the attempt to stop the attack was for naught as Zid is blasted with it, yet seems to have minimal damage. Then he heard Trouble speaking over PAE comms. <Understood,> he'd reply. He looks around the room, seeing the many civilians taken from the city, all with purple eyes. He grips the hilt of his sword, knowing he needs to relax and calm the growing rage inside him. With a deep breath, he decides to drop his guard, though the singing and music was very unnerving to hear. It was like a horror film by this point. "If you wish to talk," he said. "I will listen."

[19:10] Durian would hang in th eback still but would observethe guards and the boss in the center, for now he would draw his bow selectin a trigger from his belt as the bow lights up but was not drawn back, this was primarily a magic stand off that he couldnt match, glancing up at the audiance now and then wondering if his doppleganger was in th crowd

[19:11] Ghostwriter Cherry is not able to stop Ghostwriter’s attempts at hurling the card forwards. The card resists their attempts at manipulation and proceeds towards Zid. Ghostwriter would listen to them all as they desperately tried to negotiate, the bells at the end of his hat releasing happy little jingles as he paces about within his circle. “Wooow- you know! This group is a LOT less… shooty… than the other one! It really touches my heart. I might just cry.” He’d muse. An array of books that’d been scattered about would move off of the ground and hover around the tulpa. One by one, sets of swords would begin to conjure out of the portal until a row of them had formed around him. A potent, purple energy would begin to surround them, psychokinetically charging them and altering their gravity. “You can’t just mention a man’s author like that! I should like to think those kinds of private matters should be respected! But hey, I’m happy to humor your idle chatter.” He would boisterously say, albeit rather sarcastically as Diva’s energy coursed through him. The floor beneath him seemed to pulsate, the scythe atop his back just glowering ever brighter. Another card would lift up as it hovered around him. It was another Zener card- with a square etched upon the front. The card would fly forwards, cutting the air around it as it sunk into Commander Hayward. They’d feel something pulsate and simmer within their veins, and their eyes might’ve even glowered purple for a few brief moments.

The cage continues to hang above. A small tent with a barrier in front of it remains within the corner of the room.

[19:13] Diva Aria continued her pleasant song, the tempo transitions to the rise on the performance. Her voice as crisp and gentle as a songbird.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 And so the ringleader, the semblance of night, all clamored in blue. Met with the broken and thralled souls. Giving them the joy they needed, through these rendezvous.𝅘𝅥𝅮

[19:14] DM: Denver and Alexis seemed to be on to something as the audience that had pointed them out shifted their fingers to target the others that had been mentioned. Their silence remaining. Apathetic stares burrowing into the crowd before them. It seemed the doppelganger in the crowd didn't resemble anyone of note. Mailmen, Grocery baggers, Telemarketers. Just the Celestial City average Joe and Jane.

[19:18] Cherry: nods to trouble as she looks at ghostwriter."I do not mean to treat you as an enemy but that move was interpreted as an attack. She paused as she remembered what Ashley said."There has to be a way to trade."Do not initiate attack," as she uses the power to create a card and flings it to try to intercept ghostwriters card, stopping it's advance.

[19:22] Temp. Commander Hayward would continue to brace behind Knight Errant, buzzing briefly over the shared comms. ::Okay, so far this is working. Let's keep this up and might just get out of without any casualties.:: Hayward was honestly surprised things were going so well. Until well.. "HURK!" Hayward would exclaim, feeling something sink into her neck. "I.. what?" The Temp. Commander patting her neck, feeling nothing but her body tingling. Anyone looking dead on her would see her eyes briefly flash purple. "My head.." She'd droop down, balancing herself on Knight Errant. "Please.. Mr. Asher sir, if that's your name. If you do want to be remembered, you will be. The events of these last few weeks won't ever leave my mind. I heard what happened here last night. It sounds like a grand story. Please, just let us go with our friends and the others you took. That's all we want."

[19:25] Kris returned the little side hug to angel. She felt a little bit bad that all of these people came here for her. She almost didn't want to say she didn't want to leave. But the cat - unarmored - would move to start walking around them. Hm. Did her last thing work? She went to idly write in her book again, curiously looking towards Cherry again. Spoiler. It wasn't going to work. But her eyes would turn back towards Ghostwriter. "Asher." the cat spoke out. "You know the one person I want."

[19:26] Alexis deadpans as they mention Neil. "Oh no," she murmurs, taking a step back. She looks at the Mouse, tilting her head and giving her a look. "I nap on occasion- doesn't make me greedy, though," she quips. The neko seemed to be taking this whole situation rather lightly, considering what was going on. She turns her attention back to Ghostwriter. "If I might suggest it, perhaps you could just let all of these people, just... out into the city? Tulpas and non-Tulpas alike? That worked just fine, didn't it? You'd still be able to come out and see them... all of you, if you want." She tilts her head, sticking her hands in her pockets calmly. "Only, y'know. This time, none of the local corporations or police forces will draft you into their stations against your will. so it'll turn out better, sort of.... and perhaps you could do some shows, from time to time..." The nekothing shrugs. "What would you want, exactly? I mean, you must want something, correct? Everybody has a 'petit a' they're chasing after... people in this crowd would prefer that the people you took to copy were allowed to wander free. What do you want...? And don't say for us to stay forever, because that would probably not go over well." Alexis glances back at the portal slightly, curious to see its status... and hoping it was still open.

[19:27] Knight Errant seems caught off-guard as the card whirled /past/ her and into Denver, the Knight, swiveling a camera to watch the acting Commander's expression as those eyes flared. The TacNet flares up with more data, as information was quietly relayed between Nakajima personnel. "<Hayward. Steady.>" she chimes across the comms, letting the Commander use her as a crutch... Though the steadily rising swords were a secondary point of concern. Her gravity generators spool up and the space through the swords begins to inverts it's gravity and steadily the force would ramp up in an attempt to gently lower them back into the books. "Stay your hand. We have no intention of fighting you." she states in tandem with her actions.

[19:31] Vivienne turned her head back toward Angel slightly "...There may not be a need for any shooting or any 'hostile' action. 7th personnel seem to be on the same page as Monarch." she whispered back "Be ready to take action if they try anything outwardly hostile suddenly." she then looked back toward Denver. seeing the card fly through the air toward Denver somehow bending completely past Varre's /thicc/ frame and hitting Denver. Vivienne would immediately dematerialize and re-appear near Denver and the rest of the group <Denver. Are you okay?> she asked via some form of internal comm.

[19:32] Ashley Reed eyes those cards for a moment. Wondering what those are, she hopes Hayward is alright though she suspects those are nothing good. To back up the point Knight Errant just made, she pulls the Acetone loaded watergun from her pocket and drops it on the floor. Then She steps closer, hands up and away from her visible weaponry. "Are they really dolls, or lives? Kris is a friend of mine. I'd appreciate her and the last ones you have back...and returned safely." She may have crossed the unspoken line with her walking. "This is a negotiation, we came with what we want in mind...what do YOU want, good sir? Let's work from there." She hopes to get a peek into the tent on her left in a moment or so.

[19:34] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) raised a hand to Kite to let him know he was alright, his attention still focused upon Asher. He looked toward Hayward as they were stuck, holding a concerned gaze upon them to ensure they were alright. His response was less than favorable - as a slew of charged swords began to array themselves before the figure. He looked around the room, trying to think of something he could do..looking upwards to the cage as her singing continued. He took a moment to quickly cast a spell with a few divine gestures, his eyes glowing gold. [Casting spell - Sift.] then looked to the tent on their left..pondering. He looked up and around at the crowd of onlookers, then back at Ghostwriter. "Is there some sort of...trial or challenge you want of us? One that can be resolved without fighting? I do not bring up your private matters want him to remembered, don't you? You want to teach us to be better. This can be our Zenith, right here. You just have to give us a way to prove that..without drawing blood?" he shot a quick glance around, trying to make sure they weren't being sealed in here.

[19:34] Aiko kept her position for now noting targets specified via the tacnet as she was prepped to do as asked. She felt weird using another person for cover not fully understanding what Lime was at this point. How did she end up in this mess? What was she doing here? She was pretty sure she couldn't get out at this point and as long as no one was attacking she wasn't going to fire the first shot either.

[19:38] XSU Trouble: trouble would grimace at the noise over in naka <Cherry, You have the cards now, can you tell us ANYTHING about them?> taking a slightly more firm grip on her weapon <Commander Hayward? are you okay?> she asks over her silent comms before raising her actual voice "Your a writer, haven't you heard the pen is mightier then the sword? put your toys away and be reasonable for a change.after all your only guilty of kidnapping, and various violations of peoples bodily anatomy. as it stands you might get out on parole." she says keeping an eye on GW as she walks out of the group slinging her rifle. and stepping closer to the Carnie with sickles and boob armor glancing in a tent as she keeps omni directional scanners active..

[19:39] Nimue had a furious bout of finger-wiggling as she kept observing. Her ears twitched as she listened to the singing from the woman in the cage her frown deepening. She looks to the other Nakajima and even though she doesn't say a word her expression looks like someone who's talking. She was most likely sending a message to her teammates over the Tacnet.

[19:40] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) surveyed the area as he heard the *schwing* of blades and then the apperance of them soon after. Kite saw the swords surrounding them and a small bead of sweat rolled down his temple. He couldn't dodge THAT many swords. He couldn't dodge THAT many swords at all. Kite was silently hoping negotations didn't fall through like an elephant standing on a coffee table. Kite watched another card get tossed this time towards Commander Heyward. Kite would have been way more concerned had Zid not been hit himself and come out fine from it. At least from what he saw just looking at his body. But, seeing her fall to the floor in pain made him think it was a worse pain than what Zid got. He wasn't sure. Kite did see Zid show that he was OK. He didn't take his eyes off the swords surrounding them after that. He still stood by silently only looking to offer support in this current time.

[19:43] Angel (Talista Glas) nods to Vivienne and licks her lips under the mask. She blinks as she sees a mask removed and then suddenly the pointing stops. Did he hate masks "Does..." she starts and then Viv teleports away. She looks upwards at Zid and then to her left at Kite and then forwards at the group in front of her. The swords came up and she shuddered, aiming at a sword, and then when it didn't come at her, she lowered her rifle barrel. She breathed deep and slowly controlled her breathing, gun on safe anyways, something she likely already forgot, better to forget it was on safe than off safe

[19:44] Keylime was staring ahead once again, observing the situation. There was the occasional whir or click of her eyes focusing on Denver when the card struck her, "Uno~" She chimes in towards Denver as she curled over a moment and grasped her neck. She heard a soldier say uno once when playing cards. Surely it applied, "We are here to formerly request that the abducted persons be freed from this game of . . . . . . Go Fish! Are there any animals here?" She seemed to cycle through her occasional voice line, then once more fell quiet, eyes lingering on the occasional Tulpa, her head simply scanning through and watching the others as she received the constant Tac-Net updates.

[19:44] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn splutters and coughs into her helmet. She splutters adn the little squirt plops to a knee struggling for air. Glittering shapes move through the interior of her helmet. She wheezes in a reedy breath that buzzes over her comms. "Hayward?" She'd squeak in a sharp tone. Linn, still gasping for air in her suit ,The little bean pulling in wheezing as Viv and Knight Errant take care of her commander. Linn peers over her shoulder and walks over placing a small hand on Kris' hip. Her fingers tightening on the Kitty's skirt. "Kris? kitten, You seem to know more than the rest of us here. Where is Cassie, I'll help you get her home too." She'd chirp The small woman holding onto the larger kitty's hip and cooing support as she stays with the mocha bean.

[19:45] Mousy: "Mimicry is the highest form of flattery, I'm sure. But it doesn't pay to be rude." She cautioned toward Cherry before spinning on her toes lightly, swinging the dress' hem out. She smiled brilliantly, looking toward her beloved ringmaster. "They seem -very- determined to take our poppets. But they are being so polite about it..." She mused toward Asher. "It's sweet... the heroes don't want to sacrifice anyone for their daring rescue... Is it heroic, or foolish to believe all can be solved without actions? And then.... can it all resolve without sacrifice?" She winked at Alexis, shrugging as she danced to the side in a little twirl in time with their lovely songbird's song. "Talkative knights to rescue princesses in towers... it's an interesting start to a new genre..." Her dancing took her casually in Trouble's direction, a little hum leaving her. "That's a secret treasure..." She warns but she didn't seem overly interested in -stopping- the woman.

[19:48] Freyrson winces seeing yet another card flying out, this time targeting Denver. Doesn't help that the jester, apparently named Asher due to the chatter, seemed to line up a bunch of swords. That seemed more threatening. Though if they attacked, he'd have something for that. The young woman who tried to stop the card before, fails once again to stop the other one Asher has thrown out. He could only hope she's not potentially making the situation worse. He decides to do something risky. He sheathes his sword completely. It could potentially leave him vulnerable but he's not too worried about that. Though he hears Trouble on comms again, he too was interested in Cherry's explanation.

[19:55] Ghostwriter The card is not stopped as it proceeds into Commander Hayward. It would appear that attempting to manipulate the man’s psychokinesis while he resides within his home dimension may not be effective. “Remembered? Is’ that what everyone thinks this is about? Oh- don’t worry, folks! That’s definitely not why I have ya’ here tonight!” He’d say, locking eyes with Kris for a longer moment. With a disturbing amount of concise clarity, he’d shake his head. “You’re not getting that one back.” Asher would promptly say. As he did, The Rendezvous would begin to shake beneath their feet. The swords would fight against attempts to lower to them down onto the ground, visibly twisting about within the air, still not launching themselves forwards. Zid would not be able to detect any passages or concealed objects- other than the one they’d conjured in front of the door. Asher would continue to write about in his book, his hand only moving every time they spoke to him. Another card would lift before throwing itself at [ASHLEY], looping around through the air before diving and dissipating into them. (OOC Consent Given.) Once again, Ashley’s eyes would likely be radiating purple for a few moments and she would feel a gentle pain before it simmered down. The longer Diva sang, the livelier Ghostwriter had seemed to become as he kept writing, hinging upon their words as if they were important to him. "Honestly, dames and sirs. I prefer to hear YOU speak- less myself for once. So! Keep doin' that, I'm all ears!~" He'd say. A set of chains would rise to loop around the doors, sealing them inside of the building.

Anyone who peeked inside of the tent would be able to see a glowing, purple spoon perched atop a table. Said tent was covered in the front with a purple barrier. Diva would remain in the cage.

[19:56] Diva Aria would begin to sing faster with a joyous tone. The happy song rising more so as the words seem to almost bounce from her voice.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 The night would meet an orange furred friend. A booming bark and her tail would wag. She had no idea at this point, that her fate would lead her to a body bag. 𝅘𝅥𝅮

[19:56] DM: This would seem to have a physical effect upon the Tulpa around the room. Their presence and stature almost seeming stronger. Their weapons beginning to glow with a dark dull mist. They and the audience began to chuckle in monotone unison. Like a really unenthused sitcom laugh track. Clearly they were in on some kind of twisted inside joke. As Trouble approaches the tent. Tulpa D takes a step forward. Almost as if she was giving a visual warning. Her weapons twisting in her palms as she displays impressive dexterity with them.

[20:01] Cherry: creates a card, spinning it in the air."I am sorry I can only create and control their movements. It is a fairly new ability for me." As she controls it spinning around her head." She wanted to stop the next card but knew the odds were against her. She looks at Ghostwriter, then name your terms as she moves the card to hover over Troubles head in a defense agaisnt Tulpa D

[20:01] Temp. Commander Hayward ::I'm fine. I'm fine.:: Hayward would reassure everyone over the shared comms, despite using Knight Errant to keep herself propped up. Hayward would shakily look up to Ghostwriter, looking like she was about to hurl. ".. I'm not from this place. The place I'm from, Solaria, where Linn and I came from.. It wasn't a pleasant world. Desert and arid wastelands stretching far off into the horizon. Scalding heat, sandstorms the size of mountains. That's not even mentioning the wildlife.. We were always at war, always fighting. Civil wars, invasions.. orbital bombardments. I suppose you could have called it hell. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of a place we could solve things without fighting. A place where we didn't always have to shoot something, everyone was safe.. Is that too much to ask, Mr. Asher? To let a little girl's dream carry on?" Ohboy did Hayward feel like she was going to hurl. She was visibly quite shaky and unsteady, threatening to fall over at the slightest provocation. Tears were streaming down her face. "Please.. We don't have to fight..." Hayward would then tap her comms once, whispering. ::If this doesn't work out.. Open fire on the cage.::

[20:05] Kris looked down at Linn. "You seem smaller now that I'm in heels." the cat idly teased with a tired smile. She sort of paused for a few moments before looking back at Asher. "And I told you I am going to get her back. What are ya gonna do-- stop me?" the cat asked smugly at the man. She held her hands out a bit. "I'm right here. You want to keep her, feel free to stop me. I want to help you but I ain't letting you keep her."

[20:10] Alexis blinks a few times. "...Right, we'll be... and yeah, you just wanted us," she says. "Well... okay then." Alexis looks at Ghostwriter. "You can keep them, but you have to let everyone who came in here go... Asher. Is that what you call yourself now?" she asks, her tail flicking softly. "Now get the chains off the doors, or I'll have to take them off myself.... and nobody here will like it if I have to take them off myself... actually, screw it. Take me and let everyone else go. Final offer." Alexis glances up at the birdcage, drumming her fingers against her leg as she sends some texts.

[20:17] Knight Errant watched the markers on her HUD as Kayo, her AI cycled through TacNet data... Theres a quick burst of inter-Jima chatter as the Knight reprioritises targeting and threat assessments. She fires up her comms unit, speaking silently to anyone comm device that could be snared by her EWAR systems. Comms: <Prepare for this to go hot. He seems far too content to just listen to talking, look how smug he seems. I've got priority on the cage.> The Knight motions for Aiko to support Hayward, hesitating long enough that she didn't need to act as a crutch any longer... She then strides out into the open, directly in front of Ghostwriter, her gravity fields continuing to try and wrangle the swords back towards the book as the intensity increased the closer she got and the more amped her systems ran. "We have our terms. What are yours? We can resolve this without violence but you have to be willing to meet us in the middle..." she states over loudspeaker... The railgun along her shoulder starting to hum softly, purple light coiling around the capacitors.

[20:24] Vivienne meanwhile, had been communicating on Monarch and 7th shared communications channels <<MSO operatives, brace yourselves for potential incoming hostile action.>> she spoke internally, the directive from Vivienne to her operatives would get forwarded to Varre so could be apprised of Monarch's intentions as a means to coordinate effectively if it came down to it. Vivienne looked around at the NPC Tulpa's around the room, nothing their weapons were glowing noticeably brighter. Vivienne's magi-tech based armor would begin to glow as a spell was cast by her, her suits systems were beginning to ramp up as show by the noticeably brighter purple accents on her frame, she looked toward Denver, she placed a hand on the Commander's shoulder 'I can empathize with how you feel, we should talk later when we leave this area.' she told Denver via some form of mental link. Seeing Knight Errant square up with Ghostwriter Vivienne would begin to summon Anima as a preemptive mention

[20:25] Ashley Reed stumbles back, wincing in pain as her eyes flash purple for a moment. What the fuck just hit her, oh yeah one of those cards. She shakes her head, "Ow..." She eyes Tulpa D getting closer. She grits her teeth, woozy on her feet for the moment, so she takes a knee. "Come on...let's end this whole thing without a fight..." Her cat tattoo's ink vanished...and in its place a set of star marks appeared on her shoulders. RIP Cat Tattoo.

[20:32] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) looks about..not seeing anything hidden..he had to take a moment to see what he could possibly do. The chains pop up behind them, and now it became a matter of time. "Well..." he decided to start trying things. He would approach the tent as well, making his way over. He would try to keep low and careful...but he was a big man.

[20:33] Aiko would definitely agree now that the singing was a bad thing as she would murmur on the tacnet. She would be preparing for this to devolve into a fight. She was prepared for this... or at least she kept trying to tell herself she was.She would move up to support Commander Hayward. Since Vivienne appeared to already be doing this she would move to the otherside to provide shoulder or fire support as needed. [Is moving forward to support Denver Hayward who still seems

[20:34] XSU Trouble humors mouse with a smile glancing at the threatening carny "Isn't this a carnival?" her voice raises as she calls back to the group "Come on everyone, no sense standing around stretch your legs, see whats on display after all, we have nowhere else to be... hum i think i know this song.." her silent comms go out <Move around, don't be stagnant they can look at all of us to easily split their attention, and use Non lethal options when you do go up against the carnies, they can come back to life, but if their not dead, just.paralyzed it might be harder.> she raises her voice in faxsimile of the song .

𝅘𝅥𝅮 tonight the troup met with the master. for no wages had come in two nights or more, and with none oncoming they grumbled and groaned and hanged that poor stupid bastard 𝅘𝅥𝅮 she chuckles a bit at the carnie hand resting by her side as she asks tulpa D "Wanna see a magic trick?" her hardware revving up as she starts over clocking <Theres props inside this tent, a spoon and stuff> she conveys over silent

[20:37] Nimue looks back at the gate for a a moment a little over a second seeming to focus intently. . after that she moves up behind the small cat, deliberately standing where Leckie's tail will bump into her, Seeming ready to square up against Tulpa D [ Creating mental portal waypoint. moving to get in tulpa D's way.

[20:38] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) watched as cards continually got tossed from person to person. This time Ashley was the one being hit. Kite watched as the swords didn't come flying at them. In fact, everyone who had been hit with cards wasn't bleeding out, dying, or anything. They were midly injured for a few seconds at best. He...started to ease up on his stance. If Ghostwriter really wanted to hurt him or anyone else he had tons of creative and open ways of doing it on his home turf. Then he grasped his chin and started thinking. They were in a circus area, there was crowd, a person singing above, the strange laughter, and the other acts surrounding them. Seeing the chains close behind them Kite crossed his arms and hummed to himself. Didn't seem like they could get out now. Then he simply decided to ask Ghostwriter "Are you trying to entertain us...? Because you put a lot of work into this performance. I mean I'd be really impressed right now if you didn't abduct our friends." Kite plopped his fist into his open hand."Actually -- since you set all this up I'm gonna go exploring if you don't mind." Kite walked around trying to not be so apprehensive. He instead decided to try and look at the tent from afar. Kite did clearly see the spoon through it so he decided to just waltz in through the front. [Kite basically asked if Ghostwriter wanted an audience. He tried looking into the tent at first and is basically trying to waltz inside now.]

[20:41] Angel (Talista Glas) saw everyone moving forward and slowly slung her gun over her shoulder. She pulled out her grenade launcher and a flashbang grenade. She set the payload to detonate on impact and readied herself for combat. She decided to open up with the less lethal option, communicating on comms <first shot is flashbang the second this starts> she says and readies herself, seeing Zid try and keep a low profile, she saw Aiko over by Hayward and Viv, and fell in with her, prepping for this thing to start

[20:43] Keylime stood quietly for the time being, her eyes focused on Tulpa C for a long few moments again. Her head turned back towards Asher as Knight Errant approached him, "Remember, always be careful when approaching masked individuals with flying swords~" She warns, giving the room one more look over, "Calculations suggest this is not how Go Fish is played." She'd say, then looked over towards the one who began singing, "Additional music! How very lovely, I'll assist in comforting to lower potential anxiety. Also, where do the fish go, in Go Fish?" She'd ask, head snapping in the direction of Tulpa C as a selection of opera would begin to emit from Keylime's speaker.

[20:44] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn squeaks as Kris goes on to keep going and taunting him. The little kitten shuffles forward a half step her hands coming up to her chest. "a....ah...I mean... I suppose I am..." she looks down at herself. Maybe she was really short.... Linn considers heels... now was the time for heels! She takes a couple steps forward looking anxious. Over the comms Linn's quiet raspy voice from coughing would murmur out. << I am beginning to have ill feelings about this, we may wish to consider alternatives >> She squeaks as her tail boops against something, the tiny bean looking up at Nimue, there was definite fear in her eyes through the goggles of her visor.

[20:48] Mousy giggled again quietly, raising a finger to her lips toward Trouble. She bounced on her toes energetically, grinning broadly and brightly. She seemed to just be having the best time ever. Despite the tension and atmosphere. She clapped at Hayward's story. "A noble background for a noble hero." Her violet eyes flicked to Alexis and she gasped dramatically. "An offer of sacrifice! How genteel!" She giggled, flicking her gaze briefly toward the railgun-enabled armoured unit. She flicked a hand toward the wonderful Tulpa D, then left them to protect the treasured spoon, spinning her way casually in time with their bird's lovely song to cross the distance to Knight Errant with a soft giggle. She raised a hand in greeting to the the wonderfully technological covered being. "Lovely to make your acquaintance." She introduces. "I'm the Door Mouse." [Leaving Tulpa D to protect the tent - Crossing to Knight Errant - attempting to touch them in order to enact an attempt at technopathic control]

[20:53] Freyrson sighs as things unfold. He turns to see chains covering the doors. The more antics Asher displayed the more unnerved he became in all honesty. This was a true test of patience, ever keeping everyone on their toes. He wondered if this man was purposely testing them just to get a reaction out of them. The smugness of the jester, increasingly trying their patience. If that is the plan, it seemed to be working. Even he grew annoyed as this continued, but he'd endure it as long as they can get everyone out. He hoped now would be the time Asher finally tells them what he desired. Otherwise, what game was he really playing? Then he heard Trouble on coms, suggesting everyone move around, but more interestingly, he wondered if Kite had a point. Was this all a show? An attempt at entertainment? If all this was an effort for entertainment, it's definitely not how he'd go about it personally, but he decided to bite. He hung back to stand guard originally. He was security, therefore in the role of protect
He didn't wish to leave his post but had to he felt, so he headed toward Tulpa B, taking note of her schimitar. "Impressive sword you got that," he said. "I happen to be a sword man myself. Can you do any tricks with it?" (Just pretend he did he did, if I actually move, feel like I might crash) [Freyrson, though feeling the tension, decides to visit with Tulpa B and make some small talk, if she even talks.]

[21:03] Ghostwriter seems to listen intently to Commander Hayward, just nodding. He keeps writing, writing hearts, stars and script. Uttering little ‘hos’ and ‘hums’ as he rapidly jots down scripts. Unfortunately for their theatrics, Ghostwriter did not ‘feel’ enough on a mental spectrum to be swayed by their emotional story. “Well, to be honest dame, I’ve yet to really be the sort to go guns blazing out into the streets. In fact, if ya’ve notice, I don’t think I’ve done that once. A man has his motives, though, that he does. Right now, I’m just [really appreciating your company] … Can’t always control my men, though. I mean, what do you think I am? The [AUTHOR] of this place? Ohoh~ As if…” He’d say to Hayward, still grinning beneath his mask as he teetered about. “Hm- yes. I will do exactly that. I NEED that one- but the rest of you? You can go, whenever I’m done with you, that is. I’m likin’ this whole staring contest. Everyone has such pretty eyes. But I’ll let ya go if you just Stay a while.” He’d idly comment, still writing. He was rather pleased that someone was sacrificing themselves to him yet again. However, the power coursing through his veins was doing him quite well. The man’s psychokinesis would [BECOME MORE POTENT] as the air around him seemed to amplify with Diva’s song, exceeding its prior limits and reverberating from him like a tangible force. The swords would not be able to be contained further due to this, or it would be very tricky to keep doing. At the sound of someone in front of him that he could not see, Asher would take a step back as he spoke to Knight. “The deal is: You’ll get em’ back, dame but… I just really can’t negotiate properly. It feels like I’m lookin’ right through you, and not really understandin’ where you’re coming from… Also there’s a lot of music goin’ on right now and it’s hard to follow what you’re saying…” He’d add.

The tent continues to exist with its purple barrier, a spoon still laying behind it. Kite would try to walk inside of the front and just smack into a barrier as if it were a regular wall. The cage above still hung there.

[21:04] Diva Aria swayed back and forth, continuing her song as she looked down at the a̶n̶t̶s̶ Heroes. Her song somewhat drowned out by Trouble's actions but she would not be tripped up by them. Diva was a professional and used to singing through distractions. But Keylime made this even more difficult. The acoustics of the room worked in both ways.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Clemintine bounded across the yard. Jumping through hoop and over bar. Nocturne gave quick and stable commands, and together they became the stars! 𝅘𝅥𝅮
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