Battle in Rendezvous: IV

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Battle in Rendezvous: IV

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[21:04] DM: As Knight Errant gets in Ghostwriters' face. Tulpa A-E begins to move forward. C, the large bearded lady to the groups right, leaping backward and pointing directly at Denver with her circus cannon. " Think we've stalled enough lads!" She bellowed in a deep, coarse voice as cannon fire rang out. The ordinance aimed for the armored woman's feet which would deal explosive damage to her and anyone 5m from her current location if they did not move quickly [Explosive + Shadow Element]. Tulpa D lunging forward with her sickles to try and clip Trouble with them. " Yeah!!!! Let's see if you got any cards in yah!!" She would ignore Kite, for now, squared up with her singing opponent.[Slashing + Shadow]. A and B advance as E lets out a hissing tone. " Biipity, Boppity, Brodie!" She yells, running forward and casting a bolt of psychic energy in attempts to strike Angel with it. But midway through the purple bolt began to seem well.....less purple. [Psychic] B would glare at Freyson, giggling as the shadows on
the blade flicker away, then return as they walk. "Two against one~" The Siamese twins would mock. Those who could hear quiet noises might begin to hear FURIOUS unicycle squeaking. It might be hard with all the music around though.

21:06] Durian felt uneasy about the whole card deal flying around as he makes the bow's armor fold in as it projects a shield wall as he takes a kneel reaching back grabbing a canteetn taking a drink as he looked back at freyson offering some as he wonderd how many more were gonna join behind him behind th shield

[21:07] Cherry: nods at the command and lifts into the air taking the card with her, and began circling around. her mouth opening as she begins to float around, not making any move to attack, but from her mouth is the only logical discordance she could think. * * of as she circles around the tent flying up to watch the Diva, upon seeing her musical power being used, her eyes start blinking rapidly.

[21:15] Temp. Commander Hayward would happily use Aiko as support, at least now her head was starting to clear up. "For Creators' sakes.." Hayward would swear, eying the cannon as it went off. Thankfully, she was able to start moving out of the way. Unfortunately, she started moving far too late, going flying against the wall with a loud THUD.

[21:17] Kris heard all the discord. Her ears pinned back as Cherry started floating. "Shut up ya stupid red cunt. Ya ain't helpin' anyone." the cat hissed out. She was trying to talk but people were being /loud/ now. She could handle one person singing. But two? Nah. Those cat ears can't filter garbage out easily. The cat seemed to listen. "You like staring into our eyes, huh?" the cat asked as she rumbled out a little bit as she brought her left hand into the book for a moment before taking a few more steps up to just glare at Asher. "Then blink. I play staring contests to win."

[21:27] Knight Errant tilts her head towards the Cassandra as she makes contact with her bulky side plate... Then alerts sprang up across her HUD, an incoming attempt to invade her systems. Kayo immediately punches through into the circuits trying to be forced, systems diverting, re-routing and trying to make the process of extending through the battlesuit as complicated as possible. The comms flare open. "<Hacking attempt! ENGAGE.>" The Knight makes a choice... She had to priorities and her own functionality took precedence. The TacNet prioritized everything differently... Her powerfist flares to life with gravitic power, and she goes to side-step and pimp-slap Cassandra with the torso-sized weapon, the weight spiking just before contact as it moves, hitting with enough raw force to smash straight through a reinforced support pillar...

[21:36] Vivienne looked Asher over underneath her visor her golden eyes were glowing bright as she tried to assess his words [Ability: Advanced Perception] "....Why would you need us here then?" she asked as her higher mind began to kick into high gear. '...There has to be some kind of motive then, why would he desire to amass a large group of people here?' she thought mentally in a pensive manner. Before she could vocalize any of this her visor picked up on Tulpa C /Threat Detected/ Vivienne quickly turned to them, right as the cannon fire out, Vivienne's body dematerialized into multiple motes of Anima before reforming upward, levitating above the group. She looked down at the scene below, seeing Commander Hayward get blown away by the cannon sent them hurtling against the wall <<Vivienne>> "Commaner Hayward has suffered a potentially severe injury, available 7th personnel, please verify their operable status." she said on internal comms before she began to further quickly assess the area. She received Knight Errant's comm, then subsequent attempted power bitch slap toward Cassandra 'Knight Errant is currently engaged in combat with one of the Tulpa's.' she said with efficient tone and calculatedness in her voice as she tried her best to help coordinate the status of individuals in real time to Monarch and 7th personnel, and anyone else who would have been using the shared channel. Finally, she'd continue to the MSO specifically "MSO operatives in the area, take cover. Target the woman in the cage on the ceiling!" she ordered to her own operates before levitating completely upward toward Slyvia's cage prepared with a beam of Anima concentrated into her finger. She'd send the volatile energy piercingly toward Diva, aiming for her chest in particular. If hit, it'd probably /severely/ hurt as Vivienne's Anima vaporized the flesh in a piercing manner.

[21:37] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) would move around the one who advances on Trouble, watching Kite bump into the barrier. He looks around the back of the tent..and then moves around to the left, attempting to lift up the fabric of the tent, and squeeze under to get inside - trying to avoid the barrier altogether. A whole lotta of mess was happening around him, and he would keep his head down and try his idea.

[21:37] Ashley Reed blinks, looks back, seeing Hayward got Rekt. Oof! "Commander!" Her attention returns to the Tulpa with the sickles. They're blocking something they think worth protecting in there...she hadn't gotten a good look. Kris is also out there exposed. Yeah no. She gets to her feet and blitzes towards the Tulpa near Kris. Energy blade igniting from her watch as she pulls her glock. "KRIS, WATCH YOUR BACK!" And she opens fire on Tulpa B, aiming for the knees. She responds to Vivienne's call, "Reed is Present!" [Moved to cover Kris and shoot at Tulpa B's Knees.]

[21:39] Nimue moves up between the group and the cannon lady fully intending to intercept anything she tossed out, counting on smolcat and cheesecake lady to watch her back. Activating her shield she brought up her smg around the edge to take shots at her, despite having one of the worst accuracy ratings in nakajima. The whole time the fingers on her open left hand wereadministrator wriggling for some reason [ Trying to intercept shots from Tulpa C, spray and pray Tulpa C ]

[21:39] Aiko would have been pinned in place as she was being pressed down upon lending support so she couldn't move until Hayward did. This left her almost as close to the blast as Hayward and would send her flying off her feet as she would skid across the floor blown sideways in a daze. [Gets blown off to the side by explosive blast.]

[21:42] XSU Trouble grins leaning back as D comes on "as a matter of fact i do!" she shouts pulling a deck of ordinary cards from a pouch and pinching them causing them to fly in a cloud at her face as trouble leans on the suits speed increase to help her dodge the slashing blades "PICK A CARD MOTHER FUCKER!" she shouts as her revolver comes out and she fires but not at her opponents obscured upper body as the cards where shredded by the attacks instead she fired riot GLU rounds at the ground where her feet where coming the sticky foam rapidly expanding in an attempt to ensnare the tulpa even as troubles beret is shredded

[21:42] Nimue moves up between the group and the cannon lady fully intending to intercept anything she tossed out, counting on smolcat and cheesecake lady to watch her back. Activating her shield she brought up her smg around the edge to take shots at her, despite having one of the worst accuracy ratings in nakajima. The whole time the fingers on her open left hand were wriggling for some reason [ Trying to intercept shots from Tulpa C, spray and pray Tulpa C ]

21:42] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) bonked his face against the barrier as he held his nose and his face flushed. "Ah...OW!" Kite sniffled as he looked the barrier up and down. He poked it with his finger lightly to make sure he wasn't crazy. "Yep. That's solid." he said before moving to the side trying to his right towards the tent sheet. He didn't notice Tulpa D going after Trouble though. "As a famous man once said if I cannot find a way I will make one." He tried to lift the tent sheet and crawl under it if he could. He saw Zid was doing the same. "Hey! That was my idea to!" Kite heard the squeaking of a unicycle...which wasn't too uncommon. The Tulpa on the unicycle was pretty much on it since he got there along with Ghostwriter. [Kite tried to go around the side of the tent, lift up the tent sheet, and crawl under.]

21:49] Angel (Talista Glas) winces as she takes the hit to her shoulder. She aims the launcher and fires it at Tulpa E, shot going predictably wide from the sawed off grenade launcher. She curses as the flashbang likely impacts a wall uselessly. As Vivienne calls out the attack, she holsters the launcher and pulls out her rifle, moving back in the line to better cover and doing a 40 round mag dump of armor piercing ammo on the cage, looking to do as much damage as she could and silently cursing her decision in weaponry.

[21:52] Keylime beamed a happy smile, the music cutting off as things grew far more serious, "That concludes this instrumental addition! I hope you enjoyed!" Keylime had brought her rifle up in an extremely fast motion, aiming straight for for the cage as her Tac-Net had updated, near pinpoint accuracy as the grenade loaded into her gun earlier finally had it's use. There was that usual *THOOMP* as the Rhaser dispersal grenade was fired, friendly targets were of course marked to be avoided by it's focused burst of lasers, the goal was to shoot the grenade between the bars if not stopped(and if there is nothing else preventing it from entering), to which it would so gracefully ricochet off the 'ceiling' of the cage, to land comfortably on the ground in front of the prisoner within, which straight away, a wide burst of X-ray lasers would be unleashed right towards her.

[21:53] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn ducks as cannon shots spray around Nimue's barrier shield. The little woman looking up at Kris running towards her. She gasps as Denny goes flying. "stars no...." She hiccups and the girl runs over sliding down to a kneel behind the stack of books near Kris. she pulls out her laser pistol and aims it at Tulpers B. With a flash of light and a burnt etch in the eyes of anyone looking at it. the girl would zippy zap some heat rays in the vicinity of the toolp going after Kris.

[21:53] Mousy really, truly, and honestly had absolutely no recourse against being bitch-slapped into the middle of the next chapter. As her mind had abandoned her to go running around in the AI's systems for just that moment. Oh but it was a gloriously informative moment! The powerfist struck with a satisfying and wonderfully gory -*crunch*- sound as unprotected ribs snapped and organs decided to rearrange themselves as the flightpath of the littlest tulpa was arranged. She went -flying- through the air with the greatest of ease (and a lot of pain) as a wonderfully dressed corpse skidded to a halt near Kite.

[21:59] Freyrson laughs at the siamese twins with the declaration of two against one. "Two against one you say?" he says. Arms folded, his sword slides out of it's sheath on its on, hovering next to him. He flashes his best smile. "Are you familiar with the story of Freyr and his magic sword?" Before he could make a move, blaster fire shoots past him, aimed for Tulpa B's knees. He turns his head looking at Ashley. He would then notice Dr. Leckie also aiming her fire at the Tulpa. "Many thanks," he said to the two women. Regardless if the tulpa was successfully hit or not, it might serve as a nice distraction regardless as the sword took to the air and hovers above Tulpa B. It slices down downward, intending to aim right between the two heads in an attempt to cut her in half, right down the middle. [Freyrson's sword has unsheathed seemingly on its own. Freyrson takes advantage of Ashley and Dr. Leckie's attacks to try and cut Tupla B in half.]

[22:03] Ghostwriter becomes even stronger, and the air just grows more potent. An evident air of danger is lurking about him now, the entire realm vibrating every time he steps. Ghostwriter’s eyes would suddenly close, meaning, he couldn’t see what was happening when Knight Errant slapped his assistant in the face. “… Oh no!~ I can’t see. What’s happenin?...” He’d say, moving his arms about. Suddenly, the swords would eject out from the air where they were levitating. Most of them would fire out amongst everyone without direction, including his own people like a rain of psychically charged blades that seemed to make the ground quiver when they fell upon it. One would pierce through into Howard, promptly striking them through. (Leaving that dubious since Howard needs a reason to bounce/be unconscious.) Another would soar forwards and attempt to pierce through Leckie from the air and pin her up against the wall, leaving her to dangle.

Zid and Kite would meet at Rendezvous- Rendezvousing in the tent. The barrier was for show. As in, you could literally just lift the tent up and walk in. They would be successful. To think, the brilliant Ghostwriter had been outsmarted YET AGAIN. They were free to pick up the spoon, whichever man did, now that they were alone together in a tent while everyone sparred outside. The cage would burst as Vivienne, Angel and Keylime struck it, exposing Diva as the bars were removed. A [BLUE BOOK] would fall from the bottom of the cage and land next to Ghostwriter’s feet.

[22:05] Diva Aria Smiled while singing as Cheery seemed to join her in song. How kind of her to copy her musical powers. The half-woman would visibly wince as her only protection was now melted and she was exposed. But even so, she continued her song.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 But there could only be one to win! That was clear to the clown. So when the orange dog was overwhelmed with glee, The night finally put her down. 𝅘𝅥𝅮

[22:05] DM: The copying of Silvia's singing seems to have a DRAMATIC effect on the Tulpa in the area. The shadowy aura around their weapons becoming an inferno of psychic energy. The combatant's eyes going manic. They looked like they were hyped up on a cocktail of combat drugs. Tulpa C would turn her canon to Nimue, attempting to test the strength of that shield. She would take a few stray hits, but she was a BIG lady and would need a little more to down her. [Explosion + Shadow] Tulpa A would Unicycle towards Kite, tossing a ball at his back. "Duh HUH! Noooo Snoooping!" If it hit him it would explode in a tight detonation, only hunting him if he doesn't escape it. [Explosion + Shadow] Tulpa B would advance, spinning like a whirling dervish towards Kris. Only for Ashley to make the save. The double swordsmen, falling but still living. Until Leckie catches them prone and finishes the job. Even more brutally, Freyson managed to cure their malformation, cutting the twins in half and leaving them VERY dead. Before it fell to the floor however, they let loose one scimitar, hurlling it towards Ashley. A dangerous projectile if it hit. [Piercing + Shadow] D would flinch at the storm of cards hitting her face, unable to see the GLU round coming, effectively ensnaring her. "Aw shucks! No fair Dame!" She complained, trying her best to use what reach she had to cut the PAE soldier. [Slashing + Shadow] Tulpa E cowered a moment before seeing the granade go WIDE. "ha!" She mocked before turning her attention to Alexis. " Abera Kadarnit!" She called out, shooting a purple aura spell at the nekothing [ Psychic + Shadow] Zid would hear the squeaking directly above him as what looks like a pink tutu-wearing, unicycle-riding Grizzly Bear with purple eyes flies over the rafters. Letting out a furious roar as it lands just outside the tent and follows in to attempt to maul the large spellcaster. [Slashing + Shadow]

[22:09] Cherry: copies the power while sending out a polar opposite to the womans harmony, every not would clash, every toe would seem to fight each other until one of the swords that flew out impaled her through the head. Her eyes going dark as her body falls from the sky. A voice from her midsection announces unit shut down beginning repairs. as her body hits the ground.

[22:13] Kris flinched a little bit as the tulpa advanced on her. When the fuck? At least both Leckie and Ashley had her covered-- the short cat turned to see swords thrown about. She moved to dive forward in an effort to avoid those blasted things, sliding across the floor to sort of land inbetween Ghostwriter and Knight Errant. Her hand came to her book briefly before she'd reach out to nab the other book. A fine addition to her collection. "Hey both of ya. Come here often?"

[22:19] Knight Errant steps forward, yanking her polearm into her grasp. She was wasting no time in seizing the opportunity to attack as swords flew out around her. Her grave anchors flare in reverse and she soars upwards, weight suddenly pitching at the peak as she twirls the weapon, amplifying her strike as the bladed tip comes cleaving down towards Asher... And then the rest of the knight does to, the ultra heavy battlesuit aiming to plant both her feet square into his chest with the several tonnes of gravity weighted frame.

[22:28] Vivienne upon seeing the cage burst open from her own attack combined with MSO operatives and others. Vivienne kept her finger trained on the now exposed Diva's chest and fired another piercing, deadly beam of Anima toward her chest, again it'd probably really /hurt/ if she got hit. <<Vivienne>> 'Linn, how are you doing over there?" she asked quickly, then spoke again 'Reed, what is Commander Denver's status?' she asked before again finally giving her own orders to the MSO 'Fire again at the woman in the cage.' she said quickly as she once again tried to keep everyone involved with her coordinated and updated.

[22:31] Ashley Reed uses her energy blade to deflect the scimitar, just enough for her to dodge but that psychokinetic sword shotgun. Oof! Asher must hate her for some reason. Her upper left leg catches the sword and she yelps! "GODDAMNIT!" She's going to be limping after that one. As is she drops to a knee, she grumbles. "Dying really is not on my agenda for today, thank you, Mister Asher." She aims at Tulpa A and just lets a pair of bullets fly for his arms! Can't throw shit if your arms are dead! She comes over comms to Vivienne. <<Ashley>> "Commander's KO'd. Hell of a goddamn opener. Whatever is in the tent has to be important to the current puzzle!"

[22:33] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) would scoot in, and get up right as Kite entered, and looked up, giving a nod. "Smart man." he says, looking to the table. He moves toward him, looking over the glowing spoon. "Knowing him, this is something important." he'd lift up the spoon and focus upon it...unsure of what to immediately make of it. He decides to hold it up for Kite to see, then stash it into his pocket. "Well..that's-" first he'd hear a squeak, and then the sudden roar from behind him. "....Fuck." He'd turn around, looking up at the bear. A stern look of grim resolve went over his face, and he brought his arms to double bump a X, then pulled downward - a fiery aura of orange and black burned across his body, as his clothing was exchanged for armor. Smoke and fire wreathed his body as the suit appeared - the fire burning down his back and forming into a cloak, followed by smoke drifting away. He'd begin charging at the bear, his armored helm flashing over his head in a show of flame, a tall puritan hat forming from smoke atop it. Reaching behind his back, he draws a blade which immediately ignites into holy flames, aiming it to stab for the BEAR. [Grabbed spoon, went 'oshit', then summoned armor to engage and stab b e a r with holy high frequency sword.]

[22:33] Aiko would roll out of the way of the sword launched at her legs throbbing after taking that blast blood staining her pretty Nakajima pants as she had taken shrapnel from the blast as well. She would shudder as she forced herself to focus giving herself over to the flow of the mana letting it flow through her body and into her gun. [Rolls out of the way of the sword as she was prone and a more awkward target to hit anyway, pumps mana into her gun.]

[22:33] Aiko would roll out of the way of the sword launched at her legs throbbing after taking that blast blood staining her pretty Nakajima pants as she had taken shrapnel from the blast as well. She would shudder as she forced herself to focus giving herself over to the flow of the mana letting it flow through her body and into her gun.

[22:36] XSU Trouble fires four more shots at the tulpa's sides to snare her arms and pin her down easily stepping back out of reach before twitching the gun fireing two more times as she snipes the bomb out of the air with one of them the round throwing it to a wall an sticking it there as the foam expands and snuffs its fuse before discarding the revolver and drawing her SMG for volume of fire as she misses the swords one gets real close cutting one of her biceps causing her to shout out in pain as red ooze wells up at the cut before glancing up and seeing Cherry go down "FUCK!" hitting up silent comms <STATUS REPORT?> She asks following it up <Remember if we disable these shits without killing them we can keep them out of the fight indefinitely...> she hisses quietly as the suit seals over and her nanites start closing her injury well she raises her SMG and Fires a volley of GLU for tulpa A trying to pin him up against a wall for all the trouble he might cause <Sickles Tulpa won't be able to do anything in a moment, Enga
[22:36] XSU Trouble: Engageing the bomber if you have a priority target you want incapacitated i am all ears.> she takes a step realizing she has a limp now groaning quietly as rationalizes she likely has more damage she hasn't noticed yet [Trouble exits range of D and fires to pin her arms then saves Kite from a bomb before eating the blast avoiding the worst? she then switches and tries to pin Tulpa A to a wall with Glu]

[22:36] Nimue braces herself on her shield, sliding backwards but holding firm... She looks like she was about to swear with the smg in her hand goes flying. As she withstands the barrage from the cannoneer, she gets an idea. She thrusts her right hand forward and tries to create a barrier INSIDE the cannon where cannon lady wouldn't see it. The barrier would only withstand one hit, but if she was lucky, it would only take one. [ Driven back by Tulpa C. Trying to plug C's cannon so it blows up ]

[22:38] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) made his way into the tent not knowing of the bomb that was tossed at him. Kite only heard the explosive feedback as he side rolled inside and the tent sheet rattled from the force. He laid in the tent staring to the top. He turned his head to the side and saw a dead tulpa hand slide under the tent cover slightly. "Ew." Kite said before promptly trying to kick it back to the other side. He looked to the barrier seeing a whole bunch of violence and chaos going on." Kite stood up and looked to Zid as he grasped the spoon. "We made it. Yay!" Then he heard the squeak of a unicycle and the roar of a bear. "Awww...we didn't make it." he said seeing the bear try to maul Zid. "That bear looks tough, but how tough? Zid does you feel like this is an Ursa /MAJOR/ problem or an Ursa /MINOR/ problem for you?"Kite laughed to himself gently. Maybe Rendezvous was getting to him a little too much. "Hahaha...sorry, sorry. I'll help." he said lifting up the table by its body and leg. He used it to try and charge the bear with the round flate side. . [Kite was defended from the grenade. Tried to kick a dead tulpa hand away. He tried to push the bear back with his 1000 lbs. lifting strength + end table to help Zid]

[22:42] Angel (Talista Glas) her back line position made her pretty much immune to most oh shit swords. She winced as she dodged out of the way, feeling the sword slice her side, bleeding as she winced "son of a..." she shudders, calling on her comms <anyone bring meds? bandages?> she gasps, holding one arm against it to try and stop the bleeding as she tries to get back into better cover, popping off a few random shots into the cage, looking around and calling on comms for assistance

[22:43] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn continues firing at the Tulpa. "Kris, we need to /leave/ Grab Denver an~" SHLUNK. The sword would slide right through her armor. The kitten only managing to let out a surprised dull squeak as the air slips out of her lungs. Her pistol spiraling out of her hands to clatter across the floor, still steaming from the last couple shots. she thuds against the wall head bouncing against the inside of her helmet. "K...kris ...D.Denny..." She chokes as a hiccup would have bubbled out of her but all that came out was blood. Her vision fades and the little squirt struggles once on the sword through her. Her little feet kick once and she slumps and hands trying to tug at the swords that were just too big. Dark thick black ooze drools out of the wounds mixed in with her blood as the kitten goes slack. Ooze rolls down the sword stuck into her and dripping onto the floor tiles leaving black corrupted puddles of.... /something/. Vivienne would not get a response from the Kitten.

[22:43] Mousy is crunched, will return next round. So glad she couldn't hear Kite's -unBEARable- puns. Because.... those were great dude. Keep it up. You should join the show and get your own act.

[22:45] Freyrson seeing the Tulpa decimated, he lets out a satisfied "hmph" before seeing the swords flying around all over the place. He caught one heading towards him as his sword flies forward, intercepting to bat the enemy sword out of the way before ricocheting to bat at another. All of a sudden swords made of energy would appear around him. There were four of them as they aligned by his side. The blades will fire off, but unlike those of Asher's, these blades had a mission and targets. One would intercept a sword meant for Durian. The other three had their own jobs, one fired at the cage, another at Tulpa A's arm to further assist Ashley as thanks for her help earlier and the last one at Asher in hopes of giving Knight Errant a leg on on the battle with him. He'd hold his had out as his sword returns to his hand. He stares down at the two dead halves of Tulpa B. He forgot about them returning back to life, so he waited patiently for the returning, through began forming an idea on how to incapacitate without killing. "Get up if you dare," he said. "Wait awaits is another hell for you and this time, it won't be your death." Freyrson blocks swords and uses summon swords to try to protect Durian, assist Ashley, help out with the cage, and target Asher. Sword returns and he's waiting for Tulpa B to return while coming up with a plan for incapacitation.]

[22:57] Ghostwriter feels his movements lag as he opens his eyes, only to be greeted with an array of potent punches from [KNIGHT ERRANT]. His ribs audibly snap, his throat rumbling, his body crumpling. Armor meeting with non-armor wasn’t exactly a greet matchup. The curt kick would shatter the left side of his ribs, the tulpa promptly falling into a stasis-like state, barely receptive. The [BLUE BOOK] would hover upwards, its cover opening as it floated about within their vicinity. A sword would fly from [FREYRSON] and pierce him through the throat horizontally. Ghostwriter’s jaw would begin to spew blood, cruor dripping down onto his neck as his lifeblood fell onto the pavement. He’d die- right then and right there, falling limp, the glower within his eyes ceasing. If Knight Errant noticed, they’d see the book was covered in a list of individual names- some of which were recognizable as being kidnapped individuals throughout the town. The book would even open to a page that said ‘HOSTAGES THAT I DEFINITELY DON’t NEED ANYMORE’ in curly, blue cursive, just by coincidence. It also had ichor shrouding out of it, and the sound of idle chatter could be heard from this book.

The cage is already broken. Nothing remains within the tent. The [BLUE BOOK] is floating next to Knight Errant. The chains blocking the doors would begin to decompose as Ghostwriter had started to die, promptly falling to the ground and allowing access to the door.

[22:59] Diva Aria continued to sing along with Cherry. Unfortunately, the power didn't work that way. It was the song, not the contents that empowered the tulpa. But Vivienne's shot struck true, shredding the woman's chest with a few peppered shots of Angel's also connecting. Her eyes widening as she stumbles forward, reaching out for Nocturne, before plummeting to the floor below. The Songbird had been slain.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Nocturne was not alone in this fate. Keeping a silver songbird at his side. Gathered to hear her enchanting recount of the tale, The broken bird that was the clown's-

[23:00] DM: Thanks to Cherry's efforts, the shadows that enveloped the weapons now covered the entirety of the Tulpa as the song entered into the climax. A dark purple flame erupting them with dark psychic power. Their eyes glowing a light shade of purple to show off their look of malice. But now that the song was cut short from both sources, the power looked like it was rapidly draining from the Tulpa. Only that the song was amplified by two individuals is why it even still remained. And even so, it would be gone soon. As quickly as B had fallen. They were quickly replaced....But themselves. "Were back!" They cooed together, now wielding European bastard swords instead of scimitars as they landed on the far side of the arena. The bear roars, rearing up and teetering comically on the unicycle. The beat unable to dodge that sword and the animal was run through. Even so, as the creature crossed the threshold, it's enraged eyes would soften, looking at the templar with a friendly look, giving the helmet a long lick if able before expiring. Zid now has a rather large bear corpse on his blade. Tulpa D would be further pined by GLU. essentially taking them out of the fight. A was a little more nimble. Backpedaling and switching targets to try to toss bombs at Trouble [Explosive] Tulpa C continued her assault on Nimue's barrier. Until the moment the barrel was plugged. The cannon would still fire but detonate on the tulpa, Killing her in the explosion. Tulpa E would wave her wand calling out " Bamzaaaam!" Aiming her magic at Ashley this turn [ Psychic]

[23:05] Kris had lost grip on the book. Alright. Kris slowly moved to stand up in time to see Leckie fucking /murdered/ by the swords. Kris began to panic briefly before rmemebering she had died, like.. Several times. Sure. It's going to actually suck for Leckie when she, y'know, comes back and has a panic attack probably. But.. Kris went to slowly start making her way to the short cat's body - trying to pull her from the wall using the psychic powers she had copied. "Sh-she might.. Have stuff she wants on this body." the cat sort of rambled out, sounding a /liiiittle/ bit crazy. But hey. She'd try carrying the armored body towards the door.

[23:08] Knight Errant yanks the book into her grasp as it circles around her, she doesn't even look, a camera swiveling as her AI analyses the content and comes to a rapid conclusion... The knight gravity assists herself back to the floor and TacNet rapidly updates again as new orders distribute... She tags the local comms. "<I believe I have what we came for. I recommend everyone Evacs now before we take more casualties.>" she then begins to rapidly backpedal towards the doors, a hand raising as gravity shifts to attempt to lift Denver and Aiko to pull them over to the Knight, to haul out of harms way.

[23:14] Vivienne had heard Ashley's response to Vivienne <<Vivienne>> "If that is your quick assessment during this hectic battle then I advise you to assist those in the tent if you can make it over to that area, quickly." Vivienne said internally via the open comm channel, she had received Angels communication next, she brought her hand back behind her and snapped her fingers together, there was a sharp crackle of purple Anima that discharged from her thumb and index fingers as she did. In front of the door near Angel Vivienne materialized a basic medical kit "I have summoned a medical kit near your location, please use it to patch yourself up as you are able and send a communication back to me." she'd say, noting the large amount of static from Doctor Linn's line. Vivienne would look down and saw that she was impaled against the wall by a sword "....Doctor Linn has suffered a potentially fatal injury, if anyone is nearby, please check on her." she Vivienne would say with a heavy tone on the open comm channel. 'Now' was about the time she'd feel /real/ pressure. She looked toward Diva's dying, falling body. And breathed a brief sigh of mental relief. Hearing Knight Errants comm over the open channel right after "I agree., all Monarch and 7th forces in capable condition should assist in covering eachother in the retreat. We have rescued those that have came for."

[23:16] Ashley Reed wasn't dodging anything. And now a mage was aiming at her. Oh fuck. Did she have an ace? Nope, she's going to eat this one. And she's not super human either. She drops her pistol, gripping her head as the psychic effect rips into her. When it subsides, she shakes it off and spits blood on the ground. She staggers to her feet muttering her old motto in defiance, "Semper. Excelsius." And she swipes her hand over her watch and a bolt of burning arcane energies is launched back at her assailant's face, as she staggers towards the door, she snaps up her glock from the floor, using it to cover herself and Kris's exit, and she goes on comms, <<Ashley>> "Kris and I have Doctor Leckie and we're heading for the door now." [Suffering a psychic pew pew effect and launching a bolt of burning arcane energies right back at her attacker, recovering her gun, and falling back towards the door while covering Kris.]

[23:20] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) stood there as the bear stood there and fell slump upon him..watching the tongue scrape across his helm. He stares up at it for a few moments in silence...then let it slide off and hit the ground. It wasn't real, he tried to tell himself. He looked over to Kite, speaking in a slightly distorted growl. "...Not real. Let's get back to the group." he said, turning and running around the side to gaze upon the new situation; Asher dead on the ground - the singer dead on the ground as well. He looks up to see the damaged cane, then sees a dead member of one of the groups- and another appearing unconscious. "...." he continues moving towards the center, calling out to try and get a status report. "ARE WE READY TO LEAVE?" he asked everyone, still seeing the tulpas in action. "I WILL PROVIDE COVER FOR THOSE WHO MUST EVACUATE THEIR WOUNDED." he calls out. [Casting Spell - Smoulder]. A thick cloud of black smoke appears from his cloak as it wraps around him, obscuring him as he launches to attack SICKLES -launching into a fencing stance as he makes a lunge at their throat for a swift end.

[23:20] Aiko would aim her rifle at Tulpa D only for it to go 'click' 'Oh shit oh shit.... ' YEET! she would chunk her rifle at Tulpa D. Within a few seconds it would explode like someone had put a grenade in the magazine ruining the gun and sending 31 rounds cooking off in random directions. She would then start floating to Knight Errant as gravity changed for her and she was pulled away. [Chunks gun at Tulpa D which a few seconds later explodes like a grenade was shoved in the mag. Random 31 round cookoff. Aiko pulled back by Knight Errant]

[23:21] XSU Trouble keeps the Glue going her SMG had plenty of ammo and a high rate of fire so she fired rounds into the ground ahead of the Tulpa trying to trap it in, that unicycle had to limit his mobility somewhat, no ability to side step she flicked the SMG magazine flying off it as her other hand slams the next magazine in glanceing at the retreating knight <Does it have EVERYONE that we are trying to get out on it> she asks knight as she sees the bomb and tries to move to avoid it but only takes a slow lumbering step "Shit" she groans as the bomb hits her and explodes sending her back only to fall on her ass before propping herself up on one elbow and continuing her assault trying to pin him down or stop him getting away "LEGS DISABLED! AND WE HAVE SEVERAL DOWN. We can't afford to leave ANYONE behind right now." she shouts over too Knight [trouble reloads and shoots the ground ahead of tulpa A to try and catch him. eats a hit and can no longer walk but can still shoot and proclaim no man left behind.]

[23:25] Nimue runs over to the down PAE bot and scoops her up with a shield and runs to the door, trying to keep the purple haired killbot balanced on said shield.

[23:25] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) stopped mid charge with table in hand. Kite hefted the table back to his side. "Oh well seems like you've got it." he said to Zid with the bear impaled on his blade. Kite pushed the table out of the tent before looking back to Zid. "Lets go see if we can help them outside." he said leaving the tent to take inventory of whats happened so far amid all the explosions, grunting, thudding, and slicing. Kite spotted everyone making their way for the door and he picked up his table. "I feel like a Repo Man right now..." he said carting the table off with one hand as he waved the other "Who needs a hand? I've got one free!" he claimed.

[23:30] Angel (Talista Glas) holsters her rifle and grabs the first aid kit, ripping in and going straight for the gauze. it was almost surprising how quickly this person with apparently no combat experience was able to use a mix of isopropyl, bandage, and way too much gauze in order to make herself a makeshift battlefield dressing. If only her grenade had been as useful as her bandage job. She started moving towards the exit, ready to cover anyone that needed it or assist anyone that needed it, confirming over comms she got dressed and was heading for the doors

[23:30] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Continues to bleed onto the floor of the Rendeveux. Her armor was nailed to her body to a wall so.... yeah thats probably not gonna be recoverable. But. Her gun was hanging from her chest. Pistol sitting on the floor near the stack of books in the middle of the room. The little kitten dangles in Kris' arms as more ooze roils out of her onto the floor, more than her body should probably be able to contain.the inside of her visor smeared with ichor and blood. having streamed out of her lifeless cold eyes and mouth. - - - A very underdressed Leckie shunts out of the portal to flops onto her face with a thwack. She just starts screaming and looking around panting as if having woken up from a night terror. Eyes wide as she looks up at the massive door she was on the far side of... in her underwear....and without glasses... GREAT! Her hands dart over herself and she hiccups loudly and starts sobbing openly. Coughing and struggling for air as she gets upset her tails coiling around her as she bundles herself into the smallest ball she can make herself into, which for the record, is pretty small. [ Scene description -- then Leckie panicking nakedly. ]

[23:30] Mousy returned! She ran at full tilt with a singular target in mind. Well... initially. Until she saw the dead of her ringmaster and his sweet bird. Direction changed in an instant, a pivot changing her from the retreating toy of Knight Errant and taking her to Asher's side protectively. "You KILLED them!" She shrieks, dramatically, spinning to glare at the heroes as they orchestrated their retreat. "You BEASTS!" She accused, standing over their bodies. Her eyes glowed radiant, flashing from hero to hero. "That's NOT how this was supposed to end!" The tulpa snatched a book from the pile nearby, holding it aloft in much the way Asher had done, glaring at them as she opened it /threateningly/ "If you care about your pathetic lives. Take your useless poppets and LEAVE!"

[23:38] Freyrson seeing Asher's demise, he simply nods, but doesn't smile nor take pleasure. "From what other said," he began. "You were not the monster you were today. Perhaps in your next life, you will be free of the darkness that took hold of you. Hel will receive you in her domain. Sleep well, Asher." He watches as Knight Errant takes the book and looks through it before declaring plans for evacuation, though he agreed with Trouble that they shouldn't leave anyone behind. "Gather everyone," he said. "I will lend my power in helping to cover everyone." He would take notice of Tulpa B's return, this time with bastard swords. He couldn't help but laugh. "As I suspect.. but a bigger sword does not make you any more worthy. It is merely an overcompensation." He then spouts Mousy's return as she would pick up a book. Considering the things Asher has done with his, no chances can be taken. "I would suggest getting a move on," he tell others, but had an idea. <Duck and cover,> he'd say through coms. He rears his arm back and throws his sword. It flies in a curve like a boomerang, potentially cutting through whatever lies in its path. The ideal target was Mousy as he aimed to cut off her hands as she held the book. Regardless the sword would return to his hand.

[23:42] Ghostwriter Paying respects would’ve been nice- had death been able to greet him eternally. It couldn’t, and wouldn’t. The entire book’s theme was ‘Circus Purgatory’ and so- he suddenly pops out an open book on the ground like a magic book genie, a dark air radiating around him. He’d slowly begin to walk towards the retreating group, watching them silently. “I’M BACK! What am I going to do now that I’ve lost my poor, pitiful cat?~ And my.. table. And my tent now, I guess... An’… Are ya’ just looting my place here, dames, really? What ARE they charging for FURNITURE in that city?” He’d muse, looking down towards Mousy. He’d played his cards- quite literally. But he didn’t like his spoon being gone. That was a problem. Ghostwriter would pull his scythe off of his back- a rare act. He’d begin to pursue the group, the metal dragging across the ground in a threatening manner as he lumbered towards them.

The tent and table would be stolen- I guess- because you’re all criminals looting ‘The Rendezvous’.

[23:43] Diva Aria remains lifeless on the floor.

[23:43] DM: Tulpa C, now with a Tommy gun, and Bonzo would return to the fray. Jumping down but not yet starting hostile action. But off in the distance, a faint rumble could be felt from the direction away from the portal with a faint 'Entry Of The Gladiators' tune playing. It was steadily growing louder "WUMBO IS COMING!!!" Tulpa C exclaimed which caused the remaining tulpa up to cheer and the audience clapped. Who was Wumbo? I guess they would find out very soon. E was too excited and ate Ashley's bolt of energy, killing her a moment later. D would have no means to resist the attack of the Templar and her throat was severed easily as he moved to cover the escape. The black armor possibly sprayed with blood. She would be even dead-er at that exploding gun gibbed her. Whether it also caught Zid in the blast was up in the air. A would eat Troubles fire, falling off the unicycle and dropping three of the explosive bombs. Unfortunately, the only person in the range of danger was his ally Door Mouse. Until she moves and they pop harmlessly from anyone. Glitter flying everywhere from the force of the explosive Tulpa B was ready for the swordsman this time, deflecting the blade as is came at her in a boomerang fashion. Whether it managed to cut mousey was up in the air still.

[23:46] Kris was sort of working with Ashley, the cat moving to step out through the doors, noticing the very naked Leckie nearby. "HEY LOVE, GOT YOUR CLOTHES RIGHT HERE. WE CAN CHANGE INTO'EM LATER, Y'FEEL ME HOMEGIRL!?" the cat sort of shouted a bit as she glanced back. "I mean I still got that very pretty poem you wrote me- I can return the favor a little bit~" Kris started as she went to push the dead leckie body on Ashley so she could pull her book back out. "Everyone might wanna get out now! I don't wanna keep this portal open for much longer!"

[23:49] Knight Errant heard Trouble's shout. She begins to rapidly flip through the book... Again, not for herself but for her AI to manage. She certainly had no time to have a leisurely read right now... She goes open comms. "<I don't have a list of individuals we're after. I'm counting forty separate instances in the book... If this isn't everyone, it'll have to be enough!>" she replies with cold calculation... She quickly maps the remaining downed individuals... Nimue had Trouble, but Cherry...? She certainly had the capacity and her Gravity generator amps up further, trying to drag the incapacitated woman into the air and over to her so she could evac the lot of them... No one left behind, right? She was still backing up, reaching to open the door and beginning to methodically back up with her trio of casualties carefully placed behind her for maximum protection... Time for some 'serious' covering fire. Her railgun lowers, the purple glow of the capacitors ramps up... Then with a shuddering slam the canister fires across the space, burning air behind it, flechette spreading into a cone as it breaks apart, hundreds of mach 7 needles in prime position to /shred/ Ghostwriter. [Carrying Denver, Aiko and Cherry via gravity. Retreating out the door towards the portal. Firing Railgun, Flechette Canister. Target: Ghostwriter.]

[23:56] Vivienne since there was rampant sudden looting going on in the room, Vivienne decided she would take something for herself. She looked around and spotted the tent...that would probably do good for analyzing later. Vivienne flew through the air toward it and quickly /swiped/ the whole ass tent sheets! "I hope you don't mind, 'Clown'. I am taking your tent because you had the audacity to take my cat." she said insultingly toward Asher's dying body on the floor.....only to see Asher appear out of a nearby book again '..Not this guy again.' she thought to herself then looked across the room at the crowd, what was 'Wumbo'? Vivienne absolutely did not want ti find out She dematerialized the tent and stored it for later [Consent Given].whilst turning her body through the air and levitating toward the door to cover the now ongoing MSO and 7th and others that were retreating now that the doors were opening, and then seeing the railgun go off, it tingled her inner nerd <<Vivienne: to Knight Errant>> "Nice shot." she said over comms

[23:58] Ashley Reed holsters her glock and starts dragging Hayward to the exit. She levels her watch at Doormouse and lets a laser burst rip towards her. Yep, that was a directed energy weapon in that watch. It was a warning shot, she didn't expect it to hit her at this range and no sights. But she doesn't want people following. "Kite, Yeet the table at him!" And then Kris pushes Leckie's corpse on her. "Please tell me I'm getting my partner back after all this mess...and you know Raya's missed you too." She set Hayward down for a moment and yelled at the group still in the mess, "LET'S GO! THEY'RE PRETTY PISSED OFF!" She goes on Comms, she remembers being told what Wumbo was, <<Ashley>> "Wumbo is a fucking elephant! And is not a fun time!"
[23:58] Aiko would be gravity yeeted out of the area by knight Errant not having much say in the matter as she was hauled off. She would be whimpering a bit as she hurt in various places from her wounds but she was a tough girl.

[23:58] XSU Trouble grabs the edge of the shield as she is lifted up <Don't forget cherry she got knoced down over there!> She pings a spot with her marker device siling as she gets evacced before looking over at door mouse... she was getting REALLY tired of that bitch... she takes a moment to figure out how many rounds she has spent... then sends a Glu round flying at Door Mouses face just to shut the bitch up already! before lowering her now empty gun back to her side and just hanging on. nothing more she colud do now.

[00:02] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) stabbed into that neck with precision, bringing his blade back to pull from the throat - a jet of blood spraying across his helm and chest plate. He pulled the blade away as the explosion went off, sending him flying back and away from the explosion. He stabs into the ground, sliding a few meters away from it as the oppressive air of Ghostwriter returns - however, in his armor he is prepared, and manages to stand up. He brushed against internal part of his suit which held the spoon, holding the blade outward to them, backing upward. In his left, black smoke materializes a large revolver which bursts into holy flames. He brings both of these weapons to BEAR as he backs away to the door. "...."

[00:07] Kite Oz (waroop.bravin) hoisted the table up high. "In my defense this is a /REALLY/ nice table. Also you abducted our friends. Count yourself lucky." he said with a firm nod. Kite spotted Mousy pull up a book threateningly at them and he took a step back. "Well I'm not greedy. Later Gator!" he said trying to dash out through the front. Then he heard someone say Wumbo is coming and he started running even faster with the table in hand. Kite looked back to Ashley "Sorry, but no can do! Just run!" he yelled out.

[00:10] Angel (Talista Glas) sees the retreat, the shields, the everything and she's like out. She moves and grabs what she can, pressing on the wound to keep the bandage in place and moves out with the group "alright, let's get out of here" she states as she looks back "Anyone else need a grab?" she asks, seeing Knight working over time on the carry

[00:10] Dr. Aislinn Leckie Aislinn was still crying as Kris and Ashley anddd A WHOLE FUCKLOAD OF PEOPLE see her with very little on. She clings to herself, squeals. panics a bit at the deadass version of herself and runs for the portal. Leaping through first and scampering away in a series of high pitched sad sounding yowls.

[00:10] Mousy 's entire demeanour shifted faster than a middle-aged white woman being told 'no' at the grocery store when the sword was thrown at her. The book was dropped straight away and she launched herself backwards to back flip out of its way, she REALLY did not want to lose her precious limbs to a blade like that. She growled, quite convincingly, from where she landed in a crouch- only to perk up and smile brilliantly as Asher reappeared ~like magic~ from another book. Standing up, the little tulpa tilted her head, then cheered along with the others at the announcement of Wumbo's coming, jumping excitedly into the air. The shot from Ashley fired exactly true and struck the little mouse in the side. She wasn't -super- she was just flexible. And she's already used that flexibility to avoid losing her hands. The shot from Ashley brought a scream out of her, which was very quickly muted by the glu shot splooting all over her pretty face. She began clawing at the impromptu mask, her struggled screams muffled.

[00:17] Freyrson seeing how Tulpa B blocked his blade, he had to give compliments. "Seems like you're smart enough to at least learn, but unfortunately for you..." he said, backing away slowly, waiting for others to go past him so he can further cover the escape. "This is ending...." His sword disappears and a hammer replaces it. Anyone near him will all of a sudden feel a chill of cold air. His aura changes as well. Those who can see aura will likely see snow falling around him. Frost was now coming from his breath as he was now wielding the Hammer of Skadi. "Thank you my love," he said in spirit to the goddess as he transforms. Runs showing up, hovering around him. This was his God Trigger and this was his initial plan for incapacitation... the rest... depends on what happens next!

[00:18] Nimue had taken flight and as moving backwards with the group bringing up the rear. When Asher started towards them with the scythe she started chasing them down with the scythe She thrust both hands up and erected a massive glowing shield, bright glowing letters appearing above her " YOU SHALL NOT PASS" She was hovering backwards, wheeling her arm motioning for people to run, trying to make them retreat faster because even though she was the one trying to cover their escape she did NOT want to trapped alone with a bunch of angry degenerate carnies. Then she had a brilliant idea. As the scythe wielding clown charges the shield she creates a portal of her own right in front of it that would send him back to the far side of the room, then turned and headed out at high speed, Facepalming as the one at the door seems to decide he wants to become a permanant resident

[00:19] Ghostwriter suddenly feels his legs moving backwards into a moon walk, blatant confusion filling his own mind for a moment. He’d feel one of his hands be possessed to move upwards as he blew Kris a kiss. After realizing what had happened, he’d look over to Kris with an irritable expression. He’d bring a book into his own hands and hastily write, writing SOMETHING before he closed it, looking at Kris with a satisfied expression beneath his mask. Incapable of moving for now, that railgun from [KNIGHT ERRANT] would dice into him as if he were a pin cushion. He would not even emote any sound, the emotional impulse of ‘dying’ lost upon all of his mental synapses. He’d fall to the ground again, a carnival-clad needle-fied mess as he became deceased. The ‘Prologue’ part of ‘The Rendezvous of Nocturne’ would now have 40% less furniture-relevant description forever, bestowing all readers with a lack of context as to what furniture even existed within the prologue. Even with their efforts, fate was changing.

[00:20] DM: Tulpa C, B and Bonzo would not last long, eating railgun fire and falling to the ground dead. Most of the audience also got torn up giving Knight Errant her MEGAKILL. But it didn't matter as the dreaded Wumbo had arrived. All 13,000lbs of him as he slammed into the ground causing the ground to quake. On his back was Diva Aria, scattergun in hand while Tulpa D and A loaded and lit the 1.....2......4 circus canons on it's back, aimed at the doorway. With a frightening BOOOOOM the cannonballs flew at the barrier (And possibly Mousey) with tremendous force. Hopefully, the magic of the barrier mage could hold as they escaped. This was essentially the same force she had held back x4. The Tulpa already beginning to quickly prepare the next shot. "Thank you for visiting Renedevouz Circus! Please check the gift shop on your way OUT!" Diva mocked, her tone much less sweet now that she wasn't singing.

[00:23] Kris sort of stood there for a moment. She squinted at Ghostwriter as she felt a slight pull. ".. Who the fuck is Zid..?" the cat quietly rumbled to herself - watching the scary man moonwalk away. She shut her book before glancing back at the few people still inside. "You have a few seconds to get out. Now. Before I leave you all in here. I'd rather we be gone before he comes back!" the catgirl called out to the stragglers.

[00:23] Knight Errant backed right up to the portal, her railgun streaming steam and heat off it as it entered it's cooldown cycle... Watching as her HUD racked up numerous fatalities, the IFF markers blinking out in rapid succession. Nice. She'd done all she could for now, but with three wounded gravity slung behind her and a book full of people she couldn't afford to loiter... She'd just have to trust in the others to fall back in a prompt manner. She backs up and one after another her three charges and the knight vanish back out through the portal... On the far side a Nakajima Medical shuttle and it's crew were already on standby to start rapidly distributing medical aid and treatment.

[00:31] Vivienne as she followed and covered the retreat from the rear. She witnessed the famous 'Wumbo' appearing center stage. Vivienne extended a finger toward Wumbo and fired off a single beam of volatile Anima. The beam would take a sharp turn over Nimue's barrier and go zapping toward Wumbo's trunk, if it hit it probably wouldn't have been pretty. <<Vivienne>> "I am retreating through the portal now, I will organize Monarchs medical facility and contact Ascendant Medical on the other side."

[00:34] Ashley Reed takes Leckie's stuff and looks at Kris, "...See you on the other side, Kris...don't stand us up, Catgang gotta get back together. And joking aside, we missed you." She smiles at Kris before going through the rift with her limp, hoping to God this was the last time she would fight in this realm.

[00:42] Zid Arionnias (zidane.radek) slowly backed away toward the portal, bringing the revolver to his back. Those immediately next to him - Vivienne, Kris, and Ashley - here a series of clicks. He produces in a puff of thick black smoke a hookshot. He aims it at the recently transformed man wielding his hammer. "THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO DIE, FRIEND. NOT HERE." he aims it for the man's ankle, and fires it off - a very fine material bursts forth as the grapnel tries to curve around Freyrson. If it connected, he would pull with his enhanced strength, and try to go for the portal. [Yeeting hookshot at Freyrson, yoting him through the portal if it connects.]

[00:43] Mousy Yeah, no. Mousy was gonna be named Misty. Between railgun fire, cannon fire, big fuckoff shields, and the general madness of the escaping heroes. She was paste. Not that she really -minded- being paste. But... squished mouse. Poor little mouse.

[00:48] Freyrson snaps his head and cuts his eyes at Knight Errant with her megakill. He did not like that innocents were harmed. He took noticed of Vivienne firing at Wumbo, but to be safe, he'd aim his hammer at the beast, letting loose a cold blast, which would free the target should it land. That was part two of his initial plan for incapacitation... freezing mother fuckers! But he would find a grapnel hooking around him as he's pulled out through the portal. There were worse ways to make an exit. He only prayed whoever was left survives, he'd willingly give his life to make sure others are safe otherwise.

[00:48] Ghostwriter would return! Who would've guessed it! He'd walk slowly over towards his corpse, moving to collect his scythe and book. The white-haired man would stand up. He'd remain behind the barriers/portal, promptly reaching for his scythe again. He'd slice through the air. IMMEDIATELY, the entire prologue would begin to peel away. The building would begin to shed its pieces, everything had started to shake. The prologue was being destroyed, and would consume anyone and everything around it into The Rendezvous unless all had walked through the portal.

[00:49] DM: Wumbo would lose his trunk, causing him to roar out in rage as the cannons would focus on the door again. Wumbo was going down, but the canons were still firing. The elephant collapsing and crushing those on his back. Viv got the Wumbo Kill. What a monster killing the critically endangered tulpa. She would be sure to get a call from tulpa PETA. And as he fell the elephant would be put of ice. What a chilling performance!

[00:50] Kris stood there for a bit. She nodded at Ashley and waited for everyone else to exit. Kris took one last breath in Rendezvous before hfufing out. "I'll be back." she simply rumbled out before stepping out towards the portal. She would have been a lot more badass if she didn't stumble with her heels on the way out.
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