Sai-nyan Saga I - Tunie... Sai-nyan Style

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Sai-nyan Saga I - Tunie... Sai-nyan Style

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[2020/05/11 20:39:27] /me Steam vents from the pod as the hull cools

[2020/05/11 20:48:22] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me rises slowly into the air as she looks around her surroundings, reaching up to touch a device on her face - iotblips starting to scan the area, reaching progressively further out

[2020/05/11 20:50:14] Lei: /me Li-Liu would be near the building when she heard the crash and well she just had to investigate. Concentrating she would suddenly appear where she stood with a dramatic *pop*. She has a big smile on her face as she gives a wave, "Hi there!"

[2020/05/11 20:52:31] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me pauses a little off the ground, turning swiftly at the pop narrowing her eyes her scanner tries to identify and measure the other befor
e she responds... floating lightly through the air studying her
[2020/05/11 20:56:14] Lei: /me Li-Liu would look up... the power reading from her would be above normal certainly but likely not enough to be considered a 'threat' as she was keeping most of her energy suppressed, "You know it is rude to crash into people's roofs."

[2020/05/11 21:01:49] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me snorts and folds her arms arrogantly "Maybe it's rude to clutter someone's landing site with some ugly buildings... why would you even want to settle on such a worthless planet anyway?" she'd turn away and start to fly up again for a better scan readout - dismissing her

[2020/05/11 21:04:11] Lei: /me Li-Liu would look up, "Well did you *ask* before landing? HMMM?" She was being nice and sweet mostly teasing about it which was different considering the circumstances, "And why did you come here if you have such a low opinion of the place?"

[2020/05/11 21:06:30] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me scowls down at her in annoyance, voice carrying "I wouldn't choose to come here... I was supposed to be heading for..." she shakes her head and scoffs "Doesn't matter." she drops swiftly to land right in front of her, arms still folded "I require parts and expertise to repair my pod. Take me to this planet's spaceport facilities"
[2020/05/11 21:07:32] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me in a commanding tone, as if expecting obedience

[2020/05/11 21:08:19] Lei: /me Li-Liu laughs softly, "Don't think you will find what you are looking for here... we don't have a spaceport... and there might be a few who could actually repair your ship... but I doubt they would less you are a little nicer."

[2020/05/11 21:10:00] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me scoffs "They will for me.. " making a fist she grins "point me to them and I'll remove my craft from your.. roof"

[2020/05/11 21:13:30] Lei: /me Li-Liu tilts her head, "I think I know what you are thinking... friendly piece of advice I wouldn't try it around here. You'd be in for a real surprise."

[2020/05/11 21:14:42] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me scowls and folds her arms "I grow tired of your tone.. do not presume you are even in my class, weakling"

[2020/05/11 21:17:54] Lei: /me Li-Liu sighs softly, "You know outer strength isn't all it is cracked up to be. Power without control is nothing..." She shakes her head a smile still on her face, "But you want to try things your way we can..." She would start to walk to the edge of the roof.

[2020/05/11 21:22:40] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me blinks, looking confused a moment watching her go.. then shakes her head and mutters "Strange and wretched world.." dropping the girl from her concern as beneathe her she'd turn to the pod, looking it over critically, then reach up to her scouter, trying to send a hail from her communicator over other sainyan bands "..."

[2020/05/11 21:25:31] Lei: /me Li-Liu would walk off the edge off the roof disappearing for the moment... a few minutes later she would come back with a friend whose 'power level' was even weaker than hers. She would walk back with them to the pod, "This is a friend of mine who is an engineer." The engineer would start looking over the craft.

[2020/05/11 21:26:20] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me grins "Better" looking at the engineer briefly but ratign him as even less worthy of her time she'd all but ignore him as he studies the pod

[2020/05/11 21:34:16] Lei: /me Li-Liu would keep watch as the engineer would take a look at the craft, "Well the last time I looked at a ship like this the repair bill was over a million..." Lei would give a nod as the engineer continued, "To even get started at repairing this IF it can be as I don't recognize the tech it would be at least one million credits, probably more, and take at least three weeks." Lei would look to the angry one, "Well soo what have you got to potentially trade... better be something pretty valuable."

[2020/05/11 21:41:55] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me nods at 'a million' as if she knows what it is and it's chump change "Whatever.. she scoffs, making a face at the three week estimate, pondering how to spend that time she almost doesn't hear the last part "hrm..?! trade?" she looks up sharply then crosses her arm and frowns "How about I don't dust this ugly mudball? is that a fair trade?" she theatens idly, then smirks "No wait, that might be an improvement..." she sighs "I am a sainyan elite. Once I make it back to my planet I'm sure the treasury ill compensate you adequately for your services." she turns and starts to float off the roof, business completed as far as she is concerned

[2020/05/11 21:46:03] Lei: /me Li-Liu tilts her head, "Now now no need to be rude." She would speak softly, "And I'm sorry but we can't accept that. Especially as I don't think you will be able to go back to your planet. So sorry payment is required up front. Though I don't think your pod will be much use to you anyway."

[2020/05/11 21:47:45] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me stops in midair, and tuyrns around slowly, staring coldly at her as anger wells up - her energy churning a bit and rising some... "Excuse me.. did you not hear who I am..?"

[2020/05/11 21:50:25] Lei: /me Li-Liu tilts her head, "A sainyan elite? Is that supposed to mean something to me?" She would seem genuinely confused.

[2020/05/11 21:56:27] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me groans, her energy slacking some as anger abates "Holy hell what backwards rock have a stumbled on..." she gestures "It means I am the top class of warrior! I do not bargain, I take what I want!" she'd drop to the roof, kicking off forward in a swift surprise attack that would drive a fist forward into Lei's stomach in a strong blow - not too strong because of her estimate of the power level

[2020/05/11 22:02:00] Lei: /me Li-Liu could sort feel the way this would go. She would look nice and sweet but the other presence in her head was already planning for her defense. Right as the elite warrior went to attack her device might notice a slight increase in power from Lei as she tried to essentially use the attacking wrist as a springboard to move herself back still taking some of the blow but reducing it some, "Please don't try anything like that again." She would speak a little in pain but it was hardly bad.

[2020/05/11 22:05:45] Nameless Sai-nyan: /me's scouter doesn't pick it up - she just scowls at her as she doesn't quite have the effect she anticipated even though Lei does seem pained and still so submissive.. "better .. and you!" she would round on the engineer "I expect this fixed in one week, worm!" she grins - dominance established - as energy arcs and flares off of her "I've wasted enough time with you.." this time instead of floating she would rocket off the roof into the sky!
[2020/05/11 22:08:05] Lei: /me Li-Liu would sigh softly letting her take off not bothering to chase after her. She figured the girl would be back soon enough for her spacecraft.
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