Sai-nyan Saga II - Praus... The Invincible?

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Sai-nyan Saga II - Praus... The Invincible?

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[20:39] Praus lands rather roughly. Reaching out and blasting the door away "Dammit, she would go and get herself lost like that" Crawling out of the pod and stretching. Pausing as she see's some robot "You there, primitive metal scrap. Where the hell am I? And where is the other that looks like me?"

[20:41] Breaker Gemini would look down at the not a nuke with dissapointment, lowering its weapons. "Damnit, was hoping for some good salvage...You're in Celestial City, and uh...did your friend have a name, or was it Organic/Fleshling/Animal?" It seems a bit cross at being called Scrap Metal. "And you might be..."

[20:45] Praus looks around rather irritated "Celestial City? Oh god did I get lost again? I mean...she got lost again." Ignoring the bots question as she reaches to her scouting device to scan the little bot and see if can get a power reading while she tries to contact her partner

[20:51] Breaker Gemini would look down at it. Considering Breaker had the energy to fire off plasma rounds and transform into a giant siege robot, its energy would be rather high. "Yes, you are lost. Very very lost. What is your name?" It looks over the pod, reaching out to touch it, grey goo emerging form its hand, extending like tendrils. "And where are you from?"

[20:57] Praus arches brow getting a rather high reading "Interesting. Quite strong for scrap. I promote you to tin can, congratulations." Seeing the tendril shed lift the pod away and take flight "Hey! Don't touch things that are not yours. Is that anyway to show gratitude for your recent promotion?" Reaching to her scouter "Hey Tunie! I know you got lost again and went without me. I am landed on this rock. Theres some tin can thing but where are you? Also Im hungry...."

[21:00] Breaker Gemini would look up a bit angry as its tendrils retracted. "Hmph. Primitive technology, even for you organics. No Blink core, no weapon systems..." It shakes its head. "If you're looking for someone, only one pod entered the atmosphere. Your friend either burned up in orbit, or is out in the void of space." It stops, holding its left arm up and speaking into it. "So, some sort of pod appearts to have crashed in front of the theatre, and an organic with cat ears has emerged from it. Unknown if they are hostile or not, or if they are injured...prehaps someone would like to look into this." It lowers its arm. "You'll be at home here. Plenty of people with flight abilities....that all you can do?"

[21:05] Praus is talking in her comm "Its not my fault. Bring me food now. Im starving." Staring down at the robot "I can do many things which are not really your business. Now run along Tin Can, before I demote you to Scrap again." She'd smirk and charge a energy orb in her hand "Im in a good mood for now"

[21:10] Breaker Gemini would shrug. "Yeah sure. Follow me. I know of a good place to get food. Only way to make sure I don't spike it with, I dunno, molecular acid or something equally as nasty." It turns. "Or is your animal/organic ass too lazy to do anything involving movement?"

[21:12] Astra [Kosmos] floats over to see what the crowd is about

[21:13] Praus listens to the comm "My tits are exceptionally calm I'll have you know" her energy blast sounding in the background as she stares at the man "What did you say about my ass?" launching the blast at bot "Thats it Tin Can. its back to Scrap for you" she growls ears folding back as she snarls and and her energy takes a visible aura

[21:14] Tunie the Sai-nyan zips in overhead in a purplish streak of energy, coming to a fast dead stop overhead the energy cascading off her fading as she starts to descend towards the cluster - holding a takeout paper bag in one hand

[21:16] Breaker Gemini would jump on back. "And turned hostile. Targeting for subduing." Its tri gun forms up as it takes aim. "I would prefer to not do this." It speaks up into its comm again. "Target is hostile, charging up some sort of energy field. Please send assistance." The machine entity would assume a defensive postion. blade charging up as it begun to superheat itself.

[21:22] Astra [Kosmos] settles to the ground, her clothing shimmering and glowing as it reforms into armor and weapons

[21:26] Praus growls and throws the pod at the Breaker. Seeing another bot entering "What the hell Tunie. Did you land us on a scrap heap"

[21:28] Breaker Gemini would attempt to dodge the pod, thrusters firing up as it leaped into the air. The machiens feet would be caught by the pod, as it spun around, yelling in anger as it attempted to reorient itself. "Son of where that lands!"

[21:28] Centurion Hayward had heard of scattered reports of something making its way to the Upper City from space on her drive over. Nothing could quite prepare her for.. this, however. ".. Can't one semi-normal day be had in this damn city? That too much to ask?" She'd mumbled to herself, lightly jogging over as a.. catgirl just threw a pod at a minimech.

[21:30] Tunie the Sai-nyan drops in from the sky accelerating downward as she sees what's going on - assuming he'd dodge the pod she'd crash a hard dropkick down into Breaker aiming for the head as she growls out loud rather then over scouter comm "I didn;t have many options, and can't you avoid trouble for five minutes Praus?"

[21:35] Breaker Gemini would be hit by both the pod and the sudden attack in its face. Being flung back, the machine entitites faceplate would be shattered, golden nanites leakign form it as it attempted to reform its head, the machine entity staggered. It raises its gun, firing wildy in the direction of the first hostile, yelling in binary as it did so....its jet spires would seem to shrink ass it reformed its head. <INSOLENT ANIMALS/ORGANICS/FLESHLINGS.>

[21:38] Astra [Kosmos] scans the area, trying to get a sense of what in the world is going on. She she squawks her IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) in an attempt to not be mistaken for an enemy robot. Noticing the decidedly hostile statement from Breaker, she backs away firing a Hilbert Pulse in an attempt to temporarily blind him.

[21:46] Praus growls "Hey its not my fault this time! I was asking for food and this perverted Scrap made lewd comments about my ass!" and dodges the shots. One striking as she growls out in pain and her jacket burns away. She tosses the garment to the floor "Ok. Now my tits are NOT calm" she flies enraged at the bot energy aura spiking as she attempt to drive the bot through the library. Crying out as she's suddenly blinded "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS PLANET! WHAT KITTYLITTERING PUSSY BLINDS SOMEONE IN A FIGHT!?" Flying upwards rubbing at her eyes meowing in pain

[21:49] Centurion Hayward was.. well, not entirely sure what to do in this situation. Who was friend, who was foe? "Goddamn free-for-all.." And then.. the great blinding light. "FUCK!" Poor Hayward would exclaim. Her visor was only only to compensate for it so much. The scene's after-image was seared into her retinas, a loud scream of pain. "If this enough for everyone could we PLEASE STOP FIGHTING?!"

[21:51] Tunie the Sai-nyan grunts at the pulse floating up a bit into the air as she rubs an arm over her eyes - she can only rage "GOD DAMMNIT PRAUS!" ignoring the plea from the newcomer on scene her hand is already coming up in Astra's general direction bright energy forming and blasts of energy flying in a blind volley in the general direction

[21:53] Breaker Gemini would finish reforming its head, cracking it as it took to the air. <The one with the red hair is mine! Take the other one!> It chitters in machine speak, its cannon firing, depleting the last of its energy as it starts to charge again. Breaker would attempt to grab Sparkss right arm, and if successful would hold on for dear life with its talons. <BRING THEM DOWN>

[21:56] Astra [Kosmos] yelps and runs around like crazy dodging energy blasts!!! "Gomen'nasai!!!! ((sorry!!)", she yells, flailing and barely dodging the shots. She manages to fire a Phase beam shot at Breaker, while running around.

[22:00] Praus meows out rubbing at her eyes "OH HOW THE HELL IS THIS MY FAULT TUNIE?" She would charge a blast and let it fly at Breaker, though this one seemed to have a tether leading back to her hand. The blast would attempt to latch on to the bot if it connects "This pervy scrap has pissed me off. And there is nothing wrong with my ass!"

[22:05] Centurion Hayward was still reeling from the flash-without-the-bang. Her eyes were starting to recovered, but the optics of her visor were still reboot. "Lords be damned." She cussed, removing the visor and pulling her hood back, two fluffy ears sprouting out. The two nekos seemed to be on the same side, one robot was attacking the other and the other tw- "Fuckin' free-for-alls.." She'd swear, once more attempting to call out, "OI! What the hell y'all fightin' for to begin with?!" Still attempting to be a voice of reason.

[22:06] Tunie the Sai-nyan grunts as she feels something latch onto her arm - still slightly blinded but vision clearing she yells "That's a damned good question, why are we fighting Praus?" she calls in annoyance - while starting to rotate in the air and spin trying to throw off the clinging robot

[22:08] Breaker Gemini would yell angrilly in machine speak. <INTERLOPER! I WILL CONSIGN YOU TO THE SCRAP HEAP> The tether connects to Breakers right arm, onto its gun, as it charges up. Breaker would take a few swings at Tuines tail, the superheated blade slicing through the air. If it connects, its going to leave burn marks, if not sever. Looking at the teather, the machine would losen its grip on its target, enough to be flung off. into the library wall

[22:10] Dominic Knight had heard the explosion from where he had been passed out. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, standing up from bench and walking in the direction he heard it from. Before leaving though he made sure to grab a bottle of liquor that sat on the ground next to him. He showed up on site and glanced around at all the action happening, no care to his own safety, he just walked right in. Swirling the bottle of strong smelling liquor he takes a large swig and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

[22:11] Astra [Kosmos] frowns her Phased beam seeming to have little effect on the strange robot, she starts to charge her Phased Transfer Cannon as she takes another shot at Breaker with the Phase Beam, attempting to knock him out.

[22:17] Praus "We are fighting because this perv bot was lewding my ass!" flies upwards as the tether connects. She jerks the tether upwards and attempts to slam the robot with great into the library. "Taste my Kitty Dangler!" The tether releasing after the impact.

[22:19] Scene Vanguard agents com running over from their headquarters not fifty meters away from this fight and shout over loud speaker "Cease fighting immediately this is Vanguard And no further destruction will be allowed YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!"

[22:21] Centurion Hayward "We don't have to turn the city block into rubble!" She'd continue to keep shouting. Despite being heavily-armed herself, she had yet to actually touch any of them. "Perv.. bot?" Hayward would then look over to Breaker Gemini. They /were/ seemingly all focused on him.. and we he /was/ rather aggressive. "OI!" Hayward would shout again. "BIG GUY! STAND DOWN! If what they say is true you're just making it worse!"

[22:24] Tunie the Sai-nyan's tail is hit searing it making her growl and pain"Too late." purple flame flaring around her as she powers up, shifting into a stance "TASTE OBLIVION!" a bright purple sphere swelling from her upright palm to launch into the hole that the bot made int eh library the eruption which would paint the whole area momentarily purple with the flash and detonation would blast the back half of the library into flaming chunks with appropriate shockwave - she'd look at Praus and huff "Great.. now you've brought the local constabulatory.. time to leave Praus"

[22:27] Breaker Gemini would release its gun arm, the arm disentigrating into silver and gold particles as it was tossed into the library. "Sta-sta-standing down." The bot would look up, seeing the blast, attempting to jump out of the way again as the blast hit the bot. The bots Right arm, right leg, and right hal fof its jump pack would be obliterated in an instant, as the bot fell limp to the ground, nanites wirling as they attempted to regenrate the wounds. The bot would attempt to crawl away as the building fell on it, the machine getting burried underneath the rubble. <System Error. Unable to locate path out. Can someone dig me out...I yield.?

[22:30] Astra [Kosmos]: "Hostile forces present, I do not recommend standing down..", she says, but directs her aim skyward in a safe direction.

[22:30] Astra [Kosmos] stops charging her Phased Transfer Cannon

[22:31] Dominic Knight glanced around as all the commotion unfolded before his eyes. He grinned. "God damn, front row seats to an actual good show at the theater? " when all the Vanguard lined up behind him he turned back and looked at them all, giving somewhat of a cheers gesture to them with his liquor bottle and looking back to the scene. " Oh yeah... better stand down. or you know... they'll start shooting up the place and all. " he curiously looked around the place for bystanders, besides himself, that may get caught in the fire if that would happen. Suddenly their was another large blast and he was tossed to the side, debrie smaking him in the head and side a few times causing a wound on his head and hand. He managed to pull himself up off the ground and eye up at the one who caused that.

[22:32] Scene One of the guards stares at the shattered remains of the library as a few more bricks fall ontop of the pile above breaker and one in the back says "Well except for that" and another adds "Crap... Lady N's gonna be so mad.." well the first one that talked simply covers his face with his hands and groans "too old for this shit.."

[22:33] Praus purrs seeing the destruction "Oh sure I got them called? Look at your impact and then look at mine. Oh wait, you cant see MY impact because YOURS blew it up!" Taking to the sky to fly off. "And I'm still hungry!"

[22:37] Centurion Hayward "ACK!" Hayward was unfortunately a little /too/ close to the blast zone. The sheer shockwave was enough to send her flying and crashing into the theater wall, landing into the ground with a nice THUD! "Fucking head.." She'd groan, struggling to her feet, her eyes momentarily glowing purple. "How.." She'd pat herself down in confusion. "Hm." She'd attempt to press her hands together, but there was resistance, as if she were covered in an invisible barrier. ".. I really need to learn to control this." Just afterwards her eyes were their normal red, making her way over to the pile that was once the library. "Officer." She'd address one of the agents. "S'far as I can tell Mr. Blasty here might have triggered this. If those two-" She'd point to.. to empty space, where those two had flown off. "... If those two that /were/ here, are to be believed."

[22:40] Tunie the Sai-nyan hmphs, crossing her arms as she lets her aura fade ascending "You still started it, meathead.." she responds following Praus

[22:43] Breaker Gemini would attempt to hold up its remaining arm, attempting to flip them off...unforutnatly its burried under rubble. <STARTED IT? STARTED IT? By the...> It shakes its head as it continues to attempt to regenerate, failing. "Yeah, I'm stuck..."

[22:44:41] Astra [Kosmos] just shakes her head. "I was trying to break up the fight...", she watches them go, having been ordered to cease fighting, she does nothing to stop them, powering down her weapons.

[22:46:26] Dominic Knight watched the two flying cat people take off and he shrugged, turning to leave whilst drinking the liquor more. "Shows over folks. Time to disperse... "

[22:46:32] Ghostwriter A few pieces of library rubble can be seen as a figure claws through fallen books, shelves and brick. The audible sound of someone groaning can be heard as a black-clad figure hauls himself out of the desolated material. "... What in the cheap schnapps was that. Fucking hell." He'd mutter, looking up between the group and the library. "... They really are NOT joking about that property value." He'd mutter.

[22:51:42] Scene one looks up watching them go "Yeeepp theeeir gone." as one of the agents walks over too the rubble pile to arrest the robot "Least we got the back guy!" as the senior officer turns and shouts at him "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT!" and turns to hally "Miss we are going to pull security footage from the library and do a full investig-" one of the vanguard officers picking through the rubble holds up a melted lump of plastic "I FOUND THE SECURITY RECORDER!" as it sparks a bit "Fucking hell." the senior says before pointing at ghost writer "PRIORITY TARGET ENGAGE ENGAGE!" And theres a barrage of plasma in his direction

[22:54:42] Centurion Hayward just.. sighed. ".. Ah yes, coming from the one blasting everything going on about 'TO THE SCRAP HEAP WITH YOU' and 'INSOLENT FLESHLINGS!'" She'd commentate on Breaker, shaking her head. "I'll give a full testimonia-" And.. THEN. She heard it. That /voice./ Very much the LAST voice that Hayward EVER wanted to hear. "... YOU." Hayward would say with such surprising malice despite her fluffy exterior. She'd grip her hilt and was about to charge.. until the sudden barrage of plasma fire forced her to dive roll off to the side.

[22:55:29] Sparks (Sela Baxton): ((Sai-nyans exit~ just gonna hang OOC to watch after action fireworks *munches popcorn*))
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