More than was bargained for

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More than was bargained for

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[17:22] Lady Nightmare gives everyone a moment to get settled in, and for any late arrivals to show up, then clears her throat loudly and starts to speak, her voice carrying easily over the square "Thank you all for coming. I'm going to try to make this as brief as possible. As many of you are aware, since arriving on this planet we've been under routine attack from the wildlife. Recent events have revealed that these attacks were not, in fact, natural occurances... but rather deliberate probing attacks by a hostile native species. I've gathered you here tonight because we have located their point of origin, and it's our hope to launch a pre-emptive strike against them, to end the hostilities before they escalate further"
[17:22] Sparks tips her hat listening
[17:23] Scarlet turned her attention to Lady Nightmare, taking in what information she had to give.
[17:25] Breaker Gemini would remain silent, whispering to Alicia as it waits, its guns twitching a bit
[17:25] Alicia Frakture whispers back to Breaker and smiles."We're gonna kick some ass."
[17:26] Maiden America nods and straightens her gloves doing some warmups ad Nighmare gives the briefing
[17:26] Drexia considers a bit before speaking up "What do we know of them? And more importantly are negotiations possible at all? A peaceful resolution would be optimal, even if unlikely."
[17:27] Nameless floated and kicked her legs up to make it look like she ws lounging in mid air, "Breaking dinosaurs, awesome sauce!" The air around her began to feel like there was feathers tickling the skin, she was doing a little warm up before they got into the thick of it...
[17:28] Sebek-khu just stood there, arms crossed, being the boring strong silent type as the de-briefing goes on. Whatever the mission was, Sebek was ready for it
[17:29] Soleil stands at attention, quietly listening. He’d stick close to those who had addressed them. There was massive concern for Isolde with a plasma rifle soon.
[17:29] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods to Scarlet and looks back up to the briefing, taking in the information, tail moving around behind her in tempo to the song that was stuck in her head. She casually walked back over to the main host of Vanguard members and waited as she watched the briefing, running diagnostics on her bow to ensure it was combat ready and then smiling as it was
[17:30] Isolde Greycloak smiled at everyone around her as she listened. "...You know, Soleil, if you're that worried about me with this thing I can just hold up the fort-...There are a lot of capable heroes here, I'm sure-"
[17:31] Catori huffs hearing there's restless natives. Can't get away from that no matter what world you end up on. She was planning to ask the same question that Drexia had, but the dragon beat her to it, so she hushed and played out a few more close to the city scenarios in her head.
[17:31] Dr. Tamago: would put her hands in her pockets looking over the many small brained people before her. She noted the kick ass dragon, and the big ass mech that was on the far side of the building. " There is a entire gaggle of heroes here. What do call a group of them? Like formally. Pretty sure it's a troop, or a gaggle."
[17:33] Vivienne is standing here.
[17:35] Miyuki Morihiro just kind of waited around, ready to go~
[17:40] Samantha Iseli furrowed her brow a little as Nightmare detailed the assignment, she wasn't entirely happy about there being an attack, but subduing the threat from these dinosaurs was important. She looks over to Tamago "Well, if this was an organized military, I believe a troop would be correct. But in this situation, I believe 'group' would be more accurate terminology."
[17:41] Copycat went to idly step along the front of the street - the covered catgirl moving to sorta just /hop/ behind Vivienne. Mostly because hey. She knew some of the people here. The quiet, disguised cat's tail lazily swayed from side to side as she continued to listen. She remained quiet, granted if one of the few she knew up front turned to look at her, that golden eye would wink.
[17:46] Zideous Arionnias looked toward Viv, leaning upon his cane. "My senses are heightened, even without my abilities. Sometimes I am unable to weed out unnecessary details. I usually have a good control on it, but it can get out of hand in giant groups like this. It's still something I am getting control over." he says, looking to Vivienne. He appreciated the gesture she offered. "Thank you, though." he smiled. To her response, the big man gives a little nod, hearing Lady Nightmare speak on their reasons for gathering. "That sounds relaxing. I..had to stay home for a few days. Came back around, and yesterday some crazy bitch from R&D in Vanguard put dents in my car and claimed it was 'Vanguard Business'." he said with a irritated tone.
[17:46] Belladonna 's heart sinks as she realizes what this is concerning. The same matter that had seen her mentor never return again, she feels nauseous, but tries to eat the food she got regardless. She's made her mind up to give this her all, no matter what, however. Even if she dies.
[17:51] Lady Nightmare glances to Drexia as a Vanguard shuttle touches down in the square, the pilot quickly going through their checks for re-launch, clearly in a hurry "What we know of the enemy thus far is that their natural appearance is insectoid, but they are shapeshifters and power mimics. They are extremely dangerous even in small numbers... do not underestimate them. Something in the area is preventing us from properly scanning, so we aren't sure what kind of numbers you'll encounter. The primary objective is to secure the site while Vanguard and Nakajima personnel establish a fortification in the area to contain the threat. If possible, secondary objective is to exterminate the enemy. Based on all sources that have had prior contact with this species, peace is not an option... they will continue to fight so long as even one of them is alive. If there are no further questions, then go ahead and load up... you've got a long flight ahead of you... you'll be arriving around dawn in the local time of your destination"
[17:54] Sparks nods, striding over to her ship and pulling ehr cannon off ehr back mounting it and slaving it to the dropship as she boards
[17:56] Scarlet sighed. She was familiar with the concept of power mimics, but they seemed to operate off of a wildly varying set of rules; there was no way to predict the extent to which their abilities could twist or magnify the abilities that they selected to copy. The knight remained next to the dropship, intent on following it instead of riding along.
[17:57] Breaker Gemini would nod, turning to head to the dropship, heading to the back and climbing on in, trying to keep its cannon and bits away from everyone else. "Secure and Exterminate. Prepping TacNet for intigration. Anyon ewhom can, share IFF codes with This unit."
[17:58] Alicia Frakture nods and heads for the ship."I'm ready to go." As she hops in and motions for others to get in.
[18:03] Drexia nods "Unfortunate" she says before walking over to the dropship, waiting for it to take off so she can latch on and hitch a ride.
[18:04] Nameless kicked one leg as she listened, "I demand a pizza when this is all done, i don't work for free ya know!" She hummed a tune that was creepy as the ticklish sensation seemed to intensify until it stopped all together, seeing as she wasn't in combat she could charge rather quickly, "Maybe a Flock of Heroes! Or a Herd... Pack would be to cool for this group, maybe a Murder of Heroes.... You know like Crows... We about to murder some people, hehe!" She heard the order to load up and wooshed towards the Transport, essentially hugging it with her TK so she could tag along without having to deal with the cramped insides!
[18:05] Sebek-khu makes a thorough double check for his gear, ninja stars, kunai, the whole works was ready & secured. His wrist blades unsheathing out flawlessly, the blades themselves sharp & ready to slice through some exoskeletons. Sebek steps forward to board the craft, strapping himself in. Hopefully the person next to him isn't a chatter box, as Sebek is a man of few words.
[18:05] Soleil “You know my answer. I would rather you be somewhere where you are safe- which is not on the battlefield. However, I cannot control you. If being here is your decision, then I will not restrict you from that choice.” He’d tell Isolde. Regardless of her decision, he would move to load up into the dropship.
[18:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods, heading into the ship. She had a feeling it was good of her to be setting up like this, slowly priming the bow for fire abilities, having a feeling they'd be landing and dealing immediately with fleshy dino targets that she'd be taking advantage of, sitting on the ship and getting strapped in, looking Soleil with a laugh "no wing logistics this time around, so that's a plus"
[18:08] Isolde Greycloak hummed, looking down at the ground for a moment, and nodding up to Soleil. "I'll go watch the shop, make sure what family we have here is as safe as I can- I just wanted to support you, but I see that there are a lot of people here. I'll likely be more use holding up the fort. Please let me know how it goes though, and what happens when you get back? Be safe, Soleil. You too, Zid-...Sorry I was a bit distracted with everything. Be safe, too. Please."
[18:09] Vivienne crossed her hands underneath her chest, listening quietly to Zids explanation "...I believe I recall you telling me something like that, I am sorry to hear about it." she'd say, placing her hand under her chin in thought "...I can relate however, I used to suffer from a very similar problem, if you ever need assistance bringing more control over your mind, feel free to see me, I believe I might be able to provide you some advice." she'd say with a warm smile toward them. Vivienne would then reach upward and give the taller man a reassuring pat on the back of his left shoulder "Once again, you should come to the Nexus bar after you've concluded your business here, though the drinks aren't on the house this time." she said with a light chuckle, withdrawing her hand she'd then give a formal, curt bow "I won't be directly joining the operation, so do farewell for yourself." she'd say politely
[18:11] Belladonna steels herself, reasoning that mimics would not be able to duplicate her magic to the same degree of control that she possessed, and felt a bit more confident... she just hoped she was right.
[18:11] Zideous Arionnias turned to listen to the briefing, committing it to memory as she spoke. He'd wonder if his own abilities could be copied similarly. He nodded to Iso, shaking his head. "Don't worry about it. You take care.I'll do my best." Zid nodded down to Viv as well, smiling to her comforting pat. "I'll pay a visit should I make it back. Take care, Vivienne." he then sighed, tapping on his cane upon the marble as he climbed into the passenger hold, grabbing a hand bar.
[18:11] Dr. Tamago: she laughed at Samantha. "Yes. a gaggle, how often do you get to say gaggle? Enjoy the little things honey." She then brought her hand up to her chin. " Hmm.. I suppose I should help, don't want a bunch of... power mimics to take over." She'd head over to the loading area while telling her own machines to keep close by via wrist computer.
[18:13] Samantha Iseli groans a bit at the details, well there was basically no chance she'd be going along for scientific research. She taps her commlink and speaks quietly into it for a few moments. She turns to Tamago again and shrugs "To my knowledge this will be the first time I have said the word 'gaggle'." she answers. "Unless we are very fortunate, we will require no shortage of assistance." A couple minutes later several medics approach the scene with a variety of equipment, there were a lot of people here and she was going to need help. She meets the medics and helps them load the equipment onto the shuttle and then joins them on the shuttle, making a point to get a seat as far from Hell Guard as possible and keeping her in view.
[18:20] Lady Nightmare nods slightly as everyone starts loading in, turning back to the office and starting to head inside, bringing up her comm "Spearpoint, Strike team is in the air". The pilot finishes up her checks, looking to those that are lingering outside "Unless you fly at mach 6.5 I'd suggest grabbing a chair and strapping in" giving them a moment to board if they change their minds before booting up the flight sequence and taking off. The flight is an uneventful trip across the current night side of the planet, though even at the immense speed of the ship it takes over an hour before the sun begins peeking over the horizon, revealing an expanse of primordial wilderness beneath you. Eventually a large cleared area becomes visible, which the ship rapidly approaches. Large Vanguard cargo vehicles are rolling up into the area while Nakajima supply ships touch down, soldiers and a small number of metas on the scene are field dressing some slain dinos and other local wildlife, while engineers from both groups oversee [18:20] Lady Nightmare: massive concrete pillars being driven into the ground where walls are going to be established. The shuttle aims for a simple landing pad, waved down by one of the soldiers, and as soon as it stops moving the door drops open to let you all out, the soldier that waved the craft down offering a salute "Welcome to Spearpoint. Hope you're all ready for a hell of a fight, the locals don't seem happy to see us so far"
[18:22] Sparks alights off the dropship herself, surveying the area and shifting, tapping along ehr arm establishing a tactical comnet among those with the wireless capability - it would be adaptable to nearly any form of communicator, gfiving tactical HUD and markers to those with AR or some sort of viisual HUD, as Iridium comes into range following it would scan the area enriching the data
[18:23] Scarlet relented upon hearing the dropship's proposed travel speed; she had no hope of matching it. She lowered her mass as much as she could and loaded herself into the vessel. Upon arriving at their destination, she hopped out and immediately began increasing her mass to her usual ten-ton weight. During the trip, she used her comm bead to ping Breaker Gemini, relaying the device's EM signature to him in hopes that he could use it as an IFF signature for her.
[18:25] Breaker Gemini would would connect to the Local tacNet as it stepped out of the dropship. Weapon systems would come online, as the Plasma Obliterator on its back warmed up. The missile pods would start to fill themselves too, as the machien sdrill begun to spin up. "Is assistance required with constructing the outer fortifications?"
[18:27] Alicia Frakture smirks as she steps off the jet, seeing the dinos as she lights a cigarette, being nice enough not to smoke on the jet."You guys need more dino meat? I can hook ya up, great for barbecues." Her eyes scanning the area as she speaks to breaker."Careful meat can we may need those missles ya got."
[18:27] Nameless had screamed for the first 15 minutes of the trip as the transport flew at mach 6.5! She held on for dear life, trailing along behind the ship as it sped across the night sky! As soon as the ship landed and released her tK on it and flew over to where everyone was gathering, combing her hair back into place with her fingers and listening, "Just point us in the right direction and we can fuck em up long enough for you to do your thing, i want two pizzas after this is done! Maybe just all the pizza... Yea that should work..."
[18:28] Sebek-khu was meditating pretty much the whole way to Spearpoint, not with great success though what with a loud aircraft and the noises of other passengers. Still it was all he wanted to do, and once they landed, Sebek eagerly hopped out, moved off to the side, and puked his guts out. Sebek had never been in any sort of vehicle, he got terrible motion sickness. Once he got most of it out of his system, Sebek would cover his mouth back with his mask and stand ready for orders.
[18:31] Soleil steps off of the drop, he watches the others pile out one by one, his eyes settled carefully upon them. He would take a moment to look above him, quietly observing the environment as he stood at attention, awaiting orders and further interactions before he decided to proceed.
[18:31] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) comes out and looks around at everything set up. She noticed that they had a few big tank types and kept her demon form for the time being. Stepping out she hears the soldier and smirks, activating her bow "Just give directions to the front, we dealing with mostly dinos or has the main enemy shown itself yet?" she asks, licking her lips and looking around the area, priming the different elements in the bow and then looking back around as she gets ready for a major push, addressing her allies "If we get the need for more heavies, I can switch as needed, but I'm going to be fire support to start this off" she says and then does a mic check
[18:37] Dr. Tamago: stepped off the first class plane ride where she had supped of fine juice. Service was nice on Vanguard airlines. She then typed away with her odd gloved keyboards she wore and waited by Sparks leaning in to whisper to them. " 500 credits says that big ass mech robot, I think some ones said B-breaker? kills the first one. "
[18:37] Zideous Arionnias took all of that info as they moved on and took off, wincing as someone screamed on the ride. He closed his eyes, getting control of himself as his breathing steadied. As the ship vroomed in and landed, he'd hop down from the transport. "Tapping along the ground, he takes in the details of the environment, hearing the welcome. "So excited..starting to why I tagged along." he muttered, moving towards Soleil while they had the time. "Yo..demon man. Good to see you back as you." he said, then looked around again. "We uh..need to come up with a plan of attack for you and I. Otherwise it'll be a clusterfuck." [Hopped off transport, observed surroundings, moved up beside Soleil to check on him and inquire about a battle plan due to their conflicting natures.]
[18:39] Belladonna scans the landscape, keeping her hands at the ready to shoot her black magic at anything which might draw near with harmful intent, she steels herself, letting her anger and grief over her teacher, lost in this land, to fuel her.
[18:39] Director Varre walks along the perimeter as the Vanguard craft touches down, continually scrolling through data as she organises things before handing the tablet off to one of her personnel that dart off towards some of the supplies to double check things. "Nice of you to join us!" she calls out, taking a moment to survey the new arrivals as the TacNet starts marking them all on the local IFF. "Welcome to the front! Local comm channel is 141.8, mid-band if you want to tag yourselves in- Perimeter is currently secure and looking good, few minor incursions but no major concentrations of wildlife, though we've got a sensor dead zone out East..." she addresses towards the new arrivals and motioning out Eastwards.
[18:39] Millicent had directed her attention over to the shuttle arriving briefly, then concluded her business with two of the engineers she had been addressing. Millicent turned to continue over alongside Varre to greet the others who had arrived, tapping away on her datapad to ensure things were in order. Once arriving, she paused to listen to Varre before chiming in, "It's good to see such friendly faces, though I only wish they were on better circumstances." She says, making sure to tune into the same comm frequency.
[18:41] J/230-FK "Iceberry" would casually walk alongside Director Varre and Millicient with her weapon on standby. For the moment, the SCARS unit was quiet-- "Please revel in the presence of your Nakijima Superiors!" She'd blatantly say to no one in particular whilst standing idle.
[18:45] Scene the commanding officer offers a nod of greeting as Varre returns "Our main supply transport will be rolling up within half an hour now, some rough terrain in the area, then all the materials should be in place" glancing back to the group "Indeed, we've secured what we can, but nothing is picking up any readings around that mountain... and the cave heading into it shows signs of heavy traffic. I'd put money that the hive... nest... whatever these things live in is down there... which is where you all come into the picture. We need to know what's waiting for us, and hold this position while we get set up... as you can see, we're a bit in the open until the walls are set in". Iridium's scans would confirm what is being said as well, the local area showing expected wildlife density for the region, but the whole area around the mountain and under it is completely dead to sensors
[18:46] Sparks tilts ear towards Tomago and smirks a bit eyeing him "You might be surprised.." she whispers back, adjusting the tacnet patchign in the local frequency bridging it -staying mostly to the back of the pack listening
[18:46] Scarlet took the liberty of patching into the frequency that the Nakajima director had indicated, dedicating a fraction of a fraction of her gestalt consciousness to monitoring it for relevant status updates. She sent a test ping through the channel to ensure the connection was successful before turning her attention to the local commander.
[18:49] Alicia Frakture has no communicator having lost the walkie she was give last night."Just point out where to go and what to hit." She paused as an idea struck her of something she had been curious to try."Anyone here able to make portals?"
[18:50] Breaker Gemini adjusts frequencieis to et on both. "Got it. Blast any bugs, wildlife, lizards, et cetera that come near here or while we are in the dead zone. Do we have samples of the hostiles DNA? I can modify some of my ordinence to damage them. Anyone alergic to nanoswarms/"
[18:51] Nameless didn't believe in Comms, she had spent a long time with voices in her head before this all went down, she didn't want to have another one whispering in her ear after getting rid of them all! She drew her sword from her back, basically having it flip around in front of her so she could grab it, "Oh it's you pricks..." She snarled down at them as some wind seemed to emanate from her, her whispers amplified a little bit and seemed to be coming from all around them, "Definitely all the pizzas..." She heard about the cave and seemed to pale a little bit, having second thoughts suddenly... She was gonna stay towards the back, preferably behind the big metal guy....
[18:51] Sparks has to tweak to tune out feedback and echo from everyone on the tacnet also joining the bridged channel
[18:52] Sebek-khu was issued a comm a while back, took him some time to learn how to use it, but by now he manages it just fine. After inputting the channel, he'd perform a mic test. "Test test, Vanguard Operative Sebek-Khu reporting." When the Commanding Officer speaks of finding out what's out there, Sebek would step forward, to show he was more than willing to be one of the first scouting parties, as scouting was one of his specialties.
[18:53] Soleil “… Unless I am contracted to you, the only other option we would have is for me to keep my distance when we are fighting within close quarters.” He’d tell Zid, reaching for him comm and testing it. He’d had plenty of experience with it prior. After confirming everything was operating as it should be, he’d re-clasp it back in place. The demon would continue to listen.
[18:54] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods slowly "we have any sort of artillery? Air support? Any of that set up?" she asks as she puts herself on the comms channel mentioned, testing on that channel "Verifying connection, Hell Guard, over," and looks around as she continues with the intel gathering "additionally, do we have a back line set up as a fallback position or are we going to be pushing hard and trying to have a team set up checkpoints as we move?" she looks at Breaker and blinks "allergic to nanoswarms? Is there such an allergy or are you joking?" she asks, not sure which it was, figuring 50/50. [18:57] Samantha Iseli remains on the shuttle while the others depart, speaking quietly with the medics and looking over a map of the operation area. Eventually she leads the medics off the ship and helps them unload the equipment they brought with them. Upon hearing a greeting over her comm she taps her to turn on her mic "This is Dr. Iseli, I brought along several medical personnel and some equipment, do you have a temporary hospital set up? If so, where? If not, where should we set up?" she asks, then answers Hell Guard's question with a noticeable dislike "Yes actually, since coming to Celestial City I have become aware of several species which are allergic to several forms of technology. Even some humans cannot receive cybernetics due to, among other things, metal allergies."
[18:57] Dr. Tamago: looked up to Director Varre and when given the channel she would dial it into her own wrist computer, while putting her ear bud in." Looking to what Iceberry said she put her palm in her face and just laughed, amused. " Nanoswarms are ok with me, I'm completely human. Infact I'm going to stand back here near the wall and take on any thing you guys can't handle. I'll protect the plane and the other nerds. " She grinned, tapping on her glasses which would record the events she saw, to study there powers and skills later.
[19:03] Zideous Arionnias pressed his cane upon the dirt as he leans, reaching up to tune his communicator in upon a wrist watch. He then looks to the others, observing the people who communicated. Towards Soleil, he tilted his head to him. "...Contracted? and I? in a contract? Christ. That..didn't know that is possible." he says. "Could that even work?" he questions. "...The only thing I can say is to use specific codes for switching off targets." he rubbed his chin. "You'll need to explain further." a contract sounded downright horrifying. Blasphemous, even. "So we're going down into the tunnels..gotcha. Don't think artillery or air support will work in there..unless we are drawing them out.." Zid looked to clairfy. He then looked over to HG, testing comms. "I read you Hell Guard, do you copy?" he holds it away, then tests again. [19:04] Belladonna takes in a deep breath. she was kind of glad that this played into her strengths, creatures were easy pickings for someone like her who could use the arcane arts. She could protect the base and pick creatures off all day long... "The feeble creatures of this place will break themselves against my magic."
[19:05] Director Varre turns her head to Iceberry, squinting at the SCARS unit and letting out a sigh... What combination of digital datapoints gave it an ego. "Iceberry, reset your personality package to default, random preset." she states flatly, shaking her head at the density of some of Nakajima's tech. She listens to the confirming report over her shoulder, looking far more at ease out here than in an office meeting... "Fire support? As far as my teams are concerned, we have a few heavy ordnance drones in the area... Though, Vanguard's lot are handling most of the lifting on the firepower front. Most of my groundside staff are engineering crews." she explains in Hell Guard's direction, looking off towards the nearby Vanguard CO to see if they had anything to pitch in.
[19:07] Millicent had looked up towards Nameless as she addressed them, and the emotionless woman offered a practiced fake smile in return. Now was not the time for turning against each other, and so she found it best to not comment. Though when Iceberry spoke up with the innapropriate comment, there was a slow blink, "It would be preferred you no longer make remarks such as that, Iceber-." She states before pausing, nodding to Director Varre's command towards the Android. That works. Phew. Her attention returned to the group, nodding to what Doctor Tamago had said, "Agreed. While I have combat training, I'm limited in what I can do. I can provide aid where I can but I may be primarily sticking within the camp grounds, I believe proceeding beyond will just make me a liability."
[19:11] J/230-FK "Iceberry" "Understood, Director Varre.. Resetting personality package.." She'd say before temporarily closing her eyes. After a few moments she'd re-open them. "Reset complete. Personality Package: Kuudere has been selected," she announced before growing quiet briefly! Her usual soft and pitiful expression changing to that of a rather cold and expressionless one. "Did you know that if you hear the sound of an autocannon going off, that means you were not the target? The more you know."
[19:12] Scene the commander looks to Sebek "I like your enthusiasm, but I'd recommend you all scout as a unit. We've got the surface secure for now at least, and these Taar things are nasty in a scrap. I've seen one eat a full magazine each from a squad of 20 soldiers and not even flinch, so going solo with them doesn't sound wise" looking to Hell "Ma'am... we're over 5000 miles from the city... our engineer corps had to develop new vehicles just to get supplies out this far for building. We're setting up supply chain and holdfasts as quickly as we can, but Spearpoint here is out on a bit of a limb for the moment. You are the artillery". He then snaps to attention and salutes crisply as the doctor introduces herself "Welcome aboard, Ma'am, a pleasure to have you. We've got a few triage tents for the people injured when we took the site, but nothing formal yet, so set up wherever works for your crew" then looking back to the others "I'm sure they're gonna notice our presence here at some point... and right now until
[19:13] Scene: our walls are up at least, our best defense is a heavy offense"
[19:14] Sparks glances up at the Iridium floating over head as it hovers near-silently - it begins charging it's cannon "I have some air support....." she shifts her eyes and it floats a bit higher orbiting the area some painting the area and increasing the HUD resolution for those patched in, defining firing arcs for weapons it recognizes and starting to paint targets in range as she reviews onboard ordnance
[19:14] Scarlet: "Would you care to loan a small helping of your nanites to me, gargantuan one?" she asked Breaker, not yet knowing his name. "If it is amenable to you, I can house a significant quantity of them within my form for use as a surprise weapon, or to extend your sensor range if the swarm communicates back to you."
[19:15] Breaker Gemini would pat its cannon. "This cannon is not just for show. I can unleash plasma barrages with it that are as hot as a star. Anything caught in its blast Raidus is getting purified/sterilized/erased. If we are going underground, I suggest start with a barrage form it first." It holds its claw out, as a mass of nanites would generate in its hand, holding it out to Scarlet. "Do not waste these." It also transfers some schematics over
[19:17] Alicia Frakture looks around."Guess no one can do portals. that's cool. I um... I don't have anything to add. Just give the order and I will move." She reached into her purse and pulled out a flask taking a drink."Speaking of... can we get going?"
[19:18] Nameless was not a fan of all the talking, levitating higher so she could try to see the entrance to this dreaded cave.... She huffed and was pretty glad no one had commented on her remark, she hadn't exactly thought it through before talking... She spotted the cave and made a face, her options would be limited in a space that small, "I feel like this is going to go from talking a lot to 'oh no here they are' really quick if we don't move soon...."
[19:19] Sebek-khu didn't seem to react to the commanding officer's comment, the mask did hide nearly all facial expressions. Internally though, Sebek was reluctant to work with anyone, but if he must, he will. Other than that, Sebek continues to stand by and silently listen
[19:20] Soleil “Yes. But this is no place for the description of a demonic contract. That is another topic for another time. If we both live.” He’d tell Zid, contemplating the matter of switching codenames for enemies. “That would work if they are visible- and if we can afford to speak. However, it could also work against us- after all, you are announcing what you are doing before you doing it, more or less. For now, I think it would be best if we tried to keep our distance.” He’d explain to Zid, opting to wait on standby for further orders to proceed has he listened, ready to provide offense as instructed.
[19:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods to the officer and Nakajima "Understood. And if it is tunnels as was mentioned, it definitely is not going to help, just wondering what our assets going in are" she states calmly and looks to Soleil "If it looks like we're getting swarmed or something, is there anything I can do when I shift forms to not harm you with the burst of holy?" she asks, having a feeling she'd be demonic at the start and then be quickly shifting to her angelic form when necessary given at least one other heavy hitter was empowered by her attacks. "I've gotten the confirmation from N that I'm going to be lead Vanguard on the scene. Let's go ahead and form up ranks and move forward. I know it goes without saying, but the big guys should be going first" she says with a chuckle, trying to make some humor as she starts moving forward, trying to set the group in motion.
[19:22] Samantha Iseli nods a little "We brought along a few tents of our own, so we will set up near your own triage facilities." She pauses to look at her medics and quietly gives them directions. The medics nod and hurry off with their equipment "I was unsure of the situation here, so I did not know specifically what to bring. I will make arrangements for something more 'formal' in the near future. She says before following her medics to inspect the triage tents, partially just to get away from the war machine and the purple demon.
[19:24] Dr. Tamago: would nod in a pleasing expression Iceberry " Learning the limitations of sound through air not oxygen.. very common mistake? Oh she learns so fast!! I want one. " Tamago seemed excited for a time before looking to the others and nodded. " Very well, I will.. be zee team player, one unit then. " Tomago would said before a large robotic machine would fly down to her, and pick her up by the arms, before consuming her like a machine monster, as many more little drones began to float down and transform into parts for Tamago's power armor. When finished she then spoke through the comm network. " Very well. "
[19:29] Zideous Arionnias seemed annoyed by the lack of answer, and even further at the declining of his idea. "Here is not the time, yes. I simply don't wish to endanger you again." he responds back in turn and listening to the plans being discussed. He'd start looking at the others present, to make himself aware of plans being enacted. He'd step forward, offering, "I am particularly good with information gathering if we are indeed going to intel gather. If not, I can hold up the front or rear." [19:31] Belladonna: "I can provide both healing via direct contact, and ranged damage with magic... I willl do whatever you believe wise for me." she says, puffing her chest out.
[19:31] Director Varre leaned back slightly, letting a hand come ro rest on the barrel of her AMR whilst people discussed destructive equipment and generally flexing weaponry... She nods towards Hell Guard. "Excellent. If you're taking point, I'll assign a few SCARS Units to your team. Just keep us in the loop... If you need anything else from Nakajima, let me or one of my personnel know. Now, if you'll excuse me..." she turns and makes a casual motion towards Millicent and then begins to head back over to her temporary command post to return to organising crews... TacNet would update for Iceberry and another SCARS Android, assigning them to support the combat team.
[19:34] Millicent nodded between the others then, listening to Tamago's words. Had she felt something currently she would lowkey want to giggle and chime in about her affection for the SCARS androids. Her attention focused on Varre then, glancing down to the datapad and then back up to her, "I'll send Keylime in to assist Iceberry," She says having already gotten to calling her in Via the TacNet, wherever she was hiding about within the camp ground. Millicent proceeded to head off, and shortly after, up came running the happy green-haired android, parking herself beside Iceberry with a plastered smile, "Hello Iceberry! Hello everyone! Fun dino-trivia: What dinosaur was the longest of all others? . . . . . Argentinosaurus!"
[19:36] J/230-FK "Iceberry" would remain idle once more until given the next command was given! Once her TacNet updated, she would begin targeting the combat team! "Roger, roger. Assisting fellow anti-fruit cakes." Her attention soon fell on Keylime momentarily. "Registering.. Fellow fruit cake destroyer has now joined our party. Please remember to follow up with a shot to the head on an enemy target."
[19:38] Scene the commander just offers a small nod as the team coordinates strategies, a few bursts of fire sounding off from a ways down the line of pillars, followed by a yell of "Clear!". He turns briefly to look in that direction, then glances back at you all "Good luck in there... if all goes well then by the time you're back we'll have a mess hall up and a fresh hot meal waiting before you head back to the city" offering another salute before heading off to check on the disturbance "I'll make my way to the triage area shortly to help as I can there". His departure leaves you all with just the company of the bustling soldiers and engineers, who all seem to be very busy establishing their perimeter and prepping for construction, and the ominous cavern looming ahead
[19:39] Sparks moves off after tali, a little bored of the talking herself and striding quickly forward Iridium sweeping the area one last time before settling down next to the cave mouth awaiting the party - approaching she'd grumble as she reaches to it's nose, pulling the cannon back out and sliding it on her back
[19:39] Scarlet reached her hand into the offered swarm, fleshwarping holes in the digits to allow the swarm entry. She very intentionally pooled a portion of them in her left eye, allowing them to relay visual data back to Breaker. Yet more were laced just beneath her skin; a foe that struck her with a naked limb or were struck by her would be afflicted by the swarm. Finally, the remainder were housed in her bloodstream, as a... *surprise* for certain types of targets. "I do not engage in wasteful activities as it relates to matters of such importance." she insisted, sealing her digits shut as the last of the swarm poured in. Her gaze returned to the local commander. "I am in agreement with Hell Guard and the angry woman." she commented, not knowing Nameless's name. Ironic, huh? She began strolling towards the cave entrance. "We should make all due haste. Come."
[19:42] Breaker Gemini would follow to the cave enterance as it revved up its cannons. "Lets get ready to burn those insects. HOw we doing this-plasma barrage first, gassing them, collapsing the tunnel on them, or causing cave ins?" It seems excited as its guns reved up, main cannon ready. "Oh, we could try talking to them like that dumb draogn suggested, before running off...shall we make them fear us? Or are we going to go in all silent like?"
[19:43] Alicia Frakture raises her hand looking around."If this is a mountain these beasts are in."Can we just bring the whole thing down on them?" She looks around." A shit load of missles and heavy hits to bring it down on them?"
[19:44] Nameless was feeling kinda giddy, she HATED caves! She levitated then focused her power into her hand, a single ball of pure energy manifested above her fingertips, "Fear is the best weapon we can use, slaughter all in our path and show no quarter, then they might rethink attacking the pizz- er the city..." She was really wanting a pizza...
[19:48] Sebek-khu moves up with the group, making sure to be one of the few ahead of the pack to take point. Before they figured out a strategy on how to move forward, Sebek in the mean time would unsheath his blades and infuse them chakra. The glowing blue energy radiating the blades not only enhanced their power, but also provided little light, he could see decently in the dark, but even he needed a light source in this ADVANCED darkness
[19:48] Soleil “For now, it is just best if I am not within your vicinity when that happens. Please alert me over the comms if you are prepared to do that.” He’d tell Hell Guard as he started to walk forwards. “Understood, I will follow in your lead. Regarding my specialties, I specialize in stealth and aerial combat. I can also tank any flames if you may need it.” Soleil would tell Hell Guard and the others. He’d wait for those who were (somehow) larger than he to step forwards before he moved upwards himself, his expression devoid of all emotion as he was prepared to follow. “Reasoning with them would be futile. As commanded, we should stick to offense. I somehow doubt that they will even feel fear.” He would say, leaving the decision of mountainous destruction to someone else.
[19:51] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around and nods to the Nakajima group, liking the way they did business. She looks to breaker and shakes her head "They've been attacking us on a regular basis and they're behind the dinos. We go in and we need to be ready for an attack. Normally I'd be ok with diplomacy but at this point in time, this is not a diplomatic trip. Fire and fury, try not to collapse the tunnels. But if we need to make a retreat, it wouldn't hurt to know if we can. If we can do any analysis while we're down there, it'll be of great assistance" she states and licks her lips, moving to the tunnel entrance and setting up to assist the initial push "Set up and get in there, we follow the heavy hitters. If you get down there first and looks like there's too much, shout and I can switch to a stand and deliver form" she calls out verbally and over comms
[19:52] Samantha Iseli finishes up her check of the tents and then brings two of her more field-qualified medics with her to follow the offense group towards a cave. She groans a little bit and sighs, enclosed spaces was going to mean close-quarters combat, and that meant higher potential for injuries, not good. Of course the idea of dropping the mountain wasn't any better of an idea in her mind.
[19:55] Dr. Tamago: would move around the the smaller beings actually being quite a skilled pilot of her walker, even though it seemed to be completely analog in how she controlled it. " Breaker was it?, you with me. Lets make a safe entry for our comrades. " She said showing them her drill before moving up.
[19:58] Belladonna raises her palm skyward, her hands surrounded by a smoky, wispy aura. "If they are in the cave, and funneled into one place, shooting them to pieces in the corners would be easily done, especially if I use my powers to keep them trapped in there. I think we should try to avoid large scale destruction as it may draw unwanted attention and have unforeseen consequences." she moves her hands apart and shows off her sticky Ereboplasm.
[20:00] Zideous Arionnias listened to the comms and shot a look over to Soleil and Hell Guard. "Best we can do is call out when we are using our power." he said, then nodded. "Aye, you are in charge. Roger." he then shook his head, smiling slightly at the mention of the big guys going in. "I've heard that so many times.." he shook his head. "For me..melee specialist." he'd say, moving behind Soleil in rank. Others would watch as the big man brought his forearms up to double tap wrists in an X, pulling down as golden flames and black smoke form his armor, cloak and hat. Weapons summon from black smoke, as he prepares. He'd speak into the helm. "...I'll do any scouting I can."
[20:06] Keylime went happily thudding along, not much else to say other than she was loading in a phaser grenade into the lower chamber of her rifle, "Such adorable critters to be seen! Oh I just can't wait to pet and shoot them!"
[20:08] J/230-FK "Iceberry" would proceed to move up once the combat group did so. For now, she would simply remain in the back of the group seeing as she was ranged with the AR. "Fun Fact: Dealing with infestations is not considered cruelty to nature. That is all." She'd say whilst keeping her targeting on standby.
[20:10] Scene the approach through the cleared zone is uneventful, the cave entrance appearing natural, with only a faint bit of natural lighting radiating from somewhere inside. Sensors being cast into the passage detect normally in the open spaces, but go dead again as soon as they reach any obstacle, picking up that the air seems clean enough to function. Zid's now-enhanced senses would note that much of the mountain seems to be dense granite, meaning that collapsing the tunnel would require an immense amount of ordinance. No threats are visible from outside the entrance, but those with enhanced hearing would pick up very faint sounds of movement within
[20:13] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods to Zid "melee stand and deliver...I like it. I joke, because usually that's my role, I'm gonna be fire support until we start to see a collapse of the front line. You and I should talk after this is done about group tactics" she states with a grin and looks to see Iseli "Notification on comms, do not let the doctor perish" she states and then looks again to breaker, Hardboiled, and Zid "lead the way in, any heavy hitters in the front and the rest of us close behind, we need to be active and close support, it may get tight down there so we need to be ready to push in close and support the forward team" she announces "Front line should denote anything in front of them as an enemy and open up, secondary and tertiary groups support the front line, moving modified phalanx...let's move" she orders, ready for the group to head in
[20:15] Sparks stands by the entrance, waiting for the party to proceed in joining in at the back, coordinating through he comms and networked sensors to try and project an aural map, as well as probing what else she can reach, thermal, night-vision - networking them together for an enhanced view int he darkness and sharing data across tacnet
[20:15] Scarlet: Seeing as the group was offering up their services to whatever role they would best fulfill, the knight thought to do the same. "I am an able healer, though it would be optimal to allow me to attack at all given opportunities. Wounds that are immediately life-threatening or exotic in some fashion should be called out to me- the good Doctor Iseli's team can handle all else." she suggested. Magical energy welled up within her being as the mouth of the cave drew near, and she drew her sword; it immediately began to glow white-hot as pyrokinetic power flowed out of her and into it. If anything leaped out to strike at the team, she'd be ready to react. Barring any detectable threats, she entered the cave without a moment's hesitation.
[20:17] Breaker Gemini would move to the front of the group, revving up its drill and cannons. "Fuckin finally, someone who speaks my language!." Its lowers its main cannon. "Shall I move up first then? Or does one of the other...'heavy hitters' want to have the glory of first to engage?" It sounds a bit annoyed as it asks. "Squishies behind us."
[20:18] Alicia Frakture cracks her knuckles and then her neck, looking at Nameless and hellguard."Heavy hitter reporting." She said moving to the entrance waiting for Zid and Hardboiled to come up."I'll go with them if that's all right. I'm super strong and can take a lot of damage." She looks at Breaker."Who ya calling squishie meat can?"
[20:20] Nameless found it convenient that the big ones were heading in first, using her TK she levitated and followed Breaker in, despite what everyone thought she was one of the heavy hitters, and was really good at giving support, "I'll provide defense as best i can then... Don't want to take all the fun away from you guys." She smiles as she hitches a ride.
[20:21] Sebek-khu Stood just behind the heavy tanks, he himself was more like an assassin or a rogue melee type. The neko's enhanced feline hearing heard footsteps that were out of place. He held up a fist and spoke not too loud but loud enough for at least those close to him to hear him. "Everyone! Stop...Be silent." Sebek-Khu closed his eyes so to better hear anything short of suspicious. into the distance. "Either we found the enemy...or the enemy found us." He said gravely.
[20:22] Soleil would fall more towards the back of the group, walking to the side so that he could remain near the group’s edges. “I am going to mask my visage. I will stay out of your ways.” He’d tell the group. Tall as he was- he wasn’t a heavy hitter. Soleil’s forms would begin to meld downwards as the sun had started to falter. Made more powerful by the embrace of the setting sun, he’d slink into the shadows upon the pavement, dissipating into them as he pursued the group, hearing the command to be quiet and falling silent after.
[20:22] Samantha Iseli mutters something that sounds like 'saving that for yourself, demon?' to herself and off comms. she taps the frame of her glasses and sets visual augmentation to auto, not wanting to blind herself with the low light augmentation while she's still outside. She isn't sure exactly where her medics and herself should be in the formation, presumably somewhere in the middle, though she doesn't exactly feel comfortable being anywhere near the war machine, the battlesuit with the drill, or the purple demon. "I agree with Scarlet on her triage prioritization." she arranges both herself and her medics to be in part of the group.
[20:24] Dr. Tamago: would fold the mech's arms in near it's body as it's legs folded into it's thighs becoming a much smaller profile. The little winglets on it's back would angle down as well. " Understood. Taking point!" As Tomago moved little wheels on her folded legs with spin up." Zid, Breaker, full bloom on lights lets light up the way!" She would skate over Scarlet her groin looking missile pod just touching her hair as she made her way down into the cave, many parts of her scraping a sparking off the stone, but she didn't care. " Snooze you loose Breaker!"
[20:25] Inquisitor looked around as the world took on new meaning to him. Seeing that most of the mountain seemed to be dense granite, he would share that through comms. "Everyone, mountain is made from'll take a hell of a lot of firepower to collapse the tunnel. Be aware." he said. After a few moments, he would also add. "Movement heard aware." Weapons were drawn, with Arionnias warning Soleil via comm - his chainsword and gun bursting into holy flames. "Aye, I hear that. heh, I'll look forward to that." He walks forward behind the bigger folk in armor. After a few moments of staring into the cave, he grins. "Aw hell, I ain't wanna live forever anyway."
[20:25] Belladonna lets the air round her hands hum sinisterly with killing intent, so long since she was able to fight with the permission to kill, she stands ready for shadow magic to bite at her foes. Force to shatter bone and tear flesh, to bend steel and explode chitin. She runs to the front... confident she can destroy foes as well as any of the others.
[20:27] J/230-FK "Iceberry" upon seeing the rest of the group move forwards, she would do the same; her eyes lighting up somewhat when they traversed through the cave seeing as it was starting to get a tad bit darker for the moment!
[20:33] Scene the tunnel is a tight fight for the larger members of the group, but manageable, opening up into a larger chamber after a short distance dotted with crystals... and occupied by several extraordinarily large scorpions and a couple spiders, which immediately start skittering forward towards the intruders. One scorpion on the ceiling lashes out with its stinger towards Zid's head while its pincers snap at Scarlet. The one on the rocks to the left leaps at Tamago and attempts to cut through the metal. The two in front rush Breaker with their claws, bringing enough force to bear in them to shear steel. The spiders only move forward a little, then begin spraying thick strands of webbing towards the group, attempting to tangle you all up near the entrance
[20:37] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) enters and they see spider and scorpion type enemies. She relays relevant info as she sees it happening "Watch out for scorpion claws and stinger, they'll bait into a grapple with claws to deploy stinger. Spiders are operating as second line range control, watch out for their fangs and movement in close. Front line keep scorpions from support, back line deal first with spiders and then with scorpions!" she states and draws back a flame arrow firing a shot at the ground by the closest spider. It would cause a firey explosion under it which would hopefully damage or maim it.
[20:40] Sparks ducks her head in surveying the situation - at a glance and gesture the enemies are highlighted on the tacnet, along with HG's info - coordinates and relative vectors transmitted for the cybernetics providing firing solutions to coordinate - the webbing also highlighted in a warning yellow - the cannon hums on her back powering up one panel lit already as she draws her sidearm, setting for burn - aiming for the webbing on their 'heavy hitters' to clear Tamago's mech and Breaker with bursts of orange energy beams
[20:41] Scarlet had intended to walk into the chamber up ahead and trigger whatever traps may or may not have been waiting- it was unlikely that something down here could deal her an injury that could render her useless for the rest of the mission, and intel on anything she saw could be relayed to the rest of the group via her temporarily-adopted nanites. Only when the silent felinid spoke up did she pause, allowing the other heavies to catch up. She proceeded in sync with them, still raring to incinerate any hostiles she stumbled upon... which turned out to be a number of arachnids, including a scorpion that thought to snip at her. Considering that she was roughly one-hundred and fifty times as dense as a normal human at the moment, the attack was far less effective than it would have been against a baseline; her clothes were torn along her shoulders, and her skin was stripped to the muscle layer. She retaliated with a vicious upward slash, with enough power behind the strike to cleanly bisect an SUV. She made no
[20:41] Scarlet: attempt to keep the webbing from reaching her; assuming someone else didn't stop it, the material was going to be exposed to the now-intense surface temperature of her form, clocking in around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.
[20:41] Breaker Gemini would attempt to grab one of thet beasties with its drill hand, firing at the other one. As their claws connected, the nanite mass around them would swirl, gold sparks flying everywhere as the creature dug into its gun arm. The machine would start to put the squeeze on the one latched onto it, using its gun arm to fire at hte other one, both cannons spinning and firing plasma rounds at the taret. <SOMEONE CALL FOR AN EXTERMINATOR?> It would attempt to extract some DNA from the beastie, and if sucessful iwould start to encode it into a databurst to send to its allies. "Thank you small ones for the assistance! Extracting Genome!"
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Re: More than was bargained for

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[20:43] Nameless huffed and seemed to explode with energy, her pendant glowing brightly as she shot forward and flames erupted along the strands, to hopefully burn them away and maybe hit the spiders with some of that fire! She hadn't been kidding about defense for the group! The Sword vibrated in her hand and the fire seemed to intensify, "Hope you don't mind some heat! Focus them down like in an RPG!"
[20:43] Alicia Frakture sees the situation and steps behind Breaker grabbing what she thinks is his behind and swings her feet between his legs trying to kick one of the scorpions her feet going between its claws, putting a few tons behind her kick as she did.
[20:45] Sebek-khu sees the room full of many creepy crawlies and knew immediately what to do. Sebek brought both of his hands to his face and began weaving a series of hand gestures in haste! "Deiton! Sinking Mud Hole No-Jutsu!" Both of his hands then slam onto the ground, and further on ahead wherever the largest cluster of spiders and/or scorpions were at, the ground beneath them turned to mud and attempted to sink every one of those overgrown bastards & bury them alive in sticky adhesive mud!
[20:47] Belladonna throws her arms out wide and summons three crescent shaped blades to both sunder the webs coming at her and seek out three of the spiders to try and cut them up, too. She guides the deadly blades with practiced ease, an easy form of her magic in its lethal state.
[20:48] Soleil watches as most of the group focuses the spiders, as demanded. The monster’s visage would use the dark to flicker around, promptly dissolving into the ceiling above in an illusory form before he could get snapped up in the spider’s web. Fixated upon the scorpion(s) on the ceiling, he’d suddenly rush it, taking on a corporeal form coated in shadowy wisps as he tries to latch his hand upon its back, a fireburst promptly blasting from his fingertips to try and dishevel the scorpion closest to him upon the ceiling, peppering more of them with fragments of burning blasts from above if they were within his vicinity as he fell forwards towards the wall, visible for now.
[20:49] Samantha Iseli is immediately curious about the crystals and intends to take scans and samples once the opportunity presents itself, like when the giant bugs are head. Otherwise, she stays back and tries to not get in the way of the fighters.
[20:51] Dr. Tamago: rammed her drill up through the web attack and spun it at high speeds, leaving her drill looking like a cone of cotton candy to protect those directly behind her. It didn't look like she could do that twice with he amount of web it collected till Sparks came in with the support and set the web drill on fire with her blaster! Combo Attack! Tomago began to fence with her new flaming drill at the tail of the nearest scorpion which gave her a painful advantage! Sparks showered the tunnel at every clash of there mighty blades lit up the tunnel, but it seemed like Tomago get a true strike on the beast by herself. " Are those Emerlds? MINE!"
[20:52] Inquisitor would stand there for a few moments, bringing up his chainsword as the claws lash out for the man's head - alerted to it by the sounds it made. "CONTACT, RIGHT." he shouted into the comm. The holy flaming chainsword would bring the blade upward to block the stinger, revving the blade to lock the stinger within it's powerful teeth. With a mighty swing, the Inquisitor would attempt to shred and rip the carcass of the one on the celing, dragging it to the ground if successful. "BURN, VILE CREATURE." he shouted, the flames of the divine channeled through him. While fending the scorpion, he would bring the revolver upwards and fire a flaming holy bullet at the spider, right as the others jumped in to help with the webbing. Webbing that made contact on him would suffer gouts of holy flames in small doses attempting to singe off the armor. If it didn't work, he would be ensnared by it. He was feeling it!
[21:04] Scene Hell's arrow detonates near the spider, knocking it backwards and making it skitter even further back, not seeming heavily injured but clearly not a fan of the fire. Sparks' precision shots easily burn away the targeted webs, the material clearly quite flammable. Scarlet's retaliation strike slams into the scorpion's main plating, driving a few cracks through it but not fully breaking through. Breaker's grip would likewise find the creature incredibly resistant to the physical force, though he is able to hold it firmly in place, while the plasma bolts sear at the other target, sending it into a run to try and circle around him. Nameless's flames burn through the remaining webs, but as they start tracking back along the spraying lines the spiders stop, avoiding any actual damage from the backburn. Alicia's kick catches the scorpion that was trying to move past towards the back line, the quick move lacking enough force to break the shell, though one of the legs snaps as she catches it and the creature goes
[21:05] Scene: flying backwards halfway across the chamber. Sebek's spell catches the spider that hasn't been hit and the scorpion that just landed, both starting to sink briefly before the spider webs to the ceiling and pulls itself up to safety. Belladonna's blades miss the spider that's sinking and zipping around, but the do catch the other one, severing several of its legs and cutting a gash into its body. Soleil's flame blast hits the wounded scorpion, most of the fire washing over the carapace with little effect beyond discomfort, but a bit sneaks into the cracks and starts cooking the meat inside, drawing a shrill scream from the creature as its stinger stabs back at him frantically. Tamago's headed drill slams into the scorpion's tail, meeting heavy resistance but each thrust breaks small chips out of the thick shell. Inquisitor's blade catches the tip of the stinger, nearly stalling out for a moment before it breaks through the thinner chitin there and takes the tip off, though it looks like some of the teeth are
[21:05] Scene: damaged in the process. The follow-up slash clashes off the armor, just adding a bit more to the spreading cracks and building heat of the creature. The held scorpion flails with claws and stinger at Breaker, while the one fighting Tamago aims claws at her cockpit and tries to stab back with its stinger at the drill. The spider on the ceiling skitters forward as soon as the flames clear, trying to drop down onto Belladonna, while the sinking scorpion attempts to pull itself free from the muddy pit, and the wounded spider wobbles back upright, too disoriented to take other actions this round [Stinger attacks on Soleil, Breaker, and Tamago's drill, spider dropping on Bella, scorpion claw attacks on Breaker and Tamago, various minor and one moderate injuries sustained, one spider crippled but alive]
[21:10] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) grins at the response to her arrows, communicating it "Spiders don't like fire, can assume scorpions may be the same. Utilize flame and incendiary and push the attack" she states, loading another fire explosion arrow and firing now just behind a scorpion, looking to catch the base of its tail in the explosion to prove whether or not their front line was resistant to the same sort of attack.
[21:11] Sparks adds motion tracker to her suite of gathering sensors, since some of the bugs might not have a lot of thermal trace - between aural/radar, thermal, nightvision, and radar pulses for good measure she has the layout and positions of everyone and remaining enemies just as well as or better than if it was brightly light - continuing to feed AR and a sort of minimap to those with visual links or HUDs as well as direct firing data to the cybernetics and mechs - otherwise holding her own fire for support - using blasts to push back and keep the backline clear or highlight targets
[21:12] Sparks cannon charges too >.>
[21:13] Scarlet: Unsatisfied that the scorpion was sufficiently murderized by the assaults launched by both Inquisitor and herself, Scarlet focused her ire it. With little more than a stern glance, she caused a tiny column of flame to spring up from the ground beneath the creature, hopefully impaling it; the column was but an inch wide, but it burned hot enough to instantly soften iron, and carried enough physical force to pierce through a foot of concrete. Even now, the tattered skin that covered her shoulders was beginning to flow back together, like a ripple spreading along the surface of a disturbed liquid.
[21:13] Breaker Gemini would yell asi it fired its gun again at a nearby target, before its drill starts to twist and turn, manuvering itself to PLUNGE into the inscts carapace in its claw. The diamond tipped rill would spin up, whirring as breaker attempted to cut into the chiten and flesh of the creature. Responding to the thing groping it, breaker yeslls. "HEY! Bad touch bad touch!" It hunches over, the plasma obliterator starting to charge up. "Everyone back, unless you want fifth degree sunburns!"
[21:15] Nameless levitated and planted her feet on the ceiling, walking along as lightning arced along her fingertips, she grinned that alien grin, where her eyes turn to slits and her face turns into a row of sharp teeth. Then poured lighting onto the spiders with an amazing amount of forked lightning! Her pendant glowed brightly and pulsed as the lighting seemed to pulse with it, it was gonna get very hot with lighting striking so close!
[21:15] Alicia Frakture Scoots herself under Breaker and goes after the Scorpion she kicked, hoping to catch it before it regains its wits. She attempts to grab the tail. if successful she begins swinging the scorpion against the nearest wall as hard as she can, repeatedly, before hearing Hell Guard and tries swinging the scorpion to the nearest fire.
[21:17] Sebek-khu tsks that only one scorpion is falling for his quickmud jutsu, so he proceeds to use another jutsu tot ry & make quick work off of a group of arachnids. After a series of hand gestures, different from the last, Sebek calls out, "Suiton! Tiger Claw Waterfall No-Jutsu!" From between some big bulky motherfuckers, Sebek's palm reaches out towards another group of spider & scorps and blast them with a smaller but pressurized water fall that head somehow let loose a tiger's roar! This would not only crush any insect caught in its wake but also launch their ass towards the other end of the room! if anyone had any ELECTRICITY attacks, it sure would make for a great combo!
[21:19] Soleil would get jabbed by the scorpion’s stinger upon his left arm on his way down. Luckily, if it had any kind of venomous effects, the infernal inhabitant carried a resistance to such ailments. His metal hand would move to brush over his wound briefly as he assessed it before he moved, circling away from Zid to keep himself from sleeping on the job. He’d press himself up towards the cage’s ledge, pulling his plasma rifle into his arms. Taking a moment to equip himself with it, he’d line up his shot with one of the spider’s that’d jumped down upon Bella, aiming carefully as to not hit her as he opened up fire upon the visible spiders across the way.
[21:23] Dr. Tamago: held a heavy power struggle with the scorpion, it's tail vs her drill arm. Sparks cascaded all across the floor before she finally let the scorpion hit true as she backed her flaming drill away. The tail struck into the glass of her cockpit , the stinger just manging to hit and impale her shoulder through it as she let out a painful scream.. Baring her teeth she Ripping one of the controls up to send the mech's flaming drill into a upper cut at it's face while it's tail was stuck into the glass of her mech's cockpit, slowly pumping it's venom into her.
[21:24] Inquisitor revved the chainsword as he managed to remove the stinger of the scorpion, the flames dripping off the sword like holy molten napalm, constantly flickering and crackling upon it as he brings it down and weakens the scorpion's armor. His offhand shot missed, and he would look to Soleil and Scarlet to finish off the scorpion. With the order to push forward, he'd point that flaming chainsword forward towards the spider crawling - witnessing it drop down upon Bella! "I AM MOVING FORWARD!" he shouts, giving Soleil space to work as plasma fire streaks past him. He would attempt to race forward, summoning a barrier between the spider and Bella.
[21:24] Belladonna thrusts her hands upward, spying the wily beast moving in, and launches an attack intended to puncture the arachnid's hide from below, her hands together like a spear as she launches her magic. She's basically a normal woman, so she must be careful to keep them back at all costs. She can't afford to make a mistake.
[21:36] Scene Hell's second blast hits the tail of the scorpion fighting Breaker, not causing any visible harm, though it skitters sideways away from the impact and its stinger seems to move much slower and weaker now. Scarlet's strike slams again into the already wounded scorpion, breaking open a gap in the plates for the flame to pour into, drawing shrill screams and a smell not unlike cooked lobster as the creature flails for a few seconds, then goes still and falls limp. Breaker's drill works much better than the crushing grip, digging gouges into the durable shell, though it'll take a little longer to fully break through, the tiny chips beginning to give fragments of genetic data. Nameless's lightning surges out right as Sebek's waterspout spell goes off, the electricity leaping into the conductive material as the barrage knocks the one scorpion away from Breaker and slams it back into the wounded spider, breaking a couple more of the spider's legs as well as two of the scorpion's, and both of them twitch and fla
[21:36] Scene: flail helplessly for the moment as they're electrocuted. Alicia is able to yank the scorpion out of the mud, the stinger frantically trying to find a way to stab her as she flails it around, each impact busting away shell and crushing limbs as the creature cries out in pain. Sol's shot and Belladonna's blast combine to bounce the spider back into the air and away from her, while also ripping a pair of holes through it that bleed green slime. Tamago's uppercut catches into the softer underside of the scorpion, the drill digging deep now, piercing into the scorpion's brain, a few more pumps of venom and snaps of its claws and then it goes still against the mech. The wounded spider tries to rush forward again towards Bella, but slams into Zid's ward spell and starts circling around it
[21:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) announces on the comms "keep pushing, we need to keep pushing. If the frontline is failing, shout and I'll assume a form to join them. Otherwise, each inch we gain is another yard that the backline can hold" she states to the forward team "If you're on the front line and need support, then you should call to the entirety of the secondary and tertiary lines that are here for you. That said, let's give 'em hell, support fire on remaining bugs, explosive ordinance, fire for effect" she commands firing an explosive blast at the closest spider, looking to collapse the enemy's support line so that the allied front could tear through
[21:41] Sparks looks over as the Hardboiled is pierced ears perking at the muffled scream, she looks at Sam "Doctor!" and gestures, then moves that way herself to escort and provide cover assuming Sam follows - thumbing her energy weapon to maximum power aiming but then checking fire as she seems to kill the scorpion, bounding lightly up onto her mech to inspect the damage and injury briefly while keying tacnet sending formation instruction to redeploy to cover for her absence - making room for Iseli
[21:41] Sparks's cannon charges...
[21:42] Scarlet dropped her blade and drew her carbine once her initial target had fallen still, wheeling around on her heel to acquire a new target. She made a snap decision to target the creature Breaker was drilling into, seeing no other targets that she was able to safely target. The weapon was surprisingly quiet in comparison to a typical firearm, though that was little indication of just how much power Scarlet wielded through it; a single bullet flew towards the target, loaded with immense pyrokinetic power. It carried all the physical force of her previous attack, and if it struck soft tissue, it was likely to char it immediately.
[21:44] Breaker Gemini would yell in vicotry as it continued to extract the genetic data. Its nanoswamr misisles start to reconfigure themselves. "GOT IT! FORMULATING SWARM! Also, CLEAR!" Its plasma cannon would finish charging, and an increidbly high pitched whine would fill the air...before four blasts of plasma launc htmeselves form Breakers guns. The heat coming form them would cause the barrels to warp, as the machine attempted to fix it, disassembling the barrels and reasssembeling them, spare parts ejecting themselves form the assembly. The four plasma shots would whiz past the frontline, twoards the rest of the swarm. They woul dseem to linger a moment, before all four detonate in a brilliant flash. It would seem as if four minature stars would be born in the room, burning out quickly, as the explosions clocked in at 5,778 K. Breaker itself would groan as its nanomass weakenedfalling to a knee, continuing to drill the hostile. "AGH!"
[21:45] Alicia Frakture plants her foot at the base of the scorpions tal and now tries to pull, attempting to detach it from the beasties body. Succesful or not she follows it up with about twenty tons of force behind a punch to the back of the bugger, hopefully enough to drop it before reporting."I'm adjusting my tactic. I can take a lot of damage If people get injured I'm gonna help run the wounded out. to the base." As she stands as close to attention as possible.
[21:46] Nameless was focusing down the bugs she was previously electrocuting, her sword clung to her leg as she set it aside, fire building up in her now free hand, then surged towards the bugs effectively flash vaporizing the water as more heat was added, was it enough to perhaps incinerate the spider?
[21:49] Sebek-khu would nod to nameless as their two attacks seemed to have worked, but the commradory would be short lived as Sebek drew out his wrist blades and went rushing to one of the disabled spiders that he & nameless hit. After that fancy schmancy star explosion, like a bad ass badger Sebek drew his blades together in an X formation before leaping up to one of the spiders and coming down hard to stab it twice with chakra-infused blades! One set of blades went right for its head or lower jaw, depending if the spider was upside down or not. The other set of blades attempted to cut right through one of its legs!
[21:49] Soleil , who was cybernetic in body, would keep himself near the back as that flurry of electricity kicked up. He’d wait to give it plenty of time to fizzle out, otherwise, it wouldn’t bode for him to step in the middle of that. He’d oblige by Hell Guard’s instructions, taking just a few paces forwards as he methodically locked his rifle upon the spider that’d targeted Alicia. However, upon seeing Tamago’s plights, his methods would change. The silhouette of a glowering set of holy wings would outline throughout the dark, a few downy feathers chipping from them like golden butterfly scales as a sensation of idle calm pulsated passively from the demon. Every ally within his vicinity would lose the ability to feel pain if they met the conditions. Their wounds would not be healed, and they would still be afflicted by said wounds, but they would not feel the negative effects of physical pain. “Be aware of this- and don’t be careless. I’ve used a spell- You may not feel hurt- but you still may /be/
[21:49] Soleil hurt. Proceed -very- carefully and be mindful of your own bodies!” He’d instruct out towards the group.
[21:54] Samantha Iseli heard the scream, and then the call for a doctor, she notices Sparks and hurries to follow to the mech. She pulls out her scanner and furrows her brow almost immediately. Scorpion is venomous. I do not know if I have an effective counter agent." She taps her comm to be heard over the ruckus "Scarlet, are you capable of neutralizing venom?" she asks, as she continues her scans, looking at the damage to Tomago's shoulder.
[21:58] Dr. Tamago: sent her flaming drilling up into the scorpions ... chin, it hit true as it began to dig through armor before hitting the soft layer. " ARRRGH! " Tomago yelled out as it suck deep into the gray matter of the bug. The girl likely couldn't have done this with out Soliel's aid upon her. She held it there till she saw it's twitching body go limp which she slung it off her drill to the cave wall. The stinger broken and stuck into the window of her cockpit. Tomago was breaking heavily. While, not feeling pain Tomago attempts to throw her mech into harm way, as she fires up her verner jets and attempts to spear the spoider near Kai into the eastern wall of the cave with her drill arm. The vemon ticked heavily in the doctar's frail body, should could not feel it, but her body was slowly shutting itself down.
[22:01] Inquisitor moves forward swiftly, the large human bulky but surprisingly fast. He would bring the chainsaw upwards, knowing that that scorpion's tough hide had done a number on the teeth of the blade. He would rely on the holy napalm-like flames that dripped from crackling chainsword as he would try and bring the blade downwards into center mass of the spider. Regardless if it connects, he would then follow up with a point blank large-caliber flaming bullet. As that familiar sensation of calm would wash over him, he'd let out a loud roar of a battle cry. "GAIA WALKS WITH US, WE SHALL NOT FAIL." he shouted into the comms. [22:03] Belladonna takes a knee and holds her palms out, unleashing compact pellet after pellet of raw, dark magic fury, unleashing a true fusillade of arcane might to bear against the arachnid hordes, spraying over the crowd of beasties indiscriminately, both spider and scorpion alike, screaming, especially now that he feels immortal thanks to the rush of Soleil's magic.
[22:12] Scene Hell Guard's blast hits the wounded spider as it clears the edge of the ward, knocking it back and flipping it over, exposing its underside to Inquisitor's strike, blade pinning through the creature and the shot serving as a double-tap to ensure its end. Scarlet's shot spirals through the middle of Nameless's fire, the two effects fueling one another to vaporize the water into steam around the scorpion, another shrill scream sounding out as the creature boils alive in its shell, and then the bullet impacts and splits the now-brittle shell down the middle... all that's needed now is the butter sauce. Sebek-khu slams the spider out of the way of that, but his slashes cut deep, one blade sinking past the dripping mandibles and into the spider's brain, the foe going limp just before Tamago's drill drives it into the wall and rips the corpse apart. Alicia rips the tail off her scorpion, pinning it to the ground for several of Belladonna's shots to pummel it the rest of the way into lifelessness, while [22:12] Scene: Breaker's barrage shot ensures that every hostile on the field is well and truly dead, the room settling back into silence
[22:15] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks as they decimate the first group "alright, take stock, cover Dr. Iseli's movements, if she comes to harm there's trouble" she states as she moves forward and takes a breath "First wave is done but it's likely the first wave was intended to die, we need to do an analysis. Anyone with drones or magical searching abilities, try and search out connecting tunnels and any passages that may be occupied so we can set up an attack strategy" she commands, looking to head into the next area as ready or more so than they had headed into this one.
[22:17] Sparks would looks back at Sam helplessly and shrugs, settling for marking Tamago and her mech in tacnet as wounded and falling back again, giving a shudder as her suit ripples and churns chaotically and turning her gaze on Soleil "Please, not for me." following the group staying next to Sam as she tries to map ahead - scanning a crystal as she passes it - her cannon's hum reaches a crescendo and a second panel lights as it resets
[22:18] Scarlet ceased her attack once the good doctor requested her assistance, locating her and bounding to her location as soon as she realized where her and the injured patient were. "I can." she confirmed simply, taking finishing shots on any nearby creatures to ensure their demise. She approached Tamago's mech, stowing her carbine and calling her sword back to her hand. "Doctor Tamago. I believe you require assistance with the poison afflicting you. May I? It will take but a moment of minimal skin-to-skin contact." she offered. Upon hearing Hell Guard's command, she reached out down the passage with her aerokinetic abilities, 'feeling' the air within the next room. Anything that was moving or obviously shaped like a living creature was likely going to get her attention.
[22:22] Breaker Gemini would slump its shoulders foward, lookin gat the remaining forces. "Yes, let us." It charges its guns, and walks around the area, extracting DNA from any usuable samples...which there probably aren't any, considering all the shots. It looks over at the injured. "If needed, someone can reprogram some of my nanites to heal them. I am willing to donate." It's main cannon has 16 shots left, out of 20. The twin cannon would shift into a reuglar plasma flamethrower. "Unless we wish to withdraw"
[22:23] Nameless was still walking along the ceiling, she motioned at the steam and it seemed to be drawn towards her, as a mist formed around her free hand and froze solid, collecting the steam into a viscous looking ice spear... Which didn't seem to melt and move to her back as she grasped her sword, "Fire and ice baby..." The face she had was from a nightmare, that grin didn't move as she spoke, the sharp teeth seemed to be in a permanent grin that covered her face and her eyes were slits, so how could she see really?! "I'm all fired up! Why should we withdraw with so much healing in this group?" She dropped down and let her hair cover that nightmarish grin.
[22:25] Sebek-khu would leap off when the spider fell limp, and if the player read it right, stepped away for big honkin' drills to really make minced spider meat. Sebek looked around, seeing everything dead Sebek would adhere to HG's command to try & search for any openings. He approached the western wall, assuming the way they came from would be south. With a clap of his hands he calmly said, "Doton, Mini Fissure No-Jutsu" He'd place a hand on the wall, using his jutus to shake up the entire wall and about 10m onward to try and feel for any large gaps that would indicate a secret tunnel of sorts.
[22:27] Soleil “Understood.” Soleil would tell Sparks, the air seemingly shifting around them as the magical aura deteriorated away from Sparks specifically. He’d move over towards Dr. Tamago, keeping his presence nearby as he waited for the healing to initiate. “I will catch back up once this one has recovered. They will feel pain again if I leave.” He’d tell the others, allowing the others to head past him. He’d regroup back behind them later- once he could be assured that Tamago was safe.
[22:28] Belladonna fans herself, she's getting a little weary... but she ha to keep going. She's afraid of what will happen if she falters. She takes some moments to gather her nerve and catch her breath. "Anyone else who is wounded, may also... come to me... for healing."
[22:28] Samantha Iseli jumps in surprise when Tamago's mech lurches into action and assaults the scorpion, causing her to utter a number of non-English curses. She thought that Sparks had killed creature. When Tamago goes running off, she calls out after her "Hey! You are injured, fall back!" She pinches the bridge of her nose and gumbles "Doctors make terrible patients..." The irony is not lost upon her. So she hopes that Scarlet has better luck. She also pointedly ignores Hell Guard. [22:29] Dr. Tamago: would ram the body of the spider into the wall as her drill arm would continue to spin, the body of the being starting to spin and fling fluids all over the place painting the walls as her drill sparked into the rock wall. While The Hardboilded mech was not really damaged in any way the vemon from the sping had taken it's told on Tomago. She sat there pushing the controls forward to impale the one spider which was truely dead into the wall with her last effort. " She then heard an alert from a friendy atleast they were suppose to be friendly and Tomago opened her hatch, letting Scarlet get at her as she slowly started to pass out .
[22:31] Inquisitor swiftly pulled the chainsword from the spider's underbelly, his chainsword slowing as it goes into idle, doing quick sweep of the area with hidden glowing gold eyes. "Wilco." he says to Hell Guard in response. "While the wounded are tended to, I shall scout ahead. I possess sensory magic to allow further exploration." he says. He looks to Soleil silently, as if checking on his wellbeing, then looks to Bella beside him. "You ran ahead - that was foolish. Do not do such things again. You jeopardize the group's formation when you do such. You don't even have armor on. Remain behind the front line." he said, trying to be as stern as possible. Moving forward, the man would stow his gun, disappearing into the black smoke upon his back. He made a gesture with his open hand, chanting a quiet incantation. [Activating Sift - Reveal hidden doors, entrances spaces, and tracks.] He uses this combination of Sift and Discern to try and map out the area of head, and warn of any hidden set traps by the insectoids, joining Sebek-khu. [22:33] Scene scans of the crystals reveal them to be... high purity silica... the last remaining resource the city has been unable to acquire. Sebek's spell doesn't find any hidden passages, but it does pick up the visible one, implying that it curves around behind that wall, while the aerokinesis picks up a very large amount of air movement in the next chamber some ways ahead, mostly in the upper parts of the room. Zid's spell likewise fails to pick up any alternate routes beyond the natural tunnel ahead. Tamago's poison is vicious and rapidly spreading, but not supernatural and so can be readily treated
[22:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and steps back as far away from her demonic comrades as she can and then takes on her angelic form "time to keep moving. Element of surprise, let's keep pushing before they have a chance to regroup. Push hard, alphas down the front, I'm on point. let Doctor Iseli take care of anyone that falls behind" she shouts, assuming her alpha strike form and pushing forward
[22:40] Sparks blinks eyes in surprise, immediately dashing a report off to base camp, suggesting a forward post in this chamber as well as med team, and describing the crystal sources for harvesting, then glancing up - nodding to Soleil in thanks as her suit settles, lingering a moment to check on Tamago and then following the assault force down the tunnel [22:40] Scarlet shook her head at Breaker's offer. "There is no need- our fallen foes can donate all the biomass required for such an operation." With that, she extended an arm- literally, the thing detached at the elbow and rocketed towards one of the nearby corpses, still attached to the knight's body by a thin tendril of muscle- outwards to begin absorbing additional mass, speeding the process considerably. Her own injury had all but vanished. Even her jacket's shredded shoulders mended. She reached out with her free hand and made contact with Tamago's cheek; almost instantly, tendrils sprouted from her palm and burrowed into the poisoned woman's body. It was a matter of seconds before she was fully integrated, and but a few more before she was able to locate and remove the toxin. Damaged cells were replaced, organs were kick-started, and the external injury the stinger itself caused closed up. This was, frankly, not a difficult injury for a practiced fleshwarper to deal with. Perhaps ten seconds had elapsed once the
[22:40] Scarlet: knight pulled her hand away and stepped back, leaving no trace that she'd ever conducted any sort of interference.
[22:41] Breaker Gemini would reach out to touch one of the cyrstals on its way to the next part. "So how are we getting paid? Second note. Shall I saturate the area ahead of us with the nanoswarm, and posion some of our potential hostiles...I've got the warheadsw primed and loaded."
[22:42] Nameless was limbering up, giving Soleil rapid but fantastic displays of her middle finger, she could forgo her hatred to the soldiers outside, but the Demon held a special place in her heart... She followed after the Inquisitor and made sure to be in the back "I'll back you up..."
[22:44] Sebek-khu followed Hellguard and reported via comm, "I detected no additional tunnels or passageways, this is our one & only path for the moment." Zid will probably confirm with how he checked for other rooms, sadly no secret boss dungeon with epic raid loot drops...yet.
[22:45] Sebek-khu followed Hellguard and reported via comm, "I detected no additional tunnels or passageways, this is our one & only path for the moment." Zid will probably confirm with how he checked for other rooms, sadly no secret boss dungeon with epic raid loot drops...yet.
[22:46] Soleil remains where he is, that gentle energy just fluttering off of his form from his wings as he keeps himself close to Scarlet and Tamago. Soleil appears to be fine- save for the stab wound upon his arm, which jittered with a jolt of disturbed electricity every now and again. He’d lift a hand a wave voicelessly to Nameless as she left, seemingly doing so in good spirits, as if she’d complimented him… for some reason.
[22:55] Inquisitor moved forward, descending the tunnel as he landed down below in the new cavern. "No other passages." he'd comm to the group. "Same as the fellow here. Nothin'." he said, looking around and holding the blade tight with his hand. He uses his senses to look around..
[23:01] Belladonna turns her gaze away out of shame for her foolishness and desire to prove herself. She, for a moment, imagines the eyes of all falling on her scornfully, but shakes it off. She's done so well, despite her mistakes, and her teacher would have been proud of her for sticking to it. "I'm sorry, sir." she says, meekly, and moves behind the more obvious frontliners.
[23:03] Maiden America runs in securing her shield to her back. Radioing on the comms <Maiden inbound, lafort secure and dinos dealt with>
[23:04] Scene as you reach the end of the tunnel you have to make your way down a steep rockslide into a smaller open area than the previous one. Some of the rocks break loose and clatter down, the noise of the group stirring awake the giant bats on the ceiling, which immediately let out sonar pulses to find out what's happening, then drop from their perches, three of them flapping their wings, rapidly kicking up a storm of dust and debris throughout the chamber that makes vision almost impossible. The other two dive for Sebek-khu and Nameless, attempting to grapple on and fold wings around their heads, then if successful they'll bite and begin draining blood from their targets
[23:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves into the next space, sword ready, she didn't have to worry much about collateral demonic damage. When she sees the creatures moving for her allies, she channels into her sword, firing a shockwave of kinetic to try and deflect the incoming attack while also specifically empowering Zid while also not harming the others assuming she was not blatantly wrong about their nature, in which case the holy power would likely be damaging
[23:09] Sparks remains on the ledge rather than drop in - visual and night-vision are useless but even if thermal is degraded the sonar pulses flag and highlight them perfectly - she'd be able to feed accurate targeting data to... anyone? she frowns, with Breaker now gone there didn't seem to be none left actively using the tactical net or to feed firing solutions to - but they'd be available allowing blind fire - she just targets a bat herself choosing the nearest of the three in the air, her weapon still on full power as she fires twice squeezing off two blistering orange shots that should nail it despite the occlusion as she keeps her position
[23:12] Nameless levitates above the group a little bit, scanning the area with her unnatural sight for magic or life signs, it was the only reason she was able to see the incoming attackers, "ABOVE US!" She dropped as her voice seemed to boom through the cavern, feeling those claws rip at her shirt and torso! She flung her arms upward as she hit the ground, rather hard, and sent her ice spear at the one attacking her! She coughed and wheezed, trying to find cover next to the inquisitor without getting stepped on! She felt like she might have broken something... Not good! "*GASP! Ow...*"
[23:14] Sebek-khu was thankfully wearing a mask, so the dust did little to his respiratory system, however his eyes weren't so lucky! Those poor silver eyes became teary-eyed and bloodshot, immediately closing and blinding him to the bat attacks. Thankfully with his sharp hearing, he knew something was coming, bats by the sound of it. another quick series of hand gestures, this one thankfully short, "Doton! Rock Barrier No-Jutsu!" From the ground below his boots, the very earth itself sprouted up and made a small dome to cover & protect him!
[23:15] Soleil would run up to join the group, grumbling to himself as his wings filled the tiny hall. It took him a bit' to catch up- as he'd waited to ensure the healing process had been completed. The aura he'd cast to eliminate pain would've also dissipate- and would be inactive, which means people could now feel pain again. The demon would take a moment to take in his surroundings, wings prepped at the ready for him to hover down.
[23:26] Dr. Tamago: with scarlets help she started to breath again, started to get a fuzzy understanding of what was going on. Seeing things connecting to her she started to freak out but very soon realized it was a part of her, and her a part of scarlet now. Both of them living a momentary shared existence that maybe have transended time itself by a few years, before she shut the cock pit on it. The machine starting back up at full power and following the others though with a broken caveway " S-s ... thank you... I will not forget this kindness ... girl." She said as she forced the machine to lumber after the group. Her senses slowly coming back to her.
[23:28] Inquisitor would look upward to see the bat creatures dropping down atop them, calling out. "BE CAREFUL!" he suddenly would feel empowered by the channeling of holy fire, as he would channel it into the holy flame, swinging upward as Nameless hit the ground. Hearing the approaching group behind, he would begin moving away while attempting to pierce into the creature with his chainsword, give the group space to drop down to.
[23:29] Belladonna raises her hands to try and summon up her power, it takes a little, and then her weariness catches up with her, she falls backwards, onto her rump, and raises her arm, sweating profusely and too tired to continue on.
[23:30] Maiden America runs up to the tunnel and flips her shiled to the ground. Using it as a surfboard to ride the steep incline. Who said she never had any fun. Besides her mood was pretty good today. Smiling as she rides down. Coming to the end of the trail as she grabs her shield and flips backwards in a perfect athletic and gymnastic display as she makes a perfect super hero landing.
[23:37] Scene Hell's blast batters the bat away from Sebek long enough for his barrier to fully form, that bat swooping up in search of a new target and settling on Soleil, diving towards him in the same manner to attempt to feed. Sparks' target attempts to pivot to dodge the shots but one shot clips a wing hard, sending that bat into a spiral downward, which it aims towards Hell Guard to attempt to bite her on the way down. Nameless's spear pierces a wing of her target, forcing it to cling onto her now as she goes down, making it an easy target for Zid's upswing to hack the other wing completely off, the creature ending up serving as a pillow for Nameless's face as she slams into the ground, though still alive and biting at her while it's pinned there. The remaining two bats also swoop down now, no longer actively kicking up debris though it'll take a couple rounds for the air to fully clear, one diving for Inquisitor and the other headed for Sparks, both trying to latch onto heads and bite
[23:41] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls as she feels the biting, slapping at it hard with her sword. She sends out a holy impulse, attempting to repel biters and clingers, tired of that type of enemy "I need to slip back to a supporting role. Zid, you have my lead...and...soon my support" she states, moving back to a support position and then firing a beam of holy energy to Zid to empower him to fight as long as he needed, or at least until she could recover
[23:43] Sparks shifts her aim to the second flying bat, to the left arching an eyebrow fractionally as a figure swoops by her and her perch gets crowded all of a sudden, but unhurried even by the now approaching bat, aiming and firing two more bursts - one center of oncoming mass the other on a predicted evasion based on what the other bat did - orange energy streaking from her weapon towards the sonar signal. "Does anyone have sonic abilities? it may disorient them!" she calls over comms as well as out loud - ramping up her own sonar pulses seeking to destructively interfere with the bat pulses - though not meant for that it wouldn't be terribly effective and would drain power quickly.
[23:45] Nameless landed on a flying rat, and quickly found that it was alive as it bit and tore at her clothing! Fortunately her sentient items went to work in protecting their host! The pendant glowed brightly as lightning sparked along the cord, then seemed to course into the bat beneath her! The sword itself vibrated angrily and lifted her out of the bats grasp as the pendant kept channeling lightning at her hosts attacker! She gasped and let the sword take over, her arm flailing wildly as she saluted like a sword master, then sprung forward to try and skewer the bat!
[23:49] Sebek-khu would be safe inside his earth shell, but heard others fighting, Sebek had to get out there quickly! "Suiton!" Sebek summoned water to splash his eyes with. and once they were cleared, he'd break his barrier prematurely!" Jumping up ontop of it he waved another hand gesture and shouted out, "Suiton! Water Pistol!" Both of his hands took curled into fists, with the pointer fingers both extending out. Sebek then made two shots of highly pressurized water bullets that can even cut through steel, aiming for the two bats that swooped down low
[23:50] Soleil had gathered his bearings just long enough for a bat to lunge at his exposed throat. Soleil’s eyes would widen as he felt fangs pierce into his neck. He’d grimace, lifeblood oozing from the wounds the bite had inflicted, a sweet, strangely addictive scent pattering from his flesh onto the pavement below. Soleil would try and fly forwards, air passing beneath his wings as he hovered in the air. “Flying over you!” He’d announce down to Zid through their comm- and the rest of the group by proxy. The man’s arms would move fluidly as he kept his cool, emotional stagnant whilst fire crackled in between his fingertips. Pyrokinesis would expand outwards around him before curling around his body, attempting to press down upon the bat and incinerate it. He knew full and well what his blood did, so he’d keep himself cloaked in that orb of fire for now.
[23:51] Samantha Iseli raises an eyebrow at Sparks' question "I can reconfigure my commlink to produce high frequency sonic oscillations, I imagine the bats would find it most unpleasant." she says over her comm as she makes her way down the tunnel
[23:58] Inquisitor would would cleve upward and take it's wing off, bringing the chainsword back to get ready to go for another slash of his weapon - when his senses would alert him to swooping dive of the creature. The creature manages to strike him upon the chest and helm, bringing his free hand up to try and grapple a wing. The holy beam strikes him during this, and he intends to use this added holy power to stab into it's chest. If it connects, he will stab downward, cleaving it in half as the chainsword revs up loudly. The strike is aimed away as Soleil calls out his position, intending to also try and yeet it into the orb of flame he creates. [23:59] Maiden America Would hear Sparks question <Ok, cover your ears. Its about to get loud> and then whips her shield as hard as she could into the corner at a angle. As it clanged loudly. She'd then focus entirely on her shield as she controls it to the next corner another clang as she repeats. Just making her shield clang loudly over and over against the walls. All her focus on the mental link with her shield
[00:10] Scene Hell Guard's wave knocks the wounded bat away from her to fall the rest of the way to the floor, where it starts walking towards the group slowly. Sparks' first shot is dodged again, but the second shot is more accurate with the prediction, landing a good hit into the bat's torso that forces it to turn away, the low sonic pulses making the flying bats' movements look like they're drunk. The maimed bat is electrocuted and then impaled in its relatively immobile state, letting out a little squeak before going still. Sebek's shot pelts the walking bat directly, knocking it onto its back and leaving a bloody wound, while the one diving at Zid gets a wing clipped and pierced by the round. The bat on Soleil lets out a chirping squeak as it gets a mouthful of his blood, its eyes becoming even glassier as it clings to him happily and keeps drinking, even when he immolates himself, cooking alive against him in a drug-fueled bliss. Inquisitor breaks loose his foe and stabs deep, starting to cut the bat open,
[00:10] Scene: though it's not instantaneous, then when he throws it it barely manages to use its remaining flight power to avoid going into the fire fully, though some of its fur ignites, it's bleeding heavily, and it quickly starts descending thanks to the hole in the wing. Maiden's shield toss starts out as just a few clangs, but the echoing stone in the room creates a resonance as she continues, flooding the room with reverberations that make the bats shriek out audibly, completely blinded, the one that had been attacking Sparks slamming into a wall hard at this point
[00:14] Sparks sighs in relief as it's turned away, her suit rippling discontinuing it's sound assault - and much of the enhanced detection down to just night vision to conserve power - watching the wounded bat flail against the wall near her and mercilessly shooting to finish it off before slipping off the ledge to slide down into the room with the others for mop up "I suggest taking a moment to collect ourselves before we move on.. I could use a minute to recharge." she says
[00:18] Nameless opened her mouth and an unearthly roar sounded, "You will suffer!" Lightning emanated from her entire body as she lit up like a Christmas tree! Thick bolts of lightning coursed through the air and attempted to cut through the bats that were flying, now blinded, and the sword shook free of the Hosts grip, shooting towards the bats on a mad dash to get a kill! "We Require Healing, Or perhaps a way to hold ribs in place..."
[00:25] Soleil sends a short blast of fire at a remaining bat, feeling slightly bad- wondering, if perhaps, they were secretly vampires. The loud sound would resound within his ears still, rattling his skull somewhat as he slowly hovered down to stand in the center of the group. “Good work, everyone. Some casualties, but not many, and everyone appears to be treatable. Yes, let us take a breather to patch ourselves together…” He’d suggest, speaking into his comm, head still throbbing somewhat. He’d also had a tinge of exhaustion afflict him. He blamed the bat. “Nice job, temporary-commander.” He’d tell Zid, moving to tend to Belladonna and check on the others who had to tap out early.
[00:25] Samantha Iseli covers her ears from the loud clanging of the shield bouncing around. Unfortunately she can't hear anything else over the loud echoing banging from the shield.
[00:32] Inquisitor pulled the blade downward as the weapon burned the blood off with hit's holy flames, intense. He'd let out a grunt as he watched Soleil kill the last one near him. He gave a quick survey of the area, then tapped his comm in response to Soleil. "Heh. Let's wrap it up, and triage, make sure we tend to our people." he said, lowering his chainsword to his side as he draws his revolver - bursting in flames. He takes aim for one of the wounded bats, seeking to finish it off.
[00:35] Maiden America summons the shield to herself. It having so much momentum it actually causes her to spin as she catches it. AFter the noise dies down "Yeah we can setup camp here for now"
[00:36] Scene the blinded bats are easy pickings to finish off with the various shots and blasts, the cavern going quiet once again, allowing at least a brief respite
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Re: More than was bargained for

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[17:11] Breaker Gemini would hold its hand out, as it ejected its missiles. "All humanoids take one of these. They're loaded with a nano-healing substance. Jab the tip into your side to trigger the healing procedures. "It offers them to everyone

[17:11] Drexia looks around the area after arriving "So... Bats? In either case i have my smaller drone outside keeping an eye on the perimeter."

[17:11] Belladonna feels much more ready to face the dangers ahead, properly tactically set behind the frontliners, properly rested, and amply fed. She follows close, ready to attack.

[17:12] Soleil had time to rest up and his wounds had been patched over for now. He stands at attention, cordially awaiting further direction.

[17:12] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Breaker and nods "good idea, thank you" she says, going and grabbing one, hitching it to her belt as she moved about, making ready to head in

[17:12] Alicia Frakture smiles as she holds her Scorpion tail in her hand."I'm ready, one shot of poison then lots of stabby stabby."

[17:18] Sebek-khu had probably kept to himself the entire time, man this guy really needs a friend, what a fucking lonely loser. Once the gang was all getting ready, Sebek would double check all of his gear and blades to see they're all in working condition.

[17:25] Scene the area remains quiet as you all start packing up, the only other sounds present a bit of chatter back and forth over the local comms, mostly people discussing the building process at the moment, things seeming calm still on the surface

[17:28] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around slowly and gets ready to move "alright, we've been making good progress moving forward up to this point so I say we keep going" she states and looks everyone over "Just be ready for another stage of strangeness, be ready to go the second was start moving. Be running with a slightly smaller crew on this go, so be wary of that. Heavies up front, Dr. Iseli keep as far out of the combat as you can and shout if you need support. If everyone's set, let's move" she says, moving to head into the breach

[17:30] Breaker Gemini would hold the nanite injectors out if anyone wanted them, as it moved to the front, heading into the tunnel. "LUnderstood. Let's kill these bastards." It chitters in machine speak. <Purify/Cleanse/Purge Them form the Mortal Plane, for the >>GIVER-OF-WILL<< > New misisles would form, as it begun to mix something in them. "Stay clear of plasma blasts. They'll evaporate your skin."

[17:31] Drexia nods to hell guard before moving on after breaker, heading into the tunnel as well.

[17:33] Belladonna made sure she packed lots of water this time, hooked to the hip of her outfit. She takes some time to limber up, stretch, and do breathing exercises before following after.

[17:33] Soleil glances over towards Hell Guard, then to the other occupants. He adjusts his equipment upon his person before speaking out. “Understood. I am going to fall in on the back of formation. If any of you are going to use anything that is holy-induced, please call out to me over the comm system beforehand.” He would request over the comms as he stepped back, moving behind the group to keep an eye out for them. His wings would fold at his sides fairly uncomfortably, the confined space making it difficult for the infernal’s large wingspan.

[17:33] Belladonna: ((it ymay take a little longer for me to type because my yy key sometimes decides to act up)

[17:34] Sebek-khu was ready & able to go, he stayed up near the front lines, just behind Gemini. In the meantime he stretched his fingers palms and wrist muscles, so he was ready for more quick jutsu!

[17:35] Alicia Frakture nods her head and moves to the front."I stay in the back I miss the fun." Let's go. though all together if need be we can still drop this place on 'em."

[17:41] Samantha Iseli had spent most of the break patching up injuries, and once that was done, she went to studying the crystals. She mutters a "So do what I always do" to Hell Guard's suggestion. She has to admit she's curious about the nanite injectors, but can't bring herself to go near the giant robot. So she just stays back while the group starts to move forward

[17:42] Maiden America comes wandering in securing her her shield to her back. Her mask gone, burned skin fully healed now. Greeting each of her fellow agents with a smile then walks rather cold and stiffly past Soleil "Agent Cordonnier" a formal no nonsense greeting. Clearly she wasnt yet past the earlier convcersation today. Merely walking forward down the halls

[17:47] Scene the corridor winds and twists as it keeps descending deeper underground, smaller versions of the various bugs and bats skittering and rushing out of your way while you move through, until you come to another drop off, this one leading into a chamber so massive that it drops off the horizon at the edge of your vision, largely taken up by a sprawling underground sea. On the nearby beach three insectoid bipeds seem to be doing some sort of food gathering or research, working to collect fish from the water, but they turn as one when you all enter, harsh chittering sounds emanating from their mandibles as they take up combat stances

[17:52] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around at the critters and then sees the insectoids on the beach take up combat stances "look alive, people, we got multiple hostiles" she calls out, readying her blade "Soleil, it goes without saying, anything I use is going to be a whole lot of holy" she states and readies a burst of light, firing it out at the creatures, it would be like a potent flash bang going off, but it was projected away from the group and at the individuals along the shore, to try and disorient them early so that the rest of the group could get acclimated to the area and set up a firing line

[17:52] Breaker Gemini would raise its right arm, taking aim as its guns revved up, unleashing a torrent of plasma shots at the the closest hostile and attempted to get missile locks on the other two.. It chitters in machine speak. <BURN THE LAND THEY STAND ON! BOIL THE SEAS UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT! CLEANSE THEM ALL IN HOLY PLASMA!" The behemoth main gun would start charging up, preparing to unleash four plasma obliterator shots. A high pitched whine would fill the area as it did so. Th emachie moves up., closer to one of the tarets as its guns start to heat up. "LEAVE NO SURVIVORS."

[17:54] Drexia notes their language and attempts to translate it. At the same time a mess of fleshy tendrils come out of her back as she prepares herself. Each one has four grasping claws and a stubby beak like structure at the center. There are perhaps thirty tendrils in total. But she doesnt attack yet, trying to gauge their response first.

[17:54] Belladonna , too takes up a combat stance, allowing the heavies ahead of her. This time she is going to budget her strength more wisely and not try to do the work of the entire group, but snipe as needed. She is ready, and resolute.

[17:56] Soleil nods down towards Maiden America at their greeting. He continues to follow the group, watching behind him every now and again to ensure that they weren’t being tailed. He lifts a hand to sway at his face, pushing past the flocking bugs and bats as they pile out into the clearing. “<Well, please try to not hit me. I’m taking flight. Watch your shots.>” He’d request over the comm unit as he took to the air, feathers falling in his wake. He’d soar over towards the right, a palm held outwards. Mindful of his surroundings and the sea beneath him. A flash of boisterous fire would crackle within his palm before igniting outwards, soaring towards the creature on the very RIGHT after the flash bang is tossed.

[Sol is salty about holy aura rn, Sol flies a bit’ to the right and aims a burst of fire at the one on the right.]

[17:57] Alicia Frakture smirks as she looks at these bug things."I'm gonna eat yer brains." Hoping Drexia doesn't remind her about her earlier brain comment. A look of madness on her face hopefully to throw the opponent off guard as she readies her scorpion tail flicking it like a whip, stinger first at the closest one.

[17:57] Alicia Frakture: **TLDR Trash talk trying to sting one**

[18:05] Maiden America watches as everyone immediately goes into combat. Drawing her shield as she takes a defensive stance to protect the doctor

[18:09] Scene Hell Guard's blast goes off, momentarily disorienting the two Taar on the left, though they seem to shake off the effect quickly, clearly creatures acclimated to light as well as darkness. Breaker's plasma sears into the closest target, staggering it back further just before Alicia whips it, the tail inflicting a few small cracks at the point of impact and knocking that foe to its knees, but the chitin of the weapon begins to crack as well, implying the two are of roughly equal durability. Soleil's flame blast washes over his target, forcing it to dig its feet into the rock below to hold its ground, but the carapaces seem to hold up against fire reasonably well. Drexia finds the chitterings very primitive, but can make out something about "Sky-makers" and "kill" in the mess of sounds. Sebek's water spell crushes several of the smaller bats and sends the rest scattering away from their homes of the moment, though these little ones don't seem nearly as aggressive as the giant ones faced earlier. The Taar t

[18:15] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees Breaker going off and realizes they need fewer front line melee and close range types and more fire support, she calls over comms "Support breaker but stay back from those guns. I'm swapping to demonic for fire support" looks at Alicia's position "get out of the firing line" she shouts and she channels her power into her blade, it glowing holy as she sheathes it, the holy energy collapsing and a burst of demonic replaces it as her body is consumed in shadow and she converts to her demon form, pulling out and readying her bow "stay alert, watch firing lines, let the big guns fire and leave a space open so they can!" she calls out as she looks at Soleil and calls to him through comms "No holy, you are safe" [swap to demonic, calling people out on bum rushing into firing lines]

[18:16] Breaker Gemini would roar in anger as its own attack was used against it, yelling in machine. <INSOLENT INSECT! YOU DARE COPY ME> It focuses fire on the bug creature, gun barrels heating up. It hunches over, launching 5 misiles at it, as well as 2 Plasma Obliteration Shots. The 5778 degree kevlin shots lingert for a moment, before detonating in a cleansing flame around the one attempting to copy breaker. The missiles would impact, two scattering nanodust around, with breaker attempting to posion the insect. The other three would be regular High Explosive missiles. Breaker yells at th edragon while this is going on in machine, frogeting to switch back. <DRAGON! STOP BEING USELESS, ATTACK FOR THE GLORY OF YOUR PEOPLE!> (Breaker's pissed, attacking the copy cat with its HE Misisle, Twin Miniguns, and 2 Pasma Obliterator shots. Taking damage form its attacks)

[18:16] Drexia gets to work when the fight starts and she has heard enough. She looks to the bug person on the right side, lowers her head and starts scanning while the tendrils get to work. They tear small chunks of bone out of her body, coat it in some kind of acidic substance and then in with a crack like a whip they throw it towards the creature. Delivering a steady stream of acid coated bone projectiles at supersonic speeds, trying to degrade and break through its chintin.

[18:23] Soleil observes the effects of the fire, reaching for his comm. <”I’m going into close ranges for the one on the right. I will mind your fire.”> He’d say. The demon’s form was suddenly swallowed up by the pavement as he dissipated into the ground, going invisible for a sort moment. In the blink of an eye, he’d reconjure behind the bug on the right, waiting to complete his task after everyone had opened fire. He’d lash forwards, a mirage of a demonic claw encompassing his arms as he tried to force the venom-infused shredders into its chest in a sneak attack, tearing at its ‘wings’ in the process if he’d made contact.

[Tldr; Soleil goes invisible/teleports behind the bug and stabs them with his toxin-covered claws, nothing personnel, kid]

[18:28] Sebek-khu did a good job taking out the bats, even though they were much smaller fromt he ones at the last encounter, this many would prove to be a nuisance. Seeing Alicia go toe toe with one or two of the taar, Sebek would wave another series of hang gestures, "Suiton! Water Whip No-Jutsu!" From there 4 tendrils of water sprouted up from where he stood in the water, and all 4 went to go assist Alicia. The whips would attempt to lash & grapple the taar's arms that Alicia fought against

[18:30] Maiden America keeps her defensive stance around the doctor since everyone else rushed forward. Seeing the things mimicking the abilites that were just displayed she speaks orders into the Vanguard comm <Take them down without showing other abilities. These things mimic, so lets not give them all our tricks>

[18:39] Scene Breaker's barrage batters the gun Taar back, breaking open cracks and holes in its chitin, which Drexia's projectiles help to expand. Soleil's sneak attack gives him a good opening as the armor breaks down, the creature somehow twisting aside at the last second, but with so much of its armor shredded he still lands a mortal blow. It raises the gun hand at him and attempts to fire, only for the plasma discharge to bottle up thanks to Belladonna's spell and blow the hand off. Sebek's spell catches the foe fighting Alicia off guard, slowing it down enough for her to get a good grip, but the creature is quite durable so doesn't go down right away, unloading a barrage of brutal gut punches at her with a hand it wrenches free of the water while it tries to twist away from both grapples. The one that had been in defensive stance watches Sol's attack, suddenly vanishing into the ground and reappearing underneath Drexia, attempting to slash her belly open with the demonic claw. The chittering noise of their speec

[18:39] Scene: speech begins to build and resonate through the chamber [Gun Taar severely maimed and bleeding out, Strength Taar punching Alicia and trying to break grapples, Soleil's shadow transit and demonic claw copied, used for sneak attack on Drexia. Something building up]

[18:48] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around and nods to Maiden "right, well, I'm not too worried about them being able to copy my ability to go demonic. I can just swap back to angel and bitch slap their demon ass." She states and aims the bow at the strength Taar that was attacking Alicia. "Alicia, watch the ground" She says and loads a freezing arrow, aiming and firing at the ground below the creature. On impact with the ground there'd be a localized shockwave freezing the area and coating it with black ice to try and freeze the Taar to the ground or, if that failed, cause the Taar to slip on the now slick ground. [Fires ice arrow to freeze the Taar in place and make the ground slick to hinder its movement]

[18:50] Breaker Gemini would roar as it took aim at the target underneath Drexia, unloading it sminigun and Misisles at Drex in a rage, its main gun charging up again for another two shots. Plating from the rear of the gun would be reforming on the barrel to replace parts that had melted. <MAKE THEM SUFFER. TEAR THEM LIMB FROM LIMB> 300% Mad (Fired at the one under Drexia, witout regard for firnedly fire, just tyring to KILL IT)

[18:51] Drexia does probably end up having her belly cut open, but as usual she does not bleed. The tendrils quickly reach down and try to grab the creature and if successful lifts it up in front of her so she can try to bite and tear its head off. She does however not start healing at all, at least not yet, nothing too critical has been damaged after all and she has no reason to give the enemy regeneration. Of course if breaker ends up hitting she ends up splattered across the room

[18:52] Soleil attempts to land the killing blow upon the gun-taar, mindful of his movements now that he realized from his peripherals that he’d been copied rather quickly. <”Understood. Staying close range until further notice.”> He’d speak into his comm. Having had been instructed to have been on the pure offense, he’d lunge his arms downwards and attempt to clasp his clawed grip upon the Taar’s skull. Soleil would kick forwards or slam his leg down, depending on the condition of the beast as he tried to pin it to the floor. Without hesitating, he’d give a forceful yank upwards along with a twist, attempting to behead it and cease its life for good measure.

[Sol tried to behead the bug by literally ripping its head from its neck.]

[18:54] Belladonna decides for the sake of the mimicry factor to not use her dark magic blasts unless absolutely necessary, she tosses a bola of ereboplasm to try and flummox the strength empowered vermin.

[19:01] Hayabusa Design - Fofoti Trees for Beach: Hello NaoBunni, let us inform you about the availability of all new Fofoti Trees, perfect for beach.

[19:16] Maiden America continues to hold defensive by the doctor after issuing her orders. Hearing Hell Guard say she can switchup forms she begins to thunk her head against the back of her shield. Sighing and taking a breath before getting on comms again <We don't know if they take our weaknesses along with abilities, or if they have a limit. You could likely give them access to both.> Turning back to the doctor "Do you have any sedatives or anything we can use on these things? We know little about them, so getting Lady Nightmare a live specimen could help greatly. We need all the intel we can possibly gather"

[19:17] Sparks moves quickly down the corridor towards the chamber, taking a knee next to Sam and Maiden surveying the scene

[19:17] Sebek-khu held his hand gesture for water whip, pouring his chakra into them so they'd be stronger, more durable, but the taar was too strong to be restrained so easily! Sebek tsk'd at himself under the mask, and with the ice arrow coming it, it would actually freeze his water whips! Sadly sebek couldn't manipulate ice, so instead he submerged himself into the water for just a moment. Sebek then came leaping out of the waters, blades drawn on his wrist guards, and he'd come hurling down to try & strike the taar in the gut! Only this wasn't the real Sebek, it was a water clone, still capable of full damage, but it'll die in one hit.

[19:28] Scene Hell's ice freezes up the ground and the water whips, allowing the strength Taar to break free of the grips, but one ankle freezes to the ground and the other foot slips out from under it, putting an end to its assault on Alicia for the moment, then Sebek gut punches it and Belladonna's bola tangles its arms, allowing Alicia to get a better grip, snapping its neck and starting to rip it free. Drexia finds a lot of resistance as she bites into the demon Taar, having to work to grind her teeth into the chitin, and then a barrage of missiles and bullets impact, trying to rip it out of her grip while blowing chunks from the carapace. Soleil easily finishes off the mutilated foe. Two more Taar sweep into the area from over the water, glancing over the area as they settle down to the ground, the noise growing louder as it echoes throughout the massive cavern. One of the new arrivals holds out a hand and fires a copy of Bella's bola attack at Breaker, trying to tangle up his legs [Current foes taken out, 2 new

[19:28] Scene: [Current foes taken out, 2 new arrive, one copies Bella's ereboplasm magic and attempts to trip Breaker with it, building presence grows]

[19:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks and looks over at Breaker "Hey, check your fire, you're blasting allies!" she shouts and then looks back over at the Taar coming up "We have a lot of rumbling, get ready there is something coming" she states "anyone who is able to take a minute and scan, see if we can get an idea of what is about to hit us, that would be good" she states, aiming at one of the new Taar, firing an exploding fire arrow at it that would detonate in close proximity. She'd then look back over at everyone else, trying to get an idea of what was about to happen [explosive arrow at Taar, calling out Breaker for shooting too close to allies]

[19:33] Avii Cinderfeather (aviitheavali): (Damnit I'm at -1 kills now!)

[19:37] Belladonna attemps to wrest control of the alien ereboplasm, reasoning that, if she can control her own, she might be able to stop it from hitting Breaker, she tries to draw it toward herself to cancel out its attempt to bind her colleague.

[19:39] Breaker Gemini would attempt to =take a step foward, triping over and falling to the ground. It would yell agnrilly ."WHOEVERS ATTACK THIS IS, I GIVE YOU THIS, GOOD JOB ON MAKING IT TIGHT!" It attempts to push itself up again, missiles replensihging, its barrels cooling off. THe main gun would begin charging again, and it would yell over comms. <I'M GOING TO GLASS THIS PLACE GET BEHIND ME>

[19:40] Soleil picks himself up from the tarr he'd just maimed, looking around the area after words to get a read on the current situation. Not possessing the ability to scan, Soleil would shift his focus over towards one of the approaching tarr. However, his focus would shift at Breaker's words. The demon's silhouette would dissipate into the pavement, his shadow casting rapidly against the ground as he moved over towards Breaker, intent on making it behind them and not standing within the blast zone.

[19:41] Alicia Frakture takes the head, now her trophy back to the others, Seeing the new arrivals and hearing the call that something else is coming she sets the head down and jumps up slamming a 70 ton punch to the ground looking to cause a tidal wave out towards the new arrivals as she yells."Mindless anything doesn't do anyone any good Meat can get your head in the game and FOCUS!"**TLDR: carried head as trophy tried to create a tidal wave to hit incoming taar while yelling at Breaker.**

[19:44] Sebek-khu's clone yanked its blades out from the taar and saw that two more joined the fray. It then rushed over to the Taar that Hellguard attempted to strike with its arrow, Alicia's tidal wave actually worked out perfectly, as Sebek jumped on and rode along the wave to help propel himself to the Taar! Readying his blades to back stab the nasty bugger, but where was the real Sebek during all of this? Hmm surprises yet to come!

[19:45] Samantha Iseli hears Maiden America's question over comms and replies "I do have some sedatives, yes. Though I do not know if they will be effective on their physiology. Also, from the report of the last expedition that encountered one of these creatures, they have some sort of suicide gland to prevent them from being taken alive... Though that could be surgically removed while the creature is unconscious...In theory." And at Hell Guard's request, she opens up her her datapad and starts running scans.

[19:49] Maiden America nods "See if you can work up something that could work" Getting on Comms <I want to try and capture one alive for Lady Nightmare. Try not to destroy all of them>

[19:50] Sparks keeps her weapon holstered for the moment, following HG's lead pulling her padd/scanner from her coat her suit rippling as is starts sensing information - tieing into or reestablishing tacnet as necessary granting enhanced and calculated combat information to provide targets for HUDs and ARs and firing solutions directly for cybernetics while she concentrates on pushing her scan range out to try and focus on whatever the upcoming threat is, leaning into the scant cover of the tunnel opening at Breaker's threat and Alicia's impact - trying to use the latter's shockwave to add scan data based on reflection like a super sonar ping - she'd glance over at Sam seeing her scan to "Link up with me Doctor" she orders bluntly to increase their sensor clarity and bandwidth as Sam connects her wireless to do so (ooc consent given) [tacnet up- grants target data to buff accuracy and help prevent FF, can provide firing solution to let cybernetics shoot blind, scanning for looming threat]

[19:51] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 makes her way down to the bottom of the cavern. "Greetings Director Sparks." She begins to survey the battle and frowns a bit. "I see that we have engaged the psionic bug-things. " She glances over at the large screaming one. "Oh. What a shame. It's stupid. " then looks over to Sparks. " I have two cryo missles and two with glue. Call the target and payload, ma'am"

[20:00] Scene Hell's arrow flies out at the second of the new arrivals, which sweeps to the side to avoid direct impact, but the explosion scorches a wing and forces it to touch down roughly. Bella finds resistance to her control, but it's clear that the Taar isn't as capable with the spell as she is and slowly is able to get enough grasp to start peeling the bindings away from Breaker. Alicia's slam stirs up some high waves, but not enough to reach the flying insects until they start landing, though it does help Sebek get enough height to land a slash at the leader, cutting a shallow gouge into the chitin. Scans pick up a large number of life signs starting to move in this direction. Four more Taar swoop into the area, while the two present both fire explosive arrows back at Hell Guard. Chatter starts up on the comms "Uh... Commander Michaels... perimeter scans just fucking lit up like a fireworks show" [Minor wounds to the two foes, two explosive arrows to HG, four new arrivals]

[20:03] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks as she looks around "Alright...someone leave one alive and then kill the rest" she states as she looks around, knowing Maiden wanted to grab on, sending a word to Maiden <request fire support if you need it> and then looks to breaker "Stay out of range of Breaker" she calls to those present, trying to keep a command of the situation as she fires a fire shot at the ground near a Taar, the ground exploding in flame that stuck around like napalm for a long period of time and then she saw the new arrivals smirking "Here comes the cavalry!" she says with a grin, watching for targets

[20:11] Breaker Gemini would continue to fire up its gun, anchoring itself into the ground, as the cannon ocntinues to charge. "Move out of the way, behind us, and drag one of the bugs with you if you REALLY want to capture it!" Energy would begin collecting around the barrels of the cannons. "ITargeting incoming Hostiles! I think they're hostile anyways. Either way, we've got company!"

[20:13] Soleil <”Understood.”> Soleil would tell Maiden over the microphone as he kept himself behind Breaker. He was restricted to melee combat for now, otherwise he’d end up giving the tarr more abilities to copy. The demon would remain where he was, still waiting for Breaker to unleash fire so that he could rush them again.

[20:14] Belladonna keeps at tugging the ereboplasm away, pleased to see her theory was held some water after all. She focuses herself to the task, unable to launch any attacks for the time being, and is vulnerable. She realizes that what's more, she can learn more about the way the Taar construct her magic.

[20:15] Alicia Frakture sees the new arrivals and points at them."Eenie Meenie Miney mo which one of you is the next to go." As she charges at one going for a tackle. if successful she tries to start laying in a flurry super strong hits, where even if they miss the impact is gonna shake their brains.**TLDR: Trash talk, trying to tackle a taar and punch it... a lot.**

[20:16] Sebek-khu listens in on the calvary, and with the warning to stay clear of breaker for the moment, Sebek would get a different idea. The clone ran to one side of the cavern, and suddenly the real sebek would leap up out of the ground on the other side of the cavern. The two Sebeks nodded at one another before they weaved another series of hand signs. "Doton! Great Earth Wall No-Jutsu!" The two felines slammed their hands onto the ground and suddenly, the cavern would begin to close off. Creating this much of a wall took a lot of Chakra, and a clone made the process faster, but causes Sebek to drain even more chakra! From all sides of the cavern, it would close in on itself, all trying to meet at the center to stop enemy reinforcements. However the wall would not be completed this round.

[20:20] Samantha Iseli connects the wireless transciever to her datapad to link up with Sparks'. She then opens up her medical bag and starts rummaging through her supplies. She didn't really like the idea of getting close enough to one of those critters to try to inject a sedative into it, not that she was actually sure if they'd even be able to get a needle into one of those insects. Well, they had to breathe right? So, she starts working on making an impromptu sedative gas grenade. **TLDR: Sam's making a nonlethal chemical weapon.**

[20:23] Maiden America looks to Samantha "If it needs to get close I will insert it." Turning to Sparks and Celes "Welcome, these enemies are mimicking abailities. I think on sight but we dont have enough intel. So try to refrain from doing anything to crazy"

[20:24] Sparks looks at Maiden and nods "They seem to copy meta powers.. hopefully not tech." fingers the two wounded ones to CELES "We want to try and capture and extract one, and you're perfect - use your speed. and I suggest trying to cryo it into temporary stasis - they've been known to use a suicide gland" she glances at Breaker "You'll need to use your speed.. he's about to fire something big.." a big flashy warning cone appearing on the tacnet from Breaker's attack - and a shaded outline projecting the forming wall "We've got a lot of large incoming, don't know what yet!" she calls to the rest of the group, trying to refine the reading between her sensors and Sam's and running it against profiles of known enemies, looking for patterns, size, spacing.. anything [passively running tacnet, directing CELES, trying to specifically identify incoming]

[20:30] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 nods " understood. " She responds, and she steps forward, the armaments on her back pivoting down. She turns to one of the far beings and fires off a pair of cryomissles hoping to freeze the target, then her body is sheathed in a bright light "Reconfiguring into high speed configuration" as her gaze locks onto the being Alica is fighting, getting ready to assist her once the armor swap is complete

[20:33] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 (ryoko.mannonen): [Fireing freese missles at far taar. swaping armor mode}

[20:39] Scene Hell Guard's shot detonates under one foe, making it shriek out and take to the air again to get away from the flames. Belladonna continues to pull away the bolas, finding that the magic holding them looks exactly the same as her own weaves. Alicia's barrage starts splintering chunks out of her foe, which attempts to fire another explosive arrow into her at point-blank. Sebek's wall begins to form up, but the cavern is incredibly massive and the water quite deep, so it's going to take a long time to fully seal it. CELES' missiles arc out towards the far foe on the right, who dives aside to dodge the direct blast but still gets caught in the edge with a leg frozen down, pinning it in place. The other Taar with arrows fires an explosive one at Belladonna now. Two of the remaining ones in the back turn towards the forming wall, raising their claws as Sebek begins to feel heavy resistance to his magic, and the last one rushes towards Breaker, noticing the building energy and trying to hack at the main cannon

[20:39] Scene: with its claws. The approaching life signs match those already present, and are continuing to approach at varying paces. The comm chatter starts being dotted with explosions in the background, Vanguard soldiers calling in "Sector 4 trapline active!" "Sector 6 active" "Sector 11 active!" [explosive arrows at Bella and Alicia, claw attacks on Breaker's main gun, counterspell against Sebek's wall]

[20:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) groans as she walks off the pain of the arrow hits. She grabs the healing and injects it, screaming at the pain "Breaker, fuck your meds!" she shouts and then turns and fires an arrow at a Taar that turns into a bolt of lighting mid-flight, aimed directly at the creature as she feels the pain of the meds working, something that should not be happening. Still, it was definitely a wakeup call, better than the coffee that was for sure. [Breaker meds healing her, fired lightning bolt at nearest Taar]

[20:45] Breaker Gemini would yell as the energy stoppe dbuilding up, an incredibly high pitched whine filling the room....then suddenly, a massive blast of energy would fire from its cannon, massive waves of plasma being sent towards the incoming hostiles, as the cannon itself starts to heat up. Breaker itself would be pushed back, as its components started to glow a violent orange, heat sinks attempting to dispel the excess heat generated by the incredible blast. The entire area would be lit up like there was a star formed inside of it, and the creature clawing at its cannon would find that the metal would have been superheated, warping slightly as it was hit. It seemd to be disentigrating as it continued to fire...."IF IT HURTS IT MEANS ITS WORKING!" <OH CHRIST I DIDN'T RMEMEBER HOW MUCH THIS BURNS>

[20:52] Soleil continues to stay behind Breaker, looking in between them and the saltwater that sat across the way. He’d stay behind them, still, as they launched that massive blast. Soleil would turn to look at Belladonna out from the corner of his glance, grimacing as Bella seemed to be in trouble. A telekinetic force would attempt to latch upon her and pull her towards him, placing her in front of him and situating her behind breaker to try and get her out of danger’s range.

[Sol used TK on Bella to bring her behind breaker/situate her in front of Soleil]

[20:53] Alicia Frakture takes the explosive arrow to the chest flipping her off the taar, she landed face first and flat on the ground for a moment. Slowly she got to her feet and she was burned badly. Any comments about not being mindless out the window, as she roars. her rage over taking her as she comes back at the taar. Everything she has behind her attack trying to punch her way through its chest. Any thermals on her go through the roof as her body temperature rises and her bodys radiation flows. She has gone primal. **TLDR: Alicia is hit and injured and she kinda flipped out, all of it directed at attacking the Taar that did it.**

[20:53] Sebek-khu held his hands to the ground, as did his clone, but now they felt the earth resisting them and trying to recoil back. If these bugs gained his exact chakra power & control, or even more so, then the two bugs would be gaining the upper hand on Sebek. Sebek's chakra was draining rapidly, maintaining a clone & closing a big ass cavern that two bugs are successfully countering him at. Intense sweat dropped from Sebek's brow, his face reddening and his muscles stiffening in vice tight flex. Both of the neko ninjas growled and poured everything they had into trying to gain the upper hand, causing the whole cavern to shake, but to no avail! "I NEED HELP...I THINK...THEY COPIED MY...JUTSU!!!" Sebek would yell over the comm, grunting and heaving between words.

[20:55] Samantha Iseli looks over at Maiden America "Well, I was considering using a glass container that would shatter upon impact. But if you are so inclined to attempt injecting a sedative into one of those creatures..." She fills a syringe with a sedative that might probably work on an insect, taking a bit of a guess on the amount based on size and estimated body weight. and holds it to Maiden America "You are welcome to try. I am going to attempt a ranged option." She watches as one of the insects gets pinned down partially by an ice missile "Well, that does make the injection option more viable at least" she comments. She winces when she hears someone yell something about meds, and makes a note to check on that later on. **TLDR: Sam gave Maiden America a syringe filled with a sedative to go try to knock out an evil bug thing if she wants**

[21:00] Maiden America nods and takes the syringe. "Ok. Sparks guard the doctor" Then she'd leap down and sprint at her full speed to attempt to insert the sedative into the pinned down creature

[21:02] Sparks calls over comms "There seems to be a LOT more of these things incoming!" wincing at the massive blasts going off her own cannon belatedly lighting up and humming starting to charge, flashing incoming indicators for everyone for the approaching swarm and then an estimated countdown timer - at Sebek's call she tries to identify and mark the two channeling Taar C&E as priority targets on tacnet, while Taar F is set as 'do not attack' drawing her weapon and nodding to Maiden - to CELES "Evac that one if it gets tranq'ed otherwise engage at will, try and support the ninjacat, conserve the glue rounds for now" [maintaining tacnet, cannon at 0+1/3, marking targets and giving orders - ready to guard]
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Re: More than was bargained for

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[21:03] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 began to accelerate towards the Taar that Alica was fighting, but noticed that one of them had turned their back to combat. She reasoned that whatever Taar E was focusing on was important if it was going to turn it's back to battle. She then fired her boosters and moved fast enough that she was almost a blur, drawing her plasma blade off her back and giving a two handed swing, attempting to bisect the creature at the thinest point on the waist. [Iaijutsu attack on Taar E]

[21:24] Scene Hell's bolt hits Taar B and shocks it, stunning it momentarily. Bella gets her shield up, but then might get grabbed by Sol's TK grab to full safety. Alicia's punches continue to batter the wounded Taar D, its carapace cracking and splintering more with each impact, until finally it snaps and her fist goes clean through its whole body. Sebek keeps making progress, but it's much much slower now with the opposition in play. Maiden finds a joint gap in the shell and jabs the needle in, though it's not immediately apparent what effect if any it's having. Taar A shrieks out at the building heat, jumping back off of Breaker, while his charged blast rips out across the room, ripping right through Taar B and C, and boiling away a large amount of water, leaving a large steam cloud in the area. CELES' charge slams into E's back, the blade slicing a gouge into the chitin but not piercing fully through. 6 more Taar swoop into the area, one of them forming a copy of Breaker's main gun on its back and beginning to cha

[21:25] Scene: charge it up, a second one shifting to look just like CELES and brandishing a matching sword, one of the new arrivals joins the other two in blocking the wall's formation, and the remaining three drop in, one going to claw at Alicia, one at Maiden, and one at Hell Guard. Comms continue to light up, the voices getting louder "Sector 7 active!" "Sector 9 active!" then the commander comes on the line "Everyone get to what cover you can! Cover the engineers and medics and get them out of here! Get suppressive fire on all lines!" [3 killed, 6 new arrivals, Breaker's main cannon, CELES' form, and Sebek's earth control copied, cannon charging, claw attacks on Alicia, Maiden, and HG]

[21:33] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) taps her comms "Main base is under attack, we are chopping off a hydra's heads and we're about to be overrun from behind" she calls on her comms "If we can't exhaust them here pretty soon, and we're in their hive, I'm going to call us all back and reinforce the primary position. We cannot stay here long, so I'm gonna go ahead and call it that if we can't defeat their numbers in the next few minutes, we need to fall back and reinforce the back line"

[21:37] Belladonna falls, semi-conscious, into Dantalion's arms and shudders, the concussive blast to her shield was quite a shock to the system, she's safe, thanks to Dantalion, but is out of commission. ((poofing, luvlies. my allergies are driving me nuts. Thanks for fun, luv you all :3)

[21:43] Soleil catches Bella before she can fall upon the pavement. He listens to the communication, cursing beneath his breath. Soleil moves to hurl the semi-conscious woman atop his shoulder. He'd jump up into the air, his wings picking up behind him as he moves towards the corridor where the medic is. He'd check her pulse, confirming that the half-conscious woman was fine, just tired as he looked out amongst the battlefield, taking a moment to assess the situation before he jumped back into the thick of it.

[21:45] Sebek-khu finally made some progress on the wall when Taar C&E were interrupted! But the progress didn't go far, as the taar reinforcements come swarming in and two more of them dedicate themselves to stopping his great wall jutsu. Sebek's head hung low, admitting defeat. "I...I cant hold them off. I'm sorry...I failed at walling off their reinforcements." Sebek said over the comm. He fell on his ass and panted from exhaustion, the clone Sebek poofs away. Looking around, seeing others fighting, he'd get ninja war flashbacks, and how he was the only one to survive. But not this time, Sebek isn't gonna be the only one to live, he can't carry that burden again. So he'd get up, and weaved another hand sign, slower than usual, "Suiton! Tiger Claw Waterfull No-Jutsu!" The waters from the pool bubble up and then rush up like a geyser! A loud ferocious tiger rawrs out as the geyser swings itself and attempts to sweep up Taars I & G & crush them into the wall!

[21:47] Alicia Frakture: **Good night everyone**

[21:49] Samantha Iseli really hopes Maiden America doesn't get stabbed by the insect she's trying to sedate. **TLDR: Staying out of the way, in the tunnel that's probably going to get filled with angry bugs or something**

[21:50] Maiden America injects the sedative and immediately reacts as the new Taar attacks her. Attempting to judo toss the creature and then smash her shield to to slice off its arm (Attacking K with hip toss and then attempt to sever arm)

[21:50] Sparks points to Taar F "Get it out of here, tranq it or keep it on ice don't let it die! If we have to retreat it's coming with us!" her cannon continuing to hum building up it's charge on her back as she looks at Sam and keys comm "Sam, CELES getting the prisoner out is your job." then looking around, scanning the water one last time trying to push past it seeing if there's more to this cavern - adding Breaker's intel to the targeting data for Taar G, marking it as a high priority target with a timer predicting when it would be able to fire based on Breaker's charge time - to Soleil she orders "Get them out." motioning to Alicia and Belladonna, then to Sebek over comms- "Cover us and prepare to retreat!" [passive tacnet, intel on cannon taar, cannon: 0-2/3 - calling to retreat wounded and captive Taar]

[22:00] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: jumps back to cover Maiden " Mode change.. heavy" she calls out as her armor shimmers again, taking on a much more massive form, unable to do much be get in the way and body block for Maiden as she swaps out " " Please fall back quickly. I cannot hold them indefinitely. "

[22:12] Scene Breaker's follow-up shots ping off H's carapace, knocking it backwards several times and finally completely down for the moment, still alive but occupied. Sebek's geyser knocks I and G aside, not doing much visible damage but pushing them off balance and disrupting the charge process, delaying the big shot. Maiden manages to knock K back a few feet, the shield cracking the bone and rendering it useless but not fully severing it. L surges forward with CELES speed mode to slash at Hell Guard, A attempts to rush past and slice at Soleil as he starts to retreat with Bella. J moves to try to intercept Maiden and keep her from escaping with F, which seems to be incapacitated by the sedative, while K lunges forward with its good arm to batter at CELES and copies her durability, trying to tangle her up while more reinforcements flood in. E finishes reversing the changes that Sebek made and then turns its focus back towards the group [several knocked down and/or disoriented, attempting to stop Sol and Maiden from

[22:12] Scene: [several knocked down and/or disoriented, attempting to stop Sol and Maiden from escaping, attacking HG with CELES speed sword, attempting to tie up CELES]

[22:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls and fires a few explosive arrows and looks around "I'm calling it now, we're in a hive. They have endless waves of these fuckers. Heavies! Cover fire and get back to the back line. We need to fall back and defend the fort or we're going to overrun WHILE we are getting flanked." she states, backing up and calling out again over comms "This is Hell Guard of the Vanguard...fall back to the fort!"

[22:23] Breaker Gemini would nod, looking at the one who took its gun, putting two fingers near its eyes then pointing htem at the beastie who copied its gun, hate in is eyes. The machine would move to retreat, covering anyone smaller than it and isn't wearin ga ton of armor..or attempting to at least. It sends out four missiles, with them burrowing into the ground and releasing smoke to cover their retreat.

[22:27] Soleil hears the command. However, a slice suddenly digs and scrapes into his torso, dragging along his chest. A crackle stirs within the demon’s throat as he tries to twist Bella out of the way, cybernetic pieces falling out from his front and dropping upon the ground like tiny threads of wires as he flinches. <”We are falling back! That is our order- fall back!”> He’d repeat over the comm, trying to keep the pain out of his voice. His eyes would glower read, a sensation of paralysis dilating forth from his gaze as he glared down his aggressor, trying to get Tarr A to stall- also curious to see if they were even susceptible to it. He’d try to retreat as ordered, falling towards the middle to escape collectively with the group.

[Tldr; Sol got the big hurts, protecting bella, trying to use sleep paralysis (mind manipulation based stun) on Tarr A.]

[22:31] Sebek-khu would start running at the call of backup, sadly Sebek was pretty far behind enemy lines due to the great wall Jutsu. His running was labored and forced, considering how deep they were in the caves, it was unlikely Sebek could make it all the way topside without help. But for now Sebek would thrown shurikens, & smoke bombs fend off the Taar along his path to try & reach the exit.

[22:40] Maiden America nods and grabs her prize. Easily carting the sedated creature away over her shoulder. "You heard her, fall back. We got what we needed" As she would duck under the attacking creature. Its claws cutting her back tearing her jacket away and leaving a bloody scar down her back. Wincing as she runs and would whip her shield at Taar A that was attacking Sol. Probably using a bit more force than she meant. [Attacked by J. Running to exit. Shield Throw full force at Taar A to help Soleil]

[22:45] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 fights defensibly at this point. " So. You like to copy things. Lets see how good you are at copying it. " She then begins to broadcast a signal at maximum power at the two who had copied her. <Valyrie 1 assuming direct command. Order 0606. Self-destruct. Execute. > She didn't wait to see if the command worked though, she backpeddls behind maiden. As she does she targets K and L and launches her glue goo missiles then her pluse gatlings begin to spin up and she begins to spray down J and the two she tried to glue. [ Retreating while covering Maiden. Glue at L & K, Spreay and pray supressive fire in that general direction ]

[22:46] Sparks groans and points "CELES, grab Alicia if you can and get out." she looks at Sam "Come along now Doktor" setting her weapon to full power and aiming at the ceiling, firing orange shrill blasts into the cavern ceiling to try and bring some down int he back and help stall the Taar before making an expeditious retreat (assuming Sam does) [fires at roof- rocks fall, bugs die? leaves with Sam]

[22:48] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 (ryoko.mannonen) aserts dominance with Tpose

[22:50] Casey (cytwex): (mean while- Tamago is eating a twinkie in th upper room when Spark's shot takes the twinkie out. )

[22:54] Scene Sol's stare halts A momentarily, though it doesn't seem to go into full paralysis, but then the shield sends it flying a ways away from him and cracks its carapace. The two that CELES issues the command to halt in confusion for a second, then the copied parts and shell explode, ripping large gouges out of their actual carapace as well and hurling them back far into the smoke and steam. The various suppressive fire and obscuring clouds slow the enemy pursuit, buying some time for everyone to put some distance between them for the retreat. Comms light up again "They keep coming! Traps are depleting! Fall back to hard positions and get those remaining shuttles in the air! Priority personnel clear, everyone else hold the retreat! We've still got a team underground! Strike team, if you aren't on your way out already you need to get moving, shit ain't pretty up here right now!"

[22:55] Sparks: [Sparks will remember that]

[23:03] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) calls out "fall back to the fort, out of the tunnels," she calls out "We need to fall back to a defensible position" she says as he falls back to the tunnel, trying to cover the retreat "I am going to set up a retreat, get out now and I will cover it. Everyone...GET OUT NOW!" she shouts, moving as far back as she can, firing shots to make the grounds of the enemy frozen

[23:07] Breaker Gemini would continue to fire as it fell back, intent on not beocming the last one out. "COvering fire! MOve it lads, that cannon is going to fire off any minut enow and you do NOT want to be hit by it!" Its sounding a bit desperate

[23:09] Soleil is still bleeding from the chest cavity, arm still slung over his shoulder to keep Belladonna upon it. He’d turn around just in time to see Maiden- topless. “You will be injured like that.” He’d quickly tell her, gaze absent of judgement, just full of solid concern. He knew she could handle herself though. He’d slash with his available claw towards it, attempting to stab through its torso before lurching his hand back. Afterwards, he’d try to back up, intent on fleeing with Bella and anyone else who intended to retreat as he moved to leave.

[Sol tries to stab the taar with his claws, trying to back up and retreat.]

[23:12] Sebek-khu ran with a staggered step, but the bugs didn't seem to bother with him given how far back he was. The coverign fire, his smoke bombs and other little tricks kept the way more or less clear for him. Sebek finally reached Gemini and got behind her, if nothing else got in his way he would make an attempt to climb up to where Sparks & Sam are at, though he'll need ASSISTANCE to get up there

[23:18] Samantha Iseli finds herself glad that she collected some chunks of the crystals in the caves during their break earlier as she starts to retreat with the others. They certainly had stirred up the proverbial hornet's nest hadn't they... Though she's not entirely sure it's proverbial since these are insects. **TLDR: Sam is retreating with crystal samples to study at a more opportune time.**

[23:18] Maiden America summons her shield back to her. Hauling the Taar over her shoulder as looks at Sol "Well it's not exactly like I planned to be topless. Their claws are sharper than I thought. I'll be fine" Not saying a word as she lifts Sebek-khu. [Escaping with Taar and Sebek over shoulders]

[23:20] Sparks would of course get a nice full look at Maiden's boobs while retreating, committing it to memory before she jogs up the tunnel with sam weapon ready - she'd taken some crystals too in her pockets, but now would grab as much as she can on the way out [ogles Maiden, leaving as well]

[23:22] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: " Takuetsu shita Nihon no gijutsu! " She shouts out and gives fist pump. She stows her shield and grabs Alicia then the Vulcan cannons on her wists activate. She walks backwards as she unleashes a flood of firepower sweeping back and forth, not -quite- creating a wall of firepower. " Ai-iro no masutāsupāku!" And then her beam canon joined the rest of the ordnance, sweeping back and forth She keeps this up for almsot five full seconds then looks over her shoulder " I am spent. Can we please be running now? " [ Grab alicia. Retreat. Turning the room into a Touhou spell card to buy time for the running away ]

[23:23] Avii Cinderfeather (aviitheavali): ((I acutally gotta go. Pleasure roleplaying with al of ya!)

[23:23] Avii Cinderfeather (aviitheavali): ((same time tomorrow?)

[23:25] Scene the show of firepower keeps the taar at bay a little longer, though they're starting to push forward again as their numbers build up behind you. Comms are full of heavy gunfire and explosions at this point, with various people calling out for cover fire and support, and coordinating the remaining evacs

[23:27] Avii Cinderfeather (aviitheavali): (Fuck it, I'll stay for the rest of the event. NO GUTS...)

[23:28] Sparks: ((unless we all post 'keeps running to ex

[23:28] Sparks: it))*

[23:31] Avii Cinderfeather (aviitheavali): ((OH fu...sorry!)0

[23:32] Avii Cinderfeather (aviitheavali): ((Yeah...the fu...just goign to remove that for now)

[23:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves backwards through the tunnel and then setting up as fire support position "move past me, will fall back with you, get out of here" She states, moving to a support position to fire suppressive fire to ensure a retreat

[23:33] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 (ryoko.mannonen): ( and hell post skips EVERYONE

[23:33] Sparks: ((

[23:34] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 (ryoko.mannonen): OH right this is a new round. duh. sorry

[23:35] Talista Glas: [23:25] SceneScene the show of firepower keeps the taar at bay a little longer, though they're starting to push forward again as their numbers build up behind you. Comms are full of heavy gunfire and explosions at this point, with various people calling out for cover fire and support, and coordinating the remaining evacs

[23:31] Hell Guard (Talista Glas)Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves backwards through the tunnel and then setting up as fire support position "move past me, will fall back with you, get out of here" She states, moving to a support position to fire suppressive fire to ensure a retreat

[23:38] Breaker Gemini would reach up, detaching its cannon and lying it down next to the tuennel entrance. "Barrels fused shut. Can't fire it, don't have time to repair..Triggered to detonate. We do not want to be around when it does." It moves the cannon to try and block the tunnel entrance. "Keep moving." Get to the surface. This battle is lost."

[23:42] Soleil keeps moving. He would keep a careful eye on everyone, picking up the pace as he started to run. His mobility was limited somewhat as he lugged Bella over his shoulder, trying to support her, grasping at his comm for easier communication as he followed orders.

[23:43] Sebek-khu would make it up the wall and into the tunnel thanks to Maiden, "Arigato." He said horsely and weakly, still relying on her to get out of here alive. A part of Sebek hated this situation, how he wished it was the other way around, him risking his life to save others, but he had no chakra left to accomplish that.

[23:46] Samantha Iseli hurries along with the group to the chamber. When the war robot says that it's going to detonate it's cannons she looks over at one of the crystals, it would be a shame if these were all destroyed. She doesn't exactly have the tools to retrieve one. So she pulls a large, gauntlet-like device from her bag and activates the hard light shield. She hits the crystal near the base with the edge of the shield as hard as she can. If the crystal breaks off, she turns off the shield and picks up the large chunk of crystal and stuffs it in her bag and continues to follow the group. If it doesn't break, she just keeps running, the gauntlet will probably be needed one way or another though **TLDR: Sam tries to collect a large chunk of crystal using a hardlight shield. Putting the piece of crystal in her bag if she succeeds. She gives up on taking the piece if it doesn't break. Either way, she tries to keep up with the group.

[23:46] Samantha Iseli: **

[23:48] Maiden America continues running carrying Sebek over one shoulder and the Taar over the other. Her back sliced and she seems to not really care about being topless. Running for the entrance and not even winded "No problem. I can't leave a teammate behind, and you more than did enough."

[23:56] Sparks keeps her eye on Sam, having had a similar idea she'd reach for a large crystal on the other cluster, her glove stiffening and bulking up into an armored gauntlet as she grips and would yank and twist to just rip a large part of the crystal out to carry with her under her arm, inspired by Breaker she pulls her sidearm back out with her other hand, manipulating it one handed - then glancing at the high exit belatedly seeing an issue "Breaker!" she calls, asking for help - the large bot giving her something to climb to reach the exit and continue up ((ooc consent given)) [attempting to grab crystal chunk, starting weapon overload, climbing Breaker to leave]

[00:00] Sparks (sela.baxton): (( [23:52:37] Avii Cinderfeather (AviitheAvali Resident): Hell yeah, that's what I am, a stepladder

[00:00] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 stows her gun away, useless since she burnt out it's power core. still carrying Alicia, look over at the discarded cannon and follows suit. She jettisons her own shoulder mounted weaponry and sets it to overload and arms the four remaining missiles. After a moment's thought she sets one of the missles to proximity detonate just in case the wave of taar were faster than she had guessed. She waited to set it until untill the otehrs have climed up and Having lost a great deal of weight she was able to move faster, bringing up the rear of the group [ Seting explodey trap for the taar waiting for others to get up and boosting up those that need it]

[00:05] Scene the bombs are set, and chunks break off the crystal, though not the whole thing. Sounds of pursuit begin echoing up the corridor behind you, more buzzing and chittering gathering by the moment, the lead you've gained dwindling off, but then as you move up the next section of tunnels you hear the explosions go off behind you

[00:07] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves back through the tunnels, trying to blast the walls to see if she could collapse the tunnels behind her. She wanted to leave traps but also wanted to ensure that once past traps a wall was hit.

[00:10] Breaker Gemini would fire into the tunnel as well, attempting to supress any inocming enemies. "Reloading Misisles! IF anyone needs medical attention, i still have 9 medical injectors left. I offered them to you all at the begining, and only one of you took it!"

[00:12] Soleil was too busy running to ask about the injectors. He was still bleeding, but he didn't know if it would even be compatible with his biology. He'd hear the explosions behind them, promptly running faster, checking back every now and again to ensure everyone else was keeping up.

[00:18] Sebek-khu ((Is distracted by ex GF, so his post is short and just weakly holds onto Maiden, reliving flashbacks of his failed ninja missions with a lot of casulties

[00:19] Samantha Iseli admits to a little bit of jealousy as Sparks just tears a chunk of crystal off of one of the formations. But at least she had one of her own. While she waits for the massive mech to stop blocking the way out, she slings her medical bag onto her back like it's a backpack, wincing a bit as the crystal digs into her back a little. Once the path is clear she scrambles up, using the prongs of the gauntlet to help her climb. and then following along with the group. She wants to ask Breaker for one of those medical injectors, but finds the mech too terrifying to approach, especially while it's mangling the tunnels. **TLDR: Sam is moving along with the group to escape, but keeping distance from Breaker and Hell guard.**

[00:20] Maiden America just continues running carrying her teammate and the Taar "Keep going. We can worry about medical topside."

[00:21] Sparks scowls shoving the handful of chunks in her coat pockets, dropping her overloading weapon at the exit from the last tunnel helping trying to seal it as well as take out Taars, splitting her course running to another crystal cluster "I'm unhurt" she responds to breaker stopping at the cluster and grabbing the largest crystal again her other glove bulking up as before, but this time she holds it for an extra few seconds black lines spiderwebbing down the face of the crystal, then driving her boot into the base in a sharp strike, trying to knock loose the largest possible chunk while nanite filaments wrap around it to try and keep it intact, then sprinting to make up time as she looks up towards the outside, signaling her ship and indicating a particular contingency protocol she'd programmed in earlier as she makes her way out the tunnel [mine previous tunnel to help collapse, grab crystal with using nanites to get larger chunk, communicating with Iridium]

[00:37] Scene more explosions sound off from the various traps, another chunk getting broken from a crystal by Sparks, the sounds of pursuit getting more distant again as they deal with the various rubble and collapses caused by all the detonations. Moving up the last bit of tunnel reveals the construction site having advanced slightly during the peaceful time, but now under a massive assault from all fronts by dinosaurs, treants, and various other wildlife. Plasma fire rains out in every direction, trying to hold up the onpouring hostile forces while the last few shuttles lift off into the air, while the handful of metas that were on-site rush from encounter to encounter to try to counter the hardest pushes, but for every animal that goes down a dozen more emerge from the wilderness. The commander is keeping an eye on the cave and sees you all coming out, calling out on comms "Get your asses over here, we've got transport, but we've gotta bail in the next minute or two!"

[00:42] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls as she continues bombing out fire and fury "back to the front" she states with a vicious growl, looking to blast away at everything that came out of the tunnels they left, looking to cause all manner of damage and collateral damage to incoming enemies

[00:47] Breaker Gemini would advance, weapon up as it rains down plasma on the hostiles. "GET TO DA CHOPPAH!" It yells in a german esque voice, attempting to cover the injured. "If anyone's left behind, link up, and we'll make a run for it!" Its barrels start to glow red hot as the sustained fire continues.

[00:48] Soleil continues running, not doing anything else other than running and following commands as instructed, still glancing back every now and again just to ensure everyone else was upon mostly-equal footing.

[00:51] Sebek-khu "" Sebek weakly said out, his hands coming together to form a single gesture. a weaker earth release, "Doton" And with that jutsu, the cave entrance that everyone runs out of, would start to crumble when the last person runs out safely, it wasn't a very strong collapse, but if anything it slows any pursuing bugs

[00:52] Samantha Iseli flinches a bit as the sounds of the battle echo down the tunnel. It sounds like they're not going to get a chance to come back here. So she uses her shield to break off another large of crystal. She can't fit this one in her bag without slowing the group significantly, so this time she just carries it. in her free hand while she hurries along with the group. **TLDR: Sam grabs more crystal and runs to keep up with the group**

[00:53] Maiden America continues running carrying her two passangers. Showing no signs of slow down or even being winded. Watching Sebek do another jutsu "You should probably rest or recharge. We arent out of this completely yet

[00:54] Sparks looks around at the situation and glances at the hovering Iridium, but turns to follow to the prepared transport as she climbs aboard she broadcasts on the local channel "Fire support incoming, clear the area" shooting a command signal to Iridium the sleek craft pivots and flickers out of view with a sonic boom as it accelerates on a high altitude loop - slowing it's payload doors opening as it reaches apogee inverted, monitoring to ensure friendly IFFs have cleared the area and awaiting final signal

[01:01] Scene as you sprint across the clearing you note the auriat vines are glowing much brighter than normal, the situation growing worse by the second as the defensive line keeps getting pushed back. On reaching the site you see no more transports on the ground, but the commander pulls out a Vanguard transporter device and starts dialing it in "Everyone fall in... and don't resist this. I've only got enough juice for one transit at this magnitude, so if you fight the trip you'll end up left here alone..." [One last post round for people to fire off at the giant swarm of hostile wildlife before you get poofed outta here]

[01:04] Dr. Tamago: was keeping the tunnel exit clear while all hell was railing down around her. She was currently in the process of choke slamming a velociraptor while her drill was tearing through the chest of some bitch ass Trent. Her mech was just covered in blood and claw marks. It looked like she had been fighting for awhile out here. The Doctor, how ever appeared like she was having a blast in a half. " There you guys are I was getting worried!" She said through her intercom before throwing the trent off her drill and crushing the raptor's head under one of her mech's feet. Falling in line when told. "Get us outta here." ( Jumping in )

[01:05] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) continues moving back, charging and firing a massive explosiive burst that also lays a layer of burning death on the ground "fall back and reserve the position. Ensure they not not push past this point. Fort is Thermopalae and we will HOLD THIS LINE!!!"

[01:07] Breaker Gemini would ocnitnue to fire until its gun clicks, having overherated, both barrels red hot. It resorts to punching anything that gets within melee range, attempting to rip anythings heads off that attacks it. <PREPARING FOR RECALL. HOLD THE LINE FOR THE >>GIVER-OF-WILL<< >

[01:11] Soleil continues what he's doing. If anything looks like it's about to cross his path, he casts fragmental bursts of fire out from his (available) palm as he heeds orders. Blood was still falling from his chest and soaking along his front, the scent of something venomous leaking out of his body as he tried to keep Bella high upon his shoulder.

[01:12] Sebek-khu did not resist anything, he probably couldnt. He just held onto Maiden with blurred vision, hardly conscious of what's all going on at this point. Sebek was closing to passing out from chakra exhaustion.

[01:12] Samantha Iseli finds her lack of free hands to be particularly vexing when she sees glowing plants and is unable to take scans of them. Hearing the call to fall in for transport, she starts to make her way there, but hears an apparently opposing call to hold the line. Well, she can't abandon the people staying to hold back the onslaught, there's going to be wounded, lots of them probably. Either way, she stays with the group heading towards the walls because either way, they're going to be better off in there than out here. **TLDR** Sam doesn't know if they're staying or going, and is just sticking with the group for the time being**

[01:16] Maiden America double times it carrying her passengers. Seeing Sebek on verge of passing out. "Everyone lets go. We are evacuating. Thats a direct order." Running to the warp

[01:16] Sparks glances at the plants wishing there was time for scanning or sampling, then looks at the local commander surprised and distrustful, reservedly taking her place and altering her shields to allow lock on and not resist transport - sending a deadman signal to Iridium so it initiates the moment they transport out [ready for beamout - signals iridium to attack-post follows]

[01:16] Iridium arcs down in a twisting evasive strike run as two.. four.. then six torpedoes launch from the opened bay - streaking towards the surface angling and forming into a coordinated strike pattern to carpet the area in a circle, with one manuvering to try and shove into the tunnel before they all detonate simultaneously
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