Portal invasion. (DM Sera Reikhart)

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Portal invasion. (DM Sera Reikhart)

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The portal in the centre of the city is beginning to emit strange readings.... and sounds of what can only described as howls of the otherworldly echo throughout the upper city... Vanguard would begin to amass their forces as they frantically attempt to fortify the perimeter.... something.... is coming... Commander Lynoia. stands at the forefront of the defensive wall; Confident and unyielding as she yells various orders and a rousing speech for the men. They all let out a unified "Hoorah!" at the end of her speech... but that was as far as the men's confidence held...

Horrifying creatures would suddenly spew out of the portal; vicious and without warning. The front line of the Vanguard were decimated within moments with the Commander being the only one managing to hold their ground. Seeing that the front line could not be contained Lynoia would order a retreat back to the VG Building Thankfully with the Commanders tactical prowess she was able to contain the hordes attacks to a single direction; protecting the rest of the city from the horrors...

As she tries to save who she can as the second and final line of Vanguard provide cover for their newly appointed commander. After a sudden but bloody skirmish the initial wave was defeated... Lynoia now covered in the remains of the enemy as well as her own men from the bloody onslaught, was dragging the body of a wounded Vanguard Agent back to their final line of defence. Medics arrive on scene. helping who they can but the commander still standing tall refuses to retreat from the front lines. '...This city is under my protection... While I still draw breath I will lead our men from the front. I will serve as their guiding light in the darkness...' She would turn to the men. 'These monsters defile our homes and despite the falls that we incur, We will gather our rage! we will swear our oaths! we will cull their herds! ... as the sisters, and brothers who came before me, I vow to cleanse the lands of those, who's thoughts become a haunt for the cold. This... shall, be, known!'

As the battered sister finishes her speech... the echo's of another assault draws near.... As no stranger to the battlefield. Lynoia readies her weapons and takes position at the front with her men. A Golden Halo appearing behind her head; a beacon of hope as the darkness seeps through the portal...

/3 Otherworldly howls would echo through the portal. The front line of Vanguard already decimated; medics were on sight and dragging wounded away from the fight and to the safety of the Vangaurd barracks underground. Lynoia rallied the remaining men. bellowing orders and hymns to help boost the morale. She seemed battered and lightly wounded but still standing tall and unwavering. A golden halo behind her head like somekind of beacon of hope. She would casually slam a new mag into her weapon as she finishes her speech. "...These creatures crave the cleansing fire of absolution.... They need not fear... for we shall deliver...”

The screeches and howls increase in volume as something stirs within the portal... then... without warning... hordes of vile entities spew out of the portal and into the funnel that the Vanguard have hastily made right towards their defensive line... Commander Lynoia strolls to the front of the group with Set in toe. '...The Light shall guide our vengeance... Faith is our armor... and we shall be their damnation! Focus your fire brothers and sisters... we WILL hold the line! For those we hold dear! For the City!'

Though nervous. The Vanguard troopers hold the line and with a swift order they throw a number of grenades and with clever use of foam launchers, Phalanx panels and concentrated fire into the mass of bodies that come towards them. They were able to slow down the horde but there.... was so much more coming... Lynoia would be holding the front while the remaining Vanguard defense do what they can to help protect their newly appointed commander and stop any bodies that make it past the armored sister and her hound...

Solo takes a long draw not reacting immediately as the hordes charge into the line, before taking the fat cigar from his lips and dropping it - letting out a slow torrent of acrid tobacco smoke as he drops down into stance grabbing and drawing his sword from his back with an audible gleam - a sleight-of-hand pushing an orb into the hilt causing the blade to light with fire "..." [slot Fire stone]

[16:05] ElredElred was riding in with his men. The orbital scans showed trouble and the call for help was quickly answered. A Hel drop pod with a reactionary team was deployed. Escorted in tow were two Ragnarocks The pods atmospheric entry shielding ripped away as it screamed through the sky. Quad AC 20s would begin to pepper the landing point with a brief salvo of HE rounds. Making sure to avoid hitting those that might be considered friendly or a paying customer. As the boosters as well as the recoil helped slow its flight it would slam through one of the retaining walls deployed and lodge itself in the ground. A hatch would pop open and a Tyr Power armor would leap out. A projector on its shoulder would activate as a wall of light was erected to cover the small fire team and second suit coming out of the pod. The Elven fire team would setup behind the barrier and begin to Lay down fire into the approaching void creatures. The well dressed elf would slowly walk out of the pod and look over the battlefield and open a
Elred holographic display in front of him. Tapping on it slowly as he was also shouldering a rather large weapon. The Ragnaroks entry shielding would burn away and the two ships would scream over the battlefield and come about as their pilots started searching for targets of opportunity. The well dressed elf would look over the assembled group of Vanguard, "No worries folks Talon's arrived..." he would state as he flicked a few things on the holographic display. "Troopers pull back any wounded. Tyr units provide cover fire and protection... Rag 1 and 2 i want a clear sky pick your targets watch your fire. We will have friendlies in the fray...." The elf was a seasoned commander and his men under his command showed it moving with precision. [TLDR Elreds team arrives. In style. Elred assumes a battlefield commander role for his men. Moving to get wounded out of the field while the ragnarok gunships orbit to pick off targets.]

[16:07] Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas)Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas) there's a rattling as of many metal feet slamming the ground at a steady pace as she mechanized beast lumbers over the distance, moving rapidly, dodging street lamps and onlookers, coming up to Vanguard HQ and slowing to a stop as the giballed lasers turret scans around. A host of lightly armored combat medics moved quickly in beneath the mech to assist anyone that was already injured and needing assistance, bringing combat kits and assessing in triage. An inhuman mechanized tone echoes over nearby comms <THIS IS ASCENDANT, ASSUMING MECHANIZED ASSAULT. MUSASHI FRAME STANDING BY> It called over the comms and then opening fire on the advancing lines with twin heavy machine guns extending out from the underside of the large mech, voice booming over the battlefield, built to sound deliberately horrifying "SUPPRESSING FIRE" [lightly armored medics arrive with Ascendant's battle mech, which unleashes heavy machine gun fire on the enemy line]
[16:08] LynnaLynna is not in conditions to fight .. She was there to meet someone in particular but .. now is not the time ...she goes in stand by at a safe distance from the combat area and slightly waves to the people about to jump into the chaos before talking on a calm tone .. still a bit blunt " if you can't fight anymore and feel like you'll can't make it far enough.. come see me .. i'm not a doc, i'll can't do much .. but at least i'll can prevent you from dying" she pauses " oh.. and i'm verry limited on painkillers" ((only post for me , will be separate from the fight's PO if i end "patching up" someone, if people wants some really basic firs aid RP of course))
[16:08] Alicia FraktureAlicia Frakture arrives in the area. She had a need to get into a fight and as she sees what is going on she looks around."This looks like a fight, I'm in." She still has no idea there is a halo over her head as she grabs a pieace of wall and slams it down on any advancing enemy in an attemtp to squish many at once. *TLDR Alicia arrived and got violent with a wall on any baddies*

[16:09] Mark BlakeMark Blake marching on his way toward the portal to once again attempt to force his way into the portal once more, when movement caught from the corner of his eye snags his attention he tilts his head and moves closer noticing the ghostly and the person giving the speech " oh ..yeah.. dat.. dats just what i need to vent some od dis spleen i been carrying around" he starts sliding and bouncing down the dirt hill his eyes drifting to a nearby shovel tractor.. and his grin widens , he kicks of and makes his way to the tractor hoping inside , he fiddles with some thing eyes narrowing, as she try's to start the machine, it chugs and chunks but fails to start, , finally getting frustrated the machine roars to petulant life, and the blond guns it, screaming at the top of his longs as he attempts to blow the shovel tractor into the hord " fuck ya all respectivly!! woooooo!!" charging into gun fire, and what ever else may be in his path , the construction machine already faling( mark charges a shovvle tractor into

/3 Lynoia was already firing upon the horde of entities. Set would remain close to the armored sister and intercepts anything that got too close to her; tearing them apart with his mighty jaw and claws. As Talon arrives and demolishes a part of the wall that was SUPPOSED to help funnel the creatures it enabled them to spread out more... new enemies? it mattered not to the creatures and they all surged forward despite the casualty numbers increasing. scores were demolished by the arriving Talon units along with the efforts of the hero's already engaging the masses. The Medics rushed over to the wounded and took them out of the fight as there were many Vanguard soldiers unable to continue. "Hold the Line! we will NOT Falter!" Lynoia would bellow as she takes out a few more of the creatures assaulting her position. Alicia successfully Squishes a few creatures with her makeshift weapon and the MIGHTY BULLDOZER FROM NOWHERE was briefly successful in running down a few creatures... however the vehicle was swiftly overrun by the sheer bodies and the larger creatures in the horde... the creatures would shred the vehicle apart like it was nothing...

[16:25] Iridium hovers overhead orbiting at a safe altitude and distance it's powerful sensors scanning and monitoring, marking targets and friendlies - signals reaching out to patch in and lick up the Talon and Ascendant comms into the TACNET for seamless coordination and sharing targeting data [maintaining tacnet - gives heads up display, marks targets and friendlies to reduce friendly fire]

[16:26] Alexandra RoseAlexandra Rose Flies out of the portal at high speeds slamming into some barricades. She gets up brushing herself off. Looking around she sees she's not alone along with hordes of monsters. She readies herself for a fight. "Ugh stupid beasts....that hurt you know!" A book appears from earlier and flies open releasing magic energies of sorts. The drop ships and people arriving didn't rattle her much nor the beasts coming at them. Starts up to chant a large range spell. (Crashes into barricades and readies attack spells)

[16:27] WujiWuji wakes up as he hears some kind of ruckus going on, walking off the roof of the dojo he falls into a portal below him (16 i prerolled just going down the list of numbers for those who werent hear for that) a portal would appear around the vanguard building and a ten tailed fox is shot out and rolls over the ground and possibly rolling through an enemy or two (dm decides) his swords oddly going into portals to not be jarred while rolling, he gets up and looks around, spinning the white gourd in his hands (16) "huh... this doesnt look good..." he looks to his sword on his right hip a moment "what do you mean i slept for too long, how was i supposed to know this would happen" he turns his head to different swords as he seems to argue with different voices before he takes a look at what happening around him "ugh... fine ill see what i can do..." he notices the big portal and the hoard of monsters and just waits as he thinks of the best way to deal with this... given how many are around just all out unleashing
Wuji wont help at all [wuji enters rolling a crit so may take out an enemy or ally, play it how you want then stands and doesnt drink because roll]

/3 As more allies rush to the scene the horde continues to descend upon the hero's position. despite many being gunned down by the current individuals engaging. they still push forward like a tidalwave... pushing into the lines of the Talon and threatening to overrun Lynoia's position. as the 10 Tailed fox enters he BLINDSIDED into the back of one of the Talon mechs. likely knocking its aim off as it fires into the horde. Those that haven't actively attacked are largely ignored by the masses for the time being... but onwards do they push....

[16:34] CatoriCatori runs up to the mess, rifle in hand, and mutters to herself as she takes a moment to eye the void creatures, "I am a soldier against the darkness of oblivion. I stand against the destruction against all I hold dear. I am the wall." She lets loose a howl, levels her rifle at the horde, flicks her rifle to full auto and proceeds to unleash a barrage of anti-protons into the horde of void monsters. [Anti-proton pew pew at the horde of void creatures!]

[16:35] AnnieAnnie comes rushing in from the area of the PAE building, the thrusters on her back side helping to boost her speed as her long blue hair blew back behind her. Coming to a stop just infront of all the chaos as she looked around." Oh my gosh... Annie does not get paid enough to deal with what ever is going on here..."

/3 A number of the horde gets vaporised by Catori's totally not Necron Gauss weapon >.> Kara's trap was already triggered and there was an explosion of Fire among the void creatures... a wall would erupt as a makeshift "wall" however the creatures seemed to not care for this fire... and pushed through it... while burned... they continued onwards.....

[16:45] SoloSolo shifts and draws the back of his sword back along his other arm swirling energy glowing and running along her arms and condensing in the blade power building - limiting himself to defensive strikes and parries [Charging mana]

[16:54] ElredElred tapped his holo-panel as he raised a brow as something smashed against his barrier and he smirked. The gunships circled round, Rag 1 would spin up its quad laser cannon and unleash a line of fine in a gun run through the exposed line, "Talon does apologize for causing a minor gap in the line but you see. Dropping from orbit you don't get pin point parking. The AC cannons on Tyr 1 and 2 would start to open up on the larger void creatures chain weaponry ripping and tearing anything that attempted to get to close. Tyr 2 would continue its leaps into the air using its HCG. To keep a barrier between the troopers and the creatures. The squads rifles roared in an immaculate chorus of laser fire akin to a guardsman line bayonets jabbing and stabbing at the creatures as the men slowly started to fall back. Elred glare as he sighted in gun run line for Rag two as he saw his men were starting to be overrun. Rag two would come through its quad laser cannon ripping into the horde to give the men some breathing room.
Elred [TLDR Rag 1 and 2 gun run. Tyr 1 and 2 fire AP at bigger creatures and use chain sword and chain axe on close hostiles. Troopers are falling back shooting and using bayonets. Something stops the warping man]

[17:00] Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas)Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas) continues laying down heavy fire, the machine guns heating up and after a moment they stop to cool and she prepped her mortars, voice echoing over comms <HIGH EXPLOSIVE BARRAGE INCOMING, COORDINATING TARGET> She lets out and then turns her mech and angles the back, communicating back line as intended target. The mortar on her back would fire several shells into the air, them arcing and then slamming down on the back line, intending to cause massive damage to the monsters just starting to get out of the portal [MGs cooling down, Mortar firing 4 HE shells at back line of monsters]

[17:04] DM/Scene: The horde would Swarm over Lynoia's position. she would effectively dissapear under a sea of bodies. even the glow of her halo was blocked out... Set would heedlessly dive into the horde in the protection of his master. Solo would also get swarmed. while he was sucessful in defending himself... for the most part... there was likely too many entities to be able to effectively defend against. The Talon's combined firepower did do a number on the horde but for every 1 that they took down... 3 would seem to replace them... barreling over the bodies of their comrades and surged forward. The floating void creatures were the size of your average man in height; its maw could easily encompass the torso and inside were a set of sharp teeth that did a number on whatever that was caught between them... the hardlight cover took a beating as the bodies were just hurled against it. and any creatures that did manage to get a chomp on a talon trooper would latch on and NOT let go... the machine gun fire from the Spooder mech
would be rather effective... if it didn't stop shooting. Then the HG shells attacked.... with the combined firepower of the Talon gunships some of the lager creatures who have yet to really do much would take a beating... but they still seemed to be moving forward... they would roar at the pesky flyers and before long as more entities came flooding from the portal would fly up and engage the gunships....

[17:05] Alicia FraktureAlicia Frakture slams the wall down again and realizes this was not as much fun flings it towards the portal like a super heavy frisbee hoping to mow down baddies as she wades in for some hand to hand."This is how you do it bitches! get your hands dirty!" throwing fists with whatever baddie she can and enough strength to punch a hole in a truck, *TLDR: Alicia used wall for smashing then flung it like caps shield before getting into a fistfight*

[17:13] Iridium orbits the scene overhead, maintaining intensive sensor scan and feeding targettign data - indicator's flashing for thoise with HUDs or augmented reality to show teammates being overwhelmed and also calculated fireing arms to define firing lanes to keep thigs coordinated and orderly
[17:16] Alexandra RoseAlexandra Rose She starts chanting while the others goes in guns blazing. She's dealt with void creatures before and was ready. "Fall back to the void and feed my Master!" She'd cry out as large amounts of mana swirls above her. She takes flight so she doesn't hit any "Allies" The air starts to crackle around her than takes on a mass amount of magic into her palms. "Time to go back to the void!" She releases the mass of mana into a barrage of Water Missiles attempting to take out the bigger beasts or least small ones. She sees the commander get piled? mowing the creatures on them till they got for or attempts to.(Charges spell of magic missiles of water attacks Large beasties and or smaller ones)

[17:20] WujiWuji bounces around in his portal a bit before he is spit out, though now standing he walks over to the mech he ran into and looks up to it "out of my way you stupid oni... dont make me beat up the red one again" he takes a long drink of the white gourd in his hand as he punches the mech... doing next to nothing as his fingers shatter... or would have if they were real... he shakes his hand and finishes his drink as he looks to the sound of the howl "aahh scary wolf!" he run the opposite direction of the wolf which just so happens to be a hoard of void creatures [wuji punches a mech, nothing happens, he drinks the entirety of the white gourd (6) then ran away from teh wolf into the hoard of void monsters]

[17:24] DM/Scene: the piece of rubble would fly though the air and into the portal; was one hell of a throw. it took a number of creatures with it. There would be a loud... bellowing that shook the ground coming from within... the MAGIC MISSILES! helped in slowing the horde down but there still was not enough firepower to effectively keep them at bay... the Drunk Kitsune would just rush into the horde and get utterly enveloped... it looked like a school of Piranha's when it was feeding time... omnomonomonomnomnom.....

[17:27] CatoriCatori has scared the idiot kitsune again. Idiot. Her rifle gives her a bunch of angry noises. It's overheated. It stops firing. And Lynoia is overrun. This is why you don't delay on the first round, just act. The wolf suddenly glows as she rushes towards the sister's position, and in a moment, the smol wolf is replaced with a LARGE wolf, that is just barreling through to the sister's position to try to yank her out of the mess.
[17:28] AnnieAnnie Eeps and takes aim at the hord, her hand shaking a bit as she locks on to none lethal area's. Aiming for arms and legs, places on there bodies that would be none lethal. Oddly she was having issues locking on to them, even with the aid of the orbs. Only able to lock on via visual silhouette targeting. Half her shots missing as normal as she fires a few energy based rounds, the strength of her shots only a bit stronger than that of what a normal sniper round would be." Eww... go away.. go away... j..just go back to where ever it is you all came from." She shouts out while offering support fire from behind everyone.
[17:32] Kara McAllister blinks a few times as her purple fire wall goes off from sheer numbers alone of her cigar trap. But seeing them just power through she'd audibly mutter, "Mother fucker!" clenching her fist. As her first clenches the fires would die down and practically smother out, before it catches to the heroes side. She'd leave any void creatures simmering with real fire though (if any) as she relinquishes control of the flame the fire turning back to orange. With any luck it's softening them up at least for the others. She'd pull on her lip ring and furrow her brow letting out a sigh. Flicking that zippo she carries back open again, snapping her fingers on her other hand the flame jumping across to her other hand and shifting purple as it sits on her hand. Rolling her thumb over the flint as the lighter sparks again, both hands now sheathed in purple fire as with the slightest gesture of her index finger tapping on the side of the lighter causes it to move. (TLDR: Kara preps 2 flames on her hands but waits
[17:40] DM/Scene: The BIG FUCK OFF WOLF charges into the fray... barreling through the horde to the armored Sisters Last known position. Annie's... "covering fire" did manage to land a number of hits into the MASS OF BODIES... even the shots that missed... because target rich environment. but in reality the android just needed to just enter combat mode and go ham... right now she almost may as well get some pom poms and shout "go team" was really the amount that she was helping at this point of time. As the fire wall dissipates a few of the surviving void creatures would continue to surge forward... now some people had to deal with FLAMING VOID CREATURES! just as deadly as before... but now WITH FIRE! The distinct Roar of a chainsword would be heard among the mass of bodies. with the combined effort this would likely have a moment of slow motion with epic camera panning that would be in somekind of Hollywood blockbuster as Catori. Set and Lynoia would emerge in the fray... creating a circle around them as they fought back to
back. slicing. biting and shooting at the masses to give them some fighting room... Lynoia and Set seemed a little worse for wear... but not out yet! creatures still swarm past them but with the 3 holding their ground and combined with the firepower of Talon and the others they were potentially holding them all at bay? But.... something.... was beginning to crawl its way out of the portal.... something.... big.....
[17:41] SoloSolo grunts as he is is swarmed and overrun, backpedaling his sword flashing rapidly dancing in a blur of angles in front of and around him as he leaps back "Enough!" giving a wide lateral slash as a pulse of magical energy rises off him and rockets into the air - the sky darkening and thunder rumbling as blasts of magical lightning would start to rain down and slam into the horde with rapid blasts of chain lighting to cut through the masses, he'd go down to a knee panting from the expenditure. [Full power bolt3 chain lighting storm]

[17:45] ElredElred would see his men starting to truly get overrun. "Talon pull back to secondary position. I am detonating the pod." With that the men would start to fall back. The man with the creature latched on would ram his rifle into the creatures maw and unleash a few rapid fires before falling back with the rest of his men. The TYr 1 suit would deploy its wheels and start to glide backwards Auto Cannon Thumping as it unloaded into the void creatures. Tyr 2 would Land behind Elred and hook an arm under his bosses as he leap backwards the man being carried backwards, "All friendly forces be advised Talon Hel pod is going critical!" He would state and his voice boomed over the battlefield. as he flicked the switch to ignite the fuel and ammo reserves for the pod. Rag 1 would come in as it lines up a cluster missile from one of its launchers Taking in the targeting software from Elred as it it let fly the Fox two. As the missile entered the battlefield the external housing would break and ten micro missiles would branch
Elred out to lay waste to the horde around the portals base. Rag 2 Would come in for another gun run on the larger beasts. Quad laser cannons peppering the targets. The Pod would start to glow a bit before detonating to keep it from falling into enemy hands as well as to blow a giant hole in the ground and possibly many of the beasties near it or on it up. [TLDR: Elreds men fall back. Rag 1 unleashs cluster missile into hordes main body. Rag 2 does another gun run on Larger squid people. Tyr 1 and 2 fall back while talon trooper 1 removes said monster from himself with gunshots and falls back to medics. Drop pod goes critical in decently sized explosion.]

[17:50] Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas)Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas) sees the circle forming with their forces holding off the enemy. She looks to the area in between the main force and those cut off, announcing over the battlefield in the horrifying metallic voice "CLEARING A PATH, RELAYING COMMAND, TALON POD DANGER" She calls out, leaving some things vague in case the enemy was smarter than they looked. There was a huge surge from the Mech, it moving forward with speed as it stradled the barrier, using its new position to unleash hell with the heavy machine guns, alternating fire between the two so neither became too overheated, and allowing her to remain in a position of heavy fire against some of the smaller creatures. She looked up towards the portal and see big movement "BE PREPARED FOR HEAVY INCOMING" [Heavy machine gun fire on the groups of enemies pinning off Lynoia and crew from the main group, relayed warnings of Talon pod and big thing in portal]
[17:57] DM/Scene: Some of the larger creatures would perish form the firepower of the Talon forces. however the horde would end up shredding a few of the soldiers apart. their screams echo in the chaos of battle as they are literally torn limb from limb... elf blood has been spilt this day... with the combined efforts of Catori. Set, Lynoia, and now Ascendant it finally gave the 3 some breathing room and regrouped with Solo; who managed to give himself some breathing room as his spell decimated the forces in his immediate vicinity... The Goliath meanwhile seemed completely unharmed from the missile fire and it would attempt to swat the gunship away with one of its armored tentacles. From the maw of the beast... those with sensors would have energy readings build to levels that were likely far beyond anything current technology could achieve.....

[17:58] Alicia FraktureAlicia Frakture Uses her symbiote silk to try and catch a small void creature. If successful she swings it around looking to hit baddies in a circle, before releasing aiming for one of the larger void creatures. "Come on give me a challenge!" She yells.
[17:59] DM/Scene: also thing goes boom and explodes a portion of the horde. likely leaving a small crater and a hole in the hordes numbers...

[18:01] Banking overhead Iridium flies over the site - relaying callouts from all sources to all receivers automatically computers projecting and calculating warnings and danger zones as well as strident danger signals from whatever is beyond/emerging from the portal - those with HUDs and augmented visual can see up to six ghostly circles would appear and converge on the portal - ghostly flightpaths leading back to the ship as payload doors open under the ship on a cluster of meter-long cylinders - on comms as an addition "Heads up all combatants. Something big is coming"

[18:04] Alexandra RoseAlexandra Rose She watches rubbing her forehead. Putting away her book pulling out another book this ones black chains wrapping around it it floats around pulsing. Large claws form and she switches into close combat mode flying towards the commander taking out the creatures on top ripping and tearing through them easily...until she sees the big guy show up. "Well looks like the big guns are needed?" She was calm even during a battle. An orb floats above her giving her vital information about where everyone is and the hordes movements as this is getting sent to her She's already on the move tearing through the weaker creatures first. She flies up her claws vanish. The book starts to shutter the chains breaking as it opens up it releases a blood curling growl the other tomes appear surrounding the main book. (Releases her tomes full powers.) I call this the screw them plan! (Takes one spell and releases in one huge blast will be fading to the void after its let loose Attempting to attack the big ass monster!)

[18:08] LynnaLynna moves further to the back in the middle in the wounded troopers who could escape .. looking for the one who is in the worst shape to give him the priority

[18:10] WujiWuji stops and looks around... nothing but void monsters surrounding him "give me a minute..." he tosses the empty white gourd at one and pulls the green one from his hakama, the white one vanishes into a portal and he begins to chug the green... though as he does he speeds up, a lot... while drinking he moves around in a drunken stumble, flipping over and pushing void beings around, rockets, lasers, fire, and anything else that are coming his way seem to get dodged and a void being is set in its path, even weirder it looks like there are three of him around though only one actually is moving them around into the line of fire of the others... could he actually be planning and placing all of them or in his drunken stumbling just getting super lucky [he pauses in the hoard and begins drinking from another gourd (5) then he speeds up to full speed (14) and begins moving void being into the others lines of fire, also creates 2 illusions of him to keep them off his track (1 so they wont be fooled and the illusions
Wuji pretty crap)]

[18:18] DM/Scene: One of the creatures screech as it was grabbed by Alicia and flung around like a Flail; bonking a few of its friends as the symbiote girl smacks them around and apparently this isnt "hard enough" as if hearing the taunt one of the larger creatures comes barreling through the horde and attempts to COMP on the girl. the creatures would continue to swarm Wuji. regardless if they could touch him or his illusion... it didn't matter... all had to be consumed! Wakka wakka or whatever... Lynoia would look up to see the HUUUUGE War of the Worlds wanabe... all it needed was the foghorn "BAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" and it would have been perfect. "... This isn't good..." she'd look back her allies who were wounded and dying around her. she'd look back at the Goliath... There was no time.... "... BEHIND ME NOW!" She'd bellow as she slammed her chainsword into the ground and begun ushering a prayer....

[18:19] LynnaLynna notices one already dead so.. nothing she can do, she turns toward one missing an arm and kneels next to him. she opens her first aid kit and cautiously hold the shoulder as she places a tourniquet just below the shoulder and tightens it to stop the bleeding in emergency . She then grab a sterile bandage she places to protect the future stump from crap that could cause an infection.. she finally gives him a painkiller to ease the suffering before moving to examine the next wounded

[18:22] CatoriCatori gets behind Lynoia, standing over the sister, snarling, but also protective of the smol human. And then unleashes an icy breath weapon attack at the horde, sending ice shards in a hailstorm at them to keep them at bay as the sister prepares...whatever she's preparing.

[18:24] Annie (androidnulla): starts to think she might be a tad underpowered for this fight with the amount of targets this group was facing. Her rifle already growing low on the energy it needed to continue firing. Only six more shots left before she would have to take cover some place and charge it with her own power. " Oh my gosh! Annie is starting to think that there is no end to these creepy looking things. And... there are way to many of them! Also some of you are causing a lot of damage to the city, m.. maybe you could try being less damaging to your surroundings. After all all this damage will cause future issues a well protective city is a happy city after all!" She says trying to be cheerful, still fully creeped out by the hord.
[18:24] Kara McAllister smirks slightly as some remain on fire, it didn't 'seem' intentional but she chose not to put out those fires after all. She'd merge the flames on her hands together and toss the combined ball like going for a long basketball shot, "Kobe!" she'd say quietly as if for luck. Whilst she may be bad at throwing thankfully her powers are psychokinetic in nature, guiding the purple fireball over the void creatures still on fire, she'd extend the fire ball out with a gesture to her right. She'd attempt to link as many flaming Void Creatures together as she can then with a series of puppeteer-ing gestures on her right hand making a web of interlinking purple flame. She'd then lower her hand quickly the flames lose a lot of heat but still burn like a searing blade that is very real as the flames become corporeal the net then becomes sharp and blades extending trying to execute all the flaming monstrosities or at least as many as she can with pin point accuracy only on the void creatures. She'd also go w
Kara McAllister there seems to be chatter about something bigger, she knew she was going to regret this. Definitely going to do as Lynoia and staying behind as much as possible. (TLDR Kara attempts to link as many flaming void creatures as she can as some were said to be on fire still >.> before attempting to drive searing blades through them in an attempt to thin their ranks. Then prepares to stay back as instructed.)
[18:25] JulieJulie flies in, digital shovel slung over her shoulder, and starts weaving in and out of danger, taking shots at the void creatures with highly-precise blasts from the palm of her hand, going for the headshot each time. "Sorry I'm late!" she'd call out over comms. "I'm not sure I can hurt the big guy, but I can definitely help with the little ones!" she adds as she blasts another in the head with her high-powered blaster. Nearby, Scurry watched from a building top, but decided this was way above her paygrade and did not get involved.. [Flying in, blasting at numerous void creatures with high-powered energy blaster, staying out of melee range)
[18:27] Orima left chat range.
[18:40] DM/Scene: Rose's almighty spell Would actually clear a patch of ground for the hero's as the void creatures were utterly decimated form the attack. it would also continue on to the Goliath and with an almighty eruption of magical force and flashing red light.... the Goliath seemed.... unharmed!? Set would bark and make doggie gestures for everyone to shift behind Lynoia. nudging and even pulling people if he needed to. Then the BIG FUCK OFF WOLF would barf ice at the creatures surrounding the praying Sister of Faith. instantly freezing a number of the creatures and soon after they would just shatter.... Kira's impressive use of Pyrokenetics along with BIG FUCK OFF WOLF, Rose's spell and the combined efforts of Talon and SPYDER MECH and guest star visit from Julie helped managed to clear the immediate area of hostiles giving everyone enough time to gather behind the Commander....

Thats when the Fire nation attacked.... er... wait wrong series... thats when the Goliath unleashed its power... a MASSIVE beam of energy
would erupt from the creature's maw RIGHT at the band of heroes. ".... Ave Imperator! Before you, I am cleansed, Remove from me the pain of the flame
and grant me mercy at my end, I will show no fear this night, Into the dark of death I'll go, a protector, of the faith and light!" As the armored Sister finishes her prayer the SHOOP DA WOOP! beam arrives.... as it collides with Lynoia's form it seemed to hold the beam at bay... Everyone's vision would be blinded by an immense light... and the ground all around them would rumble like an earthquake... When everyone's vision returned.... Lynoia was no where to be seen... and the area all around the hero's would be absolutely decimated... the Vanguard Building,... the Bank... fire department... all of it was UTTERLY DESTROYED.... good thing Vanguard ordered that evacuation....
in essence.. the entire South West section of the city was destroyed....

[18:44] SoloSolo would raise an eyebrow, but take cover behind Lynoia - grunting and hunkering down in place at the light show "..."
[18:47] ElredElred would look to the large thing charging as he looked to the sergeant. "Sergent call in a two delta on the heavy now..' The sergeant would nod as he pulled out a laser designator and started to lase the target as some co-ords came out over the holo display as he started to call out onto his comm link, "This is Director Elred clearing Alpha level strike. Send the package..." He would grimace as one of his men who wasn't fast enough was shredded by the horde the other who was smart enough to blow his own arm off fell back faster with Tyr 1 who wheels him back chain blade ripping and tearing. Above them something was coming through the atmosphere at an alarmingly fast rate of travel. Rag 1 would come through again loosing another cluster missile into the hoard while Rag two came in an launched an ATGM at the big guy tryign to draw its attention, "Rag 1 and two provide supporting fire. Rag 1 mop up the Hoard. 2 i want you focusing fire on the big thing. We can take it down... Alpha package is on route so pull
Elred back after this run." As the giant monster unleashed its beam the cluster missile would detonate mid flight as well as the ATGM as the two gunships veered off their attack routes, "New priority. Dump EVERYTHING into that thing." Elred would state over his comm link as he looked up at the monster. His men and himself far enough away now to avoid the death beam thankfully. [TLDR One man dies and another cuts off his own arm to avoid death by teef. Rag 1 launches another cluster missile into the hoard while rag 2 fires an ATGM into the big guy. Sergeant is lazing the big guys for a orbit to surface missile strike.]

Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas) at the call, she maintained suppressing fire until everyone was behind the sister. The mech would then crouch down over the medical teams in an attempt to shield them with her bulk in case the planned block of the massive beam didn't in fact work. Mechs could be rebuilt, people not so much. When the light cleared and the massive creature was still standing, she rose up, triangulating mortars, sending out over comms <ACID ATTACK INBOUND> she announces and then launches four mortar shells at the creature, them bursting in the air above him and raining a potent acid down upon the target. Probably not the most humane assault, but she knew that if the acid fell off the creature, it would neutralize quickly in the high oxygen environment.

[19:08] Alicia FraktureAlicia Frakture sees the big snakey looking thing and smiles."That's what I'm talking about! as she runs towards the beasty ducking his chomp attempt and leaps her flight kicking in If she hits with the tackle she uses the big beasty to clear a path through the lesser baddies and slam it as hard as possible to the mound of earth in front of the giant beast, avoiding any blast and not seeing the destruction behind her as she begins to lay into the big beasty with all of her superhuman strength determined to turn it into a grease stain on the dirt

Iridium increases altitude to keep well clear - those with visual tacnet and HUDs would see the ghostly targeting circles settling on the large monster in a spread pattern targeting joints and locking on red - then blinking grey again as Alicia flies into the creature - targeting feed on tacnet feeds environmental factors and precision sensor input ot TALON for their strike - but also flags an advisory of a friendly in the line

[19:10] Alexandra RoseAlexandra Rose Felt pretty good with that last attack her form starts to fade into the void. As she watched the light show blowing up the buildings and what ever else she chuckles. "I'd say I did my job.....ugh back to the void I go......" She would sit their fading but watching closely. "Master I'm going to need a major feed of magic.....but I did as asked....." She would speak into her orb as if it would be relaying her message before also fading. "Note to self bigger magic reserves....." (Did her duty and is out of the fight fading to the void. But she'll be back for vengeance!!!!!)

[19:18] WujiWuji seems to slow down, his illusions vanishing after that giant blast (think i missed that so that my best guess) he looks around and sees most of the small fries have been dealt with either by the others or him or whatever just came over the area "huh, no dont think so... yes we can kill them... really edgelord why that one... fine!" he chats/argues with the swords again and apparently loses that argument as he begins to pull out the swords, one set in his mouth and four more held in his hands two normally two backwards "awwight... wets dew dis" his voice slightly muffled by the sword handle in it as he jumps up at it, a black and purple aura encircling his arms, legs and blades hes fast and with that boost hes strong as he charges five sword style at the thing, totally unaware of the missile heading their way [he doesnt drink (12) he pulls out swords and gets dark armor at one ton (10) then jumps at the big one]

[19:24] DM/Scene: Alicia would push through the remaining creatures but the Goliath would hardly shift from Alicia's attacks. It would look down towards the woman and attempt to "flick" her away with one of its MASSIVE tentacles... Wuji would do his wooju and charge forward as well... meanwhile a Talon missile was en route to the goliath.... Set is still sad and continues to cry to the world in his own language. something along the lines of "She was too young! why did she have to go!? I was only by her side for a short period of time!" if you could speak whatever language he was speaking (if it even was speaking a language) it was SUPER emotional... there would be a flea on his shoulder playing the tiniest violin... its like that scene where Ash dies in the first pokemon movie...

[19:28] CatoriCatori hears a fae say, 'Send the package.' Her ears perk for a moment. That's an Oh Fuck. Obvious target would be big dude, nope. Don't want that. Nuh uh. Nope. She goes after void creature A. The wolf pouncing to tear the throat out of one of the large, snake like void creatures with an icy fury!

[19:33] AnnieAnnie groans as her plea's to limit the destruction seemed to go ignored, wondering what the point of defending the city was if they were going to just destroy it. Now out of power she would grab any one injured and carry them further back behind the lines to safety as she retreated to charge her rifle. Once away form the fighting she would start to transfer fifteen percent of her own power to her rifle to recharge it fully. Looking around at the devastation, just as she was blinded. her visuals coming back online to see the now ruined city. " Oh my... Annie this this is going to cost massive amounts of money to repair." Frowns at all the destruction and returns to the fight slowly walking back up twords the group and offers more covering fire at the targets selected for her. So much chaos and destruction around them, and half of it seeming to be by the ones who are suppose to defend the city.

[19:33] Kara McAllister is fortunately behind someone with really useful powers of protection. She'd smother all flames under her control as the flash of light approaches as that could be bad if she lost control of it. She'd get a hand up too late from the flash and is blinded the disorientation and the quake causing her to fall ungracefully to the floor sprawled out her lighter falling away from her grip. (I put all my fires out then do nothing this round except fall on my ass)

[19:34] JulieJulie had gotten a little distraced with the thrill of blasting at void creatures, and flew too far from the protective shield. When she realized what was about to happen, she screamed, darting toward cover, but wasn't quite fast enough to completely avoid the obscenely powerful blast. Her legs, from feet to thigh, simply vaporized as the rest of her fell to the ground behind cover, curling into a ball. The gorey mess below her waist started healing immediately, a pixelated aura appearing as her legs basically rezzed back in slowly, being rebuilt by magitech empowered nanites. Nut she was out of action for the moment. [Ducked behind cover too slow, legs blown off, starting to heal]
[19:41] DM/Scene: Alica would duel with one of the larger vioid creatures, NOT The Goliath because the DM is silly for not reading properly =P the two would tussle but this.... thing would give the woman a good fight... even used a number of its voidy tentacles would attempt to do some inappropriate things as the two fought. the BIG FUCK OFF WOLF would charge the other creature and you could swear it was one of the "turf wars" that creatures would have in that Hip Game: Monster Hunter World!

The goliath meanwhile would seem to gaze up into the sky as a flicker of... something was coming from the distance... a number of beams would shoot out of it towards the glitter in the sky which was the impeding Talon missile...

Solo looks up into the sky as warning blare in his ear from the comm "..." he inverts the sword, setting the tip down which sinks a few inches into the destroyed ground as he stands there and stares at the goliath letting his energy build up again
[19:50] ElredElred grunted as he flicked something and the Iridium was locked out of the talon comm net. He was wondering what gnat had gotten into his ear, "Strike package Alpha two arriving all forces brace..." He stated as Tyr 1 and two stood in front of him and moved to block as the missile above screamed through orbit, the casing ripping away as it splintered into a hellfire swarm. A third of the strike package would be taken out by the creatures defensive attempts. Then the plethora of missiles would spread out and come raining down with a vengeance onto the area marked by the designator. The squad hunkering down behind the power frames as the explosions rained upon the area around and on top of the void goliath hopefully. Rag 1 and 2 would form up as the bombardment ended coming in quad cannons blazing. Strafing the large creature with laser death as well as loosing one cluster missile and one ATGM respectively. [TLDR Strike package Alpha survives somewhat. Raining death as the squad takes cover behind the tyr Units.
Elred Rag 1 and 2 begin respective strafing runs again. Loosing A cluster Missile and an ATGM respectively along with strafing it with laser cannon fire again.]

[19:50] ElredElred grunted as he flicked something and the Iridium was locked out of the talon comm net. He was wondering what gnat had gotten into his ear, "Strike package Alpha two arriving all forces brace..." He stated as Tyr 1 and two stood in front of him and moved to block as the missile above screamed through orbit, the casing ripping away as it splintered into a hellfire swarm. A third of the strike package would be taken out by the creatures defensive attempts. Then the plethora of missiles would spread out and come raining down with a vengeance onto the area marked by the designator. The squad hunkering down behind the power frames as the explosions rained upon the area around and on top of the void goliath hopefully. Rag 1 and 2 would form up as the bombardment ended coming in quad cannons blazing. Strafing the large creature with laser death as well as loosing one cluster missile and one ATGM respectively. [TLDR Strike package Alpha survives somewhat. Raining death as the squad takes cover behind the tyr Units.
Elred Rag 1 and 2 begin respective strafing runs again. Loosing A cluster Missile and an ATGM respectively along with strafing it with laser cannon fire again.]

[19:54] Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas)Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas) looks up at the warning and then looks at the creature and points the laser. She fires it at what she assumes is its head. It was not an explosive, it was not some heat based attack, it was a singular beam of concentrated energy meant to do one thing and one thing only: precision bore through a target. She focused it halfway down its head, hoping to cut through to its brain or other painful or otherwise vital organ. Meanwhile, with no regard to an incoming missile, she moved over towards the group, announcing over speakers "IF NO OTHER COVER EXISTS, USE ME AS COVER" as she continues to try and bore a hole straight into the creature to kill it or at least maim it enough that this big attack Talon had planned would finish it off

[20:00] DM/Scene: The Goliath would let out an annoyed growl as it started getting peppered by more Talon Fire. with the acidic damage from the Spyder mech seemed to have weakened its armor and now the concentrated beam seemed to agitate it further. the creature would seem to shake for a momement before unleashing a massive EMP blast from its position. From the portal... an even DEEPER grumbling would echo across the battlefield... Set would soon go into a frienzy over the loss of his master. and would RIP AND TEAR at the remaining lesser void creatures... [TLDR: Goliath takes more hits, seems to show some fatigue. then unleashes a massive EMP blast that would hit the group. Set is sad boi, gets angry and kills the remaining small fry]

Alicia Frakture feels her body groped and poked."Hey Fucker you shoulda been nicer then... maybe!" as she reaches for a tendril and if she grabs it she does what she does and flings it at the Goliath, just in time to see Strike Package Alpha headed right for where she is. She has enough time to mutter a highly intelligent."Well shit." Before they hit and her now prone and heavilly damaged body is launched, landing behind the group and rolling into the charred remains of the Vanguard building. Alicia is now out of this fight, as she lays on the ground, not moving. *TLDR Alicia throws beastie and then gets blown up and sent flying EXIT*

[20:07] Iridium is cut off from Talon tacnet, and now an EMP so.. it dissappears - whether it flew off or crashed due to an EMP being set off is hard to tell. [out]

[20:12] WujiWuji slams a dark cloaked blade into the big one, but not too long after a ton of fire comes straight at it and him as well, he falls back and slides his swords away, taking out the black gourd from his belt and chugging as he hops from missile to bullet like a janky staircase before hitting the ground again... then he looks up to the wolf he landed next to "aaahh okami" he shouts and runs behind the giant metal spider [lands a hit with a few blades then falls using talons attack to ease his decent while falling he gets another drink (5), sees a wolf and hides behind spider mech]

[20:18] DM/Scene: Void Creature B got some sneaky little fondling (yay!) only to be YEETED into the Goliath and utterly destroyed by the onslaught of firepower that was directed at the Goliath. The blades from the utterly shit scared Kitsune (apparently) would seem to annoy the Goliath further; leaving a few blade marks upon its armor....

From above... a golden light would appear.... feathers would seem to fall from the sky and float down... a figure would emerge.... a figure with wings... a golden halo... and.... blue armor? As the light fades somewhat the figures features became more apparent... it was... Lynoia? she held a Large blade in her hand. a large pair of angelic wings on her back... her eyes would glow a pure golden aura of holy energy... The Goliath would Roar out once more as it fires a number of beams towards our battered group of heroes... but this... Angelic... Saint? would raise a hand and the beams all seemed to just get... "absorbed" by the holy light...

Meanwhile... the rumbling in the portal grew.....

[20:22] CatoriCatori hears Julie go down, she snarls. That was one of her people. She was gonna take the toll out of the surviving void creature's hide. She howls a howl that would make Fenrir proud and gives a blast of her ice breath at the void creature as she pounces at it, aiming to tear the creature to utter shreds in a moment of utter anger at the invading void creatures. She was going to send this one back to the void in shreds. She didn't seem to give Wuji whining a single care.

Annie now back behind the group once more she takes aim and begins to fire once more. Only getting off a few more shots, her hands still shaking as she did her best to help. Hearing the call to take cover, she does so, taking any one injured with her along the way as she took shelter under the spider bot." Annie thanks you very much for the protection big metal friend!" It was at this time Annie would get hit by the EMP, her systems shorting out as she went off line, smoke exiting from her from her back plate as well as some of her dermal lines. Annie now completely taken out of the fight and left as helpless as a lifeless doll now with damage done to her by this.

[20:31] Kara McAllister gets back up and picks up her lighter dusting herself off as the EMP goes off, suddenly deciding despite advice the spider-mech is not the best place for cover. Seeing the hero that finished return is good though sighing in relief. She'd wait again for a moment not sure if she can handle the larger foes and def not the goliath. (TLDR I do nothing again. Sorry EMP took out my real internet XD and didn't want to hold things up further)

[20:32] JulieJulie was just laying on the ground, catching her breath, seemingly not THAT bothered about her legs missing, until the massive EMP washed over her body, just fucking her world up entirely. The pixelation effect around her slowly regrowing legs burned out, her eyes and arms sparked and went dark, and an aura around her started flickering, distorted, chaotic pixellation effects scrambling around her, forcibly reverting her to her human form from the massive feedback of the EMP. She was blind without her cyber-eyes, her brain itself was shorting out, and her pain inhibitors flared up and burned out, leaving her in sudden agony. She SCREAMED, clawing at the ground.. and then passed out from the sheer trauma. Her legs, at least, were cauterized by the partial healing, and not bleeding out. [EMP is SUPER EFFECTIVE, she reverts to human form, passes out from pain. stable but critically damaged]

Void Creature B would get utterly shredded by the BIG FUCK OFF WOLF's Rage at most it was able to potest in otherworldly screams as it was torn apart.

The Goliath would continue to push forward despite all the fire that was raining down upon it.... it would raise one of its massive tentacles and bring it down on our battered Hero's Saint Lynoia would swoop in and intercept the attack with her holy blade; Blocking it directly. '... You will not harm the citizens of this city while I continue to draw breath!' She would bellow in a holy chorus as the attack is the deflected...

At this point... something... seems to be clamping onto the sides of the portal.... there... isnt another one of these things coming through is there!?

[20:41] SoloSolo stands there with his hands folded on the pommel of his resting sword, showing no reaction as his comm is fried, but peering behind him at Julie's apparent death throes he snorts lightly "Are you supposed to be Vanguard? pitiful - pull yourself together" he says coldly. Making a gesture the built up energy flares down his arm and shoots like an energy bolt at her - suffusing her body in green blue and gold sparkles of a Holy-type energy, her leg stumps would ripple and sprout rapidly into new legs as her body is mended.

[20:42] ElredElred would grunt as his comm link sputtered a little bit. He would take it off and sigh heavily before moving over to the tyr units as they stuttered in place. He would smack each other the pilots helmets as eh growled, "Alright you shits wake up!" Rag 1 and 2 would stay afloat as they spun and moved in to attempt emergency landings in the area behind them, "Well troopers get forward and get ready. Cover the Tyr's until they can power back up..." he would hear a beep in his link and put his ear to it, "This is Elred; send the Mjonir. We are pulling out. I am taking unacceptable losses. I have two Rags down out of the fight as well so send some engineers to get them going again." He shifted a bit nodding a bit and opened his holo display again. He would setup some things for the entry of the shuttle having watched the large creature engage the missile he would set it for a different inbound flight course. The troopers would move in front to cover the Tyr units as he waited for the call from his Rags to se how t
Elred had landed. [TLDR Talons comms go pop for a sec before coming back online. Rag 1 and 2 emergency land while tyr 1 and 2 shut down. Talon calls for its extraction bird to get their wounded out of the fight.]

[20:45] Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas)Ascendant Spider (Talista Glas) the mech was boring a hole through the creature's head and then suddenly the EMP attack hit and it went down. Literally. It collapsed, shivering for a moment before it slowly started booting back up again. The laser had stopped, any continuous damage it had been doing was now interrupted. It rose and looked up as it sees something clamping to the sides of the portal, booming out in its voice over the battlefield "PORTAL...CLOSE THE PORTAL...OR WE'LL BE OVERRUN..." It starts moving towards the portal, firing rounds of incendiary mortars into it, seemingly unconcerned with the possibility of its own destruction. She was ready to send down Musashi if something powerful enough to destroy this frame gave her the opportunity. "MAGES, SHUT THIS PORTAL...UTILIZE MY BULK AS COVER IF NEEDED...I'LL DO WHAT I MUST"

[20:51] DM/Scene: The Goliath would let out another almighty roar and would push forward once more... or at least... tried to... whatever was latching onto the portals also shot out and grabbed the Goliath!? it would struggle as these new tentacles seemed to dwarf the creatures own... the incendiary rounds seem to do nothing to this new creature as it completely ignores them and then proceeds to drag the Goliath back into the portal... the creature would struggle and howl but no matter how hard this thing seemed to struggle it would inevitably be pulled back into the portal... There would be crunching... ripping and howling sounds before what could only be described as a "BURRRRP!" and with that... the invasion seemed to be... over? [TLDR: Goliath gets dragged back into the portal by something EVEN BIGGER! and seems to be eaten for lunch... poor thing...]

[21:01] WujiWuji watches the giant spider leave and takes the red bottle from his hip "yeah that is totally not my problem... shut up im not drunk yet..." he downs the gourd as he trips over his own feet and falls into a portal [wuji drinks and gets flung out of the scene]

[21:12] CatoriCatori relaxes and goes over towards Julie as her expression softens. Sad wolf was worried about her friend from Lighthouse. She waited patiently for the moment ears twitching to everything going on, but her gaze stayed on Julie.

[21:17] JulieJulie gasped, eyes popping open as the curative magic restores and rejuvanates her. She climbs to her feet, a bit disoriented, barefoot and apparently blinded, as her eyes are dark. Her cybernetic arm hanging limply, as well. "What! What happened! Why can't I.. DAMN it. These things are supposed to be BETTER than this. Fuck! Someone tell me what's going on, where do I need to be, or.. or SOMETHING! Please!" she cries out desperately, spinning around in a panic.

[21:17] JulieJulie gasped, eyes popping open as the curative magic restores and rejuvanates her. She climbs to her feet, a bit disoriented, barefoot and apparently blinded, as her eyes are dark. Her cybernetic arm hanging limply, as well. "What! What happened! Why can't I.. DAMN it. These things are supposed to be BETTER than this. Fuck! Someone tell me what's going on, where do I need to be, or.. or SOMETHING! Please!" she cries out desperately, spinning around in a panic.

[21:19] ElredElred after a little while the tyr units would slowly start to trundle about sluggishly as the pilots willed the suits to move. the Two rag pilots would have landed the ships not to badly damaged but in need of some engineers to get them off planet again. The Roar of the drop ship in the distance signaled that talon was gonna be leaving soon as the men groups together. Taking off helmets to show that all of them were indeed elves. with runes and tattoos on their face and necks. Elred moved to them and smiled a bit, "We lost one today but well they will be remembered..." He uttered to them as he patted the sergeants shoulder. The ship would slowly descend and It would let off two larger frames from hand holds on the side the Bigger units looking around brandishing much larger weaponry then the smaller tiers. Out of the back would come a team of engineers two heading to each Tyr unit while six moved off with a small team of troopers to go for the Rags. "I'll be sending the bill later. HE shouted over the engines.

Saint Lynoia would float down to the ground before looking back to everyone after the Goliath got sucked into the portal. thankfully everyone was... okay? for the most part? she seemed relieved for a moment before looking at the UTTER DESTRUCTION behind them.... '...by the light....' she'd mutter as the angelic figure seemed to be in shock at the sight. some of the few remaining Vanguard agents still alive and kicking would regroup. '...C... Commander?' one of them would come up and ask. She would look down at her hand. '...I... believe I am...' she'd shake her head. '... Apologies... I'm... not... quite sure with what has happened...' She'd see the sword in her other hand; that was new... then she spotted her wings? when did she get those? Set would act like an excited puppy on coffee as he runs around and barks at Lynoia absolutely ECSTATIC that his master had returned; Lynoia would raise a hand to him and he would sit down like a good boy but he would shift and tap on the spot as if DYING for the okay to just glomp his master and drown her with kisses and happyness. Lynoia would turn back to the VG trooper. '... Tend to the wounded and assemble a team so we can try to... salvage whats left... hopefully the barracks wasn't destroyed in all this...' She'd then float over to the Talon members. '... I'd like to thank you for what you've done today... without your help. I believe the outcome would have been quite different... I'll be sure to compensate you and your men...' she'd then turn back to everyone else. '... Thank you all for coming to the defense of the City... I will do everything in my power to assist however I can towards everyone's recovery...'

[21:24] SoloSolo unslots the orb from his hilt and sheathes the sword ".."
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