Pyramid Destruction (DM Avro)

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Pyramid Destruction (DM Avro)

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[01:02] (Mark Blake): /me "well then at the momment call me mask man!!! rebrebrebrebrebrebreb" he shouts as he launches a stream of punches at the wall while shouting the word reb over again

[01:03] (Ashley Reed): /me flies up to the scene, grumbling. "That pyramid is probably toast, hope nobody works in there..."

[01:05] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon): /me throws big overhead hammers like she's banging a big drum.

[01:05] ( ): Spyder-Queen watched as the pyramid was struck, smirking to herself as she knew it was the location of where Mikoto and Sigrid got married, the place she was judged by the council, and the place where the council was eventually shut down. Yeah, nothing she was really emotionally connected to. She knew she was supposed to protect it, was just having a hard time finding a reason to care, let alone actually do it.

[01:06] ([Scene]): /me the energies of the circles would fire up in beams. Lancing towards the vortexes apex. Upon hitting it a beam of violet arcane power would send forth a beam of destruction from the sky. Blasting the pyramid from tip to street level. Expanding outwards from its center point. Until the entire building was consumed in a vibrant Violet light. The sounds of rubble and dust could be heard as the wards fell and the shock wave blasted the surrounding area. Shattering building glass and throwing cars and vans. As the dust settled a pillar within the center of the area could be scene. Atop it was the missing Magitec reactor and on four sides portals. From them spewed wraiths. A whole damn army. From the clouds slowly floating down a monstrous arcane creature. It was chuckling happily at the wanton Destruction it had just committed. "Foolish citizen and heroes of this city. My master has seen fit to spare you if you will bend your knee and serve him..." It bellowed out to those gathers and could be heard through the

[01:06] ([Scene]): /me local area. The small army of wraiths fanning out to form a sort of legion flanked by two large golems. "So. What will your answer be..." It bellowed again as it floated down to land between the two golems.

[01:07] (Mark Blake): /me screams fuuuuuuuuccckk my vaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn!!!!!!!

[01:15] Cain (darkflame14 Resident): (Can we assume the mob wraiths are just everywhere we need for our posts?)

[01:16] Cain (darkflame14 Resident): (this is going to be fun, big anime fight here we go)

[01:17] Cain (darkflame14 Resident): (dont worry ill avenge your van for you)

[01:21] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon): /me roars and throws her arms out to either side, running to scoop up a pair of spooky wraith monsters and bash them into each other. She's a pillar of feminine fury and the strength of a demigod.

[01:23] ( ): Spyder-Queen rolled backwards in the sky a few times, the energy wave making it harder to stay a float. She steadies herself slightly, wings flapping hard as she got her barrings. She looked at the one the creature that came through, glaring at it, "As the highest ranking Vanguard member here, and as the leader of the Symbiote Kingdom, our knees don't bend to you. We'll let you bend the knee to us though. We strongly recommend you taking these little things of yours away, before We actually get upset." She saw the wraiths flying about, doing her best to fly around them, firing webbing at the eyes of three of the wraith's as she approached the big guy in the middle of it all.

[01:24] (Solaris): /me flexes her arms and yells "S̸͎̻͙̰̆̄ų̶̩̯̬̙͚͈̩͓͑̽ͅͅń̷͓̱̹̞̖̐̎͆́͑̿̃͘͘͠͝͝͝b̶̨̙̦̱̩̙͓͖̭͍͈̫̝́̾̋̏̉͜ư̵̛͕̫̜͓͇̞̦̠̞̿͐̍̉̔̒̎̔̐̓̍r̸̨̼͕̫̬̼̙̠̯͔͓͕̍̊͠s̵̛̗̱̗͎͔̝̰̦̏̇̾̒̊̐̎̂͑̕ṭ̵̗͍̖̥͔̬͉̙̟̫̝̗́!̵̨̨̢͉̝͕̹̭̖̣̺͕̪͍̿̊̄͆̔͒͜" to the sky! Her body suffused with the power of the sun, she throws punches at the scurrying wraiths with stone-cracking power before turning to leap up the nearby mountain of rubble towards the nearest golem!

[01:29] (Death Radius): /me watches the pyramid crumble as his form goes in and out of ghosting to avoid and rubble "something tells me those arent going to take no for an answer...hey... i need you to be a weapon" he looks to the bird on his shoulder, with a caw it jumps and flies to his arm, turning into a scythe in the air for him to catch "alright so two monsters a a pile of those things from the other day... i can do this... shut up fine... we can do this, you know you sure have gotten uppity now that youve stopped yelling" he seems to converse with himself as he taps the scythe on his shoulder, alright nothing we cant handle" he throws up a hand and his bandages on his left wrap around a wraith as he pulls on it to get some height, the air around him gets cold as he is pulled towards the wraith, the scythe goes through it, and he looks to another this time he uses spirit strings to attach to it, making it float itself to him to cut through "lucky these things are weak" he just stands in the air and looks to the woman flying

[01:29] (Death Radius): /me nearby "hey i know you... are you sure we should be making the big one mad"

[01:35] (Ashley Reed): /me flies into the fray, "Bend the knee? Fuck that shit. I don't kneel to anyone. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!" She aims her watch laser in a sweep towards three of the wraith goons as she pulls an arcane disc from her phone and throws it at the golem that Solaris was heading for. [Raking a laser through wraiths and throwing an arcane disc at the left side golem.]

[01:46] ([Scene]): /me The Goliath would smile a the words of Queenie. a low hearty chuckle rose from its throat. "You think... You are stronger then them? prove it..." it bellowed as it slammed it's hands together and a beam of pure arcane energy would blast forwards towards Queenie [Supreme Aether Beam]. The beam would fly into a building far off and cause a huge explosion of a small apartment building. Little wraiths would continue to pour fourth from the portals to replenish those lost to the heroes. For each one that fell another took its place in earnest. Some fanning out from the battle engaging NPC forces sent by VG. Golem 1 would let out a droning cry of a fel reaver form where its head would have been as it moved to engage Solaris. Its fingers on its right hand form into a large blade as it slashes downwards at Solaris. It would raise a hand catching the Golem 2 not being engaged would raise its hands up. A bolt of aether energy rockets out towards Cain [Greater Aether Bolt Concussive] As the creature lets out a fel

[01:46] ([Scene]): /me reaver like droning call as well. More Wraithes would come for Alex. Each one brandishing a blade made of arcane energy formed from one of their hands attempting to mob the girl. Several wraiths on teh ground would look up at the flying cat girl. [TLDR: Goliath fires a massive energy attack at Queenie[blows up apartment building in the background], Golem 1 swings at Solaris, Golem 2 fires at Cain, Little shitters attempt to stab and mob Alex, Little shitters fire at Ashley]

[01:48] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon): /me is all but impervious to all but the finest metal blades, and isn't sure how well she'll stand up to this weird, woobly magical crap. She begins stomping, trying to catch wraiths under feet, swinging her arms to hurl away the others, throwing wild haymakers tirelessly. "Like hell!"

[01:53] ( ): Spyder-Queen looked to Death Radius, "If he's focused on us, the rest of you can deal with the minions and help any civilians." She watched as the guy addressed her, glaring at him, "Don't underestimate our petite size for lack of power." She would fly upward fast, transforming into her angelic form as she avoided the blast. She would see the destruction done to the apartment complex, gritting her teeth. She'd draw a rune in the air to make a small portal, pushed her hand through it, and would pull her magic wand through it. She'd start radiating a holy aura outwards, sending it throughout the area to try and deter the wraiths, as she hoped they would shun away from the holy magic. She'd waive her wand in the air and then point it at the apartment complex. A ray of light would part from the heavens, going to shine on the apartment complex as she attempted to heal anyone that was hurt by this attack, "The wraiths are a distraction! Hurt the big guy! We need to get him to stop summoning his pawns!" [Sending out

[01:53] ( ): Spyder-Queen across the area, trying to heal those hurt by the apartment destruction]

[01:54] (): [Sending out a holy aura across the area, trying to heal those hurt by the apartment destruction]

[01:56] (Solaris): /me kicks a few wraiths away from her to keep them from swarming, then plants her legs and crosses her arms above her head, preparing to meet the golem's descending blade head-on!

[02:01] (Death Radius): /me nods, apparently she rather use those around as a distraction to save the civilians, not a bad idea "guess thats what heroes would do as vin would say... ugh hes rubbing off on me" he looks around a bit startled and crosses his arms over his chest, three wraiths trapped by his soul strings fly in the way of the golems attack at him "thanks for that morty... no im in control i can do this... i think" he begins to run on the air and gets close to the queen "so team up on the big guy let the others handle the smaller ones got it" hes getting good at taking orders at least... he holds up his hand and a bunch of ice shards appear around him before getting thrown at the goliath [tldr, he uses three wraiths to shield himself from the attack and air walks to queen and fires ice shards at the big guy]

[02:09] (Ashley Reed): /me has been learning how to dodge while flying better! She dips right, but nope! She gets clipped on the leg by one of the mini-wraiths, she's probably not going to want to put weight on that right now. And the explosion behind her didn't bug her much. And now there's a big gun to copy, thanks Golem boy. Pixels manifest around her, coalescing into digital copies of the golem's greater aether blast, her arcane disc, and one of the shitter wraith blasts. "Turnabout is fair play pal!" And all three are fired at the golem on the right! [Ashley creates digital copies of the Golem's blast, her disc, and a shitter wraith blast and unleashing all three on the right golem, he needs love too. Also gets hit in the leg! Ow!]

[02:10] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me shouts "SOMEBODY EXTRA THICC GET UNDERNEATH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" at the top of his lungs from a spot very high up in the air, and from the sound of it, it seemed like he was on a high-speed approach into the area... after which the sound of a sonic boom is heard in the air, and he can be seen streaking through the air (and possibly through a building), elbow-first- in fact, his lucha elbow drop form was superb- right into the middle of... whatever the hell it was that was going on in the middle of town at the moment, making a spectacular crater in the middle of whatever wreckage he'd just fallen into, and sending debris and rubble flying everywhere throughout the area to make even more of a mess of the place. The crater is smoking around where he's made impact, and he crawls up out of it, looking slightly tattered and singed, but otherwise... just every bit of the raving lunatic he was. At least his shades were on straight. "DAMN it, Nancy, the next time I tell you I'm in orbit I'm gonna launch myself

[02:10] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): at your chimney, ASS-FIRST, right after I get done dealing with the damn gnomes. My damn trajectory was off, that should have hit the gnome fortress outside of town anyway." [Az... makes a Dynamic Entry, and a General Mess Of Things.]

[02:11] (Maiden America): /me comes flying in ready for action. Looking around as she nears Ashley and her super form "I see I have arrived in time"

[02:12] (Dr.Tamago): another ray of light struck down from on high, this one red and looming. It parted the clouds as it struck the roadway with force burning into it a rather grim grinning face known all too well around the city. Appearing in this beam of light was Dr. Machinak as her mecha began to build itself around her, ARMED TO THE HAWKS. Scanners began to spin up on it's head and the Mecha moved at her command. The first thing it did was let loose a volley of swarming missiles that scattered out into the air exploding into a cacophony of symphonic destruction threw out the sky killing wraths like violently exploding fireflys.

[02:13] ([GPC] EGGMissiles v1.2 Blue Left): Ready to... stuff!

[02:13] ([GPC] EGGMissiles v1.2 Blue Left): Ready to... stuff!

[02:13] ([GPC] EGGMissiles v1.2 Blue Left): Ready to... stuff!

[02:20] (Solaris): /me "Urgh!" She cries out as the the golem's blade slams into her block, staggering her momentarily.

[02:25] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon): ((wait. Did i miss something i was supposed to respond too?

[02:25] ([Scene]): /me The Goliath would chuckle as the frost attack smashed into it. Its eyes looking to the woman as she began healing those that could potentially be wounded in the attack. "You show signs of caring for those weaker then you. A pity..." it would bring up its large arm in an attempt to back hand the angel from the sky. Golem 1 would slam its blade against the prepared guard and bounce back letting out another fel reaveresk drone from its missing head and jab forward towards Solaris its blade poised to run her through in this attempt. Golem 2 would slam its arms together to form a shield as its own blast hit it knocking it backwards causing the shield to break and the discus as well as the wraith piercing blast hit it. Causing one of its arms armors to shatter. It let out a long low drone. Charging forwards towards the large woman and mecha. Its right arm raised up as it attempted to bull rush the larger woman into the mech. Little shitter wraiths continued to pour fourth from teh portals teh Magitec reactor in

[02:25] ([Scene]): /me the background droning on as it seemed to power this endless supply of reinforcements. The blades of the little wraiths were much more dangerous then common swords made out of pure magic as they attempted to cut and stab at Alex. Another volley would be launched towards Cain, Ashley and maiden a mixture of Concussive and piercing shots from a small attachment of wraiths in the back of one of the golems. As the Mech landed a small detachment woudl be obliterated by the scatter missiles. The man from orbit woudl land with a thud in the middle of a ground that cushioned his fall shattering a good squad of the wraiths in a comical fashion. [TLDR; Goliath attempts backhand of Queenie, Shitters fire on Ashe, maiden and Cain, Golem2 attempts to Bullrush Alex into Tomato, Golem 1 is locked in combat with Solaris]

[02:29] ( ): Spyder-Queen was glad Death Radius was listening to her and following her lead. She saw some reinforcements arrive, and some nutso fall out of the sky. She looked to Maiden, "Maiden! The big guy in the middle seems to be the ring leader. He's still middle management, not the big boss. So the goal is to capture, not kill him. We're focusing on civilians, you and Scythe boy go for the big guy." She looked at Dr Tamago, "What's up doc? Keep doing what you're doing!" She didn't bark orders at the rest of the people, as she didn't know them well enough to know if she could actually count on them to follow through. She glared at the Goliath, as she saw the hand coming for her, but knew if she stopped to move it would interrupt the spell.

[02:29] (): She did what she had to, and would take the hit, sending her flying down to the ground, skidding across the road, knowing her spell was cast for just a few seconds longer, potentially meaning the difference between life and death for some unknown people. She'd lay there a moment, after having the skipping stone on the pavement, she was going to need a minute.

[02:32] (Solaris): /me grunts in pain as the golem's stabbing blade sends her spinning with bruising force - but it can't break her skin! She takes a breath and leaps high in the air, clenched hands over her head ready to slam down onto the top of the mystical creature's headless body!

[02:37] (Death Radius): /me taps the scythe on his shoulder, the ice isnt doing anything, either its not big enough or its just immune, either way he needs a new tactic "wait you want me to deal with that thing... whoa!" he tries to question the order but he gets a rush of magic to block and dodge and she is hit away... his scythe can block a few blasts as he uses his bandages and strings to force some wraiths to take hits for him like some kind of cruel puppeteer "alright deal with the big one... i can do that, maiden can help out we got this... we got this... alright go for it" he gives the final okay and he begins to grow wings as he hands turn from skin to scales and claws "why me, i cant fight this thing..." he sighs and flaps his wings, a sonic boom is heard as he rushes at the goliath to punch it in the face with his draconic left arm [grimm uses wraiths as a shield because he can, then grows wings and claws, rushing the big one to punch it in the face]

[02:39] (Ashley Reed): /me calls out to Spyder, "Are you good!?" And she bolts forward, this time avoiding the wraith firepower while generating another disc and throwing it at Golem 2. She's decided to focus on that one. Aiming for the exposed points that no longer have armor. [Dodges wraith bolts and yeeting disc at golem 2's unarmored point.]

[02:41] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me starts dodging like a madman between flying missiles, debris, and wraith bits, and tries his damnedest to dodgeroll his way out of the maelstrom of fuck unleashed by the... big red robot thing? "WELL SLAP MY ASS AND CALL NELLIE SHIRLEY, IT'S SOME KINDA TEXAS PSYCHOBILLY FREAKOUT, THAT'S WHAT IT IS!~" (Everyone now hears the Reverend Horton Heat wailing away on guitar in the back of their heads now.) He calmly strolls his way out of the middle of Ground Zero for a moment, moving deftly around Alex- "Pardon there, missy, the ADHD is strong in this one..."- and immediately scrambling up and around the mechanical marvel like a kindergartener hopped up on Pixy Stix and whatever it was that Az laced his clove cigarettes with. "THIS... THING... IS THE COOLEST. I don't care who says otherwise, you're now my new best friend AND THEIR GIANT FUCKING ROBOT." He kicked up a sizably large piece of wreckage from the ground like he was playing hacky... and quickly did a spinning discus-throw with it, hurling it at

[02:41] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): high speed into the midst of what of the crowd of mooks had survived his rough landing (may they be shamed forever in the halls of all things Lucha, for the Elbow Drop is a finishing technique of yore) before flipping the Big Bad Blue Guy both birds belligerently. "NOT TOO SOON FOR RAISIN BRAN -NOW-, IS IT, RAGGY?!" He then turned back toward the robot, cocking an eyebrow up as he climbed up on top of its head and put his hands on his hips all superhero style. "How's about next time ya NOT SHOOT AT THE GUY TRYING TO PERFECT HIS LUCHA ELBOW DROP, FOR FUCKSAKES?!" He then flops onto the top of the robot's head with a similar elbow drop... only because it lacked the gusto of one coming from orbit, he promptly rolled around on the robot's head for a second after clutching his elbow. "...FUCK, OW!! WHAT THE SHIT DID YOU MAKE THIS THING OUT OF, UNOBTAINIUM AND DUCT TAPE?!" [Az trots his way happily out of the middle of the clusterfuck, hurls a chunk of wrecked something at the adds, taunts the boss, and

[02:41] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): then fangirls ALL OVER Machinak's Mighty Metal Machine.]

[02:52] (Dr. Tamago): braces herself as the Golem came bullrushing. " Uh, Hi.. don't think we've met. " Dr.Machinak said to Queen who she clearly didn't recognize through the vox of the machine. She then heard something thunk at the hull above her head and then some man began to cuss and rave about unobtainium or something. " It's made out of super Rarerium and FLEX Tape... you fool. Stop that before you give yourself a ulcer, and don't you dare lick that! Bah Why are you even up there?" Seeing Alex halt the rush from Golem 2 Dr. Machinak would come up behind Alex and swing her mighty steel hammer over the woman's head trying to smash it into Golem 2's chest. Taking the 1980's hipster along for the ride.

[03:05] ([Scene]): /me The Goliath was busy raising a fist to smash down on Queen when he was rushed in the face by claws and roars in pain. Floating backwards before he let out a grunt, "Alright then.. No more playing AROUND!" It roars as it slammed its hands into the ground. scarring on its face showing through the skull as a wave of magical force would rush outwards in a cone from in front of him towards the group. Wraiths are sent flying shattering into pure essence as he attempts to garner some space for himself to recover. Sending rubble, wraiths, and the Golems flying. Golem 2 is smashed in the head as the chest armor creaked and cracked as it let out a long low drone of pain, before it is sent flying from the wave of magical force coming from its boss. Golem 2 comes to a thundering halt as it slammed into the wall of the woman. It would be raising its arm to slam into her when the mighty hammer slammed into its chest housing causing it to crack and nearly shatter as it let out a droning cry as it continued through with

[03:05] ([Scene]): /me slam attempt on Alex. Ash's attack would sadly miss this time as the golem2 shuddered to the side before it was flung as well by the blast from teh goliath. [TLDR Magical Shock wave. CONE From goliath. 15M radius. Force of a locomotive at top speed]

[03:07] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon): /me roars and makes a heroic leap toward the golem, intending to bring her hands down onto its head like a hammer with titanic force worthy of her goddess-like stature.

[03:12] ( ): Angelic Queen gets up slowly, rubbing her head as she responded to Ashley, "Good enough." She'd rise to her feet, and swings her staff at a few of the nearby wraiths to knock them away as she collected herself. With all the sonic booms going on, she was glad she switched forms, even if she wasn't as strong in it. She saw the fist raised, and already was making a portal under her before it was stopped, falling through it. The portal would close, the cone of magic flowing over where it was before. A portal would open behind the Goliath, Queenie flying out of it, gripping her staff in both hands. She'd point the staff at the portal she came out of, then pointed it at the big Goliath's arm, and the portal would move, going to try and put the Goliath's right arm through the portal.

[03:12] (): Regardless if this worked or not, she'd grip the staff with both hands tightly, and her alchemy bonding would start, transforming her staff into two angelic swords capable of killing the unholiest of creatures. As a result, the portal would close as she was unable to maintain it and her swords at the same time. She'd fly at the Goliath, going to slash at his back with both blades as she called out to Dr Tamago, "We're Queenie. Sorry, We styled our hair different from the last time you saw us."

[03:15] (Solaris): /me As Solaris brings her fists down in a mighty hammerblow on Golem 1, the Goliath's shockwave catches her, knocking her down the mountain of rubble! She's still in the fight... but protecting herself is draining her light energy fast!

[03:21] (Death Radius): /me actually managed to hit the thing and even more he did some noticeable damage, wait until he tells vin he did something... but the patting on the back is short lived as a magical shockwave hits him... he uses his arms and scythe to take the first bit giving him the time he needs to go into his full draconic form for a few seconds while the blast carries him back he grumbles as he is tosses around and down to the ground... the switch to dragon form helped him stay up from that, but it reverts after the attack as he gets up, back to his more human look "ugh... that sucked..." he uses the scythe to hold himself up a second as he looks around trying to figure out where he was sent [grimm takes the force head on like a man, using a dragon form scapegoat to minimize damage, not going to turn into it since im lazy]

[03:21] (Ashley Reed): /me sees the Golem is up to some shit and before that blast goes off, she gets past the origin point, aiming to get at the reactor, "Nope." The alternative was probably death, considering she's not durable enough to survive a trainwreck. "I should seriously invest in something like a megazord or someshit like that." She grumbles as she goes to get close enough to the reactor to start her mind machine interface to start gaging any tech defenses it has. [Not dying! And starting the process of getting access to the reactor of DEWM!]

[03:22] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me points forward, standing on the top of Machinak's robot as it charges into battle like he's George Washington crossing the Delaware, and speaks up with his best Manly Hero Voice. "...ONWARD, MIGHTY AND FAITHFUL STEED!!~" He then takes an opportunity to run upward along the extended hammer of the Mean Not-So-Green Machine as it impacts the golem in front of it, eyes seemingly glowing bright red and trailing eldritch energy for a second as he jumps upward, does a sickhouse frontflip, and brings his right heel thundering down into the poor bastard's head (or whatever equates to that, I mean... it's a rock) at full force to capitalize on the robot's assault. "I'MMA AXEKICK THIS GOLEM IN HALF TO SHOW ALLLLLLLL Y'ALL THE AWESOME POWER OF FLEXTAPE!!" He then leaps back up onto the robot's head once he's done, knocking a couple times on the lid before he points over at the big blue thing and talks to Machinak through the glass. "Ummm... I don't know if you are aware of this, but that guy over there looks

[03:22] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): like it might be Barry, and Barry -might- just want me to pay him the poker earnings I still owe him from last Saturday night... might wanna either stay away from him or aw crap here comes eldritch bullshit. By the way, your robo tastes like fatty tuna." He hopped down from the robot, the sound of him hocking a rather thick loogie rasping in the back of his throat... and then he cocks his head back and -fires- it, glowing with that sickening red of his own chaotic energy (because at this point, there's no other way to describe it) at near-Mach speed toward the center of the the blast wave in an attempt to interfere with its progress forward. "If this don't work... tell Neville I said he's a bitch, and then pour one out for all my homies on the inside who didn't make it through!!" For all intents and purposes... this otherwise looks like a normal guy doing this kind of insane stuff, and he's standing right in front of an oncoming unholy wave of fuckoff like it's a summer breeze (that makes you feel

[03:22] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): fine). [Az charges into battle aboard the Machinak Mecha, capitalizes on its hammer strike with a sick axekick, makes a product placement, and then attempts to interfere with eldritch bullshit... by hocking an eldritch loogie directly at it, with no mind for his own well-being.]

[03:26] (Dr. Tamago): would nod pulling back her hammer. " AH, sorry about that, didn't know you had wings... or was purple. Look I've done a shitload of cocaine since the last time we met" She then looked to Azrael as if he wasn't even real. "Who the hell is this guy? OOF " Dr. Machinak called back to Queen though the vox before the shock wave rammed into her mecha and sent her flying backwards into the road way in a shower of sparks and metal grinding sounds. Picking herself up and firing her jets she took to the air, one of her mecha's arms disconnecting itself and falling to the road with the hammer in a massive thunk, in a damaged sparking mess.

[03:35] ([Scene]): /me The Goliath would feel the portal closing around its hands as it wrenched its had from it. It would feel the cuts into its back as it roared out heavily as it slumped down, "You.. Know not what you are in for... I am the weakest of his minions..." he would chuckle heavily as he spun striking at Queenie again with its massive hand. Little wraiths still pouring from the portals. Golem one would get slammed along its armor cracking and shattering and slowly dissolving as it droned out in pain. Golem two would take the eldrich loogie and drone as it flew slumping to its knees and dissolved. The portals would pulse violently as if someone on the other side had taken notice. "The master... Is coming..." The Goliath would state in defiance to those about him. The wraiths coming fourth would stop their deluge for a brief moment as they all seemed to rise up to stop ashley from approaching the generator.

[03:37] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon): /me takes a moment to steel herself, but also to grip two big stones to hurl at whatever is coming. She's never faced something like this.

[03:38] (Solaris): /me rises to her feet, uncertain what to do next.

[03:40] ( ): Angelic Queen replyed back to Dr Tamago, "Yeah, We're an angel too. People seem to forget that." She saw the hand coming for her, and was ready for it this time. Her swords would switch back into her staff, as her body transformed back into her regular form, tendrils forming on her back as she would now go to stick to the Goliath's hand as she was hit. The wind would be knocked out of her as the tendrils would attempt to wrap around Goliath's arm, an would actually attempt to bond with him so that Queen could try and get a peak at his mind to see what was coming and any potential weaknesses for the Goliath as well as the master. [Got hit, but stuck to the hand, and is trying to wrap tendrils around the big dude and bond with him to learn weaknesses]

[03:44] (Death Radius): /me holds out his hand and in a cold light blue flame his second scythe appears he spins it around as he looks up to the big thing "hmm so he is the weakest and i could barely scratch him using my full power... guess im done here... no you dont get to come out quit asking..." he turns invisible and completely incorporeal as he begins to walk towards the thing with any luck he will make it to the generator and portals spitting out wraiths without notice [gets a second weapon and goes total ghost as he sneaks to the portals and generators]

[03:44] (Tilliah): someone would appear and float out a new portal... a girl? in a maid outfit? she didn't look 'normal' though. she had a mischievous grin on her face. '... so this is the new world that the master wants? doesn't seem all that special to me...' she'd wave a hand and two glowing orbs would twirl around it. '... but... what the master wants... the master gets...' She would make an arcane gesture and two shadow-like creatures would appear behind her. '... time to play it seems mhmhm...' [enters the scene and summons some minions]

[03:50] (Ashley Reed): /me looks at the woman on hearing her entrance. "What, are we fighting the evil version of Tokyo Mew Mew now?" And someone had sent something she could copy. And it looked nasty, at least according to the data. OK. She went high, target selected, and pixels manifest into...IS THAT AN ELDRICH LOOGIE? She copied the Henderson dude. That had to be it. Fuck it. She sends it in Tilliah's direction. Good God, that's disgusting.

[03:51] (Ashley Reed): /me [Pauses hack and fires off a digital copy of the eldritch loogie at Tilliah]

[03:57] (Alexandra Rose): /me Watching from inside the portal as these "Heroes" Fight well she was somewhat impressed. It was time for their appearance a portal rips open.Stepping out of her portal she glances around. "I suppose it's time to teach these uh what are they again?" She sighs readying her spells. She chuckles seeing her partner in crime. "Yes this is it....really something really." She grins opening a pocket dimension she pulls out a half eaten apple from a mage...she continues to rummage in her portal when she grabbed a book with runes and powerful magic. "Time to unleash our Master's wrath!!!!!" As she was readying everything she see's a grows attack heading to her partner. "That's grows!" Her book flies open dark magic spews forth creating a wall to attempt to block the ELDRICH LOOGIE?(Steps out of a portal ready to fight. rummages through her things till she gets her spell book casts wall of shadows to attempt to block ELDRICH LOOGIE of death)

[03:58] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me looks back at the robot- from mid-air... is he actually just standing there like it's solid ground?!- as it flies out from underneath him and grinds and clatters to a halt on the street before its arm falls off after it rights itself. "...OKAY, Blue... THAT... is a twelve-foot... FIFTY-TON automaton of mass destruction, FINELY AND OBSESSIVELY CRAFTED from Super Rareium and Flextape... and the Flextape is still holding." He steeples his hands briefly as he gets a Real Serious Look on his face, glaring over the top of his shades at the big blue guy as he cracked his knuckles, and suddenly everything got dark for a brief moment, save his eyes smoldering in the shadows like unholy embers staring -through- the essence of whatever that big blue fucker was like it wasn't even rotten meat, let alone the maggots crawling around on it. He inhaled slowly through his teeth as the tone in his voice hit a jarringly sudden, chillingly low and tired rasp from the back of his throat, his teeth gritted as he strode

[03:58] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): slowly -through the air- toward the Goliath like he was the biggest pair of cajones on the block, and like he was actually just tired of another dog pissing in -his- yard. "You degenerate, misguided miscreant filth... your so-called 'master' isn't fit to lick the dung from the hooves of an ass, let alone threaten a good night's sleep..." The sound of his voice was a bit strained, as though he were almost -forcing- himself to cough the words free of his gullet to say them- or as though it took considerable focus to make himself do it. "You... should know better than... to look your superiors IN THE EYE!!" He would then run a few more steps forward, jumping into a furious front flying kick in an attempt to catch the Goliath square in the center of its forehead, the crackling glow of red chaotic energy almost seeming to warp the very air and space around his foot and behind him to shove him forward with greater speed, and impact with higher strength than he had been demonstrating up to this point.

[03:58] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): Successful attack or not... the darkness would then dissipate, leaving the scenery as it had been before things had taken that strange turn, and Az' antics would soon rebound to that level of nor... fuck, I can't even type that with a straight face. Az would return to being the Az that everyone here had seen before this point, since "normal" is relative. [Az seems to be tired of the Goliath talking up a big game, and decides to deliver an eldritch Boot to the Head to set the motherfucker straight about the order on the totem pole.]

[04:03] (Dr. Tamago): would pull at the controls of her machine, flipping switches and rerouting settings mid battle. " Yeah who isn't a trans human angelwitch queenking mermaid demon werewolve corgi now days?" Tamago said throught the Vox again, and continued to work on her mecha before bringing it fully back online. She how ever realized something else was coming and conserved her power for the moment. "Hey uh, sis I might need ya down here. This things pretty big. " She said using her wrist comm to talk to some one. [flipping switches and waiting, calling for aid ]

[04:05] (King Bee): While doing an X-Honey drug deal in the lower city he sees a news report of the chaos in the upper city, while the report is live there is a flash of light and then the live feed goes to static...curious how he might use the chaos to his advantage in building his hive he commands three of his drones to accompany him and they rush to the scene...."Whaty a disaster this many potential drones killed from that blast...." he says rather disappointed.

[04:08] Cain (darkflame14 Resident): (improved internet huh... did i miss anything)

[04:12] Cain (darkflame14 Resident): (can someone add me to the group post as well, thanks in advanced)

[04:12] Cain (darkflame14 Resident): (group chat*)

[04:13] ĴÏŅX ÄŖËŚ (ChristinaChance2 Resident): (no.....)

[04:16] ([Scene]): /me The Goliath would chuckle as it pulsed arcane energy into its arm. "General's.. Why are you,... Oh..." It uttered slowly. It sent a wave of arcane energy through its arm to blast the being off it. This however left it open to the elderich kick. As it grimaced for the kick that never came it opened its eyes. A giant violet portal was ripped open before him a Glowing red and purple sickly hand outstretched from the portal holding the Old mans glowing leg, "I THINK NOT!" A booming wraspy voice echoed out from within the portal. "I did not give you permission to talk down to my servants OLD MAN!" with that the hand would fling the man to the side; as a large wraith slowly emerged from the portal. Its eyes glowing with purple fire as it surveyed the area, "WHY ARE THEY NOT SUBJUGATED... Falstad..." It barked looking at the Goliath. The large creature just bowed its head to the much smaller Wraith and shook its head, "They proved stronger then we thought master..." it uttered. "I will need to do this

[04:16] ([Scene]): /me personally..." Rymer stated his eyes shifted to the others. Its fingers snapped as the aura around him SURGED out [Passive ability Magical Aura. Those with magical sense are pained when within 5m of Rymer(OOC permission required)] "Falstad.. Leave... You will be punished later..." the portal would remain open between the large wraith and the Goliath as it attempted to escape through the portal. The large Wraith would turn and glare at everyone. "Now then... You will bow.. Or you will die..." He would raise a hand up as his fingers curled into a fist and he thrust it forwards Arcane energy surging from his hand and then suddenly branching out towards all in front of him currently. [Multi Empowered Aether Bolt Concussive at Alex, Casey, Ken][Rymer current power level +30]

[04:18] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon): /me hurls her rocks into the path of the bolt, hopefully it will help her, she turns and flings herself to the ground, hoping to further avoid it!

[04:20] ( ): Spyder-Queen would suddenly get blasted back by a surge of arcane power, making a small crater in the ground as impacted it. Her skin would be cracked and bleeding a blueish red thick liquid sludge, actually bleeding her own blood. She looked upward, holding her hand to her ear to speak into her com, "Rymer is coming..." Her hand would fall to the ground as she blacked out for five seconds. Her eyes would open, head ringing as she seemed to be in a daze. She saw the girl in the maid outfit, and couldn't help but think that wouldn't be good for her maid service business. She looked up to see that the master had appeared, "Correction, Rymer is here..."

[04:22] (Tilliah): Tilliah would look over to Ashley only to have some magic based snot ball shot at her. '... That... is UTTERLY disguising...' Tilliah would fly higher up as one of the Brute's intercepted the loogie of DOOM. potentially shouting something like "my life for the horde" or someshit in its own ghostly language; getting utterly evaporated in the process. the other Brute would dart to the side and rush Ashley's position. claws out with the intent of tearing that glowing cat a new one. Tillia's ghostly tendrils would shoot out towards Ashley as well [Arcane Tendrils] and attempt to bind the glowy digi cat in some way. '... Come here kitten... I want to play... hehehehe...' the Aether deamon fox-cat? (even the writer doesn't know what the fuck they have made) would cackle. [TLDR: one brute minion face tanks the loogie of death... turns out its fatal! second brute lunges for Ashley. Tilliah flies around and shoots ghostly tendrils at Ashley... you've all seen enough hentai to know where this could go >=P ]

[04:30] (Death Radius): /me uses his ghost abilities to the fullest, and sneaks around the battlefield, unless someone can sense souls or spirits he would be totally unseeable and untouchable, that is until he reaches the portals and generator if stopped before hand he will just try attacking or blocking what stopped him, but if he makes it that far he would seem to appear out of nowhere next to the generator and use a scythe to slash at it, thinking it is what is powering the portals [grimm sneaks around like a coward and tries to attack the generator if he makes it that far]

[04:33] (Ashley Reed): /me dives away from the tentacles, and then banks around to head towards Tilliah with a grin, "Nope. Seen enough Hentai. Tentacles and Catgirls, no thanks!" PIxels manifest around her, coalescing into Rhymer's three empowered aether blasts. "But if you wanna dance..." Her phone starts blasting music: (( )) She sends the three Aether blasts at Tilliah, one right after another. "LET'S DANCE!"

[04:34] (Ashley Reed): /me [Dodged hentai invites and fired digital copies of the Aether blasts at Tilliah.]

[04:38] (Ashley Reed): /me in getting away from the tentacles by diving she does manage to avoid getting immediately creamed.

[04:40] (Alexandra Rose): /me Blinks as Tilliah used one of the golems to block the grows attack which was both a relief and well felt sorry for the poor things than her Master appears. She bows still being a maid after all. "Welcome to the show Master forgive us for having you sudden." She flies up to the goliath and sits on his shoulder going through her spells. "Hmm what to cast what to many choices." She ponders till she sensed two? slip past. "Oh you think your cleaver? I think not...come oh shadows of darkness defend your Master and show these creatures what your made of.!" (Casting shadows of darkness summons creatures and attacks Death and Solars only to attempt to stop them)

[04:42] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me is surprised to find that a thing has come between him and his intended target... and caught his foot. "Well hi there little guy, would you like to hear about the healing power of--" It's at this point that Az is rather violently dismissed by force, having been thrown aside and back into the gigantic pile of wreckage to roll backward a few times and then crack his head against a rather large piece of exterior wall. He is seeing stars for a few moments, pushing himself up onto one knee and shaking his head as he adjusts his shades on his face again. "I'M -35-, YA FRIGGIN' JACKASS, WAY TO TWIST THE FUCKIN' KNIFE!!" He growls at the individual calling him 'old man' and tries to stumble to his feet, but that makes him feel more than a little dizzy as soon as he stands up straight enough. "Aw fuck, I knew I shoulda saved a kumquat or two for this one... that dude totally is working with the gnomes or somethin' sinister like that...." He begins to stumble and stagger back down through the wreckage,

[04:42] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): grumbling something about "Nazeem needs to get his ass back down from the fuckin' Cloud District and do that thing he does that trolls people unless they 6B at him" as he holds the back of his head... and he appears to be bleeding. The puzzle pieces in his Rubik's Cube of a mind seem to be well out of whack at the moment, but somehow something was extremely wrong with the fact that something took that attack to him... he just couldn't figure out or pinpoint what the hell the "wrong" actually was with it, or even with the character that had pulled it off- to anyone else watching, it was almost like the thing was able to not only handle chaotic energy, but somehow made something rebound against Az on contact. The thing that mattered, however, was that he knew that he was in trouble, and he wobbled his way over toward the big red machine with Machinak in it once again. "Hey there, New Bestie... I think I might need one o' them big-ass patches you put on your back when it's sore... for muh braincase." He's

[04:42] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): starting to stumble a bit more than he had been coming down from the pile of debris.... [Az got surprise intercepted and forced to eat dirt... and has been rocked hard after being flung into a pile of broken building, and is now stumbling around like an idiot toward Machinak- Situation "Normal".]

[04:46] (Dr. Tamago): would try and pick up Azrael when he noticed him wander in front of the chaos blast heading her way. She attempts to turn her mecha's back to it and protect Az with her heavy armor. " You idiot, what are you doing!" Tamago said before the massive bolt of energy coming at her and did her best to shield herself but a mecha pilots greatest enemy was proper concussive force. While the machine was again knocked back to the ground the pilot as she shielded Az, Tamago herself was rocked around in the cockpit and clearly knocked cold, sliding to a sparking grinding stop on the asphalt.

[04:48] (King Bee): As he watches the chaos he grins and mocks the goliath a bit..."Bow befor me or die! I'll have to remember that one...such a great villain monologue..although it's also a bit overplayed...." He laughs at himself when all of a sudden he sees the aether blast coming at him full speed. He flies up a bit and grabs one of his drones that came with him from the lower city by the collar of their shirt and tosses him in the direction of the blast...watching it burn him to a crisp...."Look here you eldritch moron! I am not here for a fight, I'm just watching the world burn!"

[04:50] (Maiden America): /me flies in and hovers above the scene. Looking over the battlefield

[04:59] (King Bee): after watching his minion burn he decides it best to ju7st let the heroes deal with it and he flees the scene

[04:59] ĴÏŅX ÄŖËŚ (ChristinaChance2 Resident): (just like a bee to be annoying then run away :P)

[05:01] (Rymer): /me would slowly watch him minion escape as the large portal closed. The people assaulting the generator would sudden find the machine sparking and preparing to explode. Demonic and arcane energies of the reactor began to go critical, Rymer spun looking at them, "YOU FOOLS ITS UNSTABLE!" He cries out. His fists clenched and he grimaced looking at where his right hand should be. Noticing just a stump now as he snarled out looking at the 80s man being shielded by the mech.. What... are you...." he muttered. "Subjugate these savages... The reactor isn't important anymore girls..." he uttered as he lowers his hand and looked at the Bee man, "You are one to watch the world burn? Then maybe you would want to join me.. This world DESTROYED MINE! SO I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE ON IT!" He would look down noticing Queenie, "And you...." He uttered floating down and reaching down and grabbing the broken symbiote queen((OOC PERSMISSION)), "How dare you...." He uttered those burning orbs staring into their eyes. [TLDR: GOlia

[05:01] (Rymer): /me Escapes. Reactor is goign to explode soon. Rymer is missing his right hand to the elbow due to old man henderson begin who he is. a BAMF. He now has Shmoe in his grasps and is glaring at them]

[05:10] (Zideous Arionnias?): /me lurks.

[05:10] ( ): Spyder-Queen looked at Rymer, coughing up a bit of her own blood, spitting it out on the side. She looked to Rymer, smirking a bit ,"Oh, We dare. We're kind of a brat in that way." Her wings and tendrils would suddenly melt into her, as she had to focus on what she was about to do. She'd start to shoot tendrils out of her body, making them razor sharp in an effort to stab through the very hand that was holding her, still showing that defiance. "We will never bend the knee to you. But still offer you the chance to stop what you're doing and bend it to us." She didn't expect him to, she was just trying to keep him focused on her, and not on the star spangled hero that appeared, that she hoped to the 13 original colonies that Maiden would beat this guy silly.

[05:12] (Tilliah): The deamon maid would pout as she was denied her hentai experience (BOOO! YOU KNOW WHAT EVERYONE HERE WANTS!) and was subsequently shot at by a series of copy blasts of her masters... She would gracefully dodge one of the beams, the second would be intercepted by the Brute and subsequently vaporised. the third beam however would hit center mass and she would be pushed back a number of meters... but the beam seemed... somewhat absorbed!? 'mhmhm.... you're gonna be fun....' she'd reply darkly. '.... lets dance glowy cat... but first...' She'd glance back at the portal and fire one of her glowing orbs towards the generator... soon after a series of creatures would appear around the generators and the sneaky heroes... a number of them lunging at them; attempting to keep them close so they couldn't escape the (likely) explosion from the generator. She'd then look back to Ashley and giggle. after a quick arcane gesture a large "wheel" like weapon would appear beside Tilliah before shooting at her; spreading into

[05:12] (Tilliah): multiple discs... '....ahahhaha..... lets see how quick you are little cat!' there would be 4 discs total. each striking from a different direction... [TLDR: tentacles DENIED... <Cuthulu will remember this...> Tilliah summons a small horde to deal with Cain and Solaris; currently two creatures actively attacking them. Brute minion dies. Tilliah Tanks a beam and seems to use it to empower herself? summons magic glowy wheel of death. deathwheel turns into multiple and strikes at Ashley in rapid succession.]

[05:17] (Solaris): /me goes all-out, punching and kicking the lesser aetherbeasts, putting as much light-energy as she can into her blows in order to clear a path to escape the exploding generator.

[05:20] (Ashley Reed): /me flies back, and around, gritting her teeth as tries her best to avoid some of the wonderful spinning death wheels. But unfortunately, that's not going well. She gets slashed up a good bit. "Okay, that's not a good time." And she levels her watch at the bitch and lets a laser blast loose at Tilliah as she moves away from the impending KABOOM of the generator. "Why do the non-tech people always get to the stuff that could explode first? Why...?"

[05:23] (Death Radius): /me sees the other at the generator and stop... he yawns a bit loudly totally not giving away his position at all... he begins to move a little sluggishly as his head bobs to the tune of the song from the technocats phone... then a pile of shadows and magic creatures descend upon him, but like a puppet with its strings cut he begins to move around almost flailing his scythes around to fend off the shadows and magic beasts...half awake and his body getting tugged in the right direction he miraculously manages to cut through most of the beasts, holding them off on the dogpile they were attempting but he still is locked in place fighting them [grimm gets sleepy and his brother moves him like a puppet to avoid getting overwhelmed by the hoard coming after him]

[05:27] (Alexandra Rose): /me She blinks as they reached the reactor. "How.....Well that's a thing...." She waves her hand the beasts gets bigger and feircer keeping the now sleepy death in their place to at least keep them from doing more damage. "Forgive me Master it seems the dumb hero decide to set that thing off instead....." She readies herself to flee if need be. (Keeps Death in place.)

[05:28] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me grumbles a bit more as he's suddenly picked up by Machinak's robot and then sent for a ride as a shot sends the machine sprawling once more, with him in its arms. Luckily the thing got put on its back, or he'd have ended up underneath it- and not in a good way. He couldn't do much since the machine had him held down, and still being significantly punch-drunk, he struggled to lift his head to see that the son of a bitch that had caught his foot earlier... had been relieved of a forearm. He coughed up a chuckle, raising one arm to shake his fist wearily at the bastard as he picked up someone else to play with them. "...HA!!... hope ya enjoy tryin' to kick people's asses with ONE FRIGGIN' ARM... now go fuck yourself or somesuch... I dun wanna go to school today, Momma, I wanna stay home 'n' bake cookies with yooooooou...~" ...Apparently severe head trauma is still one helluva downer, because with that Az slumps over in the robot's grasp and falls (pleasantly, to some folks... probably) silent...

[05:28] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): there's a bit of a snore coming from inside his throat, and he's drooling a bit, but otherwise it's just damned hard to tell whether the blood loss and (expected) brain damage had finally got to him, or if he was just tired enough to pass the fuck out and not care about where he was, or how, or even why. [Cthulhu nothing, I drank the bastard under the table with the good shit and proceeded to draw dicks on his face with Sharpie marker. Just don't fuck around with him and he'll never know about it, or the hentai. In fact... write the hentai later and then we'll talk about proper application of eldritch tentacles. MEANWHILE, Az has been knocked unconscious? Critically injured? Whatever. Apparently this is a good point for Az to consider the fight with Rymer a draw, if he even has an idea what just happened there. A draw sounds good. Yes. Also, Machinak might have saved his dingus ass from falling victim to his own idiocy... or dumb luck.]

[05:30] (Dr. Tamago): would be unmoving for the moment, her mecha sparking in places as the bolt had badly damaged it. The lights and engines dim down. She was clearly unconscious inside of the mecha.

[05:30] (Maiden America): /me flies down looking like she's going to save Ashley. Instead she throws a massive punch at green cat lady, sending her flying. (Consent given) Looking down to the other heros. A purple aura enveloping her as her form shifts to a extremely slutty and femboi maid. Looking at Queenie with a smirk. As she creates a energy shield and sword "All hail Master Rymer"

[05:44] (Rymer): /me smiled as he looked into the Symbiotes queen as the reactor went critical. The four portals would pull into the reactor as it gave off a huge explosion that then imploded in on itself opening a bleak black portal to the void. "I don't think your... HEro is coming to ssave you..." he stated as he closed his figners around the creatures throat ignoring the pain of hte tendrils stabbing through him. A low chuckle escaping from his voice as he looked ot he portal, "And the real portal is now open..." he chuckled slowly as his right arm slowly began to rematerializes the sickening crack and pops of flesh and armor reforming still only a nub but it was starting to regrow. He would throw the symbiote queen ot the side and laugh, "Remember who bested you this day woman..." As he started to float towards the portal, "WE ARE LEAVING! There is no sport punching a corpse...." He stated as he started to turn from teh beaten heroes

[05:47] ( ): Spyder-Queen blinks at seeing Maiden transform and hears what she said, "Oh fuck us..." That was not how she hoped to get Maiden in a maid's outfit. She started to choke as her throat was squeezed, coming close to blacking out again before she was tossed to the ground. She'd land hard, and didn't move, just lying there a moment. She looked up at 'Maiden,' wondering what kind of spell she was under to make her turn on them, when she noticed the bulge the woman now had. That wasn't in any of her movies. Whatever this spell was on 'Maiden' definitely changed her inside and out.

[05:48] (Tilliah): a number of the lesser summons fall to Solaris's onslaught. some are able to tank a few blows but ultimately over half of the group that attacked her would perish. a few however remained and they would attempt to pin her down/pull her back towards the generator. lashing and howling at her like some creature from a horror game. Tilliah meanwhile would be laughing like she had a few screws loose. '...naw.... don't try to go now! we just started to play!' she'd chime out as she begun to peruse the Cat... only to have a laser shot at her. she'd gasp and raise her arm; one of her Ethereal wheels would return to her and block the laser. 'hmph....' she seemed annoyed till the Sweet Transvestite of AMERICAAAAAA! came around and socked Ashley a new one. '... ruining my fun...' she'd huff like an annoyed 6yo. Most of the minion's would be eliminated by Death Radius but between what was left and Rose he seemed to be held in place. Tilliah would float herself higher out of the blast zone and regroup with her master.

[05:48] (Tilliah): '....Awww... but the wounded are fun to play with... they make such funny noises!' she'd giggle as she begins to float away with her master. 'bye bye little "heroes"... I hope to play again soon...' the rest of the minions would either perish in the explosion or dematerialize as they were Pokemon Returned! back to whatever dimension they came from.

[06:04] (Solaris): /me Confused, Solaris leaps away from the vanishing aetheric minions to get out of the blast zone. What happened? Did they win? Everything was so sudden...

[06:06] (Death Radius): /me keeps on fighting the bunch of magic creatures on him, but something changes as the cat is punches out of the way... the music is gone, the attacks that were loose and weak suddenly pack a huge punch as they cut through another of the magical beasts "shut up im up already... i know i know, i can handle it" he shouts at the air and a blue portal with cold flames around it appears behind him... then again behind the shadow beast, he cuts through it, then vanishes into a portal, it doesnt take long for the awake grimm to finish off the group surrounding him "alright... cat... looks out, maiden... is against us and a guy? question later...old one and robot look out... and that doesnt look good" he watches the portal made by the bomb implosion "uh that cant end well... ugh this is going to be a lot of clean up..." he steps back and falls into a flaming portal of his to avoid getting sucked into whatever void that is [grimm wakes up owns the monsters and runs the only way men can, like a coward]

[06:10] (Ashley Reed): /me isn't dead. She's KO'D. She's seein stars and stripes at the moment.

[06:13] (Alexandra Rose): /me She dismisses her spell the remaining creatures vanish as she hears her Master calling us back. "Yes Master." She hears Tilliah comment on the fun they were having. "I don't blame you but we must return." She flies to her Master's side. "Maybe next time we can play longer hehe." She bows to the fallen heroes. (Fallows her Master to leave)

[06:14] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me is drooling and twitching in his sleep like he's chasing rabbits. "...some kinna... boogan... dammit Nadine... potato fish...." Isn't that cute. He's still out cold though, there's no denying that.

[06:16] (Dr. Tamago): would start to come too when the blast rocked over head. She was already down and protecting Az from it so it did little to effect her in her protective mecha. She pulled at the controls and forced the arguing machine to life once more, the dreadnought endures, keeping Az over her shoulder when she pushed herself back into a stand.

[06:16] (Dr.Tamago): it was then another Mighty machine landed nearby after queen wasdiscarded. Enduring the blast for her as she stood protectively over the woman arms crossed protectively. Another Tamago shielding Queen. This model different but similar to the other. " Well...we should have destoryed him when we had the chance. Thats on us I guess."

[06:16] (Nediam): /me looks to her Master and sisters "Its about time. I was so sick of this bitches goody goody farce. And that damn rat brat" As she follows Rymer and her maid sisters exiting. "And Im good and fucking horny now too, pent up all this damn time and unable to see you Master"

[06:22] (Rymer): /me ceased his retreat and looked at the Tomago's He would chuckle as his finger curled on his left hand and the nearby tree started to move towards Tomago the 1st attempting to wrap around her as he manipulated the foliage. He would slowly back away towards the portal with his maids, 'You had your chance to hurt me.... Now its my turn to HURT YOUR WHOLE DAMN CITY! Because you summoning me here destroyed OUR WORLD!" He laughed deeply as he started to fade towards the portal.

[06:24] (Solaris): /me Panting with exhaustion, she watches helplessly as the aetheric creatures float away, to plot destruction of the city.

[06:26] (Death Radius): /me steps out of a portal by the others and sets the weapons on his back "hmm time to get to work i guess... i hate this city..." he vanishes again off to collect the souls of those who died because of all this (super fun event mate)

[06:30] (Alexandra Rose): /me Shrugs chuckling to her sister as they said they were horny. "I feel you their but lets go home." She yawns following her Master and sisters into the portal leaving the hero's. (Fallow them into the portal and poofs Exiting)

[06:35] (Nediam): /me smirks to her sister "Well then lets have a good time. Ive had more than enough of this forsaken city" heading into the portal with the others (exit)

[06:37] (Azrael "Az" Johnson): /me is out cold and likely now in custody of Machinak as otherwise he's got no ability to do much else other than talk in his sleep for the time being. (Proverbial exit.)

[06:37] (Dr. Tamago): would see the branches and leaves beginning to bind up her mecha. " Oh fuck they got the trees helping them! Sister!" She called out for aid.

[06:37] (Dr.Tamago): seeing the tree coil up her sister she turned and brought her mighty plasma flamer at the base of the shape crafted tree, Utterly vaporizing the absolute hell out of it. " Hah! You think we didn't plan for the plant overgrowth? It will not avail you danny phantom. " She would then turn around and collect Queen. Take those two to the hospital, then I'll take this one to the vanguard." She said to her sister.

[06:38] (Rymer): /me chuckled heavily as he disappeared through the portal, "It was a pleasure heroes...."


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