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Fall of Advent

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:14 pm
by Cybermonarch
[17:39] Virideath scowled when he looked at Advent. This was the one company that stood a chance of building the weapons that could be used to oppose him presently. Concentrating, he formed a laser rifle construct in each hand and started to fire on the building.
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[17:46] Virideath continued to relentlessly hammer the building with a barrage of lasers from the rifle constructs that he had made. "Time for me to smash this place up. Can't have anyone trying to one up me after all..."
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[17:47] Zefir (zayn.winx) lands near the blazing inferno his assault had caused and looks back and forth in shock "Stop! What do you think you're doing! You're going to get someone hurt! Stop this instant!" she shouts at him, as if he might not have realized what he was doing.
[17:47] Rita Engel appeared through a pillar of light, seemingly rezzing from purely digital space on top of the firetruck. She took a drag from her cigarette and watched the goings on down below.
[17:48] Virideath simply turned towards her and started to form an oversized battle axe in one hand, and a mace in the other. "No, I don't think I will. But I will smash up Advent, and any others like them in the city." With that he'd hurl the mace which would destroy the Forcefield Emitter on the door, before charging at her with the axe.
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[17:51] Stellar Scowls as he ignores her, watching with a little shock at the axe which forms in his hand. She watches while he destroys the protective barrier and turns to her. His charge making her realize the danger, she braces her feet and raises her hand. A brilliant burst of poorly directed energy erupting from her palm and slamming against the strange green maniac.
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[17:55] Virideath was nearly hit by the blast, but managed to throw up a protective shield to take the worst of it. "Damn it.. Clearly you want to die." With that he'd create a couple of green bazookas, one per hand and fire them both at her.
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[17:58] Stellar eyes go wide and she drops her assault, leaping up with incredible reflexes. As she moves into the air she starts to move almost like she were weightless, her upward motion continuing on unnaturally for a bit while she tries to dodge the bazookas aim. When she starts to get a little further away she suddenly reverses course and begins plummeting down towards him, the same brilliant light that had emitted from her hand now starting to shine all around her in some kind of force field. Her attempt to crash down on him with increased gravity moving a little wild yet apparently very dangerous to whatever was below.
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[18:01] Virideath watched as she slammed into his shield. Yet it managed to withstand her attack. Creating constructs of tendrils out of the shield, he'd attempt to have them slam her into advent... hard.
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[18:03] Stellar gets wrapped up in some strange arms that seem to grow out of his persistent shield. they wrap about the force field that hugs around her. Her own brilliant white light fending off the grasp, though it does little to stop them from pulling and pushing her. At the time she still weighed roughly ten times her normal weight, making her nearly 1000lbs. Combined with the repulsing effect of her own force field she would crash against the wall and do some major damage if not burst through it.
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[18:10] Virideath watched as she was flung against the wall. It wasn't enough, damn it. But her attack had weakened the shield significantly. Dissipating it he decided for a pure offense... and so created a platform with a machine gun on it, and started to use the machine gun to fire at her.
[18:14] Stellar raises her arms as a gun appears floating in the air and begins to fire at her. Her own shield held up against the bullets, though it was sending them flying in every direction. Growling as she is pelted with the fire she pushes up off the wall and dives towards him, trying to slip in under the gun fire and get close. As she gets near she focuses on the field of energy surrounding her, pressing more and more power into it until it was repelling anything nearby at about a third of her known limit. The street cracks and pavement starts to fire off in random directions, acting as bullets themselves.
[18:15] Virideath was unable to stop her getting closer, as the bits of the pavement hit him dead on. Damn it. Why did it have to be like this?
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[18:20] Stellar as she gets close to his own field she lets her weight return to normal, redirecting the focused gravity field to underneath his feet. The pavement already cracked and destroyed, starts to shake and crumble. Suddenly breaking free. She has focused on pulling the spot he is standing on up into the air, hoping to move him out of the street where bystanders might get hurt. "You need to calm down, I have no idea what your deal is, but if you don't stop, someone is going to get hurt, and it's going to be you!"
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[18:22] Virideath says to her as she cracks the pavement underneath him.... so he's slammed into the ground hard by her gravity. "I'm going to wreck that building, partially so they can't develop a stop will power weapon, and because it's existence annoys me..." With that he started to concentrate on making a larger construct than he normally used, one he planned on hitting her with.
[18:24] Virideath was tossed into the air... but quickly started to focus on something. What he needed was a big gun. A really big gun. One that made his other constructs look like toys by comparison. So he started to concentrate, and a good distance away a construct started to take shape. But this would take most of his focus.
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[18:26] Stellar smiles to herself as the gravity well pulls him into the air. Dropping her own force field she uses her second gravity field to throw herself up towards him even faster than he was moving. Spinning into a roundhouse kick she strikes at the field around him, at the last moment a brilliant burst of light erupts from her heel just as she strikes the shield, trying once again to break trhough his defenses, or if nothing else send him flying into the building he threw her against earlier.
[18:27] Virideath was hit and slammed into the building hard because his shield failed. "Okay... no more Mr.Nice Virideath..." With that he'd form a couple of large claymore like swords, and have them swing at her.
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[18:31] Stellar drops to the ground after striking him, giving a short cheer as she sees him hit the wall. Though he seems hardly phased and giant green blades spring from nowhere into his hands. "I think you gave up on nice awhile ago buddy." she chirps as she tries to hold him in place by forcing the gravity to push him against the wall. keeping him from chasing after her with those massive blades.
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[18:37] Virideath was pressed against the wall, and gave up on the blades... but kept concentrating his efforts on both his personal shield which he had nw made to prevent bone damage, and also on the large gun he was making a couple of blocks away that he'd use to blast her. "Oh really?"
[18:39] Stellar seemed to concentrate harder on pushing him into the building, intent on making sure he wasnt going anywhere for the time being. "Something about shooting up building seems to lack the idea of nice. But why don't you explain exactly what you're doing here. It's not like you're going anywhere anytime soon."
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[18:41] Virideath smirks. "Oh I'm not going anywhere... but you are NOW!" With that the cannon he had created a block away had finished being created, and charged. It would fire a massive blast of green energy at her. "So try that on for size..." He said, laughingly.
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[18:47] Stellar had remained focused on the act of holding him in place and had no way of knowing a giant weapon was trained on her. She gets a glimpse from the corner of her eye of a green light building up only split seconds before it slams against her. The gravity field holding Virideath in place disappears as she attempts to raise a shield for herself. Although even with her unnatural reactions she is not fast enough and takes a heavy hit of the beam, knocking her to the ground like a rag doll.
[18:47] Virideath then creates a massive blade in his hands, and starts to swing it at the building.... attempting to slice through and destroy Advent, "Time to bring down the house!"
[18:49] Virideath flew off once he'd finished making Advent into a pile of rubble.

Security Footage would be leaked of this event online. Reports have come in that 20 Employees of Advent are confirmed dead, and 100 of them are in the hospital while others have been put on medical leave due to minor injuries.

Re: Fall of Advent

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:29 pm
by Cybermonarch
Beta would post online.

"20 Employees Dead, and 100 in the hospital while I've put the rest on leave... whoever did this know that I will not stop until you face justice for your crimes!"