Live with Ross: Interview with Hillary "Politico" Heath

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Live with Ross: Interview with Hillary "Politico" Heath

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Ross Rose/Outta Sight! stands in front of the desk for the opening shot. He agreed it with the director in his bid to oust Bonnie Butler from being the number one reporter in Celestial City. Adopting a stern face he addresses the camera as the director counts them in. "Good evening Celestial City. I'm Ross Rose. It was only a few days ago when our new government was established, and yet a new challenger for to lead the city has emerged. Some of you might remember from before the End. People of Celestial City, my guest tonight is Hilary Heath." The camera zooms in on Hilary and Ross takes a seat

Hillary "Politico" Heath smiles politely at the camera, then turns to Ross, "Thank you Ross. It's been awhile, but I'm glad to see you having success here in Celestial City!" As she looks at him, she quietly reaches into his mind, putting him at ease with her.

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: Ross has nervous excitement at doing Live at 5, and sees it as his big chance. Suddenly he feels very relaxed, the nerves vanish and he takes a more casual demeanour. "Why thank you Hilary, it's nice of you to say so. If I can, I'd like to start with the obvious question, 'Why make a play now? Why not wait until the city is a bit more recovered from recent events?' He gives a smile to the camera showing perfect teeth. He looks at Hilary and rather than looking stern and questioning he looks at her in a friendly way

Hillary "Politico" Heath grins at him, even as she thinks how attractive he is, especially that smile he gives her. "Thank you, Ross, for the opportunity to speak tonight to Celestial." She turns to the camera, reaching out to as many minds as she can touch. Although her mind control loses something over distance, she knows why it's called 'the boob tube', because people become much more conducive to even the slightest mind control as they sit in front of a tv set. She tries to make them feel positively towards her, as she speaks, "At the end of the world, I wasn't supposed to survive. Shiva had not chosen me for a lifepod. Fortunately, one of my biggest campaign contributors sacrificed himself so that I could go on. He believed I could make the world a better place. In his memory, I am here today to announce my candidacy for the executive position of Celestial City, whatever it should be called. A man gave his life for me to continue my political career, and I would be remiss to not do everything I could to honor his memory." While everything she is saying is true, the one part she leaves out was that she used her telepathy to control his mind, forcing him to give up his lifepod for her.

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: Ross looks at her with a sense of awe despite the director going nuts that he is so 'relaxed'. "Wow, Hilary do you mind if i call you Hilary, that was some story." He gives her another smile. "Of course the other question that will be in the minds of our viewers, is where were you before the end of Shiva? What have you been doing this last year? Don't tell me, you've been modeling." he laughs and resists teh urge to say "Bom bom didi bom" . "In all seriousness, what has Hilary Heath been doing this last year?" He smiles again.

Hillary "Politico" Heath smiles back at him, "Please, call me Hillary. And as for where I was, I appreciate the compliment, but I was in hiding." She looks into the camera once more, again using her telepathy to try to make the viewers feel positively towards her, "As I am sure many of you can relate to, those of us who were not Shiva's choices for the lifepods had to live underground, waiting for Shiva's death before we could come out. Even when we didn't know who Shiva was, we knew Shiva was out there, and if we got caught, we had no idea what Shiva might do to us. To those of you in that same situation, I say: Our day has come! Let us rise up and join the rest of humanity, no longer ashamed to be seen in public, no longer afraid of that evil cyborg! We are free!"

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: he nods his head to every word, and looks at the camera himself. "I'm sure a lot of us can relate to that Hilary, and nods and flashes a perfect smile. He turns back to Hilary. "Hilary, the other question of course is that some might say you are going up against the guy that defeated her. Surely we should give him a chance." He smiles at her and looks into her eyes

Hillary "Politico" Heath smiles big at the mention of Jerry, and her eyes meet his, and he sees a special twinkle in her eyes, the kind he usually sees from women who are attracted to him. But she turns back to the camera as she answers his question, "We are all very grateful to Sir Jerry for what he did, and i would love to have him involved in my government. His knowledge of science is extraordinary, and to have him as my advisor would be a gift indeed. But let us face facts: We have already seen the power starting to go to his head. He's practically declared himself 'king' without an election. We need a chief executive, not a power hungry megalomaniac. We already had one of those. It is time to return the power to the people, where it belongs."

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: His eyes return the twinkle which from Ross means she should really be looking at his bedroom ceiling. He wants to get back on the serious road and make her have to accelerate to control this interview, but he is just sooo relaxed. He wants to laugh and tell a joke. "So Hilary, you see you as Chief Executive of Celestial City and Sir Jerry as...what? Deputy or something? I have to say Hilary, you're a lot more camera friendly than the old guy" He looks at the camera smiling. "Right guys." The director is furious. He turns back to her not too bothered about the director. He'll get over it. "So Hilary, what's your play now?"

Hillary "Politico" Heath gives him a flirty smile, before turning to the camera and saying, "At this point, the ball is in Jerry's court. If he doesn't set up an election soon, then we will consider actions against him. Protests, peaceful of course. Court actions against him. We may even call for a constitutional convention to decide our next step. Regardless, we have many options, and if Jerry doesn't do something soon, I'm afraid he will become politically toxic. So I sincerely hope that he does the right thing and calls for an election."

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: he finds himself sitting on the stool with his hands behind his head. "Yes, and do you think he will go for that? What do you make of Sir Jerry?" He undoes the top button of his shirt and loosens his tie.

Hillary "Politico" Heath sees Ross relaxing a little too much, and she pulls back some of her mind control, trying to get his mind in the sweet spot between anxious and comfortable. She replies, her eyes on the camera, "I won't speak negatively about Sir Jerry, especially not after what he did for us. But I am certain he will go for it, because the downside of dragging his feet is another revolution, except with him on the losing end of it. If he gives the people of Celestial the election they deserve, he goes out a hero, regardless of the election's outcome. Even when I defeat him in an election, I will be the first to honor him. Maybe a statue, maybe a holiday, whatever the people decide. But I support it."

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: suddenly he finds that he is not quite as relaxed as he just was. He quickly adjusts his tie and shirt button. "So Hilary", turning to her with some composure. "When is the deadline for Sir Jerry to hold an election. Given that he has just fought a battle with a self proclaimed goddess."

Hillary "Politico" Heath smiles confidently into the camera as she answers Ross, "I'm not unreasonable. I won't put a time limit on it. Let's say next year is too late, but I don't consider next week too early. All I ask for from Sir Jerry is that he names a date and sticks to it, preferably as soon as possible. I will give him a week towards that end. If he has done nothing at all, then I start considering options."

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: He looks at her still not able to muster the right serious composure. "Let's say, there is no election next month. Do you have a fall back position, Hilary?"

Hillary "Politico" Heath chuckles and replies, as she looks him in the eyes, "We'll consider that when we get there, ok Ross? Suffice it to say, I have options, but I do want to give Jerry the first move. He deserves that chance."

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: despite the mind control or perhaps because of it, he has to give her credit for the way she plays her cards. "You mentioned earlier you would help him form a government. Would you be wiling to take a support role, if Sir Jerry offers it?"

Hillary "Politico" Heath takes a deep breath as she considers her answer, then looks into the camera, "If Jerry wants me to assist him in running the government until we can have proper elections, I would consider his offer. It is the least I could do for our distinguished leader."

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: he smiles at her. "Well Hilary we have a run out of time, is there anything you wanted to say to the people at this time."

Hillary "Politico" Heath gives a warm smile into the camera, reaching out with her telepathy to the people watching at home, hoping to inspire their warmest feelings, as she says, "I just want to tell the people of Celestial, i am fighting to get you representation in our government. Stick with me, and I will fight for all of you. Even if you don't agree with me, or even like me, I swear I will make sure you get a say in the government of Celestial City. That is my promise to you. For further information about my campaign, go to " She turns to Ross, "Thank you for allowing me to speak here Ross." He can almost feel the flirtation in her smile as she looks at him.

Ross Rose/Outta Sight!: her smile throws him a little. "It was, our" *he coughs* "It was our pleasure, Hilary, thank you so much for coming in, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we're glad you made it through the END." He flashes her a perfect smile and turns to the camera. "I'm Ross Ros, Thank you for watching Live at 5." The director signals the end of the broadcast.
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