Trouble at the train station

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Trouble at the train station

Post by Timberwulff » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:59 pm

This is Howards Handupme with the news, a fight broke out between unknown armor clad individuals as well as a few Metahumans including the mayoral Candidate Timber. There seemed to be a scuffle and the villains managed to disappear before apprehension here is the footage we have, Due to certain things being exposed we want you to know there is graphic content.

[12:41] Thage DeSilva picks up the security guard with one mecha arm and squeezes throat. "I said shut it down or else I will throw you into hell!"
[12:42] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) walks in as quietly as possible
[12:42] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer: *KSHHHHHHH!* "Be careful not to breaksnap neckyparts, or won't be able to shortcut trainybus!" *KSHHHHHH*
[12:43] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) quietly floats behind the duo
[12:44] Thage DeSilva turn her head to look at Gobbie, but sees the hero person floating into the door. "You fool told you to watch the door!" she tosses security guard into the wall. "You need to leave, is not your business, mister."
[12:45] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer turns around and lifts his arms in surprise. "AAAgh! Quiet stepfoots?! Am sorry, did not hear floatyman!"
[12:46] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at the duo."You know you're going to jail right. The only question is are ya gonna go easy or are we gonna fight?"
[12:50] Thage DeSilva looks at Zapp. "Just hack the damn thing, I'll deal with this blockhead." looks back at Timber. "We don't believe in jail. Not for improving lives in the city, even if they don't realize."
[12:51] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer: *KSSSSH!* "Aye aye, witchymiss!" he gives Thage a salute, and trots over to the train cntrol console. The arms on his back begin twitching as he looks for a good access port.
[12:52] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks past them to the guard slumped against the wall."How improved is his life" before he flies at the one in red using his full speed, and shooting forward a sonic boom when he stops short
[12:57] Thage DeSilva are hit by the sonic boom and are thrown back against and through the window. She growls and rises to her feet. "Probably a lot better than he is now that you probably blew out eardrums!" she rubs her ears and points finger at Timber. "Velethiu Vela mar!" conjures arcane energy, and fires a number of magic bolts at Timber that try to seek him out and blast him away.
[12:59] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) sees the magic bolts and flies quickly by the other armored one using them as a makeshift shield for the bolts
[13:00] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer waves his arms around. "Aaaah! *KSSSSSHHHH* Loudynoise!" he rubs the sides of his head.He ducks low as Thage's magic zooms at him. One of the mechanical arms rises up and jams itself into the console, and the hacking attempt begins.
[13:01] Thage DeSilva claps her hands together, then spreads them apart, and the volley of missiles splits in the air, and spreads out before trying to zoom in on her target from all sides. "Think I'm going to fall for that?"
[13:03] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shrugs as he continues to use the hacker one as a shield before reaching out trying to grab the mechanical arms if he succeeds he tries to interrupt the hacking using about ten tons of strength to try and yank it free."Fall for what? You're not the focus at the moment. Face it you're just not important."
[13:07] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer gasps under his mask as his arm is grabbed and yanked right out of his back by the strongman. "KSSSSSH! Gunna pay for it!" He tries to slap a small metal disk onto Timber's leg and dives away from him."GOBBIE-BOOM!" he says as he clicks a detonator and tries to detonate the gobgoo bomb and coat the hero with a fast-drying sticky substance.
[13:09] Thage DeSilva points finger at Timber, and sparks begin to charge around it. "You are right, I am not important. All that is important is the result." casts a bolt of lightning from her fingertips at the hero.
[13:11] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) as the disk goes on his pants his pants go off and gets thrown at the unimprtant person before the detonation as he gets hit by the electricity. Thankfully as he was in the air a lot of it went through but it still hurt a lot!"Oh Fuck.. I am fried and my Dick is hanging out." He says, hovering there a bit weakened.
[13:15] Thage DeSilva makes a disgusted face. "Not taking this seriously? Fine, if you aren't then we will." her top left mechanical arm reaches behind her and takes the red crystal weapon from her back. It passed to the bottom arm, and the blade transforms to longer. Passed to the other arm, and began to hum with magic power. Finally passed to her hand, and was ready for battle. "Activate Magitek weaponry." She swung the blade, and it split into crystal whips, trying to slice through the air at him.
[13:17] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer heard Thage's command, and magitech laser cutters ignited from his remaining three arms, tinted red. "KSSSSSH. Time for Espertype Gobcutters!" he swung two of the blades in an x-formation, and they lanced out beams of magic energy at Timber.
[13:26] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): Watches the crystal whips come out as the pants fly in her face as he grabs a chair flinging it at the one who calls everything Gob... something or other."Just surrender, you can't force your ideals on people." as he takes the detached robo arm from the board." Seriously, I mean who are you even?"
[13:28] Thage DeSilva: "Yes, and look where it got everyone." she twirls around in a circle, and slashes her magitek crystal whipsword at Timber trying to slice and dice him with the weapon
[13:30] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer lases the chair into little pieces with his gobcutters in the air. "No more playing with floatyman. KSSSSSSHHHH!" The gobcutters lase at Timber at range trying to zap him with precise magic beams.
[13:30] The Specter had been patrolling the streets as per usual. Making his way near the forest area then towards the center of town.There would already be reports of the masked vigilante leaving the unconcious and broken bodies of various thugs throught the allyways and streets. As he made his way to the factory district he would pick up somethign from the police scanner. Trouble at the train station. Narrowing his eyes hed make his way there before landing on a nearby roof as he watched the situation unfold. He wanted to know what he was getting into. so far he would be able to make out only one person. Timber. The others he didnt know but it seemed they didnt like him. and...wait?...where is his pants? Shaking his head hed mumble. "The hell is he doing?" Before reaching for his belt pulling out a device as well as his grapple gun. Firing a line hed swing toward the station before throwing the device at the window. As soon as it collided it would go off letting off a controlled small explosion thta would shatter the windo
[13:30] The Specter as he swung inside. Sliding abit and holstering his grapple gun hed speak to the two attacking timber. "Miss your train?"
[13:33] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) gets hit by the whip his shirt being cut off and a large red mark appearing."Yeah I was made a lot more silient to damage, but god damn it MY CLOTHES!" AS he didn't want to show just how much that hurt. with that he tries to grab the one with the whip as Specter appears."Now the party is getting fun."
[13:37] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) doesn't notice GObcutters laser and is hit by it slamming into the counter breaking it open from the impact
[13:37] Thage DeSilva gets grabbed by Timber on the throat and hisses at him. "Should not worry about clothes as much as skin." The four arms on her back's claws began to glow red with magitek crystals. All at onbce, would try to jam themselves into Timber's chest and back, and her whip-sword would try to be jammed into his stomach as well.
[13:38] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer: "KSSSSSH! You there! Hoodman! Go and get away! Is none of your business!"
[13:41] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) reaches out more out of instinct after the blast hit him to grab two of the mechanical arms and he begins pulling trying to detach those arms using his strength again still getting hit by the other two and the whip another mark appearing on his body..."Keep this up I might get turned on..." He growled
[13:41] The Specter narrowing his eyes at Zapp hed respond. "A couple of freaks tearing up the station and attacking some do gooder my city...yeah its my business." Hed look over to timber as he adds. "Dude...try not to step on your own jjunk while you fight." Hed look down to him as he was smashed into the counter. Looking over to Zapp hed clench his fist. "This ones get the one with the blade." Narrowing his eyes hed place his hand over his belt. "Last chance to run...."
[13:43] Thage DeSilva lost two of her arms, but the other two that hit would try to jam their claws deeper inside and push him to the ground. She would then use her free hand and chant a spell. "Missile swarm!" she fires a rapid number of magical blasts point-blank at Timber's chest, like a magic machinegun.
[13:45] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer: "KSSSSH! Do not underestimate Zappthrottle!" The three remaining spider claws all pointed at the Specter, and started firing magitech laser beams at him rapidly. "ZAPP ZAPP ZAPP!"
[13:46] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) roars as the two arms in him dig deeper. He looks up at her as she chants. his own super speed trying to jam her own mechanical arms into her neck to stop her from speaking and finishing the spell
[13:49] The Specter 's eyes never left zapp as he spoke. Seeing all the claws pointed at him his reflexes as well as his common sense kicked in. Quickly turning and leaping behind the counter as the lazers fired at him. Landing behind covor hed look to his cape seeing quie a few new holes in it. The cape was made of very strong stuff. it made it clear that he didnt want to take too many hits from whatever that was. His armor could only take so much as well as himself. Narrowing his eyes hed pull out a canister from his belt before looking towards the counter. HIs visor switching views t would outline everything in green allowing him to see through it but with little detail. Pulling the pin from said canister hed quickly stand before throwing it directly at zap. If sucessful the canister would go off and covor zap with a thick foam which would begine to harden as hard as concrete in an instant.
[13:52] Thage DeSilva has her own claws jammed into the throat interrupting the spell. "Gack!" she gurgles when her throat is shredded, and grabs her neck and staggers backwards blood flowing all over the place.
[13:53] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) grabs his shredded shirt from the floor and leaps on her glad he wasn't aiming for major arteries as he still tries to stop the blood flow or at least staunch it."Specter call for an ambulance and the police!"
[13:54] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer has the cement grenade explode at his feet covering his lower body in cement ."AAAAGH!" he waves his arms hysterically. "KSSSSHHHHH! Stole my idea! STUPID UPLANDER!" He reaches to his side and takes out his grenade gun. He starts shooting wildly at Specter, trying to cover the entire area with explosive grenades.
[13:56] Thage DeSilva hisses when Timber jumps on her, and loses control of herself. She opens her mouth, and fangs pop out. She tries to intinctively bite Timber on the neck with them.
[13:58] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) as his hands are already holding her by the neck he isn't as worried about her fangs, but considering his own canines are longer than the average person, he hisses at her showing his, hoping it will calm her down thinking he is like her."Now Stay Still, I don't need you bleedin out all over the place!"
[13:58] The Specter raised a brow. "What?! you serious?..." Hed watch as Zap began firing grenades in his direction. Hed quickly climb over the desk before sprinting in his direction. as they went off bits of shraplnel would fly into his cape but not fully puncturing it. as well as fly into his lower right leg pericing the skin and tissue as well as hitting the back of his left shoulder the shrapnel lodged in the thick armor peice. Still dispite the injury hed continue to charge him while pulling out his combat knife in an attempt to impail his chest while he tackled him. Whether or not he was sucessful hed continue speaking. "If you havent noticed im busy here....and let her less threat to worry about..." The specter was still set in his ways when it came to metas.
[14:01] Thage DeSilva still kept struggling against him, but suddenly a circle of blue light began to surround her and Zappthrottle. Somebody was trying to teleport them both away.
[14:01] Karen King (She-Devil) lands on the roof of the small station, and leaps down at the entrance, not really bothering to keep her approach silent. "Geezus, guys.... Can't you at least give a proper invitation to parties like this?" she asks, her voice scrambled by the device she wears around her neck.
[14:03] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer gets tackled by the masked man but managed to grab the hands with the knife preventing him from getting stabbed. He is suddenly enveloped with a beam of light from the Focusing Iris trying to teleport them back. "Uh oh... KSSSSH! Bosslady calling us back! Very lucky uplanders!"
[14:03] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks over at Specter."God damn it call an ambulance or we're gonna have problems after this and I bet you have never been beaten up by an angry naked man."He doesn't even notice the blue light
[14:06] The Specter narrowed his eyes as the figure prevented him from impailing him. Hearing timber hed respond. "were on the same side you i I suggest you back down muscle boy because i know for a fact i can take you...super strength and flight or attack me im taking you in...naked or in a bag" Hed narow his eyes once more before looking over to the figure as he noticed the blue light. "The hell is this now?" Hed ten look over to she devil then back to zapp.
[14:07] Thage DeSilva suddenly vanishes into the pillar of light, gone back to wherever Ars Technicka people go when they bamf away.
[14:09] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) sees thage disappear and grabs the discarded mechanical arms as he stands up. He looks right at Specter.
[14:09] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer noted the man was distracted for a moment, and takes the opportunity to leave them a present before he is teleported back to base. "Enjoy uplander doom! KSSSSSHH!" he poofs into the teleport, but had left behind a rather large black bomb that was quickly nearing explosion!
[14:11] Karen King (She-Devil) raises an eyebrow as some of the people here teleport out. "Uplanders, eh? Well, guess this is a new threat we got to deal with. Now..." she speaks, and approaches the bomb, fetching a can of freezing spray from her belt, with which she shockfreezes the bomb and timer. "Why exactly is this station here a wreck? And what the fuck happened to your pants, Timber?"
[14:12] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer: When the bomb's wick is frozen, it seems to stop fizzling, but then begins to tick!
[14:14] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) as it starts ticking he jumps on the bomb."Tell you if I survive this."
[14:16] The Specter noticing the figure he had had left and the fact the bomb was still ticking His reflexes would kick in once more hed quickly draw both the foam canister and his pistol at the same time as the canister. Dropping the canister hed fire a round into it making it go off prematurly causing it to covor the bomb in the foam. though as timber began to lay on it he too would be covored in the foam. extra padding it seems. As it hardened over timber and the bomb hed move in an attempt to tackle she devel out of the way. whether or not he was sucessful on moving her the mobms blast should be rendered more or less harmless given timbers resiliant body and the foam covoring the bomb itself.
[14:18] Zappthrottle Blastenheimer: The bomb then went off! It exploded, showering the entire area in confetti and the eerie sound of goblin laughing.
[14:18] Karen King (She-Devil) gets tackled out of the way, with quite a surprised "Ooof..!" coming from her. She'd land with Specter wherever he tackled her to, leaving Timber stuck to the bomb with the hardfoam and all.
[14:19] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) finds he is now covered in hardened foam and confetti, a low growl escaping him as he starts to stand up breaking the foam."I don't like them, I don't know them and I don't like them."
[14:21] The Specter looking down at she devel before looking over his shoulder hed notice that bomb wasnt really a bomb at all. it reminded him of someone who would do the same shit. SHaking his head hed notice he was still laying on shedevil herself. Quickly scrambling to get up hed begine to wipe the confettie off of himself as best he could. Before looking over to timber. As he did he would rip the shrapnel stuck into the back of his shoulder pad from hismelf before tossing it aside. "Yeah...well the sure as hell seem to like you." Hed take note of timber being completly naked.
[14:23] Karen King (She-Devil) frowns a bit, when Specter rises to stand this quick. "Aw... And there I was, thinking you'd actually enjoy this." she speaks, and then rises to stand herself. "Little fanclub of yours, Timber?" she once again asks, wiping some of the confetti off her suit.
[14:23] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) glares at Specter."You..."He paused and shook his head looking at She Devil."I don't know who they were but they were here trying to mess with the trains and stuff, they were threatening that guy, pointing to the station worker who was now outside."I stepped in to take them in and well as it usually happens hero versus villain stuff.
[14:24] Karen King (She-Devil) mhmms, then tilts her head. "Still waiting on the part where losing your pants was a formidable tactic."
[14:25] The Specter narrowed his eyes as timber glared at him. Stepping forward hed respond. "No finish what you are going to say curious......say what you were going to say." Hed narrow his eyes yet again.
[14:28] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at him."It's the same thing I have said to you before. You don't kill and you don't let someone die simply because they're the bad guy because guess what, that makes you a bad guy too. The only difference is the target. I'll make this part real clear though. I ever see you try to kill someone and I will take you to jail. DO not pass go and all that jazz." He then turns to she devil. Some of their weapons shredded my clothes and I wasn't gonna run from the fight out of modesty."
[14:31] Karen King (She-Devil) rubs her nose once with her index finger, then she steps a bit closer. "Now, now, guys... You REALLY do not want me to keep you two from slaughtering each others, right?" she asks, and then looks at Specter. "Listen, you know as well as I do, that our more 'final' solution isn't one that's shared by most other heroes. Timber's a good guy, but he can't have any blood on his hands. Can hardly blame him for that."
[14:33] The Specter shook his head as timber spoke. "I never said i was a good guy...i do whats necessary...those guys you say were threatenenign an innocent...they got away because you decided not to finish the once she recovors shes going to do it again and this time someone will get hurt....if you simly finnished her she would be six feet under and wont harm anyone again....if you dont like it then thats too bad because im not changing y tactics when it comes to rogue metahumans...if you get in my way i will deal with you as i see i better get a fucking thank you for......" Hed pause as she devil chimed in. "Fine whatever hes not used to getting things done..only used to letting other people enslave civilians for breeding and all that shit..." Hed cross his arms. "Anyway sorry for covoring you in the foam...didnt expect you to actually jump on that thing...."
[14:35] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shook his head."I'm not going to fight him. Not today. Now that this is over I plan to just go and get some fresh clothes and get dressed. He looked at Specter."I didn't know how powerful the bomb was I don't agree with your stance but you have the right to live. Truth be told I was more annoyed with the confetti then the foam."
[14:37] Karen King (She-Devil) looks thinking. "Still.... Those ladies had some very nifty tech, and they used the word 'Uplanders'. Call me a crazy loon, but I'm going to bet 5 bucks and my underwear that wherever they went to, there's more of them. Also, that tech might be from one of Shivas old forgotten depots. There's still a few that were not found, and the meteor crash didn't help with this."
[14:39] GobbieDoom Resident: (is not lady! Is Goblin!)
[14:39] The Specter shrugged at timber as he spoke. "Well im glad you think so...and you have the right as long as you dont lay a violent finger on an innocent..." Hed cross his arms as he listened to she devil. "Im relatively new here...whos shiva?" He really didnt know
[14:39] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): ((She just arrived could have been lady goblin. :P))
[14:40] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) hands She Devil one of the mechanical arms as well as one to Specter."I'm taking this to the police see what they can find but I got a feeling that the two of you might be able to find more out than I can."
[14:43] Karen King (She-Devil) takes the arm, and nods slightly in agreement. "Shiva was the one who ruled over Celestial City first. A cyborg, who had the goal of collecting meta-humans for a reason we never found out. She had an android army at her disposal, and underground depots stocked with extremely high tech, like that teleporter those gals used. If they call us 'Uplanders', then chances are they might have been living in one of those underground depots for a while, shich also explains where they got their toys."
[14:46] The Specter taking one of the arms in hand hed look it over. It was pretty high tech. He knew he would have to spend quite some time on it before he could learn everything there is to know about it... "Well...then im sure given the state of things she would most likely want control again...assuming shes alive and well.....but timber said he found the two threatening some worker here...seems abit random but...any ideas why they would be bothering some guy like that instead of someone like us?" Hed think about it It could be a lure but he didnt know.
[14:48] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at the duo. before picking up a phone and calling an ambulance for the man outside the building."I am going to go and get some clothes on before I drop this off and maybe something for the whip marks the one in red seemed to be the mean one in the group." As he lifts into the air.
[14:50] Karen King (She-Devil) shakes her head. "Shiva was killed by a hero called Sir Jerry. He was made Mayor in her stead, but Strong opposed his reign, wanted to establish a democracy. Jerry married and has at some point left the city, leaving it with a political hole that has yet to be filled. Shivas Death left some questions unanswered, as for who or what made this place, or why it keeps bringing in people from doomed worlds. Not to speak of the locations of her depots, mind you. Maybe those women wanted to make sure that the train tracks won't lead to one of those depots. It is supposed to go underground, at some point."
[14:52] The Specter slung the arm over his shoulder as she spoke. "I see...well from my experiance int he 60 pluss years ive been at this most dont stay dead for long....i think it would be helpful to keep an eye out.." Hed pause before looking to Shedevil. "You have any files on this shiva i can look over?"
[14:54] Karen King (She-Devil) narrows her eyes a bit. "A few. Most of them are from the old Guardians database. The guardians were the Cities superhero team that Jerry put in place for protection. Suffice to say, Strong was not part of that."
[14:55] The Specter nods abit. " the justice lords...though odd to hear that one with that big s in the middle of his chest isnt leading it." hed shrug. 'Oh well its better than nothing....forward them to me as soon as you can when you habe the time." Hed watch as timber began to fly off.

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