Construction of junkies

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Construction of junkies

Post by Chyleste » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:36 am

Tonight there was a disturbance near the East Side bar. A large group of construction workers reportedly went on a drug fueled rampage. During the incident several metahumans showed up. Reports are vague but several people were taken to the hospital with moderate to severe injuries. The drug effected workers spread out through the east side of town until they passed out from the drugs. Fifteen workers have been found dead, 38 were taken to the hospital for treatment.

[22:10] Asrya (Asrya Amaterasu): *There seems to be a group of construction workers winding down at the bar. Though winding down is the wrong adjective. And they seem to be increasingly agitated.*
[22:17] Notchy Resident: A truck with crates pulls up in front of the bar. There are no markings on the truck but the plate reads "Aztlan". A young guy and a woman get out and start to unload the crates in the back. Very quickly the construction workers swarm out as if starving and start to push their way toward the truck.
[22:14] Anthony looks over as he starts to unlatch the tailgate of the truck. He gives a small smile at the man. "Hola."
[22:15] Allock (allock123 Resident) grins hugely " what yaaa doooing?"
[22:16] Daisy Dahl: glances around a moment before looking toward the man. "Makin' a delivery sweetie. S'all."
[22:17] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) headed towards to get a drink and looed to the disturbance
[22:17] Jadon: ...What the fuck?
[22:18] Chi crosses her arms a bit confused by the situation unfolding before them.
[22:18] Allock (allock123 Resident) claps his hands with a giggle "ohhh lots of people !!!
[22:18] Allock (allock123 Resident): hiii people!!!!
[22:19] Jadon: This... cannot be good.
[22:19] Daisy Dahl: As the workers flood out of the bar Daisy gives a visible snarl. "Tone..." She shifts herself to put her small frame between the truck's cargo and the flood of men. "Sheet."
[22:19] Allock (allock123 Resident) noms his lint covered candy bar " look how happy all those people are to get those boxes!!
[22:21] Jadon: Unmarked truck... unmarked boxes... yeah, nothing shady going on here. =she shakes her head and makes a quick walk to the strip club to get out of the line of possible trouble that is brewing=
[22:21] Anthony tries to shove some of the workers back as he blocks their path to the crates. He looks over at Daisy a bit worriedly. He calls out in a loud voice. "Get back! Don't push hombres! You will get ...." One of the workers lunges at the man and shoves him hard back into the pickup. The truck rocks from the impact as Anthony tries to keep his balance.
[22:22] Allock (allock123 Resident): hey!!!
[22:22] Allock (allock123 Resident): that mans trying to sto them from geting there boxes!! what a jerk!
[22:23] Chi "Such aggression..." She glances over and then back.
[22:23] Allock (allock123 Resident) frowns strides forward towards the roup of men
[22:23] Giulia (Guittoune Resident) looks the group of person "oh cool they fill the bar of alcohol"
[22:23] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) looked " Daisy...yes I hae met you"
[22:23] Nikky Sommer wandered over this way as she walked the area trying to learn it. Stumbling upon some sort of....she doesn't know what but there were strange things going on. She quietly stays in the back of the small gathering, watching and observing trying to discern what's going on.
[22:24] Allock (allock123 Resident) pushing his way to the man blocking the boxes he reares back his foot and kicks him squarely in the shin " you let thoss nice men have there boxes " the emptey eyed 25 year old demanded
[22:24] Daisy Dahl: forgoes trying to be gentle with the men pushing against her, and gives one hard shove forward, toppling one of the workers to the ground. "Fuckin' hell! Back off ya jackasses." She glanced Jaimie's way. "Oh fuck me sideways, ain't you got somewhere bettah t'be darlin'?"
[22:26] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola): depends whats going on..I might
[22:26] Chi blinks a bit and looks over not wanting to jump right in but she might if she has to. She looks over at Jaimie thinking she might know whats going on.
[22:26] Anthony is shoved again into the truck--hard. Anthony kicked at the workers but the numbers overwhelm him. The workers swarm forward trying to get to the crates. Anthony fights but it is obvious that the workers are far stronger than him, perhaps even superhumanly strong. Anthony calls over to Daisy. "Shit. They have gone crazy. Get back!"
[22:28] Daisy Dahl: "Nuttin' we can'-" Shes cut off as one of the guys grabs her by the throat, lifting her off the ground with a manic, wild look in his eyes. The redhead grabs at the man's arm, then kicks him in the chest. A sickening crack indicates the ribs broke, but the worker merely flinches sharply, hissing in pain, and doesn't release her.
[22:29] Asrya (Asrya Amaterasu): <<hissing in anger, not pain>>
[22:29] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) frowns.. a sheen over her skin- hex patterene dif one could tell up close- as she ran over
[22:30] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola)'s bracers formed as wll.. but her typist hit enter.
[22:30] Chi blinks and looks over. "Time to act I guess..." She sighs.
[22:31] Allock (allock123 Resident): yay lets hel them get the boxes!!!
[22:31] Nikky Sommer didn't like what was happening. Regardless of the circumstances she didn't want to see anyone get hurt and those men were clearly out to harm. She concentrates, the headache coming to bear as a thump in her temples, thinking on the calculations and formulae she's learned.
[22:32] Anthony struggles to climb up in the bed of the truck kicking and shoving the workers back. "Get back! You will get your share!" A couple of the workers manage to grab one of the crates and pull it out to the side walk. They quickly smash it open and they all start to dive into the goods. The crate will filled with a powdery substance that the workers eat, lick and do everything they can to get a taste of the substance. Anthony keeps trying to survive as the crowd seems to become more crazed at the taste of the substance. "Daisy! Watch yourself! The Tiger's Eye's got them! There is no stopping them now!"
[22:35] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola): Tigers eye? shit..Morrigan Armor incoming....~the sheen expanding as the protein nanites break clothing down and form fulla rmo- she looked to anthony as a mask formed over her face~ You owe me for this
[22:36] Daisy Dahl: held almost a foot off the ground, Daisy was struggling with her own hunk of crazed manmeat. Both hands grab the arm holding her and twists. A throughly sickening sound and visual as the man's arm is twisted in half. It's then he released her to let her fall to the ground, gasping for air. "Yeah... figured.. that out." She coughs a couple of times and as the workers rush the broken crate, she gets to her feet, gabbing one man off the back of the truck as he goes for a second crate, throwing him toward the others as if he were a ragdoll.
[22:36] Allock (allock123 Resident) climbs up the side of the truck enjoying the chaos and anarchy around him he stands on a tire and reaches for a box trying to pull it into the street
[22:36] Nikky Sommer seeing what just happened with the crate, she gets an idea. Maybe not a great one but an idea none the less. Narrowed eyes cast upon one of the remaining crates. She didn't know it's weight but hoped she would be able to manipulate it. Her intention: Lift it into the air, toss it 10 meters to the south down the road, hoping it will smash and lure the workers away from hurting anyone.
[22:37] Now playing: The 69 Eyes - Angel On My Shoulder [8PM]
[22:38] Chi moved forward trying to get between the workers and the truck now. "Might as well carry my weight." She sighs preparing to try stopping anyone trying to get by her.
[22:39] Anthony is knocked down by the workers as they pull another crate of the powder out. The eyes of the workers glaze over as they quickly indulge in the substance. A small group of workers spot the crate flying away and they rush after it at superhuman speeds. Anthony fights but the workers pin him against the truck as they use his body to climb up to get more of the powder. More and more workers seem to be coming out of everywhere obsessed with the crates and the powder.
[22:41] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) drops down onto a worker by Anthony and her arms move rapidly, sending three punches towards specific points, solar plexus to wind him, chin as he (hopefully_ came down and chest tos end him back to another one
[22:43] Anthony keeps fighting as best he can despite more and more of the workers swarming over him. Jaimie's punches knock the workers back but they do not stop even with the clear sound of breaking bones. Anthony looks toward her and Daisy. "They are too far gone. We need to get out of here before they tear us apart. They won't stop as long as some part of them can move."
[22:44] Allock (allock123 Resident) grabs a hold of a box and manges with a lot of grunting and huffing to tip it slowly over the side of the truck where it bounces to the pavement below cracking but not breaking completely just enough to spill a little bit of the powder out
[22:45] Chi looks over as she hears him speak. "What do you mean....they wont long as they can move..." She grunts back handing one with a several hundred pounds of force before looking back.
[22:47] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) brings her left arm up blocking an incoming punch " then we can solve this. You and Daisy get out of here. Heroes, the workers want the powder. make sure they dont hurt civilians. " Jaimies next two trikes were on two of the workers, precise, and aimed for nerve clusters to tempotaally paralyze them form the waist down.. just for a few minutes
[22:48] Emerald: =hovers to assess the situation for a moment before acting. Pointing her ring at the air above the truck she concentrates to form a giant vacuum cleaner, activating it with enough suction to pull in anything less then 50 pounds in the vicinity of the truck, trying to get the powder away from the crazy workers= Move the crates and powder, they will follow it. We need to draw them away from any place they can harm civilians.
[22:49] Nikky Sommer was amazed it worked. That was the first time she's tried it since, well it's been a while. Instantly her head bangs like a drum behind her eyes but she pushes that aside, this wasn't over. Her eyes held panic though. She's never been involved in anything like this and was scared pretty damn bad. Seeing them swarm with incredible speeds and witnessing their strength, she panics and tries to get out of their sight. Looking at the terrace above the bar, she concentrates. It didn't go according to her plan though. There was a swirl of air where she stood, then she vanished but instead of arriving on the roof, she ended up missing the target and tumbling down the subway stairs landing with an oomph and a loud. "Fuck! Ow! Be right there!"
[22:49] Daisy Dahl: rubs her throat as she manages to get onto the back of the truck, tossing one of the men onto the crate in an attempt to keep Tony clear of the wall of enraged drugged workers. "It means they ain't gonna stop until they're dead sugaplum. They're -far- too gone now. You alright?" The question's directed toward Tony as the small redhead raises an arm against a punch that connects like it was made of concrete.
[22:50] Now playing: Angelical Tears - Another Day [3dU]
[22:50] Anthony struggles to try and pull himself back into the truck. He glances at Chi. "The Tiger's Eye has got them. They care about nothing but the drug now. This shipment will not be enough for them. The eye of the tiger will keep their bodies moving until it burns zombies." The workers swarm over where Allock has broken open another crate. They shove the man around pushing him out of their way roughly as they try to get to the drug. As the vacuum starts to suck up the loose powder, the workers become very pissed. They start to push the truck over, they break windows. They grab anything they can find and throw it toward Emerald in a blinding rage.
[22:50] Allock (allock123 Resident) frowns and turns looking up at the woman floating in the sky " hey !!!! give thoss boxes back !!! they dont belong toy you!"
[22:51] Chi glances over. "Till there dead...that is...asking a lot you know.." She pulls her sword still sheathed and swings wide creating a burst that throws nearby workers away from her and glances over. "Great...just great..." She sighs. "Killing people is not what I had in mind..tonight." She sighs. "Maybe there is another way.."
[22:52] Dark Angel (AngelOfConflict Resident): ((Burst of air...))
[22:53] Allock (allock123 Resident) yells out as hes suddenly batterd by the very people he was helping and knicked on his ass
[22:53] [NeurolaB Inc.] Nano-X Pet Fly (MESH) v4.0.8: ((a stealth drone spies on the situation unless interfered))
[22:53] Now playing: Naos - Origin [6IN]
[22:54] Emerald: =braces herself as best she can, hoping the shield she had up would be sufficient to protect her from the items thrown at her. She ups the power of the vacuum, trying to suck up entire crates to draw them away from the truck and distract the workers=
[22:54] Allock (allock123 Resident): (( knocked on his ass))
[22:56] Nikky Sommer finds a tumble down the stairs did wonders for her morale. Getting up and dusting off, luckily nothing seemed broke, and climbs out of the stairwell. She'd heard what was going on and was clueless what to do. The one plan she had had minimal results but that was all being sucked up now by...a vacuum? That's different. They seem very pissed off now. Standing with indecision, she tried to analyze the situation logically, mental calculations and scenarios streaming through her mind at a severely rapid pace.
[22:57] Anthony kicks at workers as more and more become increasingly violent. Rocks and pieces of crate are hurled at Emerald. Another group of the workers manage to push the truck over. The remaining crates hit hard and two more break open. The workers swarm over, shoving and battering anyone in their way. Anthony manages to leap from the bed before it is toppled with a cat like grace. He shouts out to the others. "It's no use! Just save yourselves! They have gone loco!"
[22:58] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) frowns. She didnt like killing..openly..when not in defense.. but the worked lunging at her, given what she knew of the drug, left little option. The punch wasn't just a normal blow, electrical impulses to muscles strengthened it for the tiger eye user and she strucktowards the rib cage, targetting an area that would stop the workewrs heart
[22:58] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) did this on the ground after landing!
[22:59] Allock (allock123 Resident) falls on his ass his face suddenly filled with emotion.. rage anger hate his eyes glow malice red and a dark aura begins to whirl around him as he clenches his fists " i was trying to help you !! you guys are jerks!!!" as he screams allocks body begins to vanish and in its place rises an ominous top hat and the man who wears it
[23:00] Chi shakes her head. "So be it.." She sighs and puts her sword back to her hip. Her charge was different this time there was almost little time to react for anyone who was below normal levels. Her hands open wide as she goes for two works at once looking to hit them hard enough to snap there necks with the impact. She hated killing but she was good at it for what it was worth. She grimaced feeling the dark aura behind her as she charged. "Not good."
[23:01] Daisy Dahl: "Gaddamnit!" She grabs the side of the truck, throwing a hand out to try to keep the truck upright. Failing that she jumps back, looking worriedly toward Tony, then toward Jaimie before taking stock of the others around, including the green light user sucking all the powder away. "I think we're outclassed Sweetie."
[23:05] Emerald: Enough is enough... =her shield blazes bright green as the vacuum transforms twisting and swirling rapidly as a green vortex is formed. The workers had left her little choice so she did not bother holding back, pumping her will into the energy tornado and maxing out it's vortex with her full power, sucking up anything upto 20 tons in weight directly around the truck=
[23:05] Asrya (Asrya Amaterasu): <<you'll be sucking all the people up too>>
[23:06] Jadon Rosekin (Rosekin1982 Resident): ((Yes, I am aware. >.>))
[23:06] Allock (allock123 Resident) roars with malicious laughter as his dark miasma of madness swirls out encompass all with in a mile radius as he stretches his gaze sweeping over combatants in the street , the man know only as the magican of smiles grolwes as hes suddenly sucked into the air his gaze turning tot he emerald woman
[23:07] Nikky Sommer had devised twenty two possible solutions taking into account the increased abilities of the workers, adjusting for the added rage and adrenaline coursing through them fueled by what she is guessing is a drug lust. Feeling better to have come to these conclusions, she realizes that none of them she is capable of doing and snaps out of her thought processes to see there have been a few changes. Who was the guy in the hat? Well she agrees with the lady, definitely she feels outclassed wishing she could help more. Suddenly seeing the green cyclone forming, she didn't think that will end up well and tries to make a quick exit concentrating once more to poof away but it took too long and she starts getting pulled in. "Ah shit!!" she keeps trying to concentrate to get out of this.
[23:08] Daelea (Elea Paule) is online.
[23:08] Now playing: Lord Vampyr - The Lady And The River - A Ghost Story [2Ro]
[23:08] Chi blinks a bit releasing her targets as she was starting to get pulled upward along with everything else. "Oh this isn't good.." She grunts as she tried to anchor herself to the ground to little avail.
[23:08] Allock (allock123 Resident): (( how high up are you pulling us?))
[23:08] Anthony looks over at Daisy and nods. "Si. There are too many.. He won't be happy with me ...but fuck it. Let them have it all. We need to get ourselves out of here. I will deal with my Dad if we survive." The workers continue to swarm over the crates trying to ingest as much of the drug as they can before it is sucked up. Other keep throwing things and a few are leaping up dangerously near Emerald. The vortex starts to pull them up and they quickly embrace the motion as many of them fly up into the vacuum with a huge amount of the drugs. Anthony feels the pull and his eyes go wide. He shouts as he is pulled up off his feet. "Nooooooo!"
[23:10] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) thinks quickly, calculating a path, the pull of the vortex. Ajusting as she was pulled up , using her boots, she fired a grappling line to the strip club and retracted, using thrusters to alter her path to try to grab daisy and anthony to be pulled clear of the vacuum
[23:11] Daisy Dahl: "Yeah.. hopefully he doesn' skin us like a cat in a bootjack." She backs up a step, then grabs for tony as he start's fling upard. One hand plunges down into the ground her fist passing through the asphalt as she grabs the road with one hand, and grabs for Tony's leg with the other. "Fuckin' hell NOT US! Aim your Dorthy Sucker at THEM!"
[23:12] Allock (allock123 Resident) snarls his red glowing eyes flashing brighter as he grabs the leg of a passing worker and with a howling spin chucks it at the emerald woman with enough force to put the man through three buildings
[23:12] Chi used the truck being sucked in with them to her advantage and grabbed a hold of it to give her a platform to work with. "Well this is exciting." She mutters to herself looking around the flying people and debris for anyone who shouldn't still be flying around.
[23:12] Emerald: You guys will have headaches later, but better that then being dead. =the vortex was creating an oxygen free zone within itself, which Emerald watched closely, trying to knock out but not kill those inside the vortex. The plan was to lower the unconcious people to the ground hopefully without killing or injuring anyone to badly=
[23:15] Anthony is grabbed by both Jaimie and Daisy as well as the suction pulling them up in midair leaving them all suspended. Anthony shifts looking back as the workers flail in the air. He barely manages to speak over the noise of the air rushing. "Get us clear! We need to go!" The oxygen depletion seems to have no effect on the drug crazed workers. The Tiger's Eye is keeping them going as strongly as before.
[23:15] Nikky Sommer was having more troubles keeping her mind focused between the headache raging and now the swirling vortex taking the air away. "...son...of...a....biiiiitchhh...." she wails to no one and everyone and slowly starts to lose consciousness, eyes fluttering as she tries to keep awake but it's a losing fight.
[23:16] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) speaks, mask keeping her oxygen from thinning " sequence sixty five b. one of you hit that" a holographic button popping up on her left bracer
[23:16] Allock (allock123 Resident): (( also any one with out a strong mental defense is being affected by the magicans empathic maddness))
[23:18] Chi blinks a bit oxygen depletion was the least of her worries. She glances over at the man with the hat knowing he is going to cause problems if he persists too long.
[23:19] Street Goliath: put on the brakes and put the car in reverse, wheels spinning. Whatever was going on out here wasn't needing his skillset.
[23:20] Mongon68 Resident out of the abyss of a time warp Mongon comes out but things were different.. Much more different. During the time of the sliming epidemic of the alien invasion she was dealing with the loss of a different Alien lover known as Rhyme. Since coming to Celestial City Mongon has found her/himself as a outcast in ways and a kindred spirrit to others. Mongon has faced multiple personality disorders during the Miss Celestial pageant. However, Jack Jester seemed to be gone as Mongon stooid as his original form and hovered as the son of Merlin looked on. Having been mommentarily kissed by a Vampiress aboard the titanic in a different time and place had brought some senses back to mixed gendered Internetal Guardian as his eyes turned teal he said the words "I'm Back!"
[23:21] Daisy Dahl: has one hand buries in the asphalt, the suction breaking pieces of it around her wrist. She chuckles. Then begins laughing, releasing both Tony and the ground, flying upward toward the floating mass of men. The low air in the vortex, the madness invading her mind, and the sheer insanity of the situation wasn't helping. Not to mention there's a high possibility she just inhaled some of the drug herself. The gasping laughter leaving her rattles her chest as she struggles to laugh and breathe at the same time.
[23:21] Now playing: The Danse Society - Red Light [8OI]
[23:23] Giulia (Guittoune Resident) is caught in the vortex, feels fly and laugh nervously, "oh I never so much fly", don't feel the lake of oxygen and tries to hold the wall beside her
[23:26] Anthony narrows his eyes and focuses on the shadows between the buildings. He glances between Jaimie and Daisy as Daisy flies passed. He manages one phrase to Jaimie. "Hold on" His body seems to fade into shadowy wisps taking Jaimie with him as they are transported into the shadows of the nearby alley. The workers are still suspended in the air trying to grab at whatever they can.
[23:26] Now playing: Rainshadow - Omega [7vp]
[23:27] Nikky Sommer drifts into a strange, surreal, clown on steroids doing the mamba with electric goats kind of dream. The colors and swirl patterns make her mind very unsettled, a deep part of her chuckling at the craziness of it all forming a slight laugh and grinning lips. Whether she remembers this or not, or if she does may account it to oxygen deprivation, for the moment she rides the insane turbulence that is the madness seeping into her mind, drawing nearer to unconsciousness.
[23:27] Emerald: =as the worker splatted on her shield (exploding more or less I would assume) Emerald is distracted, and practically hurls at the gooey mess sliding down her shield. The vortex suddenly cuts out, flinging anything inside it at high velocity in every which direction like a centrifuge would=
[23:28] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) is teleported along..shes isolated in time, not dimension. feet back on the ground she immediately sdcans
[23:29] Chi grunts as she feels her body flung with the truck since she was holding onto it at the time gets slammed under it with a sickening crunch more from the metal bending from the impact than bones breaking but there is signs of blood seeping out of the impact.
[23:30] Allock (allock123 Resident) grabs another whirling worker and punches him square in the face before once again at the emerald womans shield " leeeeets go panting oh green soap bubble of interruptions!!! " suddenly the force holding him up dropsout and he blinks as his spining form is shot away at high volicity smashig him into a near by building he stops flat against the building and drops to the ground with a bounce
[23:31] Mongon68 Resident the medic see's the injured and does what he can to help but usses his abilities to try and get them to the nearest hospital asap
[23:31] Nikky Sommer chuckles not realizing that her body gets ejected out as the vortex ends. Studies show that a limp body will survive a crash more than one braced for impact. Of course studies show anything these days but she's about to find out as she flies over smacking into the brick wall above the bar roof with a sickening thud and sliding to the ground well beyond conscious, bleeding and broken.
[23:31] Giulia (Guittoune Resident) falls and bounces on the edge, is crushed to the ground breaking the handful, and crawls toward the hospital trying to escape this battle
[23:32] Daisy Dahl: as the votex stopped, Daisy is flung free like the others, landing with a crack-thud against the hospital wall and falling heavily to the ground, unconscious.
[23:34] Anthony lets out a low growl in his chest as he and Jaimie are saved from the winds. The workers are flung into the buildings and ground and bones are snapping but they are not slowed in the least other than being forced to drag their lame limbs around as they work once more to get the drugs. The powder has been spread all over the surrounding area covering who knows how much of this side of town with the Tiger's Eye. Anthony looks around and frowns. He shakes his head and speaks softly to Jaimie. "This is bad...very bad. There is nothing we can do here. We must go. Are you coming with me chica?"
[23:36] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) nods" Si. but what of Daisy?" She doesnt get technical. She was already calculating multiple routes
[23:37] Anthony shakes his head. "Not much we can do for her. She is near a hospital. They will see to her once the junkies burn themselves out in a few hours. You can come or you can stay and play hero. I choose to live."
[23:38] Chi managed to slowly stand back up and pulls her body away from the truck her arm badly mangled before she looked over at the workers. "I see what they stopping.." She sighs as the darkness below her starts to climb up her body and seep into the mangled arm it regenerating at that point making a smoke as it does. She backs away and looks around at the flung damages.
[23:40] Allock (allock123 Resident) slowly pushes his battered and bleeding form up into a standing postion his tuxedo torn and rent one arm hanging limply he turns and looks over the battle filed a mad chuckle drifting from his mask he notices some one else rising as well and pointing at her he simply say " hate... lust ..killl" as hs slams his madness at her attempting to penetrate her mind and fill her with the aforementioned emotions attempting to direct her at the emerald woman
[23:40] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola): I will live either way. Ill contact the staff. Get her out of there with no trouble hopefully
[23:42] Anthony shrugs and then turns to lead the way down the alley. The workers are scavenging any traces of the Tiger's Eye they can. Some are starting to fall from burn out. Others, despite their bodies being battered and broken continue to search, breaking windows, doors and rioting over anything in their way.
[23:44] Nikky Sommer didn't rise up, she remained still with the possible exception of a twitch. Blood seeped into small pools beneath her, several bones definitely broken. Probably still alive but not doing well, oblivious to what's going on and chances are she's better off that way.
[23:44] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (Nicole Portola) departed with him, travelling swiftly, dropping to normal clothes in a blind spot
[23:45] Chi glances over letting out a sigh as her body had mostly regenerated to the point she could function normally again. She then turned her attention over a bit confused as to what the external forces on her were coming from.
[23:48] Allock (allock123 Resident) looks right and left looking for a " volunteer when he spots the downed Daisy the mask seems to grin though it doesn't move at all and he strides towards her multi colored blood dripping down his leg and to the ground with each step his limp arm flapping as he moves his maddnes still hammering at the woman behind him as he reaches down attempting to grasp the red heads hair
[23:49] Daisy Dahl: unconscious as she is, and unable to resist, she's grabbed and lifted in what would be a painful grasp.
[23:49] Emerald: =simply rockets straight up into the air, and away from the carnage. Had it not been for the green glow of her shield one would have seen how green tinted her own face had become at the wroker that exploded on her shield=
[23:51] Chi frowns a bit. "Such a simple thing...and so many deaths.." She glances over to Allock. "Not sure what you are planning to do with her." She stands up straight. "I would drop her...if I were you."
[23:52] Notchy Resident: The workers crawl around and continue their obsessive rampage. Some drop along the way as the other start to spread out through the streets of the city searching for relief from the craving of the Tiger's Eye.
[23:57] Allock (allock123 Resident) howls in rage as the emerald woman escapes he looks down at the girl in his hands contemplating her pondering the womans question him self he brings her face to face with him withdrawing his empathic madness from the other one and slamming it to the girl in his hand filling her mind with madness pushing and prodding her untill he find just the right psychosis , buried deep but there all the same .. as he knew it would be every one carrys madness in them like seeds and it was his job to water those seeds , in this case its lust and obsession he stokes it fules it feeds it gives it a target , the one know as chi he fills daisy's mind with her with all of her he forces her to need her and he connects that need to a bottomless lust
[00:02] Giulia (Guittoune Resident) managed to reach the hospital and is led by nurses for care
[00:04] Notchy Resident: More nurses and paramedics come out, carefully avoiding Allock and Chi as they try to rescue Nikky and any others who are laying around. Sadly Daisy is too close to the conflict for them to save her yet.
[00:05] Daisy Dahl: stirred slightly as the mental probe delved into the depths of her unconscious mind. Obsession began to take root, need, desire, firey passions ignited and vaguely her mind regained semi-consciousness. Her body moved of its own accord as her mind strained to fight the mental prod.
[00:05] Chi tightens her fist as she watches and looks over at the group still struggling for the drugs. She looks over. "How much longer does this need to go on.."
[00:05] Nikky Sommer will be taken to the hospital once they reach and stabilize her enough to be moved. (( Sorry I have to log out and get some sleep, it's after 3 a.m. for me. It was a good time. Have fun all! ))
[00:07] Allock (allock123 Resident) shakes the girl in his hands a bit " wakey wakey . look its our most beloved... go make her yours.. and dont take no for an answer!!!" so saying he reares back and attempts to throw the girl at chi laughing a hollow empty laugh as he dos
[00:09] Chi blinks as he throws the girl at her, not being one to let her get hurt anymore than she already is. She opens her arms to catch the girl and slides back several feet grunting a bit. Looking up at him ."What the hell.." She muttered as she looked down to Daisy.
[00:11] Allock (allock123 Resident) he simply laughs and waves his fingers at the woman ""
[00:11] Allock (allock123 Resident) then strides away to the narest alley
[00:11] Daisy Dahl: thrown like a doll, her eyes glazed partly over as her mind is clearly not her own. The strongwoman looks at Chi, smirking. "Hey darlin'..." She says in a slurred sultry tone as she grabs for Chi.
[00:12] Chi blinks a bit taken off guard as Daisy grabs for her. "Uh..." She was more confused by this womans sudden mood than anything
[00:13] Allock (allock123 Resident) allock scuttles away from the scene very confused and very afraid he makes a bee line for his bridge
[00:17] Chi " okay.." She tilts her head to Daisy a bit confused by her acting this way.
[00:18] Daisy Dahl: her eyes are clearly unfocused, seeing whatever it was she saw that wasn't truly real. "Commere." She grabs for the woman again, this time using her surprising strength to try to hold the woman tightly in a crushing hug.
[00:20] Chi grunts a bit as she was pulled into the hug her body durable to some extent but she couldn't handle super human strength for long periods of time. "E...easy...." She sputtered out trying snap her out of it.
[00:23] Daisy Dahl: squeezes tighter, unconsciously using nearly all of her strength, which could usually crush steel drums like tin cans.
[00:26] Chi cries out a bit still able ot feel pain. Several sick cracking sounds can be heard as the squeezing from her was taking effect. With a grunt she only had one other thing to try to snap the poor girl out of this and avoid further damage. She pulled her head back even though her back bones were shattering and used her muscles to slam her head against Daisy's the force not immense but it was hard enough to dent metal.
[00:27] Daisy Dahl: slid back into unconsciousness, dropping the woman and falling in a heap to the ground, fresh blood trickling from her forehead and nose.
[00:28] Chi fell back herself and exhaled as she laid there for a moment her body trying to recover. "Well....." She sighs and looks over seeing most of the danger is gone.

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