On the campaign trail, the farm lands.

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On the campaign trail, the farm lands.

Post by J.Trimble » Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:38 pm

"What?" said Delphine interrupted by her P.R Assistant. The Assistant held up a I-pad and showed her the news footage of another candidate in the race.
"Great" she said "Now a second slut opposes.." She said looking at the deliberate wardrobe display. "It will take more than sex appeal to win this race... but just in case, release that sex tape... put it on some nobodies Yoobchube" She said

"What sex tape" Asked the assistant.
"The one we're going to make right now!" She said grabbing his tie and yanking him into a barn.. "Heel boy.." She said as she pulled the young man towards the barn.

Approximately 20 minutes later a dazed and cum dum P.R assistant exited the barn, his appearance ruffled, his face reddened and his eyes crossed.He could hardly keep from falling flat on his face. A minute or two later the immaculately dressed Delphine exited the barn as though nothing at all had occured, just bussiness as usual. "Make sure you don't mix up the tapes... campaign trail for the main networks, sex tape for the yoobchube" She paused, it really didn't matter one way or the other.

"Do you have an official comment on um...wassername?", Asked the assistant.
"Wait until she dictates what the people of the city want." She said. "If pressed for a comment, say simply this. She called my option limited, My option being freedom, is only limiting to tyrants and control freaks... be wary of those who control what you see, and tell you what you should want. She want's to be the peoples mayor, I want to be their liberator. She wants to control the city and micromanage it, I want to set it free and once my polices are in place, stay out of micro managing peoples lives, property and income.."

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Re: On the campaign trail, the farm lands.

Post by Asrya » Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:07 pm

"A new viral video huh?"
The red-headed head of media clicked open the link sent to her by one of the news reviewers. "What could possibl... oh." Her eyebrows knitted together in thought. "Well... that's an interesting position to take t'say the least."
After several minutes of review, Abby took up the phone to call down to the news network head.
"No I don' think we should ignore it, but report as usual. This smells like stinkbait. Stay neutral. "

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Re: On the campaign trail, the farm lands.

Post by Timberwulff » Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:21 pm

Timber was looking at the repairs of the Bowling alley when someone came up to him to ask about the sex tape. Timber watches it thoroughly and shakes his head."Just terrible, absolutely terrible... I mean the camera angles are static, it seems a bit jumpy when the camera does move." "But what about it being a sex tape?"The person asks.Timber shakes his head."So she made a sex tape, big whoop. Does it change the way she would do her job if elected? No, Seriously, I know I have a reputation around the city and honestly if I was to say anything I would say it looks like she took that guy to heights of pleasure. She rode him like a show pony so good on her. I am not gonna judge her for having sex, everybody does it's a part of life, and since it looked consensual on the tape there isn't anything wrong here. Now let's focus on the city."

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