October 31 TTN News: Pale Horse Rides Again!

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October 31 TTN News: Pale Horse Rides Again!

Post by Diannah DeCuir » Sat Oct 31, 2015 3:56 pm

Happy Halloween Celestial! This is the Timely TV News, and I am Bonnie Butler.

It seems we dodged another ending for humanity today, as a huge portal opened up above our city. Animated skeletons started flooding in over the mountains, and skeleton-manned cannons began firing on our fair city. Here is the footage of this incredible yet horrific event:
020-Pale Horse Part 2_001.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_002.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_003.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_004.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_005.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_006.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_007.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_008.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_009.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_010.jpg
020-Pale Horse Part 2_011.jpg
Fortunately, the metahumans of Celestial banded together, and fought off what was reported to be Death himself! They killed the "pale horse" after fighting through countless skeletons, and the portal closed, sucking all the skeletons back into Hell, allegedly.

Following is a transcript of the event:

[12:51] HELLSPAWN: Is this the end of the world again? Another portal appears above the asylum, just like last week, except this one is MUCH bigger, as evidenced by the army of skeletons coming over the mountains, like a swarm of white ants. Winged skeletons appear in front of and on top of the asylum, as well as skeletons with cannons, who proceed to fire at the heroes coming up the road towards them, as well as at the city itself, cannonballs hitting buildings and innocents in the streets. As the final battle begins'
[12:53] [Vince Buggatti aka Zaal]: 'Bug detects the commotion from the Zaal Cave and flies into action seeing what looks like portal above the asylum, he scans it with his detection systems and deploys his energy cannons targeting the skeletons that seem to be everywhere '
[12:55] [Umbra] is already at the Asylum, standing with the skeletons, watching them but not fighting them, waiting for the inevitable influx of heroes.
[12:57] [Zero-Five] lands on the road, assessing the situation. With her baldes drawn, she turns around, and fires little emitters from her wristguard, which connect to the road and bring up two large force fields. "Safety area for retreat secured. Do not stand too long near the emitters, as they lower the shields for citizens to pass."
[12:59] [Thor] sees the portal to Hell open up, and she flies at top speed to the asylum, pulling out her hammer, and yelling, "Death will not win this day! Have at thee!" She flies at the winged skeleton in the front, ready to slam Mjolnir into him.
[13:00] [Electrica]: 'Sensing a disturbance in the electrical field. Electrica launches herself along the currents to try to find the source. She follows them to the area of the asylum, seeing what appears to be yet another huge dimensional rift above the area, bigger than last time, and skeletons . . . lots of skeletons. She sighs. Is someone passing out dimensional portals like candy now? she wonders. She sees several other metas already on the scene, though she recognizes only a few. Coming out of the woodwork these days, she thinks. Hope they're on the side of the angels. Or at least not on the other side. She quickly surveys the situation and assesses the danger. The others seem to be engaging the bone-foes but she spots atop the asylum . . . another pale horse. Remembering the part of the other in the first incursion, she decides to go directly for the jugular. She charges up, raises shields, and arc-leaps to the roof directly behind it and unleashes a savage lightning salvo from close range . . .''
[13:05] [Red Love] spots the disturbance in the sky, yet another portal. She sighs heavily and we'd glad she was on patrol. This time she brought with her a pair of pistols and 3 clips for each. Making her way she hangs back to survey the situation," So many..."
[13:08] [Sugi Miharu- Air Support] grumbles to herself, one hand on her midriff. She'd woken out of a sound sleep, bathed in sweat, because she'd felt the portal open. Thaumic energy roiled in her body, she could feel her fuel stores fizzing in her chest. She'd cranked her nanoforge into overdrive as she'd rolled out of bed. She hovered over the assembling heroes now, extended her comm array, and broadcast to the group. "Anyone needs medical supplies, ammo, or other basics just call out. I've got a decent amount of stores here, so call for what you need!" she says.
[13:09] [Arctica] detects a disturbance in the spiritual energies and runs through the air as she sees cannonballs raining down on the city. She runs forward easily slicing through them as she makes her way towards the disturbance 'It's always something in this city" she sighs as she runs through the air and disappears reappearing near the assembled group.
[13:10] [Xena'Kikyo] arrived at the hilltop with Alicia earlier. Asking her why they were here apparently whatever was going on up here was bad news. Confirmed rather easily about the goings on here. roughly sighed unsheathing both blades. Normally did not use weapons but would make an exception here besides there was a technique she was wanting toi try but that would be a later experiment. hands , and feet wreathed in amethyst light . Her amethyst darting about discerning friend from foes and adjusting accoriding and taking.
[13:10] [Alicia Malveaux - Vex]: 'What the fuck was that? your sister has turned into a zombie. What the fuck was that? Your girlfriend was a demon too What the fuck was that? She just ripped my pre-ripped Abercrombie What the fuck was that? I got some Shelly on my shoe. What darkness lurks beyond this wooden sanctum? What the fuck was that? *alicia sang as she charged at the horse with her chainsaws running leaping and slashing at two of the flying skeletons, xena- and everyone behind her getting a view up her skirt. commando bitches. Skeletons firing their cannons amongst the battlefield, one shot just missing her.
[13:15] [Hestia]: 'seeing the waves of skeletons, takes flight preparing to pose a wall of fire, pauses to kick fire at a winged skeleton before it can drop on Zaal '
[13:19] HELLSPAWN: The winged skeleton takes the hit from Thor's hammer, which passes thru it like a knife through butter, and the skeleton deems to disappear in a poof of grey dust. On the rooftop, Electrica fries a skeleton who throws itself in front of the horse, even as two more winged skeletons fly up towards her, trying to strike at her through her shields, hitting with enough force to kill a human. Alicia's chainsaws tear through the regular skeletons, cutting them into bits that soon blow up in harmless dust that fills the air around her, until one of the winged skeleton swings at her with a powerful fist, using 10 tons of force to hit the chainsaw, and easily able to withstand it, as the winged skeletons are much tougher than the regular skeletons. Hestia's fire hits the winged skeleton, which burns quickly, ending quickly as a pile of ash. Xena tears through a wave of skeletons, easily destroying a dozen, even as more flow over the mountains in thousands.*'
[13:25] [Vince Buggatti aka Zaal] targets the nearest skeletons and opens fire with his energy blasters, nodding thanks to the flying women as he does so.
[13:27] [Umbra] flies up, quickly surveying the field and spotting Electrica. With some hand motions and a chant, she tries to erect a sphere of force around the elemental and her shields to trap her and her lightning inside it, at least for now.
[13:28] [Zero-Five] decides to cover the right side in the air, flying towards one of the winged skeletons. As soon as she is in reach, she unleashes a flurry of sword blows, aiming to cut the limbs off with perfect precision, before she goes to slice the wings.
[13:32] [Thor] charges at two more winged skeletons, swinging her hammer with enough power and speed to create sonic booms as it goes through the air, yelling at them, "Return from whence you came, fallen ones!"
[13:34] [Electrica]: 'Electrica curses under her breath as a skeleton takes the fall for the pale pony, as two more begin pounding on her shields . . . she can almost feel the blows as she increases the damage factor to the shield. Desperate measures time . . . she goes into full Lightning Storm mode . . . an area attack of nearly as much damage as her lightning barrage, extending 10 meters around her in all directions as she becomes pure electricity. She spies what appears to be a dark energy bubble, which she recognizes as that of Umbra--apparently on the other side in this one--attempting to encase her but in response pours on the energy . . . hoping to burst the dark energy with pure elemental force . . . '
[13:38] [Red Love] continues her stroll up the road towards the Asylum but focus a large amount of Ki into her pistols. She watched the others charge into battle and was tempted to the same but instead she was paying attention to all those cannons firing. One of those in her direction would be hell. Infusing her ki into the pistols she amplifies the damage bringing the bullets to having 5 tons of force each. She figured that was enough and let loose a few rounds at 3 of the cannons, taking her time to make sure she took them out in case she missed.
[13:39] [Sugi Miharu- Air Support] watches the movement on the roof with interest. Aside from the cannons there was a hero up there, one with electrical powers. And a horse. On the roof. And another dressed in black, who is... Ah. Well then! She quickly flies higher, and prepares herself. She generates a small, 1-inch disc of metal. It floats above her left palm. Her radar puts a Trace on Umbra, and then pours energy into her palm. The disc quivers and seems to vibrate, electricity arcing around it and her palm. It suddenly zips away from her palm like a bullet from a gun... or a railgun. "Oh, you are NOT bringing the apocalypse to this world! I just got here!"
[13:42] [Arctica]: '*surveys the situation and decides the first threat is the cannons noticing a red ninja came to the same conclusion she unsheathes her blade channeling her spiritual energies into it, knowing this time she is prepared. She disappears as a serious of flashes appear around the cannons. Moving at such speed that she leaves after images in her wake so it appears as if she were attacking all the remaining cannons at once. She reappears at the gate in the motion of sheathing her blade "There is nothing Kōri no hime cannot cut" she mutters.
[13:43] [Xena'Kikyo]: '"A familiar feeling, should have known better" Had to admit playing with swords was fun but ultimately boring. "You know I think i like my hands a lot better" Charging in full force. Not caring about strategy or tactic if there was any to be had she would think of them as the time demanded for them. Quickly groped a Alicia as she passed . Jumping high hoping to get on top of the buildings roof to get a better view. Would punch the with 100 tons of force and sending a blast after hoping to hit as many behin'
[13:44] [Alicia Malveaux - Vex] swings her leg up, altering her momentum mid air, the winged skeleton smashing a chainsaw with its strength, sending pieces of it across the mountain. Her now free right hand pulled something from her skirt as both feet planted on the skeletons face- it could take it- giving him that view up her skirt. Knees straightening from her 'wall' landing she leapt forward, towards the asylum, right hand flicking the pin from the grenade and shoving it- trying to get it into the winged skeletons jaw, as she leapt away gracefully " Ive got a spare putain!! Great job xena, umbra!!" The grenade containing concussive explosive material, incendiary, and the shell would make some fragments, but it wasn't a true fragmentary device. She watched hoping to open a way to the horse she knew would be around, one of the skeleton shots hitting concrete, making shrapnel that hit her, cutting into her side, blue blood rising to the surface from entrance and exit wounds..that might have been a chunk of intestine.
[13:46] [Hestia]: 'acknowledges Zaal's nod and takes up a position to repel the advancing mountain of beings. looking around to ensure the space is clear of friendly forces with a wave of her hand throws up an inferno vaporizing dozens of the advancing hoard, smiles, content as she revels feeling the heat of the fire on her skin....
[13:57] [Thor]: '*HELLSPAWN: The skeletons back away from Electrica, unable to penetrate her forcefield, but they take up posts around the pale horse. However, two of the cannoneer skeletons turn at Electrica and begin firing cannonballs at her. Zaal's attack tears through throng of skeletons, even as more flood towards him. Zero-Five's sword attack makes aloud clang against the cement-like bones of the winged skeleton, but when she swings at the wing, it damages the powerful wing just enough to keep it from flying, but that is just enough to slow him down and leave him to burn in Hestia's flames, along with dozens more skeletons. Thor's hammer takes out the last of the two winged skeletons in front of the asylum, even as thousands flood onto the road.*
[14:00] [Vince Buggatti aka Zaal]: 'Zaal sees the army of skeletons and deploys his claws. He spins round like a tornado and propels himself into them hoping to chop them up.
[14:02] [Umbra] grunts as the thin metal disk tears a hole through her stomach, barely missing the spine on it's way its way in. She glances over her shoulder, spotting Air Support and hissing. Opening a shadow portal, she reappears behind Air Support, unleashing a powerful bolt of dark energy at her, intent on leaving an even bigger hole in her foe's torso.
14:03] [Zero-Five] dashes upward onto the roof, and slams down between the last two remaining cannons. One blade is sheathed, as she grabs for her neutralizer gun, and sends two shots of massive electrical shocks at each cannoneer.
[14:09] [Thor]: 'flies up to the roof, tossing her hammer at the two flying skeletons, calling out to the rest, "Take out the horse!" If Mjolnir hits them, it should fly though both and return to Thor, hitting the skeletons with 100 tons of force at sonic speed.
[14:11] [Electrica]: 'Electrica continues to pour out the pure elemental electrical energy in an attempt to burst through the dark force bubble and engulf the horse in withering lightning. She's never truly explored her full power in full elemental mode . . . not since she'd come back from the dead on her own Earth after helping close the gate of Hell there. She concentrates especially on the spot where the cannonballs bounced off the dark sphere . . . She prays that if she does break through--the irresistible force shattering the immovable object--that she can contain the resulting blast to just the horse and skeleton hordes . .
[14:14] [Red Love]: 'does a quick little arm pump in celebration of taking out the cannons with her shots. Her eyes glance over to the horde coming from the mountain and that encourages to dart off straight for the Asylum not wanting to get caught in their path. Though she did have to dodge a few stragglers with her Flash step, zipping here and there to narrowly avoiding strikes. Upon reaching the building she starts to run up it and in moments reaches the top reloading her weapon."Huh... I thought there was more up here. These other heroes are better than I thought."
[14:19] [Sugi Miharu- Air Support] blinks in shock- Umbra had vanished from her radar! That wasn't supposed to be possible! But it was, and in her surprise, she noticed the portal opening behind her too late. She tries to turn, but she was built for structural integrity, not speed, and had barely started to look behind her when Umbra's blow fell. She feels the attack cut into her radarpack. The disc short circuits, but also absorbs some of the blow. She feels the wave of force pass over and through her, feels it rip into her skin... and then it hit the molecular forge. She exploded. She felt the surge of energy flow back through her system, thaumic safeties engaging, trying to save the more vital parts of her, isolating them from the explosion... but the safeties cut in too late. The blowback reached her fuel stores, and the initial explosion was a mere secondary as the fuel nova went off, hurling her broken and mangled body from the sky. She hit the ground as a sodden heap, and didn't move.
[14:21] [Xena'Kikyo] made a bee line for the white horse upon the recommendation. Closing her eyes as she approached speaking softly in hushed. A low chant that seemed to be like a dull roar. A crackling and burning sensation through her body. Seemed to be hot as fire and cool as as ice at the same time. focusing nd concentrating in that time as she stopped before the pale horse. The horse that seemed to be dead in itself but standing of its own accord. The white light encased her body as it culminated back into her fists. Punching as hard as she could towards the horse's head with a 100 tons of force augmented by the force of the gathered energy. Not increasing the force of the punch but only enhancing the type of strike. Which in this case was of light. Provided by the combination of the amethyst and the lapis lazuli.
[14:23] [Arctica]: '*Wastes no time charging her blade with the spirit energies as she flash steps through the skeleton horde, quick flashes can be seen as she leaps to the roof making a full speed dash towards the pale horse sword drawn back in slashing motion.
[14:24] [Alicia Malveaux - Vex]: 'Alicia lands upon the roof, driving her chainsaw into it and letting it pull her along at high speed , as she shifted her body to give a double footed face kick on one of the horses guards harder than she normally could due to momentum! The glitch Mob's warrior concerto could be heard faintly. Regardless of success, she would raise her free hand trying to control a guards bones and force it to attack the horse as well, with her puppeteering power
[14:35] HELLSPAWN: Alicia tears thru the remaining guard skeletons, opening the path for the rest of them. The last three winged skeletons take the hits from Thor and Zero-Five, disappearing into clouds of dust. Zaal fights through the crowd like a spinning saw blade, ripping skeletons apart mercilessly. Xena hits the horse's head with enough force to literally turn it into a cloud of red, right before Arctica's sword cuts into the horse's body. As the horse's head disappears, the portal above begins to close. Then the millions of skeletons flooding over the mountains suddenly stop and fly up into the closing portal, all seemingly at once, at unimaginable speeds, as if swallowed by a black hole in the sky. Then...it was over, with no trace of a battle even happening.
[14:39] [Vince Buggatti aka Zaal]: 'Zaal lands on the ground retracting his claws. Pleased that the outcome was a lot better than yesterday'
[14:40] [Zero-Five] noticed that the undead army vanished, along with anomaly. Then she looks over to Umbra, and speaks to the others. "This threat is not yet completely eliminated." Then she fires her boots, to go and confront Umbra.
[14:41] [Red Love] takes aim at the horse to only see it explode in delicious redness,"I err.. that.. how..?" She was dumbfounded. BOOOM! An explosion rattled her and she glances over to see fly girl, fall."Well that's not how you land.." She shouts to the others,"Oi! Our friendly med pack took hit and looks hurt!" She points towards the street.
[14:41] [Electrica] pours on the energy until, suddenly, the dark force collapses . . . seeing their opponents gone and other metas on the roof she quickly pulls the energy back into herself, nearly collapsing with the effort. She shakes her head, rising, the energy still crackling around her, and sighs. "Well, that was fun . . ." She wonders if this is the final incursion from the other dimension . . . perhaps for now . . .
[14:42] [Xena'Kikyo]: 'Relieved tries to find Alicia '
[14:43] [Umbra] gets blasted back several dozens yards by the explosion, the shock wave damaging her vital organs before the wave of fire gives her third degree burns, forcing a scream from her throat. As soon as she manages to come to a stop, she weakly groans out a spell, disappearing through a shadow portal before Zero-Five gets to her. She appears beside Sugi and whispers something in her ear before disappearing through another portal.

This is Bonnie Butler for Timely TV News on Halloween. Thank you for watching. Don't eat too much candy!
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