Attention Hospital Staff!

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Attention Hospital Staff!

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::email sent::

To all staff. I just had a dinner meeting with Anna-Kate Harper. VP at Firefly Media. She asked if I was interested in a TV show about the hospital and our cases. Yes, that means cameras in the hospital and following us around.

Now then, I realize that some of you will not be interested in this. That's fine. Ms. Harper will be sending contracts and releases to all of you. if you want to be on the show, sign the release. If you don't, then indicate on the release that you wish to be excluded.

There will be compensation for your cooperation. I have another meeting with Ms. Harper so we'll work out all the gory details. You do have the authority to toss any Firefly staff out if they get in the way. They want the story, but the second they interfere with patient care, throw them out and I'll back you up.

People, this sounds daunting. But I know you and how amazing you are at your jobs. We can use this to show that devotion to something bigger than ourselves will help unify this world.

In closing, my door is always open to any questions or concerns. We can do this. We've gone though alot worse than this.

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Re: Attention Hospital Staff!

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We can do this. Like always.
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