Some people need to learn their boundaries

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Some people need to learn their boundaries

Post by Hannah DuMont » Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:27 am

[2018/01/05 16:51] /me Spyder-Bitch webslinged to the bank, having heard the alarms a little bit away from it. She'd swing high, and let go fo her webline, avoiding landing on the snow as much as she could; her symbiote wasn't too fond of it after all. She walked up towards the bank door, looking around as she smirked to herself, "Looks like We're the first ones here. This should be fun!"

[2018/01/05 16:55] The bank is oddly silent except the sounds of sirens on the approach. Inside the workers are pressed against the wall as a yound woman is carefully putting money in a briefcase singing as she does. "FUCK THE WORLD!" she extends her middle finger high behind her as she works

[2018/01/05 16:59] /me Spyder-Bitch 's symbiote was a bit annoyed by the sirens still going off, but not enough to hurt it. She grabs the door handle, pulls the door open, and starts to skip inside, "Oh what fun We're about to have!" She smiled brightly, skipping around the lobby a bit, approaching the bank teller's window. She'd place her elbows on the counter, hold her palms up and rest her chin in her hands as she grinned at the woman in the vault, "Whatcha doin'? Forget where you parked your car?"

[2018/01/05 17:02] Boundary: /me ignores the woman seemingly no care in the world and certainly not bothered or afraid. SHe continues to sing to herself as she loads up the briefcase "And that's real, how I feel 24-7 in a city where a weak girl die,Doing whatever she got to do to survive, Hand to the sky, middle finger up high Screaming fuck the world"

[2018/01/05 17:03] Anvil: /me enters the bank and groans when he sees who it is. " aw.. sonof a bitch"

[2018/01/05 17:04] /me Spyder-Bitch tilted her head, "So you wanna fuck the world huh? So do We, but probably not in the way you were thinking." She giggled a bit before reaching up with both hands to grab the pars on the teller window, lifting herself up, and then would slide herself under the little window entrance to land on the other side of the window. She looked over her shoulder to look at Anvil as she said, "Don't worry, We won't hurt her too bad."

[2018/01/05 17:05] The bank workers are pressed against the wall still unmoving shaking in fear

[2018/01/05 17:07] Anvil: " Alright Ladies. heist is over. how about you lay down on the ground, because this place is going to be surrounted in about thirty seconds

[2018/01/05 17:07] Boundary: /me smirks as she slowly closes the briefcase having gathered enough money for her needs. SHe turns around and drops her hand but is still flipping the entrants off as she stares at the woman "Mmm aren't you a yummy looking thing? What you say we take this here briefcase full of money and go have a nice night huh? You can show a new girl around?"

[2018/01/05 17:10] /me Spyder-Bitch was concerned about the bank workers, but the symbiote couldn't careless; it made her focus on the task at hand. She continued to look over her shoulder at Anvil, "Silly copper. We aren't here to rob the bank you silly goose!" She looked back over to Boundary, a kind smile on her face as she said, "Would love to show ya a night on the town! Mind if We see how much money you got though? Want to make sure you can afford our tastes." She took a few steps toward Boundary, her smile never fading.

[2018/01/05 17:12] Nano: /me looks over. "Alright.." She sighs. "Oh hey.." She chuckles. "Careful Rain.." She then looks over. "Lets get some of these civies clear.." She looks over. "I'll go investigate..."

[2018/01/05 17:14] Anvil: /me grumbles " You sure as hell aren't here to stop one. you've got a list of charges as long as my arm. Either way, it's not like either of you are going to get out of here. IT's really in both of your best instrests to surrenuder " he tapps the side of his hmet and starts murmuring

[2018/01/05 17:17] Boundary: /me smiles and stops flipping the woman off as she opens the case "I have plenty here for a good time hun." The civilians make a break for it as Boundry tilts her head watching. SHe looks at Spyder "Seems your boyfriend would be upset if we went together hun. It's why I just hate men. Think they can have anything they demand"

[2018/01/05 17:18] Nano: /me pushed her way in and looked over the scene noting Anvil. She crossed her arms and stood silently. Not sure which of the two to worry more about at that very moment. She glances at Anvil and then back over.

[2018/01/05 17:19] Rain: /me grumbled and walked after Tiny's friend into the bank, "greetings!"

[2018/01/05 17:19] /me Spyder-Bitch spun on her heel to look at Anvil, frowning, "Chargers? But...But...Your boss said she'd make all those go away!" A half truth. "She's just a mean ol' liar then!" She eyed some of the civilians making sure they were running free before turning back to face Boundary. She looked at the open briefcase, then to Boundary and shook her head, "We don't have a boyfriend." She held her left hand up and wiggle her fingers, "And We don't see no ring on us, so, yeah." She giggled. She was trying to keep Boundary distracted, but not like she had any training with Anvil for him to know what was going on.

[2018/01/05 17:24] Rain: /me's spines hummed loudly as she looked the situation over, so much to break!!!!!! She poked at the encased man as gently as she could, "You are wearing an artifact aren't you? I am Rain! What exactly is going on here... And what wold you like me to do?" She was unable to kill without a kill order, but he could still wreck faces!

[2018/01/05 17:28] Anvil: /me just crosses his arms seeming content to wait them out for now, since the innocents have fled. " Yeah. I Seriously doubt that hellguard would just wipe your rap sheet without telling the rest of the protectorate. " He looks to the woman beside him remembering that voice from the comm. " We wait. The two accomplices seem to have confused each other by trying to rob the bank at the same time. If a fight breaks out do what you can to stop them. Try not to kill them or destroy the bank"

[2018/01/05 17:29] Nano: /me exhales. "So the usual.." She looks over and nods. "Atleast the civies got out.." She crosses her arms. "They can talk all day..then.." She looks over and watches.

[2018/01/05 17:31] Boundary: /me closes the briefcase and looks at Spyder as Anvil talks "Oh my bad darlin. You were trying to rob the bank too? How rude of me. I did leave enough for others though. I'm not greedy" She frowns hearing the talk of killing or destroying. She flips the officers off as she turns around to retreat into the vault "Oh Fuck Off"

[2018/01/05 17:32] /me Spyder-Bitch rolls her eyes and lets out a frustrated sigh. She turned around again, putting her hands on her hips, "We did NOT come here to rob the bank." She would flip one of her pigtails behind her shoulder as she said, "We came here to stop it actually." She looked back to Boundary, "Of course, if you put the cash down, We promise to take you out on the city, and show you one wild time." She looked to Anvil, sticking her tongue out at him as her foot would go to slide the vault door closed, looking to lock Boundary inside. But for what purpose?

[2018/01/05 17:32] Anvil: /me shrugs to Nano. " All I know for sure is, One os a wanted criminal and the other is holding the money. he frowns seeing her go deeper into the vault. " oh this can't be good.. "

[2018/01/05 17:34] Rain: /me held up her claw for emphasis, "i'll do my best, no promises though..." She decided it would be a good idea to lean on something, as she placed her hand on it it broke under her weight and stumbled through the rest of it, "Oh come on! Make something sturdy in this damn city!" She noted the arcaic symbol and returned it, "Kolyt grun mafes!" She roared, "I break door easy if you want?"

[2018/01/05 17:35] Nano: /me looks over to Rain. "Remind me to get you tested for body weight.." She looks over. "Might be useful to avoid breaking things like that.." She glances over. "What now.."

[2018/01/05 17:36] Anvil: /me walks over to the door and tries it, checking to see if it is locked as well

[2018/01/05 17:41] Boundary: /me smiles seeing the vault door close behind her "Oh yes, so taking that beauty out on the town later." A loud crash can be heard as some kind of glass looking wall breaks through the back of the bank vault. Boundry continues to sing and flip the bird to the sky singing to herself as she makes her escape "And that's real, how I feel 24-7 in a city where a weak girl dies, Doing whatever she got to do to survive. Hand to the sky, middle finger up high. Screaming fuck the world, Screaming motherfuck the world, fuck the world, fuck the world,
Screaming motherfuck the world" the door was indeed locked as Anvil would findout

[2018/01/05 17:42] Nano: /me raises an eyebrow. "What was that sound.." She grimaces.

[2018/01/05 17:44] /me Spyder-Bitch blinks at hearing the wall break on the other side of the vault door, "Opps...wasn't expecting that." She held her hands up a moment, "Okay, that was our bad." Her symbiote let out a light growl at the loud sound of the wall breaking; it didn't like loud noises.

[2018/01/05 17:46] Anvil: /me Mother trucking son of a " he loosk to Rain " keep her here... I'm going after the other one.. he looks to nano and frowns " uh.. Be ready to back up either if us.. .. doesn't look like sword girl will need it though..

[2018/01/05 17:46] Nano: /me sighs shaking her head. "Always..something.." She crosses her arms and sighs. "Now we wait.."

[2018/01/05 17:49] Rain: /me breaks the door off it's hinges and steps through the threshold, "Don't move and i wont hurt you... Please!" It was something she was trying... Being polite! Her spines hummed as she got closer and pointed a clawed finger at Spyder, "Thank you for cooperating in advance!"

[2018/01/05 17:52] The sound of a sportscar speeding off could be heard. The wall around the bank looks like it was blown away from the inside. Along with anything in the way of the bank wall. Almost like a bulldozer came through

[2018/01/05 17:53] /me Spyder-Bitch held her hands up, simply smiling at Rain, "You know, that is a really nice outfit you got on." She looked Rain up and down, "Really shows off how nice your skin is." She'd grin wider as a small puddle started to form underneath her. The puddle would suddenly come to life, and the liquid like being would suddenly move towards Rain, aiming to cover Rain's body with it, wanting to bond to the woman's exposed skin. Spyder-Bitch was trying to put one of her symbiote children on Rain, as after all the symbiotes are loyal to her, and if the symbiote bonded to Rain it could influence Rain's thoughts.

[2018/01/05 17:59] Nano: /me was keeping an eye on things. She heard the sound but wasn't sure what it was. KNowing it was an engine of sorts. She let out a sigh as someone must of gotten away. She then glances over as the liquid like being lurched at Rain. "Rain..look out!.." She yelled out to her.

[2018/01/05 18:01] Anvil: /me cones around back and shakes his head. " figures... " he then runs back around to the other side trying to at least help his comrades inside

[2018/01/05 18:07] Anvil: /me bursts back through the door When he sees SB trying to implant the spiked girl. he turned up the volume on his helmet to bullhorn and with yanks the fire alarm. He began screaming at the top of his lungs, amplified by the helmet while the alarm went off, and grabes one of the waiting room chairs. he runs up at the bars and starts pounding the chair against them "MAKE NOISE! SOUND HURTS IT! MAKE NOISE!" trying th make as huge a clamor as he can to try and drive the syboite away from rain

[2018/01/05 18:28] Rain: /me noticed the puddle moving towards her as her spikes hummed louder and picked up in pitch, "I did warn you...." Her mouth opened fully and a sound like a squadron of jets breaking the sound barrier pierced the room, she didn't think the puddle was much of a threat considering her Demi-God origins and black blood... But that could be arrogance!

[2018/01/05 18:30] /me Spyder-Bitch and her symbiote both screamed in pain at the loud noises that came from both Rain and Anvil appeared. The symbiote that tried to attach itself to Rain would retreat back into Spyder-Bitch, trying to gain protection from her. She fell to her knees, clutching her sides as the symbiote screamed in pain.

[2018/01/05 18:32] Nano: /me covers her own ears in pain somewhat sensitive to loud noises as well and stumbled away as if distance in the room would help. She closed her eyes tightly waiting for them to both stop.

[2018/01/05 18:33] Outside A pink sportscar was coming up music blasting though to the ones inside the bank the noise was probably drowned out. The sportscar seems to plow through any barracdes and vehicles. The occupant singing at the top of her lungs middle finger to the sky again "It's a fucked up world and a fucked up life!" SHe exits the car and makes her way up the bank steps

[2018/01/05 18:37] Anvil: /me dropps the chair and tries to cover his ears " Crapbaskets that's loud.. "

[2018/01/05 18:38] Rain: /me took a lumbering step and drew her sword as her spines continued to hum loudly, "Comply!" She reached her clawed hand over to try and grab the lady and lift her up to eye level and opened her mouth again, she was going to scream if anything other then compliance was given! The sound of her last scream shattered glass inside the building and could be heard outside the bank, though the effects dwindled the further out people were! Not inside though!

[2018/01/05 18:49] /me Spyder-Bitch was lifted up by Rain, her body to weak at the moment to move at all. She looked up at the woman, her eyes heavy as if they hadn't slept in days, face full of agony. Her symbiote dripped slightly on the ground, still recovering from the massive sound attack it had received. She was complying, but only out of shear pain and current need to catch her breath.

[2018/01/05 18:53] Nano: /me winces a bit and looks over as the sounds still were going. She blinked as if it wasn't hurting as bad or the sounds were just going away. She kept her ears covered though thinking that was most likely why she wasn't hearing it at the moment
[2018/01/05 18:53] Boundary: /me screams at the intense sound. Dropping her vulgar finger display. SHe growls annoyed flipping off the door and yelling very loudly "FUCK OFF!" as she does some force plows through the door like a bulldozer. A wall off some sort. With the look of glass shooting forward with intense deadly force

[2018/01/05 19:03] Rain: /me turns and walks through the counter... She was excited and forgot not to break stuff, "How do we contain her..." Her spines continued to hum loudly, she dropped Spyder behind her and punched the wall as it crashed through the door, "Permission to slay Hostile?" She wasn't looking for permission really, she was just asking so she'd get permission later hopefully! The force behind her punch could snap titanium, she was an artifact breaker, and nothing in this world was tougher then an artifact so far...

[2018/01/05 19:06] /me Spyder-Bitch got dropped by Rain as they went through the counter, landing on the ground hard. She held her side a moment, and her symbiote's survival instincts would kick in. A tendril would shoot up to the ceiling, clinging to it just seconds before pulling Spider-Bitch up there to cling to. She glared at Rain, now trying to think of a way to deal with a second person who can hurt her with sounds. The symbiote stopped dripping, reforming itself properly in the lack of loud noises.

[2018/01/05 19:08] Nano: /me stumbled back onto her rear as the door exploded inward. She gasped a bit glad she fell back just in time or she would of been hurt really badly. Though she was more alarmed she didn't hear it coming. She stood up and looked over and winced looking from Rain to Spyder and then to the doorway not sure who was out there.

[2018/01/05 19:08] Boundary: /me just smirks and flips the large woman off as the wall remains where it was "No no dear. You cant go around assaulting other peoples boundaries" She looks to Spyder "Hey sweetie. I came back for our date. Though I could come at a more opportune time if you want"

[2018/01/05 19:16] Rain: /me grunted, "New hostile encountered using walls..." She tossed her sword into her left hand, "Move clingy woman and i will blast you again... Please don't make me hurt you further!" She'd then grumble, "I can't crack the walls..."

[2018/01/05 19:18] /me Spyder-Bitch looked over at Boundary, grinning widely at the woman, "Aww, you know how to make a girl feel special!" With that, she'd quickly start crawling along the ceiling, crawling over where the boundary was placed by her new found friend. She stuck her tongue out at Rain as she crawled, going to leap to the other side of the barrier to land by Boundary, "Those your wheels? Would LOVE a ride out of here."

[2018/01/05 19:21] Rain: /me just stands there....

[2018/01/05 19:21] Nano: /me "Damnit...." She spoke and winced noticing something. She instinctively covered her ears as her head was still pretty rattled. "W..what the hell.." She grimaces never having been hit with a combination of sounds that loud before as a human.

[2018/01/05 19:24] Boundary: /me smiles and turns around to walk down to her vehicle. The entire time flipping off the giant sword woman as the barrier stays in place "So where to my Spydery dearest?"

[2018/01/05 19:26] /me Spyder-Bitch looked over at Nano and winked at her, "Watch out for the sword girl. She's one hell of a screamer." She'd head over to the car, a slight limp that was improving as she walked was present, "Don't care, you're the one with the money after all. Did you say you were gonna take us somewhere fun?"

[2018/01/05 19:26] Rain: /me turns and walks through the bank wall, "Kylot Grun Mafes!" She hurls her sword at the steel dragon at about mach one, then holds up her clawed middle finger... She was angry now!

[2018/01/05 19:27] Boundary: /me laughs and gets in driving off. as she leaves placing both hands on the wheel the wall fades like it was never there

[2018/01/05 19:30] Nano: /me sighs a bit and stands up straight wincing as she was left alone in the bank. "Some help...I was.." She winced and dabbed at her ear with a frown.

[2018/01/05 19:33] /me Spyder-Bitch claps her hands together, looking over at Boundary and flashing her eyelashes at her a few times, "Our hero!" She'd then lift up her hands and flip off the bank as the duo drove off.

[2018/01/05 19:35] Nano: /me exits the bank with a sigh watching the car drive off unable to physically keep up with the vehicle.

[2018/01/05 19:36] Boundary: /me swerves out of the way of the huge sword as she laughs and speeds off "Wow this city is fun. I may like it here afterall" <exit>

[2018/01/05 19:42] Rain: /me could be heard talking in her own language pretty loudly and lumbering steps thudded, "Hurfeg mehsi mu ta gat!" Her sword made a crunching noise and more thudding steps, "I broke the bank... they got away, and i need a new Comm..." The comm link goes dead as she smashes it in her hand...

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