Some very dangerous shinies

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Some very dangerous shinies

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:50 pm

Several strange creatures made of gemstones were spotted tearing up the industrial district tonight. A group of wardens managed to bring them to a halt after an intense battle with only moderate injuries sustained, though property damage in the area was significant.

[18:19] Korume would grin as she would flash step to the industrial district and the area where she felt the most spirits in panic, "Welll well well... what have we here..." She looked supremely confident in herself right now, "Alright look here Mr Dragons enough of this foolishness time to pack up and go home."
[18:35] Major Metallic drives up and skids to a stop, turning the sportscar sideways. The large hero climbs out of the top of the convertible and looks over at the scene. "What the hell, man?"
[18:40] Son Tseng flies around the scene to observe the situation. Not acting yet just seeing what is going on and gauging what the response should be.
[18:40] Evie and Nano park the squad car a safe distance away and come down the hill, trying to take stock in the situation.
[18:41] Nano had drawn her weapon and was paying more attention to the hostiles than the others. "They weren't kidding about these things.." She shakes her head.
[18:44] Scene: the dragons are marching into an intersection as everyone starts arriving, the buildings behind their path having nice dragon-shaped holes through their walls. The crystals behind them are small close by, but further back you can clearly see that they're growing, with some back near the wall nearly 30 feet tall already. The dragons themselves are very slightly transparent, making it clear that they weren't entirely natural creatures, and each has a clearly defined color
[18:47] Korume would draw her sword a part of her wondering just how resilient these dragons were, but considering they were against dragons she felt justified in showing a bit of her power here. "Ryujin Hakaen reduce all who oppose us to ash." With that her blade would light aflame as she prepared to fight the dragons.
[18:49] Major Metallic cockily steps forward. He holds his hand out toward the others behind him, bursting with confidence. "Don't worry. I got this. These glass lizards ain't nothin." He marches forward and draws back his fist preparing to smack the one in front closest to him.
[18:51] Son Tseng would be scouting for civilians. "Those without express metahuman powers Evacuate any civilians from the area first, those who can hold these dragons back for the rest to get civilians to safety." he would shortly charge up a beam attack and send it towards the red one to see what would happen.
[18:52] Evie doesn't really know much about Crytal Dragons. She tries to see if they are intelligent. Perhaps it would be better if they communicate. She watches the others as she steps forward and shouts as loud as she can in Jaron's Nexan tongue, "Omras ela fossech!"
[18:53] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) looks outside, dropping the deadlock door to the foundry and raising the void shell. As the doors slammed shut, the building would look to be in a black crawling encasement. Anything or anyone that touched it would see a tendril of the material reach out and violently respond.
[18:55] Nano kept her firearm aimed at the approaching beasts and looks back. "Not sure they are willing to play friendly Evie.." She clicks off her weapons safety and steps forward. "Lets focus on pushing them back..even if we can't put them down easily..minimizing the damage done to the city is key here.." She fires 3 rounds in quick succession at the green one. All high caliber rounds. She buckles a bit from the shots the recoil a bit more than she bargained for.
[19:00] Scene: The beam deflects off the red dragon with no visible effect to it, while the bullets impact the green one, leaving only tiny dents in its surface where they hit. The blue dragon looks at the flaming sword, a stream of blue energy flowing towards the fire, a psionic fire supressing energy. Red looks to Son and vomits out a blob of psionic napalm at him, while Green and Purple continue marching forward at a steady pace, their claws gouging chunks out of the pavement
[19:05] Korume would move to block the psionic energy and while the flame on her didn't go out it certainly wavered and Korume would look distressed for a moment as her sword clearly did not like that. She would move in a flash step aiming to get underneath the green one and stick her diminished but not totally out flaming sword into its stomach with a swift thrust.
[19:05] Major Metallic unleashes his tremendous punch, strong enough to send a locomotive flying backward, toward the dragon since he was not stopped or even noticed. He follows his first strike up with a powerful uppercut regardless if the dragon was knocked back or not.
[19:05] Son Tseng flies downward quickly just barely not getting hit by the napalm luckily as he flew towards the red dragon he would power up his aura going straight to yellow! his hair spiking upwards as well as the aura around him making small rocks float upwards from the pressure of his Ki. he would be moving at the speed of a quarter of a flash step. at this point he would try to unleash a stronger ki blast this time waiting until the last second to unleash it on the red dragons face if he was lucky.
[19:06] Evie moves to the other side of the street behind Nano, not even wanting to know how the dragons managed to do that to the foundry building. She watches the subway train move behind the dragons.
[19:07] Nano grimaces. "Fuck.." She looks at her gun and sighs. She holsters it and looks back. "Well..unless you got a bazooka..or something my gun isn't going to do much more than tickle them it seems.." She looks over. "Got any ideas?"
[19:10] Shift crouched on a nearby rooftop, observing the scene. He noticed Evie and Nano below and grimaced. He didn't want to see them get hurt in the conflict after their help earlier. Fully recovered or not, it looked like he'd need to lend a hand. ((Add to PO please?))
[19:13] Scene: Green takes the stab from Korume, the creatures obviously not particularly fast-moving, the blade slicing and slightly melting at the creature's belly, causing it to start glowing with bright green energies, which flow around the wound and start trying to form the cracks back together, albeit slowly. Blue takes both hits, each impact landing with a solid cracking sound, sending spiderweb splits out from those points, that one keeping its beam going at Korume's sword to limit its power. Red takes the second beam, again deflecting off, though this time it leaves a tiny chip at the connection point, about equal to the bullet hits from Nano's shots, the dragon returning fire at the same close range with another blob of the thick, searing fluid. Purple turns its gaze to Metallic, a twisting rope of black energy lancing out towards him, the raw essence of death itself, aimed to drain away his energy
[19:19] Korume would grumble as her blade wouldn't make it into the green dragon like she hoped and the energy from the blue dragon was taking its toll on her and her sword going to exhaust her if she didn't do something about it quick. Her original plan had been to put her sword inside the green dragon but that didn't work so she would have to try something else. She would roll to the side of the green dragon trying to place it between her and the blue dragon. If she managed to do this the flames on her blade would increase threefold and she would attempt to thrust her blade into the dragon again with her flames hopefully increasing in intensity.
[19:19] DiamondPhoenix1 runs up to the scene, no longer running to step in like in the old days, but rather because Biff had texted her to move his car away from the fighting before it gets damaged. She looks in the usual spot for the spare keys.
[19:20] Major Metallic frowns as the dragon doesn't budge. He takes a step back and his body shimmers with energy. A metallic sheen spreads over his skin as he transforms to his armored state. He moves slowly as he changes stepping back even more from the black tendril and swatting at it in an attempt to deflect it away as he is backed against his car. The keys are left in the ignition of the car, unsurprisingly.
[19:27] Son Tseng couldn't get out of the way this time taking a blast to his chest it burning a bit as he quickly ripped the weighted shirt off it landing with a thud as the fire burned away the material it would leave a pile of firey metal. where it landed a burn mark shows he would be enraged shifting up again lighting starts to crackle in his energy aura. he would go to land a flurry of punches each with 25 tons behind each hit if they connect. "Hyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!"
[19:28] Evie says to Nano, moving past her, "Ideas? Maybe not any good ones. I'm gonna go try to take care of those growing pieces they're leaving behind." Evie runs around the corner, her fingertip on her shield generator, ready to turn it on if she has to. Watching the dragons, she tries to run around the far side of the squat white terminal building to get behind the dragons.
[19:30] Nano blinks watching Evie and sighs. "Fuck..alright then.." She draws her gun again not sure why she bothered holstering it in the first place. She runs and then turns an idea dawning on her. She takes aim at the black one and fires a single shot wanting to see what a bullet to the eye would do if anything. Hoping she was good enough shot to even make that.
[19:31] Shift taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, Shift launched himself from the rooftop for the already cracked blue dragon. "Let's see if I can roll a crit on these D&D escapees..." He cranked up his density to a heavy hardened form, literally cannonballing down into the beast with meteor impact force.
[19:31] DiamondPhoenix1 continues looks for the keys, not thinking to check the ignition. "Dammit BIFF", she mutters to herself, before looking over at Major Metallic, "Throw me the keys", she demands in her naggy 'take out the trash' tone. She is clearly annoyed she had to cut short her reunion with her old friend to move her hubbies car because he wanted to show it off by driving too close to a scene.
[19:40] Scene: Korume gets out of line of the beam, allowing her blade to flare back up, the re-energized sword melting into the creature more intensely now, outpacing the healing by quite a bit, though it keeps focusing on doing what it can to slow down the damage, taking a few quick swipes at her to try to buy itself time, claw tips a set of razor-sharp crystals. Red takes the volley of punches from Son, each one leaving small webs of cracks, though smaller than the ones Metallic had made, the repeated impacts making it bob and weave as crystal dust starts falling to the pavement, belching back another glob of napalm at Son's now-bare chest. Blue takes the hard landing from Shift, but the single impact just slightly spreads the already-present cracks... however it does keep it from moving as it had been starting to, instead rearing back and swiping at Shift with its razor claws. Purple takes the shot to the eye with no more effect than the prior hits, their eyes just small bulges in the crystal structure, keeping up the
[19:43] Korume would end up being too distracted with her offense to worry about defending herself taking the first slash across the chest slicing through her clothes and splattering them with blood as she would let out a cry of pain. However she could see her tactic was working now and would do her best to dodge the blows while still keeping the flaming sword close to the dragon trying to melt him down letting out cries as she took more strikes.
[19:44] Major Metallic turns at the sound of his girlfriend's voice. "Diamond? The keys are in the car--" Distracted, his words are cut off as the tentacle (assuming it is still reaching for him) strikes the hero in the back. Major Metallic lunges forward from the energy draining hit and falls onto the hood of his car.
[19:46] Tsumako flies above the the battle having sneses a very familiar energy. She smiles flying over "TSENG KUNNNNNNN!"
[19:49] Son Tseng now was moving at the speed of blink step half the speed of flicker so as the dragon went to spit the gob of napalm at him he quickly moved behind the dragon. he was going to throw another flurry of punches at the dragon but then was distracted as he heard Tsumako's voice he would stop dead in his tracks if the dragon could it would feel the pressure of wind at the back of it's head as his fist stopped milimeters away from it. he would look up in shock "Tsu-Tsu-TSUMAKO? YOU YOU ARE HERE TOO. CAREFUL THIS IS DANGEROUS."
[19:49] Evie moves behind the terminal building, behind the dragons, and taking the mittens out of her coat pockets and putting them on, starts trying to move all the crystals she can find and stacking them on the train tracks. She is starting with the closest ones to the tracks. ((And staying here only for chat range))
[19:51] Nano frowns a bit seeing her bullet do almost no damage at all. She then glances over as Major Metallic gets knocked back on his car and blinks before her attention turns back over. She curses under her breath and rushes forward firing rounds at close range not to do damage but get the attention to give the others a moment to react.
[19:53] Shift feels the slight crack from his impact but get tossed back by the dragon's own resistant form. The beast's swipe struck at his still airborn body. In his dense form, the damage was greatly lessened but he still cried out from the small gashes caused. However the force from the blow sent him flying away like a spiked volleyball. He instinctively switched into a near intangible form to avoid crashing into anyone else nearby or damaging a building.
[19:54] DiamondPhoenix1 jumps up when MM is hit by the the squid finger, she wasn't a octopussy-ologist so didnt know exactly whatever it was supposed to be called. She looks over at the ignition, and hops in the car, "Hold on Major Metalic", she grits her teeth having to say the dorky alias out loud. "Just like do your little magnet thingy to the car, and we can go home okay, this place is too dangerous and crazy, just magnet to the car okay!", she repeats in an annoyingly maternal voice before she puts the car in reverse ready to back up out of there on his signal.
[19:55] Tsumako smiles delighted to see Tseng was alive and on this world "Oh my god! It is you!" She ignores her cries to stay back as she flies towards him
[19:58] Scene: Green staggers as the attack from Korume keeps up, its form starting to lose its shape from the intense heat, still trying to heal itself, but the energy is wavering and the counter-swipes are slowing down. Blue moves around once Shift is batted away, trying to get back into a line with Korume and start suppressing her again. Red realizes that Son is becoming too fast, so it tilts its head back, the napalm spilling out the corners of its mouth and flowing over it, coating its entire body in the flaming goo. Purple sees Metallic take the hit and shifts its focus, that same beam of energy aiming itself towards Son now
[20:00] Scene: Evie reaches the crystals seemingly unnoticed, but when she tries to move them finds that they seem to be solidly rooted into the ground
[20:05] Korume would be encouraged by the green dragon slowing its attacks and starting to look malformed. With her encouraged mental state her flames would increase in power slightly as she would keep her sword near the dragin and now trying to thrust it into the dragon again as it seemed weaker and if she could get the blade flames to the center of it the dragon might melt entirely. Her regeneration was in fact the only thing keeping her standing was her regeneration powers.
[20:06] Major Metallic looks up a bit dazed as Diamond gets in the car and pops it in reverse, flooring the gas pedal. Major Metallic is cannot do any kind of magnetic thing. He does not have that kind of power. The car races backward and the metal hero slides violently off the hood, landing in a heap on the ground in front of the car. He pushes himself up still groggy unsure of what just happened.
[20:09] Son Tseng would go to protect Tsumako floating in front of her, He had to protect her at all costs. he would put his hands together and unleash a strong constant beam at the oncoming beam hoping to force it back at the dragon. and down the things throat "HHAAAA NIIII KKKKAAAAA NIIIII HAAAAAAAA"
[20:10] Evie is wearing a PAE Mk-1 armor suit under her clothes, a suit made of non Newtonian fabric that gives her among other things extra strength though not without extra effort. It allows a non-augmented human in reasonable (not peak) health to lift and hold up to 5 tons of dead weight with proper training. Evie has probably not had proper training with it, but groaning, she strains and tries again to lift some of the bigger crystals and place them on the train track.
[20:14] Nano was out of shots now. She holsters her pistol since thats all she had left. She sees Korume making some ground and glances over. Not sure if she was being ignored by the dragons for not being able to hurt them or what. She exhales a bit and closes her eyes trying to focus on something left behind. Though might not be the best time to leave herself open.
[20:14] Shift regains his footing with a grunt. He sees Blue making a move toward the sword wielder and the Major still down on that side. "Let's get cracking!" He leaps back at Blue, this time shifting into full intangible form. The jump would drive the hero inside the dragon's form if possible. If successful, he would move his limbs into position with the existing cracks and push his density to its maximum, intent to break the weakpoints from the inside!
[20:15] DiamondPhoenix1 yelps watching as her 'hubby' falls violently off the hood while she reverses quickly. "oooOhHH OH no NO NO!", she yelps before slamming on the breaks causing the car's backside to almost slam into the pavement below it from the enertia. "OH HONEY!", she gets out of the car, leaving it running and runs up to help her man from the pavement. "I TOLD YOU IT IS TOO DANGEROUS!!", she nags, trying to pick him up from the ground while keeping an eye on the crazinesss.
[20:16] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR appears in a flash on the roof of the ajoining building, shotgun out but the slide racked back. She looks at her floating companion and nods. "Concussion rounds, Chip." She says, and the drone helpfully dispenses a handful into Zeph's palm, which she begins loading one by one into her shotgun. ((Entry, add me to PO))
[20:17] Tsumako smiles as As Tseng flies up and protects her. A bit of drool as his body flexes revealing his every muscle as he does his attack. She floats there in a bit of a daze staring at his well toned back and fanning herself a little "Oh...Tseng Kun" she whispers as she unleashes her own energy and fires a blast along with Tsengs
[20:23] Scene: Son's attack simply passes right through the beam... no beam contest here... the attack continuing to try to tag him and drain his energy, while the twin blasts easily impact into the open mouth, sending cracks spidering through most of its upper body. Red finishes coating itself in flame and vomits another glob of the napalm towards the floating couple. Blue is pushed outward from the inside by Shift's attack, roaring out as its body cracks more and more readily, and unable to effectively move itself again, or do anything to counter. Green makes one last swipe before the heat of Korume's sword breaks down its structure too much, the whole thing melting down into a deformed lump of emerald, at which moment the other three all speak as one with a feminine voice, the tone that of a petulant child "Impure! You oppose growth! This world will be strengthened, and all who resist will be destroyed!" Evie's enhanced strength allows her to dig out a few of the small to medium sized crystals that are rooted in dirt or
[20:26] Scene: gravel, but the larger ones are still too heavy, and those in the pavement or rocks are heavily secured into place
[20:28] Korume would make sure that the dragon is dead before leaping over its remains and aiming to stab her blade into the back of the purple dragon wanting to use her flame to break it down as well in addition to needing to keep something between her and the blue dragon who she was hoping someone else would take care of.
[20:29] Major Metallic gets to his feet slowly. He looks at the blond and starts to speak. "Babe, you need to get ---oh shit!" He jumps in front on Diamond just in time to catch the car rolling back down the incline toward them. He holds the convertible in place with his back to the dragons. "Diamond! I'm trying to save the world here Damnit. You almost crashed the car!" He glances back over his shoulder to see the others dealing with the dragons. He looks at Diamond again annoyed. "Do I need to take you home myself?"
[20:30] Son Tseng would be hit by the energy draining attack he would start to feel his energy get sapped the lightning from his aura would disappear. as the napalm fire hits him his leg would catch fire starting to reveal that his pants as well were indeed weighted clothing. he would at this point would not budge his resolve to protect Tsumako that strong. would continue to send the ki attack admittedly not as strong as before but would still be there not letting up" HYAAAAAAAAA!!!"
[20:31] Evie settles for being able to put one of the medium sized crystals on the track, straining with all the strength her Mk-1 suit offered her, and a few of the smaller ones as well. It was probably best to see what happened when the train rolled over these anyway. She spreads them out a bit, but putting them close to the rails. She says something into her PAE com.
[20:33] Nano frowns a bit feeling nothing at all. "God dammit..!" She yells frustrated now.
[20:35] Shift tried to maintain his form for as long as possible to rend the dragon from inside but was fading fast. With one last concentrated push, he would attempt to break out of the beast before dropping down into a light form to eject himself.
[20:35] DiamondPhoenix1 jumps a little as the car almost rolls them both over. "I can handle myself, rremember I used to do this all the time...", she puts her hand on her tummy, then get in the passenger side and pulls the park break, yelling, "You drive, I don't feel good." She thinks to herself that this isn't a good place to throw up again, and taps the door impatiently with her fingernail. "Hun, lets go, I don't feel good at all!", she insists.
[20:35] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) steps down the road..she had a bag of food. She noticed metallic with the.. well the hair was the same. " damn varmints"
[20:42] Tsumako flashes out of the way of the napalm looking back at Tseng but oddly not looking worried. Instead she lands on the roof in a bit of a daze as she catches a glimpse of something. She blushes intensely hiding her face "Tseng Kun"
[20:43] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR frowns and unloads the shotgun, handing the shells back to Chip. "Let's douse the fire, dear. Extinguishers." Chip this time dispensese some red-and-black cartridges, which look like tiny fire extinguishers except for having a primer and shotshell brass where the nozzle would be. Zephyr adjusts some small toggles on the backs of them, then loads them into her shotgun, taking aim at the red dragon before firing; each round would explode on impact into a CO2-like cloud, which would then suddenly supercool and harden into foam meant to extinguish high-intensity fuel fires. "And who said firefighters couldn't be deadly?"
[20:45] Scene: Korume easily hits Purple in the side while it's distracted with the other targets, the blade starting to sink in slowly as the heat spreads, making the dragon roar with pain and turn its head, blasting the draining beam at her now. Shift's final push is just enough, causing blue to shatter in an explosion of shards, that same voice sounding from the two remaining creatures "We will purge and cleanse and shape! The weaving cannot be stopped! The will of the world is absolute!" Red sees Son's strength flag and keeps up the volley of attacks, trying to coat him in the napalm until the shells hit around it, stopping it for a moment, but once the foam hardens the dragon shreds through it with ease, turning its gaze towards the source of the new attacks
[20:49] Korume would end up collapsing to her knees as she was hit by the draining beam and anyone who could sense spiritual energy would sense Korume's energy fading fast. However her energy was separate from the sword's energy so as long as she touched it the sword would keep burning having been at least partially pushed into the dragon just barely keeping her hands on it.
[20:50] Major Metallic gets in the car as his metal skin fades. The hero slams the door and puts the car in gear. He starts to back up the hill. "You shouldn't have come out if you were feeling sick. I told you not to eat those nachos. You really should listen to me once in a while." The car continues up the hill as they drive away.
[20:50] Son Tseng as the rest of his clothes burn away he flies out fo the way of the volley moving back at a quarter of the speed of flash step though his legs would look burned his manhood was safe luckily. the beam attack that was still concentrated on the energy draining dragon until red tried to napalm Son would resume. though he was in obvious pain at this time as he continued his attack.
[20:50] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) peers up at Tseng" Man. Ashley Phoenix wouldnt even jump on that if the guy actually won office and the lottery on the same day. How does he please a woman?"
[20:51] Evie continues to uproot as many crystal footprints as she can, but not putting any more on the train tracks yet. As she sees a train coming, she moves back behind one of the trailers, watching to see what happens when the train ran over the crystals. She also tries to take note of whether the crystals are still continuing to grow after they've been uprooted.
[20:53] Nano covered her face not wanting to take crystal shards to the eyes. Cursing as she backed up.
[20:55] Shift lay on the ground, exhausted after his efforts with the blue dragon. He crawled around the nearby brick wall for cover while he regained his power.
[20:55] Tsumako was about to strike at the one who would dare to talk bad about her Tseng Kun. But is suddenly distract3ed as she finally gets a clear look at Son Tseng naked. Her cheeks heat up turning dark red and then she is blown back by a nose bleed. As she lays on the ground with the widest of smiles "oh Tseng Kun" she sighs dreamily
[20:58] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) shook her head. She would bring the lunch to the bar before tending to other matters. Some muttering in japanese as she has to step around the trouble..
[21:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR frowns. The foam stopped the Dragon's flaring but it didn't seem to affect it in any way. "Unexpected..note that for the eggheads. Cryo." She said, and this time, Chip dropped a handful of teal blue shells, which she loaded into the shotgun and pointed at the dragon, adressing it directly. "Care to see if you're hotter than I'm cold, dear?"
[21:05] Scene: Red seems to take the challenge quite literally, starting to vomit more globs of psionic napalm at Zephyr now, the flame coating over its body having gone down briefly, but starting to flare back up once it gets air flow returned to it. Purple staggers under the blasts as the blade starts melting down its structure from the inside, struggling as it tries to get a claw to the handle to pull it out. The train slams into the crystals, crushing them from the impact, but also making the train jump into the air a bit, luckily slamming back down onto the tracks rather than de-railing, but a loud grinding sound reverberates from it as it comes to a halt, something clearly broken in the crash
[21:12] Korume was just barely conscious at this point her vision blurry as she fought the dragon just barely getting back to her feet looking quite shakey like she could fall over at any time. She would more firmly grip her sword which at this point even the handle was nearly as hot as the flame. She would let out a loud cry of pain as the claw wrapped around her hand and the handle of her sword stabbing into it just doing everything she could to hold the sword in as long as possible but it was likely the dragon would overpower her at this point.
[21:25] Son Tseng as the attacks were no longer focused on him he was able to focus more of his energy into the ki beam again at this time itself being bolstered. "Now is not the time Tsumako. middle of a fight here." he would call out to her.
[21:25] Evie says, "Fuck," as she notices the crystals she managed to uproot were still growing, then as she watched as the train stopped when it crushed the crystals on the track she said with much more clearity, forethought, and volume, "Fuck!" She quickly moves to the other side of the train where the entrance was and tries to see if it looked like everyone on board appeared to be alright.
[21:28] Nano sees Korume struggling and exhales. "Damnit Nano.." She digs her feet in and sprints to Korume. Maneuvering to her side to help her hold the blade strong. Risking getting burnt to her thinking if it meant finishing the crystal beast off. While not having any sort of unnatural strength she was still able to clear jumping to position fairly well.
[21:30] Tsumako snaps awake standing alert but still a heavy blush as she looks at Tseng once again completely naked. Her mind wanders. "Tseng Kun naked for me. love this city. oh no, others will see it too. They will see my Tseng Kun. MY TSENG KUN!" She roars out as her own energy crackles surrounding her "NO LOOK AT MY TSENG KUN!" She launches her own blast at the dragon Tseng was attacking
[21:30] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR fires her shotgun at the napalm blasts, hoping to freeze or extinguish it in midair, but nonetheless makes a leap from the building, aiming to land on the pavement below and roll to a stop, her shotgun raised, ponting at the Red. She fires more shots, aiming center mass, each shot exploding into a gob of ice-blue supercooled gel which has a temperature slightyly colder than liquid nitrogen.
[21:30] Shift peeks out long enough to gauge the situation after hearing the crash of the train. He would climb wearily to his feet, moving to assist anyone who was hurt. At first focused on checking Nano and Evie, he spots the sword wielder in peril with the purple dragon. He would muster up his courage, leaping up on its back. Using what bit on strength & his weigh into trying to grapple & pull its neck back.
[21:36] Scene: Purple takes the blasts and combined attacks, knocking it off balance long enough for the girls to hold the blade in place just enough, the beast pulling it partway out before the melting destabilizes it too much, slumping down into a pile of melted amethyst in the street. Red's napalm is cooled slightly by the impacts of the shots, but endures through them and lands on the now-empty rooftop, its head swiveling to follow the motion and continuing to volley more of the blobs at Zephyr, the shots putting out the flames in the target area after a few hits, but the cold doesn't seem to bother it even after that. The people on the train are jarred, but only a few of them have minor injuries from the impact
[21:38] Korume would let the fire coating her sword extinguish as she is coating in a nice layer of blood and looking pretty exhausted at this point. She tries to make a move towards the final dragon but just ends up slumping back against Nano, "I.. I think... I'm spent..." She would shudder a bit ending up leaning on her seeming quite weak and drained right now. All the blood makes it hard to tell how badly injured she is.
[21:40] Son Tseng takes aim at Red, he this time was gathering energy in his hands the ball of Ki getting larger and larger with each passing second. (Charging Post) "HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" He's charging his attack do doo do do do charging my attack do doo do do do
[21:41] Evie turns toward the others fighting the dragons, trying to see how they were fairing, not doing anything else until she saw something to do.
[21:42] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) steps back after the food and stays near evie , to keep out of the crazy blasting. ..Miss Anna-Kate Satan everyone
[21:43] Nano grimaces seeing all the blood and nods. "Alright..lets get clear..." She lifts Korume makin sure she had her sword to. She then sprints clear having no issue carrying her. "Hopefully those three can finish off that last one.." She spoke getting to a better spot to gently lower Korume to the ground.
[21:44] Shift flops off the dropped purple dragon near the two women. He looks up at them, breathing heavily. "We all still alive? Good. Wasn't sure how I was doing..." He peeked over at the others fighting the last one as the two of them get clear.
[21:46] Tsumako stops her attack as her aura fades. SHe turns to look at Tseng as he charges his attack but quickly turns away seeing him still nude. A trickle of blood coming from her nose as she turns her head "TSENG KUN! YOU GET DRESSED NOW!"
[21:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR sprinted, empting the last cryo shells as she tried to stay ahead of the napalm. "Extinguisher! Large!" She shouts to Chip, who dispenses an extra long extinshuisher shell which she struggles to jam into the chamber, finally racking it shut. By this point she is almost right under the Red. She aims her shotgun up at it and pulls the trigger...this time, instead of a shell, out comes a single stream of CO2 retardant, like from a fire extinguisher. Instead of hardening into foam, this form simply billows up, aiming to snuff out the flames of the Red dragon. "Your breath is hot, but mine is minty fresh!~"
[21:50] Scene: Red belches out another glob as Zeph charges it, then lifts a claw and attempts to slam down onto her when she gets in close to spray the foam, the suppressant dampening the remaining flames, though they still flicker around its body, the voice sounding out once more "We are numberless and tireless, those who oppose the planet will be crushed beneath our tide"
[21:51] Korume would sheath her blade sort of just leaning against Nano shaking a bit as she lost both a lot of blood and energy. She would groan a bit watching the fight as she tried to get up again but it was clearly not something she was going to manage. Her clothes were torn and soaked in her blood which only served to make her cold as well considering the weather.
[21:54] Son Tseng would let out a giant ki beam aimed directly for Red's head. "HYAAAAA....!!!!!" he would deal with Tsumako after the fight. "Kinda busy here deal with clothing later. Still fighting let's finish this off first." he would also be careful as to not have it aimed anywhere near the others.
[21:55] Evie stands where she is, unmoving as she contemplates the scene. If someone didn't know better they would think she looked only slightly angry or slightly sad, but she was deeply internalizing at the moment, outwardly looking all the same way she looked after the momentary emotional outburst when she saw her car Daiquiri thoroughly and completely destroyed.
[21:58] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): They seem ok, evie, little shaken. No one is probably hurt.. whhat the hell are those things?
[21:58] Nano exhales looking down to Korume and then over the scene. She grimaces seeing the big beam fired and wraps her arms around Korume to try to share her body heat. Wanting to give her the best chance of recovering faster. She was leaking faint amounts of spirit energy from her own form without realizing it into Korume which may provide a needed boost if not scare the crap out of her.
[21:59] Shift scoots back behind the remains of the purple dragon for better cover. He looks for a piece of broken crystal to throw at the red dragon. "Take that."
[22:00] Tsumako snaps to serious again and nods "Yes Tseng Kun of course"
[22:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR "W-wah!" Zephyr is thrown back from the impact of the claw, tumbling on the road to a stop before she can catch herself. She points the shotgun again at the red and continues firing, spraying the extinguisher at the dragon to keep the flames snuffed out. "You're just a bunch of cunts who don't know when to quit! Do we need to show you what we did to the goblins under the city?" She grumbled, stoppping the CO2 onslaught for a moment and pulling the spent extinguisher shell from the chamber and jamming a new one in, getting ready to continue firing.
[22:05] Scene: Red gets slammed by the beam, cracks spreading rapidly from the impact point, the dragon rearing its head back and breathing in deeply, flames licking around its teeth, the cold fully dousing the fire outside its body now
[22:07] Korume shiver a bit in Nano's arms before trying to pull away a bit, "D-don't I'm covered in blood... no need to get yourself all dirty..." It was only then that she felt the spiritual energy leaking out of her and it did help revitalize her a bit, "N-Nano? Y-you're different... d-did something happen?" Her teeth were chattering in the cold.
[22:10] Son Tseng as the beam continued to beat down on the dragon his muscles would bulge and tense tightening as he used more and more of his energy not letting up on this thing. he would aim for the same spot concentrating all energy on that spot.
[22:11] Evie crouches and picks up snow, packing it into a snowball and then packing it harder, angrily, and throws it at the red dragon. She wasn't good with guns or complicated weapons, but she was a good throw, even if hitting the dragon did nothing more than making Evie feel better. "Omras ela fossech, mother fucker!" she says, as if it were a curse.
[22:12] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): the superstar special! gonna stay gone this time. catch me up!
[22:14] Nano blinks a bit. "Right..not that I don't expect to get dirty.." She exhales watching the fight and Evie throwing snowballs. "What..oh..uh..yeah.." She rubs the back of her head. "It's....complicated..and a long story.."
[22:15] Shift calls out from behind the purple mound. "And the red makes you look like a whore, dragon!"
[22:16] Tsumako drools and faints with a smile on her face seeing all of Tsengs bulging muscles and other things
[22:17] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR fires off the second shell, continuing to spray down the dragon with the extionguisher. though she focuses more on the dragon's maw, advancing as if trying to start spraying it right down its crystalline throat. "Someone smashing this thing to bits would be appreciated about now!"
[22:21] Scene: Red endures the ongoing beam for a bit longer, the voice coming out once more "You beat four... but soon you will face millions. You ants cannot keep win out" the snowball hitting without effect, but finally the constant force breaks the dragon's head off, causing the whole body to explode from the gathered energy, spraying the whole area in a rain of napalm, the crystal 'footprints' starting to crumble to dust as soon as the last dragon is disabled
[22:24] Korume would move herself to block any napalm from hitting Nano as she shivers and shakes just leaning against her, "Well... at l-least.. th-that... is done for now..." She would quiver a bit seeming to recover some but she still seemed cold and hurting.
[22:25] Son Tseng smiles lightly "I'm... Hungry..." he would fall from where he was with a thud. His chest would have a burn mark as well as both his legs being badly burned it would seem. he would be passed out face down. It seemed that purple dragon using it's draining attack plus his extended use of his forms and excessive ki use to actually down the dragons took it out of him. he was lucky enough to land on a spot not covered in napalm.
[22:26] Evie yelps as the dragon explodes, jumping back and activating her shield, not quickly enough as she feels some of it hit her,sticking to her as it started to burn. She screams as she turns off her shield and throws herself at the ground, rolling to try to put out any flames, discarding her mittens to beat at her own face.
[22:29] Nano blinks. "Why..did yo.." She cuts herself off and looks over. "Fuck Evie.." She called out and before running to help her. She sets Korume against the wall. "Hurry over once your strength returns..." She spoke and quickly tried to put the flames out. Instinctively though not sure why, putting her hand directly into the fire without even a second thought.
[22:30] Shift manages to avoid most of the napalm splatter. The small burn spots that hit are plunged into the dirty slush.
[22:35] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR smirks. "Perhaps we are but ants...but ants SWARM, dear." Then, at the explosion, she curses and shields her arm, but gasps in pain as the napalm sprays her suit. crying out, she quickly stumbles back and hits the disengage on her burning suit, throwing it off so she now stood naked in front of everyone, panting and looking around. "So...enemies are slain, and the only casualties are some of our clothes....anything new?"

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