Another Attack from the Bellgrave Family

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Another Attack from the Bellgrave Family

Post by Chyleste » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:33 pm

This is Danielle Simone bringing you more disturbing news from the business district. Earlier today, the Bellgrave family sent out a message targeting Mr Gable, a local businessman, for judgment. Tonight they fulfilled that threat and then some. During a large battle with several metahumans, the gotic building was reduced to dust from many explosions. Some of the surrounding buildings, including FireFly Media also took some damage. The streets are closed off to traffic while emergency crews search the area. So far there are no signs of survivors.

Darkness overtakes the area. Stepping from the shadows the Belgrave Family arrives making their way to the tower

[17:05] Morgan pulls up in a smartcar and comes out in what seems to be full tactical gear "Alright! so whats happenin'?" she asks in a pretty irish accent

[17:05] Yojimbo tramps behind the other members his movements appearing slow as he hobbles along, yet he still some how maintains the perfect distance to do his job

[17:05] Lodestar couldn't help but tense up as the shadows started to come over. "~Don't forget what happened last time.~" Seiken mumbled to his master and the heroine nodded to her blade. She would lean to Shiver and whisper to her. "What ever you do, do not engage open conflict unless engaged. Lives of civilians are the biggest objective. There is no way we can fight them as we are and we are not going to risk our lives for bravado. The others matter first. Is that understood?"

[17:07] Alexandros steps out of his shadows grinning as each member of the Belgrave Organization stepped out. he would be silent for now which is weird for Alexandros he is usually making a smart ass comment by now. he would flash a dangerous smile towards Lodestar and then look back to the tower he would be exactly on the right side of the Countess.

[17:09] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) looked over at Morgan," Hi. We are assasing the sitution now. Lodestar is charge." She said with some nervousness n her voice,and then nodded as Lodestar spoke to her. She worked to focus to contain her cold to herself. She glanced over at the man in asian straw with curiousity. The four people in the building were a mystery to her. " Right, Lodestar. I am ready."

[17:10] Countess smiles seeing her family beside her. Her walk is with purpose as they near the building "Remember your mission dears. This man stands accused and must pay"

The businessman shown in the picture earlier, Mr Gable, steps out of his building. The man is flanked by several large armed bodyguards. Mr Gable looks around with a smug expression, showing no fear. He is not going to let some threats from these costumed freaks make him cower in fear. His entourage stops as the figures step out of the darkness. He gives one of his bodyguards a shove on the shoulder. "Better do your damn job. Don't fuck around."

[17:11] Entity steps out of the shadow besides Countess letting out a long yawn and mumbles "had to do this during nap time..... Lets just hurry up so I can go back to bed."

[17:12] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) stands and watches the Humans have their lynching. He spoke no words, but it amused him to no end to see how much more evil they were than demons who at least had some honor to them.

[17:13] Looking Glass slowly strolls along the side of the building. She spots the unusual darkness ahead and she stops. The blond moves into the bushes and stays quiet to see what is going on.

[17:16] Lodestar couldn't help but feel a tinge of nerves when she heard 'Lodestar was in charge.' That, and the smile from Alexandros left her with a really terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. Still, she would take a step forward as Lodestar would attempt what she would do best - attempt to de-escalate the situation. "Everyone recieved your message, Countess. While I understand by the law of the city, you don't exactly have the right to pass judgment on innocent civilians but if there is evidence to your claims, you can surrender them to the Protectorate as well as the man into our custody. We can look through it and go over with the next mayor in line if it breaches anything. We don't have to do this. No one has to die. No one has to get hurt. Please..."

[17:22] Countess smirks as the woman approaches "This man stands accused of crimes against Metakind. As such I sentence him to death."Yojimbo"

[17:23] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) nodded what Lodestar said as she viewed the crowd. She wondered what they were or what they could do and then noticed Entity,and then bumped Lodestar with her elbow,and pointed at Entity" I know her! She does plasma blasts,and attack for no reason a week ago."

[17:23] Entity looks to Lodestar and pats her belly "but your current mayors soul is right here. And she agrees with what ever Mistress here thinks."

[17:26] Alexandros stretches "Order control seal level 5 released." he would start to chuckle and make his way towards the thugs. his arms turning into long whip like tendrils that were as sharp as sharp could be. they would lash out at the closest one to him as he made his way forward. "come weaklings."

[17:29] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) stood watching, wondering when this vampire would grow a set and eat his handler instead.

[17:31] Looking Glass peers around the corner. She looks from the group of men on the steps to the metahumans gathered in the street. Drawing back to stay as hidden as possible, she holds up her arms and looks into the mirrors. Her lips move in silent conversation as she stares into them.

[17:33] Yojimbo at her the speaking of his name crutch falls to the ground clattering against the street samurai is suddenly no longer there a cold wind blows across the street and unless prevented , he would appear behind the man facing away the sound of his of a sword filling the air as a the mans head slowly tumbles from his shoulders

As Yojimbo starts to move, Mr Gable ducks down and pushes his bodyguards forward. "Fire you fools! Do your fucking jobs!" The bodyguards pull out handguns and start shooting toward the Bellgrave family. Bullets pierce the windows of the media building behind people as the hail of gunfire erupts. The samurai appears and his sword strike barely grazes the ducking CEO's head, slicing off his hair and a bit of his scalp. Gable screams and dives under his guards. One of the guards turns and starts shooting at Yojimbo at point blank range.

[17:38] Strangeling found much strange about this world, but one thing she thought she understood: one didn't just go and cut off people's heads - it wasn't polite. As gunfire rang out she threw up a hand, creating a kenetic shield against stray bullets. Preparing her own weapon mostly to defend herself, she watched the crowd to determine which side was which. This was soon going to be very complicated.

[17:39] Lodestar would glance over to Shiver and would lean to her, gesturing to Alexandros. "Do NOT engage him. If you are able, try to evacuate any civilians in the area and from the builidng. Do what you can." She would nod to her before she would take another stepf roward. She didn't fight back as she let the wind flutter her cape. "You're wrong. The Countess is not the mayor. There are others--and the mayor should be decided -by- the people, not tyranny. Do you think that fighting like this is going to help? Innocent people are going to die and what will that bring? Nothing. Senseless murder like that isn't going to help anyone. If you won't listen, then I hope there is someone out there that can listen to me. This isn't the way to go about this. If we are going to make anything get better, then we have to work together and vote--not be intimidated." She locked eyes to Alexandros, then to Entity, then to the Countess. "Liberty, or Death." When the NPC went forward, she shouted. "Shiver! NOW!"

[17:45] Countess draws her blade and deflects any bullets coming her way. Though oddly most seem to completely miss anyways. She laughs at the woman after her speech "You think I care for these innocents dear? They are nothing but bullet shields in times of need. For to long people like this slob of a man have mistreated metas. They make laws against us. Plots to kill us. No more. No more will Metakind cower to men like this. You may join us dear. Rise above these humans and take your rightfull place with your kind. Stand with proide in who you are. Or you will fall a bitch on the leash of mankind"

[17:43] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) threw her hands forward palms,and released the wave of cold that was held back. A icy blue energy exploded from her hands causing the air to crackle on contact to create a thick ice shield between the combatants,and the mayor,and his bodyguards The ice shield caused the ground to frost,and bring a coldness to the open air.

[17:53] Alexandros as his tendrils missed the guy they would quickly move to deflect any bullets coming his way and he would close the distance on the guy firing at him. both he and his tendril and moving faster than a normal eye could track he would go to slash the guy with the force of a fully loaded semi truck. "While I don't particularly care who lives or dies you threaten the Belgrave Organization in any way and you will end up dead d e a d dead. like this guy here."

[17:55] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) stepped back, shaking his head. Damned fools, all of them.

[17:58] Looking Glass drops to the ground when the bullets start flying. The blond looks around for a safer spot but doesn't see an opening right now. She leans back against the bricks and stays still.

[18:01] Entity brings her arms up in front of her face as the bullets impact her body tearing holes in her clothing but the rounds would just fall to the ground at her feet as they weren't piercing her body. as she looks over to Lodestar and says "I ment the mayor is here inside me I devoured her soul later that night you idiot...... which technically makes me mayor...." Pausing for a moment before throwing her arms up in the air "all hail mayor Entity!......" followed by some coughing as she just swallows a bullet that was shot into her mouth before fallen to her knees and coughing it out and says "fuck that one seriously hurt...." Noticing the ice shield Entity would hop up into the air going up about a story as she aims her right arm towards the ice manipulator and has a dark purple orb form in the palm of her hand before firing it off towards the woman attempting to have the orb hit Shivers body. If it made contact with its target or anything the orb would erupt in a half ton explosion

[18:04] Yojimbo Tsks audibly his eyes narrowing as the man some how avoids his blade he says calmly in his quite voice " a glimmer of skill?.. maybe this job will be worth what im being paid after all..degozaru" his blade slashes out once, twice cutting two bullets from the air a third pierces his shoulders a blossom of blood in blooming in the air he tsks again his cold eyes smoldering and with a lunging hop he ducks below the mans fire rising with in his reach sword tilted up word in an attempt to skewer the man shooting at him , he smiles to him self as he realizes that hes been walled off with the mayor and his remaining guards

Yojimbo's blade cuts through the bodyguard's arm, severing it from his body. The guard's limb drops to the ground as blood sprays from his shoulder. Flailing around the guard falls over the CEO. Gable screams again, blood pouring from his head as he tries to push the guard off him. The other guards keep shooting, now a bit more panicked. The tendrils from Alexandros, carve the guard up like hamburger. More guards start to rush out of the building, shooting wildly at anyone in costume.

[18:08] Strangeling knew it was not her place to enforce the law, but at the same time she could not allow this to go on without some attempt to stop it. Lifting herself above the crowd and the ice, she placed herself between the countess and the man she was attacking. She did not like the man she was defending, but she didn't like the idea of someone protecting her rights by destroying others even less. Besides, one who sided with the Countess claimed to devour a soul - that was a form of evil that really couldn't be overlooked.

[18:12] Lodestar: "Are you just that stupid!? Of course people are going to do that!" Lodestar shouted with a hand thrusted out to gesture to them. "Look at yourselves! If you kill people who can't fight back, of course they will see you as monsters that need to be locked up! They do it to protect themselves! You are just proving to the frightened that metahumans can be monsters that NEED to be controlled!" Lodestar felt that rush of anger as she would flex her fingers. Her eyes glanced to her fingers before she tightened them into a fist before she looked on up to the Countess. Still, the heroine was filled with determination that everything would turn out okay in the long run. "Do you have any idea how much I wish I could go back and be a human being again? To just... to just read books with a wonderful gentleman and do normal things but I didn't get to. I'm never going to be ever again. I AM this way but that doesn't make me superior to the people in this city. I, and all of us, have a choice and
[18:13] Lodestar: "and responsibility with our powers. You chose this path! No one else forced you to do this--but I chose to be a hero. I chose to protect others that are unable to protect them from people like you." Her hand rose up and gripped the hilt of her sword tightly before slowly drawing it out and would wield it before her. "I refuse to be the monster people tell me I'm meant to be. Liberty, or Death. You can be defeated. You WILL be -- the fate of the city depends on it." But she would find herself rushing with the heels not to attack but to keep herself in the way of the others or any civilians that were in the area. "... but that isn't today. By order the Protectorate, I am-
[18:13] Lodestar: "ordering any civilians to evacuate from here. Go! We'll cover you to the best of our abilities! Do you not hear me? RUN! We will cover you!" She seemed unusually quiet about the mayor in Entity's statement. "~Alright Alexandros is still a bit far so you are good to engaged in others. I'll keep my eyes open if anyone gets too close to you or the pretty Shiver.~" Luckily she hadn't been shot with a stray bullet... yet.

[18:13] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) watching the battle outfold when she prepared a another blast , She cupped her together to created a ball of cryogenic energy. She saw Entity dart skyward and release a blast, remember her experience with her. She released her blast ball in the same trajectory." HEADS UP!

[18:19] Countess laughs as bullets continue to miss her. SHe gazes at the woman "You are indeed foolish. This man seeks the same for ALL metahumans. Even those who declare themselves as heroes . He must die so we may all live>" SHe'd shout up to Entity "Take them out Entity dear. Alexandros Seal Level 4 release. Show these fools"

[18:21] Alexandros chuckles this was to perfect the blood that was coming from Gable and his guard would start to flow towards the man's mouth and nostrils intending to drown the man in his and his lackeys blood. his tendrils forming a shield around him taking the hits from any wild bullets. man if he becomes riddled with bullets he was going to need to find dinner later. "this is making me hungry" he would then look back at Shiver, Strangeling, and Lodestar "I will eat all three of you in a non sexual way if you keep interfering. but that might be a waste of good pussy but I will not abide anyone getting in my way. p.s. order control seal level four released."

[18:25] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) refused to get involved unless he had to, but this was getting out of hand. Rising to his feet, he spoke in Absu, a wall of granite solid flame rising from the ground to encompass the vampire. It wouldn't be enough to keep him down, but it would redirect his focus. "Nai'aisum E'krutas eta'krah'bas Navra'tatien!" he spoke, the wall growing in excess of 900 degrees F. Unless it had fire to draw in, it would detonate inward like a frag grenade.

[18:26] Morgan sets up behind her camera recording the goings on from between and behind Lodestar and Shiver and starts recording EVERYTHING!

[18:30] Looking Glass takes a deep breath. She moves back a bit and steps into the reflective glass of the building's window. The blond steps out from behind the others in front of the FireFly building. She stays low avoiding the bullets and other things flying as she looks at each person around.

[18:31] Entity Shiver's counter to Entity's orb sets the orb off prematurally having it erupt in mid air over everyone a safe distance away. She would go to draw her katana from her back as she performs her dash ability heading down at Lodestar in a single step moving up to 60 mph before arriving and slashing her sword downwards as she unsheathes it attempting to slice Lodestar in half from head to toe what ever bullets made contact with her would bounce off her and fall to the ground leaving welts but still not piercing her flesh

[18:32] Yojimbo Sighs as his injury seems to have thrown his aim off he turns to the advancing guards blood still dripping from the wound on his shoulder ,with a slow released breath yojimbo begins to dance.. his blade singing a sweet melody of steel as he flashes between the guards not stopping to check where or if his strikes landed on a path for the ceo , he looms above the prone man, a grim figure painted in blood from bullet grazes he raises his sword over head blade pointed down as he leans on his one crutch , the samurai winches as the flesh in his shoulder tears around the bullet his aim towards the mans head thrown off a bit, his eyes widen as the blood from the mens wounds begins trying to kill them and his back grows suddenly warm

The guards are now in full panic mode, terrified and backing together, shooting at everything that moves. Gable makes a gurgling noise as the blood flows faster down into his mouth. Yojimbo's sword easily cleaves through a couple more of the guards, dropping them like lifeless meat to the steps. A couple of the guards from inside block the samurai's path while some others try to drag the CEO inside.

[18:36] Strangeling steps back at the explosion of power in front of her. As she does, a sensation of movement ripples behind her. She spins back suddenly, setting her blade between the samurai's sword and the CEO, letting the metal between them sing. Looking to the Samurai, she smiles invisibly within her hood of darkness. "That's quite enough of that, sir."

[18:36] Raigeki looks on from above. It might be hard for the others to see but she peaps out from the top of the pea building She does a swan dive, landing in the midde of the group amidst a lightning storm of ominous proportions despite the lightning and fury it was mostly for show. Mikoto was trying to drive back foes by terrorizing them Every part of her being seemed locked on the countess " I guess now the only question is, Do you hide behind your vampire, or you die with a shred of honor. "

[18:39] Lodestar "~Alexandros won't be a problem for us. Look out though, some pussy is coming your way and she's fast!~" Lodestar was forced to turn and let her blade clash against hers. There was the smell of rubber as her heels dragged along the pavement from the clash but surprisingly, the heroine was able to clash on pretty well. Seiken was held over her head in a light struggle before she would let the pressure of their blades release and forcing it to go in another direction that didn't slice Lodestar in two. A bright light shimmer around her almost as if she looked like the sun briefly as tried to use what opening was created to lift her left leg and give a hard kick. She was stronger then normal in the kick - at least four times her own body weight it seemed. Her hand was continuously gripping the hilt of her sword the entire time. "~This is going to shit real fast.~"

[18:42] Countess smirks as the lightning comes down. Shielding her eyes a little but still standing without problem. She looks at Mikoto like she was actually expecting her "Ah so you got my Christmas gift? I was so worried it wouldnt arrive in time. Have you come to join us dear Mikoto?"

[18:43] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) 's jaw dropped at the scene between the vampire, Entity 's blast,and her blast colliding. Then as she goes to catch her breath, a sudden column of fire that appeared from nowhere She felt that heat as if it was a blast furnace effecting the ground,and the nearby buildings. She looked at Lodestar with some fear in her eyes," We have to fight!" She saw a flash of light,and Entity appear from nowhere. She tighten her fists,and transformed into organic ice.

[18:45] Alexandros as mikoto lands he would curse under his breath the flames raising around him he would sigh and snap his finger the blood that had entered into Gables mouth would turn to spikes going in every direction the blood still on the man that didn't enter the mouth and nostrils would try to re-enter the man through his pores and bubble under the flesh attempting to cause the man excruciating pain and hopefully death. the flames at this time wouldn't bother him as he wasn't perceiving Gables with his actual eyes but through an extrasensory means. "I'm getting bored I'm not even a little hard yet can't any of you actually get me to half mast please."

[18:45] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) watching the chaos going on below him, he would target the one foot in the graves fools who started this, he spoke, voice barely audible. "Tok'na shon!" As he spoke, the hilts of the ronin's weapons, countess blade and the neko's sword would quickly soar to over 900 degrees. If they could withstand the pain, they might be able to hold on to their tools. He did see the ronin had his hands bandaged.... sucked to be him.

[18:51] Mecha: OOC -> leaps down landing in the street."I was alerted to a disturbance, may I be of assistance?"

[18:53] Morgan shifts the camera captureing lodestar and entity's fight

[18:53] Looking Glass shields her eyes from the electrical flash. She tries to hide behind the pillar outside FireFly and wait for the right moment. The blond takes a breath and then rushes forward quickly and leaps toward Raigeki with her mirrored arm shields raised up facing the armored electrical woman's view.

[18:54] Entity shuts her eyes to the light Lodestar was giving off and takes the hit to her right side as she slides slightly to the side by a foot from the impact from the kick as she grunts a bit but kept her balance as a dark purple aura would erupt around her and swirl around her body as she smirks towards Lodestar. She would detect Raigeki's presence but doesn't act on it as she was already in her combat. She would pivot around on her right foot having her spin around in a counter-clockwise motion having her bring her left leg up and attempts to slam the back of her left heel into lodestars left hand side with the force of four tons attempting to send Lodestar off to the side and crash into Shiver hoping to get a two for one deal. Her gray eyes lighten up and begin to glow as she was getting more into the fight at hand

[18:55] Yojimbo sighs again as more guards bar his path , his eyes narrow as his blade is blocked by another , he turns on his crutch his blade pressing ever so slightly down on this interlopers own"... a ghost would interfere with my work now? .. well ghost-chan..." he turns his blade edge away from the strangling spirit energy mixing with his chi " when yojimbo is paid to do a job,,it is done" and with a breath he pivots on his crutch good leg flashing out in an attempt to kick the ghost woman away while his blade cuts a line between him and the building a black line flashing towards it and any thing between it in a slash that could cut stone like butter " the true cut!" he suddenly screamed as his weapon heated up his crutch pad burning away forcing the samurai to his bottom on the frost covered steps possibly leaving him in a much more precarious position then before

[18:58] Lexus Regal (DarkCascade Resident): The guards continue to try and shoot anything in sight. The couple manage to drag Gable inside even as the CEO begins his St Vitus Dance.

[19:01] Lodestar wasn't exactly invulnerable as she would be slammed in the left hand side and sent her flying in the air. Oh, god, her side hurt but her determination was her focus. Her knees curled up as she hovered in the air as if trying to hit the breaks - slowing herself down enough so if her body did slam into Shiver that it wouldn't be as painful. "~Watch the reserves.~" Seiken warned as while Entity was a purple-dark essence, Lodestar shone like a warm sun - welcoming. She took to the air as the light went from her and into Seiken. Brimming with the solar energy, she flew downward before stopping midway with a slash in the air to release that rough energy straight at Entity.

[19:08] Raigeki was about to bear down on countess , when something caught her eye. She stumbled for a moment, but then continued on, She began a full on assault on the woman and she wasn't holding back.

[19:09] Mecha: Looks around still very confused, she is very confused as her programming has not been updated with the latest news of the city. her eyes darting back and forth. settling on Mikoto."One acquired." as electricity seemed to dance over her body. She did recognize the electric woman and attempted a palm strike to countesses back, as the electric woman was not a criminal she must be fighting one. was the robotic womans thought process.

[19:10] Cremation: /m3 drops down from the bulding with a thud, cracking the pavement as she lands

[19:10] Yojimbo passes out from his bullet wound, but hopes his last attack managed to kill several guards and cut dep into the building

[19:14] Countess is perrying Mikotos fierce blows, using all her training and barely keeping up. Just as the mecha charges from behind, Countess handle burns her hand causing her to cry in pain and avoid the charge as she rolls to the side allowing Mecha to meet Mikoto. She glares holding her burned hand "Alexandros! Seal Level 3. Entioty! Bring down the fools building let him rest in his tomb"

[19:17] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) was knocked the black top with her eyes glowing white. She glares at Entity and unleashed a cryogenic blast of -150 F at Entity at point blank range with her left hand,and right hand at Alexandros If it hits her or him it will encased them in a wall of ice.

[19:26] Alexandros looks around at all going on and would start to determine what to do next if Gables wasn't sad already he will be soon. he would turn intangible and walk through the burning ring of fire. he would start to walk towards mikoto. "come now mikoto my love no need for such anger. let me fuck it right out of you." he would then hear the Countess "Oh Order control seal level 3 released. now I'm starting to get a little hard." he would also start to rematerialize but that would be finished next turn so this is all he can do for now. "Also ice bitch I believe you were ordered not to engage me. but now you will become dinner." also as he had not fully materialized into his solid form the ice energy shot would go right through him.

[19:30] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) took aim on the one called Entity, speaking again. "Tok'na shon! Dahn su kesh!" With the words spoken, he and strengthened the Absu arcana to penetrate her aura. THe hilt of her sword would get to at least 500 degreed F if not more. She might be able to hold the blade, but he doubted anyone could grasp a hilt that burned at that temperature.

[19:33] Looking Glass lands in the street and looks over as Raigeki goes crazy. She spots Mecha coming up behind Countess and leapfrogs over to try and land piggyback style on the mechanical woman's back, to lock her legs and hold tight for the ride.

9:21] Entity watches Lodestars movements seeing the woman hop up into the air and down at her Entity would bring her sword up holding the grip with her right hand while using her left forearm on the blunt side of her Katana to help brace for the impact of the attack as she widens her stance. Though even though she braced herself she would be forced down to her left knee as her right leg slides off to her ride side. Low to the ground and her forearm bruised from the blunt side of her blade hitting into her arm. she would let out a painful hiss but still was managing to hold her ground. Twisting her left arm around which her hand would be in a fist but would be forced open as she has another dark purple orb of spiritual energy gathering in the palm of her left hand. Attempting to fire it off at Lodestar hoping the close range would help make it just that much harder to avoid the attack as she was aiming for the womans face. If it manage to hit its target a half ton explosion would erupt right there consuming the two of
[19:21] Entity them. If it missed it would just erupt against the side of PAE's building which was more then strong enough to take the hit and not be phased by it. She would also hear her order and snarls some thinking to herself this wasn't exactly the best moment for this. Well the orb would of been fired at Lodestar ut thanks to Shiver it was going off in Entity's hand and since Shiver was point blank the half ton explosion was now just going off in Lodestar, Entity, and Shivers faces since they were bunched up. The blast would be enough to send Entity back a few feet away from the two having her frozen tush tumbling across the ground

[19:36] Lexus Regal (DarkCascade Resident): The CEO's body is dragged inside and the guards try to close the door and bar it shut.

[19:39] Raigeki does almsot a full back-bend to avoid being cough by Mecha's strike when the countess spins out of the way. She spins her staff into the magholster on her back and spins into a kneel. Then She saw it. The perfect shot. From her kneel she rose both hands and flares her aura, letting loose with a dual fisted lightning strike at Alexandros and right through the countess. Still something seemed ... off about the way she was fighting..

[19:41] Mecha: staggers a bit from missing Countess and as she staggers she sees Shivers attack, the electricity no longer running on her body as her eyes begin glowing white as she releases an ice blast to mimic Shivers in the direction of the countess and Alexandros, since her knowledge of the power is limited it does have a bit of a wide area of effect."Number two acquired." when Looking Glass lands on her back."Pardon me, I am not a conveyance and will not be driving you over the city, might I suggest a taxi cab or a limo driven by the entity known as Diamond?"

[19:42] Cremation looks to entity and her attackers, The metal mask rose to gase. Red flame turning blue as it leaked from its mouth and eyes. She did not speak beyond a demonic gravelly road , not loud enough to bust glass but definately damage eardrums over extended time. She stepped forward , the pavement under the boots melting. Those who could sense spiritual would detect hell itself infused with her presence. She raised a single hand and six chains burst from her palm, each led by a hook or spike. Along their rusted and bloody lengths rose heat as they gave off enough heat to melt steel.. The chains covered in metallic thorns and razor blades themselves lashed, trying to pierce, hook, and entrap LodeStar and Shiver. " Your presence is unwanted, mortals" Words in that same demonic voice, no emotion to them. If the chains grabed ahold of the women, they would try to suqqze them painfully

[19:45] Lodestar was pretty much enveloped the woman with a bit of a yell. It was an explosion after all and it looked as if that Lodestar was burnt on up. When the explosion faded, she would hover there. There were marks from her body from the spiritual energy and a large bruise on her side and other burnt marks caused from said spiritual energy. There was a huge difference in Lodestar's appearance though. She was absolutely, completely butt naked. Her costume was burnt completely off and including her boots. Seiken was clutched in her hand with her hair swirling about with that bright light around her. Amusingly, she wasn't exactly phased by this as she would just glare down with a bit of a pained expression. "~Hey! Punk ass bitch known as Alexandros! You talk shit? You get hit! You touch her, you are going to face Lodestar's wrath! Don't forget who cut you and put your ass in your place! You aren't invulnerable! Leave that kid alone or face the dynamic duo!~" But
[19:45] Lodestar Lodestar didn't seem to listen to her sword as she went to flutter down with the blade held out. Naked or not, the woman had a job to do damnit and would gesture her head to Shiver. "You did what you felt was necessary. I'm proud of you. ~Em, LOOK OUT!~" That shout was all the warning she had as the light embraced her feet and pushed herself in any random direction. It wasn't until she looked back to let her heart race with the sight of hooked chains. "SHIVER!" But if Cremation could sense things, there would be almost a tiniest feelings of... kinship almost in Lodestar's direction. Strange.

[19:54] Countess smiles and mimics Mikotos same dodging movement from earlier as the lightning goes past her. Catching a glimpse of metal she grabs her blade as the weaker ice blast comes her way as she runs towards the building with the ceo

[19:54] Alexandros hadn't been fully corporeal yet the lighting would pass though him. though he didn't see the I've attack coming it would land from Mechas attack. the vampire would growl at this his physical form freezing before he flexed and cracking is heard as the ice that encased his frozen body cracked where the cracks formed it would look black with a red tint before reforming back to normal. "I really need dinner now. making me heal so much quickly." a telekinetic blast would go out in all directions with great force of a locomotive moving full speed ahead. though any member of the Belgrave Organization would be left unarmed by this attack as it the force would move around them as it was controlled by Alexandros and he wasn't going to harm his team mates. also strangely enough mikoto also wasn't affected by it. "Mikoto go home. this is not your fight. and you know it you aren't even fighting seriously."

[19:55] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) shakes his head. "Sum nahl, keiv!" he speaks, a circle of flame forming under his feet to envelope but not consume him. He would sink into it and out of sight.

[19:57] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) nodded as she with more determination after dealing with Entity's last attack,and then spins her head around at fire coming from the masked woman followed by hooked chains coming from her hand," Where are all this crazies coming from? Is it a full moon?" She doubled down on her cold as the chain grabbed her. She unleased a icy blast of -200 F in direction of Cremation," You are trepassing here, ugly!"

[20:06] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR appears, waving her shotgun. "HEY YOU CRAZY KIDS! GET OFF MY PROPERTY!

[20:10] Looking Glass squirms on Mecha's back wrapping her legs and arms around the woman. She lifts her arm mirror up in front of Mecha's face giving her a good view of her reflection.

[20:10] Entity would sit up and hisses some towards the ice bitch saying "why does everyone do that." She would then go to get up looking over to Lodestar which she would see the womans perdicament and begins to laugh pointing towards her and says "hahahahahahaha hope you like exposure!" Till finally her pants wouldgive way and just fall down around her ankles just revealing her black panties and her top just barely hanging on but was managing to still cover what it needed to. She simply shrug as her body was covered in cuts and scraps and leans down to pick up a camera phone from her torn pants that had fallen off and goes to snap a quick picture of Lodestar and smirks "I love it!" She would then look to the building after placing the phone in her top and raises her left arm up aiming it towards the building as she has a dark purple orb forming yet again in the palm of her hand as she stands there in the middle of the street as she mumbles "just charge up an attack right here in the street..... don't precharge it befor
[20:10] Entity hand that be to easy.... NO do it with everyone sorrounding you." Seeming a bit unhappy she was being told to do this now and not earlier.

The guards do their best to keep the door closed. The CEO stops struggling laying there in a bloody mess.

[20:21] Raigeki began giving commands over her helmet camera. "All solar plants to full production. Patch the tower's Arc reactor into the grid. All emergency generators online. " She starts to hover and draw in current from the grid. " You've made a miscalculation Countess. You see, When you challenge me... " Her electrical aura starts to grow " The city itself is my ally. " Se liftys her hands into the air and brings them down bringing most of the power down on Alexandros, But also tryiung to give Shiver and Lodestar somer breathing room as welkk

[20:22] Mecha: is staggered back by the telekinetic blast her ice powers stopping as she begins blinking rapidly."Number three acquired... Error, number three contains unknown aspects! PURGING!!!" as she releases a powerful telekinetic blast, in all directions erasing this third power from her system. her eyes open to see her reflection and stiffens. "Designate Mch-2342, I am the hand of Shiva, prepare for destruction."before her head turns around completely to look at Looking glass."You will be first."

[20:23] Cremation ominously kept walking forward, buying Entity space and time. She did feel a hint of demonic from lodestar..but not like she had sympathy for them. Both of the women had evaded her chains, one way or another. Shiver's blast his her freezing the water in the air around her like a statue of ice. But the joy would be shortlived as the ice exploded out and a stream of black hellfire launches at Shiver. The end of it taking the shape of a demonic skull." I have you. Handle the Countess' business. I will handle these mortals. Frozen one. I will cut your tongue out, but not before I cut each finger and toe off slowly. " The chains lurching up like a snake and triking liek a set of cobras trying to take Lodestar out. Trying to stab through the gut, shoulders,even eyes. Neither of her attacks held back- even if shiver dodges, the hellfire would probably burn into the building behind her . Cremation's power flowed off her making an aura of flames around her. The electricity hits her, it neither burning nor having
[20:23] Cremation: nerves to damage or make twitch. She is thrown by the telekentic blast into the wall but rises from the impact crater, marching lowly towards Shiver and Lode

[20:24] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR smiles lightly as she loads some cartridges into her shotgun, half being orange with little explodey symbols on them, the others being a dark PAE blue with three lightning bolts on it. She looks to Entity, then to her hovering drone friend. "Remember her? Maybe you can get acquainted again, hm?" She said. The drone bobbed enthusiastically and twirled in place, before shooting up in the air and out of sight. "Aww, don't be shy...." She said, racking the slide forward with a sharp CLACK that can be heard over the din.

[20:26] Lodestar "~I do not like the looks of this brute at all.~" Seiken remarked as the the chains were raised up to her. The light came around her body as she would move her hand out, letting the solar energy gather to blast the chains back that launched at her. Even so, it would cause her to be more on the defensive and keeping back as she was trying to not let herself be impaled via chains. "Shiver! Pull back!"

[20:30] Countess sighs hearing Entitys grumbles "I mean the detonator Entity dear. I know you need time to charge. Make it fast" She'd look to ALexandros to be sure he is safe

[20:31] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) growls angrily as she throws super cold(-225 F) cryogenic bolt at Cremation. She recognized how the masked woman spoke like another demon that she knew" A demon for hire? Hell about to freeze over!" She uses her other hands to create a Ice wall to get Lodestar a more time to escape" I am right behind you!"

[20:33] Alexandros would have appeared to take the hit the thing that was standing where Alexandros was turned to a pile of Ash on the ground. and he would be no where to be seen. I'm the Countess's head ~worry not I am fine waiting for opportune moment to strike while they think me destroyed~ at this time a small child would wander it off the Firefly building crying and screaming for her mommy.

[20:35] Looking Glass squirms as she holds onto Mecha through the blasts. As the mechanical woman's head turns around, Looking Glass's eyes go wide. "Oh....shit" She scampers up along Mecha's back a bit more and then catches the reflective surface of the woman's eyes. Taking a deep breath she pushes up and dives into the reflective surface, disappearing from sight.

[20:36] Entity hmms still holding her hand up then realizes "oh wait...." She would take note of Raigeki going full power mode as she sheathes her katana and reaches her other hand into her top pulling out a trigger and just simply pushes the button. A moment later several exlosions would erupt from with in the building where the Ceo was as several pre-placed explosives that were set go off and moments later the building would come collapsing down in on itself and possible those inside who weren't able to escape in time would end up either dead or trapted by the falling debris. She would then look to Raigeki again who was the real threat and aims her dark purple orb towards the electric power house and fires off her attack towards Raigeki attempting to have the orb hit the womans body which if it managed to or if it was set off for some other reason the orb would erupt in a one ton explosion.

The guards and CEO remain holed up in the building

[20:43] Raigeki would suddenly get ping-ponged by a telekenic pulls followed by Kitty's explosion. She gets hurtled down the street and into the ground bouncing and rolling Chunks of her armor smap off and she groans in pain. She forces herself up and panting calls out over the radio "Target A is NOT down. There's no way in hell that blast would have done him in be ready ffor a sneat attack

[20:44] Solene approach the edge. "What is this shitshow.." She look at the scene, and spot Entity right in the middle. She twitch her ears, as she mumble in a low voice.. "Putain.. non.."

[20:46] Alicia Frakture scans the area for Looking Glass and after not seeing her turns and notices Entity."Target iden..." as the building begins collapsing she runs towards the building."Protect humans from meta threat." her speed not super by any means but she attempts to bust holes in the walls so those inside can escape.

The building groans and then several explosions go off. The glass in the windows is blasted out, violently. The building rumbles as it collapses downward spewing out a huge shockwave of debris in all directions. It only takes a few moments for the entire structure and all the people inside to be reduced to dust from the large number of charges that were already inside the building.

[20:48] Cremation kept her serpent strikes from the now electrified chains going on Lodestar to keep her busy. Thee of them lash out to strike at Raigeki , splitting off from their main target. The Ice blast hitting her and wafting out over her flaming aura. She merely steps to Shiver and swings with her unoccupied hand at Shiver with enough force to send armored car flying , Rusty hooks forms on the wrist as she punches. The masked woman intended to keep all three on their toes.

[20:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR lifts her shotgun and fires three of the blue rounds at Looking-glass. On impact, the shells would create a surge of electricity through whomever they hit, like a taser but taken up to eleven. While she did this, the droid returned, dropping vertically from the sky straight at Entity. At around 10 meters from her, it would fire its kinetic displacement beam straight down at Entity's head, looking to smack her with the force of an armored batallion over an anthill. All the time, the little drone was screaming like a certain insane robot from a popular kits show about an invader named Zim or something.

[20:51] Lodestar would keep shooting out the energy blasts to try to keep those chains back but then seeing the building behind her... shit. SHIT. She had to calm down as the last was blasted back and let herself took flight into the air once more. Her hand went to the comm to her ear. "This is Lodestar! This is an emergency! There has been a building collaspe, I repeat, a building has collasped! The area is dangerous with the Belgrave Corp but when available, I need all available emergency units here as quickly as possible to search the rubble for any survivors!"

[20:54] Countess smirks hearing ALexandros in her mind as she runs away from the exploding building. She speaks to him through their link - Our message is delivered, get us out of here dear. All seals release - She'[d smile at Mikoto "Your kitten was quite the toy dear. Though I already had my hands full. We dropped her off at the vet. The poor dear was probably put to sleep. I mean who would want her with how my dear kitty left her"

[20:59] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) notices her ice blasts are having no effect on Cremation,as she iceslide to high spot,and creates a solid ice boulder to throw at Cremation,and then she tap her ear pod," I am on the roof.. what are your orders? I think we need to regroup again at the base."

[21:00] Alexandros at this time the child would stop crying and start giggling and then laughing maniacally. "aww but I wanted to play more guess there will be a next time though."it would be creepy girl doll voice. "Well Belgrave Organization out." with that a shadowy darkness would appear under each Belgrave member and their presence would disappear like usual. though this time he didn't release anymore seals or try to fuck with anyone's head. he just wanted to feed on a bitch and go to fucking sleep. "bye bye mikoto my love."would be the last thing heard in there creepy girl doll voice. and poof teleportation away.
[21:03] Alexandros each Belgrave member would be sinking into darkness as they were making their getaway.

[21:04] Looking Glass is still out of sight somewhere in the mirrored dimension or wherever she disappears to

[21:04] Entity would be hit by the blast to her head having her fall to the ground and be dazed as she lays on the ground confused on what the hell just hit her as her vision goes blurry and the world felt like it was moving from under her body. Her aura fading away around her as she just lays there till the shadow would consume her and have her disappear from the scene as she just randomly rambles

21:05] Raigeki gets up from the ground struggling "The kid is a fake! It's Alexandros! " She lurches a and almost falls back over, but then jabs a syringe in her thigh and starts moving back into the fight Staggering she screams out out puts her hands out in front of her and unleashes everything she has left a massive beam of electrical plasma "fuck you", Totally trying to force Alexandros into taking the hit to protect Countess She stays in that position for almost a full second after fireing then falls over with a thud.

[21:06] Alicia Frakture the building explosion launches MCH-2342 into the air slamming her against a wall. her body slowly sinking to the ground."System malfunction, rebooting." the bullets from Z3phyr hitting her to little effect as her eyes open after a few moments the effects of Looking Glasses mirror fading away"I appear to have blacked out... curious. what did I miss?" She sees the bad guys sink into the ground."Heyyyyy come back here." as she gets to her feet trying to leap for one of the sinking villains.

[21:09] Cremation: /m3 would see the ice balls and send a spray of high temperature fire at the boulder as she sinks into shadow.. knowing how dangerous a steam explosion could be over the area.

[21:10] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grumbles. "One day I am going to shove that red-coated bastard so far up the Countess' arse she'll be picking his hat out of her teeth. Fuckin' cunts, the lot of them." She sighs, then sends a command to the drone: Make her bleed. The drone acknowledges by unloading all twenty of its micro missiles straight down at Entity, aiming to explode upon and injure her as much as possible before the shadows took her away. Zephyr grins, then eeeps as she sees her shots missed the now-gone looking glass and hit Mecha instead. "Oh! Uhm...sorry...." She says with a sheepish wave.

[21:11] Lodestar: "Raigeki, enough! Forget them right now. I know you are angry but you have to reign it in, for now... Get to your friend. If you have PAE, we need their help to assist in searching the ruins for any survivors and securing a perimiter!" Lodestar felt a little surprised at how she took an in charge in this. "Please, Raigeki. Just do that and go to your friend." Least she heard bits of it, anyway. She would reach to her comm as she kind of hovered butt naked, bruised but a job to do. "It is clearing up. If you need to retreat back, go ahead. I'm going to stay behind."
[21:12] Lodestar would then pause. "...... actually, Shiver, bring me a t-shirt or something, it's kind of drafty in here. But I've already notified services to come here."

[21:14] Countess screams as the blast envelopes her as she disappears into the shadows in the ground

[21:14] an intern runs out from the garage and throws a bag at Lodestar

[21:15] Alicia Frakture looks to Z3PHYR."That is all right, I understand the concept of friendly fire. such is the way of situations like this."

[21:15] Solene put her gasmask, and observe the scene, where everybody is leaving. She just look at the micro missile being launched at Entity. "WAIT N.." She raise her hands, but luckily the missile miss her target. She look at Zephyr, closing both of her fist, angrily. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ?!" She yelp, suddenly on the verge of anger.

[21:15] Alexandros half of his form would be disintergrated by the blast before he and the rest of Belgrave are consumed completely by the shadows and teleported away to their base. so it looks like mikoto blasted a little girl in half.

[21:15] Gideon lands beside Raigeki, slowing to a safe speed at the last possible fraction of a second as his spiritual ward keeps him from meeting a gravity-related death. "The fastest way in is through the roof, yeah?" he asked into his comm. 「Coma Dose」 stands beside him, unseen by those without spiritual sight.

[21:15] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) steps up behind them quietly, seeing the carnage. He says nothing, waiting and watching.

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