Disaster at Bowling Alley

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Disaster at Bowling Alley

Post by Hannah DuMont » Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:05 pm

This is Helen Holden returning from my vacation and filling in for a certain skank. Todays breaking news story. Some masked unidentified meta was causing destruction in the local bowling alley tonight. The heroes of the city showed up and according to reports danced and partied. What is this city coming to? Wherte are the real heroes to end this madness decending upon our city? This is Helen Holden signing off

[14:15] Suki giggles skipping into the bowling alley.Witrhout a word to anyone she grabsone of the balls and cuts in front of a game. Tossing the ball in the air she spin kicks it down the alley as it crashes through the back leaving destruction. SHe jumps up and excitedly claps "Yay! Suki got hole in one!" SHe flashsteps in front of the waiting patrons "You play with SUki, your turns" She giggles and claps as people run out screaming about a sword weilding psycho

[14:16] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): "Oh? Which one are you getting?" he asks just in time for the large crash to echo from next door.

[14:17] Solene was going to the metabowl, and see people running away. She sigh and walk in.

[14:18] Dee let's Narelle describe what she wanted, but she would jump up in shock a bit when she hears an explosion right next door; the shockwaves causing her shop to shake a bit. "Oh my!"

[14:20] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) "Acutally, I was looking for Batgirl number..." and ducks at the sound of the explosion.

[14:21] Suki giggles and kicks anothe ball down the lanes causing another crash "TOUCHDOWN! Suki is going to world cups!" She giggles and claps excitedly as she runs down the lane to get her ball back

[14:24] Solene approach, and look at Suki playing. She tilt her head, and finally sigh.

[14:24] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) grabs hold of the desk to duck behind it and pauses, calculating for half a second as he looks down. A look of terror is painted over his face when he looks back up. "What was that?" he asks and looks at Narelle. "You said you were a doctor right?" He asks her.

[14:27] Mark Blake a man in a crappy black mask struts into the bowling alley and casualy says " you know dats not how you play dat game right?"

[14:27] Suki is busy dueling the gathering machine as it tries to take her ball to the hole "Hey give Suki her ball back you stupid dum dum" SHe yells slicing at it and accidentally slicing the ball in ha;lf as well. She cries out and unleashes a wave of pressure around the area channeling her energy "NO!!!!!! Suki's ball. You broked it you dum machine." SHe slashes the machinery around the alley in anger

[14:30] Dee watches all the people leaving the bowling alley and a couple folks in masks and tight clothing go into it. Her ears and tail wiggle curiously as she watched. "Ou~?"
[14:30] Solene twitch her ears, and step back at she continue to look at Suki. She give a look at Mark Blake. "I will let you handle this. Good luck." She turn, and goes to the exit, shaking her head.

[14:31] Mark Blake winches and braces him self against the flash of energy the blue gem on his forehead starting to shine a bit " ugh hey , cut dat out .. you know other people wan't to use dat machine to?" he strides forward and trys to place his hand on sukis shoulder " hey ya listening to me?"

[14:31] Mon-68 (mongon68) wanders in as the digital guardian got the distress call and found her way in "you know what they say ..... 3 strikes and your out"

[14:33] Suki is startled by the sudden hand on her shoulder and with incredible reaction time and reflexes lashes a kick out at the assailant while screaming "AHHH! Machine trying to rape Suki. Machine took Sukis Balls and now is raping!"

[14:33] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) has seen this sort of thing too many times. "Welcome to Celestial City" she says to Dee and Steam. "And yes, I'm a doctor and am about to get busy. I need to go

[14:35] Mark Blake staggers back as she turns and kicks him clutching his gut with a groan "ugh dats wasn't nice" he shakes his head " uggh and know ones trying to rape ya ya psycho broad

[14:36] Solene get in the Comics shop. "Fight is going to happen in the metabowl. I would suggest any of you to leave." She look at Harsilius. "Unless some want to take pictures."

[14:37] Mon-68 (mongon68) watches the whole ordeal and remembers the events of the parlor with the man who had the huge brain... trauma hit her as the painful memory and falls to the ground...

[14:37] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) stays mostly behidn the counter and waves to Narelle as she goes then grins at Solene's suggestion. "Great idea." he agrees, and pulls out his phone. "Though I think video may be better." he adds.

[14:38] Dee "Oh man~ they even make cheesy one liners. That's pretty great." she mentioned under her breath before turning her attention to Solene and taking her advice. "I suppose I better get to a safe distance or something~" said the alien before making her way out the door.

[14:38] Angelina wanders over on her lunch break to grab some food from the bowling alley, when she suddenly hears a familiar voice in a panicked yell, speeding up a bit as she looks over "Suki!? Hey there, whatcha up to, and what's with the noisy bit?"

[14:39] Solene nod, and walk outside of the shop too. She look at the metabowl again, and just walk away.

[14:40] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) nods at Solene "Thank you officer." and to Dee says, "Move fast and stay low." Finally to Steam "Good luck. I'll be in the hospital." before moving out

[14:41] Suki reacts fast after the kick. Charging at the man "Liar. You work with machine to steal SUki's balls and rape Suki. Suki no like you and will save city from bad ugly faced rapey persons"

[14:42] Mon-68 (mongon68) in her mind she remembers the escape and seeing The Gangster hero group as she got the job as the dj and remember how she got back up. Mongon changed into something else and stood up.... different and changed as the music beat came on as she stood before with a smirk on her face.

[14:42] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) keeps low as he moves around the outside of he building, phone camera already recording as he moves around the outside and pokes it around the corner to have a good view of the combat.

[14:44] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): rpey person ,,,? What the hell is suki talkiing about

[14:46] Mark Blake rolls his eyes at her accusations ducking low one hand still clutching his gut he throws himself into the best shoulder tackle a normal young man can do " hey theres this wonderful new invention called underwear.. if you plan to throw around high kicks like dat you should really look into them"

[14:47] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): i heard some chasiy wacko was here turn underware into traps

[14:48] Mon-68 (mongon68): Same one I once heard referred a bra to as a Booby trap

[14:49] Angelina steps further in, catching something about a rape attempt and tossing a dirty look in Mark's direction "Really? Come on now... aren't you at least supposed to do that shit in an alleyway or something? Let's settle this down before I have to bust a d20 in someone's ass"

[14:50] Suki glares at the man as she is sent to the floor from the tackle "You. You looked up Suki's skirt?" she looks like she is going to cry but then stops and sucks in her breath as she unsheathes her other sword now dual wielding "and then screams with everything she has "PERVERT!!!!!" Then charges at the man swinging her blades. She looks to Angelina "Angie! Carefuls this ugly is rapey mans"

[14:52] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) frowns. The angle here was decent, but not great... and the audio was... meh around two corners. Though he could definitely hear the 'pervert' call from here. He pauses and then picks up his briefcase and moves around the corner to the entrance to try and record a bit.... well... a lot closer.

[14:55] Mark Blake staggers back two red lines cut across his chest his blood splattering to the ground he slumps against the wall behind him " ughh dis is what i get for trying to do my civic duty " he breaths shallowly parts of the floor and walls poping into little divots a the material becomes golden particles" i mean do i even look like a rapist?"

[14:57] Angelina steps further in, almost slipping as she first crosses onto the polishes floor of the bowling lane, but catching herself on the rack "You got this, Suki! Teach him a lesson! I'll cheer ya on from back here unless you tag me in"

[14:58] Mon-68 (mongon68) looking at the situation she spots Suki with both blades ready to come out at the man and all Mongon could hear was Jack Jester in her ear begging to let him out of the box

[14:59] Suki pauses seeming to give Marks question thought before nodding "Yeps that is definitely a rapey mask" SHe nods and then looks to Angie giving a thumbs up "Suki is ok!" then turns back to Mark with baldes at ready "Come on rapey mans. Give Suki back her balls so Suki can get homeruns!"

[15:03] Mark Blake the golden particles swarm around the man in the mask obscuring him from view his clothes are consumed his body rebuilt and armored , a red clothe snaps out into the air as a clawed hand slashes out and a new voice rings out " lady you shoulda thought of dat before you had dem removed!!" his white glowing claws slash down at suki as the man assumes a more feral pose " i hope your prepared.. cuase you just started a Rebellion"

[15:03] Mon-68 (mongon68) takes a nie as she hears the singing of the strangest songs in her ear from Jack Jester and shakes her head giving into Jack!
[15:05] Angelina watches the man transform and pulls out her bone-carved d20 from her pocket, toying with it in her fingers for the moment, just in case things go bad "Watch out Suki, looks like he might be some sort of mini-boss. Maybe he runs some sorta rape gang"

[15:09] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) watches the entire event with rapt attention, phone camera focused on the two fighters mainly but turns it to also catch the other two women nearby the less slick part of the bowling alley that people are supposed to be on. He focuses the camera at whatever Angelina has in her fingers for a moment, enough to record what it is then back at the fight.

[15:11] Suki is caught off guard by the change and flips back as the claw lashes out slicing her shirt and leaving a trail of blood "See?" Rapey man trying to grope Suki!" SHe stops and looks at the full transformation before breaking into a smile and clapping excitedly Oh my god oh my god oh my god! That is soooo coll! Suki wanna do that too!" she is brought back to attention at Angies call as she snaps back to serious "Right. Rapey man and rapey gang" She disappears in flashstep and if not fast enough the man would find Suki reappear directly infront of him lashing out with a monstrous low kick

[15:13] Mon-68 (mongon68) as Jack Jester formed in front of everyone he began to dance for almost no reason at all. while holding a blade in his hand as others might look at him confused

[15:15] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) turns the camera to refocus on Jack Jester, eyes alight as he zooms back to try and record both the dance and Suki flickering around and attacking.

[15:17] Rebellion his eyes dart around trying to follow her but failing, her kick sends him sailing towards the entrance a cracking sound filling the air as the hard shell on his head cracks a little blood leaking from the wound, the floor divots under the mans impact and he groans a bit pushing him self to one knew his head spining "alright dats it.. no more kid gloves.. time to kick up a ruckus" he eyes the weirder man dancing around with the knife " well dis is just getting weirder and weirder"

[15:19] Evie peeks around the entrance to the bowling alley, her stun gun in hand and wearing her Protectorate arm band. She had gotten a report from citizens below of a massive meta attack on the mall with at least 6 metas. She had already called for backup, but had no word yet on if it was arriving. She tried to get a better idea of what was going on so she could report on it, rather than trying to go in alone.

[15:20] Angelina narrowly dodges the flying Rebellion, a big cheesy grin smeared on her face as she does, then looking over to the dancer and chuckling, yelling to person behind the bar "Hey! Get us some epic fight music in here! Let's make a show of this!"

[15:21] Mon-68 (mongon68) the bartender puts on Cuban Pete and Jack Jester Really Smiles and changes to danc

[15:22] Suki growls as her kick connects sending the man flying. Her short attention span once again taken up by the now dancing man to the side. She giggles and draws her swords "Suki can dance too!" She begins dancing with both swords in her hand as she taunts the downed Rebellion "Now rapey mans is under a test. He has the right to remain violent"

[15:23] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) glances behind him as he sees something move out of the corner of his eyes and sees Evie and gives a small smile, keeping his phone on the fight as he nods at her and then goes back to focusing on recording.

[15:25] Evie's eyes widen a bit as she sees Harsilius. She quickly advances to him, her gun held with both hands, but pointed at the floor. "What's going on here," she asks softly, almost but not quite a whisper.

[15:29] Rebellion growls and spreads his arms as he pushes him self to his feet his blue eyes growing brighter " dats it!!! games over hussy! time to exit da building!" he springs forward in a dash, scarf snapping behind him moving much faster now as golden particles trail in his wake, using her moment of distraction he attempts to grab onto sukis arm and spin once hoping to toss her in a launch towards the exit " please don't come again!"

[15:31] Angelina sees Suki start dancing too and decides to join in herself, albeit quite terribly "Woohoo! Dance fight! I'm totally a cuter version of Chris Pratt!"

[15:32] Suki is to distracted dancing and trying to remember the rest of the Panda Rights and is caught by Rebellion. She cries out as she is suddenly thrown in the direction of the peeping tom camera man and Evie "Bad rapey man. No touching!" SHe yells as she lands outside in the snow

[15:32] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): "I missed the beginning but there was a crash and people were coming out screaming about the girl with the swords. I got here and she was saying the armor guy was a rapist and there's a lot of other people who seemed to want to watch the kids playground fight so they made a circle." he whispers back without taking his eyes off the scene and then presses himself against the wall, reaching back with his other hand to try and push Evie against teh wall with him and out of the path Suki.

[15:33] Evie sees Suki suddenly propelled at her and Harsilius and steps forward in front of Harsilius to shield him, bringing forth her PAE Aegis shield.

[15:35] Rebellion growls and turns his head snapping to shoot a hard look at Angelina as he dashes past out of the bowling alley after suki scarf snapping in the wind of his movement again one clawed hand extended as he leaps after her into the snow

[15:36] Mon-68 (mongon68) came back too as she stopped dancing and looked around confused but looked at the yellow suit "oh shit it happend again didnt it?"

[15:38] Angelina moves over to the door as the pair head outside, giving a little wave to Evie when she passes "You need an assist with this creep, Suki?" still bopping along with the music, but not fully dancing anymore

[15:39] Suki gets to her knees shaking her head and looking around "Suki is ok. Her tattered shirt falls away into the snow as she gets up looking at the man that threw her "Ok. Suki wont read you your panda rights now." She looks to Angie and shakes her head. Her stance more professional and centered as she is in serious mode. She looks to rebellion and flashsteps again this time much faster than before and attempts to kick Rebellion in his left side

[15:41] Evie's shield goes away as Harsilius pulls her out of the way, breaking her connection with it. As the brawlers all go past her and Harsilius, she says, "You mean this is all just a brawl? I was led to believe a whole gang of metas was attacking the mall." She holsters her stun gun and steps outside, ready to act if it looked like things were going to get unsafe.

[15:43] Rebellion once again trys to track her movements and once again he fails but as her kick lands home he staggers much less under its power tilting with a grunt under the blow his left hand snaps down attempting to trap her hfoot and leg against him " ugh dat hurts , you know for some one who kicks like a mac truck you have some pretty nice gams"

[15:43] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): "Well, one of them possibly was." he replies, "Maybe. If she was she's since gotten distracted." he says, ending the video and just watching. "Like I said, I missed the beginning context since I was next door."

[15:46] Mon-68 (mongon68) loooks back hearin others "Dont feel so bad I got confused when I seen Frsty humping Olaf over there"

[15:46] Angelina glances over at Evie for a minute "Dunno anything about a gang, just came in to Suki screaming and that creep trying to feel up all over her." then looks back to the fight "Kick his ass so hard he lags out!"

[15:46] Evie: "Next door in the comic book shop? They seem to really be picking up business lately." Evie notes Angelina watching and tries to remember her name, but only met her the one time just briefly. "So why are Rebellion and Suki fighting?"

[15:47] Suki disappears again as soon as her kick connected. Reappearing and kicking the man in his open side left exposed from his trying to grab her "I will stop your mouth and your assaults on woman" When she speaks her voice is less playful and ditzy with a cold serious tone

[15:49] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) holds up his phone again as she keeps reappearing and disappearing and snaps a series of pictures. One of them should turn out good... hopefully.

[15:54] Rebellion takes the blow again with a grunt his eyes narrowing "ugh fuck" he wobbles and reaches for her leg again as it lands his other hand sweeping in a clawed upper cut " ya not as much of a loon as you pretend are ya chika ..but let me tell ya something suki " he leaps back and braces him self claws splayed i ain't attacked any lady's ..cause let me tell ya, ya stealth mission ..well ain't so stealthy.. and suki is definitely not ok!" and slashes out hard counter attacking with a flurry of claw strikes

[15:57] Angelina laughs a bit as she watches Suki dancing circles around that man "Thatta girl, you got this! He's crude, dumb, AND slow!"

[15:59] Evie taps Angelina on the shoulder and suggests, "Please don't egg them on, Miss."

[16:02] Suki spins out of the way of the claws. Staring the man down as her backpack falls away shredding. She looks at the tattered bunny and then to Rebellion. The air grows cold and any who could sense spirit energy would find her energy skyrocketing. She screams out releasing a pressure wave that knocks out the civilians and weak willed around the area as they seem to just collapse. Others with stronger wills would feel a vertigo effect that would fade just as quick as it came. She kneels down and craddles the tattered bunny bag crying "You...you killed fluffies" she craddles and rocks the bunnys leftovers whispering to it as her tears fall "dont leave Suki"

[16:06] Evie turns to look at Harsilius. She was about to ask him about his brief case, and then suddenly collapsed.

[16:08] Rebellion pants tilting his head one hand raising as a claw scratches his head " umm well sorry, i was just trying to stop you from wrecking da bowling alley" he shakes his head staggering again under the pressure wave his eyes taking in the gathering spirit energy with his special sight " well fuck dis just got fun..." he shivers a bit from the cold though its not yet strong enough to trigger an adaptation " you got two choices crazy.. you can either keep fighting.. and fluffies can bleed out or you can let me help her.i happen ta be a bunny dr" he tilts his head roguishly one hand resting on his hip as he trys not to show how out of breath he is , though golden sparkles flash across his body, and his head grows light from blood loss

[16:10] Angelina grins back at Evie "Oooh, eggs! That's an awesome idea... where's the nearest grocery store? Think three dozen should be enough for this..." then the wave hits her and she collapses to her knees, crawling the last bit out on all fours before she starts vomiting up stomach acid into the snow beside the doorway, since she hasn't had anything to eat still

[16:11] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) takes a small step back and blinks a little and looks around at the few civilians that were still in the area now on the ground including Evie. He catches her arm to keep her from hitting the ground completely and lowers her to the ground. He purses his lips and takes a step forwards over her and towards the fight, demeanor changing as he walks forwards, briefcase in hand, standing straighter.. He places a hand on Rebellion. "If you don't mind, if you truly care about the people, perhaps you would be willing to help some of the others here leave the area while I help fluffies." he suggests calmly.

[16:13] Suki grips onto the bunny with shaking hands as her tears fall.She sniffles and looks up to rebellion like a kid looking to their parent to fix their favorite toy.She sniffles and wipes her eyes "Rapey man is bunny doctor? Can. rapey man fix?" her voice broken sounding so sad and pathetic like a child whos world has ended as she looks up at the two

[16:18] Rebellion blinks and tilts his head eying the man then back to suki " i can... and i ain't no rapey man" he glances at the other man " you got any thread on ya buddy? if we take care of dat im sure things can work out ok " he glances around then looks meaningfully at the man " look im gonna take suki dere to my van, you can either come with or not" he turns to suki " if ya come with me and bring your injured friend i have my kit over dis way"

[16:19] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) looks at Rebellion and then back at Suki. "You and your friend are very lucky." he says to Suki, glancing down at the stuffed rabbit. "You happen to be right next to two of the best bunny doctors in the world." he smiles and looks at Rebellion. "Your reputation as a bunny doctor precedes you." He says and looks at Rebellion for a moment then back to Suki and states. "If we go to his van now, your bunny may have a scar or two, but will live."

[16:20] Angelina pushes herself back on her knees, wiping her mouth with her shirt and wincing a bit, but then she lets out a little growl as she hears Rebellion "Oh hell no, you ain't takin her anywhere near your damn candy van!"

[16:21] Evie still lays passed out where she fell, having hit the ground softly rather than hard thanks to Harsilius.

[16:22] Suki nods and gathers the bunny pieces with shakey handsas she gets to her feet craddling her friend "Please mr doctor rapey man. Fix fluffies" she sniffles with wide cute eyes as she follows. Then looks to Angie "Oh he is going to fix Fluffies. Hes rapey bunny doctor man" The rest of the people would slowly be waking up wondering what just happened and why they are on the floor

[16:25] Evie eventually wakes up, looking around and seeing others on the gorund too, apparently waking up slightly quicker than she did. She sees Angelina already on her knees and says accusatorily, "What'd you do? Roll your dice?"

[16:26] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): "Let's hurry then." he says, voice still exceedingly professionally calm even as he glances around as people start to stir. He heads towards the stairs. "There is no time to waste."

[16:26] Rebellion nods sagely " thank you Dr i've heard a great deal about your work as well, tell me how do you deal with stuffing leak during surgery?" he glances at the woman on the floor " do you not want this womans friend ta be healed?" he turns back to suki, and nods " i can help her" he can't smile at her as his face no longer has the parts but his tone is full of similes " follow mw" and he strides of his armor cracking softly

[16:28] Suki follows the man though their is no skip to her step as she craddles her injured bunny "You are going to be ok Fluffies. Rapey doctor will fix you I swears"

[16:29] Angelina pushes up to her feet, shaking her head "No, I think it was the rapist using some sort of mind control power, and now he's trying to lure her to his van so he can kidnap her" starting to try to run after, but lurching in a wide wobble for her first few steps before getting the hang of walking properly again

[16:29] Rebellion opens the drivers side door

[16:31] Kaeryn look on her right, at what is happening.

[16:31] Evie shakes her head to clear it as she too stands up. She says to Angelina, "He's no rapist. He's just an idiot. Haven't you heard how Suki always uses the wrong words? She probably meant something else entirely."

[16:33] Suki shakily hands Fluffies to the armor man "pwease fix him rapey man" she sniffles

[16:36] Rebellion opens the driver side door to his van and pulls out a small sewing case his armor now visibly cracking and falling off in golden powder " all right lets start bring the patient" he walks around to the back of the van and opens the door buny cradled gently in his hands he sets her down the armor shattering away he says nothingabout his nakedness and quickly begins to sew

[16:38] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) starts to open his briefcase as he gets into the van and then stops as the not-armored-anymore man pulls out needle and thread and closes it again, relocking the latches.

[16:39] Angelina shakes her head as she heads down, then sees the naked man standing there "Oh seriously!? Like, what the fuck? You've got some serious issues... and coming from me that's saying something"

[16:39] Kaeryn continue to look at the back of her car. When she notice Jaron flying away, she drive forward, a bit, to get out of the way, still curious about the van and the people around.

[16:39] Evie looks down over the guard rail at the assemblage below. She says to Angelina, "Okay, so he's a naked idiot. He's still not a rapist."

[16:40] Suki stands aside hugging herself waiting to see if her friend will survive as she rocks on her heels not paying attentionm to the nakedness still not even realizing that her own top had fallen off revealing her chest under her jacket

[16:43] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) glances over at Suki and her bare chest. "You may want to close your jacket." he mentions. "It won't help your friend if you catch a cold while he's being helped." he says and then goes over to help the not-armored man, taking a moment to get a look at his face before opening up his briefcase again and pulls out a small package and a curved suture needle. "I have this though I think your thread may work better for this particular patient." he says to the man.

[16:43] Rebellion his fingers move quick and sure, an odd skill for some one with the rough mannerisms mark has to posses his eyes focuses down ignoring every one , the comments and the looks his head swimming from blood losse as he works he adds a few unique stitches to add some cuteness to the ; scars over emphasizing some while hiding others once hes finished he shifts and breaths out a breath he was holding " there we go all done, yeah?"

[16:45] Rebellion frowns at the mans look but surgs it away " thanks here " he hands the bunny to her " double check my work especially around the tail dat was a difficult bit of work and another docs eyes would be a god send"

[16:47] Suki breaks into a wide smile hearing that Fluffies was saved. She leaps and hugs Mark pressing her bare chest into his as her bare sex also brushes against his member as she wraps her limbs around himjumped in his arms "Oh thank you rapey doctor man. You are bestest rapey doctor in all of city. Suki will tell everyone!" she smiles

[16:50] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) starts to reach for the rabbit when Suki takes it. "Seems like you did quite a good enough job doctor." he replies, raising an eyebrow and looking... amused as Suki hugs him. "Some days its nice not to need to do anything myself" he says

.[16:51] Angelina shakes her head a bit as she watches, finally slipping her die back into a pocket as things seem like they're settled down for the moment

[16:53] Rebellion blushes as hes hugged his eyes wilding at the rather intimate nature of the hug, he blushes feeling himself respond a bit his arms wrap around her and give her a tight squeeze enjoying the softness before he pushes her back with a small smile " and please don't tell any one about dat.. its like a secret yeah?" he glances at the other man "im glad you were dere though," turning back to suki he winks at her " and if ya ever want to learn how ta handle ya balls properly look me up "

[16:56] Kaeryn is still looking at the scene, slowly shaking her head.

[16:57] Suki giggles and leaps off hugging her bunny "Fluffies! You are fixed! Letsgo tell the city about rapey doctor man" SHe giggles and skips offto show Angie her bunny "Angie! Rapey Doctor man fixed Fluffies"

[16:58] Rebellion turns to his van and opens the door thne suddenly droops " please.. no im ..im not rapey" his hand reaches into the air forlornly he closes the door and pulls on a black mask driving away unsteadily

[17:01] Angelina smiles at Suki as she comes over "Umm... you do know you're uh... missing a few pieces of gear there, right...?" blushing a bit as she tries not to look too terribly much, making a show of inspecting the backpack "Huh, better job than I could have done"

[17:01] Kaeryn sigh loudly. "Shit city.." She revv up the engine, and finally drive away, after doing a nice burnout.

[17:02] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) watches the scene for a moment more then tucks his needle away and turns to head off down the street.

[17:04] Suki giggles and hugs her bunny before slipping the backpack back on and sheathing her swords "What is Suki missing?" she titls her head still not noticing she's topless

[17:05] Evie shrugs and heads back up stairs to do a quick patrol of the mall.

[17:06] Angelina fidgets a bit nervously, trying to cover it up with a cheesy grin "Umm... your shirt, at least. Everyone's getting a pretty good look at you at this point..."

[17:08] Nymphaedra lands with a soft thump and looks around at the scene she seemed to have missed. And mentally cursed her grubs for needing their feeding time at -that- moment. For now just observing, and seeing if there was a chance to get involved with something that won't end up like being stuck to a bug-zapper this time.

[17:09] Suki looks down and notices her shirt is gone. She titls her head before screaming into the air "RAPEY MAN STOLE MY SHIRT. PERVERT!!!!"

[17:10] Evie hears Suki's yell and decides to make her escape now before she gets caught up in something else stupid.

[17:11] Angelina nods "Think he cut it off you at the same time he sliced up Fluffies."

[17:13] Suki nods in agreement before removing her jacket as well tossing it aside "Ok, thats better for now then. Hope Lexus doesnt get mad"

[17:14] Angelina goes bright red as you strip your jacket too "Uh... not sure how that helps. Was sorta thinking the other way around..."

[17:16] Suki shrugs squeezing her bunny happily as she skips along "Lexus says you cant wear a jacket with nothing under it. So Suki fixed" she nods

[17:18] Angelina chuckles nervously, really having to try to avoid staring now "I see... well, maybe we should swing by your place then and get you a different outfit to wear" reaching down and picking up the jacket "And might wanna save this for later"

[17:18] Nymphaedra in her observations comes to a conclusion "Why in the name of the Hive...do hyoomans feel the need to leave their venom glands on display...their skin is too soft for that..." she mused aloud, because royal privilege allows her to monologue. "No chitin to protect them..."

[17:20] Suki shrugs and skips along in her usual obliviousness

[17:22] Angelina moves to follow along, obviously a bit unsure how to deal with the situation

[17:28] Suki giggles and skips along happily "Hmmm now which way was home?"

[17:29] Angelina tilts her head a bit "Oh boy, you get lost? You never showed me the other day, so I have no clue... too bad this world doesn't have portals to them"

[17:31] Nymphaedra: shakes her head at the sight of the hyoomans going about their way. And on some level feels the burn of annoyance at how such oblivious and soft creatures somehow manage to impede her so. And without a word takes to the air with a buzz.

[17:35] Suki suddenly stops and nods to herself "Ah ok. Suki remember the way now. Follow Suki" She then disappears once again.Failing to realize poor Angie cant keep up

[17:38] Angelina sighs heavily as Suki suddenly vanishes again "Oh boy... don't know if she's doing this on purpose now..." turning to start heading back into the mall to try to get some food at least

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