Hell Guard's Final Mission

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Talista Glas
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Hell Guard's Final Mission

Post by Talista Glas » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:31 pm

Letter from Hell Guard distributed to all within the city:

My compatriots, I come to you with a dire warning. I have discovered a powerful ancient that I must go ensure is sealed. It can only be reached through the dream realm, and its connections with magic make it near devastating for this world. Even as I write this, its followers grow ever closer to the last key necessary to unleashing it upon us. Because of this, I must now leave you until I can be sure that the key is safe for good or to defend the city if the key should be taken.

If I do not return, I have enjoyed my time in the city and with its people. I should like for the Protectorate to be handed down to Evie and Lodestar, and I should like my council seat to be considered for one or both of those two as a proper representative from the Protectorate.

This letter is not intended as an ultimate goodbye, but it may serve as one if it should come to pass that I do not return from the wastes. If I do return, I guarantee I shall have a story to tell you all about my time battling the forces of nightmares. But if I fall, know that it was an honor to serve as your guardian, for so long as I could.

Goodbye Celestial City,

Melanie “Hell Guard” Bensign
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Evie Oxwyrth
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Re: Hell Guard's Final Mission

Post by Evie Oxwyrth » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:35 am

Evie reads the letter again, holding her chin out firmly, bravely as she tries to keep her eyes from filling with tears. She crumbles the latter in her hand as she mutters softly, "Godspeed, Hell Guard. Godspeed."

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