blood soaked protesting

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blood soaked protesting

Post by allock » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:47 pm

a dirty young man in a to big jacket holding a microphone looks into the camra tears in his eyes " today.. the city mourns.. it morns the lose of life so abundant this day.. but it mourns also its innocence .. dead in the street along with so many

[16:26] Allock (allock123) the sound of marching feet fill the city with a steady thunder as people begin to gather one after the other there faces hard there steps determined an ocean of people begin to flood into the plaza , they carry signs that say every thing from no more metas to enforce the warden laws kick out the metas , voices raise in anger and frustration and a man stands on a soap box and looks over the crowd he raises a single fist and screams " no more metas!!" lat the top of his lungs

[16:31] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) silently moved to the overlook, glaring at the mob. Some would die today, some would burn. But he had seen enough of this human trash to give two shits who lived and died.

[16:35] angry crowd the crowd marches around the plaza building in an angry circle signs waving , each member of the crowd carries a small duffel bag and they grip there signs and indignation tightly the man on the soap box scream " get the chains!! were not leaving here until the city listens to our demands!! thats right demands!!! were not asking any more were telling!"

[16:47] Jade Boom would grumble looking down at her cellphone not liking this one bit feeling like she had gotten fucked... and not in a good way. She would let her energy light up her hands as she would fly up above them and shoot energy balls out mostly at the ground for now just trying to scare them, "Oh shut up all of you!"

[16:50] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) chuckled and spoke. "Tok kesh, Uut!", the words followed by solid walls of 800+ degree flame cordoning off the area and sealing in the fools. "Burn.... burn all of you, burn and be silent..." he spoke, hovering above them on a disc of fire.

[16:50] Geneva Perkins has fed up with the anti metas in the first place " You know what. You folks seem SOOOOO hapy to hate on people who are different, Why don't I just start off with someone you pathetic loosers love. " And with that she strolls twoards the crowd, opening up with twin machine pistols, not even bothering to use meta powers yet

[16:51] Evie parks her squad car in an alleyway nearby and going to her trunk, pulls out a nun's habbit and quickly throws it on as well as her nun hat and rosary. Lastly, she grabs a sign out of the trunk before closing and it walks toward the protesters, looking for an opportune moment to sneak in.

[16:55] Dio's pointed ears wiggled as large walls of fire rose from the streets. "Oh dear. . . now I can't see anything." Spoke the curious alien before quickly crawling out from the sewer and up a nearby building to get a better view.

[16:57] angry crowd a group of protesters drag out several large iron chains and begin wrapping it around people binding them to the plaza restaurant still others continue there march the are thunders with the mutterings of the angry crowd " the meta scum have tried to stop our protests because there afraid of us they fear our power! the power of the people to change the world!" screams stir around the man as balls of green power strike all around the people " friends calm down!! remember the meta scum can't stop us!! they fear us!!" his words are punctuated by more screams of terror flames roar to life around the crowd " amidst the sounds of gun shots and energy blasts and roaring flames the man on his soap boxs screams " people we prepared!! for this we are not defenseless!!! to arms!!" and so saying duffle bags open and various armaments fill the hands of the angry and unhappy

[16:59] Jade Boom would seem annoyed enough at the man stirring them all up that she aims a blast of energy right at his head seeking to make it go pop, "No you are pretty damned defenseless... and stupid." She would be much more reckless with her powers firing bolts and energy not caring who she hit.


[17:02] Geneva Perkins assumes the fire-guy " Hey! Do us a favor! Burn those bags!" She then begin to focus her fire around the man trying to hold out weapons trying to cut down anyone trying to go for a weapon " Don't forget you started this fight!. You hate metas so much you wouldn't dare let yourself be saved by one

[17:02] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) smirked, finally able to cut loose.... "Tok'na shon!" he spoke, almost too quiet to be heard, followed by "Vok'on aeth!" Any metal among them would heat up to over 800 degrees within seconds, cooling down just as fast. It was a distraction and disarming move only, but few humans could withstand the heat for long.

[17:02] Anna-Kate Harper steps into the square" what the fuck this time?"

[17:03] Sister Carmen Louisa opens her mouth in shock. Her information hadn't told her there would be weapons brought out tonight. What idiot thought of this. She didn't know most of the metas around, but she knew Yuri. She didn't know how to stop this before people got hurt, but wondered if she shouldn't go up where the metas were to talk to them. As she started to move, a bolt of green energy hit sign, cracking the handle in two. Evie yelped.

[17:04] Cade (colorkid) is offline.

[17:07] armed crowd the man raises his fists to yell but theres a flash of green as his head dissolves in green light a red mist painting members of the crowd behind him , more of the crowd go under , beneath the reckless green bolts more die under a hail of bullets , the duffle bags zipper open and more weapons pass through out the crowd , as the floating man chants theres screams of fuck my hand along with more wordless exclamations of rage a man lifts a rifle and begins to fire icy blasts at the flam man s till more guns turn to the flying woman throwing the green bolts the mob erupts into a cornucopia of high tc weaponry, as anna enters the plaza a blue disc of cutting energy fired from one mans gun shoots towards her " death to the meta humans can be heard from in the crowd

[17:08] Anna-Kate Harper felt somthing hot in her jacket and threw down a pait of hunting knives and a handgun " FUCKER. That heat will ruin that gun, now I have to buy a new one you moron!"

[17:10] Geneva Perkins: something caught her eye and she glances over She saw the nun and couldn't help lauging " HEY! EVERYONE! THAT WOMAN IN BLUE IS A METAHUMAN! SHE TEACHES AT THEIR COLLEGE! " Then goes back to gunning down any cvilians that try to get near to herself

[17:11] Jade Boom would react a split second too late as a bullet would tear through her shoulder and she would put up her shield though she wasn't going to be able to hold it up long under a huge bulk of fire. She was panting as blood dripped from her wound making her shake all over.

[17:12] Sister Carmen Louisa tries to take charge, she yells as loudly as she could hoping to get the civilians to run, "Our guns aren't hurting them! They're mad! Run away! Meet back at the rendezvous point! Run away!" Then she sees Jade Boom obviously get hit and says much softer, "Oh, crud."

[17:13] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) barely dodged the weapons fire, the fury growing in him as he still felt the cold against his side. He heard someone call to him, but was beyond caring. Summoning up the flame orb, he formed the shards like knives and waited for a second. Seeing the woman go down, he released the blades in rapid succession towards the one who fired on him. Didn't matter to him how many struck the fool, as long the searing shards found their mark or took out those around him.

[17:16] Anna-Kate Harper frowns and dodged out of the way of the disk " yeah I teach there, but I dont need no power to show you what hurting is. " She walked towards the one calling her a meta, where the one who shot at her likely was, slamming a fist into a palm

[17:19] armed crowd several members of the crowd turn and stare at the woman in blue there weapons turning towards her, still others cheer as they see the bullet land home in the green woman " look we did hit her!! don't be afraid! we can stop them !! we can cleans this city our selfs if we have to!!" the crowed broils in blood thirty rage the man with the ice riffle gos down as do a group around him,a woman with a flame thrower turns to perkins and opens up red hot flame scorching out " you like fire meta scum? ehe? take this fire then bitch" a man with a heavy looking pistole begins firing at jade each bullet as it hits her shield detonates in a large explosion a man next to evie says very quietly his face hard " you some kinda meta lover?"

[17:21] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: drops from the overpass above, landing and looking around with a severe expression at the citizens. "Now what in the bloody hell is going on here?"

[17:22] Dio watched from above; seeing just how nasty the people of this world can be. She doesn't think too highly of the mob down below and simply watches natural selection at work.

[17:24] Geneva Perkins realises that no one had taken any shots at her yet and suddenly realizes it's because she hadn't used any powers. When they came after her with the flame She maneuvers around behind the pillar to escape watching her try to wade through the crowd after admiring to teach at the school, figuring there was no way in hell the lunatic meta would ever actually get to her. As she hid behind the pillar to avoid the flames and tried to think of an escape route, Then Zeph came down and seees a way to solve her problem " LOOK! She screams out " THE ROBOT CAME TO SAVE THE NUN! THE NUN IS A META SPY! " desperatly hoping that it was enough of a distraction as she troed to duck out and shoot the man with the flamethrower before he could get a solid bead on her
[17:25] Anna-Kate Harper sees the weapons turned on her, but she has seen worse. She doesnt stop until she is grabbing at the coat of the one that shot at her. If she grabbed him, she would lift him " what the holy fuck do you think you are doing you shrimp dicked little turd? The metas are not hurting you by being alive"

[17:26] Sister Carmen Louisa gives the man a sneer as if he had insulted her and just says to him with righteous indignation, "How dare you?" then yelps as blades of flame shoot past her, almost hitting her. She didn't see any way this was going to end well, even if she called for extra help. At that moment she saw Zeph come in. She whirled to see what was happening to Anna-Kate.

[17:26] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) had formed the next volley when the man opened fire, "Taen ot Absu, serai!" he spoke more loudly than before, the normally straight column of flame rising from the concrete and pavement in a circle around the building. It erupted from beneath them, swirling with molten stone and searing flame like a infernal wave. Anyone caught in its wake would feel it heat, if not be incinerated by it.

[17:27] Jade Boom might have lasted longer if she wasn't already hurt but the explosions would shatter her shield and another bullet would hit her sending her to the ground bleeding all over shaking and trembling tears streaming down her face as she felt herself going cold. She looked around at the chaos for some kind of comfort as she lay on the ground bleeding out.

[17:34] . Drawn in by the noise shouting and fires RAF decided to take a peek. her curiosity overcoming her sense of caution. Walking across the elevated road she sees Yuri float up above a bit and a building burst into flames. going to the edge she looked down to see the massive mob of people

[17:36] armed crowd the man with the flame thrower is soon joined one with a strangely shaped shoulder mounted gun as the flame throw man gos down a shot to the throat taking him out the man with the shoulder mounted weapon fires and a net of energy streaks towards perkins in an attempt to restrain her , the man who accused evie winches then thrusts a heavy dangerous looking energy pistol into her hands " here!! show those meta you mean business.. and sorry i shouldn't of called you a meta lover , that was rude" a crowd swarms around anna as she abuses the man who fired on her a cold muzzle pressing against her back as several more press against her from all sides " put him down meta scum.." and jade.. jade surrounded by the angry crowed watches as they eb and flow around her circling in weapons pointed and firing until there within range to strike her which they do weapons flaling as the beat down at the girl again and again a sudden whoosh of flames behind them as the building gos

[17:36] armed crowd: up and those chained to it scream burning to death slowly the flames back light the protesters and metas alike panting the scene into a weird demonic orgy of violence

17:38] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR blinks. "ROBOT? I beg your pardon, madam! I am a Gynoid, thank you very much!" She blinks and looks at the nun she was accused of rescuing. "And who the bloody hell is she? And who are you?" She rounds on Geneva. "WHat the bloody hell are you trying to pull, aye?" THen up to Yuri. "And what the hell are YOU doing? You trying to kill us all? Cut that nonsense out this instant!" The confused and angry droid yelled, grumbling and balling her hands into fists. "Robot indeed..." Seeing Jade fall, she humphed. "Look what you've done now, this poor girl is injured. I hope you lot are proud of yourselves...bunch of mindless brutes is what you all are..." Seeing Jade, she draws her shotgun, loading up a tube full of taser shells and begins firing into the crowd bearing her. "BACK! BACK YOU BLOODY ANIMALS! I 'AVE MORE AMMUNITION THAN YOU 'AVE PEOPLE SO GET THE FUCK BACK AND AWAY FROM HER!"
[17:40] Kaeryn approach the rail and bend over, to look at the riot.

[17:41] Anna-Kate Harper smirks " or what? You'll shoot eachother? Stupid fucks. You " She still held the man up " You fucking shot at me. Apologize!" Her eyes tracking, she could preccess information far quicker than ..well.. pretty much any human

[17:43] Geneva Perkins smirks when the flame throw goes down only to see the net coming for her. She fires both her pistols at the met fireing man but gets tangled up . she deliberately fallls behind the pillar , putting her out of vire of most of the crowd. She stats woring to untangle herself but just in case she stars growing her hair out and turning it white, wraping it areound herself so that from a distance she'd be mistaken for a show drift behind the pillar.

[17:44] Jade Boom was shot several more times at close range she had no special healing abilities or no resistance without her powers so she took the full on brunt of their assault They beat and tore at her body with their weapons leaving the poor girl in shredded clothing soaked in her own blood as she looked up in tears her whole body shaking. Anyone with even basic medical training could tell the poor girl was dying.

[17:45] Sister Carmen Louisa saw people dying all around her and many more getting wounded. She regretted seeing Jade Boom go down and get swarmed because she feared that if a meta actually died, these stupid protests would just get bloodier and bloodier. She took the gun in her hand though as she moved to try to apply first aid to any of the wounded, saying to anyone around them that could walk as she went to each of the wounded, "Get her out of her," and "Get him back to the rendezvoud point," or "To the hospital,". When she had a chance, she stowed the gun away in a holster under her habit, getting to was no mean feat. ((And dinner time, gone for now))

[17:45] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) largely ignored anyone on the ground, seeing only targets for his blades. It wasn't yet time to draw his sword from its scabbard, but the time was soon coming. "Taen ot Absu, serai!" he spoke, the words seeming to come from the all but crispy corpses. As he spoke, the flames once more made their burning circle around the building and spiraled outwards to the walls keeping everyone in the kill zone. Lashing out in whips of searing heat, he launched the blades in rapid succession at the one by the sister.

[17:50] . watching the mess unfold down below RAF was completely confused just what was going on exactly. with Yuri seemingly killing off a bunch of people she decided to follow suite and drew her weapon. However she had no clue if she should just jump in and do what she was designed to do. Just to be safe she called her mother from her built in coms device all the while getting her saw metal cutting saw ready. [Mom...there seems to be allot of fun and extermination going on down there...should i join in?] She asked over the coms device.
[17:52] armed crowd people begin falling back from the bot until four men run up with what looks very suspiciously like pae issue energy shields they step over the convulsing bodys of there allies attempting to wall the bot off and corral her as the weapons continue to fall at the fallen jade the flames flicker and dance one man pushes through the group and falls on jade his knees slamming into her gut he rips hs shirt open and lifts a knife plunging it down at her chest his eyes flickering with the flames " this is for my wife , bitch" several more people rush forward looking for the meta with the hair growling like beasts, one grumpy crochety old nun kneels and takes up a rifle its barrel ice to the touch and as flames devour more and more around her she fires a single shot at the flaming man she says quietly but her voice carries across the madness that had become the plaza " and god saved only the innocent and he smote the damned" the people around anna all fired one man

[17:52] armed crowd: screaming " death to the meta!!"

[17:56] Jade Boom would have no way to defend herself letting out a desperate cry as the knees fall on her body and reaching out to Zeph tears in her eyes as she saw she was trying to be helped. It was too late though as the knife would be pressed into her body and with that all life would extinguish from her body.

[17:56] Anna-Kate Harper watched for teh tell tale signs of ready to fire and vanished, letting them all shoot eachother. She would reappear by her blades . She would then kick the nun " fucking lunatic papist! " Swirling the knives in her hands

[17:59] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) didn't flinch as the shot of ice was weakened by the burning winds kicking up about him, burning away much of the sheathing of the round until it tinged off his cowell. He looked to her, narrowing his gaze as he unleashed the blades of fire directly at the nun. Without care or remorse, he spoke the words "Nai'aisum E'krutas eta'krah'bas Navra'tatien!", a funnel of flame rising quickly around her and exploding inwards with its 800+ degree searing heat. "Burn witch!" he growled.

[18:00] Kaeryn whistle. "And i did not do anything for that .." She chuckle. "Oh, come on.. again.." She raise her right hand, and make a gesture slap toward the crowd. Using her telekinesis, she is literally slapping the whole crowd at once with that 'gesture'.

[18:02] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR turns her attention to the men with shields, even as she's assaulted by crap going on elsewhere. "This is a really bad day..." She grumbles to herself, putting a hand to her comm. She holds a hand out to the shielded individuals, casually, as she yells at someone over COMMs.

[18:03] Dio would continue watching the mayhem when she would receive a com call from one of her daughters. ["Ou~?! And just what are you doing down there young lady?! You're not even in costume."] she replied although from the sight she was seeing, she could understand why RAF-M would see the mob of non-metas as fit for extermination.

[18:04] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia) drops onto the scene covered in a high density titanium armor. looking about for armed targets within the crowd she launchs herself at them. Mach 3 flight speed hitting two armed civilians yanking them out of the ground and landing them in the lawless area before flying back. she was taking no changes. hitting the civilians before they could even see her. just "poof" one by one armed targets would disappear from the crowd.

[18:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR growls, and just out of spite tasers one of the already twitching rioters again before flash-warping out of there.

[18:06] . RAF-M kept watching the crowd go wild down below. [Extermination protocols activated mother.] She replied and pulled out her four eyed mask. [And im always just moments away from being in costume~] The Cyber didn't know just where her creator was at but she knew that the alien could see her rather clearly.

[18:07] Nameless scoffs and motions at him, he levitates up to her level and she soars over the plaza to see what was happening, "Now what?" She sat cross legged and watched before jumping into the action, her laser swords ready incase she had to fight quick!

[18:10] armed crowd the crowd begins to thin slowly as the flames and metas thin there numbers still other s fight on , the men menacing the bot rush her there shoulders planted firmly behind the shields as else where a old woman screams warped in a burning tornado of flame the men with shields blink as there foe vanishes , the sound of sirens pick up in the distances as the protectorate forces mobilize in mass " they.. they've killed so many of us theres no point! lets fall back regroup" a man in a pink sweater vest yells" on man with some type of ice thrower points it at a flame wall and activates it createing an escape path for survivors as the dead and wounded groan behind them " we killed a meta we did it!!! yay! we can hurt them" yells pink vest

[18:12] Anna-Kate Harper rolls her eyes and tucked the knives back.. gun busted by the heat and the ammo detonting..she'd have to melt that one down.. " not even any fun" The noise of the sonic boom passing , and she coverred her ears hiding as if in likely breaking around them , thionking to herself 'well she is a capable of that speed'

[18:13] Sister Carmen Louisa continues treating the wounded around her as best she can, her habit singed and covered with blood, still trying to get others around her to carry off the wounded. Finally though, she takes off herself, trying to help another woman get away who was down to only one leg.

[18:15] Dio was a bit hesitant to give her daughter the go ahead after the last battle. [Well, alright. Be more careful this time and if it looks like things are becoming more than you can handle, I want you to get out of there. We can't possibly live in this world if it's full of these kinds of morons, so you would be doing us all a favor.] said the alien mother rather coldly.

[18:15] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): Arrives at the rally i late again , sorry

[18:17] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) looks around from his new
vantage point next to her, taking note of destruction. "Eeeh, he points at the guy with the ice thrower. "Take that away from him... intact if you can and give it to me. Then get a dozen or so of the wounded up on the bridge with me however you like." He gives her a small grin. "Including that nun if you can."

[18:17] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia) drops behind pink sweater vest looking royally. pissed as she leans into him grabbing him by the vest. "ever been into orbit...?" she asks before wraping her arms around him "lets see how you like it" she states in an ice cold voice. before launching herself pink sweatervest in hand. into low orbit.

[18:17] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) spoke as they began to disperse. "Shoa'kon! Nos'traya..." As he spoke the walls of flame would move inwards, soaking up whatever flames were there only to stop far enough to let more humans escape if they chose to. He had no interest in killing more of them unless he had to.

[18:20] . Getting the go ahead from mother Tanya smiled behind her mask. it was time to have some fun! Looking down at the crowd again everybody seemed to be running away already. and with the wall of flames moving in RAF decided to hold it for now. her extermination protocols though screamed at her to get stuck in but the moving walls of flame put a full stop to her. She knew she could last in them for quite some time...she wasn't so sure about her saw nor she wanted to wash soot off of herself.

[18:20] armed crowd as hes grabbed and and flown into space he stares into silver novas eyes " go ahead.. kill me , its either die here defending my rights or die later simply buying grocery's .. all you metas do is kill us " he smiles seemingly at peace

[18:20] Kaeryn shake her head. "What a shitshow my friend.." She shake her head, and walk away.

[18:21] Anna-Kate Harper saw..and felt the fire moving closer. She would vanish again and reappear on the overpass " Fucking retards.." then looking to yuri " and you owe me a revolver."

[18:22] Nameless raised her hands and looked directly at the man with the ice thrower, her telekinesis arched over and snagged it and whatever the ammo for it was and yanked it back and towards herself! "Right, i need that..." She was gonna strip the guy off it if he came with, but then she turned her focus to the ones with less life force in them, raising them up two or three at a time and placing them on the bridge in front of her... Slow going but she managed to pinpoint the nun he was referring to and picked her up too. Poor Evie! Then placed her on the bridge with the wounded and kept an eye on her.

[18:23] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia) looks too pink sweater "then i guess die now it is" she says as she simply lets go. and lets him fall. too whatever end meets him. "Im tired of playing good cop" she states before flying heading for Mikotos apartment

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