Everyone Hates Doing Lanudry

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Everyone Hates Doing Lanudry

Post by Chyleste » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:01 pm

This is Danielle Simone reporting on a disturbance from the east side of town tonight. Two metahumans were allegedly destroying clothes from the laundromat when they were confronted by a group of heroes. The two suspects were taken into custody. During the conflict most of the participants ended up naked. Be warned the footage we are about to show has a lot of nudity.

The emergency frequencies come alive with a confused report from the dispatchers. Metahuman disturbance reported at the laundromat. Witnesses claim that a some metahumans are stealing their clothes and feeding them to a swam of insects.

[18:13] The Naturalist Vines snake there way out of the laundry mat through shattered glass, people in varying states of dress run from the building screaming as a male voice rants " like .. dudes don't worry im like here to save you from your clothed oppression ... by the hand of The Naturalist , you shall be unclothed !!" more fines push there way from the building each burdened by laundry " for the purest form of freedom is the freedom of the body!! the beauty of the body . the liberation of the body!!" the man poses and the vines all quiver in extacy "

[18:14] Solene hover the area, and notice the weird things happening. She sigh loudly as she put on her mask. She tap the side of her mask and mumble some words.

[18:15] Preying Mantis flies around in playful swooping paths, darting in the swarm of insects as more clothes are thrown out of the laundromat into the pile in the street. The green skinned woman giggles madly as she darts toward the fleeing civilians, grabbing and slicing the clothing they are wearing.

[18:16] Kapi D. Lucy laughter is heard as she comes crashing through the window bouncing around the walls with a squeak before landing in a clothes basket "Ok now where am I?"

[18:20] Preying Mantis flits from civilian to civilian, cutting away clothing and blocking their escape paths to keep them running back and forth in the area, frightened as they are slowly stripped naked.

[18:21] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR walks cautiously on scene. Behind her Meat trundles to a stop but stays away from the area for the moment so not to scare any one. "What is the situation?"

[18:21] Solene shake her head. "Well.. in a better.. better than the nuderay.." She continue to hover around the area. "Some weirdos chasing and stripping naked Zeph'.."

[18:22] The Naturalist Blinks as a strange woman enters the laundry mat with a crash " like have you come to help us free people from there .. whoa..like prisons?.. good.. here take theses clothes out side and like toss them on the pile " he pose again and the vines quiver growing faster spreading through out the building" come my friends be free!!! be free like for sure!!!" he laughs heartily and vines start to creep out into the street corralling civis and sliding into there clothes , attempting to rip them from there bodys ,a nd turning he attempts to shove an armful of laundry at lucy

[18:25] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR opens her underslung launcher and loads a cryo charge, looking at Mikoto to let her make the first move.

[18:25] Kapi D. Lucy dusts herself off and gets out of the basket looking quite confused as she suddenly has her arms full of clothing. She just nods and walks outside as told

[18:26] Boo Raleigh swings inand lands, cape fluttering in the wind behind her naked body "This is a job for.... THE EXHIBITIONIST' ....and then blushes

[18:26] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Oh my goodness.

[18:26] Raigeki pulls out her smg and sets it to cryo-mode. When she sees Lucy, she sighs " LUCY! Don't help them! they're the bad guys! Punch them!"

[18:27] Flare: has to find a faster way to change into her uniform, she thinks as she streaks (no pun intended) into the scene. "Bugs, it had to be bugs." she whispers

[18:27] Solene move away, and land on the roof of the bar. With a sigh.

[18:28] Katy is trying to get a deeper insight into whatever is happening, busy on the PAE coms too

[18:28] Power Flash(Pilix) had been in the laundromat earlier, almost her entire wardrobe inside being washed. She'd stepped out for a sandwich while the machine ran, and it seems that's when these weirdos decided to strike... She was suited up in short order, ready to defend her much needed clothes, especially with the winter chill still on. "Unhand the clothes, and the civilians! Before this gets ugly..."

[18:30] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident) walks out of the xxxcelsior and barely makes it down the street before he sees the commotion in front of the laundromat. "Huh." he mentions.

[18:30] Preying Mantis flips around in mid air as she loses herself in a fit of giggles watching the civilians run in panic and embarrassment. As she notices the metahumans showing up, she makes a loud chirping sound. The insect swarm responds to the sound, as more bugs seem to join into the mass. The flying insects begin to cloud the area, making it difficult to see things well. The bugs crash into people in the area and fly into their faces.

[18:32] Kassie Martian comes running out of the alleyway, growing to 10 feet tall, her super strengtgh accessible...

[18:33] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR doesn't seem phased by the bugs smacking into her, closing her helmet and raising her rifle with her hand on the grenade launcher trigger...but holding fire.

[18:36] Raigeki looks down to Flare. " FLARE. PAE is going to pull back to aboid friendly fire.

[18:37] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR in response to some unknown order backs off, climbing up onto a rooftop to take an overwatch position.

[18:38] Flare: looks over her shoulder "Roger that!"

[18:40] Preying Mantis flies in loops and swirls, not keeping a predictable pattern. She darts over toward Lucy and grabs at the pink girl's overcoat. She gives it a quick tug before flying up again quickly. The chirping sound grows louder echoing in the streets to a severely annoying volume.

[18:45] Kapi D. Lucy drops the clothes and waves smiling "Hey Mikoto!" She titls her head and then frowns when shes told she was tricked "Oh then these people need punching? OK!" She eeps as she is stripped of her coat revealing her outfit as she grips her hat safely. She wastes no time and gives no hesitation as she launches a quick punch at the flying woman stretching oput her arm "Hey! You almost lost my hat!"

[18:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks down at Mikoto's SMG. "Your machine gun holds endearing qualities, Miss."

[18:49] Power Flash(Pilix) frowns as she watches the swarm of bugs flying around below, seeing the mantis woman flying and flipping around the area as well. It didn't take much to pin her as the likely source of control over those bugs. She charges up her energy, starting to send blasts at the bugs to splat them, and lower powered scorching blasts toward the flying woman, trying hard to track her movement and get a good aim on her. "I said unhand the clothes... and get these bugs out of here! You're creating a public nuisance!"

[18:54] Boo Raleigh pulls her boots and cape off, stumbling before charging into the swarm of bugs, "ohh lord this is gonna be nasty" stomping and punching the bugs, hoping ALL they eat is clothing....

[18:56] The Naturalist vines continue to spread from the laundry mat the sound of breaking glass and crumpling laundry machines can be heard from the buildings as well as the ever ranting voive" they like try and tell us that like we have to wear clothes.. that like its right and prober.. but dude .. whoa .. like whoa. don't be ashamed! love your self bro .. and the world will love you to" he poses again his muscles flexing , he frowns as he hears the the sound of blasts , glancing up from his posing he grunts " dude no body attacks my compadre like that!!" he flexes again and the vines quiver darting out for the hovering power flash attempting to snag and ensnare her , several vines snake there way towards The exhibitionist " time for you bro hams to learn like.. a life lesson on the glory of free living"

[18:58] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident): "Oh, well that's-" he starts then spits as a bug flies straight into his mouth. "Hey!" He says staring at the small praying mantis gripping the tip of his tongue. "Rood." he says and uses his hands to pry the pincer off, and throw it away, making a face before pulling his tongue back in and uses the briefcase to shield his face a little while pulling out his phone and aiming it at the scene, taking a couple pictures of both the 'villains', the 'heroes', and the standing by PAE members before switching to video, holding the briefcase up to use his hand and shoulder to keep the chirping down in his own ears. He keeps a bit back to try and stay out of the bulk of the swarm as he videos, occasionally swatting at the stray bugs that get close to him.

[18:58] Moondance had spotted the issues and people involved. She approached invisible finally deciding that innocents were truly being harmed. Amping up the contact poison coming from her skin in case the bugs touched herm sge came closer, a kunai in her left hand , becoming visible once up close, " Look.. You all look very entertaining but maybe you an let these people have their clothes, yes? Before some hero starts using a giant can of raid or something"

[19:00] Preying Mantis was not expecting Lucy to be able to reach her. She flips in the air as the rubber girl's fist hits her, not quite as solid of a blow as Lucy wanted but enough to send Mantis tumbling off balance in the air. The green skinned woman makes another chirp and the insects swarm toward Lucy, flying around and nipping at the girl's body. Power Flash's energy blasts fry some of the bugs sending a charred smell up in the area. Preying Mantis barely avoids the energy beams as she starts to right herself in the air. "We are liberating these people. Be free! Don't let the shackles of society hold you down! Everybody wants to be naked and famous!" The Exhibitionist easily crushes many of the bugs as their sticky bodies start to smear all over her nude body. The insects crawl up the exposed heroine's body trying to bite her skin and get to her face to stop her advance. More and more bugs seem to join into the swarm as others die. Mantis starts to chirp louder, the sound now growing to a painful level.

[19:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR sees that they have media attention, and speaks, amplifying her voice via megaphoe. "All citizens, this is a high-risk area. Please leave the premesis in an orderly fashion."

[19:02] Kapi D. Lucy eeps and stretches her arm out to pull herself to the roof. Landing with a squeak but finding the bugs ate her vest "Dammit no another one! Thats my meat money to buy these you know" She launches another slightly faster and stronger punch at the woman still not full strength because she doesnt know the level of opponent yet

[19:04] Raigeki calls out " You can do it Lucy! If you can stop them without any buildings getting broken I'll by you dinner! All you can eat!"

[19:08] Power Flash(Pilix) frowns as she listens to the preaching from both the man inside the building and the mantis woman. "It's not up to you to force that on people! If people want to do that, let them make that choice on their own.... and not everyone wants it!" She fires to zap some more of the bugs, a bit distracted to notice the vines slowly reaching up at her yet. She then points right toward Mantis. "Besides, if that's your cause.... why is she wearing clothes? Seems like someone's not a true believer here, plant man." And then she feels something around one of her legs, noticing the vines starting to crawl up from her ankles. "Crap." She fires some blasts at them as she kicks her legs, trying to get free.

[19:09] Boo Raleigh feels the insects start to bite her, drawing blood "OW FUCK! OW OW! THEY DON'T JUST EAT CLOTHES THEY DONT JUST EAT CLOTHES" overwhelmed as the vines creep out of the laundromat and grasp at me, kicking at them with my superstrength, flailing at the bugs with my hands. beginning to panic.....

[19:13] The Naturalist Strides from the building flowers springing up in his foot steps vines follow him curving and colling around him growing up the side of the building and as they do, they begin sprouting what looks like dandelion heads up and down there lengths " dudes! DUDES!!! you are totally harshing our mellow!!", the vines shift and sprout vine lets as she blasts them chasing her trying to snag her , the vines creep up and down the Exhibitionists body binding and cocooning her pining her under an ever growing mass and suddenly the man know as the Natrualist begins to do jumping jacks , his leafe and package bouncing and as he dos a chattering fills the air red eyes suddenly appearing among the foliage and fines a an army of squirms begins to make its self known

[19:19] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident) completely ignores the calls from above as he continues recording, or maybe he just didn't hear them at this point with the shrill chirping and this hands and shoulder pressed against his ears. He looks around the scene and all the squirrels showing up. "The Green Fairy and a male Disney Princess walk into a Laundroma- gah, *puch* Eh" he spits another bug out. He stops recording a moment and reaches down and fiddles with his briefcase, a small hatch opening and two baseball sized metal balls slipping into his hand, which he slips into his pockets before resuming recording again.

[19:19] Moondance: Since we have supposed heros who just sit by.. ~ Right hand sliding two ceramic shuriken out, noting where the mass of bugs were, and threw one at The swarming bugs that were flying closer , and the others at the squirrels that were massing. Each would flash a light blue glyph and crumble when close, causing an effect not unlike a taser onto to a small blast area, trying to kill bugs and the new threat, ~

[19:22] Preying Mantis flits around very quickly in the air. Lucy's punch strikes the winged woman in the side sending her spinning around in a loop da loop. She laughs manically and waves one arm toward Lucy. A portion of the bugs dart up toward the rubber girl, biting at the seams of her clothing. Several insects work on her shorts while more crawl up toward Lucy's bra. Mantis tilts her head and giggles at Power Flash's words. She pulls off her boots and throws them hard and fast at Power flash. With a quick flying shimmy, the green skinned bug woman strips off her leotard and dives down using the bodysuit like a hood to try and cover the Exhibitionist's head from behind. Moondance's shuriken hits in the midst of a cluster of bugs making the distinct sound of a bug zapper during redneck porch theater. Mantis turns and tries to launch herself off the Exhibitionist with a double kick to the bag regardless if she got the hood over the naked heroine or not. Preying Mantis flies fast toward Moondance with her arm blades
[19:22] Preying Mantis: extended.

[19:27] Power Flash(Pilix) flies away from the vines, throwing blasts at them, trying to trim them down and keep them away from her. The shrill chirping sounds were really starting to get to her now too, making her wince and want to cover her ears... but she had to keep busy blasting away at vines and bugs, doing everything she could to try and clear the area of the invasive attackers. She winces as something suddenly hits her, not having seen the boots coming as she was too busy blasting vines and bugs alike. She turns and watches to see Mantis stripping down, blinking a bit, distracted for a second as she hadn't really expected her taunt to actually make the woman get naked. She tries to throw another scorching blast her way though, knowing she would need to be taken out of commission to actually deal with all the bugs, and the noise.

[19:30] Boo Raleigh eyes widen as i feel the vines coccoon my body, wrapping me faster than i can break them, covering my nakedness, my powers fading as i scream bloody murder "NOOOOOLETMEGOLETMEGLOOOOOETMEGOooooooF" the wind leaving my body, my face covered, feeling her bounce off my helpless body.....

[19:32] The Naturalist Squirrel squeal some in pain as a blue tazer flash takes out a dozen, but others the blood thirsty war cry of squirrel kind they rush towards the exhibitionist and others climbing vines and leaping at the flyer's or possibly to there deaths dozens more rush Moondance all around the building the dandelion heads grow larger and the allergens more densely packed " dudes... like look upon me!!am i not beautiful? am i not free.. behold the beauty of my comrade " he throws a wink at mantise and theres a small quiver in the vines and the squirrels chitter suddenly once again the man flexes and th vines creep out from him driving towards harsillus attempting o creep up his leg and tug at his pants " BE FREE!"

[19:37] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident) feels the vine before he sees it and takes a quick step back, pulling his leg out of its grasp, the end of it snapping off around his calf.. "Poor choice." he tells the vine in a quiet voice that was drowned out by the chirping sounds of the mantis before saying louder. "But I for one welcome our new squirrel overlords." he says and starts unbuttoning his shirt and sets it over his briefcase before he starts unbuckling his pants.

[19:37] Moondance watches Mantis coming down " Whats Red and brown and goes round and round? Squirrels in a blender! " She pulled her other blade and gave a spin striking at the squirrels as they swarmed her, the blades deadly and speed a blur for normal human vision. When mantis gets close the flat side of the blades are up to block the bug woman. " Consider your life choices. "

[19:41] Preying Mantis hits against Moondance's blades, the sound of metal clashing against metal rings through the street. Mantis flips back in the air. Her wings flutter faster as the chirping sound grows even louder. Those without ear protection would be having a very difficult time focusing through the pain now. The bugs continue to swarm around everyone they can, biting at clothing and nipping at exposed flesh. Mantis dives toward Moondance's midsection again but fakes out at the last moment, twisting back to try and connect with a swift bare foot kick to the ninja woman's jaw.

[19:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Mikoto. "Time to help, yet, or are we just letting this resolve on its own?"

[19:43] Faith Celestial looks down "Offer free clothing too the nude?"

[19:43] Raigeki: " They totally got this,

[19:44] Raigeki: ... katy make us a shield dome.

[19:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Mikoto. "If you say so." Then she looks at Katy, tilting her head. "A shield dome of confidence, Katy.
[19:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Because they are totally going to win this. But we're going to need a shield.

[19:46] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) slowly floats down over the rest of PAE, surveying the scene but staying well out of it

[19:50] Power Flash(Pilix) yelps a bit as some squirrels jump at her, some managing to cling to her legs, one clinging to the back of her jacket. She spins, trying to shake them off, flying away from the creeping vines again as they nearly grab her ankles. "Bug and vines and squirrels... freaking nature..." She grits her teeth, wincing and finally just covering her ears as the sound grows louder and starts really hurting. She flies around a bit erratically, still trying to keep away from the vines and shake off the squirrels, but the bugs are able to keep up with her and start swarming around her now that she wasn't blasting them. They start eating at the seams of her jacket and her shorts, even as she flips and twists around in the air to try and shake them off, the clothing starting to fall away in pieces. "Damnit! Get off! It's too cold out here to end up naked!"

[19:53] Boo Raleigh screams and struggles, thrashin about in the vines as they grasp her, breaking them only for them to regrow jut as fast as i do, a deep, primal scream of fear as i see a horde of squirrels joining the bugs attacking my helpless, weakened body "No no GET THEM OFF NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

[19:55] The Naturalist sways as the sound of the chirping gets to him a bit he shifts into leg bends as his army of squirrels begin to dye , his package peeking out every now and then as he stretches the army runs away from moondance running around to come at her from behind as mantise has her distracted , seeming dandlion heads finally reach maturity there puffs waving in the breeze with vague threat , he turns and stares at power flash as she blasts his vines he shrugs and says " some pepole need a bit of extra help to free them self man..." so saying he flexes again and the vines chasing power flash retract returning to The Natrualist and blooming into flower which the vine offers him " yo " mantise , i think its allergy season ....can ya help a bro like out?" he smiles at the vine " aww thanks !"

[19:57] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident) had stopped recording as he unbuttoned his shirt and pops open the briefcase to drop it inside before closing it again. "Hey!" he tells the Naturalist as he kicks his shoes off at the porch and hops over towards him, while pulling off his pants, putting them over his arm. "Hey, man, can I join?" He yells at the Naturalist. "Just don't have the bugs attack me, I can donate my clothes in the baskets right?" He asks him. as he heads over, trying to avoid the squirrels and shield his torso and face from the swirling bugs with his briefcase, pants between the metal briefcase and him.

[19:57] Moondance smirks " Like them? They are new " The enchanted kunai were ceramic , not metal but did sound it. Any bugs biting at her would come into contact with the sensory neurotoxin affecting sense ot direction and spatial awareness..they might seem drunk. Her clothing was eaten away at though leaving her nude in the street. She was expecting soemthing else then the kick came in mask and filtration eaten away. Of course her skin tone was different from normal, less pale. " I forgot how slow you were. You got me good there.. watch this!" Spinning and giving a now barefooted set of lightning kicks similar to Chun Li, Each rather strong but no more than a supersoldier for now, though all would come at what a human would find blurred motion.

[20:04] Raigeki whistles innocently getting out an industrial strength citronella candle and lights it

[20:06] Ellie Izumi (leeanne Mowadeng): as ellie arrives horrified at the perverts making everyone naked she yells "WHAT THE HELL YOU HIPPY DIDDPY PSYCHO PERVERTS STOP STRIPPING EVERYONE ITS WRONG!!" she then quickly turns into owl form and seeing as owls eat squirels she caws trying to scare them time to use there survival instincts against them then flies at any squirrels brave enough to stay and tries to eat them

[20:06] Preying Mantis gets hit by the first kick but her erratic flight motions allow her to miss the second from Moondance. Still the impact sends the bug woman tumbling upward through the air. She bumps into Power Flash in the sky and quickly turns around, frantically pawing at the flying heroine's remaining clothing as she tries to regain her bearings. Preying Mantis shifts her weight in the air spinning and flipping around in a chaotic spiral as she tears at Power Flash's clothing. The chirping continues as the insects spread the chorus through the streets.

[20:10] Kapi D. Lucy growls dodging insects as her clothes are eaten away. Now naked she stretches launching herself across away from the swarm as they try to chew her hat "THATS IT! DONT FUCK WITH MY HAT!" she crouches into a three point stance pressing her fist into the ground and pumps her legs like pistons. Steam begins to surround her as her skin takes a reddish darker pink tint as well as her features. SHe then moves super fast seamingly disappearing and reappearing above the mantis lady launching a downward double palm strike

[20:14] Power Flash(Pilix) gasps as something big bumps into her, looking around as she sees Mantis right there now, grabbing at what's left of her clothing, yelping as she starts to rip and tear more of it off. Her top is lost, along with her corset next. She uncovers one ear to start wildly throwing blasts trying to hit the woman buzzing and twisting all around her, one of her gloves goes next, and a shoulder strap of her bra snaps. "Stop it! Get offa me and quit ruining my clothes!" She throws a few more erratic blasts hoping to get the flying woman away.

[20:17] Boo Raleigh feels the wriggling vines push against the folds of her pink little pussy, bugs nibbling at her pubic hair, exposed in front of a crowd of people, albeit naked ones and feels her powers surge back, the tip of a vine touching her puckered rosebud, as her bloodied face turns red, giving her strength the needed boost to smash through the vines and start throwing squirrels off my body at The Naturalist's head...."OMG YOU FUCKING PERVBRO!"

[20:20] The Naturalist smiles big as hars comes over " right on bro! lay them in the pile !!! its all free bro!!" scowls as an owl appears many of his army fleeing then he tilts his head and wonders , dropping to his hands he begins to do some push ups his tight buns clenching his muscles standing out , the army runs back towards the dandelion allergen heads a squirrel stationing itself at each like a turret, he tilts his head " dude... you know it would be a major favor if you could take that new freedom fighter out of here , shes a bit tied up at the moment , heehehehe" he frowns as the rubber woman attacks again " dude Mantis.. like what ya got pheromone powers to?" he flexes a icep and three vines throw them self at lucy the army begins to smack the puff balls with there tail alergen powders drifting on the wind towards the people there where ever the puffs touch skin would begin to itch , laughs hard and shrugs " dude don't blame me blame mother nature" he ducks an incoming squirrel

[20:27] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident) 'stumbles' forwards, one of the metal orb in the pocket of his pants slipping out, hand being right there to palm it. "Alright! Thanks m-" he starts and then ducks as the Exhibitionist broke out. "Whoa! She broke out!" He says, hand moving out to try and 'catch himself' on the Naturist's arm and have the metal orb in his other hand, connect with the middle of the Naturist's back. If successful there would be a click as the orb opened and tried to latch on to his back, cords shooting out of the metal ball to wrap around the man's waist.

[20:28] Moondance smirks, bugs eating the straps of the goggles revealing green eyes. Belt gone now too, though the remaining shuriken would be set off giving a nice glow of single target effects on some bugs. Her toxin continued. Noting Lucys manuver she hops into a flip tying to kick upwars to increase the blow from the rubber woman. " thats it, you're going down bug breath Why do i feel like all bugs need to die in this city? . Oh well live and let die motherfucker!"

[20:35] Ellie Izumi (leeanne Mowadeng): ellie would groan as that doesn't work so instead starts flapping her wings to generate gusts of wind to try and heard the itchy allergen into a cluster and tries to blow it at mantis

[20:36] Preying Mantis wrestles in mid-air with Power Flash. As she grabs the heroine's panties, Lucy appears over them. The rubber girl drives her strike down into the winged woman, knocking her down hard into Moondance's kick and then to the ground. Preying Mantis slowly pushes herself up, extremely dazed as she tries to figure out what just happened. The swarming bugs buzz crazily around losing direction and growing louder. The chirping begins to rattle the windows as the pitch increases. The cloud of dandelion fluff flies toward the naked green girl and anyone else near her.

[20:40] Solene look on her right. "We should move.." She nod.

[20:41] Kapi D. Lucy disappears from the Naturalists sight moving way to fast. Leaping into the air she infaltes herself like a giant baloon before blowing out all the air trying to clear the pollen particles

[20:41] Katy returns a nod, glancing over to her right too "Boss ?"

[20:45] Power Flash(Pilix) gasps as her bra snaps fully, her bare breasts spilling out into the open to bounce freely. "Nooo!" She covers herself just before her panties are grabbed at. "Don't you dare!" And then mantis was slammed by the pink rubbery woman and dropped to the ground.... with a certain pair of panties still in her hand. Power Flash yelps and cover herself, more, blushing as she's left hovering in nothing but her mask and boots now. "Nooo! Give those back!!" She darts downward toward Mantis, becoming more oblivious to everything else going on as she focuses on getting at least the slightest bit of coverage back.

[20:49] Boo Raleigh is still hulmilated from the branch poking my backside, grabs the nearest ich farting squirrel by the tail, the pheremone cloud just one more irritation to her naked, bug guts covered, battered and bloodied body, Swinging it like a nunchuck, swatting bugs and squirrels aside as they get in my way, swinging at The Naturalist with it.... "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR POKING MY BUTTHOLE"

[20:51] Solene slowly walk away.

[20:51] The Naturalist /me gasps as something cold and metal touches his back then snaps out coiling around him the cold metal binding him he falls to his back restrained and exposed as he dos the vines all hold stock still the army turns to watch theres a moments pause and clearly heard is The Naturalist " aww dude.. now you've done it.. shes going crazy!!!" the vines explode in rapid growth darting at every one growing thick and strong they attempt to wrap around people in strangely provocative bondage poses vines swing and grasp at mantis lucy, The Naturalist, hars every one present finds them self under assault by theses grasping molesting vines , the motes are pushed away from the owl but may others are in danger, a sudden gust of wind owls down blowing squirrels and puffs alike away, leaving a thrashing over stimulated mass of vine lasing and binding at all it can , The Naturalist distinctly feels a squirrel impact his as the vines lash out he sways dizzily where he lays " dude!! harsh

[20:57] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident) watches as the metal belts spring out of the ball to grasp the mans limbs and pull them into a reverse hogtie. "Then tell your green girlfreind to give up. One chan-" He starts and then stops to reache down and grab the vines at his feet and rip one than the other. "One Chance." he states, ready to swing the heavy metal briefcase at the mans head if he didn't.

[20:57] Moondance puches off the woman as she landed the kick, dropping to a crouch. Her skin began to itch as the pollen intensified in the are, though the oily poison she secreted helps her resist. Lucy's air puff was welcome. Her tongue lashes out grabbing one of the bugs about ten feet from her and then pulls back, a crunch as the ninja woman began to eat the locust. " needs some Teriyaki" Her arms a blur as her blades which could slice a tank like a hot knife through butter, slash at the vines " These aren't fennel!"

[21:04] Ellie Izumi (leeanne Mowadeng): ellie quickly switches to her shrimp form quickly now that the vines are the biggest threat and starts firing super heated bubbles after these are much hotter then boiling water and ever see what happens when you water plants with boiling water

[21:06] Preying Mantis lays there stunned unable to resist as the vines wrap around her legs, spreading her wide and lifting her body upside down in the street. As she struggles, more vines wrap around her wrists. The bugs spread out with no guidance but still grow louder. The chirping increases until the windows nearby shatter.

[21:10] Kapi D. Lucy starts pummeling the vines with rapid fire punches so fast and so many it just looks like hundreds of smoke jets. Each impact causing a squeak as she continues to emit steam trying to crush whatever the annoying high pitched chirp is

[21:13] Power Flash(Pilix) grabbed at her panties to pull them from Mantis's hands when the vines went crazy. The hand now holding her panties was grabbed, that arm getting wrapped up by the vines. She pulls against it, struggling while her other hand hesitantly moves from covering to blast at the vines around her, one leg getting trapped by them as well as she tries to hover up, squirming and blasting at as many vines as she can as she tries to break loose, arms and legs slowly becoming more and more tangled in the growing vines as they start to spread around her. "No! Get off!"

[21:14] Moondance slashes and then collects another locust " well think you guys can at least hand this. Good job rubber girl" Giving a salute then vasnishing in a rippl in the air itself ( exit)

[21:21] Boo Raleigh is stunned by the sudden, loud chirps, throwing her balance off, staggering her as she charges The Naturalist, feeling the vines slither up my legs with blinding speed, these vines seeemingly stronger than the last, pulling her down, spread eagle, once again helpless and exposed

[21:22] The Naturalist: /mr lays unconscious the noise combined with the conk to the head more then he can handle, he lays there warped in vines and steel as the vines all around are beaten back , wilting and dying under th various counter attacks the vines finally petter out as if spent , those bound are casually groped and prodded in naughty ways leaving the street a mire of a vine patch, though any one bound will fel he vines lazily try to push into any hole they can

[21:32] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident) moves his legs in an egg beater fashion to keep the vines from gripping him. "Damn Hippies." he mutters. "Stay off my lawn." he says and tears another vine off before grabbing and starting to tear the vines off the the naturalist, leaving him bound in metal as he works to pick up the man while keeping himself unbound and throws his own shirt around the other man's torso.

[21:34] Ellie Izumi (leeanne Mowadeng): ellie would then after the vines went limp started prunning shooting her bubbles at any stray vines she found priotizing the vines wrapping around naked people

[21:35] Preying Mantis hangs wearily in the vines even as they lose their life. The bug woman slowly closes her eyes, completely spent from the whole ordeal. The swarm of insects, spreads out and flies or crawls back to where ever they came from in the first place doing normal bug things again.

[21:37] Kapi D. Lucy stops and leaps to roof of the laudromat. Her reddish tint fading as well as the steam. Leaving a panting Lucy holding her chest and dropping to a knee

[21:38] Power Flash(Pilix) squirmed and struggled as the vines spread all around her, unable to blast them all away. Once her other arm was grabbed, she couldn't aim blasts anymore, forced to give up as she was pulled to her knees. Rhe vines around her arms wrap up both of them and pull them over her head as the vines around her legs force her to kneel there, leaving her exposed sex right in front of Mantis, her face flushed as she was left bound, naked and exposed. She was unable to use some of her other tricks for fear of hurting others bound around her. She squirms as the vines start to grope and touch her in sensitive places, biting her lower lip as she tries not to embarrass herself more with any moans.

[21:40] Boo Raleigh hangs exposed as the vines go limp, JUST as they had invaded her asshole and pussy, one hanging like a dead phallus in front of her face, pulling with all her might to break any one of the vines and get these damn things out of me....

[21:40] The Naturalist the vines all seem to sigh in disappointment and begin wilting where they stand slowly releasing people from there grip the street is soon returned to normal save for the ruined laundromat

[21:45] Harsilius Steam (Harsilius Resident): "Come on Samson, let's go get Delilah." he says and reaches over to keep the Exhibitionist from falling on her face, lowering her to the ground as the vines wilt then picks up the Naturalist and carries his bound form over to the Praying Mantis. He sets the Naturalist down and pulls out the other metal orb, pressing the button on it and drops it on the green woman, the metal belts popping out to start wrapping her up as well. He glances over Power Flash's body with a small approving nod. "So I take it you two wouldn't be up to a group photo after this?" he asks the two of them.

[21:50] Kapi D. Lucy falls backwards as her appearance changes once more and she sits still and lifeless

[21:50] Boo Raleigh drops to the ground, "ooof, thanks mister. as for a photo, i don't mind as long as i have my mask on

[21:51] Ellie Izumi (leeanne Mowadeng): ellie glares at hars as he makes his comments at the girls saying "pervert! " she then switches to mite form and goes and gathers some clothes for those who want them

[21:52] Preying Mantis being passed out, she is unable to prevent being bound and taken.

[21:53] The Naturalist is also passed out though the shirt has a great dealof trouble contain his naked form and is total embarrassing to carry away

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