Fight Night!

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Fight Night!

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:10 pm

[15:59:58] Anna-Kate Harper straigtned her dress.. and smoothed her hair. Some of the guys attending getting a view of her panties as she makes sure the food and drinks are in order
[16:00:46] Anna-Kate Harper: I cant do tonight without you

[16:03:26] Marathon blushes softly and hugs you "I... still dont like this token thing..." she tells you nervously

[16:04:20] Anna-Kate Harper looks to you" guess you will have to figure out how to solve them having them..

[16:05:55] Marathon takes a deep breath with a hand on her belly..."or just kick their asses in the ring..."

[16:06:37] Anna-Kate Harper grins " even if you lose I will give you one..for being a good girl

[16:09:23] Marathon blushes deeply at the praise... "that is... generous..." she says glancing nervously at the ring

[16:10:15] Anna-Kate Harper smiles holding you
[16:31:38] Anna-Kate Harper smiles" how do I look ? I tried for a mix of ring girl and hotess.. shut up clyde, i saw you lookinh" The men and woman here used to her language
[16:32:17] Anna-Kate Harper: oh! ~leaning in to whisper the code to the barrier projectors between the barricades

[16:33:08] Marathon grins looking you over... "you look gorgeous..." she answers with a smile

[16:33:45] Anna-Kate Harper grins " I am counting on you to hop in if needed"

[16:42:02] Marathon nods, "yea of course.. even if i have my own fights i recover fast enough the i will be ready to stop any trouble..." she answers

[16:44:14] Anna-Kate Harper nods" I am counting on you..not to add to the pressure

[16:46:13] Marathon nods a bit... "no worries... i thrive on pressue... or maybe it just makes ne crazy... nor sure which.. maybe both..." she chuckles

[16:48:23] Anna-Kate Harper smirked "all the best ones are crazy.. you like that song?"

[16:54:20] Marathon "which song?" she asks glancing at the time

[16:54:51] Anna-Kate Harper looks to you" The right kind of wrong" Seeming a bit frustrated by the lack of incoming

[16:55:29] Marathon blushes soft and bites her lip... "i did..." she answers with a soft smile

[16:58:50] Anna-Kate Harper smiles and grabs your hand holding it

[17:06:52] Anna-Kate Harper glances to those gathered, Usign a hand signal to get drinks brought out and refilled as she waited..

[17:09:32] Marathon glances back away from the ring seeing bryon ender the bar... "hey there, you here for the fights?" she asks

[17:14:03] Byron had walked into the bar, flyer in hand as he takes a look around, standing and waiting. No one else has shown up yet, so he decided to mentally prepare himself. "Yup," he'd answer Marathon, thoughts being broken by her question. "Is anyone else here?"

[17:16:52] Anna-Kate Harper: no big names.. some of the guys had a little fun.. but no big bouts ~turning her head~ No Jim, you arent a heavy hitter, unless you count the booze

[17:17:16] Marathon glances at him and shakes her head... "not yet.. we are hoping for a bt more a a turn out so we are waiting... i have been... debating if i am gonna get in there myself" she says glancing down at her belly "but i certainly could if i had to..."

[17:25:23] Anna-Kate Harper smirks" I think yopu should.. or we can just let randoms play.. No wonder lunar didnt actually do this

[17:30:02] Marathon shakes her head "could be we just need to get the word out better... make a few more contacts... we will work on it dont get down..." smiles and hugs Anna

[17:30:22] Anna-Kate Harper hugs but still frowns
[17:36:49] Anna-Kate Harper looks over, sorting small matters and making sure npcs got drinks" welcoem to Throwaways!"

[17:38:02] Marathon smiles a bit seeing more people arrive "welcome come have a seat if you want to watch.. and talk to Anna if you want to sign up to fight..."

[17:40:03] Anna-Kate Harper steps forward, a smile on her face. " We might have one or two fighters already. Who here is looking for a good fight for a good wallet..

[17:40:32] White Vixen (tunie): arrive to the bar where the that poster said will be taking the event of fight, decided to show some of my abilities and meassure my level with the people of this city

[17:41:48] Ricky Delacroix blinks as his eyes adjust to the change in humidity from outside. As he glances around he feels suddenly a bit worried. He came off-record to keep an eye on things. But... yeah.. this was sketchy bar.

[17:43:46] Marathon grins seeing Ricky's face "looking nervous there.. dont worry.. we dont bite... much..." she says "we may be in the lawless zone but we take care of our patrons..." she adds with a smile

[17:43:55] Arina Taegan(Pilix) walks into the bar, ready for her shift.. though feeling a bit nervous about the agreements made in the heat of the moment the night before. She moves around to get behind the bar, slipping off her jacket and scarf, setting them aside. "Uh, if anyone needs drinks, just let me know.."

[17:44:38] Anna-Kate Harper flashes a smile " we got free drinks for those fighting! Food is available, just dont be pigs slaughing at the troughs.. " Then spits arina" you ready to draw card, Arina?"

[17:47:19] Byron ignores everything else, watching the fight pit, taking mental notes of its size, the barrier, and the bar setting., already working out a general approach to combat.

[17:48:56] Ricky Delacroix jumps a bit at a voice behind him. His instinct to float away being met with nothing but the feeling of a phantom limb. As he looks over the crowd he sees someone he knows... but no sight of the FREAKIN' BEAR... some small good things at least tonight. "S-so.. what.. exactly are the rules for those fighting?" he asked.

[17:51:24] Anna-Kate Harper: the rules are easy. We got some forcefield barriers up..not military grade so dont ger ideas.. You attack them on purpose from inside its a dq. You get hit through one its a ring out. You can win by ringing someone out, knockout, submission ot consession.. Dont bring no guns , tasers , or medical stuff, unless its part of equipment. No tasers but a shock glove is fine.
[17:54:05] Anna-Kate Harper: oh and dont wreck the bar. But that should be obvious

[17:54:12] White Vixen (tunie): hear the rules while checks my gloves, reforced with metal knuckles, studying the ring, starting to feel nervous

[17:55:10] Byron gets closer to the pit, poking the forcefield that barricaded the area. Next to him, his bear, roars. "Yea I know," he said to his companion. Though the bear for the time being is only visible to him and spirit and chi users only. "What if you possess the power to heal yourself?"

[17:55:15] Arina Taegan(Pilix) blinks a bit at the question from Anna.. she was really hoping to get some time working with her clothes on.. or at least guaranteed time depending on the results of the draw. "Uhh well.. I don't want to distract from the fights and all.. I figured we would let them do that for a bit first...?"

[17:56:46] Marathon glances at byron "powers that are reflexive and or wont her the bar are permitted"

[17:56:57] Elewa (kya.warden): wont hurt the bar*

[17:58:42] Marathon takes a deep breath and places her hand on her belly a moment as a cramp passes "ok... do we have enough fighters?" she asks looking at anna

[17:59:03] Anna-Kate Harper: so you wanna renege and stay dressed is it? I can make a deal... ~smirking to the bartender ~ Powers that dont blow up, blow holes in, burn the place..those are all good.

[18:03:00] Ricky Delacroix glances around and catching the busty woman's wince, he moves forward a bit "Err.. you alright?" he asked cautiously

[18:04:45] Marathon nods slightly at Ricky "im fine.. just not exactly at 100% at the moment... i still can handle myself ok tho" says with a smirk

[18:06:57] Anna-Kate Harper: alright who do we got? roll call!

[18:07:57] Byron raises a hand

[18:08:16] Marathon glances around "i may not but at 100% not enough fighters for me to op out tonight... and.. i kind of have alot riding on this anyway... so i am in"

[18:08:58] White Vixen (tunie): timidly raise a hand from my spot "in..." says softly

[18:09:02] Arina Taegan(Pilix) shakes her head to Anna. "No, it's not that... not reneging... just figured we could let the fighters get settled in, get that all organized and stuff first without distraction..."

[18:09:18] Pilix Nagy: ((brb))

[18:09:52] Ricky Delacroix nods at the affirmation. However hearing her mention she would be fighting he bit his lower lip and looked around. Waging an internal battle with his natural wimpiness, before piping up. his voice shaking a bit "N-no... if you're not feeling well, a blow to the stomach would be..err... problematic. I'll do it.. I'll do it!" he piped up a bit at the end.

[18:12:21] Anna-Kate Harper: So Marathon, our nice strongman, stringbean and the vixen! We are going to do wthin in 3 steps. the first pair will match off. then the seond. Finally our finalists go in! ..Now who first. any voluneers?

[18:13:37] White Vixen (tunie): look around, waiting if someone offers to go first, not confident enough to be the first one, hoping to catch the second turn
[18:14:08] Byron raises his hand again. "I can go first.."

[18:14:52] Marathon chuckles and smiles... "Well arent you sweet... you joining tho makes four which means i still kind of have to join... unless we get another... we do need four..." she tells him... "i can handle myself tho i promise you that... even in my.. condition.." she tells him

[18:16:01] Thrax waits patiently for anyone to answer the door. He scratches his head in confusion and looks over the name on the building. This was the correct location. He gives another hard knock on the garage door, but still no answer. He reads over the note that reads "Just walk in, the door will be unlocked.". Shrugging, he reached down and grabbed the bottom of the garage door and forced it open, breaking the lock in the process. He lowered his head to mind the gap and stepped in.

[18:16:34] Ricky Delacroix glances around, shivering a bit and seeing he may have volunteered for nothing. Figuring the sooner he got this done the sooner he could leave now "I-I'll go first with Han Swolo over there.."

[18:17:31] Marathon glances up at thrax as he enters... "Well damn... you planning on fighting or just here to... be large?" she asks

[18:18:02] Anna-Kate Harper laughs seeing the door come up " Lock get stuck again? well than makes 5. if youre in " noting Ricky and Byron
[18:19:07] Marathon glances at Anna "should i stay in it? or drop out to make it even?" she asks

[18:20:01] Thrax "I came for a fight of course! This is the only time I'll get to release all my pent up rage and aggression, so i'm looking forward to some sorta outlet. When I heard of this, I just had to come be apart of it! Surely, if there are requirements, it woulda been listed in the fliers, right? It'd be kind of a bummer to travel all this way jus tto get turned down."

[18:21:02] Nameless was on her way in when she noticed the door to the garage was broken and simply walked in through the now broken doorway, "Heya, am i too late to join in? Hey big guy!" She walked by Thrax and patted his leg to get his attention, then started to limber up a tiny bit.

[18:21:43] Anna-Kate Harper looks to Marathon " your call but looks we got nameless too, so single matches! String bean, Bench press get in there
[18:22:54] Byron nods and leaps into the ring, book still in hand as he marks the page he's on. His companion following closely behind.

[18:24:14] Ricky Delacroix trembled as he walked over and suddenly hops the barrier, his motions graceful as he sticks the landing. Almost as soon as he looks to his opponent he begins trembling again "Oh shit... what did I get myself in to.." he muttered. From the corner of his eye he caught sight of the dragon from yesterday and swallowed hard. Glad he did -not- get paired against someone who looked like the living avatar of the swole.

[18:24:40] Marathon glances up at the large dragon... "well you might have a bit of an advantage lookin at you.. but we would not turn anyone down just for that... so long as you dont wreck the bar with any powers it is equal opportunity here..." she says with a smirk... then she turns to Anna and nods "if we have 6 then i am in.. i will be the swing vote etherway to make it even numbers"

[18:26:30] White Vixen (tunie): studie the ones on the ring, then the other offered for the fight, the small woman, the cocky girl that broke the door, the last guy who enters, one if them going to be my challenger, sighs...

[18:27:04] Dantalore: Burnout looks at the big...well thing to his left and says "Wow."

[18:28:21] Nameless did not break the door, only walked through the door after it was broked! She shuffled her feet a little and hopped up and down a few times, she was getting excited about the upcoming fights, "KICK SOME ASS!" She yelled to no one in particular...

[18:28:31] Anna-Kate Harper bends, not kneeling to activate the barriers, the forcefield walls setting the ring " alright ladies and tentlmen. Whos going to take it, place your bets now!" several (npc) crowd making bets with eachother.. it gabe a=Anna an idea for next time
[18:30:00] Nicole (nicole.portola): gentlemen* gave*

[18:30:23] Thrax gives a wave of the hands to Nameless. "Oh hello again!" He rolls his shoulders. "Come to join the fight? You might get your wish of beating me to a pulp! And yes, I've heard you've been wanting to spar with me for some time now. Word gets around fast in PAE."

[18:32:20] Nameless blinked slowly at Thrax's remark, "I never said i wanted to beat you up..." She scratched her head then hopped up onto a box to sit, showing her ass off to anyone behind her because of what she was wearing... "If anything i think you would win if we did throw down."

[18:32:47] Byron stares out at the crowd, then looking at his opponent. He waits for the official word to get started as the forcefield finally goes up. He's in no real rush so he's not going to act before he's for sure it's official

[18:32:58] Marathon glances up at thrax "you... joined PAE?" she shakes her head... "im disappointed... wasnt there a time you were considering SE?"

[18:34:51] Ricky Delacroix glances around again before trying to get his breathing under control. His small chest rising and falling rapidly as he fights the urge to freak out. He didn't have his wings, damnit! He was squishy, and weak! "S-so... don't hit my face?"

[18:37:19] Thrax "Well, I considered my options and being with PAE does sound right up my alley." He looks to Nameless and tilts his head. "Odd. Then someone must be spreading rumors..."

[18:38:02] Anna-Kate Harper: alright after this, Nameless, you got the dragon. Then Marathon, you got the vizen. As for you two in there, come one now, they dont want to just sit and wait. Go for it!~ hitting a bell with her heel~

[18:38:25] Byron takes note of his opponent's aura. Even though he wasn't wearing armor, his aura was still the same. So he recognized this guy. The corner of his mouth twists into a partial smirk as he folds his arms, looking at the young man. His energy flowing through his body. Those who can see his aura will see that of blue, yet flowing like ocean water as well as the spirit bear that follows him around. Still he had an idea that might just end this quickly. Sometimes one just has to use the power of fear. Besides, poor guy seemed so timid, this might be more an act of mercy. He was gonna try to scare him out of the pit. "Kuma," he says, his voice carrying with it an echo. His eyes glowed. His energy seeming to rise as his own body is enhanced by the surge. The major difference though, was that his bear, Kuma was no visible to everyone, not just chi and spirit users. Kuma looks at Ricky, seeming to actually smile. "Do the thing," Byron said. Just then the bear roars loudly at Ricky.

[18:41:15] White Vixen (tunie): study the attitude of both guys in the ring, for sure the tall guy looks confident and favorite, look at the younger a bit worried "lets see what are they made of..." mumbles

[18:42:02] Ricky Delacroix stares ahead at the bear, his eyes narrowing down to pinpricks as he suddenly is glad he settled on taking a leak before coming here. In the back of his mind trying to get his wings to no avail. Feeling cornered by the barrier and the bear he suddenly darts forward with a girly yelp, sending a punch towards the human and trying to avoid the bear "Fffffucking...BEAR! WHY!?"

[18:42:51] Marathon shakes her head at thrax's response..."if you say so.. tho honestly i thought you were better than them" she tells him "ether way.. good luch with your match" she says with a slight smile... watching the ring as she speaks to him

[18:44:36] Burnout This is....interesting.

[18:45:49] Byron raises his hand to catch Ricky's fist in his palm and sighs. "You might want to consider quitting while I'm being nice," he said. "Or my bear will eat you." Kuma seems to laugh. The guy had no technique as far as he can see. So he takes the book in his hand, using the hard spine as he tries to bring it down on Ricky's head in a hard bop.

[18:46:12] Anna-Kate Harper cheers, ass tight in the dress, but most knew to not cop a feel

[18:48:21] Nameless was wiggling around in her seat as some random guy gripped a free ass check, then flew across the room and into the wall near Thrax, "Not in the mood right now..." She grumbled and tried to see past the forcefield with her unnatural sight... Everything was blurry and it made her kinda moody!

[18:48:37] Marathon sits back in her chair with a and on her belly and takes deep breaths trying to relax her nerves.. knowing what was at stake for her in these matches

[18:50:15] Anna-Kate Harper steps over a finger giving the 'dj' the signal as the music changed.. so fancy astereo that could handle mp3..nope definately a sketchy bar

[18:52:31] Ricky Delacroix feeling his hand get caught he felt himself once again trapped and franticly tugged to try and free his hand. The sounds of the bear and the threat making him shrink down a bit. Maybe he could kick his legs, that always worked in the mo- His thoughts cut out at the impact, dropping him down to his knees, although still concious.. he had a hard head "W-what the fuck was t-that!?" he yelped, his tugging at his captured hand getting a bit weaker.

[18:55:53] Byron looks down at the fallen Ricky, who was still clinging to consciousness. For someone so timid, he was tougher than given credit for that's for sure. "What was what?" he asked. "Oh you mean this?" Still holding on to Ricky's fist, he would try to bash the hard spine of his book against Ricky's head again.

[18:56:40] Thrax looks over at the two fighting. He eyes the small and skittish male. Thrax looks on curiously. "Somethin' about that fellow is very familiar..." He rubs his chin and watches on intently before suddenly shouting out. "50 CREDITS ON PIPSQUEAK!!!"

[18:57:36] Marathon frowns a bit seeing the way it is going for the guy that tried to help her out she glances at the sing in sheet for his name then calls out "in your corner ricky!"

[18:58:44] Burnout Burnout's stomach rumbled with anger at the sound of the dragon's voice.

[18:58:51] Anna-Kate Harper grins as the three doing the bets takes the note down, and lets Marathon ref.

[18:59:30] Megan Webb "Oh my." she's gasp to herself when she walks in to find an enormous codpiece with an even more enormous dragon attached. The fight seemed less impressive by comparison. Meg turns to the bar, walking over to Arina, sliding her Meg's credit card. "Bloody Mary, please." she smiles

[18:59:33] White Vixen (tunie): licks my lipos nervous as notice the violent escene in front of me, wondering what the smaller guy have yet to present a strike back

[19:01:33] Nameless continued to watch and waited for her turn to fight the dragon... "This seems kinda one sided... GET UP AND PUNCH HIM IN THE DICK!"

[19:01:56] Anna-Kate Harper: welcome to the fight! ~grinning to Megan~ Throwaways is rocking the night! I do hope He doesnt kill string bean though

[19:03:51] Marathon shakes her head hearing Anna "if little man need emergency care i got him... he will be ok..." she says

[19:05:22] Ricky Delacroix yelps in pain with each blow. Stooping a little lower with each blow, his vision blurring. With his free hand he'd summon what little manly man rage he had and try to pull one of his opponants legs out from under him...although he wasn't very strong, maybe the leverage would help? "S-stop..hitting.. me..with..a you asswheel!"
[19:05:35] Ricky Delacroix: (( sorry, enter didn't work =/ ))

[19:06:38] Thrax lifts his hand into a fist. "COME ON, PIPSQUEAK! YOU CAN DO THIS!! HE'S NOT EVEN MAN ENOUGH TO HIT YOU WITH HIS FISTS, HE'S USING TOYS!!!" He cheers on the beaten man.

[19:07:33] White Vixen (tunie): giggles a bit hearing the way the big thing cheers the smaller fighter

[19:08:37] Anna-Kate Harper laughs as she steps back teasingly lifitng the back of Nameless's dress then winking to Marathon

[19:09:11] Megan Webb casts Anna-Kate a friendly smile as she waited for her drink, turning around to watch the loudmouthed dragon hurl insults.

[19:10:54] Nameless huffed in agitation as she felt her hoodie get lifted up, then turned and noted it was Anna.... "Yes i know... Just leave it alone till after the fight please?" She huffed and leaned forward, propping herself up on her elbows as she watched the fight, "Better to just punch him in the dick..."

[19:11:40] Arina Taegan(Pilix) looks to the new people in the bar, smiling a bit as she welcomes them. "Welcome to Throwaways, if you need any drinks just let me know!"

[19:12:36] Byron sighs as he looks at the young man, seeing how he is still managing to stay in it. He has a little respect for him now, previously he's seen the young man act in cowardice whenever big fight happened. He didn't want to feel bad by beating the poor sap. "Listen," he said letting go of his fist. "You got hear-" but before he can finish the speech, his leg is swept from underh im as the young man was clearly frustrated and had some fight left in him. Good. He doesn't bother to get up, instead stuffing his book in the back of his pants and staying on his back. Kuma roars at Ricky, but Byron reaches out, grabbing at Ricky's hand in an attempt to pull him toward him. He would try to follow up by locking his legs around his head, while trying to pull and twist on his arm. With his legs, he'd tried to squeeze and apply pressure. Primarily he was trying to choke him out in a triangle choke or get him to tap.

[19:13:29] Burnout Burn out lights a smoke with one his eyes. "A little shine if you please."

[19:13:59] Anna-Kate Harper: you being shy Arina?

[19:14:44] Rain (lauranah.sirnah): (( brb afk ))

[19:15:03] Arina Taegan(Pilix) nods to the smoldering man she recognized from the night before. She works on pulling out a glass and pouring some shine for him. "Anyone else?" She looks over toward Anna, blinking a bit at her. "Huh? No?"
[19:15:20] Burnout Nice suit.

[19:16:35] Marathon "red carpet... sent me a glass of moon shine to the ring lovely" she calls

[19:16:46] Anna-Kate Harper: Lose the top! give them a show

[19:17:37] White Vixen (tunie): look at the way the big one try to choke the smaller fighter "ouch, this is comming to the end I guess" mumbles

[19:18:02] Anna-Kate Harper signals the bet takes to stop taking any further bets

[19:18:21] Ricky Delacroix laughs as he feels the shift in weight, and the bear roaring at him quickly kills that, managing only a shrill yelp of "Fuck you bear! Go eat a photographer or so-Help!" as he was yanked down and manhandled into a choke hold. Weighing maybe one-hundred and twenty pounds, he was pretty easy to drag around. As he feels the leg lock around his neck and the pressure on his arm increase he manages a soft yelp as his free hand grasps for anything, Being a pilot he was used to thin air, but the struggle he was putting up was rapidly burning through that. "" he chokes out. His vision blurring around the edges. his ass perked in the air as he struggled, the leggings not exactly hiding many details.. he would have worn better pants if he had planned to fight originally.

[19:18:45] Burnout "Thanks for the shine missy."

[19:19:16] Arina Taegan(Pilix) huffs a bit at Anna. "We haven't even done the drawing yet..." She nods at Marathon, sighing at the nickname. After handing Burnout his drink, she pours another glass of it, a nice tall one, then moves over with it to hand it to Marathon.

[19:19:48] Megan Webb left the counter to approach the ring, taking a seat on a vacant lawn chair, feeling as if she were seated in a throne, ringside at a gladiator match. "One-Hundred credits to the fighter that strips their opponent nude." she smirks, adding to Anna's jeer

[19:20:54] Marathon smiles and takes the drink... "well thank you kindly..." she says blowking Arina a kiss

[19:22:00] Byron maintains the hold, applying more pressure to try and force his opponent to yield or finally pass out. He didn't want to break the young man, but if he insisted on putting up a fight, then he will have no choice.

[19:22:09] White Vixen (tunie): open wide my eyes iike plates when hear the bet of the woman in elegant suit "oh my... I must win" says in a whisper almost just for myself

[19:22:43] Anna-Kate Harper laughs and points to megan " you heard her: then moved to the controls watchign for the choke out

[19:23:39] Picnic Chair *PG: Please attach »Red Wine Glass_02« from your inventory!

[19:23:49] Arina Taegan(Pilix) nods to her. "Just let me know when you need a refill." She blinks a bit at the odd turn of the bets for the fighters... she wasn't fighting though, so no big deal. She moves back over toward the bar, calling out on her way. "Anyone else need drinks?"

[19:25:13] Picnic Chair *PG: Please attach »Red Wine Glass_02« from your inventory!

[19:26:01] Thrax roars out. "COME ON PIPSQUEAK! I put money on ya! BITE HIS FUCKING BALLS OFF!!!"

[19:27:08] Ricky Delacroix gave a soft wheeze, the world going fuzzy for him, his hand managing to weakly jab at the man's side near his kidney, each blow falling softer and softer. This would be the first time he ever passed out between some dudes legs...seriously...And eventually he would go limp, his leg twitching a bit as he just limply hug in the hold where he was.

[19:29:42] White Vixen (tunie): shake my head, noticing the smaller fighter is passing out. stands and move to the bar, taking a look at Marathon, a quick study of my opponent before reach the bar "do you have some Pisco?"

[19:30:05] Byron would not be deterred by the increasingly soft blows to his kidney. He was putting up a fight. He admired that, but it was time for this to end. He holds on to the triangle choke a bit longer as Ricky goes limp for good measure before finally releasing the hold and rolling back onto his feet. His bear, Kuma roars with triumph. "You got heart," he said. "You didn't back down not even once. Didn't want to do that to you, but had to be done. Good job."

[19:32:04] Burnout Burnout's stomach rumbles from within as he feels his area cool.

[19:33:22] Megan Webb chuckled as the insults and advice kept coming from over her shoulder. "I'm sure everyone here is a pipsqueek compared to you, big fellow." she grins at Thrax before looking back to the fight. "This place should be trending on Tw@tter."
[19:34:12] Thrax (ty.zucker): brb! ))

[19:34:39] Arina Taegan(Pilix) looks over at the girl that sat at the bar and asked about Pisco. "Uhhh..." She moves to pull out the drink list and look it over for a moment. "Hm, looks like we should have a little.." She turns toward the shelves, scanning them, bending down to look through the stock of drinks stored lower in the cabinets. "Aha." She grabs a bottle and pulls it out, grabbing a glass to pour the drink, looking the girl over. "You fighting?"

[19:35:08] Burnout Burnout looks at the female beside him and senses cold from her.

[19:35:45] Anna-Kate Harper deactivates the field and steps in " You get on up, Ill get string bean. And this ladies and gentlemen is our first winner. He gets 25% of bet, the rest will be distributed! You also get a complimentary Marathon token" Kneeling then lifting with ehr legs to take the pae fighter " Marathon, Get the next two in

19:43:27] Megan Webb "Darn, no naked losers this round, huh?" she chuckles

[19:43:37] Byron lowers his energy, while Kuma disappears from sight, once again becoming invisible to most but the spirit users. He didn't even have to really exert himself or use his powers expect for revealing Kuma, but that was meant to be a scared tactic considering Ricky's fear of bears. Now he can sit and relax, observe possible future opponents.

[19:46:43] Anna-Kate Harper smirks and woould be moving string beam to one of the hand signs just channelling chi to help him heal " Byron, come on over here as you watch"

[19:47:07] Burnout Looks left at the cold woman and says "You got a name?"

[19:47:44] Marathon patts the unconscious Ricky gently... "you did good buddy" she says with a chuckle and a smile

[19:48:44] Byron follows Anna

[19:49:06] Thrax has a stone-face when he sees Ricky lose. He huffs and just crosses his arms. "...S'alright. Ya slipped. That's 50 credits down the drain. You'll get 'em next time." He lifts his head when he hears his name called. "OH! Right!" The dragon leaps across the room, landing heavily in the small ring. He faces his opponent and cracks his knuckles. "Alright then. I know best not to hold back against you lot. Ya got a lotta hidden tricks up your sleeves. But fair is fair. No powers, and I am a dragon of my word. I shall not use any of my abilities and will rely entirely on my good looks to force my opponent into submission!" He gave a wink towards nameless.

[19:49:45] White Vixen (tunie): look at the burning man, my eyes cant hide some apprehension to him, but maybe is just that his elemnt is so different than mine "I am WHite Vixen"

[19:51:00] Burnout "Burnout is what the cultists called me."

[19:51:00] Ricky Delacroix: was still out of it, even with the healing. Having nothing really wrong with him aside from waiting for his circulation to recover enough to wake up. But even in this state could still tell that the dragon's line was corny.

[19:52:14] White Vixen (tunie): "so cultist huh?" frowns, but then offer him a hand "nice to meet you Burnout"

[19:53:13] Marathon chuckles hearing what thraxs says and she corrects "powers that wont break the bar are permitted.. but if you want to use no powers that is fine... ok you two.. have at it!" she says and she rings the bell"

[19:53:24] Nameless smirked up at the dragon, "If you read the flyer carefully it says 'no powers that will damage or hurt the bar'... But powers are not prohibited, and weapons aren't either right?" She glanced at Anna with a worried look on her face, maybe she had heard wrong and misinterpreted it... Hopefully not though as she was already focusing on him and trying to lift him into the air.... He was super heavy though and probably wouldn't have enough juice for a moment more!

[19:54:22] Marathon "weapons are ok as long as they are not fire arms and they again.. wont wreck the bar"

[19:54:38] Anna-Kate Harper: oh no powers are fine. Just dont break the place ~she smirks letting up on the chi, her booty poking a bit, as always. She slips a hand in a hidden pocket and pulls out what looks like a brass coin. Wathcing Marathons reaction ~ This is for you sicne you won. A
Marathon token, if you will.. entitles you to one fuck with her. Of course you can barter it, sell it.. Marathon lets hit the bell and get this started!

[19:55:32] Burnout Burnout goes to shake White Vixen's hand and was surprised he couldn't absorb her natural body heat. "Yes the sons of first fire."

[19:56:18] Marathon blushes deeply and swallows hard hearing anna so publicly speak out about the token... as she hands it over to the first winner

[19:57:11] Byron takes the coin and pockets it. Lifting an eyebrow at what the token is meant for, but he wasn't really surprised. He's been around this place enouhg to know that things work differently out here than in the city.

[19:57:39] Arina Taegan(Pilix) leans on the bar as she looks over to watch the next fight, since there seemed to be no drink orders at the moment.
[19:57:54] White Vixen (tunie): try to use my contact with Burnout to feel his aura, his heat, have an iea of his fire powers. Nods to him "so guess you are one of those first sons"

[19:58:36] Thrax looks over to the others clarifying the rules. Thrax grins and peers back over to Rain. "Oh... Well that changes everything now, doesn't it? Very well then... This is going to be fun." Thrax locked his eyes directly onto Nameless's own, showing an intent of malice and aggression. There was a sudden overwhelming sensation of magical overflow from the dragon. He usually kept it hidden, but now his colors were starting to show...

[19:59:31] Thrax (ty.zucker): 7- Intimidating Aura: Thrax's power practically overflows from him. Those with "true sight" or any sort of magic sensing vision that look at him are immediately stunned for a few seconds. This effect only happens once per hour, per person.

[20:00:01] Burnout "God no. I was in prison for seven counts of man slaughter and the warden was one of those bastards. Set the whole place up like a lab for their experiments into recreating first fire."

[20:00:26] Thrax (ty.zucker): NOTE: ^ That only applies to people who can SEE auras, magic sense, etc... It has no effect to those who cannot see it.))

[20:01:08] Ricky Delacroix would snort softly as he struggled to sit up from where Anna put him. His eyes darting around unfocused "W-wha...shaba?...bears...and..a crotch?" he muttered questioningly.

[20:01:26] Anna-Kate Harper nods wish a smile making sure Ricky is fine then bumps booty back into the crate " Ok thats a spicy meatball Lets get those bets in everyone. And remember the woman at tbar has 100 credits to whoever strips the loose naked!"

[20:01:57] Burnout Burnout could still absorb White Vixen's radiation natural in most substances.

[20:02:09] Nicole (nicole.portola): loser*

[20:02:26] White Vixen (tunie): "oh my.. Im sorry to hear that Burnout..." says to the fire guy, the Dragon aura reach my senses, surprise me, look to the ring "wow! poor girl, she must have good abilities if she wants to present a decent fight there" says

[20:02:36] Anna-Kate Harper: I dont think I look like a bear ~laughing though a bit stunned~ You did well, think some are just heavier hitters

[20:03:31] Second Life: Items successfully shared.

[20:04:58] tunie Cascarino: brb

[20:05:11] Burnout Burnout glances at the fight and is sensing the rise in temperature in the bar. The heat from everyone stove off his own smoldering. If only just a bit.

[20:05:20] Marathon smiles and glances at ricky as he wakes up "nice match... you have a drink.. you earned it..." she grins patting his shoulder

[20:10:31] Ricky Delacroix was still confused, muttering a soft 'why aren't I flyi-' before he looks back and realizes where he was and just sets his head on the table with a sigh "N-no.. no thanks. My head is sore enough - but.. err.. thanks anyway.."

[20:11:09] Burnout "Why are you cold? More than anyone here in fact."

[20:12:23] White Vixen (tunie): smile to Burnout "ahhhh long sotry, but basicly, I grew in a frozen town, learn the element, and now can chanelize it, is part of me"

[20:14:48] Burnout "You learning it enough to bare my natural heat absorption."
[20:15:14] Dantalore: Your*

[20:17:04] Anna-Kate Harper frowns " alright.. lets get Marathon and Vixen on in there. Thrax, can you step out, we will see if Namless' nerves get better.. " turning the barriers off

[20:17:28] White Vixen (tunie): shrugs "yaaa had the best ones who teach me, so... you know, heat is like the element I must learn more, and control, due is opossite to my element, right?"

[20:17:57] White Vixen (tunie): raise my neck "oh, think is my call" start to feel nervous

[20:18:55] Thrax huffs and steps out of the ring. "Hmm... Must have a case of the jitters." He crosses his arms and grumbles, watching the others.

[20:19:55] White Vixen (tunie): "please to meet you mr Burnout, see you after the combat" says and move to the arena

[20:20:13] Ricky Delacroix shakes his head again to clear it and puts his glasses back on. Glancing over to the dragon as he left the ring "In fairness, you're quite an intimidating sight"

[20:20:35] Marathon takes a deep breath placing a hand on her belly and she steps into the ring... she glances at her opponent and smiles "nice to meet you.. and good luck..."

[20:21:51] White Vixen (tunie): adopt a hero stand and look at her smiling "same to you, good luck" then remove the bands at my leg and arm, to remove the daggers and put it on a corner

[20:22:59] Megan Webb would stand up and approach Thrax, seemingly victor by default. "Hello there, Mr. Dragon. May I have your number? I believe you could be a mutually beneficial business partner and I'd love to speak with you in private...when you're not cracking skulls here of course." she smiles.

[20:23:17] Marathon glances at the daggers and she says "you can keep them.. daggers arent banned.. up to you tho"

[20:23:50] Anna-Kate Harper smirks and steps forward, turning the barriers on " Fighters! get ready betters , get them in! " grinning as she hit the bell

[20:24:04] White Vixen (tunie): grins "dont worry, I dont need them" says to Marathon

[20:24:39] Thrax "I'm gentle! I wasn't gonna kill her or anything. But I ~might~ have eaten her... Might have. We'll see how the night plays out and if the bar doesn't have food..." He tapped his arm with his claw and looked down at Meg. "Hrmm? My number? I don't have one. But what is it you wanna chat about?" He would continue to listen in to her.

[20:24:50] White Vixen (tunie): as soon as hear the bell, inmediatelly adopt a defensive stance, while study my opponent, waiting her for the first move

[20:24:57] Marathon chuckles "someone is cocky..." she says with a grin... "well ok then come at me" she says looking at the girl with a smirk

[20:25:55] Byron though more familiar with Marathon due to past interactions and witnessing her in action, he knew she was a speedster, but the other girl was more of a mystery to him. He aura seemed like an icey blue. This could be interesting.

[20:26:22] Ricky Delacroix looks between Thrax and the woman who walked up, chuckling softly before rubbing his throat "Careful Big Guy, women in business suits are a dangerous creature"

[20:27:23] White Vixen (tunie): "as you wish" says with a grin, then in a quick move start to run, fast, around her, the tip of my hand rubs the floor forming a circle of frozen and slippery ground for the fight

[20:28:48] Anna-Kate Harper sheers " I cant bet or it would be predudice so I am adding 200 to the winners haul!"

[20:32:12] Megan Webb grinned at Ricky. "Indeed. I was just about to offer Thrax a chance to recover his bet by stripping you naked." she threatens with a lighthearted chuckle. "Just kidding....ish. But really, Mr. Dragon, it's best if we talk in private. Perhaps I'll catch you later."

[20:33:55] Marathon grins "ice.. fun... this should be interesting snowflake" she says and she see the girl start to circle her her feet shift and metal spikes grip the floor digging into the ice for grip and she spins aiming a kick for the girls legs as she runs

[20:35:23] Arina Taegan(Pilix) wanders over closer to the ring, since people didn't need to seem more drinks at the moment. She was curious to see the fight, getting a closer view for now.

[20:36:50] Anna-Kate Harper grins watchign the events

[20:37:06] Thrax "I mean... 50 credits IS 50 credits... But sure, if ya wanna chat later, we can do that. We'll talk business later and enjoy spectating a good fight now!"

[20:38:03] White Vixen (tunie): "holy crap! she is fast!" says surprised for her quic reaction, barely dodging her kick with at last time jump, forcing me to run for few seconds on the wall before land gtracefully to the ground again. Stay there studying my opponent, while think in several strategies but waiting in defensive stance for now

[20:38:43] Megan Webb would give his large codpiece a playful flick, since it was face-level with her. "Well, I'm good for it, if you really want that 50 credits." she winks, turning to head back to her seat.

[20:40:11] Ricky Delacroix squwacks in protest at the thought of being stripped "W-what the hell?! No!" even with the just kidding, he crossed his legs in his seat and huffed "Big guy, why?! I thought you were on my side!" he yelped again at hearing the murmers of agreement on the pay.

[20:42:42] Marathon grins and she matches the girls speed running at vixen as she moves to defend... and as she gets close she to the normal eye would seen to disappear in a blur moving around behind vixen to aim another kick toward the back of her legs in a up to sweep her off her feet

[20:42:53] Arina Taegan(Pilix) moved to lean on the nearby wooden crate as the sharply dressed woman went back to her seat. She was focused on the fight for now, unless anyone got her attention for a drink.

[20:45:38] Byron watches as the fight begins, making a judgment call based on this opening moment. If used right, ice can be a good deterrent against speed, but Marathon also possesses and unpredictable air about her. Still even he could sense that extra amount of chi from her that says that another life is growing inside her. She wouldn't want to be reckless. "50 on..." he began still thining and accessing it. "Marathon."

[20:46:38] Anna-Kate Harper cheered " go get her Marathon!"

[20:46:46] White Vixen (tunie): she was a bit faster than me, wa not ready to dodge or block her attack, her kick hit my legs, really painful, forcing me to bend my knees and fall to the floor "aaughhhh" groan and spin in the floor trying to get distance from her

[20:49:47] Marathon staggers a bit places a hand on her belly bulge taking a moment to catch her breath after the burst of speed.... she ponders the woman at the bars offer and she onces more dashes toward the girl to land a very hard knee on the back her neck in an attempt to in pin her

[20:53:05] Megan Webb resists the urge to yell "FINISH HER!"

[20:53:55] Arina Taegan(Pilix) winces a bit as she watches the ice powered girl taking hits and Marathon going for what might be a finishing blow.. she almost wished she'd put money on Marathon.. oh well.

[20:53:57] White Vixen (tunie): again her attack is fast, but this time I was ready to dodge her knee, rolling on the floor. her knee hit the floor, craking the floor, giving me a chance to counterattack by sending her a strong kick about 4 tons of force, to then complete the attack with several kicks in a helicopter attack

[20:58:27] Anna-Kate Harper watches.. they were good moves..but she knew Marathon was strong " alright folks last bets in now!"

[20:59:46] Arina Taegan(Pilix) looks over as Anna calls for last bets, having thought they were already closed by now. "Hmm.... I want to put some money on Marathon..."

[21:01:08] Marathon blinks a bit look surprised as she girl dodges... then counters taking the first bow to her chest as it knocks her back and she rolls to avoid the barrage she grips her chest wincing in pain and glares "really?... just had to go for the titty..." grumbles and her body begins vibrate slightly with speed... "trust me you dont want to push me... " she grins and she dashes toward the girl blurring once more to kick her hard aiming for the chest

[21:02:19] Ricky Delacroix glances to the ring and hearing the bartender, he raises his hand "One-Fifty on Marathon!" he chirped, trying to be heard over the crowd.

[21:02:50] Anna-Kate Harper smirks" use your top. I'll spot fiftty Arina...

[21:04:37] Arina Taegan(Pilix) blinks a bit at that, flushing lightly and huffing, but... a fifty spot was worth more than her top.. so the reward did outweigh the risk... "Fine..." She crosses her arms, pledging her top if the bet is lost.

[21:05:19] Anna-Kate Harper smirks and gives the hand sign to the tallies

[21:05:58] White Vixen (tunie): just one of my kicks hit the target, now I am being attacked, again she is faster than I expedcted, barely have time to cast a spell "BARRERA!" says and form an ice wall, her attack break the wall and push me against the wall really hard "auughhh!". at that distance, start to form frozen shurikens in my hands and throw them against my challenger "I am sure few people had pushed you... remember, I am the White Vixen" says in the process

[21:13:26] Anna-Kate Harper notes the techniques " If I wasnt hosting I would offer my own dress to the lady"

[21:17:06] Marathon was still catching her breath hand on her belly bulge as the burst of seem seemed to leave her winded... it was then she saw the shrunk coming she turned away from them and shielding herself with her arms as she hit their mark cutting their way into her dark skin... she growls blood dripping from her arms and back... she grits her teeth and rips out the weapons and a trained eye might notice the bloody holds in her flesh already starting to close and heal... "careful snowflake you might piss me off..." she says... with a wicked grin... then she rushes the girl again this time even faster than before the glasses int he bar shaking slightly from the force of her moves and she circled around aiming a knee for the back of the girls head hoping for a knock out

[21:21:38] White Vixen (tunie): this time her speed surpasses me, I move my arm to block her attack, her knee hit my arm, and then slip to my shoulder kicking me against the wall hard, my head hits the wall and I fall in all fours, dizzy, my sight fuzzy, I just can cast the defensive spell, trying to gain time "BARRERA!" forming a wall of ice between my challenger and me

[21:25:18] Anna-Kate Harper: thats it.. this is cranking up~ noting the wounds..but not overly worried. She signals the end of the betting~

[21:25:57] Marathon taking a moment to collect herself after her burst of speed she walks up and kicks the barrier with he most forceful blow yet.. she felt she didnt need to worry about killing her since it was just a wall then if the wall breaks she would spin for a second blow taking that knee to the back of her neck again this time alot faster than the first time to pin the girl hard

[21:32:01] White Vixen (tunie): hear my ice wall crash, I am still stunned, cant make any move to stop the second attack, hit my neck hard, my face hit the floor hard, I am more dizzy now, weak, my arms and legs limp, incapable to move "uhhhgggg..." groans in pain, tasting the flavor of my blood in my mouth "I... cant... lose" whisper defeated

[21:32:45] The Superior (bear.davi): ((Someone's been watching Kenny Omega matches))

[21:34:58] Anna-Kate Harper holds a token in her palm. " Put her down Marathon! Show her you can do it!"

[21:35:20] Marathon grins and she reaches down the grabs the girls clothing giving it a hard yank in and attempt to rip it off her for the extra cash... "good fight snowflake..." she glancing over tot he woman who offered the cash with a nod she tossed her the outfit

[21:36:08] Arina Taegan(Pilix) can't help but smile a bit.. looks like she would get to keep her top and collect on the bet placed. "Woo!"

[21:37:51] White Vixen (tunie): the tight outfit rips at my chest, the rest of it resist and force me to endure a wedgie, forcing me to knee, showing my breast exposed, bouncing free of my suit

[21:38:49] Ricky Delacroix pipes up at the show "Good fight!" and before he can look away he catches the aditional sight and chirps out a "Oh hey, boobies!" cheerfully. "I'm not so sore about getting my arse kicked now"

[21:39:48] Marathon grumbles as the suit doesn't ripe fully and she yanks even harder.. the girls outfit wedging up painfully into her crotchs before hopfully ripping.. for her sake...

[21:41:24] White Vixen (tunie): "agagaghhhhhnnnn" groans in pain, while the outfit yanks and rips at my crotch to the leave my body exposed, blushing defeated and humiliated

[21:41:51] Anna-Kate Harper frowns " seems no Nameless.. " stepping to Thrax and offering the token " it seems bland to win this way but.. maybe another day. "

[21:41:54] The Superior (bear.davi): bOoTy! :D

[21:42:21] Arina Taegan(Pilix) blinks as she watches the little ending display, blushing brightly as the poor looser is stripped of her clothes. She was glad she wasn't in there fighting.

[21:43:38] Megan Webb Marathon Wins!....NUDALITY! Megan taps and swipes at her tablet. "I'll transfer your bonus to you electronically." she smiles at Marathon.

[21:44:10] Marathon smiles satisfied as the clothes come off... "thank you kindly..." she says to megan

[21:44:54] Anna-Kate Harper cheers for Marathon as she goes turn off the barriers. another token in hand to slop to Marathon when she came out

[21:44:59] White Vixen (tunie): looks down blushing embarrased, my hands trying to cover my small tits, feeling observed

[21:46:30] Second Life: Amaterasu (Gynoid Amaterasu) is now known as Taiyo.

[21:46:35] Marathon reaches down to help the girl up... the cuts on her back from the ice already healed only the blood from the former wounds
would hint that they were once there "lets go snowflake.." she says with a friendlt smile

[21:47:02] Ricky Delacroix claps his hands for the pair of fighters. And not so discreetly observes the disrobed heroine.

[21:47:27] White Vixen (tunie): stands up, still looking down, and leave the ring

[21:49:44] Marathon takes a deep breath placing a hand on her belly looking a bit nauseous "yea.... i think i am gonna sit down now...." she says
then glancing up she shouts "fire crotch! more booze please!" tot he open bar

[21:50:00] Anna-Kate Harper cheers and hugs Marathon as she steps out " Ill have your winnings deposited..of course.. " she slipped Marathon a token

[21:51:15] Arina Taegan(Pilix) nods to Marathon, turning back toward the bar. She pauses to look at the defeated and disrobed White Vixen. "You want some more too? You could probably use it about now.."

[21:51:52] Marathon smiles and hugs anna tight gratefully taking the token.. "thank you..." she says bushing a bit

[21:53:16] White Vixen (tunie): "yes please..." says shy to the bartender still covering my breasts

[21:55:12] Arina Taegan(Pilix) nods and finishes walking to the bar, moving to fill one tall glass of shine and another glass of Pisco. She takes the glasses and moves back out, walking to White Vixen to hand the glass of pisco to her, then moving over to Marathon to give her the shine. "Anyone else thirsty?"

[21:55:24] Anna-Kate Harper signals for bets to go out..though she would have to change the format. " everyone please enoy! I hope tonight has been fun for you!"

[21:55:25] White Vixen (tunie): approach to the woman in elegant suit, still trying to cover my breasts says timidly "excuse me miss... can you... please,... give my outfit back?" says watching my torn outfit at her feet
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