Miss Celestial 2018 Round one!

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Miss Celestial 2018 Round one!

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:19 pm

[15:37:21] Nameless was fussing over how short her hair was and grumbled, angrily, "Last time i EVER get my haircut!" She whimpered a little bit, "It's cold...." She pulled her dress on and carefully tugged it down over her muscular body, she had ripped the other dress she wanted to wear. She wiggled around a little bit and grunted as she got it over her hips, then adjusted herself accordingly...

[15:39:11] Pariah walks in with her clothes in various bags. She looks around, picks a spot, and quickly undresses. She looks at the evening gown for a moment before taking the time to squeeze into it. At last, she gets to work on her hair and makeup

[15:41:32] Anna-Kate Harper was doing the finishing touches on her makeup, . Dress on just not tightened yet. " good evening. " She smiles to the pair, Blue eyes focussed on her task.. and yes..she was treating it like a proper ball.. not rednecking it..well other than the red and stars..

[15:46:46] Nameless was a mess as far as make-up goes... She wasn't wearing any! She decided that if she was gonna do make-up it would be when she could see clearly and not botch it on try fifty-seven! She spun around and blinked slowly at all the presences in the room, then responded to the greetings, "Hai..." She kicked her locker shut and tried to stay out of the way, playing with her freshly cut hair and grumbling about it... A certain Haridresser had swollen balls...

[15:49:58] Kassie Martian: what?

[15:50:22] Micky Ryan strides down the stairs straighting his tie as he gos his golden frames glinting as he smiles his cool collected smile

[15:51:15] Faith Celestial smiles walking toward the stage her arm wrapped around mels body as she did

[15:51:36] Kassie Martian squeezes in, bending over to touch up her makeup, her boob slipping out of her extremely low cut gown.... "crapcakes, does anyone have any double sided tape?

[15:51:42] Anna-Kate Harper finished tightening her dress to give her girls support. And fixed the bow in her updo . Looking to the competition

[15:51:48] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles wide, walking up, arm around Faith's as well as they headed up on stage

[15:52:56] Iria secures her hair, then adds the finishing touches to her makeup. She looks at herself in the mirror, then steps out of the way.

[15:54:05] Raynor made his way into the theater slowly. Looking around. He recalled their being something about a competition here and figured he'd check it out to get his mind off things. He enters into the main hall.

[15:54:33] hero persona wild thing: wonders if she could put up fliers while she waits here but decides its best to avoid it and just talk to the people here after and then double checks her outfit and nervously waits for everything to behgin

[15:55:22] Kassie Martian turns to see Micky the host, casually tucking her breast back into her dress.... spotting some tape on the vanity, using some to secure the neckline of her dress to her body, ensuring no "wardrobe malfunctions" happen

[15:57:04] Anna-Kate Harper was about to hand it when Kassie got it, so she gave a smile " Good luck everyone!"

[15:57:52] hero persona wild thing: smiles at anna kate and says "same! may the best woman win!"

[15:58:04] Micky Ryan coughs quietly and looks the girls over his eyes walking over every inch of them a pleased smile tugging the corner of his lips " pardon me lady's... im hear to tell you the order you'll be called on stage " he pulls out a pen and note pad and makes some marks already judging them or so it seems " now this is the order"

[15:58:33] Anna-Kate Harper nods and listened. Recognizing Micky from the action figures

[16:01:19] Raynor sat down in the back row and looked around to see if he could spot something to eat. If not he'd just casually go back to watching.

[16:03:05] Lexus Regal arrives in her pink limo. The celebrity gets out wildly swinging her bags as she yells at the driver then slams the door. Lexus stumbles across the dance floor to the dressing room. The short haired blond puts her foot up and kicks open the door, not having any clue if anyone is on the other side. She saunters in giving her best million dollar smile to the others in the room. The celebrity makes her way to a counter and pushes some things aside so she can sit down. She pulls out her make up and starts to work, humming a loud slightly off tune song.

[16:03:51] Kim Aron(Pilix) walks into the dressing room, looking around at the other contestants. She hoped she wasn't too late. Getting into the gown was a bit complicated.
[16:03:54] Iria looks to everyone in the room, offering a warm smile. "Well, it looks like there will be good competition. May the best lady win!"

[16:06:05] Raynor sighs not seeing anything. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of raisens, munching them one at a time slowly in the back.

[16:12:00] Kim Aron(Pilix) moves over toward the mirror, waving shyly at the other girls as she makes her way. She looks into the mirror to try and straighten up her hair and make it look as nice as she can.

[16:17:49] Raynor spot something run under his chair and to the back of the room. He sits up right away looking down before he got on all fours and looked under his chair in the direciton it ran off in. " Ferret? "

[16:19:15] Anna-Kate Harper looks to the others" you ladies ready? " Blue eyes looking to the others

[16:19:38] Lexus Regal looks over as Kim gets close. The celebrity lifts her chin and gives the shy girl a look. The blond goes back to working on her make up. As she moves around, still humming in her seat, she drops her make up compact. The celebrity fumbles to try and catch it, nearly falling over to her right side. She reaches out to try and save herself with a loud squeal. Lexus's hand flails and grabs the exposed side strap of Kim's panties, pulling out and down hard to catch her fall.

[16:19:40] secret identity ellie izumi: nods happily "of course"

[16:19:49] Nameless made two fists and held them up in front of her face, "Good luck!"

[16:19:49] Kassie Martian shrugs "I assumed there would be a time to do favors for the judges...."

[16:20:30] Anna-Kate Harper: Look if you didnt sleep with a judge earlier in the week thats your issue"

[16:21:04] Rei is a late arrival into the changeroom, her golden outfit swirling around her nearly bare legs. She blushes lightly as she notices all the other lovely women, but adjusts her hair a bit as she tries to stand a bit straighter.

[16:21:04] Micky Ryan chuckles and turns to go back up stairs shuffling a few cards

[16:21:13] Faith Celestial sits back in her seat teleporting in two glasses one for her and one for mel handing it over before teleporting in a glass of wine as she sits back yawning waiting patiently.

[16:21:23] Kassie Martian pouts for a little bit... "Then why did i put on my non smearing lipstick?"

[16:22:01] Iria remains silent, observing, assessing her competition as they prepare.

[16:22:07] Raynor crawled under the chairs as he chased after the white fluffy thing that he for sure seen running around. " Ferret? " he called out again to it, smacking his head under the chair, shaking his head he continued across the backs of the chairs looking around. " Where did you go? "

[16:23:54] DiamondPhoenix1 runs in the door, after the sounds of tired screeching and a car hopping the curb can be heard outside. "Oh OH MY GOD sorry Im late!", she waddles in a run past the host and says audibly, "I had a doctors appointment that ran over .... it's a boy!!", she look for someone in the audience before pushing past the curtain, assuming everyone knew she was supposed to be there and doing that.

[16:24:50] Kim Aron(Pilix) kept messing with her hair, trying to get it to look nice, though having quite a bit of trouble with it. She sighed a bit and figured it would just have to do, as it was. She blinks, hearing a sudden squeal to her side, looking over as Lexus falls. She gasps as the hand grabs at the side strap of her exposed panties and yanks, a sudden RIIIP sounding out as the seams give out and tear, leaving the panties hanging halfway off her hips. "W..what the!?"

[16:25:00] DiamondPhoenix1 rumages through her bag while she walks, bumping several women, before pulling out a large evening gown.

[16:25:42] Iria looks over to Rei, not noticing the wardrobe malfunction in progress to her left. She examines her, and smiles that warm smile of hers. "I see you have chosen the 'fertility' look. A very clever approach. I imagine it will get you far."

[16:26:30] Lexus Regal tugs even more as she pulls herself back up into a seated position. She lets go of the torn panties and then glances up at Kim. "Thanks for catching me. I thought I was a goner for a minute." She turns back to the mirror as she adjusts her hair with a bit of a smirk.

[16:27:29] Anna-Kate Harper laughs" dont worry. No panties will probably ear you points"

[16:27:43] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, sipping the drink and nodding to Faith as she waited and watched

[16:28:00] secret identity ellie izumi: giggles a bit saying "yea especially considering this place......."

[16:28:09] Kassie Martian gasps "wait, wwe were supposed to wear panties? No one tells me ANYTHING"

[16:28:10] Raynor continued to scramble around on the floor as he looked for what he thought was his lost pet Ferret, making his way to the stage, He scratched his head. " Where... " humming a bit he spots what he had seen and noticed it was not Ferret. It was just a giant white rat. " Oh... " he sighed and stood up, sitting down in the front row.

[16:29:01] Rei just smiles to Iria, "Is that not the point of this competition, to make people desire you?" She turns slightly, letting her rear shift invitingly under her gown.

[16:29:23] secret identity ellie izumi: smirks thinking to herself {{maybe if you focused less on bribing judges you wouldn't have to worry}}

[16:29:39] Iria looks down at herself. "It's hard to wear panties with an evening gown. A properly fitted one will make panties show through. So it's best to simply not wear them." She looks to everyone, offering her advice.

[16:29:49] Nameless moved away from the crowd as stuff started happening, no wardrobe malfunction for her! She bumped into the wall and turned so she was looking at them all, leaning against the wall she bumped, she looked like she was ready to go!

[16:30:23] Kassie Martian shrugs.... "I should have just gone naked..."

[16:30:43] Micky Ryan Blinks and watches the rather round woman run by he shakes his head and takes a breath and moves to the microphone he smiles and and looks across the audience " Lady's and Gentleman in our audience today.. we have been a city at war... a city fighting with its self of imagined harm and differences in philosophy.. a broken crippled city.. but today .. today Lady's and gentleman let us take a moment to heal a moment to rest before going back to that fight.. the fight to set our fair city back on course.. wit a sight , just as fair as our beloved city the Lady's you'll see here tonight beauty's all ..but only one , yes just one will become Ms Celestial CIty"

[16:31:00] Iria looks to Kassie and chuckles. "Tonight's theme is 'evening gowns'. So full skirts are only appropriate."

[16:31:17] Lexus Regal goes on about her business pulling out a very expensive red gown. She carefully lays it out and stands to shimmy out of her tight dress. As the fabric falls to the floor, the blond lets out another loud squeal. She rushes over, nearly shoving Kim aside as she extends her arms for a hug to her pregnant BFF. "DIAMOND FEELINGS!"

[16:31:50] Kim Aron(Pilix) gasps and gabs onto the vanity desk to hold herself steady as Lexus yanks on her torn panties more, stretching them out and straining the remaining seams with some audible popping of threads. When the woman lets go of the panties, they simply drop down her legs to the floor, leaving her with no underwear, in the rather... showy gown... She blushes, pressing the front of her gown in to try and keep herself covered. She goes silent, just blushing a bit as she hears the others comment on it, sighing and shaking her head. She hoped it wouldn't end up being a problem...

[16:32:21] Kassie Martian giggles, "oh, i have one that highlights my assets in the naughtiest way.... nothing left to the imagination"

[16:32:24] Iria looks up as she listens to the speech.

[16:32:34] Elewa shifts a bit in her chair quietly waiting for the show to start

[16:33:55] secret identity ellie izumi: sighs feeling bad for kim she wondered why she was standing all the way over there and started considering ways to help her

[16:34:13] Anna-Kate Harper looks to Lexus" You should do your shows naked"

[16:34:27] Micky Ryan Smiles coyly at the crowed " tonight folks we bring you our fine Lady's in there evening best and we spend a little time getting to know them " he turns and points to the judges " your judges tonight are the lovely faith, the stern Hell Guard , and my self so with out further ado .. lets call up the first girl "

[16:34:40] Kassie Martian nods "Yeah, you do look hot..."

[16:35:05] Raynor slowly ate his raisins as he waits.

[16:35:24] Micky Ryan coughs and reads the card with a bit of confusion " Nameless would you be a dear and grace us with your company"

[16:35:45] Kassie Martian: too much?

[16:36:20] DiamondPhoenix1 airs out the material of her gown by popping it in the air over and over, making much more room for herself than she should given the confined quarters and her already enhanced size. "No I am pregnant....", she looks over her shoulder, trying to make it clear she wasn't like a farmer or something, not realizing she wasn't even talking to her in the first place. She smiles big at Lexas, and yanks the material over her heaving breasts, "OMG thank God you are here...zip me please...", she takes out a long string of pearls and whispers, "Biff got me these for our anniversary, he said he even paid extra to make them longer since I am so big...WASNT THAT SWEET!!!", she turns the zipper toward Lexas, and looks in the mirror, grabbing some hair spray from her bag.

[16:37:13] Kim Aron(Pilix) looks over as she watches a now naked Lexus squeal and rush over to one of the other girls, narrowing her eyes. "No way that wasn't on purpose.." She mutters to herself... She looks at the dress Lexus left laying out, and then to the makeup nearby... She "accidentally" bumps it to spill some on Lexus's dress while no-one is looking, smearing it in as she "tried to clean it" a bit.. "Oops..." She mutters under her breath. She cleans off her hands and moves away from the vanity, closer to the stairs to wait for it to start, still pressing the gown's skirt close to stay covered.

[16:38:32] Nameless jumped and felt around for the stairs, then levitated up most of them so she could save time! She then walked as non awkwardly as she could out from behind the curtain.... She was vaguely aware that she had stopped breathing...Why was she nervous? She decided to give everyone a wave and a weird smile, then bowed and straightened before the judges.

[16:38:32] Lexus Regal leans way forward with an exaggerated motion to try and hug Diamond around the other blond's pregnant tummy. She giggles at Nicole and Kassie. "Oh don't be silly. This is the evening gown part of things. Besides I want to give you all like a chance to win and stuff." She crinkles her nose at Kassie as she reaches out to help zip Diamond's dress up. She leans in close to her BFF and 'whispers' "You look great. I mean like ya know, you are like ...uh, like I mean how did you get a dress big enough to fit you?"

[16:39:25] Micky Ryan smiles and starts clapping as music plays accompanying Namless on to the stage " give her a warm welcome folks.. isn't she lovely?"

[16:39:44] Anna-Kate Harper: I am calling it now.. someone is going to murder someone before this ends. ~ double checking her dress and makeup.. for a hillbilly she knew how to do that well

[16:40:28] secret identity ellie izumi: sighs at all the cattiness going on if there was one she disliked about these contests it was that , she wished everyone could just play fairly

[16:41:45] Rei considers the various candidates. She can't really comment on Kassie's outfit with her own gown's design. She smiles slightly at Anna-Kate's comment, "Would make for a rather exciting, and unfortunate, event." She glances over at the still naked Lexus and wonders if she's actually going to get a new outfit i ntime.

[16:41:56] Micky Ryan smiles and looks to nameless " how are you feeling today ,..Nameless is it? are you excited? nervous?"" he looks her up and down judging her

[16:42:18] Raynor watched Nameless come up and popped another raisin in his mouth.

[16:43:17] Raynor also clapped when Nameless came up as the announcer called her, looking around. He was mostly just copying people. Not really sure what he was supposed to do
[16:43:43] Nameless stood there with her hands clasped behind her back for a second and then blurted out, "Excited and nervous!" She wasn't facing the audience and her eyes seemed to be locked onto the wall behind the judges...

[16:44:32] Micky Ryan so we have a few questions for you tonight " the first of which is this , as a citizen of this city what is your fondest hope for the future?"

[16:46:26] Anna-Kate Harper: remember. The answers will likely be to put us on edge..this is why I didnt get into these when younger.. the ketchup and sketti, mountain dew and red bull not helping.."

[16:46:29] Raynor kept his eyes on Nameless. " Hm.. " he hummed quietly to himself. " She's short... " he mumbled. Though the comment wasnt in a negative way, just an observation? He looked at her boots then, blinking a few times and taking in a deep breath.

[16:46:54] Nameless grinned a little bit and resisted the urge to say 'free food'... She seemed to think for a moment then, "For Heroes to be Heroes and Civilians to be able to trust them again." She kept it simple... But she wasn't sure if that was even a good answer!

[16:47:51] Micky Ryan sits and nods bit says nothing looking to faith next

[16:47:54] Faith Celestial sighs a bit at the given answer as she was. not very impressed with the brief answer, she smirks viciously and gives the second question after the crowd is given a chance too clap. "Given the state of the city currently a lot of people have hidden selves. would you be willing too lay yourself bare here on live television?"

[16:48:36] Lexus Regal glances at Anna-Kate, making a scrunched up face. "Ewww, like do you really eat all that junk? I mean like don't you worry about your figure and stuff?" Her eyes move down to Anna's tummy. "I guess if you are into packing on the pounds like that..."

[16:48:41] Elewa (kya.warden): smiles smiles a bit hearing namless' answer... she wasnt a huge fan of heros in this city but that answer was a good one

[16:48:50] Elewa smiles smiles a bit hearing namless' answer... she wasnt a huge fan of heros in this city but that answer was a good one

[16:49:10] DiamondPhoenix1 giggles at Lexus question, putting a hair pin in her mouth and wrapping her hair around the side, and rolling it into a bun before securing it place with the hairpin. "You know its crazy, but there is this girl I saved, well I mean the Missfits, saved her, but it was mostly, me that time, like before you came on and well anyway she is a seemster...", she pauses to clarify, "I mean so like that is apparently, a hipster and a seemstress...like all at the same time, but whatever I don't really know all these titles of these millinium people, but anyway, I was telling her like how I didn't have anything to wear, and it turns out like she does all this alternative fashion! ANYWAY she said she would do it, and then Biff told me I should and it like all came together and HERE I AM!", she says excitedly, pulling out her hair spray from her bag and spraying waaaaay tooo long while she spoke, most of which sprayed right over her head and toward Kim's face.

[16:49:13] Raynor clapped quietly after the answer from Nameless.

[16:51:30] Iria looks to the other women once more, before focusing on what she can hear coming from above. She moves closer to the stairwell.

[16:51:39] Anna-Kate Harper: Sketti and ketchup? Hell no. Not mountain dew. Give me chicken and waffles, red beans and rice, barbcue sandwiches... ~she laughed~ they helped keep me clear of pageants..now here I am

[16:54:03] Kim Aron(Pilix) just stood near the stairs quietly, trying to calm herself with steady breaths. She was definitely nervous... even more so now that she was de-pantied. She would have to move carefully and keep her hands folded in front so she didn't show off too much through the open hipped dress. She was starting to regret letting the store clerk pick the dress out for her now, instead of picking something more conservative herself.

[16:54:57] secret identity ellie izumi: would just be standing there nervously as the others talked around her this was her first pagent and wanted to do a good job but was also more fun listening in to the other contestants and seeing what they were doing and saying

[16:55:22] Lexus Regal steps back as Diamond pulls out the hairspray. She reaches for her dress behind her. "Oh that is just bonkers. So like does the girl work at like Van Dyne's or something? Ya know I thought about adding a boutique to Pasties but I dunno, ya know. So like anyway, like it is so good that Biff is trying to like encourage you and stuff even though you are like all ...uh ...well yeah ya know. It would just make me like crazy to not be able to see my feet over my big belly like that and stuff. You are so brave for being here." She gives Anna a soft smile. "Like, really? You eat that stuff? Uh, okay. I guess. I mean I hope it doesn't like give you gas in front of the judges up there, ya know. I mean OMG."

[16:55:31] Nameless blinked slowly,then assumed she meant to show off her powers if she had them! So she nodded and smirked a little bit, then held up her hands and let the heat from the lamps turn into small sparks of electricity and arc between her fingers, "I can do a ot of things, but i don't wanna freak people out to much..." She stopped the sparks and motioned at the table, it wobbled and rose a few feet off the ground before settling back down after a few moments. "This what you meant by lay bare?" She then levitated and leaned forward with a huge grin on her face, "I was there at the central square when those so called 'heroes' were burning people alive! I lifted a bunch of them to the bridge so the medics could get at them." She settled back down on the stage and froze a bit, stage fright taking her as she waited for a response to her many tricks!

[16:55:39] Kim Aron(Pilix) also coughs and waves her hands to try and wave away all the hair spray that was coming her way from Diamond. She turns away and moves a little further, trying to get out of firing range of the spray.

[16:55:52] Kassie Martian presses her taped on boob cups in place.... hoping they hold

[16:56:46] Micky Ryan hums audibly making some notes

[16:56:54] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches the use of abilities and slowly nods "that was...interesting..." she states with a long pause "well, since you seem to have some abilities, what do you think is currently the biggest threat to the sovereignty of this city and its people?"

[16:57:48] Faith Celestial sighs and holds the bridge of her nose briefly before writing some notes of her own.

[16:58:57] Raynor watched Nameless, a bit impressed with those powers she had. He nodded his head.

[16:59:18] Anna-Kate Harper laughed" I got cleaned out before this started, dont worry.. You know sushi makes you gassy too right?"

[16:59:47] Nameless crossed her arms and growled out, "To many people with powers that don't care about consequences! They all need to be revealed and held accountable for things they do! I robbed a bank and i was held accountable! I learned that it wasn't the right thing to do, but i also misunderstood 'withdrawal'..." She blushed heavily and waited for the next question or set of instructions!

[17:01:15] Raynor tilted his head a little. " Robbed a bank.. ? " he mumbles again then went back to silently observing.

[17:01:35] Micky Ryan smiles brightly " that will be all ms Nameless.. you are dismissed" he smiles at her " a round of applause folks " clapping hm self " next up we have Kassie "

[17:02:02] Raynor clapped his hands together, a bit louder as she departed the stage.
[17:03:30] Nameless spun and walked towards the edge of the stage... Then fell flat on her face as she realized she hadn't come from that direction!
[17:03:53] Faith Celestial outright facepalms
[17:03:59] Kassie Martian takes a deep breath and starts to head up the stairs, shaking off her nerves, holding the cups covering my breasts on as i come up the stairs
[17:04:19] Raynor perked a brow and watched her go off. " Huh... " he stands up and walked over to Nameless offering a hand. " You okay...? "
[17:05:09] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around, seeing if Pittfall was on standby with a terribad pun
[17:05:40] Faith Celestial leans over whispering too mel in hushed tones "i guess she met a pit...fall"
[17:05:54] Nameless grunts and pushes herself up off the ground, "Yea... Where is backstage?" She was obviously blind, the one thing she was trying to hide and now it was too obvious, she took the hand offered and let him help her up...
[17:06:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) covers up her wide smile with the drink, trying not to laugh

[17:06:29] Kassie Martian steps out on stage snd smiles, waving to the judges

[17:07:26] Micky Ryan smiles " and here shes is folk Kassie, lets hope she doesn't.. walk into a social land mind like our last contestant " he stares at kassie , glasses glinting " kassie "If a line of adult hero toys were released which would you like too see in a form of capture being raped"

[17:07:39] RaptorDragon Dragonash: 4 taps his foot on raynor's back "arnt you gonna help her to a seat? maybe next to you?

[17:07:45] Durian taps his foot on raynor's back "arnt you gonna help her to a seat? maybe next to you?

[17:08:00] Raynor helped her off the ground and would help her to the back stairs. " Here. " if she was good then he'd return to his seat.

[17:08:23] Lexus Regal crinkles her nose at Anna-Kate. She reaches for her make up case and pulls out a small compact. The blond opens the flip case and starts to spread out a line of white powder. She quickly sniffs up the substance and then waves her hands near her eyes to stop any tears. "Oh I didn't eat sushi today. I have been in training on a diet for this show. I can see~some~ people didn't think of getting in shape though." She slowly looks around the room.

[17:08:59] Kassie Martian tilts her ehad, trying to understand Mickey's question, working it out in her head,

[17:10:20] DiamondPhoenix1 holds her belly while Lexus talks, smiling big and confident at first, but looking down when she talks about how brave Diamond is for competing since she can't see her toes. Her eyes move over Lexus' naked body, then dart to the other girl, and she gets a momentary sense of panic. She starts to think of how she was bent over a toilet no more than a few hours ago when she woke up. She starts to breathe instinctively like they taught her in those classes she would drag Biff to and tries to think of why she thought this was a good idea. She adjust her boobs, and says to Lexus, a little less confident than before, "Well so these puppies might come in handy right...", trying to keep herself positive with her dear friend who she could count on for anything. She didn't want to bring Lexus down with these worries of hers so tries to keep it casual. Her eyes get big when Lexus does her special line of white powder. "Wow that must be new, I don't know how you afford all these new makeup...", she says in
[17:10:20] DiamondPhoenix1: awe, oblivious to what she just saw.

[17:11:07] Nameless thanks the young man by grabbing his head and guiding herself to his cheek and giving him a kiss, "Thanks sweety, look for me after ok?" She then felt around for the stairs and returned to the dressing room, "That was terrible..."

[17:11:43] Kassie Martian smiles and starts to speak "I think that this is an issue of integrity, and it is my personal opinion that any superhero sexy toys for the common person should be Captain American who is capture raped because America is the Greatest country in the world, God bless the USA!"

[17:11:53] Anna-Kate Harper: Oh I am sure I will be worse. The judges rough? ~ Noticing Lexus and what she did..but neither caring nor speaking of it~

[17:12:14] Raynor was surprised by the kiss and he raised his hand up to feel where she had done it before he nodded slowly, unable to find words he heads back to his seat and sits back down.

[17:12:51] Micky Ryan raises an eye brow and makes some notes , giving a loud hmmmm

[17:12:53] Nameless nodded her head, "They didn't give me directions on how to get backstage so i ended up on my face!"

[17:13:03] Rei suddenly sniggers from the bottom of the stairs as she listens to speakers projecting Kassie's reply.

[17:13:18] Faith Celestial blinks and spits out her wine at the answer. leaning over too whisper too micky "who the hell is captain america?"

[17:13:21] secret identity ellie izumi: just face palms hearing kassies answer wondering why she would say that

[17:13:32] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods and tilts her head "ok, is that a new group in the city? Not sure. Alright, my question: If you had a giant robot tyrannosaurs rex and you could use it to destroy any one of your fellow contestants, which would you choose?"

[17:14:20] Lexus Regal rubs her nose and nods to Diamond. She reaches out and cups Diamond's full breasts, jiggling them a bit. She grins. "Wow these are like huge now. I hope they are not like all saggy and stuff, ya know?" She suddenly jerks her hands back quickly, looking very worried as she studies her palms. "Oh...uh you aren't like leaking milk all over are you?"

[17:14:48] Micky Ryan leans over and whispers to faith

[17:15:17] Raynor watched Kassie up on the stage, having missed her entrance he didnt catch her name, hoping that someone would repeat it eventually. He looked to the jduges, a little curious as to what sort of questions were being asked...

[17:15:38] Durian found the seats uncomfortable to him as he judt stands swaying his tail

[17:16:30] Anna-Kate Harper: You know breast milks is good for pepper spray right? ~ laughing at Lexus' worry. ~ I know 2 of my stable are leaking. Kind og hard to get maternity bras..

[17:16:48] Kassie Martian thinks for a while, he little brain struggling to think of an answer "Well, It is my personal belief that in the family I was raised in, the greatest city in the world Celestial City, uh.. i think that I would have it smoosh Lexus, because I think she's got the tightest bod in the competition besides me.

[17:17:23] Anna-Kate Harper: Nameless, shake it off..they probably dont know you are blind

[17:18:15] secret identity ellie izumi: nods "i agree i think the real problem is they asked if you were willing to get naked and you showed your powers instead "

[17:19:14] Faith Celestial cocks her brow at that comment before bluntly asking. "if you knew it would gain favor with the judges would you strip on stage, if so prove it" she states smiling brightly

[17:19:30] Nameless turned and blinked a little, "I have no problem with being naked! Ugh i should have done both..."

[17:20:13] Kim Aron(Pilix) just keeps hr breathing calm as she waits and listens, starting to really find some of the questions very odd, and wondering what would be asked of her when she want up. She blushes a bit at the talk of getting naked on stage, shaking her head some.

[17:20:34] secret identity ellie izumi: giggles a bit at her response though seriously wonders if she is only one here who wouldn't get naked

[17:21:40] DiamondPhoenix1 eyes get big and she pulls down her top, letting her large breasts heave forth, without checking first if Lexus was even feeling moisture. "They can't be, I am not supposed to lactate yet...I mean ... they cant...omg...", she starts to squeeze them from different angles, panicking even more from Anna's seemingly confirmation. "This can't happen, what will the judges say...", she continues to squeeze them, "They aren't leaking anymore are they?", she looks at Lexus terrified, hold a large breast out toward her. "Oh God what if they see, or what if it happens in the middle of me answering, and like do you think they are saggy? Do you have duct tape? DOES ANYONE HAVE DUCT TAPE FOR MY BOOBS!!?", she yells to the rest of the girls, unaware of the acoustics of the room making its way upstairs from yelling.

[17:22:15] Kassie Martian: "I personally believe that Celestial Citizens who are unable to do so because, uhmmm, some people out there in our nation don't have maps and uh, I believe that our, I, education like such as, uh, South Africa, and uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uhhh, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, should help South Africa, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, and i don't mind getting naked..." as i begin by pulling the cups off my dress, exposing my breasts as i reach behind myself and start to unhook my corset dress....

[17:22:50] Anna-Kate Harper: there is some double sided costume tape on the table..but you are maybe too big for it Diamond

[17:23:27] Faith Celestial leans forward taping the mic deciding too speak up "Ms. Kassie, you do know all the places your speaking of were destroyed and no longer exist.. right?"

[17:24:08] Raynor looked to the judges as they asked the question and before he knew it Kassie seemed to be spouting off some nonsense, his head tilted to the side at it then as her breasts came out he'd look down at the floor, blushing. " What sorta contest is this " he whispered to himself.

[17:24:30] Nameless reached back and started to pull her dress up, "don't rip don't rip don't rip!" She chanted to herself as she pulled her dress off and folded it neatly, she planned on keeping the dress! "Whats the next event thingy?"

[17:24:39] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks as she actually strips, nudging Faith

[17:24:46] Iria looks to Diamond, chuckles softly and shakes her head. She turns her attention back up towards the stairs, listening intently.

[17:25:06] Kassie Martian lets her dress drop to the floor and steps out of her little thong.... "Um, they were? I uhhhh..... see, i don't mind beingnaked. Would you like my shoes too?

[17:25:31] Micky Ryan chuckles and tilts his head watching the striping "give her a hand folks isn't she lovely?" he looks her up and down his gaze slightly cold " thank you kassie you are dismissed.. go ahead and leave your dress there.. some one will retrieve it"

[17:25:31] Faith Celestial smiles "no just your panties. but thank you for the lovely view"

[17:26:06] Kassie Martian tosses her thong to Faith and walks off the stage, confidently nude...

[17:26:34] Lexus Regal grabs the tape and pulls off a long strip. She makes a TSK sound as she starts to stick the tape to one of Diamond's boobs. She pulls up trying to lift the flesh - at a bit of an unnatural angle - then tape it to her friend's shoulder. She then starts to tape the other breast off to the side of Diamond's body. "Don't worry. We can lift these puppies up."

[17:26:40] Micky Ryan: our next contestant is named Anna please give her a warm round of applouse folks

[17:27:11] Anna-Kate Harper: feeling natural are we Kassie? ~smirking as she heads up the stairs , and flashing a proper pr smile to the audience~

[17:27:31] Kassie Martian: me smiles at Anna as i walk down, nude except for her jewelry "good luck"

[17:27:57] Raynor clapped his hands as Kassie exited the stage, his head still down to look at the floor.

[17:28:04] Kassie Martian shrugs, "the Judges told me to get naked and leave my dress there, so........

[17:28:13] Elewa cheers and waves as she sees anna step onto the stage blowing her a kiss from the crowd

[17:28:43] Iria looks to Kassie and chuckles. "Showing all of your cards so early. A bold move. Well done up there, I suppose."

[17:29:14] Raynor would clap his hands again as the next contestant appears. Lifting his head up as Kassie exited.

[17:29:14] Kassie Martian scratches her head, "but the judges said to..."

[17:29:59] Kim Aron(Pilix) looks at Kassie and blushes brightly, seeing her naked, and hearing that the judges told her to strip and leave her dress there. She fidgets, getting a bit nervous and wondering what she'll be asked when she goes up.

[17:30:12] Micky Ryan looks the woman up and down pausing at the stars on her dress " Anna would you be willing to kill some one to win this contest? "

[17:30:44] Faith Celestial spit takes and looks too ryan.

[17:31:04] secret identity ellie izumi: just sighs trying her hardest to avoid telling her she had a choice to get naked wanting to avoid any unneccessary drama

[17:31:15] Raynor looked Anna up and down as she stood on the stage. The questions continued to be very bizarre....

[17:31:29] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) rubs the bridge of her nose at that question

[17:31:39] Lexus Regal looks over Diamond's shoulder at Kassie with a small condescending smile. "Yeah it is okay. Maybe you will get sympathy points for being so pale so you can afford tanning sessions. I hope the audience was not too blinded by the glare."

[17:32:36] Anna-Kate Harper: Of course not. The contest is not a life or death matter, and no lose of life should occur here. ~she blows a kiss to Elewa~ Becides Elewa wouldnt like it, I I doubt you have seen her when she is angry . ~ noting where the judges where and audience and standing in a natural pose to give both the best view~

[17:33:10] Kassie Martian smiles "i thought the rule was to do what the judges told you to.... and it's not like it's the first time I've been naked on stage"

[17:33:39] Micky Ryan sighs at her answer and makes some notes shaking his head seeming disappointed

[17:33:41] Nameless pulled her hoodie out and pulled it on, "Where are my panties???"

[17:34:15] Faith Celestial cocks her brow and hmms thinking of something too ask. "Given the choice between an entirely new government or stricter controls being placed on who can and can not legally own weaponry, which would you choose and why"

[17:34:40] Elewa blushed softly as Anna mentioned in annas answer her and she smiles blowing her a kiss from the crowd

[17:36:56] Durian just stands there with his arms crossed listening

[17:37:03] DiamondPhoenix1 smiles big as Lexus helps her, but gasps a little at the discomfort from have her sensitive soon to be milk globes distorted so gruffly. "Thank,.. ah. .... you ....ooooh....", she whines, as Lexus forces them up into place, and leaves a big strip of duct tape on her shoulder, clearly exposed when she pulls her top back up. "Oh crap what about this though?", she points to the duct tape on the shoulder of the upward and slightly cone shaped boob, as opposed the other one now with little corners from the tape sticking together awkwardly. "Oh Lexus....this was maybe a bad idea...", she starts to pout, but hearing the comment about the other girl remembers how much bonding they did at the last pageant. She giggles quietly for a moment but starts to bite her lip when the nerves come back.

[17:37:50] Anna-Kate Harper: .me brought a finger to chin, red nails matching the dress and lipstick, only off by a few minor complimenting shades, and the movement showed it "I would say newer government, While we have so called heroes bringing tanks to stop a robbery, or high output cannons to stop a hostage situation, the right to bear arms is important. A balance would have to be found of both of control and safety, and handling the threat of an overarmed populace. The New govenment could solve both and find that balance more that tightening restraints as they are currently"

[17:39:01] Raynor clapped his hands at both the question and the response by Anna-Kate.

[17:39:07] Lexus Regal steps back and inspects her work on Diamond's breasts. She puts her finger to her lip and thinks. Suddenly her eyes light up and she grabs her make up case. "Oh I got it! This will cover it. They won't notice" She starts to cover the strip of tape with make up base.

[17:39:39] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods slowly "If a new government was created and you were put in charge, what would your first act as leader be?" she asks

[17:42:09] Kassie Martian: me walks over to lexus, touching her gently on the shoulder "sorry to throw you under the bus, i was on the spot and your rockin hot bod was the first one i thought of"

[17:42:12] Anna-Kate Harper nods " Stepping down. I may have the mental balance to manage a bar, but not a city. I know my limitations and the dangers of ambition. I do not lead something of that scale well, nor would I try to except as a last choice. Besides, do you see what it is doing to the two co mayors? I don't want to go gray"

[17:44:16] Lexus Regal turns and offers a smile to Kassie. She poses in front of the other naked girl. "Oh it's okay. Like I understand that I am like a target here. I know it must be hard for you all to even try against me. Don't worry. I am sure there will be a nice third prize for you."

[17:44:28] Micky Ryan nods slowly making a few more nots " yu are dismissed anna he smiles to the crowed " every one welcome our next contestant , ellie to the stage with a round of applause"

[17:45:51] Anna-Kate Harper curtseys to the judges, then host, then audience. Winking to Elewa she descends the stairs

[17:45:57] Elewa cheers and blows kisses to anna with a big smile as she leaves the stage

[17:46:45] Kassie Martian smiles and giggles, the snideness of Lexus' comment going straight over her head, hugging the naked woman, our breasts pushing together "OMIGOD do you think so? It means so much that you think I could do so well!"

[17:46:55] secret identity ellie izumi: ellie would gracefully walk up the stairs and onto the stage her hips swaying sensually as she does she gets onto the stage and winks at the crowd

[17:46:58] Raynor will clap as Anna leaves and would do so as the next game up the stairs.

[17:48:19] DiamondPhoenix1 eyes get big when Lexus has her super smart idea, "Wow that is amazing!! But wait you should use my makeup, so it matches my skin tone...", she hands her her compact, and moves her duct taped shoulder toward her. "Should I pull down my top again so you can get it down further in case it like rolls down more?", she doesn't wait for an answer and rolls her top down, her boobs awkwardly pointing in two directions and strangely shaped.

[17:49:48] Lexus Regal wiggles her naked body against Kassie's. She smiles brightly and kisses the woman's neck. "Mmm. Yeah you know, you should like totally come by Pasties for a make over." She lets go of the hug and then takes Diamond's make up. The blond starts caking it on the tape, using most of the concealer.

[17:50:15] Micky Ryan smiles at ellie and looks her up and down " ellie one of the major issues facing our city are non humans, whats your view on the newly proposed leash laws for any one of a nonhuman nature?"

[17:52:11] Kassie Martian shivers at the wriggle and kiss on my neck "I would love that! I'll get one of my Daddies to pay for it, they're always asking if i want to go to the salon...

[17:52:47] secret identity ellie izumi: she would smile and says "i am strictly against it i feel like everyone should be treated equal regardless and it should be the inside that is judged instead of the outside "
[17:53:54] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) tilts her head at Micky, wondering if angels were non-humans. She looks back at Kassie and nods "alright, my question is: given the chance to change any single law in our city, which would you choose and why?"

[17:54:26] Suki O'Shillelagh appears in a flash step "Lexus you said it was next week!"

[17:56:00] Lexus Regal keeps working on the tape on Diamond's shoulder. The powder begins to make a nice little cloud floating up toward the pregnant woman's nose. She smiles at Kassie. "Oh nice. Yeah like just come in and ask Consuela to give you the full treatment on me!" She jumps, smearing the make up brush across Diamond's neck. "Sushi! OMG! Like uh yeah I said it was next week last week which makes it this week that is the next week since I said it like last week"

17:57:06] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles and says " i would make hate crimes more opened scoped so anyone who performed a hate crime would be punished worse and make sure there were no exceptions to this law"

[17:57:19] Nameless walks up to Lexus and pokes her in the back to get her attention, "Wheres my panties? Did you see anyone go into my locker when i was on stage?" She stepped back to give her and the cloud of make up room and waited for a response....

[17:58:22] Suki O'Shillelagh tilts her head and then nods "Yep that makes sense. So then its next week?"

[17:59:04] Kassie Martian shrugs "Maybe Faith got em somehow. She took mine..."

[18:00:03] DiamondPhoenix1 looks down, then back at Lexus, "Are you sure this going to....snz snz SNNNZZZ", she starts sneezing from all the powder flying up in her nose, while Lexus drains all her foundation on the impossible task of covering up the dark duct tape, then looks at Lexus again, her hand over her mouth, and says through her hand, "Do you have a tissue?", in a muffled voice.

[18:00:21] Faith Celestial sighs and asks "Given the ideas you have stated would just open further issues between the meta and human populations let me ask. within the realm of reason how would you keep Humans safe from Metas who choose too abuse their powers, and how would you keep Metas safe from humans who use this fear as an excuse too attack metas"

[18:01:02] Lexus Regal jumps as Nameless pokes her in the back. The make up brush pokes into Diamond's eye, smearing the concealer across the blond's face. She turns around and looks at the short haired brunette. "Your locker? No? I mean like what do you need panties for anyway? Maybe you left them at the strip club or in some alley or something?" She reaches for a tissue, stepping on Diamond's toe with her stiletto heel by accident.

[18:02:35] Kassie Martian smiles at Nameless... "what did they look like? I can check the strip club when i go to work later"

[18:02:37] Lexus Regal blinks at Suki and nods slowly, clearly confused about the date now. "Uh yeah. It will like be next week too but uh. Yeah we need to like get you a calendar."

[18:03:31] Nameless grumbled as she of course wasn't given an answer she wanted... Then motioned at her, hoping to make the brush fly into her face and smear concealer all over Lexus's face!

[18:04:50] Nameless grumbles, "I don't work at the strip club..."

[18:05:06] Suki O'Shillelagh begins taking out cellphone after cellphone "I hade a calendar in the phone. Lexus showed me how. I remember. Um.." she keeps pulling out more and more phones just tossing them out all over the room some people may need to dodge "Um I forget where my phone is
[18:06:06] Anna-Kate Harper dodge one thrown past her and moved arounf the corner to avoid all the conceler and phone trouble " yeesh"

[18:06:53] secret identity ellie izumi: looks on curiously thinking saying "i would increase protecterate and warden prescence or make a anti meta human task force comprised mostly of metas to counter act the bad metas and if it came to it as a last resort i would create a registry of all meta powers so that the government could properly handle and protect the people from any who would abuse there powers and as for the humans would arrest people who attacked out of fear maybe if they had time to take a time out they could realize how there actions effected others i personally think there has to be a way for both sides to get along

[18:07:06] Kim Aron(Pilix) glances back at the commotion going on behind her. She moves closer to the stairs, getting further away from them as she waits her turn.

[18:07:09] DiamondPhoenix1 yelps, and her eye water more, the pain of her open toe being steps on sinks in. "LEXUS OWE!?" She looks at Suki with an annoyed look, the pain being displaced now. "Seriously this isn't like a weirdo pageant.", she looks at Lexus for approval with a smirk, feeling like she was being witty like Lexus had been with the other girls, hoping for a laugh from her friend.

[18:07:38] Lexus Regal turns to watch Suki pulling out all the phones. The brush flies up and smacks Lexus in the cheek. The blond forgets everything else going on and turns to quickly sit down and work on her make up. "OMG! Like what the hell. Diamond! You just smacked me with the brush! I thought we were like besties and stuff." She turns her back haughtily and focuses on the mirror.

[18:10:04] Micky Ryan nods slowly considering her answer " ahh i see stay the course is it? thank you ellie you are dismissed" he looks down at his notes again " Ladys and gentleman please welcome Ms Kim to the stage"

[18:10:38] Nameless backed up to the lockers and motioned at the lipstick on the table, it slowly began to twist out of it's tube... Then shot forward like a rocket into Lexus's face, or attempt to! It was a nice purple color! She'd be done after that, it might be enough to make her regret being so snotty!

[18:10:49] DiamondPhoenix1 not only received no positive feed back from her friend but now stood in the middle of the room, her foot aching, her eye hurting, her breasts akwardly duct taped and shooting off different directions, her makeup kit empty from Lexus trying to conceal it, and now, she was even like mad at her for something stupid Suki did. She pulls up her top, and gives Suki a dirty look, then looks back at Lexus who was totally ignoring her. She tries to smile, but doing so makes tears start to roll down her face, smearing her mascara. She sniffles softly, trying to turn away from anyone who might see.

[18:10:56] secret identity ellie izumi: waves happily to the judges and audience then leaves

[18:11:34] secret identity ellie izumi: as she gets down stairs she huffs saying "they ask really hard questions "

[18:12:51] Lexus Regal through sheer dumb luck, happens to move her head as the lipstick flies off. The purple make up goes over Lexus's shoulder headed straight for Diamond behind her. Lexus gasps. "OMG! Like I am after that Ken girl. Fuck! Where is my dress? I need to fix my hair OMG OMG OMG!"

[18:12:55] Iria looks over towards the sniffling. Iria makes her way over towards diamond. Iria pauses to pull a handkerchief from her bag. She offers it to Diamond before she digs around in her bag more, and produces her own makeup kit. "Let's get you fixed. up...."

[18:13:34] Kim Aron(Pilix) takes a deep breath as she hears her name called. She moves carefully up the stairs, trying hard not to trip on the long skirt, which she was not used to wearing. She manages to make it to the top step before finally ending up stepping on the hem of the skirt, stumbling a bit as she catches herself, but straining the thin straps holding the skirt up.. one of them quietly breaks, leaving the skirt literally hanging on by a thread, but likely unnoticeable for now. She nervously walks out onto the stage, facing the audience with a deer-in-headlights expression as she starts to doubt herself and wonder what she's doing. She keeps her hands folded in front of herself, holding the skirt against herself so she doesn't... flash anything.

[18:14:14] Raynor calpped for Ellie as she exited the stage and when the next contestant came up he'd give her a clap as well.

[18:14:49] Kassie Martian steps over to Lexus "Do you need anything Miss Lexus.... i can grab your dress and zip you up if you tell me where it is"

[18:16:33] Micky Ryan tilts his head and coughs attempting to draw the girls attention " whats the most exciting sex act you've ever preformed and can you do so while singing our citys anthem?"

[18:17:24] Suki O'Shillelagh tilts her head and looks to Diamond with a serious stare "He is fine but mommy isnt. Mommy hides but Suki see's. Suki say be self then he happy" she smiles

[18:18:23] DiamondPhoenix1 nods at Iria, "Im sorry, I am just a mess....", the hormones coursing through her. She takes the handkerchief and blows her nose loudly, but just as she starts to feel a little better a lipstick hits her in the back of the head. "WHAT THE HELL SUKI!!!??!", she says turning toward the girl in green. "Don't be so so stupid all the time OMG you ruin like EVERYTHING!", she yells, pouting so hard her lip almost hits the floor.

[18:18:38] Lexus Regal smiles up at Kassie and motions to her side. "Oh uh yeah. It is that red one there. Be careful. It costs more than you make in a year."

[18:19:36] Kim Aron(Pilix) turns her head to look toward the judges as one coughs to get her attention. Her eyes go wider at the question, her cheeks flushing pink. "I... uh.. I don't think I've.. done anything very exciting... like that. And, no.. I don't think.. I could sing while, uhm..." She just shakes her head some as she trails off..

[18:19:55] Iria reaches up to put a hand on Diamond's shoulder. Her voice is soft, but firm. "You don't mean that." Her tone turns more reassuring. "Now calm down, take as deep a breath as you can, and exhale slowly. I will get you cleaned up. Listen to the judge's questions. Think on them. How would you answer them? Focus on that, and only that."

[18:20:14] Micky Ryan frowns at her his eyes narrowing " pleases answer the first question kim"

[18:22:28] secret identity ellie izumi: wonders if lexus will realize what kim did to her dress

[18:22:36] Kim Aron(Pilix) tenses up some as she's told to answer the first question. She clears her throat a bit, blushing. "I.. I guess.... with another woman, uhm.... I think they call it... scissoring, or something?" Her voice comes out soft and shy, trailing quieter to the end.

[18:23:07] Micky Ryan nods and keeps his eyes locked on her as he takes some notes

[18:24:04] Kassie Martian very carefully takes the red dress off the hangar and unzips it "Oh nice, I love this designer, I wore one of hers to prom back in High School"

18:24:25] Faith Celestial sighs at the vague answers and smirks. "My question has two parts. what are your views on women with pubic hair, and why do you not shave your own. i mean.. thats just unsanitary"

[18:27:35] Lexus Regal stands up and steps into the dress as Kassie holds it out for her. She shimmies, her naked breasts and bare butt jiggling as she squeezes into the dress. The blond looks down and gasps. "Thank you....OM-FUCKING-G! What is all over my dress?" She frantically starts wiping at the powder scattered all over the silky red fabric.

[18:29:25] Anna-Kate Harper: I need some fucking home skillet fies with some bacon and cheese after this.. ~she rolle dher eyes and slips closer to the stairs and out of gorund zero of the Lexus nuke~

[18:29:27] Kim Aron(Pilix) flushes even more red at the question.. what was with these weird questions! "I.. well... I uhm.... I think if a woman wants to keep pubic hair, that's fine..." Her eyes go wide again as her hands press closer over her crotch, holding the skirt firmly against herself as she wonders how the woman could possibly see. "I... I don't... s-same.. reason as I gave...."

[18:29:46] Nameless grabbed her belt and her weapons and stormed out, dodging people like she could see... She walked around to the front of the building and entered so she could watch from the audience seats, she was looking for that nice young man that helped her up, his presence was timid but she found him easily enough! She guessed he was in the front and moved to sit next to him. Nothing against sitting in the audience after you were done! She was feeling pretty good at the fact Lexus's dress was covered in powder though!

[18:29:49] secret identity ellie izumi: tries her damndest to avoid snickering turning away just in case

[18:29:52] Kassie Martian shrugs, gently brushing the powder offf "not to worry, this will come right off, just be very gentile and dont rub it in" as i realize i'm stroking her breast

[18:30:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and speaks up "what is your favorite stripper move and can you demonstrate it for us here?"

[18:31:06] Lexus Regal fidgets nervously. She grabs Kassie's shoulder, shaking the girl in a panic. "Quick get me a wet cloth!"

[18:32:12] Kassie Martian runs over to the sink, dampening a clean rag, spotting a can of compressed air for computers "will this work better?

[18:32:19] Kim Aron(Pilix)'s jaw nearly drops at the third question, really unsure how to answer that. "I.. I don't think I have a favorite m-move..?" She squeaks out. "S..so.. I couldn't really perform anything, like that..."

[18:32:36] Raynor watched Kim and when the judge noted the pubic hair he raised a brow. " Bit personal... " he mumbled then looked over as Nameless made her way through the backdoors and took up a seat next to him. " Oh. Hello again. Hope you're all good? " he made sure to whisper, as to not disturb the judges or contestants.

[18:32:48] DiamondPhoenix1 seems to calm down as Iria sweetly talks her down from her angry place. She turns toward Iria, "No no your right I should be like bigger than her and not let it like get to me. She thinks for a minute, "Wait, there are questions, I thought this was the evening gown part....", she blows a few pregnant breathes as the news hits her. She had meant to study the pageant format after she got ready, but she had been so distracted for some reason she forgot. "Oh god oh god, I didnt even study...", she tries to remember the names of the mayor. "Oh no, is it like trivia?!? I needed to study, like history and astrology....oh god I am not ready for this...", she huffs and looks at Iria nervously.

[18:32:51] Lexus Regal grabs the cloth and starts wiping. "Okay yeah. So like I will get it wet then you blow me!"
[18:33:58] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) tilts her head "well, how about you strip for us and just do any move. Make something up"

[18:34:29] Nameless leaned against him and whispered softly, "Yea I'm good. But someone stole my friggen panties from backstage!" She wasn't shy about sharing that info, but she was crossing her legs pretty tightly!

[18:34:41] Anna-Kate Harper grabs a towel and tosses it to Kassie and Lexus " This should help dry it off of your chest. Why do you want her to blow you Lexus? " 'accidentally' loud enough to be heart out at the stage as she trie to talk where she could be heard with the chaos

[18:34:48] Kassie Martian giggles "um yep... " as a slight blush covers her freckled naked chest

[18:35:04] Suki O'Shillelagh titls her head looking around "So when do we hide the eggs and get our wish?"

[18:35:23] Iria giggles softly, disarmingly. She places her hands on both of Diamond's shoulders. "You will simply have to listen. They are not difficult. It is nothing to do with history, from what I have heard." She gets to work, producing a cloth to wipe the makeup and clean Diamond's face up. Then she starts to reapply a thin layer of base, and clean the lines up once more. "You'll be fine. Slow breathes. Count back from three, think, count back from three, speak. Focus on that, and it will come easily."

[18:35:32] Kassie Martian quickly wipes the powder from lexus......

[18:36:12] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles at iria "its amazig how good you are at calming people down i wish i was that good but i would most likely make things worse

[18:37:31] Iria looks to Ellie, still smiling warmly. "I was something like a big sister growing up. Anyone can do it, with a little practice and patience."

[18:38:10] Raynor had his head turned slightly in her direction to hear her and kind of keep her in his perifeals while still watching Kim, her hair color interesting him. When mentioning her panties he kinda of turned to face her more. " Uh.. thats a strange thing for someone to steal. " he swallowed dryly. " Hope you find out who done it. "

[18:38:33] DiamondPhoenix1 nods as her face gets cleaned up, she breathes, "Three...", she stops speaking, "Two....", she stops speaking, "One....", she holds her breathe, the looks at Iria again, "OMG when do I speak?!?", confusing the order, her nerves and hormones taking their toll on her mental state.

[18:39:04] Lexus Regal does her best to clean things up. She wipes and holds the dress out so Kassie can blow it with the can of air. She fidgets from one foot to the other, looking up toward the stairs. "OMG it is like almost my turn! Oh shit! Fuck me! Fuck me!" The celebrity's cries grow loud enough to be heard upstairs. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

[18:39:05] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles saying "i would be to worried i would upset to much people or cause to much problems while practicing "

[18:40:28] Kassie Martian takes the air and blows the now clean dress dry "after the show... after the show!

[18:40:40] Kim Aron(Pilix) goes stiff, her heart pounding as the judge asks her to strip and make up any move she wants. Her face is very red now. She looks out toward the watching audience, wondering what to do... She could refuse, but that would lose her points, most likely... She had to at least try to win this, she needed that prize money. "U-uh.... well....." She gulps a bit, shaking hands nervously lifting to untie the shawl and let it drop... her hips starting to sway side to side a bit, trying her best to do what should be a sexy dance. She bites her lower lip nervously as she moves to slowly untie the top drape of the dress, letting it fall away, leaving her bare breasts exposed. She couldn't believe she was doing this... She shimmies her shoulders a bit as she wiggles her hips more, finally untying the remaining string holding up the skirt, and letting it drop... She wiggles herself a little bit more, doing a quick spin and then trying to strike a finishing pose she hoped would be kind of sexy. All the while she's red as a beet and horrified.

[18:40:55] Iria covers her mouth as she giggles once more. "Whenever you decide on your answer. Remember it is just you and the judges. Think of the audience as a television going in the background. It's just noise while you're cleaning around the house."
[18:41:36] Iria seems oblivious to Lexus' plight. She apparently knows her limits on people she can calm at one time.

[18:41:59] Nameless shrugged and places a hand between her leg to make sure she was covered, "I normally go without anyway, just this time i didn't bring pants or shorts... The price for being comfy ya know?" She whispered and stared straight ahead..

[18:42:42] Suki O'Shillelagh tilts her head having heard Lexus cry out like that many times. SHe looks around confused "I dont see the neighbor here"

[18:42:48] Micky Ryan frowns raising an eyebrow and turns to hell and faith " i think one of our contestants is venting her nerves a bit to enthusiastically " he smiles looking kim up and down " very good. you are dismissed , now for our next contestant, lexus come on out"

[18:43:04] Elewa lets out a cheer and smiles as kim drops her dress to show some skin

[18:43:45] DiamondPhoenix1 holds her belly, and shifts her wait nervously, Lexus' yells blending into the walls, almost as if they didn't happen as she gets tunnel vision trying to suck in all the advise Iria is giving her. She nods over and over, "Okay right the television audience is cleaning my house....", she repeats, breathing loudly and keeping eye contact with Iria as if worried that if she looks around it could lead to another melt down. She doesnt notice Lexus leave. "Three ... um. .... one....", she keeps saying, occasionally forgetting a number.

[18:43:47] Raynor watched as yet another contestant begins to strip naked. He looked to the floor again, twiddling his thumbs. " Maybe I should go... " he mumbled, glancing to Nameless again. " Oh... I guess that makes sense. " he nodded. " I dont wear underwear either. " the way she talked about it, he felt it wasnt really an issue to state either.

[18:44:16] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, just giving Kim a smile and a nod as she would head back

[18:45:05] Kim Aron(Pilix) nods a bit to the judges. "Th..thank you.." She squeaks out, embarrassed. She bends quickly to grab up the dropped dress, if allowed, and then would hold it against herself to scurry back toward the stairs, if not stopped.

[18:45:45] Iria holds up a finger to Diamond. "One sec." She steps around to Lexus, and pulls a single glove off. She holds it out to try to place it over the stain on Lexus' dress. If allowed, she presses in gently. When she lifts her hand, the stain has vanished. Iria lifts a finger to her lips in a 'shh' motion, and winks.
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Re: Miss Celestial 2018 Round one!

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[18:47:10] Nameless grinned and leaned into him a little bit, "Thats kinda nice to know im not the only one..." She gripped his arm and tugged at it slightly to get him to move it... After the stupid questions and stuff she was kinda bored...

[18:47:26] Micky Ryan smiles " thank you kim that will be all"

[18:47:34] Lexus Regal takes a deep breath. The blond blinks as Iria works her magic on the stain. The celebrity smiles and leans in for a quick kiss on Iria's cheek, probably leaving a lipstick mark on the woman. She rubs the dress and then holds onto the hem as she starts up the stairs. As she steps onto the stage, she lets go of the dress going into her well practiced stage persona. She blows kisses to everyone, flashing her billion dollar smile. Oblivious to how the dress has bunched up and clings together near her hips fully exposing her bare pussy to everyone's view, Lexus stands in the spotlight soaking up the attention. "Hello, Hello, Hello. Yes it is me, Lexus Regal! Thank you all for coming to see me!"

[18:49:02] Iria walks up to the mirror, and checks herself. She straights her gown, and cleans away the lipstick mark. Then she looks to Diamond and gives her an enthusiastic thumbs up and wink. "You'll do great."

[18:50:42] Kim Aron(Pilix) returns to the dressing room, face beet red, holding the pieces of her dress against her front to cover up a bit. She leans against the wall once she's down the stairs, taking a few deep breaths, trying to calm down from her nerves and embarrassment. "Can't... believe that happened..."

[18:50:52] Raynor nodded. Still whispering. " Uncomfortable... " he shrugged after adding. When she grabbed his arm he looked to her, not really sure what she was doing, he kinda let her do what ever, but was ready to pull it away in case it was something else. " Something wrong? "

[18:51:12] secret identity ellie izumi: looks on in awe at the magic iria performs but doesn't say anything then goes over to iria and says "anything i can help with?"

[18:51:20] Micky Ryan watches lexus come up an eyebrow raises and he leans towards the other judges pointing towards lexus his face neutral then he looks back to her and says firmly " Lexus if i can have your attention please.. my question comes in two forms can you show us how you do knee bends while you answer this " he coughs " if you came home and found your boy friend playing with action figures.. what would you do?"

[18:53:09] Kassie Martian looks at Kim and claps happily "Yay! I'm glad I wasn't the only one getting nekkid! Wasn't a turn on? Except.... you got your dress back, I'm still waiting"

[18:53:15] Suki O'Shillelagh claps excited as she watches her friend take stage "Yay Lexus!"

[18:53:41] Iria relaxes, adopting the very image of serenity. She clasps her hands delicately in front of herself, tilting her head down ever so slightly to cast that violet gaze up at Ellie. "I believe everything will be fine. I don't know if there is anything like a wrong answer. Each judge will have different preferences." She looks to Diamond "All you have to do is be yourself, and be honest."

[18:55:34] DiamondPhoenix1 with Iria stepping away starts to worry again. "This was a mistake, no no no...I need to study or something....", she gets out her phone and starts looking up the table of elements, and saying them to herself, mispronouncing them, hid-ro-gin, ox-ya-gone, sod-yam, oh god oh god...", she flicks to the next web page on city politics, "Oh no I don't know like any of this, but maybe...", she swiched to a selfie, and snaps it before looking at herself, "Oh ... god im so fat....", she looks at Iria freaked out again, "Myself is like so fat now, what was I thinking!?", she takes another selfie to make sure.

[18:55:37] Nameless huffs and drags his arm between her legs as she cuddles against him, "I'm bored... Wanna get out of here?" She really was bored and the questions were getting more and more retarded the longer they stayed here!

[18:55:44] Lexus Regal tilts her head a bit confused. She lets out a giggle and bends one leg up, standing on one foot. "So um, like yeah. If my boyfriend was playing with action figures? You mean like a blow up doll or something? Um, so like I guess I would like I dunno, like help him play with it? I mean this is really a dumb question. Everyone knows that if a guy had this~" She motions down her body. "~ then he would not be needing to play with anything else at all."

[18:55:44] Taiyo (gynoid.amaterasu) returns into the main changeroom, her skirt glowing slightly now, which does alot to conceal what is hiding beneath the sheer fabric.

[18:55:47] Kim Aron(Pilix) looks up, at the still naked Kassie, blinking and then shaking her head a bit. "N..not really... It.. it was humiliating... I can't believe I actually did that..." She sighs some.. the price for trying to win this pageant...

[18:56:54] Micky Ryan sighs and shakes his head sighs making some notes though he dos have a sly smile on his face

[18:57:24] Anna-Kate Harper: I dont think you're getting that dress back Kassie. Woo I like that one. Reminds me of a gypsy wedding dress!~ gazing to the glowing outfit

[18:57:49] Faith Celestial smirks "Lexus, i know you are quite talented with your tongue given our previous interview, i was blonde back then so i doubt such a busy and famous woman would remember me. But i am curious given your talented tongue, flexibility and sheer skill. can you lick your own pussy? and if so could you show us? i for one would be very impressed"

[18:58:58] Nameless grunted out two words loudly enough to be heard in the auditorium, "BULLSHIT QUESTION!"

[18:59:22] Kassie Martian looks to Anna "but.... i wore it here! I have to walk all the way across town to my apartment butt ass naked? Not again"

[19:00:00] Raynor watched she she moved his arm between her legs and he'd try to pull it out of that position. " Uh..." he fumbled to find words. " I was thinking of leaving anyhow... " he'd stand up. Still whispering to her the whole time. Sitting up some so she wasnt leaned on him so much. " If you wanna follow thats fine... I dont know how interesting it will be though. " he said shrugging, not sure what she had in mind.

[19:00:44] Kim Aron(Pilix) sighs a bit, glad she was able to keep her dress.. she felt a little bad for Kassie.. but there was nothing she could do for her really. She pulls out the parts of her dress, starting to pull her skirt back on and get the string re-tied.

[19:02:37] Lexus Regal blinks as she lowers her foot to the stage. She stumbles and reaches out to catch herself with the microphone stand. The top of her dress shifts a bit revealing a nice view of her bare breasts playing peek-a-boo out of her dress. She turns toward Faith and blinks. "Um, like that is something that like ya know, someone of lower status would do. I am not a whore ya know? I am here to represent Ms Celestial City with style and grace. If you are wanting just some cheap tramp then maybe you should have a Ms Strip club pageant. Besides I have plenty of people begging to lick me but only the lucky ones can get a taste."

[19:02:38] Anna-Kate Harper: maybe you should ask them after the stage is done?

[19:03:59] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and speaks up "given that you are not a whore and are wanting to represent with style and grace, you have none the less come out in near nothing. My question to you is: are you willing to put additional clothes on and cover up in order to win this?"

[19:04:33] Nameless followed after him, making sure her belt was fastened securely to her waist as she went! She had a few things in mind...

[19:05:44] secret identity ellie izumi: wonders if she wasn't a whore why was she spending so much time walking around naked in here

[19:05:52] Iria reaches out once more to place a hand on the back of Diamond's neck. She squeezes gently, setting a breathing pattern. Slow, middling breathes. The woman is pregnant, so she doesn't expect her to take full breaths. "It's fine. It sounds like most of the questions involve stripping."

[19:06:21] Iria: "If fertility is the theme, you are certain to win."

[19:06:56] Lexus Regal blinks several times. She looks out to the audience and puts on her trademark smile. She poses and spins slightly. "Yes as long as the outfit was from a high quality designer. This crown as Ms Celestial City means something special. I will be representing the whole city. I take this very seriously. A woman should always look her best. That is what I want to bring to my role as Ms Celestial City. We will make this city beautiful one person at a time!"

[19:07:11] Kim Aron(Pilix) pulls on the drape top of the gown, getting it in place over her generous breasts and tying it in place. She just holds the shawl in her arms for now, figuring she doesn't need it at the moment since her turn was done.
[19:08:12] Suki O'Shillelagh smiles and claps watching Lexus excited "Now go find the eggs and get your wish" she smiles

[19:09:24] Taiyo (gynoid.amaterasu) smiles as a knock comes at the door. She opens up the dressing room door and through an outfit bag. She carries it over to Kassie, "Why I was over in the other room, I called Bruce at the club. He brought this over." She offered the garment to Kassie, "I'm a dancer at the XXXcelsior too."

[19:09:35] Rei me smiles as a knock comes at the door. She opens up the dressing room door and through an outfit bag. She carries it over to Kassie, "Why I was over in the other room, I called Bruce at the club. He brought this over." She offered the garment to Kassie, "I'm a dancer at the XXXcelsior too."

[19:09:48] Micky Ryan smiles and claps " a noble if.. some what biasesd sentiment lexus , though i have to inform you.. this was the evening gown portion of the proceedings.. and you seem to almost not be wearing yours.." he points to her chest and then a bit lowert " your peeking at me girl... in any case your dismissed " he shifts in his seat with a small cough " Diamond please join us on stage"
[19:11:08] Iria gives Diamond a wink as she steps to the side. "Go get 'em girl. You're going to be great."

[19:11:14] DiamondPhoenix1 takes short breathes, and takes it Iria's wise words, she seems to struggle understanding them, but relaxes until the last thing she says. "Oh no is that why people were talking about farming earlier!?", her eyes get big and she starts checking for facts about farming on the internet. "There can't be much to it right, like just dirt and water... and like I think they use like cow poop is what I heard...is it like shovels and the moon has to be like in alignment right...oh yes stripping the corn and stuff, I think if its farming it cant be too bad...", she hears her name, feeling better now, she waddles her way to the stage turning back with a big smile and thumbs up to Iria, mouthing "THANK YOU SO MUCH", feeling like the farming fertility questions she will like totally ace.

[19:12:48] Iria sighs softly and shakes her head. "At least i hope she'll be fine. I hope she at least enjoys herself..."

[19:12:52] Lexus Regal looks down and shrugs. She turns on her heel and pauses to give a wave and bow to the audience. As she walks off stage she grumbles. "I can't believe how jealous they all are." She smiles as she meets Diamond on the stairs. "You will be great. Don't worry about all the millions of people watching you up here and listening to your every word. Don't worry about how big you are or that hair that has fallen out of place. Just kick their ass!" She smiles and kisses Diamond before heading down.

[19:13:59] secret identity ellie izumi: yells "and don't worry about how you look just do your best diamond!"

[19:15:03] Suki O'Shillelagh giggles and skips up to Lexus "Yay did you find the egg? Did you get your wish?"

[19:15:03] Iria looks to Ellie as she yells, then shakes her head slowly. She only hopes Diamond is oblivious enough not to take it the wrong way.

[19:15:29] Kassie Martian looks to Rei "Omg THANK YOU! You're the best. If I had to walk home naked one more time, not to mention in this weather....."

[19:15:51] DiamondPhoenix1 walks up the stairs and sees Lexus, her mouth drops, and looks at Lexus like a deer in headlights, "wait what?!", she pops out on stage, then hears someone comment on not worrying about how she looks and her heart drops. She stumbles toward the microphone and says nervously, but keeping a big smile, "hello...I am ...", she clears her throat, "Diamond Feelings... I mean ... ", she starts over, "I am Diamond Phoenix...", she smiles big like a trained beauty queen.

[19:16:02] Micky Ryan looks the pregnant diamond up and down " Diamond , are you concerned about bringing a child into such a dangerous world? how do you feel about having to give your shield up after its born?"
[19:16:03] Lexus Regal hugs Suki and smiles. "Eggs? Wait what? I dunno but those judges are all like trying to fuck me on stage and stuff. It is like so disrespectful, ya know?"

[19:17:09] Kassie Martian llooks to Lexus "yeah, they were pretty mean to you, but you handled em awesome Miss Lexus. Like a badass"

[19:18:13] Lexus Regal flexes her arm, causing her dress to slip off one breast fully. "Yeah they can't treat me like some kinda slut."

[19:18:29] DiamondPhoenix1 looks at Micky, and smiles like she has never seen someone so attractive, then thinks for a few moments, as if she is really turning over the question in her mind. She finally leans into the microphone, "Can you please repeat the question..."

[19:18:58] Suki O'Shillelagh giggles and nods "Suki cant wait. Suki wish catch all the eggs and make super secret wish!"

[19:20:18] Kim Aron(Pilix) frowns and mutters a bit hearing Lexus's comment. "Can't they? coulda fooled me..." May or may not be loud enough in her muttering to be heard..

[19:20:36] Kassie Martian giggles as Lexus boob pops out "you're kinda hanging out there" licking her lips and biting her figer

[19:20:48] secret identity ellie izumi: points at lexus saying "uhhhh your breasts are showing you may want to cover those up........"

[19:21:20] Ricky Delacroix scurries into the room and hops over the back row into his seat. Glancing at the crowd and then the stage. A box with a hot dog and fries held in one hand and a large diet soda in the other. His eyes switching to intently watch the woman on the stage, waiting to see what he missed during his snack run.

[19:21:31] Anna-Kate Harper: She shows it on tv, but then Kassie does seem to be staring..

[19:21:55] Micky Ryan signs and rubs the bridge of his nose " my apologizes , its been a long night.. are you concerned with bringing a child into such a dangarous world , and how do you feel about having to give them up after there born"

[19:22:23] Kassie Martian walks past Lexus, still naked, putting the bag rei gave her in a locker, leaving something to wear "We all go back on stage one more time or not?"

[19:23:09] Lexus Regal looks down and giggles. "Yeah I need to get this dress tailored better. I think I lost too much weight this week. Oh well." She pulls the dress off and lays it on her bag. She shifts from foot to foot dancing in place as she adjusts her hair in the mirror. She looks over her shoulder at Kassie. "Oh we do? Uh, I dunno? I need another dress if we have to go back up. Be a dear and see what I have in my bag?"

[19:24:56] secret identity ellie izumi: sighs as she just strips naked again and just shakes her head and walks away

[19:25:41] Iria walks up to the base of the stairs and listens in silence to what is happening above, as she was originally.
[19:26:04] Kassie Martian shrugs "I dunno.... if we do, i'm not getting dressed, if we don't, Ill wear these sweats the club sent over..." bending deeply at the waist, absent mindedly giving anyone behind her a view of her slightly damp pussy and rosebud...."lets see, you have a little black number in here" (guess)

[19:26:17] DiamondPhoenix1 mouths his words as he speaks, getting nervous, realizing that these questions were way harder than some farming questions like the people downstairs told her they would be,she then tries her best to say it back in a sentence form, "Its no need to apologize for dangerous worlds, we have children and long nights are always something we all have to be concerned about, and so I would not be afraid to say that if we weren't going to have feelings, then being born would not be something we could do, because we have to love to have children, and love is what will bring all of together, even when long nights are hard....", she smiles at him and does a little giggle, making sure to keep the big beauty queen ssmile, saying over and over in her mind, "confidence diamond confidence diamond...."

[19:26:42] Suki O'Shillelagh bounces around waiting for her turn as she sings and bobs to Im sexy and I know it "I'm Suki and I know it" she nods dancing in place

[19:27:41] Micky Ryan makes some notes and sighs

[19:27:51] Lexus Regal shakes her head and moves over beside Kassie. As the girl bends over, Lexus slides her hand down Kassie's backside. Her fingers absentmindedly stroke down between Kassie's ass cheeks and lightly brush up and down the girl's slit. "No, not that one. Ugh not the green one either. Who got me a green dress? Yuck. Umm that blue? No that one is too short. Umm maybe I will have to like call someone to bring me one."

[19:27:53] Kim Aron(Pilix) just frowns over as she watches Lexus getting naked again, shaking her head some. "not a slut, my ass..." She still had a bit of contempt for the woman, not just for the stunt she pulled to rip her panties, but for how she'd treated her in the past too... Kim still remembered.

[19:29:29] Faith Celestial smiles looking too diamond asking "Diamond who is your favorite heroine. out of all of the heroines in the city you have Not met yet"

[19:29:37] Kassie Martian bites her lip and shudders at the touch of Lexus fingers.. "oh... um...ummmmmm" as i lose what little concentration i had.

[19:30:41] Lexus Regal keeps dancing in place as she looks through the bag with one hand. Her finger slowly slips between Kassie's pussy lips, gently pushing inside the girl's wet entrance. "I wonder how long it would take Cody to get here with a dress."

[19:32:38] Ricky Delacroix tucks in to his hot dog, quietly chewing and perhaps taking too big a bite every so often as he listens. Eventually warranting a cough as some slides down the wrong way, however a sip of soda fixes that problem. Seeing the question answered, he tilts his head a bit in thought, sipping at his drink idly. He had wondered about the opinion on anklebiters around here.

[19:32:55] DiamondPhoenix1 brow furrows, but she somehow keeps her smile, then she speak into the microphone, I would say that if I were to choose my favorite heroine in all of the heroines in the city of Celestial, that is this city of Celestial City, I would say that I have to pick every heroine that is in this great city we all love in, because all heroines are, like I was before when I got pregnant, and then they are all heroes and heroines, because they put their lives on the line every night, and so, in conclusions, we should all respect our heroines, because they represent the girl power that we and all the Missfits, and all the girls that are heroines fought for so many years for truth and justice.", she smiles, and readjusts her duct tape hoping no one would notice.

[19:33:08] Kassie Martian feels the finger push inside her, her little brain fogged and feeling more and more submissive...."Mmmmmiss Lexxxxxus maybe we should see if we have a grand finale before i get all messy?"

[19:33:38] Rei me considers and makes a seemly last minute decission to pull her hair back into a ponytail.

[19:34:53] Lexus Regal giggles softly and moves her finger a bit faster, gliding in and out of the bent over girl. She reaches further under and rubs Kassie's clit before pulling her hand back. She smiles sweetly as she licks her fingers. "I think it is too late. You are like dripping. I mean like everyone better be careful if you go back on stage so they don't slip in your puddle."

[19:34:54] Anna-Kate Harper rolls her eyes" Only one more person to go..better hurry it up you two"

[19:35:03] Faith Celestial just.. facepalms again and slumps back in her chair.

[19:35:51] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips, part of her wanting to decimate but the better side winning out eventually, or at least the side wanting this to be over "Alright...if you were to make a motivational quote for the people of this city, what would that quote be?" she asks, leaning back with an expression of 'this gonna be good'

[19:37:25] Suki O'Shillelagh hums to herself waitng patiently "Come on! I want to get my wish" she pouts

[19:37:55] Kassie Martian blushes deep red ut makes no move to stop the blonde woman taking advantage of her "MMmmmmmyess Miss Lexus" stopping her speech quickly to stop from moaning too loud as her body shudders

[19:38:54] Ricky Delacroix hearing the bit about 'Girl Power' he huffs and angrily stuffs a few fries in his mouth. No love for the guys that go out and get thrown through cars, manhandled by dragons and called names.

[19:39:58] DiamondPhoenix1 is unsure why that judge didn't seem to like her answer, but figures maybe she wasn't flirty enough or something, since she kinda looked a little butch or whatever. She decides to try a different approach with the next judge, prefacing her answer with, "I love your hair, that is pret...um so sexy wow.... so hot....", she says with a wink. She pauses to think about her answer to the actualy question but a few moments pass akwardly, then her eyes get big when she realizes that could be interpreted as an answer. She covers her mouth with a gasp, and isn't sure what to do. She tries to speak into the microphone to revoke the 'answer' if she isn't cut off first.

[19:40:46] secret identity ellie izumi: sighs seeing lexus she just turns around and starts tapping her foot waiting for this part to be over

[19:41:15] Anna-Kate Harper smieks as she waits and starts dancing to whatever beat Suki had " She's suki and she knows it"

[19:41:16] Lexus Regal giggles and dips her fingers back down under Kassie. She slips two fingers inside the girl and presses her thumb against Kassie's delicate button. She moves her hand quickly, with a well practiced motion, nearly shaking the girl's whole body. "You just ~have~ to come by Pasties for a make over. Maybe I will take you before next week's contest."

[19:41:24] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) speaks up "That's not a terrible thing to say to people, thank you" she states, wanting this to be over

[19:43:25] DiamondPhoenix1 stutters, "...but ...", she keeps a smile, but sees the judge has that look like she is soooo not getting another answer, and instead leans into the microphone, "thank you for all your support and I just wanted to say I am pregnant and so that is why I look like this thank you...", she keeps her smile as she waddles offstage.

[19:44:48] secret identity ellie izumi: sees diamond come down and pats her on the back saying "you did great! i loved your answers

[19:45:00] Kassie Martian shudders and convulses as she tries not to scream to loud as her orgasm begins to flush over her, the wet sounds of the fingers moving fast in her pussy, hammering her G-spot coaxing a flood of liquid.... "Ohhhhhhhh yesssss Misss Lexxxxxxxxus"

[19:45:21] Micky Ryan looks at his notes as she walks off then coughs " please welcome ira to the stage"

[19:45:25] Suki O'Shillelagh nods and dances with Anna "Im SUki and I know it" she giggles and dances with no rythmn or beat

[19:46:37] Lexus Regal pulls her hand out of the girl and gives her upturned butt a quick smack. She steps back and starts to casually adjust her hair as she pulls out her phone. She dials and speaks into it. "Cody? Yeah like I need a new dress or something. Wait what? Really? Like right now? But I am in the show? Sighs okay like fine. But this better be a damn fucking good guest."

[19:46:50] Ricky Delacroix tears another bite off his hot dog, and hearing the contestant's comment about pregnancy he snorts softly and mutters a 'Really?' before being shushed by a large woman next to him. Who he shoots a glance to and rolls his eyes before going back to his dinner/snack.
[19:46:53] secret identity ellie izumi: looks horrified at the offense to all dancing that is going on

[19:46:56] Iria walks up on to the stage, bracing herself so she doesn't squint when she steps into the lights. She turns to the judges, and dips her head, smiling warmly. She then turns out to the audience and lifts her right hand in a delicate wave, offering the same warm smile. "Good evening judges, everyone." She turns to look to them.

[19:47:59] Kim Aron(Pilix) just shakes her head, blushing as she watches the display between Lexus and Kassie. "Yep.. slut.." She huffs and adjusts her glasses, leaning on the wall still as she waits for the final contestants to get their turns, wondering if they needed to do anything after.

[19:48:05] Lexus Regal pulls on a short dress and starts toward the door. "I gotta go to the studio. Cody says there is like some important guest or something. Good luck everyone!" She pauses to hug Suki and then gives Diamond a little kiss. "Don't worry Diamond. I am sure you will do better next week."

[19:48:14] Anna-Kate Harper dances smoothly, on contrast " when she walks on by, Lexus lookin at her like man she fly!"

[19:48:20] Micky Ryan claps politely " Ira if you if you had to willingly submit to the authority of a hero or heroine of the city permanently who would it be?"

[19:48:29] DiamondPhoenix1 breathes a sigh of relief, her smile gone, and looking very tired, "Thank you ellie", she says as she starts to strip off the confining gown

[19:48:50] Kassie Martian drops to the floor, panting.....shaking for a moment as she catches her breath, finally reaching to grab a towel, the words "thank you" barely coming from my mouth as an audible whisper.

[19:49:16] Suki O'Shillelagh hugs Lexus "Bye Lexus. Tell meanie mayor manager person to stop having security try to get Suki autograph"

[19:49:30] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles back at diamond saying "happy to "

[19:49:46] Iria considers this for a time, then turns that violet gaze to Micky. "I could not. That would deprive the city of the genetic diversity necessary for the species to survive, would it not?" She counters, her tone respectful.

[19:50:18] DiamondPhoenix1 mouth drops at Lexus comment, and she says simply, "You too Lexus..."

[19:50:42] Kassie Martian starts to pick her self up off the floor, toweling her body and finally between her legs dry, blinking... "oh my, you ave a good evening Miss Lexus. When should I come by the salon?"

[19:51:20] Faith Celestial Adds "Ms Starr is it. the question is if you had too. thus leaving you without the option too say no. you would in the state of the question not have the option too decline. only the option too choose whos authority you had too submit too. please revise your answer
[19:51:38] Micky Ryan grunts and makes some notes

[19:52:11] secret identity ellie izumi: whispers in diamonds ear "ignore her i bet you did the best of us all"

[19:53:34] Iria bids her head to the judges. "My apologies." She looks back to the audience, her poise and composure still confident. "It will be one I have not yet met. One who is strong and intelligent. Of good health and strong conviction." She looks to the judges, hoping the vague answer is enough. "In truth, I have not met many yet. I try to avoid trouble."

[19:56:06] Faith Celestial smiles and nods. "Thank you for revising your answer. and i will add. out of the contestants thus far too me your outfit has been the most elegant. " she states mater of factly. "My question is. How do you stop conflict between meta humans and humans when both sides see the other as a threat and no common ground can currently be found. with the current panic the city has been in and the riots caused by it. how can the citizens of either side find peace?"

[19:57:00] DiamondPhoenix1 smiles big, "No way I love Lexus, why would I like ignore my bestie?", she says, as it becomes clear the insult Lexus spun at her had gone over her head. "But thank you, I think I did pretty good, considering I didn't even study. Why were people telling me it would be farm questions, there wasn't even one farm question...?" She looks around for the girl (Iria) that told her that. "She must have left cause she knew she had totally lied to me, I should havve never stopped getting my support from Lexus, you really can't trust anyone else than your bestie you know?", she confides in the girl she just met, as she takes the rest of her gown off

[19:59:45] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles saying "its possible it was just a misunderstanding and she didn't know she was telling you to look for farm questions though i did hear the word fertility mentioned "

[20:00:03] Iria looks to everyone in the audience. The humans and the metahumans. She then looks back to the judges, deciding on her answer. "The problem is we focus too much on our differences. There are also a great many similarities between us. We are descended from the same people. We share many of the same values. Most of us don't want to fight. If we stand together against those that wish to separate and harm us, I think we can someday find greater peace."

[20:01:29] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods and eyes the dress, nodding approvingly, wondering where she got it, she speaks up "Given the city's troubles and your ideas for the cause and solution, if you were mayor then what projects would you propose for the betterment of the city?"

[20:03:15] Kassie Martian begins to pull on her sweats... her face still flush

[20:03:20] Anna-Kate Harper remains quiet- listening and watching. Even as the pregnant woman stripped nearby" I Hope talent goes smoother..."

[20:04:05] DiamondPhoenix1 nods, and pulls her pearls over her head. She looks at Ellie, "Um... could you do me a little favor...", she starts to peel the duct tape back. "So this is gonna be waaaay harder for me than for you, so could you just pull this....", she bites her bottom lip, knowing this was gonna suck.

[20:04:15] Ricky Delacroix looks up from his box of food he peers at the woman on stage, hearing about the dress. Not bad at all, nice hips.. He hrrmed softly as he stares at the contestant in thought.

[20:04:26] Iria never stops smiling. But she clearly gives this one very serious thought. Finally she speaks up "More emphasis on community watch, and communication with local law enforcement. The sooner proper instructions can be given, the more likely people are to survive in the event an emergency. The better the communication, the more appropriate and timely the responses can be." She considers further. "As the community grows aware and watches out for eachother, the closer we can become as a single people."

[20:05:03] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) begins to applaud

[20:05:48] Faith Celestial flicks her hand as she teleports something some where

[20:05:51] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "thank you"

[20:06:12] Micky Ryan makes some notes and nods " thank you very much Ira you are dismissed " he looks at his cards again " Ms Rei please join us on the stage"

[20:06:36] Iria blushes ever so slightly underneath her makeup. She turns to the judges and bows her head. She turns back to the audience, bows her head once more, still smiling. She offers another wave. "Thank you everyone for your time and complements. Have a lovely evening!"

[20:07:34] Iria beams brightly as she comes down the stairs. She looks to all the girls and gives them a thumbs up.

[20:07:36] Micky Ryan coughs " who wrote these cards? Ms Rei please join us"

[20:07:54] secret identity ellie izumi: gives iria a thumbs up back

[20:07:58] Rei me comes out onto stage, moving to the spotlight with a slow sway of her hips and a smile on her face for the crowd. When she reaches the center, she turns to the judges, bringing her hands together to give them a proper bow.

[20:08:19] Faith Celestial sighs "im not sure but whoever did needs too be fired"

[20:09:25] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees a dress that had appealed to her darker form in the deep purple and now one matching more her angelic form in the nice gold. She looked suspiciously around for a moment then took another drink

[20:10:07] Micky Ryan Looks the woman up and down and leans back in his chair " Ms Rei my question for you is this.. have you ever compromised your morals for success.. or had some one force you to do so.. and did you enjoy it?"

[20:10:09] secret identity ellie izumi: turns and smiles at diamond saying "of course " and with one quick pull rips the duct tape off like ask

[20:12:07] DiamondPhoenix1 sees Iria coming down there stairs and looks at Ellie as she was winding up to pull the duct tape from her breasts, "That the ... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!", she yells so loud as the tape pulls he breasts forward, the nipples almost coming off with it. She tries to breath and rubs her sore nipples. "WHY DIDNT YOU WARN ME....", she forgets all about Iria for a moment

[20:12:58] Rei me considers the question, and is about to start answering when there is a scream from downstairs. "Excuse me." she takes a few steps to the edge of the curtain, "Is everything alright down there?"

[20:13:16] Iria: "It's fine!" She calls up just loud enough to b eheard

[20:13:18] Micky Ryan "stop"

[20:13:27] Faith Celestial sighs.

[20:13:38] Anna-Kate Harper: just someone killing someone else.. nothing to see here...

[20:13:46] Micky Ryan he frowns " are you aware exiting this stage is grounds for forfeit?"
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Re: Miss Celestial 2018 Round one!

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:21 pm

[20:14:07] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles "why do doctors distract you before giving shots? its so the pain of anticipation doesn't cause more pain then is necessary"

[20:14:14] Iria looks to the two noise makers and lifts a finger to her lips in a shushing motion. "You'll make it more difficult for her." She smiles. "Are you alright?" She asks quietly.

[20:14:36] Ricky Delacroix perks up hearing a yell from backstage. His mind giving him two possibilities. One sexy... the other a problem for security...

[20:15:20] Rei me returns to the spotlight, "Apologies. You asked if I ever compromised my morals. The answer is no. Even if it means forfeiting a contest like this if there is a person in need." She considers and finishes her answer, "Someone tried to force me to do so, and I chose to resign my position instead."

[20:15:25] secret identity ellie izumi: cringes upon hearing iria and says softly "sorry"

[20:15:50] Micky Ryan nods and makes some notes

[20:16:00] DiamondPhoenix1 whispers in a rushed tone, her breasts reddening where the tape was, "I would have been a lot more fine if you didn't make some story about the questions being about farm animals...", she digs through her bags huffily looking for her civi clothes.

[20:16:24] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) hears the scream too and stands, looking for a way to get offstage to look for the source.

[20:16:58] Iria covers her mouth and giggles. "No. I said 'fertility'." Iria gestures to Daimond's tummy. "Your ability to bear children. To have babies."

[20:17:31] Kassie Martian shudders...

[20:17:50] Faith Celestial leans back sighing as she looks over the woman. "You have two people in front of you, you can only save one of them, one is a man who killed some one very dear too you. who has reformed his life after committing the act. the other is a person who up too this point has been innocent. but due too circumstances has killed a group of people against his will. You have too kill one. or thousands die as the consequence. what is your choice"

[20:18:11] Kim Aron(Pilix) winces at the sound of tape ripping off and the woman's scream of pain, shaking her head some. She didn't understand the lengths some people went to...

[20:19:25] DiamondPhoenix1 rolls her eyes, "Bears are so not farm animals, and baby bears are called kids or cubs or something, not children." She points at Ellie, "At least this one just handled it how it was without sugarcoating things and just like lying to me or like laughing at me like how you just did ..."

[20:20:42] Anna-Kate Harper: what are you talking about? Ive got a bear named buddy, raised him since a cub because I killed his momma..they are too farm animals

[20:21:03] Iria shakes her head. "No. To 'bear' a child means to have a child. You can have a baby. You are fertile." She tries to find an easier way to explain it. Then Anna chimes in, and she starts losing her own train of thought.

[20:21:04] Kassie Martian pulls on her sweats, throwing her heels in her bag, pulling her hair into a high ponytail....

[20:21:42] Rei me considers the question seriously, seeming to have no problem with the 'no win' nature of it. "In the end of the day, I would choose the second man. His actions were not his own, and to condemn him over a person who's past deeds are his own choice is unfair, even if the latter had reformed."

[20:22:34] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) leans forward all serious, looks at her card, opens her mouth, closes her mouth, looks at her question again and then smirks "If you could have a living sex doll of anyone in the city, who would you choose?"

[20:24:17] DiamondPhoenix1 seems confused and look at Anna, "Really?", she thinks for a moment, "Well either way, she told me they were about bears or animals or whatever and it so wasn't even one about that...", she puts her dress on, and stuff her gown into her bag, before letting her hair down. "I just don't understand why people try to saba...sabertag me and Lexus like all the time. She shakes her hair to let it fall loose.

[20:25:42] Iria looks at Diamond. "I did not try to sabotage you. You misunderstood everything I said..." She sighs, then turns to go stand in the back.

[20:26:08] Suki O'Shillelagh looks to Diamond "Lexus says because people are jellies with her. Which is silly because Lexus is a person and not candy"

[20:26:51] secret identity ellie izumi: cringes as she was pointed to she didn't want to cause trouble she figured best to just stay quiet at this point because the woman wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and she didn't want to cause more misunderstandings

[20:27:28] Narelle Leia (narelleleia) hears no more screams or calls for help. She sits back down.

[20:27:40] me manages to fight off most of her blush at the question, shaking her head, "I have not been in the city long enough to meet anyone I'd wish to had a sex doll of." Her eyes linger perhaps a bit long on Hell Guard's chest as she considers, "In the end I would have to say Myself. Anyone else, I could speak to, make friend and companionship. But who hasn't thought of having sex with their perfect duplicate." Okay... perhaps not a lot of people, but in for a penny, in for a pound.

[20:27:55] Rei me manages to fight off most of her blush at the question, shaking her head, "I have not been in the city long enough to meet anyone I'd wish to had a sex doll of." Her eyes linger perhaps a bit long on Hell Guard's chest as she considers, "In the end I would have to say Myself. Anyone else, I could speak to, make friend and companionship. But who hasn't thought of having sex with their perfect duplicate." Okay... perhaps not a lot of people, but in for a penny, in for a pound.

[20:30:12] DiamondPhoenix1 giggles, "Omg Suki, you soooo just reminded me of her just then", her eyes follow Iria as she goes to the corner. She slides on her sandals, and puts her sunglasses on. "Anyway like thanks for the assist, I'm Diamond by the way.", she holds out her hand to Ellie.
[20:30:30] Ricky Delacroix snorks his soda at the contestant's answer.

[20:32:00] Micky Ryan nods " thank you rei you are dismissed " he looks down at the cards and frowns " is that every one? ...i thought i heard something about a new entrant"

[20:32:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) notices the long stare and gives Rei a wink

[20:32:18] Faith Celestial "Think their name was pookie?"

[20:32:51] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles at diamond and says "i always enjoy helping people and your welcome nice to meet you diamond i am ellie " she then shakes diamonds hand

[20:33:35] Suki O'Shillelagh hears the last person is done and disappears in a flash step. She reappears standing on the mic "Have all fears Suki is here!" she poses and loses balance faliing off the stage "Suki meant to do that!"

[20:34:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks and groans "it...wasn't Suki, was it?" she asks and looks up at the woman "ugh...Metapool's gotta be around here somewhere"

[20:34:21] Rei comes down stairs, "They're asking about a Pooki?" She looks at the girl in green, who's the only one who hasn't gone... " she blinks a few times, "Oh I guess so...
[20:34:35] Kassie Martian giggles and bites her finger, listening to everyone start to get along a little better

[20:34:48] Micky Ryan sighs and tilts his head " who is this then?"

[20:36:47] Anna-Kate Harper shrugs" its easy to train a bear..you respect their strenght. If you slip up, they let you know

[20:37:01] Kim Aron(Pilix) watches as the last girl to go... disappears. She listens, hearing she was up on stage now. "Almost done.." She breathes a bit, having no idea how well she scored compared to the rest... she wasn't sure how fair her "questions" really were though either...

[20:38:31] DiamondPhoenix1 smiles at Ellie, "Well like I helped people for like years when I was a heroine, and now I am just a silly housewife...well I mean like not wife...not yet, but I don't really do the heroine stuff anymore is what I mean..."

[20:39:31] Micky Ryan leans back in his chair and looks this new comer up and down " pardon me . might we have your attention?" he says towards suki"

[20:40:03] Kassie Martian slides her sunglasses on....hiding her face, nodding at Diamond "so... you're retired now with the bump and all?"

[20:41:08] secret identity ellie izumi: she smiles saying "i understand what you mean cant be doing dangerous stuff and risk hurting your kid"

[20:41:43] secret identity ellie izumi: she then smiles and says "always admired the missfits "

[20:43:05] Kassie Martian bites her lip, not wanting to let her history on

[20:43:14] DiamondPhoenix1 nods at Kassie, "Well its a baby Im not tired or fat or anything like that", she explains. She smiles big, "Oh you heard of the Missfits?", she tries to act surprised, though in the back of her mind she thought most everyone knew of them, especially with Superstar on their team.

[20:45:12] secret identity ellie izumi: nods saying "who hasn't heard of one of the greatest if not the greatest female super hero team of all time?"

[20:46:37] Anna-Kate Harper: The avengers? Iron woman, she hulk, captain america, hawkeye, doctor strange?

[20:47:32] Micky Ryan: ummm yes if you become Ms celestia what will you do to live up tot he honor

[20:48:00] secret identity ellie izumi: "to be fair half of those are men and the other half are singular heroes instead of a team and the avengers arent a all female team also"

[20:48:19] DiamondPhoenix1 ears get donkeylike, and she beams, "Well you know leading a team like that was like super hard, cause I basically had to train everyone from scratch, but its not really something I talk about cause I don't like to brag about how I created the whole team and like made it so amazing, so usually I just like to be pregnant and just go about my day and wait for my hubby...I mean boyfriend...but whatever...hubby...", she looks at Anna like she fell off the moon, "Are you okay honey, I think you are hallucinating or something...

[20:48:21] Taiyo (gynoid.amaterasu): The Justice League of Amazons? Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Huntress, Big Barda, Zatanna, Power Girl, Black Orchid?

[20:50:56] Suki O'Shillelagh gets up and dusts herself of smiling and waving at the crowd "Suki is Ok!" Sheback flips back on the stage and tilts her head looking at Micky "Suki doesn't have a tent. Suki lives with her friend sorry" She looks confused at the question "You are dummy. I'm, already a girl and live in Celestial City duh. You bad judge but I give you another chance. You can do better job I believe in you." She nods

[20:52:40] Micky Ryan squints at her and nods firmly " ohh wait.. your suki?...ohh your at the wrong place.. you want to be at the place across town" he leans back and waves to hell guard figuring his ploy wont work

[20:53:13] DiamondPhoenix1 touches her hair and basks in the complements

[20:55:35] Faith Celestial nods with ryan "He is right, this is for applying too be Ms Celestial city, and as you said, your already a woman and a resident. and your suki!"

[20:56:11] secret identity ellie izumi: "never heard of justice league of amazons just regular justice league? and again all solo heroes" she then turns to diamond and says "wow you trained them yourself? thats amazing! i bet you could open some heroine training gym if you wanted to!"

[20:57:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "yes, you seem to be in the wrong place dear" she adds

[20:57:36] DiamondPhoenix1 smiles, "Well I let me hubby do the hero stuff now, he is really good with his hands so I am sure he can train people too...", she seems to let her mind drift off for moment and a small blush overtakes her.

[20:57:56] Suki O'Shillelagh nods "Yep so I win. Suki is ok. But Ryan should leave. Suki is judge now. By Mr Ryan" she waves and takes a seat on the table "Ok so who is next guest to interview? Suki is happy to have own show just like Lexus" she claps excited before yelling really loud "Ok everyone come up!"

[20:59:16] Anna-Kate Harper facepalms hearing from above..no words..just facepalms

[20:59:20] Micky Ryan smiles and looks to the other two judges and just rises and heads for the door not saying a word

[20:59:36] Faith Celestial just sighs stands and smiles "Your right suki.. its your show from this hour on for the rest of the night" she says as she stands up and just walks out

[20:59:36] Ricky Delacroix blinks at what just happened, having finished his dinner he did the only thing he could - and sips his drink. Trying to figure out what the hell the final contestant is on.

[20:59:47] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods, moving to stand up as well, also heading on out since the show was over "good luck Suki"

[21:00:27] secret identity ellie izumi: nods to diamond saying "but what if newer heroines wanted to be trained by a more experienced heroine instead of a hero?"

[21:01:33] Kim Aron(Pilix) blinks as she watches the judges walk through and just... leave. "Uh... I guess it's over then?"

[21:01:42] DiamondPhoenix1 nods at Ellie, "Tell you what, once I pop this guy out, you call me if you find some people that need training, and I will see if I can find a babysitter for an hour here and there...", she hands Ellie a card with her phone number on it.

[21:02:09] Kassie Martian listens.....giggles "training"

[21:02:29] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles happily at diamond and says "thanks i sure will!"

[21:03:02] secret identity ellie izumi: she then takes the card

[21:03:05] Fuyuko (yuukikaru) hearing the show was over she would just sigh and walk out muttering "this was a waist of time"
[21:03:45] Rei nods to Diamond and Ellie, "In my own world, we had alot of young heroes and heroines looking to those with experience to help them train."

[21:04:17] secret identity ellie izumi: once the show was over for sure she gets out of her dress and into her casual clothes

[21:04:32] DiamondPhoenix1 nods, and heads up the stairs, "Well my day of heroing is over, but training a new batch might be fun..."

[21:04:44] Suki O'Shillelagh sits on the desk and waves to the crowd "Our next guest is super heroine but now super mommy. Diamond Feelings!"

[21:04:55] Iria peers out from behind the curtains. She turns and calls down to the girls. "It seems the judges have left. Perhaps a way to make you all expose yourselves publicly."

[21:05:03] Kassie Martian: ohhhhh training HEROES...

[21:05:10] Anna-Kate Harper: well thats it I guess ~ she simply vanishs apearing in the audience by Elewa and kissing her

[21:05:16] Kim Aron(Pilix) wraps her shawl around again and moves toward the door, glancing at the others. "Well uh... good luck, see you all at the next round, I guess..."

[21:05:29] DiamondPhoenix1 walks out from the curtain and waves playfully heading toward her sometimes friend suki, whispering, "Where are the judges?"

[21:06:05] Kassie Martian sighs.... with my dress AND panties

[21:06:32] Suki O'Shillelagh smiles "Suki fired them. They were bad. Asked dummy questions. So now it Suki's show. Doint worry Suki was trained by Lexus" she nods

[21:06:42] Ricky Delacroix takes a long, final draft off the super-sized drink before giving a soft belch. He'd put the cup in his box and stand, stretching a bit before calling out towards the stage "Lady in Green spooked the judges."

[21:07:09] Elewa (kya.warden): smiles broadly as she sees Anna appear "hey!.. you did great... i am so glad i made it" she says huging anna tight

[21:07:17] Elewa smiles broadly as she sees Anna appear "hey!.. you did great... i am so glad i made it" she says huging anna tight

[21:07:32] Rei slips out the back of the Theater and looks around to see if anyone is still out here.

[21:07:35] DiamondPhoenix1 smiles nervously, then checks the audience faces to see if they are terrified or amused. She asks Ricky, "They are alive though right?", before turning to Suki and giving her a big fake smile.

[21:07:36] Anna-Kate Harper frinns hugging the darker woman tight " yeah..but I think its wrapped

[21:07:51] Iria steps out on stage for a moment before deciding it's best to just take the exit from the dance studio.
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