A mugging

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A mugging

Post by Timberwulff » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:48 am

This is howard handupme with a news report. It would seem reformed villain known as Condiment kid was found beaten. He has been rushed to the hospital and is listed in critical condition.

[08:39] Allock (allock123 Resident) a group of wandering thugs stop as they come upon a lone an in the streets " what do we have here? ehhh ehhh you lost buddy?"
[08:39] mob of thugs a group of wandering thugs stop as they come upon a lone an in the streets " what do we have here? ehhh ehhh you lost buddy?"
[08:40] Condiment Kid: wanders out of his underground lab, excited to be going to the school. He has seen it before and knows there are living quarters. He pauses looking at the group."Nope, just... moving."
[08:42] mob of thugs one of the members of the mob moves around him shoving at his back while another reaches for the book " ohh your moving are you?" the leader of the group says " well theres a moving out fee"
[08:43] Condiment Kid: looks at them, his bracers in repair mode."Look guys I don't want any trouble." as he is shoved
[08:45] mob of thugs tone of the thugs tilts his head as he spots something he reaches down and grabs at the bracer" wait a minuet,,, you some kinda meta or something?"
[08:46] Condiment Kid: yanks his hands back. his box of stuff falling to the ground."N, No I'm not a meta." He was feeling a bit nervous now. So far these guys weren't villains, just jerks.
[08:50] mob of thugs theres a rattle of chains behind him " my brother was killed by one of you fucking metas " the chain swings for him and the leader screams " get him!!" pipes and chains swing in hard from all directions as the mob the bald man
[08:52] Condiment Kid: reaches for his pocket only to find his wasabi grenades gone he didn't have time to curse the luck of them being packed as the chain hits the back of his head, staggering forward, he barely heard the get him."Not.. not a..."
[08:54] mob of thugs the mob moves in shoving and swinging trying to beat him to the ground " yeah thats what ya get fucking meta.. how tough are you now? eh!! fuck you !!"
[08:55] Condiment Kid: Grabs one guy and throws him against a wall in time to get hit by another, dropping him to a knee
[08:57] mob of thugs the leader hangs back and points at a guy with a chain " do it" one man slams against he far wall falling stunned but other members of the mob rush in and dog pile the kid one of them attempts to wrap a chain around his legs
[08:59] Condiment Kid: tries to kick his legs to keep from getting tied up, but is getting kicked and beaten on as the pile pins him to the ground
[09:02] mob of thugs the wrap the chain in place and lock it with a pad lock members of the mob kicking and beatinghim as the drag him nto the buldding
[09:04] Condiment Kid: groans as he is being dragged, " Not.. not a meta." he says weakly before getting kicked in the face
[09:05] mob of thugs the laugh at him and wrap the chain around a hook locking it in place, then the mob gathers around him and begins swinging pipes and bats and sticks at him " come on boys!! break that pinata"!!
[09:07] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) groans as he finds himself hung upside down, his one good eye opening as he sees the pipes and bats
[09:07] Condiment Kid: groans as he finds himself hung upside down, his one good eye opening as he sees the pipes and bats
[09:11] mob of thugs the thugs laughter fills the room " get me a pen" one of the thugs hands him a pen he leans down and writes on the kids face " death to metas " then shoves him forcing him to swing in the air " lets go guys " the thugs begin to file out but one thug pauses and swings his bad at the kids knee attempting to shatter it
[09:13] Condiment Kid: screams as his knee is shattered, before he loses conciousness, a bloody broken mess
[09:19] Condiment Kid: suddenly an alarm goes off in the building to alert the police and the city
[09:26] Condiment Kid: hangs upside down his knee shattered blood dripping from his face and body
[09:28] Red is flying around the building after she hears the alert on a field trip to the Protectorate. She changes into her costume and flies out, stupidly deciding to do some heroing. As she flies above the building she notices a door opening and closing. She lands and grabs it just before it closes completely, and uses her strength to0 yank it up and open, entering the factory
[09:30] Condiment Kid: hangs there."No... not a meta." He groans as his eyes close
[09:31] Red hears and then sees him, and comes rushing to his side, "Kid! What happened? It's me, Red!" She looks at how he is tied up, trying to find a way to let him down easily.
[09:33] Condiment Kid: is a mess of blood, bruises and one of his legs are bent at an awkward angle. From the lok of him if he doesn't to to a hospital soon he is gonna die.
[09:33] Red flies up to try and use her strength to rip him free from his bindings.
[09:34] Condiment Kid: chain releases and unties him, causing his body to fall to the ground in a lump
[09:36] Red flies down, checking him over, then picks him up and tries to fly him out of the building and to the hospital.
[09:38] Condiment Kid: arrives at the hospital and Doctors and nurses come rushing out getting him to a gurney and rushing him to the ER. Condiment kid is unconscious through all of this
[09:41] Red stands over his gurney after the doctors prep him for surgery. He's already been given a heavy dose of morphine. She tells him, "Hey Kid! The doctors say you'll be ok...You just need a little surgery." She's sugarcoating it heavily., before she asks him, "What happened?"
[09:42] Condiment Kid: opens his eyes again long enough to say."I'm.. I'm not a meta." before closing them again
[09:45] Red replies, "I know...but you're still special." Just then the doctors and nurses come and wheel him away.

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