Miss Celestial City: Our Talented City!

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Miss Celestial City: Our Talented City!

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:28 pm

15:57:34] Anna-Kate Harper steps into the dressing area, and sets a dufflebag down" now for the fun part"

[15:58:21] Nameless walked in with a huge tray of hot dogs and a giant smile! She had an idea for the talent show that might make all the men wiggle around in their seats!

[16:00:01] Micky Ryan strides into the theater and up on to the stage with a cool casual stride his every movement one of poise and calculation

[16:01:23] Rei has been at the theater for a while, having come by earlier to drop off a few things and speak with the stage manager on her performance. She comes down stairs with a smile for the other candidates who have arrived.

[16:04:21] Micky Ryan nods and waves to the other judges as he adjusts the mic his gaze sweeping the stands then he turns to the back stage stairs and descends them , clearing his throat loudly as he enters the dressing room and pulls out a note book and pen

[16:06:19] Nameless was ready and waiting! She was half tempted to eat a nice hot dog before her performance, but it required her to have an empty stomach! Otherwise she'd make a mess! She smiled and waved at everyone incase they were staring at her and waited for the inevitable hostile sabotage that would definitely take place!

[16:08:59] Kapi D. Lucy sneaks past the crowd and downstairs in her trenchcoat and a large sack over her shoulder. She looks at the other contestants nervously "Um am I late?"

[16:14:01] Lexus Regal pushes her way into the dressing room, shoving the door open with no regard for who may be near it. The celebrity jostles her path over to the make up table and sits down. As she adjusts her hair, she looks at the other girls in the mirror. "So like I hope none of y'all are like nervous. I mean it can be like ya know terrifying to be up there on stage with millions of people watching everything you do. Like I do it all the time, but I know none of you all have like ever been like the center of attention and stuff. Cody told me a trick though. Just like imagine that like you are like naked on stage...no wait, like in your underwear. No wait, like the audience is in their underwear. Um maybe you are supposed to be like thinking about being naked. Anyway, like just like don't think about how everyone will be staring at you and like ready to like laugh if you fuck up and stuff."

[16:15:57] Kassie Martian waves "hi Miss Lexus! Wait..... we're supposed to wear underwear? They need to TELL me these things ahead of time!"

[16:16:42] Micky Ryan finishes writing his notes and turns towards the stairs pressing his frames up on his nose a bit " do be paying attention girls.. tardyness is so unappealing," he glances at the pinkish girl as he gos by his face turning down in a frown of disapproval

[16:17:34] Nameless bounced up and down on her toes and levitated her hot dogs above everyone else as the train wreck of a celebrity barged in, "I'm blind so i don't mind people staring at me... The only one that has to worry about messing up is yourself, don't worry about other people!" She shrugged her shoulders and got ready to be called on.

[16:19:38] Kim Aron(Pilix) hurries into the dressing room, carrying a cooler strapped over her shoulder, and another bag. She breathes and sighs a bit, clearly having jogged to get here on time.. or at least not too late. She leans against a wall, calming down a bit as she looks around at the others in the room.

[16:20:55] Lexus Regal giggles at Kassie and motions for her to come closer. "No, silly. I said EMAGINE, ya know like how email is not like really a letter? Besides like, underwear would like show pantie lines and stuff. So like I hope you are not wearing any." She glances over at the girl in the pink coat with the bag and wrinkles up her nose. "Um, like I thought the janitor was supposed to take that trash out like before we got her? I mean like eww."

[16:21:39] secret identity ellie izumi: glares at lexus saying "thats mean how do you know she isn't a contestant?"
[16:22:07] Rei just waits near the stairs, seemly dressed in street clothing still. She shakes her head as she watches the antics of Lexus.

[16:22:47] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) just relaxes back, smiling to Faith and looking up at Micky, waiting for the show to hit the road

[16:23:01] Micky Ryan strides out before the mic once more a smile spreading across his face " Ladys and gentlemen welcome to the second round of our Ms Celestial city pageant , todays contest is all about talent , and tonight we will find out who's got it and who doesn't " he tosses the crowd a sly wink " your judges tonight are my self, Judge faith, and hell guard so.. with out further ado lets begin "

[16:23:05] Lexus Regal looks Lucy up and down then glances at Ellie. The blond raises her eyebrows in an exaggerated expression and then bursts out giggling. "Oh yeah...like right. I mean like be for real, ya know." She turns and goes back to fixing her hair.

[16:23:05] Kapi D. Lucy was standing in front of the door still and is sent tumbling with a squeak at Lexus entrance. She gets up dusting herself off and checking her sack. Catching the usual look from the man that she normaly gets in public she hauls her bag to a corner to check its contents doing her best to ignore Lexus

[16:23:25] Anna-Kate Harper listened to above and the others..not pleased with Nameless after yesterday

[16:23:27] Micky Ryan: Rain please come out on stage and show us your talent

[16:23:56] Micky Ryan: Nameless!

[16:24:24] secret identity ellie izumi: just sighs shaking her head and goes by to ignoring lexus like usual

[16:24:49] Kassie Martian laughs loudly "Oh Miss Lexus, I don't ever wear underwear unless it's required or a special occasion or something. Way too constricting and it's just one more thing you gotta take off when you're ready to get naked!"

[16:25:32] Kapi D. Lucy looks to Lexus after making sure everything was still in her bag "I don't like you. You're mean. I should kick your ass but I promised I wouyldnt"

[16:25:55] Nameless walked up the stairs with her platter of hot dogs and stood before the judges, bowed slightly and then turned to the crowd and bowed a little lower, making sure to show off her ass from under her hoodie! "Hello All!" She waves a little bit before calmly waiting for the que to go!

[16:26:37] Pyris floats slowly into the theater and glances around, before noticing someone he knew and moving over to flop down in the seat behind Drex with a soft 'thmp' sound. After he'd lean in, wincing a bit at how tightly that caused his armor to squeeze his newest problem "Say... I need a bit of assistance if you're available after this. Or..yanno.. some point in the next day or so"He'd whisper enough to be heard at this distance but not much further. Not wanting randos that were already giving him dirty looks for his glowyness to be privy to the discussion. "Ooh.. it's starting.."

[16:28:11] Lexus Regal giggles at Kassie again. "Yeah that is good and also like ya know who wants to wear hot undies which will make you sweat and then everyone can smell you." She sniffs the air and then slowly looks around the room stopping her gaze on Lucy with a bit of a sneer. She shifts her chair a bit further away from the odd looking girl in pink. She picks up her phone and starts narrating her texting. "Cody, make sure to get the janitor girl fired. She is like a bitch and making threats."

[16:28:20] Drexia turns her head backwards to see who is in the seat and talking "oh, greetings" she says before turning back forward"

[16:28:40] Micky Ryan tilts his head watching nameless he nods at her to begin

[16:30:11] Elewa rolling up to the front row and locking her wheels in place she smiles as she sees the first performer come out

16:32:35] Nameless looked at the judges and sent a strong suggestion as she spoke to them, "This is gonna be the most amazing thing you will ever witness!" Her voice seemed to echo a bit if it worked... She then levitated a singe hot dog without the bun up off the platter and opens her mouth wide! The Hot dog the went in and down her throat, the next hot dog went up and followed the second one, tears formed in her eyes as she did this and fought back the choking sensation, a third hot dog went in and a fourth! She then closed her mouth and motioned at her stomach, this was why she needed it to be empty! The four hot dogs bulged out of her abdomen to show that she did indeed swallow them whole! Her mouth opened up again and she motioned slowly, one by one the hot dogs would reappear out of her mouth and go back to the buns on the tray! She then bows again and says, "Tada! Anyone hungry?"

[16:34:15] Faith Celestia just.. drops her jaw a bit watching.. as she says "Out of curiosity, do you only do hotdogs. or could you fit tacos?" before realizing what she said and facepalming at her own question

[16:34:44] Drexia looks over to the one coming up next to her "that is sufficient for this contest? i could have entered"

[16:35:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) stares at the horrid show of mass consumption, shaking her head at that question, not sure she'd be hungry again for a long while. And due to some recent excursions into Hell, her mind was a bit more resilient to mentalism than others. She laughs at Faith and gives her a playful pat, looking back at Nameless "that was...very interesting...thank you for sharing your...talent..."

[16:35:40] Micky Ryan raises and eye brow and coughs covering his mouth with a closed fist " yes.. thats definitely a kind of talent, you are dismissed"

[16:35:52] Elewa blinks at the impressive and unusual performance... and she cant help but smirk hearing faiths comment

[16:36:29] Micky Ryan reads off a small list " please welcome lexus to the stage ladys and gentelmen"

[16:36:57] Pyris watches the showing and squirms in his seat a bit at the imagery. "Oh~" he muttered. before being hit by two things he loved, women and hot dogs. Hearing Faith's comment he snorted and glanced between Drex and the lady in the wheelchair "She may like fish tacos, but I doubt she would go for coelacanth..."

[16:36:58] Nameless nods, "I haven't tried Tacos... But i'm pretty sure i could!" She smirked as she fought down the sick feeling in her stomach, "No problem! Any time!" She picked up one of the hot dogs that hadn't gone into her stomach, "I brought extra just in case!" She then scurries off stage and down the stairs, what to do with the rest of the hot dogs?

[16:37:55] Faith Celestia looks to mel and says likely a little too loudly "hot dogs are off the dinner menu for a month"
[16:38:13] Kapi D. Lucy watches the performance on the monitor and grins "SO we can eat for our talent? I would of totally brough all the meat if I knew that

[16:38:55] Lexus Regal hears her name and jumps up, knocking the stool she was sitting on over, uncaring if it hits anyone. The blond takes one last quick look in the mirror before skittering to the steps, her heels clicking on the hardwood floors. The celebrity takes a breath as she walks out on stage with her billion dollar smile beaming to the audience. "Hello, Hello, Hello. Thank you all for coming to see me!" She looks over at the judges and gives a little finger wave. "So, like do I start now?"

[16:39:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Faith and nods "at the very least" she states and then sees Lexus coming out "oh hello again" leans forward in her seat

[16:40:38] Elewa chuckles a bit at the other comments in the crowd "well who could say no to tacos..." she says quietly then nodding to drexia she adds... "i could maybe pull off the first part.. not the second...

[16:40:42] Micky Ryan nods slowly to lexus " yes begin"

[16:40:46] Kapi D. Lucy snatches the unused hotdogs at lightning speeds wolfing them down

[16:41:13] Nameless NUUUUUUUUU!

[16:41:52] Kassie Martian giggles "Know whats yummy... a hot dog IN a taco..."

[16:45:18] Lexus Regal nods and takes a step back. She breathes in deeply a couple of times as if preparing for some spectacular feat of physical performance. She makes a quick motion with her hand and music starts to play. The celebrity stride forward and stops to pose. She winks at the crowd and then takes a few steps to the side before striking another pose. Lexus turns and looks over her shoulder at the audience with a flirty glance pausing once more as if waiting for flashbulbs to go off. Finally she move back to center stage and blows a kiss, holding the pose for a moment. Then she smiles and takes a bow, giving a nice view down her ample cleavage. "Thank you. Thank you. I will like autograph those pictures for anyone who waits in line after the show."

[16:46:12] Kim Aron(Pilix) sets her cooler and bag down, finding a stage hand to mention something to them she'll need for her performance. Aside from that, she just quietly waits, listening as the others take their turns.

[16:46:38] Anna-Kate Harper stretched, limbering up.. what was she planning?

[16:46:55] Kapi D. Lucy titls her head watching "What did the Lexus girl do though?"

[16:47:14] Kassie Martian slides her little skirt off and breathes deeply...

[16:47:35] secret identity ellie izumi: giggles saying "show off her body and act like a spoiled princess "

[16:47:42] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches the show and then tilts her head "your talent is you can walk in high heels?" she asks as she watches

[16:47:49] Nameless levitates the platter and growls angrily, "I already had to force a few of them back up without vomiting! Do not make me regret that!" She managed to save a few of the non eaten and regurgitated ones! But she wasn't happy with how things were going! She motioned at Lucy, tryng to slam her into the lockers...

[16:48:40] secret identity ellie izumi: yells "hey! no getting violent in here nameless!"

[16:49:16] Rei nods to Ellie, "And I am sure she'd say looking good doing it."

[16:49:25] Lexus Regal looks over confused at Hell Guard. She blinks a couple times and then speaks slowly as if talking to a child. "That is called modeling. It is not as easy as I make it look."

[16:49:31] Micky Ryan watches the whole display with a bit of confusion he claps politely the glances at the other judges " umm well that was very nice Lexus , thank you for that.. a big round of applause every one " he looks at his papper " umm you are dismissed lexus , every one please welcome ellie to the stage"

[16:49:35] Anna-Kate Harper just stayed to the side.. she didnt want to ruin the new top Elewa had made for her

[16:49:50] Faith Celestia looks to mel "i believe its called.. yes modeling.. and they make it seem difficult to charge large sums of money, mostly its about weight control"

[16:50:17] Kapi D. Lucy bounces against the lockers with a squeak noise "Um please let go. I dont want to punch you and get in trouble" she smiles

[16:50:48] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Lexus and then looks back at Faith "I...see...is weight control the talent or is the posing the talent or is it the offering autographs?"

[16:51:50] Nameless tilts her head, "Squeaky?" She motioned a few more times then let her go, just to hear the squeaky sound, "Thats kinda cool! Do you squeak when you walk?" She assumed it didn't hurt since she was just bouncing...

[16:52:05] Pyris blinks, watching the scene on stage and is glad HG asked the question. And hearing the answer he gives a muffled snort. He leans over towards Elewa and whispers "I was kinda hoping for something that would use that awesome butt...like.. picking up a cherry or something.Yanno.. like in a frat." he leaves the part about his own experience in a frat out.

[16:52:13] Lexus Regal turns back to the audience and waves with a big smile. She blows a kiss to the crowd and then smirks over at Faith's comment. As she turns to exit the stage, she looks over her shoulder and winks at the judges. "I know at least one of you can recognize real talent when it is like sitting on your face...oops I mean in your face," She waves at Faith as she disappears behind the curtain.

[16:52:32] Kim Aron(Pilix) keeps herself leaned against the wall, shaking her head some and staying out of the growing violence in the room.

[16:53:02] Kapi D. Lucy squeaks a couple more times and nods "Yes, Im a rubbergirl" she smiles

[16:53:55] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Faith and grins wide with a knowing smile, that retort likely not having caused any springs of jealousy that might have normally been intended. Now HG just wanted to hear a story

[16:54:17] Rei watches the confrontation between Napless and Kapi. She tilts her head at the comment about rubber girl, curious but trying not to get involved.

[16:54:18] Kassie Martian smiles to Lexus "How did it go Miss Lexus? Was it fun?"

[16:54:19] Lexus Regal stops at the base of the steps and looks around. "What the hell is that? Did like a mouse jump off that dirty janitor?"

[16:54:45] secret identity ellie izumi: smiled at the judges and does a short courtsie then says "i was going to do a short dance routine just tell me when to start"

[16:55:12] Anna-Kate Harper rolled her eyes anc kept stretching, her abs and body on display in her outfit

[16:55:31] Elewa chuckles slightly at pyris "well i have clearly never been in a frat... and sorority life didnt exactly suit me ether... i have seen a few interesting tricks with cherries tho..." she answers

[16:55:39] Lexus Regal smiles and shuffles over to Kassie. She reaches for the girl's hands. "Oh yeah. But like I wish we had some more high culture judges. I mean like really. "

[16:55:45] Nameless turned and levitated the eaten hot dogs just above Lexus... Then shoots them down like guided missiles! Stomache bile and desolving ketchup were her weapons of choice!

[16:55:57] Micky Ryan waves hs hand in a begin motion then leans back crossing one leg in manly fashion and steeplling his fingers in front of his mouth

16:56:41] Lexus Regal is smacked in the back by the flying hot dogs. The blond stumbles forward into Kassie as she lets out a scream.

[16:57:06] Kapi D. Lucy retreats to the corner and pulls out the things from her sack as she undresses

[16:57:43] Nameless pelted the super model with hot dogs and smirks, "Dodge dodge dodge!!" She would have them hit her repeatedly unless some one stopped her!

[16:58:06] secret identity ellie izumi: begin with a cc classic the sensual body before shifting to a more high energy happy dance swing her arms around widly as she scoots occasionally around the stage before switching to a more sensual cc appproiate dance style

[16:58:09] Kim Aron(Pilix) sighs a bit and just shakes her head at the hotdog antics, again just trying to stay out of it until her turn came.

[16:58:29] Kassie Martian ducks and covers as the processed meat tubesteaks fly across the room...

[16:58:53] Anna-Kate Harper stands neatly by the stairs out of the firepath
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Re: Miss Celestial City: Our Talented City!

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:28 pm

[16:59:35] Lexus Regal crawls around the corner to try and escape the wiener whirlwind. The celebrity squeals again curling up and covering her face.
[17:00:06] Micky Ryan turns and whispers something to the other three judges

[17:00:22] Kapi D. Lucy stretches her arm out still naked and tries to stop Nameless "Stop. You are no better than her if you continue"

[17:00:56] secret identity ellie izumi: proceeds to lean over and seductively get up before running her hands through her hair and switching into a hoola like motion before moving her legs around and bending down before slowly getting back up finally finishing the dance and taking another mini courtsie

[17:01:33] Pyris watchedd the dancing and leaned forward to 'hmmm' softly. A sudden feeling hitting him as he looked around. A shiver. Almost as if somewhere there was a waste of good wieners. Spooky. However beyond that he leaned forward whispering to Drex "You should have entered and done that boneless thing.."

[17:01:38] secret identity ellie izumi: she smiles at the judges saying "i hope you enjoyed my dance "

[17:02:13] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods to Micky and smiles, watching the dance with a smile as it continues. She nods as she looks over Ellie "thank you for the dance, you're dismissed" she says with a smile "next up is..." looks at the card "Lucy is up next"

[17:02:38] Nameless kicks open the door and gets ready to make a hasty retreat with her platter of dogs! The meat tubes of justice and revenge continued to pelt the meany supermodel even after she crawled away and screamed! "But it's so much fun! Fine..." She motioned them out of the room and slammed the door shut, "But if she dins to talk back to me after this i got a special waiting for her pretty face!" The special was the everything dog she managed to save.

[17:02:55] Drexia turns her head backwards "indeed, well too late now"

[17:03:01] Kapi D. Lucy hurrys up and finishes changing. SHe speeds up the steps so as not to be seen to well and destroy her illusion. The lights in the area go out as she makes her way to the stage

[17:03:42] Micky Ryan rises smoothly from his seat and heads downstairs his face set, he tosses a smile at elle " it was very nice" as he comes of the stair well he points at nameless "your voice can be hear upstairs... either be quite or get out"

[17:03:50] secret identity ellie izumi: heads down staires to see the strange scene and whispers to anna kate "what just happened"

[17:03:57] Drexia looks back forward when the next one comes up on the stage

[17:04:12] Lexus Regal looks up at the naked rubber girl. She wipes at her face as Lucy gets dressed. "Uh, thanks? I um hope that like the judges don't like hold it against you for your skin condition."

[17:04:33] Kapi D. Lucy steps up to the stage as the lights go out except the spotlight on her. She is dressed in a beautiful pink dress that looks ripped out of a fairytale. Her hair is done up and her signature hat is no where to be seen. Soft music starts and the rubbergirl begins signing in soprano key:

[17:04:48] Kapi D. Lucy steps up to the stage as the lights go out except the spotlight on her. She is dressed in a beautiful pink dress that looks ripped out of a fairytale. Her hair is done up and her signature hat is no where to be seen. Soft music starts and the rubbergirl begins signing in soprano key:

"♪ ♫ I am not a stranger to the dark. Hide away, they say. Cause we don't want your rubber parts. I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars ♪ ♫ Run away, they say. No one will love you as you are ♪ ♫", She looks down sadly near tears before beginning again "♪ ♫ But I won't let them break me down to dust. I know that theres a place for us ♪ ♫ For we are glorious ♪ ♫"

[17:04:52] Anna-Kate Harper: she threw hot dogs at Lexus ~ spoken as she stetched her leg~ apparently shes going to go after her for revenge..or something..

[17:05:22] Nameless points at Lexus screaming and crying in the corner, "I'm just standing here..." She tried delving into his mind and making it seem truthful, "She's just screaming to get attention..."

[17:06:26] secret identity ellie izumi: would smile back at micky blushing saying "Thanks"

[17:06:59] Anna-Kate Harper: well, I wouldnt want to go after that..oh wait..I am..

[17:07:20] Faith Celestia smiles and claps softly "Well done lucy, i am honestly surprised.. "

[17:07:24] Pyris glances up to see Pinky on stage and looking... not crazy. "Of all the things I was expecting.. this wasn't one" he said softly, his head tilting a bit as he listened to the singing.

[17:07:34] secret identity ellie izumi: she then looks on even more shocked at the lexus compliment and whispers "did she just try to compliment her? " apparently the hot dog stuff seemed normal to her

[17:07:43] Nameless smirks at Anna, "Snitch..."

[17:08:09] Anna-Kate Harper: snitch my ass, you tried to kidnap me.

[17:08:35] Kapi D. Lucy continues singing looking out into the crowd. A small squeak heard as she shakes remembering certain things, "♪ ♫ When the sharpest words wanna cut me down. I'm gonna send the flood, gonna drown them out ♪ ♫ I am brave, I am bruised, I am who Im meant to be this is me ♪ ♫" Her voice softer now "♪ ♫ Another round of bullets hits my skin ♪ ♫ Well fire away, cause today I wont let the shame sink in ♪ ♫ Im breaking through that barricade, and reaching for the love ♪ ♫ 'm a warrior, thats what I've become ♪ ♫" She makes eye contact with her friends and grins wide as her beat and voice begin to pick up more

[17:08:37] Nameless puts her hands on her hips, "Prove it bitch!"

[17:08:53] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) was still just staring at the dress, though Lucy was quite the singer, that dress was impressive too.

[17:09:04] Rei tilts her head as she watches the conversation with some concern, but listens to the singing upstairs.

[17:09:11] Lexus Regal wipes at her face as she sniffles. The blond looks down her body and wrinkles her nose. She reaches over and grabs the nearest cloth she can find, probably some clothing from someone's bag, and starts to wipe the ketchup and mustard and meat muck from her body. The blond sniffles a bit more as a tear rolls down her face.

[17:09:25] Faith Celestia sighs and exhales leaning over to hellguard. "mind heading down there and solving the commotion"

[17:10:45] Kapi D. Lucy begins undoing her hair letting it fall as she sings "♪ ♫ I wont let them break me down to dust ♪ ♫ I know that theres a place for love ♪ ♫ For I am glorious ♪ ♫" She reaches around undoing her dress as it falls away revealing her normal vest and shorts as the tempo picks up again "♪ ♫ When the sharpest words wanna cut me down ♪ ♫ Im gonna kick some ass, gonna knock them out ♪ ♫ This is brave ♪ ♫ This is proof ♪ ♫This is who Im meant to be ♪ ♫ This is Me!" She Stretches her arm out grabbing her hat from Marks head and placing it firmly on her own as she kicks the dress away and begins dancing with her song "♪ ♫ Look out cause here I come ♪ ♫ And Im marching to this beat I drum. I dont care, if Im seen ♪ ♫ I make no apologies. This is Me!" She throws her arms out to the crowd "♪ ♫ And I know that I deserve your love ♪ ♫ Cause theres nothing I'm not worthy of ♪ ♫ This is brave ♪ ♫ This is strong ♪ ♫ This is who Im meant to be ♪ ♫"

[17:10:45] Kapi D. Lucy: She jumps in the air throwing her limbs out before landing with her arms raised in victory pose "♪ ♫ This is me! ♪ ♫" She gives a wide grin as the song ends.

[17:11:46] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and nods "Alright...let's see what's going on" she states and shakes her head, standing up and sneaking downstairs

[17:12:18] Faith Celestia smiles and looks to lucy approvingly. quite surprised by the meat girl.

[17:12:24] Elewa glances back at pyris and nods "yes.. that certainly was unexpected, not bad ether"

[17:12:33] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) walks down to see quite the site and blinks "oh dear god what the hell is going on here?" she asks as she looks over everyone, tilting her head

[17:13:03] Nameless points, "Not me she did it..." Pointing at Lexus!

[17:13:20] Micky Ryan rushes back up on to the stage and takes his seat he raises an eyebrow at the performance a bit impressed despite his distaste for her pink skin he claps as well genuinely " indeed, who knew gems could be found just any where" he looks down at his notes and coughs " you are dismissed " he starts to say when a loud rowedy voice yells from the back" wooooo woooo dats my girlfriend !!!! fuck yeah baby dat was great!!!" there several flashes of a camera going off as a man in a bandanna jumps up and down

[17:13:30] Anna-Kate Harper just shakes her head " should I go on without you up there?"

[17:15:03] Kapi D. Lucy smiles wide and removes her hat letting it hang from her neck as she waves and heads downstairs with a bit of bounce

[17:15:13] Lexus Regal sniffles more as she continues to wipe away the condiment clumps. She doesn't say anything as she reaches behind her back and unties the bow of her dress. The blond slips the outfit off and throws the messy dress at the trash can, missing badly. Lexus sits down naked and looking down at her body, occasionally dabbing at more of the gunk on her skin.

[17:17:04] Micky Ryan looks at his card and sighs

[17:17:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) walks over and looks at Lexus and sighs, looking back "alright everyone...listen up, stop the crap. I don't care who started it, I don't care who you think won. You all look like a bunch of children flinging food back here so pocket your meat missiles and we can all walk away from this" she states and looks to Lexus "let's get you a towel"

[17:17:29] Kassie Martian pads over on her bare tiptoes to comfort Lexus... "Here, Miss Lexus, let me help you get out of that soiled dress..."

[17:17:46] Micky Ryan: every one please give a warm welcome to anna

[17:18:30] Kim Aron(Pilix) glances over at Lexus, watching her, shaking her head with a little sigh. Part of her liked the idea that she was getting what she deserved, but she still felt a little sorry for her... but only a little. At least it only happened after she already took her turn. She raises a brow at Hellguard chastising the whole room, shrugging some. "I wasn't involved in it."

[17:18:39] Lexus Regal nods with a pouty sniffle. She grabs another piece of clothing from the nearest bag belonging to whoever and wipes at her smeared make up. She reaches down and tries to untie her shoes but her fingers do not work right and so she gives up and just sits there.

[17:18:47] Anna-Kate Harper steps onto the stage, Clad in a rebel flag bikini and shorts. Heavier boots complete the look, and glasses held on by a strap. As she steps on stage her toned body came into view. Not toned in the meaning of a body builder , but closer to those you would see in pure weight lifting. A group of men and women clad in protective kevlar armor and carrying forked lances with a taser function came through the audience. Two pulled a large wooden box that was secured by straps and bands. She would direct the figures with the box to the stage and the cart the pulled it on would lift as a scissor life to get it to stage level. The crate was moved onto the stage as the others took up a perimeter. " Celestial city! Welcome back! Do not be worried, the extra crew is for your safety should things go wrong. You see for my talent, I am going to get some wrasslin on. Wrasslin what? No, not some big muscle bound masked figure.. " As she spoke one of the handlers opened the crate, An almost echo like hissing growl came out and the crate shook a little as the thump of what ever was inside could be heard moving out. The head of the ten foot gator sowing first before the body slips on the stage. A growling hiss as it watches the handlers. " This is one of our friendly swamp critters, and today I am going to demonstrate some gater wrasslin. I dont recommend it to anyone not properly trained. " She moves closer to the gator, circling it. " Now, you want to grab them by the tail, but keep your eyes open. They can see to the sides, but directly in front of them they have more trouble. As for why the tail? Easy! theres no teeth in this thing. " As she got closer she grabs the tail " Now, they cannot see directly behind them either. But be aware they can turn around and bite you faster than a yankee whose sister you just slept with.What he is really trying to do is get away from me." She says as she pulls the gator to the middle of the stage. Letting go she moves around front of it, an open hand swatting the nose as its mouth hangs open. " All it takes is a little bit of reason and those jaws will snap shut. " holding her hand literally in the gators mouth and pulling it out, but doing so from the direct front " like this" Her arm visible to the beast as she ducked a finger in partially from the side quickly pulling it out before those jaws snapped shut with a thud. As it opened them again to his and threaten, she teased by moving to its side and poking near the tail. As it started to turn moving around the other side and holding arms out, When she gets to the front, she pops the nose once more, then moves her hands down carefully, grabbing both upper and lower jaw and holding the mouth closed. Circling it a little more, she put on the show by purposefully teasing it, even prodding its side as she got behind. The beast started to move and she grabbed its tail pulling it back, climbing on its back and sitting. Hand moving fast, but not superhumanly fast to its jaw and hold it closed, angling the mouth upwards. "

[17:19:05] Elewa shout out loud as Anna comes onto the stage waving her arms from the crowd to her

[17:20:02] Kapi D. Lucy walks up to Lexus and hands her a extra dress from her sack "Here miss. I had a spare just in case"

[17:21:07] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sighs and looks around and then moves over, crouching down and helping Lexus out of her shoes "here, let's get these off ya" she states, sort of trying to act as a barrier against further attacks, her wings sprouting from her back as she helped out and protected Lexus from any further sausage barrage

[17:21:46] Drexia: i wonder where she got the crocodile

[17:22:21] Pyris: leans forward and whispers "Aligator. And I'm glad to see your cousin is still getting work, Drex" he said with an unseen grin. He was so damn clever.

[17:22:30] Lexus Regal reaches one arm out and hugs Kassie's leg. With her other hand, she takes the offered dress from Lucy and uses it to wipe at her body more. Lexus stays fairly limp as Hell Guard helps her remove her shoes. She whimpers. "The weenies...."

[17:22:58] Micky Ryan blinks and watches the sudden spectacle his eyes drifting between the woman and the gator

[17:24:23] Drexia: cousin eh? cant say i really have one

[17:24:27] Faith Celestia cocks her brow a bit and tries to focus on the gator but all she can manage to see is the womans cartoon villain like nose shaking her head she blinks and tries to refocus on the gator. there is no possible way a bisney villain was real.. right?

[17:24:49] Kassie Martian softly strokes Lexus' hair "aww Miss Lexus, thank goodness you look even better naked than in a dress, otherwise you'd be i trouble..."

[17:24:52] Anna-Kate Harper holds it there" Now the safest space to be right now is where I am" the creature shaking its head but unable to open jaws" If I let go, its in a good position to bite me. . Now they have amazing power when biting down. They can even snap some bones. But opening their mouths? " She takes one hand off and holds it up " Holding it closed is easier. They dont have much muscle power at opening them. Now if you are bit, and have a hand free, tap it on its nose. About half the time its just going to open that mouth up and let go. Then again you need to know the other half? The varmints gonna bite down harder. But if you are near water you dont want to get dragged int and taken into a death spin. Gators are the Randy Ortons of the animal world. Don't try poking their eyes out. Those eyes have evolved to fall back into hollow sockets with pressure, because of the fights with other gators. I ain't showing you that one on the off chance its gonna get someone. " She runs a finger on the head " their ears are around the area behind their eyes. They can hear about as well as us on land. They get you underwater can pinpoint better though. Don't even try the brain, for one its about as large as your thumbnail, or a judge who things a restraining order is gonna keep Jim Bob away from Marianne. Now for the tricky part. Once you got its mouth closed, you have to tie them shut. If you use your chin and your neck" She lowered her head, over the creatures nose and leans her head down trapping those jaws shut." This get smy hands free so I can tie its maw shut. But before that..I am going to show you the face off. It called that because..well pretty self explanatory if I fuck up. If you see blood- do not panic. Its not the gators. Make sure to take pictures for me and Elewa to put on social media when I get out of the hospital. " Grinning she grabbed the jaws again and pullt her head back. One hand on the bottom of the lower jaw holding the rope, she releases letting the mouth open. With the mouth open she carefully lowers her head resting her chin on the reptiles nose while it gave growling hisses, for a few moments. Her arms straightened to the side. She would lift her chin as she brought hands in quickly , snapping the beasts jaws shut . " What? you guys jumping in your seats for some reason?" As she holds the jaws closed, she lowered her head again, using chin to hold it closed. The rope was being rapped around the jaws and ties off in a sturdy knot . " I dont have water to let this thing get back to so having to tie and sedate him for everyones safety. " Announces as she still held the jaw still, free hand waving over a handler who would inject it with a sedative, and help her guide it to the crate. The box would be closed again and she would give a bow " And that is gator wrasslin. Dont be worrying, he will be released back into the wild safely.."

[17:26:30] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) gets the shoes off and she looks Lexus over, the woman did have a good body. She pulls a towel over and hands it off "here ya go, to wipe some off that off" she states and looks to Kassie "thanks for the help" she says calmly

[17:27:47] Micky Ryan makes some notes on his pad and pushes his glasses up a bit "thank you for that amusing performance, you are dismissed , every one please welcome cassie to the stage"

[17:28:04] Anna-Kate Harper gives her bow and blows a kiss to Elewa, and a wave to The judges as she sashayed back stage

[17:28:11] Kassie Martian smiles "Aww it was nothing, I mean... I hate to see Miss Lexus upset, especially now that I'm cleaning her apartment."

[17:28:49] Kassie Martian hears her name.... "oopsie, I am up next.. ill be right back"

[17:28:53] Kapi D. Lucy just walks back to her corner and puts the dress she used for her performance back in the sack as she watches the other performances

[17:29:31] Lexus Regal takes the towel and finishes wiping her body off, jiggling in all the right places. Finally she stands up and wipes at her eyes. The blond sets her jaw and turns toward the mirror. She tosses the towel behind her, flying toward Kim. Lexus looks in the mirror and sighs. She starts to open her make up case and work on her face.

[17:29:55] Nameless huffs angrily at how she was being coddled, "She's lost it... I'm out... Don't listen to crazy people!" She turned and left, the hot dogs on the platter streaming into the next room with her so she could clean up the evidence on her way out!

[17:30:05] Kassie Martian walks out onto the stage, a big, dopey smile on her face, curtsey-ing to the audience and the judges before beginning....

[17:30:29] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) seeing Lexus regain herself, she gives the woman a pat and then looks to everyone else "let's keep it civil" she says, her wing magically dissipating as she walked back up to watch Kassie perform

[17:31:11] Kassie Martian: Hi, I'm Kassie... and my talent is being flexible!

[17:31:27] Micky Ryan nods a welcome back to hellguard then turns his gaze to the performer

[17:31:41] Kim Aron(Pilix) eeps a bit as the towel flies toward her, quickly trying to step out of the way of it, probably bumping right into the returning Anna

[17:34:55] Anna-Kate Harper catches Kim a bit" Careful, the handlers are still getting the gator out. Dont want to cause a stir"

[17:36:03] Kim Aron(Pilix) stumbles a bit as Anna catches her. "Uh, sorry.." She looks at the floor where the towel lay right near her feet now, huffing a bit and glancing at Lexus.

[17:36:28] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watched with an expression that was a mix of horror and a sort of impressed amazement

[17:36:47] Kassie Martian twists and turns, pretzeling herself into several painful looking poses, before finishing up with her face right between her own legs , looking over at the judges...... "Don't worry, i'm just really flexible!"

[17:37:26] Elewa blinks... "well damn.. i wish i was that flexible..." she smirks looking at the pose..."

[17:37:39] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) speaks up "I'd be impressed if you can get out of that without a team of assistants"

[17:37:51] Pyris blushes behind his helmet at the show going on now. "Oh... well.. that must be a useful skill..." he said quietly as he squirmed in his seat.

[17:38:05] Micky Ryan claps his hands slowly at the womans sudden display of flexibility as she ends with her face buried in her crotch he coughs and looks away " well um wow... thank you for show casing your talent for us you are dismissed"

[17:38:12] Kassie Martian giggles "usually i don't want to with out assistance;;;;"

[17:38:40] Kassie Martian stands and bows... "thank you!"

[17:38:49] Lexus Regal slowly starts to move one leg and then the other, not quite her usual dancing in place but enough to make her bare ass jiggle and wiggle. The blond keeps working on her make up, with a well practiced expertise as she tries to put the malevolent meat massacre behind her.

[17:38:59] Kassie Martian walks down the stairs, grinnng

[17:39:01] Drexia: you'd be surprised for when being able to bend is useful

[17:39:06] Micky Ryan looks at his notes " please welcome rei tot he stage

[17:39:18] Elewa grins at pyris... "I know right"

[17:41:00] As Rei's name is called, the lights in the theater dim to near blackness, save for the exits and Hellguards halo. Several black clad figures bring in two large stone pots to set up on the stage, then move the mike off to the side. In the darkness, a single figure moves between the two pots.
[17:41:53] Kapi D. Lucy watches the performers now keeping to herself

[17:42:39] Drexia: hmm... this one could be interesting

[17:44:55] Rei stands in the middle of the stage as the two pits light up, carrying a simple staff with a ball on either end. She bows to the judges then turns to face the crowd. She begins a staff routine, spinning the long shaft around her body, but the routine changes in the middle as she passes one, then the other end through fires, lighting the batton.

[17:46:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, watching the flames moving around in the baton, nodding with a smile at the show

[17:46:42] Anna-Kate Harper took advatage of the darkness out there. Vanishing with no effect from the dressing room and reappearing by Elewa kiving her a deep kiss

[17:47:03] Kapi D. Lucy wtaches amazed "Oh my god thats soooo coool!!!" she shouts excitedly watching

[17:47:58] Elewa grins feeling Annas kiss and hugs her tight

[17:49:12] Rei continues to dance for several minutes, the lit staff spiralling trails of light in the near dark. She finishes her performance with a forward lunge bow as before she comes to a standing and the lights raise.

[17:49:22] Elewa "you did great up there" she whispers in Anna's ear as she watches the show

[17:49:48] Kim Aron(Pilix) blinks as Anna seems to disappear, when she was right next to her. She shrugs a bit and starts to ready herself, picking up the bag and cooler she brought as she waits on her turn next.

[17:49:49] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, clapping as Rei's performance comes to an end, indeed impressed by the show.

[17:50:33] Kapi D. Lucy bounces up clapping excited

[17:51:20] Faith Celestia nods clapping softly. "nicely done"

[17:51:28] Micky Ryan humms to him self watching the baton whirling once again impressed , he makes a few notes he claps along side hell guard " thank you very much" he looks down at his notes and nods " our final performer tonight is Kim" he waves his hand at rei in a shooing motion

[17:51:42] Rei bows again and makes her way off the stage.

[17:52:50] Kim Aron(Pilix): She arranges them all on a plate, picking it up and moving over toward the judges to offer the sushi rolls to them. "If you would like a taste..."

[17:52:51] Kim Aron(Pilix) comes up onto the stage, followed by a stagehand carrying a fold up table, which they set up for her. Once the table is up, she sets a cooler and a bag on it. She turns to bow a bit to the judges, and the audience, taking a breath to clear her nerves. She opens the bag, pulling out what look like a mat, some utensils, including a typical kitchen knife, setting them aside. She opens the cooler, to start pulling out what seem to be ingredients. Seaweed wraps, white rice, raw fish, and some other fillings. She starts by laying a seaweed wrap onto the small mat, then layering rice onto it, followed by cutting a strip of the fish and adding that onto it, then spooning the other veggies and filling onto it next. She then uses the mat to roll it all up, pressing it down so it all stick together in a nice tube shape... She repeats all of this a second time, getting two long rolls. Once she has the two rolls, she uses the knife to cut them into smaller sections, ending up with a bunch of nice little sushi rolls.

[17:53:49] Kapi D. Lucy stretches her arms up the teps snagging some of the food

[17:54:23] Micky Ryan watches curiously , then frowns making a note on his padat the food snaging

[17:54:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) picks up a sushi roll with her hands, having no conception of chop sticks, and takes a bite out of it, nodding "that's good" she states with a smile

17:55:57] Kapi D. Lucy munches on the food with wide smile "Oh my god this is amazing. She cooks as good as my old friend!" she shouts excitedly

[17:56:27] Micky Ryan dos not make notes on his pad and samples one of the rolls " thank you"

[17:58:20] Micky Ryan nods to the girl " you are dismissed "

[18:00:08] Lexus Regal finishes her make up and then sighs as she works on her hair. She picks up her phone and calls. "Cody! Cody! Listen this is like an emergency. I like need like someone to like come over to the theater and like bring a shower and stuff......what do you mean they can't bring a shower? WTF? Like OMG Cody, you don't understand. I am like covered in like messy weenie sauce.......no..just shut the fuck up. That is not like what I meant. No like ...just shut up Cody. I swear you are so fucking useless." She hangs up and phone and kicks the stool behind her.

[18:00:17] Faith Celestia looks to the food and samples some of it. giving a soft nod. "Thank you for the food." she says lightly giving the woman a smile.

[18:00:46] Kim Aron(Pilix) smiles at the judges as they take some of the rolls to sample. "Thank you." She nods to them each and moves back to the table to pack up the leftover ingredients and the tools, carrying the bag and cooler with her off stage while the stage hands fold up the table again.

[18:01:26] Kapi D. Lucy is still munching some of the stolen food oblivious

[18:01:46] Anna-Kate Harper: I should call the car.. gonna be cold out there in this

[18:02:07] Micky Ryan turns to his fellow judges " shall we retire to go over the footage?"

[18:03:20] Elewa grins looking up at anna "what if i kept you warm?" she asks hugging her close

[18:04:11] Micky Ryan rises fromhis seat and snags the microphone

[18:07:06] Micky Ryan smiles to the audience again his free hand motions to the other judges beckoning them to come stand with him" ladys and gentleman we hope you've enjoyed the show case of talent seen here tonight, now were going to call our performers out again for one last round of applause " he turns to the stairs and starts claping " lAdys please come up and take a bow"

[18:07:59] Anna-Kate Harper smirked" well you can do that but the car is special tonight

[18:08:14] Lexus Regal turns her head quickly toward the stairs. Her eyes grow huge as she frantically looks back into the mirror. The blond quickly adjusts her hair and looks around trying to find her bag of clothes.

[18:08:16] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, standing up and coming out on the stage with Micky, looking over the contestants as they'd come out

[18:08:16] Kapi D. Lucy: /mer bounces excitedly stretching her arms and rocketing herself up the steps as she bounces around with a squeak before rolling to a stop and leaping up

[18:08:19] Anna-Kate Harper: oops! ~ running up to the stage

[18:08:34] secret identity ellie izumi: smiles when shes called and casually heads out to take a bow

[18:09:00] Kim Aron(Pilix) heads back up the stairs with the others onto the stage to take a bow with them for the audience.

[18:09:02] Anna-Kate Harper takes a bow before the audience, with the others

[18:09:22] Rei returns to the stage smoothly, offering a graceful bow.

[18:09:36] Lexus Regal grabs some things out of a nearby bag- not knowing who's stuff it is and pulls on the best looking outfit she can find. The blond scampers up the steps, tugging at the clothes and pulling them into place as she hits the stage.

[18:09:45] Micky Ryan grins " Lady s please file past us and bow on your way out show the audience that show stopper charm"

[18:10:21] Elewa claps and cheers for all the contestants blowing kisses to Anna from the crowd

[18:10:29] Kapi D. Lucy dusts herself off and looks around wondering why Lexus is wearing her clothes but shrugs. SHe smiles wide and waves excitedly at Mark

[18:11:11] secret identity ellie izumi: does a quick mini courtsy then happily waves her hand in the air while her arm is fully extended as she walks out of the stadium

[18:11:42] Micky Ryan mark waves back and hudges the guy next to him which happens tobe pyris " see her?yeah aint she awesome?"

[18:12:10] Faith Celestia smiles and pinches hells rear "i have some things to do so i will be late getting home. but try to have some fun tonight ok hun?"

[18:12:20] Pyris blinks slowly as he looks over and glances to who nudged him "Hrrmwha? Which one?"

[18:12:36] Faith Celestia leans in and kisses hellguard before poofing

[18:13:17] Lexus Regal flashes her award winning smile as she pushes her way through the other girls to the front and center of the stage. The celebrity blows kisses and takes a bow, showing off her goods to everyone in her small outfit. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is so nice of you to come out and see my show again. Don't forget next time we have a special treat!" She claps excitedly and bounces on her bare feet. "SWIMSUITS! Thank you! I am of course, as you know, Lexus Regal and I appreciate your love and support!"

[18:14:06] Micky Ryan looks at the ladys " come on girls lets not doddle" he grins as lexus walks past and slaps her ass lightly then looks away"

[18:15:21] Kapi D. Lucy stretches her arms out gripping Mark by the shoulders as she launches herself to him possibly accidentally knocking Lexus over as she soars "MARKIE!!!" she laughs "I did it"

[18:15:22] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) would smile to Lexus as she'd gotten clothes on, moving up "are you going to be alright?" she asks calmly, just wanting to make sure the woman wasn't gonna go crazy on them.

[18:15:39] Kim Aron(Pilix) frowns as Lexus shoves into her to push past, frowning a bit at the woman, shaking her head some at the little speech, trying to grab the attention as always. She moves to walk past the judges and bow to the people with a smile as instructed.

[18:16:15] Anna-Kate Harper smirks as she headed down and plopped to Elewa with a grin...

[18:17:02] Lexus Regal jumps as Micky smacks her butt. She turns and gives him a grin. The blond looks toward Hell Guard and nods with a confused smile. "Uh, yeah? I mean look at me." She spreads her arms in a wide gesture, one hand flying toward the back of Kim's head.

[18:18:20] Micky Ryan chuckles and glances at hell with a shurg , mark catches the flying lucy and grins " ya kicked those old ladys asses baby"

[18:18:50] Kim Aron(Pilix) lifts from her bow, just in time to get a hand to the back of her head, frowning. "Ow! The hell..." She mutters as she frowns toward Lexus.

[18:18:52] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) waves to Kassie as well as she comes up, looking over everyone
[18:19:08] Kassie Martian smiles.....waving back

[18:20:06] Micky Ryan turns to the crowed " good night every body have a pleasant night"
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Re: Miss Celestial City: Our Talented City!

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Image of Rei's Talent Presentation


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Re: Miss Celestial City: Our Talented City!

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I had a gator prop I could pose with, but we need someone to do photos while I log these.
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