Miss Celestial City: Fanservice and the Grand Finale

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Miss Celestial City: Fanservice and the Grand Finale

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:34 pm

[15:39:26] Anna-Kate Harper worked her way into the suit, glad Elewa made it tough..the material helped.. Her street clothes in a locker she checked her makeup

[15:50:05] Anna-Kate Harper wrapped up the waterproof makeup and works at her hair now" noone else shows yet.."

[15:51:22] wild thing: heads into back entrance secretly when no one is looking then changes into her secret identity when no ones looking accept anna the process of changing clearly very uncomfortable she finally finishes and sighs with relief

[15:52:02] Anna-Kate Harper looks back" you alright? Make sure they dont have cameras when you get a chance"

[15:57:43] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) is here

[15:59:38] Rei shows up in the changeroom wearing the same costume she had on for the previous week's talent presentation.

[15:59:48] Anna-Kate Harper: I wonder if we will have a full show this time too.

[16:00:54] Jaron totally cheats and watches from the outside, sensor eyes are useful for once

[16:01:54] Katy tries to suppress a grumble and instead imagines how Soléne might appear as a pony ...

[16:01:57] Kassie Martian walks down the stairs and toward the mirror...Nicole's almost bare butt baacking into me

[16:02:21] Nameless stood in the corner with her arms crossed, she was angry at her situation and what she was wearing! It was given to her but of course the person didn't say what it looked like, "Yay... We all made it..." She had a few hot dogs levitating nearby.

[16:02:31] Kassie Martian: "oop opp, lookout where' you're puttin that thing, Reb"

[16:03:08] Micky Ryan moves to the mic stand and looks around the crowed, then he uncurls an object from his waist and cracks it once

[16:03:34] Anna-Kate Harper moved, fixing her hair" sorry, it has a mind of its own. Mirrors free! I wonder what lexus wont wear?

[16:03:41] wild thing: finishes changing saying "thanks anna appreciate it"

16:04:31] Kassie Martian pulls her tank top off and shimmies out of her miniskirt sitting down to start oilibng up her skin

[16:04:38] Rei sees everyone else getting into their swimsuit and pulls off her outfit to reveal her own. When nameless shows up, she frowns at the arrival.

[16:04:51] Katy grumbles more "Anybody seen the boss around ?"

[16:05:49] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Faith and pats her "Any chance we can convince Micky to just have everyone come up at once, do a pose, then head back?"

[16:06:06] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): "im surprised they allow villains to compete"

16:07:19] Micky Ryan nodding to him self as the crowed gos silent "Lady's and gentleman thank you for coming to this the final night of our Ms. celestial city pageant tonight is an event im sure many of our male audience members have been waiting for , the swimsuit competition , in just a moment we will start calling up contestants , but first i want to talk to you all about what this contast has meant to many"

[16:07:35] Red *Combat Mode* wonders why she was ordered to come here as a exercise to expand her ability to mingle with Humans...

[16:08:29] Elewa "not just the men" she calls from the crowd with a grin on her face

[16:08:35] Faith Celestia heads down and just.. looks briefly before she sighs. "Ok ladies and people presenting themselves as upstanding citizens. The order i would like you to come up in is Lexus, Anna, Nameless, Ellie, Kassie, Rei, and lastly every one at once for the final results you may change into formal attire before you come back out for the finale. if i have missed any ones name please let me know"

[16:09:17] Lucas MacDonald smirks , saying towards Elwan with a cheeky tone "Indeed, anyone you think is going to win?" His question directed at Red and Elewa .

[16:09:21] Red *Combat Mode* looks at elewa "I think he don't know what a lesbian is.... would be understandable, he's had cars blown up on him before... maybe lost some memory due to it"

[16:10:22] Red *Combat Mode* blinks "truthfully i have no idea whos in it, nor what is going on, i was just told to come here for some reason" she shruged

[16:10:47] Kassie Martian stands and turns, straightening her top to try and cover her nipples, her bottoms to make sure she hasn't a lip malfunction...."mirror's free"

[16:11:18] Micky Ryan looks around the room and frowns fixing red with a cold stare " this contest is about hope .. in dark times about coming together human, meta-human as members of this great city of ours"

[16:11:58] Lucas MacDonald chuckles, nodding to red "I have to admit the same here. I just got back today to be honest with you."

[16:12:02] Lexus Regal arrives in her pink limo. The celebrity steps out wearing a long robe and heels. She saunters into the dressing room, pushing open the door with no regard for anyone behind as usual. The blond walks through the people and heads toward the vanity. She slips off the robe and folds it neatly to use as a cushion to sit on. Lexus daintily sits down and starts to fix her hair, not paying attention to anyone else in the room.

[16:12:48] Red *Combat Mode* hearing him say human and meta-human she shrugged again "Ok then i'm definitely confused why i'm here, since i'm not called as either, and i'm a biological weapon..."

[16:13:01] Elewa chuckles at reds comment then smiles hearing Lucas's question "well cant pretend i know who is gonna win.. but i can tall you who i am routing for... " she says "there are alot of beautiful contestants Anna-Kate is my pick... tho i have to admit i am a bit bias..." she grins

[16:15:27] Micky Ryan touches his ear peice and checks with yuri " so all set?"

[16:15:33] Lucas MacDonald raises a brow to Elewa, as he started to figure it out "So you know her personaly eh? Guess I'll take my pick when they get out on stage." He gives Elewa a playful wink.

[16:15:47] Nameless nodded her head at the order that was called out but didn't say anything, she neatly dodged the door as her least favorite star walked through the door. She grumbles and waits for the time to go on

[16:16:12] Faith Celestia coms back "I told them their order, though i dont think lexus heard it. " she shrugs giving lexus had come in after the announcement, but she heads up any ways her own form of sabotage.

[16:18:35] Elewa smiles brightly and nods..."you could say that..." she answers and grins at him

[16:19:12] Micky Ryan reaches down and uncoils his whip again cracking it

[16:20:13] Micky Ryan: let us begin! and our first contestant showing off her stunning swim suite is firefly medias own, Lexus!"

[16:20:54] Red *Combat Mode* whispers to elewa "whats firefly media? sounds like a exterminator"

[16:22:34] Elewa blinks at the question and chuckles slightly "you must be new in town... it is pretty much the biggest media company in the city news, tv, all that" she explains

[16:22:56] Lexus Regal dances in place in her seat as she works on getting every hair in place. As she hears her name, the blond jumps and looks around. "What? Me? already? But damn...I just got here?" She hops up and scurries over to the stairs. The celebrity looks back over her shoulder and calls out. "Hey, Kacey? Grab my robe and keep it safe." Lexus puts on her standard showcase smile and struts out into the spotlights. The blond blows kisses to the crowd and waves with a wink to some members of the audience.

[16:23:05] Lucas MacDonald smirks, over hearing red as he was sitting next to her "To be fair I didn't know either.."

[16:23:08] Red *Combat Mode* blinks "try i was in stasis for the last 2 and a half years..."

[16:23:47] Pyris darts into the theater through the front door and cuts his thrust and wings, landing with a soft thump in the seat he chose. Much to the chagrin of those in line that had been waiting. Counting as security at an event is awesome.

[16:23:52] Lucas MacDonald grins, looking lexus over, blown away by the celebrity's appearance "Well looks like they started off strong."

[16:24:03] Elewa nods a bit looking her over "well that would do it"

[16:25:35] Nameless waited to be called up and kept to herself, the only reason she wasn't getting arrested was because of the bombs in place around the city! She didn't like that she had to not antagonize people, but she was going to raise hell later, it was only a matter of time!

[16:25:46] Micky Ryan smiles at the blond star as she comes onto the stage " hello lexus , welcome to round three of the contest.. are you excited? and would you be a dear and walk to the other end of the stage and back for us?"

[16:27:13] Lexus Regal slowly turns around to give everyone a view of her suit. The blond steps up to the microphone and licks her lips. "Thank you all for coming out to see me again. Your support means a lot to me. I love Celestial City almost as much as you all love me." She looks over at Micky and nods. The celebrity slowly walks to one end of the stage and then back, her body jiggling in all the right place. She stops near the judges and gives a small bow type move, by bending her knees down and then standing back up very slowly.

[16:27:29] Red *Combat Mode* whispers to elewa "so thats a celebrity? what exactly made her popular? i mean i think i saw that same suit in a thrift store down the street a few days ago"

[16:29:14] Lucas MacDonald watches Lexus closely, amazed by how her body moved. She chuckles at Red's comment, shrugging "I suppose some people just have what others want..if that makes sense."

[16:29:16] Micky Ryan represses a small smile as he throughly enjoys the view and makes some notes " Lexus.. heres the most important question were going to ask you this entire contest.. why do you want to win"

[16:29:57] Pyris leans back in the chair, watching the woman on stage and glad his helmet had video recording for...later study. At the question one of the judges asked he tilts his head, curious as to what the answer would be.

[16:31:48] Elewa turns to red and whispers back "well for one she is gorgeous... on the outside at least... but behind that she has a talk show and i am pretty sure she does a few other things as well"

[16:32:46] Lexus Regal stares blankly at Micky for a long moment. Her eyes slowly blink, not expecting the question. The blond fidgets from one foot to the other, causing more delightful jiggling of her body as she thinks. "Uh, well, so, um, like, ya know, like um, I mean I ~am~ Ms Celestial City. Ya know, like everyone knows me. I am like the highest rated, most popular girl in like the whole city, ya know. Like everyone has heard of me. My pretty face is like on a ton of those big signs all over town. So like ya know, I should like represent the city in this pageant." She nods with a look of pride on her face.

[16:34:04] Micky Ryan nods and makes some notes , then sets his whip on the table and leans back " thank you very much that will be all"

[16:34:08] Lucas MacDonald smirks a little at Lexus's answer, but he simply shrugs "Does have a fair point really..she is all over the place here."

[16:34:08] Red *Combat Mode* closes her eyes for a second and takes a deep breath

[16:35:18] Red *Combat Mode* smirks "i think they got meds for that"

[16:35:39] Lexus Regal beams brightly and gives Micky a flirtatious wink. She turns and makes sure to bounce a little bit before she slowly walks to the center of the stage. The blond pauses and blows more kisses to the crowd. "Thank you! I love you all!" She waves as she walks toward the stairs.

[16:35:41] Nameless focused on Annas Swimsuit for a moment and gripped a string with her telekinesis, then waited for her to move so she could yank it loose! A nice big surprise for the audience, she smiled and lowered her head to Anna, "Good luck up there..." She was acting genuine but she had a tiny smirk on her face!

[16:37:02] Micky Ryan follows her with his eyes the entire way as she exits the stage admiring those jiggles, giving it a brife shake he turns back to his cards" Ladys and gentelmen please welcome anna to the stage"

[16:37:08] Anna-Kate Harper caught the smirk and as nameless had tried to kidnap her twice..was suspicious She turned to head for the stairs and took the few steps to them

[16:37:15] Kenzie Krosshart enters the theater with notebook in hand followed by another pretty blonde, whispers as she walks, "The last show was a total disaster, I don't know where they get these girls, but the fans love it cause at least they know how to dress", she takes a seat and gets out her phone ready to take any pics of the swimsuits being modelled tonight, she waves into the camera, whispering perhaps too loudly, "Hi everyone Its Kenzie again, I'm here covering the Celestial City beauty pageant, and I know you can't wait, cause they are going to modelling swimsuits tonight, and don't worry I will show you like all the best ones, just you wait!", she giggles and stops the live feed.

[16:37:54] Lucas MacDonald chucles at Red, as he covers his mouth to stifle a laugh "I'm not sure if they've invented meds to cure ..that." He was of course refering to her dim witted answer.

[16:39:04] Nameless tugged on the swimsuit gently so it wasn't obvious what was happening until she got on stage!

[16:39:34] Anna-Kate Harper felt the tug on the suit and moved an arm invisible to the naked eye to her tongue as she was still behind the curtain, a little adhesive spit which she then applied to the suit to hold it. She stepped onto ttge, giving a catwalk, though not a model, suit a hair loose and not a model but putting a good show before stopping at the mic
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Re: Miss Celestial City" Fanservice and the Grand Finale

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:35 pm

[16:41:08] Faith Celestia looks to anna swimsuit and to the crotch region before looking and just looking away for the rest of annas stay on the stage leaning over to whisper something to hellguard.

[16:41:31] Elewa shouts and cheers as she sees Anna and she waves from the crowd enthusiastically

[16:42:06] Mecha: enters a bit late and takes a seat in the back row

[16:42:08] Micky Ryan blinks at the rather bold out fit " *cough* welcome to the stage Anna , can you please walk to the far side of the stage and back for us?"

[16:42:12] Lucas MacDonald looks closely at Anna's swim suit, his eyes opening wide "Well..wow! She's so fit to holy shit!" He smirks, clearing his throat "So this is your girl huh?"

[16:43:19] Anna-Kate Harper does the walk again to get each angle " of course handsome" Blowing a kiss to Elewa mid walk

[16:43:51] Elewa smiles toward lucas and nods "or i am hers..." she answers shyly... "ether way..." she grins

[16:44:55] Micky Ryan looks her up and down his eyes judging her carefully " alright anna.. here is the most important question were going to ask you this enter contest , why do you want to win?"

[16:46:00] Lucas MacDonald fully clues in "ohh..so you're dating. Huh cool." He hcuckles, leaning back against his chair "She's very stunning."

[16:46:09] Misa Hancroft looks at the stage curiously . eyeing both the model and the worn little piece of clothing and mumbling to Kenzie short remarks.

[16:47:43] Lexus Regal walks back to the vanity and sits down. She pulls out her phone and starts scrolling through messages. She pauses and starts texting her BFF. "--OMG Diamond. Too bad you're like all preggers and stuff. I found the perfect bikini you could have worn if you were here. Give Biff kisses for me XOXOXO--" She then scrolls on and sends a text to Cody. "--Hey. The dumb driver forgot my bag. Send it over to me, thx--"

[16:47:50] Anna-Kate Harper takes a deep breath and speaks into the mic" I enterred because as a kid, I never felt beauty. It was always overshadowed, And I feel that I can represent the city. We are a city of survivors. Of those who have had their struggles. I grew up in a trailer park in Alabama, then went on to schooling. But look at me now. And while I may be an outcast, thrown away by many..who isnt here? There is no mold to fit."

[16:48:27] Red *Combat Mode* smiles "Yeah there dating, and Anna's also trying to help me fight the urge to kill every single person i see... well her and mikoto's promise" smiles at Lucas "But it's really hard cause some snobby people i see around the city deserve to be split in two and hung in the center of town"

[16:48:27] Elewa "she certainly is..." she answers nodding happily in agreement as she look up to listen to Anna's answer

[16:48:57] Kenzie Krosshart giggles, and whispers back to Misa, "Well they have some unusual competitors for sure. She points at the suit, notice the trikini accentuates her flat tummy.", she thinks for a moment then jots something down and snaps a pic. "They actually had a pregnant girl for the evening gown competition, some old burnt out heroine thirsty for attention.", she shrugs, "Guess she chickened out for the swim suit competition...", she smirks and whispers, "THANK GOD"

[16:49:58] Micky Ryan claps his hands slowly "thank you very much anna you are dismissed"

[16:50:24] Anna-Kate Harper give a charming smile and blows another kiss at elewa , then heads down

[16:50:47] Elewa smiles and claps cheering at Anna's answer blows her a kiss as she leaves the stage

[16:50:48] Mecha: is unsure what to think of this situation. She had never experienced a competition as such. so she sits quietly.

[16:51:15] Anna-Kate Harper passes rain and give her a smoldering stare as she heads down

[16:51:58] Lexus Regal starts to scroll through her text messages again and glances over her shoulder at Kassie. "Hey, uh, Sassy? Did you grab my robe like I said?"

[16:52:15] Micky Ryan watches her exit the stage then looks down at his notes " next up is the...talented ... rain!" he claps politely

[16:52:43] wild thing: smiles happily at anna as she heads down and says in a shy cute voice "i liked your answer anna" she then shyly fidgets

[16:53:12] Lucas MacDonald nods towards Red, as he smirks "They do ruin this city, especially when it was under an authoritarian regime.." Listening to Anna's answer he speaks to Elewa "sounds like she has some brains too, good for you!" He listens to Kenzie for a momment, simply listening in on the vain conversation. He whispers to red "That said you should just string them up with your words, they aren't worth the energy it takes to harm them."

[16:53:35] Nameless walked up the stairs as she was called up, she tried not looking disappointed as her plan failed... She in fact acted like nothing happened and ignored the burning stare, "Good Job!" She wiggles around in her tight swimsuit and hops up the stairs and stood shyly in front of the audience, "Hai..."

[16:53:51] Kassie Martian smiles at Lexus "It's hanging in your locker "miss Lexus... its a very nice robe at that"

[16:54:49] Red *Combat Mode* closes her eyes and starts to hum then snaps her eyes open and looks to Lucas "a what?" she asks her mind now off what she was planning to do

[16:54:53] Lexus Regal smiles and nods toward Kassie as she goes back to texting. The blond idly steps over toward the lockers and opens the first one she finds, reaching in to grab what feels like a robe.

[16:55:28] Elewa glares up at the stage as she sees nameless "makes me wish i had rotten tomatos..." she mutters

[16:56:11] Micky Ryan looks the new comer up and down making some notes on his pad " nameless could you walk the stage for us?"

[16:56:14] Lucas MacDonald raises a brow at the humming, as he somewhat understood what that hum meant, as his knowledge in technology was quite advanced. He sighs softly saying "It's really not worth the trouble and energy to fight people over words."

[16:56:18] Red *Combat Mode* blinks and looks at elewa "why shes kinda cute to be honest why do you wanna throw tomatoes at her?"

[16:56:32] Kassie Martian turns back to paying attention to who is on stage and who is next, afraid of missing her turn

[16:56:47] Anna-Kate Harper smiles" thank you Ellie.. give me a moment. I was not expecting formal" vanishing

[16:57:11] Elewa "for one she is one of the two people holding the city hostage... but on a more personal note.. she has attacked Anna twice already..."

[16:58:15] Micky Ryan picks up his whip and cracks it at nameless to get her attention

[16:58:21] Faith Celestia listens to the commentary a bit and then looks to nameless frowning some. sighing as it seems she cant vote for the contestant she found the cutest due to her criminal exploits.

[16:59:25] Red *Combat Mode* tilts head "But... shes tiny... How the hell could she be a threat to the city or Anna? I mean i could hold her and she'd never be able to get free..."

[16:59:36] Mecha: leans forward."Excuse me, is the whip a main stay of competitions like this?"

17:01:27] Elewa "she is a meta so her does doesnt limit her much" she answers red in a bitter tone

[17:01:31] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks at some of the chatter "huh...seen talk of this one before"

[17:02:01] Lexus Regal frowns and sends another text to Cody. "--Damnit Cody. Where is my fucking bag? Someone said something about formal dress. hurry the fuck up--"

[17:02:10] Anna-Kate Harper reappears with a formal dress on "suprise formals..no time to swap shoes" putting her hair up

[17:02:24] Kenzie Krosshart snaps a shot of Nameless and writes a comment about her leather strap bringing the pieces together, noting he bright coloring enticing the mind to want to see more. She also notes that it takes a sharpened physique to pull it off, scribbling, "Not for the faint of heart" on her pad.

[17:02:45] Micky Ryan smiles and stares at the audience a bit " so nameless heres the most important question were going to ask you this entire contest , why do you want to win"

[17:03:24] Anna-Kate Harper thinks and pops out then back in sliding a matching pair on

[17:03:39] Nameless walked the stage and made it seem like she was really shy, then visibly flinched at the cracking of the whip... She Wanted to win this without thretening the city surprisingly, so she was gonna play the i am cute card with the audience, or try too... She held her arm as she walks back to the microphone on her tip toes and waits for further instruction... She actually walks past the microphone, the whip threw her off a little bit... And she was blind with the bright lights!

[17:03:56] Red *Combat Mode* scratches head "she's a meta? but she looks like shes in high school still..." shrugs not understanding metas much

[17:05:49] Micky Ryan smiles and stares at the audience a bit " so nameless heres the most important question were going to ask you this entire contest , why do you want to win"

[17:06:07] Elewa "how about how many people is she willing to kill to win?" she calls from the crowd

[17:07:21] Misa Hancroft peeks onto Kenzies phone as she takes notes and comments the photo she took, then turning back to the stage: "with te comment in mind the suit looks alot more playful already." i love your blog, *she said smiling but in a very soft voice .. afraid to disturb anyone.

[17:09:36] Faith Celestia sighs looking over to micky and makes a motion like she is watching a watch.

[17:09:49] Nameless clears her throat and starts speaking thinking the microphone was in front of her, the audience wouldn't hear her at first and she frowned, reaching out and grasping for the microphone that was a few feet to her left... She stubbed her toe on it as she retraced her steps and held back some tears as her toe started to bleed, "Uh what i was saying was, I want to win because no one here likes me... They think that if i don't win the city will be gassed and it sucks being the under dog all the time... If i win one time i think i will die happy..." She stepped away from the microphone and rubbed her eyes to get the tears out of them, the bloody toe was making a bit of a mess as she limped a little bit.

[17:11:47] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Faith "if she wins, we all die"

[17:11:58] Micky Ryan winches seeing the toe ,he touches his ear piece and whispers " yeah can we get some one to look at contestant nameless? thanks" he then hands his cards to yuri"

[17:12:31] Elewa glares "crocodile tears... manipulative..." she mutters

[17:13:18] Elewa "she fakes innocent well tho ill give her that..."

[17:13:25] Kenzie Krosshart looks over her shoulder and eyeballs Elewa, making sure to turn back before any chance of making eye contact, leaning over to Misa, making sure to whisper, "You know these things always have a heckler. Its so rude seriously..." She smiles at Misa's comment, and shows her the pics so far, "OMG yes playful!", she scratches out 'faint of heart' and writes playful instead, showing Misa the change with a grin. "You know you really have a good eye too", she whispers to her model friend.

[17:13:29] Red *Combat Mode* shrugs "Dunno why i'd hate her, i never met her before now" she just sits back in her chair still not even sure why shes here to begin with

[17:13:36] Faith Celestia sighs taking the cards mummbling to herself a bit "And with that can we have the next contestant Ellie come up. also. please watch out for the slight blood on the stage"

[17:15:35] Anna-Kate Harper: good luck everyone. If I knew where you lived, I would give a lift back to grab a dress for going back out.. ~she smiles putting some of that adhesive stategically

[17:15:52] Nameless levitates and slides through the air to the backstage area, just to show off how awesome and cute she was! She wrapped her toe up and flew down stairs and into the next room to change, her clothes had been put up on the ceiling so no one would try and do anything to her stuff....

[17:16:48] Elewa turns to glare at kenzie "we will see how rude it is when she and her boyfriend gas you and the whole city our of your mind..." she says quietly with a shake of her head

[17:17:14] Lexus Regal jumps as her phone goes off with the song Ellie sang on her show the other night as her ring tone. The blond answers. "Hello? Oh yeah, Cody. So yeah? Okay cool.....what? No I am in a freakin swimsuit. I am not going out there to get it. WTF?....like seriously? Tell that damn lazy ass driver he can bring it in here or his ass is fired and he can walk the fuck home." She hangs up and lets out a frustrated breath.

[17:17:29] Red *Combat Mode* looks at Elewa "whats with this gas? whats it do?"

[17:18:39] Kim Aron(Pilix) arrives, a bit late, huffing as she had to hurry after sleeping in accidentally. She hurries into the dressing room, setting down a bag, hurriedly starting to peel off her outer clothes to reveal the rather... revealing bikini she had.. she really did regret leaving the choice up to the store clerk, but she hardly knew what was good to wear for a contest like this herself. She pulls a wrap out of the bag, pulling it around her hips and tying it off to add at least a little class to the look.

[17:18:59] wild thing: shly comes out unlike nameless the shyness wasn't a act a slight blush running across her face as she walks across the stage in being watched in the bikini her fair snow white skin glistening under the bright lights her feet shuffling shyly across the stage she holds her arms nervously behind her back as she shyly fidgets waiting for the questions

[17:19:48] Misa Hancroft raises her hand to cover her giggle. turning somewhat serious following the conversation her friend is having, whispering to Kenzie.. "what is she talking about..? I do not quite like the sound of that..."

[17:19:58] Kassie Martian looks to Lexus "Um, Miss Lexus, there is a spare dress in my locker, if you need it.... it might be a little cheap for your tastes, and probably too slutty too, but you're welcome if you need it. Or just go up there naked and knock everyone's socks off..."

[17:19:59] Faith Celestia looks to Ellie curiously as she motions her hand "please take a full lap around the stage. and if you could. could you perhaps show us your favorite means of swimming?"

[17:20:21] Elewa "fear gas or something... i dont know exactly but it apparently makes people go crazy and kil each other... you should see the clips from the news..." she shakes her head

[17:21:15] Elewa waves and cheers ans the next constant comes out

[17:21:16] Lexus Regal looks up at Kassie. "Hmm? Oh, uh, yeah thanks but I got something good coming. Hey can you drive a limo?"

[17:21:24] Nameless had her toe looked at and wrapped up, then got dressed... The clips from the news would simply show Heroes killing innocent civilians with their lack of decision making skills...

[17:23:38] wild thing: nods meekly at faith and says in a shy squeek "yes miss" she then tries to pretend shes doing the butterfly on stage which only makes her blush further as she does the lap showing up her cute flowery mermaid like swimsuit

[17:24:10] Anna-Kate Harper waits backstage, and looks to Nameless' no trick this time."

[17:24:13] Lucas MacDonald whistles at Wild thing "daayyyumm!" it seems he finally stopped spacing out!

[17:24:22] Rei glares at Nameless across the room. The news also has Nameless telling Heller to kill a hostage because one of the 'Heroes' threw a throwing star at her.

[17:24:33] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and asks the question this time "alright...and why do you think you should win?"

[17:24:42] Kassie Martian eyes go very wide "i am...a horrible driver... in fact, i am more of a crasher.... I have more dents in my little fiat than smooth places....."

[17:25:31] Anna-Kate Harper: so you graduated diamond's school with honors then?

[17:25:44] Faith Celestia nods looking to Ellie "Now then i will ask the final question to you of the competition, why do you want to win, and why do you deserve to win"

[17:25:46] Lexus Regal sighs and slumps a bit but nods at Kassie. "Aww too bad. I might have an opening. Oh well, can you be a dear and run out to the limo and grab my bag then? The car is just right outside the door."

[17:26:20] Kenzie Krosshart heart races when Elewa magically hears her whisper, and pretends not to hear the comment directed at her, mouthing 'O M G', to her model friend, Misa, whispering agian, "just ignore her okay, people are crazy". She jots down, 'floral fab, fishy but adventurous, so busy it will make your head spin, if you're into that'. Her pen shakes in her notebook as she tries to write with her adrenaline going, not used to conflict with anyone, not to mention threats to be gassed. "Freak and fawna, a no no? well maybe not anymore. Ladies get out your needles and ink for this bold new look."

[17:26:35] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks as Faith asks her the question too

[17:26:46] Kassie Martian looks.... "i.. have to go on stage next Miss Lexus"

[17:27:30] Micky Ryan pours him self a martini as he watches and makes notes

[17:27:36] Nameless would hear the conversation and hold the door shut, locking it and then breaking the mechanism in the door to prevent it from being opened until a maintenance man comes to fix it!

[17:27:53] Lexus Regal stares at Kassie and slowly blinks disbelievingly. The blond says nothing but turns around and leans against the wall no longer even glancing at Kassie. Lexus starts texting again on her phone.

[17:28:50] Kassie Martian walks over to the door, hurrying....

[17:28:56] Rei rolls her eyes at Lexus' actions to wards Kassie, leaning in to the woman, "I'll get it."

[17:28:58] secret identity ellie izumi: blushes further at lucas comment she gives him a cute smile then hears hell guard and faiths question replying in her usual shy voice "i would like to be a role model to everyone and prove that inner beauty an fair play matters just as much if not more and that the underdog can really win without having to lie or hurt people i want to try to make everyone feel happy"

[17:29:53] Misa Hancroft turns to Kenzie, i love it. it s an artistic pas partout of fabric , skin and patterns.. i am sooo glad you invited me to join you today. *she says trying to keep her voice low and not letting her excitement show too much*

17:31:28] Micky Ryan nods and takes some more notes his gaze straying to her chest again and again

[17:31:31] Kim Aron(Pilix) glances at the others, a bit curious what was going on, but just trying to focus on calming herself, feeling rather nervous to go on stage in the bikini, even with the wrap around her hips.

[17:32:18] Lucas MacDonald smiles warmly back at Ellie, and listens to her answer. He strokes his beard, looking at Elewa "I have to admit, I think this one might have my vote. I am a sucker for the tattoos though."

[17:33:10] Micky Ryan coughs and looks at his notes again " thank you ellie , you are dismissed , Kassie please join us on stage"

[17:34:18] secret identity ellie izumi: nods at them shyly and shuffles back to backstage entrance

[17:34:26] Kassie Martian hurries up the steps and out on stage in her tiny string bikini, mking sure to turn so both the judges and the audiece get a look at the front and back.

[17:35:58] secret identity ellie izumi: quicly whispers something to anna and then waits for her response

[17:36:47] Micky Ryan tiltis his head " my i didn't realize they made swim suites that .. um Spartan " he coughs again " kassie can you walk a lap around the stage and then show us your favorite style of swimming?"

[17:37:03] Rei frowns as she tries the door and shakes her head, "Stuck... guess we're out of luck getting to the Limo for your dress miss Lexus." She shrugs, not really that disappointed.

[17:37:12] Mecha: sees Kassie and her jaw drops. Her optics going over the form as she sits there.

[17:37:12] Lexus Regal scrolls through her phone idly as she waits for someone to bring her bag. The driver comes in the dance studio and knocks on the broken door that did not open earlier.

[17:37:32] Anna-Kate Harper nods and vanishes

[17:37:42] Faith Celestia jaw.. just.. drops.. as she leans over. "does that even qualify as a swimsuit.. i mean i can see her pussy lips plain as day"

[17:38:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles and gives Kassie a wave as she comes up to the stage, admiring the swimsuit or lack of one, looking at Faith and whispering "money well spent"

[17:38:48] Kassie Martian smiles happily, not at all bothered by her near nudity or any comments....

[17:38:51] Anna-Kate Harper returns a moment later with Ellies dress.

[17:39:02] Elewa nods a bit toward lucas.. "i do enjoy tatts myself.." she tells him indicating her arms... "and damn... the suit on this one is... almost not a suit at all.." she blushes

[17:39:08] secret identity ellie izumi: happily hugs anna

[17:39:14] Misa Hancroft leans back supporting her elbow with her left hand and rests her chin on her raised palm...Eyeing the current contestant up and down. kind of with no expression in her face at all.

[17:39:35] Mecha: wowwwwwwww

[17:40:09] Lexus Regal sighs loudly and glances around. The driver knocks again a bit louder this time. His phone goes off and the driver panics. He runs around back out into the street looking for a way to get to the upper level of the theater.

[17:40:16] Lucas MacDonald opens his eye wide, and blushes deeply himself. He whistle at kassie sohuting "and the winner iiisss" He chuckles, giving kassie a cheeky smile.

[17:40:31] Kassie Martian giggles....

[17:41:11] Anna-Kate Harper hugs back " hurry, hurry!"

[17:41:27] Micky Ryan drums his fingers on the table and tilts his head " kassie? can you do what we've asked you to please?"

[17:42:13] Kenzie Krosshart jaw drops, she leans over to Misa, "How do I write about a piece that isn't even there", she scribbles, "Grease instead of a swimsuit, not just the thing of porns anymore", she scratches through it, and snaps a photo, shaking her head and trying again, "Tasteless bimbo on display...", she scratches through it again, finally writing "I am at a loss for words like this look is at a loss for fabric".

[17:42:31] Kassie Martian nods obediently, walking hard around the stage, flailing her arms somewhat resembling a breast stroke

[17:44:13] Micky Ryan nods slowly enjoying the view he coughs " kassie.. can you show us your flexibility again? can you lift one leg next to your head and hold it there?"

[17:44:17] Misa Hancroft reads Kenzie's comment, and bursts into a tiny giggle,,, "not without flavor if she used native olive oil extra virgine..." *claps her thighs finding her own comment quite tasteful.

[17:46:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and leans over to whisper in Faith's ear

[17:47:04] Kassie Martian nods and raises her leg up paralell to her head

[17:47:24] Micky Ryan snaps a picture and coughs again " that will be all " then he pokes yuri and says " your turn"

[17:48:53] Kassie Martian smiles... putting her leg back down

[17:49:02] Faith Celestia nods to micky "Rei if you would please come up, and for the heck of it. i will promise you a point in your favor if your bold enough to come out in your birthday suit" she says deciding to go off script because fuck the script.

[17:49:34] Kenzie Krosshart grins widely at Misa'ss comment, and ads a little note in the margin about extra virgin olive oil, not sure, but thinking she would make it work together later. She watches Kassie show her snatch to the crowd, and leans over with a deep eye roll and whispers to Misa, "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little and I didn't even eat today"

[17:50:47] Kassie Martian bows to the judges, breasts spilling out of her top, giggling as i tuck the suit back around my nipples and walking off the stage

[17:51:52] Rei steps out on to stage wearing far more than her birthday suit, offering a bow to the judges with a slightly apologetic smile.

[17:53:01] Kassie Martian walks down the stairs, over to her locker, undoing her hair and pulling off her tiny suit....

[17:54:03] Anna-Kate Harper looks to kassie" been working on your core?"

[17:59:04] Kassie Martian turns "Miss Lexus... we couldn't get the door open, did you see the other dress, it's my nicest one. I am sure it's not up to your standards but, you know, you could wear a potato sack and we'd all be buying potato sacks a week later,"

[17:59:17] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) didn't hear a response immediately to her whispers but hangs around in case

[18:00:57] secret identity ellie izumi: after much effort she finally manges to get into the dress to nervous to notice whats going on around her until she finally gets into it saying "that was a close one " she then sighs saying "i cant believe they mentioned this last notice

[18:01:11] Micky Ryan nods and jots down some notes looking over reis suite

[18:01:27] Faith Celestia leans over to hell and whispers back quietly. though she then leans back in her chair looking to rei. she writes on a pad and then passes a pad to hellguard. summing up her notes thus far

[18:01:53] Nameless kept to herself, knowing everyone hated her just because she was affiliated with the winning team! She smirked as the stage hand came down with a bag and waited to be called up again.

[18:01:57] Kenzie Krosshart grins and jots down Misa's words, adding, "This package is so nicely wrapped, even the judges want to unwrap it to see the Celestial beauty underneath", nudging Misa with her notebook so she can take a look. Watching the girl walk, she ads some notes about the cheeky peak the backside gives onlookers.

[18:02:04] Rei does a lap around the stage, then steps to the mike, "Celestial City is a new start for everyone, a chance to begin life a new, to make the right choices, not only for themselves, but for their friends, family and the city itself. I am new to the city, just like many others, but I think I can represent that bright hope for all of us."

[18:02:45] Lexus Regal raises her eyebrows but doesn't look up at Kassie. The blond continues to play on her phone as she speaks in a casual uninterested tone. "Yeah, like don't worry about it. Cody says he took care of it." She mumbles under her breath loud enough to be heard. "Pretty bad when Cody does a job better...." The stage hand brings the bag over to Lexus and the celebrity smiles and nods toward the assistant. She sets the bag down and turns around to get undressed.

[18:02:58] Anna-Kate Harper smiles and doesnt interupt any conversation

[18:03:41] Micky Ryan looks at his notes and tilts his head " we have one more contestant to night, thank you rei that will be all, kim please come up on stage"

[18:04:53] Misa Hancroft nods as she reads her friends notes

[18:04:59] Rei comes down stairs and moves towards the lockers. She flashes into her light form for a second, not enough to blind anyone as her swimsuit falls to the ground.

[18:06:49] Kim Aron(Pilix) takes a breath, holding it in on her way up the stairs, she finally lets it out before coming out around the curtain, carefully stepping and making her way out onto the stage, presenting herself in a bikini, not unlike one of the previous contestants, with the difference of having a wrap to provide at least a little more modest. She looks toward the audience, then toward the judges, making sure they can see her, even as a blush crosses her face.

[18:08:20] Kassie Martian nods to Lexus "Yes Miss.... please allow me to show you why you hired me later.....:

[18:09:09] Micky Ryan looks her over noting the purple color with a smile then makes some notes " alright kin,, can you walk around the stage for us and show us your favorite style of swimming?"

[18:10:03] Lucas MacDonald looks Kim over, grinning a bit "Hm, cute, seems very modest as well.."

[18:11:11] Kim Aron(Pilix) nods a bit, fidgeting and starting to move in a lap around the stage, doing her best to do what looks like a sort of frog style stroke in the air.

[18:11:54] Lexus Regal digs around in her bag and pulls out a dress. The blond just nods in response to Kassie, still giving the girl the cold shoulder. Lexus pulls the dress on, wiggling as she shimmies to get the tight fabric up around her curves.

[18:13:07] Rei slides on her dress from the original competition, which she left here at the time... mostly because at the time she had no home of her own.

[18:13:18] Micky Ryan grins and nds taking a few more notes " alright kim... here it comes the mots important question of the contest.. why do you want to win tonight?"

[18:14:14] Kenzie Krosshart head tilts, trying to take in what she is seeing, "nerdy sheik?", she writes, "The feel here isn't the smashing success as the floral ink we saw earlier in the show, her hair needs styling, the contrast between blatant and bashful barely fits the bill. While the simple shoes show solidarity with the soulless sarong, she lacks the overall sense of direction needed to pull this off.", she bittes her pencil, and leans over to Misa, "Too harsh?"

[18:14:15] Misa Hancroft leans back. graciously crossing her legs as she watches the rather shy girl on the stage. she bonks Kenzie side playfully" hey.. read my mind?"
[18:17:37] Faith Celestia finishes writing her vote slip and passes it to hellguard.

[18:18:37] Kim Aron(Pilix) stops her frog swimming around the stage, composing herself again as she straightens her wrap and makes sure the knot is still tight so nothing would slip. "Uhm, well... honestly, it's maybe my best chance of really... getting my life in order, I think.." She fidgets a bit, not sure if it was a good answer, but it was what she had to give.

[18:19:31] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) takes hers, writing her own up and passes it to Micky only after Kim was done on the stage

[18:19:50] Micky Ryan tilts his head and makes some notes " thank you you are dismissed "

[18:21:08] Rei steps over to Ellie, "We should do what we can to help Kim get changed into her Formal Dress asap." She is speaking to both Ellie and Anna-Kate, with a glance back to Kassie as well.

[18:21:35] Micky Ryan nods and collects the votes then turns to the others as he looks through them whishpering

[18:21:42] Kim Aron(Pilix) nods, fidgeting again as she bows a bit, though trying to make sure nothing slips with the small top barely containing her generous bust. She turns and moves to head off the stage, back to the dressing room.

[18:22:23] Anna-Kate Harper nods " Kim, get it off, we have to get you in your dress, pronto" spoken as the woman comes down

[18:23:28] Kim Aron(Pilix) pauses and blinks at Anna, looking a bit confused. "H..huh? What?" She looks around at others in their fancy dresses, feeling like she missed something. "Dresses...?"

[18:23:56] Anna-Kate Harper: they want formal when they call us all out at once

[18:24:09] Kenzie Krosshart pouts at Misa, "Yes I know purple is your favorite color, but I couldn't let that go"

[18:25:05] Kassie Martian reaches out, straightening the seam of Lexus' dress over her butt "Here, Miss Lexus, let me get that right for you.." smoothing my hand down her butt

[18:25:15] Misa Hancroft beams happy, You did remember! *hugs her friend out of the blue and squeezes her...

[18:25:42] Lexus Regal glances back at Kassie but stays quiet, only nodding. She arches her back as the woman rubs down her butt.

[18:27:11] Kassie Martian grins, running my hands down her leg, getting her dress nice and straight and tight against her curves, leaning into her speaking breathlesly in her ear "you didn't hire me for my lack of organizational skills..."

[18:27:12] Kenzie Krosshart whispers, "How could I forget silly!", she caresses Misa's purple hair affectionately.

[18:28:03] Kim Aron(Pilix) goes a bit wide eyed. "F..formal? What? Why? They never said anything about that before this round... Looks like all of you knew though..." She sighs a bit moving to her bag.

[18:28:45] Anna-Kate Harper shook her head" It was a suprise to us as well"

18:28:58] Rei shakes her head, "Was a surprise to us all. I was lucky my dress was still here, others had theirs delivered." She glances to Lexus.

[18:29:03] Micky Ryan nods to the other two as the finish deliberating and moves to the microphones " Ladys and gentle man the judges have reached a decision " he waves a hand to the back stairs " if we can have all of our constants come on stage please?"

[18:29:28] Misa Hancroft lays her arm around Kenzie and rests her head on her friends shoulder expecting the grand finale to happen soon

[18:31:10] Lexus Regal gives Kassie a soft smile. The blond perks up as she hears to call to go back up on stage. Lexus walks over to the stairs and steps out in front of the audience again. She blows kisses to the crowd, winking and waving at some people.

[18:31:22] Kim Aron(Pilix) whines as she digs around her bag, sighing a bit as she finds her formal gown from the first round was still in there. She quickly pulls it out, untying her wrap and dropping it as she hurriedly pulls on the gown over the bikini, having no time for a full change.

[18:31:31] Nameless was waiting for this moment, she was up the stairs and on stage! She wondered where to go, so she simply stood next to the curtain, her stubbed toe was throbbing as she limped her way to a nice spot on stage.

[18:31:53] Kassie Martian trails behind Miss Lexus, smiling at the audience as her deep cleavage and long leg slit threatens to expose her to the audience

[18:32:00] Rei moves up to Micky and speaks softly to the head judge, "Please give miss Kim a moment, she went last."
[18:32:00] Anna-Kate Harper helps by popping the bikini off so it fell, then heading up after helping her pull the dress on

[18:33:17] Anna-Kate Harper stepped onto the stage in her golden gown, smiling to Elewa
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Re: Miss Celestial City" Fanservice and the Grand Finale

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[18:34:20] Kim Aron(Pilix) eeps and blushes some as the bikini falls off thanks to Anna's "help", trying to hold the bottom on at least, but having no time to fix the ties while getting the gown on and needing to follow the others back up. She presses the front of the skirt against herself, just like that first night, trying to stay covered as she moves carefully onto the stage again.

[18:34:54] Micky Ryan turns to look at the constants and claps his hands "lady's line up against the curtain please , thank you he says eying them then turns and looks back at the audience with a heartfelt smile " lady's and gentlemen its been an honor to host this tonight and i know there have been some interesting moments.. but now its time , only one girl can wear the crown"

[18:34:59] Kenzie Krosshart snaps several pictures, knowing she likely doesn't have time right now to comment on all the gowns presented before them. She whispers to Misa, "I will have to write this up later, there are too many..."

[18:35:06] Lexus Regal stands a step and a half in front of the other contestants as she continues to play to the crowd.

[18:38:59] Misa Hancroft gets out her own phone taking a few snapshots, and nods to Kenzie .. we still have time later. or you do .. it s your blog after all hun.

[18:39:01] Micky Ryan glances over the girls and points to the rafters " drum roll please" and looks down at the cards in his hands " girls thank you all for competing you all fought valiantly , were going to announce the winners when your name is called please step forward, if your name is not called please step back.. after the winners are announced the judges will present honorable mentions indvidualy and one at a time

[18:39:43] Faith Celestia stands up preparing for the finale.

[18:40:04] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) stands and follows Faith with a grin, watching everyone

[18:40:08] Kenzie Krosshart nods at Misa, "No I like your input, we should totally do this one together!"

[18:40:19] Elewa cheers and calls to Anna from the crowd blows a kiss and showing her support

[18:40:27] Kassie Martian just keeps smiling, hiding her nerves

[18:40:30] Anna-Kate Harper stays with focus..and craving a chilliburger..

[18:41:15] secret identity ellie izumi: looks on nervously fidgeting more then usual

[18:41:16] Nameless stands there with some tears in her eyes from the bloodied toe, trying really hard to not fall over from the pain!

[18:41:27] Micky Ryan breaths in steadying him self " and here we go " Kassie step forward"

[18:41:58] Kassie Martian steps forward

[18:42:09] Anna-Kate Harper watches for anyone behind her and takes a step back

[18:42:10] Micky Ryan glances around the group watching faces carefully " Rei step forward"

[18:42:27] Lexus Regal only half pays attention assuming they will start calling the runners up first. The blond keeps posing and flirting with the crowd

[18:42:27] Rei is nearly motionless, not quite holding her breath until her name is called, and she breaks into a grin to step forward.

[18:42:35] Kim Aron(Pilix) holds her breath a bit, her heart thumping nervously as she listens for the names

[18:44:10] Kenzie Krosshart whispers "Come on wrapped girl, you got this ... "

[18:45:03] Micky Ryan looks to the rest of the girl , then makes a little shooing hand motion to encourage them to step back " First place and the crown of Ms Celestia gos to kassie followed in second by rie , lets have a round of applause for every one lady's and gentleman

[18:45:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, clapping for the winners

[18:45:46] Kenzie Krosshart mouth drops, "Olive oil seriously?!"
[18:46:01] Faith Celestia sm
iles and claps for them.

[18:46:03] secret identity ellie izumi: claps happily for the winners

[18:46:27] Kim Aron(Pilix) sighs softly, her shoulders slumping a bit as she steps back with the rest.

[18:46:33] Kenzie Krosshart whispers, "I guess I am gonna need to rethink the commentary on that suit"
[18:46:36] Nameless clapped her hands as she limped backwards, she wasn't crying yet. But she wasn't going to cause a scene when it had nothing to do with her and Hellers game.... She was simply trying to win, and lost of course!

[18:46:36] Anna-Kate Harper gave a clap and a rather.. redneck.. "oh yeah!"

18:47:11] Rei breaks into a grin at the shoeing movement, but then goes wide at the rush of the final announcement, though she smiles and turns to give Kassie a big hug of congratulations!

[18:48:10] secret identity ellie izumi: looks on sadly figuring rei would win but was quite surprised about kassie though made sure not to show it she was very disapointed but figured she wasn't going to win anyway she just wondered how lexus would feel

[18:48:20] Lexus Regal waves with a smile to the audience. Then the announcement dawns on her. The celebrity blinks and slowly turns her head, staring in disbelief with her jaw dropped open. It takes her a moment before it all really sinks in. She shakes her head back and forth and then frowns. "W-what....? Uh...like what?" Lexus looks around in utter confusion. "Wait...he must have read that wrong, like right?" Sensing possible trouble, a stage hand moves up quickly and starts to usher Lexus backstage. The blond is too stunned to put up any resistance as she is moves behind the curtain.

[18:48:30] Kassie Martian breaks into tears as i feel the girls give me hugs, not expecting it at all "oh my...ohhhh my goodness!"

[18:48:37] Micky Ryan eyes the lady's carefully " the crowning ceremony will take place after the honorable mentions " he begins claping"congragulations ladys you earned this"

[18:49:17] Elewa claps for the winners blowing another kiss to Anna as she does

[18:50:04] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) walks up to the Mic with a smile "congratulations to our winners. I will be announcing the first Honorable mention being someone who not only managed to bring a gator into the building but also managed to safely get it out. My honorable mention is Anna!" she states

[18:50:22] secret identity ellie izumi: claps happily for kassie saying in a quite yell "congratulations!"

[18:51:01] secret identity ellie izumi: claps happily for anna huging her friend

[18:51:20] Rei offers a clap for Anna with a smile.

[18:51:20] Anna-Kate Harper grins and steps forward, managing a curtsey. actually wiping a tear..glad shed use waterproof makeup " thank you so much"

18:52:36] Kim Aron(Pilix) claps lightly along with the others, keeping up with the show of it all, inside she was quite disappointed, and wondered what would be ahead for her.

[18:53:22] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, hugging Anna and then stepping aside to allow the Mic to be free

[18:54:14] Kassie Martian claps for Anna Kate, smiling from ear to ear...."Hooray"

[18:54:21] Elewa smiles brightly and cheers as she hears Anna's name

[18:54:26] Lexus Regal bickers with the stagehand down in the dressing room. The celebrity's voice grows louder but is muffled by the applause of the crowd. More stage hands move down and help to escort Lexus toward the door. It takes three stage hands to get the broken door to open but they finally start to get Lexus out and push her toward her limo. Outside in the street Lexus rants and yells back at the building unheard by the people inside.

[18:54:27] Faith Celestia moves to the micrphone

[18:55:43] Kenzie Krosshart jots down, "Lexus retires from the stage, perhaps this is a sign of what is to come with her journalism career?", smiling to herself as she imagines taking her place as the most famous reporter for Firefly. She bites her pen, and thinks, "We don't always suspect which style will come out on top, but as they say in show biz, "Sex sells", she hides her notes from Misa slightly, knowing she had just said that to her before the contest. "Perhaps the judges think they will get more than their just dessert from the new Ms. Celestial City, but regardless of the success of the LACK of clothes, we will always have our eyes on the latest, hottest fashions and styles in this fine city for you fellow fashionistas. -Kenzie", she smiles down at her paper

[18:56:12] Faith Celestia smiles "While she can not be here tonight, in these dark hours my personal Honorable mention goes out to Lucy, the Meta. for fighting against the fear and the hatred in the streets to shine and be who she is, unafraid and unapologetic " she says with a smile placing a single white rose next to the mic. "Congragulations to all of our contestants, you all did amazingly"

[18:56:52] Nameless clapped when appropriate.

[18:57:24] Kassie Martian: me applaids again......

[18:57:49] Faith Celestia leans over whispering to hell and micky before she vanishes.

[18:57:56] secret identity ellie izumi: claps happily doing a quiet "wooooo"

[18:58:13] Rei claps at the mention of Lucy.

[18:58:53] Misa Hancroft is still somewhat apathic. in shock of the outcome. with a blank stare for a few moemets before she snaps out of it and tríes to get a sneak peek into Kenzies notes.

[19:00:56] Anna-Kate Harper claps and gives another yell

[19:01:46] Micky Ryan gathers up a small bundle and moves to the mic once more he glances over the girls and the crowed "and finally i would like to applauded Kim for her courage and honesty in competing here tonight, your sushi was quite edible!" he turns and claps " give them a hand every one " he sets the bag down and pulls out a crown a sash and a scepter then steps towards kassie the crown lifted between his hands" congratulations

[19:03:15] Kassie Martian takes the scepter and the roses, dipping her head for the crown, smilling as tears stream down my face "oh my god, thank you so much..."

[19:03:27] Kenzie Krosshart looks at Misa, closing her notebook unusually quickly, "I got what I need I think", she seems to forget her promises to co-write this one with her all of a sudden, as the 'we' changes to 'I'. "You ready?", she asks nonchalantly. She gives a quick look over to Elewa, "Lets go before the CROWD does"

[19:03:54] Kim Aron(Pilix) looks up a bit as she hears her name, blinking some as she manages to get an honorable mention, nodding in thanks to Micky.

[19:04:16] Rei claps for Kim's mention, then smiles and helps Kassie straighten the sash, smiling to the winner.

[19:04:53] Misa Hancroft nods quickly and gets up from her seat, stretching her limbs for a moment before walking to where she suspects the exit to be.

[19:05:23] Micky Ryan: /em smiles and nods to her moving on to the other girl a tiara in his hands along with another scepter and sash

[19:05:25] secret identity ellie izumi: claps for kim mention smiling at her

[19:05:53] Micky Ryan he holds it up in two hands " congratulations"

[19:05:59] Lucas MacDonald claps for Kassie, and the honorable mentions.

[19:07:11] Rei nods and slips the Tiara and Sash on, seeming no stranger to the accouterments.

[19:08:18] Micky Ryan smiles and steps back to stand with hell guard and claps " give there lovely lady's a big hand lady's and gentleman "

[19:08:30] Kassie Martian waves that sideways, beauty pageant wave....

[19:08:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, clapping as well, nodding to the winners

[19:09:06] secret identity ellie izumi: just fidgets there shyly eventually clapping when told to give them a hand again

[19:09:35] Lucas MacDonald stands up, clapping for all the contestants!

[19:09:55] Rei claps for Kassie along with everyone else.

[19:10:13] Kim Aron(Pilix) claps along with the rest, forcing a small smile to hide her disappointment and concern.

[19:12:28] Micky Ryan coughs and motions to the ladys
[19:12:39] Rei steps up to Kassie, "Lets go back stage now." she says quietly.

[19:13:04] Micky Ryan: alright ladys if you would file out single file , wave at the audience as you go

[19:14:05] Kassie Martian walks backstage, in a daze of disbelief....

[19:14:31] Anna-Kate Harper waves as she headed out" I am going to go kiss my lucky charm"

[19:14:46] Micky Ryan turns and heads for the exit
[19:14:56] Kim Aron(Pilix) waves to the audience and turns to file out back stage
[19:15:50] Kassie Martian waves one more time as she follows Rei out

[19:17:53] Rei gets downstairs, and seeing that both Lexus and Nameless had left, gives everyone she can reach a hug.

[19:18:28] Anna-Kate Harper frowns" now shes going to try to kill is..."

[19:19:00] Kim Aron(Pilix) blinks as she's suddenly hugged, hugging back a bit uncertainly

[19:19:23] Lucas MacDonald turns towards Elewa "Your partner did amazingly up there!"

[19:19:36] Kassie Martian stands, stunned... "oh. oh wow"

[19:19:47] Elewa smiles a bit... "thank you.. am glad se got mentioned..."

[19:20:38] secret identity ellie izumi: giggles saying "i doubt even lexus would go that far"

[19:20:51] Elewa "did you enjoy the show? and did you know anyone in it?" she asks

[19:21:43] Rei nods to Anna-Kate, "Nameless? We'll stop her." She looks back to Kassie, "So any idea what you are going to do now?"

[19:22:16] Anna-Kate Harper: not just her. Lexus' ego took a big blow.

[19:22:37] Lucas MacDonald smiles warmly towards Elewa shaking his head "know anyone? naww, I just happened to drift in to be honest! the show was great! What did you think?"

[19:23:42] Kassie Martian shakes her head, still stunned... "I figured i'd lose, hug the winner, and go do some business... now...my best client got taken out by security and I'm miss Celestial City

[19:23:52] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): "im sure you will be able to stop lexus and we can always just get back at her no law against plotting in cc sadly"

[19:24:27] Elewa "well it was quite a view..." she grins... "the first two parts were good as well" she tells him... "i dont think i have seen you around town before, whats your name?" she adds

[19:25:37] Kassie Martian: OH! I know, ill go take pictures, hahaha

[19:26:34] Lucas MacDonald grins as well "Indeed, quite the view indeed. I'm Lucas, I just got here today to be honest with you. Still getting my bearings again.."

[19:28:47] Elewa nods up at him "i'm Elewa... or Ele for short... pleasure to meet you..." she says with a smile extending a hand to greet him

[19:30:25] Anna-Kate Harper smiled" this was fun..but I need to go change and get to Elewa. you ladies have a good night"
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Re: Miss Celestial City: Fanservice and the Grand Finale

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