Kenzie Krosshart Acquisitions a Space from John Johnson

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Kenzie Krosshart Acquisitions a Space from John Johnson

Post by DiamondPhoenix1 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:42 am

[23:08] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon) Was sofly snorting with a mask on at the receptionist desk.

[23:09] the elevators doors open and out walks a girl who looks very out of place in the new construction, seeing the man she looks him up and down, curious about his mask but trying not to be too obvious. She clears her throat, "Ehem", she pets her tiny dog and waits for him to wake up.

[23:12] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon) Head drops out of his hand and nearly hits the side of the desk. He tires to play it off as if he had just drop a pen or something and he was looking for it. " HMM WHAT!...oh huh how can I help you?".

[23:15] Kenzie Krosshart makes a face like she was nervous he would hit his face on the table. "Oh my, I didn't mean to wake you there...", she lies, "I was just in here before and someone told me to come back to talk to the manager about renting this space for a business...Do you know where I can find her?", she makes it a point to always use female pronoun when assuming the sex of those with authority. This reasoning can be found in her style blog, which has led many others to follow suit.

[23:19] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon) " You clearly were not told anything....I mange this place. I rent out office space to people who are in the real-state biz. They all need one thing. Construction and demolition, it goes hand in hand. He closes his hands making a might bone popping fist. As you can see..." he removes his mask. " I am NOT a she. Now how can I help you?".

[23:26] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): (( making a tight bone popping fist))
[23:26] Kenzie Krosshart pets her dog, listening to him ramble about things she has zero interest in, nodding and smiles as she has any idea what construction and demolition is. "...well that mask you have is certainly an interesting fashion piece, I never would have thought a man in your business would be so in style. Would you mind if I snapped you with it for my blog?", she takes out her phone, as he takes off his mask and replaces it with glasses. She thinks to herself the tagline, "Sleep with your own color scheme, or even on the job, this will add one more veil to your personality, or just let you sleep in piece", she giggles thinking about her future post, and then she asks casually, "What brand is that I haven't even seen that anywhere?", sidestepping the whole question of whether the manager is a female.

[23:34] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): /me" Its something that I should not have worn to work, but when your the manger some times you just say fuck it" Clearly a little irritated now that his villain mask and his REAL face has been expose to the hell is she by the way and what does she want? " I made it its a side hobby of mine. " You could hear him open up a draw to put and close the mask in as if he didn't want her to see it again let along take a picture of it. " Clear throat. No pictures please, Now which space do to want rent ?" Slide over to her on the desk a copy of the buildings directory showing all of its floors and office numbers. Adjusts his glasses dam she was pretty she sure did have an ugly ass baby in her bag. No wait a second." Adjusts glasses. " ITS A DOG" he says out loud by mistake.
[23:36] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): (( but she sure did have an ugly baby in her bag))

[23:42] the sound of a photo being snapped comes from the phone after her closes the drawer. She puts her phone in the small slot of the brand name purse/carrier she is holding and gives her doggie a few extra pets. "OMG did you know that there is a sight you could sell those online? Its called Cel-etse. I think you really have a skill there, you should like embrace that, there is really a demand for unique hand crafted items, and I know several botiques we could market to, just a thought though, no pressure.", she steps closer and slides her card across the table. "Kenzie Krosshart, Fashion Extraordin-Heiress" She smiles, "Yes this is Mr. Strong", she gives the tiny dog some little pets again and giggles. She picks up the directory and looks it over, "Do you have anything that is say on a bloggers budget?", it isn't immediately clear what that means.

[23:48] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon) Stares, then pick up the card. " Fashion....heiress eh? my creations are not for sale. However....if someone had a request I suppose... no not a good idea. My items are for.. war purposes not fashion dolls. I have no idea how much you make but my prices per room per week are listed here." He points to the directory he has slide over to here. A dog in a hand bag......okay. Did he hear a snap or was it just his imagination. When she step closer of course he could see her better. He thought she was pretty before wow. " How long would you need the space?". He tries to keep it cool and professional.

[23:56] Kenzie Krosshart gives him a weirded out look. "Whatever you want to tell yourself...", she says under her breath, letting her annoyance with how the city is so fighting oriented make its wow ever so subtly out from between her lips. She purses her lips looking over the prices trying to be professional, squinting slightly, she reaches in her designer hand bag, and pull from it some glasses that look to be brand new, and slides them onto the bridge of her nose, blinking a few times at the numbers, then looking back at him. "You don't really think people are going to pay this do you?", she asks, then gets out her phone and presses some buttons. "This neighborhood isn't exactly up and coming", She points behind her to the southwest, "The money is going that way, if you look at the trends, especially around the Celestial mall, you can tell because the bowling alley there is actually a hot spot, I mean seriously who pays that much for bowling shoes, they are so so ugly...", she puts the directory down and leans into the
[23:56] Kenzie Krosshart table, "Surely you can come down on this for an early renter...", she gives him a little smile.

[00:03] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): /me" This place gets torn down all the time with constance valiance this business in this area is a gold mine for me and yes people DO pay this much for construction that can withstand supper attacks you can bet your pretty ass they do, let me guess you the room for fashion stiff right? I suppose since i am not exactly booked it I really shouldn't care what you rent the room out for but for me to go under my price I would need some service in return. You see this place ain't exactly the Hilton ANN. You can decorate it, make it more applying for clients to want to rent here. How about a mo trail and I'll pay you." He slowly gets out of his chair walks in front of her and extends his hand, " Deal?"

[00:12] Kenzie Krosshart watches him carefully as he goes on about super this and power that. She isn't really sure what kinds of withstanding he is talking about, nor is she interested in that like AT ALL. She smiles, though, and nods, and waits for him to finish. She was a feminist, but she also knows the reality of what dealing with men is. Eventually when he comes off his little spiel, she responds, "Yes Misa and I were considering making a magazine, mostly focusing on the interesting vision our vigilantes and villains rock when they are out doing their thing. It is really a unique approach to style, no one has really looked at it with this angle and we think given my current blog fan base it will catch on...", she continues to ramble about the business for some time, taking off her glasses and carefully putting them back in her purse and petting her doggie, talking softly to him. She seems to forget that an offer is on the table and looks at him with a smile, lost in her puppies cuteness.

[00:20] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon) " You don't listen well do you? besides I seriously doubt they want their image a symbol or a calling card if you will of what they stand and die for or against to be turn into some kind of water down fluff piece for mer entertain for those who clearly live under a fashion rock. its not my policy to care what people do with the space for the space is clearly outline what it is suppose to be USED for. Not only is it not design for THIS but I'm not even getting top Dollar for it. Are you in or out of the deal? if your fashion gets more business then the ends will justify the means."

[00:26] Kenzie Krosshart furrows her brow as he speaks, her mouth opening and an offended gasp escaping her lips. Putting her hand on her chest as if she is struggling to maintain her composure she starts to say something, but he shift to the matter of the deal so fast, she struggless to process what deal he is talking about. "Wait so let me want me to make this place pretty so that you can get more clients, but you think that fashion is some kind of worthless thing?", she pouts her lips in a duck face while she pretend thinks about it, "Tell you what, I want you to promise me that when I get you your high end prices that you will take that back about fashion being fluff or rocky or whatever you said, and you will admit it has value!!", she gives him a few questionably playful pokes on his chest, looking up at him and keeping eye contact while she speak, her vanilla scented top shelf perfume finding its way deep into his nostrils the more she moves and the closer she gets.

[00:38] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): /me" Yep you don't listen." Sighs and then breaths in deeply. * mmmm is that vanilla * " You are taking something serious like the WAR between what people call HERO'S and VILLAINS and simplifying them into something pretty to look at. People should see there clothes as mer fashion. Fashion has its place and vale but you and, great there is two of you, Ms Misa are gonna piss off a lot of people especially villains and true warrior in general. Promise?" Rises an eye brow. He barely knew her. " I....." feels her poking him. She could feel that he was like sold living rock under that shirt. His heart begins to race. " I promise to be a fair boss that will repeat him self when his employee isn't listing to him." He says throw gritting teen and then gives her the most radiant smile, showing off his sharper then normal k-9's.
[00:40] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): (( people shouldn't see their clothes as mer fashion statements ))

[00:49] Kenzie Krosshart shakes her head, "Look, BOSS...", she makes sure to say it sarcastically, "..first of all I feel like you may be mixing up style and fashion, but beside that, just because you clearly know nothing about something, it doesn't mean you get to just write it off as something not serious. She touches her hair, pushing it up slightly, then letting it go, seemingly doing nothing to the untrained eye, but actually the fluffing motion giving it volume that it was losing before. "They [heroes and villains] are symbols, and symbols can mean so much to people. If you want to say that a symbol is just something pretty and simplify it into a little box because you don't understand what it means, then you can go right ahead, but what Misa and myself know from our experience is that people love to know that there are pretty things in this world that exist even though they go to work every day and come home and can barely afford food for their children, and then they get our magazine with the colors and the interesting
[00:49] Kenzie Krosshart thought about what is going on today, then they feel alive again. Today is the only day that will be today, so lets really dig into what that means, and really appreciate the beauty of it no matter who might get angry about it!", she turns her back to him looking over her shoulder with a coy grin, giving him a clear view of her skirted bottom. "But don't you worry BOSS, I am more than willing to help you see the value in having some stye, starting with your little building here", she turns and pushes the elevator button and waits with a small smile on her face.

[00:58] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): /me" poor listing skills , and what No contract on the terms of our agreement? You don't even know what I know or don't know. Your entertain will NEVER be more important then reason why people go to war and become poor in the first place. Your options don't give you right to be insulating. The first thing is is going to change is, you never turn your back on me when the conversation isn't done. Next your self entailed know it all righteousnesses attitude when addressing me, you can save it. And we dress business causal here, not like we work on a pole. The name is John and IF you work here its Mr John. I'll draw up a contract and you be back here 8:00 am sharp to go over and sign. Is that understood Ms Kenzie Krosshart?".
[01:00] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): (( its Mr Johnson ))
[01:01] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): 0.0 ( sees tight skirt )

[01:08] Kenzie Krosshart listens to him, her brow furrowing again, starting to get really really annoyed with him now, she tries to gain her composure, leaning down and whispering to Mr. Strong, "Its okay honey he is just bitter because he no sense of beauty don't worry we can help him don't worry". While whispering to her doggie, she also talks herself down from commenting on half of his comments, chosing instead to consciously ignore them, and she spins on her heel, and holds out her hand, "You have a deal Mr. Johnson, and you can call me Kenzie", she watches him for a moment biting her lip to see if he is going to bite, adding, "I mean unless your word isn't good enough and you really need a contract to honor your promise?", she stifles a smirk, having no intention of changing her dress or meet any arbitrary calendar by some overbearing contractor, but expecting she should be able to spruce up the place to his liking with ease.

[01:15] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon) " oh my word is good Ms Kenzie but the contract is better" he smiles almost menacingly. Takes her hand and old school kisses the back of it. His lips felt perfect on her skin. 0.0 realizes that might not have been the best thing to do to a stranger. " 8:00 am, I'll show where you will be working after the signing. lets go of her hand slowly. * Smooth iisalr smooth SHE'LL WANT TO WORK HERE IN TIME >.< *.
[01:15] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon): (( IN NO TIME))

[01:22] Kenzie Krosshart was no stranger to men taking their liberties with her. It was little things like the kiss to the hand, or the stroking of her hair, or the little glances at her cleavage, all these things were just part of the perils of being a fashionista. She was quick to pull her hand back, keeping her smile however, "Well a promise is a promise isn't it Mr. Johnson.", she takes out her phone and checks it standing for a moment in the silence, before looking up at him asking him politely, trying everythign in her power to mask her sarcasm, "Is that all boss?

[01:24] Eshindow the Giant Ice Elf (darwin.lemon) " I'll be boss tomorrow, I'm just John today... look about the hand...sorry, I'll see you in the morning mis Krosshart. "

[01:27] Kenzie Krosshart turns on her heel again and gives him a little 'tuddles' wave, adding, "It's Kenzie, today and tomorrow", pressing the button again, the elevator opening immediately since she called it before. She steps in as the door closes she tilts her head and gives him a little wink, just so that he might even question if she did it or not. She whispers to Mr. Strong, "We will show him won't we cutie!"
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