The return and the beginning

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The return and the beginning

Post by Timberwulff » Tue May 01, 2018 7:12 pm

This is Howards H'ndupme with news it would appear Timber returned to Celestial City but he did not seem to come alone.

[15:58] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The comet like thing comes in a loud whistling noise before impact. The ground is shaken and smoke as well as dirt flies up into the air. After the smoke and dirt clear a body is seen in the crater
[16:02] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) would look shocked for a moment, before approaching the crater slowly
[16:04] Z3PH-YR (AINGELPROJECT667 Resident) would love to be here but her avi is taking its sweet time loading. assume her on the way though
[16:04] Pyris Finally seeing where the point of impact was, darts down to hover above the ground as he cautiously floats a little closer to get a better look. Once again cursing himself for being the Officer on Duty. "Alright, stay clear!" he barked out the best he could, his helmet amplifying it enough for any civilians near-by to get the message "Everything is under control" As he got closer he'd glance at the body in the crater and mutter, his helmet's mic still sadly picking that up "Except for this poor sod...eesh..."
[16:06] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) looked at Zephyr "Know who he is?"
[16:07] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The body rolls over on to its back revealing the bruised, battered, and bloody form of the former interim mayor. Timber has returned to Celestial City.
[16:07] Solene get out of the PAE tower, who removed the total lockdown. She approach, with Katy behind her, and look at the crater, and.. Timber. "Well.. what an entrance.."
[16:07] Jaron lands and stares, scanning away just to double check his previous readings
[16:07] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR hops down from the PAE entrance, looking to Juno carefully then stepping up beside her. "No idea. Not registering in any databases. Especially not his entrance. But given that he just fell from space and survived, I'd keep my....goddess." She trailed off, looking at Timber.
[16:08] Katy follows behind Soléne and is a bit busy on the PAE internal coms "Yeah .. no ... whatever ... nah ... emergency lockdown is no longer necessary ... "
[16:08] Juno (Angel8819 Resident): He's alive, so there's that. We need containment... He might be sick or worse.
[16:09] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR nods. Even as she speaks an ambulance pulls up from the direction of the hospital.
[16:09] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The moment the Ambulance does it is blasted from an angle above everyone
[16:10] Jaron: ... he appears to have been injured by violence, im sensing broken bones, heavy bruising and other injuries consistent with blunt force impacts, apart from potential impact injuries
[16:10] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) looked at Zephyr "Are we sure .." before the blast cuts her sentence off "CONTACT!"
[16:11] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): A figure floats down and looks at everyone."This one belongs to us, so you all best step back." She pauses and takes a device from her ear and smacks it. Who says you all?"
[16:11] Solene cross her arms. "He is tough. He can withstand a gatling gun at point blank." She look at the ambulance coming in.. and getting blasted. "What the hell.. " She look up and frown.
[16:12] Jaron looks to the figure, scanning away again to try and get some information before the fecal matter hits the fan
[16:12] Katy would try to warn her coworkers "INCOMING ... TAKE COVER !" and would try to go prone to evade possible debris.
[16:12] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR is thrown forward, over Timber, and skids to a halt near the creek, turning over she looks up at the figure. "And who are you, O Slayer of Emergency Medical Hardware?"
[16:12] Pyris was caught off guard by the sudden change in..well.. everything and darts back several yards in the air. "Whoa! Alright, not cool, you don't jib the medics!" he barks at the newly arrived figure. Seeing PAE in force he'd relax slightly, figuring if things did go to shit, well...they had enough dakka to make up for his lack.
[16:13] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the woman?? Smiles."Who we are is none of your concern. Give us the terran and we will be on our way... for now."
[16:13] Solene raise her index. "Hey.. oh..Just a question why do you want him ?"
[16:14] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grumbles, trying to rise to her feet, one of her hands brushing near the assault rifle on her back. "I would think it is our concern after all, dearie. That's our mayor, and our ambulance you just wrecked. So spit it out, or we'll assume you're one of the thousands of invaders we've blasted to shite."
[16:15] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the woman looks confused."Invaders? Oh no we're just the expeditionary force, and this one well he's high on someones list so we're sent to get him... or his head."
[16:15] Juno (Angel8819 Resident)'s shield would simply subtract a large amount of the explosion's force, simply subtracting the kinetic energy from the debris that came her way, it falling to the ground with a series of pings and rattles, before looking about to check on the safety of her coworkers
[16:16] Katy groans and coughs roughly, while straightening up and trying to ready her shotty "What the fuckin' hell .. you're alright guys ?"
[16:16] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR sighs, grumbling and wiping her nose where a little bit of coolant lifeblood leaked. "Always just the expediationary force, innit..." She mutters, glaring up at the woman. "So what happens if we, perchance, say no? I'm guessing you'll say something haughty and overblown about eradicating us, yeah?"
[16:16] Boo Raleigh swings in and lands..... "Well, um, that's an interesting meteor"
[16:18] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) pulls out a couple guns and smirks."Nope, I'll let my friend do the talking." Timber wakes up long enough to utter the word ..."Invasion..." before his head drops and he is out cold
[16:19] Solene "Lady and gentleman.." She pull down her gasmask. "I guess it's time to kick some ass.."
[16:19] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR crosses her arms. "Still sounds overblown, dear." She says, letting out her breath. "Someone who wasn't a bloody arrogant cunt would have just grabbed Timber and left, but I guess we know what kind of person you are now, aye? She smirks back, then looks at the crowd. "So, chaps, what say you all? Shall we 'welcome' our guest to the city?"
[16:21] Pyris at the time of the boom was already in motion backwards and away from the area of impact, a few scattered bits clattering off his less squishy bits "From what records say, I'd like to see you try and take his head. The dude is hard as hell." he commented, fading back a bit as he let the more aggressive folk present handle most of the talking. Being more of a token presence " be fair.. folks with pointed ears tend to come pretty arrogant. At least where I come from they do."
[16:22] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the woman sighs."All right we're going to do this the hard way."
[16:22] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) made her way over to the comatose figure of Timber, enhancing her shields to max "I think Zephyr, crude as she can be, speaks for us on this matter"
[16:22] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR draws her assault rifle and grins. "That's the Celestial City welcome, dearie. It's either the hard way, or the high way."
[16:22] Jaron simply takes off to get into a better position, staying back a bit
[16:23] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) grins."Then you chose the hard way."
[16:23] Katy couldn't hide a grin "Such a shame that the boss isn't here today ... seems for once, we need to take care of this situation with a different approach than usual ..." trying to move into cover behind the ambulance wreckage.
[16:24] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) with the womans words another figure materializes. A giant being appeared.
[16:24] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: No other way for us, dear. Shall we begin?
[16:30] Jaron proceeds to scan the aliens, trying to find any obvious weakness or what to expect from them in return
[16:30] Solene move and raise both gauntlet, and try to get a grip on crashed ambulance. She will lift it, and throw it on the giant behind the woman.
[16:30] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): **And Juno at the end because I think right now she is just on defense**
[16:32] Clover (Luei333 Resident): ((Oh, I'm just watching. I've never seen one of these events. And I've never actually RP'd in Celestial City.. Feel free to ignore me.))
[16:32] Pyris feels a shiver run up his spine from the new arrival coming into view "Oh...shit..." he grumbled, looking down to his pulse blasters on his gauntlets and then back up to the towering figure. In that moment really wishing he -wasn't- outfitted for riot control and non-lethal takedown. He'd dart a hand to his belt to fumble his artificial digits around a rock-salt canister-shot and begin loading it to the barrel on his right wrist "Why does it always have to be snektits in a not sexy situation...?" he said quietly.
[16:33] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the smaller alien aims the blasters at people, attempting to get them to scatter as the giant is hit by the ambulance. She wavers as two of her arms catch the ambulance to keep it from hitting the ground as she throws it at Jaron
[16:35] Katy just felt happy to find some cover, when the ambulance wreckage was lifted and hurled away towards the enemies, leaving her exposed and without cover "Bloody hell, Sol ... " she curses and would try to back off, when being suppressed by alien blaster fire, loosing any offensive actions this round and trying to go prone behind Juno's personal defense shield.
[16:38] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR calmly charges her assault rifle, making sure the plasma charge system was operational, and sights the smaller alien with the blasters and fires off a burst. The assault rifle shatters, sending a flurry of hypersonic 7.62mm rounds, sheathed in plasma, at the alien, aiming for her center mass.
[16:40] Jaron starts moving back as the abulance is thrown at him, he holds his feet in front and effectively catches it, a burst of plasma shoots backwards as he slows himself and the ambulance down before trying to carry it over to the bridge on the side, out of immediate danger
[16:41] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) dug in, keeping the prone Timber well within the bubble of her kinetic subtraction field "Katy, go for the leader. Shoot around me!" opening a window in her field for Katy's shot "Bee guy! Aim at the big one's eyes, just don't get too close"
[16:43] Pyris manages to load the canister before he hears a set of discharges and darts back with a spin, to avoid the shots coming his way "Alright, let's see.." he said as he ducked and weaved trying to line up a shot on the larger target. Since his HUD had picked up Zephyr already lighting into the smaller.
[16:44] Solene look at the flying ambulance, and Jaron leaving with it. "Oh come on !" She growl, and get hit by the blaster in her left mechanical boots. Luckily, she is wearing her suit under that armor. "Oh saloperie !" She growl, open a small compartment of her right boots, and pull five rods. She lift one with her electromagnetic field, and charge her attack, for a big blow.
[16:44] Pyris: and heard the shout to who he thought was him *
[16:45] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the large alien roars in anger and frustration, obviously not the brains of this operation, as one of her arms comes down towards Junos shield the smaller alien taking a couple shots her body singed and bruising appearing where it hit, but for her that makes Z3ph-yr her target as she unleashes a barrage of laser fire at her. The blast that hit solenes boot was a regular blast so there would be at the very least a singe at worst a hole in that mechanical boot.
[16:46] Katy tries to use her opportunity behind Juno's shield to gain an overview of the developing situation and wouldn't hesitiate a microsecond, when the window in Juno's personal defense shield was opening "Smart thinkin', kid ... " she would roughly target into the direction of the massive aliens snake-like tail, firing a full mag of PAE standard issue cryo shells, which had the ability to capable of snap-freeze the impacted objects on repeated hits or at least slow the target down.
[16:47] Nyx (Nyxi SpiritWeaver): capability
[16:51] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR hisses as she takes the laser fire, her shield harness flaring as they deflect the hits away from her vitals, but a few get through, burning small pieces of her armor off. She dashes to the side, zig-zagging as she tries to close the distance between her and the alien, opening the grenade launcher tube and fishing behind her back for a launcher round.....
[16:57] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) hunkered down as the giants fist struck her barrier... to a dull bass thump, as the impact was absorbed by the shield, as if the creature had punched thin air. Her capactacitors already lowering from just one swing, but she would hold hard "Go for the leader! The big one isn't the priority!"
[16:58] Jaron starts building up an electrical charge around himself, he flies over the smaller alien and fires a small plasma beam to carry the built up electical charge almost like a tazer, hopefully knocking the alien out
[16:58] Solene continue to charge until the rod hovering in her right hand start glowing. She finally release the glowing projectile, like a railgun, at the giant. A very nasty tungsten projectile flying at mach 4. If it hit, it's gonna hurt. If it doesn't hit, well, neighbour behind the giant will not be happy.
[16:59] Boo Raleigh swings in and sees the giant, and everyone fighting it.... pulling off her bodysuit and figuring out who to punch
[17:00] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the giant alien hisses feeling the cryo shells impact, after a minute she shakes her tail cracking the ice, flinging the pieces of ice around. as the glowing projectile flies through one of her hands. The smaller one sees Z3ph-yr close distance."Face it you're prolonging the inevitable. We're gonna get that little terran. The only question is what happens afterwards." before she dodges the plasma beam trying to fire up at Jaron and Z3ph-yr at the same time.
[17:02] Pyris seeing what he thought was a chance to strike and plotting his vector of attack he darts in towards the giant, ready to fire his salty load into it's face, trying to get as close as he could after the railgun strike impacts, his own canister shot firing with a soft 'pomf' noise if he gets close enough without getting swatted.
[17:02] Raigeki Tales a leap off the top of the tower and on her way down forms into electricty The bolt hits the ground and squishes, then takes a humanoid form that solidifies into Raikeki. " hmmm.
[17:04] Katy was now busy to insert a fresh mag of PAE cryo shells "Reloading !" while being quite aware that Juno's personal defense shield wouldn't last forever against such massive force. Katy would try to finish her reload and wait until the hail of ice shards was over, then would try to sprint over towards the old tree "Moving into new position !" she announces, running as fast as she could, yet she was still in her purely human manifestation.
[17:06] Mon-68 (Mongon68 Resident) is online.
[17:06] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR lowers her shoulder, the close range too short for her shields to raise in time, so she takes a nasty hit from the blaster, which pretty much ruins the armor and gouges deep into her exposed shoulder, but she achieves what she needs-winding up her body to swing the gun like a club, aiming for the alien's shoulder and neck. "We've faced down monsters that make you and your friend look like bloody children by comparison! You think we're afraid of you? I'm itching for a good battle!" She says. Regardless of whether her strike with her rifle connected, she would follow it up with a punch that could knock an SUV on its side, aiming for the alien's gut.
[17:08] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) would take the moment's respite as focus was off her to close the window in her shield and redirect energies to prolong her power cells. She would also draw the stunn baton on her back, in case it came to that
[17:09] Boo Raleigh shoots a line up to to a neighboring building swinging at the large creature, my foot flying right at it's head
[17:09] Jaron sees raigeki arrive and simply states "i will head up to orbit and make sure you dont get any unexpected visitors" before taking off, making sure the initial plasma bust from his wings go in the general direction of the big one, the shots from the small one hit and send a few of his scales falling off before he goes well out of range
[17:11] Solene look at Raigeki coming. "Ah, boss ! Nice to see you." She grin and start to charge her gauntlet as she 'hold' another rod in her right hand.
[17:11] Raigeki moves in between the giant and Juno and expands her EM field creating an electromagnetic shield to add a layer of protection to Juno's field, trying to give it time to regenerate. She rolls her shoulders and frowns. " how are you holding up Juno? Need a recharge? " as her helmet tilts up to the snake. and she pops her neck.
[17:15] Pyris darts past as he fires, trying to make an escape run to put enough room between him and the giant to reload. (Short post, phone is ringing)
[17:17] Boo Raleigh swings back and forth throwing kicks at the giant as i go, not sure if i am amaking any difference.but throwing kicka fter kick after kick as i swing from m webline
[17:19] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The Giant takes the shot in teh face but as it is salt it bounces off her showing something... unusual about it, the injured hand coming to block the plasma blast, costing the giant that hand. The rifle striking the smaller alien but not having the hoped for results, but the shot to the gut causes her to double over slightly. The giant again swinging at the shield protecting Juno and Timber.
[17:20] Katy by now had reached her new cover in form of that old tree which was a silent witness of so many CC tragedies. Katy had reached somewhat of a flanking position and would carefully target the big aliens head, trying to land a few cryo rounds directly into it's ulgy mug, in hope to at least temporarily hinder the creatures vision or even snap-freeing it's eyes to blind it.
[17:24] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR tosses the rifle aside for now, cracking her knuckles and moving forward as the alien doubles over. With her leg below the woman's head, she lifts her knee up, using small jump thrusters on her heel to propell the leg up into its intended target at the speed of a small aircraft. The target, in this case, was the alien's face. Should the hit connect, she would attempt to grab the woman and toss her to the ground, coming down on top of her with an elbow slam to bring all 280 lbs of herself down on the alien woman. "Welcome to Celestial City!~"
[17:26] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) would feel the swing of the big alien, again a low hum as her capacitors absorbed the energy but were draining her power cells pretty quickly... she hoped that the monster would be confused how it's strikes would feel like swinging into empty air rather than hitting a barrier, and that would confuse it for long enough for the others to strike "Focus on the leader!"
[17:29] Boo Raleigh changes her target, swinging high in the air , gaining as much as she can, her naked body on course to crash into the smaller alien, full "Ohhhh shit this is gonna hurt........"
[17:33] Solene release the charged rod. Same power as before, but this time, she aim at the belly of the giant. "Yeah, focus little bitch, i'm taking care of giant bitch." She grin as she run on the opposite side.
[17:34] Pyris comes to a stop a safe distance away and analyzes the scene. Nothing he had could harm the big snek. His recent attack made that clear. So he reloads another canister as he uses his Helmet's HUD to zoom in on the smaller Alien and sees... ooh. Girlfight. It wouldn't hurt to just observe and aim carefully. Marking the distance and adjusting the canister for a delayed release as he figures out what speed he would need and how long an opening would be required for an actual strike to make it without getting Zephyr in the crossfire. His HUD picking up the sudden addition of another body on a collision course causes him to pause his adjustments and glance over. Seeing.. a nude woman-torpedo heading in "What is this..."
[17:35] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the smaller alien manages to dodge the knee swinging her blaster at Z3ph-yr, not seeing the naked woman charge into her, getting knocked back from the impact., but still keeping her feet. The Giant finds half her face frozen and she ebgins clawing at the ice, her undulations causing the rod to miss her belly and impact behind her. A roar of frustration escaping her."This planet has fight."It will be fun to watch it get conquered." the shorter alien said... Timber still lay there
[17:39] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR takes a blaster to the face, knocking her head to the side. When she looks at the alien woman again, her jaw is severely disclodated. She glowers at the woman, servoes grinding until with a sickening crack, her jaw pops back into place. "The only fun will be had by us while we kick your arses into the wastelands, dear." She said, swinging up a snap kick aimed for the woman's torso, coming in with enough force to dent an APC's armor.
[17:41] Katy would return into cover to reload her last remaining mag of cryo rounds, swearing like an old sailor "Holy bloody hell .. did i already mention how much i hate snakes ?" she would try to finish to reload and change her target to the smaller 'commander' alien, yet isn't able to fire yet because Zeph and another girl are busy to wrestle with it. Katy would wait for now, until an opporunity would arise, to hit the smaller alien ... but she doesn't risk any friendly fire now.
takes a blaster to the face, knocking her head to the side. When she looks at the alien woman again, her jaw is severely dislocated. She glowers at the woman, servoes grinding until with a sickening crack, her jaw pops back into place. She advances on the alien woman again, dashing forward with the help of her thrust-jets and trying to grab the woman by the wrists, clamping her hands down and trying to wrench the blasters from her grasp as she attempts to deliver a knee right between the woman's legs, with the same force as before.
[17:47] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) switched off all life support, focusing her field on the upper hemisphere of force, making sure all energy was directed there. Sure, she was removing the field from below, but she was running out of power and the big one wasn't fading as fast as she hoped.
[17:48] Boo Raleigh impacts the smaller one, her torso bouncing off the pink alien, grabbing her ribs, feeling a sharp pain "OWWW MOTHER FUCK" and willing herself to scramble to her feet, stepping twice and jumping to attempt to hit her with a two foot dropkick right in the woman's chest....
[17:48] Solene "Bordel ! Bon, là, j'en ai marre ! COVER YOUR EARS !" She turn toward a mainhole, and lift it with both gauntlet. She start to overload, and both gauntlets, battery, and manhole, start to glow of the sudden load. She aim at the giant, and unleash the power, sending the manhole at a ludicrous and deafening speed, at the giant, to simply rip her in half. Her whole suit will turn off immediately after, making her vulnerable. That was her one shot.
[17:50] Pyris continues to just kinda float around, waiting for an open shot and adjusting position every so often. Every potential shot blocked by the pair of frendlies, so he'd adjust his strategy, darting in towards the shield he'd chirp out through his helmet's speaker "Bubble-girl, you holding up down there?" towards the one who had taken most of the giant's strikes so far. "What about you" he saw the shot and it's effects and darted a bit closer to offer any protection he could.
[17:50] Phantasma crept camoed, similar to the preadtor around the area..observing on entr
[17:54] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The Giant woman clears the ice from her face in time to see the manhole cover fly at her and at an impossible burst of speed, all her hands come together to catch it, slowing its momentum sufficiently to avoid being bisected but is still knocked back by a few feet. She folds the manhole cover and throws it at the shield. The smaller Alien is slammed in to by Z3ph-yr, avoiding the dropkick, ehr thighs clamping before the knee can make full impact."When the conquerer comes I'm going to keep you alive until the end. You can see what will come of your world.
[17:56] Katy would remain in cover as soon as she notices Soléne overcharging her gauntlets and unleashing a massive strike towards the big alien, and as soon as possible would then charge out of her position, trying to end up in the rear position of the smaller alien, which was possibly distracted by the melee combat with Zeph and the other girl. Katy's grin would widen, when she notices the exposed ass of the 'commander' alien, and she would totally try to stuff her Saiga 12 into the aliens bum, to unload her last mag og cryo rounds. This might of course horribly fail , because the situation was chaotic ....
[17:58] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR growls, trying to tighten her grip on the woman's wrists to the point that it would turn any normal human's bones to powder, trying to make her drop the blaster. "When the conquerer comes, dear....I'm going to take you...and turn you into the Conquerer's would you like that?" She grinned, trying to turn the alien woman so her backside faced Katy to give Katy as clear a shot as possible.
[17:59] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) watched as the manhole cover flew at her, to the shield...and then slowed to nothing, dropping to the ground with a dull clunk. "Bee Guy...catch!" throwing her stun staff up for Pyris to catch "Overload it!"
[18:00] Boo Raleigh: sails past the smaller alien woman, landing hard on her back, her bare ass skidding on the pavement, "Owww.... my butt..." turning and shooting weblines from each hand at her, intending to catch the aliens feet and pull them out from under her with her super strength...."when they go low, go lower"
[18:00] Solene was grinning wildly behind her mask, when she throwed the manhole. But the giant just stopped that mach 8 projectile like it was tennisball. She lower her arms in disbelief, and mainly because she has no more power in her suit now. "Ma..mais.. comment.."

[18:05] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The Giant tries to swing at Solene but finds two of her arms broken from catching the manhole. They begin flopping to the side.
[18:05] Pyris activated his gauntlet's fingers and caught the staff awkwardly. Glancing down at it and activating it as requested "R-right!...err....who should I hit?" he asked, sounding genuinely confused by what had transpired "Screw it..." he'd then give a look to the giant, namely around her...lower half, looking for an 'opening'. The melee going on between Zephyr, The Nude Girl and the Alien still too hectic to dart in to.
[18:08] Daisy: There's a rumbling in the earth under the force field. Dirt begins collapsing under Timber's body.
[18:11] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the smaller Alien is surprised as her ass freezes over. The webbing getting her feet and pulling her feet out from under her, but Z3ph-yrs grip on her wrists keep her upright, as she blows a kiss at Z3ph-yr."You're dead, you just don't..." She stops as she feels the ground rumble and she looks over at Juno."What the?"
[18:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR shifts her grip so that she holds the woman's wrists above her head, incidentally drawing her close. Out of reaction and partially just to mortify the woman she forces a kiss on the woman's lips, enveloping them with her own for a moment before pulling back and smirking. "I just don't what, dear?" She said, tilting her head at the rumbling sound but not letting herself lower her guard when holding the woman.
[18:14] Katy would grin much wider than a human could ever grin and burst out into a raspy chuckle when that arrogant 'conqueror' got her bloody shitter shockfrosted, yet her grin would fade away when the commander alien seems to be more distracted by the ground tremor "What the fuck ...." she would try to jump back into the direction of her tree, her shotgun now out of ammo ...
[18:17] Mer'Linka: The rumbling continues, with pockets of dirt falling, creating holes around Timber's body. Almost as if something were poking up around him and preforating the ground in an outline.
[18:18] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) was so focused on the big monster, she didn't really notice the earth falling away until it was too late, looking down, causing her shield to fluctuate for a moment
[18:21] Boo Raleigh drops the weblines, still attached to the aliens feet. turning to the big, broken armed alien....grasping her broken ribs, screaming in pain as the sweat trickles down her naked body, panting.......
[18:21] Solene growl, and slowly, with difficulty, lift her foot, as she try to walk backward, her mechanical boots being dead weight, like her whole suit.
[18:21] Pyris caught a kiss that happened in the corner of his vision and sputters a bit, a soft 'u-unf..' could be heard from the androgynous officer before he settles on darting towards the giant, stun-lance held at the ready as he darted for where he assumed a cloaca would be... if her biology was anything similar to other sneks he'd seen back in Biology class. Unaware of any ground rumbles due to both flying and being distracted by his own quest.
[18:22] Phantasma would ascertain the motions of those around, and then like a blur put into a blender, she darted up along the ground then up along the giants back. Stabbing both of her enchanted blades in where it would puncture the heart and lung on either side of the spine- on a human being. Coming into view as she stabbed.
[18:24] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The shorter Alien doesn't hesitate to kiss Z3ph-yr back."Okay, you can live when this is completely over." The Giant seeing the opening in the shield swings an unbroken arm at Timber and Juno, but Timber sinks into the ground. Her movements stopped as the blades penetrate her back, the depth not far enough to hit major organs but a trickle of green and red swirled blood dripping down its back.
[18:25] Katy was gladly ending up on the ground behind the tree and partly in cover, grumbling in frustration about not really achieving any effects on the aliens. When she notices Juno's shield fluctuating and the pending collapse, she would didn't see any other option than to shift into machine phase. Her shape and contrast would begin to turn fuzzy and dissolve into a hypercluster of swirling particles, which would need about a round of combat to regain strucure again and causing Katy to lose any actions this round ...
[18:27] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR simply smirks at the woman, lifting a shoulder in a half shrug. "And perhaps I'll appeal for your release into my custody once your invasion is stopped~" She says in a cultry tone, then with a swing of her shoulders, lifts the woman and slings her at the tree with the strength of a small car on the highway.
[18:27] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: *sultry tone
[18:29] Mer'Linka: from under the ground, there's a commotion. Timber's body is swept down a tunnel into the waiting multi-limbs of waiting subterranean ... Rescue? Calling in an alien tongue to others in the narrow tunnel is the tentacled head of a green-skinned being. Youngish, and speaking in a outer tongue that makes little sense to any who never heard it. Dirty and ensuring the unconscious man is hauled away, the leader of the apparant rescue team looks up and out of the hole briefly, observing the battlefield a moment.
[18:31] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) looks down as Timber vanishes, to be caught off guard by the swing of the creature's arm. She takes no real damage but it sends her flying against the far white wall with a dull drone as she 'impacts'
[18:32] Boo Raleigh watches Z3PH-YR throw the woman at a tree, shooting a glow of webbing to hopefully stick her to the tree as soon as she hits, breasts heaviing at the effort.....
[18:33] Solene walk backward, against the PAE building wall.
[18:35] Pyris continues to jab the borrowed stun-lanced at the exposed bits of the giant he could get in contact with. Burning some of his own battery to overcharge it, figuring why not?
[18:36] Phantasma: //me pulls the blades out then slides the knives away.. Channeling chi into her arms she tries to thrust her hands in a flat blade..handshake potition into the aliens body, at the same time. increasing the toxin secretion and altering it to a type of neurotoxin that would affect voluntary and involuntary muscles..aiming to stop this thing heart, and use the direct blood blood
[18:39] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the small alien catches the tree and swings around, the webbing hitting her legs instead of the tree. She sees the alien who grabbed Timber. "Grilbauk!" She swears."We're not getting him back. We need to go." The giant nods growling as the neurotoxin interacts with her alien physiology, causing her to vomit like a waterfall on to the ground before she begins backing away from the fight
[18:41] Katy by now had fully restructured into her machine phase, internally being spammed with impact warning inidcators when the smaller alien was swinging around the tree. Katy would try to activiate her standard issue PAE personal defense shield and attempt to welcome the 'commander' alien with a nasty shield bash, to possibly stagger it for a moment but primarily to protect herself with the shield.
[18:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: straightens, frowning as her tree-slamming doesn't have the desired effect, but at least it seems that the pair are retreating. Timber's lack of prescence doesn't concern her as much, mainly because she hadn't fully noticed yet. For the moment, she scrambles to pick up her assault rifle, but is unable to take any more actions this turn!
[18:46] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the small alien is picked up by the giant one before she could collide with Katys defense shield."You have a Lukrask infestation. Don't worry they can die when your world is taken." The pair sliding backwards. The duo obviously wounded
[18:49] Mer'Linka: a whoop sounds from further down the escape route, and the green being vanishes back into the soil. The tunnel is collapsed behind them as they make their escape with the fallen hero, leaving a divit in the earth, and little else.
[18:49] Pyris was mid combo when he is suddenly brought to the ground by a wave of alien vomit, the sudden deluge soaking him thuroughly and causing his wings to deactivate and his entire syetm to need a reboot as he lays in a puddle on the ground. Muffled curses coming from behind his helmet, the speaker not having enough of a charge to actually transmit what he was saying. His weak self trying to lift himself up, but just slipping on the wet surface, resulting in further muffled cursing.
[18:50] Solene just watch for the moment, powerless. "What the hell is happening.."
[18:53] Katy deactivates her shield as soon as the 'conquerors' withdraw from combat, now much more worried about her coworkers "Soléne ! .... Juno !" she would hurry over towards the street in front of the PAE building, trying to inspect the condition of her possibly wounded coworkers.
[18:53] Phantasma pumps out more of the toxin before she pulls her armed out and leaps down " Can't handle your medicine? Fucking noob."
[18:53] Juno (Angel8819 Resident) made her way over to Solene "You ok?" extending her hand
[18:54] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the two Aliens disappear to lick their wounds and go to who knows where. Timber is gone into the ground
[18:54] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR raised her rifle, but the alien and her giant partner were already long gone. "Hrrmh." She said, then looked at where Timber was. "and somehow we still didn't get theguy in the end." She said, grumbling. "And, apparently, my brazen little move set me up to be the next Slave Leia..." She said, not regretting the kiss but acknowleding that it wasn't the most helpful thing she could do at the moment.
[18:54] Solene "I am fine.. just.. empty battery.." She growl, and look back. "And you ?" She keep her arms lowered, looking at the hole.
[18:56] Pyris managed to drag himself from the puddle of alien vomit and just laid there, his normally brightly glowing armor completely dim as he made soft gagging noises. The smell of whatever the alien ate earlier now making it's way through the lack of filters he'd normnally have.
[18:56] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: At least you're intact...
[18:56] Katy does a synthetic sounding grumble and would brazenly behin to inspect Juno's armor, visually worried about young Miss Takamachi taking any damage or injury "You're crazy Juno ... but you did a hell of a job with that barrier shield ... "
[18:56] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR walks over, wiping some more leaking coolant from her nose and rubbing the massive hole burned in her shoulders.
[18:56] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: *shoulder
[18:57] Juno (Angel8819 Resident): I'm fine, Katy. I was worried about Solene. I think we need to get you some kind of airborne battery pack we can drop in for when your suits out and you need another charge.
[18:58] Phantasma shakes her arms off to lose the alien blood
[18:58] Boo Raleigh wipes a tiny trickle of blood from her lip, standing, panting "oh..oh no they're getting away.... hold on, I'll get them" dropping to one knee.. "or maybe not, maybe I'll just catch my breath...."
[18:59] Katy does a sigh of relief when Juno signalized that she was more or less alright and would now glance up to the droid "You need some repairs, Zeph ... and by the way, what was that kissin' and chatting during combat about, eh ?"
[18:59] Solene mumble, and look at the group. "Yeah.. maybe.. or something else." She shrug. "You all did a great job.." She look at the other people present. "It has been a while since last action.. we start to get rusty." She chuckle.
[18:59] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grumbles and shrugs. "It seemed like a good idea at the time. Just thought I'd try to distract her or something."
[19:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Thanks, Miss Solene.
[19:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR smiles.
[19:00] Boo Raleigh drops to her ass on the ground, grunting as i pull my little body covering from a pouch in her cape....

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