Invasion and the cost

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Invasion and the cost

Post by Timberwulff » Sun May 20, 2018 4:28 pm

This is Howard Handupme with a special report. It would seem the aliens returned and the heroes of the city defended it but there was a cost...

[13:02] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) the aliens arrive and set up a portal allowing a small army to arrive on earth, which they did quickly.
[13:03] DuCasse: /e appears out of nothing. She seems not to be alarmed... her weapong is holstered.
[13:04] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) one being stepped forward."Turn in the Terran known as Timber, and prepare to be conquered."
[13:05] DuCasse tilts her head. She calculates options, possibilities...and nods. "It seems the population of this plane will have a 80% plus probability of dieing."
[13:06] Phantasma hears about the portal and knowing from the artisans.. appraches, cloaks as if the predator to check on matters
[13:06] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) nods."There is a way to survive. Turn over the Terran and surrender."
[13:07] DuCasse looks to the female, then back to the voice. "What is your intend with that person?"
[13:07] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) none of the aliens notice the cloaked arrival
[13:08] Phantasma blured form moved alont the railing with perfect balance/ Her goggles zoome in noting details on those present
[13:08] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) drops down from above from her broom~
[13:10] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) the ground and air forces watch the arrivals. Not attacking yet as if they are waiting for a signal.
[13:11] DuCasse turns towards the female to her left. "Seesm you organics are fucked, as one of my former wannabes said."
[13:12] Phantasma dropped her cloak, becoming visible" one I hate peeing ais, two, we usually are 3, you may be too. "
[13:13] DuCasse tilts her head. "I have backups. Quite handy, when aliens march in."
[13:15] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) the lead alien just looks at those assembled."You do understand we're still here and there is more coming right?"
[13:16] Phantasma holds a finger up to the alien "shh shh the adults are talking. I think I need to get a salad for dinner"
[13:17] DuCasse again tilts her head. "Obviously your kind knows the act of telling not the truth. If you were speaking the truth, they would already be here, as there is enough space for them to march on."
[13:17] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): **Combat hasn't begun**
[13:18] DuCasse: "on the other hand, it is obvious you come not in peace, and you do not wish to see our leader." She starts to rebuild her outer core.
[13:19] Phantasma: wait, do we have bubblegum?
[13:20] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) rolls her eyes." you don't have a leader. Your city is run through chaos. Our Benevolent Master will fix all of that, however you seem to need proof." With that she motions and the first of the land forces move forward towards the heroes.
[13:21] Xe DuCasse opens her back, and a cannon appears.
[13:23] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) raises her hands, her arms alight into purple fire.
[13:23] Marathon steps closer to the pad having heard the commotion... the looks over the scene and grumbles her herself... "great... more aliens.... and are those fricken zombies?..." she says a bit louder as she movs to stand next to phantasma
[13:23] Vox (Wear Me): RP Chatter running. Say "/1 rp start" to turn the system on and "/1 rp stop" to turn the system off.
[13:23] Vox (Wear Me): To change your character's name, edit the description of this object. You can speak as your character at any time by using channel 5. (e.g. "/5 Hello")
[13:23] Vox (Wear Me): RP Chatter running. Say "/1 rp start" to turn the system on and "/1 rp stop" to turn the system off.
[13:23] Vox (Wear Me): To change your character's name, edit the description of this object. You can speak as your character at any time by using channel 5. (e.g. "/5 Hello")
[13:24] Vox (Wear Me): You are now role playing as DuCasse!
[13:24] Nicole Portola: bk)
[13:25] Phantasma: I think those are scientologists. Whe should have drink some midichlorians
[13:25] Nicole Portola: drunk*
[13:26] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) The alien looks at Marathon."What is a zom bee. These are residents of the plant epsillie 7" and once conquered you will know them well." The large alien swings an arm down towards the heroes
[13:26] DuCasse: Scientologists. Sect created by a bad science fiction author. Using a pseduo science called Dianetics. Well they meter us to death?
[13:27] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon): If these Epsiliens are flammable as they look, then they have much to fear.
[13:28] Phantasma: oh shit its one of those big ones again! ~ she dove out of the way of the arm in a blur of motion ~ Be warned aliens! You face Sarumon, lord of the Uruk-Hai!
[13:31] Marathon wasnt sure where the aliens arms was aiming but she moves to the side just in case her body blurring as she moves in a streak of speed she look up at the alien leader and says "you know know you are not the first aliens to land here.... the last guys her started shit... it didnt end well for them.... just sayin'..." she says she a casual shrug it was clean she was not exactly feeling threatened.. but then that was kind of normal for her
[13:31] DuCasse calculates again. A different objective... she changes again into a lighter form.
[13:32] Vox (Wear Me): You are now role playing as DuCasse!
[13:32] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) the giant alien again swings this time aiming for the one with purple fire as the ground forces begin moving closer
[13:33] DuCasse teleports out of the way, simply. "We need to shut off its supplies. I will take the gate."
[13:33] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) directs her flaming fury against the arm as she backpedals away....
[13:36] Phantasma: sounds good. I'll distract~ stepping forward with her arms straight to her sides~ Others have come before. they have all failed..the question is, is this world a threat to you? and what stopped the others?
[13:39] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) the alien smirks."Hardly a threat.. Our Master does not wish to destroy you he wishes to conquer and rule you." She paused the giants attack deflected as she speaks again."I care nothing for the others I care for us and our victory." Her words stop as what looks to be spray cheese blasts into ehr face. Condiment Kid landing."Am I late?"
[13:40] Marathon glances at the Casse and Phan who were clearly forming a plan... she nods "yea... right... and ill... kick things... or something..." she says moving to the front line with Phan to look up at the large alien foe
[13:40] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): P.O. Xe, Phantasma, Alex, Power Flash, Aliens/ CK
[13:43] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): P.O. Xe, Phantasma, Alex, Power Flash, Marathon Aliens/ CK
[13:46] Amy Farrow draws close attracted by the noise and looks around then up at condiment kidthen across at everyone else. "sup?"
[13:47] DuCasse reaches down. Her leg armor opens, and she takes a grenade out. "Pity I have only ... one." Then she teleports... and simply drops the grenade, teleporting back.
[13:47] [Morpheus] The Portal: To use the Teleport, just SIT on the fluid and click YES
[13:47] [Morpheus] The Portal: To use the Teleport, just SIT on the fluid and click YES
[13:47] DuCasse: Tick...tick...tick...
[13:47] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): P.O. Xe, Phantasma, Alex, Power Flash, Marathon Aliens/ CK, Amy
[13:49] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon): ((oh! I didn't... know it was my turn. I misinterepreted the name o.o))
[13:49] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): **No problem**
[13:49] DuCasse: (Phantasma, right?)
[13:50] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon): ((now I'm confused))
[13:50] Phantasma: hey , you didn't answer, what happened to them? Is this world protected? ~taking another step~ You are not the first lot to have come here, oh there have been so what happened to them.. Hello. I'm the Doctor And my prescription is. Get off my lawn.
[13:53] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) gathers forth a massive ball of arcane fire and fires it into a high arc upon the zombie looking creatures, figuring she should work from the bottom up so others can focus on more dangerous targets.
[13:56] Power Flash(Pilix) arrives to the scene, picking up hits of the current conversation about these alien beings wanting to rule over the city. "What? What's going on here? Who the hell are all these things?" Seeing some of the others starting to attack, she charges her energy into her hands, preparing for a fight, though hoping for some answers. "You say something about ruling over us? I don't think most people here would like that idea."
[14:00] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): **Since Marathon went we are gonna get into P.O. properly from here but now it's the aliens.**
[14:00] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) the alien woman removes the cheese from her face and sighs."You do not seem to take this seriously. Allow me to rectify that."In a flash her hand is to what would be her hip as she pulls a gun and fires it. Condiment Kid crumples down with a hole in his head, dead. The portal flickers out as the grenade goes off. The first group of ground troops catch fire but keep moving forward their bodies crackling and popping as they burn
[14:03] DuCasse watches the gate flicker and go offline then. She unholsters her gun. "Killing citizens of this city is inacceptable." She waits for a beep from the gun and programs it by her contact with it. "Explosives." She aims.
[14:05] Xe DuCasse: ((P.O. Xe, Phantasma, Alex, Power Flash, Marathon Aliens/ CK, Am))
[14:05] Amy Farrow blinks slowly as the person most immdeately infront of her crumples like a cardboard support beam in a sky scraper "Alright. well then. if thats how we are going to play." she says drawing her sword slowly her bandanna obscureing most of her expression.
[14:14] Phantasma went from talking to vanishign as she dashed forward. She didnt have Marathons top speed but she had some mazing acelleration. As she neard the alierns she funs down several small bals on the floor, - some woulf create a fiels of oily slick substance on the floor, others spheres of water that would fall with gravity" Marathon. Slick floor. Lexi, more fire on them" as she sang " we paint white roses red, each shade from a different persons head..I'm peeling the skin off my face, because I hate feeling safe.. cause I really hate being sane..the normals, they make me afraid..the crazies, they make me feel sane.."
[14:14] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon) rushes to the fallen Condiment Kid's side, he'd been goofy, even somewhat villainous but he deserved better than this. Tears streamed down her face, the powerful emotion awakening deep seated emotions within her. They'd shared a night of passion, however strange. She looses a concussive blast toward the revenant aliens, attempting to blast them apart since flash frying them didn't work.
[14:19] Power Flash(Pilix) watches as she gets as much of an answer as she needs from the giant alien, watching her shoot someone in the head, killing them. She stares at the crumpled body, her energy rising as she grits her teeth. "So it's like that then.. no talk, just force... If that's all you understand, then that's what you'll get." She lifts her hands, starting to fire off radiant blasts of energy at the various encroaching beings, not holding back.
[14:25] Marathon sighs slightly seeing more heros gather and she steps have a bit... "well looks like the wanna be hero brigade has shown up... and honestly "saving the day" isnt really my style...." she says stepping back a bit she the looks down an condiment kid and cringes.... "rotten luck... and messy... least is was quick tho.... " she mutters to herself then glancing at phan near the front and calls "if you really need back up or extraction you know how to call me... but for now i think i am just gonna go grab a drink"
[14:26] Amy Farrow decides to play it defensive and wait by the body not wanting to get caught in everyones flashy and totally uncordinated attacks. getting friendly fired would really top out her day. instead she takes overwatch on Alex ready too deflect or take any attacks that wolud come her way for her. "he alright?" she asks.. she knows the answer but.. magic is a thing right? "can we heal him... or.. revive him or.. Rez him? or something?" she asks eyes scanning forward. for anything that might make it through the wave of distruction being leveled at the aliens.
[14:28] DuCasse raises her gun, and starts firing. With the typical precision of an AI she shoot... letting one head of a zombie explode. Brain splatters all over the place, and the headless zombi just stands...
[14:28] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The water and oil mix bursting into flames as the first wave set it on fire the same time Alexs blast hits them and blasts them apart. The giant Alien takes a swing attempting to Crush Alex and Amy. the smaller alien shrugs to Power Flash."Air brigade, put her down." The winged aliens advance on her, whips being used a small crack of electricity happening when they snap.
[14:31] Phantasma: Ooops wrong oil ~ bending back under the blast of the explosion as the air got a lot more humid. I'm nuts, baby, I'm mad. The craziest friend that you've ever had. You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone, Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong. Over the bend, entirely bonkers. You like me best when I'm off my rocker. Tell you a secret, I'm not alarmed. So what if I'm crazy? The best people are ~ then she heard Marathon and spoke as she delivered a kick to the nearest zombaliens head with enough force to flip an armors truck~ You're gonna miss all the fun, but ok
[14:32] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon) shakes her head at Amy, she knows he's gone off to his rest. When this is over, she'll honor him by giving him a proper funeral pyre, but for now, she unleashes the full brunt of her wrath against the arm of the creature trying to crush her, force and searing heat.
[14:38] Power Flash(Pilix) watches the flying aliens coming in toward her cracking their whips. She flies to dodge and evade what she can, though obviously can't avoid them all, taking some of the hits, wincing as the electricity buzzes through her. It only drives her more though, letting off blasts of energy, focused on the flying aliens attacking her now.
[14:42] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): A couple flying aliens take the hit and drop, the Larg Alien again finds her attack deflected which frustrates her even Further as she tries again. The Ground forces keep moving forward, the lead Alien begins shooting, aiming at the one shooting at her ground troops." FOR MA'ANG!!!" She cries out revealing her bosses name.
[14:42] Amy Farrow's aura starts burning in that steady pink way as her power spools up forgetting her Sword she reaches out To catch the offending appendage coming down to crush her more worried about the ground under her feet giving out first and then just growls and yanks the alien closer "Tieing her down! PUNISH PUNISH!" she shouts shifting to form as good a grip she can with greater plans of Throwing the bitch.
[14:44] DuCasse continues shooting. Trying to take down as many of the Zombies, her sensory systems work on overload to keeptrack of the single actions... pulling energy from her teleporter systems to her gun to give it that SMACK! it should deliver.
[14:46] Phantasma: suddenly had her knives in hand, if oen could see superspeed they would have seen them drawn. With her enchanted blades in hand she pretty much spun through the enemeies skillping over bits of residual flame with her high speed dashes, the monomoleculared edges blades aimes to slice down those in her path. Blos aims for heats and heads, but she seemed to be..starting to calm, as the song stopped..not quite there yet
[14:50] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The giant alien is surprised by the small being catching her appendage and pulling her close, which gives Alexs arcane fire the opportunity to hit. The Giant is burning in a small area but continues to try and crush the one holding her tight. The lead Alien still firing her gun at Xe, as the ground troops try to swarm Phantasma a few being cut down by her blades. The flying aliens continue to drive towards Amy, Whips coming out attempting to catch her limbs
[14:55] Amy Farrow Squeaks under the pressure ground probably starting to give out under her feet "k-kuh-Ac-k-k" aura starting to slowly build in strength "C-can't keep this up r-right- now!" she says shifting and Rather then throwing her force up into the crushing blow she starts pushing trying to Judo throw the tremendous thing to the pad
[14:58] Power Flash(Pilix) keeps blasting away at the flying aliens, turning her attention to the ones going after Amy. She swoops in to get close and unleash a punch backed by another energy blast at them.
[15:07] Phantasma saw the other aliens attacking the others.. and knowing.. " we can take down mothra easier when shes on her own! Get over here! " speaking the last bit with a deeper voice, her mask opened and tongue shoots out towards one of the flying aliens.. she channeled chi however and was using it as a heavy hit like her kicks, trying to take one out
[15:09] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon) is relentless, directing her fury as a continuous stream, channeling her grief over CK into the largest invader. "You'll regret his death, you bitch~"
[15:13] Power Flash(Pilix) fires her energy blasts, still targeting the various flying aliens, any that get close enough get a power blast charged fist to the face as does what she can to thin their numbers.
[15:15] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the giant roars at Alex and Amy as she gets back upright, her head rearing back before she unleashes a breath of fire of her own. at those attacking her. Burned holes exposing a combination of flesh and technology inside the giant. The ground troops split on group protecting the leader the others move forward to everyone else.A few of the flying aliens trying to circle Power Flash keeping out of reach as their whips crack at Power Flash."Almost got it."Says the leader as she works.
[15:19] Amy Farrow Grits her teeth "Alex, I will Try to guard you and pin her just. Please don't hit me kay?" uuuuuuugh she hates this, this is a Terrible goddamn idea but If it worked... She gathered her Ki. the fire coming forth as she draws! the ensuing pressure wave cutting a path through the fire before she jumps up and Kicks at the things chin to direct the fire breath away! then something occurs to her... "GIVE ME SOMETHING TO PUSH OFF FROM UP HERE! PREFERABLY TOWARDS HER!" she shouts desperately too the group!
[15:24] Phantasma hears the woman and thinks quickly. Her prehensile tongue lashes over to give the woman a platform to push off of " yr thoose bether be cln!"
[15:25] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon) keeps at it, her own flames clashing against those of her enemy, allowing the others a chance to do as they will.
[15:26] Power Flash(Pilix) raises her arms as the flying aliens surround her to crack their whips at her, wincing as they crack all around her, sending electrical shocks though her, making her groan and twitch. She tries to fire off shots at them, but her aim is sloppy as she just keeps taking another hit from the whips as she tries to attack. She grits her teeth, feeling trapped, and left with only one effective option to deal with the swarming, surrounding creatures, one she doesn't like using often. She starts to glow brighter as her energy builds up all around herself, energy starting to pour out all around her body and finally released in a large bomb like burst, hoping to blast the aliens away. The blast however also shreds and incinerates her costume, all but her mask gone, hoping to rely on the glow of her energy aura to obscure her form for now. If the luck and timing works out, the blast may even help in pushing Amy along for whatever plan she's enacting.
[15:28] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The Giant is moderately surprised by the woman coming at her not noticing the push she is given by others Several flying aliens are obliterated but there are some still ready for the fight The ground forces advancing towards the group, A few grabbing Condiment Kids body and dragging it back.
[15:33] Amy Farrow Grabs the Giant by her weird shaped head and Yanks her Back and down with her shouting "POWER FLASH ASSISTED RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!" as she yanks the things head into hard contact with the ground. triggering her shouted attack powerup!
[15:37] Phantasma noticed whats going on , highlighted by the aliens movement, she was gone in a dash slicing both blades to try to take the heads off of two of them, her tongue pulling back in " Sorry, this one is for Alex. No one puts baby in a corner, especially some scientologist five nights at freddy's cosplayers"
[15:37] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon) gets an idea, having seen Power Flash sacrifice her uniform. Her own outfit is a magical construct, magical in nature, and so she allows it to be consumed to redouble her power and allow her stream of magic to be the sole focus of her efforts. This would have to work, she was out of other options.
[15:43] Power Flash(Pilix) moves and sends more blasts at the remaining flying aliens, trying to make sure they don't get a chance to surround her again. Another blast like that might deplete her of her energy. She glances, trying to see if Amy's plan works on the giant one, while doing what she can to take on some of the remaining minions.
[15:45] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) the giant is thoroughly stunned as she crashes to the concrete, a ripple going through her. The Aliens taking the body drop him and draw the alien equivalent of pistols aiming at Phantasma and firing. THe lead smiles as the portal begins powering up again."One minute and your doom is assured. as a being steps through. This thing is big. It does not speak it just looks around. Every Alien stops moving even the giant one as he enters
[15:54] Amy Farrow Drop kicks the Snake woman Towards the portal Throwing her energy into it too try and knock down the Assembly there "HELLO and Goodbye!" she shouts cursing herself for not paying better attention too the small one
[15:56] Phantasma: Oh goodie, we're doing this now. ~Her eyesight even without the superspeed tracking the shots fired, , she nod only avoided the shots, but parried them with her knives. As they stopped moving as the new figure arrived, she rushed forward to slice a few of them down- by way of limb removal ~ My turn! Who's next. big and grump or slow and stumpy?
[15:59] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon) collapses to her knees, her reserves utterly depleted."You'll have to do it without me, I'm sorry... i can't... fight now~"
[16:02] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): **Power Flash**
[16:03] Power Flash(Pilix) watches everything go still, looking around until she sees the portal, and some new alien walking out of it. She frowns as she watches him. "More now? Why can't they ever just quit..." She keeps her attention mostly on him, figuring he must be the leader, the way the others had gone so still and silent.
[16:04] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The big thing looks around, and barks in an alien tongue to the leader and the giant who landed near the portal, not even acknowledging the airborn or ground troops who begin heading for the portal to leave, taking their dead with them. He then looks at those assembled."I speak for the God King Ma'ang Your planet is to be conquered. Considering you have a lukrask infestation consider yourselves lucky I am deigning to add this world to the collective. You can do this the easy way or more of your defenders can be destroyed.Ma'ang himself will return in two of your weeks time for your answer and to claim this planet, one way or another.."
[16:07] Amy Farrow picks herself up and points at the retreating snake woman "WE are not done yet. remember that." she says looking at the grey thing as he basically calls them out and grunts. shifting over too infront of alex "time to start leaving." she tells her meaningfully.
[16:09] Alex Aeon (AlexIce Aeon) staggers away, exhausted....
[16:09] Power Flash(Pilix) furrows her brow as she listens to him, keeping her energy charged in case this was some kind of trick to lower their guard for an attack. "A lukra...what infestation?" She shakes her head. "Don't think the people of this city.. are willing to just let you conquer them. We'll be waiting, and we'll be ready."
[16:10] Phantasma: Imma have to go with no. You sound like those artisans we pulled a part.. I crashed their lovely sky ship.. and what in the name of chucky cheese is a lure cask? So ? One person died. Alex liked him. and I think I killed the one that shot him. But why should we listen? every alien coming here has been an invasions. Can't we meet a nice ones sometime?
[16:11] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at those remaining."This does not need to be a fight. You do not know the benefits under Ma'angs benevolent rule. Many worlds now know peace under him. Many have fought... all have failed. You will see." AS he walks back to the portal
[16:12] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): The portal then seems to destroy itself, turning into bits of rock and dust.
[16:14] Amy Farrow cools off, least she didn't burn out this time she then stares at the portal as it disintigrates and grunts "looked kinda like... sloth i think it was? meh." she streaches her joints clicking and poping. "well That was eventful."
[16:15] Power Flash(Pilix) watches as the creature leaves and the portal turns to dust, lowering and dropping down to the ground with a deep sigh, her glow fading as she seems to relax. "Good thing he's giving us a couple weeks... not sure I have enough energy left to fight more of them right now..."
[16:16] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): Condiment Kids body still lay there.
[16:18] Amy Farrow takes a couple of spare bandana's from her pocket tossing one at Power Flash, and letting another drop over CK's face "anyone got some memento mori?" she asks looking down at the corpse..
[16:20] Phantasma rolls her eyes " every alien invader here wants a fight. can someone get him to the morgue or mortuary?
[16:20] Power Flash(Pilix) looks toward the body with a frown, then looking around. "Uh.. anyone have a cell to call the hospital? Might as well get them here to take him to the morgue... proper burial or cremation and everything...." She blinks, taking the bandana, glancing over herself and blushing as she recalls her costume's destruction. "Uh, thanks..."
[16:21] Amy Farrow grunts and takes out a cellphone "i'll take care of it."

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