Ma'Ang arrives and battle ensues

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Ma'Ang arrives and battle ensues

Post by Timberwulff » Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:28 pm

This is Howard handupme with a special Report. The god King and would be conqueror Ma'Ang arrived in the city where he faced resistance. HEre is the video of the battle.

[13:04] Lady Nightmare gets word of the arrival from her observation units and teleports a short distance away from the scene after sending out the call
[13:06] Ma'ang: a figure stands, watching as his army arrives through the portal. He does not notice Lady N yet. Once his army appears they kneel to him."This planet is mine now. Keep the body count low, I have no desire to rule a barren planet."
[13:10] Solene approach the area, still hovering. "Well.." She look at Nightmare. "Mayor.." She nod, and look back at all the people gathered. "Fight or talk .. ?"
[13:11] Drexia: talk id say, if nothing else we will get some idea of their culture
[13:11] Ma'ang: turns around and sees those assembled."I come to your world to rule it and add it to the many planets I now rule. Submit or be conquered."
[13:13] Solene look at Drexia. "Looks like he don't want to talk.." She look at Nightmare.
[13:14] Lady Nightmare chuckles "Talk first... but I know his kind... chances of him backing down are small" then steps forward to meet Ma'ang head on "I've heard of you... your little empire is almost worth noticing. You have the privelege of addressing Lady Nightmare, Galactic Empress of Castoria, Destroyer of galaxies, and ruler of all that remains of existence... your people murdered one of my subjects... if you surrender unconditionally now, I'll accept the sacrifice of 10% of your empire as repayment, and allow you to continue existing"
[13:17] Solene look at Amy, tapping the side of her helmet.
[13:18] Amy Farrow grunts and shifts her arms, back poping slightly
[13:19] Ma'ang: leans down looking at Lady Nightmare."Castoria? I know of it.. one of the first worlds I conquered in my dimension, became a paradise before..."
[13:19] Syblaze(Pilix) sped along the streets, arriving from the south side of the city, seeing the backside of the invading army that Ma'ang brought with him. "That's... a lot." She looks to Ma'ang and calls out. "How about neither! The people here aren't fond of aliens deciding they want to take over!"
[13:21] Ma'ang: was about to comment on the...murder when he hears a voice behind his army. A snap of his fingers and the back line of the army turns to face Syblaze.
[13:22] Lady Nightmare chuckles "All the worlds in my galaxy were places of beauty and peace... and I defended them from all the rest of the universe. This planet is under my protection now. I'm sure that since you know we've all merged realities, that you're aware of the being responsible... the Singularity... a being destroyed by my efforts..."
[13:22] Solene look at Syblaze. "Not really smart to throw that when behind the enemy line .." She shake her head, and continue to hover behind Nightmare.
[13:25] Drexia looks around and flies off somewhere to do what she can to coordinate with the protectorate
[13:25] Syblaze(Pilix) watches the army turn to face her, tensing up with a slight grin. She shrugs at the remark from Solene... their attention was divided now. Divide and conquer as the saying goes, she figured. She prepares herself for a fight, but holds back for now while N tries talking to Ma'ang.
[13:26] Ma'ang: looks at her and yet you reside here in a city when you have a planet surrounding you. Face it, you're a failure" He shakes his head."You were given the opportunity to submit, now prepare for defeat."
[13:28] Jaron flies in from somewhere not long after drexia leaves and hovers above the group
[13:28] Lady Nightmare laughs softly "You were given the opportunity to survive... if you persist, the deaths of every single living being in your entire 'empire' will be squarely on your shoulders..." starting to gather her mass to herself, while sending the mental command for Lilith to engage Surtur
[13:28] Amy Farrow Siiiiighs and streaches "i'm gonna break his nose, He doesn't look that tough."
[13:32] Solene shake her head, as she open a little drawer in her right mechanical boots, and pull some tungsten rods out of it. She charge her left gauntlet.
[13:36] Ma'ang: Looks at the assembled heroes."First shot is yours. You will realize sooner than later, the futility of your actions."
[13:37] Syblaze(Pilix) listens, hearing negotiations start to break down and Ma'ang give that line, she prepares for the fight. She takes her stance as the energy blades emerge from her bracers. "Alright then.. let's go if that's how you want to do this..." She faces the outside of the army, waiting for a move to be made.
[13:38] Lady Nightmare laughs "Well, technically you already took the first shot... but until you strike again my offer stands... all you have to do is kneel before me like a good little pawn, and your people can live to tell their children about seeing me..."
[13:38] Jaron lands a bit behind the group, getting ready, those nearby will likely feel a lot of heat coming off of him as he heats up the reactor
[13:41] Ma'ang: narrows his eyes at Lady N."If you mean the little Terran from the last arrival. The one who did that has been punished, but you know I am not kneeling to you but after I conquer this planet I will put you to work as my consultant... and maybe more.
[13:43] Lady Nightmare keeps gathering mass to herself, every moment she stalls only building her power up more, giving Lilith target coordinates on the portal device, but not firing yet "I'm afraid you couldn't afford my consulting fees... you'd bankrupt your little community in a week"
[13:45] Solene fly toward her right side, as she take a tungsten in her now fully charged gauntlet. She hold it with her electromagnetic field, and just wait to start the show and fire it at Ma'ang..
[13:46] Amy Farrow lets out a bored inpatient groan
[13:47] Amy Farrow looks at the two leaders and their little galactic dick mesureing contest and taps her foot checking a not actually there watch on her wrist.
[13:47] Ma'ang: sighs."I tire of this." his hands motioning. His army starts splitting off and moving to begin the conquering. If you find the Terran known as Timber, bring me his head. Otherwise as little death as possible."
[13:47] Jaron stares at the portal, trying to scan it
[13:48] Amy Farrow throws up her arms "WELL FINALLY!" she shouts in an exasperated way ((it hadn't actually kicked off so no PO is my understanding))
[13:49] Mato would appear quite suddenly floating in the air the energy of the portal having attracted her attention from her solace out in the desert. Anyone who could sense spiritual energy would feel a mass amount of spirit energy coming off of her in waves so much so it seemed to take physical form.
[13:51] Lady Nightmare shrugs a bit as the signal starts the army moving "Ah well, offer off the table then... it's been a while since I exterminated an empire" engaging the firing sequence while she takes to the sky, opening by lashing a couple invisible tendrils towards Ma'ang, coating the tips in nitroglycerin right as they reach where he's standing
[13:52] Solene finally release her tungsten rod directly at Ma'ang. Mach 2 projectile ! She will continue to hover the scene after that,heading to the portal.
[13:55] Syblaze(Pilix) waited with held breath, to see if the fight would begin.. and then Ma'ang gave his signal. As parts of the army started to move to spread into the city, a flash of bright crackling light surrounded her as she teleported to a section of them, trying to block their advance as she moved in to swing her blades, trying to disarm them of weapons.
[13:55] Jaron takes aim at the base of the portal and fires a big beam of plasma, digging his claws into the pavement to prevent himself from slipping backwards from the recoil, he quickly angles the beam up, bringing it through the portal and through the group of flying aliens above them before it fades and is shut down
[13:57] Amy Farrow holds her ground and waits for the worst of the firepower to be vented on various targets so she wasn't hit by any incidental friendly fire when she closed to melee.
[14:01] Ma'ang: stands as the tendrils hit, the nitro Glycerin his. His position does not change as the tungsten rod hits him. That pushes him back a step and glaring the army that doesn't get his keeps moving past Syblaze as the ones that were hit begin trying to surround the hero. Jarons blaze his a force field surrounding the portal."Nnngh. If this is the best your planet has...." He stops as a few os his winged soldiers fall on fire from plasma.
[14:05] Mato would reach her hand out slowly casually as if none of this matters to her. She would spread her hand her palm facing towards the portal before a ball of energy would start to form at the center of her palm. Anyone who could sense energy would sense an immense concentration as the ball slowly grew bigger.
[14:08] Lady Nightmare grins "The best? This is just warm-up stretches..." a slight gesture of her hand accompanying the impact of Surtur's first shot onto the portal device, the center of the blast 25000 degrees celsius, hot enough to rip atoms apart, dropping to 10000 by 5 meters from the impact, and then dissipating shortly beyond that to merely stifling levels. At the same time she extends more sets of hidden tendrils, this time aiming for the flyers that escaped Jaron's first blast, the explosive charges aimed for where their wings meet their bodies
[14:10] Solene would watch the result of Jaron plasma beam and Mato energy ball on the portal. She growl, loading another rod on her gauntlet and fly back near her friend. She aim in the right angle to shoot and hit multiple target at once.
[14:11] Syblaze(Pilix) zooms around, using the speed provided by her jet powered boots to try and reach as many of the advancing aliens as she could, swiping her energy blades to disarm and disable weapons as much as possible, hoping to leave the army much less effective in their goal of conquering the city. As some of them start to close in around her, making it harder to move freely, she starts to lash out with kicks in an effort to knock them away and stop them from swarming her.
[14:13] Jaron takes off and fires another beam, tho not quite as intense as the last one, he sweeps it through the army in front of the portal before keeping it fixed on the shield, trying to probe it for weaknesses
[14:14] Amy Farrow draws in power taking a few steps back to be behind Mato as she charges what feels like a spirit bomb up really hoping something gets in punching range so she dosen't have to keep waiting for all the splash damage to abate.
[14:14] Phantasma would seem to ..blink where she stood, unless one had high speed cameras...
[14:16] Ma'ang: the forcefield strains under the blast of Surtur but holds as more of the flying army drops, not dying from the Tendrils but their flight short circuited, so they join the ground troops. his hand reaching out and a twenty ton blast is fired at Solenes jet pack on her back. Once the blast from Surtur stops firing more soldiers come through.. The soldiers Surrounding Syblaze begin moving closer, no weapons but they start swinging first to using their numbers to try and over whelm the hero. A few squads of remaining flyers take off in the direction of Firefly Media.
[14:25] Mato wouldn't seem to notice what was going on around her instead just forcing more energy into her blast it growing bigger every second having already doubled in size from when it was first created. Her own energy would only seem to increase and she would look at the portal trying to feel where the weakest points of the shield were and where to concentrate her blast to overstress it.
[14:26] Phantasma thinks quickly..even quicker than before. Witch a burst of her speed, she vanishes from her stand, reappearing in the flying soldiers around syblaze, chi channeling through her arms as she lashed out with enhanced punches and kicks into the mooks of ma'ang each blow intended to be lethal, if they had been human. Not like she knows alien anatomy. And her typist is relogging because sl is a dick to mesh bodies
[14:29] Lady Nightmare hums a bit as the shield holds and the cannon enters its cooldown cycle, continuing to lash out at the flyers aiming to ground as many of them as possible so they can be hemmed in, sending out a call for her operatives to intercept the squad heading to Firefly
[14:31] Solene was 'reloading' a rod on her gauntlet when one of her jet engine is literally ripped off of her back. As a result, she start spinning in the air, and finally, the whole jetpack contraption on her back fall off. Solène situation ? Well, she is literally throwed by the centrifugal force into the hospital, through the window.
[14:33] Syblaze(Pilix) keeps fighting back against the swarming aliens. Her armor helps protect her against the punches they throw as they surround her, starting to kick out more against them. "Didn't want to have to do this..." She swing her energy blades, trying to get them to back off.. but aiming to cut off some hands if necessary. Simple punches wouldn't do much against her, but she couldn't let them swarm her and hold her down or start to grab at parts of her armor and suit.
[14:34] Jaron keeps firing on the shield, working through various frequencies as he tries to break through, as well as scanning and trying find weaknesses in the forcefield itself
[14:35] Amy Farrow watches solone's flight and crash "and this is why i hate jetpacks." she grumbles looking up at Mato before looking back down at the zombies shuffleing off to cause trouble and face palming. "we ought to have called in the national guard to help contain this." she notes pulling out her sword and stating to scratch something in the ground with it...
[14:36] Ma'ang: as Phantasma helps SyBlaze, more soldiers come in and join in the the fight, with the two, some losing hands but the rest grabbing for their bodies to pull them down to the ground and try to remove armor and weapons.. Ma'angs other Hand aims at Jaron and another energy blast is released. He does not need to dodge as it comes close but misses entirely."I would prefer to have you meta humans leading my armies, but if you persist, I will have to make examples of you all."
[14:43] Mato would close her eyes using her ability to sense energy to plan where to guide her blast. Suddenly the large blast she was creating would compress greatly and instead of firing it Mato herself would fly towards the shield at incredible speed attempting to ram the energy into what she felt was the weakest part of the shield as well as following it up with a strike her aura flaring as if this was the first moment she was putting actual effort in.
[14:44] Phantasma: oh feck off you prick. Im tired of this history of alien invasions. ~her hands drew her own blades, the enchanted blades slicing fingers off one soldier trying to grab her, and a hand off another.. Kicking off of one, she kicked off of a soldier barreling towards Ma'ang himself, at mach speed. She would try to slice his left arm off of his body with no mercy~
[14:46] Lady Nightmare hums a bit as the cannon cycles again and initiates the firing sequence once more, flying towards the largest remaining concentration of troops and converting her entire body into a massive cloud of Saryn gas all around them, relaying a message to PAE comms in the meantime to warn Mato about the incoming attack
[14:47] Solene will crawl back through the same window, after launching a plenty new extinguisher right in the kisser of Ma'ang, still at mach 2. No need to say that he will be covered with some nitrogen after the bottle exploded. "Je vais t'en faire ma pute, ce schtroumph de merde. Bordel." She growl and jump back on the road afterward. Yeah, she is pissed off.
[14:48] Syblaze(Pilix) wildly kicks and swings her blades at the swarming alien soldiers as they start to surround and grab at her, resisting and having to resort to cutting off more limbs with her blades to try and stop them... but they just keep coming. She tries to use her boot jets to knock them back, but others grab at her and start to pull her down with their collective weight. "Get... off!" A couple pieces of armor end up pried off of her by the soldiers, making her lash out even more wildly.
[14:50] Jaron is focused on the shield and keeps at it, when the cannon fires again he swap to the most efficient frequency he found and increases the intensity on the beam, causing him to be launched back, but at least ma'angs attack was aimed poorly and misses
[14:54] Amy Farrow finishes scratching some symbols into the ground and draws a line behind them before sheathing her sword she looks up at the blue man "so, what was your name again?" she asks Ma'ang idlely trying to draw his attention well she powers up..
[14:55] Ma'ang: Grabs the advancing Phantasma. The gloves on his hands gripping the hero tight. The soldiers march through the sarin gas unphased as their systems are immune to it. The blast that missed JAron slices a large corner of the building behind him which begins to fall in his general direction."Was not aiming fo.." His words stop as the fire extinguisher explodes in his face and he is covered in the contents, blinded for a moment., flinging Phantasma away from him. More soldiers work to de-armor Syblaze. The air units continue movements spreading out and flying in different directions. The screams of the people can be heard. The ground Troops keep moving and an explosion can be heard by the school.
[14:55] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): **HE didn't respond because he had Fire extinguisher foam in his mouth**
[14:56] Ma'ang: Matos attack is stopped by the force field which does bend against the impact but stays resolute.
[14:59] Ma'ang: Jaron will notice the frequency changes at Random as he sees his blast does the same thing it causes an indentation but does not break through
[15:01] Mato was impressed by the resiliency of this shield and decides to try a different approach putting her hands on the shield and channeling her energy into it trying to disrupt it constantly seeing how it does with a constant train on it as opposed to getting to take a hit and reform. She is putting out several giga-watts worth of power into it at this point as she is focused solely on the shield.
[15:04] Phantasma was caught- not easy to change path midair without flying after all. She hits the ground, saved by her power as she impacted the only tore up her coat and not her main suit. It reminded her of soemthing though.. and hands sheathing the blades, she pulled shuriken from her coat, before triggering several within the pocket and hurling it at ma'ang from the ground- where it would detonate with two effects from those within- one to cause a adhesive, nonflammable mess on him, the other a powerful taser like..holding the others " Someone knows what you do..."
[15:07] Lady Nightmare splits half the cloud off and re-forms her body, flying up above the cluster of soldiers, then converts the remainder of the cloud to thermobaric gas, detonating the atmosphere all around the enemy soldiers. She notes that Mato isn't moving and sends out a quick direct ping to her about the attack, leaving just enough time for her to back off, then once again making the gesture as a second chunk of the sun's core hurtles itself into the portal at several times light speed
[15:08] Solene look at the situation, and finally raise her right gauntlet toward the storm drain near her. She throw it at Ma'ang face, and with the help of her other gauntlet, start to wrap it tightly around his head, to annoy/blind/gag him. "Sortez couverts comme on dit !" She chuckle.
[15:08] Ashley Supplee: using electromagnetic to wrap it**
[15:10] Syblaze(Pilix) swings her blades with a bit less care now, deciding if she's going to stay in the fight, she's going to have to commit, and if that means some lives of the invaders are lost, so be it. She struggles as more swam and some get smart and group up behind her, harder for her to reach or knock them away. More armor pieces are pried off, starting to expose her under suit, one even grappling at her helmet and pulling, forcing her head to tip back as she struggles to fight back. "Get off of me! Stop it! Get your hands off me!" She growls as the helmet comes off, thankfully still having her goggles to conceal her face. Her blades swing faster and more wild to start cutting down the soldiers around her.
[15:13] Jaron turns and blasts off to hunt down flyers and aliens elsewhere
[15:15] Amy Farrow crosses her arms and waits, in the distance Trouble suited up for airborne starts Straifing the Soldiers with a minigun as Amy looks over seeing that red streak occasionally as well as seeing some AEGIS response vehicles being dispatched to try and contain the spread of enemy troops "Okay just gonna call you moe then." she says too the fire extinguishered overlord "So, Moe, why is timber so special to you? you seem pretty fixated on him. for some reason, but that doesn't make muuuch sense since lady N here is one of the members of the governing body, and a faarrr more obvious target. So what did timber do to ya i wonder." she ask as she starts slowly making her way towards that firebrand with the swords taking in all of the soldiers swarming her and starting to pick a path through them sliceing them down as they get in her way.
[15:17] Ma'ang: The blast from Surtur hits the shield. The shield bowing a bit more from the blast, still holding a large fist coming through the portal at Mato, followed by a giant those who know of Ma'ang have seen before who lets out a furious roar. Ma'and spits the fire retardant out."Bring that one to me. pointing at Syblaze, before the grate wraps around his head. He reaches up, gripping the metal and yanks it off his face. Not expecting it if it flies back into his face. The soldiers begin trying to grab and carry Syblaze to him. the electricity from the shuriken arcs over his body, causing a minor twitch on his face, he is still blinded a bit by the fire extinguisher contents."My reasons for The Terrans head are not your concern." as he wipes his eyes of the foam talking to Amy
[15:24] Mato would back off with the warning but only just passed the edge of where the blast will hit still channeling her energy into the shield though weakened with distance. As the cannon fires down she sticks her hands out absorbing some of the waisted energy that wouldn't directly hit the shield even as it burns her hands leaving them black and smoldering, but increases her power yet again. She puts her arms up to block the fist and lets it push her back taking most of the energy out of the punch. She sizes the giant up and merely smirks as she has fought bigger.
[15:26] Phantasma recalculates feeling the chi in the shuriken in her hands. " take cover, and stop phy..nevermind " hurling threeof the shuriken in those microseconds that he was roaring, where a red rune should like on the shuriken aimed for Ma'angs mouth..they would explode like grenades whether they hit their target or missed. Although one would light up green and a cloud of toxic gas would explode outward..thats the one she focussed on getting inside his mouth primarilly. The gas one meant to render ones volunary muscles inoperable by attacking the nerves. the explosives were decoys
[15:27] Nicole Portola: voluntary*
[15:30] Lady Nightmare glances back at the group around Ma'ang, rolling her eyes as she sees the nearly naked girl being carried off and sending a message "Can someone go get the damsel before we end up with a hostage situation?" cursing a little under her breath as the shield still holds, knowing Surtur can only handle a couple more shots before the coils overheat and can't hold a charge. She watches the giant emerge and flies up besides Mato, smiling over at her "Guess it's time to team up, finally... I have an idea if you can distract it" taking a moment to gather up mass again and replace what she used on the explosion
[15:33] Solene will continue to use her electromagnetic power. She finally spot, rip and pull all the guard rail near Phantasma, to wrap it, again, around Ma'ang body this time, like a giant tortillas. Once the wrapping done, she will try to lift and fire him like one of her tungsten rod, in the air.
[15:36] Syblaze(Pilix) was still struggling with the swarm of soldiers, cutting down as many as she could and they pushed in and surrounded her. But at least the more focused on her, the less there were spreading out into the city. Just as more of them were starting to grab at her, starting to grip at her suit even, feeling them tugging, making her start to really worry, the order to bring her over is given, and they start trying to grab and pull, and push and shove her around to lead her toward Ma'ang... but at least they were leaving her suit alone for now. She wasn't going without a fight though, those heated energy blades swinging and slicing around to stall their efforts. She was too distracted to notice Amy trying to make her way toward her. She looks toward Ma'ang as she gets closer to him, sizing him up as she's pushed and pulled by his minions, still putting up a fight, or at least seeming to... "No damsels here, don't bother."
[15:38] Amy Farrow advances and Cuts down the Soldiers on Syblaze "yeah that guy is my former employer and a generally really straight arrow guy who i appreciate and respect, So it is my concern, Moe." she puts extra emphasis on her made up name for the villain hoping it gets under his skin then glances up at the... snake thing that emerges from the portal "damnit i wanted to fight that" she mutters Idly cutting down a random soldier that happens to stray to close as for now she holds ground near Syblaze cutting down anything that comes too near "before glancing over at her "oh, So i can go fight the snek?" she asks gestureing with one thumb in the giants direction..
[15:41] Ma'ang: flings the storm Drain at Solene as he begins ripping at the guard rail like it was tissue paper before it could wrap around him, a free hand firing another 20 ton blast at Solene to stop the metal attack, the gas from teh shuriken having no effect but the thermobaric gas from a few moments ago begins to afect some ground troops. Ma'ang points at Syblaze."If the Terrans do not surrender... make an example of that one." Flying soldiers fall from the sky and ground soldiers continue to fight."I offer you Paradise, why do you insist on defying me!?" AS the giant reaches out to swat at any hero even close to her
[15:41] Mato would simply give a small nod to N as she would seem to charge the giant monster only to disappear completely. She would reappear at the beast's tail attempting to grab it and fly upwards holding it while sending electric shocks down it.
[15:44] Phantasma: the last ones offered paradise too! They wanted to take our technology! ~ she darted, moving above mach 2, and leapt, trying to grab one of the winged soldiers. If successfuly, she would channel chi into her arm and making a knife hand stabed towards its back, trying to grab the spine and keep ahold~
[15:45] Takamachi Mikoto strolls down the street with her nose buried in some sort of technical schematic. In her ears are a pair of earbuds and anyone fairly close can hear the blaring J-pop that she's humming along to. So far she was completely oblivious She rounds the corner to head to THI and stops. She does a doubble take, looking around then blinks " wot?""
[15:46] Lady Nightmare laughs a little as Mato steals her technique, but then shrugs and goes ahead anyways, flying full speed towards the giant and then vanishing, but in her case rather than teleporting past it, she breaks the bonds of her body and attempts to fly into it, seeking out molecular gaps to infuse herself through its body. In the meantime Surtur cools down for the moment again, and then spins up the firing cycle once more, another shot beginning its descent towards the portal
[15:46] Solene notice Mikoto, and casually catch the storm drain flying at her. "Hey, Boss, you're ba-.." And Solène is hit by the blast, propeled back into the hospital, crashing noise and yell from patient all around.
[15:50] Syblaze(Pilix) glanced at Amy as she heard her question. "Sure.. feel free." Slicing down a few more of the soldiers that lead her closer to Ma'ang. As she gets a certain distance from him, she seems to stop fighting the minions, and just before she can be pushed into arm's reach of him, she flashes in a brilliant crackling light again, appearing behind Ma'ang. Her blades thrust forward, going for a backstab that she hoped he wouldn't see coming, after letting him underestimate her...
[15:53] Amy Farrow glances over at the fight happening around the giant snake lady and sighs "nah, probably ought to just hold my ground with you." she looks over then curses as she finds herself still generally infront of him and presses forward through whatever press might be left between them ready to back up Syblaze if her attack is less battle ending then she hopes. "i swear to god if your immune to all physical harms other then hand to hand combat i am going to be PISSED. but also a little elated" she mutters.
[15:55] Ma'ang: the giant has few molecular gaps in her body, but a few between her scales."I do not desire your technology, I have my own!" Not knowing Takamachi was anything but a Civilian he instructs a few ground troops, to move her to safety again saying."One can not rule a dead planet." his hand raising up as he fires a blast in the general area of Surtur. The blast is stopped short as he is stabbed in the back. No vital organs are hit.. if he had any to begin with but a bit of black blood begins to flow. The One grabbed by Phantasma does indeed have its spine ripped out and begins falling to teh ground, as Ma'ang swings a backhand at the one holding the sword in his back. The giant is pulled by Mato, before it tries to slam it's tail and the one holding it to the ground, hard. Ma'ang looks at Amy."You will have to find out little Terran." is said through gritted teeth
[16:01] Mato would shudder as the giant weighed down on her gritting her teeth as it attempted to slame her with the tail she had ahold of shuddering as this became a test of strength pushing hard to find all her strength trying to still fly up holding onto the the tail and then slam the creature into the shield if she got it off the ground.
[16:03] Phantasma: You dont need this. Its holding you back ~spoken as she falls to the ground with its dead body. Hearing Amy...~ I think he absorbs kinetic energy! Or at least when he caught me. It might be activated. I dont know what he does with it or if it is a concrete answer. If it is, it made Hammer stronger! So dont fall for his tricks.
[16:03] Takamachi Mikoto squeaks and stretches an arm out towards Solene, forming an electromagnetic bubble between her and the hospital to try and protect her from the blow. Looking around She sighs., "My my. " She says striking a pose that looks like it came out of an episode of JoJo. " My first day back and you've arranged a welcome back party for me! " She then stretches a hand up to the sky and her body seemed to be surrounded in a blue light, then there was a flash and standing there was Raigeki in all her electrical glory. "So whoi whats to be my warm-up?" she asked. Giving the army a bit of a glance, not wanting to steal any thunder from Amy and her orange bladed friend.
[16:06] Lady Nightmare takes the openings she sees to sink into the giant while it's busy with Mato, solidifying her body again as it enters, but this time as a swirling jagged mass of adamantine razors, twisting around as she pushes deeper into the creature, intending to shred every internal organ she can find in the thing. Surtur's latest blast makes its timely arrival, smashing into the portal and radiating yet another wave of brutal heat across the battlefield, while she receives the mental warning that the heat sinks are about to overload
[16:09] Solene slowly crawl out of the hospital. "Hrrmm.." She crashed in the hospital, but luckily, with the help of Mikoto, it wasn't that bad. She walk out, with another fire extinguisher, and this time, she approach Ma'ang casually, and spray some foam in his face, and eyes.
[16:10] Syblaze(Pilix) smirks as her attack hits, at least interrupting whatever he was planning, but frowns as it seems to have very little other effect. Then the hand swings at her. "Shit." She pulls her blades out of his back, but too late to avoid the hit as it sends her slamming against the road. Without her helmet, her head takes a hit, dazing her and leaving her laying flat out on the ground, wide open to the swarms of soldiers again.
[16:13] Amy Farrow grunts at Phantasma... "noted, Gentle fist then " she says eyes turning to Syblaze as she goes down grunting as her sword cuts a graceful line across his torso letting the shocks induced by the blade do most of the contact work before shifting practically flying on her feet too stand over Syblade blade flashing out to meet any threats that might come for her. "Whatever you did you hurt him orange, Gonna need you to do it more since nothing else has effected him in the same way yet." she says
[16:19] Ma'ang: Soldiers do indeed swarm on Syblaze as she stops moving on the pavement. Lady N will find that there is a mixture of Meat and robotic parts in the giant, and while some damage is being done... not enough. the tail not slamming Mato like it was due to injuries, but one giant hand comes down at her. The soldiers continue to move towards Raigeki, a bit carefully.. Ma'ang is ready since that was the same weapon last time his hand comes upt o block the foam as the other hand fires a blast at the extinguisher to make it blow up in her hands, the shocks of the blades doing little to ma'ang, a few going down to the attacks as Amy moves to Syblaze.
[16:22] Ma'ang: the blast from Surtur bends the force field hard turning the impact zone to a bright bright read, but it holds... BArely
[16:25] Mato would try to throw the creature at the shield using all of her strength which was at this point every bit of 100 tons. If she failed then she would be bettered down into the road by the hand leaving cracks as she would look dazed by the attack though every moment it touched her it would be receiving intense electrical shocks through it's body.
[16:26] Phantasma grunts and nods to Amy, then hops, moving into a run to the field. Her enchanted knives drawn again and coming down with chanelled chi force that could send a butter knife through the armor of a tank, she attacked the forcefield " shut down!" The shouting in japanese " DRILL THROUGH THE HEAVENS! "
[16:27] Consuela De La Rosa manages to quell most of the fire in the hospital. Too bad it was worst in the burn unit.
[16:30] Raigeki tilts her head to the side, her staff tiwirls off her back to her hand, the conductors at the end blazing as her energy flows through it, As the soldiers approach her she quips " Oh. Volunteers" and charges them, accelerating her blows magneticly and blasting any that get too close to her with a burst of electrified plasma
[16:33] Lady Nightmare issues mental commands to Lilith 'needle aperture, double condensing, double cycles... if we're gonna overheat it, may as well make it count... then see if these robotics are hackable" continuing to wind her way up through the giant's body as the battle rages, looking for any sort of organs or nerves or control units that could disable it, shredding everything she comes across on the way to wound it in the meantime
[16:35] Solene stagger at the explosion, now covered with foam. Luckily, she is wearing her armor and suit. "Motherfuc..." She growl, and make her way toward Ma'ang. She jump on the last step and try to land a kick on the bad guy with her mechanical boots. Aiming at the crotch, totally going against any geneva convention. But again, it should be the weakest point, right ? RIGHT ?!
[16:36] Syblaze(Pilix) is still dazed as the soldiers swarm in around her quickly, returning to their previous tactics of disarming. Her boots and chest piece are pried off by some, while others start to grab at her suit and pull, starting to tear it off of her before Amy moves in to start slicing them down. Luckily her actions stopped them from getting to her bracers. Some persist even as Amy cuts them down, tearing the outer layers of her suit off, until she finally comes to and ignites her blades again, slicing the soldiers as she pushes back up to her feet again. "Ugh... anyone get the plate of the bus that just hit me?" She looks around as more soldiers move in again. "Just no end to these things..."
[16:37] Amy Farrow's aura flares up breafly as she moves faster then the eye can follow to cut down everything around Syblaze and reaches down to yank her up "ON YOUR FEET I NEED TO EXTRACT OUR AIR SUPPORT COME ON WAKE UP ORANGE AND GO GO GO GO!" before dashing off
[16:41] Ma'ang: the hand smashes Mato, the shock going through ehr entire system, including the intruder, her body falling on the forcefield. As Solene Jumps Ma'and shoots out an arm to not only keep the kick from connecting but to catch her in the air. If successful he holds her by her neck, not choking but holding"Such fight, such spirit. You could command worlds at my side." The soldiers damaged by Raigeki are dragged off by healthy soldiers. Those who are injured are dead are pulled through the forcefield into the portal, more swarm Syblaze, trying to get her arms held behind her. More soldiers move to Raigeki, carefully as they were ordered only to get her to safety and not given a change in oders that is still their mission.
[16:45] Mato would be dazed on the concrete for a while before focusing and disappearing again. She would reappear high in the air looking significantly worse for wear as her body was showing signs of fatigue and pain. She had also apparently had enough as she would extend her hands out to her sides balls of energy forming in each of them much like the single one that had formed before.
[16:47] Ma'ang: Phantasmas knives hit the forcefield and the points wedged in however there was also a falling giant on the way to her very location
[16:50] Phantasma saw the blade dig itno the field. But before she could act further the giant alien was falling down on her. In a zip she was clear.. She noted, watching to see if it was alive as it fell. If it happened top still be alive, the woman would swiftly move to strike at its neck with blades, to make sure it was long longer a threat
[16:57] Raigeki frowns as she sees amy forced to bail. She frowns seeing Solene's foot caught. She frowns as she sees Syblaze getting swarmed. She grunts and then flares her electrical field trying to strike as many of the shoulders around her as she could. Then there was a blink of light and she vanished, suddenly reappearing in front of Ma'ang "You're the boss right? " she asks. " Sorry. But we've survived too many dictators to allow this. " Then thrusts both hands forward towards him viring lightling directly at the man
[17:00] Lady Nightmare is caught completely by surprise as the sudden surge of electricity blasts through the body she's inhabiting at the moment, the metal blades fully affected by it, having to quickly shift herself to rubber to avoid being completely fried, but still losing a large portion of her nanites before she can make the change, taking a moment to take stock of her situation, extending a sensory tendril out, spotting the others in the area and sending both Phantasma and Mato direct messages "Strike the shield on my mark... but don't get anywhere near it". Surtur cools down as much as it can for the moment, then begins an extended spin-up cycle, gathering even more energy into itself this time as the usual chain-firing safeties are shut off for a final blast
[17:00] Solene is caught mid-air, by the neck. "At your side ? Why i would share it with you, smurf guy ?" She catch and get a nice grip at Ma'ang arms, sticking all of her gauntlet's claw. She start to balance and try to make a nice and perfectly executed judo arm wrench, wrapping her mechanical boot around his arm.
[17:04] Syblaze(Pilix) looks toward Ma'ang, trying to rush with the speed of her boots toward him, ready to stab him again.... and that's when she realizes her boots are gone. "The hell?" She notices most of her suit is gone as well, leaving only the meager under-bits of it. "Damn it!" She starts swinging at the soldiers that crowd in around her again, once more swarming her. She cuts down as many as she can, before one grabs at her left arm with its whole body, weighing her arm down and pulling it harshly behind her back. She growls and tries to swing at a few more with her fight blade, before a couple more soldiers move in to grab that arm as well, pulling both behind her back now. Her blades shut off.. both to conserve what power remains, and to avoid cutting herself with her arms held behind her back. "Let go! You freaks! Get off of me!" She squirms and struggles against the hold of the alien soldiers.
[17:07] Consuela De La Rosa attempts to help console several burn patients and prepare them for evacuation once the fires are completely out.
[17:07] Ma'ang: Ma'ang is about to respond to Raigeki, but is surprised by the flip from Solene. Said flip keeping the lightning from having major effect. He winds up on his back and raises his head. Looking at her. HE does not say a word as he lets loose an energy blast right at her before he speaks."You call me dictator, many worlds call me savior. I offer you a gift. and you Blisket in my face. Maybe this world is not worth my gift." Maybe you all deserve to stay in your bottle while the world around you goes on." He starts to get to his feet."Remove her weapons." he says to those who have Syblaze, "And take her to the portal."
[17:09] Mato would bring both her hands together and with them the energy balls she was holding meshing them together in one ball. Anyone who could feel Mato's energy would be steadily increasing well beyond the double digit gigawatt range. This attack if she mess it up will cause probably about as much collateral damage as the invasion has thus far.
[17:12] Phantasma 's goggles are shot by some of the energy off the blast intended for Solene. But she gets the message , her blades up and ready. , tilting them back to attach her grapplers to the handles. Chi chanelling into her arms again. Spiritually, her power flared, an almost animalistic imagery if one could see souls or auras . Specifically, a frog. She tossed the broken goggles aside, eyes a blend of her human blue and amphibian
[17:15] Raigeki glances over to where he directs the order, and grunts. "Saviors don't kidnap. If you want some sort of dialouge, you'll call this mess off" She then moves to Syblaze, having heard before that her weapons were the only thing that was actually hurting him. She tries to wrap her arms around the headhead, murmuring " Hi there. " Then flares her electrical field trying to drive off the soldiers trying to drag her away. and extract her from the throng
[17:17] Lady Nightmare extricates herself from the giant and flies away from its still-stunned body, not wanting to be anywhere near what's coming, holding a hand up as the extended charge completes and the cannon fires its last shot of the day, waiting until just a few seconds before the impact to call out to the others "Now!" ((impact next round so all hits sync up))
[17:20] Solene take the blast, point blank, at her helmet. Her whole body extended, and finally relax. The helmet light start to blink from blue to red, red to blue, and finally turn off. She will release any grip, now uncouncious.
[17:21] Syblaze(Pilix) glares at Ma'ang as he gives his speech, and his orders. She squirms and struggles as the aliens grab at her bracers, working to try and pry them off. She squirms even more as their hands roam over her, seeming to search for any other weapons.. one giving a squeeze somewhere that causes her to squeak and glare toward them. "That is NOT a weapon! Hands off!" One starts to tug down on the lower covering she has left of her suit, preparing to peel it off, a blush rising on her face as she struggles a bit harder. "Hey hey stop, leave that ALONE!" And then, suddenly there was a Raigeki pressing against her, arms wrapped around her, which only made her blush a bit brighter. "U-uh... hi.." She blinks as the electricity goes off all around her, frying many of the soldiers at once.
[17:25] Ma'ang: Ma'ang will get to his feet, and face Raigeki as the soldiers get blasted back. More soldiers, both land and air come and drag their injured out. One runs up To ma'ang and begins whispering in his ear. His hands move and he begins motioning to the soldiers who speak in alien languages on communicators.
[17:28] Mato was channeling so much energy at this point the atmosphere near her couldn't handle it burning away leaving an eriee ashen effect it was like someone had focused all the power of several nuclear reactors into one point as was just letting it tear away at reality. She would wait just a moment for the cannon to fire and Phantasma to do her thing before releasing this blast at the portal controlling it throughout its flight path as it blasted towards the shield and portal that had caused them so much trouble and maintaining the attack so if she shield fell the blast would slam into the structure generating the portal.
[17:30] Phantasma hears the signal as she maneuvers around. Chi flowing into the blades, upping the enchantment in them into slicing and piercing, at the cost of fragility. Watching the other attacks come in she hurls both knives towards the sheild, one again with her full force. But she wasnt a pleasant hero. She chose a path with the ceramic monomolecular edges would slice through two or three troops in the process. the blades and knives would breaking into dust when they struck the shield, whether they aided Nightmare in her strike or not
[17:33] Phantasma: Once again, I have to cut aworthless object ~spoken in Japanese~
[17:36] Raigeki glances over and sees Solile drop She releases Syblase and drops to the ground. she uses magnetism to slide Solene away from him as she stars the being down She draws the eclectrical force into herself and a deep growl is heard from under her helmet. "you shouldn't have done that, " She said, the tone of her voice vhanging to indicate that she's gotten serious, and that she wasmply planing on holding back at this point.
[17:37] Lady Nightmare just grins as the evening sky suddenly becomes full noon again, and then, where before the strikes had been pillars of energy, this time there's only a needle-thin line of energy so intense that waves of sonic booms erupt in its wake as it obliterates the air in the path and creates a vacuum, explosions rippling all around it, and then it slams down along with the other attacks, the combination obliterating the giant utterly in less than the blink of an eye and carrying on full-force into the shield
[17:40] Solene is slided away from Ma'ang, still uncouncious.
[17:42] Syblaze(Pilix) blinks a bit, watching Raigeki as she faces off now against Ma'ang. She reaches to fix her lower covering back into place and re-secure the clasps of her loosened bracers. Her blades ignite again as soldiers once again start to move in, slicing them down before they can get too close, not holding back at all now as she went for decapitation.
[17:43] Ma'ang: Smiles at Raigeki."Little Terran give me everything you got. IF you can impress me I will call off this invasion... for now. otherwise I take you and..." His hand moving to point at Solene The forcefield finally goes down, the giant is obliterated in teh blast, however the Portal is still standing. the Giant and the shield taking the blast. Soldiers see this and begin moving faster, not wanting to be stranded on this planet. Ma'ang sees the destruction, and actually stands up right, his posture hiding his size. "Leave that one alone."He says to the soldiers surrounding Syblaze. who do
[17:46] Mato would move her blast so it was being maintained raming against the shield right at the entrance to the portal meaning any of the army that would try to enter the portal would just end up being disintegrated as she kept firing not sure how long she would be able to maintain the effort as she could feel the over-charge of energy she had fading away.
[17:49] Phantasma would restract her cabled through the same holes her blades, now shattered, had cut and dash back, to clear the area, the sonic booms seemign to strike her as if she was a rock
[17:49] Nicole Portola: cables* retract*
[17:54] Lady Nightmare grumbles as she sees that the blast missed the actual portal device, but flies up and over it, shedding off the last bits of extra mass she'd accumulated that didn't get destroyed, roughly a duplicate of her own body, and then converting that entire mass into nitroglycerin and dumping it onto the top step of the device, after which she dives down and begins drawing on her reserves underground to plug up the hole she just drilled into the planet before the city becomes a volcano
[17:54] Raigeki stares at the being for almost a full second. When she speaks, it is like she's talking to someone else over a radio, " Arc reactor to full. Engage link to the grid. Isolate emergency services. Safeties off. Engage power transfer." The air seemed charged as she began to draw in power from the citie's grid " you should have done your homework " she said her expression unreadable as she eyes him " This city is my home, And I provide the power for this city. When you fight me, The whole city fights for me... " And with that the city went dark, except for the police station, the hospitlal and the fire station. In the next second, She lets out a scream and releases a blast, not just puting everything she herself could, but pouring everything the city could produce into it as well, When iw was over she went down to a knee, panting, tendrils of smoke coming from her. So motionless it would be hard to tell if she was even still alive after channeling that much power
[17:58] Solene continue to be uncouncious on the ground.
[18:04] Syblaze(Pilix) looks around as the alien soldiers back off, huffing a bit. "Yeah.. better stay the hell back..." As if they were afraid of her somehow and it wasn't just the order from their leader holding them back. She cuts off her blades as she watches Mikoto face off against Ma'ang, blinking as almost the whole city goes dark, frowning a bit. She only hoped it would be back on soon.. before things in her fridge spoiled. Seeing Mikoto starting to channel all that power though, she starts slowly stepping back, figuring it's best to steer clear, just in case any of the power she was about to release strayed. "Yer in for it now..." She just watches, transfixed as Mikoto releases all that power, to the end, watching her slump to a knee then... She waits for the smoke to clear, to see how.. or if it affected Ma'ang, before trying to step forward to see if Mikoto was still awake... or alive after that.
[18:06] Ma'ang: From in front of her, there is a skid from his two feet, pushed back ten feet. as Raigeki kneels from that after a minutes slow footsteps can be heard. A hand reaches down to Raigekis shoulder. however that much energy wiped out a lot behind him. He looks down at Raigeki."You have won the day. No being of any planet has been able to do what you did. I am impressed. I will return, make no mistake I will be back. A power like yours would be useful. before he fires a blast at Matos back so she stops blasting his soldiers and he begins moving to the portal. He stops at Lady N."If you see the Terran Timber. Tell him if I ever find him on one of my planets I will have his head.", before he motions to his armies to leave the planet. He stands and watches them leave to make sure they got back. Seeing one left behind he steps over and picks up the soldier looking at the portal and the heroes."A shame though, you could have had paradise."
[18:08] Mato would let the blast that was pounding the shield in front of the portal stairs and preveting the retreat taper off as she felt the exhaustion hit her. It was then that the blast would hit her in the back sending her flying as she wasn't expecting it landing with a nice loud crunch on the pavement her aura fading, the sparks quiting, and her hair would darken back to black.
[18:08] Phantasma saw several buildings still with power other than those locations, including her bar. She just shook her head. Her amphibian eyes fall on mikoto " get her medical. She likely overtaxed herself. overuse of ones power is never good. " Then she pulled out a comm " you know this line. code 42. " Giving the discreet communication to help those without power

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