The heavens tremble.

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The heavens tremble.

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:17 pm

[13:34:25] Crescendo was nearby the boarded entrans to the badlance, seeing several cables partially burried..if she hadnt been looking the the energy flow, she wouldnt have seen them. She began to drain off of the electricity as it flowed, where a few has jury rigged power off the grid

[13:48:53] The Wikked Prinsess landing nearby, the demoness stikks the superhero landing as she studies the skene before her...her hand nears her spear as she speaks.."What are you doing?"

[13:53:13] Crescendo was drawing the electrical current through her foot on a cable, standing as if still " Gazing to the school. and thinking of the protests" as she drew on the pcurrent that was already stolen to start with

[13:54:43] The Wikked Prinsess "This sity is my hunting ground," She growls. "If you are attaking then I will attak with extreme prejudise, do you understand me..?"

[13:57:34] Crescendo: I would not recommend such a foolish action. ~ the power was filling her, though not visibly of yet, theouhg the goggles flickers like static ~ I am.. not attacking.. to be literal

[14:00:06] The Wikked Prinsess "You are siphoning power form the sity in an unrekkomended manner. step away from the kable..and prepare yourself for a sitizens arrest or a humiliating defeat." with that she draws her spear readying herself for kombat. "Final Exhortation."

[14:02:32] Crescendo gave a smirk" I am merely taking some of whats others are stealing. Should you try to stop it.. perhaps I will drag you in " The electricity sparking off her eyes now She sensed the spiritual to a was mostly limited to her own kind

[14:05:47] The Wicked Princess (kallistierisia): "The stolen power is an issue for law enforement, I am more interested in larger threats to the sity, like you...Are you Shivva?" She asks before she makes her way towards you kuikly her spear aimed to your leg as she attaks defensively...

[14:10:50] Crescendo: Shiva is a failed Goddess. I am a scion. ~she hopped back raising a hand and beginning to sing ~ Hard Rock Hallelujah! The saints are crippled On this sinners' night. Lost are the lambs with no guiding light. ~ giving off an infra sound meant to cause a lack of direction and balance in the minds of enemies..more for humans..~

[14:15:15] The Wikked Prinsess the Demoness is nowhere near Human but the sound IS a nnoying! With you having seemed to move your leg out of the way without her notising, the demoness spins bringing the blunt of her spear towards your head, "Great, you are working with the upper planes...I hate you self righteous priks."

[14:20:53] Crescendo ducks, just barely missed..but the speed of the blow made her fall, she wasnt superhuman but she wasnt unskilled. The Zmey Gorynych Institute was not easy on its failure, her worlds version of HYDRA. She rolled back to a stand and drums and guitars could be heard, adding a backup to her singing. . " The walls come down like thunder, The rocks about to roll. It's The Arockalypse, Now bare your soul. All we need is lightning With power and might, Striking down the prophets of false. As the moon is rising, Give us the sign. Now let us rise up in awe. Rock 'n roll angels bring thine hard rock hallelujah, Demons and angels all in one have arrived. Rock 'n roll angels bring thine hard rock hallelujah " As as she swing her hand, a length of what looked like tevision static- sound given form, formed a line, a rope she was trying top use to secure the threat with. , "I am no angel. I am Scion of Thunderbird, devil!"

[14:30:45] The Wikked Prinsess is now annoyed, whish forsed her to keep her temper in kontrol. She arshes her bak in a painful looking kontortion, allowing the sonik string to fly above her, she then rolls to the side, shooting a massive swash of flame towards you, hiding her next few movements. "Do not konfuse me with the Baatezu skum, I am a Tanaarii, a Soldier of the Abyss!"

[14:35:00] Crescendo snapped the sonic rope back and refashioned into a blast sendinding her to the side, but her arm burnt . Those eyes glows now and winds od sound and a cowl resembling a birds hear could be visible for a second. She gave a cry, like the screech of a bird and kept her song up, this time, no rope. The electrical wire erupted upwardsand the electricity itself arced towards the demon, trying to unleashe the stolen power from the grid into a weapon, like redirecting a river " You Are a fiend! In God's creation supernatural high. The true believers. Thou shall be saved. Brothers and sisters keep strong in the faith. On the day of Rockoning, It's who dares, wins. You will see the jokers soon'll be the new kings, All we need is lightning, With power and might. Striking down the prophets of false"

[14:38:39] The Wikked Prinsess "Dyuh!" she says, making a somewhat komikal fase as the eletrisity hits her hard...her magikal armor protekts her SOMEwhat as she staggers a bit then pours the flames on, inkreasing their size as she uses them to bak you away from the elektrikal wire.."What gave it away? the Horns or the Symbols of Khaos?"

[14:45:36] Crescendo floated up as the music changed, hitting faster with drums and guitar, then falling out to near silence. Bursting from it audibly "You wanted power and you begged for fame. You wanted everything the easy way, You wanted gain without pain. Now your bill is in the mail, You got stronger but your mind got weak. You made a promise that you couldn't keep. You got it all - you lost more. It's all there in the fee, Via hell incorporated (regeneration), First you love it then you hate it (you're such a saint), And now you're never gonna make it (bad situation). Get on get on down. There's hell to pay 'cause" The blast flying down, fully sound energy , electricity from the wire joining it for a little sting . The blast took the form of a dragon swooping at her

[14:49:14] The Wikked Prinsess rolls to the side as she sighs in exasperation.."Magik users are so annoying." She kloses the distanse striking with the flaming business end of the spear as she snears..."All you had to do was step off the wire, you know that right?"

[14:54:43] Crescendo gives another screech as she sang "The Devil is a loser and he's my bitch. For better or for worse and you don't care which. The Devil is a loser and he's my bitch, Runnin' into trouble you skitch. He's my bitch" one of her hands reaching as she flew closer to try to grasp the shaft, below the flaming end . Her other hand came up sparking, like she was going to facepound and send a charge..but hearing her she stopped " Seriously? I was siphoning off power they were stealing. Rather than run up someones electrical bill"

[14:57:45] The Wikked Prinsess keeps the spear on....but sets it on the butt, "There are laws in plase to akkomidate aliens and metahumans, if you needed elektrisity for survival, the leaders will make reasonable akkomidations. These young are students, hense they make poor desisions." with that she flips the spear, severing the illegal konnektion before likking her teeth. "So you are done here?"

[15:02:09] Crescendo spoke as power went out in a two buildings in the wasnt the students stealing. " The one stealing it were not students. They were stealing power to use machines that are putting off chemicals that pollute the city. When I destroyed their last base of operation, they simply moved. The law cannot touch them. But if I cut power to them, they will have to slow down. It doesnt seem to matter how many I kill. Greed is the motivator. " seeming as if just she floats. Like it was normal

[15:04:40] The Wicked Princess (kallistierisia) "Either way, the power line is severed for right now..and I really don't kare about their motivations, as long as they dont make MY life diffikult..In the mean time, I would suggest taking your konserns to the polise or the military...they are to the north of here."

[15:08:01] Crescendo: they will not listen to me. I am on record with them. It seems you help destroy PAE;s tower you get a reputation. I feel..different now..

[15:09:25] The Wicked Princess (kallistierisia) "No matter, Do not interfere with my survival here, and I have no issue with you." with that she slings her spear, and ignites her wings before flying upwards then towards hiome..

[15:10:37] Crescendo gave a nod as the woman departed, opening and closing her hand, then listening to the radio frequencies for anyone calling in over her

Music used- Hard Rock Hallelujah ( ) and Devil is a Loser ( ) Both by Lordi.
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