The coming madness

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The coming madness

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:16 pm

There was an altercation at the mall this evening, believed to have some relation to the odd weather earlier. Five people confirmed dead, a couple dozen more are suspected to be. The person behind it has escaped, though allegedly seriously injured, after issuing ominous warnings about something far worse on the way.

[17:34] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) with all the shit going on around the city, she'd been monitoring every damn frequency around. She quickly made her way towards the area, making use of a new motorbike she'd found in a warehouse and liberated. She scaled the wall and looked over the strange cult and tilted her head "well...that's something...."
[17:34] Anna-Kate Harper was jogging thinking it got dark sooner than usual. As she climbed the steps she spotted the odd crowd and the captives moving for a better place.. hesitantly, she sent a text with the location and ' weird cultist shit, hostages' to the protectorate
[17:37] Pyris had been sunbathing to try and tan his pasty self up some. And when the sun seemed to go out, he suited up and was just putting his helmet on when he received a text. He'd sigh as he read it and as soon as he was out the door he'd double-time it to the location provided, a soft whistling accompanying him until he burned retros to come to a stop - Not rushing in this time! Instead taking it in to try and figure out what was happening.
[17:41] Solene finally arrive, flying over the scene.
[17:45] Raigeki: " Fluffy. Stay. " She then floats up to watch the strange ritual going on.
[17:46] PAE EDP-209 "Complying." The robot stood there still
[17:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR walks up beside Katy and Mikoto, looking on. She murmurs something into her headset. Nearby, a blue helicopter hovers, but remains out of the action, for now.
[17:46] The Cultists have gathered into a circle, with the captives bound out on the ground in the center. A single un-robed figure stands over them, and she seems to be leading the chant of the group, the words spitting out into the air, the mere sound of them enough to spread a sense of dread and wrongness through the area "Y'ai 'ng'ngah, Nyarlathotep h'ee-l'geb f'ai Fleurdemort uaaah"
[17:48] Raigeki: " Wait. Did they just say Nylarhotep? FUCK they are trying to summon an elder god. I fucking HATE magic.
[17:48] Anna-Kate Harper: I never like Nyarlethep.. except as Narly chan. That anime was fun. and flower of death.. ~she looks at the 'heroes' ~ I think they plan to kill themNot sure why lovecraftian fans are speaking random french"
[17:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: ..I wish I could fly.
[17:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR hops up and uses Fluffy as a platform
[17:49] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) walked up silently behind the PAE group, looking up before speaking. "Feels like home... so much blood to spill, and someone coming..." he spoke, his voice seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere.
[17:50] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) tilts her head "uhh...what the hell are you chanting? Is this just a misguided yoga circle or are you trying to summon some bullshit. I recommend speaking up now, I heard heavy stomping and that likely means artillery"
[17:51] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me, suddenly stops her Fluffy-climbing and turns, sensing a prescence. Her assault rifle is automatically in her hands, and she stares the cloaked figure down. "Contact!" She says, watching the man carefully but not raising her gun. "Who are you? Identify yourself!"
[17:55] Power Flash(Pilix) flies in, arriving on the scene after the oddness with the sun setting in the middle of the afternoon. She spots the robed figures and what look like some people laying on the floor of the mall area, moving in closer. "What's going on here?"
[17:57] Anna-Kate Harper sends another text, snapping a picture [ pretty sure these guys will end up on your radar. its.. a gunshow here now, but I will alert] sent to her former neighbour
[17:59] Lady Leviathan walks forward into the scene looking around at the commotion, as she sees Zeph she simply grins and chuckles aloud crossing her arms in front of her chest. "So what exactly is going on here, and what are the odds i can make some money off of it?"
[18:01] The Cultists keep chanting in the alien language, seeming to pay no mind to the new arrivals "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Nyarlathotep wgah'nagl fhtagn". The leader looks up and around with a smile "Ah, excellent, the defenders of civilization arrive. I called you here tonight to make you an offer. The end of this universe is coming, there is no escape, there is no resistance. Your only hope for survival is to join us and embrace the destruction. This is your one and only chance, once She arrives, there will be no hope"
[18:03] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) raises an eyebrow and then looks around "wait, I thought the universe already ended. So you're trying to end it again? Or was that just most universes?" she asks and looks around "well, I can tell you I know how these things usually go so I'm gonna give you a minute to stop chanting before we all start pushing each other aside for a chance at a kill"
[18:06] Anna-Kate Harper tilts her head" I know I aint no hero, but I kind of like this universe. Its where I keep my stuff. So I aint gonna be nice. Let the hostges go, Or I shoot you. and I can make a rooster into a hen in one shot" pulling he rpistol up
[18:09] Pyris by now realized he was floating above a powder-keg, and thought back to his training... and found nothing really useful. So he keyed up his helmet's speakers to increase his speech volume "Right... I'd prefer if nobody pushed and shoved to kill anyone today..." he said, directed towards the Cyber-cat. Before looking to the apparent cult leader "And I have no issue with people peacefully assembling, or practicing their religion of choice" he'd then activate his gauntlet's underbarrel and begin loading something "But I have a -bad- feeling that you aren't like those lovely Amish folks who live outside city limits. And this is going to go the way all those movies I've seen go. Including the tentacle monster and the blood. So I'll ask you once, disperse and go home." He'd pass a glance to both sides of where he floated, noting the clogged air-space incase he needed to scoot. "Others I don't think will give you long to choose, so....skedaddle?"
[18:09] Solene would look at the Leader, and raise both hand toward him/her. "Why do we even care about any explanation.. "She will try to get a grip on anything metallic, and yank her into the Metabowl, with her electromagnetic power.
[18:12] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) flies up and looks around outside the front of the bowling alley."EY! You're blocking my business!"
[18:12] Raigeki began a massive energy build up. She sighs because under normal circumstances she tried to avoid collateral damage " She announced to those around her who followed her commands " Weapons free. They stated their intent ant it's lethal. Level of force is at your descretion "
[18:15] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Leviathan, frowning. "I don't have an answer to either of those questions. She puts a hand to one of her ears, looking up. "you sure about that boss? They might just be doing the whole 'leave a warning then dissappear' bit...." She kept her eyes on Yuri. "You going to tell me who you are, or just stand there like a dead fish?" Above her, the helicopter, acting on Mikoto's last command, begins spinning up the minigun, aiming for the woman in the center of the circle but not firing yet...
[18:15] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) didn't laugh, not with the smile hidden by his mask. Speaking low, hands down under the cloak, he didn't try to reign in his voice. "Tok'na shon" was spoken, words directed at Zephyr with her weapon pointed at him. He wouldn't melt the weapon, just make it difficult for her to hold it or point it at him. "It seems my boy was right to summon me, yet no one felt it. Such a shame." There was a calmness to his words, each one coming from its own direction as if the streets and buildings were speaking for him. Without a word, he summons flames under his feet and begins to hover upward, directing his words to the priestess. "Absura Nara'tae, Priestess. Who is your master and why do you summon the crawling chaos to this world. The void is not so easily breached, and you don't have the sacrifices needed to open that gateway." he ask, doing nothing more than speaking until otherwise needed.
[18:17] Lady Leviathan shrugs and yawns stepping back and just watching for the time being. given that she didnt have any invested interest in this fight at the moment she didnt care. though she briefly mused out loud. "i wonder if that contract on Takamachi is still active"
[18:17] Katy for the moment was busy to coordinate herself with the rest of the PAE forces, assigning target id's to the individual enemy subjects, priority lists for weapons effects and would try to scan the target area for any clues or anomalies connected to the cultists: Temperature, energy density and especially mass ... eagerly waiting for the possible data provided by her multiscanner array, as there was still a severe lack of informations regarding to these Lovecraft'ian weirdos.
[18:21] Power Flash(Pilix) sighs a bit, shaking her head. "More lunatics trying to destroy everything..." Power starts to glow around her hands. "Embracing destruction doesn't sound like a good way to survive... and they always say there's no escape, no resistance... and yet we have, every time, and we're still here. You aren't the first to pull this crap. So how about YOU stop and surrender now, before things get ugly.. some people around here aren't that patient."
[18:27] The Cultists keep up their chanting for a moment. The leader has very little metal on her person to grab onto, though it's enough to make her start stumbling for a moment, until her feet seem to merge into the concrete under her and anchor her in place as she starts to speak, first to Yuri "Greetings to you... there is plenty of room for your kind in the coming darkness, if you wish to aid our great work. This was simply a call to discussion, not a summoning... the Herald comes, and She will open the way" then she glances around the circle "Rise, my servants, cast off your concealment, destroy those who would oppose our lords" a green energy emanating from her mouth in three streams, one flowing into the mouth of each captive, at which they let out loud screams as their flesh begins to crawl and twist. The seated figures rise as one, casting off their robes to reveal their true forms
[18:29] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) groans "this was fun" she states, already drawing her blade as she sees people rising. "alright, you wanted this shit, you asked for this shit, now for the real shit" she groans, as the nearest cultist was still shedding its robe, she sliced through the air, lookign to deliver a fatal blow through the chest before raising her blade to engage any incoming attackers
[18:32] Anna-Kate Harper: if you do summon nyaruko-san I want one of her crowbars and her dress ok? SO CUTE. Can I get three of those? Because I want to match up with my girls..4$ I want that indian girl too, so might need it. But right now, Id rip my top and show my hero symbol but.. I aint gonna flash you. Thats Power Flashes job. ~ jumping down and swinging a strong elbow from her left arm at the gut of a cultist, , then sweeping with her leg to ttrip them, Keeping the pistol facing the victim ~ " I -will- fire. "
[18:36] Pyris watches everything rapidly turn to shit around him and gives a sigh, as he finishes loading his underbarrel. "See... I get no respect as a Lawman..." he grumbled as he darted away from some of the power-charging going on and the line of sight of those taking aim "Welp, I tried. And now we got some freaky strip-show going on." He'd bring his arm up and take aim, waiting for the right moment to fire whatever it was he had loaded. Not wanting to get anyone caught in the crossfire with it. He would be briefly distracted by someone mentioning someone who apparently was flashing people and his eyes dart around to look while his HUD maintains sight on his potential targets.
[18:38] Solene growl. "Now.. that's nasty." She turn toward the other people present. "Fire at will !" She pull a rod of her mechanical boot, and aim at the leader, throwing the rod, railgun style.
[18:38] Raigeki crains her neck about popping her neck. She continues her power build up even when others start to fight " Be careful not to get in each others line of fire. If they start pulling some kind of apocalyptic magic crap I'll scorch the whole balcony if i have ot "
[18:39] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR never lifted the gun towards Yuri so no undue damage came to it, fortunately for Zephyr. The robo-girl was getting more tense by the second, though, and it felt like the keg was about to blow sky high. She was, for the moment, thankful she brought in reinforcements in the form of the chopper and Fluffy. She looked to leviathan, frowning. "Don't you have somewhere more useful to be?" The screams draw her attention back to the action above, and she curses, jumping up with the assitance of her jump jets to land on the patio, weapon raised and set to high explosive rounds. "Bloody hell! Status report now!" Above, the helicopter strafed closer to get a better shot, the barrels still spinning. Once they had a clear shot of the woman in the middle of the circle, the minigun fired, filling the plaza with a loud, tearing sound as 1000 50 caliber rounds per minute screamed towards their target...
[18:41] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) wordlessly summoned the flames of the void and formed the hards of fire, daggers of blue burning fire spinning slowly around it. He didn't speak a word, until the forms were revealed. "Tor'ah mah'hraus" with those words the shards of flame fired toward three of the servants of chaos in rapid succession. As each one was released, a new one would take its place, only to be launched like a human bullet a second later.
[18:46] Power Flash(Pilix) frowns as she watches, seeing the robed ones cast off their robes to reveal their true forms and the leader doing something weird with green stuff from her mouth. She sighs. "Alright, enough of that... Why can't they ever just surrender peacefully." She gives Anna an indignant glare, but doesn't give her the satisfaction of a response. She starts throwing some energy blasts toward the woman leading the circle, trying to stop her from doing whatever she's trying to do to the captives.
[18:48] Katy deactivates the scanning procedure, informing her coworkers about the gathered clues over PAE coms "Confirming preliminary results ... abnormally low body temperature ... more than average mass ... and a high concentration of 'exotic' energy flucatiations." she would end her report and switch back to combat assistance and target designation mode, while trying to land close behind Zeph, preparing her HF blades and her personal defense projector for melee combat.
[18:49] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) looks at the cultists."Is it wrong that they look like someone I slept with, only a bit less evil?" before he claps his hands together with 30 tons of force at the first few cultists, going for the hulk shockwave at them."Gonna say this once."Get the HELL away from my bowling alley!"
[18:49] Alice (Water Princess) enters into the area as she sees another woman leave. simply tilting her head and offering the woman a brief smile before moving under Katy. giving her a brief smile before forming a large shroud of water near the woman as she looks to the people gathered above not really able to see what is taking place yet.. as she is totally skipped and cries a little inside.
[18:59] The Black Druid makes a small gesture as the gun and blasts start coming her way, a massive spike of concrete erupting up out of the mall courtyard to block the attacks, though the barrage starts quickly gouging large holes into the barrier. She finishes the stream of energy, and tentacles like those on the other cultists erupt from the three victims as they rip their bindings apart and rise to join the battle, then Solene's shot barrels at her, the motion having twisted her enough not to take the hit directly, but it still rips a nice gash out of her left arm as it whizzes by. The cultist hit by Ascendant is chopped cleanly in half with ease, the lower half collapsing and raising a nauseating black smoke into the air for a moment as it dissolves, but the upper half of the body regrows the severed portion in under a minute and starts pushing back to its feet. The one hit by Anna barely staggers from the impact, while Yuri's flames rip clean holes through each target that close up in seconds. Timbers shockwave sends the
[19:01] The Black Druid: closest group flying through the air, their tentacles flailing out as they're thrown, and then latching onto walls before they impact directly, the force of the connection snapping off the extra limbs but dissipating the momentum and letting them drop to the ground, where they regenerate as well. They all turn towards the closes combatants and begin lunging as a group, tentacles flailing all around, extending and retracting as they try to catch hold of limbs and wrap them around necks, their strength only roughly peak human, relying more on numbers instead
[19:02] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) watches the body regenerating rapidly and shouts out "anything connected to the head seems to regenerate, recommend putting a stop to the brain's capacity to function!" she really needed to get on one of those private radio channels. She smiled and gave the regenerating critter a nod and then moved to shove the blade through its brain, looking to see if that stopped it or if it only made things worse, noticing flailing tentacles coming her way
[19:07] Anna-Kate Harper: just because they arent your ex wife doesnt mean take it easy, Timber!..~ she aims, firing at the head of her original victim . Anna dodges ariound , carefuly to stay in human limits but spins launching a full power kick to the jaw of a cultist from under trying to take it clean off
[19:11] Pyris observes the scene and eventually spots his target. The leader. Who he would zero in on with his HUD and dart in towards, his wrist-cannon firing with a soft 'pomf' as he launches it's rock-salt projectile. Hearing the word from the Ascendant, he growls in annoyance "Why does everything need to be killed around here?! Why can't I just hit something in the balls with a beanbag anymore?!"
[19:17] Solene growl, and fly around the area. She pull another rod of her boots, and stil continue to aim at the Black Druid. She take her time, to load, and unleash a way more powerful railgun shot at the leader. This one is going to be nasty.
[19:18] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR closes up her helmet at the sight of the smoke, not sure what it would do if it got into her internals or her sensors. As the monsters turned and charged, she fired her assault rifle at them, quick, concise bursts aiming for the creatures heads and tentacles, seeking both to kill them and to prevent them from latching onto anyone, namely herself. Above, the chopper kept up the fire on the woman in the center, aiming to keep her under cover so she couldn't use her powers on anything or anyone else, as the pilot in charge of the chopper shifted postiion so the woman would be forced to move her barrier or risk getting torn apart by the still-raining bullets.
[19:18] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) wasn't phased in the least as these creatures reformed. They were made from the void, the great empty, and would only be dropped by the same. Speaking low, almost imperceptible to the human ear, he began. "Nor'ahm avey. Nor'so arayin. Nor'shan kor'us." With the words spoken, words that resonated from air itself, he cast off the robe. The hood under the robe was scaled, blue burning flames searing over his body and winds picking up. His armor seemed to change as well, the heat coming from his body more intense than before. Firing more flame shards at the servants surrounding the priestess, he took aim at their heads. Blade after blade was launched, one reforming to take its place and firing yet again. If he could burn through their third eye, they would fall regardless.
[19:18] Katy grumble when the creepy cultist minions begin to advance with all these nasty tentacles. Katy wasn't a big swordfighter at all, she was just proficient with the basics in how to use a blade, slashing towards any incoming tentacles or arms with her HF blade, which was a sword reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonating at extremely high vibration frequencies. For the moment Katy would just try to hold her position, and defend herself and Zeph from the abomination, muttering something into her coms "Yeah ... regenerative shit ... lets try some freezin' ... what ? Nah, i can't ... i'm bloody busy here !"
[19:20] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) flies sees the response to his shockwave."Oh shit, this is magic isn't it." He shrugs for a moment and looks around."Anyone have any suggestions."
[19:22] Power Flash(Pilix) frowns as the concrete pillar blocks her attacks, the three captives transformed and unable to be saved. She huffs, looking down at the horror show of flailing tentacles all over below... glad she was up in the air, so she wouldn't become some kind of real life hentai example. She starts blasting away at the tentacled beings, aiming for heads as much as she could after hearing Ascendant, and seeing them just regenerating from attacks.
[19:22] Alice (Water Princess) claps her hands together forming further water before joining it with the large mass of water under katys feet before slamming it down onto the rooftop. likely drenching any one standing on the rooftop itself along with most if not all of the enemy combatants unless they had a means of stopping the veritable rainstorm worth of water now rushing over the mall.
[19:31] The Black Druid pulls up another barrier as the helicopter strafes, but with the attacks from other sides she can't block the others, the beanbag doubling her over from the hard impact, and then the railgun rod rips a deep gouge out of her back, bringing out a scream that starts as pain, but quickly turns to rage, the first battered spike of concrete exploding, sending shards flying out in every direction, though several specifically aimed at those targetting her, Solene, Pyris, and the chopper pilot. Ascendant and Yuri manage to put down a few of the cultists with the headshots, and they at least seem to be staying down after that. A few of Zeph's shots and Katy's swings connect with heads as well, taking those foes down, but the hits elsewhere still keep healing as fast as they can be made. Pilix's elevated position lets her make a couple easy headshots as well into the milling horde, their numbers quickly dwindling now, their attacks focused on trying to grab away weapons and pull people off balance, at least the one
[19:31] The Black Druid: ones they can reach
[19:33] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) shouts "headshots..." and is cut off as concrete shrapnel rips across her armor "I said...HEADSHOTS WORK" she shouts and begins using her sword less as a precision instrument of death and more as a crude chopping device as she runs forward, trying to chop her way through the cultist creatures to the one that seemed to be in charge
[19:35] Anna-Kate Harper keeps up what she was doing, She seemed to ..stand on the water itself for a moment as she levelled another poweful jkick upwards at the jaw of a cultist trying one again to remove its head, before leaping back
[19:40] Pyris was coming around when his HUD lit up with warnings and he yelped out a "Shit!" His body twisting in the air, a few shards missing, but several leaving slices in his undersuit, and one managing to hit -just- right to bury itself in his chest-guard, only the padding between the armored layers keeping it from punching into his meaty bits. As he rights himself after the maneuver he'd send a strafing spray of pulse fire down towards some of the cultists, trying to pull them away so the more killy people present could get in to do the real damage. As well as...yanno.. not let himself be an easy target.
[19:42] Solene avoid the incoming concrete from the black druid. But everything going in the must come down, and both of her engine suck them happily. Solene start to lose control and spin violently, only to be throwed violently into the Metabowl, breaking glass, and a whole raw of table. AOUCH.
[19:42] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) looks around, I'm gonna guess it is actually magic, so..." With that Timber flies into the bowling alley, and comes back out after a minute spraying water at the tentacled beings."Ordained, hellenic pagan, and I can make holy water.." as he sprays the tentacled creatures that were near him. Any Shards that went flying teer into his clothes but not enough for him to lose any
[19:42] Ashley Supplee: going in the air*
[19:43] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grins as she sees her headshot plan work, but some of the advancing horde gets too close, their tentacles grabbing for her rifle. "Oh no you don't, I just oiled this bloody thing!" She shouts, and, with one hand holding onto the rifle in a vicegrip, she forces her other hand forward in a swift thrust, her hand flat like a blade. Normally, for a person this wouldn't do much, but Zeph puts a considerable amount of strength behind the thrust, and it flies forward with several tons of pressure like a bullet on its own, aiming to stab straight through the monster's head while she wrenches the rifle towards the other, aiming one-handed at the other creature and pulling the trigger. Above, the concrete shatters the cockpit glass, shredding both the intrstuments and the pilots as smoke and sparks stream from the cabin. With a rising whine the chopper begins falling out of control, beginning a wild spin before it impacts above the comic shop, lodging itself precariously in the balcony.
[19:44] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) felt the impact of several shards of concrete, though the flames that whirled around him as a storm rendered most to small stones that barely hurt him. Narrowing his gaze on the ones approaching the walking machines from PAE, he tightened his focus on the three and released a two volleys of shards aimed on their craniums. On the ground, these people were vulnerable. He had to do something about that. Looking to those with blades, he spoke, words reverberating from their weapons. "Akld su nak! Dahn su kesh!" With his words, their weapons would be stronger, a heat coming from them that was from the Absu itself. "Do not waste this! You have two minutes at best before it is gone." he spoke, clear and sharp.
[19:50] Power Flash(Pilix) hears the exploding of the concrete pillar, seeing the shards coming flying out. She ducks down, hovering lower to avoid them. She keeps throwing energy blasts, trying to hit as many heads as possible, while also making sure to avoid hitting allies, or blasting too close to them.
[19:51] Alice (Water Princess) looks up from the street as she hmms having recieved no new commands she backs away a little to not become a hostage as seems to so frequently happens comming in "returning to tower to prepare for injured"
[19:59] Katy by now was a bit overwhelmed by barking into her coms, while wildly slashing towards those intrusve cultists. At some point Katy would expose her swordarm a bit too much, several tentacles lacing around her wrist and the hilt of her blade, enforcing Katy to morph her arm into a temporary particle phase, thereby dropping her blade and trying to protect herself as good as possible with her shield. She would lose all her actions this round, trying to restructure her right arm into a useable condition "Under heavy pressure now !"
[20:06] The Black Druid grins a bit as Ascendant charges her, meeting the first swing with her staff, which seems like simple wood but holds up to the impact with not so much as a divot. She gets annoyed with the demon's interference on the wrong side, summoning up another massive spike from the earth beneath her, but this one is unworked iron, again exploding it to shatter shards over the battlefield, focusing her targeting at Yuri and the two PAE bots. She laughs a little as Timber sprays the water over them "Your puny imaginary mortal gods are nothing before the might of the Old Ones". More and more cultists get mowed down in the hail of fire and force from every direction, Anna taking one down as her kick snaps the base of the spinal cord, Zeph managing to wrench her gun back from the grasp, and Power Flash taking down a couple more targets, though the ones that Ascendant pushed past now turn their attention to Power Flash as she hovers lower, their tendrils whipping up to try dragging her the rest of the way to the ground.
[20:06] The Black Druid: The remaining forces just keep trying to mob in even as they're cut down, acting more like zombies than actual people
[20:08] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks around as the staff takes the blade surprisingly well, she shouts out "ignore the adds or kite them, focus on the boss or it'll enrage!" there really wasn't a better way of describing what she felt needed to be done than using MMO terms. She also secretly hoped someone was an actual tank since so far everyone seemed to be DPS. She swung the blade back and forth, attempting a series of swipes with the high frequency blade to try and get a good cut or two on the leader
[20:10] Anna-Kate Harper: DID YOU JUST INSULT MY JESUS!? ~she shouted and opened fire with her laser pistol aiming for the goons heads. Dididnt seem to work last time but she wasnt thinking straight~
[20:15] Pyris was still doing his strafing runs, although his weapons were non-lethal, being beaned in the dome by them would still be an unpleasant experience. And likely singe any hair the disgusting things had. He would however upon hearing the call of the crazy sword person, load another round and suddenly dart off. Making it to around the nearest skyscraper before switching direction and gunning it back. Lining up a shot to be fired from high speed towards the lead cultist He really needed to install a Jericho Siren for these sort of occasions...
[20:15] Solene finally come back after a few moment, holding a whole booth of the Metabowl cafe over her head. She merely aim at the enemy and the leader, and again, throw the whole thing like a common projectile of a railgun, WROUF !
[20:17] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks up, seeing the chopper where it crashed into the mall. No movement comes from inside, seemingly confirming her worst fears that the crew didn't make it. As if to compound this, the wreck creaks, then begins falling, bits of rock raining down from above to warn whoever was under it to move now. "Katy! We've lost the chopper! We need to fall back!" Even as she said this, she turned her powered-up gun on the other monsters, aiming precisely at the heads of the creatures and squeezing off surgical bursts of explosive-powered up rounds, targetting the ones attacking Power Flash, aiming for headshots with each burst. Pausing only to pat Katy's shoulder with her free hand, to signal her, she gestures back towards the stairs. "Get as many civs as you can to follow us! We're pulling out!" Above the Black Druid, the wreck of he helicopter gives an ominous creak, before, with a shower of stones, it falls from its position, landing with an ear-wrenching screech in the courtyard...and on top of anyone unfortuna
[20:18] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR unfortunate enough not to get out of the way.
[20:20] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) had expected some sort of metal to come his way, and grinned as he evaded all but the few shards that were absorbed by the orb of azure flame around him. it was the catalyst he needed to summon up his heavy armor. It would limit him to ground combat, but that was a risk he was willing to take. "Aero'kohma aes'iena. Vos'aet aema'noskom. Aero'moko vaen'seuron." he spoke, Landing by Katy and Zephyr as the heavy armor Voi'srai formed about his body. All of his flames were encased around him now, drawing his blade Shae'korai and speaking clearly. "Slaebon, awaken and remember. Bring it all in this time and place." As he spoke, the weapon would glow and seem to draw in all the heat from around them. It was hungry, and he intended to sate it.
[20:22] Power Flash(Pilix) keeps blasting away, seeing more shrapnel flying she ducks again to dodge it, not realizing how low she was getting as the tendrils reach her feet and ankles, wrapping around her lower legs to pull her down to the ground. She yelps and starts blasting away at the being dragging her down as more tendrils join to keep her held. "Get off me you freaks!" She starts aiming energy-blast powered punched right to their faces, aiming to blow their heads right off as they move around her.
[20:23] Katy would clench her fist, as soon as her arm had restructured into a functional state, then reaches out for her remaining secondary blade, only to get spammed by a hailstorm of iron fragments. Her personal defense shield was barely able to remain structural integrity and at some point it would overheat and emergency shutdown. Yes, Katy wasn't really a tank and now pushed back a few meters, her shield offline and she would recall herself that she actually had some rather interesting 'caster' options available. Yet when Zeph decided that it would be time to retreat, she would return a grumble "Falling back ? Now ? We can't just leave ... damnit ..." trying to get up and reconfigure her arms into her dreaded Particle Projector's , which might be ready next round for a salvo ...
[20:23] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smirks." oh goody, Well when you meet Chthullu, make sure he tells you that holy water from my world has a LOT of sea Salt, and that salt is now seeping into your open wounds and should start to burn like hell any second now, using the moment to fly at the black Druid taking a swing with about five tons of force, just in case they could take a hit. but weren't on his strength level."Can someone check the helicopter for survivors?"
[20:27] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR there are no survivors, judging by the maimed bodies of the crew and the amount of blood
[20:30] The Black Druid can't handle the barrage of attacks directed at her now that her meat shields are nearly gone, deflecting most of Ascendant's attacks, but taking a few glancing slices as she's clearly not a master of martial arts, and then the combination of the thrown booth and Timber's punch catch her from behind, her skin hardened to a stone-like structure, but still shattering off chunks as she goes flying towards a wall, melding into it for a moment to dissipate the impact, but as the pops back out it looks like an arm and leg are broken, and blood is gushing out from several large cuts, her voice burbling a bit as she speaks again "Wza-y'ei... Nyarlathotep... ia... Fleurdemort... you fools... have stopped nothing... I only offered... a chance... She comes... the death knell... will sound... soon". The falling chopper's blades hack through the heads of several remaining cultists, with Anna, Zeph, and Pilix's shots cleaning up the few that remained, the battlefield going quiet
[20:32] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) tilts her head as the cuts clean through her and grins wide "alright, gee-gee" she states and then looks around with a sigh, sheathing her sword and going to help try and evacuate the injured "alright, let's get you all to safety" she'd say to everyone as she'd haul them off
[20:35] Anna-Kate Harper checks the battery after firing a few more times into a goons body " fucking insult my saviour. See what the fuck happens?"
[20:35] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) sheathed his blade, speaking low. "Slaebon, taur'ok mah'va dien. Aut'su tuj nae'vas." With his words, the heavy armor faded, and he stepped back. Looking to Katy, he nodded, a grimace on his face.
[20:36] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) looks at her un melding with the wall and speaking."When she comes tell her where to find me.. Odds are good I'm willing to sleep with her too, Damn, being in space really did something for my libido." He shakes his head and looks around."Deal with it, I know the stories about me."
[20:37] Katy stows her blades away and deactivates her PPC, heading forward to the PAE chopper wreck and immediately becomes aware of the grim reality of the dead crew "No medics needed ... " a deep synthetic sigh sounds, while Katy lowers her head for a moment.
[20:37] Pyris darts back as the fireworks start going off. As it was clear the fight was over he looked around at the overall damage done and finally zips over to the downed chopper. A quick scan showing that everyone was dead as disco. He'd at last rotate himself upright again and look to the remaining PAE people "You guys got the clean-up on this, right?"
[20:39] Solene slowly step out of the metabowl and look at the scene. "Hrrmm.. what a mess.."
[20:39] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR lowers her rifle as the last creatures fall, looking over the battlefield. No movement came from inside the chopper, confirming her fears...she would have to send letters of apology to the crews' families later....she looked at Katy. "Can I trust you and Solene to mop up here? I'm going to make sure the area is evacuated..." She looks at the chopper, at the remains of the crew still inside. "Leave the wreck for now, but see if you can recover the bodies...intact. We'll have them stored in the morgue at the hospital until we can make the proper sure to inform Mikoto as well." She said, starting towards the stairs and heading down. ((here's where I sign off. Nini!))
[20:40] Katy returns in front of Yuri and returns a nod "Thanks for your help, old man .." then moves over to Zeph, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder "Don't worry, Zeph ... Sol and me take care this mess."
[20:42] Power Flash(Pilix) huffs as the last of the tentacled cultists were dispatched, shaking her head as she looks around. "They never like to do things the easy way..." Her energy dies down as she sighs a bit, looking around at the damage. At least it seemed like no other civilians were around.
[20:44] The Black Druid quietly uses her magic to patch up the worst of her wounds while everyone is busy catching their breath and looking over the chopper, and then suddenly a miniature black hole appears beneath her, quickly starting to suck her in
[20:45] Anna-Kate Harper watches the leader disappearing.. making a throat slit motion and pointing to her, and then herself
[20:45] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) sees this black hole appear and flies towards the Black Druid. If he gets there in time. He drabs for her hand trying to keep her from escaping
[20:45] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) had noticed the vortex, but did nothing to stop it. She would come again, and perhaps bring with her the real monsters. Only they could open the gateway and bring with them the chaos.
[20:46] Katy is totally distracted to organize the PAE engineering teams to clear the area of the chopper wreckage and to fix any possible damage done to PAE water or power infrastrucuture "Glad that this mess didn't happen near Tony's bar .. too imagine it in ruins ... a nightmare .."
[20:48] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): Hey!
[20:53] Pyris seeing the response being handled he sighs in relief. The Emergency services were a pain to deal with. However he was struck by a thought that hit harder than the piece of concrete still sticking from his armor "Oh shit...I have to file the report on this..."
[20:53] Solene growl as she approach the chopper, and check in. "Hmm.." She mumble and notice the Black Druid escaping on the other side. "She is escaping ! Catch her !"
[20:54] The Black Druid gets her hand caught, but by the time Timber reaches her she's too far into the pull to be dragged out, and instead the strong forces yanking her in both directions result in that arm ripping out of the socket just before she vanishes from sight and the hole seals up
[20:54] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) held out his arm. "Leave her be... she will be back, with something that can open the gate." he told the little woman.
[20:55] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) finds he hasher arm in his hands, and flings it away from him."That's where I draw the line."
[20:56] Anna-Kate Harper noted who she is.. and puts her gun back" fucking bitch"
[20:57] Power Flash(Pilix) blinks watching Timber trying to grab the woman, and instead ripping her arm off. She hurks a bit, looking away as the arm is flung, putting a hand over her mouth. "Augh... Well.. guess it's over then and I should go.."
[20:59] Katy moves beside Yuri and mutters something "Seems the show is over for tonight ... but i fear you are correct, old man ... this was just the beginning of ... something."
[20:59] Anna-Kate Harper frowned her eyes going cold. she took off while people were distracted

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