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Justified Dread

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[17:30] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) sighs and shakes her head, hoping that just once she didn't need to kill people. That would be nice. but hell, what are the chances...
[17:31] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."Where I am from, you fight or you die. I'm holding a lot back as it is."
[17:32] Claire: well, then its good that this isnt where youre from right?
[17:33] Juno (angel8819) sighed "Come on Katy...Zephyr, Mom. Anyone..." before heading back inside the tower
[17:33] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) sees all the robed cultists coming in and groans "ah hell...not these bitches again" she says, prepping to rush in and start slashing like before, hanging back out of what she saw as the tentacle slashign zone for the moment
[17:35] Phantasma craws arounf the walls of firefly, her suit and skin changing color to blend in ..she iobserved the cult, for the moment
[17:35] Alicia Frakture watches Ascendants actions."Yep, we're nowhere near where I'm from."
[17:39] Juno (angel8819) returned in her combat suit "Ok..."
[17:42] Claire watches the cultists
[17:42] Victoria ran passed a few screaming people, with the ones she bumped into she calmed them with her power, having them tell her where the danger was coming from. She'd then sprint int hat direction, not in a super suit, just openly being herself, calming the minds of any pedestrian ads much as she can before pausing just before the event, watching the cultist
[17:43] Alicia Frakture starts muttering, don't kill until it's necessary, don't kill until it's necessary. Damn I hope it's necessary." As she jumps down to the cultists
[17:43] Juno (angel8819) would close off her suit, sealing the helmet and activated her defensive kinetic subtraction screen, before drifting down to try assist with whatever was going down
[17:44] Syblaze(Pilix) speeds on over to the park area to check out the situation. She knew the reports of the things that happened the last time the cultists showed up. She stops near the gathered group, watching them. "Alright, break it up, this isn't a sanctioned sewing circle location."
[17:47] The Cultists file into the area, several of them moving into a circle in the center, while others gather around the nearby buildings, blocking the now-deserted streets with a mass of bodies, their chants gaining in volume as they become simpler, just repeating "Ia Nyarlathotep! Ia Fleurdemort" over and over now, as a rippling effect begins to form in the air at the center of the gathering
[17:55] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) comes forward and draws her sword, shaking her head "alright, we gonna fight this time like we did last time or can you all just rent out a damn community center and do your dumb rituals there?" she asks, groaning as she flourishes the blade a bit and waits for an answer
[17:58] Juno (angel8819) extends a screen to provide any remaining escaping civilians a chance to escape "Whatever it is you're doing...pleas stop. No good can come of this"
[17:58] Phantasma spots them and pulls the stolen IPOD and bluetooth speaker from her sleeveless duster. She zips down , still hidden with her camouflage and plugging the cord into the IPOD shouts as she droped camo" Supersecret ninja summoning interruption jutsu! " and starts dancing, body flexible hitting play. "Jutsu! Go!" as the music begins to play ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ)
[17:59] Alicia Frakture walks up to one of the cultists and levels a punt at one of them attempting to kick them literally out of the circle, hopefully launching them into the nearby tree."I take it this has happened before?"
[18:00] Claire simply remains on the ledge and watches
[18:07] Victoria can only sense a bit of the cultist emotions, but can not make out the source of why, though she does look before her and see costume heroes, she didn't know what she could possibly do. She then look to her side and notice the citizens were being guided by Juno, which caused Victoria to manipulate them to be calm as they hurried away. "I can help with any remaining citizen.." Victoria expressed to the heroes "I am not much of a fighter, but I can try to keep the perimeter"
[18:08] Valindra would hear of the disturbance and decides to go to the epi-center of it. Her hands would light up as magical ruins as she tries to figure out where the ripple of energy is coming from able to instantly tell this isn't a summoning spells by the look of the cultist's aura.
[18:15] The Cultists don't seem to react to any of the words, or the noise of the music, and even the one that's kicked goes flying with little more than a grunt, slamming into the tree with a crunch of broken bones, but then standing up seconds later and starting to walk back to their place as if nothing had happened. The couple civilians that hadn't left yet are grateful for the cover as they make a hasty departure through one of the gaps in the crowd of cultists. Valindra's inspection reveals no source of energy to be powering whatever is happening, but then there's a loud crashing sound, and the air where the ripple was cracks like glass... like glass that was just hit from the outside...
[18:17] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks back at Victoria and nods "if you're not a big fighter, might want to stay back and shout if you get rushed. This one likes adds and they can't be kited" she states, once again using MMO talk to try and explain what the enemy tended to do. She flourished her blade and then charged, moving rapidly to the nearest cultist and pulling the blade back and then driving a nasty strike that if hitting would enter in the jugular and slice straight down through the heart as she tried to drive the accurate death strike into a cultist
[18:18] Juno (angel8819) would look over her shoulder to Victoria, while bracing her laser rife to fire "Stay close to me. I can extend this screen around you." before turning off the safety
[18:19] Phantasma: wait, they might be summoning Abbadon! wait wrong series. What are you pukes into again, kermit the frog worship? ~ checking pockets of the coat~ fuck fuck only brought a few things.. well no need for this, look cool +5 isn t going to mean anythign to you.. ~she zipped way to outside the circle, having gone somewhere in between since her coat was gone. Fucking insane speedsters. ~ So um..anyone have dibs on that tall one yet? That cloak looks extra smashable
[18:20] Alicia Frakture smirks."So they can take a hit." her attention going to the crashing sound seeing the cracks in the air."I don't think I will have to hold back."As she reaches for the same cultist and if she can grab the cultist she flings it straight up with about ten tons of strength."
[18:25] Claire decides this is the time to look at the enemy and heroically run away, heading around the corner and down the sewers
[18:26] Victoria stared at both Ascendant and Juno, nodding her head to them. She hurried to Juno's side. "I am a pathokinetic.." she expressed to the hero "I can sense and manipulate emotions, while I can not feel the emotions of these cultist...I mean they are completely emotionless, even reaching out to their minds, they are, completely out of my jurisdiction. I can sense the citizens that are around us, some are curious, fearful and in awe... I can range my power to keep them at bay, long enough for you guys to do what you have to do." she stare at Juno "I just hope you do what you have to do fast."
[18:27] Valindra would see the cracking as if a dimensional barrier was breaking. She would try to focus her mystical energy on holding the barrier between dimensions together a mystical seal appearing where the cracking had begun. She would start to chant beneath her breath already beginning plan number 2 while working with plan number 1.
[18:32] The Cultists still don't seem to be reacting to the attacks, the sword slice easily cutting through the cultist, sending a spray of foul black blood spurting out, but it closes up almost as quickly as the sword moves on, while the one hurdled into the air lands hard, the sound clearly the breaking of large numbers of bones, yet once again there's only a short delay before they move back into place. Another louder crash sounds out, the cracks splintering wider, and the air glows bright red overhead as a flood of energy begins surging through them, an energy that's downright nauseating with its sheer wrongness and intensity
[18:34] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) groans at the sensation running through her "headshots, like last time" she says, remembering what got rid of them the previous fight. She raises her blade up and drives it down, seeking to cleave a nasty strike straight down the cultist, wanting to cut it in half from head to ass
[18:34] Juno (angel8819) would extend her field around Victoria, making sure she was fully protected "I don't really have a thing to do...I'm just hoping I can help" bringing her laser to point at the crack and firing"
[18:35] Phantasma: Oh look, my ex boyfriend is here, I can recognize his BO anywhere! ~ she did note how the cultists responded..not only to stimuli but being hit. She remembered last time and looked for the leader before dashing behind one, even before Ascendant could finish her statement - an ehanced blade thrust into the cultists neck, twisted, then slices vertically upwards~
[18:36] Alicia Frakture sees that even that doesn't put these people down and tries something new for her. She stops and waits to see what happens next finding herself pushed by Junos field, but she resists the urge to act.
[18:42] Syblaze(Pilix) was standing by, watching the others act for now, and seeing how the cultists react. She knew the reports, but she hadn't seen it in person. Seeing others attack them and the cultists just simply move back to their spots... they could take a lot of damage. Seeing others using blades to slice at them with similar results, and then going for headshots instead. She jerks a bit as something seems to be crashing into... the air...? Mayeb, reality itself... some other being trying to break through into their world? It was unnerving as hell, and she really didn't want to come face to face with whatever it was... and well, if these cultists were the ones bringing it... and neither talking or threats, or even general violence could stop them, she could see no other way... Her energy blades flare to life as she moves quickly, her boots speeding her along as she tries to slice through heads around the circle.
[18:44] Victoria flinched at the sounds of the crashed, she ducked and looked up at the sky "Fuck" she expressed before giving Juno her attention, nodding her head to her. "Thanks for the field, now I can focus.." Victoria closed her eyes and linking her mind to every citizen that had certain fear based emotions, she'd then communicate to them telepathically {Safety Is Your Friend, Fear Is Your Enemy. Find Safety. Protect yourself. Stay away.} The citizens would do so, either hiding behind a wall or shielding themselves in a building. "The citizens are now hiding or ran further away"
[18:45] Valindra would focus her mystical ward that was attempting to hold the dimension from breaking to the dead center of the anomaly shrinking it down to try to latch onto it and hold it closed. In the meantime she would continue chanting preparing to face whatever does come through as even she doesn't expect her barrier to contain whatever this is for long.
[18:50] The Cultists still fail to react, the headshots slicing through each of the seated cultists without any real effort, causing them to fall to the ground dead one after another, black blood pooling out from the circle, wilting the grass, then another crash sounds, even louder still, Valindra's seal shattering under an unimaginable force as the red is replaced by a blackness only seen in the farthest corners of space, and then something emerges... and as it does, the entire world trembles, the ground seeming to ripple like tidal waves for an interminably long moment, the air twisting and weaving, creating a vertigo effect, while the temperature fluctuates wildly, reality itself seeming on the verge of breaking before it settles back tenuously, but everything still seems a bit off now. The crowd of cultists around the edges of the area let out a triumphant cry of "Ia Fleurdemort!" as the figure floats down towards the ground and looks around
[18:53] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) sees the one fall and if the woman was feeling her emotions, would feel a shift from raw rage at the swing to cold calculation. Then as the figure appeared, a sort of twisted humor. Ascendant was ready, crouched and primed and then a fairy looking critter appears and the cultists shout something that sounds like a Frenchie flower demon. It's too much and Ascendant breaks out laughing, unable to contain herself that the entire lead up of doom cultists led to the summoning of some side character from Ferngully.
[18:55] Juno (angel8819) would hold fire, not knowing what the new arrival was, but getting her laser rifle charge at max for a quick burst if needed
[18:57] Phantasma: and we have a new contender! ~ as the IPOD shifts to a new song ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIH2eg0wp1A ) and the empath might pick up... happiness ..joy from her?. She dashed forward, the blade going to slice- a feint, barely missing on purpose, her knee coming in for the real strike at half her full power trying to send the summoned petunia into the bridge with enough force to throw an armored truck~
[18:57] Alicia Frakture looks at the new arrival."I knew I should have brought my axe." Her words covering up how she feels after the changes around her. She was a bit anxious but to her that means she needed to hit something and the little fairy winged thing seemed like a good option. She stood there looking for the best place to try and land a punch
[18:59] Syblaze(Pilix) watches as the cultists drop dead, then looks to the crashing entrance into their reality, seeing something still coming through. "Shit..." It seemed even killing off the cultists didn't stop this being, whatever it was. As reality seems to nearly break for a moment, making her queasy, she looks up as something floats down, getting a clearer view as reality settles back down to, almost normal, though a bit off. She blinks a bit as she sees the winged girl float to the ground, furrowing her brows. "This... is supposed to be the world ending evil being? I mean..... she's kind of adorable... are we sure she's bad?" Her emotions were hesitation, confusion, a bit nervous and uncertain at the sight of the summoned being. "What's the mov-" Then she sees one of the others moving in to attack suddenly.
[19:03] Victoria began to see the figure floating down and gasped, losing focus of her range. Victoria's focus was then at Ascendant, whose rage quickly changed to calculation, then laughter, her eyes widen and brow quirked at them. "... two emotional shifts in just seconds..." she said to herself, as she stared at the fairy like creature, trying to focus her range on it, and began to wince, stopping the range almost immediately "Boredom... thats what its feeling, or what I can only familiarize with, but the backlash, its mind it more complexed than the cultist... so foreign" she groaned, massaging her temple. "I wouldn't take this thing so lightly.."
[19:04] Valindra would keep her head clear and focused as she observed this being of obvious tremendous power. She would only be frustrated with the others so quickly moving to attack but at least it might keep her distracted for a few moments. She would look at the being for a dimensional anchor or whatever might be keeping her here not seeing a direct fight as a viable option. She decided to warn the others as that was the 'right' thing to do, "I don't think the direct approach is going to work here."
[19:08] Fleurdemort arches a brow at the laughter, clearly not used to that response to her arrival, letting out a little sigh as she looks over the gathering "Let me guess, you're all here to try to save your universe... I see groups like you about half the time I land someplace, and quite frankly you all look rather underwhelming. Do yourselves a favor and slit your throats now before I have the free time to pay attention to you". She doesn't move at all as Phantasma charges in, rather the universe moves, and Phantasma is suddenly in the river trying to kick a fish
[19:10] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) laughs a bit harder at the destroy universe shit before slowly calming down "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...you just look like a side character in a bad JRPG and your name...anyways, welcome to the city that regularly knocks world destroying omega threats down a peg..." she states and steps back more towards Juno's shield, expecting huge amounts of aggro and wanting somewhere to duck
[19:14] Juno (angel8819) would point the laser at the floral figure, but not fire yet "Uh....what do you want"
[19:14] Phantasma blinked..under the water. She floated up and stood on the rivers surface as the fish made a gooey mess on the bridge " well thats annoying. Now I know how Jan Valentine felt." Seeing noone near her thow she tosses a few pebbles..and then a small ball which would burst with a green glyph into a cloud of neurotoxin designed to impede the directional sense and balance of those affected.
[19:15] Alicia Frakture smirks hearing this from Fluerdemort as she steps forward, lighting a cigarette."Save the Universe? Naw, kick somebodies ass? That's more my thing. How about you honey what's your thing?"
[19:18] Syblaze(Pilix) just watches, seeing the woman going in first vanish and end up in the river. She watches the being, growing a bit more nervous. "What is it you want exactly? Why show up here?" She stays back for not, getting the feeling attacking this creature might be a really bad idea, as Phantasma demonstrated.
[19:21] Victoria looks at Ascendant with a raised brow, and wide eyes shaking her head "I-I don't think.. this is a game..." she expressed. There was someone now in the river. "...I uh, I think we should take this shit more seriously.. Like I can sense you-" points at Ascendant " Your over-confidence isn't going to do much for a being that is bored and filled with death promises..." She'd glance at the fairy like creature, with fear over coming her "..Scanning her the first time was painful... she's obviously someone to to play around with..."
[19:22] Valindra would close her eyes as she concentrated on her magics likely making her magical aura increase though she wasn't aiming to draw too much attention just yet. She would keep chanting under her breath waiting to move against the magical being only when she had properly prepared.
[19:25] Fleurdemort chuckles a bit as she watches the mix of fear and bluster in the gathering "I am the Herald... your civilization is at an end. I'd suggest you make your peace while you can, but if you insist on fighting then I suppose I could provide you all with some suitable playmates" not flinching in the least as the toxin cloud bursts around her, but starting to leisurely float back into the air
[19:27] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks up at flower voldemort and sheathes her blade "actually, you know what? for once can we not? Like, you've revealed yourself, can we not just fight your waves of minions? You just implied you're not necessarily here to fight...is that true or are you gonna hit us with add spam regardless?" she asks and then looks at Victoria "we deal with this often here..."
[19:30] Juno (angel8819) would start pulling back, instead making sure any civilians in the area were safe, and putting out a call to any of the PAE heavy hitters to step in "I'd advise finding safety" she'd say to Victoria before she fell back and started working on plan B...
[19:31] Phantasma: then please do.. because frankly You are boring. And I'm feeling like punching something ~ sliding her knife away, she walked to the shore and back up~ You know I try to at least let those fighting me have a shot.. Someone will be along shortly to shover a hot sausage down that throat of yours, I am sure...
[19:32] Alicia Frakture looks at her."Are you fucking kidding me?" AS she gets closer and reaches out attempting to grab the beings foot, and catch Fluer by surprise if successful she tries to slam Fleurdemort into the ground."Whatever you're drinking, I want some."
[19:35] Syblaze(Pilix) sighs a bit shaking her head. "And why does our civilization have to end? What did we ever do to you? Why can't extradimensional beings just live and let live? If we're so underwhelming and beneath you, why not just ignore us and leave us alone?" She watches the being, and the woman that moved in toward her. "Probably not a good idea..."
[19:39] Victoria snaps her attention at Ascendant then back at the Herald. She then sparked an idea "Maybe I can link everyone's mind, with the same emotions, keep you all in sync..." she'd say to Ascendant "...not knowing the others mood swings which is the core of their next move could cause some disarray... " she'd express. Inhale and exhaling, balling her fist and kicking off her pumps, becoming bare foot and getting into a kick boxers form. Watching the others talking to it, trying to understand it. "Just saying it might work..."
[19:40] Valindra would keep chanting her spell under her breath waiting to see what this creature planned to do. In the meantime she would keep working on her banishment spell preparing to sacrifice all her magics for the next week to give it more umph.
[19:44] Fleurdemort shrugs slightly "Because I enjoy the screams, and the sight of worlds crumbling to ash... it brightens my day. Now then, I'll leave you a little present, play nice" her foot simply ceasing to exist for a second as Alicia tries to grab it, then returning afterwards, and then space folds all around the area, the fairy creature and all the living cultists vanishing, and several monstrosities left behind in the field instead, roaring out in bloodthirsty rage
[19:46] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) looks at Victoria "now, I'm not saying you couldn't do it but at this point, I wouldn't suggest it" she states, moving to the woman and drawing her blade, doing a fancy flourish "since you are now lacking in the shield department, stay behind me. I don't much like having to fight another one of these critters so I'll cut anything that comes at the back line" she says, speaking up for anyone else on the back line to hear
[19:48] Phantasma: well shes crazy, but boring. At least shes not uncivilized. its the small things ~ she spins to one of the larger monstrosity, chi channeling through her right arm as she hops a bit levelling a full power punch at the creatures face" Kyoto SMASH!"
[19:48] Alicia Frakture grumbles as she missed but her smile returning as the monstrosities appeared."Must be my birthday." As she turns to the one to her left and lays out a punch at its back. If she succeeds she puts fifty tons of force into the punch, hoping to put her fist through the beast.
[19:50] Syblaze(Pilix) sighs and grumbles at the fairy's response. "Oh, of course it does... Fuckin' godbeings always have to be insane... So.. we fight and maybe die, or stand aside and die anyway.. great options." She watches the fairy vanish along with any remaining cultists, and the monstrosities left behind in their place. "Just another fuckin' day around here..." She zooms forward to start slashing at some of the creatures with her energy blades.
[19:52] Victoria watched in horror as the beast emerge, blood thirsty rage screaming out to the heavens "You're right about that.." She watched as Ascendant stepped in front of her ".. You don't have to worry about me, I can evade them as much as I can to keep my distance... I can play support.." Quickly she tried to sense the emotions of the beast, but like the Herald and the Cultist their emotions were foreign and painful for Victoria to read. "Go." she nodded at Ascendant
[19:53] Valindra would be left grumbling as Fleurdemort disappears canceling the sacrifice on her spell and targeting the creature that seemed to have the strongest aura and using the banishment spell she had spent quite a bit of time charging up which should be strong enough to send a powerful demon back to its home realm.
[19:54] Solomon: *walks up on the "scene" as he was passing the area investigating the phenomena* well shit .... *stays back drawing his blade the air becoming colder around him he would get into a defensive stance staying back*
[20:05] Scene the creatures begin to surge forward in a rush of mutated flesh and claws. Phantasma and Alicia both land solid hits on the one in the middle of the group, making it stagger from the impact, but not punching through its tough skin. Syblaze is able to easily slash through the tentacled zombies in front of her, the first few hits slicing through them and instantly healing again, revealing that these were the creatures in the robes, but a quick switch to headshots allows them to be dispatched swiftly. Valindra's spell slams into the other large monstrosity, its body rippling as it's pulled between here and a home realm much further away than any demon's, finally snapping back here when the power of the spell runs out, but the extended transition has ripped large gouges out of the creature and torn away one of its arms entirely, leaving it limping and disoriented for the moment. The one in the center swings out, levelling a fist at each of its attackers, each punch carrying about 75 tons of force behind it a
[20:05] Scene: as it screams out in rage. The remaining two tentacle creatures charge for Ascendant and Victoria, trying to grab onto them, while two of the spike mawed creatures rush in behind and try to bite them, one each. The third spike-maw rushes Syblaze and tries to find a spot to manage a bit through the armor
[20:07] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) sees the lighter tentacle ones coming at her. She lets just enough damage to get through to charger her armor and then begins an articulate series of cuts to try and remove the tentacles firstly, hoping to disable their ability to attack first of all before she'd even start trying to dispatch them. She was also aware that if she just dodged like she usually did, Victoria would be getting overwhelmed
[20:09] Phantasma sighs " really damn.. well, theres more that one way to skin an extradimensional cat" spoken as she acted, anf only finishing after she drawn both knives and scissors sliced at the things head
[20:12] Alicia Frakture sees she can't punch through the beast, as she takes the punch, her head snapping to the side. She paused a second spitting a bit of blood and a tooth out."Okay, now you made it fun." As she reaches into the opening in its chest and employees her full 75 tons of strength trying to pulls its insides out and open the beast up.
[20:15] Syblaze(Pilix) works on dispatching the tentacled creatures, severing their heads, grumbling to herself meanwhile about deranged sadistic other-dimensional beings and how sick she was getting of these things showing up through portals and breaks in reality trying to take over or destroy the world. Meanwhile one of the other creatures rushed in at her, nearly knocking her over as it started trying to find somewhere to bite. "Get.. offa m-AUGH!" She feels it bite down right around her ass, making her growl and slash at the thing with her blades.
[20:19] Victoria did she promised ascendant, and began to Evade in a series of back ground rolls, quickly as she can. Seeing that Ascendant was giving a lot of damage to the tentacles creatures. She was then side lines by the spike, dodging it completely, but landing on her ass. Quickly thinking on her feet, she'd just try to trip one of them by locking her ankles on it's feet, and rolled her body to the side, slamming it to the ground, hopefully causing a domino affect, by having the other spike creature conect and bring down the other.
[20:19] Valindra would see her spell mostly destroyed one of them and well... she was never one for a straight up fight so she would use the fact that she could walk on air to take her up and away from the fight pretty sure the group there could handle it.
[20:20] Solomon: *would begin absorbing energy from the air giving a loud roar* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *energy cackling around him as his body is covered in ice wings forming the air around him becoming freezing his body covered in protective layers of ice he would blur forward attempting to appear behind the nearest Creature attempting to shove his blade through its unprotected back if the attack connects the creature would feel ice spreading througought the wound as he attempts to freeze it solid*
[20:28] Scene Ascendant is easily able to cut through the tentacles, but by the time she gets to the last of them about half have already regrown, lashing out and trying to take hold on her arms, while the spike-maw tries to catch a bite into her, only to get caught from behind by Phantasma mid-way, its head sliced in half, the strange jaws still trying to bite even as the pieces fall to the ground. The brute fighting Alicia lets out a scream as she grabs at some of the exposed internals, flailing at her back as hard as it can, but unable to keep them from being pulled out, gouts of black blood spraying out from the wound like a small geyser as the creature stumbles in pain. The maw that bites Syblaze starts to suck at the wound, drinking blood from her, quickly starting to gain strength, the odd position making it hard to get a clean strike on it, though several solid gashes are landed with wild swings. Victoria's move catches the simple creature off guard as it leans in to bite, making it stumble to the side, though
[20:31] Scene: not quite falling, taking a moment to get re-oriented and lunge at her again. Solomon strikes at the one Valindra had mutilated, its wounds allowing the blade to pierce in more easily, though the ice seems to be very slow to spread as the creature tries to flail its arms back behind at the assailant
[20:32] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) smirks as she's wound up in tentacles "one thing you all didn't expect" she states and suddenly reverts the power surging through her into a powered up form. Her body cackles with electricity, a mix of high voltage and high amp output that she then pushes in a blast along the tentacles, giving them a massive surge of energy to try and kill them or at least blast them back off of her
[20:33] Phantasma: /mes eyes flashed under the goggles . The empath might feel the shift as her mind went nearly completely emotionless. Serene but predatory . One of the brutes stepping on the stolen speaker. A few words spoken " I will win but never fight. That is the art of war" Her legs careening in an instant across the ground to a brute, the grappler in her left arm guard firing at its face and leaping to meet it as it was pulled in with a potent kick to the face, then both blades plunged downard , trying to impale its head
[20:33] Alicia Frakture Continues reaching into the beast and pulling pieces out her hands still moving as she doesn't see another one come up behind her and hit her full strength, sending her flying with the beast she has been fighting. the two bodies sailing up and out of the city. A stream of swear words can be heard from Alicia as she goes flying. **Exit post**
[20:34] Syblaze(Pilix) keeps trying to slash at the creature as it starts to drain blood from her. "Nngh, no! Get off!" Finding it hard to get a good strike, she goes for a new tactic, looking toward the river. In a bright flash of light and crackling electricity, she vanishes, taking the creature latched onto her with her, reappearing in the water, hoping to get it to let go in the water, or drown it while her sealed helmet feeds her oxygen from an embedded tank.
[20:36] Victoria watched the lunge and became serious, bringing her hands behind her to get a good support onto the ground, Victoria pushed her legs up and aims her knees at the spiked maw while letting out a huff. If the knee connects, Victoria would end up in a simple handstand, pushing on hands and lands on her feet, back in fight position, ready to charge it again with a right hook.
[20:44] Solomon: *his wings would fold forward the ice attempting to catch hold of its arms his general idea is to hold it so they can pummel it to death he would proceed to attempt at blocking the attacks of the creature he has skewered with his wings while his blade takes effect* KILL THIS DAMN THING BEFORE IT BEATS ME TO DEATH !
[20:49] Scene Ascendant's blast sends the creatures reeling back for a moment, buying some breathing room but little more as they quickly start closing back in. The combination of Solomon's grip and ice with Phantasma's stabs finally manages to overwhelm the wounded brute, which levels a final few swings at each of them before collapsing to the ground, blood pooling out from it and killing all the vegetation it touches. Syblaze's tactic sort-of works, the creature unable to properly hold on or drink from her in the water, though not seeming to drown either, flailing at her as the water diminishes much of its strength, not intelligent enough to swim. Victoria manages another good hit on the creature, knocking it back slightly, but it tries to duck and pounce under the incoming hook now
[20:51] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) grins, flourishing her blade again, lightning leaping off her body and blade to the sidewalk. She shouts, moving forward rapidly and shoving her blade in a thrust to try and pierce the nearest creature's brain. If she managed to pierce its skull, she'd send a high amp, high voltage electrical wave into the creature, looking to obliterate it and cause an explosion affecting any other creatures in close proximity
[20:53] Phantasma speaks softly “So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” No passion to it, not emotion. Even as she pulls the knifes out and spin kicking at the incoming swin, the power present in her blows also intended to protect her. . Without even a microsecond of though she used to swing hitting her kick to leap off of, the larger knives sheath. A kunai was flung towards the one Syblaze was trying to drown as she flew, a light blue glyph on it flashing at it would try to flashfreeze whatever it hit . Phantasma herself rolling into a landing
[20:55] Syblaze(Pilix) turns in the water as she feels the creature let go of her, moving herself to face it. "My turn, you back-biter." She brings her blades in together toward its neck, seeking to sever its head from its body and finish it.
[20:57] Victoria "Fuck" she says as the creature ducks under her right hook. Just as Victoria landed a foot on the ground, she'd turn as vast as she could, balancing her entire weight onto her right foot and ankle, Victoria lifted her left straight up to the sky and aim it down hard onto the spiked creature, hoping to making an impact onto its back.
[20:57] Solomon: *the creatures wailing on his wings takes its course as wings become broken in several places he would watch as the creature goes down taking the chance to draw his blade back out from the creatures innards and blurring backward his movements blurring as he gains some distance he would slice at the air ice forming at the tip of his blade firing off tward the smaller creatures ascendant and victoria were dealing with aiming for their feet he would attempt to slow or stop their movements if the ice strikes it would quickly form around the bottoms of their feet gluing them to the ground*
[21:02] Scene Ascendant's strike downs the one stabbed, the intense shock pulping its gooey head rather than causing an explosion, the other one trying to grab on again, clearly not the brightest of creatures. Phantasma's kunai hits the creature in the water, freezing it as the energy blades cut, shattering it into pieces. Victoria manages to bring her foot onto the creature's back, but its strength and momentum carry it a bit further still as it tries to barrel into her, but whether it hits or not it's frozen almost instantly afterwards by the ice blast, pinning it in place for a moment
[21:05] The Ascendant (Talista Glas) swings her blade around to the one grabbing her, stabbing it in the shoulder. She'd then place her other hand on its head. She surged with electrical power, pushing the last of her energy surge into the creature, trying to burst every single vital organ including the brain, looking to turn it into literal mush from the inside out
[21:08] Syblaze(Pilix) blinks as the creature shatters from her blades, not having noticed it freeze just before she hit. She found it an odd reaction compared to the other creatures, but moves on. She pulls herself out of the water and looks around to see if any other creatures are left that need to be dealt with.
[21:09] Phantasma turned, spotting just the two left and she hurled ceramic shuriken at each one, one from from each hand. Each would flash dark electrocute whatever they hit like a high power taster, then disintegrate into dust even as the kunai fell into metallic fragments..Phantasma would fall to the gtound, unresponsicve
[21:10] Victoria was ready to evade the barrel, though the heel of her foot was bruised, she limped a bit to prepare herself and was just about to evade when suddenly, they were frozen in place, Victoria would be in awe, before she looked up at Solomon and nodded at him with a weak smile "Thanks" she exclaimed. She'd then run over to it, with enough momentum and lifted herself from the ground hoping to land a powerful kick to the creatures head.
[21:12] Solomon: *would blur again coming down at whichever creature victoria was not attacking (if there are any left if not void) and slash down a razor sharp ice blade arking at the creature attempting to slice and dice!*.
[21:14] Scene the barrage of attacks finish off the last two assailants easily, leaving them collapsing to the ground like the rest, and as the adrenaline of battle wears off the stench of their foul blood hits you all fully, a smell like long-rotten meat filling the air

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Re: Justified Dread

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An hour and a half after the fight ends Alicia walks back into the city. The head of the monster she was fighting on a metal pole. She Plants the pole into the ground in the middle of the city, and walks away. muttering about how she needs a case of beer at this point.

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Re: Justified Dread

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Anna-Kate felt something off in the air. Smells. Lighter Gravity in some areas at radon. Moment of slow time, and fast time that most would not detect..she wasn't a mage, but she was attuned to the spiritual and magical..she felt it, in her bones. Something was wrong, but she had no ability to pinpoint what it was for sure.
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