A video trending

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A video trending

Post by Solène » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:12 pm

A video popped on the social media. Posted by a new account named Invictus. It's slowly gaining view. Editing seems quite basic, but the content is quite edifying none the least !

First scene is black screen explaining the situation and the location. "A PAE dragon member decided to attack a young meta with no apparent reason. The witness just had time to pull her phone out and start recording as better as possible."

The video finally start, and show that this encounter happened near the bank, at the most famous restaurant of the city.

It's showing Thrax, a dragon, member of P.A.E, holding a girl by the throat, surrounded with some P.A.E employee with their truck. One of them is the well known Mikoto Takamashi, CEO of P.A.E, Katy an apparently human, and Durian, another dragon.

The video is focusing on the big dragon and her presumed victim in his hand.

[11:38] Thrax had this emotionless expression on his face as he watched Nameless struggle around in his claws. He kept his hands firmly held around her, only allowing her very little room to breathe and keeping his claws pressed uncomfortably at her neck. There was a sudden change in atmosphere around the dragon as an eerie aura began emanating off of him. One that hadn't been active in a very long time.

[11:44] Nameless seemed to light up, unaffected by the intimidation, and seemed really excited, "Woah thats pretty evil of you big guy! Hey!" She coughed a little bit and breathed as best she could, "Why don't ya put me down and we have a little chitchat?" She huffed and gasped for air and found it difficult to speak as he squeezed her a little more, the leg kicking stopped as she watched him with her big gray eyes.

The video is sparkled with some parasite, with the comment on top of the video, explaining that it may be due to Electrical or Radiation emission happening. Nonetheless, the content is cut abruptly, and took back some time later, the dragon on the floor, and the girl floating in the air, facing Mikoto Takamashi, who is holding ball of electricty.

The video suddenly and only focus on a P.A.E employee present, Katy who bark out "Neutralize the creep ..."
and start firing at the back of floating girl. The camera seems to focus back on the floating girl, and again, some dramatic sparkle effect, and a cut of the video.

The video start back again, this time in an other area. The comment explain the situation.

"Takamachi Mikoto and her crew chased the girl who defended herself against the vicious attack of that dragon PAE and their other employee, in the lawless area where she apparently tried to find a place to hide. We don't know the reason for that. But for sure, they were after her !"

The video is cut time to time, sparkled with the same effect of of parasite of radiation/electricity overload at each cut.

Video focus of meteor falling from the sky, toward the presumed victim.

New employee coming into the fight, and attacking the presumed victim

Video focus of Raigeki pulling a rod, ready to be used.

Video focus on Juno, PAE employee firing a laser rifle.

Video focus on Zephyr, dropping from an aircraft, holding a rifle. Then fire some explosive round !

Video focus of Thrax casting some spell. And some meteor falling just after !

The video montage is quite abrupt, sound is a bit satured, the overall effect is made to make an impact, and for sure, it will for most of the viewers !

And it would have made an impact, for any social media activist around. And even a minor cable news station started to pick up the video, and run the story. Now, it may be just a matter of time, or not, that this viral video is really took into account by the public.

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