A series of unusual events

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A series of unusual events

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:07 pm

An unexplained disturbance tonight left an apartment building severely damaged, a couple people dead, and apparently a localized blizzard behind. Official details are extremely sparse at the moment

[18:15] Joan had just gotten home stretching out and grabbing herself a snack she sighed thinking of removing her com and getting comfey for the night. she lets out a brief sigh. having went to her friends home to rest for the night, not wanting to pester saki if she was working late.
[18:19] Scene: There's suddenly a ripple in the air that radiates through the whole building, time seeming to freeze entirely for a moment, followed by a pair of loud explosions from above, and then the sound of heavy impacts on the roof, then a few seconds later words echoing out in an incomprehensible language, though the tone is clearly hostile
[18:23] Joan gulps a bit at the explosions as the windows seem to shatter from the impacts her com goes dead due to the energies around her as she listens and mutters to herself looking for somewhere to hide but in the open concept apartment that didnt seem to be many spots. she grummbles and curses briefly as a few "Armed citizens" start trying to take potshots at the demonic looking beings
[18:26] Scene: One of the large demons raises a hand, a barrage of fireballs launching towards the people shooting, some being blocked by barriers of light, but a couple make it through, resulting in agonized screams as their flesh melts. The two opposing sides continue yelling back and forth, their volume increasing by the second, clearly on the verge of breaking into open battle. Some more intelligent citizens start racing downstairs to activate the alarms
[18:28] Joan only just now notices the angelic looking side of the fight. muttering "fucking hell, figures i would get drawn into a fight between heaven and hell" she laughs and decides to do what any senseable person would do, she flips her couch and dives behind it while peaking over the edge to watch
[18:34] Scene: After a moment of continued exchanges, the demons both begin lobbing fireballs across the building at once, while the angels throw up barriers of light and respond with beams of energy, both attacks starting to rip chunks out of the opposite sides of the building
[18:35] Saki Takamachi grumbles a bit seeing Jason, "I'll change into the closest thing I have to a combat suit..." She would look to Jason, "ANd you will avert your eyes or I swear I will fry every nerve in your body." She would then start changing not having time for shame or carring about it.
[18:37] Raigeki sets it down a -little- harder than normal and pops the doors " okay.. uh not sure what's going on here but this looks like it could get ugly. "
[18:37] Joan cusses out as one of the beams of energy slices her couch in two and singes her hair making her growl out "saki liked my hairdo like that you bitch!" she huffs shaking her fist before diving back behind the remnants of her sofa what little there was of it. before it to is blown away by a beam of light the beam thankfully stopped by joans barrier as she looks even more frazzled now and slightly pissed off.
[18:38] Katy glares out "Fuck, what kind of creepy hellshow is that, eh ? C'mon Jason ... this seems to be more your realm of expertise, right ?" she would try to grab a Phalanx shield emitter and a mobile power unit "Orders boss ?"
[18:38] Jason stood as the door opened looking back to katy then the others before smiling. "Yeah..this looks mor elike my thing..." Hed step out of the ship as he unholstered his bat twirling it abit.
[18:41] Saki Takamachi would power up her electric field to full capacity ignoring the fact that she was tired as hell already, "Alright, this is search and rescue first priority... once we ensure that anyone in the area is safe... then we will deal with these guys." She would close her eyes forcing herself to focus.
[18:41] Scene: Each side is screaming at the other in Infernal and Celestial tongues, respectively, exchange threats and insults of all types for anyone that can understand it, while volleys of hellfire and beams of holy light are arcing back and forth, neither side seeming to make any progress for the moment, though the building is suffering heavily, several of the upper apartments engulfed in flames now
[18:43] Joan looks around herself as suddenly things catch on fire. "FUCKING HELL I JUST PAID THIS PLACE OFF" she shoulds out stamping her foot whining before squealing out as the floor gives way right as she sees saki holding out her hands to her before plummeting two stories squeaking out in a panic.
[18:47] Raigeki: " remind you to get you your own suit. " She then reaches out and places her hand on saki's back " Take what you need. you're in better condition than I am but I can still produce more " With that she flares her own aura and, as mikotos are wont to do, begins playing fite muzak. [ https://youtu.be/yD5oIegFKXg ] One she is preped she then murmurs the name of her latest technique "Kugelblitz" And orbs of ball lighting begin to appear arround her in an erratic orbit.
[18:53] Saki Takamachi would only take a small booster from her Raigeki as she was already hurt and she didn't want her mom giving up too much energy. She would see Joan starting to fall and figured it was about time to test her own new technique not seeing a better time for it. She would concentrate as if laying down rails of lightning through the air before riding them to Joan's location attempt to grab her letting her field flow around the two of them if she managed to catch her.
[18:54] Katy would try to crawl on top of the shuttle to deploy the PAE Phalanx shield emitter, trying to initialize a defensive barrier. For now Katy would try to get an overview of the weird situation (from a hopefully somewhat secure location). Katy would then try to use her headset, muttering something into it "Yeah, it's a fuckin' mess ... what do you mean 'more reasonable' side ? ... bunch of fanatics on both sides, if you ask me ... lets try to protect the shuttle and evac those bloody civillians ... "
[18:54] Jason looking to the chaos would raise a brow before looking to the infernals. They should be easy for hi..though the celestials...they will not be. Looking to Katy hed frown. "Shit...holy types....i cant take those fuckers on...but these demon fucks should be simple enough." Hed grip the bat abit tighter. Oh he hoped the celestials were on there side otherwise he is going to be screwed. Eyeing the devilish creatures his eyes turning orange before they caught fire. His skin now burning up getting engulphed in flames exposing a flaming skull and skeletal fingers (think ghost rider) As soon as he finished his transformation hed rip the chain off his jacket. the chain and bat now catching fire as they both began to warp and change into a more hellish design the fire remaining. the chain appearing to slowly wrap itself around his right arm like a brace.
[18:59] Scene: The large demons ignore the new gathering for now, not seeming interested in the civilians either, flame auras gathering around them as the fireballs grow increasingly larger, each impact causing explosions now, ripping chunks out of the far side of the building and forcing the angels to focus more on their barriers, slowing down their own counter-attacks. The two spiders, however, do take note of the cavalry, turning towards the people remaining on the roof, their fangs spreading and thick streams of black toxin spraying through the air like hoses
[19:00] Joan manages to get caught by saki as she pouts before hugging into her "i just came home i was going to show you this place as a surprise but then these.. things blew it up.. i just paid it off" she whines a bit curling into saki at the moment not overly worried about the beings, in her own head figuring they were already fucked.
[19:06] Raigeki sees the black goop coming and while normally her first instinct would be to try and obliterate it with her electricity. these were demon things and they didn't play fair. She jumped back behind jason, but she didn't just use him for cover She focused her electricity to a point several inches behind his head and it began to heat up like a tig welder.. Mikoto had to back away from it as that single point began to heat up to nearly ten thousand Celsius and murmurs " Sic em"
[19:09] Saki Takamachi would grip Joan tightly, "Well.. that's what insurance is for love." She would smile softly, "Hold on tight... I've never exactly done this with two people." She would concentrate on laying more lines of electricity just to get them back on the top of the building essentially ridding it upwards using a variation of her mom's once signature technique to push them up at extreme speeds while supporting Joan's body.
[19:10] Katy was already feeling a bit uncomfortable in her exposed position now, when the fighting increases in intensity, and those two ugly spiders were now undeniably turning into a threat. Katy would again try to inform her coworkers over coms "Be advised of enemy activity on our left flank ! Incoming unkown substance !" she was unable to open fire out of the active hardlight barrier and was in need to deactivate the shield, and to then ready and aim her gun, to open fire next round.
[19:12] Jason looked to the demons then the spiders as they began to take note of them. HIs skeletal hands gripping the bat as the flames on the bat got more intense. He wouldtn move as they spat the ooze at him. given he was an undead walking flaming skeleton in a sweet jacket toxins wouldnt do anything negative to him. Grunting and angry that his jacket got stained hed grit his teeth but not before notecing that the orange flames that surrounded hsi skull began to get brighter and brighter and brighter as Raigeki pawered him up through the use of the heat she generated. Hed let out a half demonic half jason like chuckle as she spoke. Flicking his wrist abit the flamign chain would let loose abit. Hed then swing his arm causing the chain to extend unnaturally as he attempt to use the chain like a whip covered in hellfire, with the force and intense heat that would vaporise any normal organic being that came in contact with it and leave a very deep smoldering gash on the floor where it made contact.
[19:19] Scene: The toxin is a mix of organic poison and unholy energy, luckily for Jason neither of those affect him, but once the spiders see their toxin being blocked they shift tactics, leaping high into the air and then firing down strands of dense webbing towards the vehicle. The closer large demon turns and reaches out an arm to intercept the chain, the metal slicing into its 'flesh' and unleashing a flow of smoldering lava-like blood, but the hellfire seems to absorb into its own aura, making it clear these are fairly high-ranking demons. With that demon changing focus, however, the angels are able to resume their attacks, glowing streaks of light cutting across, most being deflected still, but one rips a solid hole through a wing of the demon Jason is tussling with
[19:22] Joan looks to the second demon as she is set down by saki and exhales deeply growling a bit as her eyes spark for a brief second before she focuses her energy onto forming the strongest ranged shield she can onto the second demon. entraping whatever techniques the demon would try to unleash while allowing the beams of light to go in without the demon being able to do much in the way of defense, the shield acting as a one way force that kept what was inside inside but let what was outside in.
[19:25] Raigeki sw the spiders lying and getting ready to aim at the shuttle. She lifted her self with electromagnetism and put both her hands out, shouting like she was in an anime " Borutobaria!" Creating a large shield of crackling electricity She was already starting to breathe heavy but she put everytrhing she had into protecting her allies
[19:29] Saki Takamachi would whisper back to Joan, "Watch over my Mom for me... she is hurt though she is trying to play strong." She would close her eyes focusing as she held out her hand which contained 5 metal balls a bit bigger than golf balls. She would charge these balls with as much intense electricity as she could handle before sending them at the nearest large demon from all different angles each moving at intense speeds just seeking to burst through the demon as many times as they could.
[19:32] Katy was by now under heavy pressure in her exposed position, the Phalanx shield deactivated and those bloody jumping spiders were fast moving targets. Katy would try to target the closest spider with her fullauto shotgun, firing a hailstorm of miniature cryo warheads towards the target. The dispersed super-cooled particles might be able to snap-freeze an object on repeated hits, though a glowing hot demonspider might be unaffected. Katy would try to empty her mag, aware of the incoming webbing, but it was too late to change her position now.
[19:33] Jason would narrow his eyes...if he had any at the moment. "Hay you prick! i didnt give you permission to interfere worm!" Jasons voice seemed to be echoed by another darker voice. It would seem the entity that possessed sim had its personality more on the outside than jasons. Being the Devils main enforcer and all he didnt tolerate demons who stepped out of line..and in this case nowadays that meant interfering with its kills." Gripping the chain tighter jasons would tap into the extra power Raigeki had gifted him the fire around his body going from an orange to a blue the chain now having small spike protrude out of each link as the chain began to tighten around the creatures arm as if it had a mind of its own. Jason would then sprint toward the giant demon the chain shortening as he made his way closer keeping the tension tight as soon as he was close enough hed yank with 75 tonns of force in an attempt to pull the demon down towards his level before attempting to smack the hellfire imbued bat along the side
[19:33] Jason the demons head.
[19:39] Scene: The spiders actually aren't superheated, so the shells manage to partially freeze one of them, seizing up its spinnerets and causing it to plummet down the open center of the building, while the other sprays out several strands to catch itself, the heavy spray of webbing at the ship mostly burnt up by Raigeki's shields, some getting through due to its durable nature, but only enough to make a mess and gunk up the vehicle, not enough to splash around and engulf the people nearby like they'd planned. The demon fighting Jason is pulled and battered off-balance by his and Saki's attacks, the balls mostly just bashing into it, though some of the thinner areas like the wings get ripped through several times, the hit from the bat sending its head careening to the side, but it's still moving, and tries to slam a massive fist down on top of Jason with about the same amount of strength. The other demon growls out as its fireballs hit the shield, barraging the barrier with all its might to try to overwhelm it, both phy
[19:40] Scene: physically and magically. The angels focus on that one now since the other is in melee, several beams cutting heavy slices into it and holy fire beginning to sear around the edges of the wounds, its roars shaking the building
[19:44] Joan hears sakis request as she pants a bit nodding before looking to mikoto dropping the shield on the now injured demon focusing her max power shield on mikoto as she drops to one knee panting out as droplets of a yellow sap like substance come from her lips she smiles to saki doing as she was asked.
[19:50] Raigeki lands on the roof of the shuttle and pants ffor seconds. Seeing saki's assault on the demon she chuckles to her self. " Good idea " then takes a deep breath "Kugelblitz Dangan jigoku!" The orbs of ball lightning devided, then each of the new orbs divided again then and then suddenly orbs of lighting shout out at the demon , subjecting the creature to an attack that looked like it came from a game of Touhou
[19:54] Saki Takamachi was unaware of what Joan was doing to herself concentrating on reducing the number of their foes by one at least. She had never intended for Joan to hurt herself. She would concentrate on speeding up the metal balls moving them at mach level speeds something the average human probably couldn't keep track of but this was her edge in having an artificial brain. At this speeds the impact of a metal ball would be enough to rip through most metals.
[19:56] Katy was by now partly covered with fuming webbing remains, which was hopefully not of the corrupting sort. Gladly Katy wasn't really the most neat and tidy girl and wouldn't mind the webbing slime, instead she would try to load a fresh mag into her shotty, spitting out some gunk "Thanks boss ... appreciated !" she would then try to carefully take aim and direct more precise shots targeted towards the more distant remaining demon, trying to possibly freeze him into position. Perhaps this would make the job easier for those 'angelic forces' to deal with the target ....
[19:59] Jason was about to strike the demon once more with the batthe chain still wrapped around the demons arm as he attempted to hold him in place. However just before he was about to strike he would find himself smashed through the roof. the demon did just smash him with 75 tonnes of force after all. Jason letting out a grunt as he continued to grip the chain laying there a moment as he was dazed. Gritting his teeth hed wrap the chain around his own fist before pulling himself up then yanking the chain as it began to animate once more the links that wrapped around its arm begining to rotate useing the spikes to cut in deeper and deeper as it acted like a saw in an attempt to cut the demons arm off completely.
[20:02] Raigeki crouched on the shuttle trying to catch her breath. she was still healing and had pushed her body too far
[20:05] Scene: The spider down below falls into the pool, the ice breaking off of it enough for its spinnerets to start functioning again, and it begins to climb back up towards the fight. The other spider sees Jason get knocked out of the way for the moment, and aims another stream of venom towards Saki and Joan. The demon fighting everyone screams out as the chain cuts deeper into its arm, slicing through enough to render it useless, making it collapse for the moment, Raigeki's orbs seeming much less effective, though still managing some burns where they impact, but as Saki builds the force behind hers they begin to tear apart the demon's flesh and muscle, the molten blood pouring out onto the roof now as it struggles to get upright again. The other demon has been pushed onto the defensive now after taking injuries, its aura flaring up more to deflect the constant barrages of light blasting into it, but slowly it gets pushed back, unable to match the strength of all four angels by itself
[20:08] Joan exhaled slowly trying to focus her efforts but noticing the incoming attack toward them she drops the shield on mikoto and grabs hold of saki shielding her in an unbreakable barrier as the venom washes over her body melting away portions of her clothing and making her go pale. though she doesnt release her grip on saki maintaining the single person barrier.
[20:12] Raigeki crouched on the shuttle trying to catch her breath. she was still healing and had pushed her body too far she spent time trying to refocus and build up her energy.. Katy might be close enough see her hand shakkily move twards the pouch she kept her combat stim in..
[20:17] Saki Takamachi would gasp as she felt Joan cling to her back and the shield surround her protecting her from the venom. She would see that Joan took a bad hit and speak into her comm barely holding herself together, "Katy take care of Raigeki and Joan... evac them both now.... skull head and I will finish up here..." Her voice made it sound like arguing with her would be a terrible idea. It was at this point she would push her body beyond its limits the electrical power coming from her would easily double and she was no longer being safe her skin starting to turn to ash as she was running too much power through herself. Her eyes would narrow at the spider and all of a sudden all five balls which were now moving at twice the previous speed would come at it and just go to town on the poor thing attempting to tear away flesh and limbs with absolutely no mercy what-so-ever.
[20:19] Katy was still worried about the spiders, unsure if they were neutralized or not and feeling a bit nervous now. When she notices that the boss was in need of a 'shot', she wouldn't hesitate a second and try to open the pouch, pull out one of those all-too-familiar applicators and inject the questionable combat stim into Raigeki, grumbling "Always hate when you're doin' this ..." trying to help the boss to get back into the fray. Katy would now remain in her position, and try to put her fingers onto the Phalanx shield activator, having a bloody bad feeling about getting jumped by one of those spiders at any moment now "Gain some distance from me, boss ..." she mutters, possibly having an idea for a pending spider attack.
[20:20] Jason chuckled as he holstered his bat the chain still animating as it continued to cut at cut and cut. as soon as the demons arm was useless the chain would retract and wrap itself around jasons arm once more. the molten blood now seeping into the second floor that jason was in. jason would simply step through it the fire and heat powering him up once more as he holstered his bat on the makeshift holster hed sewn on his jacket. hed then upholster his shot gun the gun now being imbued with the hellflames began to take on a more hellish form of itself demonic runes appearing along the barrel two flames seen flowing out of each barrel like a fancy oversized lighter. jason would continue to climb useing the rubble before stepping infront of the downed demon ahead of him as it tried to get upright. Hed then take aim at its head before pulling the trigger. the rounds also enhanced as demonic runes appeared on the ceasing surrounded by flames. If the demon doesnt manage to get out of the way the rounds would pierce
[20:20] Jason skin with ease before exploding with violent force and heat that would blow apart any organic target into a mess of molten soup and chunks. Whether or not he managed to hit the demon jason wouldnt have any more bullets left at the moment to repeat that power attack.
[20:26] Scene: The spider tries to pull itself out of the way using the webs, but it can't move fast enough, and they aren't nearly as resilient as the demons, the orbs turning it to pulp in short order, the black toxin leaking out from the smashed body and falling into the pool below. The second spider reaches the roof again, attempting to pounce over the edge right into Saki. Jason's attack blasts into the wounded demon, unable to defend itself while it's still downed, blowing its head apart, while the other demon takes several more searing gashes from the holy barrage slamming into it. Suddenly, there's a bright flash of light and a sound of rushing air as time freezes, the demons and angels back in their initial positions, all unharmed, the building intact again, even a copy of Joan visible in the apartment below making her dive behind the couch... then as quickly as it began the anomaly ends and things return to the present, except one each of the larger and smaller angels are completely gone along with the two defeat
[20:26] Scene: defeated demons
[20:29] Joan slumps against saki as she looks on in confusion as all the damage seems to vanish and a second version of herself appears. but she legs go and just lays on the roof wincing in pain
[20:33] Raigeki stabs herself with the stim and there was a hiss. the chemicals started to flow through ber bloodstream, a concoction designed to be both a pain killer and other substances to allow her to push her frail human body past it's limits. She stood up and her em aura flares, but mikoto was careful to not let it touch Katy. she held her arms out in front of her and floating in front of her hands was one of her tungsten rods. She murmurers in a voice far to quiet for what she was going to do "Masutāsupāku. " And then put her entire aura into fireing the rod at nearly 6 times the speed of sound encased in what looked like a beam of plasma She then looks over to the other beings and screamed at them " And what about you?! You want some too!? Well come and get- ... and with that Mikoto face planted onto the shuttle and began slowly sliding down the winshield...
[20:38] Saki Takamachi would speak again full of rage and hurt, "I'm not asking. You have your orders. Evac Raigeki and Joan now! I'm trusting you. You wanted me to lead I'm leading." She would take all that pent up power and anger she was channeling at the moment unleashing it all point blank on the spider in front of her not caring that she was making her own hands go black with the amount of power she was wielding.
[20:47] Katy groans when reality seemed to suffer from a hiccup, yet after all the situation had now improved. Katy would try to go prone the moment Raigeki fired her 'big one' and when the boss collapsed from exhaustion she would try to grab her, move her inside of the shuttle, only to try the same with the wounded Joan, fixing both the incapacitated into seats, jump in front of the shuttle and finally tries to activate the autopilot, so the shuttle would hopefully return into the PAE towers hangar.
[20:47] Jason gave a demonic chuckle as the demon was killed its moltin blood splashing his face. Hed eject the smoking casings before reaching for two new rounds only to feel nothing. hed forgotten to pick up more after useing his other two. Huffing hed holster the shot gun before looking about as everything appeared back to normal..or atleast everything was fixed. "The fuck?" Hed look about seeing the body had gone. shame..he wanted to keep the horn. still it would seem that there was one more demon still standing. Clenching his fist the chain would slowly unravel from his arm once more before he flicked his wrist in a whipping motion causing the flaming chain to make its way toward the demons neck. if successful the chain would wrap tightly around its throat as barbs began to dig into it jason holding tight to keep the demon still as Raigeki sent a beam of energy in its direction not seeming to notice that the others were making there way off.
[20:52] Scene: Saki's full blast causes the second spider to literally explode in her face... unfortunately sending its toxin spraying, though much of it likely burning up in the intense storm of energy. Jason catches the demon in place, allowing Raigeki's blast and another barrage of light to rip cleanly through it, its body beginning to burn up from the inside out. Time skips for a second again, flashes from all throughout the fight playing out in a blur, and then as it clears up once more all the combatants are gone, only the devastation of the building revealing the fight that took place, and then it begins to snow, just over this block. The vehicle's engines are gunked up to a point where it can still fly, but not very well, likely requiring manual piloting to make its way back safely and a good thorough cleaning later
[20:55] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 seem to scan around the area. " ... no threat detected... " And i even got out my good armor...
[20:55] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 (ryoko.mannonen): "
[20:56] Saki Takamachi would force her energy back under control her aura disappearing now. She would still have smoke coming off her body as she would look to Celes, "Please tell me you can fly the shuttle..." Saki for her part looked exhausted and more than a little BBQed...
[20:59] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 flaes in a blue light and her heavy armor goes away. She walks over to t the shuttle and grabs the medical kit and then back to Saki, and begins to spread some sort of gel over her hands " I am capable of operating all PAE vehicles " then starts trying to bandage Saki's hands. " We should get them to medical quickly. "

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