A glance beyond

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A glance beyond

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:50 pm

Several prominent metas were seen raiding a building earlier, and suddenly cultists all around the city fell dead for no apparent reason. No details of the events have been made public yet, and the anomalies that have plagued the city for several weeks now are still present, but the public can only guess and hope that some progress has been made.

[16:03] Phantasma arrives " Im not one of those but.. one of the fastest blades in town.."
[16:05] Alicia Frakture leaps down from the building, her axe on her back. She rotates her new arm as she grips the shoulder.
[16:08] Pandora walks to the staging area looking about it. before falling in line next to the command center.
[16:20] Scene: As people begin to gather, there's initially no sign of what you were sent here for, until a figure materializes out of seemingly thin air at the corner of the building, dressed in all black except for a small red V on their epaulet. The man speaks as soon as he finishes appearing, voice electronically modified by the suit "We could really have used a few more... but need to get moving before they realize we're onto them. Several of us have been tracking cultist movements, and we're certain we've isolated their primary base of operations. I don't have intel on what's inside, something blocks any sorts of scans there, but hitting them before they expect it is our best chance at getting the situation under control"
[16:23] Takamachi Mikoto was TOTALLY with Zeph and Nys and din't get left behind at all
[16:23] Phantasma looked to the figure" If hitting them hard and fast is out best bet. Myself and Marathon might be key"
[16:24] Alicia Frakture blinks as she listens."Does this mean I might have a chance at Fleurdebitch?" Her hands move drawing her ax from its holster on her back, tapping the handle in the palm of her hand. "If I can't hit her i can at least cut down some cultists."
[16:31] Pandora nods looking to the vanguard op. "Understood, what are firing orders. is this a down and dirty or are we looking to take back people to question?"
[16:31] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks around the mustering area, checking the quad-pulse cannons on her wrists. She'd be out of range of her deployment gear for this one, so whatever she went in with she'd be stuck with. For that reason, she wanted to make sure everything was checked and double checked. Looking to her right, she saw Katy and Mikoto arrive, and smiled, nodding to the two in turn. "Looks like another job for the PAE, doesn't it?"
[16:33] Power Flash(Pilix) flies in to gather with the others at the staging area. She looks to the suited man as he briefs them on the situation, nodding a bit as she listens. "Get in fast and hit hard.. seems simple enough. As long as we all work together... maybe we'll stand a chance."
[16:33] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) watched and listened, arms out as his combat armor formed about his body, replacing his work clothing. This cult needed to be dealt with, before they opened another breach to the void and awaken something worse than Nyarlathotep. "Keep one alive. I will have answers." he spoke, his words resonating off the air itself. The weapons in his hands were the judgement blades, searing darkness made physical form.
[16:36] Raigeki sighs as she eyes the scene " Well. I guess it's time tu put work clothes on. " She gr Raises her left arm somewhat dramatically then reaches up and presses something with her right hand. She becomes sheathed in light and for a moment her form is silhouetted by a glowing blue light, then reforms into her combat armor, looking like something out of a Mahou shujo anime.
[16:37] Katy remains beside her coworkers and seems to be busy on the PAE network, trying to coordinate the combined effort "Nah ... yeah ... no, Zeph is mission leader ... now stop that gossip and focus."
[16:39] Raigeki glances over to the Vanguard officer " uh. you want me to call one or two of my enforcement droids? They are a bit bulky but they have pretty tough shielding.
[16:42] Scene: The operative nods slightly "Fast and hard will be best, as I said, we have no idea what's in there besides cultists, or even what the layout is. If their leader isn't present then we need to gain intel to try to get ahead of them. I'm just an observation officer, so won't be with you in combat, but after you clear out hostiles I'll help sort through any data acquired. I wish I had more to give you all, but there's only a single entrance that we can't access without showing that we've found them, so external observation has been our only recourse. Any other questions before I show you the way?"
[16:42] Scene: "As for droids, the entrance doesn't seem to be particularly large, but bring anything that can fit... firepower will be good"
[16:46] Phantasma looks to the others and " wish Marathon was here to back me up"..one second" She seemes to vanish a moment, before returning sans duster" I dont really want to leave things behind for them. In the worst case. Headshots yes?"
[16:47] Alicia Frakture ignores PAE as she looks at the observation officer."Soooo, any cultists we find. You want them alive or do I get to have fun?" She was itching since her last fight left her disarmed...literally and she was not happy about it, but she thought this would be a good way to...vent.
[16:50] Pandora looks to the vanguard as she sighs and listens before thinking a bit and making a quick call via internal network. before nodding "Fire orders unless Vanguard states otherwise are at will, meet force with whatever force is used against you. We want our people back home in one piece. I trust your team will have no issue with that ?" she asks looking to Zeph-yr respecting PAE's decision to form their own "squad"
[16:51] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR listens then looks to Raigeki. "Maybe one or two of the goons. Load them down with internal weaponry, I suppose...I'm still working on perfecting the plasma rifles I intended to arm them with." She pauses, tilting her head. "Actually...possibly best to configure them for close combat. As it sounds, long ranges may not be a factor." She taps her quad pulse cannons. "Besides, I think I'm carrying a fair enough big of firepower for several units." As the operative lays out the scenario, Zephyr grins, then snaps her fingers, her "wings" lighting up and coming online. "Anything in particular we should worry about in there? These chaps definitely don't seem the easily-dispatched type, and their, ah....abilities aren't exactly what you'd encounter on a trip to my gran's." She chuckles, ignoring Alicia right back.
[16:52] Power Flash(Pilix) nods as she listens. "Not much to go off of.. as long as we keeps our heads on straight, we can probably figure things out. So long as we work together, we can get them and get out. Just don't lose your heads in there."
[16:53] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) nodded. "Sai'rhu t'kai mor'as ek.... to you Humans, cry havok... and let slip the dogs of war." he spoke, the blades gone for now as he conserved his flames for combat to come.
[16:54] Katy crosses her arms and listens to the mission briefing, staring around the gathered crowd and offering a lil' nod towards the arriving Yuri "Hope we don't end up into too much 'friendly fire' ...." turning the glare of her receptors to Zeph, a synthetic sigh sounds.
[16:57] Raigeki remains observant for now, listening and watching . She crosses her arms and shortly there after a massive hulk of a robotic beast shows up "PAE Enforcement Droid Moel 209 ready for duty "it intones.
[17:01] Ranou: Ranou slithered around the building and looking at her codex...she had a map of the town there. "Hmm this should be the spot..." She looked up from the codex and spotted a whole lot of people. Everybody looked so intimidating and armed to the teeth it made her fur stand on its ends, all she had on her was a laser rifle and her trusty codex. "Sorry im late...still having troubles getting around the place."
[17:05] Scene: The officer glances at the giant mech and shakes his head "Yeah, that's not gonna make the trip... you'll understand. As for the cultists, we need info, but there's no need to go easy on them. All signs so far point to most of them being barely sentient at this point. Please come along, before they get suspicious" moving towards one of the nearby apartment buildings, then activating a series of hidden switches to open up a carved-out tunnel heading down with a single ladder set into the side "It's down there... good luck"
[17:08] Phantasma smirks and..as rational as ever, started walking down the 'tunnel' and dropped down the hole, with range left to grab the ladder if there was a real threat " alright then. Save angry dude one victim. The rest are redshirts..really not liking what they are doing to this city"
[17:12] Alicia Frakture smiles as she lights a cigarette." I'm looking forward to a good fight." With that she moves to the hole and lumps in. knowing Phantasma did the same, she stretches her body as much as possible so as not to cause them to crash into each other on the way down
[17:13] Pandora chuckles as she follows the vanguard agent now even more amused at the fact the cultists seemed to have a base within the city at least as far as she could tell. Before sighing as the one in the skimpy latex looking outfit went first muttering to herself "why do i get the feeling that one is a loose cannon." she says shaking her head before following downwards though taking the ladder and not just jumping in. honestly curious if Zephs armored self would even fit in the tunnel or make it down without breaking the ladder.
[17:13] Goku (llsongokull): ~An orange-clad male, that swung himself across multiple buildings with his webs, he was seemingly doing his normal routine until he saw a large crowd of interesting individuals, he couldn't help himself but ease in on the situation, he's a Superhero after-all, it's what he does. Landing his foot down on the concrete ground, making himself present around everyone's view. ''Am I missing an invite here? didn't know a party was going on.'' He said jokingly. ~
[17:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR doesn't notice Katy's glare, being that she was covered in enough armor to make an M1 Abrams tank envious, and looks up at the operative, flexing her cooling wings impatiently. Upon seeing 209, she chuckles. "Yeah, that's not going to fit, sorry, Miss...it is rather nice though. Perhaps it can guard the garage while we're gone...." She looks to the operative, then to the tunnel that opens. "Down the hatch..." she says, taking one last check and stepping towards the entrance to head down. As she approaches, her cooling wings fold up to allow her to fit through, and with a "Geronimo!" she hops onto the ladder and starts descending.
[17:16] Power Flash(Pilix) nods a bit more as she listens to the info, looking around at the others, really hoping they got her message of working together and not loosing their heads. She follows along as the operative leads on, watching the entrance open and looking down the passage with the ladder. "Into the abyss... Good luck to us all." She floats down, following after the others that jumped in first.
[17:16] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) followed suit, flames forming about him as he followed quietly. He would fade into the flames, not burning anyone but vanishing from sight until on the other side.
[17:17] Katy was still a bit distracted on the PAE network but soon would continue to follow Zeph down the offered passage.
[17:22] Raigeki moves along with her crew of people following along.electing to float down instead of taking the ladder. As she descends She glances to the giant robot and it responds to her look as if she had given an order "Securing exit route. Fleeing enemy combatants will be incapacitated. " It then takes up a defensive posture outside of the entrance preparing to cover the group's retreat if need be
[17:22] Ranou: plucking a card from the astroglobe it changed shape to match her rifle. adjusting her eyes for the dark Ranou slithered into the tunnel after the others. "Im not looking for a crazy fight... i would like to do it as silent as possible." She said that mostly because she just couldnt really handle direct 1 to 1 combat. When yuri performed his flamey disappearing act ehr codex made a beep as it recorded some info for later. seems like he had done something to gain her interest,
[17:30] Scene: As you reach the bottom of the shaft it opens out into a basement, which seems like a pretty standard room apart from the gathered figures and the strange fountain. The creatures gathered in the room are familiar to many of you, but for once they aren't charging immediately. Instead, the ones by the cauldron give a sweeping gesture of welcome, followed by motioning to the cauldron of glowing liquid and mimicing drinking from it. Anyone with magical senses would pick up the same energy emanating from the fluid as flows around the cultists
[17:34] Phantasma frowns feeling the bad juju. Within the bl;ink of an eye however she vanishes and darts behind one of the tntacles she things stabbing into its head with a kunai" Leavs one for firey"
[17:36] Alicia Frakture Takes a drag from her cigarette."Unless that stuff is 100 proof, I aint touching it."UNtil she sees Phantasmas actions and charges the cauldron swinging her ax at it looking to knock it over
[17:36] Pandora switches her suits internal lighting scheme before looking over the cultists present and then to the cauldron. shaking her head. before chuckling "If any one wants a power up they should take a drink from that brew. it should make you amazing" she says in an entirely sarcastic tone hoping no one repeated the nanite eating incident of years prior. before just sighing "Welp idiot dived in first... " she states unholstering her rifle and switching it to energy based rounds. though waiting to see if the entire group goes hostile to every one or just those who attacked.
[17:37] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR gets to the bottom of the ladder and drops off, moving to the side and signalling the PAE people to do the same, taking up a formation at the flank. Looking over the welcoming party, she frowns and closes up her helmet, sealing her suit from outside contanimaints as her wings flex warily. "I shouldn't have to say this, but please do not accept any offers of refreshments while down here." She tightens her fists, but for the moment keeps her guns stowed. For now, she thought, she'd see how the others reacted....and then Phantasma was already stabbing the uglies in the head. Taking that as a bad sign, she flexed her forearms, her quad pulse cannons deploying. "Looks like it's a classic case of coming out shooting, lads. Let's make this quick! Tally ho and engage at will"
[17:39] Power Flash(Pilix) charges herself up, readying her energy to fight as she reaches the basement, landing on her feet now and looking around at the cultist creatures, bracing herself.. only to see them at least trying to act.. welcoming? She looks to the fountain they gesture to and make motions of drinking from, shaking her head a bit. "Thanks, but no thanks... Not really interested in mystical purple drinks from a tentacle fountain..." She glances at the others. "Maybe we should take the chance to try and find out what they're-" And then Phantasma and Alicia charge in to start fighting. "Ooor... not..." She sighs deeply, holding up her hands charged with energy, but would allow the cultists to make the first move for now... or at least react to the first moves made by the others.
[17:39] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) largely ignored most of the them, nodding to the one with the kunai. Formed the sphere of flame, the shards taking shape around it. "Do not let the blood of the Abyss touch you..." he spoke, his words resonating off of the wall and filling the room with a odd echo. Focusing his shards at the ones behind the cauldron, he fired a volley of 6 shards at it. If he correct, they would burn hotter and faster than anything in this world could naturally.
[17:43] Katy would exploit her massively armoured coworker as mobile cover to advance, her task to cover the rear of the advancing PAE squad. Katy by now had fully remanifested into a machine-phase matter configuration, a fully synthetic organism. Confronted with this sort of Close Quarter Combat scenario, her weapon selection would fall to her twin HF blades and her platform integrated CQC array, ready to strike at any incoming target close to Zephyr.
[17:43] Raigeki sighs and facepalms as she sees someone attack a group of not-aggressive cultists. " Well. I guess talking is out the window. With that she murmurs " Kugelblitz " and a series of floating orbs started to drift around her , then she creates a blade of plasma by compressing electricity into a blade.
[17:44] Ranou: Ranou danding at the bottom of the tunnel looked at the dimly lit place with a curious look. the creatures that usually would attack on sight were now inviting them. another ping from the codex informed her of interesting info. looking at her codex she skipped past Yuris reading to see what the codex had picked up. strange energy coming from the fluid within the cauldron. seemed like on those compatible with magic could feel it but nothing escapes the watchful gaze of the codex's sensors. putting away the codex she raised her laser rifle and aimed down at another one close to the cauldron that wasn't engaged yet.
[17:49] Goku (llsongokull): ~Suddenly, the orange-clad hero was now inside of a tunnel, what he saw was multiple ferocious creatures; which slightly brought a chill down his spine. He saw one of the individuals attacked the creatures. But for some reason, they weren't attacking back. He focused his brown-hazel eyes on the creatures, analyzing their physical body, to see what they'll do before he tried to do any attacks.~
[17:54] Scene: Anna easily headshots the one she targeted, while Alicia's axe bounces off the side of the cauldron, which seems to be rooted to the floor incredibly strongly. The tentacles around it flail in response to the impact and try to reach for her. Yuri's shots hit his targets, taking out the larger mutant and burning away the head of one of the small ones, but he only lands body shots on the other that heal up within seconds, until Ranou lands a clean shot on that one to finish it off, leaving just two standing on the other side of the room. They turn towards Phantasma, tentacles and maw trying to grip onto them, but as they do their usually hollow and expressionless features look almost... sad
[17:59] Phantasma: Oh dont harp, youve seen what they do.! ~ she darts back ~ too slow, ..here I was hoping there would be more of you. Someone get inside their heads! That look is one of a sad puppy
[18:00] Alicia Frakture grabs one of the flailing tentacles, bringing the blade of her ax down on it with about 30 tons of strength. her hand coming back up at the fountain, her arm winding up in the strange concoction with another 30 tons of force trying to punch a hole in the fountain to drain it if she can't flip it.
[18:03] Pandora sighs as she looks to the three "im going in deeper" she says before literally vanishing from sight and dashing down the hallway to explore further inward trying to get a decent idea of what would be waiting for them relaying it back over comms as she gets in further
[18:04] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR steps forward, her pulsers raised, but she doesn't fire yet, instead holding up a hand. "Hold!" She commands, watching the two remaining. "They're acting in defense." Zephyr didn't like what was happening here. Something was off, but she didn't know what. She wasn't about to make the decision to engage. Not with the circumstances. "We're the intruders, here..." She said, almost as an observation. "But why are they welcoming us? Something is wrong....." She looks to Pandora...only to see her leaving, so she turned to Katy, speaking loudly enough for the whole group. "If they were trying to lower our guard, they would have attacked us as a group once we made it clear of our disinerest in joining them. But they're only reacting. Attacking in defense. Something's shonky here..." She looked back at the remaining creatures, hoping Phantasma didn't kill them or Alicia didn't make the situation worse before she could speak. "I apologize for our....associates' aggression. Might we pass?"
[18:05] Power Flash(Pilix) sighs watching all the chaos breaking out. She turns toward the fountain, seeing the tentacles reaching toward Alicia and fires several energy blasts toward those tentacles to keep them distracted, or disabled if possible. "And they weren't doing what they normally do.. seemed like something worth looking into. But smash and dash it is, I guess." She listens to Zephyr then. "Well, at least someone is interested in what's actually going on."
[18:06] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) formed another volley of shards, the three being seared to nothing. He couldn't feel any magic from them now, no residual left. "They are husk... nothing more." his words more haunting in their resonance than forceful. He had hoped they would be at least conscious enough to speak, but they were better off put out of their misery. "Put them down, quickly." he finished, launching but two of the six shards at the woman behind Phantasm. He hoped their souls wouldn't end up in the soul forge, but would purify them if they did.
[18:09] Katy tries to remain close to Zephyr and the boss, sensor array data being processed of the tactical situation, target id's assigned to individual targets and her combat mode switched into a 'flexible response' setting. Listening to Zeph's conclusion, she would shrug and mutter something "Lets neutralize them now, in before they turn into a unneccessary problem." being sort of pragmatic here, yet not taking any actions yet.
[18:10] Raigeki goes down on one kee taking an item off her belt. She then pitches forwards a disk so it lands between Phantasma's feet. Unfortionatly for the bloodthirsty woman the shield was somewhat primitive and so it worked both ways. .. Though The woman in the shiend would probably guess that she could deacivate it by breaking the device emitting it. She sighs " The others aren't really giving us much of a choice .. Or .. " she looks forward " We could move forwards as a squad while they deal with the mess they started. With yrui here they should be more than acapable oif handling this "
[18:11] Ranou: Ranou lowered her rifle as she examined the flue from a distance some more. tentacles flailing about seemed to protect it from Alicias attacks. Keeping her rifle low she turned her attention to the other two remaining beings and watched for their reaction to Zephyrs speaking. though she paid more attentiopn to the other two she slithered up closer to the cauldron itself but still out of reacy and raised her codex with the free hand to get some more info on what ever the fluid inside was.
[18:15] Goku (llsongokull): ~Benjamin had to stop this, even if these creatures are known as a deadly savage beast, but, they're trying to them something that can be useful and figure out what is truly going on behind the scenes. Regardless, if they are not causing harm to him and the other individuals, then it is not right to attack them without being attacked or listening to their reasons. Otherwise, we'll be worse than them. ''Enough everyone! stop it! don't attack them, let's try to follow what they're trying to say... this can be useful to us, they're not attacking us, we are attacking them, were just as worse as any one of them if we keep attacking them. They are helpless and were invading their home. Let's listen to them, they don't seem like a threat. ''~
[18:20] Scene: As Phantasma backs off, the creatures stop their pursuit, looking to Zeph as she speaks, giving slight nods and grunting something that sounds vaguely affirmative. Yuri's shot takes out the other tentacled one cleanly, the one remaining looking in his direction and letting out a low growl, almost like an animal. Alicia chops a deep slice into one tentacle, and combined with the blasts it keeps them at bay for the moment, though they remain agitated. As her fist enters the liquid it feels like greasy acid, yet despite its watery density it doesn't splash at all. Her fist hits the bottom of the cauldron without effect... whatever it is, the container is clearly designed to be very durable. Pandora is able to dash down the hallway ahead, finding that it opens up into a natural cave with crumbling and collapsed floors, and several more of the creatures waiting patiently
[18:21] Phantasma saw the disk being tossed and swiftly kicked it backwards towards the one who had thrown it, both returning fire, and evading the attack entirely " get your shitty tech away from me. " Then she begins down the cave entrance.
[18:23] Alicia Frakture looks back at Goku."Save it Boyscout, I know what these things did." the sensation of the liquid hitting her. A soft Purr escaping her."Oh I need some of this stuff in woman form." Before the chaos hits her, purple light blasting out her eyes, the only sound from her is a scream soon becoming laughter.
[18:25] Pandora just continued past the cave and into the next section toward the large open room with the three important individuals in it. looking about as she sighs. and speaks back over her com giving information on what she has found thus far.
[18:25] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR's eyes went sharply to Yuri. "I think I see where your son got his callousness from." She said shortly, then looked at what was left after the current round of actions. As the emitter came flying back at Raigeki, a corona of plasma surged from Zephyr's wings, intercepting and shatterring the emitter harmlessly against it. "This is bloody stupid.....I didn't come down here to bicker with people we're supposed to be working with." She looked dismissively away from Phantasma towards the doorway. "PAE, move out. Leave the idiots to their playing and move further in. Raigeki, also, be a dear and stop wasting your equipment on people unworthy of it." She stops, however, when the remainig creature appears to listen to her. Intelligence? She tilts her head, looking to it. "You. In spite of our associate's behavior, you seem to have something to show us. Is that it? Assuming some here-" She cuts a glare at Yuri"-allow you to do so, by all means, you have an audience, for now." She makes an inviting gesture at the
[18:26] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR at the creature, indicating for it to tell her-or show her-what it intends to, though she smartly stays out of arm's reach.
[18:30] Power Flash(Pilix) blinks as Alicia... does what she does, shaking her head and leaving her to deal with the fountain of tentacles. She moves to follow with the others, deciding it's best to just push onward for now and leave the rest of the creatures be. Maybe the 'get in fast and hit hard' tactic wasn't needed here, maybe something different was going on. She moves toward the hall to the next room, glancing back and listening some as Zephyr talks toward one of the creatures.. but generally heading further in, as that was what they seemed to want anyway. She keeps her energy up, staying on guard just in case.
[18:31] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) for a second watched the woman by the cauldron, the reaction only the beginning as he saw it. Cutting hi glare to Zephyr, he allows the shadow of a man to live a moment longer. Moving forward, he looked back and launched a blade at the base of the fountain. Speaking the words "Aelis Uut!" as it struck the ground, a column of flame would rise around the blood of the absu, not burning anyone but keeping them from getting into it. Anyone near it would be pushed away. "Do not touch the blood. It is not for mortals." he spoke calmly, his voice much more forceful this time.
[18:32] Katy was spammed with internal warnings of a pending collision with a small object, yet the projected incoming trajectory of the returned shield emitter was vanishing halfway, when Zeph evaporates the device. Katy would only shake her head structure and follow orders, deactivating her left High Frequency blade and reconfigure into mobile platform defense, a hardlight barrier forming while she would try to move forward to protect Zeph's rear area.
[18:34] Raigeki mvoes up moving slightly past Zeph and Katy moving to the door headed for the next room keeping an eye behind her so that she can vover her allies if they need it
[18:34] Ranou: Ranou was far too interested in this cauldrons contents to pay much attentions to others agressions as she tapped though several different apps getting as much data as possible from it.
[18:42] Goku (llsongokull): ~Benjamin looked towards Alicia as she burst into an insane laughter, he eyes widen in worried, wondering what the hell was going on? He then looked at the others, as they were doing with their situation. Benjamin begins prepping his web shooters, making sure they were filled and ready to be shot. Because, right now, things are getting heated! ~
[18:42] Scene: As the flames erupt around the cauldron, they have no direct effect on it, but rather the cauldron seems to begin drinking part of the energy from the fire, the flames slowing their fluid motion and settling into smoothly regimented patterns. Ranou's scans each return data that conflicts with every other scan, as if the composition of the substance were changing every few seconds. The creature Zeph is speaking to tilts its head, then stretches out both arms, one towards the cauldron and the other towards the hallway, as if offering the choice, then it shrugs. As Pandora makes her way through the cave and out the bottom her comms suddenly cut off from everyone else's completely
[18:43] Phantasma looks to Raigeki, " I asked for an alternative. someone to tell me what they were thinking. Wasnt it one of your people who said no infighting? Now grow up and lets get to the root of this. No more trying to shoot me in the back, got it? You want to fight, we can do it in the wastes or badlands where nothing else is at stake ..except for those outlanders. We avoid where they stay. First one cold or concedes loses. But now is not the time" As she keeps Raigeki in her peripheral vision as she goes down the hallway
[18:46] Alicia Frakture finds herself pushed away, but as she comes out of the flames, she has changed. Her outfit changing to a dress and glasses appearing."Heavens, what a strange sensation. I wonder if anyone would like some cookies later." her entire being seems to have changed. her axe gone her posture changed to something... different.
[18:49] Pandora cocks her brow as her comms cut out entirely making her unable to comunicate with her allies. she moves off to the side of the room looking about it as she does so getting basic intel on those present and seeing if her recording equipment is still working. muttering seeing if she could manage to send out the data via her "other" means of communication to keep in contact with some one.
[18:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looked at the fountain, then back at the creature, then the hallway. "We'll pass on the drink, but thank you for the offer. She gave the creature a small bow, then glanced at Yuri before addressing the creature. "Seeing as how hostile those in the room are, I would suggest you make yourself scarce...things are likely to happen very quickly, and as demonstrated, a lot of our companions are not reserved on their hostile intent. Me, I'm just looking out for myself and my own...." She sighs. "Sorry about your friends...as it is, it's likely not to get better for any of us from here on out." With that, she turned and went up the hallway, pushing past Raigeki and Phan. "Move your arses, you two. We have a lot of ground to cover and not nearly enough time to spend it all bickering." With that, she moved forward towards the next room, her pulse cannons still at the ready.
[18:51] Power Flash(Pilix) glances back to watch the reaction of the creature to Zephyr, the response not really giving any further information. She shrugs herself and keeps pushing onward, along with the others into the next section, looking toward the creatures there as she tenses, wondering if they'll be as... hospitable as the first group.
[18:52] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) he could care less what Humans thought of him. They were expendable in war, but this was something else. Hovering above it all, he followed silently, the air about him gradually heating up. He had managed to seal off the cauldron and prevent anyone from touching it, but did nt expect the cleansing effect on the one who did.
[18:53] Ranou: Seeing the flames erupt around the cauldron Ranou jumps back like a startled cat and lets out a hiss as her fur stood on its ends. "what the hell?" She raised her codex to it again and this time got completely different scans. looking over temperatures chemical composition... even quantum data was all different. just what in the world happened after Alicia had punched the liquid.
[18:55] Goku (llsongokull): ~Benjamin was feeling tense of the situation, and what the creatures suffered by our own doing, he didn't like not one bit, but it happen so he had to move on, even if he didn't agree with their methods, at least it gets the job done. Benjamin proceeds to move forward, his eyebrows were pushed downwards and his mouth neutral, his eyes were filled with rage. He continued walking forward, pushing through the rest to be in front. ~
[18:55] Katy would slowly move backwards, her hardlight barrier facing the 'contaminated' person, trying to move into the narrow passage and carefully observing and tracking any movement around her "Movin' into new position ..."
[18:56] Raigeki shrugs " That was a shield not an attack. " She suddenly turns her head to Alicia and her head droops " Oh god dammit .. there's always one ... " She then looks to the demon " Yuri. See if you can handle this.. We'll see if going after their leader provides some kind of cure ... For the potion.. not the stupidity.. " and moves with her group down the hallway to the next room. hoping that those in this room can stall the now crazed ally long enough for them to find some sort of solution further in
[18:59] Scene: As everyone begins moving into the natural cavern, the creatures make no move to attack, simply gesturing down the precarious slope of loose rock and gravel towards the next corridor, where strange unearthly lights play along the walls and cast odd shadows
[19:02] Phantasma: Maybe tell me next time, How much did it cost? And Zephyr, I can chew bublegum and walk at the same time. ~ the kunai was still in her lleft hand as she moved forward ~ Her footfalls were near silent, just out of reflex~
[19:04] Alicia Frakture finds an old broom and grabs it sweeping as she follows the group."Dirt, dust, cobwebs. Oh my." AS she sweeps soon being at the back of the group."Oh my heavens indeed, this place is just a mess."
[19:09] Pandora moves behind the individuals who looked to be in charge taking out small satchels from her vest and placing them behind the group slowly trying to stay un noticed mostly just preparing claymores on remote trigger hoping this odd room wouldnt fuck with the charges.
[19:09] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR walks into the next room, disregarding any comments about her gruffness. As it was, she just wanted to keep moving forward until she got bogged down. She stepped into the next room, frowning as she regarded the creatures. Again, no hostility, in this case they seemed to be...pointing them somewhere. "It appears we have somewhere to be." She said, looking at Katy. "Almost as if we were...expected." Her voice became hard, and she felt herself tense even as she spoke those words. "I would not jump to conclusions, but it appears, lads, that the element of surprise is not ours. But...we have little choice now, do we? We either retreat...or we see how far this rabbit hole goes." And with that, and a decisive, but apprehensive flex of her wings, she continued down the rocky path.
[19:12] Power Flash(Pilix) looks around at the creatures in the cave as they seem to gesture toward the next area. Looking over the path, she takes to hovering again to avoid losing her footing on the slope of loose gravel. She floats over toward the next entrance, glancing back at the creatures again, wondering what they might be plotting, or what this whole thing might be about... she hoped to find answers at the end of the path. She glances back toward Zephyr and shrugs. "No, it doesn't seem like we got the drop on them... it only makes me more curious about what all of this is." And so, she moves forward.
[19:12] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) nodded to Reigeki, the flame becoming as dense as a crystallized carbon the more the blood fed on its latent energy. None would reach it, as the now hot shell protected the cauldron from all without and kept safe the blood within. The snake woman seemed enthralled by the blood, and it may well help her become more than a baby naga.
[19:12] Katy advances into the new 'room' and for the moment would deactivate her unwieldy integrated CQC system, yet instead would try to activate her omniscanner array, trying to inspect the new area for possible clues: For example unusal temperatures, possible radiation, or perhaps hidden structures or structural weaknesses inside of the rocks and walls "Gimme a moment, Zeph ... scanning the perimeter." she informs the mission leader.
[19:13] Raigeki glances back at Alicia her head tilts to the side " uh. huh. that's alot less of a problem then i thought i was going to .. " Suddenly she starts looking around in a panic.. as ig something was lost.. She catches glimpse of one of katy's arms around the corner and moves to the next chamber and rushes for it visibly relaxing a bit she passes the threshold her chest heaves a bit as of she was taking a deep breath and is VERY glad that her helmet hides her face. Looking to the rest of the group she decides she better tell them " Be careful folks. There's something strange about these rooms. Contact gets cut off if we are in different rooms... "
[19:18] Ranou: entering the room Ranou followed the rest and walked by the creatures. once again looking at them she decided to take a photo and a deep scan of one, curious to how it would react. Her rifle was at the ready if it tried attacking.
[19:18] Goku (llsongokull): ~Yet again, the creatures were proceeding no harmful actions to them, though it was pretty intense for the young hero, he was still fairly new to these type of dangerous situation, regardless, he kept moving down where the path lead him. As he was walking down the slopes, he made sure his alertness was at its peak, anything can come out and attack him, however, that's IF they attack him first or any other monster that might be coming its way towards them, he's not going to attack him because he doesn't like the way they look or if he feels threatened even though they didn't do anything but simply stood there. He slightly moved his pupils to the corner of his eye, seeing the group, following the trail that was set out for them. The atmosphere in this room was quite agitated, it felt like everyone was on their guard, waiting for these creatures to attack them any moment, but, Benjamin, he didn't care, he kept his head high and continued forward, on the path. ''That's true, armored lady, they do have us
[19:18] Goku (llsongokull): outnumbered and hidden, they literally have us surrounded, but I'm going to keep moving forward, I can handle myself well, I can't say the same for the rest of you.'' He said towards Zephyr and the others.~
[19:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) a rift shimmers in the air and a creature tumbles out, looking like a lizard with demon horns. It coils up, fire starting to come out of its jaws as an angelic figure moves through the rift, gripping it in a headlock and twisting its neck. She growls and lets the body drop "cursed Vel'kath" she spits and then looks around "where the hell am..." sees the whole crew assembled and groans "oh hell, I should've known...universe is destabilizing, gotta be PAE behind it somewhere" she states with a laugh "so what have you all dragged me into then?"
[19:22] Scene: Scans of the room reveal little of extreme note... the floor is unstable at the surface but solid deeper down, the air is filled with a very low concentration of the same odd energy that surrounds all the cult's activities, while the grass growing from the wall is much denser with it... and scans ahead in the direction you're being motioned return nothing at all, not even data that can't be understood. The creatures shrink back slightly as a picture is snapped, clearly not pleased by the flash of light, though not seeming pained by it either. The only path forward is the one the creatures want you to follow, whatever their motivation may be
[19:26] Phantasma Her goggles not really snaping photos but she touches a menu setting them to record . The floor didnt seem to pester her" Ok now what?"
[19:27] Alicia Frakture follows the group, sweeping up as she goes along. A soft whistle escaping her as she cleans up. Suddenly a shriek escapes her."A mouse! I saw a mouse. Someone get it out of here!" As she threw the broom, impaling it, causing the broom to stick into the rock."What the? She muttered looking surprised.
[19:28] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks to Katy somewhat impatiently. "We should keep moving." She said, more as a statement than an order or a protest. Still, she would wait for Katy to finish her scans, and then she'd move ahead into the next room.....blinking as it turns out to be a massive hallway. "A lot of open space....anyone else feel a little exposed?" She said, adjusting the shape of her wings and pulling in the corona of plasma that usually surrounds her, packing it denser to toughen her shield. "Looks like the room opens up even more in that direction." She said, gesturing towards the open end of the room. "Be advised, scanners aren't picking up anything...not even static. This place may be messing with sensors."
[19:30] Power Flash(Pilix) hovers forward through the entrance into the next room, coming to rest on her feet again as she reaches the more solid looking ground there. She looks around slowly, seeing the oddly colored grass around the area. "I hope this isn't some attempt at terraforming the city and planet for them to take it over..."
[19:31] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) glowers at the divine aura behind him, his energy surging and his armor shifting to show the flow about him. Follows the others in, his senses keen as the flames surround him as if armor. To those about him, it might appear as if they were sweeping hot winds with him as the eye of the storm. The scream of the woman only hurt his ears, maintaining his focus on the shield his body was screaming to keep up. He slipped silently into the chamber, hovering above the grass. His flames may or may not effect it, but this place felt like it belonged in the Absu... not ehre.
[19:31] Katy was just about to deactivate her omniscanner when she is suddenly confronted with someone completely unexpected "Bloody hell ... Chief Hellguard, is that really you ?" of course trying to scan Talista, trying to verifiy former biometric data gathered from the 'real' Hellguard. Yet there was no time and the mission leader was pushing forward "Excuse me Chief, Zeph is bloody busy tonight ... feel free to tag along." she nods a bit and would try to continue, moving into her default position in Zeph's rear and trying to carefully monitor the perimeter.
[19:32] Raigeki looks to Hellguard "You're out of uniform young lady! " she says in a stern voice, them breaks out into laughter " Good to have you along, Mel. Lets go get to the bottom of this. " She then glances up to Alicia " huh. gonna have to get her a proper maid dress.... " then turns back to focus on the task at hand. " STay close Mel. We aren't sure what we are dealing with yet "
[19:35] Goku (llsongokull): ~ Advancing forward, The inferno Spider, aka Benjamin superhero name, heard something strange, then he heard a voice, a very distinguished voice from the rest of his group. ''What the...?!'' He saw some kind of lizard creature, and it had horns on its head. Usually, horns and lizard lookin' creatures don't mean a good sign, but then again, Ben shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Then he heard Alicia voice, shouting a Mouse? which confused the orange-clad hero, though then again they are in a tunnel, small creatures should be expected. Ultimately, he continued forward, right beside Zephyr, as he felt tight pressure in his stomach, notifying him, something was wrong, though, he shouldn't jump into conclusion, it's best to be more cautious with his movement and his surroundings. ''Then... looks like we gotta be more cautious, careful guys, we don't know what might happen right now.'' Clutching his right fist tightly. Then he heard a name from Katy, Chief Hellguard? was that suppose to be that scary lizard
[19:35] Goku (llsongokull): lady? who knows, but regardless it seems she isn't trying to attack us or anything so she must be on our side. ''Chief Hellguard...? Is that who the lizard devil horn lady is?'' He said towards Katy, hoping for a reply. ~`
[19:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks "not sure I've counted as a chief in quite awhile. But I'll stick with you and see what the hell is up. Not like I can portal out of this mess anyways" she states, keeping her wings folded and hand on her sword hilt as she follows into the next room, Katy's scans would find she was much stronger now, energy emanating the air around her as she moved with the group "you know...these critters or whatever are throwing out a lot of active beacons across space and time...real potential mess"
[19:42] Scene: As each person crosses into the large corridor their comms cut off, then return as they're joined, however the crossing cuts off all non-quantum communication back to the city completely. The new chamber is lined with impossible shapes and unearthly lights, the grass swaying with a breeze that doesn't exist, another cauldron off to the side, and a third suspended upside down from the ceiling, somehow keeping its share of liquid despite gravity seeming to be normal here. The walls subtly shift, as if crawling with some sort of alien life form. Another trio of tentacled mutants wait to greet you, gesturing down the hall towards where several figures are standing and floating, the one front and center a familiar sight to some... the Black Druid from the incident that began this all, her severed arm replaced by a long octopus-like tentacle. The figures begin to speak, each issuing three words before the next continues the sentence in order "Welcome to our humble abode, we've been expecting you. We're afraid our
[19:42] Scene: leader is busy, and won't be able to greet you herself, but as you've seen, your future brothers and sisters have been eager to greet you. Come, drink from the fountains of change and embrace the future. You've seen what has come for you... fighting is futile"
[19:44] Phantasma: So Ive been told, that this group is making a real mess. Time pockets, gravity, temperature. Something about being gone for a few months and they wreck the place . Plus the juju is bad. The entire feel of the place is off. ... no thanks on the change. I'm already off my rocker as it is, wait does that mean I'm not off my rocker because I know that I am? But do you have footlongs?
[19:45] Alicia Frakture walks into the room, her outfit staying on but the effect of the fountain wearing off slowly."Heavens, I don't think that fountain is very good. Something about it seems wrong to me. We can all come back to my place for a lemonade, or martini." She doesn't notice but her hands are making fists and releasing before fisting again.
[19:47] Pandora sighs as she hears the commentary of the whole "fighting is futile. tired fo the shit she is hearing she just sets her gun to incidiary rounds and levels her rifle to Oceanus's head before trying to unload three explosive rounds at near point blank range "Im tired of the cult talk, lets skip to giving every one the coolaid already" she states her protectorate badge on full display for hellguard if she wished to look.
[19:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR charges her pulsers again, and carefully begins walking forward, keeping it slow so the others can maintain formation. There was something very off about this whole place, and while Zephyr wasn't by any means scared....yet, she could not admit that this place didn't leave her feeling a little disturbed. The relative lack of hostility certainly wasn't helping, either. as she walked over the odd ground, she ran her armored hand over the colored grass. "Stay in formation, watch our flanks, and don't let anything that isn't on our side too close-" she stopped as she looked ahead, her visor centering on the one in the middle of the chamber. "Is that....who I think it is?" As the group speaks, she hums. "Finally, we're getting somewhere. So!" She hits the plasma explosive rounds on her pulsers, a low, rising whine emanating from them. "Shall we continue bantering as you try to convince us to give up? Or shall we skip the pleasantries and straight to the fight? Because I will admit....I've been holding myself b
[19:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR blinks as she's interrupted by gunfire from Pandora. "Well, there you go." She said, grinning. "Shall we begin?"
[19:53] Power Flash(Pilix) moves forward through the grasses, glancing at the gesturing mutants and looking ahead toward the group that actually spoke, including that cultist woman that started this whole mess with a new tentacle arm. She sighs softly, shaking her head some. "No thanks... I don't feel like drinking any change juice or turning into one of... those things. Better to fight, even die fighting than to keep existing like.. that." She braces herself as one of the others attacks first, sighing a bit at the trigger happiness of this group, preparing for a fight, but not making a first move unless needed.
[19:56] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) goes higher, glaring at the five gathered. Elementals, all of them. Spoke to the one of fire, not attacking yet. "Druid of flame, hear me. Why do you serve the chaos, when it is you who turn worlds to ash and purge the impure with flame?" he asked, his voice sounding as if its coming from the air around the five.
[19:56] Katy for a moment turns around to one of her allies (Goku) to explain "Nah, Hellguard is for sure a lot of things, but not a horny lizard lady ... Mel is our former Chief of the Protectorate ... best one we ever had, if ye ask me ..." turning to HG in suprise, when confronted with those scanner readings "And seems you're in top form to deal with these ... whatever these are. I'm feelin' a bit out of my expertise here." she returns her attention to the lovely welcoming and the wonderfully bizzare environment "Shame to ruin this place ... alright, lets get to work ...." trying to move into cover behind Zeph, her shield and one of her blades active and ready for combat.
[20:02] Raigeki lets out a sigh " Well. Here we go" She starts to float up into the air and her aura starts to flow " I'll warn you now.My allies and I have brought gods to their knees. Many times we have heard the threat that we have no chance and we have always emerged victorious. Have your leader come out and speak to us and we can avoid this conflict, Otherwise, I have to issue to the same warning you would try to. If you decide to make this into a fight, You will not be able to stand against us. " Then to emphasize her comment by flaring her em aura somewhat to try and intimidate them
[20:04] Goku (llsongokull): ~''I see, well that's good, more allies for us huh. '' He said at Katy, with a light chuckle as he proceeds to enter into the newer location. His eyes widen in shock yet again, as he took a look around, seeing more of the creatures, it was like were guest to a royal event. ''The hell is going on here!'' He shouted to the creatures. ''This game of yours has gone long enough, it's about time you start telling us what is really going on here.'' Then after listening to one of the creatures, hearing about change, brothers and sisters and all that nonsense, which all started to make sense on why they didn't attack us, they wanted us to be apart of them. ''No thanks, I'll pass on that changing stuff, I'm fine how I look now.'' He said, declining their offer. Then he heard a gunshot from Pandora, that shot, was the trigger of a battle. ''Well, I guess this is the part where the fights start huh?'' He said as he immediately shot a thread of web at one of the creatures in matters of seconds, hoping for it to attach
[20:04] Goku (llsongokull): it so that he can aggressively pull it down with his tremendous super strength and attempt to slam the creature into the ground harshly which should create a small crater from the impact ''Hraah!" ~
[20:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shrugs to Katy "honestly? You know as much as I. I just know there are beacons to here opening up all over the damn place. Faith and I ran into a few creatures in our travels but these don't exactly look familiar" she states, taking to the sky as well, the room giving plenty of opportunity for it. She draws her blade, energy ripping along the edge and she calls out "I will echo my allies in saying that if we need to fight you, it will not be a fun fight. There is still time to surrender" she states, though knows that won't be likely. She holds up her hand, preparing to send a blast of energy, but holding off for the moment
[20:11] Alicia Frakture runs towards the Druid."Gonna gut ya.... come over for some cookies." Her personality switching between normal and the new version of her as she moves towards the opponents, as she gets close she pulls a hand back as a fist
[20:13] Scene: The group laugh out as one as several of you threaten them, speaking in their strange staggered unison once again "You fail to understand... whoever wins today will change nothing... the laws have been unearthed, the keys located, and the door approaches. Our part is done, the rest is in Her hands, and nothing can stop Her" the sudden shot catching them off-guard, the first round hitting Oceanus full-on, though his wounds seem to flow with water rather than blood, which douses the incendiaries instantly, and by the time the second shot goes off a wall of rock springs up to intervene. At the same time, Ignatus lobs a fireball at Mikoto, her unsubtle approach making her an appealing target, a gust of wind flowing behind the flames, feeding them and accelerating them to incredible speeds. The Black Druid watches Alicia approach, tapping her staff to the ground, and suddenly the grass seems to come alive, grasping at the legs of anyone on the ground, while the charge is met by the opening of a black hole like th
[20:13] Scene: the one she had escaped through the first time, sucking Alicia in to some unknown location
[20:17] Phantasma frowns jumping up to a wal and..standing on it? She ran forwards, disappearing in an eye blink as she hurled three ceramic shuriken at the drui, each one would flash with a dark blue glyphe and try to instantly freeze whatever they hit- crumbling into dust afterwords" Yeah. bad choice"
[20:18] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR takes the time that the group is laughing at them to light off her thrusters, jetting into the air. As she does, she raises her quad pulsers and aims them squarely at Druid. "You see, killing gods is kind of our hobby. So please, do be a dear and inform your goddess she has a date with the afterlife. PAE?" She says, addressing her squadmates even as she keeps her pulsers trained on Druid. "Be good dears, and FIRE AT WILL." With this, she fires....but not at Druid. Instead, at the last instant, she shifts her aim to the muscular male to Druid's left, sending him a blizzard of plasma-sheathed explosive rounds. Upon impact, they would detonate with the concussive force of a powerful land mine, and would burn with the heat of a sizable star upon detonation.
[20:20] Pandora frowns as she notices how little effect her rounds had yet she happened to be ignored for now jumping back as her cloak was down she sighs and hits the mode change on her gun switching to combat containment foam opening full auto fire on the one made of water hoping to have a favorable effect on it.
[20:22] Power Flash(Pilix) listens to the oddly spoken words of the trio, frowning a bit at what they said. "Then I guess our fight isn't really with you, is it? If your part is done.. if you don't matter anymore. Why not stand aside and let us talk to the one who's really behind all this, if you're so confident we can't stop them anyway." She gasps as she feels something tighten around her legs, trying to fly up, but already grabbed by the grasses. She tries to fly up all the same, trying to pull against the hold, shaking her legs as she fires a blast toward the ground. "Let go!" She sighs, looking as the others start attacking, which led to the grass grabbing people, huffing a bit.
[20:29] Katy was of course suprised about the grass suddenly starting to ensare her legs and close to root her into place. Analzying the situation, her remarkable adaptive organism would restructure the surface of her legs into a near zero friction nanolayer, resulting into a state of superlubricity. Katy would stow her blade away and try to focus then, starting to charge the graviton generator of her right arm, concentrating and preparing a gravitational attack for the next round. Her target would be the enemy with the biggest mass.
[20:30] Raigeki moves forwards slightly so that she was just behind Zephyr extending her left hand "Borutobaria!" she calls out creating an electromagnetic shield. While a wave of some of the heat managed to make through it seemed more ititating than damaging " My turn" She comments "Kugelblitz Shūto!" And four of the orbs of ball lighting shoot out and arc twards the fire caster like homing shots chasing him down if he tries to move .
[20:34] Goku (llsongokull): ~Benjamin kept his alertness high, whether his recent attacked connected or not, he was ready for any incoming creatures trying to attack him. The orange-clad hero, kept his mental focus, this time, NOW it is okay to attack back; he was not going to let these bastard get away with their corrupt plans. He kept his breathing moderate, and his feet spread apart from each other, while clutching both of his fists together, tightly. He then notices something strange on the ground, as he leaped onto the left side of the wall, sticking himself on it like a Spider, observing what else is going down there. ~~Benjamin kept his alertness high, whether his recent attacked connected or not, he was ready for any incoming creatures trying to attack him. The orange-clad hero, kept his mental focus, this time, NOW it is okay to attack back; he was not going to let these bastard get away with their corrupt plans. He kept his breathing moderate, and his feet spread apart from each other, while clutching both of his fists
[20:34] Goku (llsongokull): together, tightly. He then notices something strange on the ground, as he leaped onto the left side of the wall, sticking himself on it like a Spider, observing what else is going down there. ~
[20:36] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves closer into the place. swinging down with a nasty plummet, wings snapping down and expanding at the last moment, slamming her feet to the ground and trying to blast the druid point blank with a beam of holy energy, her blade on standby in case a melee fight was necessary. She was focused for the moment on the combat or she'd have made a badge comment
[20:49] Scene: The Black Druid simply smiles at the words directed her way "We still have our role to fulfill, and our place to earn... we're simply not a key element anymore. You'll see Her again soon enough, if you survive this night" her staff coming up to intercept the blast, forming a barrier of swirling black energy, which absorbs it but still pushes her backwards several feet. The grass continues to grab, trying to tighten up on anyone already gripped, shots blasting it away but it regrows at immense rates. Oceanus is pelted with foam shots, her water washing away as much as it can, but bit by bit the material beings to build up on her, a larger wave of water sweeping out from her hand to try to batter Pandora out of the way and stop the shots. Terrus is hit by the heavy explosive rounds, his body blasting open to reveal nothing but rock inside, which crumbles down to extinguish the flames though he seems smaller now. Suddenly a chunk of the ceiling above Zephyr breaks off and falls towards her. The attack on Ignatu
[20:49] Scene: Ignatus and Nicole's Kunai are both intercepted by a massive burst of wind to slam them into a wall, taking out two of the projectiles from each attack. The remaining Kunai catches one of Aetherius' hands, freezing it up and making her cry out, while the other two lightning orbs rip holes in Ignatus, revealing his body to be full of molten lava, which flows out from him in floating blobs, as if there were no gravity here, drifting through the air aimlessly. He focuses on building up a much larger fireball this time, gathering his energy for the moment while he pushes past the injury. Those clinging to the wall can feel it twitching and squirming under them, the surface slightly squishy and sticky, seeming to sink in under pressure
[20:55] Phantasma lifts a foot" feels fleshy..no biggy " She keeps movign and pulls another pair of shuriken up. A light b;ue glyph gping off on them as they crumble and creating ords of water, which might fall to the ground as heavy rain drenching the area, or float..she didnt know given that lava. She would then leap to the opposite wall in her continued motions
[20:56] Pandora notices the grasses hold on her a bit too late however the water washes her back and out of its grasp both interupting her fire but also saving her from the grass. using her agility and reflexes she flips in midair opening a spray of further rounds till the 30 round clip is empty the water disrupting her aim as she is washed back out of the grassy area landing down as she slams into the ground briefly disorienting her but her suits shock absorbers handling the impact.
[21:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR There is a bright flash, and sounds of what can only be described as a crackling hiss, as the chunk of ceiling falls on Zephyr and impacts the corona of plasma surrounding her. The majority of the mass is vaporized instantly, but a large amount manages to push Zephyr down, within inches of the grass, and she lights off her thrusters to regain altitude before she is grabbed. "Elements...huh....Hey Raigeki, I bet the Elemental Court would get a kick out of this!" She shouts, and hits a button on her pulsers. With a beep, the lights turn to a deeper blue, and frost begins to form on the barrel. "Hey, Water Girl! Three guesses what happens when water gets cold!" She shouts, and shifts her attack to her, firing off another prolonged burst from her pulsers. This time, upon impact with their targets, the projectiles would explode and superfreeze, turning instantly to a shell of ice in the double digits below freezing.
[21:02] Power Flash(Pilix) huffs and pulls against the gripping grass, kicking her feet. Her blasts seemed not to have much effect on the grass, instead just trying to hover upward... She reaches to loosen her boots a bit, sighing softly as she lets them slip off, the grass holding them as she floats free, trying to stay out of range of the grass now. She looks toward the elementals, huffing a bit. "Well then.. guess we're just going to do this." She throws some energy blasts toward the leader now.
[21:42] Phantasma leapt from the squishy walls, rolling in the grass and in a dart charging for the druid. Her mind focussed, she lashed for her trying to strike at the spot between the ribs for a heart strike, the sweet spot. Darkness envelopped her as the druids portal overtook her those as she was sucked in, her mask opened. A rather sticky tongue lashed out breaking the sound barrier to wrap the druids and pull her in with her

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Re: A glance beyond

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[18:23] Scene: Phantasma's dive attack drags the Black Druid into the rift, and a few seconds later the Druid stumbles out of another one, covered in brutal slashes and collapsing to the ground, her blood running out. Pandora's wild shots manage a few more hits on Oceanus, adding a bit more foam onto her, slowing her movements enough for Zeph's retreating shots to freeze her up fully. Power Flash's blasts at the Druid cut into her back, adding to the likelihood she won't be rising again. Ignatus unleashes a much larger fireball this time, hurling it towards the center of the group, the flames roiling unstably, being urged on by Aetherius' winds once more, while Terrus causes spikes of rock to burst up out of the ground beneath Hell Guard
[18:28] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) spikes of rock are easily avoidable by someone with wings, though she takes a bit to get off the ground thanks to the over-aggressive grass. She manages to take a bit of damage on the ankles, shaking it off. She shakes her head and looks at Terrus with a growl "not a fair move nor a fun one. See how you take this" she growls and hurls an explosive ball of energy at Terrus, looking to inflict maximum damage
[18:30] Pandora sighs out as she switches her guns fire mode back to incindeary rounds and begins firing on a patch of grass under the feet of the buff looking rock user just to see if the grass could catch on fire. hoping that it wasnt dried out. or some how magically would light all the grass in the room on fire. as that could be an issue.
[18:33] Katy was still trying to charge up her particle accelerators, barely able to keep her thermal balance, a big amount of excess heat radiated from her organism which possible ignites the grass entangling her. Katy was still in need of another round to charge, meanwhile trying to protect herself from incoming rocks and fire with her defensive hardlight barrier.
[18:43] Power Flash(Pilix) seeing the large fireball fired toward the group, she lifts her hands to fire power blasts toward it, hoping to counter-act it before it reaches the core of the group. She looks toward the one that threw it, and fires off several more shots his way.
[18:44] Scarlet entered the surreal battlefield with her weapon drawn and her shield ready. Her gestalt mind picked out a target in short order: Aetherius. A gout of flame erupted from the knight's soles, propelling her upwards and towards the mage. She lashed out with a blindingly fast horizontal cut, seeking to liberate Aetherius' head from her shoulders. There was far more to her attack than what met the eye, however; she used her aerokinesis to harden and flatten a thin strip of atmosphere that extended from the tip of her sword, effectively giving the blade three more feet of reach than it appeared to have.
[18:45] Raigeki Frowns and looks to the one in red. thinking he was probably the most dangerous of the bunch. "Well Time to try something new. " She pulls one of her 2 cryo grenades off her belt and pulls the pin The spoon goes flying and she aims at the red being calling out Furīzurērugan!" then fires the grenade at the red being, at 1 1/2 times the speed of sound, hoping that both the impact and the cryoexplosion would be a powerful combination, Or at least enough to make the being start to reconsider it's position
[18:52] Roop Platinum (roop0tastic): *she immediately turns to the Protectorate Officer next to her and shouts: "What's going on! Where are we!?!?!" as she grabs her arm*
[18:54] Byron has been in a dark place ever since the events surrounding the attack on the City by a madman seeking to poison it with fear gas and his murder of innocent people as part of a sick game. He has not been seen much around the city since then, battling an inner rage, an inner darkness. Few times he's shown up, he's been a little more violent and brutal when dealing with the criminal element. The inner struggle has proven difficult and yet he's felt a disturbance in the city. Lately he would ignore them, figuring the world's heroes had it handled as he didn't think himself reliable for the time being yet.. he felt this disturbance... as well as an urge. He had to answer the call. He was able to luckily locate the place he needed to go, having been guided by armored officers also knee deep in whatever is going on. As they had gotten deeper, it became increasingly clear what he was in for. Many creatures inhabited this area, yet he felt no hostility from them. Some were even scared and did everything t
[18:54] Byron could to avoid them. Also with him was his spirit companion, the bear Kuma, who looked around anxiously. None can see him unless they can see spirits and chi energy, otherwise Byron can make him visible if he chooses. The closer they got, the more he heard. He could even feel it. There was a fight going on and he was late to the party. Those more familiar with him will notice his changed appearance, letting his hair loose, his dark hoodie. What he saw was a group of people seeming to come fresh out of a Conan film fighting everyone else. Each having their own unique power it seems. One of them has fallen and he could tell she was not going to get back into this fight. He doesn't know who these individuals were, but he decided to pick a target. He says nothing, igniting a ball of energy in the palm of his hand. He whistles to get some attention, looking at everyone as if deciding who to go after, but really he made up his mind already. He's going for Mr. Fireball, Ignatus. Having just entered t
[18:54] Byron scene, he wasn't near the center, but could tell this guy might be one of the more troublesome figures in this fight. Looks like someone else is dealing with the large fireball so that leaves this guy more open. Aiming his open hand at Ignatus, the ball of energy launches. It's the size of a baseball, spinning through the air. Unless he's brittle, the blast won't kill him if it lands, but it will pack enough punch to possibly knock him on his ass and leave a burn mark at the point of impact.
[19:03] Scene: Hell's energy ball slams into Terrus, knocking him back and sending some chunks of rock flying out from him, his body seeming a little smaller again with each bit of damage he takes, responding by making several boulders appear and hurl themselves at Hell. Pandora's incendiary rounds hit the grass and make it smolder, burning a bit, but not really catching into a proper blaze. The fireball is partially split up and slowed as Power Flash's blasts disrupt it and the wind, then it splatters into Nyx's shield, scattering liquid-like flames around her that float around wildly through the air. Aetherius smiles as Scarlet leaps up at her, moving to the side in response to the extended blade rather than the visible one, as if she can sense the manipulation, only taking a glancing slice rather than the intended slash, and responding with a small burst of arcing electricity. Ignatus tries to dodge the dual explosives heading his way, but as they collide the explosion becomes larger, sending him slamming into the wall
[19:03] Scene: and leaving him reeling for the moment
[19:07] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) masterfully slices the first boulder in half but is caught by the second one, flopping back. She groans, her armor undented but her arm nice and dislocated. She lets out a shout and pops it back into place, snarling with a range that she focuses as floats up and then snaps down, going into a dive, moving close across the burning grass and attempting to shove her blade deep through Terrus' chest.
[19:09] Pandora is grabbed by the shouting woman as she is in the middle of firing off her rifle. the rifle veers to the side and sprays the ground level with incindiary rounds before she finally lets off the trigger hoping the woman didnt just force her to shoot her own forces. looking at her with a bit of anger she says "Ma'am this is a combat zone, so unless you are able too protect yourself please find the nearest corner to go hide in. and try not to become a hostage"
[19:12] Katy almost finished to reach the necessary energy density, to make use of her particle accelerator, yet the impact of the fireball would easily overload her barrier projector, she shield collapses and Katy is engulfed in flames and intense heat. This organism was designed for a nuclear battlefield and her adaptive surface layers would react with a tantalum carbide coating, able to withstand more than 4500 °C. Sadly, her thermal balance was now totally ruined, any offensive action would cause an emergency shutdown. Katy could only wait for cooldown now.
[19:17] Power Flash(Pilix) sighs seeing the fireball mostly dispursed, and Katy seeming mostly alright. She watches the fiery one slammed into a wall and glances around the others, turning her attention to Aetherius, sending some charged energy blasts toward her, hoping to at least distract her so Scarlet could land a hit.
[19:17] Scarlet: The electric burst struck Scarlet square in the chest, charring a fist-sized chunk of her flesh and causing her to twitch in discomfort. Had it not been for the fact that she too was an electrokinesis user, and had been able to mitigate the worst of the attack, the injury would have been much more severe. The knight twisted her body around to face Aetherius as her momentum carried her away, and pointed her sword at the mage. A column of white-hot flames, no wider than a human thumb, erupted from the tip and sped towards her target's abdomen. Behind the target, three more magmatic beams materialized, each aimed at Aetherius' center of mass.
[19:19] Raigeki grabs her second cryonade and twisted a dial on it. instead of an instant freezing blast it would be released slowly droping the ambient temperature to around -10 C. She drops the nade next to Katy to help speed up her cooling. once her friend is taken care of she starts to zero in on ingnus again, but instead of attacking she begins to charge up her energy and collect it for a more powerful blow.
[19:23] Roop Platinum (roop0tastic): *looking around at the mess and chaos going on around her she turned to the Officer and yelled "If this is some sort of battle zone why the HELL was I brought her!!!"
[19:24] Byron smirks as he sees the attacks successfully hit. Just then, there's an explosion of wind around him. The pressure in the air intense. No he doesn't have wind powers, it's just the pressure from him unleashing his aura, increasing his power as it flows through his veins. His body becoming more enhanced, becoming one with the energy. It branches off, connecting to everything around him. Chi is universal. He overhears what Pandora says to the panicking woman. "You best be running," he said without even turning to acknowledge her. "Because if you can't fight, you'll be in the way." He begins walking across the battlefield, a single goal in mind, ignoring everything else as everyone had an opponent. His focus was on Ignatus and he planned to end him. Kuma roars next to him as he began focusing his energy, surging it into his right hand. "Show me Rock...." He balls his hand into a fist as it started glowing.
[19:28] Scene: Hell's stab cuts right through the center of Terrus, breaking out large chunks of rock from his mid-section. Knowing he's not gonna last much longer, he alters his body the rest of the way to rock, forming massive spikes that extend out from his front, trying to impale HG and trade deaths. Aetherius responds to the fire beam she sees by creating a flow of oxygen-rich air, diverting the flames up and away, however she doesn't see the beams behind, which rip through her with ease, a loud shriek escaping as she bursts into flames and falls to the ground. Ignatus shakes off the daze and looks around, seeing his comrades down and everyone turning their powers towards him, he elects to die on his own terms as well, his entire body ripping apart in a large explosion, scattering his molten blood through the corridor, the repeated flame attacks causing the grass in various areas to start catching fire properly now. As the last of the elementalists falls, the barrier at the back of the room fades away, revealing anoth
[19:28] Scene: another chamber beyond, from which echoes only a single sound... a long, slow, golf clap
[19:31] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls as a couple spikes manage to breach her armor. She groans, falling back and slowly standing up, not used to fighting anything smarter than a lesser demon. She shakes her head, moving to the creature and gripping her blade, yanking it out unceremoniously, and sheathing it as she hears the clapping. She starts walking it off as she checks around to see if everyone else is fine, pointing at Pandora's badge and nodding knowingly "good to see someone is still fighting the good fight"
[19:32] Pandora looked to the woman as she sighs and shoves to the side to try and release the womans grip on her as she says "I dont know who you are. and i dont know why you were brought here. but i repeat this is a combat zone, if you keep distracting me your going to get us both killed." hearing the clap she forces the woman away even if she has to throw her before activating her secondary systems waiting for the power core to switch over as she turns toward the source of the clapping. she chuckles looking to HG "Well some one has to keep shit going, nice to meet you Ma'am"
[19:36] Katy was actually super glad about the offered nice cooling, raising her free hand "Thanks boss ... i'm alright ..." eventually being able to reconfigure her back structure, her twin blades 'melting' into phasematter and restructuring into her small fusion jetpack, trying to improve her mobility and dashing up into the air, trying to evade the incoming molten blood.
[19:38] Power Flash(Pilix) watches Aehterius meet a fiery end, even without her help. She looks around, seeing Ignatus... ignite in an explosion spreading fire and lava over the floor. "Watch the magma..." She looks over as the barrier to the next section drops and she hears the slow clapping. She slowly hovers forward to investigate what and who was inside...
[19:39] Scarlet fell to the floor of the cavernous structure, landing without so much as a sound. She had held her shield up to block the pyrokineticist's suicidal blast, and it now bore a number of rents and burns. It was a simple piece of steel, after all. She had managed to evade serious injury via the use of her own pyrokinesis, pushing flames away from the unprotected parts of her body. She spun on her heel the instant that she heard the slow clapping, holding her battered shield up in a defensive fashion. "Show yourself, knave." she ordered coolly, with small gouts of flame dancing along the blade of her sword.
[19:47] Raigeki floats forward through the door and lowers to the level of the strange woman. She hadn't used up her charge from before but seeing as they had opened the room, she continued to charge up, but tried to hide the build up so that their foe wouldn't realize that " So. You're the rinleader?
[19:59] Roop Platinum (roop0tastic): *with a cold look at the officer the girl let go of her and said: "I NEED to get out of here. Just tell me how and I'mm leave you alone I swear!"
[20:00] Byron sees each invader fall, especially the man he was planning to finish off dying in a gory, bloody explosion of lava. He was planning to do that to his head with his punch. He starts backflipping to create distance, feeling a drop of lava land on his arm, burning a hole in his sleeve."Well," he said, wiping soot off his clothing as he releases the energy he was building along with the air pressure around him returning to normal. "That was a little disappointing." He shrugs then pats Kuma on the head. "Guess the day is saved again." Then he hears the golf clap. Kuma growls. The duo stares at the chamber. The corner of his mouth twists into a smirk. "Then again, I guess it's not over."
[20:07] The Overseer stops her clap as the first couple people enter her chamber, the walls in this room crawling even more than in the hallway, and a glance up reveals that, though you entered this place well beneath the city, the view outside this room seems to be in the depths of outer space. The air is thick with tangible energy, and the figure is barely distinguishable, its body ethereal and as dark as the outside, voice hollow and echoing as it speaks "I told them you wouldn't understand, but they insisted on trying. I lead this gathering, but you cannot even begin to grasp the forces behind what is coming. I have been granted the tiniest speck of power... a single drop from the entirety of Her ocean, and that alone has allowed me to transcend all that you lesser beings could hope to understand. Yet still I see that you will fight to your very last breaths... it would be admirable if it weren't so pointless. Come then, let us join in the oldest dance of the cosmos..." the air around the figure beginning to ripple and d
[20:07] The Overseer: distort as gravity changes focus, drawing towards the disruptions she's creating
[20:09] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods to Pandora "will have to meet you when we get through this" she states with a wink since she'd not gotten a name. She moves into the next room, flapping wings a bit, ready to counter any weird gravity "so are you now going to fight us with this tiny drop of power or are you gonna mess with our equilibrium for a bit?" she asks, hoping no one had any big amounts of kimchi or this was going to be a very messy place in a few minutes
[20:12] Pandora walked into the room following hellguard "Names pandora, and sounds good Hellguard" she says with a chuckle. "Eh i figure she will probably monologue for a bit. throw some attacks at us, before we discover she is just a hencman and the boss we are looking for isnt in this ... space castle. makes things a bit irritating. i tend to like to skip to the main course, not start with an appetizer "
[20:16] Katy arrives inside of the 'arena', hovering beside the boss and now confronted with the lovely welcome speech of that shadowy figure. Internally, Katy was spammed with warning indicators, postulating a increasing spacetime distortion around the primary target. Glady, she still had her particle accelerator fully charged from the former fight, and this time she wouldn't wait and try to generate a intense flux of gravitions in the center of the 'Overseer', possibly causing a gravitational vector to the ground, with about a force of 80 tons. Katy would hope that this action might disrupt the targets action, whatever it was planning to do next ...
[20:19] Power Flash(Pilix) sighs a bit, shaking her head as she hears more of the same old 'you can't hope to win' rhetoric the others spouted. "Even if we don't stand a chance, even if fighting is futile in the end and we all just die..... it's better to fight and die free, than to bow down to some cosmic tyrant, or continue to exist as the mindless twisted mutants you've turned people into. If my only other option is to allow some being to come in and uproot our lives and rule us at their whim, then I would rather fight, even if I die." Then, feeling some.. odd feeling of disturbance in the area, she lifts her hands and throws power blasts toward the strange being, to see what she could do.
[20:20] Scarlet: Intent on ending the threat quickly the knight threw herself into the inner chamber. She hacked and slashed at the figure with her sword, despite being several dozen feet away; Scarlet would have looked foolish, were it not for the crescent-shaped arcs of flame that formed after each swing and sped off towards the Overseer. Each roiling blast of fire hissed and sizzled as it flew, leaving smoke in its wake. "Your threats are empty." she stated calmly, forming and hurling another burning crescent towards the translucent figure. "You have neither the strength of body nor quickness of wit needed to overcome us." Her words were filled with contempt, and practically crackling with a smoldering fury.
[20:28] Raigeki lets her created plasma blade fade absorbing her energy " So, you come and try to mess with our world, you have the GALL to say we have no chance and that it's Hopeless? " Her electricity arc and the vibrations in the air it makes sounds like music [https://youtu.be/a727SZcZieE ] " I'
[20:31] Raigeki: "I am Mikoto -fucking- Takamacki, And I'm surrounded by allies who wake up, go out and kick the impossible in the sack before breakfast! When threatened, We've killed GODS who not only destroyed worlds, but entire fucking universes, And you have the overconfidence to proclaim it's hopeless? I'm not even the strongest the city can throw at you! So yeah. You are right. It's hopeless. For you. "
[20:38] Roop Platinum (roop0tastic): *seeing situation get more and more intense the girl ran over to the officer in an attempt to reason.* "Look just get me out of here and I'll owe you big time! Please! I NEED to get out of here!"
[20:38] Roop Platinum (roop0tastic): *she pleaded*
[20:39] Byron felt the energy crawling along his skin. The air so thick, anyone lesser might choke on it. He can see the aura of this being, it matches its appearance. Formless, yet dark. He looks down at Kuma, who looks back at him. He sighs. This feels more like the disturbance he felt before, but he also wasn't entirely sure... was this the real threat or was there yet another behind it? It was a good thing he didn't go all out against that fireball guy afterall. He follows the others inside, his energy raising again, his body enhanced like before. The air around him also thickening due to his aura being unleashed. "Well let's get this over with," he said, closing his eyes and focusing. Also so he doesn't see the distortion happening around him. He can feel the pull of gravity, using his chi to maintain his posture. This darkness... it almost felt as if it also called to the darkness inside of him. The other side of him. Kuma growls, sensing the danger they were in. Byron doesn't attack yet, he wanted to
[20:39] Byron access the situation first. The people before were easy targets, this was different. This thing... evil poured off it. Maybe... it's time to reach into another part of him to cleanse it. So his energy raises, his mind searching through his memories trying to remember the lessons of his own sensei, particularly a lesson about darkness, light, and nothingness...
[20:44] The Overseer sees the attacks from Pilix and Scarlet rushing towards it, yet makes no move itself, instead one of the distortions whips into place in front of her, opening into a singularity and sucking every blast into nothingness. However, it interferes in seeing exactly what Nyx is doing, and the gravitational alteration hits it as well, though only at a fraction the expected force due to the non-physical nature of the being, slamming it towards the ground, a wave of telekinetic force erupting out just before impact to cushion the fall, the being's gaze moving to the one that speaks most as a leader for the moment, driving a spike of mental images and commands at Raigeki, horrors from beyond the darkest reaches of the cosmos, sigils and forms that defy comprehension, and a voice of immense power urging "submit. obey. serve."
[20:45] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at Pandora and nods "alright then...I'm giving you operational support through this mess" she states, drawing her blade and readying herself to be an NPC for the rest of the fight
[20:48] Pandora turns to look to roop as she finally gets fed up "Look i cant get you out of here or i would have just to get you the fuck out of my hair. and as you cant seem to shut up" she mutters and slings her rifle quickly grabbing hold of her sidearm and switching to nanite sleep rounds she levels it at the womans head and fires off a shot set to low power trying to just knock her out so she wouldnt be a problem any more muttering again as she would grab the woman if she was knocked out and do her best to move the defenseless annoyance some where out of the combat area.
[20:50] Katy was barely able to understand or control the particle accelerator, yet at it seemed like the targets initiative was broken 'Thermal load at 50% ...' was blinking in red inside of her augmented reality vision. Katy would decide to deactivate her fusion jetpack and land on the ground, to more efficentily get rid of all that heat inside her. She would not take any offensive actions this round and hope that her allies would be able with the target, now that it was 'grounded' ...
[20:52] Power Flash(Pilix) watches as she sees the blasts get sucked in by a singularity. It seemed a more direct approach would be needed... She flew toward the being herself, swooping in as the energy in her hands charges, the glowing orbs growing larger and more powerful as she closes in, aiming to throw her fists out and slam her energy directly into the being, letting it explode into her, if she could get to her.
[20:54] Scarlet: Upon seeing her ranged attacks fail to so much as scratch the creature, Scarlet opted to change strategies. She breathed deeply, and the air around her seemed to shimmer and distort for the barest few seconds. Power welled up within her, and she concentrated upon spreading that power to each and every cell of her being. If she couldn't cause it harm by physical means, perhaps she'd just need to join the Overseer in incorporeality.
[21:04] Raigeki had been storing energy for a while and the moment she felt the pressure of the tepathic wave she knew she had little time. It seemed like an eternety, but in reality it was less than a second. Her whole body turned to electricity and seemed to cease to be, only to reform in front of her foe. With her left hand she fired the massive energy wave at the overseer., no quips, no commends. With her right she hit a control button hidden on her wrist. Those close would hear a robotic voice mutter "failsafe activated. " and then Mikoto simply crumpled to the ground.
[21:05] Byron sits on the ground in a meditative position. He's been so consumed by darkness, struggling with it lately, that he hadn't had the time to really find a balance. This was that time to do so. He wasn't going to just merely attack it, he was going to get rid of the darkness. "Darkness is a poison. It is destruction. It is chaotic," the words of his master filling his head. "Light is calm. It is healing. It is order. It is control. It is purity."" His energy ever rising. He was reaching into that darkness now, the darkness threatening to consume him. Drawing out its power as the voice of his other self, Dakuguma, tries to taunt him. "That's it... release me... you need me now... admit it!" His energy transform, air thickening, reflecting a dark intent.. a strong urge to kill. The inner struggle was coming to a head but if he can do this.. he might have the power needed.
[21:09] The Overseer draws down the other distortion as Pilix charges it, and right as the fist impacts its body a white hole erupts for a split second, sending out a massive blast wave of force through the whole room to batter everyone away, though it's unable to stop Mikoto in her electric form as she attacks, the energy blasting through the figure and sending it reeling back, doubled over in what seems to be pain for the moment, throwing up a telekinetic barrier to try to buy time to recover from that shock
[21:12] Pandora holsters her sidearm as she sighs her switchover completed she moves to the back of the room and kneels down trying to make herself a harder target to spot as energy begins to well up inside of her. likely un-noticed except by those able to feel or read such things. her stealth systems entirely shut off now for once she has an EM reading and it is peaking like all hell and just growing. she doesnt bother adding to the various monologues. just muttering about needing to deal with civilians in combat areas faster in the future.
[21:18] Katy was still busy to cooldown, trying to use the moment to scan those strange colored crystals for any energy or mass connection to the primary target. Noticing Raikgeki's collapse, Katy would bark out a "BOSS !" and try to dash forward, only to be battered by a incoming wave of telekinetic force, which would throw her down onto the ground, yet in a last ditch effort she would try to induce a very weak gravitational vector inside of Raigeki's body, trying to pull her into Pandora's direction.
[21:20] Power Flash(Pilix) yelps a bit as the combined explosions of her own power and the white hole summoned by the being slam into her and throw her back, landing on the ground, dazed for the moment, groaning a bit as a hand lifts to a spot on her head. "Ugh..." She wouldn't be down long thanks to her healing, her head starting to clear after a moment, but still recovering.
[21:20] Scarlet: The Overseer's shockwave blasted Scarlet back, but not before she was able to complete her incorporealization; she passed from view for a few seconds before reappearing through the wall, no longer bound by physical matter. She cursed to herself; rather than being limited by time, this form was limited by distance. Much of it had just been wasted by the shockwave, forcing her to expend most of her alloted distance to simply return to the fight. She glided towards her target, dropping her shield as she moved; it became material once it left her fingers, and hit the floor with a metallic clang. The knight gripped her weapon in both hands, intent on driving it through the Overseer's heart. She was normally incapable of affecting anything while incorporeal... but then again, she'd never attempted to affect another non-physical entity while in this state. Who knew what would happen?
[21:28] Raigeki lays down unconcious.. perhaps because she was trying to avoid being turned against her allies
[21:30] Byron struggles to focus as the battle rages. Dakuguma continues taunting him. "It's ok to say it. You're too weak to fight this. You were always weak when it counted. That's why you need me. I am the best friend you got!" Kuma whimpers next to him, showing concern for his friend. The air around him swirls, increasing in intensity. He tries to mentally block everything Daku says. He thinks of the good things, the lives he's saved, the memories of his master, who was a father figure to him, and even a woman he's met in the city and fell in love with. All good things and then... the air changes... redirecting as if in an updraft instead, yet it wasn't as intense. His energy now more calm. Something was happening. "Darkness and light coexist. One never exists without the other and yet what of the balance? Even better, what if you give up such ideas? What if you were beyond such things? Detach from all. Embrace nothing," his master's words echoes in his mind. "Nothing.." Byron says outloud just as a for
[21:30] Byron collides with him, It sends him rolling backwards from where he sat. That was something powerful, almost disorienting and yet... when Byron gets to his feet, something has changed. The air pressure was no more.. no read off his energy. I anyone could feel it before, they couldn't now. His aura changed.. it was clear yet flowed like water. He was changed. "Nothingness. Nothing exists. No limits. No hindrance. Reality is but a dream. Nothing is possible. Nothing is impossible." Byron continues remaining silent yet points at the Overseer, hand in the shape of a faux gun. He places his other hand on his forearm as if to hold steady. A ball of energy manifests at the tip of his finger. The energy was pure light, no color to it. He can see others struggle, he noticed the incorporeal girl taking the fight to the thing. Perhaps that is the distraction he needs. The small ball of energy begins growing in size. It grows to the size of a baseball, then a soccer ball. As it increases in size the win
[21:30] Byron picks up, swirling around him, blowing the hood off his head. The ball grows, changing to the size of a beach ball now. There's a flash of light then it decreases rapidly back to the size of a marble before it launches. Kuma roars so loudly, unleashing such a battle cry that even those who normally can't see or hear him, will have heard it. As it fires, it increases in size again, getting bigger and bigger. The attack is one meant to destroy, to destroy darkness and evil. If it can't kill, it should hurt, a lot. That's if it even lands. Regardless this is his one shot... he will be completely drained.. his body unable to move once he's spent that energy.
[21:39] The Overseer has other things keeping her occupied, not paying attention to those that are recovering or seem to be cowering, dodging to the side of Scarlet's attack, avoiding a fatal strike but still taking a solid thrust, which seems to hit her as if she was a normal person in that state, black quasi-blood flowing from the wound and dissolving into the air, then as she reels from the heavy hits already taken, Byron unleashes his blast, ripping through the figure completely before it can react, leaving a gaping hole. The being coughs out as it speaks once again "So... you buy yourselves another day... it matters not... my service will be rewarded... the keys have been found..." then what remains of the figure begins to break apart, the twin distortions becoming more and more intense, and then both erupt at once, twin black and white holes blasting conflicting forces through the room for a second before all traces of the Overseer vanish, and then from the hallway behind you hear a great chorus of relieved sighs, and
[21:39] The Overseer: those that glance back would see the mutated creatures dissolving into nothingness... some sort of essence flowing out from the mangled bodies
[21:44] Pandora cocks her brow as she walks towards mikoto and kneels down to her trying to jolt her awake placing her hand along the section of her body that would produce adrenalin before injecting a small jolt of electrons into it to jumpstart the process. turning to look to katy she asks out "Does any one here need aid, i can provide basic first aid or help carry you out" she says looking to byron. "Big guy, nice shot. any chance you have enough strength left to help carry that civilian out of here?"
[21:48] Scarlet: The knight, while not struck by Byron's attack, reeled as it passed her by. If one paid close attention while the bolt flew by her, they may have noticed her skin take on a deep crimson color for but a fraction of a second. She regained her composure after a few seconds, and sheathed her blade; she was corporeal once again. Then she remembered- "Lady Mikoto!" she cried, dashing over to her fallen employer. "Are you alright? Do you need my assistance?"
[21:50] Katy would try to get back up on her feet and hurry over to protect the unconscious Raigeki from whatever gravitational or telekinetic anomalies were swirling and blasting through the chamber. As soon as the exotic phenomenon was fading and the primary target seemed to have vanished, she would grumble up "Boss is unconscious ... a precautionary measure against mindcontrol. I'm takin care of her ... " deactivating her shield and gently lifting Mikoto up into her arms, to evacuate the boss, yet she would wait for Scarlet "Good job, knight ... we need to get out of here now."
[21:51] Byron stands in the same position he fired in, a smile coming to his face as he sees the creature obliterated by his blast. "So guess I saved the world for now," he manages to get out while breathing heavily. "Cool." He then acknowledges Pandora, who was trying to help others recover. He struggles again just to talk, "yea.. sure I can he...." he falls backwards, hitting the ground as his body has become incredibly weak. That was a powerful move the likes of which took a toll on him. His energy is gone. He was weak. He was tired. Now he's out.
[21:53] Raigeki: is carried by Katy. Horrendous snores escape her helmet.
[21:53] Katy glances over to Byron and nods polite "Hey, thanks mate ... that was a hell of a shot ... whatever it was ..."
[21:53] Katy gently carries the boss
[21:54] Power Flash(Pilix) groans a bit more, shaking her head some as she slowly sits up, looking around, seeing a lack of an Overseer and mutants dissolving. She glances around at the others. "So... we won I take it?" She slowly pushes up to her feet. "I'll be fine.... does anyone need to be carried out?" between the previous blasts and the distortions and energies rocking the room on the death of the Overseer, she'd taken a bit of damage to her uniform, her corset and top giving as she moves and falling away in pieces.
[21:54] Pandora sighs and mutters looking to the male "figures, fire off one big white shot and then you go all limp and useless" she chuckles trying to lighten the mood moving over to power flash and if able too lifting her up to fireman carry the girl on one shoulder then moving ot the civilian to carry her on the other. using her com vocally now "ya Im going to need medical responce units outside "
[21:55] Scene: The energy that pervaded the entire location seems to be thinning out now, and the strange grass is starting to dry and wither, though connections back to the city are still dead until the cave, whatever distortion caused that apparently still functioning
[21:55] Scarlet: "Wait." muttered the knight. "This substance that the creatures dispersed into- we should gather some of it."
[21:56] Pandora sighs and draws her explosive pistol aiming for the crystals before unloading shots at them. curious what effect it would have if any.
[21:57] Scene: The explosive rounds ricochet off the crystals and explode into the walls
[21:58] Power Flash(Pilix) waves her hand at Pandora as she approaches. "I'll be fine, don't worry... I don't stay damaged for long..." She looks toward the fallen man with a bit of a sigh. "Guessing he needs to be carried out...?" She blinks, watching her go to shoot at crystals then, hoping it doesn't cause more chain explosions.
[21:59] Pandora frowns some and cocks her brow. drawing her dagger with her free hand tossing the civilian down for the moment before going over to one of the crystals deciding to test out one more thing turning on the molecular vibrator edge she tries to cut through the crystal to see if she can obtain a sample. "probably. but. i have to deal with the load of dead weight known as a civilian"
[21:59] Scene: As Pandora leans down to start carving the crystals, she'd notice they're covered in all sorts of obscure arcane sigils
[22:02] Pandora sighs "fucking magic. " she grumbles and draws her other side arm looking to flash "if you can take the civ with you. im going to be down here a while" she says loading an arcane shell and aiming it to fire the entirely magical round firing it at one of the sigils after recording it and all other markings on that paticular crystal. still trying to see if she can manage to move the crystal or get a sample.
[22:05] Scene: The magical round chips at the crystal, but it seems to be highly durable in every respect, and as the sigils are copied onto paper they seem to crawl and writhe, the ink refusing to seep in in those patterns
[22:06] Sigrid seems to have arrived out of 'nowhere' and is kneeling nearby Raigeki, holdening her carefully and waving a hand to Scarlet "Yooohoooo Miss Scarlet ? A moment please .. i .. i really could use your assistance !"
[22:07] Power Flash(Pilix) moved over toward the fallen man, then glances back at Pandora, raising a brow. She looks at the large man and the unconscious civvie. "That's.. a lot, but I can try." She shrugs and moves over to pick up the girl, slinging her over a shoulder and then moving over toward the man again to lean down and grab at the scruff of his hoodie, then hovering up, hoping to lift him up while carrying the civvie girl and start making her way out.
[22:07] Pandora sighs a bit and finally grumbling taps her com device using her own means of communication "Ya N, i need Mythos, i have something here that is way over my head that could use a first hand look"
[22:07] Scarlet: The knight immediately ceased attempting to gather the fleeting essence, and made her way to Sigrid's side. "How can I help you, madam Sigrid?" she asked.
[22:08] Byron begins stirring, words coming out in a mumble. "Am I dead?"
[22:08] Sigrid blinks and tries to explain the situation "Would you be so nice, to carry Miss Miko- .... i mean 'Raigeki' and escort me during a small excursion inside of that nearby chamber. Those elaborate crystal structures are worthy of a closer inspection !"
[22:09] Scene: Pandora's comm chimes up with N's voice "Alright, I'll rouse her and send her your way. Expect her in 5-10 minutes"
[22:11] Scarlet picks up Mikoto in a bridal carry, being sure to hold her in such a way that her head won't loll about too much. "Of course. Lead the way, if you would."
[22:11] Power Flash(Pilix) sighs a bit, hearing the man waking. "Not yet, lucky you. Just.... don't look up, alright?" She'd noticed her state of exposure when she leaned to grab at him. "I'll have you out soon. Anywhere in particular you'd like to be dropped off? Hospital?"
[22:13] Sigrid nods, smiling but soon would move into the chamber, her angelic smile replaced with a expression of professnional interest. Sigrid's ever present holographic terminal and her beloved scientific omniscanner in her hand she would join the gathered "H-hello ! Do you mind, if i take a few samples and scans of these crystalline structures ?" wiggling her fingers to Pandora.
[22:13] Byron looking down to see his dangling feet, he couldn't panic even if he wanted too. Energy too low even for that. "Just... need a little rest," he slurred.
[22:15] Scarlet looked to Byron, Mikoto still in her arms. "Are you in need of medical attention, friend?" asked the knight. "If so, I would be glad to render it."
[22:17] Power Flash(Pilix) is floating, holding onto Byron's hoodie to keep him lifted with her as she makes her way toward the exit. She shrugs a bit to his response. "Got an address, or at least a street for me to drop you off at?"
[22:17] Mythos rides into the corridor on her wolf, suddenly tumbling off as she enters, pushing to her feet and wobbling a bit as she walks the rest of the way up with the wolf at her side "Whoah... that was unexpected... not a normal planar fluctuation at all..." then looking over everyone as she enters the room "Her Ladyship informed me that Vanguard Arcane R&D had been requested here?" her robe now bearing the same V insignia as the agent that introduced the mission
[22:18] Pandora smiles to Mythos "Hello Mythos, yes these crystals seem magical in origin and dont act like any thing i have ever seen. it even broke a molecular blade. so i figured they were worth checking out. and Nightmare wouldnt be happy if i didnt at least give you a call given their nature"
[22:19] Byron feels the weight of his eyes threatening to close again as he answers and gives Power Flash his address, then addresses Scarlet. "No," he said. "Just a little rest... I'll be ok."
[22:20] Scarlet shrugged when Byron gave his answer. "As you would have it."
[22:21] Power Flash(Pilix) let the man respond to the knight's question before heading through the tunnels and back out, carrying the civilian over her shoulder and Byron out into the city, taking him to drop him off at the given address, and the civilian to the hospital. (exit post)
[22:21] Mythos nods, taking another glance around the room before moving towards the closest crystal, blinking a few times as she sees the sigils "This place is quite unique... and I know over 15,000 arcane languages at least enough to identify their sigils... but this is one I've never encountered before... it's gonna take some time to figure out. Feel free to do any scans, but we should keep these intact until we know exactly what they are..."
[22:21] Sigrid was already busy, not really waiting for any approval to run a standard x-ray crystallography, trying to gather structural data about the inner arrangement and classification, additionally a spectroscopy to classify the present chemical elements.
[22:23] Pandora laughs a bit "i dont think keeping them intact will be a problem. i already shot every thing i had at them and only a magical round so much as nicked one"
[22:23] Pandora walks over to scarlet and smiles "Nice work out there, my name is pandora, and you might be?"
[22:24] Mythos pulls a scroll and quill from her robe, giving a small nod before starting to copy the sigils, gasping out when she sees her copy moving around as well. Scans of the crystals show a standard crystalline structure that you'd expect, but no known elements or energy signatures, the only thing clearly present in them are faint hints of the energies that have surrounded the cult all along
[22:26] Scarlet: "I am Scarlet Phoenix." she says with a kind smile. "Bodyguard of Lady Mikoto, and PAE field surgeon. I would shake your hand, except..." she looks down to the unconscious form of Raigeki.
[22:27] Pandora smiles "ah yes, sorry im still coming down a bit from a combat high. " she explains letting the others do their work as she looks over sigrid seeing the change over for the first time.
[22:31] Scarlet: "Worry not; we've all been through much today." she said. She appraised Pandora for a moment, her eyes settling on the Protectorate badge that rested upon her shoulder. "Ah. You're one of the local constabulary. It's good to see that they still recruit respectable individuals such as yourself!"
[22:32] Sigrid blinks, sliding through various pages of statistical data on her holo screen "This .. this is remarkable ! Even though the structure shows a high similarity to a default crystalline structure, those elements are ... undefined ... yes, they even seem to fluctuate !" switches to energy density visualisation and frowns "Interesting ... there seems to linger some form of residue activity. Connected to these elaborate markings, which should be processed by symbolic abstraction algorithmic evaluation. The meaning behind these symbols might be the key for a deeper insight ..." she would of course try to scan all those sigils or runes.
[22:33] Pandora smiles looking to scarlet "Ya, i entrusted things to the more senior officers while i came down here. i figured if any thing came up in the city Locke could handle it and if not the vanguard could" she states softly as she smiles before stating "since you mentioned medical techniques and we will likely be working together in the future, i will say im a Gynoid (Female Android) and your techniques are unlikely to be effective at healing me. so focus on others if i am injured in combat."
[22:35] Mythos chants over her scroll for a moment, then begins writing again, the sigils copying down properly this time, allowing her to work quickly and precisely to transcribe them, humming the whole time as she tries to make some sense of them. Sigrid's scans would be able to record digital copies of the sigils, though the files would seem to start corrupting almost immediately, requiring constant upkeep to maintain the integrity of the data
[22:37] Sigrid pouts when she notices the problem of unstable data patterns and glances up to the robed person, wiggling her fingers "Please excuse me, my fellow colleague. If you allow me the question .... did you ever before encounter similar inscriptions or this strange kind of ornamentation of crystals ?"
[22:38] Pandora shakes her head "No aside from the crystals in the previous room leading into this one i have never seen them before"
[22:38] Scarlet: "While I can't repair machinery as quickly as I can knit flesh and bone back together, I'm still capable of piecing you back together mid-combat, should the need arise." she revealed. "It will simply take a bit more time."
[22:40] Mythos glances up at Sigrid and smiles slightly "Sigils on crystals are quite common among certain outer planes, usually elemental and divine ones... but I've never seen anything even close to this particular language before. It seems to be incompatible with our plane for some reason..."
[22:45] Sigrid listens and frowns when confronted with her answer "Outer planes ? Is this your interpretation of the 'Many-worlds' theory ? Anyhow ... " she leans forward, trying to induce a entanglement projection onto the crystal sigils, thereby capturing every possible state in superposition and encoding it into a wavefunction to be stored in her mobile platform "If a single cannot be measured, the whole spectrum might be able to transfer the data into the PAE cloud ... after all, information can never be lost. It is a cosmic principle."
[22:47] Pandora chuckles a bit "Correct me if i am wrong Mythos, but i was under the impression magic regularly tends to laugh at scientific pricaples and the general known laws of physics depending on the spell and caster"
[22:50] Mythos chuckles "No...worlds would imply places like this, simply with other sequences of events to define them. The planes are unique realms, many of which have their own laws to govern them, like this physical plane has the laws of nature. Whatever plane these sigils originate from is so alien to a physically-grounded realm that trying to place them into any medium that follows our laws results in incompatibility... I'm not sure exactly how it will interface with your technology, but I'd recommend caution..." then she looks to Pandora and shrugs "Science has its place... and in many ways magic works on similar principles... it's just that sometimes the laws that govern magic are much more variable than those that rule science..."
[22:53] Sigrid raises a delicate finger of greater lecturing "Everything which is claimed without proof, can be discarded without proof !" then carries on in a busy manner, searching for some crystal fragments, to provide the PAE lab with a small sample for a material analysis "I would like pink fragment .. yes ... a green would be nice too ... oh and perhaps a blue one ?" being a horrible curious and busy lil' Sigrid
[22:56] Mythos laughs a little, her nature allowing her to perceive some of the rules of this plane "You say that even as you stand in a place unlike your home... why don't you try believing that there's no gravity here, little skeptic?" starting to move between crystals to copy down more of the sigils
[22:57] Pandora looks to sigrid and laughs "I am sorry but there is too much within the world that science can not explain, and just because you do not wish to believe it does not make it any less true or accurate. it simply makes you too ignorant to open your eyes to possibilities beyond what you currently have the knowledge to accept as possible. The entire point of scientific theory is to expand into what could be, not to ignore what might be because it disagrees with current information " she chuckles "I can assure you Mythos can accomplish feats many would consider impossible, as can nightmare. As for me. i can make it impossible for you to detect me, yet wouldnt these things argue with what you believe to be true?"
[23:02] Sigrid blinks over towards her valued scientific colleague "Simple ... a false vacuum pocket ! A reality bubble, a hypothetical vacuum that is somewhat, but not entirely, stable. It may last for a very long time in that state, and might eventually move to a more stable state." she nods several times, then returns a pout towards the naughty Protectorate officer "Beliefs are for those, who refuse to know ! Please, Miss Pandora ... if you spot any fragment of these magnificent crystals, i would very much enjoy to accept it for a material study. The sample will of course be returned into government possession afterwards." she promises.
[23:04] Pandora chuckles softly and smiles looking down to the small chipped fragments her magical bullet chipped off earlier reaching for them to see if she could interact with them without consequence.
[23:06] Mythos finishes copying down the sigils off the last of the crystals, then walks over to the one in front of Sigrid, which suddenly shrinks and moves into the palm of her hand "This plane is a place where perception and reality are blurred... intent creates action regardless of ability... I can tell you though, removing any part of these crystals from this plane will destroy them... they're part of this place, or someplace very like it..."
[23:10] Sigrid now returns a openmouthed stare, when witnessing THAT kind of demonstration "Manipulation through observation, a realm shaped by pure conciousness ... mind over matter ..." she glances up with her big, blue eyes and blinks to Mythos "I suppose, i do now understand the mind-reality feedback look, which does severly complicate our situation." she shifts her focus to Pandora and 'observes' the chipped fragments, pondering if her mental focus might have an impact on them too ...
[23:10] Pandora stops trying to grab the shards chuckling "interesting. " she says with a sigh. * "Mythos. im going to head to the surface and upload my visual recordings of what happened here at least whatever isnt corrupted by my viewing the crystals"
[23:14] Mythos smiles at Sigrid's expression, returning the crystal to its previous state on the ground "Perhaps some time I could take you on a tour... there are all sorts of interesting realms out there that are safe enough to visit even for someone without arcane arts" then nods to Pandora "Sounds like a plan. I'll forward anything I'm able to get out of these sigils, but it's likely to take some time. Any corruption should be localized to specific contact with the sigils, if I'm understanding this correctly"
[23:17] Pandora nods looking to mythos then looking to sigrid "Are you safe down here or would you like me to contact PAE or Vanguard to send a detail to protect you, in case something unexpected shows up?" she asks mostly looking to sigrid as she knew mythos could handle herself.
[23:19] Sigrid frowns but she was of course as curious as ever, nodding over towards Mythos "I .. i ... of course ! I am always interested to take part of excursions. It is a fascinating opportunity ... oh, where are my manners ? I am Sigrid, Head of PAE R&D ... it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance ..." she introduces herself to Mythos, then returns a nod to Pandora "Yes, i suppose it is time to depart and to evaluate those scanned wavefunctions. I would be really grateful for your assistance, Miss Pandora." she deactivates her holo terminal and would fold her hands, waiting to be guided out of the place.
[23:22] Mythos bows slightly to Sigrid "Mythos... head of Planar Studies for Vanguard R&D, and honor guard for Lady Nightmare. I'll have to stop by sometime... though this is gonna keep me busy for a bit. Good luck with your own studies into it" scanning around the room again to make sure she hasn't missed anything, starting to float around weightlessly
[23:22] Pandora smiles as she chuckles "Sure thing Miss Sigrid. " she says playfully before turning back to mythos " Want me to come back down with any thing, food, drink, Nightmare?" she asks the last one more meant to be a teasing statement then any thing as she turns to scarlet/mikoto and gives them a nod before she starts heading upwards not bothering to draw a weapon for now. things seemed quiet.
[23:23] Sigrid wiggles her fingers in a gesture of parting "Bye !"

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