Massive Destruction Warehouse Dist.

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Massive Destruction Warehouse Dist.

Post by Darkenlexicon » Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:29 am

Yesterday in early eve, destruction rained down on the great Celestial city. While authorities report massive trenches all in the warehouse district. As of right now all that is known is who all were at ground zero. Agents of PAE and the new affiliation known as Dead Man's Hand. We are still waiting for further details.

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Re: Massive Destruction Warehouse Dist.

Post by AINGELPROJECT667 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:36 am

(Will try to paste in Zephyr and Vel's side at some point tonight. I assume this is the correct thread for such?)

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Re: Massive Destruction Warehouse Dist.

Post by Railgun » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:15 am

a PAE spokesperson issues the following statement.
"Yesterday, two PAE employees were investigating the disappearance of one of Miss Takamachi's daughters. During the course of the investigation they were attacked by several members of a group believed to be called "Dead Man's Hand" Due to the nature of the attack, more resources than necessary were required to confront it. We are refraining from releasing video footage of the event until the proper authorities have had time to view it themselves. It currently too soon to tell if Miss Takamachi's daughter will make a full recovery"

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Rumble In The Warehouse: Z3PH-YR vs. Velocity

Post by AINGELPROJECT667 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:48 pm

[2018/09/07 17:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR as if the screaming scirens and urban SWAT SUV that would make bank robbers shit their pants wasn't a good enough herald to Zephyr's arrival, the curvy bot leaping from the driver's eat with her rifle up, frost and condensation rolling off the barrel as the volley of cryo rounds prepared to make someone's day very bad and very cold should have been a good sign. Not to mention when the girl spoke in a magnified voice that rendered a bullhorn moot. "PAE SECURITY! HANDS IN THE BLOODY AIR NOW"

[2018/09/07 17:47] Durian lands with a ground shaking thud as his gun ratchets in a fresh belt and his shield extends from his bracer

[2018/09/07 17:50] Bellona she saw the shimmer of the blast directed at her she dropped to a squat before pushing off the ground launching her body into the air her feet landed on the cats shoulders not as an attack but to propel her own movement she used the leverage to launch her higher as her back arched her hands above her head she executed a series of back flips landing in a crouch behind the conveyor belt which would block her from the blast

[2018/09/07 17:54] Raigeki keeps her eyes on outburst as she speaks "Permission granted. Make sure you win. Then she moves faster than someine in armor shoudl be able too, using her electromagnitism along with the power of the suit itself she charged outburst, trying to hin him with a fist traveling at supersonic speed

[2018/09/07 17:54] Kitty grumbles a bit as she hears the back up and actually seems disappointed "god dammit Mikoto I had this handled...." She would feel the feet on her should before looking back to Bellona and raises an eye brow "oh.... you actually avoided that impressive most get blind sided by it. She then let out a long sigh "sadly the down side of being an employee with PAE and the boss being extremely protective means I rarely get to fight my own fights." She would go to turn around and start to head out the door waving to the group "sorry no interest fighting anymore." her back completely turned to the battle as she attempts to just walk away

[2018/09/07 17:57] Bellona "yeah and you messed with the wrong damn Queen" she said as she launched her body back over the belt as her pistols raised she shot 3 rounds from each gun at the cats retreating form

[2018/09/07 17:57] Velvet frowns as the hybrid teleports to Bellona "cheating" she grumbles but as the door smashes open and more pore in she alters her stance to shield Outburst. "more company incoming boss" she says unconcerned watching the rain of robots and PAE. At the command though she frowns her new directives arguing a moment before obediance won out, and her wings glow and flick out as she launches at the CELES, she'd be traveling at about 100 mph by the time they collided, unless it dodges. And she would try to clamp onto the armor before her wings blazed and she and hopefully it shot upwards. The sonic boom as she accelerated into orbit in a few seconds would probable cause some chaos on the ground too.

[2018/09/07 18:03] Kitty would take the three shots to the back as she sighs and frowns looking over her shoulder to Bellona "your no queen." The faint blue glow still coating over her skin as she takes a single step backwards before turning around as she grumbles some more as she had a few new bruises on her back where the bullets hit her and open holes in the back of her jacket. She then dash yet again to close the gap between the woman who shot her going from zero to sixty then back to zero as she arrived just to the left of the woman "I hate crowds you know.... I was hoping to take you all on alone but if you wish to fight fine."

[2018/09/07 18:21] The Sheep Army would appear at the top of the hill... being 6 in total. They would "Baaaaa" at PAE menacingly... well as menacingly as sheep can ba anyway... before rushing down the hill seeming like normal harmless sheep...

[2018/09/07 18:22] Velocity hears the call on her coms and a wicked grin crosses her face... moments later there is a bright read FLASH in the warehouse and velocity to the human eye it would seem velocity just appeared there but to anyone who coudl see they woudl have seen a blooded red streak show up at over mach 3 "the rats... the flithy dirty city RATS!... foolish rats.. foolish RATS!... they come to our home... they come to fight!.... they come to DIE!.... "i will kill.. i will burn.. i will cut them all to bits!" she says her voice twisted and inhuman sounding with a psychotic and darkly sadistic glee.... she seems almsot too pleased that the PAE has showed up at their doorstep... her gaze falls on Zeph... "you.. your are first to die... i will cut you good, yes i will!" she says and she moves like a crimson bloody streak in Zeph's directon

[2018/09/07 18:29] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks at Vel, cocking an eyebrow. "Long time no see...this city did a number on you..." She said, tossing her glasses off. Her body suddenly begins to hum, and those with thermal sensors could see her heating up like a reactor. When Vel moves, to Zephyr, what starts as a red streak slowly slows down to an image of the woman rushing at her at a more normal speed. Zephyr then moves, tucking and rolling to the side in a motion that felt to her like she was moving through water, her body barely keeping up with her own processing speed as she raised her riifle, but didn't fire. She was too far, and knowing her speed, she could easily dodge the bullets, even if they flew in at hypervelocity. No, she'd need to draw the woman in closer.

[2018/09/07 18:39] Velocity tilts her head looking Zpeh up and down her make want to pick up the change in temperature... "funny little rat.. it thinks it is fast.... it DOES NOT KNOW FAST!" she says te last words come out as a demonic scream of sheer murderous rage and she starts moving faster her claws vibrating intensely to increase their cutting potential exponentially and there.. is a red flash... suddenly she is next to you again clokcing in at mach 4 and her claws much to slash at zeph. one hasn going for her trigger wrist and the other for her heel to disable me movement "this city...? a number on me?...." she says her dark voice in your ear... "you foolish city rat.... you must mean her... she is weak... soft.... you have NEVER met ME!!!" she screams with bloody psychotic laugher

[2018/09/07 18:40] Durian tilts his hed at the sheep not sure if he needed to taqake it seriouisly or not as he brings his gun up firing a line of 7.62mm across the road infront of the sheep seeing if they turn in run

[2018/09/07 18:41] The Sheep Army would seem to be fearless sheep as they would rush headlong towards Durian and the PAE truck their eyes red with fury nearing both him and the truck. The poor creatures had obviously been drugged.

[2018/09/07 18:45] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR brings a leg up, trying to plant the heel of her shoe against Velocity and pushing with all eight tons to try and push the woman away from her to avoid the claw attacks. As she would, she would bring her rifle down to aim at the woman's obviously cybernetic legs, pulling the trigger. Even at the enhanced speed, the hypervelocity rounds would fly out of the barrel with the speed of fastballs thrown by world-class pitchers, still making them a challenge to avoid. When they impacted, they would first detonate into teal gobs of gel, and then, an isntant (or in this perspective case, a second) later, the gel would harden into a concrete-like substance, encasing whatever they hit in the material with an extreme density, making it difficult to shake or smash off. It would also superfreeze, dropping down to temperatures that could damage skin tissue if exposed for more than a few moments, and rendering mechanical devices brittle and fragile, if not freezing them up completely.

[2018/09/07 18:46] Durian sighed under his helmet as he brought the gun up and fired at the first 2 sheep down the line, but he hda a feeling these were not normal animals

[2018/09/07 18:47] The Sheep Army would take looses as the first two sheep would explode when hit by the bullets with all the force of a gernade their bones flying everywhere like shrapnel the other sheep still charging.

[2018/09/07 18:52] Durian: ooOH SHIT!" as he fires away trying to stim them back and out of panic fires at the one next to him after taking care of a few on the road

[2018/09/07 18:54] Velocity watches as the leg comes at her and instead of trying dodge she grabs it taken the full force of the blow and slashing a the back of your leg aiming for any tending and important bits... it would have clearly gone flying if not for her death grip on the leg with her claws and you can see blood on her suit as she you may have done some damage... being as such close range and clearly not moving much she shot land true and you hit her leg she looks down and laugh a twisted laugh as the substance begins to harden

[2018/09/07 18:55] The Sheep Army was defeated each of them exploding as they were shot sending pieces of bone flying at Durian and the SUV behind him. The SUV at least was clearly ruined as sheep bones flatted then tired and went into the engine bay.

[2018/09/07 18:56] The Commandos would move up at about this time firing a few rounds down at Durian who had killed their pet sheep.

[2018/09/07 18:58] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR winces as the claws sink into her thigh, a pink coolant substance spraying out, letting out a hiss of pain. She switches the gun's settings, swapping to an explosive grenade launcher round,and, keeping her heel pressed against the woman's abdomen, she fires. The shell streaks out, flying at about half the speed of the bullets in the high speed duel, but on impact, it would detonate into a grenade-sized explosion.

[2018/09/07 18:59] Durian: oo4 wings were scraped up from th ebone fragmentation tht happend as he looks around more

[2018/09/07 19:00] The Commandos from the roof above would start opening up with automatic weapons fire on Durian clearly looking to be mercenaries of some kind.

[2018/09/07 19:03] Durian 's armor would starts getting hit as it pinged loudly like tony stark's first suit in iron man th emoive "my turn" as he knows he would be able to atleaast hit two of these fuckers before they ducked onto the roof

[2018/09/07 19:05] The Commandos would loose two of their own before ducking for cover one of them chunking a frag grenade near Durian's feet. The other would level what looked like an RPG aiming and firing at Durian hoping the heavier ordinance would defeat him.

[2018/09/07 19:09] Durian would see the grenade as he kicks it away but would see the rpg intime as it contacts his chest plate knocking him into the suv caving the driver side door in as it dazes him good as he fires at the other two but with wobbly aim

[2018/09/07 19:10] Velocity yet "im coming to get you little rat!... coming to EAT YOU... EAT YOU AND ALL YOUR LITTLE RAT FRIENDS ALIVE!!!" she screams laughing psychotically the whole time

[2018/09/07 19:10] Velocity the shell hits her and she flys back into a wall from the force taking the full brunt of the explosion... her frozen and brittle leg shatters from the force she and she lay there for a moment bleeding... her flesh charred and tore.. part of her bone visible glistening noddles not like any normal bones might look she coughs... and her dark demonic laugh resonates throughout the room... the shattered pieces of her legs seem to almost... melt into a black metallic ooze... pulling its way but towards her... and gathering with the part still attached ot her thigh.... meanwhile her toen burned and broken flesh begins healing mending pulling together and she started pulling herself up looking almost let a half dead corpse... she didnt even seen to register any pain from her many wounds.... she tilts her head her mostrous mast crooked in an eerie manner and looks in your direction with her glowing red eyes... "BOO!" she shouts... and lets out a wicked laugh.. staggering toward her her legs not quite in one pierc

[2018/09/07 19:14] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grumbles as she opens the grenade launcher, dropping out a spent shell and lowering her rifle, but clicking it over to fire AP rounds. She approaches the woman. "Do I need to do what I did at the tower?" She asks, rhetorically, and tries to kick the woman-hard-in the face. If it connects, it'd have about 1 ton of force behind it, aimed at Nelly's face. She wasn't particulary afraid of killing the woman; she knew she was durable before whatever had happenned to her. For now she just wanted to knock her out of the fight so she could pull back.

[2018/09/07 19:15] The Commandos would loose one more of their members as he screamed being the one nearest Durian threatening to fall on top of him as he had been the one closest to him. The last trooper would be trying to reload his RPG for a second shot while calling for backup.

[2018/09/07 19:18] Durian would pry himself from the suv using th egreen laser on his rifle to find his aim as he fires at the last one not feeling to well from th eblasts

[2018/09/07 19:20] The Commandos last member would be shot in the head as he reloaded the threat seemingly neutralized.

[2018/09/07 19:20] Velocity takes the blow to the face... clearly not even trying to dodge... her mask seems to take the brunt of it she she shakes her head slightly shaking off the blow and she looks at you... the glowing red eyes of her mask smoldering like fire "you poor little rat.... your still think i am her... I was never at the tower.... SHE was.... if I where at the tower... you would be DEAD!" she shouts and laughs like a maniac slashing for the gut with a claw moving and near mach 4

[2018/09/07 19:21] Durian falls to a knee as his head was spinning from th efirst rpg that hit him still holding his rifle wondering how things where going inside the warehouse

[2018/09/07 19:22] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR jumps back, still moving at highspeed with Velocity, the claws tearing her bodysuit slightly. She frowns and raises the rifle, emptying the magazine into Velocity's helmet. "You really are more of a nuiscance! Dare I say a threat!"

[2018/09/07 19:31] Velocity dodges the first shot or two her head bluring side to side them take a hit.. then another... AP rounds cracking her mask... then another.. and a piece of the mask breaks off... you see a very human looking eye all be it bloodshot and red she lets out a violent scream and rushes you taking yet another shot to the fact this time hitting where the mask was not she shit her head jerk to the side and she stops a moment mid run.. then slowly she turn to you.. you see the dark skin from her forward stripped by the shot and a glistening metallic skull underneath as the skin slowly mend healing over the wound "those shot are nasty.... i like them... GIVE ME MORE!" she laughs and rushes at you moving at mach 4 her claws bared one more aiming for a gut shot

[2018/09/07 19:33] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR growls, and pulls from her compartment another high explosive rocket...but rather than load it, as she doesn't have the time, she pops the fuse and throws it, hard, right at the exposed eye while she ducks under the claws, twisting and trying to sweep the woman's feet out from under her and putting herself in a position to dash back before the explosion.

[2018/09/07 19:40] Velocity can see the rocket coming her hand blurs and she catches it out of the air and leaps through the air sailing like a mach 4 for living bullet herself over the leg sweep with the rocket in her hand "you dropped this!" she shouts the wicked glee can be seen in her visible eye as she pounces with the explosive between us hoping to get us both in the blast

[2018/09/07 19:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR raises the rifle again. One bullet left....and she makes it count, even as she pedals back to try and dive over the motorcycle. She fires, and the bullet screams towards.....the grenade, aimed to strike it right on the detonator and blast the crazy speedster to smithereens.

[2018/09/07 19:54] Velocity as she slowly behind to collect herself pulling herself from the ground in labored movements while her wounds begin to heal

[2018/09/07 19:54] Velocity the bullet connects and the rocket blows up in her hand the force sending her careening into the wall of the warehouse and a sickening crack would be heard.. unclear of that was her body or the wall as she lands in a bloody heap.... there is a moment os silences and then her claws twitch... and she lets out a labored cough... she seemed to be spiting up blood on the inside of her mask from the internal bleeding.... "I will ... never stop comming... never stop killing... everyone thing you love.. everything you care for... everyone you know... i will kill them! burn them... EAT THEM ALL!.... i will not die.. i will not rest... I AM THE BEST FROM YOUR NIGHTMARES! tell your bos... tell your friends.. tell your stinking city people on your streets below your ivory tower... I AM TERMINAL VELOCITY and YOU ARE MY PREY.... VELOCITY COMES!!!" she shouts and she laughs weakly at first... still very amused... and tho her laughing seems to get stronger by the moment... anyone wanting to escapes has better to it fast

[2018/09/07 19:57] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR sighs and reloads her rocket launcher, this time with a large blue canister. "Will you just bloody come off it? This is getting boring." She says, then fires at the center mass of the reforming Velocity. "Perhaps you should 'chill' a bit.

[2018/09/07 20:04] Velocity the canister hits vel and splashes over her she lets out a laugh that sounds more like a roar then true laughter "run home little RAT!" she shouts... "run like the rodent you are! you cant stop what is comming for you you cant KILL VELOCITY!" she shouts laughing manically as the ooze begins hardening and freezing her in place seemingly stopped.... for the moment but the bloodshot eye staring out at you seemed give off the feeling that she would not be trapped long

[2018/09/07 20:06] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR reloads and fires two....make it three more cryo rounds, until the block of ice is almost 10 feet high. Feeling satisfied, she speaks into her COMM unit. "This is Zephyr. Target dispatched for now. Pulling out. Any available PAE units disengage and retreat if possible." With that, she walks out, turning back at Velocity and grinning at her. "Next time I'll have fight a little harder, dear."


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Re: Massive Destruction Warehouse Dist.

Post by Stormaxe » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:22 am

This is Kassea Black bringing you the truth behind the news. Telling you what your government refuses to tell you. Welcome to AirWaves Freedom. Free your mind and the truth shall follow.

Recently there was a great deal of damage created in the warehouse district. A battle of Meta's to be exact.
Here are the facts citizens of Celestial City. The unregulated and unhindered organization who is providing this great city with power, water, and many other resources.. including manhole covers, illegally assaulted a place of business.
Several Agents of PAE attacked a warehouse place of business called Highway Man Storage and Trans.
So I wanted to know more. I was able to have an interview with one of the employees of the warehouse and apparently someone who was thrown into the middle of it all....

[18:43] Kassea Black nodded "First off, this warehouse is known as a place of business. Storage and transport hub. Yesterday afternoon while this place was considered open and had employees filling it. Is it true agents of PAE had forced their way in?"

[18:44] Bellona "Yes Outburst and I were in the lower warehouse with another member of our staff when a member of PAE cut their way into our bay door soon after we were swarmed but at least half a dozen PAE members"

[18:52] Kassea Black looks to XeZee to ensure he had gotten that. "Wow, half a dozen agents? Was any of the ranking members of PAE present? I believe that would be Mikoto, Zephyr, and one known as Katy. Any of them show presence? If so do you remember the name of any other agents that were with them?"

[18:54] Bellona "yes we were at a vast disadvantage in numbers though we had the upper hand in skills and smarts. Mikoto and Zephyr were both present I believe Katy was as well but with so many many of there members trying to attack our business at once it was a bit hard to keep track"

[18:55] Bellona "there was one known as Kitty but other then that I just remember a mass of faces and guns"

[18:58] Kassea Black nods and monitors XeZee. "Sad really. When the forced their way in. Was there any reason said as to why? Or was this just some random action of aggression?"

[19:02] Bellona "It seemed pointless to me a random act of aggression it was the one known as Kitty that came in first she wanted to pick a fight with Outburst it seemed she was relaying information to someone Outburst and I had come against earlier in the week over some sort of coms system then next thing we know PAE swarmed us in force claiming that we had something to with Saki or something like that which we of course did not....Not that PAE is capable of reason"

[19:03] Kassea Black a devious grin plays on her full lips. "Oh? So they said something about a Saki, and you could not even tell me or any of those who will see this, what this Saki is?"

[19:04] Bellona "for all I know Saki could be a cup of coffee someone threw away from a table top"

[19:09] Kassea Black giggles at Bellona's jest. "One last question. All of the destruction outside. This is from the many agents who assaulted the warehouse. The building across the lot? The trailers that are so wrecked they might not even be worth scrapping?

[19:11] Bellona "yes all of it was because the fight that PAE started including the massive hole in the side of our warehouse that we just now got fixed up again they didn't even offer to pay for the repairs"

Kassea Black: Now I have tried to get in touch with the Protectorate but the only official word they would give was no comment.
Higher ranking agents of PAE have outright refused to answer questions. Not one comment. Is this another cover up by PAE? Will they finally see the justice they have wrought upon themselves?
You the citizens should decide. Or will the next time it comes to vote for a mayor, you vote for some one who is willing to protect you and not their pets?

I am Kassea Black, bringing you the truth.

[Security feeds from the warehouse is shown, an agent of PAE cutting through the bay door, with cat like ears on her head and blue hair. Caption underneath says time and date but also PAE Agent Kitty. Also arriving on site were more agents including the leader Mikoto in full heavy armor and Zephyr with another four agents in what appears to be heavy armor suits as well.]
[Accompanying this article are picture of a few workers being prepared for transport to the morgue though only one was partially uncovered as the other two are reported as being unfit for public view.
Also are photos and short video of the damage cause by the conflict, more dead bodies in the adjacent warehouse and massive trenches blasted into the trailer parking lot between the two warehouses. The Ware house where the agents of PAE looks like it has seen a tornado set down on it.]

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Re: Massive Destruction Warehouse Dist.

Post by Darkenlexicon » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:03 pm

PAE members have to admit.. it was fun

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