Heist at the Bank

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Heist at the Bank

Post by Leona » Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:21 pm

[18:06] Dolos strolled down the streets singing Shinedown - Diamond Eyes. As he turned the corner he immediately lifted his assault rifle and opened up in the direction of the truck "Daddy's here for the goods!!!"
[18:07] Eventide stepped forward. A large gloved hands grabbing the head of one of those unloading and throw him to the ground. She looks back to the others pointing to the truck and inside where the safe was. She didnt look like she was doing any buying
[18:08] Rachel Bridges (rachelbridges) looks at the gathering crowd behind the truck..."Ok...........so where are the other good guys and gals........."
[18:09] Bellona she turned giving Outburst a quick kiss as her hands dropped down pulling out her pistols as she turns raising them
[18:10] Velocity grins as she spots the bank... and stalks closer... she observes the scene curious about the large truck and the large amount of activity "this could be interesting... lots if killing lost of eating..." she mutters to herself
[18:11] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR slams on her brakes as she nearly smacks into the front end of a container jutting into the street. Cursing and putting on the strobes of her SUV, she pulls around, parking and jumping out, her expression one of deep annoyance. "Oy, oy! Whose bloody lorry is this sitting on the roadway? You want me to call down the Protectrate on your arses and-" She stops herself as she sees the gathering group, narrowing her eyes. "Hold the phone..."
[18:18] Scene The contents of the truck were all in some kind of metal containers. What was in them is still unknown but they were obviously heavy as one set of unloaders were working as a team though interesting enough the most out of shape looking of them was able to lift them by himself. These containers were slowly being moved into the bank while Vanguard One stood atop the truck. On the bank stairs stood what looked to be a young manager direction the offloading not wanting to do any work himself obviously.
[18:26] Dolos looked around and he turned his gun towards the manager on the stairs and he opened fire in his direction "SHUT UP! Authority, so annoying!" He glanced at the rest of the group and then he waved his hand forward "Velocity! Kill! FEAST MY PRECIOUS! MWAHAHAHA!" Yes, that was in a Smeagol voice.
[18:26] Eventide stepped ominously to the truck. The original goal was paramount, and this may prove useful. Pointing to that truck from earlier she moves towards than manager, all seven feet of her pale body, ominously. She noted the out of shap one as she attmpted to get answers out of the man by sheer intimidation between dolos' shot and her approach. Golden eyes glowing, a single dark spot in each. One slightly different than the other
[18:28] Rachel Bridges (rachelbridges) - Sunflare looks at the gathering crowd, deeply concerned as she sees them approach - my hands begin to glow with light as I try to determine who to target first....still unsure who are the fellow good guys.
[18:29] Bellona she turned giving Outburst a quick kiss as her hands dropped down pulling out her pistols she stepped back looking up into his eyes "come back to me safe at the end of this My Ace of Spades" then as she turns away from him her arms raised lifting her pistols raised to aim at the growing band of Heros
[18:30] Velocity watches the truck being filling and her eyes fall on the manager "lazy... USELESS! city mouse... perhaps i eat you first..." her tone shifting from muttering whispers to enraged shouting on while clicking her claws together perks up hearing dolos ring the dinner bell and in a red flash she streaks across the scene her claws aiming to slash several of the workers legs so they would be unable to run then finally her claws plunging deep into the managers chest
[18:31] Velocity watches the truck being filling and her eyes fall on the manager "lazy... USELESS! city mouse... perhaps i eat you first..." her tone shifting from muttering whispers to enraged shouting on while clicking her claws together perks up hearing dolos ring the dinner bell and in a red flash she streaks across the scene her claws aiming to slash several of the workers legs so they would be unable to run then finally her claws plunging deep into the managers chest "time for killing.... time for BURNING... time for EATING YOU ALL!" she shout letting out a psychotically twisted laugh
[18:32] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR's combat protocols immediately kick in at the sound of the gunshots. Narrowing her eyes and drawing her shotgun in one fluid movement, she aims the barrel at the gun in Dolos' hand and fires. Instead of a slug or buckshot, what emerges is a blue projectile of some kind, flying on a precise arc meant to hit the muzzle of Dolos' rifle. On impact, be that with the rifle or anything else should it miss or be deflected, it would detonate into a gob of blue gel, which would then instantly harden into an ice-like material, only at much lower temperatures. So low, in fact, that skin in contact with it for more than a few seconds would feel immense pain and be damaged. The density and hardness of the material was also much higher than normal water ice, being more akin with commercial-grade concrete. It could be knocked off, however, though it would take a considerable amount of force. And of course, topping all this would be Zeph turning her voice up to bullhorn volume and shouting, "PAE SECURITY! DROP YOUR BLOOD
[18:33] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: "PAE SECURITY! DROP YOUR BLOODY WEAPONS NOW!" Maybe not the most ideal thing to do, shouting at a group of armed criminals, but Zeph's focus for the moment was to draw attention away from the civillians.
[18:36] Vanguard One would see the obvious miscreants approach the truck and knew she was going to be expecting a fight. However she had been looking forward to giving the new armor a test run and this seemed as good of a time as any. She would look to Anvil and speak through her comms, "Protect the Civilians." She would get to work on that herself Jumping down hopefully in time to meet Velocity before she could permanently end the manager and turn on her loudspeakers, "You will disperse now or I will be forced to use lethal force."
[18:37] The Shogun sits in the back of his limo as it rolls up. Windows darkly tinted as he scouts the area. He says nothing, able to see clearly through the windows, like a two way mirror. From the inside, the windows were clear as air. His eyes carefully surveying the scene. Truck. Check. Items of possible interest check. In fact seems like whatever is in the truck requires a group of men to move it save for the one guy who was doing it with ease. He holds up a finger as inside with him was his lawyer, secretary, and an asian man who often acts as his public proxy, his.. patsy. He knew one of them was going to speak so he cut them off. He knew what they would ask but he needed to see what the playing field was like as already he bore witness to the scene quickly becoming one of chaos.
[18:39] Thrax was squating down and peering into one of the windows of the cafe in the middle of the square. He had an arm full of food wrapped in wrappers and bags of snacks hanging off of his claws. He slid his card across the counter for the employee to take his credits. Once his transaction was done, he stood tall and turned around, only to see a large truck and a good bit of people gathered around it. Already biting into a burger, the dragon observes the scene, loudly unwrapping the food and gnawing on it. He recognized some of the people here, but the others, not so much. Even so, he assumed there was some public event, like a concert, that was going on. It wasn't until he heard gunshots that the dragon froze in place. His eyes darted around before he suddenly slammed his back up against the brick wall and dropped his food. He hastily finished chewing the burger he was currently eating and gulped loudly. "Whoa geez! In the middle of the city, really? I don't wanna get in trouble again..." He knew where action wa
[18:39] Thrax reporters were probably filming somewhere close by as well. His last run in with a reporter got him in trouble. His casual patrol had suddenly turned into an urgent situation. He wasn't much worried about the heros or villains... but rather, the media at this point. He looked unsure of what to do as his actions as of late have been a double-edged sword. He was damned if he did anything and damned if he didn't...
[18:42] Outburst quickly lit a cigar and watched all unfold so quickly, hearing Zeph's warning, "OI Twat! Our weapons aint bloody.. yet. DEAD MAN'S HAND!! NOW IS OUR TIME!! Ya know yer objective." with a casual move he pulls out his revolver and takes two shots at the large dragon man next to him. With his own eyes with a soft glow he smiled. If the bullets hit his target he was sure the normal ballistic would barely be a tickle.
[18:43] Anvil seemed to be texting, but he puts away his device " Miss Zephyr. This shipment was annowed several days ago. " then he raises his voice " Leave Robo-arm to me. Anyone else attacking him just makes him stronger!" He then jumps off the truck and lands in front of the large man. It looks like he's about to get into a staredown with him. but then withlot warning he reaches out and tries to slap bella's rear. he tilts his head to the side and then holds out his arms. He didn't say a word, but the implication of his actions were clear 'Come at me bro.'
[18:44] Scene the manager would turn pale at Dolos' obvious threatening of him especially when he called for someone to feast upon him. He would turn to run just getting out of being in the middle of this. It was about this time the screaming and shooting would start the workers working together would both be cut down with gashes on their legs The Manager was fortnately saved from being murderfied by Vanguard One though he should have worn his brown pants today. He would try to run away as fast as he could. The Larger of the workers had happened to be in the truck at the time so just happened to avoid getting his legs slashed out from under him.
[18:47] Dolos yelled out as his rifle was slimed and he just looked at the frozen barrel. His eyes turned to Zephyr and he roared loudly as he ran towards her, swinging the butt of his rifle directly at her face. "YOU FROZE BARBIE! BARBIE SAYS YOU MUST BE PUNISHED!" Barbie was his gun's name. He glanced back at the giant dragon who seemed hesitant to pick a side and he took a gamble, knowing that strange looking people were discriminated against, and he yelled "JOIN DEADMAN'S HAND AND NEVER FACE DISCRIMINATION AGAIN!!! JOIN US AND RULE THIS CITY!" The invitation was for anyone, though he had been inspired by the dragon.
[18:49] Eventide didnt seem to visibly react to her prey gone. She pulled f her 14 mm hand cannons and, looking to Dax, dropped them, visibly. Flexing her legs back to catch it and give to the hands on her arms. She would land again on those feet, holding her guns. Jumping into the truck itself she stay on task..at least the new task. The sound of a single round being fired , aiming to simply blow off his head. She couldt interrogate in this chaos. Could she interrogate even?
[18:50] Sunflare: flies over the armed thugs but gets confused by the hatted one's shout of never facing discrimination "Alright thats enough ! " as my first energy beam fires into the ground before the feet of the attackers and in front of the larger man in the hopes it held them at bay - the bolt breaking the asphalt and causing a small hole in the ground, my eyes now glowing with light.
[18:52] Bellona she let out a low growl as she swatted at the hand that neared her ass she knew he was trying to get a rise out of Outburst for touching his Queen but it annoyed her she wasn't just someones piece of ass "No touchie Zero" she said purposely messing up the word hero as she began to drop back towards the entrance of the bank firing off several bullets they had no real target this time they were
[18:59] Velocity glances at zeph and vanguard "drop weapons?..." she says looking down at her claws... disperse?.... lethal force?" she echos in her darkly twisted unhuman sounding voice... then she laughs manically with twisted delight "LETHAL FORCE!?" she shouts... with "I AM VELOCITY! I AM BLOODY DEATH! YOU CAN NOT KILL ME! I WILL EAT YOU ALL!!!" she screams with sadistic glee and there is a bright red flash as she streaks toward the running manager "you WONT get away little mouse!" she shouts as she pounces the man again slashing an open gash in his chest then rips out the beating heart of the manger lifting her mask for those watch to get a brief glimpse of a human looking mouth with glistening sharp teeth and she takes a big bit... letting the manage watch as he bloody beating heart is consumed while the life fades from his eyes
[19:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR turns to Thrax. "THRAX! Start evaccing civillians! Shield them from the gunfire and get them out of here, on the jump!" She looked back at Outburst, about to retort, when Perrin confronted the man. For now, then her focus would be on Dolos and stopping them from hurting anyone else. Not that she could retort anyways as she took the butt of a rifle to her face. Her head turned to the side and the headset shattered, but.....that was it. When she looked back at Dolos, her jaw was knocked out of place, but with a series of whines and pops, it suddenly snapped back in, and she racked the slide, loading another round and pressing the muzzle against the man's lower midsection. "Mistake." She said simply, pulling the trigger and firing another one of those cryo slugs right at the man's crotch.
[19:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: *racked the slide of her shotgun
[19:06] Vanguard One would actually curse inside her armor as the manager was cut down by Velocity. Well no medic needed for him I guess. She would aim to target Velocity's legs and deny her that great speed opening her palm and firing a particle based beam at her upper thigh aiming to cleave one of the legs right off. Her other arm would point towards Bellona and Eventide aiming to shoot a missle at the ground between them which would hopefully take them both off their feet.
[19:08] The Shogun sits back, exhaling cigar smoke as he makes a circular motion with his finger and points up. Understanding the command, his secretary pulls a tablet out of her back and gets to work. A small drone flies out of the sun roof, ironically shaped like a fly as it attached to a nearby wall on the building right across from the bank pointing down at the scene while the feed came through in the tablet. Being shown the successful feed, he nods, giving his approval before removing his cigar to speak. "Poison," he said. That is when the proxy spoke. "Already got 2 men out, pushing it just as you wanted. With the current situation authority figures and likely even the so-called heroes won't be checking for them." He simply nods again, taking a huff off his cigar and looking at the feed. "The other men?" he inquired. "Standing by as ordered," replied the order." He just nods again, obviously keeping his words short and to the point. Watching the scene unfold his eyes fell on the large dragon like figure.
[19:08] The Shogun remembers seeing his face a few times. Big guy has been a source of controversy.. someone like that could often be... desperate. He makes a mental note of that. Someone like that could always be useful. Then again, he notes the one guy with the rifle going batshit and doing his own sells pitch. He might already have some competition. He also makes note of the scared bank manager who also seemed like he didn't want to work there. Being in this business means reading people and that manager read like an open book. Someone else he could do something with. The problem was the entrance was now closed off with all the action but he was already thinking of the moves available to him. The moves became less when he witnesses the brutal death of the manager. There goes one potential puppet. He sticks the cigar back in his mouth as he thinks. His henchmen hidden around corners, wearing simply hoods and masks covering the lower part of their faces. They dare not move without the word being given, yet
[19:09] The Shogun scared shitless at all the metas and crazies on the scene, on top of that they were only few., just a group of five.
[19:16] Thrax flinched and squirmed about against the wall as bullets fly in his direction and ping loudly off of his scales. He suddenly puts a hand over his left pec, covering his nipple. Thrax let out a hiss between his teeth and glared at Outburst. "MY FUCKING NIPPLE!!! YOU BASTARD! HHNNNNNGG!!!!" He grinds his teeth and just growls from the stinging sensation ringing off of his pec. Thrax swung a wing around in front of him to act as a shield from the projectiles. Once the stinging pain subsided, he looked to Zeph over his wing and nodded, though he still looked hesitant. "Right... er.... I think." The dragon would begin focusing on the civilians closest to him, ushering them away from the scene. Once they were out of the way, he could focus on assisting the civilians that were in deep threat.
[19:18] Outburst tosses his cigar off to the side, raising a brow to the armored figure who just landed in front of him. Chuckling slightly and then holds up his hand in pause. What appeared to be him cracking his jaw he spoke smooth and calm, "Even, portal the gift boxes yeah? Oh and a body er two if they are in the way, for Vel's snackin'" Holstering his pistol, he spoke to the man before him. "Now ya are either stupid or daft, I be willin' ta bet the former." With out warning his eyes flared and a violet colored steady beam shot from his eyes carrying 20 tons of pressure aimed at the man's chest. If he missed he would quickly stop the attack, not wanting to waste the energy Dolos donated on their way to the job.
[19:24] Anvil didn't seem phased at all when she dodged his swat. She wasn't his target in the first place. When the blast hit him, it seemed to do ... absolutely nothing. It didn't bounce, it didn't deflect.. it just reached the man and vanished It was at that point, Anvil made his move. he antedated to grab the other man by his flesh arm and spin around into a joint-lock.
[19:25] Scene The manager would be violently murdered by Velocity screaming as his heart was ripped out. The other two workers would lay on the ground crying out in agony as they tried to crawl under the truck just to avoid the craziness that was going on. In the end they ended up knocked out by the concussive blast from the missile hitting the ground near them. It was at this time that the final worker would ne shot at the bullet seeming to move around him hitting his hair instead of his head, "Oh no you did not just ruin mae hair and mae job!" He would look over at Eventide licking his lips, "But maybe the compensation is better this way... common baby why not go with me and we'll leave all this craziness behind us." He would attempt to bring a large hand down on her shoulder.
[19:26] Rain was hearing gunshots from a nearby roof, her spines picked up in pitch as she tried to pinpoint the sound of trouble! She leaped from building to building towards the bank, she was getting a pretty good idea of what was happening... But! Just as she flew over the side of the building, she decided to try and figure out what was going on! She of course recognized Zephyr... She figured the ones shooting randomly at the robotic peoples were the villainous filth! She landed with a heavy impact, not a hero landing either! Those are stupid and terrible for the knees! She then thundered towards the people with guns on the other side of the truck from Zephyr, she could handle herself! "Cease and desist your violent activity or die..." She wasn't going to attack, her aura would make it obvious she wasn't fucking around! Everyone would feel as if she was a huge threat, unless they were completely robotic or didn't give a fuck about intimidation auras! She was and is an abomination to all things natural, people of al
[19:27] Dolos looked down at the shotgun and he gulped loudly, just as he was nailed right in the crotch and he dropped to his knees shrieking loudly. "THE CLOWN JEWELS!!! THE AGONY!!!!!!!!!" He was crying as he dropped his assault rifle and he dropped to his hands and knees, sobbing. But it was during this show that he slipped a butterfly knife from his shoe and he lunged upwards, attempting to send the blade into Zephyr's abdomen. If he connected, he would direct the knife upwards, praying she had internal organs to hit. "TIME TO PAY YOU BACK FOR THE JEWELS!!! AND STOP ORDERING PEOPLE AROUND, HE IS FREE TO DO WHATEVER HE WANTS HE'S NOT YOUR SLAVE!" God, he hoped Thrax could hear this. Fyi his crotch was iced over in the shape of a large teepee.
[19:33] Eventide frowns at the hand. The missile landed and sent her flying inside at the same time rain approached Her backpack lurched and out came a drone that reconfigured..not one of her normal ones, this one was heavier armed. She fired the large round from the left gun at Rain seeing her via the drone- and would casually flip her right gin and pistol whip, or attempt to the man
[19:33] Sunflare: pulls up as I dodge the flying bullets, firing energy bolts in the general direction of the incoming fire to try to keep the shooter from aiming at me or the civilians as I try to see who needs the most help first, cursing as I hear the screams ones already downed, each bolt a burst of both light and force of a few tons .
[19:35] Bellona "not today" she said as the missile came at her she was suddenly glad for the years she practiced gymnastics for years her hands hit the ground first as she vaulted herself backwards giving her self distance from the blast when she stopped she landed kneeling her right knee was on the ground her left bent to keep her balanced her guns raised as soon as she was balanced it was only a matter of seconds she fired a round from each pistol at Vanguard thankful she was also an expert marksman and she knew she wouldn't hit Vel or Tide each bullet had an exploding tip if they hit the explosion would be enough to cause damage to armor worn but no stronger then that
[19:41] Velocity the beam hits is mark and cuts right into vel burning away the flesh of her upper thigh leaving that looks to be a clean cut and a glistening metallic bone still connected to the leg in question she staggers and stumbles falling to the ground have lost her balance it was clear she wasn't excepting an attack like that... she digs her claws into the ground cutting grooves into the concrete her upper thigh was already beginning to heal growing back and reforming around the bone and she look up at vanguard... the glowing red eyes of her mask smoldering like fire "you... you have cone interesting toys...."I like it.... SHOW ME MORE!" she shouts and she laughs a twisted dark laugh her upper thigh meanwhile start vibrating and healing even faster while she starts to pull herself off the ground she blinks noting the sudden aura coming from rain and she tilts her head... "perhaps i shall eat her next..." she mutters chucking darkly to herself before turning her attention back to vanguard with murderous intent
[19:43] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR is caught off guard by the knife, wincing and giving a pained gasp as it sinks into her belly. ODdly, she wouldn't bleed right away, though the knife could be felt grinding against things that were definitely not organs as it travelled upwards, until it was stopped by something very hard. Zephyr would stagger backwards, trying to rack another round and, if she could pull away from the man, fire another cryo slug at the man's hand holding the knife. If it detonated, it would superfreeze his hand in a block of extremely painfully cold cryo material as she shouted back at the man. "Y-YOU BASTARD!" She yelled, coughing boiling coolant onto the ground as she cursed up a pained storm. "OF COURSE HE'S NO ONE'S SLAVE! HE'S MY BLOODY SQUADMATE!"
[19:49] Vanguard One would take both rounds fired from Bellona leaving black scorched marks on her armor clearly having done some damage but it wasn't clear exactly how much. She would respond in kind firing a lower powered concussive beam from her palm at Bellona guaging her response to such an action. If it hit it might be enough force to knock the wind out of her if it hit her in the stomach or enough to concuss her if it hit her in the head. She would open her left shoulder 5 Smart missiles flying out in a spread pattern targeting now where she knew the bone was each of them having enough power to blow through a steel girder. Her right arm armor would start to change shape the metal moving like small bugs on her.
[19:51] The Shogun finally takes the cigar out of his mouth as he finally spoke. "Have one of them check the back," he said. "Everyone so focused on 12 that they not checking for 3,6, or 9." The lawyer nods and whips out his phone to shoot a text. The moment one of the henchmen feels the vibration he damn near leaps from his spot and almost drops his rifle. Heart beating so hard it was about to explode through his chest. "Shit!" he cursed under his breath. He was the one closest to the bank at that. In fact, he was at the bank's right wall, but near the front of the truck. He was really close to the action and was using all his will to not pee himself. These people were intimidating. Why did he accept this job again? Reading the text, he gulps but understood what he had to do. Tucking his phone back in his pocket, he surveys the scene, watching the action play out. He bore witness to the fate of that bank manager and did not want that same fate... yet if he failed.. the boss may not be willing to lose any
[19:51] The Shogun resources but that doesn't mean he won't squash his skull like a watermelon. As he went around, he trips and falls, though not in the vicinity for that rocket to hit, the impact was enough that he felt the ground shake and it tripped him up. He stays there for a moment, trying to regain his senses, wanting to run yet not wanting to feel the wrath of the shogun. Which was the bigger fear for him at this moment? He picks up his rifle, getting up on shaky legs and makes his way to the back of the bank, checking for any doors or entrance. He began to pull his phone out to text back and report on whatever he finds. Meanwhile the limo skids back by the force of the missile. They weren't real close to the action but still that was intense. Everyone inside braced themselves, but once the danger was over, the Shogun spoke. "Big picture," he began. "Tonight we might have to cut our losses for whatever is in that truck.. but... sometimes it's about the long game, the future. I can handle my own against any
[19:51] The Shogun dumb foo. Can even scrap with one of the weaker metas, but I am no meta. Not one of these supermen that people act like are gods. I am a man, but a thinking man. They think a man can't do shit.. but we still got our smarts and that is what matters. I got a way to go to rebuild what I lost but I guarantee you, the day will come when the people will line up to shine my shoes and I damn sure won't be empty handed tonight." "Just a show of your brilliance sir," the secretary said. "You goddamn right," he said sticking the cigar back into his mouth and observes the scene. That one violent chick, little chaotic of an element but chaos was a useful tool. He makes a note for her for future reference. In fact... "Pay attention to the crazy chick and the guy who seems to have a thing for Barbie dolls or whatever the hell he on," he said. "See what you can pull up about them later."
[19:53] Thrax held his arms at his sides, palms upwards to the skies. The dragons eyes lit with a cosmic glow and he began to mutter under his breath. A golden glowing square shined above his head. The square split in two with one vanishing and reappearing directly beneath the civilians in the crossfire. He appeared deep in thought while speaking out in an odd languange. "Kriss Vul Marek Liem Al Va Dor Ben... Kriss Vul Marek Liem Al Va Dor Ben..." Those within the golden field would sink into it and fall out from the other golden field. They were gateways connected to one another.
[20:00] Outburst was temporarily in stunned silence as his optic blast seemed to do nothing but was quickly brought out of it as he felt the man grab his arm so quickly. "Ah feck nah ya twat!" Again his eye gave of a bright glow, his visible muscles tensing and relaxing as he pumped energy in to his physical strength. Knowing the hold this armored man had on him was gonna hurt he reached up with his foot to jab kick the side of his knee. Protected or not, if normal combat did the same as his optics, the fight was already over. Using enough force to lift 10 tons his foot raced down as his cybernetic hand reached around to awkwardly grab at the helmet of his opponent. Still he continued to instinctively pump more energy into his physical prowess..
[20:06] Anvil kept his grip on the joint lock firm.. Outburst's next attacks would probabally clue him in to what was going on. Even though his blows were connecting, he couldn't feel any impact. It was as if his kick and punch had been turned into feather light caresses.. Anvil was absorbing the kinetic energy "you've lost, neighbor.best call this off. "
[20:07] Scene the only other bank entrance was up on the bridge but it was locked tightly for the night with guards outside of it. Guards who weren't getting paid enough to get involved in the mess downstairs. The final worker would end up getting pistol whipped in the face and go flying back landing on top of the crates seemingly unconscious.
[20:08] Rain grumbled angrily as she was hit with a bullet and someone acrobatics their way closer, her fleshy hand shot out and tried to grab the woman by the back of the neck, "Stop shooting people, it's rude!" She wouldn't be squeezing but the grip strength was immense! She was not sure if she could go all out without killing these people... But then again, if they were villainous filth then she would show no mercy! Her massive claw shot out and intercepted the beam, she seemed unphased by the loud noises... The missiles seemed to make her twitchy but otherwise she was rock solid! Her spines were picking up in pitch, if she had the woman in her grip then she would simply hold her out of the way! She had no idea yet who was fighting who, mostly because she was out of the loop and didn't recognize anyone but Zephyr!
[20:10] Dolos this time was weary of the shotgun, so he used his free hand to slap the gun sideways, attempting to deflect the icy shot in the general direction of the distracted focusing dragon, on purpose. He grinned in her face and then he yelled out "funny I don't shoot at my squadmates!" With his left hand, he started to rapidly jam the butterfly knife up and down. Whatever happened, he was trying to stay close to her. In his condition with frozen groin and unable to really walk, distance meant death.
[20:13] Eventide focussed. Orders. She kept her guns in hand, activating the internal device to create bridges- gateways- under some of the crates- to a secured safehouse. Unless they were antigravity they would likely fall through. If they did she would continue this going down the truck. She wanted them all. When Rain grabbed her neck she sent the command to The drone to guard- a shield forming around it. It began to fire sonic blasters at Rain, each shot a consense ball of sound waves likely to make that twichiness worse if she was getting what the spines did right, similar to echolocation.
[20:14] Sunflare: is completely confused by the scene going on - people were down, but everything was going to quickly for her to follow among the different battles. Hovering just above the upper entrance to the bank, I move to fly over to that entrance and see what is going on there if anything. Wary as the sun seemed to be setting.
[20:16] Bellona she let out a low growl the grab from behind had caught her off guard and her feet dangled off the ground she watched at whatever had grabbed her caught the beam she wasn't sure what it would have done if it hit her but she was more then glad not to find out "pretty sure I got shot at first...maybe" she laughed insanely she heard a crack in her neck it was just a popping like when you first stretched in the morning "thanks for the free chiropractic session" she tried to twist her body free but was sure she would have little success
[20:17] Velocity seeing the incoming missiles she digs her claws into the ground drags her self up still moving a bit unusually as she staggers and rolls at near mach 3 narrowly avoiding the brunt of the blast as the fall off sent her sailing into the wall of the bank she laughs "trick tricky... shooty shooty.... you and the other rats love your guns... none of you willing to get PERSONAL!!!" she screams and pulls herself up her her thigh now healed she dashes toward vanguard clocking in a mach 3.5 with her vibrating claws extended she fakes for the leg then un a sudden shift she dashing again even faster circling around to target the left shoulder with the missiles aiming to slash... and GRIP in an attempt to take out not only the weapons but cleave deep into the armor and into flesh while she is at it
[20:19] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR growled as her shotgun was slapped aside. Thankfully due to her reflexes she adjusted her aim so that instead of Thrax, it hit the side of the building, making a rather pretty but otherwise innocuous starburst of cryo material. She winced and cried out as the knife was worked through her damaged interior, staggering and falling to her knees. "Y-you fucking-" She growled, trying to throw a punch with a good 800 pounds behind it at the man's shoulder on his knife side. She could go harder, but the pain of a bloody knife in her stomach was making it hard to concentrate that force just yet.
[20:26] Vanguard One would grin inside her suit as Velocity was preforming much like she expected. Sometimes you have to take a hit to give one and as Velocity approached her she would find Vanguard One's left arm had shifted into a huge spike which unless Velocity was willing to abandon her attack she would run right onto and impale herself. It is true she would dig her claws deep into the thick armor and perhaps hit something meaty underneath it was truly hard to tell. However, as this was happening the end of the spike sticking out of the back of Velocity would expand itself into a creascant of death meaning the only way Velocity would be able to get off of it is to literally cut herself in half. There was a loud whir of power from the generator in Vanguard One's chest as something was clearly powering up.
[20:28] The Shogun watches the events unfold, yet would shift his eyes to his lawyer as he heard the phone buzzing. His lawyer looks at the screen then looks to the Shogun and shakes his head. "There's no entrance in the back," he said dismayed. "What's the next move?" Shogun sits and thinks, getting that same thoughtful look he gets when that cigar dangles from his mouth. Only when he removes the cigar does it signal that he thought of something. "Try the roof," he said. "I think whoever designed this thought that it's safer to not have a back entrance but that usually means that creates only one way in.. but what if there's not?.... Mobilize the guys, telling them to get to the roof. The bank is right under a bridge. Tell them to get there, scope out the scene and report back." The lawyers nods his head then sends out the text to everyone. Similar to the first guy, some of the men damn near jumped out of their boots when the text came but read it. The men peak around corners, trying to find one another among the
[20:28] The Shogun chaos to deliver a thumbs up. The one at the bank would emerge and motions for them to meet at the entrance to the bridge. They'd all have to find their own ways to get there but it all involved trying to avoid this battlefield and not dying. One would take a back way, one was also near the scene, behind the PAE vehicle and close to the truck. He scouts the scene and simply tries to run across, hoping to not get noticed or caught. They all wore the same black hood and black half face masks, each carrying a high powered rifle. Some would instinctively duck, just a sign of the panic and fear they felt as they tried to reach their destination.
[20:32] Thrax maintained his concentration thanks to Zeph deflecting the gunshot from his direction. The portals worked as anti-gravity. So if something fell into it, they would maintain momentum until they fell from the other side. It would be safe to assume the civilians within the portal could fall through safely and end up in Thrax's arms on the other side so they could escape safely.
[20:36] Outburst sighs as he notices his attacks completed nothing. No affect at all. He had never faced such a challenge. "Oi fecker, not a bit kooth ta steal my style boyo." he relaxed himself and casually putting his robotic hand in his pocket and pulled it back out. "As me brother would say let's shake on it, cause ya know its a shokcing end." he laughed a bit and swung his arm around and tried to slap the mans armor as he his a joy buzzer he was trying to save for himself. 250k volts ignite upon impact.
[20:43] Anvil grunted, worried about the cluster to his right He used some of the kinetic energy he'd absorbed to raise his strength slightly, keeping his right hand in a vice grip on outburst's arm, then took the risk of letting go with his left. He pulled one of the pistols at the small of his back then took aim firing a charged plasma shot at the hind quarters of the main impaling Zephyr hoping it would stun him enough that he got the upper hand. That one fellow that was standing in the shadows was also starting to concern him so he ordered the small floating drone next to him to start following the man in the trench coat just in case he was up to something ". hey. you bitches are having fun ganging up on that girl while I'm making your boss MY bitch? " he shouts out, It was an obvious ploy, trying to draw some of the heat off of vanguard one, though he did pour a hefty portion of the energy he'd absorbed into his healing factor, just in case one of them had something that could hurt him That was when he
[20:43] Anvil: suddenly went flying backwards into the cafe. he started to pick him self up off the rubble and muters " fuck... " and was seriously greatful he had already started his healing factor
[20:44] Scene A few of the creates would indeed fall into the portals created by Eventide being sent off to who knows where in addition to the worker inside the truck. Thrax would indeed save the two unconscious civies laying on the street being portalled into his grasp.
[20:45] Rain let Bellona go and roared as the drone seemed to be shoving giant walls at her! She would charge and grip her sword, just in case, her massive claw shooting out to grab the drone! The roar was deafening, it made glass rattle, and normal people would cover their ears from the sound blasting the streets and reverberating! She was not holding back, if that drone got hit by that claw... Lets just say it wouldn't be able to open cans after she got done wit it! The lash from her claw would make not so subtle air currents, people could feel the effort behind the claws basically! "Little bobble DIE!" She noted Zephyr was actually getting stabbed pretty hardcore, and tossed her giant sword at Dolos to try and help her out! It was REALLY heavy, but easy to dodge, it would make a small crater when it hit the ground... Really heavy metal!
[20:49] Dolos was punched in the shoulder and he withdrew the knife from her stomach as he was spun around by the impact. But he was tough enough not to fall down or really flinch; though he would have a bruise the size of Texas later. Instead, he used his momentum to pirouette around her, the knife switching hands in mid twirl, and hopefully stabbing right back into her lower back, his free hand attempting to get ahold of her hair at the same time. Luckily his pirouette had moved him out of the way of the gunshot AND the sword, they might have even hit Zephyr; although if the sword went through her he would be stabbed WITH her, so he was screwed if that happened "Next time on Dancing with the Clowns: the blonde bombshell gets a 16 inch shlong in her backdoor!!! HAAAAH!!!" He cackled evilly like a hyena.
[20:52] Eventide kept track via the drone and her own senses. She would gor for more of the haul, but rain slashing shattered the shield on the drone leaving it naked to another blow. The dron breaks with the second swipe and detonates. She smirked about being right, Guns still in hand she would angle one of her feet and fire a starbolt, an energy blast from from it, which while it wasnt full strength, much less overchrges a blast strong enough to send an apc flying, and cause a detonation at times. She was trying to take her out before she took Bellona out, or at least send her a good distance
[20:52] Sunflare: hovers to the above the banks entrance on the bridge, overlooking the building as I scan around to see any odd movement, my eyes glowing bright .
[20:53] Bellona lets out of a squeal of surprise as she was suddenly falling she landed hard on the ground for the second time that day "thats getting old" she mumbled to herself she stood up taking a moment to brush asphalt from her knees as she did her ice blue gaze surveyed the scene seeing which of her crew needed the most help but they all seemed to be holding their own pretty well her eyes sought Outburst and she was happy to see that he was alright and that the man who once stood before him was missing she took several steps back she was the probably the best shot among the crew while it may look like she was falling back she was really positioning herself n a way that she could easily fire rounds where needed
[20:56] Velocity sees the arm.. and the blade as she moves in but she doesn't seem to care... she rushes and ends up impaled on the blade she laughs psychotically and spits up blood into her mask... she tilts her head hearing vanguard powering up in some way she gets a wicked grin "you want to stop me... kill me.... you are no hero you are a KILLER like me.... and VELOCITY NEVER DIES!" she shouts and laughs even louder her claws start to vibrate faster and heat up immensely already hot enough to melt steel as she digs them in to vanguards armor... and possibly vanguard herself mean while the other hand moves in a blur forcefully jabbing her claws into vanguards gut in an attempt to impale her and get a death grip with those burning vibrating claws... then she would pull up toward the heart trying to reach something vital... her legs at the same time shift.. letting vanguard carry her weight on the spiked arm while both feet twist upward forming razor sharp tendril like spikes one jabbing that same vibration and head f

[20:56] Velocity her claws into vanguards right upper thigh while the other aims for vanguards one free arm locking them in a twisted entangled ball of death "you want to play with Velocity! she shout LETS PLAY!" she screams and laughs spiting up blood into her mask as the heat in her arms and legs quickly builds... hot enough for anyone near the two of them to notice a change int he air and potentially hot enough for frying vanguard from with in
[20:57] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR gasped, crying out again as she was stabbed once more, the blade jamming between her spinal column and a set of servoes, jamming it, and them, in place. "Fucking wanker!" She says, her head pulled back by the man gripping her hair. Her shotgun was still in her hand, but she had nowhere to point it, but she kept her grip on it like a vice. She was really hurting down below, small streams of coolant leaking from the hole in her stomach, along with a few sparks that hinted that some wires had been damaged as well. As she was, she wasn't in mortal danger yet, but the pain and damage to her internals was really hampering her combat effectiveness. Growling, the servoes in her legs whined as she tried to push back with tremendous force, attempting to slam Dolos onto the front of her own SUV repeatedly. "STOP! FUCKING! STABBING! ME!"
[20:59] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR in all the confusion and moving around between the two, the gunshot and sword mis their marks, though whether they would have done anything is moot considering the position Zephyr is in
[21:06] Vanguard One armor would creak and strain being dmaaged by the claws the vibrations chewing through layers of armor in fact if the armor had been made of anything less than the vibratium it used it would have easily been destroyed by now. Velocity's claws doing a real number on her. At this point Vanguard One took no action except to speak, "Well if you want to die that badly I shall oblige." It was at this point that she would release the attack she had been charging a massive been firing from the powercell in her chest draining it of energy with enough power to disintegrate most matter perhaps the metal skeleton might survive albeit badly blown away but the flesh would be gone almost asuredly.
[21:09] The Shogun continues monitoring the situation from inside his limo. "You know with fights like these," he began after taking his cigar out. "Who the hell needs movies or video games? Here's your high octane action right here! Hmmm you know people pay to watch stuff like this... make sure the footage is saved. We could sell it for good change." His secretary smiles and nods at him. "On it sir." Meanwhile the goons on the field successfully gather at the bridge's entrance. They all breathed heavy not because of physical activity but the anxiety of the entire situation. They were but a small group still trying to rebuild some sort of criminal empire the boss lost on his home world. They were basically ants here. So far the boss has not led them astray. They nonverbally confirm they are ok to each other with simple nods before the main goon ushers them to follow him as they make their way onto the bridge to find the bank entrance. This didn't seem as long a trek due to them not having to dodge bullets and ene
[21:09] The Shogun attacks this time. As they approached, they spot guards guarding an entrance and know it was the jackpot. They sent a text to the lawyer, reporting their findings. Back in the limo, the lawyer reads it before reporting, "so you are in luck. There's an entrance on the bridge afterall but there's guards outside. How you wish to proceed sir?" The Shogun sits and thinks. Everything going on, the heroes and criminals alike were distracted, yet he still didn't feel too comfortable making too much noise. He felt like either way he had to make a gamble. "Tell them to proceed, have their guns out. Make sure at least one of those guards live. They need someone to give them access." The lawyer nods and delivers the same orders to the henchmen. "Alright," said the goon who sought the back entrance previously. "The Shogun has spoken. Let's do this." The men moved forward, rifles out and pointed at the guards. Almost in sync, each reach into their jackets, revealing silent suppressors before placing
[21:09] The Shogun them on the nozzles of their guns. The head goon motions with his hand for one of them to fire the first shot, aiming for one of the guards as they neared. He orders the group to fire warning shots for those who remained or survived before warning the guards. "Don't be stupid," he said. "There may be costumes here but they won't be quick enough to save your asses. Just comply and you get to live! Are we green?!" All the while none having noticed one of the metas hovering around scouting the bridge.
[21:11] Thrax would halt his concentration and cease his muttering. The gateways immediately shut once he stops speaking. Thrax holds the civilians in his arms and is quick to rush them to safety. "Never fear, citizens!" He wasn't sure why he had to say that, but someone told him it would look good on his outward image to the public and media, y'know, to deflect his mean dragon appearance. Any time he was saving someone, he was trying his best to look "good" so he didn't get in trouble in case he accidentally harmed them in the process. ((Thrax will be missing a round as he runs off to take these civilians to safety, so skip me next round))
[21:15] Outburst looks back noticing his opponent took the break up a bit seriously. He watched as teh big man moved the civilians to safety, he leaned down and charged at Rain, his shoulder down for Indomitable Charge attack, his eyes flash brightly his shoulder aimed at her gut level. If he hit her it would be equivalent to a semi truck smacking her head on;.
[21:20] Anvil rolled his shoulders and pulled his breaching saw off his back. "stupid fucking robot arm.. " he mutters, activating the blade, essentially a chainsaw made out of plasma cutters. He shunted the last of the absorbed kinetic energy to enhance his speed and then went for Outburst, trying to sever or disable the arm that seemed to be his best shot at keeping Anvil at bay
[21:26] Rain reached out with a twitching claw, the sword scrapped along the ground and into her fleshy hand! She braced and quickly deflected the energy blast with the flat of her magnificent sword, this of course made her a little slow for the charge attack from Outburst! But she turned in time to catch him right in the gut, it would feel like he was hitting a steel wall! She took a step back and grinned, "Puny..." Her massive claw made a fist and punched him, she wasn't sure if he knew what he was getting into or not, so she wasn't punching him with an all out punch... Maybe putting in about half effort into it! The momentum of the punch might send him into the air? It might just miss him though! Her massive claw was quicker then it looked, but itwasstill slower on this planet... This planet sucked!
[21:30] Dolos was slammed into the hood of the SUV and he lost his grip on the knife. His hands blindly grasped at her face and his legs wrapped around her thighs, pressing his frozen crotch against her behind and he started to hump his hips exaggeratedly. "Oh yes Daddy likes that big juicy synthetic ass!" To be honest though the humping was a distraction as he pulled the handgun from his side holster and fired the revolver straight down at her shoulder. He was trying to disable her. It was time to thin the hero population.
[21:31] Eventide looked as she stepped , out of the trailer no matter how many crates she got..leaving it open. She drops to the street and calculates. Opening a bridge under Dolos and Zeph with the exit at a random spot in the badlands. Seeing the situation, she creates another bridge for the others..yes it was 2 way. She had to give them an exit. Audio clip not needed. She was annoyed that Rain broke one of her strong drones so easily
[21:32] Sunflare: frowns as I suddenly see a group of masked armed men aiming their weapons at the guards at the upper entrance - finally a clear and obvious target ! - my nostrils flare as I suddenly swoop down in flight above and behind the group of armed hoods, and as I hover directly and quietly above and and behind them..... "Hi Boys..." , pausing a second for them to turn, and I direct my sunburst - a massive burst of blinding light and area effect concussive force, towards the ground and the thugs - which at the range I was at , sending any ordinary humans straight into the ground from the force. Eyes now glowing intensely, I look to see who else is a threat.
[21:32] Hannah DuMont (hannahyagami) is offline.
[21:37] Bellona she dashes forward her speed was significantly quicker then a normal human and right now her saving grace she ran at Outburst at full speed pushing her body up into the air her feet landing on his shoulders she hopped that the force of her pushing off would knock him off balance just enough to get out of the way of the blade "see you at home Love" she said as she pushed off from his shoulders flipping her body into the portal and vanishing from sight
[21:43] Velocity screams in rage and her claws and legs both spike in heat their vibration getting almost unstable as they start thrust and stab deeper they would almost seem to not even cut but phase sinking and digging into the armor and hopefully the flesh underneath as she claws like an wild animal "VELOCITY NEVER DIES I WILL EAT YOU!.... I WILL EAT EVERYONE YOU LOVE!.... I WILL KILL AND BURN YOU ALL.... I WILL NEVER STOP YOUR FELSH AND YOUR LITTER RATE FRIENDS WILL BE MINE!!!" she shouts like a maniac and then vanguards massive beam hits her and there is one more blood curdling scream of pure rage from velocity and then utter silence as he flesh is melted and fried away down to the very bone... she is left there a shining metal skeleton glowing bright with the heat of the beam that had burned everything else aways with razor sharp teeth and glowing robotic legs attached the bones hang slumped loosely on blade which velocity was impaled on... her mask having nothing to grip falls to the ground and she remains there
[21:43] Velocity unmoving appearing to be quite dead smoke rising from the body/bones
[21:43] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR growled, her face flushing at the man's crude gesture. THe ice, thankfully, was nowwhere near as sharp as the knife, so all it did was rub ineffectively against the latex covering the 'bot's expansive ass, but the meaning behind it just pissed her off more. And then the bastard shot her in the shoulder. The armor took the hit this time, stopping the bullet before inflicting moe damage, but it was enough to jerk her shoulder down. Acting on instinct, her oher hand released the foregrip of her shotgun, grabbed the man's other hand, and then, in a twisting motion, tried to throw him at the brick wa;; to their right, screaming all the way. as her voice kicked up in volume again, past "bullhorn" to straight up "Air raid siren" decibel level.
[21:45] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR gives Dolos, should he end up where she intended to throw him, a glare that should have vaporized him and half the block behind him, panting, before groaning and clutching her stomach where the knife jabbed in.
[21:45] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Bloody hell...
[21:47] Vanguard One would feel the claws pierce her armor as everything shut down and she lost a good part of her protection when the power went out. The armor stood there slumped over as if it was dead blood leaking out of the claw-sized hole in her stomach. Her leg was nearly run through as well though the armor had just barely held thanks to Velocity being more interested in her gut.
[21:52] The Shogun leans in, monitoring the feed as he notices a particularly scantily clad heroine flying up to the bridge. That was not good news for him as he takes the cigar out of his mouth. "Tell-shit!" he cursed knowing it was too late to tell his men to retreat. Meanwhile the five goons held their guns on the guards, things were going so smoothly so far. All the heroes busy fighting the criminals, everyone seemed so interested in that truck. The head goon smiled as the guards complied and gave up so easily. "That's more like it-" he began before hearing a feminine voice address the group. They all froze, knowing what that really meant. He nods at the men, signaling them to attack as they all quickly turn to shoot at Sunflare but almost instantly found themselves blinded by light and hit with a force that knocked them all to the ground. "Who is this bitch?!" Shogun shouts in his limo. He's about to fly into a rage but pauses and takes a breath. He closes his eyes and puts out his cigar before reaching into
[21:52] The Shogun box to retrieve another and lights it. He takes a long drag, calming his nerves and thinking. The wheels were clearly turning in his head but he was also fighting back his annoyance, though him being calm now was not a good sign because it meant he was going to unleash his wrath on someone later on. He was merely bottling it up to release it later and likely one of those goons, if they survive the experience, will pay the price. "Poison. Stage 4. Now." The lawyer was about to argue the danger of such a call, but thinks better of it. He shoots a text to the henchmen, hopefully they were conscious, letting them know what to do next. The men heard their phones buzz, moving sluggishly as everything hurts. They look at their phones and their eyes widen. Too hurt to protect or verbally express their worry and not dumb enough to question their boss, they all seem to think it's better to comply. Each men would take out a syringe gun, including the head goon himself. He'd inject himself in the arm while
[21:52] The Shogun other men would inject him in turn. The moment this is done, he begins convulsing, body on fire as he unleashes a loud yell. He was clearly in pain yet his body was morphing, bulging. His veins seem to come to life, enlarging and crawling along his skin, pulsating while his eyes seemed to dilate. He was on his hands and knees, fighting back the pain but it was so intense, his muscle mass rapidly increasing, his scream loud, voice deepening. It seemed to take forever yet just like that.. it was over. Shirt torn, pants partially ripped... the goon now stood revealed.. incredibly muscular and staring at Sunflare in anger. The goon then leaps at the heroine, seeking to wrap his arms around her waist in a tight bearhug. "Let the demonstration begin," Shogun said in his limo.
[21:54] Outburst as he charged in toward Rain he felt something odd and it took a moment to realize it was his arm racing along side of him after being hacked off. Then as he neared Rain he felt her fist strike his mid drift, but his power charge attack did not stop but altered, allowing him to direct the force to her legs and allowing him to reach the portal Eventide had just opened. "Thanks for the 'elp Monstro." he gave a wink as he spun on one heal diving his flesh hand reaching out to grab at Vel's skin, the heat easily absorbed as he pulled her into the portal. As he nearly vanishes into the portal he could be heard yelling 'I JUST GOT THAT FECKING ARM!!"
[22:00] Anvil saw rain's punch coming, and he saw outburst fly therough the portal, however he had also seen Vanguard 1 drop so he shifted his body charging right into the punch rain was throwing, absorbing the energy from the punch . he then dropped his saw and started to maneuver around yanking off his gloves. To him blood meant that VO had organics He shunted all of the absorbed force into healing factor, then put has hands on vanguards wound, tryuing to transfer the healing factor to her, though even if he did it would only be about 1/4 as powerful, and last 1/4 as long as if he had used it on himself.
[22:03] Scene the guards definately were not sticking around to see how this turned out they ran as fast as their legs would carry them away fromthe sudden buldging super goons.
[22:04] Rain was after Outburst like white on rice! She would most likely be fine! But now she could go all out, now that it was clear who the villainous filth was and was not! She wasn't a medic... Healing people just isn't what she did anymore! She jumped through the portal and hoped it wasn't one of those that would shunt her to a different area! She hated those!!!
[22:08] Dolos slammed into the brick wall with a loud OOF and he looked at her with a grin, blowing Zephyr a kiss "I think I'm in love! Don't worry I'll get you next time, juicy..." he winked and then he stepped forward and dropped into the portal, arms crossed, with style! "HASTA LA VISTA BAYBAY!"
[22:09] Eventide stepped over grabbing Vels mask it needed with a foot and tollsing it to the end of a gun. firing several times witht he other into vanguard, less an execution given the womans armor. But to make allies worry. Even if the shots got through armor, they would be minor flesh wounds. Then she jumped to the portal and through, it closing after
[22:09] Sunflare: looks in shock as the first goon leaps up to bearhug me, unexpecting it as I had turned my back to them, "What the !! as I apply my own super strength against his grip as we hover in the air in a wrestling match, breaking the hold and throwing him back at his fellow goons..."That's what you get when you skip leg day !"
[22:12] Vanguard One would suddenly spring back to life speaking in a mechanical voice, "I'm fine." The hole in her armor would seal itself as it reconfigured to account for the damage and her bleeding would seemingly stop, "Secure any remaining civilians for treatment and make sure that one gets a proper burial."
[22:15] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR watches the man leave, then groans, still holding her stomach. "Rrrhmfg....." She mumbles, climbing into her squad car and pulling away, headed towards the tower.
[22:18] The Shogun rubs the temple of his forehead, wheels turning still. Seems like some of the costumes were either leaving or defeated. Can he still salvage this? Meanwhile his head goon was surprised at being outmatched and thrown back into his buddies. He was focused on the one girl as using so much of the poison drug also decreases his intelligence. He charges at her again, leaping to deliver a punch at her. "You know..." he said. "This day may not be lost... everyone is leaving.. big players are either too hurt or left...have the rest juice up while he distracts that light bitch. We're taking whatever is in that truck!" The lawyer nods, thinking it could be a risky move but could pay off as he delivers the text.
[22:20] Sunflare: engages the fighter as he leaps towards me, firing a bolt of energy at him, ignoring what is going on with the truck below.
[22:25] Anvil: I'm sorry, but I think you are misunderstanding the chain of command here. The mayor clearly stated that the vanguard falls under the command of the protectorate.... Eitehr way though you're right. " he activated his comm and gave similar instructions to the ones that Vanguard One just gave In the mean time he began to survey the scene for any clues
[22:26] Rachel Bridges (rachelbridges) focused on subduing this juiced hood, and happy I saved some guards lives, I fire another blast at my thug as the fight goes on above the truck, working to subdue him.
[22:26] Sunflare: focused on subduing this juiced hood, and happy I saved some guards lives, I fire another blast at my thug as the fight goes on above the truck, working to subdue him.
[22:28] The Shogun winces as he watches his head henchman take a shot of energy from Sunflare. He took an extra dose of the stuff so he doesn't have the good sense to give up or defend himself. Meanwhile the remaining goons inject themselves with the new drug. The process is intense as they've used the entire serum, but not as much as what happened to their leader, who was taking punishment and still trying to attack the heroine, leaping at her and throwing punches. The scars of battle already showing on his thick skin that he would surely feel in the morning. The remaining four goons, all muscled up but still maintaining their senses leap off the bridge and onto the top of the truck.
[22:30] Sunflare: focused on this one goon and finally glad to have an identified foe, I see the others and presume they are fleeing as I exchange blows with the one in front of me, driving at him and away from the the bridges edge.
[22:32] Sunflare: I finally drive this one goon to the ground and subdue him, taking part of a lamp post to bind him, I see the guards I had saved flee, and thinking that the other goons are gone, I fly this one to the jail before he can regain his senses and break free, conscious of the time.

In the end the remaining thugs decided to confront the wounded Vanguard One head on... that ended up being their mistake as Vanguard One wasn't that wounded and ended up defeating them and taking them to the protectorate HQ.

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