Dolos destroyed near PAE

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Dolos destroyed near PAE

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:41 pm

[21:50:46] Eventide steps through a portal tapping her foot

[21:51:24] Kitty yawns before saying "well think its nap....." Stopping before looking back to Eventide "dammit I want to take a nap. Come back tomorrow."

[21:52:16] Dolos glanced at Mikoto and he saluted her and then he asked "I'll take responsibility for her if you let her surrender. She fucks up and I die..."

[21:53:12] Eventide heard that and flipped him off then looked to bella

[21:54:01] Takamachi Mikoto: " ... Dolos. All she wants is outburst back. She's never going to let it go. And keep in mind that I still don't really trust you.

[21:54:37] Kitty replies to Mikoto "most of us don't trust him."

[21:54:54] Eventide signs ' what does he mean surrender?'

[21:55:32] Dolos chuckled as he was flipped off "I gave you the opportunity to fight me. You refused. Yet you're back. For what, pussy???" He rolled his eyes.

[21:55:59] Eventide made a speaker ' that shouted ' I accepted you coward get down here'

[21:58:19] Dolos cackled loudly "I'll be right down..." he looked at Kitty and blinked "how do I get outside? And will you watch for interference even though you hate me?"

[21:58:35] Mysty sighs a bit and looks over. "Is it safe to remove the gas mask..?" She looks over. "It's not a problem but it's getting stuffy now.."

[22:00:20] Kitty shrugs "no clue I don't know how half the tech here works. Also its nap time for me. "

[22:01:23] Dolos looked at Katy "how 'bout you red? I don't trust her for a fair fight...."

[22:02:31] Takamachi Mikoto: Well. I'm going back inside. no point in sticking around out here

[22:02:50] Kitty says to Dolos "hey a fight is a fight there is no such thing as dirty fighting." She would then go to follow Mikoto back into the building

[22:03:38] Katy seems to be still busy on the PAE coms, returning a shake of her head towards Dolos "Can't allow to get myself involved into your private affairs. Could spark escalation beyond a point of no return."

[22:05:21] Dolos shrugged his shoulders "well then gimme my weapons back if you're not gonna back me up..."

[22:05:48] Eventide waited patiently

[22:07:55] Katy returns a nod and orders a random PAE security guy to fetch Dolo's secured gear. After a moment the operator would show up and Katy would unleck the container "There is your gear. Take whatever you need and leave the PAE ground. Whatever happens to you outside, is not of my concern."

[22:09:32] Dolos rolled his eyes as he gathered his equipment and then he looked at her as he undid his shirt "my tanks? I can't attach 'em myself..."

[22:12:52] Katy does one of her calming gestures "Yeah yeah. C'mon, let me help you then and screw that shit back into place. Don't move ... " and of course, the dear Katy would try to install the four cylinders back into place, checking for any leaks and when she finds none, she would slap gently onto his shoulder "Seems your ready for action. Good luck Brent ..." which sounded somewhat honest.

[22:13:42] Eventide looks to him and patted her guns. The drone tranformed form her pack- the tactical one

[22:13:53] Dolos smiled to her and then he started for the garage "is that where the exit is?"

[22:15:57] Katy returns a nod "Granting you a emitter window of 5 seconds when you are ready. After that, the phalanx grid will return to full power and seal the tower. I'll open the shield as soon as you're standin' near the garage door ... "

[22:16:22] Eventide stepped aroudn to the door

[22:23:51] Dolos nodded and he started downstairs, grinning as he pulled his revolver in one hand and a white sleeping gas grenade in his other. As soon as the shield dropped he rolled the grenade at Eventide. It blew up in a 20ft cloud of white as he charged through the opening.
[22:24:49] Eventide set the drones to fire its plasma gatlings at his back and the vials, . Expecting the charge she stepped to the side.

[22:29:36] Dolos expected the drones to go after his vials, which was the reason he had never hulked up. The purple liquid erupted all over as he was hit in the back and he fell to his face, not breathing. In the fog of the grenade he looked dead.

[22:30:58] Takamachi Mikoto: ... " that didn't turn out so well did it?

[22:31:13] Eventide had the drone just keep fire on, , but had it switch to him. She would ascertain after its hits. The sleeping gas still didnt seem to affect her. Given how he reacted earlier the drones shield went up

[22:34:00] Dolos was still lying there as the fog cleared. The plasma was ripping into his back, black blood pooling under him. As he laid there, he had fallen on his hand. That hand slipped something from his pocket. But it was covered. Unless she moved him to look.

[22:35:15] Eventide just keps the drone firing, and her own eyes open. She didnt intend to stop until he was blood and loose flesh on the street. Double tap. Always double tap

[22:40:00] Dolos he was still within 5 ft of her and she would be able to hear him rasping for bloody breath "we die... together..." he held up his hand and held a large silver grenade in his hand. Before she would be able to move, he released the grenade and it exploded in a 25 ft radius. It would obviously kill him, but he was going to take her with him.

[22:43:00] Eventide saw the grenade and noted its type. The shrapnel would hit her body and bounce, though the impact would hope her back a few feet. The drones shield would hold and cease firing cycling weapon types and scanning for anything left behind

[22:46:01] Takamachi Mikoto looks over to Katy. " he probably should not have gone out there."

[22:46:26] Dolos had a few pieces around, but the blood spatter was everywhere. She would have to erradicate every cell to keep him dead, but he was effectively gone for a few months in this state.

[22:46:47] Katy opens her flask and shrugs "Better him than me ..."

[22:47:36] Eventide would eradicate all she could with the drone but -she must have missed some. She called the drone backto her side

[22:48:05] Takamachi Mikoto: " guess we can drop the shield. "

[22:49:47] Katy nods and speaks into her com "Deactivate the Phalanx grid ... no, not only the garage segment ... the whole tower array. Yeah, of course i am takin' responsiblity ... "

[22:51:00] : PAE Engineering would slowly power the Phalanx barrier grid down, the 60 hz humming would fade away

[22:55:42] Eventide has the dron reconfiguure into the backpack and looks at the mess on the street. then walks away. Not a single word

[22:57:13] G.I.A. completely does not know what she just witnessed but looks after villain debating about drawing her pistols.

[22:57:49] Eventide looks at gia with a look that almost read' yes?'

[23:00:50] G.I.A. looks at her and moves to the center of the street. "Eventide. I am placing you under citizens arrest." she stood ready with her hands out to the side a little incase she needed to draw her pistols.

[23:01:36] the pak shows a hologram with audio of dolos challenging her, and her acceptance

[23:03:26] G.I.A. nods "I believe that is a yes?"

[23:04:29] Dolos is just a few drops of blood on the concrete

[23:05:17] Takamachi Mikoto sighs and uses a tisue to wipe up the spot of blood eventide missed...

[23:05:54] Katy jumps down and ends up near the bloody remains of Dolos, a raspy sigh sounds "Thats a damn shame, Brent ... jus' was about to start to like ye ... " she would rais her flask and take a swig "Farewell ..."

[23:06:21] Eventide nods and signs ' challenge was accepted. he was measured. Weighed. and judged.'

[23:09:29] G.I.A. nods. "You both tried to hack me but this will not be personal. Eventide, come quietly and pay your debt to the city. For numerous crimes." she held her pistols before her. Keeping a distance this time to ensure she would not get hacked so easily.

[23:10:24] Eventide looks to her and signed ' what crimes? he challenged. I broke no law'

[23:12:41] G.I.A. she blinked, her the blue light rings around her pupils rotating slowly. "The bank heist. Murder of the know villain Dolos" she continued to search her data banks but could find really nothing else on her. Or did she miss something. Right at that moment both charges were enough. "Now let's make this easy on us both please."

[23:14:32] Eventide shrugs and opened a gateway. heading to step through. It wasnt to dmh though

[23:16:02] Takamachi Mikoto comes back and whispers to katy

[23:16:24] G.I.A. quickly squeezed the triggers of both pistols firing off two shots per weapon. Immediately she remembers the cyborg was bullet proof.

[23:16:25] Katy grumbles and listens "Mmmmh ?"

[23:18:04] Takamachi Mikoto is whispering...

[23:20:32] Katy winces when she notices the shots being fired nearby, trying to pull Mikoto into cover "Careful boss ... and yeah, i appreciate that idea. Additionally we could try to apply what we learned from Project Genesis ... to accelerate 'things' ..."

[23:21:01] Eventide feels the shots hit her bouncing off, like the shrapnel. she stepped through into space and closed the bridge

[23:22:25] Takamachi Mikoto shakes her head " no. he chose do make a stupid move. I felt uneasy having him in the twoer in teh first place.
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