Let it Burn

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Let it Burn

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[18:12:49] Outburst holsters his pistol and debates for a moment. "Feck it, she is fast she will catch up, lets git this party started 'ey Perky?" he gave her a grin and a wink.

[18:16:11] Eventide nods and jus calmly walks towards the bank

[18:27:18] Outburst simply opens the door and walks in. First person he sees, the bank guard. His pistol drawn out and and the sound of a 50 caliber round echoing in the bank. "OI Every shut the feck up and git out 'ere on the floor!" he turns to look at Even, "Be sure teh vault be open and grab two hostages for the boom collars." someone yells out in fear and with out hesitation the womans brains decorate the teller counter. Looking to Vel, "Git all the money out quick, then we take the three wit collars on out. We be sure ta grab the pres of this bank yeah? He gits a collar."

[18:33:47] Eventide walks in, One of the guards foolishly pulling his gun and shooting Eventide point blank. The bullet smashing on her her skin.. he pisses himself and runs..the other, hand sup says ' fucking first dayers' as Tide puts a collar on him

[18:39:08] Velocity a red flash fills the room and she burst through the door she glances around confused "why are we here?... did we not attack this place already?" she asks tiling her and an looking at all the cowering people she look up at outburst money? why do we need money?" she asks seeming rather clearly not up to date on what was going on or why they were there

[18:41:39] Outburst quickens his step to the tellers forcing all of them out front but notices one push a button.. the alarm had been activated. Grabbing that woman he latched on the collar he held and shoved her toward Vel. "Ya wanted ta burn the money last time doll. Now we are 'ere ta git that part of the job done." he winks

[18:45:02] Eventide moves towards the door and slams her free hand into the door to get inside to the tellers and the branch manager. She pointed to vault and collared the manager

[18:50:44] Chung came out of the portal in a graceful front flip and he landed in a crouch. The portal blinked shut after Trouble came through. He looked around and then he sighed "I wish you wouldn't have killed people..."

[18:51:20] Velocity "ah! burning... yes i like the burning very much!" she says with a wicked smile under her mask she says and she grabs the hostages with the collars moving like a bloody streak as she drags them into the vault with her

[18:52:11] XSU Trouble stepped in looking around and sighing "Goody trouble.."

[18:53:48] Eventide forces the manager to open it so Vel can load it up. She turns seeing the trouble

[18:56:03] Outburst smiled at the figures as they entered the bank through a portal. "Oi Perky! We've got guests. Luscious, git ready, we 'ave friends over be ready." he pulls out a cigar and starts to approach the two figures. Recognizing neither of them, he smiles. Lighting his stogy, clicking his zippo three times afterwards, a red light begins to blink on the metal case. "Oi who invited ya all to this party 'ey?"

[18:57:36] XSU Trouble surveys everyone there cracks her back and casts a look to her blue buddy then just looks at outburst as she points to him silently

[18:59:04] Chung saw the hostage in Eventide's hands and he opened a portal directly in front of the manager so he couldn't open the vault. The other end of the portal was in front of Blitzfire. That was when he saw Outburst coming toward him and he shut the portal around the vault keypad, effectively cutting the keys off so they couldn't open it. "Who the hell are you? You look like a roid head.,.. lemme guess, little dick too?"
[19:01:36] Eventide frowned and opened a bridge up, the other side inside the vault, This allowed Velocity and her hostages in. She pointed at the blue one for outburst

[19:02:52] Outburst chuckles, "Feckin' new blood 'ey? Ya might want ta leave boya, yer way out of yer league 'ere." he clicked his lighter once more time. "Vel doll, do me a favor, who ever has collar two on, ya might want ta separates them form the group. It's gonna get messy." he takes one last toke form his stogy and then drops it on the floor. "Portal player be the blue'ne Even?" he looked over his shoulder slightly as he holstered his pistol.

[19:09:12] XSU Trouble humms quietly "of courrsee you relize that if you murder anyone this will rapidly spiral out of your control... we go from having a nice even engagement where you only have to beat down two of us to escape with the goodies too... now the entire towns populace is up in your shit complicating things." she shrugs "all i mean is things are nice and uncomplicated right now. why complicate them more?" she shifts in place her metal feet scrapeing the marble of the tiles

[19:09:57] Chung laughed as he saw Outburst looking over his shoulder and he ran forward, leaping into a roundhouse kick at his cheek. He was hoping to catch him off guard, but he had no idea what this guy's powers were.

[19:13:55] Eventide nods and draws both her 14mm pistols . Golden eyes, one more static than the other looking to xsu . Mentally she radiaos to Velocity mixed audio' the the money together. we have visitors'

[19:15:34] Outburst doesn't see the attack coming and takes the entire force. Spinning around and having to catch his balance. "Whoa, we've got a fast one." he shakes his head a bit as his eyes glow slightly before returning to normal. "So, a gynoid and a blue 'ero walk into a bank. Gynoid believes the goods the villains seek be money. We've got plenty of that girly." He smiles wickedly. "Vel, ignite'em, burn up that money. Bombs go off in 5 anyways." he then took a defensive martial arts stance, more attunes to judo.

[19:18:59] XSU Trouble blinks slowly behind her helmet "huh." she simply says clearly not expecting that "great a bunch of anarchists then. well, we can teleport so i think we can cut an escape a bit closer then you buddy." she clenches her fists a few times audiably before pointing one arm with an underslung... grenade launcher? its a big barrel at any rate, over At eventide in a very clear, You start shooting so do i way.

[19:22:39] Velocity laughs a wickedly twisted laugh and her legs and claws start to vibrate and glow with intense heat... she knocks several of the hostages into the big pile of money before slashing at the kindle to set it all on fire with then civilians inside... meanwhile the whole vault continues getting hotter creating almost an oven like environment with velocity and all her victims inside....

[19:22:55] Chung grinned as he fell into his own martial arts stance, something similar to Muay Thai. He swayed side-to-side slowly and then he opened his hand. A pink portal opened under Outburst's feet. If he fell through, the other end of the portal was directly overhead. He was trying to drop Outburst and catch him falling with an upward palmstrike to his nose, using the force of gravity against him hopefully. "Trouble, take care of the hostages! I got Mike Tyson!"

[19:29:53] XSU Trouble looks over at the vault getting external tempriture readings and giving a looonnng tired sounding sigh "hate too say this blue, but my skill sets kinda constrained to punching people in the face. or lifting something really heavy... or flying. i don't think theres allot i can immedately do for the hostages here... other then give them an autopsy." she watches tempriture riseing "it won't be har
[19:30:03] XSU Trouble: "it won't be hard" she adds

[19:31:04] Outburst shakes his head with a chuckle. "Either ya are a dim witted gynoid or too brand new ta even consider as a threat to us. Eventide and Velocity have made a name fer themselves that is more 'eard of than some twat mayeeerrrr..." he falls through the portal unable to avoid he attack from underneath and he lands off to the side and starts to stand. "Alright this is fecking startin' ta piss me..." he stops as the unmistakable sound of a bomb collar preparing to explode.

[19:34:55] Eventide levels her pistols at XSU and opens fire on her, shats that would take out the engine blocks of cars. She detected the heat but knew what Velocity could do

[19:38:21] Chung growled softly as he opened another portal in front of himself and behind Outburst, and he jumped through. As he popped out behind Outburst, he tried to kick him in the back of the head. As those portals blinked shut, he opened another under himself and fell through, ending up in the room behind Eventide (unless he was stopped)

[19:42:34] XSU Trouble with a smell like burning ozone evades the bullets by dashing too the side her trained gun going off with the unmistakeable bark of a shotgun... Three times as she finds herself behind the wood standing desk her bosters having left a scorch mark on it the pattern of shot would find itself flying in Chung and Eventide potentally hitting either as she surveys the situation.. there was literally nothing she colud do about that collar.. at least nothing that occurred to her and she was operateing on more cycles per second then them... so clearly she wasn't in the wrong here.. right?

[19:45:33] Outburst felt the kick behind his head and stumbled forward. Watching the armored figure dash about, and the only target in sight. "Play time is over!" Taking his lighter out and flicking the lid open and shut two more times and then putting the zippo back in his pocket. The chirping of a bomb ready to explode getting louder and faster, he started to march his way to the only play toy he saw.

[19:50:10] Eventide: turned to Chung and was about to launch her secret weapon when the vault door erupted out of the wall from pressure inside, slamming her into the bars and bending them at the same time the buckshot hit her skin and did largely nothing..it may have hit chung as well but her did the portal drop. A synthetic voice called out" Velocity . State situtation"

[19:51:21] XSU Trouble Does a jet assisted Tackle into Outburst hands clenched into fists as she unleashed a flurry of punches at his core jets flareing with each swing

[19:55:43] Chung landed directly behind Eventide to shield himself from the friendly fire, he quickly lunged forward and jumped up... just in time to be hit from behind by the vault door. As he flew toward the bars, his body turned and he slid right between the bars, rolling across the floor. But he used his own momentum to land in a front flip kick towards the side of Outburst's head. Blitzfire was a good name. The little blue creature was a blitz.

[20:01:11] Velocity smoke from the burning money and a sicking scent of burning flesh fill the room as the vault door burst off its hinges... velocity slowly walks out of the smoke chucking darkly to herself and holding a severed arm of one of the scorched victims... her own skin burnt as well but seemed to be quickly healing.. the temperature inside the vault would read several hundred degrees she tilts her head no one could live through that... they were all cooked alive.... she lifts her mask slightly just enough to reveal her mouth with a twisted tho very human looking smile with glistening razor sharp teeth inside... she takes a big greed bite of the arm ripping out a chuck of human flesh... and savoring the taste before looking out at the battle with the red eyes of her mask smoldering like flame... in a dark inhuman sounding voice she asks "so who is next?" her dark lips curling into a twisted grin dripping with human blood as she pulls her mask back down

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[20:03:55] Outburst thanks to the rocketed attack from Trouble, he was flying backwards and the two crashing through the wall, unable to and unwilling to avoid the rain of punches against his torso. Each blow absorbed, his eyes glowing brighter with each hit. As they fell back he amped up his own strength and started to thrust his elbow down on his attacker. He watched the blue man's attack come in and graze against his face before they exited the new opening to the bank. Outside, he continued his own attack.

[20:05:39] Eventide opens a small portal and her backpack slips off" Eject Soundbeat. Operation Patrol" The modulated artificial voice speeding as the pack reconfigured into a drone, and once through the portal it closed. Then to Velocity" The blue one and the orange one. "

[20:13:14] XSU Trouble takes the hit to the head helmet crunching under it and a hairline crack forming as she gets launched into the ground and sweeps around and back trying to get distance... before blinking in his direction "Ow. that hurt." she is not selling it very well if she means it.. kinda has this creepy emotionless doll voice going on. as she grabs some space and scans around. well shit. she frowns annoyed. of course its never a simple 1v1 now its a 1.5 v 1 or a- goddamnit this portaling was REALLY starting to fuck with her odds calculator. she grit her teeth and upped her cycles per second to grab a few to get a handle on things..

[20:14:08] Chung grinned as he sprang up to his feet outside with the rest of them. That is when he noticed the glowing eyes and he held out his hands underneath Outburst, pulling open another portal. Either Outburst would fall through, or one of his limbs would go into the portal, or he would back away. The other end of the portal was across the street near the lake but not over the water. "GET OFF HER ROIDBOY!"
[20:16:27] Chung he was trying to separate the numbers *

[20:17:58] Outburst muscles continued to tense and relax as the seem to thicken slightly. Before he could react a portal opened under him again. Fallin through he landed scanned the area to see where he was. "Alright, this 'as been fun but mission accomplished. Ya be sure ta remember this time Velocity and Eventide with some hobo jest killed those peoples in the vault." As if to go off on cue two more collar bombs explode inside sending hundreds of fletches and flame. "That be our queue ta leave. Even portal."

[20:20:30] Eventide waved a hand wioth gun opening a portal by her side, , looking to thw two.. a cold predatorial look A drone waited nearby in case as she waited for Outburst and Vel

[20:21:58] XSU Trouble realizeing things had allready gone poorly dosen't bother persueing and instead makes some rather obscene gestures in Eventides direction.

[20:22:40] Eventide flips xsu off with a foot

[20:23:28] XSU Trouble looks down at her toeless feet and sulks a bit

[20:23:45] Velocity glances at outburst then to the heros "leaving?... we are leaving?.... but i wish to kill to BURN to EAT these ones..." she says sounding rather disappointed at the idea of pulling out

[20:23:59] Chung shook his head and he dove through another portal, popping out in front of Outburst and hopefully kicking him in the chest, attempting to knock him backwards into the lake "you need to wash up before you go bub! You smell.... well, like a goat!"

[20:25:14] XSU Trouble watches and winces really hopeing her idiot dosen't stir the shit pot. but not so much that she is willing to stop him...

[20:26:04] Eventide looked to Velocity" the mission is complete. I will bring you snacks"

[20:28:00] XSU Trouble: "pusssys!" she shouts from across the street "biiiitcheeenn ouuuut" she calls over clearly trying to win a moral victory at this point.

[20:28:56] Outburst had poured the kinetic energy the female in armor had poured in to him. As the kick strikes true, it causes him to step back but reflectively he vaults forward with a clothesline aimed at the blue mans chest. If he hits the force behind it, slightly above average human. "Now do me a favor boyo. Tell Kitty 'er boyfriends back and theres gonan be trouble," he looked over to Vel, "Dead Man's fall back, we did what we wanted."

[20:31:17] Chung wasn't expecting a clothesline, so he was sent into a backflip and he landed on his knees, coughing and stunned. "You won't get away with this, murderer..."

[20:35:06] XSU Trouble sighs "Blue, Time to fuck off, game over we lost and they outnumber you three too one." she calls over finally taking pity on the blue boy.

[20:36:03] Velocity grumbles looking between the heros and she snaps her teeth at them... the loud clicking of her snaps could be heard from under her mask... "very well..." she mutters "but some day i will kill them all... filthy city rats.. RATS!!!" she growls... and turns toward the portal then suddenly stops hearing XSU she grins and turns to face "you... i will make it slow... piece by piece... tin can... useless.. bad for eating... i will burn you.. melt you and make you watch as i eat all of those you hold dear.... perhaps even make you taste them.... and i will laugh!" she says then lets out a darkly psychotic laugh before disappearing though the portal

[20:37:41] Eventide hopped through leaving it for Outburst, where it would close right after he passed through. She was more somber, and would have to go get velocity some people treats...

[20:37:54] XSU Trouble: "Suck a cock!" she shouts at the portal

[20:38:03] Outburst smiles to the blue man, "I will keep ya ta yer promise lad. Don't tease meh yeah?" he waves as he jumps up and into the portal, As he fell out of sight he could be heard saying "Feckin' last time I did this, I had lost me arm.. feck I 'ate these things." if not stopped before getting to the portal he would be gone.

[20:38:54] XSU Trouble is not in the mood to stop the last one from departing, not like stopping him wolud do much good anyway.

[20:39:05] Chung glanced back to Trouble and he rolled to his feet and he looked at the portal. He had an idea. He let Velocity go through first and then he lunged in front of the portal, holding out his hands to open a new portal in front of the first one, trying to intercept Outburst and dump him in the lake

[08:45 PM] Chung blinked as he looked up to her and he shook his head slowly, sniffling "you're wrong...." His emotions drained from his face as he whispered "they were right... my government was right. People like that must be exterminated...."

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