Daddy makes a move

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Daddy makes a move

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This is Howard handupme with a special report... Wait are we back on the air? Repairs are complete? Good, as I was saying this is Howard Handupme with a report of an attack on the city by the villain known as Daddy here is the footage we got.

A Call goes out to the police and protectorate about a group climbing the Firefly media building.

[15:03] Daddy: gets on to the roof and looks at the satellite dish."All I have to do is hook up my little device and this city will be mine." He looks at tafali."We will have a large, large family."
[15:04] Tafali me smiles a she looks up at him and chuckles. "Yay! More brothers and sisters!" She clapped her hands as she watched him her cheeks blushed with vitality and her skin carrying a golden sheen
[15:05] Nameless zipped her way around the firefly media building with a grin on her face, and landed on the roof with a few stuttering steps. Her voice was amplified to show how much power she was using, but she was obviously just whispering, "Gonna blow stuff up? Or are we going to kill people? Or is it just a little meet and greet again?"
[15:06] Daddy: shakes his head.'I will leave the blowing up and killing to the two of you. I am looking to take over the city."
[15:09] Tafali me smiled a huge smile her teeth sharpening into fangs. "Yes..Baba many people will die will be so much fun!" She purred her voice tinted with her Arabic accent
[15:10] Nameless claps her hands together, "Get em big guy! I'll do my thing then!" She turned and jumped off the roof to stop any heroes that might be coming to stop them, her amulet glowed softly as she concentrated and got ready for an attack!
[15:13]Daddy walks to the satellite and kneels down bringing out a small device, opening It, he starts working on connections."This shouldn't take long."
[15:15] Tafali me smiles as she looked at Baba. "Shall I wait here Baba?" She smiled at him her fangs glittering and bright
[15:15] Daddy: nods."INdeed Tafali, I must not be disturbed."
[15:25] Daddy: hooks up the wired connections to the satellite dish and begins typing into it."The heroes do not seem to care about this city. This may be easier than I expected."
[15:26] Tafali me smiles as she looks at him her eyes flashing white, her voice sounding strangely distorted with Set's power. "This is going to be funa whole city Ripe for culling.." She purrs as she watches the city.
[15:36] Daddy: nods."Anyone who isn't family will be culled, slowly though as too many at once takes the fun away."
[15:37] Tafali me looks out over the city. "As long as blood is spilled I don't care if it's alot or a little..." She purrs and slides her hands over her body, her voice talking in the strange distorted manner.
[15:39] Daddy: stops what he is doing."It is compiling as we speak I have a couple moments before I have to do the next part." He looks over the edge of the building."Tafali, do Baba a favor and kill those who seek to stop us."
[15:40] Tafali me smilesa s she looks at her Baba. "All right Baba....i will murder them."
[15:41] Tafali me steps off the roof and a portal opens under her bringing her down to the street.
[15:58] Drexia slams into the wall hard, making bones crunch and crack, not that it even seems to slow her down as she lands on her feet and moves in to try and bite nameless from behind as she is busy with scarlet, pushing into the shield, if she manages to bite down on her she'd try to lift and shake before throwing her towards the heroes
[15:59] Daddy: steps out of the media building and looks at the fighting."The battle is over!" he says through the mask. as he speaks into a microphone."Come and help Daddy."As if on cue citizens begin exiting their homes heading for the fight.
[16:00] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. called out to Nameless an irritated look on her face. "Nameless stand down, any further actions other than getting on the ground form you, will be responded with deadly force!" she called out a warning. She noticed two others, a topless woman and a man. First there was another matter. She loaded an access clip. Raised her rifle at Nameless and called out "Only one chance, you are under arrest."
[16:00] Scarlet: The knight hated making shows of her own power, other than pyrokinesis- she put a lot of work into cultivating the illusion that it was the only element she could manipulate. So when Nameless fired lightning at her, she attempted to counter it in as subtle a fashion as possible. Thrusting her sword forward, she attempted to channel the incoming electrical power through it and into her body. If she was successful, her body began to erupt with arcs of electricity. If not- she'd take the full brunt of the lightning, charring much of her skin and setting her clothing alight. Regardless, she rushed towards Nameless with her sword held overhead, intending to cleave her apart from shoulder to hip. If she successfully 'absorbed' the lightning, her weapon crackled and sparked with Nameless' own electric power.
[16:02] Katy by now was back on her boots, her face a grumpy grimace while she was barking orders into her PAE coms "Threat level omega event ... initiate emergency building lockdown ... notify the boss." then tries to fetch the assault shotgun from her back, switching it to fullauto mode and targeting Nameless' feet. Yet she wouldn't be able to open fire now because the target was still engaged in close combat with Scarlet. Katy would wait for an opportunity to attack, but she wouldn't want to risk a friendly fire incident.
[16:03] Tafali me watches the combat and sighs joyfully. "Ohhhh blood is so beautiful!" She sighed as she started to summon raw chaos into her hands shaping it into three ravens, and sends them streaking at GIa her eyes blazing white. "Baba sends his regards." She purrs and fires them at GIa, if they land they carry the power of three hand grenades.
[16:04] Cecelia got to her feet and let out a pained exhale. She then noticed the people approaching and at the combat that was about to occur. She grimaced and took a step forward. "Katy...permission to assist..?" She asked looking over.
[16:08] Nameless still had a wall up behind her to buy her some time as something fantastic happened! The warrior with the shield was channeling the lightning away from her! She actually got excited for a moment! The sword crackling with energy sliced neatly past her breasts as she blurred to one side, letting the blow graze her. The lightning arched from the sword to her chest and traveled back to her arms! With that happening she dodged the fatal blow and spun, an icicle forming in her hand as if it were another sword! This was her specialty! And swung both the sword and the ice sword at her shield wielding opponent! The look on her face got dangerous as she tried to put someone between her and the big ass dragon! Also her top was barely hanging in there, is how close the blow came to nearly hitting its mark!
[16:14] Drexia works and pushes against the shield still, not really noticing the people no doubt starting to show up by now
[16:15] Scarlet: Nameless was fast, but Scarlet was confident that she was faster. Using her momentum from the barely-missed swing, she continued her blade's arc, leaving a neat slice in the concrete as she wheeled around and went in for another slice. Her weapon trailed flames now, burning brightly as she poured pyromantic energy into the blade. She intentionally allowed the icicle to catch her in the chest, leaving a wound that exposed her sternum and several ribs, and used her renewed attack in an attempt to hack through the actual sword in Nameless's other hand in hopes of denying her opponent a proper weapon. She still hadn't grasped the magnitude of what Daddy had just done, and fought on heedless of the approaching civilians.
[16:18] Katy would reply with a grunt directed to Cecelia "Make yourself useful, but take care of yourself ... bloody hell, where are our damn cops again ?" she wasn't able to continue her Protectorate rant, when the nearby GIA seems to be hit by several detonations, causing Katy to be littered with ground debris. Katy would again end up on the ground, her nose bleeding and groaning in agony, losing all her actions this round.
[16:20] Daddy: lets his power flow as he begins to speak."This is the time to lay down your arms, join me Join daddy." ** Any hero with Daddy issues a weak will or into any DD/lg fetish stuff will be susceptible to Daddys power.**
[16:23] Cecelia nods at Katy's words and then inhales and lets out a breath as she lets her energy release inside her. Brighter than before as she stood up straight. "Alright....I will do what I can..." She spoke softly, the energy would give off a terrible sensation in the air.
[16:23] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. is caught off guard by the attack from the topless woman, the first Raven slammed into the side of her face, the second against her shield as she was flown backwards. The third would pass her form but as she stood slowly up from the attack half of her face was ripped away. Thankfully somehow her eye still remained and parts for the polymer base skeleton. "That's it you three are under arrest!" With her heavy armor she jetted upward and took aim shooting off three rounds at her attacker.
[16:27] Tafali me follows after GIa and smiles reaching out her hands the black aura glowing into a shield one of them shooting her in the shoulder, but instead of blood sand leaks out into the ground as she gets up her shield, across town in an office, a husband and wife gaze into each other's eyes a small scream coming out of the woman as her shoulder explodes in blood and bone, painting her husband's face in blood, they start to sob together. Back at the battle Tafali smiles darkly as she looks at Gia. " don't bleed how unsatisfying..."
[16:28] Nameless huffed as her shield broke! She was now a prime candidate for that dragon, she was shocked to see her ice pierce Scarlets chest and then felt a mighty blow to her Sword! The sword flipped out of her hand as a grin grew wider, the implosion of air as her power dropped would tug people closer! But the sword spun in the air and kept spinning... Then shot to her back! She tried sparta kicking the shield warrior with the flaming sword with a one hundred ten pound kick, as the rubble all shot towards the rest of the group! She hadn't forgotten about them! She noticed the assist against Gia and hoped that also bought her some time, then noticed the civilians all rushing from the buildings, hundreds of them... She felt an urge to back down and fought it as best she could as the madness threatened to overflow! She'd back down if Scarlet backed down, but then she'd have to deal with the dragon!
[16:31] Drexia moves in when the shield breaks and tries to just bite down on nameless from above, the blade leaving deep cuts in her chest due to the spinning, lift her up and shake her violently before tossing her towards daddy
[16:35] Scarlet: Daddy's command washed over Scarlet, and had absolutely no effect- her gestalt consciousness worked in a fashion that was entirely dissimilar to the human brain. "Be *silent.*" she commanded the black-clad man, directing some of her pyrokinetic powers his way. A molten stream of lava erupted from the pavement, headed for his chin. If it connected, and his physiology was equal to that of a baseline human, it'd bore right through the bottom of his head and emerge from his crown. Turning her attention back to Nameless, she prepared to thrust her blade into the now-disarmed woman's belly, the kick doing little more than tickling her; Scarlet weighed five tons at the moment, so she may as well have tried to kick a slab of iron. It was only then that she noticed the rush of oncoming civilians. Deciding to avoid harm to the incoming innocents, she backed off of Nameless and allowed the Dragon to do what it would to her. "Madam Katy. Do you need assistance?" she asked, backing away towards her superior.
[16:39] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. flies over the large dragon thankful to see something majestic to be on the side of order. Her eyes fixed on Tafali. She spins in the air swinging around the shield, a feint attack as her rifle release another three shots at the Hyroglyphic marked woman. The shield how ever ejects off her wrist and spins like a frizbee towards Daddy in hopes it would strike him hard enough to take him out of the picture. With roughly 5 tons of force behind it she was worried with all the citizens coming so close this battle would be over soon and not in their favor.
[16:41] Katy groans while getting up from the ground for the second time, her face covered in dirt and blood, gladly her tactical gear was protecting her quite well against the 'raven' detonations. Katy would notice the advancing mass of civilians, while returning a calming gesture to her coworkers "I'm alright Scarlet ... but we got a fuckin' serious problem ..." she points towards the brainwashed population and suddenly notices the subtle voice of Daddy and the attempt of a hypnotic induction, falling to her knees for and fighting the voices in her head "Fuckin' indoctrinator ... get out of my head !" she barks out.
[16:41] Tafali me sees the attackis and takes a deep breath and holds up her hands summoning another shield of raw chaos, doing her best to defend him, again she is shot, the bolts exploding in sand across town the husband cries as one of his legs is blown off in a shower of blood but dosn't die. "Tisk tisk.....hit me and you kill civilians." She smirks and does her best to shield Baba from the attacks.
[16:44] Daddy: Citizens get closer to the battle paying no mind to any explosions around them. Any hero not affected by daddys power soon find the hands of the citizens grabbing them. to pull at them. Daddy sees the lava erupt and dodges just barely. His walking stick coming to deflect the shield. He sees Katys response."I am no indoctrinator, I am your Daddy, and you wish to help your Daddy." his power flowing stronger directly at her.
[16:45] Nameless vanished inside the dragons mouth, the violent shaking caused the teeth to bore into her skin causing massive bleeding and pain! The madness overtook her and she laughed, a haunting shrill laugh, as lightning erupted from her body! Zapping the dragon thing at this close was sure to leave burn marks and zap the rest of her body as well, seeing as the throat was right next to her! She was slammed into the ground, her leg wouldn't respond as it gushed blood, a greenish blue color. She struggled to get up and found out the hard way one of her arms was in the same condition! She was so hungry now too! And sleepy, maybe fighting a dragon and ignoring him was a bad idea! She called her remaining power and launched a force wall at the dragon, she didn't feel like getting eaten alive, this was in her mind simply self defense! But thirty tons of force might be a little excessive! Madness sucked!
[16:52] Drexia gets zapped, leaving large burns all over the large creatures body, she shakes her head after the toss, only to get hit by the wall she gets launched back and quite mangled in the process with practically every bone in the drones body having been shattered, what remains shivers and starts to heal, slowly standing back up and missing the turn
[16:53] Scarlet: "Would you like us to retreat?" Scarlet asked, sheathing her blade and melting the leather against the blade, preventing it from being drawn with regular human strength. The grappling hands of the civilians could not move her immense weight, nor could they cause any real harm, though they did make it difficult for her to speak without yelling. "I could evacuate the three of us now, if you wish. Picking off the targets with precision weaponry would likely cause less damage to these bystanders than wading through them."
[16:54] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. noticed her attacks on the woman were useless and the man himself was a force. She landed near them both but before she could act she felt dozens of hands grab on to her. She nearly tried to pull away but realized it was the citizens and now found herself faced with a dilemma. Instinctively she disarmed her rifle so if it was taken it could not fire. "Let these people go you bastard!" she called out to the one called Daddy.
[16:55] Katy was still at her knees, the shotgun in her hands, while the hypnotic trance was starting to affect her mind more and more. The average person would have by now fallen for the hypnotic assault, yet Katy was all too familiar with psychological warfare and mental defense. She would try to overcome the voice with intense emotions "My daddy is dead .. he died fightin' the fuckin' totalitarians ... you bloody bastard." it would an intense struggle for the moment, but at some point her iron determination and paranoia was sufficient to regain clarity, glancing up into Scarlets eyes "No evac ... primary target is the indoctrinator ... neutralize the target, knight !"
[16:57] Tafali me sighs and basks in Baba's love and rises up and looks over his shoulder and smiles. "Baba wants to love th em...he loves them more then you will ever know.." She purred and moved away from Baba to fire at Gia another three chaos Raven's raw reality her other hand holding one of her shields ready to defend Daddy. "Baba, these people really hate civilians>" She continues to hold a shield ready to defend Daddy as needed.
[17:00] Daddy: smiles as he watches everyone his focus on Katy as he cranks up his power." I am still your daddy, who will love and care for you. You would never want for anything. And no one would take me from you." The citizens numbers growing as Daddy speaks to Tafali."No my child, they just don't understand... but they will." as he reaches into his pocket throwing out a small handfull of marbles at those not being affected by his power, smoke spreading out from them.
[17:05] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. saw the attack racing at her. She used the armors strength and pushed the people who had a hold of her back and down away from her. Using the boosters of her armor she charged the raves so their explosions would have this daddy fellow in their radius as well. The first raven struck the armor at her left hips, causing the shell severe damage, as the second struck her right shoulder and the third directly in the chest. Her armor taking most of the explosion and she hoped the concussion from them did not reach the citizens close by. She tumbled back wards towards the large dragon as chunks of armor and was that an arm bouncing away in teh other direction?
[17:08] Nameless is covered in deep puncture wounds up and down one arm and leg, the bone itself was smashed into oblivion. It was cold... She hadn't felt cold in a long time, the blueish green blood gushed as she fell back and shivered, finding herself surrounded by civilians... Was this death? She wasn't sure how she felt about that really, the madness was the only thing keeping her from losing consciousness right now!
[17:08] Cecelia looks over snapping out of the momentary daze she was in. She saw the marble objects scatter and the first thought came to her mind. "Sorry gonna need some breathing room. She slams both her hands into the pavement and the red sparks arc out along the roadway before it jutted up infront of her like a wall for cover. She could feel the tinge of something trying to force into her thoughts but she couldn't figure out what it was.
[17:09] Drexia eventually heals enough to launch another attack, facing daddy and trying to hit him from both sides with the spikes at the tip of her wings, at the same time her chest just splits open and what appears to be intestine basically get launched out and try to tangle him up and draw him into the basically gaping maw, of course one of the civilians take this oppertunity to toss a grenade into the opening and it goes off a few moments later turning the creature into a mess of bony shrapnel and shredded flesh (( RIP drone 83631, time to hit bed once this round is up ))
[17:09] Scarlet nodded. "Affirmative. Proceeding to eliminate the threat." she both said and telepathically projected. She used her aerokinesis to lift off of the ground, gently prying the civilian's fingers off of her with unseen planes of air as she rose. Once she was free of them, she levitated towards Daddy, small trails of flame emanating for her boots to give the illusion of flight via pyrokinetic means. The smoke pellets he released hampered her vision for only a short few seconds before she fleshwarped her eyes to see into the elecromagnetic and infrared spectrums, cutting through the smoke as if it wasn't even there. She pointed a single finger at him. "You should learn to respect your elders, *Daddy.*" she said, the last word dripping with contempt. An invisible column of hardened air formed behind him, and rocketed towards his heart, though it would stop if a civilian got in the way. At the same time, two more inch-wide columns of lava erupted from the ground at his left and right, heading for the exact same
[17:09] Scarlet: spot. Scarlet was attempting to keep him from dodging if he was somehow able to perceive the incoming air spike.
[17:12] Katy was limping forward slowly, the corrupted civilians seemed to ignore her for the moment, perhaps because this 'Daddy' was still hoping to subdue her ? There was a sharp pain in her mind, the moment the hypno-meta intensifies the mental invasion, Katy was rubbing her forehead and gasping "Daddy ? Is that really you ? Thats fuckin' impossible ... it can't be !" at this moment it would be hard to read if Katy was really losing the mental battle, yet she would try to slowly close in on her 'Daddy' ...
[17:15] Daddy: the spike of solidified air goes right through the chest of Daddy who falls forward. A moment of silence as the citizens don't seem to stop grabbing for any hero, if anyone examines him they will find that he is not leaking blood, but a bit of lubricant and his skin looks awfully rubbery. The voice continues to come out, power still flowing."Yes my child, I am here and I am here for you. Come join your family." the voice droning down.
[17:19] Nameless started to lose herself to the madness, and her sword snapped to her hand and her amulet glowed, a torrent of fire exploded upwards and then focused on the puncture wounds, the Madness took over her body and made her sit up, a blank expression of sheer boredom on her face as her wounds were cauterized, it was no longer Nameless controlling her body, her sentient weapon and her amulet were in control. "Narrowly avoided death there little one..." Her voice was deeper, almost manly, the sword rose into the air and carried Nameless with it! She would have to escape and hope she could find a doctor or something to heal up...
[17:21] Tafali me looked horrified and then smiled as she saw Daddy' get back up and then smiles, "Daddy loves should love him too...or die." She then looked up at Scarlet and frowned. "You shouldn't break his's bad for you." SHe smiled as she fired off flurry of chaos ravens at her each one exploding with the ofrce of hand grinade if they hit anything, Raw Chaos striking with Normal Reality
[17:22] Scarlet: The knight's face contorted into a rictus of wrath as Daddy's apparent death didn't stop the civilians from being controlled. "What manner of enchantment did you place on them, fiend?" she asked, expecting no answer from the corpse. Flames began to emanate from every pore of her body, giving her an unearthly glow. "What do I need to do to break your hold?"
[17:26] Babygirl comes rocketing onto the scene landing in perfect fighting stance. Her skin ripples and takes on a reddish sheen as steanm begins pouring from her body. Gone is the funny goofy atmosphere she normally gives off. Standing with her hat pulled onto her head shadowing her eyes. She speaks in barely controlled anger "Who dared to touch Daddy?"
[17:27] Katy would move closer to her 'Daddy' if the controlled civillians would allow her, the lines of reality and projected mental images blending more and more into a sick nightmare. Her steps were no longer determined, but more similar to a entranced victim "Daddy ... i missed you so much .." she whispers, a smile forming at her lips. Then suddenly a spike of hatred overcoming her "Die die die , you bloody bastard !" and she would try to empty the 30 rounds of PAE cryo rounds at close range, targeting Daddy and every person in his vicinity. PAE cryo rounds would cause a instant deep freezing effect on the target, but wer considere a less-than-lethal option.
[17:29] Daddy: steps up from behind the heroes along with the civilians as he swings his walking stick at Scarlets back if it connects it acts as a super powered tazer, sending a massive electric shock to her. The daddybot is now completely destroyed. "If you can't play nice you don't get to play at all."
[17:31] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. stood up and performed a self diagnosis. Her arm was missing pieces of her armor shattered, cracked, or just plain out missing. Chunks of what portrayed as flesh were ripped off at her stomach and left leg. She started limping toward the daddy figure, from her back she drew out a handle and a blade formed on the end. She would shove any citizen away but careful as to not cause them much damage or pain. She watched the PAE agent unload her weapon at the man. She was unsure what to do but then the daddy bot was no more and she realized then they had been fooled.
[17:32] Tafali me looked up as she floated up as well.. "You can't stop what has been is finished, A father's love has been shared...and given freely without condition." She smiled at Baby Girl and then pointed at scarlet. "She is the one....she is the one that tried to kill our Father." the woman's glowing white eyes turned to Katu as the bullets because they were non leathal actually worked rendering one of her arms useless, but instead of being horrified she just laughed the wounded civlians sobbing as theier skin started to show patches of frost bite wher the bullet hit. She tilted her head to her and sighed. "All he wanted was to love you...." She held up her free hand and a ball of black energy sailed to her screaming with a thousand voices as it tried to Connect with Katy's chest and explode.
[17:35] Scarlet opened her mouth to answer Babygirl, but was interrupted by Daddy's taser before she could speak. Her concentration was momentarily broken, causing her to plummet towards the crowd of civilians. She managed to regain her footing before crushing anyone to death beneath her weight, but her legs dipped into the crowd- when she began to rise back up, she found her legs were covered in clinging hands. She couldn't risk injuring them, and was forced to take the time to remove them with carefully sculpted planes of air. "Ah. A body double. Cunning, though I should have seen it coming." she hissed.
[17:37] Babygirl disappears from sight moving to fast for the normal human eye to follow. She glares at the one firing the bullets and and begins punching in rapid fire motion reaching speeds that make it appear her arms have multiplied. "Steam Dolly Party Popper!" she yells out striking all the bullets aimed at her
[17:40] Katy was still pulling the trigger of her fullauto shotgun, her features deformed into a grimace of hatred, yet the PAE standard cryo ammo seemed to have only limited effect on target. Katys was just about to change mags, when she is confronted with a exotic attack directed towards her, the ball of black energy easily penetrating her tactical vest and detonating inside of her chest, causing a spectacular phenomenon. Her shotgun, her tactical gear and her attire in general would be ripped apart into piece by the explosion, yet her body would show a perhaps unexpected decohesion into blue glowing particles, leaving a field of probability floating in midair !
[17:42] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: The orange-clad hero was causally swinging through the city until his senses were ticking off! Something intense was happening and it seemed he needed to figure on what is the situation that is irritating his senses. The fire-spider leaped on top of a nearby building observing the scene. From his point of view it was looking like individuals were attacking the Firefly media. ‘’Well, looks like it time to go to work!’’ He said, dropping down onto the concrete ground, landing on his feet swiftly; now in the whereabouts of the action!
[17:44] Rain says, "The sound of ever getting closer footsteps bounding towards Firefly Media was thunderous! A small humming filled the air as a whumpf sounded in the distance, followed quickly with a whistling sound much like a fired mortar of a dropped bomb! If anyone looked up they would see a monster falling towards them, a massive arm and sword silhouetted by the sun! The impact of her landing sent shockwaves through the crowd of civilians, hopefully knocking them over so she could assess the situation! She had made it here in record time as a call came in on her old protectorate comms from the other side of the city! She growled and thundered towards the fight, she was an ally of justice, but her sheer presence was enough to make anyone cower in fear! Could it possible break Daddy's hold on the civilians?"
[17:46] Tafali me turns and smiles at the floating lights and tilts her head to one side and lifts up her fingesr making another ball of pure writhing black chaos and looks at Gia and smiles the sphere launching at her.
[17:46] Daddy: landed as the civilians are trying to pull Scarlett down he moves past her tossing a doll up to Scarlett if she catches it it explodes 5 seconds later after speaking the word Mama. He comes up to Katy."Did you get all of that out of your system."His power kicking in.full force."IT is time to start a new chapter, with a new Daddy."
[17:50] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. decides it was time to cut his allies down a bit and using the last remaining booster in her armor she gave a great leap at the woman who bled sand. She hurled the ax at the sphere heading her way in hopes that would cause the explosion to be premature like some old lovers she had back on Crowa four. If it did she would land next to the woman and try to grapple the woman with her one hand and drag her ot the ground.
[17:50] Daddy: some civilians do fall from the arrivl of rain but many are to tightly packed.
[17:52] Scarlet: The knight caught the doll, tilting her head at the object. Before she could ask what the purpose of handing her such a thing was, it detonated in her hands. Her incredibly high density prevented any relatively serious injuries- she suffered only from a shattered ribcage and the amputation of a few fingers- though the damage to the civilians around her would almost certainly be catastrophic. "I seem to have forgotten my order to terminate you with extreme prejudice." she droned, rising back up into the air. "Allow me to remedy that." And with that, she began to focus her strength. Reality expanded and contracted around her form, as if breathing.
[17:53] Tafali me smirks as it still explodes a few civlians dieing as it does she goes to move but looks suprised as she is grappled as well, already off kiklter by having one arm down her one hand reaching out to try and grab GIa and h it her with a shot of raw entropy but that's only if it lands.
[17:53] NYX is for now limited to it's interphase state, busy to achieve a sufficient level of self criticality to re-manifest. A process as complex as this one, to reorganize matter on a fundamental scale is of course time consuming. Interaction with the interphase field would be more or less impossible, the field would just remain passive and inert for now.
[18:03] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Ran through the swath of mind controlled civilians, trying to get closer to the real villians of this event. He then noticed a skulled masked male with a cane by his side. ‘’Guess that’s the main bad guy huh?’’ He said, whipping out a thread of web onto a near by wall to propel himself forward to a closer distance to the skulled masked male, three feet apart. ‘’Alright the jib is up! Why don’t you make this easy and turn yourself in.’’
[18:03] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. caused her last piece of leg armor to disconnect allowing her to use both legs in an attempt to wrestle the woman down. Using her one arm and upper torso she barely managed to shift her head out of the way of the next attack. She wrestled to restrain the woman. If able to she wraps her arm around and in to grab the manacle on her belt piece. It took more time than it should but she managed pretty well with one arm missing. If successful she would lock it on to her first wrist.
[18:06] Babygirl grins wide seeing the giant "I have this one" She declares and immediately launches to attack. Arms stretched back before seeming to disappear before reappearing infront of the giant bringing both palms forward with great speed and impact "Steam Doll Party Bomber!"
[18:07] Tafali me is powerful mentally but she is only as strong as a very fit person she lets out a hiss bearing her fangs at the woman as she is locked her other arm limp beside her and looks at Gia's with her voice still sounding with that weird possessed voice. "Let go of me Ushabti or I will destroy you!" she continues to fight back trying to free herself.
[18:07] Daddy: moves away from Scarlet."here is where you heroes fail. Common sense would be along the lines of finding out how my family has grown. However you are more along the lines of beating me and mine up if not outright trying to kill me." He pauses a moment."And this is why at the end of the day... you fail."
[18:09] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. as she wrestles her target it dawns on her. Maybe if they, "Webby guy!!" she calls out loudly as she could. "Get to the top and destroy the antenae!! It might stop the hold he has!!"
[18:10] Rain's spines hummed loudly as the scene seemed to be drawn out for her, she thundered up to Daddy, clear intent to rip him in half all over her blind folded face! She was menacing to look at! She reached up for her Sword of Magnificence, and got blasted by a palm strike! Her monstrous arm snapped out and tried to snatch the rubber like arm before it retracted! Then growled, "Stay out of my way, i should have done this a long time ago..." And then pulled with everything she had on the arm, hoping to smack the rubber girl with the back of her monstrous arm, if she managed to pull her in!
[18:10] Scarlet: "I'm old, enchanter. Old enough to know the most common method of ending a domination effect." she croaked, her body reeling under the strain of using this ability. She finally gathered enough power, and shot downwards into the ground, leaving not a trace of her passing.
[18:12] Tafali me continues to struggle with GIa grabbing one of The woman's legs and tries to blast her with entropic energy flesh and armor withering if it lands
[18:16] NYX by now had achieved the necessary level of order to remanifest into a matterphase. This time and as a result of the present level of violence, it would be the machine-matter phase, trying to fall back towards the PAE building for now, to gather and coordinate which what was left of PAESEC forces.
[18:17] Daddy: looks up at Rain, and shakes his head slightly."You lied to me before, and now must be punished." as he removes his belt, and with a snap it stiffens in to a sword."You must learn not to cross Daddy." he begins swiping the tip of the blade at Rain, if he connects they are like a myriad of small slices on her skin, as the blast hits him, the ground exploding beneath him, and a large column of dust, dirt and concrete surrounding where Daddy stood.
[18:20] Scarlet rushes upwards from the ground sword-first, her body becoming tangible as it emerges. The blade is aimed at Daddy's throat, its glowing orange length keening for his blood as it slices through the air. What's more, Scarlet was applying a dirty trick to this attack- a flat plane of sharpened air extended from the tip of the blade, giving it another three feet of unseen cutting surface.
[18:22] Babygirl eyes widen as she is pulled into the grasp and back handed. She hangs on to the arm as she goes launching into a building and bounces off it sending her back to Rain "WHOAH!"
[18:23] Daddy: The explosion of the City street staggered Daddy back, keeping him alive but the sword still hit flipping the man in the air. The sword hit the mask and as Daddy stands up he is revealed as Micael Bochs the headmaster of the school!
[18:23] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Alerted by a voice from the distance, hearing the request from this indidvual. It seem that this person wanted him to go on top of the building destroy the antenae. ‘’Got it!’’ He shot another thread of web to the left direction of another building of projecting himself in an 180 degree rotation to land back onto the Firefly media wall, crawling his way to the top of the antenae. ‘’Okay… destroy the antenae, should be easy enough.’’ He said, crawling up the wall as fast as he can.
[18:26] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. eye widen as she feels the impact of attack strike her leg. The armor already gone, her leg explodes in scattered pieces. Instinctively she head butted the woman in hopes to cause her to at the very least become dazed? With one manacle locked on she fought and pulled at the other arm using what little leverage she could manage. She fought to get the other arm locked in, then she could if successful reassess the situation and call down her next avatar as this one was nearly done.
[18:26] Rain took most of the slices to her arm, covered in armor... Leaving a few tiny scratch marks on them, then it whipped over her fleshy bits and drew a tiny amount of black blood, she felt the impact on her massive hand and moved towards Daddy, then felt another, and another and another! Each one growing stronger and stronger as the rebound impacted her arm! It got to the point where she was just trying to understand WHY this was happening, as her massive arm started jerking back and forth from the impacts, knocking her off balance a little bit and causing her to lose her focus on her target! To anyone else it would look like she was playing with a paddle and ball, but this was way more serious! She couldn't do anything with all the impacts hammering her backwards! It got to the point where she was hitting herself and snarled, "What magic is this!?"
[18:29] Tafali me smirks as she gets the leg to explode and chuckled but then looked up at Gia and gasped as her head was connected with forcefully, the world shifts and the edges of her vision going grey her body going limp in Gia's arms completely passed out
[18:29] Daddy: there were speakers inside the mask and upon landing on the ground shorted out, sparks going off from it."Wha... what happened? Where am I?" He said falling slightly as though one of his legs had given out."Has anyone seen my walking stick?"
[18:32] Scarlet: The knight didn't recognize the face behind the mask instantaneously; she rarely, if ever, interacted with the staff of the meta university. She barely stopped her next attack when Bocks spoke. "Do you actually think you can prevent your judgment with the ages-old amnesia trick?" she hissed, pointing her weapon at his throat.
[18:32] Babygirl cries out as she keeps bouncing off the building and Rains arm "STOP THAT! IM GOING TO THROW UP" she growls building up more force with each bat away. Finally having enough as she positions herself on the next bounce feet impacting the building as she launches herself at tremendous speed and force towards Rain "Steam Doll Pinata Breaker!" she yells out bringing her feet up to impact against Rain as she releases her grip
[18:32] Katy would try to apply some crowd control to deal with the brainwashed citizens around her, activating her gravition generators to induce a triple g field in 3 meter radius around her, which was usually enough to enforce the normal person down on the ground, without causing severe injury. Noticing a voice in the distance, speaking of a antenna, she would glance up towards the top of the Firefly building, barking out another order "Knight Scarlet ! New mission priority .... reach the roof level of the building and render enemy equipment unusable !"
[18:34] Michael Bochs: raises his hands."Amnesia? No, my name is Michael bochs, I am headmaster at the school for metahumans. I was working on some paperwork, the lights went out and next thing I know I am here.. I have not lost my memory. Oh please don't hurt me" he looks very concerned at the weapon at his throat.
[18:36] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. causes the rest of her armor to disengage and crawls over to the nearby pillar. Using it to lean on she looked over at the daddy fellow and saw him in confusion. Another one of the villains decoys. She saw Baby Girl still fighting with the large figure. She notices the PAE agent known as Katy starting to work on crowd control. She called out to Baby Girl "Stand down!! You have lost, get down on the ground and put your hands behind your head!"
[18:38] Rain was staggering back from the force of the blows by now, nearly knocking the wind out of her with a few rapid fire thumps into her stomach! She growled and her arm bulged, the next impact hit and she used every bit of strength she had to try and throw the rubber girl away! She was finally free of that witch! Now then, "Kill hi-" She got blasted in the face by the pinata breaker! rubber feet most likely making a squeaky noise as they made her fly in the opposite direction! This was not good! The very sound of the impact was comical, a sort of squeaky slap right to her face! Her blind fold came off from the force of the blow, revealing twin orbs of utter darkness, light flooded her mind and she hissed! Any who made any sort of eye contact with her would instantly feel as though they were being drained of power or health! The Abyss had been unleashed!
[18:42] Tafali me is laying on the pavement her arms cuffed behind her back and out of the fight.
[18:44] Babygirl smirks sending the giant flying "HA!" She is about to launch another attack but pauses turning towards GIA as she lowers her hat shadowing her eyes "Stay out of our fight" she growls and turns back to Rain making eye contact. Feeling the drain. "Are you ready to fight serious now?"
[18:44] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Having to finally made it on top of the firefly building, near the antenae. He advanced forward to the antenae, conducting a ball of fire into his right palms. Once he managed to create a fireball in his palm, he thrust his arm in a linear direction, throwing the fireball at the antenae, hopping to destroy it and let it burn to stop the mind games that was occurring. ‘’Haaah!’’
[18:49] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. notices the shuttle break atmosphere, she finishes uploading the last details so the new avatar would have up to date information. As does every piece of armor she has and body part the main form slowly begins to disintegrate. It was time to get the crowd control reinforced and hopefully the last villain subdued.
[18:50] Katy wasn't sure if Scarlet received her orders and is still trying to maintain her focus to keep the crowd of civillians down at the ground for now "Scarlet ! We deal with that creep later ... lets head to the top of the Firefly building ! Seems the key to the mass brainfuck is hidden there ... go go go !"
[18:52] Scarlet: The knight processed the new orders for a second before turning away from Bochs. "Acknowledged. I'm on the way." she announced, kicking off into the air and beginning her ascent towards the roof.
[18:53] Rain got up with a growl, bringing her eyes to bear on the rubber girl, "I'm always serious..." And thundered towards her, it wasn't an actual drain. It just made the body and mind think it was, thus why she kept her eyes covered! It effected everyone human and not! A very debilitating thing for her allies to be perfectly honest! She got closer and tried to snatch the little rubber witch in her massive hand, snapping out quickly to grab her by the waist! Her eyes adjusted fairly quickly to the light and her spines stopped humming, they were no longer needed with her eyes uncovered!
[18:55] Michael Bochs: inferno succeeds in destroying the antenna, the beeping box on the satellite dish continues and the walking brain washed continue to move towards the heroes grabbing at them even at Rain now. Mr. Bochs struggles as he picks up his walking thick and leans a bit on it."I must get back to the school. Someone needs to take care of the Children." As he starts walking away. his back to others as he pushes a button on the walking stick causing the box to explode at the base of the satellite making it crash into the roof. The civilians coming back to their senses, though not all of them.
[18:57] Babygirl squeaks as she is grabbed able to fight off the effect of the supposed drain, showing no fear focused solely on the fight. Her body squeaks as shes squeezed "HEY STOP THAT DAMMIT!" she kicks unable to get momentum her hat falling to the floor as she struggles
[19:00] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. shuttle slowed over the area but did not stop and allowed the new avatar to disembark and land safely on the road. First she started to help people that seemed confused and she quickly lost sight of the man who claimed to be Head Master Boshs. She still noticed the two women fighting and heard the explosion high above. She could only hope the man she sent up there was safe. As the confused masses began to slowly leave she marched toward Rain and Babygirl. "Stand down the both of you or I will arrest you both!" she unsnapped the leather bands holding her pistols safely in their holsters.
[19:01] Michael Bochs: realizes he still had his belt sword in his hand and flings it away from him."Why would I have this?" He asked, the blade sliding close to tafali.
[19:02] Rain was fury! Anything that made a grab at her went flying at least ten feet into the air! The poor civilians were being knocked around and coming to a mere second before impacting the ground, she reached down and gently grabbed the hat and placed it on her head, "Now i can get stuff done..." She slammed a foot down and hurled Babygirl right at Daddy! Releasing at the point optimal for a rubber girl fast ball of doom! If her aim was spot on then she'd be hitting and wrapping around daddy? Maybe just a solid impact of squeaky comic relief!
[19:02] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: dashed his downwards towards the citizens, seeing chucks of rocks from the explosion heading near the people. Inferno shoots a thread of web that spiral out into an net, making the chucks of rocks stop from falling on the indidvuals. Having the rocks in a capture webbed net and dropping them on a empty road.
[19:06] Babygirl goes flying impacting against someone with a squeak. She growls getting up showing no concern for anyone she hit as she dusts herself off and cracks her knuckles "ok fine." SHe pauses feeling the breeze against her hair as she looks around "Wheres my hat! Thats my only thing i own! WHere is it?!" she panics before catching sight of it on Rains head. Glare sharpened "Give me my hat!" she growls out in low restraintt anger threating to burst
[19:08] Katy notices the explosion on top of the Firefly building and would immediately deactivate the gravitational field, in hope that the citizens would no longer be under enemy control. Aware of the ongoing confrontation between the present metas, she would decide to prioritize the protection of the liberated citizens, giving new PAESEC orders "Prepare the garage area for a temporary shelter. All medical staff prepare for emergency care !" and hopefully the garage door would open, allowing to evac citizens into saftey.
[19:09] Tafali me groggly opened her eyes as she heard the clatter and rolled slightly her fingers getting feeling again as she grasped the sword trying to get her cuffs undone, reaslign that both hands work she smirked and then grunted discloating her hands and laying on them again the bodies tied up across town sceaming in agony as she transfers her wounds to them, she starts to slowly use entropy to rot the cuffs around her wrists layingo n her back completely to hide her actions
[19:11] Scarlet dropped to the ground, abandoning her former orders to head to the roof, and headed to the garage. Her skills would be put to better use there. "Acknowledged. Assuming emergency medical duties." she said, sheathing her sword.
[19:11] Michael Bochs: the citizens who don't return to their homes follow any orders to the garage for treatment. there is suddenly a loud and ANGRY voice from above."WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!"
[19:12] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. amplifies her voice "I said enough! You both are to stand down! Babygirl you are under arrest. Rain if you want to spend time in a cell keep it up!" she glances back at her first capture and notices her moving. She scowled. She either worried about the first one and let these two go at it and cause more harm and damage or help the crowds and get these two to stop..She drew her pistols and aimed one at each Baby girl and Rain. THe loud voice caught her off guard it was one she did not recognize... could it get any worse she thought.
[19:12] Cathlyn stop her truck, and look at the scene.
[19:15] Rain offered the hat back and placed a massive claw over her chest, "Didn't want it to get ruined is all..." She would give up the hat without a fight then look for her blind fold and tie it back on. The order to stand down made her laugh, "You can try and take me in, but i doubt it would end well for you girl." She was done fighting anyway! She turned her attention back to making her spines hum again and got the whole picture as the voice yelled at them all.
[19:17] Babygirl pauses and grabs the hat "um thank you" she smiles wide as the steam fades and her body returns to its pinkish state. Ignoring the order as it doesnt apply to her in her mind she walks up to Rain and extends her hand "Im Lucy! Im a rubber girl" she smiles
[19:19] Tafali me hears the booming voice from above and smirks as she keeps touching rotting the cuffs feeling the metal start to rust and squeak under her finger tips, and eventually crumble to dust, she rolls hard and snaps her hands back into place and then reaches for Baba's sword starting to levitate off the ground her eyes glowing white again as the old power grips her soul again, she could escape but daddy would be sad if she left one of her Sisters out oin the cold. "Come Sister, it's time to leave." She would say the edges of her voice tinted with he wailing of the tormented. "Baba needs us." She tried to reason with the Rubber woman.
[19:19] Katy stops in front of Scarlet and inspects her from head to toe "Are you alright, Knight ? I was really worried for a moment ... " soon returning her attention to guide the confused citizens inside of the garage, where they would receive the necessary emergency care and protection from the ongoing fight outside.
[19:20] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) lands and looks around."I'm off trying to find my missing Fiance and I come to find out theres a fight going on here?!" He pauses hearing the womans voice and looks at the woman."Fatima?!"
[19:21] Rain was kind of glad the rubber girl was done fighting too, "Name is Rain, you are tough." It was a high compliment coming from her, but offered a hand to shake, making a squeaky sound. Her voice didn't match her monstrous appearance at all and was kind of glad her aura didn't make her shy away like it did everyone else, she almost wanted a friend! Need being a little to strong of a word...
[19:21] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. turns and notices her first arrest was free. Holstering her pistols, as both the villains ignored her demands she simply let the villains go about their way. She notices the man who she had sent up to the roof. "Thanks for the assist." she then walked over to the wall of the PAE facility and gave aid to any citizen who was in need.
[19:23] Cathlyn let out a loud sigh, and wait for the right moment to pass through the whole scene, without hitting people. Or atleast try.
[19:23] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at G.I.A. for a moment."Are you letting the bad guys go?" he looks back to tafali."Fatima, is that you?"
[19:23] Scarlet: Scarlet snapped her fingers, and her weaponry was consumed in flames. "Mere physical wounds will not stop me, madam Katy- though I appreciate your concern. I suppose I should be asking you that question, though it seems that your human form has a failsafe activated by sufficient injury." she commented, taking aside one of the more injured civilians and sinking her fingers into his ribs.
[19:24] G.I.A. S.T.O.R.M. looks over to Timber 'What do you want me to do, they think they are Gods. I am only one person with standard weapons." she then points to all teh citizens. "Beside these people are worth more effort than they are a thought."
[19:26] Tafali me looks at Timber and tilts her head to one side. "Do..I know you?" She looks puzzled and frowns and then starts to rise up in the air, her body wrapped in a dark aura. Her voice carrying that weird male voice on top of it. "I have no time for you Mortal..iI have things to do." She starts to rise up her eyes glowing white.
[19:26] Kapi D. Lucy smiles and nods to Rain "You are really strong too. We should spar sometime>" SHe looks around hearing something about Baba and a bit of a tug but shrugs it off. She looks at GIA "Oh am i in trouble?" she asks in complete sincerity as she scratches the back of head with a confused smile
[19:27] Rain waved at Timber after the epic handshake of the century between two possible friends in the future, "I got the call and made my way over as fast as possible but the one named Daddy apparently escaped, Sir." She was looking kind of disappointed in herself as she walked to block most of the sight of her new rubbery friend with her massive frame, "We can spar later..."
[19:30] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shakes his head."We really need a leader for the protectorate." Before looking at Rain."I will react in one moment." Before looking at the disappearing tafali."I don't know who you are but if you hurt Fatima I will hunt you down. I don't care if you're a king or a god." he said loud enough for her to hear as he can't seem to fly at the moment. He turns to Rain."You
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