This just in.Outburst surrenders?!

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This just in.Outburst surrenders?!

Post by Timberwulff » Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:57 pm

This is Howard Handupme. Newsflash it would appear the villain outburst turned himself in today. He was taken away to an unknown location where he awaits questioning and punishment. Here is the report.

[2018/10/22 19:44] Outburst: /me simply enters the Protectorate HQ walks over to a counter and waits.
[2018/10/22 19:45] Katy: /me was a bit in a hurry and almost bumps into the boss "Evenin' ... sorry i'm late." for now just listening into the ongoing conversation.
[2018/10/22 19:45] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): /me blinks and turns around " hey katy "
[2018/10/22 19:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me's eyes scan to Ourburst. She seems somewhat taken aback at his appearance at first, then arches a brow. "Too much to hope that you're here to turn yourself in?"
[2018/10/22 19:46] Faith Celestia: /me sighs as she looks to outburst. "Mikoto do me a favor, go full combat mode, and if that man so much as blinks agressively. i dont care if you blow the entire building... take him out," she states in a cold tone far removed from her previous tone of voice standing. "Yes.. Outburst, How can the protectorate help you today"
[2018/10/22 19:48] Joan Harker: /me finishes up her paperwork and steps out of her cubicle to find things much busier suddenly, and immediately notices the hostile atmosphere, glancing to Faith
[2018/10/22 19:50] Outburst: /me crosses his arms, "Stand down Mikoto, not here for round two." he then looks at the new chief and shrugs. "Thought you wanted to arrest me. I am here to turn myself in. Long as Mikoto is there at every step. She despises me well enough to ignore any fine print bullshit."
[2018/10/22 19:51] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me blinks, totally not expecting that answer. "Oh. For once I was actually right....well this is awkward." She said, frowning and standing beside Katy on guard.
[2018/10/22 19:51] Katy: /me turns around in surprise, only to be confronted with 'big guy', taking another swig and pondering what this show was all about.
[2018/10/22 19:52] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): /me Spins around lifting ier arm in the are, Light shrouds her body and she is sheathed in electricty from the getgo. When she reforms as Raigeki ala magical girl transformation she murmurs "Kugelblitz" and orbs of ball lightling containing electrified plasma start orbiting the small woman. She tilts her head and looks to faith " you mean like this? " .. then looks to faith " Don't fall for it. last time he pulled this stunt he nearly killed Vanessa. he is up to something a
[2018/10/22 19:52] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ^ And I would not trust him "
[2018/10/22 19:55] Faith Celestia: /me smiles some "I am well aware. he has went after Vanessa a few times now" she states in irritation. "Joan, if you could go get the mayor for me. this is a guest she would likely prefer to see too personally" she states lightly holding out her hand as she teleports in two heavy assault rifles one in each hand, handing the first toward katy, the second toward Zephyr. "So.. Outburst, what exactly are you hoping to get out of this.. i doubt your feeling... guilty."
[2018/10/22 19:57] Joan Harker: /me nods slightly "Right away, chief" winds gusting around her as she approaches the door, and as soon as it opens they catapult her off into the night sky
[2018/10/22 19:58] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me examines the assault rifle, unloads the magazine, and puts it down, drawing her FN Five-SeveN from her holster. "I've my own piece, thanks. This little bugger can put a hole in a bulletproof vest at fifty meters."
[2018/10/22 19:58] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: *hole through a bulletproof vest
[2018/10/22 20:00] Outburst: /me chuckles a bit. "All this fuss over a half ass team leader who is low tier." he shakes his head. Shrugging his shoulders as he looks back to Faith. "Far as I know I get three hots and a cot?" He then held his arms out and slowly removes his flak vest. "Vest is for looks mostly. Ballistics cant penetrate my skin." he then tossed the vest off to the side. "If you want to search me for weapons feel free." If they took him on his offer they would find none. He wore only his cargo pocketed pants, boots and a rebreather mask.
[2018/10/22 20:00] Katy: /me places her vodka bottle on the ground and accepts the offered Protectorate standard assault rifle, trying to make herself familiar with the gun "Not too shabby ... seems the armsrace finally pays out, eh ..." switching from saftey to 3-round burst, but she wouldn't target anybody yet.
[2018/10/22 20:01] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me giggles at Outburst, racking the slide to her little gun. "You've never met my ballistics, dear. But rest assured as long as this stays on the level I doubt anyone would have to put that to the test...." She keeps her pistol in hand but doesn't level it at Outburst, instead just lookong on curiously.
[2018/10/22 20:04] Faith Celestia: /me shrugs and crosses her arms listening to outburst. sighing a bit looking to the group. "I wouldnt underestimate them much. i would bet good money at the very least Railgun could likely put a bullet clear through Vibratium given reason too. " she states with a chuckle. "But you still really have not explained why your here. and you already stated you dont believe our cells capable of holding you" she states walking over to the male and indeed doing a full strip search. before offering him back only underwear.
[2018/10/22 20:06] Lady Nightmare: /me warps in just outside the building and steps in the door, giving a small nod to Faith and Mikoto before glancing over Outburst, taking in his vitals and measurements to the nanometer and comparing them to the encounter last night to verify that this isn't a body double
[2018/10/22 20:11] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): /me sees the mayor walks in and tones down her display.
[2018/10/22 20:12] Katy: /me switches the rifle back into secure mode, as soon as Lady N enters the place and for now would just observe the unfolding situation.
[2018/10/22 20:13] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): /me looks over to Katy and murmurs softly " switch to the depleted uranium flachettes. normal bullets aren't shart enough for him "
[2018/10/22 20:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me pulls the magazine from her gun and ejects the current round, popping it back into the mag and putting the mag back in the gun to secure it. "Hello Mayor N."
[2018/10/22 20:14] Katy: /me returns a whispered grumble "Are you serious, boss ... inside here ? Whole fuckin' office will be contaminated by depleted uranium dust ..."
[2018/10/22 20:15] Outburst: /me removes clothing as needed and stands there. Though if the Chief attempted anything with his back side the fight is on. He just remains quiet for a moment. "For the record what happened to Venessa was not my order. I was sitting down when hell broke loose. DarkStar is no longer DMH and is basically her own thing far as I know. I made a mistake trying to get her freed only so that she would owe me a favor." any and all scans would reveal this was indeed the true Outburst.
[2018/10/22 20:16] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me tilts her head. "So you weren't the one who gave the order to activate your sleeper agent?"
[2018/10/22 20:17] Faith Celestia: /me sighs as she finishes her search and takes the clothing to go set it off to the side. remaining quiet for now listening. "N, im more or less handing him over to your group, as i already know if he phones his little portal buddy we have no way of keeping him for the time being, and every one in the city knows where our cells are"
[2018/10/22 20:20] Outburst: /me simply shrugs. "Last I checked I was turning myself into th Protectorate. Is there some other law enforcement station that is not heard of?" he clasped his hands behind his back. "Far as my friends who can get me out. One doesn't know I am here and the other obey's perfectly and wont make an attempt. So can we stop with this fake Oh we are worried about what he will do shit." he looked over to the Mayor. "Just get me to a cell and get the questions done. I am tired and like to relax."
[2018/10/22 20:22] Lady Nightmare: /me relays the confirmation to Faith via Protectorate comms directly, then nods slightly "I do believe we can accommodate him until trial, yes. Let me make the arrangements." sending out the mental commands to ready a containment cell at one of her facilities
[2018/10/22 20:25] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me eyes Outburst specifically, walking up to him as if to make sure this is actually Outburst in the station and not some other person she is getting confused with. "Surely you're aware of how bizarre this is, even for us. It;s not every day that we have undead criminal kingpins waltz into the police station with the intention of turning himself in and still somehow be on the up-and-up about all of this."
[2018/10/22 20:28] Katy: /me snorts and would shake her head, when confronted with the demanding attitude of the meta-kingpin. In her past, the 'police' was applying very different methods to enforce compliance. After all the situation seemed to be under control for now, and Katy was already longing for her nearby bottle on the ground.
[2018/10/22 20:30] Faith Celestia: /me sighs and shakes her head "Frankly N, i only want to know who his mole is. then past that, if they can be fixed, fix um, if not, fire um." she states flatly. "As far as the rest how many threats, attacks, how many ways is this man and his gang of thugs.. going to fuck with this town before we deal with them" she states flatly.
[2018/10/22 20:32] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): /me looks to KAty " if that happenes I'll simply draw in the dust to a single spot and you can absorb it. "
[2018/10/22 20:33] Katy: /me eyes narrow for a moment, until a wide grin begins to deform her face, a grin much wider than any human could ever grin "Alright boss ..."
[2018/10/22 20:34] Lady Nightmare: /me nods "You can interrogate him all you like, he won't be going to our main facility. PAE is welcome to tag along if you all want, or have questions of your own. You might want to let him dress again though, we'll have to step outside briefly"
[2018/10/22 20:35] Raigeki: " OOOH. Secret facility. This I want to see.
[2018/10/22 20:35] Outburst: /me shakes his head. "I have my own reasons why I am here. I wont attempt escape. If someone comes to free me I will remain until my sentence is done. As for the mole, its Gia. Fix it? Good luck, we got lucky but she more than likely wont let you get near her core after what we did." his tone was neutral and casual
[2018/10/22 20:37] Faith Celestia: /me rubs her temples. "Lovely." she says sighing. "will have to see if i can get her back in." she states lightly his commentary irritating her greatly. as she offers back the clothing to the man. "When your ready Mayor"
[2018/10/22 20:38] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me racks the slide suddenly and steps closer, pushing the pistol up against Outburst's chin. Her tone becomes incredibly chilling, a tone that only those who had been there that day for the...interrogation in the Protectrate's basement had heard before. "I would be careful talking about that around me, dear. not appreciate those who mess with a fellow robot's systems....savvy?"
[2018/10/22 20:39] Lady Nightmare: /me laughs a little at Mikoto's reaction "It's one that one of your subordinates visited before, back when we weren't so friendly" figuring she'll probably figure it out from there "We'll just need to step outside, whoever is coming along" pulling out her teleportation device and sending the coordinates as she heads out the door
[2018/10/22 20:40] Katy: /me wasn't sure if she should now return the lended Protectorate gun, but she would step forward the moment Zeph showed a certain reaction, trying to put her hand onto the shoulder of her synthetic coworker "C'mon, relax Zeph ... not the time, and not the place ... "
[2018/10/22 20:41] Outburst: /me chuckles, looking back at Zephyr, "Oh, you just don't even come close to understanding what I cost the Protectorate and this city. But, I am a half ass leader and low tier meta. Eight hundred meter battle cruiser of alien make, that is what Gia is. Not this little android you like." he sighs, apparently they take things lightly more so than they acted but he followed on his own accord. after putting his trousers back on.
[2018/10/22 20:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me steps back, repeating the unloading procedure she did earlier, but never taking her eyes off Outburst. "He's more valuable alive anyways....for now." She holster's her pistol, moving to allow Outburst to pass. "The rest of his gang, however...not so much."
[2018/10/22 20:43] Katy: /me does a raspy sigh and hands the assault rilfe over to a random Protectorate officer, returning beside Zephyr "What the hell is wrong with you ? Do i need to remind you about your own policy for PAESEC ? Now lets move ..."
[2018/10/22 20:45] Faith Celestia: /me walks out following the rest of the group.
[2018/10/22 20:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me sighs, looking at Katy. "I'd apologize if I was truly sorry, Katy, but I take that shite personally, no matter who it happens to. Don't worry, I'm not going the way of Strong....I just believe DMH should be careful when bragging about their exploits of other synthetics around me."
[2018/10/22 20:52] Outburst: /me lowers his mask and lights up a cigar as he waits for what ever was to occur.
[2018/10/22 20:53] Katy: /me returns a grumble-whisper to her artificial coworker "I know you're pissed about it, but don't fall for some bloody provocation. Jus' ignore them ... it'll spare you nerves."
[2018/10/22 20:55] Lady Nightmare: /me gives a moment for anyone that doesn't want to tag along to get out of range of the field, then activates her device, warping everyone out to a totally nondescript part of the wastes, where a section of rock slides open and reveals an elevator pad heading down into a bunker with the number 17 on it
[2018/10/22 20:55] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me hums, waiting for the next part. "I've done worse for lesser sins....but I'm over it already....let's just see what he has to say."
[2018/10/22 20:57] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: ...this place looks familiar.
[2018/10/22 20:58] Faith Celestia: /me tilts her head. "Any one else wondering where he got that cigar from, or how he lit it?" she says almost too herself
[2018/10/22 20:58] Deux Blackthorn (deuxaun): ((Hey, we can't build a new bunker for every RP :P ))
[2018/10/22 20:59] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): " he's a villian. Villans have cigarspace just like anime girls have hammerspace.
[2018/10/22 20:59] Katy: /me glances around the place "This cold and sterile aesthetic also seems somehow familiar to me. Suppose it's some sort of modular system the government developed for their blacksites."
[2018/10/22 21:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me hums. "Wouldn't be surprised...."
[2018/10/22 21:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I prefer our blacksite out in the wasteland, honestly.
[2018/10/22 21:01] Outburst: /me walks over to what he perceived as the cell. "I take it this is my home away from home?" he looked back over at his shoulder looking directly at Lady N.
[2018/10/22 21:03] Lady Nightmare: /me laughs a little as she leads the way to one of the containment areas "This predates my role in the government... it was originally a science facility for a rather unfortunate experiment that was terminated... but the containment facilities will serve our purpose here" moving to the energy cell and giving a nod to Outburst "Indeed it is, any legal council and government representatives will be able to come meet you here until your trial"
[2018/10/22 21:03] Plasma portal (Circular): Deuxaun Resident is at the portal.
[2018/10/22 21:04] Plasma portal (Circular): DarkenLexicon Resident is at the portal.
[2018/10/22 21:05] Katy: /me had a bloody bad feeling about this place, but for now she would remain silent, not intenting to interrupt the ongoing interrogation.
[2018/10/22 21:06] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me looks on, stepping up to the cells again and chuckling. "I suppose this is the part where someone should say you should make youerself comfortable...but that cage doesn't look very comfortable at all."
[2018/10/22 21:06] Faith Celestia: /me turns to katy and makes groping hands playfully to try and ease the tension as she smiles and gives her a thumbs up. before stretching out. "N, he claims Darkstar did that on her own. i think he said a name with that but i dont remember it. do you mind if i handle bringing her in personally?" she states with a very chipper almost stedford wives smile.
[2018/10/22 21:08] Outburst: /me casually enters the cell giving it a good look around. "Don't recall asking for legal council." he looked back at Lady N. "Now the part I have been waiting for." he clasped his hands behind his back. "I know there are question needed answered. I will only answer to one. Venessa. She comes here I will answer her question best to my ability. She don't I remain silent hence forth."
[2018/10/22 21:12] Lady Nightmare: /me nods slightly to Faith "Of course, being chief doesn't mean you sit at a desk all day." then turns back to Outburst "So first you show up and make a ruckus at an event where she gets shot... then you claim that you had nothing to do with it... and now you try to demand to see her? Your story has more holes than a lace doily..."
[2018/10/22 21:16] Outburst: /me shakes his head, "I careless nightmare, I don't recall making a ruckus. I was sitting next to Kitty, the blue haired girl. But it is her life on the line. We woke the sleeper and she has the ability to create more avatars than a hooker, or mayor can pull tricks." he shrugs. "The chief wanted to arrest me yesterday. Does that change day to day? Like I said. She is the only one I will answer to. What harm can I cause her here?"
[2018/10/22 21:21] Faith Celestia: /me chuckles "Yes i did, and just because you didnt cause trouble that day, doesnt mean your not a wanted criminal. criminal records dont just disappear because you come back with a tan" she states bluntly. shaking her head as he continues to make threats. looking around at the entirely lit room lacking any form of shadows she chuckles. as every possible surface was lit to disipate them.
[2018/10/22 21:23] Lady Nightmare: /me shrugs a bit "Once she's out of medical treatment I'm sure she'll be fine with coming by... under escort, of course... and I don't think you'll be any harm at all here" glancing back to Faith "You can mark this location for the time being to visit as needed"
[2018/10/22 21:27] Outburst: /me shrugs. "Not worried about causing her harm. I have no want to. She is on borrowed time. No me, but she." he moves back to the only solid corner in the cell. "Far as the sleeper goes, only one way to stop her from trying. Only one way to stop her from completely and continuously making attempts on Venessa's life." smiles.
[2018/10/22 21:29] Faith Celestia: /me sighs and looks to mikoto, then zeph and finally nyx. "Going to guess your against me torturing him while he is still threatening our city, while he is still in custody.. "
[2018/10/22 21:29] Yuri Takashi (darkestdesire.destiny): (katy not nyx) ^
[2018/10/22 21:31] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me shrugs. "I mean....we're civillians, it's not our call. If you ask me, what he seems to be implying is that we should focus on wiping his gang off the face of the map in order to save Vanessa's life. Annhialation is a fairly standard operating procedure....." She looks at Outburst and grins. "Did I mention I got rather close to ending Darkstar's life the other night when she and your...shadowy friend tried infilitrating our tower? I easily could have put a pair of bullets in her skull and dumped her body in the sewers where it belongs, but alas, I was feeling merciful that night."
[2018/10/22 21:34] Katy: /me takes a swig and hums a melody, glancing over to Mikoto and awaiting her reaction ...
[2018/10/22 21:40] Lady Nightmare: /me sighs a little "I understand your concern... but let's hold off a little on jumping straight to torture. Venessa should be off bedrest by Wednesday, and we can find out what his super secret message for her is, and then go from there... and if it turns out he's just trying to play games then I just might have to go take care of some things while you're here with him..."
[2018/10/22 21:42] Outburst: /me simply claps his hands. "And I was asked why I was giving up? Cause if I didn't the level of stupidity with in the protection of the city is overwhelming nearing apocolyptic. One, I have not threatened anyone or anything. Simply telling you what is going to occur and warning you there is only one way. You can try to kill off what is left of my crew but, still wont stop Gia from doing her task. So go for it, and as for you almost killing DarkStar the bitch is immortal. She would be back in a day or two once you so called killed her." he shook his head and laughs at Nightmares words. "I offer a way to save resources and possibly the LT mayor yet, you are all the ones making all of this about something else entirely. Never said what I wanted to tell her was s secret Just I will only answer her questions." he continues to shake his head pulling his mask of and dropping it on the floor. "Know what, never mind. I will just wait until I rot in here or I talk to Venessa."
[2018/10/22 21:46] Faith Celestia: /me sighs "See the problem is, your still acting like your the one holding all the cards and in control, in my experience, for some one in a cell. talking to their hearts content.. Thats a person with a plan, and it doesnt involve a trial, a jury, or being in a cell for long." she states flatly. "thats my problem here. and as to you still acting innocent. you have been threatening the city through out nearly every other sentance you speak. Gia wouldnt be targeting shit if it were not for you. so, your hardly innocent. " she says shaking her head.
[2018/10/22 21:50] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me chuckles. "Quite the show you're putting on, making yourself sound like the victim. But let's not forget facts. You're the head of a rising danger to the city in the form of the DMH, or you were, you haven't exactly been clear if you hold any sort of bond with those wankers before today. You have, repeatedly, tried to attack or compromise both the PAE or the government itself, and most of if not all our interactions with you have been hostile in nature. But then you came into the protectrate station and gave youself up with absolutely no fight because...what? You suddenly feel bad or something? We have every reason to believe there is an ulterior motive to this if not outright a big bloody deception. And all you offer is that you'll only speak to the one bloody person you set a hit out on in the first place. Why?" She didn't wait for him to answer. "Your mere 'existence' is a threat, poppet."
[2018/10/22 21:53] Raigeki: /me looks over to Katy. " ... she's not wrong ..
[2018/10/22 21:59] Outburst: /me simply shrugs and shakes his head. Sitting on the floor he remains quiet. and waited.
[2018/10/22 22:00] Katy: /me does a raspy sighs "As much as i hate to admit it, but .... the basis of freedom is order. There are rules which are non-negotiable. If those rules allow torture ... go ahead, Faith." it was obvious that Katy wouldn't really care about what happened to Outburst, but much more about how this situation was handled by the 'government'.
[2018/10/22 22:01] Lady Nightmare: /me sighs softly "Well, it doesn't seem like anything's gonna get done tonight... he'll be nice and secure here for the time being. Faith, I'll let you know when Venessa is available and you can come along to get his story, so we can do whatever needs to be done from there"
[2018/10/22 22:02] Faith Celestia: /me nods softly as she walks over and touches the wall. and then looks to nightmare "Also, he is marked now, so even if he does get away, i can track him and teleport him back." she states looking over to darken briefly and then looking to the rest. "would you liked to be returned to the tower?"
[2018/10/22 22:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me sighs, shaking her head and stepping back to the PAE crowd, giving Outburst a bitter smirk. "You're still the same bloody pushover that you always were, outburst. Ever since you ruined that car of yours against the walls of the tower. Some people never change..."
[2018/10/22 22:06] Katy: /me closes her bottle and would reply with a nod "Yeah, Faith ... time for me to return to the fuckin' paperwork. I would appreciate if you keep me informed about the further development, especially anything which concern Kitty's wellbeing."
[2018/10/22 22:06] Outburst: /me makes no response and say no word. Just gives a half ass grin.
[2018/10/22 22:08] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): " yes .. sure.. and be careful with him. he is up to something.
[2018/10/22 22:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me smiles and gives Outburst a 'peace' sign...or rather a peace sign but showing him the back of her hand rather than the front. A 'two fingered salute' as it was. "Aren't they always? He's clammed up so not much can be done now. Let's head back up."
[2018/10/22 22:08] Katy: /me waves over to Lady Nightmare "Good to have you back, mayor ... though i don't envy you to run this messy show. Good luck and have a nice evening."
[2018/10/22 22:09] Faith Celestia: /me smiles as she walks over to the group and smiles pinching zephs rear and then giving katy a hug. "it was nice to see you both. " she turns to give mikoto a headpat on the helmet and nodding "he usually is." she would smile and teleport the three back to the foot of their tower before turning back to N. "i suggest activating automated defenses. "
[2018/10/22 22:11] Katy: /me poofs and is teleported back into the PAE tower
[2018/10/22 22:11] Lady Nightmare: /me nods to Mikoto "Well, given what this facility was made for, it's one of my higher security ones... we should be able to keep him on a short leash" then smiles at Katy "It's good to be back too... and it's the job I signed up for. Take care" then she enables the main security for the facility, including wards against magical detection and signal blockers, as well as numerous lethal failsafes that were installed when she was creating metas here
[2018/10/22 22:12] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I've had them primed since the ceremony...but I'll extend their ready status for a few more days, at least until we can be sure there's nothing else coming." She nods to Mikto and Faith, then walks into the hall and flash-warps out.
[2018/10/22 22:16] Faith Celestia: /me moves over to N and smiles as she holds up her hand and draws a circle in the air forming a teleportation gate. "here. its set to the club" she states.
[2018/10/22 22:17] Lady Nightmare: /me smiles back "Thank you, cleared out of there in a hurry earlier" giving one last glance back at Outburst before stepping through, leaving the facility guards to tend to him for the time being

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