Prison Break

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Prison Break

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[14:13] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) starts preparing for tonight. He really hopes that he doesn't wind up unmasked again. they wont buy him being mind controlled again
[14:15] Nameless landed softly and closed her eyes as she moved her head around, she grinned wide as the madness compelled her to take action for his crimes! She motioned with her hand and sent a gust of wind at the door, her black eyes were full of malice as she spoke, "Guess who ain't dead? And guess who's gonna die?" She was a little smaller then the last time they saw each other.... She was still a little terror though!
[14:16] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks at the open door, a slight bit of surprise crossing his face for a moment."I'm sorry have we met, miss?"
[14:18] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) tilts his head slightly."Don't get me wrong I am glad you're not dead, but if you have come for one of my students I will have to try and stop you."
[14:21] Nameless tilted her head at the man with her black eyes, "You're the one known as Daddy, and don't toy with me. I know what you look like with my eyes closed!" She was speaking nonsense, she had a sight that let her see life force. When she blinked she could tell it was the same guy, "Uglier then i thought... I'll deal with your students later! You need to become a human pretzel though!" She motioned with her hand again, he might feel like he was being picked up by a much bigger hand... The look on her face was filled with murderous intent, reading her mind wasn't necessary!
[14:23] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) his power beginning to flow through his voice."You call me Daddy yet are trying to hurt me. You don't want to hurt daddy, do you." His power aimed right at her. As a matter of fact i believe there is something else you want besides my death.
[14:28] Nameless grunted as the madness seemed to change her mind, damn that power of his! She was set on folding him slowly so she could watch his face contort with pain damn it! She let him go and walked over, "Well what's on my mind then? Tell me what I'm thinking about..." She was testing him, if he guessed it right then she'd be more then willing to hear him out, mostly because the Madness made it nearly impossible to read her mind, who better to know then her?!
[14:31] Asseylum alusia: totally cloaked from all sort of visions, she thought that she could visit the academy first, but once inside she stopped as she was witnessing a strange scene. Staying silent she frowned and looked at the one called Daddy, name was ringing a bell... but from where?"
[14:31] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) looks her over, Aside from folding me like a pretzel until recently, I would assume causing destruction and chaos. However I am not a mind reader I am just the headmaster of a school.
[14:32] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): HIs power still flowing out
[14:37] Nameless huffed angrily as he guessed right, "ARGH DAMN IT! Fine..." His power resonated with her madness, so when he used his power on her it effectively made her Madness change to match his intentions... Which in turn made her intentions change... She levitated to get to his eye level, "Next time you leave me to die i will fold you into a pretzel." She stated rather sweetly, not hint of threat in her voice at all... The person that was 'Invisible' had to think right? The crazy little terror was telepathic when she put her mind to it! So making noise would definitely make her want to know whats going on in her head! But right now she was focused on the male in the room, she bent forward so she was inches away from his face with a grin, "Understand?"
[14:41] Daddy / Michael Bochs: nods as he looks at her. "If I somehow left you to die before I apologize." He pauses as an idea crosses his mind."You know, if you're looking for chaos and this Daddy person, I heard a ew of my more...troublesome students talking about some sort of plan of his happening tonight." He was doing his best to keep from letting her know for certain he is Daddy in case she decided to blab that info to others.
[14:41] Asseylum alusia: floating silently, there was not much happening in her head right now. a reccon is all about absorbing the higher amount of information possible so only thing that your thinking about is what you see to carve it in your mind. So she would only see herself and Daddy talking.
[14:42] XSU Trouble peeers trough the glass hidden under her box being a robot she dosen't really provide any psychic signature to latch onto as she watches
[14:47] Nameless was insane, reason made no sense with her, "Right..." She stuck her tongue out at him as the air around them began to feel like it was filling with feathers, this sensation was ticklish and would go through all forms of clothing or armor to effect the skin, the only sign she was giving off of charging up her abilities. she could levitate and power up now... She was really scary if one thought about that a moment! She took the cue from him as to mean he was in his little persona outside of being Daddy, she was awesome at keeping secrets... she knew most of the heroes identities from her time being blind, "What did you hear of his plan hmmm?" She blinked at him, he would definitely feel the tickling sensation as she powered up, the floaty invisible lady would probably feel it too... (Charging)
[14:49] Daddy / Michael Bochs: is not ticklish but he does feel the sensation of it. "I have no idea. All I have heard have been whispers. However..."HIs words stop as the trouble making students.. right on cue run past and out the door."I have a feeling it may be starting already."
[14:52] Asseylum alusia: feeling the feather, being raised as soldier had her good side, like show some damn resilience and being able to control herself. Little compensation for the killing she had to do before she deserted. She was totally silent, ready to react if there would be a danger heading her way. But her attention was driving toward the two, looking to know more about this daddy.
[14:55] Nameless huffed as some brats ran past her, the tickling sensation increased as she tried to make him tell more, "You didn't hear anything? At all?" She was being cutesy, then growled slightly... She'd be able to do more then hover there after she was done charging... If she moved while charging it well didn't work... No one knew that though, and she kept it a tightly guarded secret thanks to her madness making it nearly impossible to read her mind! In all honesty Nameless could be the keeper of secrets as well, the madness did a wonderful job of making her insane and hard to read! "I'll come back here if i don't See Daddy there, and then i'll turn you into a pretzel!" She made a gesture with her hands, the grin widening a little bit as an image was projected openly of someone turning into a human pretzel, bones snapping at odd angles and eventually spilling blood from everywhere... Very gruesome to people with a mind! Or human emotions... (Charging)
[14:57] Daddy / Michael Bochs: nods."I understand. Well I can not control when or where this Daddy person is, but you might want to go and find out. I am unsure as to when this will happen or where."
[15:00] Asseylum alusia: looking at them, did the one charging detected her presence? In any case it was important that she didn't made a sound or a move right now. Not until she was in danger though.
[15:02] Daddy / Michael Bochs: Suddenly is a chaotic sound through out the city, people screaming and running past, even a few students start going wild as if on cue
[15:02] Nameless flipped through the air as the doors slammed open, "Well then Headmaster, you got lucky..." She'd fly out unless someone stopped her, she was quick... She had to make a stop in the ruins for some fun little things first, but they would really notice when she made it back! If she had probed the area, seeing a view point of herself talking to the Headmaster would have been a clear sign of a spy, and would have been tearing into the area based on vantage point, highly inaccurate. But it would get the job done! She was however looking forward to breaking stuff, and flew out without probing the area! A haunting giggle sounded as she flew off, enough to send chills down anyones spine!
[15:03] Bounce (Tanh) strolls upto the CUM building and looks around, she steps aside as the doors swing open and watches the girl shoot out with a slight shrug.
[15:04] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) shakes his head and walks towards the back door.
[15:05] Asseylum alusia: in total silence she would follow him, taking a window on second floor to get out of the building when he chose to go for the back door.
[15:07] Bounce (Tanh) wasn't interested in going into the building she seems more curious about the windows and grounds as she scouts about frowning at a scruffy box but not doing anything about it.
[15:07] Daddy / Michael Bochs: heads out the door and begins walking towards the fence. He notices the people going crazy running past the school a wild look in their eyes
[15:09] Asseylum alusia: follow him from far, more interested about this shady character than playing the hero
[15:11] Daddy / Michael Bochs: Daddy pauses as he gets to the gate and looks around, before he exits through the gate, and begins moving towards the protectorate building.
[15:12] Asseylum alusia: frowned as she was cloaked from him and followed him. this one was way too shady to be a nobody... like old time on the job it seemed
[15:16] Eventide was actually atop the protectorate state pondering the dragonoids words
[15:16] Drexia steps out and looks around to see how bad it is
[15:17] Asseylum alusia: as she followed the head director, the ex spec force was using the commotion in the city to make her cloaking more efficient.
[15:17] Daddy / Michael Bochs: continues walking as a large rioting crowd tumbles in behind him and in the chaos he disappears into the crowd. his whole goal to disappear in case he ran into a hero on the way
[15:19] Daddy / Michael Bochs: people begin running towards the Protectorate building and city hall. Anyone who takes time to notice, will realize these people rampaging are just that. they are citizens, homeless, people students, these are innocent people under some weird effect.
[15:19] Asseylum alusia: frowned as she saw the crow comming, seemed like he had the same idea so she stayed closer to him, making she she would keep him in sight from above as his attitude was strange.
[15:20] Nicole Portola: kep her senses alert. The crowd was coming as planned..the mere fact she was here was supposed to make his enemies more nervous
[15:21] Eventide kept her senses alert. The crowd was coming as planned..the mere fact she was here was supposed to make his enemies more nervous
[15:25] Daddy / Michael Bochs: his disappearance can be explained as he has headed into the sewer system. his movements ginger to go with his cane.
[15:26] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) slid across the sky on a self propelled ice strip curious of the action below. She slides under the radar to the back side of the Protectorate Building.
[15:27] Nameless had gone to the ruins after charging up moments before all this happened, and flew around for a little bit, trying to find the right size of- there it was! She grabbed her sword and drew it, making air ruch outwards as her power doubled, her amulet glowed softly as she raised her hand, THIS WAS PERFECT! She zipped back into the city and looked for a large crowd, luckily the chaos was a little to much down below for anyone to look up, but if they did they would notice her for sure! She spotted the one that had mangled her up the last time she had fought inside the city, the damn blue dragon! She landed softly and yelled at him, "Hey guess whos gonna die!" She motioned with her hand and a shadow blotted out the moon as a part of a building swung over the crowd towards the dragon, it was massive! Someone so tiny was able to move so much, it was incredible! Her entrance into the scene was followed by an attack, the massive block of building flew towards the Dragon as she laughed menacingly, "DIE DIE DIE!" The
[15:27] Nameless impact alone would make the surrounding area shake! Her amulet glowed brightly and the elements seemed to surround her, but she made no further actions. She was being overly aggressive!
[15:27] Daddy / Michael Bochs: the raging crowd start their attack by throwing empty... water bottles at the heroes.
[15:27] Asseylum alusia: frowned as she just saw him going down into something. With the crow she couldn't followed him so she used her power to make the spot were she saw him last glow a bit so she could find it later.
[15:29] Eventide maintained position. Her eyes, one more static than the other looked over the crowd. One of the riots mistaking her for a hero and hitting her in the face with a water bottle
[15:29] Yuri Mihail Conar (YuriMConar Resident) approaches, hoping the humans aren't fool enough to bring their madness to the foundry. Stops long enough to look around, the smell of something odd in the air setting him on edge. "Something off today, what's the hubbub?"
[15:30] Drexia is hit by the building and splattered, probably along with the crowd
[15:33] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) smirks for a moment at the screaming woman threatening Nirrae," It looks at the Big Purple Hero is in Trouble..." She sees the people raging and points at the ground to cause ice sheet to develop that may hinder that people throwing water bottles if that can't stand. She reached in the crowd with the other hand,and exhales.
[15:35] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): Even with crushed citizens the people are not stopping as they keep going keep attacking anyone they can, when a voice appears from the top of the Protectorate station."Break into the here, release the prisoners, show this city what fear truly is!" His power flowing over everyone
[15:36] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic): In other words... Daddy has arrived
[15:37] Eventide smirks. She wantwed in herself . The crowd didnt biother her, and the buildings dust and shrapnelas it smashed didnt
[15:37] Asseylum alusia: sigh a bit when she see the scene and raised a hand without stopping cloaking herself. Then the protectorate door started to glow like a sun. Blinding people that was in front of it.
[15:39] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR flash-warps into the roof of the HQ, her spiked heels balancing precariously but perfecrtly upon the top of the sign as she surveys the scene. Her eyes narrow under her helmet's visor. "This is cute, truly it is..." she comments, drawing her AR and opening the grenade launcher built into the grip, inserting a single canister marked with three Z's. "But I believe it's time that this crowd stops to rest..."
[15:41] Daddy / Michael Bochs: daddy steps behind Z3phyr, and attempts to shock her from behind with his cane, at the very least an attempt to throw off her shot.
[15:44] Nameless levitated as the door glowed, she didn't need to see where she was aiming anyway! She closed her eyes and saw all life forces in the area, it was her special sight she didn't have to rely on to much anymore! She motioned at the rubble and rubber banded it back away from the building, revealing a smooched Dragon... Then clapped her hands together and sent the debris flying at the glowy door. Anything in the way aside from her was in danger of getting hit with a piece of cement!
[15:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR was jolted by the shock, her heels becoming dislodged and causing her to fall forward, off the sign. She held onto the rifle with one hand, the canister round remaining unfired for now, and she reached out to try and take a hold of the edge of the sign with her other. She managed to grab hold, and now hung from the sign, gritting her teeth as she tried to bring the rifle around to bear on her attacker.
[15:47] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) sees the action happening,and feels a need to do something.and she pushes out from herself to create a ice shield to protect herself,and the civilians that ran past her.' RUN! RUN AS YOUR LIVES DEPENDED ON IT! ITS JUST A BUILDING!"
[15:49] Eventide laughs..the sound off my fitting for one with no vocal cords. A chunk of Namelesses concrete was flying at her and just passed by her head. She noted zephyrs pisition on radar
[15:49] Daddy / Michael Bochs: looks at Z3phyr."Now now. interrupting this before my goal can be achieved, naughty naughty." as he flicks a switch on the cane attempting to shock ehr again this time with even more power behind it."Now, scream for daddy."
[15:49] Carol Jones was doing some shopping and decided to see the commotion. Keeping out of it for now wanting to see what threats and what protectors have arisen during her absence
[15:50] lauranah Sirnah: (( you will see a bright glowy door that isn't melting and rubble flying through the air! ))
[15:54] lauranah Sirnah: (( also you are blinded by the door ))
[16:00] Asseylum alusia: looked at all the super around and flew away for a moment, getting out of sight from all to remove her cloaking before comming back from above.
[16:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grunts as the shock travels through her, but doesn't give "Daddy" the satisfaction of a scream. Instead, she turns her rifle upwards, flicking a switch with her thumb on the side. The barrel dialates from the caliber of the grenade to rifle caliber, and the sound of the rifle charging can clearly be heard. She grins fiercely under her helmet. "My masseuse hurts me more than this!" She says through clenched teeth, and pulls the trigger to unleash a spray of 7.62mm concussion rounds up at Daddy.
[16:08] Z3PH-YR (AINGELPROJECT667 Resident): ((ignore the charger! Damn NS tech....))
[16:10] Nameless was simply pummeling the door, she was making sure to try and bounce the rubble off the same spot so the next piece could hit as the previous piece flew to the back of the rubble line! She'd break that door eventually!
[16:10] Second Life: You decline 'FEG News: CUTS - A Night with PETER CETERA Fri 8pm' ( Franks Place 2 (115,18,26) ) from Franks Elite Delivery [F].
[16:12] Carol Jones watches curiously. Noticing the heros fighting what was apparently a door that was glowing as bright as the sun. Keeping her distance she continues to watch, curious as to what the city has faced while she was away. The door not bothering her considering she has faced the sun many times
[16:13] Drexia slowly heals, even if she looks like a mangled mess right now, a fleshy tendril comes out of what used to be her back and tries to jab nameless in the back and inject a paralyzing venom, hopefully disabling her before she gets through the door
[16:13] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) moves closer as she notices the fight between the strange figure in Blue,and the masked man calling himself Daddy. The sight of Protectorate door cracking open made less concern to her as she created a few ice slide to help the people get away quickly. She readied her self for a fight, notcing The blonde woman in blue top,and jean,and shouted at her," Are you crazy? Get out of here!!"
[16:14] Asseylum alusia: back visible, she looked at Daddy and frowned a lot. Then she looked at Lauranah and sigh a bit. She then looked at Daddy for a moment. as the rumbles was rushing toward the door she let the light go, at this moment she didn't put any modification in the door solidity so the rumble should get rid of it. "So what do you want to do with all those criminal dear?"
[16:16] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) hears the rifle charge and reaches into his pocket, before flinging a small handfull of marbles at Z3phyr and the sign. upon impact the marbles explode especially weakening the sign holding her. the crowd continuing forward some of them voluntarily blinding themselves to try and get through the protectorate door, until the light fades. He isn't sure if the woman was speaking to him, but he answers."Unleash the criminals back on teh city, is a source of chaos. I want this city to be buried in it."
[16:17] Daddy / Michael Bochs: hears the rifle charge and reaches into his pocket, before flinging a small handfull of marbles at Z3phyr and the sign. upon impact the marbles explode especially weakening the sign holding her. the crowd continuing forward some of them voluntarily blinding themselves to try and get through the protectorate door, until the light fades. He isn't sure if the woman was speaking to him, but he answers."Unleash the criminals back on teh city, is a source of chaos. I want this city to be buried in it."
[16:22] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) chuckled Daddy's statement, and shout at him," Go ahead, You will become one of many villians. They even kill you once they are released." She cracked her knuckles with a playful smirk.
[16:22] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR gasps and is thrown back as the marbles explode, the sign crumbling beneath her fingers. Now in freefall, she uses her reflexes to hit another button on her rifle, switching back to grenade mode as she twists in the air to land on her feet in the middle of the crowd. She looks up at Daddy and gives him a 'cheers!' gesture. "Exactly where I wanted to go..." She said, aiming the rifle grenade launcher at the ground below her.
[16:23] Eventide hopped down , conviently right in front. She landed with a ' hard on the knees' superher o landing Those golden eyes look up and looked to Shiver. The eyes narrow and recorded the woman. She signed in sign language ' what do you know of real villians?'
[16:26] Nameless paused in her pummeling of the door, it felt like she had been doing that for an hour now! She let the rubble drop around Daddy, but didn't car about anyone else... Rubble went everywhere! Crushing some innocent victims of Daddys power around Zephyr, was the door broken yet or was it made of adamantium??!! She made a claw gesture with her free hand and then made a slow pulling motion, trying to simply pull the door off it's hinges with an immense amount of force!
[16:27] Carol Jones looks at shiver and pulls out a camera snapping a picture. "Oh Im sorry, I was just trying to get some good graphical images of the event going on" She yells back selling her cover identity as she snaps a couple more pictures of the action
[16:29] Asseylum alusia: turned her head toward the one who was taking picture and frowned. all the shot that would show her would end up blur as she didn't wanted to be took in the shot. Then she looked at Daddy and said. "Sure... only Chaos." she said as she was glowing more and more as she was ready to use more of her power if needed.
[16:29] Second Life: Angel8819 gave you Goons (Attached, with guns).
[16:35] Daddy / Michael Bochs: smirks without even looking at Asseylum."Well now, to tell you more would ruin the surprise..." as he steps off the building throwing more marbles at Z3phyr to throw her off using that gun. the people soon start pushing their way through the damaged door into the building." He begins speaking to those assembled."Come.. join Daddy.' His power flowing out over everyone assembled.
[16:36] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) shakes her head in shock at Eventide making strange hands gestures at her,and then the statement from Carol Jones," Great. This is for the heroes then... and Mohave Amazon.. Go do you gang signs so where else!" " She said with a sneer. as she gestured to Eventude to move along with wave of her hand. She watched the man Daddy with interest, and the crazy girl who served him by crashing the Protectorate Door. She shouted at Daddy, " Dadddy better have some deep pockets!!" She replied in a taunting manner.
[16:38] Eventide looked to the woman and pulled her arms to her chest .. an audio file playing of an 80s sitcom special episode <stop, you might be hurt>
[16:43] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR flinches, covering her face with her gauntlet as marbles explode around her. Thankfully with the grenade launcher one didn't need to be accurate, only pointing in the general direction. Still, it was a quite-unneeded distraction for the robotic gun-bunny, and she growled, pointing the rifle at the ground between her and the crazed crowd. "Thats....QUITE ENOUGH!" she yelled, her voice amplifiers making it sound like she spoke through a bullhorn, and pulled the trigger. The rifle made a comical "BLOOMPH" sound and the grenade sailed out, impacting the street and ricocheting into the air before detonating above the crowd in a cloud of green gas which quickly settled over the group....normal human beings would be knocked out in seconds, falling into a deep, if comfortable sleep. Those with more superhuman willpower or constitution would most certainly feel the shadow of drowsiness pulling at them, but results would vary depending on their own inner strength and their proximity to ground zero. ((Ground zero i
[16:49] Nameless was hit by the sleepy gas, but her alien physiology made it effect her a little differently, her pupils dilated and she began to shiver violently, then laugh... She bent over in the air and flipped as she laughed loudly at nothing, existence itself was funny at the moment is all! She saw the dragon that had mangled her and swiped an arm to one side, trying to smack em away with an immense amount of force... Then cracked up even more! She was laughing so hard it hurt! Her laugh echoed through the city as her voice was amplified... It signified how much power she was using at the moment, but she was unable to do much else since the sleepy gas made her have a laughing fit!
[16:52] Carol Jones continues to pretend to snap pictures. Daddys voice for a moment sounding pleasent to her and giving her thought to follow. But is immediately removed as she channels a little cosmic energy to tap into Venus. Not enough for the full attunement effect but enough to chase away Daddys influence over her. She maintains her distance snapping images uneffected by gases
[16:54] Drexia is smacked with the "immense force" and is launched off down the street towards the city hall, well half of her is and continues over the hill
[16:54] Asseylum alusia: as the civilians got into the protectorate she sigh. "I'm not paid for this shit..." Then she raised her hands and modified light inside the building, so the people would run around, seeing a pannel that would open the door flying away from them everytime they would try to touch it. "Tssk, I hate surprises..." She said as she was feeling the vilain power but seemed to resist it for now, though it was only resilience and human will. She flew up more as she see the grenade shot so she would be outside the effect area . "Why do you want all of them following you?" She said.
[17:00] Daddy / Michael Bochs: The crazed people that have managed to work their way inside the building. Soon an alarm goes off as people are trying to release any and all criminals captured some not btohering with the elvator and instead taking the stairs. those at the elevator keep getting frustrated at not being able to push the button and take it out on low level cops. Daddy sees the shot go off and presses a button on his mask, the smoke not affecting him. A few people outside soon pass out, but many are affected in a weird way with the purple rain drug coursing through their system mixed with it, there is a lot of rage but for may it's more like being drunk than angry and focused. He barely hears the woman still on teh roof as he leans in close near Z3phyr."You know fighting me is foolish, this city has been so quiet noting for you heros to do. This is simply supply and demand." His power flowing even stronger
[17:01] Shiver (Thalia19999 Resident) glared at Daddy having suffered under all her loses creating a angry wall of will . She distracted by Daddy ,and the cloud envelop her quickly,and then feel a sense of drowsiness overtake her. She took a few steps back groaning to stay awake among such dangerous people. She fire a polar blast of cold in front of her . A Ice wall developed as she slumped on the ground with her head buzzing." Damn!"
[17:05] Eventide tilted her head at the wall.. as if a wall wasing going to hurt her. The gas was getting annoying though she went by vsion and the radar as the gas was..a pain..
[17:06] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR didn't need a mask, since the gas was made for organics and she was very much not organic. However, she noted that many of the civillians did not lay down and sleep. There must be something affecting them. The one called "Daddy" caught her attention and she swung the barrel of her rifle around, thumbing the key to bring it back to machine gun mode. She glared as he spoke, and had him dead-to-rights; even on the nonlethal concussion rounds she had loaded, it would certainly hurt like a bitch with how close they were. But her trigger finger didn't move. Like a server timing out, her central processor was forced to re-send the order to fire, again and again, but for some reason, if only for a second as she processed the man's words, Zephyr hesitated, and it was more than enough time for someone to take advantage in the pause of Zephyr's normally catlike reflexes.
[17:08] Nameless flipped over and over as tears ran down her cheeks, she laughed until she puked... It hurt so bad it nearly snapped her out of it! She giggle puked on the crowd below her as some of then tried to sleep, stiring them into a frenzy as green goop plopped onto them, it smelled like bubblegum... Tasting it was unadvised but it would also taste like bubblegum... Aliens were so weird... she coughed and giggled a little bit as she noticed Asseylum raise her hands and the inside of the building glowed, "OH! BLEGH...." She made a fist with her free hand as her amulet glowed softly but visibly,and a fireball appeared in her hand! She spun and tossed it at her, "FUCK BLEGH..." She couldn't even finish her sentences as her body tried to expunge the laughing gas from her system... She didn't realize it was the gas that was doing it! The fireball would explode on impact if it hit, and engulf the woman in fire! Which would dissipate quickly, otherwise it might hit a building with civilians in it!
[17:12] Carol Jones watches the scene curiously. Unable to do much unless she were to give away her identity and she just promised her love she'd stay out of trouble. Pretending to be a simple civilian was getting difficult. So she ducks behind a car and continues to pretend to snap pictures as she takes in the surroundings and further studies this Daddy character
[17:16] Asseylum alusia: seeing that talking with this one was useless, she flew behind him, taking advantage that he was keeping his attention toward Z3PH and concentrate a light beam that she shoot at him. Yeah it was definitely aimed to kill on sigh as she didn't was some of these hero that was keeping trashes like him alive. Fighting him directly was also a mean to fight his power that was messing with her.
[17:18] Daddy / Michael Bochs: smiled under his mask as he sees he is actually having an effect on Z3phyr and he sidesteps where she is trying to shoot, reaching into his pocket and tosses a small ball of putty over the barrel, letting loose a much more sizeable electric jolt than his cane can hope to."You know this is not going to end the way you desire. When has it ended with heroes actually winning and arresting the bad guy."Go home my child, tuck yourself into bed." His focus on the one person he knows right now is reacting to his power. He would have said more but one of the now drunken civilians slams into him knocking him to the side taking the light beam blast and falling over. Daddy rolls with it and sits upright aiming the top of his cane at the woman and unleashes a small green cloud, if it hits and affects she will begin to halucinate something fierce
[17:25] Dynamo Woman lands on a corner as unobtrusively as a flying woman in a bright red costume can to see what the crowd has gathered for.
[17:31] Eventide frowns at the blast at Daddy and moved towards him, between him and his assailant . Those golden eyes flare with energy as she holds her arms to block it. A golden shield rising up around Daddy. herself and zephyr... she signed ' enough'
[17:32] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR blinked as Daddy sidestepped the shot an instant before she fired. She shook her head, staggering back as she was zapped again, impacting against the building. "What the bloody..." was all she managed to utter as she tried to clear her event log, which was overflowing with timeout errors and reports of possible data corruption, despite not finding evidence of either. Somewhat literally backed into a corner, she did the robot equivalent of opening task manager and closing out several of her programs that were sending the errors, forcing a restart of several of them. Only then did she see the putty on the end of her rifle, and she cursed, attempting to pull it out. At the moment, both mentally and physically, she was in a vulnerable position.
[17:48] Carol Jones stays ducked out of the way snapping pictures as she watches the heroes work. Seeing no reason to get involved
[17:50] Asseylum alusia: "Tssk..." she said as she saw the civilian protect the villain. It was a collateral damage, something she saw often when she was military. Right now the civilian shouldn't be able to get up, if the beam would have it a vital spot he would have been killed on the spot but right now he was only severely injured. So she didn't seemed to react much about it and tried to avoid the green gaz as she flew over it but smell a bit. She was trying to get fight the vision that it gave her quickly as she was clearly having an hard time. At his words it was more hard to fight his power since she was took in an hallucination. She charged an other beam and said. "You... you're a monster!" she said as she saw some monstrous creature in the crowd. She aimed at the crowd and fire. Luckily there was no one in the bean way. But quickly she shoot again, as an indescribable abobination was facing her and flying around.
[17:53] Dynamo Woman curses under her breath as she sees the chaos around her, having no idea who are the bad guys and who are the good guys - if any - but seeing the crowd of what looks like normal people going wild and someone shooting into them, she goes into damage control mode, wading into the crowd to try to keep them from hurting anyone, reasoning that normal person can't hurt her. "Can anyone tell me what's going on?" she calls out, possibly in vain, "I'd love to help keep anyone from dying!"
[17:54] Daddy / Michael Bochs: smiles as he steps into the shield towards Z3phyr, aiming his power at her and the woman blasting him." I am not a monster. I am Daddy, and deep down you really want me to be your Daddy. You want someone to be there for you, to look out for you." His power flowing at half strength, before he kicks it into full power with the words."To protect, and love you. Give yourself to daddy." as he speaks the door of the protectorate building opens and crowds of criminals escape running out in multiple directions
[17:56] Foprtunately they had room to run around the shield, but any of the womans shots towards Daddy would hit it and be stopped. While Tide made no motion while giving Daddy and Zeph time to meet and greet, she held up a hand where the hallucinating woman could see with three fingers, then she lowered a gaunt one
[18:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR glared at Daddy. Teeth clenched, eyes narrowed, nostrils flared, it was the look a wary stray gave a human who passed too close. Her systems already in an uproar as she tried to restart and remove the putty from her gun, it again took her a few seconds to respond to the man as the processing time conflicted with the reboot. "B-bugger off!" She shouts, growling and lunging at the man in an attempt to give him a hard swipe across the face with the butt of her rifle.
[18:06] Carol Jones frowns seeing the mob of prisoners. Deciding she should try to help. She channels Neptune and casts a small illusion on the weak minded prisoners to try and make it look like the exit they wer3e running towards was the jail cellos hoping to turn them around
[18:07] Asseylum alusia: as she was hallucinating the monster she was firing toward the sky as Daddy was talking and his word reached her since she was overwhelmed by the hallucinatoin. "Then why don't you help me destroying the monster if you want to protect me!" She said without even thinking about the fact that he was her enemy. As his power was reaching her finally.
[18:08] Dynamo Woman grits her teeth at Daddy's words. "Well, that definitely sounds like bad guy rhetoric," she sighs, before seeing the criminals pouring into the streets. "Holy crud!" she shouts. Daddy's clearly the big bad, but others are already on him and letting this many criminals escape just to fight him doesn't seem like a victory. Zooming into the escapees to intercept them, she sends inmates flying with each swing of her arm even as others around her stop in confusion at Carol's illusion. "Darnit! I am not built for fighting groups!"
[18:12] Daddy / Michael Bochs: continues to smile under his mask as he reaches out to trace a gloved finger along Z3phyrs cheek before moving and pointing his cane at Asseylum a different spray released negating the hallucination effects but not his power in her mind. Many prisoners run back into the jail under the illusion, while many others are flung into the wall, stepping back by Z3phyr."You wish me to leave, then I will take my leave. I ave done what I came to do." he paused again sending his power out full force, but you will soon come to know Daddys love and revel in it", this time he releases a cloud of smoke, harmless but thick like a sort of super fog.
[18:14] Eventide sighs at the fog. vision obscured again. Just confusion about.. all she did was help zeph tak out daddy unharmed...
[18:16] Asseylum alusia: as the hallucination went off she blinked a bit. But when he used his power on her she was hit directly, listening to him but say nothing as she was finding odd that she suddenly wanted to know his love. She looked around then left quickly as she had to compose herself.
[18:23] Dynamo Woman hesitates a moment as Daddy unleashes his power, feeling a twinge of some emotion but, not being the focus of his attack, shaking her head and returning her attention to the escapees, trying to corral any that are still fleeing or pile up the unconscious if she runs out of active targets.
[18:23] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR again there was that damned hesitation, that full second or two between registering Daddy touching one of her cheeks and her reacting to it. To the man himself, Zephyr's skin would feel soft, warm, natural - almost perfectly so, and the curve of her cheek seemed to fit in his palm with the slightest hint of pink at her cheekbones. Somewhere underneath that armor was a 'bot that was no doubt built for the pleasure of others. Finally, the reaction processed, and she jerked away, pointing the still putty-clogged gun at the man. "Back off! Now!" She said forcefully, her teeth baring again as she forced herself to ignore the runtime errors and bugs plaguing her. But it was still too much of a distraction, enough that, when Daddy released the smoke, she couldn't get her thermals to boot. She pulled the trigger on her gun, but a hollow click and a soft alert chime told her the putty had jammed it, leaving her without a weapon now, and still very disoriented.
[18:25] Daddy / Michael Bochs: Daddy quickly took off out of the smoke and disappearing around the building and heading into the nearest sewer opening, escaping in to the night leaving heroes to catch whatever criminals they can, but as fortuitous timing would be the people on the drug begin to finally come down and are very very confused, some of whom pass out falling to the ground. one water bottle falling from the grip of a citizen.
[18:26] Eventide lowered the shield as the smoke cleared, eben though she knew daddy had left via radar..
[18:27] Carol Jones is about to blast the Daddy figure with her eye beams but a intense dizziness hits her. Tapping into several of the cosmic energies one after another even if in small amounts taking its toll on her as she falls over behind the car. In her weakened state Daddys last blast roots a little as she finds herself wantint to know more about this Daddy character
[18:30] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR manages to get the last bit of putty off her gun, but, with no more targets, she stows the weapon, tubbing her forehead, her hand trailing to the cheek where the man had touched her. She growled, shaking her head as her logs kept replaying his words until she issued a force-stop command to her replay protocols. "Bloody hell." She finally said, looking around as several ambulances pulled up, no doubt called in by the Protectrate inside. She waved off the paramedics approaching her and directed them towards the civilians, and leaned against the wall, closing her eyes and sighing, still trying to clear her thoughts.
[18:32] Daddy / Michael Bochs: Anyone who examines the bottle of water will find the contents have been tainted with the drug purple rain.
[18:32] Eventide turned to the zephzeph and signed ' are you ok? I tried to stop others from killing him so you could take him alive'
[18:32] Dynamo Woman shifts from corralling inmates to helping with the civilians, checking on people for any obvious signs of injury and doing whatever the paramedics ask. "Is everyone okay? Did we win? Who was that guy?"
[18:33] Carol Jones is still passed out behind the car
[18:35] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR waves Eventide off, nodding absently, holding a hand to her head. "Yeah...I distracted during the fight and missed me chance. Sorry..."
[18:39] Eventide nods and signs' apologies. You did you best' then turns and heads off
[18:42] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) arrives landing with a couple escapees in his grip."You guys misplace something?"
[18:42] Dynamo Woman looks around for more victims (or unconscious inmates), spotting Carol. "There's another over here! Are you awake ma'am?"
[18:44] Eventide waved her hand and kept off.. not like she tried to kill anyone...
[18:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR blinks and looks at Wulff warily. For a moment it is the same look she gave Daddy when he approached her, but she shook it off-likely just a result of seeing someone who vaguely looked like him, which was no real cause for suspicion considering the number and variety of people in the city. She approached Wulff and nods. "Yeah...protectrate's counting heads right now. A good number of them ran back into the station when they saw the fight went on outside, but some of them..." She nodded to the two in Wulff's custody, smiling. "Well that's two less to worry about." She let out a breath, then removed her helmet, giving Timber a small smile. "Thanks for your help, sir. I must say, you look familiar...." She tilts her head. "Timber, right? Owner of Firefly?"
[18:46] Carol Jones graons rubbing her head as she comes to. Looking at Dynamo and nodding carrying on her civilian idnetity "Um yes Im fine. Was taking pictures of the incident" she motions to her camera on the ground as she gets to her feet
[18:47] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) nods."Yeah, firefly, MetaBowl, and the Massage Clinic
[18:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR chuckles. "That so? A pleasure to meet you." She gives Timber a small bow. "I'm Z3PH-YR, commander of Paragon Agriculture Enterprises Security Division. You can call me Zephyr." Smiling lightly, she nodded to a paif of protectrate officers who came out to take custody of Wulff's charges. "Again, I appreciate your help in apprehending those escapees. Bloody hell of a fight that was..."
[18:50] Dynamo Woman offers Carol a hand to her feet, "Glad you're okay, ma'am. Hope those pictures turn out well!" Glancing over to Timber Wulff she smiles. "You missed the fight but you're in time to help clean up. Lucky you!"
[18:51] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) nods and bows as well."It is nice to see you Zephyr. I thought we had spoken before over the years and fought side by side against the bad guys." he looks at Dynamo woman and nods before leaping down to where the building rubble and the remnants of Drexia were and proceeds to lift them over his head and fly up."I'll get the heavy lifting taken care of." As he looks around
[18:56] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR blinks. "Ah....we may have. I apologize, I'm a bit...out of sorts at the moment." She runs a hand through her hair. "Dunno what that bastard did but it gave my systems one hell of a mess to clean up. I'm still trying to take stock of what systems crashed and what didn't...." She shook her head. "We have met before, yes...though I fear our encounters were few and far between...." Her gaze went to the civillians being treated, sighing. Thankfully, it seemed that few if any needed to be rushed to the hospital. She picked up a discarded water bottle, scanning its contents. "Hmm...interesting..." She says aloud, not addressing anyone specifically.
[18:57] Carol Jones smiles taking the hand as she rises and gathers her bag "Yes, thank you. She merely nods to Timber as she gathers her things as leaves the scene
[18:57] Dynamo Woman moves around among the paramedics until they assure (some probably less politely than others) her they don't need her help anymore, and looks over at Timber Wulff's efforts. "You need help with that? I'm good at lifting stuff but, um, if I'm being honest I don't really know where to put it and just aimlessly moving it around probably isn't super helpful.
[18:59] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) takes the large rubble out of town and returns. he looks at Dynamo Woman.'I set up a large pile of rubble outside the city, where it can be reached fro reconstruction, away from radiation, so if you want to help that would be my suggestion. He smiles to Carol Jones."City crews will be coming once the ambulances are done to do some cleaning as well. He looks over to Zephyr."What's interesting?'
[19:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR holds the bottle up to the light, as if she were inspecting something in it. "This water's been laced with something. I can't tell what specifically but the chemicals seem fairly consistent with drugs known to alter behavior."
[19:02] Dynamo Woman grins "Sounds great!" and starts piling up rubble to move out of town, pausing to glance over at Z3PH-YR's revelation. "That's probably why those people were acting so crazy! I mean, um, obviously ... you already knew that ... just ... thinking out loud, sorry.."
[19:02] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) nods."Water huh? Well I got a shipment in today if you can come by some time to check them. I will also put out for everyone to avoid bottled water until stuff is checked over. I will talk to City Council about it
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Re: Prison Break, Meanwhile

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[15:41] Purple Haze orders her goons to grab cash, gold, jewels, anything of value. A sizeable operation of well armed and masked individuals who don't seem to show the slightest fear or remorse.

[15:41] Goons let of a spray of bullets "MONEY IN THE BAG OLD MAN!"

[15:44] Samantha "Nightshade" Orrin walking up to the bank as she hears gunfire, seeing a few goons outside and smiling,".. aww.. it's a robbery..," thinks for a moment,".. well.. time for some fun..," as she bites the end of her fingertips, letting her blood flow from them as she creates blood daggers from them, then rushing up to the goons ont he lower part of the road, rushing up to one and goes to slice at his chest, then would attempt to do the same to the others

[15:45] Goons would let out a dull grunt as they're stabbed, but they seemed zoned out of it...dangerously so. Other goons would open fire indiscriminately

[15:46] Purple Haze would hear the noise from out front "Goddama. Whass wreckin' m'buzz"

[15:47] Helion Painkiller approached the scene on his hoverbike. Without a moment’s hesitation, he suddenly leaps from his bike, simultaneously drawing his twin pistols. He opens fire with Hot laser blasts. He noticed how out of it the men where "what the hell is wrong with these guys..!"

[15:51] Samantha "Nightshade" Orrin was about to slice at one of the goons as laser blasts rain down,".. the HELL..," looking at Helion,".. hey pal.. I got these.. why don't you be a good little boy and wonder off.."

[15:53] Goons would open fire, spraying at the hover biker and the demoness. Even when opened up, they seemed not to care, still hitting bystanders and maybe even the occasional hero ...

[15:54] Purple Haze sighed, directing her men inside to finish loading the bags of wealth and setting up the sizeable bomb for the vault "Sounds we got herro. Get the booma charga" as the main goon would drag over a heavy bag of batteries... Purple Haze would toss the SMG and draw the weapon on her back...

[15:56] Helion Painkiller "damn, these guys aren't alive, they have to be some kind of zombie! no way normal goons would survive that!" As Samantha calls him a little boy, he smiles behind his helmet "cover my entrance hot mama, I'm going in HOT!" With that, he rushed the doors and would kick one of them in. With his enhanced strength, the door would fly violently at anyone near the entrance "HERE COMES THE GRIM REAPER !"

[15:58] Samantha "Nightshade" Orrin getting hit by a few stray bullets, none damaging her too badly, but with her blood manipulation she was able to slowly push the bullets out, letting the w,ounds heal, but using the extra access to her blood from the wounds to her advantage,".. yeah.. sure.. of COURSE i will..," smirking a bit as she would try to sever the heads from the three goons on the lower part, not realizing there were a few on the upper part

[16:01] XSU Trouble slowly sneaks up hidden by her suit as she observes the situation "awhhh crap." she grumbles as she looks around for something... ANYTHING to use.

[16:03] Goons: the goons would continue their chaos, but now they seemed focused on finishing the job of loading up the trucks. Loaders loaded, drivers started engines, the rest provided covering fire in a horrendous bulletstorm.

[16:06] Purple Haze didn't flinch as the door smashed open. She'd seen this stuff before. But a little wry smile would cross her face as her weapon powered up. Any high tech wonders around would get an earful of static and an eyeful of blinding light as the high energy particle beam erupted...liquifying some douchebag's personal APC and the shockwave of the blast tossing smaller cars over and people flying, with a mailbox lodging in the wall of a nearby building "Okaysa. We gonna play or you gonna let us walks outa here?"

[16:13] Helion Painkiller he was momentarily blinded and deafened as the particle beam was fired"Damn, that's what I get for coming in guns blazing." The Particle beam didn't seem to stop his drone from firing stunning laser blasts, attempting to at least slow down some of the goons "You won't be doing too much walking once I'm done here." He noted to himself earlier that his hot laser blasts barely fazed these people. Given that, his guns would fire strong, concussive blasts. Their strength would potentially send some men flying back, and possibly break bones given they had normal human durability.

[16:18] Samantha "Nightshade" Orrin lets out a yell as she hears the sound and feels the heat of the particle beam blasting past her, her left arm receiving third degree burns as she rolls to the side, then receiving a few more bullets that same side of her body,".. jeez fuck hell...," looks into the building,".. powerful stuff is going on in there..," as she creates a bit more blood and focuses it into a shield and then rushes in, low to the ground and sees Helion and Purple Haze,".. well.. have a bit more fun," while using her left arm to create the blood shield and her right to form a blood dagger, she would then leap towards Helion with the intent on stabbing him in the neck

[16:24] XSU Trouble jukes around some people and chokes out one thug with an AK providing some strange imagery too some random people before nabbing the AK and running at the door trying to get eyes inside...

[16:26] Goons got their trucks moving, as the metas seemed more interested in fighting than stopping them going. It didn't stop them running people over in the streets, either. The remaining goons were spraying wildly as the general population seemed to be up for rioting. Or just shanking each other...

[16:27] Purple Haze would duck behind a counter, letting her underlings take the hits while she reloaded. Big gun, but a pain in the ass to power up. She was more concerned about the man in the mask than anything...and of course that last few steps out the door... she only had a handful of goons left, so she started eyeballing (singular) the room

[16:33] Helion Painkiller was busy firing when suddenly his drone sent him a warning. He moves just out of nightshades cut to his throat "what the fuck! who's side are you on lady?!" He momentarily peered out the door "Damn, they're taring each other apart. Prowler go do something about that!" at once the armed drone would go outside. It would fire on the rioting civilians, with stunning laser blasts which fire out of its machine guns. In turn, Helion fire at Nightshade with one pistol, and Purple' Haze's goons with another "What the hell have you done to the city!! you're going to pay for this!"

[16:37] Samantha "Nightshade" Orrin would loo at Helion and step back a bit, looking on at the crazed people and in her head what a perfect excuse,".. I.. I don't know...," as the blood made dagger returns into her body and presses her hand against her head,".. something.. feels like daggers in my head..," then her blood from her shield would ooze back into her bullet wounds as one hand grabs her stomach and the other her chest when Helion's bullets hit, falling to the ground and shutters a bit from the stunning laser

[16:48] XSU Trouble peers in the door staying as shrouded in invisibility as she can manage... the floating guns kinda a giveaway but at least it was only a give away to the people in the street.. to preoccupied with their own thing to worry about it

[16:51] / The remaining goons would focus their attention on the heroes... though the line between goon, and bystander who decided it was fine to pick up a gun...or a brick and smash someone else's skull in, was pretty fine. They were still a threat, firing wild.

[16:53] Purple Haze saw her opportunity as the demoness and the vigilante seemed momentarily occupied with one another. Another massive energy spike as the particle beam fired again... taking out about three-quarters of the western wall and probably half of the floor above in one strafing shot. The shockwave alone would be enough to send sofas... or people flying, debris and shrapnel going everywhere.

[16:54] Helion Painkiller was sent flying suddenly by the explosion, sending him flying through the doors

[16:56] Samantha "Nightshade" Orrin would slowly start to stand as Purple Haze fired her particle beam again, causing her along with her left arm to be vaporized as the concussive blast sends her through the hole that as created and into the nearby building.

[17:10] XSU Trouble staggers a few times from the concussive blasts before staggering into the room and then running after her

[17:12] Purple Haze would start reloading the energy rifle, pulling the spent battery from the frame, quickly moving for the hole in the wall "Finish dis. Set off d'explosiv. Brin' de bank down"

[17:14] XSU Trouble growls and slings her rifle and chases after the crazy woman with the accent

[17:15] Purple Haze would get into the landrover with a number of more competent less expendable looking goons

[17:15] Goons would head into the bank...setting off an explosion as soon as the landrover was clear...taking the whole building down

[17:17] Purple Haze would pull up outside the Laundromat "Dump da caa. And call in when's dun"

[17:18] XSU Trouble rolls off landing with a grunt on the ground and laying flat..

[17:20] Purple Haze would stash the weapon in a fake washing machine as goons milled around, coordinating the trucks that had left the banks. It was clear it was a BIG operation...every bank in the city had been hit...and some of them had been blown up...

[17:24] Purple Haze: I wan da funs in the bunka by end a da day. Where we ad wif dat?"

[17:24] Goons: Mostly done, boss

[17:26] Purple Haze: Gud. We prolly got a few hours lef' befo Daddy is finish wha'eva he doin'. No'one giz a shit about da banks... How much we make?"

[17:26] XSU Trouble slides in keeping to the walls and avoiding bumping into anyone no way was she taking down this crap on her own, not without gear but... opportunity might shine in other ways... as she started searching for explosives...

[17:26] Goons: Guessing upwards of half B, boss

[17:28] Purple Haze and her goons were oblivious to the invisible drone "Gud. Clean dis place up. An' make sure da lab is scrubbed clean. We done sellin' Bellum, stick ta Nepenthe for the rest a the time. Daddy wan more, he can get spesh orda"

[17:28] Purple Haze: Git me caa

[17:28] Goons: Yes boss.

[17:32] XSU Trouble frowns Daddy was involved in this hu? crap.. she peered around Really? no unattended ordnance? she was really banking on getting some unregistered explosives to cause trouble with.. she internally sighs realising she is going for another car ride...

[17:33] Purple Haze would start to leave, as goons we moving chemical drums around. Bright yellow with "HAZARD" and "TOXIC" and "FLAMMABLE" and "OH NO!" written on them. Plus, there was probably a grenade or two floating about.

[17:35] XSU Trouble swipes a grenade and stuffs it in her pouch the thing basically disappearing once it's in the camouflaged pack then quickly follows the woman out... oh great her car was tiny.. she groans quietly as she searches for any quick place to hide on it...

[17:37] Purple Haze drove like what she was... a one-eyed gangster with an automatic stashed in the small of her back. She didn't spot the invisible mech on her roof as she tore through the city

[17:38] XSU Trouble Grit her teeth hard as she clung to the roof the "caa" doing her damnedest too avoid getting thrown off in the turns!

[17:38] Purple Haze was an AWFUL driver… She would eventually pull up to a nondescript apartment building. She'd more brake hard than stop and park, but with the car not moving, she'd enter the building

[17:41] XSU Trouble is forcibly ejected into a bush on the break but eventually parking down she would follow

[17:43] Purple Haze would take the elevator up several floors, before entering an equally nondescript apartment.

[17:43] XSU Trouble pauses here knowing better then to enter someones apartment without alerting the gang first and takes a knee...

[17:44] Purple Haze could be heard on the phone. Then there was the smashing sound. Again, then more smashing. She'd come out, toss a trashcan of broken phones into the waste, and head back in.

[17:45] XSU Trouble raises a hand to her ear and calls home...
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Re: Prison Break

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Lady Nightmare steps up onto the podium at a sudden press conference called the following morning "Good morning, people of Celestial. As many of you are no doubt already aware, there was a large outbreak of violence throughout the city last night. Authorities are already working hard to determine the cause of the situation and bring it under control, however for the time being there are two issues I wish to address directly. First off, the prison break at Protectorate headquarters... while there was a breach of security there, the actual prisoners were nearly all contained immediately, due to quick action by the various Warden operatives on scene. There are a small handful of them currently unaccounted for, but they are non-violent criminals, so pose no direct threat to the people of the city, and we expect to have them back in custody in short order. Secondly, while the city's defenders were busy controlling that situation, there was a city-wide assault on the financial sector, with nearly all cash in the city being stolen. In light of this, we have reverted all financial records to a time before the incident, and effective immediately, cash currency no longer has any value. Individuals may turn in petty cash on hand to the bank for credit on their accounts for the next week, but all other transactions will be electronic currency only going forward. Anyone with any information on those responsible for the thefts is urged to report it to a Protectorate or Vanguard member immediately, so that we can bring them to justice swiftly... this level of wanton recklessness cannot and will not be tolerated."
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Re: Prison Break

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*Eventide considers hacking the banks servers for the moment. Not to get money. But so they use cash. Because its fun to burn*
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